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Listen to FunnelHacker Radio to get actionable advice and incredible insights and secrets of the world’s best internet marketers. They uncover the mysteries of what it really takes to build a sustainable monthly income doing what you love. They reveal how they built an 8 figure business in less than 9 months with physical products being sold through a simple online sales funnel (episode #2). They discuss what is working and not working in their business. They will help you avoid all of the land mines associated with using paid traffic, social media and how to “double over” on your ad spend. How one marketer almost lost everything yet turned it all around into a Million dollar business within 1 year using webinar secrets (episode #3). You will see how a simple online sales funnel software has allowed users to sell over 75 million dollars of information and physical products within 18 months. Your host, Dave Woodward gets these entrepreneurs to “pull back the curtain” to their business and show you everything all in less than 30 minutes. If you are new to online marketing or been doing it for years, their secrets will quickly help you become more successful. Find show notes at

Episode Date
How to Care WITHOUT Caring - Dave Woodward - FHR #235

Social media has increased the ease and numbers of "haters". As a business owner who needs to publish content and products it can be tough when you get beat up on social media for doing the best that you can. Dave Woodward provides insights on how other successful entrepreneurs continue to Care for those they serve WITHOUT caring about what others say.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • What to do as an entrepreneur if you don’t have thick skin (3:00)
  • Dave gives examples of companies and entrepreneurs focus so much on their clients, that they don’t care who they upset (6:35)

Quotable Moments:

"You have to care so much about those people that you are working with and that you are serving, but at the same time you have to care less about the haters."

"You have to let the haters fuel you."

Other Tidbits:

Once you care so much about the people you are serving, you will care less about the haters.



Speaker 1:     00:00       Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here is your host, Dave Woodward. Welcome.

Speaker 2:     00:18       Oh my gosh. This is a crazy topic and I see this happening so often. It's so many people's businesses that I just. I have to help you understand how important this is or there are so many entrepreneurs, so many business owners I speak to all the time who are so concerned and so afraid of what other people are going to say and they care so much more about offending or hurting or upsetting other people that it actually prevents this entrepreneur in this business owner from getting their message out to the world. If this is, I was speaking directly to you and I want to make sure you understand the impact and the importance of the message that you have. I personally believe any entrepreneur, any business owner who goes on his on his or her way to start any business, that you have a moral obligation to get your message out to the world, a true moral obligation.

Speaker 2:     01:05       If you don't feel that strong and that passionate about the business that you're in, then get out of that business and find a business that you do feel that strongly about. I feel that strong right now about click funnels. I literally feel like I have a moral obligation to get clickfunnels out to the entire world, literally to save entrepreneurs from all the other confusing software, all the other mistakes and tools that people are using that actually is preventing them from having the success, the financial freedom, and the time freedom that our platform provides. In addition to that, the coaching programs and everything else, I. it's funny, I literally wear it swag every day. One, I love the t shirts and being honest, how they make me feel, but more important than that, I. I truly believe in our mission. I honestly, I feel this moral obligation.

Speaker 2:     01:48       It is very rare that you're ever gonna. See people without having something click funnels on, whether it's [inaudible], whether it's a shirt, whether it's a water bottle. I want people to ask me about it because I feel that strong about what we do. I've seen this happen at t we just got back from San Diego where we're gathering with our two comma club coaches are two comma club coaches and down there we had about 140 of our students there. We've got another one coming this week and this was our installation meeting. So these are the people who bought a are two Comma Club coaching program at funnel hacking live. And it was fascinating to me to see those people who are super passionate about their business and those who are like, I just don't know. I'm still trying to figure this thing out. And I see it happen quite a bit where people, especially when you're marketing online, um, for some reason people will say, and you'll find more haters online and you actually will face to face.

Speaker 2:     02:43       That's really easy to hide behind a keyboard and a screen and slam other people. But you have to understand that you've got to have super, super thick skin to be an entrepreneur. If you don't, then you've got to find ways of putting up shields and protection there for you. So first of, if you don't feel like you've got that type of thick skin and all the hitters are going to bother you, that's okay. You still have the same moral obligation to get your message out to the world. But now what you have to do is you just have to hire someone to take care of all your haters for you. And that literally would mean hire someone to go through your facebook posts, have hire someone to take care of all your social media so you don't see all the criticism. Uh, it's honestly, it's one of those things that are care who you are.

Speaker 2:     03:24       It's hard when, when someone starts tearing down what you're doing. Uh, I remember, uh, when my wife was teaching a lot of, a lot of fitness classes and she could have the most amazing fitness class in the world, and 30 people can come afterwards and tell her, oh my gosh, that was amazing. But if one person came up and said, ah, you know what, I didn't like your music, or Oh, I didn't really know it was okay. That's the one person that she would be obsessed about and it would really ruin her entire day. I've seen the same thing happen for people when they come off stage and people are like, oh my gosh, that was such a great, a great talk and it wasn't a talk. Did you buy now? I really didn't buy sit back, nick. Oh my gosh, why not? I feel the same way anytime I'm doing a Webinar or anything else.

Speaker 2:     04:06       And I'm like, wait a second. As great as it was, and yes, 15, 20 percent of people bought that means 80 to 85 percent sentence. People didn't. Why did I not connect with them? What did I do wrong? And realize those are just human elements that you're always going to deal with. The key here is you've got to find some way of being able to care without caring, and what I mean by that is you have to care so much about those people that you're working with and that you're serving, but at the same time you can. You have to care less about the haters. You have to allow those haters to fuel you. You also have to understand that, and I see this problem take place a lot with a lot of our coaches and things who are in the coaching business or when they're providing a product or a service that is supposed to be used by someone and the person doesn't consume it.

Speaker 2:     04:51       They don't get the results. That person who created it feels like it was something wrong with the product. Realize that's not the case. It's the person who bought it. I think for yourself, how many times have you bought a book and not read it all the way through? I do that all the time. Does it mean the book was bad? No, it just means I, it was me. It so realize that your customers, it's your boy Garrett white says it best, and that is you are not their savior. You just aren't. Realize you're a marketer. Your job is to help change people's lives, but they have their own agency. It's up to them to actually take, make, take the action and do what it takes to get the results and things that you need from them. But because they're not doing it doesn't mean that you should market it any less.

Speaker 2:     05:33       In fact, you should be marketing extremely hard. Marketing is the one skilled every single person has to learn. Um, I remember years ago hearing from Dan Kennedy, basically, if you're not offending someone everyday, you're just not marketing hard enough. And I truly believe that you've got to have that. You've got to be that prolific. You've got to be that polarized into where your product and service cannot apply to everybody. You've got to be in a situation to where you're doing everything you possibly can to connect with the people who your product or your service was designed for. And at the same time, realize that as you market that hard, you're going to offend, you're going to piss off, you're going to upset other people. That's okay. That's marketing's job is to separate people so that you're only communicating with those people who your product and service can actually benefit.

Speaker 2:     06:18       It's one of the most important things for me is I take a look at anyone I work with and we coach and who are using our product or our service is that you have to be that passionate about it. It was, I was talking with a guy down in San Diego who's in the real estate niche and his whole product is. He's actually going against the typical norm of real estate agents. In other words, he's basically telling people, listen, you don't need to pay six percent to list your house. Well, obviously by his doing that and the harder he markets, the more agents he's gonna upset because he's literally cutting off their lifeblood. You see, the same thing happened with Uber. They upset the entire taxi industry. That's okay. Realize that Uber's client is not the taxi cab driver. Uber's client is the person who wants to be picked up by somebody in a clean car who doesn't want to have to worry about a tip, who understands the person that's going to basically take them, pick them up and take more than they go without any hassles, driving in a in a same manner, and that's their client.

Speaker 2:     07:27       So realize that once you understand who your client is, you are going to upset others, and so you have to learn to care without caring. You've gotta care about your clients, but you've got to care less about anybody else. Pamela wible, who is in our inner circle is one of the most amazing women you will ever meet. This is a woman who is a doctor. Uh, went through medical school, lost a lot of her friends who were other doctors to suicide, and realized that it became her mission, her passion to fight for doctors to prevent them from committing suicide. He says this didn't make any sense and she's gone so far. I mean, she works so hard that the entire medical community, the hospitals at others who are basically killing these doctors and our manufacturing, these heartless doctors who are just becoming a mill, she's fighting against that.

Speaker 2:     08:24       She's fighting against these major institutions and she was funny. She was speaking on stage here and she said, you don't. You really. You have to understand that you have to get to the point that if you don't have a bodyguard and that you're not getting death threats on a regular basis, you're just not working hard enough. Now realize, I don't know if you can take it to that extreme, but that's how passionate Pamela is about her mission. She's literally saving lives, but because she's going about saving these lives in the way that she's doing it, she is upsetting major, major medical associations and she literally has a bodyguard because she does get death threats because that's how passionate she is about what she's doing. Money is not the motivator for her. Saving lives is, and so she literally goes to major, major extremes to help people understand the problems that these doctors are facing.

Speaker 2:     09:17       To try to help them, uh, she has different products and services where she literally will bring these doctors out to a, an event out in the middle of the woods and part of the event is for them to get back to nature, to get back to themselves. And part of it is actually where they're nude, where they literally are. It'll have to have together talking negative because she's trying to take down all the barriers to get rid of that white coat because she literally will do what ever it takes to help these doctors. And when you care that much about who you're serving, you start to care less about all the haters. And you have to get to that point. So realize as you take a look at your marketing, you need to market harder. You need to market in a way that upsets people. You've seen it.

Speaker 2:     10:00       We do this all the time and the more that we do this, the more upset people get at us. You've seen our confusionsoft stuff. You've seen us, our vendor comic books with Loki pages and confusion soft. It's because we truly believe and feel that our platform is the only platform that was going to save entrepreneurs from all this other confusion software for things that don't work, that's going to take up their time and their money. We feel that passionate about it. I hope, and I pray deep down inside that you feel that passionate about what you're doing, that you get excited, that you're motivated, that you can't wait to tell people about what you do because you have a product or a service that literally has changed in the world. I know that I do and I hope that you get to the point where you start to care less about the haters and again, realize there's a human element to all of us.

Speaker 2:     10:50       You know, we joke around here in the office that you know James, James, p friel has one emotion, but at the same time, every, all of us have emotions and it's human that you're going to get your feelings hurt, but realized deep down inside that when you feel you're more passionate about those you're serving than you are about yourself. You will be that much more passionate about getting your message out to the world market hard study marketing. There's nothing more important to you that are really understand the psychology of what it's going to take to fulfill the moral obligation that you have to get your message out to the world. I hope you have an amazing day. I wish you all the success in your business and again, if you're struggling with this, hire people to take care of that human element so it doesn't suck you down.

Speaker 2:     11:31       I know with with Russell, it's very rare that he spends a bunch of time dealing with the haters and over time he's actually learned to develop a thick enough skin to where it doesn't matter as much, but in the very beginning he hired a ton of people, basically the Redis facebook posts and to take care of that kinda stuff because it hurt. That's human. That's it's really hard when you're going out and you're trying to save other people and other people are saying such terrible negative things about you realize that that's the human element to what you're doing. Develop the thick skin as an entrepreneur and realize you have a moral obligation to get your message out to the world and let us know if there's anything we can do to help you in that way. Please, I would love and I appreciate so much.

Speaker 2:     12:12       Most people spend time listening to these podcasts. If there's a message or something that you would like me to say, some topic or something you'd like me to convey or to get out there, please reach out. Let me know what that is. You can hit me up on facebook, personal message me there, David clickfunnels, to my email. Also, I would really appreciate any ratings or reviews that you can give me on itunes. I'm really trying to get this message out to more people and the ratings and reviews that you give on itunes. Help me do that. Share. Share the podcast that you like with your friends and families were neighbors, whoever it might be, and again, let me know what I can do to help serve you better. Have an amazing day. I wish you all the best of your business and we'll talk soon.

Jun 15, 2018
Consumption Funnels - Dave Woodward - FHR #234

The best way to serve your customers is to help them consume your product. Dave Woodward talks about some of the best consumption funnels he has come across in the last few weeks. These are physical products, professional services and information products. He reveals what you can do to help your customers consume your products and want more of them and more of you.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Examples of consumption funnels (0:49)
  • How ClickFunnels uses consumption funnels for their own products (6:15)
  • Ways to use consumption funnels in your business (9:29)

Quotable Moments:

"The most successful businesses are those that help you consume their product."

Other Tidbits:

Letting customers consume your product by free samples or free offers or reduced price offers is a proven way to increase sales. Hosting events that show demonstrations are also a good way to show your customers how to use your product.



Speaker 1:     00:00       Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward. Welcome

Speaker 2:     00:17       back everybody. Oh my gosh. This is one of my favorite topics. Consumption funnels. Understand this is, I wish everybody was doing this and it cracks me up. The more people aren't. So what I want you to do is I want to think about how in the world can you help people, those people who you're trying to serve, consume more of your product. Uh, there's, I see this happen a ton and so many other industries and you've got to start using this in your own business. So let me give you a couple of different examples here. A couple months ago, James P friel moved here to Boise area and he and Jada invited a couple of here in the office to go out on a date, so a couples date. So we ended up going to Sula tabla a, if you're not familiar with it. And I'd probably pronounced completely wrong Su, our space la space table, so, but it's a French place and what it is, it's really, it's a, it's a store that sells a ton of high end cooking things and literally anything you could think of from electronic spoons or forks that you basically push down and it spends the spaghetti on to multi hundred dollar knives, thousand dollar cooking pots and pans and just crazy, crazy stuff for the chefs or the want to be shifts.

Speaker 2:     01:42       And there's always a ton of people in there, you know, just kind of milling around and looking at things. The part I found so interesting was we went there on a date, you're going to be asking why in the world would you go to serve the tableau on a date? Well, because in the very, very back, which is key, you've got to walk through the entire store to get the very back of the store. They have a cooking area and it's basically a cooking class where they have two different, uh, it's set up to where you could have about, I think a total about 20 people. And so you're cooking, so they have a chef and they have a couple of people who are there helping the chef. And then there's again for us that night there was 12 of us, uh, so six of us, it was James and Yada, Russell and Clinton, my wife and I, so the six of us were there and they had six others who were there as well.

Speaker 2:     02:35       And basically we broken into different groups to then be taught by a chef how to cook. And it was that evening and happened to be an evening all about an Italian cuisine. And so we made shadow and we made just this fascinating, really cool meals. It was super engaging, a ton of fun. There's an emotional connection between the six of us as well as then some of the other people we were cooking with. Just, it was really kind of a fun thing to get to know other people. And he had this emotional tie in with food and cooking. I was really a crazy experience because, you know, we got done and to be honest with you, uh, we weren't full. So we ended up later going out to dinner to eat some more because we didn't fill up on the meal that we cook, but the key here was the amount of consumption and what I mean by that is they introduced us to a couple of cool little utensils and things.

Speaker 2:     03:27       Uh, one was a, a garlic press, another one was, um, the way in which actually cut a. They showed us different knives and how to cut things. And so we started consuming the exact same things that we had just walked through a sore full of. So as soon as we got done, each one of us has couples went out and we started to buy what we adjust used now. That was about three months ago, two, three months ago. I have yet, and neither is my wife use any of this stuff that we bought. But it was such a cool experience because we were actually able to consume and to use the different utensils and things at the time we were cooking. So soon as we got done, the very first thing we did was each couple spent probably a couple hundred bucks on different cooking utensils and stuff just because it was cool and it was a ton of fun.

