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Join your friends at the Laser Time Podcast Network for a chronological and cromulent exploration of the greatest show ever made! Each podcast tackles a different episode of The Simpsons, breaking down every 22 minutes of animated entertainment into an embiggening discussion about Our Favorite Family.

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The Talking Simpsons Podcast Feed Has Moved!
Having trouble downloading the most recent Talking Simpsons episodes on this feed? That’s because the show has moved to a new RSS and some services are taking awhile to update. Try re-subscribing to your feed, or just put the new... Read more
Apr 29, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Two Bad Neighbors With Virgil Texas And Matt Christman
Chapo Traphouse hosts Virgil Texas and Matt Christman know politics and Simpsons better than most humans, making them a perfect fit for Two Bad Neighbors! We dig into the Bush family’s war with The Simpsons, explain some of the more... Read more
Apr 18, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Team Homer With Alex Navarro
Giant Bomb’s own Alex Navarro joins us to go through this sporty episode that proclaims “Down with homework!” (authorization code 794945) We talk with Alex about bowling, boweling, MAD Magazine, Pops Freshenmeyer, misappropriation, and so much more in this podcast!... Read more
Apr 10, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Marge Be Not Proud
Dave Rudden joins us for an early Christmas as we analyze the show’s second ever holiday episode! We talk about shoplifting, video games of the 1990s, Xuxa, and disappointing our moms in this week’s very special podcast! DOWNLOAD iTunes  |  Stitcher  |  Google Play  |  Patreon  |  Facebook... Read more
Apr 04, 2018
Talking Simpsons – The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
After a really crappy clip show, we’re watching ones so good you’ll forget it’s only 23 percent new footage. Specials guest Kat Bailey joins us to chat all about the funniest deleted scenes, the classic old shorts, montages, and so... Read more
Mar 28, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming
Ah! Sideshow Bob! He’s back & this time he’s interested in a nuclear holocaust and Kubrick references! Specials guest Kat Bailey is here to talk about all these Cold War scare references, as well as the most esoteric things Bob... Read more
Mar 21, 2018
Talking Futurama – Space Pilot 3000 (Special Patreon Preview Podcast!)
Good news, everyone!!! The Talking Simpsons Patreon has started its newest miniseries, and this time around, we’ll be looking at all 13 episodes of Futurama‘s first season. For our inaugural episode, we dig into the pilot (aptly named “Space Pilot 3000”)... Read more
Mar 16, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Mother Simpson
It’s perhaps the most heartfelt episodes of Simpsons ever as we take a trip back to the 1960s to find out about Homer’s mom. After faking his own death, Homer learns that his mother did the same thing for surprising... Read more
Mar 14, 2018
What A Cartoon! – A New Podcast From The Talking Simpsons Creators!
Hello Talking Simpsons listeners! Bob and Henry hit a new funding goal on Patreon and that means it’s time for a brand new podcast which we’re previewing for you right here! What A Cartoon! will see us analyzing a different... Read more
Mar 12, 2018
Talking Simpsons – King-Size Homer
Giant Bomb/All Systems Goku’s Dan Ryckert joins us for this extra large episode of The Simpsons. Homer gets on disability by reaching 300 lbs but is this dream actually a nightmare. Grab your rag on a stick and a garbage... Read more
Mar 07, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror VI
Halloween is happening in February as we explore one of the best Treehouse of Horror episodes ever! We’ve got giant advertisements killing people, Willie killing children after a dangerous Smarch, and the once-amazing CGI Homer in the third dimension! All... Read more
Feb 28, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Lisa The Vegetarian
We’re joined by special guest Kat Bailey this week for a big bunch of true tales of living as a vegetarian. As Lisa tries to win friends with salad, Homer is handing out hot beef injections to his pals in... Read more
Feb 21, 2018
Talking Simpsons LIVE – The Many Jobs of Homer Simpson
(Recorded live at PianoFight in San Francisco on January 28, 2018!) Talking Simpsons breaks format once again for our second live show as we explore the greatest hits of Homer’s side gigs. Though The Simpsons started out as a fairly... Read more
Feb 17, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Bart Sells His Soul
This’ll be a treat, Uncle Moe has a podcast while you eat! Bart has no faith in the soul and sells his to Milhouse only to immediately regret it. Can he find it while Moe gets into the business of... Read more
Feb 14, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Dana Gould Joins Us LIVE At SF Sketchfest
Here’s a special surprise for you, loyal listeners! This year Talking Simpsons did our first ever live podcast at San Francisco Sketchfest. Not only that, but on January 18, 2018 we interviewed former Simpsons writer and stand-up comedy legend, Dana... Read more
