Bug report & feature request

Your bug report or feature request is always welcome. Please email us or follow us on Twitter @castrepublic . Thanks!

Beta program

To join the beta testing program, please use the link https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.itunestoppodcastplayer.app to get the beta testing version on your device.

Translation & localization

Podcast Republic app is translated by the community, so here’s a special thanks to all the people who work hard to translate it! Contact us if you can help with the translation.

Czech: Lukáš Kurucz
Dutch: Alco
French: Thomas Bessiere, Patrick Vanhoutte
German: Stefan Christiansen, Jan Aulerich
Italian: Fabio Iannone
Polish: Rafal Adamski
Portuguese: Bruno Donate, Richardson Martins, Toni Nando
Spanish: Isaac L.A.
Swedish: Elias Nyberg
Russian: Vovanrost, Vitaliy Ivanov, Sergienko