Speaker 2:     04:18       So [inaudible] has this ability where you actually pay. So I think, I think the, I don't know how much the actual meals were, but I don't call it 50 bucks a person. So each of us paid 100 bucks to go to learn from a chef, not only how to cook and prepare a meal, but more importantly how to consume their physical products that they were then selling to us on the variant. So we went in, each of us probably spending 100 bucks for the evening for the date, but then we spent another couple hundred bucks before we left the rest that the store. Because we wanted to buy the stuff that we just used. So realize that businesses out there, the most successful businesses are businesses that help you consume your product. Take for example, my favorite things do is whenever my wife suckers me into going grocery shopping, we typically go to costco and she's on her own because I'm out there sampling.

Speaker 2:     05:11       I love going and tasting all the samples, but there's this law of reciprocity that kicks in once you start tasting these samples. There's a ton of times where I actually will end up buying it even though I don't really love it. It's just because I feel almost this reciprocity because I consumed some of their food, I feel like I said at least by some of it. And so it's the whole reason costco has all these people out there as you can start milling through costco is because they want you to consume their products and as you consume them, some of them are tastes great and you're going to buy them just because they're awesome and you may become a lifelong customer. Continue to buy their same product over and over and over again because you first consumed it. So there's a couple of products that, uh, I know for tri tip, uh, we, we do kick a lot of drag tip and stuff and so we ended up buying tri-tip preseason, everything else because we consumed it there and that free sample, probably seven, eight years ago, we've now probably spent thousands of dollars and tried to all because we consume that product.

Speaker 2:     06:10       Same thing happens if you take a look at what we've been doing inside of click funnels, funnel university, our funnel scripts is a consulting funnel. Fridays, sorry, funnel Fridays is a consumption ploy. If you're not aware of what funnel Fridays is, go to funnel Fridays Dot Com. And there you'll have the opportunity of seen us using our product, helping others consume, not just click funnels, but also funnel scripts. So what happens on funnel Fridays is Jim Edwards, who is the creator of funnel scripts, he and Russell would get together and it's basically a game. They have 30 minutes to create a funnel utilizing clickfunnels and utilizing funnel scripts for all the copy. So frequently we will get people who will send us a product here at our clickfunnels office. And sometimes we'll actually use that will create a funnel for them on that product using clickfunnels and funnelscripts or other times it'll be a product.

Speaker 2:     07:11       There were basically we'd go out and it's something a russell seen something he's purchased and now he because he's purchased it is like, you know what? I would probably change the way this funnel works by doing this, this, this and this. And so funnel Fridays is all set up to help our users consume more of our product by Lilly, by they're seen as actually do it. It's literally half an hour. It's time for a reason because we're trying to help people understand that clickfunnels doesn't take a whole bunch of time. That is easy to use. And so by seeing Russell using it and by having gym, using funnel scripts and showing how easy it is to use that. So realize one of the great things from a consumption funnel funnel Fridays is you actually get to see it. I was literally just talking to my son Chandler about the.

Speaker 2:     08:03       He just put together an Oto using the script easier and faster, and that's the whole ploy behind funnel Fridays to let you see how easy and fast both funnelscripts and clickfunnels is. So if whatever product you have, you should help people consume it. One way they can consume it is by a samples by Lord, easier cost samples, free plus shipping, offer samples. Um, we're looking at doing some things right now with prove it for that, which again is a kito product. It's a network marketing product. And one of the biggest problems that a lot of network marketing companies run up against is they're trying to always sell the, the, the offer as far as the money making opportunity and they're selling the opportunity more than they're selling the product. Whereas you get people consuming the product, they'll then want to get into the offer. So we're looking at doing some things with prove it to where we actually will be in a situation of giving away samples at a lower cost.

Speaker 2:     09:00       It's not the full month's supply, but by giving away the sample, they get used to it. And I mean, people aren't doing this for years, it's the whole puppy dog close, you know, just take the dog home, take this little puppy home if you don't want to then bring it back. Well, it's a consumption funnel. They're wanting you to consume the dog, not to eat the dog, but to actually use the dog to get, see how it is to have that dog in your house. So I want you to take a look at your own business and the different things that you're doing. What type of consumption can you do in your business to help others consume your product? It may be through demonstrations, like funnel Fridays is where you actually show people your consuming your own product. It may be through samples, it may be through putting on an event and then selling the physical product of the people, how they use it, the afterwards.

Speaker 2:     09:49       So realize this whole idea as far as consumption funnels. This has been done for years. I go to a lot of the fairs where people were up there and they had the demonstrations. Uh, you take a look at a lot of the infomercials which are demonstrations. They're doing these demos to basically show how fast this vacuum works, how fast this mop, this mop cleans 'em the whole Kirby vacuum cleaner, door to door sales person was the same thing. Whereas let me come in and clean one room for you for free. And by their basically consuming that or seeing it or using it in your house, you're like, oh my gosh, okay, I guess I better do that. So realize there's so many ways for you and your business to help your customers use your product, and the more they use your product, the more than that I want to buy the product.

Speaker 2:     10:35       So make sure that you start looking at ways that you can help your customers use, demonstrate, apply whatever it might be. The more they consume it, the more they see other people consuming it, the more easy it is for them to buy it, to use it, and more importantly, to continue to buy it on a regular basis. So with that, spend the time understanding consumption funnels. Start looking at infomercials, watch how infomercials they do the exact same thing. It's a 30 minute infomercial and for basically broken down into seven minute segment where they're can. They're showing the consumption of that product for seven minutes and then an offer it then seven minutes and then an offer and then seven minutes and then an offer and they use urgency and scarcity at the back end of it. So look at funnel hack infomercials. There's some of the best consumption things as you're in Costco.

Speaker 2:     11:22       Next time, look at how, what different types of samples are they offering or are they all food samples? Are they different types of samples? As you're out, realize that every business that's really smart is using different ways of helping people consume their products, so start funnel hacking other people's businesses and see how they can use it in your life. Dentists have done, they do this all the time as far as a low barrier offer to get you into their clinic to basically get your teeth whitened or to get a free checkup. Chiropractors had been doing this. They're trying to get you in their office to help you consume for a free x ray or or adjustment or something like that. So this has been done all the time, so you've got to start paying attention to this. See how other people are using consumption funnels, and use these consumption funnels in your own business.

Speaker 2:     12:08       Having an amazing day. Again, thank you so much for listening. I can't thank you enough. I know there's a whole bunch of other podcasts you could be listening to. There's a lot of things you could be doing with your own time. If you're liking the content that I'm putting out right now, I would love it if you wouldn't mind going out. Go to itunes rate, review this. I read all the reviews. I appreciate those reviews. I appreciate the ratings. If there's things you want me to be talking about her or topics that I'm not hitting that you think I should hit for you, by all means, send me a personal message on facebook. Email made data, click funnels. I want this podcast to be something where I'm dropping massive value bombs to you that you can implement in your business on a regular basis. Have an amazing day and best of luck in your business.

Jun 13, 2018
Afterversion Disconnect - Dave Woodward - FHR #233

Most entrepreneurs hate sharing the "Journey" They would rather only share when they have made it. Dave Woodward details why you MUST document the journey and why you have a moral obligation to do so. The massive disconnect that occurs when you don't will prevent you from being able to serve those you really want to help.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Why it’s so important to document your journey NOW (3:25)
  • Dave talks about his wife’s struggle a few years back (5:25)
  • The importance of letting people know about your kryptonite (15:15)

Quotable Moments:

"What people buy into is emotion and feeling."

"Time has this way of defusing and simplifying and also making you forget the pain."

"You are one step ahead of somebody."

"Facts tell, stories sell."

Other Tidbits:

A lot of people have a problem selling because they can’t connect emotionally with other people.  By documenting your story as it happens, people can feel your emotions, because they are real and in the moment.  When you tell your story after the fact, it’s harder to sell because you’ve already disconnected from those emotions.



Speaker 1:   00:00     Welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast, where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales, dominate their markets, and how you can get those same results. Here's your host, Dave Woodward. Everybody, welcome back.

Speaker 2:   00:18     I'm super, super excited to have you back on. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you spend time listening to this recently. It's been a crazy, crazy time. A month of May here is just been busy as can be and I've had probably 12 different interviews I've had to reschedule or postpone or cancel just due to a conflict as they were coming, but it's given me the opportunity to really do a lot of own my own personal thoughts and things and I appreciate you spending time listening to these. I know this isn't the typical thing and hopefully you're getting the value out of this for my own personal thoughts that you get out of of somebody interviews and things, but what I want to dive into right now is this whole idea as far as the after version disconnect. This is a principle that happens to so many of us when we start going for whatever our dream is and especially when we're trying to teach people how to do that.

Speaker 2:   01:03     What happens for a lot of us is known. We got to this situation as far as, Gosh, I hear it all the time. I don't want to publish. You know, I'm just not good enough. Oh Man, I'm just not ready yet. I just don't know enough and oh my gosh, there's so many other people know more than I do, and so the what I see happen quite a bit as so often people aren't willing to document the process and they keep saying, well, when I get to x point, then I'll be able to provide the value that I needed to my followers, my listeners, whoever it might be, and it's then. Then I'll start. This is probably one of the biggest problems pc happened, especially in any of the information products, but we're also seeing a lot of it in the coaching side and buy a ton of it.

Speaker 2:   01:45     Also, as far as consulting and what happens here is too often you want to get to the point to where you're at the other side and then you want to provide the help and the value. The issue you run up against is what people buy into his emotion and feeling and you have this emotional disconnect because you can't remember exactly what it was like when you were there. Time has this way of kind of diffusing and simplifying it and also making you forget the pain. It's probably the whole reason why women have more than one kid. They just forget how painful it was.

Speaker 2:   02:21     I can tell you that I see this a lot in my own personal life and that is one of my own personal struggles is really becoming extremely vulnerable and telling people my deepest, darkest feelings and emotions and I'm trying to be more of this on facebook live and I'm really going to try here in the next day, next two to three months. For you guys to find out a lot of the vulnerable things about my past. That has gotten me to the point where it out, but what I want to do is make sure you understand why each and every single one of us needs to make sure that we're out there publishing on a regular basis, that you're out there and connecting with people. So often I run up against is, you know, once I get there, that's when I'll do it. The biggest problem I find with that is you have.

Speaker 2:   03:07     This is again, first of all, if you haven't bought expert secrets, by all means, go right now. Stop this podcast, open up a browser, go to expert and buy expert secrets. You need to understand the whole idea about the epiphany bridge and the hero's two journeys. This is why most of us have such a hard time selling is you can't relate. You cannot connect emotionally with those people who you really deep down inside you want to serve, and what happens is you need to first and foremost, you've got to start documenting the process and you got to start today. No matter where you are, what you'll find is that you are already. You're one step ahead of somebody, someone out there you're already one step ahead of and what you'll find is that right now there's others who are looking to you for you for help, and yet you're preventing.

Speaker 2:   03:57     You're not out there allowing. You're not allowing the universe to serve you by you serving others, so I highly recommend right away. Then you start publishing, whether that's on a podcast, whether it's on a facebook live, whether it's through a youtube videos, if you're a writer, whether it's through blogs or whatever it is, you've got to get to a point where you start publishing on a regular basis. It's going to do a ton of different things for you. First of all, it's going to allow you to get out your emotions and to document them so that when you go back, you'll, and that's why again, I liked the podcast or video or audio because you can then connect emotionally. You can feel the tension in your voice. You can feel the pain that you're going through and as you share those, those moments with people, that's the emotion that people buy a.

Speaker 2:   04:44     again, you've heard it a million times, stories sell and facts are facts tell and stories sell. The reason for this is because people connect emotionally with the story and I. I'm going to get real vulnerable here, not on this podcast, but I'm probably one or two in the future here where I'm going to get real vulnerable on exactly what I've gone through to get to where I'm at currently, but I want to kind of share with you a couple of other stories. One is of my dear wife, Oh, I love more than anything in this world. Those of you guys who know me real well, you'll hear me refer to my wife. Her name is Carrie, but to me she's princess and there was a time, it's, Gosh, this September will be five years and five years ago in September she was just wasn't feeling good and she was struggling.

Speaker 2:   05:39     She was, you have to say, my wife is a world class runner and she literally was an elite marathon runner, sub three hour marathon runner. In other words, she was able to run 26 miles in under three hours and because of that she got a lot of recognition and she was used to pushing through a lot of pain while in September, five years ago. She was in a situation where she just wasn't feeling good. She was tired. She just, she's like, I just cannot. I don't know if I'm just getting older. I'm now 40 and it's just hit me and I just can't. I don't know. I just can't do it. I don't know what's going on. Well, after about two weeks of this, it got to the point one day where she was teaching a spinning class and she literally couldn't continue the spinning class where she stopped spinning and just talk to Dr Students through it.

Speaker 2:   06:32     He's like, Dave, something's going on and it's just. I just, I don't know what it is. So she went into the doctor and they did an ekg and they said, holy cow, this ekg isn't. Something's wrong with it. She needed to go get this checked. So she took them to a cardiologist. They looked at it and said, yeah, you've, we need you to come in right away. And so literally within 48 hours, uh, they're doing another ekg, and at that point they said, you know what we're going in, and they basically said we needed to do an ECO car. We need to basically go in and find out what's really going on. In other words, basically did this whole Catholic thing where they ended up putting a blown through and everything else. What as they started going in and they found out she basically had had three heart attacks within the week and to make matters worse, her left anterior descending artery, which is known as the widowmaker was 100 percent closed, occluded.

Speaker 2:   07:31     And because of that she was in. That was why she was having all this pain. Well, as we've gone in and basically the doctor not knowing what the end result was going to be, the doctor said, listen, Mr Woodward, I need you to come over here. I want to talk to you about a couple of things. She goes, listen, I don't know exactly what's going on here, but this is going to be real quick procedure because you know what? I think she's just got a lot of anxiety, a lot of stress going on in your wife. Just needs to learn how to deal with the stress of what's going on in her life. And I said that, that's not my wife. She deals with a lot of stress. She understands what's going on and she's a runner and she goes, well, let me say this will be a quick procedure.

Speaker 2:   08:05     Well, it wasn't. It was literally two hours later he came out and he apologized. He said, Mr Woodward, I am so sorry. I had no idea what was going on and we're so grateful she's in here and we got this thing taken care of and at first she was like, I just don't want to share this with anybody. I'm sure almost kinda went through this whole embarrassment thing of like, Gosh, I'm in this world class athlete, what's going on? And, and I just, I don't want to even know about this. And so it was kind of kept our close friends knew, but that was about it. It wasn't something she wanted to tell everyone around the world about what was going on. And as time went on, time being about a week or two other people started reaching out to her and heard what had happened. And so she thought, you know, I've got to put a facebook post out so people understand that I'm okay and everything else.

Speaker 2:   08:52     So she wrote up this long facebook post about her experience, about what had happened, the emotion she had gone through the symptoms as a woman for a heart attack, heart disease, actually the number one killer of women. And the problem is that the symptoms are different. It's basically the symptoms that any busy mom or busy woman's going to go through fatigue. It's, it's just feeling like you just can't continue going on. It's not the, my left arm is going, none. It's not the pounding in my chest. And so because of that, a lot of these things go unnoticed. Well, she ended up doing this massive, huge, long facebook posts telling her exact story. What she went through the emotions because at that point it was still really pure, really raw, and then continue to, to post about every month or so after that, what happened was amazing to me.