Feb 09, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily
Heydilly-ho, neglect-areenos! It’s the start of a new era as executive producers Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein’s years running The Simpsons begins with this week’s podcast! Bart and Lisa move in with the Flanderses while Homer and Marge learn family... Read more
Feb 07, 2018
Talking Simpsons -Radioactive Man
Up and at them Fallout Boy! It’s time to learn all about movies, comic books, film budgets, scoutmasters, and so much more in this episode. So be sure to grab your acid-proof goggles and get ready to shout Jiminy Jillikers... Read more
Jan 31, 2018
Talking Simpsons -Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part Two)
Grab a Sears’ catalog, put on your mambo shoes, and get ready for a backward-talking dream because it’s time to find out who shot Mr. Burns. Can Simpson DNA lead us to the real killer, and head over to the... Read more
Jan 24, 2018
Talking Simpsons -Who Shot Mr. Burns (Part One)
It’s the Simpsons’ only cliffhanger ever, and it’s arguably the ultimate episode of the entire series. Seriously! The entire town is a suspect in the shooting Mr. Burns, as he grows to cartoonish super-villainy, as we unlock every secret on... Read more
Jan 17, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Lemon Of Troy
Learn all about Shelbyville and Roman numerals in this week’s classic episode of The Simpsons. We delve into cousin marriage, lemon trees, and camouflage clothing as we learn what it sounds like when doves cry in this week’s podcast! DOWNLOAD... Read more
Jan 10, 2018
Talking Simpsons – The Springfield Connection
Slip on some nice counterfeit jeans & relax into this tale of law and order on The Simpsons. Marge craves adventure and finds it as a cop, but that ends up isolating her from her friends in unexpected ways, all while... Read more
Jan 03, 2018
Talking Simpsons – Round Springfield
It’s a very special episode of the Simpsons as Lisa is saddened by the death of Bleeding Gums Murphy (though he was never popular). After Bart eats a jagged piece of metal and sues Krusty, that somehow leads to Lisa... Read more
Dec 27, 2017
Talking Simpsons – The PTA Disbands
Special guest Matt McMuscles is here to help us learn about Tekwar, as well as how the finger thing means the taxes! Edna and Seymour shut down the school in a battle for funding in this hilarious classic full of... Read more
Dec 20, 2017
Talking Simpsons -Two Dozen And One Greyhounds
Special guest Kat Bailey comes by to see our vests in this doggone episode. In a series of Disney parodies, the Simpsons get one new greyhound that leads to another 25 who think they’re Models Inc. Then we get to... Read more
Dec 13, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s Wedding
  Special guest Kat Bailey joins us to discuss an episode so heartwarming it’ll make a robot’s head melt. In the first futuristic episode of The Simpsons, we see the far-off year of 2010 where Lisa gets engaged, Bart is smashing buildings,... Read more
Dec 06, 2017
Talking Simpsons – A Star Is Burns
Diana Goodman joins us as we discuss this controversial crossover which is also filled with some of the most memorable lines in Simpson’s history. The critic Jay Sherman heads to town to review indie films, whether they’re made by a... Read more
Nov 29, 2017
Talking Critic Season 2 Patreon Preview!
Are you STILL not a Patreon subscriber? What the hell?! Well, you’re missing out on Talking Critic, our exclusive exploration of every episode of the Simpsons’ pseudo spinoff in podcast form. As a special Thanksgiving treat, here’s a taste of... Read more
Nov 23, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Homer Vs. Patty And Selma
Things get domestic as an IOU leaves Homer obsequious to his horrible sisters-in-law. Can he pay them back and meet Mel Brooks all while Bart has an unrelated ballet adventure? And who could forget dear Rat Boy? Listen to the podcast... Read more
Nov 22, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Bart Vs. Australia
Get ready to learn all about draining in this international classic show! Bart offends Australia in a story ripped from the 1990s headlines and we give all the context along with explaining every reference, weird joke, and seemingly rerecorded line in this... Read more
Nov 15, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Homie The Clown
Who’d have thought Homer becoming Krusty would be one of the funniest Simpsons episodes ever? Pull out your favorite copy of Gigantic Asses, head on down to the Ace Awards, and this year get her English muffins in this true... Read more
Nov 08, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Comet
Springfield and Moe’s bar are about to be destroyed by a comet in arguably one of the all-time best Simpsons episodes ever. We meet the Super Friends and Big Butt Skinner, learn that democracy simply doesn’t work, and that pollution... Read more
Nov 01, 2017
Talking Simpsons – And Maggie Makes Three
It’s about time that we viewers learn just how Maggie joined the family, and we get that through a story that involves shotguns and Homer pretending to be sperm. See Homer’s dream job and the story of accidental kids in... Read more
Oct 25, 2017
Talking Simpsons Interviews OK KO Creator Ian Jones-Quartey!