Speaker 2:   09:47     So many people started reaching out, um, it because after she was able to get back and she started running again, she got the situation to where lily, we were. She was getting facebook personal messages from athletes around the world who are going through the same. Can you really run again? Is there really an opportunity? It, can I get back to where I was? Am I in a city? Is this the end of my career? Is this the end of my. And because of her experience and her being so raw and so pure and so open, so many people reached out to the point where she literally was connecting with athletes in, in Europe, in Asia, in South America, all around, literally around the world. And got to the point where the American heart association reached out to her and said, you know, we've heard your story and we want to know more.

Speaker 2:   10:37     So they started talking more about what she was doing and the fact that she was coming back and you have to understand my wife at that point, he had ran Boston marathon twice, she'd read the New York Marathon, all marathons that you have to qualify for, you've got to be extremely fast to get into these types of marathons. And the American Heart Association was sponsoring the Chicago Marathon and it's because of her post that they basically said, you know what, we want to fly you out. We want you to, we want to sponsor you to run to run the Chicago marathon because we want to show people that there's life after this heart attack. There's, you actually can come back. That was the most fascinating experience for me to see as she was out there running. It was a tough race for um, and it wasn't world record setting the like she was hoping to get to.

Speaker 2:   11:26     But the coolest thing for me was to see how many people were so touched by her coming back. And it was her journey back. And yes it was, it was extremely emotional. It was extremely painful for me as as a husband where I was sitting there, I may have lost my wife and and going through all the emotion of it. I look back and it's been five years, seems like an eternity ago because of so much so many things have happened, but I'm so grateful that she spent the time to record it, to document it because she literally is blessed the lives of so many other people because she went through that process of documenting her journey and her journey wasn't easy. It never ever is, and yet at the same time, because she went through that, she literally became a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. She was able to to help others around the world to come back and to be that person.

Speaker 2:   12:18     Was she back to where she was and wanted to be back? As for our for world class times? No, and that's what I want to make sure you understand is as you go through the setbacks, as you go through the trials, you have to document these things because you are literally, I believe that you're given these experiences to. Bless the lives of other people. If you take a look at expert secrets and some of the stuff that Russell's put out recently, if you go back to marketing your car marketing, your car was all because of Russell being at one of his lowest points and yet at the same time over for, Gosh, I think we're 400, 500 episodes now. It's now become marketing secrets, but because of those podcasts, it is given so many other entrepreneurs hope so many other entrepreneurs. The opportunity that you know what?

Speaker 2:   13:06     I can come back, I can make it through this. I can. And it's important for you to understand that you're giving these, these trials, these struggles, everything else to be the blessing in the lives of other people. So I'd encourage you, no matter where you are right now, start documenting, start documenting whatever the process is for you and you'll find that you then will have the ability to connect more people. Uh, we have an epiphany script in on page one, 14 of expert secrets that goes through really helping people understand and document their story. So if you're already kind of beyond where you want it to be and you haven't documented past, I'd encourage you to go get a copy of expert secrets. Go to expert Get expert secrets. Look at page one, 14, and start answering those questions. As you answer those different questions, it's going to bring back the emotion.

Speaker 2:   13:56     It's going to bring back the feelings that you were going through and then start publishing those, publish those questions, publish those answers, and you'll find that as you do that, you're going to draw other people into you. I'm going to be doing this exact same thing in a future podcast here about exactly how that happens. Now realize that I hear a lot of people don't want to have. I just don't want. I don't want to be that vulnerable. I don't want people to. I just, I'm afraid to do that. Please understand that superman is the absolute worst superhero in the world. Until you know his, the impact that Kryptonite has on him prior to that Superman. He's got actually a vision. He can fly faster than speed balling. Jump over building the guy literally is invincible and being that invincible as a superhero. It's just not even.

Speaker 2:   14:48     It's not believable and it's not even. You don't even really like to cheer for this guy until you know that he has a weakness and the fact that his weakness is a rock and a rock from some distant planet. You're like, really? He's a rock is what basically can destroy this man. Understand every single one of us have our own Kryptonite and it's important that you let others know about your Kryptonite. For some that Kryptonite is your backstory. For some that Kryptonite is other things that you struggle with currently and presently that you're going through. I take a look at some of the people in our inner circle who are out there helping others go through divorce or or recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction or other things is because they went through that. It's because of their story that they're on the other side.

Speaker 2:   15:42     Realize that whatever it is that you have to offer people wherever you are in your journey, you need to get that documented because that journey is going to be a blessing in the lives of so many other people. So at this point I really encourage you guys, get a copy of expert secrets. Go to expert If you already have experts secrets, go to page one, 14 and start answering that. The epiphany questions. Go through those and then publish those, whether you do it through audio, whether you do it through video, whether you do it through a written text, but make sure that you get the emotion. Make sure that you connect emotionally with people. It's one of the things that Russell is probably one of the best at, is the ability to get that, to elicit that kind of emotion because he's out there being that vulnerable and that pure in that raw himself.

Speaker 2:   16:33     I wish I had that strength. It's one of the things I'm personally working on a ton and as I mentioned before in the next few episodes here, I'm. I'm going to go through the same thing. I'm basically asking you to do, I'm going to go through those nine different questions and I'm going to publish to you some of the things that make me extremely vulnerable and I hope that you'll take the time right now. Again, expert Get a copy if you already got it. Page one, 14. Have an amazing, amazing day. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to listen. I know there's a ton of podcasts out there. I know you're extremely busy. If you've got a few minutes and you wouldn't mind, I would love if you'd go over to itunes rate review this podcast. I read every, every review that's out there. If you want to reach out to me personally and tell me how I'm doing, I have greatly appreciated those as well. Just personal message me on facebook or email me David, click funnels. Again, I, I'm going through this process myself and as I'm trying to share this with you, I hope that I hope you're feeling what I'm going through and that most importantly that it's a blessing in your life and helping you get through whatever it is you're going to wish you all the success in the world. Have an amazing day.

Jun 11, 2018
I Screwed Up - Dave Woodward - FHR #232

Dave Woodward was at the ClickFunnels semi-annual partner meeting and totally screwed up. He was explaining a critical concept and without any context or backstory ended up losing the attention of his partners. Russell Brunson came in to save the day by providing the backstory and context. The context brought things back around and unified the group. As embarrassing as this was for Dave it was a great lesson. A lesson he wants to make sure others do not have to learn on their own.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The importance of the backstory and context (2:00)
  • The Rembrandt in the attic rule – how it applies to businesses (4:43)

Quotable Moments:

“I get super excited about things, and forget to give people the backstory.”


May 23, 2018
What's Your Super Power? - Dave Woodward - FHR #231

The Avengers movies are some of the most popular viewed videos on iTunes right now. Super hero movies are guaranteed blockbusters. Everyone wants to relate to being super human. Dave Woodward reveals how you can find out your super powers. How you can use your super powers to create a mass movement of people. He also cautions you to be careful of your own Kryptonite and how you can make sure to defeat the villains every time.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The use of swag (3:39)
  • Identifying your super power (5:30)
  • Identifying your kryptonyte (11:55)

Quotable Moments:

“Everyone relates to superheros.”

Other Tidbits:

It’s important to learn about yourself as you grow as a person and entrepreneur. Being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses are the foundation of your growth.


May 22, 2018
9 Lessons From the "Poker Princess" - Dave Woodward - FHR #230

Molly Bloom is known as the “Poker Princess” Dave Woodward had the opportunity of being with her in Phoenix at Genius X. Dave details the 9 secrets he learned from Molly as she discussed her rise and fall and rise again. Molly recently had a movie produced by Aaron Sorkin portraying her story based on her book, Molly’s Game.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The importance of “the experience” (2:20)
  • Taking risks (4:30)
  • Knowing your numbers (6:18)
  • Your blind spots (10:17)

Quotable Moments:

“In life, there is nothing more important than the relationships you have with others, and you have to spend the time to develop those relationships.”

Other Tidbits:

Find the time to be creative. Make time for “quiet time” when you can disconnect and really let your brain get creative and you will be surprised at how much problem solving you can get done.


May 17, 2018
How Funnels Work for Artists, Musicians, DJs and Anything Else - Sammy "Shoebox Moses" - FHR #228

Why Dave Decided to talk to Sammy:

Sammy “Shoebox Moses” or SB Moses (for those in the know) has played music around the world with leading chart breaking musicians. He also has a gift for laying down the perfect track to connect with anyone. He is an award winning musician and DJ who uses funnels to teach others how to connect with music and to become a “party hero” or a record breaking artist. He reveals how musicians can use funnels to market their latest songs and build a list of raving fans. He shows how funnels can work for any business even a DJ…

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • How Sammy got his nickname and what it has done for his business marketing (4:21)
  • Sammy walks you through his funnel (9:57)

Quotable Moments:

“The more you give, the more you really do get back in your life.”

“If you are going to do something at all, do it well.”


May 15, 2018
Nail It And Scale It - Todd Dickerson - FHR #227

Why Dave Decided to talk to Todd:

ClickFunnels Co-founder, Todd Dickerson reveals what it really takes to get into the 2 Comma Club ($1 million in a funnel) or into the 8 Figure Club ($10 Million in a funnel). We get this question all of the time. Where should I start? What does it really take to have record breaking success. Todd breaks it down to one simple thing everyone can master to get the success they want.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The simple answer to result in the success of scaling (2:53)
  • The three types of funnels and offers that have created the vast majority of funnels in our system (3:22)
  • The perfect webinar (3:45)

Quotable Moments:

“You need to create an offer with more value than you are actually charging.”


May 10, 2018
How To Take 1 Video And Create 23 Unique Pieces Of Content - Kolby Kolibas - FHR #226

Why Dave Decided to talk to Kolby:

Yahoo and other Fortune 500 companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to consult with him on exactly what he reveals in this episode. Kolby Kolibas details his “Digital Distribution” system for taking 1 video and creating 23 unique pieces of content for the 5 major social platforms.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The four pillars of business (8:28)
  • The three major things in life that can change our mindset (11:35)
  • Kolby walks us through a video and how he created 23 unique pieces of content (21:28)

Quotable Moments:

“It is your duty to share what you are going through right now.”

“The highest level of respect anybody can ever pay you is giving you a dollar for anything you give.”

Other Tidbits:

Everyone’s life story is unique. If your journey can help one single person, is it worth sharing?


May 09, 2018
Soldier to Fitness Model to $30 Million in 21 Months - Colin Wayne - FHR #225

Why Dave Decided to talk to Colin:

Colin Wayne has built a $30 Million business in the last 21 months. The crazy part is he is selling Steel pieces of art for different niches. 98% of his business comes from his use of funnels.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Colin talks about how he scaled his business from 5,000 sq feet to over 100,000 sq ft in less than 24 months (16:00)
  • The importance of retargeting (26:23)

Other Tidbits:

You can make money in a very select niche market as long as your marketing is on point.


May 08, 2018
What I Learned Being On Shark Tank and Partnering with Daymond John - Cowboy Ryan - FHR #224

Why Dave Decided to talk to Cowboy Ryan:

Cowboy Ryan reveals what it took to get on Shark Tank but more importantly how he sold his product to Daymond John after all 5 Sharks had said NO and the producer asked him to leave. He also talks about what he has learned working with Billionaire, Daymond John. He breaks everything down to the 1 secret he has learned and now implements everywhere he goes that is launching his new franchise. He also explains how to do all of it without any tech skills.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Cowboy Ryan talks about his journey on Shark Tank and what his end goal was (5:20)
  • The Value of friendship (10:58)
  • How Cowboy Ryan created his franchise (14:52)

Quotable Moments:

“The most valuable thing in business is friendship.”

“Your net worth is your network.”

Other Tidbits:

If your customers become your friends, the “know like and trust” is there. The foundation to a successful business is to become friends with the people you want to work with.


May 03, 2018
7 Lessons From Uber Entrepreneurs - Dave Woodward - FHR #223

Myles Clifford and Dave Woodward were in Phoenix and had 7 different Uber drivers in 24 hours. The lessons they learned apply to all businesses. You can use them in your business and also see the other business lessons you run into every day.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Go through 7 lessons for Uber Drivers and apply it to your business.

Quotable Moments:

“If somebody insults you and your business, don’t go back and attack them – help them understand how they can use it correctly.”

“Understand the numbers in your business.”

Other Tidbits:

Knowing your business and the numbers in your business are very important to success. Utilize tools specifically designed for your industry to help.


May 02, 2018
Affiliate Vs. Relationship Manager - Dave Woodward - FHR #222

ClickFunnels has had affiliate managers in the past but it was never a full time job. While your company is growing many people wear a lot of different hats. The key to growth is continuing to build and foster the relationships that got you where you are while simultaneously reaching out to create new ones. This has been one of the keys to our success, Russell calls it the Dream 100. Recently we found just the right person we could bring on to nurture and build relationships as a full time position. Join Dave and Miles as they detail what to look for in a relationship manager.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • What a relationship manager can do for you and your business (5:50)
  • Dave gives an example of how marketing integration (8:14)

Quotable Moments:

“Long term growth comes from marketing integration partners.”

“How do you establish deeper relationships?”

Other Tidbits:

Culture is built on relationships and is the key to helping grow your business.


May 01, 2018
Rule Of 97 (What Side Are You On?) - Sean Briscombe - FHR #221

Why Dave Decided to talk to Sean:

Sean Briscombe learned as an Olympic diver for the US team the importance of modeling. As a “Dellionaire” he saw fortunes created and lost in a short period of time. He now uses his skills to help others understand the rule of 97 and the importance it plays in helping them fund their passions.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Tips to use their tax dollars legally to fund passion projects (17:13)
  • The Rule of 97 (18:00)
  • Examples of people who give back through their business in a meaningful way (20:45)
  • Ways to use ClickFunnels as a financial planner (23:00)

Quotable Moments:

“What I learned through that whole life of being an athlete at that level was how to model people.”

“You almost have to make a commitment first just to get enough courage just to take the first step.”

Other Tidbits:

Passion is so important in life. Utilizing tax laws to reinvest into things we are passionate about is a great way to give back to the community.


Apr 26, 2018
How To Scale High Ticket Sales - AJ Jomah - FHR #220

Why Dave Decided to talk to AJ:

AJ has ridden the entrepreneurial roller coaster through a couple of different industries. He found drop shipping in 2014 to be a saving grace to get him out of a terrible situation. Since then he has gone on to become one of ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Winners. He did it in less than 5 months. Now with a business having done over 1 million dollars he is faced with new challenges. He details what he is doing now and how he is scaling his high ticket sales. He shows how he turned what appeared to be a webinar gone bad into a 6 figure webinar with only 5 sales.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • AJ talks about building his A Team (8:15)
  • Tips on scaling your business (12:30)
  • Price points that work (15:18)
  • Tips on selling high tickets (23:52)

Quotable Moments:

“More money more problems.”

“As an entrepreneur you expect people to have the same drive and ambition as you do.”

“People respond to the price point positively, only if they like you.”

Other Tidbits:

If there is no emotional connection, they aren’t going to buy. You always have to give 100 percent, even if you only have one person on your webinar. Having different webinars for core products and high ticket products is important.


Apr 25, 2018
Marketing Trifecta - Dave Woodward - FHR #219

Dave Woodward details what he learned recently from a conversation with Russell Brunson about what Dave calls the “Marketing Trifecta” The first piece is the hook. This critical piece is frequently overlooked. Yet it can make up for a lot of other weaknesses in your marketing. Dave gives examples of great hooks and those that don’t work. As you implement the “trifecta” into your business you can go from startup to 6, 7 and even 8 figures if you get this done right.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business

  • The Marketing Trifecta’s components (1:00)
  • The Hook (4:43)

Quotable Moments:

“Sometimes, the hook is the journey – what you are going through.”

Other Tidbits:

Price doesn’t matter as long as you have the marketing trifecta correct. You can make a lot more money on the same product someone else has as long as it is done correctly.


Apr 24, 2018
4 D's To Productivity - Dave Woodward - FHR #218

Entrepreneurial overwhelm and feeling like you have to do everything kills productivity. Dave details what he learned from James P. Friel about the “4 Ds to Productivity.” These are simple tools you can quickly implement into your daily business life to get the most out of your day and to actually get the right things done.

The 4 D’s

  • Do – Identify the things you should be doing and do those things
  • Delete – As much as possible
  • Defer – Not everything is urgent or important
  • Delegate – Learn to delegate

Quotable Moments:

“You can’t eat the whole elephant in one bite, but you can eat the whole elephant one bite at a time.”

“You have to learn to say no.”


Apr 19, 2018
How To Get Clients and Sell Your Agency Services - Laura Egocheaga - FHR #217

Why Dave Decided to talk to Laura:

Laura Egocheaga got burned by an affiliate Ponzi scheme at the age of 17. She wanted to be a successful internet entrepreneur and continued to fight through frustration and discouragement by focusing on learning. She soon learned to code, to do SEO and Google Adwords. She started her own agency only to find out she was good at what she did but couldn’t sell. So she closed down her agency and sold cars for 6 months. After learning to sell she opened another agency and has had success in the Med Spa industry. She reveals how she gets clients and the funnel she uses to get them on the phone and what you can do to get more clients.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Laura went from Selling Cars to working with doctors driving facebook traffic (6:00)
  • Learn about Laura’s funnel (7:30)
  • Tips to increase your closing ratio (12:00)

Quotable Moments:

“Sales is what seems to scare people the most.”

“Don’t be afraid to ask for the money.”

Other Tidbits:

It feels good to help a community you care deeply about. When you feel passionate about what you do, you have a moral obligation to sell it.


Apr 18, 2018
Funnel Hacking Live - Welcome To The Family - Dave Woodward - FHR #216

Funnel Hacking Live is more like a family reunion. The keys to creating a successful live event. Why live events need to be treated like a symphony and orchestrating the event is more important than you ever thought. How to unify your live event before the end of Day 1.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Understanding the importance of live events (1:00)
  • Orchestrating your event to favor the attendees (4:30)

Quotable Moments:

“We can never lose the family feeling.”

“Our event is more about trying to help people connect with others who are having success.”

Other Tidbits:

Taking a look at your business to find out if there is a way to incorporate a live event is highly recommended. Finding a charitable cause helps unify your group and helps build your culture.


Apr 17, 2018
Five Guys To Stem Cell Marketer in 18 Months - Stephen Mesa - FHR #215

Why Dave Decided to talk to Stephen:

Stephen Mesa worked for Free for 18 months learning how to generate 200X returns on ad spend. His skills landed him an opportunity to work with a leading Stem Cell doctor. He reveals what he did to survive and pay the bills and how to go from working for Free to getting paid. He now has others wanting their “Stephen” to do what he does. Stephen details the steps he took and what you can do to go from working in a fast food restaurant to becoming a high demand marketer.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • How to keep going when you want to quit (4:46)
  • Learning the ROI of working for free and making the transition from working from free to paid (6:00)
  • Learn the tools Stephen uses to gather his leads (8:51)
  • Tips and tricks to fill a small mastermind seminar (9:21)

Quotable Moments:

“The value of not being afraid to work for free.”

“Leads have a lifetime value.”

Other Tidbits:

Becoming a successful entrepreneur usually takes hard work and more times than not, requires you to work for free. How you use your time in building your market knowledge is one of the major keys to success.


Apr 12, 2018
Entrepreneurial Freedom - Dave Woodward - FHR #214

Funnel Hacking Live 2018 brought together over 3,000 entrepreneurs. Dave talks about ClickFunnels mission to create entrepreneurial freedom by giving the tools and education that will also help create the vision to impact the world. He also shares the international impact of entrepreneurs and how important your focus is.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The three things that ClickFunnels does for people (2:15)
  • The importance of tithing (5:45)
  • The freedom of being an entrepreneur (11:30)

Quotable Moments:

“What impact are you going to have in the world?”

Other Tidbits:

Being an entrepreneur creates so much freedom. It’s about having an impact on more people than just yourself.


Apr 11, 2018
Business Tips From A Jeep Safari - Dave Woodward - FHR #213

After Funnel Hacking LIVE 2018 Dave took his family to Moab, UT for Spring Break and the Annual Jeep Safari. Rock Crawling, Hell’s Revenge and Hell’s Gate taught him 7 different Business lessons that he shares the details with you here and how they can help you build your business.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The power of who you know and the power of your network (3:55)
  • Understanding the importance of communication (8:35)
  • The importance of confidence (15:09)
  • The importance of teamwork (17:25)

Quotable Moments:

“You have to stay committed.”

“If you go with people who can see what you can’t see, your success will be a million times greater.”

Other Tidbits:

Sometimes disconnecting yourself from your day to day life and getting out in nature helps to reground you. It is a great trick to bring motivation and new ideas into your personal life and your work life.


Apr 10, 2018
Billion Dollar Dinner On A Yacht - Dave Woodward - FHR #212

“Learn the value of digging your well before you’re thirsty”

Would you attend dinner on a yacht with the most successful people in the marketing industry?
At Traffic and Conversion this year, Pete Vargas and Keith Yachey hosted one of the most exclusive dinner parties San Diego has seen.
Find out some of the great things Dave took away from this dinner about networking and value exchanging.


Apr 05, 2018
How "The Phantom Of The Opera" Uses Funnels - James Barbour - FHR #211

“You are your product”

James Barbour is the world’s leading “Actor-preneur” and has been mastering his craft for over 35 years. He helps others pursue their dreams and passions without having to be a “starving actor”. James sells out concerts in less than 20 minutes. He talks about the simplicity of his funnel at and how he uses it to capture leads.

“Action creates traction”


Apr 03, 2018
It's WHO Not HOW - Dave Woodward - FHR #210

“Find the right WHO”

In today’s world you have massive search engines to go out and learn to do what you want to do. But is learning how to do everything in your business the best use of your time? Trying to do everything yourself, slows down the process. When you focus on the who not the how, a business can scale really fast. Learn the steps to implement this in your business to scale it to the next level.


Mar 29, 2018
How To Build Your Business Without All of the Overhead - Jeff J. Hunter - FHR #209

Why Dave Decided to talk to Jeff:

Jeff left a Fortune 100 company to run his own business because of his skillset. He is one of the nations top project managers. Learn his three steps to hiring and managing virtual teams and the software resources he prefers to use.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Three tips in how to manage a virtual team and get results without micromanaging (9:55)
  • Learn what a “Freedom Recipe” is (13:35)
  • The many roles of Virtual Assistants (19:40)
  • The four categories Jeff uses to separate out his business (20:00)

Quotable Moments:

“You can hire anyone in the world with amazing skill sets and not be bound by the people in your local vicinity.”

“How much is your time worth before you pay someone else to do this for you?”

Other Tidbits:

Leveraging other people’s time to help get your stuff done faster and more efficiently is so important in project management. Having a clear vision of your company is very important in helping you to create your freedom recipes.


Mar 28, 2018
What I Learned at Grant Cardone's 10X GrowthCon - Dave Woodward - FHR #208

“Life is all about experiences”

Grant Cardone had over 9,000 people at his 2nd annual 10X Growth Con in Las Vegas. Russell Brunson spoke from stage and his $3 Million in 90 minutes has become a legend. In this episode, Dave talks about how investing in yourself and investing in others will help bring you to the next level.

Quotable Moments:
“When you pay for things, you actually get more out of it.” – People who get things for free, typically never do anything with the content they received.

“Those people who spend the most, get the most.” – If you are struggling trying to sell something at a certain price point, it is probably because you have never paid that price point.

“If you play your cards right, you could find yourself in a situation among some of the most powerful people in your industry.”


Mar 27, 2018
Storyselling Secrets From 5 Time Emmy Award Winner - Nick Nanton - FHR #207

Why Dave Decided to talk to Nick:

5 Time Emmy award winning producer and direction, Nick has filmed over 60 documentaries. Learn how this master storyteller uses his experiences and stories to fund his movies.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Mastering the art of connecting people (9:23)
  • Nick and Dave talk about Operation Underground Railroad (13:15)
  • What is story-selling? (14:00)

Quotable Moments:

“It’s obviously much more fun achieving what you want to achieve along with others.”

“It’s way easier to get what you want if you give other people what they want.”

Other Tidbits:

When you can connect with people, it becomes much easier to sell your ideas to them. Using your life experiences along with others life goals, developing relationships becomes easy.


Mar 22, 2018
How To Run High Impact Events - Alex Moscow - FHR #206

Why Dave Decided to talk to Alex:

Alex Moscow is a leading expert for coaches who want to work with high end clients. He overcame his stuttering and fear of public speaking and now works with entrepreneurs to run high impact events. He shows how to run retreats with 6-16 People and Walk Away with $6-Figures+ in 3 days. He breaks down the steps he uses to fill events. His funnel is unlike anything you may be used to seeing. He takes you step by step through his process of how he generated over 1200 percent return on his marketing dollars.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Alex talks about self-help and how he overcame his childhood stuttering problem (1:50)
  • How to create a small group 3 day retreat and walk away with six figures (4:00)
  • Formatting your event (7:05)
  • Split testing coaching programs (19:30)
  • Onboarding process for small groups (20:30)

Quotable Moments:

“The only way to help your clients…is over a long term relationship.”

“Getting results come down to onboarding.”

Other Tidbits:

You don’t need to fill a room with hundreds of people in a seminar to make money. Sometimes smaller, more intimate groups flow better than speaking to large groups.


Mar 21, 2018
Dream 100 Do's and Don'ts - Dave Woodward - FHR #205

“Karma is real…The universe hates a vacuum”

Learn the Do’s and Don’t of networking and building your Dream 100 from Dave Woodward’s personal experiences. He reveals what works and what doesn’t with networking.

The Dream 100 is a value exchange. It can’t be about what is in it for you, it’s about what is in it for them. It’s not just a pitch, it’s a courtship. Here are few do’s and don’ts Dave talks about when courting:


  • Don’t Stalk People!
  • Don’t make your first package mailing all about you.
  • When you are connecting other people, it can’t be about you.


  • Send your dream 100 packets that offer something of value
  • Find out what is important to the other person
  • How can you give? What types of things can you do to provide value to specific people

If you play your cards right, you could find yourself in a situation among some of the most powerful people in your industry.


Mar 20, 2018
The Only Way To Create Leverage In Your Business - Alex Charfen - FHR #204

Why Dave Decided to talk to Alex:

Host of Momentum Podcast, and creator of the Billionaire Code, Alex Charfen talks about the only way a business owner or entrepreneur can create real leverage in their business.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Team Building Tips (4:00)
  • What you need to look at when you are just starting out building a team (6:30)
  • Questions you should be asking yourself when growing your business (8:00)
  • Breaking down a time study (14:40)
  • Finding your “Super Bowl “Hall of Fame” (18:40)

Quotable Moments:

“Entrepreneurs all want to make a massive impact on the universe.”

“Identify the things in your business that you don’t need to do anymore that you can outsource to somebody.”

“If you don’t have an executive assistant, then you are one.”

Other Tidbits:

Being accountable for your time and knowing where your time is spent is key. Time studies should be done every 90 days to optimize time usage. Finding your weaknesses is the only way you are going to grow.


Mar 15, 2018
Messenger Tactics And Why You Can't Use AI... Yet - Ethan Sigmon - FHR #203

Why Dave Decided to talk to Ethan:

Founder of Opesta a Facebook Messenging platform, Ethan Sigmon has years of experience running Facebook ads for people like John Lee Dumas and SumoMe. He is now leading the way on how to use Messenger to connect with your customers better than AI can. He reveals the tactics and tools he is using to understand and work with his clients and prospects through “behavioral segmentation”.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • What not to do when using AI in Messenger (4:25)
  • How to do segmentation marketing (7:05)
  • Two types of segmentation (10:00)

Quotable Moments:

“Look at this as Messenger Marketing Automation.”

Other Tidbits:

Chat bots have come a long way, but we are still not to the point of having a conversation completely automated. Integrate Messenger Marketing Automation with a personal to help build a lasting relationship with your clients.


Mar 14, 2018
Secrets of A ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner - Spencer Mecham - FHR #202

Spencer Mecham is one of ClickFunnels top Dream Car Winners. As an affiliate his dream car is paid for by ClickFunnels. He reveals what he has done without having a list and not making any money as an affiliate for others for over a year to now making his full time 6 figure income as an affiliate. He breaks down the steps he would use to do it all over again and gives free resources and coaching to help you do the same thing.

Why Dave Decided to talk to Spencer:

Spencer is a ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner and makes a six figure income as an affiliate. He provides resources and coaching to teach you how to stand out in affiliate marketing.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • How to be successful in promoting affiliate programs (5:38)
  • Spencer talks about what he did to become one of the Top Affiliates for the Expert Secrets (9:07)
  • Resources to help you have success on affiliate marketing (11:30)

Quotable Moments:

“I love when you are gaming our system.”

“Affiliate marketing is no different than any other business, it is a business by itself.”

“As you are looking at ways you can change your life, one of the most important ways is by having passive income.”

Other Tidbits:

Affiliate marketing is all about being unique and setting yourself apart from everyone else out there.


Mar 13, 2018
How To Find Clients And Sell Them A Funnel - Jakob Michaelis - FHR #201

Jakob Michaelis has an online agency business. He shows how he creates and sells funnels to offline businesses or those who only have a website. He has 3 steps to helping his clients build their businesses. If you want to make money by selling funnels to businesses Jakob’s episode will give you the steps you need.

Why Dave Decided to talk to Jakob:

As an online agency business owner, Jakob talks about how he creates and sells funnels to businesses who are offline or only have a website. There are three steps he uses to help his clients build their business.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Learn what a funnel is (1:17)
  • Price structuring funnel sales (12:57)
  • Price structure for continuity (19:00)

Quotable Moments:

“10 Years ago a website by itself, would have been sufficient.”

“I stay much more involved in a relationship with a client – their goals become my goals.”

Other Tidbits:

Having a website for your business won’t make you money unless you are driving traffic to that website. This is where most business owners lack experience. Having someone who specializes in driving traffic to your business is crucial.


Mar 08, 2018
Get Paid To Do LIVE Webinars - Scott Marshall - FHR #200

Why Dave Decided to talk to Scott:

Scott Marshall shys away from the popular belief that automated webinars are better than live. By getting people to pay him to be on the webinar, he is able to increase his conversions.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Learn strategies to get people to pay you upfront (5:05)
  • How should a live webinar run? (8:20)
  • Lear about cost to webinar and back end sales (10:15)

Quotable Moments:

“The hardest dollar to get is the first dollar online.”

Other Tidbits:

Hosting live webinars or automated ones are not only personal preference. Knowing your market and what kind of webinar sales work best is key. Does you client base require the personal touch?


Mar 07, 2018
Scale Your Networking Without Leaving Your Home - Raul Villacis - FHR #199

Why Dave Decided to talk to Raul:

After spending 18 years traveling from events building his network, when he reached a point where he was missing his family. He realized that there had to be a better way to build his network by qualifying people better.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Raul talks about how he was introduced to ClickFunnels in 2014 (4:00)
  • Raul talks about how he builds his community (8:00)
  • Learn where in the life cycle of your client where you fit in to help them best (11:00)
  • Raul talks about a coaching experience he had with a group of millennials (14:00)

Quotable Moments:

“Keep it simple.”