Ian Jones-Quartey is the super cool creator of OK KO, formerly Executive Producer on Steven Universe, formerly Animation Director on Venture Bros. and so much more! So Bob and Henry are incredibly honored to chat with Ian in this special... Read more
Oct 24, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Homer The Great
Put on your official Stonecutter underwear and keep the Martians under wraps, because this all-time classic Simpsons episode with one of the best songs ever. Learn the answer to every conspiracy theory as Homer becomes the Chosen One as he... Read more
Oct 18, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Fear of Flying
Homer’s search for a new bar to drink at leads him to almost destroys a plane full of people, which somehow reveals Marge’s repressed terror at flying. Can Marge get to the root of her phobia while also avoiding a... Read more
Oct 11, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Grandpa VS Sexual Inadequacy
Homer and Marge’s love life is falling apart, but Grandpa has a secret tonic that awakens the libidos of every adult in Springfield. Unfortunately, there is some ugly paternal history attached to that might destroy the Simpsons. All that plus some... Read more
Oct 04, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Homer Badman
It’s a very ’90s (and slightly problematic) episode this week as Homer is accused of sexual harassment as the media try him before any court could. There are some great parodies of tabloids (and candy) in this and some less great... Read more
Sep 27, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Lisa On Ice
Lisa is about to get an F in gym class while Bart is excelling at hockey, much to Homer’s delight. When Lisa starts doing even better as a goalie, competition for their parent’s love puts them at odds in this classic... Read more
Sep 20, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Girlfriend
Bart meets a girl as evil as him. But then he finds out she’s like a Milk Dud: sweet on the outside, poison on the inside. Can Bart survive this toxic love affair on this week’s podcast or does he... Read more
Sep 13, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Patreon Interview Podcast Sampler!
Still not a subscriber to You’re missing out some great stuff, and this special podcast is a nice preview of the three great interviews on our Patreon! Hear Bill Oakley, Paul Provenzano, and Reid Harrison talk all about their... Read more
Sep 08, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror V
Halloween has arrived a little early on this week’s Talking Simpsons podcast as we delve into one of the best ever. No TV and no beer make Homer something-something, the second non-Brazilian man goes back in time, and we feast... Read more
Sep 06, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Sideshow Bob Roberts
The Simpsons gets political and so do we on this week’s exciting podcast. The pot-smoking spend-o-crat hosts dive deep into the political references on this truly classic episode, explaining Limbaugh, Watergate, Dukakis, and so much more in this king-sized episode…... Read more
Aug 30, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Itchy & Scratchy Land
Nothing can possiblie go wrong with this week’s podcast! The Simpsons visit the violentest place on Earth as references to Westworld, Disneyland, and Jurassic Park collide in one wild classic episode. We go deep to explain it all and more... Read more
Aug 23, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Another Simpsons Clip Show
It’s time for the forgotten Simpsons clip episode, and it’s overlooked for a reason: It sucks! But Bob, Henry, and Chris have a fun time deconstructing this episode’s ode to love as well as figuring out if it was intentionally... Read more
Aug 16, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s Rival
While Homer strikes it rich with a hill of sugar, Lisa meets a new friend who is better than her in every way. She handles it poorly and plots her revenge, and Ralph finally tells us what his cat’s breath... Read more
Aug 09, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Bart of Darkness
Welcome to season six of the show (and our podcast)! It’s summertime and while Lisa is enjoying a new pool, Bart breaks his leg, making him isolated and weird. Join your hosts, the queens of summertime, as we chat about... Read more
Aug 02, 2017
Talking Critic Episode 2 – Patreon Preview Podcast
Talking Critic has now gone live on! If you’re not a subscriber, here’s a special treat: the second episode and a taste of what you’re missing. Give a listen to the show’s take on a Stephen King classic… DOWNLOAD This... Read more
Jul 28, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Secrets of a Successful Marriage
Season five comes to an emotional close as Homer and Marge’s relationship has never been in greater crisis. As we listen and learn how to eat an orange, go to Chinatown and scrub our undies, we explore all of it... Read more
Jul 26, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Lady Bouvier’s Lover
It’s time for old love as Abe falls for Marge’s mom. Everything seems happy until Burns gets involved, all while Bart gets a special delivery of an animation cel and learns a lesson about Mary Worth in this week’s podcast…... Read more
Jul 19, 2017
Talking Simpsons – The Boy Who Knew Too Much
Bart just wants to skip school for a day, but then ends up as a key witness in a celebrity trial of the Quimby family. Will Bart expose himself in the Beat-Up Waiter case? And are the hosts so out... Read more
Jul 12, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song
Can you believe that we’ve now made it to the 100th episode of Talking Simpsons!?! And it’s one of the show’s best ever, with some fantastic Skinner/Chalmers scenes, some great new character debuts, and some shocking moments that were cut... Read more
Jul 04, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Burns’ Heir
This week’s podcast is a Bob Mackey original! Burns adopts Bart as his heir, all while we adopt Hans Moleman, eat some flowers, and learn how to host a podcast without using the letter “E”. Oh no, we just did! AAHHHHHH!!!... Read more
Jun 28, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Bart Gets An Elephant
Bart wins a prize that destroys the family in this incredible episode of The Simpsons. Can Homer afford it? Will an ivory dealer buy him? Will Bart get eaten? All that and more in this week’s podcast! DOWNLOAD Did you... Read more
Jun 21, 2017
The Talking Simpsons Patreon is LIVE!
Bob and Henry quit their jobs and launched a Talking Simpsons Patreon!!! What new things will be offered there? What does this mean for the podcast’s glorious future? All of that and MORE will be revealed! DOWNLOAD Big news, everyone! After two... Read more
Jun 16, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Homer Loves Flanders
We back right into this episode where Homer shockingly befriends Flanders after trying to bash his head in with a pipe. We dig deep into the episode’s many subtle references, all while laughing at quotes in this week’s podcast! DOWNLOAD... Read more
Jun 14, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Duckman’s About Face
Surprise! In our chronological path through the Simpsons timeline, we’ve hit the premiere of Duckman, USA Network’s answer to The Simpsons. We discuss Duckman’s hilariously rant-filled history and breakdown the first season standout episode, About Face… DOWNLOAD Don’t remember the episode... Read more
Jun 07, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Deep Space Homer
Homer search for respect takes him into outer space in one of the wildest episodes of the series ever. We explain some of the weirdest references, spotlight our favorite jokes, and do it all without an inanimate carbon rod… DOWNLOAD... Read more
May 31, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Lisa Vs. Malibu Stacy
Simpsons gets extra feminist this week as Lisa stands up for what she believes in against her favorite doll, all while Abe goes back to work, we learn a little bit more about Smithers, Kathleen Turner steals the show, and... Read more
May 24, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Homer And Apu
Apu loses his job thanks to Homer’s smashed hat, and it leads to him moving in with the Simpsons for an exciting episode, not to mention James Woods’ very funny guest appearance… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you by... Read more
May 17, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Bart Gets Famous
After an uneventful trip to the box factory, Bart becomes a huge fad in one of the most meta (and best) episodes ever. Listen to this week’s podcast where repetitiveness is our job, our job, repetitiveness is our job… DOWNLOAD This... Read more
May 10, 2017
Talking Simpsons – The Critic Pilot
Hachi machi! Yes, this week’s episode has chronologically arrived on the first ever episode to the closest thing to a Simpsons spin-off: The Critic! We discuss how the show came to be, how connected it is to The Simpsons, and... Read more
May 03, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Homer The Vigilante
Springfield is struck by a crime wave and Homer is out to save the town through vigilante justice. Can he find Lisa’s saxophone, only beat people with knobs, or will it all break down into a film parody? Find out in... Read more
Apr 26, 2017
Talking Simpsons – $pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)
Gambling comes to Springfield and everyone loves it, ESPECIALLY Marge! Also, we’ve got Goulet, prophetic tiger attacks, rich Texans, and much more in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you buy Audible. To get your FREE Audio... Read more
Apr 19, 2017
Talking Simpsons – The Last Temptation of Homer
Homer is attracted to another woman and doesn’t know what to do, while Bart becomes a nerd overnight. All that, plus we dig deep into Hogan’s Heroes history in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you buy... Read more
Apr 12, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Boy-Scoutz ‘n the Hood
Bart joins the Junior Campers after a sugar rush, which somehow strands Homer, Flanders, Bart, and Rodd in the middle of the ocean. We deconstruct all that as well as knife safety and how to buy peanuts in this week’s... Read more
Apr 05, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Inner Child
OH MY GOD! Homer gets a free tram-amp-oline, Marge gets self-help, Bart inspires people, James Brown shows up, and other things happen in this very weird but super funny episode for this week’s podcast … DOWNLOAD This show is brought to... Read more
Mar 29, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Marge On The Lam
Marge finally gets a friend of her own in this homage to Thelma & Louise, as well as the introduction to ballet, invisible soda, and the introduction of Miguel Sanchez, all in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought... Read more
Mar 22, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror IV
For the the fourth time, it’s another Halloween with The Simpsons, and we dare say it’s the best one they ever did. We’ve got Satan, gremlins, and vampires, plus the scariest of all… DOGS PLAYING POKER! All that and more... Read more
Mar 15, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Rosebud
We hope you watched Citizen Kane recently, because this episode is chockful of references to the iconic film. But also in this bearish ‘sode with special appearances by The Ramones and one of our most repeated lines of a single word.... Read more
Mar 08, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Homer Goes To College
It’s a new era in The Simpsons and thus for our podcast as well! We enter the David Mirkin seasons, we describe the new writers and directors, as Homer heads to college for the first time in the hopes of... Read more
Mar 01, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Cape Feare
Smack us with a rake in the face — it’s Sideshow Bob’s greatest plot to kill Bart ever! It’s also an end of an era for the show, and we’re here to dissect it all, including explaining all the references... Read more
Feb 22, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Homer’s Barbershop Quartet