“In the coaching business you have to be careful because you are not only taking their money, you are taking their energy.”

“A lot of entrepreneurs, we don’t take the time to “nitch” our market.”

“It’s your choice whether you are going to progress or stay in the same place.”

Other Tidbits:

Make sure you are asking the right questions when you are scaling your business. You want to work with people who mesh well with you. Being selective when building your community is important.


Mar 06, 2018
Weird Way To Build Your Agency... Added 50 Clients In 1 Year

Why Dave Decided to talk to Ross:

In one year Ross added 50 clients to his agency in addition to teaching 400 people how to add clients to their agency. His unconventional building business strategy can work in many types of businesses.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Ross talks about some of the things he’s done to get his agency to where it is at over the last year (6:30)
  • Ross explains how offering trials works for him (7:00)
  • Ross talks about the five tiers of the book Challenger Sale (9:10)

Quotable Moments:

“I was at the top of my pride cycle and it sunk me into so much debt.”

“When you exchange your time for money, you always lose.”

“What got you where you are, won’t get you where you want to go.”

“I don’t want to be at the top of my game because when I’m at the top of my game, it means that I’m on my way down.”

Other Tidbits:

Working for free through giving trials is one of the best ways to hook your clients. Once they have your product, or have experienced your product, they aren’t going to want to give it up.


Mar 01, 2018
Secrets of A Boudoir Photographer

Why Dave Talked to Molly:

Molly is a boudoir photographer who did live webinars until she reached a million dollars. She is part of the winner’s circle. She had 81 cents to her name when she dropped out of college and started to focus solely on photography and eventually developed her niche to boudoir photography, making six figures.

Tips and Tricks for your Business:

  • Molly talks about tips that she’s used in her business that works well. (8:56)
  • Molly talks about how ManyChat works for her on her landing page. (10:23)
  • Molly talks about where her business is going in the next year by using click funnels. (17:22)

Quotable Moments:

“We Like to Empower Women.”

“I’ve never been a cookie cutter type person.”

“I didn’t even know about Russell or click funnels or anything until I went to Funnel Hacking
live in 2017 and we’ve 3x’ed our business is going to that event.”

Other Tidbits:

You don’t have to have a broad market to make money. You can focus on a niche market and dominate it. You’re market strategy means everything.


Feb 28, 2018
How To Buy Your Time Back

Why Dave Decided to talk to John:

John works about 17 hours a week and the only thing he does is tell people what to do. John is the founder of (Ph standing for Philippines) is an online marketplace that allows employers to view resumes and qualifications of virtual assistants located in the Philippines. Through outsourcing work to virtual assistants, John talks about how to buy your time back so that you are not bogged down with tasks that can be done by other people.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • What are some of the con’s of hiring freelancers? (4:25)
  • John talks about his first hire and why it’s important to hire someone to do something you already know how to do. (6:45)
  • John talks about some recruiting tips that he uses (14:00)
  • We learn the different things that can and cannot be outsourced (18:36)

Quotable Moments:

“No matter where you are in your career, your business, and your life – the most important thing is your time.”

“How do you recruit someone who doesn’t suck?”

“You CAN invest in this relationship because they are going to give you time back.”

Other Tidbits:

Anything that can be done online can be outsourced. Hiring someone to do something you already know how to do is the first step in buying your time back. Find someone to help you so that you can work on your business instead of in your business.


Feb 27, 2018
Scaling Webinars On The Phone

Why Dave Chose to Interview Kim:

Kim Barrett is one of ClickFunnels’ Two Comma Club Winners. Kim is amazing at monetizing multiple sales paths with the same lead through one funnel. Kim’s use of the thank you page and new opt in strategies have helped him earn the coveted 2 Comma Club award. More importantly it has helped him build a very successful business providing Done For You Marketing Services. Whether you are looking to scale or looking for a funnel to hack to get in the business of serving clients you will love what Kim presents.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Systems results in scaling up and passed that $1,000,000 bench mark. (3:39)
  • Who should we hire to lower the energy we put into tasks that aren’t compatible with our skill sets and focus more on what we’re good at? (5:32)
  • How can all of us maximize our clients through our funnels? (8:14)
  • Kim was able to get sales BEFORE the webinar started through the sales letter he used (12:35)
  • Our “Thank You” Pages are really hot real estate for driving up our ability to influence others around us. (17:36)
  • Calling is for the winners according to Kim Barrett. (20:20)

Quotable Moments:

“You can’t past that next level which is that $750K and towards the $1,000,000 unless you have a system across all of your businesses. And this is not just from the marketing standpoint but you need to develop systems to each of those new levels and new heights.”

“I think that’s the way true brilliance and true expertise lie is when you can make things simple to understand and your confident in what you do.”

“When people show us funnels and especially when we see their campaigns and stuff, they don’t give people the option to take the next step. Like well if I opt-in for something, generally speaking, I want to get an outcome. I don’t go around opting in just for fun.”

“That ‘Thank You’ Page for us is one of the most expensive pieces of real estate to just disregard.”

Other Tidbits:

There’s more than one way to skin a cat as many of us have all heard, and hopefully don’t have too much personal experience with. This concept really applies to Kim as he came to find out when it came to webinars. He saw that his skill wasn’t selling to people over the video as most extroverted people are. He instead saw that he was best at selling to people over the phone. As he realized this he began to change his model of webinars to get as many people to buy in before the webinar even started. He got this idea from his realization that he was the kind ideal target of the webinar.


Feb 22, 2018
3 SEO Tips To Getting Articles Ranked

Why Dave Chose to Interview RL Adams:

RL (Rob) Adams has become the go to SEO article writing king for anyone he needs to get ranked. He lost his business 10 months ago. Yet because of his SEO and writing skill set he was able to become the “go to guy” for all of the major marketers in the world. He has literally worked for free providing massive value for the people he wanted to get to know. His dream 100 strategy has more than paid off and now he has deep business relationships that will help him build his next billion-dollar business. He reveals the 3 SEO tips to getting articles ranked.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • The importance and value RL found while working for free. (3:16)
  • Rob gives us his top 3 tips of building SEO in your articles. (10:25)
  • You have to treat SEO like it’s 4th down with seconds left on the clock, go long(form). (11:18)
  • We hear about how to cover our articles with information worthy copy to amp them up. (14:26)

Quotable Moments:

“I’m totally introverted, I’m like Russell. I would rather be in my room typing away on my computer.”

“They were the guys that I was just like ‘Hey you guys so good at what you do. I just want to learn’. Like I sucked at marketing a long time ago. I’m great at software and I’m great at systems but I sucked at marketing. I was like ‘Please teach me!'”

“You have GOT to be willing to work for free if you want to play with the big boys.”

Other Tidbits:

RL Adams has written some 100 articles for top name marketers and has built a relationship with them.


Feb 21, 2018
How Vulnerable Are You In Your Marketing?

Why Dave Decided to Talk about Our Vulnerabilities:

People buy on emotion. This requires you to connect with your audience. There is no better way than by being vulnerable. But “How Vulnerable”? There is a fine line from being authentically vulnerable and being vulnerable only to sell. People can see right through this and it can hurt you more than help you. Dave reveals an example of where being totally vulnerable actually connected with the audience and helped sell over 50,000 copies of an E-book in less than 5 months.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Natalie, a good friend of Dave’s, is a prime example of using your vulnerabilities in marketing. (1:32)
  • Dave gives us an example of vulnerability from his own life to help us all see how it correlates to our own marketing (7:34)
  • We learn that what you might perceive as a hindrance is an opportunity to explore for others. (11:16)

Quotable Moments:

“The fascinating thing to me is the massive amount of success she had because she connected so pure, and so raw, and so vulnerable. “

“I see a lot of people who use vulnerability as a power tool to almost take advantage of people. That’s not what I’m talking about here. This vulnerability is how you truly feel”

“This wheelchair wasn’t a symbol of limitation. It was a symbol of freedom.”

Other Tidbits:

Vulnerability lets people know your real, so it better be real. There is nothing that will hurt your business and credibility in the industry than presenting yourself as someone you’re really not. If you truly want to help those in your influence, then you need to show them how the product has helped people like them. That person can potentially even be you.

When we allow ourselves to become vulnerable with our audience we build a relationship with them. And what happens when you have a relationship with somebody? They trust you. With this trust your audience will be more willingly to confide in you and trust you with their testimonials.


Feb 20, 2018
4 "P's" to Creating Undeniable Truth To Sell High Ticket Products

Why Dave Chose to Interview Linh Trinh:

Linh Trinh is a master at selling high ticket products. The best part is he sells them by creating undeniable truth. Basically, he helps the prospect realize what Linh is offering is the best way for them to get the results that they want. If you believe in what you sell you have a moral obligation to be the best and do whatever it takes to help others. Linh reveals his secrets to helping 1,000s of people get what they want and shows you how you can to.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Linh’s weapon of choice is the webinar funnel for his clients, and his delivery system for it had to change. (3:57)
  • Linh has helped us see the importance of proposing “undeniable truths”. (7:26)
  • We can get our customers to see that they are in pain without our solution, the next step is helping them see the possibility of relief we have to give them. (10:00)
  • Once we show our audience their pain and possibility they are ready to remember how no one has helped them yet and that this is their problem. (12:23)
  • Linh emphatically lets us in on if we want to provide true value to our community we need to charge the price that will allow us to provide it. (17:59)

Quotable Moments:

“When you offer something for free, people don’t value your time. So, what would happen is I would have 3 or 4 of my coaches just waiting around having appointments booked. And they would sit around all day just waiting for people.”

“The really specific questions allow them to visualize the scenario and then allows them to answer the question.”

“The whole coaching process begins even before the coaching begins, it begins at the sales call. The sales call in itself is a ‘breakthrough call’.”

Other Tidbits:

Linh doesn’t sell features that come with his services, his logic is that when you talk about all of the features your product includes it more often causes uncertainty than persuasion.

Links Mentioned by Dave and Linh:
Online Trainers Podcast

Other Links:

Feb 15, 2018
Creating Irresistible Offers

Why Dave Chose to Interview Lisa Sasevich:

Lisa has been creating irresistible offers for decades. These offers have helped her sell over $40 million of her own products and services from home with 2 toddlers in tow. This skill has also helped her business become an Inc 500 fastest growing privately held company. She details her 3 components to the perfect irresistible offer and how you can use them in your business. You can even use them to help raise your kids.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • All the activities that you are doing (book launches, genius networks, posts, etc.) might not combine to make the ‘irresistible Offer’. (2:32)
  • Lisa gives us a taste of the ‘Irresistible Offer’ by using the tactics on us so we are able to see how we are in need of her services to better our own industries. (7:04)
  • We get to hear about the importance of the timing of our offers to make them appear so irresistible. (10:30)
  • You have a moral obligation to extend an offer to your audience according to Lisa. (12:16)
  • Do you really want to do the heavy lifting for your competition? (14:40)
  • Lisa got focused enough to extend an irresistible offer and lets us know how to follow in her footsteps. (18:22)
  • Lisa gives us three components our offers need to have. (24:45)
  • We need to make our time feel genuine. (31:53)

Quotable Moments:

“…like they’re doing all the activities that they’re supposed to do, but it’s just not all designed to lead to that irresistible offer.”

“You kind of feel like you’re in motion but you’re really just jumping up and down. When you add your offer then you’re going forward. So, it’s about all of the stuff you’re doing, and not stopping them, but when you add this focus it makes it pay.”

“People are so passionate about their mission yet so scared to sell. Yet it’s not a sell when you have something of true value that you want to give to people.”

“That is where you’re building that funnel, you’re selling something online, I believe you are doing 80% of the work for 20% of the profits. You add that live event, have that lead to a high ticket irresistible offer, you’ll be doing 20% of the work for 80% of the profits.”

Other Tidbits:

Dave gives Lisa major kudos for all that she has done. Not only in the realm of business though, Lisa has also left an impact on the home front as well with raising two toddlers as a single mom.

Lisa emphatically relays the importance of not overwhelming your audience. Your product might be extraordinarily simple yet have multiple opportunities for going deeper into complexities. If this is the case, then let your audience know that after they buy into your product. If they only need to find out something basic, give them their answer and if they want to let their imagination run wild after that then you can present them with that opportunity.

Dave and Lisa have gotten to the point where one sale doesn’t move a mountain the way it used to, however changing a life means all the world to them. The first section of this is a very prevalent truth to some of your audiences. Is the second as prevalently known to your audience? Do you feel genuine excitement when your product truly changes someone’s life?

Links Mentioned by Dave and Lisa:
The Irresistible Offer Blueprint
Lisa’s Podcast “Boost Your Life and Sales with Lisa Sasevich”

Other Links:

Feb 14, 2018
The Permission Based "Freedom" Paradox

Why Dave Chose to Talk about Permission:

Do you require permission to be successful? Most do! Many people struggle with the baggage of life and look to others to give them the permission to be successful. Dave Woodward details the personal experiences most go through to become successful. As a marketer, it is your job and responsibility to provide the “freedom” your clients, prospects and followers are looking for.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Permission, giving it to yourself and getting it from others. (1:56)
  • The rush of one level of permission. (4:18)
  • The people you market to want you to give them permission to succeed. (5:02)
  • Dave Woodward gives you permission to be successful. (7:02)

Quotable Moments:

“All of a sudden these doubts and these thoughts are beginning to weigh me down. It is crazy how I’m allowing this one man, who doesn’t even know me at all, to control my thoughts and my emotions.”

“It was funny, I was having this conversation with [Russel] and he says, ‘It’s fascinating these people pay me $25,000 a year and sometimes a lot of them just want me to give them permission to be successful.’”

“We go through this crazy paradox of you want permission but you don’t really need permission.”

Links Mentioned by Dave: Get in touch with Dave about the topics you want Dave to discuss and the people you feel he should interview

Other Links:

Feb 13, 2018
How To Grow An Engaged Facebook Group

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie Stoian:

Julie Stoian gives you the tips and tricks of how to grow an engaged Facebook Group. Engagement is the key to growing a group organically. Julie details 5 things she does to help grow her group and what we are doing to grow ClickFunnels Facebook group as well.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Julie defines for us how we can tell if our Facebook group really is engaged. (1:49)
  • The concept of Timed Content. (2:25)
  • Julie recommends that we become friends with our community and gives some examples (3:24)
  • Julie occasionally allows her own clientele to promote within her thread, something she recommends for us (5:00)
  • Julie breaks the news to us that we no longer can have “Entrepreneurial Groups”, ours need to have a purpose. (8:02)

Quotable Moments:

“Speed is the name of the game when it comes to engagement.”

“People like to join groups for the networking. If you give them a little spot, that’s controlled, where they can promote it helps the engagement, it helps the group, and it also helps them feel like there’s opportunity there.”

“A lot of people have groups because they just want to sell to them. Like you can sell to them but make sure they have another incentive to be there.”

Other Tidbits:

When you go on Facebook you can find plenty of red oceans in the “entrepreneurial group” sections, you need to carve out a different niche there. If you are selling coaching to help people improve their business or even selling simple products it is detrimental to your time and energy to be in those red oceans. Carve yourself out a blue, underappreciated, or even brand knew section to help expand your reach to its full capacity.