Season 5 is upon us (kinda) and we hope you like The Beatles! The season 5 broadcast premiere sees Homer form a barbershop quartet with no previous experience, become famous for a few weeks, and then lose it all, just... Read more
Feb 15, 2017
Talking Simpsons – The Bill Oakley Interview Spectacular
We’re breaking format, but for the best reason of all! Simpsons veteran, writer, executive producer, and awesome guy, Bill Oakley talked with us for an entire hour this week! He tells us about the switch between seasons 4 and 5,... Read more
Feb 08, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Krusty Gets Kancelled
We wrap up the fourth broadcast season with the arrival of Gabbo, the fall of Krusty, a cavalcade of guest stars, and even the sweetest plum, a special surprise in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you... Read more
Feb 01, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Marge In Chains
As flu ravages Springfield, Marge gets arrested and Lionel Hutz has a tour de force in the court room. And Marge spends a few minutes in jail as we drop some real history on you in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD... Read more
Jan 25, 2017
Talking Simpsons – Whacking Day
We meet Superintendent Chalmers for the first time, Bart gets home schooled, and Lisa battles against animal cruelty in one of season 4’s best episodes! Listen along to hear our podcast thoughts… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you buy... Read more
Jan 18, 2017
Talking Simpsons – The Front
The Simpsons gets very inside in this episode about writing cartoons, while Homer goes back to school to complete his high school education. We cover all this wonky episode in our newest podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you... Read more
Jan 11, 2017
Talking Simpsons – So It’s Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show
Yes, it’s The Simpsons’ first clip show and we’re doing a whole episode of it! Not only that, we somehow got a good amount to say about it! So listen up – the episode might be recycled, but this podcast... Read more
Jan 04, 2017
Best of 2016: Talking Simpsons’ top shows of the year
2016 was a huge year for Talking Simpsons, with some of the series best episodes showcased. But which five were the most downloaded episodes? Find out in our Springfieldian year-end wrap-up! All this week we’ll be looking back at the... Read more
Dec 28, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Last Exit To Springfield
Lisa needs braces and Homer needs to save the dental plan in this week’s union-loving episode. We dig into it and it shall surely by the blurst of times on our podcast. D’oh, you stupid monkey… DOWNLOAD This show is... Read more
Dec 28, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Duffless
Homer is arrested for a DUI, getting him to rethink his drinking habits. Meanwhile, Lisa experiments on Bart, Bart is electrocuted, and we reexamine the sitcom Herman’s Head in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you buy... Read more
Dec 21, 2016
Talking Simpsons – I Love Lisa
We hope you choo-choo-choose to listen to this week’s podcast. It’s a Valentine’s Day classic where we get to know Ralph, Lisa breaks hearts, Krusty celebrates an anniversary, and we get to know our mediocre presidents… DOWNLOAD This show is... Read more
Dec 14, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Brother From The Same Planet
This is one of the weirdest episodes of the fourth season, and secretly sorta about Tom Cruise! This is a classic episode of Bart getting his first replacement father. Learn all about Corey, the Big Ear Family, and how something... Read more
Dec 07, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Selma’s Choice
Jub Jub! Yes, Selma has a fear of dying alone while the rest of the family is dreaming of going to a theme park. And somehow it all points to Murphy Brown and Johnny Carson clips. Find out how on this... Read more
Nov 30, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Marge Vs. The Monorail
Yes, the town is swept up in monorail fever in one of the most beloved Simpsons episodes of all time! Does it stand the test of time? What are the stories behind making this one? And how much will the... Read more
Nov 23, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Homer’s Triple Bypass
Homer’s health problems get real in this week’s podcast, as the family deals with Mr. Simpson’s heart trouble. Join in and try not to stress out… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you buy Quip – simple, elegant oral care.... Read more
Nov 16, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s First Word
We travel back to 1984 to learn all the kids’ first words, burgers won at Olympics, and tons more facts! Listen to this podcast or a clown might eat you… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you buy Audible. To... Read more
Nov 09, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Mr. Plow
Is this week’s episode the best Simpsons ever? We zip up our jackets, put it in H, and dissect Mr. Plow! Not only that, but we’ve got personal stories of meeting Adam West… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you buy... Read more
Nov 02, 2016
Talking Simpsons – New Kid on the Block
Bart has his first crush on a special guest star, while Homer tries to have all he could eat while meeting a certain sea captain. All that and Conan memories on this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to... Read more
Oct 26, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Marge Gets A Job
As the title suggests, Marge starts working at the power plant to Homer’s chagrin, Bart cries wolf, and most importantly, there’s a very indulgent Citizen Kane reference, all in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you by... Read more
Oct 19, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie
Bart finally gets punished and Homer makes it stick by forbidding him to see The Itchy & Scratchy film. This is an animation tour de force, which gives the hosts a chance to nerd out about old cartoons in this... Read more
Oct 12, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror III
It’s that time of the year again as we get ready for scares in this season’s Halloween special. We’ve got a killer clown doll, a giant ape/platform, and a bunch of zombies! Get ready for it all in this week’s... Read more
Oct 05, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Lisa The Beauty Queen
Lisa isn’t feeling too pretty on this week’s podcast, so Homer does his best to help her by putting her in a beauty pageant. And somehow that leads to her becoming an activist? We unlock it all in this week’s podcast…... Read more
Sep 28, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Homer The Heretic
Season four of The Simpsons truly begins with Homer The Heretic. It’s such a great episode — truly a religious experience! So join in on this week’s podcast whether you’re Christian, Jew, or miscellaneous … DOWNLOAD This show is brought to... Read more
Sep 21, 2016
Talking Simpsons – A Streetcar Named Marge
Marge gets cast in a musical production and Homer can’t really deal with it. Meanwhile, Maggie battles against objectivism in this week’s podcast … DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you by LOLA. To get 50% off your first order... Read more
Sep 14, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Kamp Krusty
Welcome to season 4! And it’s just in time for the summer to be over! Bart and Lisa head to the nightmarish Kamp Krusty — but will they make it home alive? Find out in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD This... Read more
Sep 07, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?
We close out the third season with the return of Homer’s half-brother, just as the Simpsons win a big award and meets a boxer in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you by LITTLE BITS. To get... Read more
Aug 31, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Friend Falls In Love
Inexplicably, Milhouse actually gets a girlfriend and Bart doesn’t take it very well. Meanwhile, Homer learns new words when he’s supposed to lose weight in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you by LOLA. To get 50%... Read more
Aug 24, 2016
Talking Simpsons – The Otto Show
The legendary Spinal Tap appear on this week’s episode, inspiring Bart to try guitar and eventually leading to Otto moving in with the Simpsons in this week’s loose, musical episode… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you by CASPER. To... Read more
Aug 17, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Black Widower
Sideshow Bob returns for the first time ever, and he just wants to move on and start a new life with Selma. Or DOES HE?!?! Find out in this podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you buy Audible. To... Read more
Aug 10, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Colonel Homer
Homer just wants to help a struggling country music star, but Marge is worried she’s losing her husband. Plus Big Shirtless Ron all on this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you buy Audible. To get your FREE... Read more
Aug 03, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Dog of Death
After failing to win the lottery, the family comes together to save their dog, but at what price? Find out in this week’s doggone podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you by BARKBOX. To receive one FREE month of... Read more
Jul 27, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Separate Vocations
Bart and Lisa’s futures are in flux as they find new careers as a cop and nogoodnick (respectively) in this anti-authoritarian episode of our lovable podcast… DOWNLOAD This show is brought to you buy Audible. To get your FREE Audio Book... Read more
Jul 20, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Homer At The Bat
Erik Nagel of It’s Erik Nagel on SiriusXM fame is our special guest for one of his all-time favorite episodes. Homer, Ozzie, and the Straw (and many more) come together for a star-studded softball game. So trim those sideburns and listen in…... Read more
Jul 13, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Bart The Lover
Marcia Wallace deserved her Emmy for this classic episode, Gordie Howe gets a unique tribute, plus Homer is fighting his urge to swear in this week’s loving podcast… DOWNLOAD SPECIAL ALERT! Talking Simpsons is now on Google Play! And on... Read more
Jul 06, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Homer Alone
Marge can’t take the drudgery of motherhood any longer, leaving the rest of the family to fend for themselves in this Rancho Relaxo of podcasts… DOWNLOAD SPECIAL ALERT! Talking Simpsons is now on Google Play! And on Stitcher too! Talking Simpsons... Read more
Jun 29, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Lisa The Greek
Homer and Lisa connect over a love of football/gambling, thanks to Lisa’s predicting powers that even crossed over into the real world! All in this week’s Lock Of The Week podcast… DOWNLOAD SPECIAL ALERT! Talking Simpsons is now on Google... Read more
Jun 22, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Radio Bart
Bart turns 10 for the first time, and gets a couple crummy birthday gifts that he then uses to turn Springfield upside-down in a media circuit with this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD SPECIAL ALERT! Talking Simpsons is now on Google Play!... Read more
Jun 15, 2016
Talking Simpsons – I Married Marge
We travel back to 1980 for some very dated humor as we see Homer and Marge get married, Homer search for a stable job, and Bart enter the world in this monumental episode… DOWNLOAD SPECIAL ALERT! Talking Simpsons is now... Read more
Jun 08, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Burns Verkaufen Der Kraftwerk
The very friendly Germans take over the plant, Homer is proven unworthy of his job, the family suffers economically, the LAND OF CHOCOLATE SEQUENCE IS IN THIS EPISODE, and there’s still enough money to buy the Cleveland Browns… DOWNLOAD SPECIAL... Read more
Jun 01, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Flaming Moe’s
Homer gets screwed over by Moe in this all-time alcoholic classic, Aerosmith comes to town, and we delve into a secret fan theory about this episode’s origin, all in one exciting podcast… DOWNLOAD SPECIAL ALERT! Talking Simpsons is now on... Read more
May 25, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Saturdays Of Thunder
Homer tries to improve his fatherhood quotient via soapbox derby racers, plus we talk all about how this aired alongside Michael Jackson’s world premiere Black Or White music video… DOWNLOAD   SPECIAL ALERT! Talking Simpsons is now on Google Play!... Read more
May 18, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s Pony
Lisa stops loving Homer, so he does the only thing he can: buy a pony and then get a new job at the Kwik-E Mart in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD   SPECIAL ALERT! Talking Simpsons is now on Google Play!... Read more
May 11, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Treehouse Of Horrors II
Halloween is here once more in one of the greatest episodes of all time. And it’s good that Bart does that, it’s very, very good… DOWNLOAD   SPECIAL ALERT! Talking Simpsons is now on Google Play! And on Stitcher too!... Read more
May 04, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Like Father, Like Clown
  We dig into Krusty’s Jewish heritage and riff on The Jazz Singer in another season 3 classic podcast… DOWNLOAD   Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting us, and Patreon... Read more
Apr 27, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Homer Defined
Homer saves Springfield from destruction for the first time ever and Bart loses his best friend in this series defining episode… DOWNLOAD   Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. If you enjoy the show, please consider supporting us,... Read more
Apr 20, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Bart The Murderer
Bart dabbles in the mafia and gets to meet Fat Tony for the first time in this criminally great episode… DOWNLOAD   TALKING SIMPSONS IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY TAX ACT!  LASER TIMERS, CLICK AND SAVE 15% ON STATE & FEDERAL... Read more
Apr 13, 2016
Talking Simpsons – When Flanders Failed
Flanders decides to start a business while Homer feels schadenfreude, and Bart doesn’t learn karate in this strangely animated holdover from season 2… DOWNLOAD   TALKING SIMPSONS IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY TAX ACT!  LASER TIMERS, CLICK AND SAVE 15% ON... Read more
Apr 06, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Mr. Lisa Goes To Washington
Find out why the hosts are all super cynical about government when the family heads to DC and we learn about the cesspool on the Potomac… DOWNLOAD   TALKING SIMPSONS IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY TAX ACT!  LASER TIMERS, CLICK AND... Read more
Mar 30, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Stark Raving Dad
Season 3 has begun and the Simpsons have their most famous guest star ever! Get ready for an extra long episode to start another great year of Talking Simpsons… DOWNLOAD   Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. And... Read more
Mar 23, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Blood Feud
In a loose, fun episode,Bart gives blood, a giant head is given, and a trip to the infirmary with most unexpected results – all in the final podcast of season 2! DOWNLOAD   Talking Simpsons is brought to you by... Read more
Mar 16, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Three Men And A Comic Book
The nerds have a real chance to shine this week, as Bart and Lisa head to their first comic convention and Comic Book Guy enters folklore/mythology… DOWNLOAD   Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first... Read more
Mar 09, 2016
Talking Simpsons – The War Of The Simpsons
Marge and Homer’s marriage is tested like never before while Lisa and Bart take advantage of the elderly in this episode of surprising firsts… DOWNLOAD   Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first season of... Read more
Mar 02, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Lisa’s Substitute
In what some call the greatest episode ever, we cry over a dead spider while learning that Bart would be a successful politician if kids remembered to vote… DOWNLOAD   Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get... Read more
Feb 24, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Brush With Greatness
Marge discovers a lost talent and love for Ringo Starr as Homer loses weight, plus Bob, Chris, Henry, and Dave learn a lot about Burns’ genetalia… DOWNLOAD   Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first... Read more
Feb 17, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Old Money
Abe Simpson has a tragic love affair, leading him to disown Homer and try to save the world, all as Bob, Henry, and Chris watch along… DOWNLOAD   Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first... Read more
Feb 10, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Bart’s Dog Gets An F
Santa’s Little Helper is the worst dog of all time, but can Bart fix him up by the end of the episode? Only Bob, Henry, Chris, and Dave can say for sure in this podcast… DOWNLOAD   Talking Simpsons is... Read more
Feb 03, 2016
Talking Simpsons – O Brother, Where Art Thou?