Links Mentioned by Dave and Julie:

Other Links:

Feb 08, 2018
Story Secrets That Generated $1.6 Million In Less Than 10 Months Using SnapChat, Instagram Or Facebook

Why Dave Chose to Interview Josef Rakich:

Josef Rakich and Ken Brickley generated over $1.6 million in less than 10 months in a hyper competitive niche. They sell meal plans and fitness training programs in what most would consider to be a ‘red ocean’ environment. They reveal the secret to being able to bounce back from a declining business to now being able to sell worldwide. Their tips and secrets can help you no matter what you are selling.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Josef and Ken let us in to how they automated their fitness company to increase their ability to help others (4:43)
  • Josef goes further into how you can clear up a “Blue Ocean” for yourself in what was previously conceived as a “Red Ocean”. (7:08)
  • Staying dominant in the SnapChat realm through your stories. (9:16)
  • We learn that Josef and Ken rarely sell their full service initially. (12:30)
  • After their clients have opted in their next step in the funnel is to help them understand the price point. (16:46)
  • We need to build our stories before we extend our offers. (22:41)
  • Always remember that each social media platform vibrates at a different frequency for you to match. (26:32)

Quotable Moments:

“That’s why we created some software that allows us to take everything into consideration to still produce the perfect workout plan, the perfect meal plan for all of my clients as if I was to personally write them out each one.”

“Nothing closes better than a story format.”

“Something like that story format, it gets that message to them simply and clearly and they can understand. It’s not too long, not too detailed but it gets them exactly the message we want to give them.”

Other Tidbits:

Josef left the Personal Training circle because it wasn’t scalable.

Links Mentioned by Dave, Josef, and Ken:  Meal Plan Software that Josef gives to his clients

Other Links:

Feb 07, 2018
Commodity or Experience? What Are You Selling?

Why Dave Chose to Talk about What We Sell:

Dave Woodward wants to lay out the details for the pros and cons to the types of products that sell best. He reveals secrets successful marketers use to sell products as experiences and what you can do to have similar success.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Selling a product that is purely commodity vs. an experience. (2:08)
  • Changing your marketing standpoint from commodity to experience. (4:42)
  • When you look at successful people, they sell experiences (8:00)

Quotable Moments:

“Unfortunately for most of us that are in marketing we end up going the exact opposite direction. Our product becomes very price-sensitive, very commoditized.”

“But once you start bundling it with different products and services where someone no longer compare it to other water bottles. It now becomes an experience that the person is going to get along with that.”

“Even though you’re selling a product or a commodity you can still have an experience. Try to find different ways of creating it, most of it is through your marketing.”

Other Tidbits:

Dave loves ice cream, his wife loves Lu Lu Lemon.

Links Mentioned by Dave:

Feb 06, 2018
Launching A Funnel With NO Ad Budget

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie Stoian:

I get asked all of the time how to launch a funnel if I don’t have any money to spend on Facebook or other Ad platforms. Julie Stoian provides 6 different ways you can use to get free traffic to your funnel. The key is to get started asap.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • Traction Marketing, it’s kind of awesome guys. (0:58)
  • Dave and Julie stress the difference between a gift between a gift and a bribe. (4:54)
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is still something you can do and Julie breaks it down for us. (8:10)

Quotable Moments:

“Usually what happens is if you go out and help 100 people, 20 or 30 of them are going to go in and click on your profile and there’s your ‘Wallbait’ sitting right there.”

“If you don’t have money to send on a huge ad budget then what you do have is time. And so make sure that the time your spending is of value to you and of value to the person you’re reaching out to.”

“Again, it’s about delivering content that the platform, and the people on that platform, actually like.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

There is a fine line between a bribe and a gift to show appreciation. Dave tells us about how somebody who had sent a handwritten letter and miniature copies of Dave’s favorite book no bigger than his thumb. This gift meant a lot to him personally and although no favors were reciprocated, he gained a lot of respect for this man. Dave then contrasts this to someone else who gave Russel a somewhat thoughtful gift and shows up the next day expecting to be able to borrow some of Russel’s time. Although Russel pulled himself away from his work for this guy, their relationship ended there as he didn’t see any reason to associate with someone who would have such an entitled persona.

Links Mentioned by Dave: Come see Julie in Atlanta March 23rd and 24th and ask her your questions as she hosts one of our Round Tables!

Other Links:

Feb 01, 2018
How Bad Does It Have To Get?

Why Dave Chose to do this Podcast by Himself:

Dave Woodward wants to discuss with us his own entrepreneurial experiences and then relates them to the pain each of us experience as entrepreneurs. He gives 3 secrets to his success and that of others who have fought the solo-preneur battles and come out on top.

Key Points in Dave’s Podcast:

  • When your doctor tells you back surgery, although your worst nightmare, is an unavoidable prospect what do you do? (3:08)
  • We’re all by ourselves as entrepreneurs most of the time, but we don’t need to have every hat resting on our head. (6:04)
  • If you work alone as a solopreneur and you’re not going to masterminds you’re not living your full potential. (6:51)
  • As an entrepreneur, there are an endless number of things that provide value to you. (9:40)
  • Asking for help is never a sign of weakness but it assuredly will help stimulate growth in your business. (10:24)

Quotable Moments:

“I just want to let you know that there is nothing wrong with reaching out for help.”

“Find out what area do you need the most help with this year and focus on that one need and join a coaching program or mastermind for that.”

“Don’t wait until things get so bad that you literally have to have surgery in your business where you have to cut things off and go with something super drastic.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Dave doesn’t like to divulge a lot about himself, but through talking with a personal coach of his he felt opening up about his past experiences would have potential with helping others know they can be successful as well.

Dave is a believer in capitalism. He’s fanatic about the fact that small businesses have the potential to rule the world.

Links Mentioned by Dave:
Alex Charfen’s Momentum Podcast

Jan 31, 2018
Instagram Secrets From 18 Year Old Influencer

Why Dave Chose to Interview Josh Ryan:

Josh Ryan lives in New Zealand. At the age of 15 he started playing around with Instagram. 3 years later he now has millions of followers. He details the steps he uses to gain engaged followers and how he uses Instagram for his personal business and now for his clients. His steps are things you can use to build an engaged following on Instagram.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

  • The definition of engagement through Instagram. (3:02)
  • Working out how you can get more engagement on Instagram through a Call to Action. (5:05)
  • Dave and Josh discuss the vitality of using your Instagram Stories for connecting to your audience. (6:07)
  • How can you use Instagram, an algorithm solely based around pictures and short videos, to sell products and grow your business? (8:15)
  • We need to warm up our audiences on Instagram so they will spend their time and money on us (9:18)

Quotable Moments:

“Starting again, I probably would’ve built it more around me because it’s just so much more powerful and impactful.”

“It’s much easier to sell if you build a big audience on Instagram then take it to a Facebook group. That’s what I’ve tested most recently and it’s pretty powerful stuff.”

Links Mentioned by Dave and Josh:
Josh Ryan’s Instagram

Other Links:

Jan 30, 2018
How Zapier and ClickFunnels Make You More Productive

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

ClickFunnels is one of Zapier’s top ten fastest growing apps. Zapier now has over 1,000 apps. In this episode Julie Stoian shows you step by step how to how to use Zapier and ClickFunnels together to make you more productive.
Here are 3 of the Zaps she walks you through:
1). Inviting People Into Your Facebook Group After They Buy a Course
2). Create New Sales Pipeline in Trello When Leads Come In
3). Following up with Attempted Failed Purchases.
This was recorded on a Facebook Live and you can find the video on our FunnelHacker.TV YouTube channel.

Tips and Tricks You can Use in Your Own Business:

  • Julie lets us in on how Zapier can help us track the leads we get through ClickFunnels (5:16)
  • Through combining Zappier and ClickFunnels Julie has found it easier to access lost payments (10:10)
  • Julie answers questions from the audience (15:36)
  • Dave and Julie dive into how you can automate your business through apps (17:00)
  • Julie breaks down why integrating Zappier with ClickFunnels is so simple and beneficial (19:23)
  • Webinar Integrations (21:54)
  • The audience asks about zappier and ClickFunnels (24:00)
  • Important Question: Is Zappier trustworthy? (28:56)

Quotable Moments:

“Pretty soon, developers are working on it, you’ll be able to push information into ClickFunnels instead of just out from it. So that’s coming out soon. Date to be determinined.”

“If you take nothing away from this training except this one key point: if you have a new contact, a new purchase, or failed payment those are the three ways that ClickFunnels can send trigger information going out.”

“The truth is that automation frees you up so that you can connect with your customers more and stop doing all of the little tasks that are getting in the way of your day.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Trello is the glue that holds CickFunnels’ productivity together, and Russel Brunson’s love affair of a software.

Julie uses Zappier to send her texts every time she makes a sale. This way she has excuses to bust out into the happy dance throughout the day. Who doesn’t love a good reason to do a happy dance?

Links Mentioned by Dave and Julie:

Other Links:

Jan 26, 2018
High School Teacher to 2 Comma Club Winner in Less Than 8 Months

Why Dave Chose to Interview Tyler Shaule:

Tyler is a 2 Comma Club award winner and the Executive Director of a Christian children’s summer camp in Canada, the best job in the world if you ask Tyler. But as his camp faced shrinking enrollment numbers he saw that moving marketing and registration online would be a good move for his business. The only problem was he didn’t know how to do it.

He eventually found our ClickFunnels software and began applying the “offline” principles he was familiar with to drive up the online sales (about $1.12 million in 8 months) for camp sessions. Tyler has even been able to receive an award from a national fundraising association from his donation funnel.

Not only has he found success in increasing the revenue for his summer camp, but other businesses have reached out to know how he did it. Since most of them are “offline” coaches and service he finds a lot of relatability to their struggles. Tyler has been able to help these new clients of his make the same trip he did to getting their own “online” clients. Now he has his own consulting business where he gets paid up to $10k per client.

Almost forgot to mention this last part, 5 years ago he was a high school math teacher. Now what was your excuse for not following your dream again?

Tips and Tricks You can Use in Your Own Business:

  • From Math Teacher to Camp Director to Online Marketer (1:04)
  • Tyler’s $1.2 million funnel logistics (4:29)
  • Increasing retention when you only sell a week-long camp trip (8:41)
  • Tyler Turned his “Free+Shipping” Funnel into a “Donor-Conversion” Funnel (14:06)
  • Starting up a Camp-Marketing Consultancy when everyone wants to know how you’re doing well (17:36)
  • Getting in contact with Tyler Shaule (19:38)

Quotable Moments:

“If I can do it with a summer camp in Canada, you can do it with anything.”

“In our industry, the buyer’s journey is like 6 months to 8 months long. So, we kind of have to walk with them throughout that whole time.”

“That’s what I want to do, I want to put that word out, encourage regular people like me to just jump in, and get ready for the success that can come when you have the right Mentors, the right tools, and the right mindset to just really get in there and do it.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

As Tyler’s business relies on their ability to invoke trust in customers so they can see why it’s good for the kids to attend the camp and why it’s safe to leave their kids at this camp. He was able to solve this problem through the use of social media posting of other families.

Links Mentioned by Dave and Tyler: Tyler Shaule’s Facebook

Jan 24, 2018
Emotional Connection Secrets

Why Dave Chose to Talk about the Secrets of Emotional Connection:

Recovering from recent back surgery has created a couple of learning opportunities for Dave. He reveals what Russell taught him about how to truly connect with your audience. He introduces the concepts of feel, felt, found and how they relate to the people you want to serve. He also dives in to how you can use the concept of emotional connection in your videos and sales copy to increase your connection with your audience.

Tips and Tricks for You:

  • Russel helped Dave realize the importance of breaking down your own walls in relationships inside and outside of business (1:30)
  • Don’t give other people the impression that you only care for service-level relationships (2:46)
  • Using “Feeling Words” (4:09)
  • True Empathy (5:21)
  • Selling people on emotion will backfire if you’ve built the emotion their feeling on misconceptions (7:17)
  • Dave cares a ton about people yet struggles in how to correctly convey this to them (9:36)

Quotable Moments:

“One of the reasons that you’re struggling right now with trying to connect with more people in your stories is you never will let people know how you’re really feeling. You won’t allow yourself to let the walls down and be more vulnerable.”

“It’s fun having Russel as a business partner but also as a dear friend. We’ve known each other for over a decade now and it allows us to just be like brothers sometimes.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Dave briefly touched on how Jason Fladlien broke down how he felt during one of Russel’s Webinars after he had already pitched to increase Russel’s sale rate and decrease the refund rate. Jason spent nearly an hour going over this and helping people resolve concerns before they even thought they had any to solidify their resolve of needing this product. After they had realized the need they had for the product, they were then able to earn back the money they spent twice as fast as before because of the emotional drive that they had also been sold on.

Links Mentioned by Dave: Dave’s Email

Jan 23, 2018
Julie Stoian, How to Fix A Broken Funnel

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

People are always asking me what they need to do to fix a funnel that is not working the way they thought it would. Julie Stoian outlines the steps that she uses on hers and her client’s funnels. Realize almost all funnels when you first create them do not work as well as they should. You will want to listen to this one a couple of times. There is also a transcript of this episode so you can print off the details.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Your funnel can “break”. When it does, you’ve got to look at your numbers (1:21)
  • Fixing copy (4:17)
  • Sorry you have to hear this but you have to be willing to light a match to $1,000 for your funnel and ads (9:08)
  • Know that if your front-end funnel breaks even or has some percentage of profit then that is a successful funnel (10:52)
  • Change your funnels step by step and look at the numbers after each step (13:12)

Quotable Moments:

“If you’re just working on a $100 budget, it’s going to take a long time to generate the traffic to even determine if the funnel is working or not.”

“I would say the very first thing you do is tweak the copy. And if you’re tweaking the copy so much that it sounds like a different offer then there’s information there.”

“You have to be willing to spend $1,000 at least on a funnel and in ads. If you’re not willing to spend that then you’re not going to get enough numbers going through to see if it’s really working or not working.”

Links Mentioned by Dave and Julie:

Jan 18, 2018
How to Scale Your Ads like "Purple"

Why Dave Chose to Interview Bryant:

Bryant Garvin has been running ads for over 12 years. He is the ads guy at "Purple"Where he spends more in a Day than what most companies spend in a month. He knows what he is talking about. He explains how to make partners out of your vendors. He reveals his strategy on using multiple networks to scale ads. He even discusses his top 3 hidden networks no one else is using.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Bryant has realized over the years how overly obsessed people get on one advertising outlet (1:16)
  • The price of focusing on one platform through looking at the cost to reach 1,000 people [CPM] (2:24)
  • The scaling of Purple Mattress to be able to spend $50k/day on Facebook ads and remain profitable (4:38)
  • Bryant breaks down why Youtube can be more valuable than Facebook for your videos (7:44)
  • If you’re looking to migrate your videos to Youtube, Bryant has some words of advice (9:38)
  • Brand lift is super helpful, luckily if you’re like us and have never heard of it Bryant gives us the low down (13:00)
  • Other than YouTube and Facebook, Bryant has 15-16 other advertising channels going for his product (20:36)

Quotable Moments:

“They’ve gotten in trouble with putting all of their eggs in one basket. And, really, it’s about strategically growing across all platforms and becoming OMNIPRESENT.”

“So we’re always looking for a unique place where everybody else isn’t playing where we can still reach the people we want without having to compete with everybody else.”

“If you are stuck in one channel and that’s all you’re using to drive your revenue, something will happen eventually: and you will go out of business or close to it so you’ve got to diversify it.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Bryant Garvin and his company have helped Purple Mattress launch and become astronomically successful. You can tell just how successful they are by the amount of times you continually see their ads consistently on varying platforms.

Although this podcast is not a plug for using Youtube for ads, Bryant brings up several great points as to how it’s underused. While Facebook’s ads have recently received a 117% increase, Youtube’s have remained stable for years.

Bryant’s main wish to leave with all of us is for us not to all be “One Trick Ad Ponies”. If we all want to build a true brand then you need to be diverse. You need to be testing where your audience is to see where you should be pushing ads to. Once you see where your audience is you will then be able to see where you can afford to make efforts to expand your audience and reach.

Links Mentioned by Dave and Bryant: Bryant Garvin’s Podcast How to manage your Google ads statistics

Other Links:

Jan 16, 2018
Julie Stoian, Pinterest Secrets

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie:

Julie Stoian reveals her Pinterest Secrets. Pinterest has become a search engine more than just a social media site. Julie provides step by step detail on how you can use Pinterest especially if you have a product or service that can be shown through images. You will be surprised at the marketing opportunity that exists on Pinterest.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • If your audience is comprised mostly of women then you can’t afford not to be on Pinterest (1:23)
  • Not all of us have the eye for making things “Pinterest Worthy” but Julie has some tips for us to help up our game (3:49)
  • Using GroupBoards to get more eyeballs to your Pins on Pinterest (6:46)
  • GroupBoards have rules to follow, but they’re justifiable guidelines that you can follow and still generate traffic to your funnel (8:10)
  • Getting in touch with Julie to get a jumpstart into the world of Pinterest (10:32)

Quotable Moments:

“Once you have that image and your template you can just all different kinds of bridge pages and you only need one funnel. You could have 50 different bridge pages if you want but you only need that one funnel. Then all you need is different pins and put them on Pinterest.”

“Don’t get overwhelmed and think you have to become this massively cool blogger to get on Pinterest. All you have to do is make a couple of bridge pages and get on those group boards and you can start gaining momentum.”

“Along with you image being very beautiful you need to make sure your description is very keyword dense. Think about it like you would from an SEO perspective.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Dave comes forth with the fact that he’s not the most artsy person in the world.

Links Mentioned by Dave and Julie: Free Stock Images you can use on Pinterest Graphic Design Software you can use for Pinterest

Other Links:

Jan 11, 2018
7 Traveling Value Bombs

Why Dave Chose to Share about his time at Genius Network:

Dave Woodward attended Joe Polish’s Genius Network November 2017. Here he shares the value bombs he learned in the 2 days he was there.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • You can’t read the label of the jar that you’re in so you’ll need to look from an outside perspective to see what situation you’re really in (3:22)
  • Focus is something that you do, not something you have. You have to continually work on it to maintain it(3:46)
  • Jason Fladlien reinvented using testimonials, content, and getting 150 “yes’” (5:56)
  • Randi Zuckerberg’s balance of work and life (8:26)
  • Tony Robbins wants you to get obsessive with finding who you’re selling to and why they would want to buy (11:10)
  • Fall in love with your customer, not your product (14:13)
  • Buying back time (16:53)
  • Be 100% in charge but with no control, give the control to others. Funny concept right? (19:10)

Quotable Moments:

“As you take a look at your life try and focus on what you can get exponential returns on. You’re really trying to maximize your time”

“Too often people don’t want to put themselves out there into stressful situations. You have to get out there, you have to live on that. You have to realize there’s so much left that you’ve got to give and get uncomfortable. Get use to being uncomfortable”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a [glass] half full or a [glass] half empty kind of person. It only matters if you are going to fill the glass”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Dave’s favorite one-liner from Genius Network was: “Life is easy when you live it the hard way and life is hard when you live it the easy way.” Dave is a huge enthusiast of grinding through the hard times so you can enjoy the finished product so much more as you feel the accomplished feeling coursing through you.

If you’re not throwing up once a month because of how hard of the intensity you’re pushing at then you’re not trying hard enough. Just don’t take that too literally. Randi Zuckerberg, the brain behind Facebook Lives, advised this to her audience purely as a metaphor to remind us of how much we really can do.

Tony Robbins told Dave and the rest of those at the conference that a belief is a poor substitute for an experience. How many people do you know that have an abundance of beliefs but little to no actions to go along with them? These kinds of people don’t have as sound of an understanding of what it truly is they believe as much as someone who goes out and acts on their thoughts own notions.


Jan 09, 2018
Julie Stoian, Becoming the Best in the World until Your Legacy becomes a Stronger Incentive than Your Income

Why Dave Chose to Interview Julie Stoian:

Julie Stoian is the FIRST female Dream Car Winner Affiliate, she’s rocking her new minivan in style. Not only was she a Dream Car Affiliate though she is also a 2 Comma Club winner and even a member of Inner Circle. She has become the best at what she does and we’re excited for her to help you learn how you can do the same in your business.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • You can become the best in the world at what you do, if not the best than at least better than what you already were (1:50)
  • There’s importance with becoming obsessed with what you do (4:16)
  • The greatest in the world has mastered their craft to the extent where they are able to help others get to the same level they’re at (7:16)
  • When you teach others what you do, you can be learning more for yourself than you’re teaching your students (9:22)
  • The greatest success you can have is to mentor someone to the extent where they surpass you (10:06)

Quotable Moments:

“There’s only a limited ‘Best in the World’ slots. But I think a lot of people forget if you aim high, you’ll go a lot further than if you aim low.”

“I see this happen all the time with you, with Russell, and with all the people at ClickFunnels is this idea of obsession. People that become the best in the world become completely 1000% obsessed with what they are doing.”

“You see that happens when people become the best at what they do, they stop focusing on the money. They know that the money comes with the value and start to focus more on their legacy.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

How much are you willing to do for your business or clients?

Julie’s dentist told her a few years back about the importance of flossing, she had been told this her whole life and had little faith she could change this habit of forgetting to floss. However, she decided to take action and finally devote the time to develop the habit. Years later her she’s still flossing and she’s learned to apply this principle in her own business.

Life has more meaning as money becomes less of a focus and your legacy takes its place.

Julie has set the goal this year of becoming one of the best funnel building teachers in the world. She loves what she does and now that her dream has finally become a valid source of income she can really start to devote all her time into it.


Jan 05, 2018
Ezra Firestone, Secrets to Scaling a 7 to 8 Million Dollar E-Comm Business

Why Dave Chose to Interview Phil Singleton:

Ezra Firestone reveals his secrets to scaling e-commerce businesses. He has been doing this for over 12 years. He reveals what multiple you need to be at to be profitable. How to pick an industry and dive deep into a profitable niche. Most importantly he tells you step by step what you need to do to scale your business from startup to 6, 7 and even 8 figures. He consults on multi-million-dollar e-comm acquisitions and reveals his secrets in this episode.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Ezra is a firm believer in focusing on your product’s multiple as opposed to its initial price point (2:47)
  • We’re going to take a brief break from the value bombs of selling multiples to let you in on how Ezra got his business up to 8 figures (5:41)
  • Premium products is someplace that Ezra feels the most comfortable spending his time and resources (16:27)
  • Ezra knows that his business model is not the best one in the world, but it works for him the way that he wants it (21:15)
  • Sales Process, you’ve got to understand sales process if you’d like to improve the use of your ad spending (26:53)
  • Ezra’s last tip he wants to share with us is the importance of video marketing (28:15)

Quotable Moments:

“I lean now towards mass market. I want to be able to say this product is relative to anyone of this gender in this age range. That’s my ideal, right, and then you niche down from there.”

“What I’m trying to do is plant seeds, water those seeds every month for four months, and grow a mango tree that feeds my family for generations. I don’t want to just go out and spear a bunch of fish one day.”

“More things have failed than worked.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Ezra’s business may have a yearly revenue in the millions, but his heater breaks for unknown reasons at the most inconvenient times just like the rest of us.

Ezra learned that losing money on the short run for marketing is what catapults your business forward in the long run.

If you can sell 30 $5 ticket items that’s great, BUT Ezra wants you to think of how you’re going to pay for more ads to get other people to buy it. Will those same people come back to buy again? Not likely.

With transparency, your company can get the jump on this competition.

Ezra comes forth with his and Russel’s secret Ju-Jitsu vs. Wrestler square off they had in the kitchen at Pirates Cove. We are potentially going to be presented with a round 2 on Funnel Hacker TV down the road. Prepare yourselves for a showdown that’ll rock the internet harder than the release of “What Does the Fox Say” on YouTube.

Links Mentioned by Ezra and Dave:

Other Links:

Jan 03, 2018
Phil Singleton, SEO Benefits of Being a Podcast Guest

Why Dave Chose to Interview Phil Singleton:

Phil Singleton has owned and operated a digital marketing agency since 2005. Now he has more business than he knows what to do with. He reveals why on this episode. He is an award winning author but nothing has given him as much credibility as being a Podcast Guest. He explains the SEO benefits of Podcast guesting, the things you need to do, the things you should not do and what you can do to get on more podcasts and get referred by the host to other podcasts.

Tips and Tricks for Your Business:

  • Phil tells us why podcasting is so beneficial for SEO (1:25)
  • Dave gets Phil to disclose his secret of content marketing to go from a blog post to a kindle to a podcast earlier than he had planned (9:11)
  • Being multidimensional is key in your business and is something we use here at Clickfunnels (14:47)
  • Phil writes up other people’s show notes if they aren’t already just because of the amazing value it adds for him (20:31)

Quotable Moments:

“I’ve been doing this for 12 years, I’ve never seen any content marketing or SEO tactic delivered this much value and benefit for this kind of effort that we’ve put into it.”

“We were already going down this path because our whole thing these days is building people’s authority and separate them and try and make their websites look good in the niche they’re in.”

Other Tidbits of the Podcast:

Phil is an advocate for being a guest on a podcast to grow your reach. He even said how he kicks himself in the butt for not making his own podcast earlier.

Dave HATES writing out blog posts it’s just not his strong suit nor his interest as opposed to public speaking. Due to Phil finding this so relatable he gave us a few places to go to look for outsourcing these more tedious tasks to people more experienced than us

This podcast will be a test-run to being posted onto more social media platforms than ever. Of course, Phil was flattered.

Links Mentioned by Phil and Dave:

Phil’s Main Website

Phil’s Book Website:

Phil’s Podcast Booking Service:

Outsource writing resources

Other Links:

Dec 29, 2017
How To Use Funnels To Build a 7 Figure Professional Services Company

Ryan Lee and Brad Gibb have become the #1 Financial Consultants for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs WITHOUT having to leave the comfort of their home offices. Their industry is plagued by red tape and regulations on what you can and cannot say. They have been able create a marketing system that pre-qualifies leads which cuts the typical 3 to 4 appointments down to 1. They reveal what they do in their business and also how they are helping others duplicate their system.

Show Notes

  • Ryan and Brad met getting out of a rat race in the corporate world
  • Employee to business owner to investor, a Ryan and Brad tale
  • Empowering your clients so they can make money instead of making it for them
  • Ryan and Brad have turned the investment industry on a side that it has never before been
  • New Opportunity Vs. Improvement offer: Which is your business?
  • Dave went through the application for Ryan and Brad’s Investment Service
  • It’s possible to hate selling to people but love marketing, you just need to do what they did first
  • If you customize your product in a niche enough, you will become the name for that niche
  • You can help all of your clients more if you automate your systems like Ryan and Brad have done
  • Ryan and Brad knew that financial advisors weren’t creative enough to make websites, so they found out how to make templates and sell them to their friends and clients in the industry


“The more you know, the more empowered you are.”

“It sounds cheesy and fluffy but it is the truth; because we’ve mixed it with our experience and our unique way of doing everything that we’ve really made this OUR practice and nobody else does it.”

“For us to be able to create a course, deliver a course, and give people websites that function and work that they could take our levels off and put their levels on was phenomenal.”


Dec 27, 2017
Lisa Wendler, How To Break Through All The Techno Babble...

Lisa Wendler has gone from training horses to living her dreams helping other women live theirs. She attended her first Funnel Hacking Live event in 2016. Over whelmed with what appeared to be a lot of techno babble, she broke through and reveals how you can too.

Show Notes

  • This might be a different podcast for you
  • Lisa Wendler’s husband spent $5k on Clickfunnels and inadvertently launched his wife into it
  • Lisa, through clickfunnels has retired to do the job she really feels right doing
  • Lisa found her niche in a group of people she very easily relates to, depressed women
  • When the market crashes and you lose acres of land, you make a wedding venue, right?


“Behind the scenes, and I think that’s what most important is, understanding your niche, speaking their language and knowing where to find them.”

“Overcome those limits of saying ‘You know what? I’ll just be me and I can find my voice’ If someone loves me then they love me. That’s their projection and that’s their journey.”


Dec 21, 2017
What I Learned At Tai Lopez' Mansion

This is the 2nd time I have been to Tai Lopez’ mansion in Beverly Hills. This experience was totally different than the first time. I reveal what I learned while there with Russell Brunson. The evening got started late and went till 2 am. I reveal the value bombs that were shared between Russell and Tai.

Show Notes

  • How much money would you pay for the process to sell a service as opposed to the actual service itself?
  • If you want to know how well your business is doing, look at your cost to acquire a customer
  • There are false beliefs that you can prove wrong to show the need for you?
  • Dave wants you to realize the importance of selling something you don’t have
  • Curate the product you are affiliating or even selling
  • You, like Ryan Moran, can be become known for using other people’s content well
  • Type “A” Players


“Document the process while you’re going through creating some of the content. The process you’ll find is, typically, more valuable than the content you create.”

“If you can identify what the false beliefs were and then identify what had happened to you to actually change those beliefs, that is how you sell anything.”

“A players are exponentially more valuable on your team than B players.”


Dec 19, 2017
9 Marketing Secrets From Warrior Con and Garrett J. White

Garrett J. White is the founder of Wake Up Warrior. He recently hosted his 2nd annual WarriorCon where Russell Brunson Spoke. While I was there I was so impressed with what Garrett has created. After being humiliated at the event I decided it was time to take notes. I am so glad I did. I reveal the 9 marketing secrets I learned.

Show Notes

  • CULTure
  • A good culture in a business makes you feel left out not being involved
  • You are going to suck at first, but you won’t be at that state forever
  • It is your audience, YOU should know them
  • What might be possible if I just believed?
  • You’re going to have to lead by example
  • Show your appreciation
  • Always change and always improve; both in your own life and your business
  • Surround yourself with people that have your vision
  • Go all in on those people who have helped you get to where you are and where you will be
  • Never EVER give up on family


“You’re going to suck, you’re going to suck real bad at first. What you’re going to find over time though is that eventually you’re going to suck less. And, eventually, you might even get to the point where you’re actually good.”

“You have to know your audience and be willing to call them out.”

“Because [Garrett] is leading by example, it is going to be very difficult for people following him not to be willing to do everything he is asking them to do because he’s doing it himself.”


Dec 14, 2017
Ricardo Leite Jr., Success Secrets Of A College Entrepreneur

Ricardo Leite Jr. is a college entrepreneur and immigrant from Brazil. Recently married and struggling to pay the bills reveals what he did to turn opposition into opportunity. Listen to find out how he is using ClickFunnels to split test products before he buys them thus drastically improving his success.

Show Notes

  • Ricardo was running out of funds for the month and was introduced to Amazon and soon had a near $3,000 surplus in his funds soon after
  • Fusing Clickfunnels and Amazon
  • Sell a product before you have it
  • Ricardo has learned from his entrepreneurial experience thus far that you need to take action


“We were talking about the principle of selling something, before you have it here.”

“If you have an idea that you want to pursue and you highly believe it’s going to work you should try it. If you fail it’s not a big deal try something else.”

“What differentiates the entrepreneur from the person who aspires to be an entrepreneur are the actions that you take.”


Dec 12, 2017
Secrets to Attending LIVE Events

Fastest and best way to grow your business is by attending LIVE Events. After attending hundreds of LIVE events over the last 12 years, Dave Woodward reveals his secrets to attending live events. What you need to do before, during and after the event. He also tells you those things you must not do while at a LIVE event.