It’s only the second season and Homer has found a long lost brother? Danny DeVito makes his first appearance on the show, and we take a trip to Detroit in this week’s podcast… DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is brought to you... Read more
Jan 27, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Principal Charming
Patty and Selma both have problems with relationships in this loverly episode that also shows Skinner’s closest thing to happiness, as well as Bart experimenting with grass… DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first... Read more
Jan 20, 2016
Talking Simpsons – Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
At the same time as Homer finds a way to get cable for free (aka stealing), Lisa learns all about damnation, leading to a battle of wills. Also, TROY MCCLURE is here! You may remember him… DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is... Read more
Jan 13, 2016
Talking Simpsons – The Way We Was
The Simpsons begin a flashback tradition as Marge and Homer tell their kids about how them fell in love. Take a trip back to 1974 (in 1991) for another landmark episode… DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON.... Read more
Jan 06, 2016
Talking Simpsons – One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
Get ready for some fugu, as the Simpsons enjoy their first sushi along with a heavy dose of mortality in this week’s classic episode… DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first season of Talking... Read more
Dec 30, 2015
Talking Simpsons – Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Merry Christmas, Simpsons fans! In this very special episode, we’re talking a look back at the show that started it all. DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first season of Talking Simpsons head over... Read more
Dec 23, 2015
Talking Simpsons – Bart Gets Hit By A Car
Things get litigious in this iconic episode which features the introduction of two very important recurring characters, and the first appearance of Phil Hartman … DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first season of Talking... Read more
Dec 16, 2015
Talking Simpsons – Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
Marge shows the world just one screwball can do by going on a moral crusade against violent cartoons, as the guys get introspective about animation history … DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first season... Read more
Dec 09, 2015
Talking Simpsons – Bart The Daredevil
Monkey see, monkey do, as Bart decides to become a professional stuntman after a night of Truckasaurus. See Homer’s most painful moment yet and meet Dr. Hibbert all in one show … DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON.... Read more
Dec 02, 2015
Talking Simpsons – Bart Vs. Thanksgiving
The Simpsons go through a quaintly familiar Thanksgiving until Bart disrupts the festivities to go live on skid row. Don’t worry, it all ends well … DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first season of... Read more
Nov 25, 2015
Talking Simpsons – Dead Putting Society
Flanders really comes into his own this week, as he and Homer battle over whose kid is the best at putting, while Bart learns all about zen … DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first... Read more
Nov 18, 2015
Talking Simpsons – Dancin’ Homer
In a first for the series, Homer gets a new job. Bob, Chris, Henry, and Dave soak in the novelty of that, plus a ton of great baseball observations as this episode takes us all the way to Capital City... Read more
Nov 11, 2015
Talking Simpsons – Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish
We meet Blinky for the first time, learn to be cynical about politics, and watch Charles Montgomery Burns transform into a walking Citizen Kane reference, all in one episode. Only a moron wouldn’t listen to this episode of Talking Simpsons…... Read more
Nov 04, 2015
Talking Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror
In their first ever Halloween anthology episode, The Simpsons have a brush with an evil house, drooling aliens, and Edgar Allen Poe! Join us in celebration of what is quite possibly the greatest Holiday tradition invented in our lifetime… DOWNLOAD... Read more
Oct 28, 2015
Talking Simpsons – Simpson and Delilah
Using just a smidge of health insurance fraud, Homer obtains a miracle hair growth formula. Will it work? You’ll have to look at the picture above… DOWNLOAD Talking Simpsons is brought to you by PATREON. To get the first season... Read more
Oct 22, 2015
Talking Simpsons – Bart Gets an F
After a series of academic disasters, Bart is threatened with being held back a grade. Fingers crossed for a miracle… DOWNLOAD Welcome to the first ever public episode of Talking Simpsons! I’d say “congratulations” but it’s more like “THANK YOU!” because... Read more
Oct 16, 2015