Show Notes

  • The people you will meet at live events are most often the best kind of network
  • Dave has always been a huge believer in investing in yourself by attending a live event
  • If you go to a live event you will be more productive even leading up to the event
  • The audiences you find at live events are one of the most captive audiences
  • Words of caution: prepare for the people you’ll be meeting and want to connect with
  • Dave wants you to know, people can tell when you’re not being authentic


“The majority of my relationships and friendships and everything else have come from live events.”

“Typically, the content you’re going to find at a live event are things that are working today, right now. It’s not something you read in a book or something that worked years ago. It’s not hearsay.”

“When you’re at a live event, it’s live. Meaning, you need to be alive. You need to be awake, you need to be aware, you need to be giving.”


Dec 07, 2017
Brian Page, 3 Secrets From The Fastest 2 Comma Club Winner

Brian Page is one of the fastest 2 comma club winners we have had yet. He created a funnel that did over a million dollars in sales in less than 60 days. He reveals his 3 secrets and talks about his actual funnel and how he was able to achieve “2 Comma Club” Status so quickly.

Show Notes

  • In less than 60 days Brian Page made $1,000,000 dollars through a site on Clickfunnels
  • How do you generate a million dollars through a funnel?
  • Brian didn’t know how to do a webinar so, like all of us, he had to choose to learn
  • Brian Page uses affiliates lists to expand his own
  • Affiliates, they can be our connections to moving up in the world
  • Your network is your net worth, wise words from Brian Page
  • Funnel hack what others are doing that works so you can get your message out there


“I didn’t know how to do a webinar, I had never done one before. So I literally had to go home and figure out how to build a webinar presentation and I locked myself in a room until I could figure out how to do that first webinar.”

“It’s been exciting, it’s all happened really really quickly. But keep in mind I did work on this for quite a while before I made any real money with it.”

“I learned things at that event from successful people that were just like one or two “Aha!” moments where I’m like if I do that then I’ll break through. And that’s exactly what happened for me.”

Brian on Instagram
Brian on Facebook

Dec 05, 2017
Chris Brewer, #1 Traffic Mistake And How To Avoid It

Chris Brewer has been a running an agency helping business owners get the greatest ROI out of their traffic. They recently changed their agency tag line to “A Full Funnel Agency” to work with businesses on every part of their funnel. Traffic has been an obsession for years and in this episode Chris reveals the #1 traffic mistake and what you can do to avoid it.

Show Notes

  • Chris Brewer was one-upped by his daughter * cue dramatic music *
  • If you only use one traffic source you are then at the mercy of that one source’s conditions
  • Chris lets us know the importance of slowing down
  • Good funnels with the right pitch for the right audience is what will make the difference
  • Chris dumbfounds Dave with the amount of useful marketing platforms
  • Engagement Opportunities: Your branding is what’s keeping somebody on your product
  • We’re able to customize our audiences on Google
  • Optimize your email list
  • Chris Brewer tells the great story of a band using Funnels to track their fanbase


“A lot of people talk about diversifying your income, the most important thing is diversifying your traffic source.”

“The internet makes it possible to not Nike level branding opportunity but to have pretty darn close, especially in your niche.”

“The question to ask your buyers is: how do they use my product? How does it benefit or improve their lives?”


Nov 30, 2017
Jim Edwards, Secrets To Funnel Scripts

Jim Edwards created Funnel Scripts after reading Russell Brunson’s first book DotCom Secrets. He continues to update the wizards. Recently adding a Podcast/FaceBook Live wizard. He reveals the secrets he uses to create killer sales copy for any industry of niche.

Show Notes

  • Jim Edwards turned Russel’s “Dotcom Secrets” into a software
  • Funnel Scripts allows you access to a script for every and any funnel you want
  • The best way to kill it in the market place is obviously through killer headlines
  • Your headlines need to be tested, redone, and continuously tweaked
  • Jim has wizards, not the ones that shoot lightning bolts, sadly, but the ones that instead make you money
  • You can make a Video Sales Video modeled like Russell Brunson’s in 30 minutes
  • We are able to create astounding Intro videos for our webinar to increase sales and churn
  • Can you answer questions? Then you can use Funnel Scripts to improve your funnels, webinars, and master classes
  • Jim Edwards has fun with helping us improve our copy


“The hardest draft is the first draft.”

“This is a fact of life with funnels, the first version of the funnel you come out with is not going to be the one that makes you all the money. I’ve only had one headline in twenty years that I could not beat through testing”

“If you have something that sells a promise or satisfies a desire for people, then you can create an amazing webinar to help people get what they want.”


Nov 28, 2017
Magnolia Secrets

Dave Woodward visits Magnolia Farms and shares the marketing secrets he learned from Chip and Joana Gaines. While being there in Waco so many things became apparent he just had to share what he experienced.

Show Notes

  • There is an art behind going on a micro vacation, especially when it comes to us as entrepreneurs
  • Whichever direction your competition is going, don’t go that way
  • To re-edify what Russell always says, be an attractive character
  • Dave really does love urgency and scarcity
  • Going digital to physical, technically is a step backwards but really only propels you forward
  • If you can create authenticity and culture you hold your audience a lot longer
  • Create an experience your audience will buy into and not want to leave
  • The puppy dog close


“When you go against the grain, and kind of go in the opposite way of your competition, it’s what helps you stand out from your competitors.”

“I love seeing urgency and scarcity. Nothing sells more, nothing creates more, nothing gets more done than when people feel urgency and scarcity.”

FunnelHackerTV Youtube Channel

Nov 16, 2017
3 College Secrets From An Entrepreneur Class

Dave Woodward taught BYU’s Entrepreneur Class. He revealed 3 secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur. They are the same 3 secrets ClickFunnels used to blow bast 100 million in total revenue in 3 years.

Show Notes

  • Does your current job have anything to do with your major you got in college? Even if you say no, it was still important you got that degree
  • Speed limitation: There’s really no reason for you to go slow
  • A new strategy that you can try is selling the product BEFORE you have it
  • Getting something done is most often better than getting something perfect
  • Important point is to not finish (this really made the college students laugh)
  • With you hiring “A Players” you will save time and money believe it or not
  • If you want to become an “A Player” you have to compete and respond accordingly


“So often we set these barriers up just by saying ‘You know what I can’t do it'”

“Perfection is always going to kill your business, it’s never going to be perfect. Your business is never going to be perfect. Your funnel is never going to be perfect. No matter what you do it’s never going to be perfect so stop trying to make it perfect right now.”

“I’m a huge believer in the fact that ideas have fuses and if you don’t implement and get things done quick, that fuse is like a firecracker’s. It will just burn out and then all of a sudden you have a firecracker blowing up in your hand with nothing left.”

“By not finishing any of your copy or your content or things like that your mind subconsciously keeps creating it, so by the time you come back to it you’re able to pick it up much much faster.”

“It’s a stimulus and response type environment where you might not be able to control the stimulus but you ALWAYS can control the response. So I see that “A Players” have a much better ability at responding to things.”

FunnelHackerTV Youtube Channel

Nov 14, 2017
Travis Stephenson, Chat Bot Secrets to Decreasing Ad Costs While Increasing Conversion Rates

Travis Stephenson has earned TWO of our infamous 2 Comma Club Awards. In this episode he reveals the secrets behind chat bots and what he is doing with Chatmatic to decrease ad costs, increase conversion rates and increase attendance to webinars and LIVE events.

Show Notes

  • Fun fact of the day: you’re doing Facebook Messenger all wrong
  • Ask yourself if your bots are helping to stimulate a conversation
  • The more incentive we can put into Facebook posts, the more traffic can be directed to your website
  • What is more important: comments or views?
  • Using Facebook messenger as a notification center is king over Email or text
  • Travis Stephenson uses Facebook messenger to start relationships with his potential clients
  • Is Facebook Messenger replacing email? Not necessarily
  • Dave asked the golden question to Travis.
  • Travis figured out how to use his Chatmatic software to generate an 1800 people list for free
  • There is importance behind not using Chatmatic to send people things they don’t want


“By incentivizing engagement we are seeing an in increase in our traffic by over 35%”

“…that’s the way you should be formulating your post. Look at a comment and then send a message on the comment.”

“When you actually ask someone to say something [comment] think about, you know I try to tell people, think about what that phrase actually means. It’s really a cool experiment.”

“I use email more than I use Facebook messenger. Messenger is different. Messenger is a conversational platform that allows you to engage constantly with your audience with things they care about.”

“Right now it absolutely smashes because there’s so few people doing it that it’s very different. When people see it they’re like ‘Oh I can comment to get something?’. It’s a new call to action for them that feels different as opposed to clicking on some link.”


Nov 07, 2017
Noah St. John, How To Get Rid Of Your Head Trash

Noah St. John have been helping entrepreneurs build their businesses offline and online for over 20 years. One of the things he has learned is the importance of dealing with the space between your ears. Nothing holds people back more than their head trash. He explains what you need to do to “empty the trash” and get back on track at lightning speed. We also review the book funnel he is using to get a 70% opt in rate.

Show Notes

  • If you can get out of your head you can finally get to that funnel you need to make to get you going
  • Noah knows 3 secrets that smart people don’t know and end up wasting their money
  • Did you know your only building half bridges because your “Head Trash” is preventing you?
  • Noah St. John knows a thing or two about the correlation between habits and money
  • Your inner game and your outer game need to be balanced in order for your company to break its glass ceiling
  • St. John needed a mentor to get out of his parents’ basement, he recommends you do the same for a specific reason
  • Your mentor needs to help you instead of just helping themselves make money off you
  • You are able to buff up your social proof without lying (“Don’t lie” – Noah St. John)
  • Dave and Noah go in and break down Noah’s Funnel


“‘Head Trash’ is that little guy in your head that says “I can’t do it because…” and then you fill in the blanks.”

“If you don’t have a mentor do not wait until January 1st to set a goal to get a mentor. I would go out today and get a mentor.”

“Basically that’s what the media is looking for, timely, topical and controversial. Just look at the news and go ‘okay here’s my take on that’.”


Oct 26, 2017
Joel Comm, 3 Secrets To The Live Video Playbook

Joel Comm has been on video and LIVE video since the beginning. He is a brand ambassador for 3 different LIVE mediums. He reveals what he has learned working with LIVE video for over a decade. You will get his live video playbook for listening to the podcast how best to connect with your audience.

Show Notes

  • Joel is an ambassador for several companies due to his use of Live Video
  • Smartphones and live video allow us to share our message with others with no cost to us
  • Don’t focus “going viral”, if you can tell a story and start a conversation it will go viral by itself
  • What if I told you your FaceBook Live is really not about you nor who you portray yourself to be?
  • Your audience sees through “house of cards” type set ups, they want authenticity
  • Don’t look at the screen when you film, look at the camera. You know what you look like.


“I am of the mindset that Live Video is the most significant leap in social media since the iPhone came out; since we were able to engage in social platforms on the iPhone.”

“It doesn’t cost you anything to be able to go live and start sharing your message, and of course if your message is compelling then you will draw an audience and people will share your message with their friends and followers.”

“Authentic Content + Engagement = Relationships. That’s where the win is.”


Oct 24, 2017
Adam Hempenstall, How To Close More Clients At Higher Prices While Eliminating Scope Creep

Adam Hempenstall reveals the secrets he uses to create Better Proposals that help close more clients at higher prices while eliminating scope creep. If you are in the consulting industry you need to listen to this. One of the biggest problems most consultants have is getting sucked in to the “scope creep” fiasco. You want to help and do the best for your client but this actually kills you and creates a terrible client relationship.

Show Notes

  • We’re all able to make better proposals so we can increase our incomes and field of influence
  • The proposals you make should be planned between you and your customer
  • Adam lets us in on how increasing your conversions is as simple as decreasing your output time
  • Have you ever thought of how much free work costs you?
  • Our price points and confidence in our product have a direct relationship
  • Ask for the money you deserve


“If you’re going to send a proposal, what decision are you asking them to make? You’re asking them to create the whole thing in their head and then guessing how you would work, and then they just magically tell you. And sometimes that will work.”

“…you’re actually just documenting an action plan. That’s really all a proposal should be, you’re just documenting an action plan that you both came up with together.”

“How you get payed more is really just confidence. It’s having confidence in yourself to charge at a higher amount.”


Oct 19, 2017
Kevin Anson, Video Hacking Secrets For Entrepreneurs

Kevin Anson is the wizard behind the curtain in producing our cutting edge Funnel Hacker TV Behind The Scenes episodes. He reveals the secrets he uses to create amazing videos. He also provides step by step tools and resources that you can use in your own business without spending months trying to learn how to shoot and edit video.

Show Notes

  • Kevin Anson had his own road to telling stories through filming and creating videos
  • We need to remember we have 3-5 seconds to catch our audience’s attention
  • Your story is what people will watch, Kevin Anson tells us how to film our stories
  • Vlogs and Facebook Lives for the person who doesn’t make a $1,000,000 from them
  • If you’re not making $1,000,000 from video, here’s how you can look like it


“A lot of people are scrolling these days through FaceBook on their smart phone, wherever they’re at. And if they don’t see anything interesting within the first 3-5 seconds they’re not going to stop and watch it.”

“You have to narrate your vlogs and you have to narrate your videos so people know what they’re watching so there’s a story developing. There always has to be a story developing.”

“Make sure you take the viewers along with you and tell them a story.”


Oct 17, 2017
Greg Jeffries, How To Promote ClickFunnels With SEO from A Dream Car Winner

Greg is one of our Dream Car Winning Affiliates, He shares how he created his success without spending any money on ads or paid traffic. He uses SEO and reveals the tools and resources he uses to generate free sales to ClickFunnels.

Show Notes

  • Greg got himself a free dream car through ClickFunnels!
  • Using SEO’s to supplement your ENTIRE income
  • Greg Jeffries knows some good tools for you to become an effective affiliate
  • Scaling using Greg Jeffries’ tactics
  • There’s plenty of opportunities
  • Finding your tactic is crucial


“…and everyone’s posting screenshots on the Facebook pages going ‘Wow, these are big numbers. I want to achieve that.’ And you know everybody that is willing to put in the effort can. There’s plenty of opportunity for each person.”

“There’s so much opportunity, and there’s only so much that I’ve been able to do.”

“I feel that we’re in a real special time when it comes to the internet and SEO because we’re at this real nice place where there’s a lot of cool tools to do affiliate work.”


Oct 12, 2017
David Bayer, 4 Mind Hacks For Entrepreneurial Success

David Bayer has created a multi-million dollar business in the last 18 months in an industry most people struggle with daily. He has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and over 50,000 members who pay monthly for his advice. He reveals in this episode the 4 mental habits of successful entrepreneurs and what you can do to be even more successful. He takes all of the “woo-woo’ out of the personal development industry. He gives step by step tools and processes every entrepreneur needs to scale their business to levels they only dreamed about.

Show Notes

  • David Bayer is a partner with Ducatti that is all about the powerful engine of thoughts
  • Making hard cash with a business in a really “soft” niche
  • David is an advocate of allowing your intelligence to energize you
  • How do we change our belief model into something that works like a business model?
  • Bayer becomes the Entrepreneur’s Buddha
  • We have two different states of being, beautiful states and suffering states
  • The tools in personal development David and his team help others transform thinking
  • [Dave’s advice: FunnelHack David Bayer’s Funnel, focusing on his congruency]


“This is an interesting time in any entrepreneur’s journey because what’s sitting in front of you is this extreme uncertainty. You’re like ‘What do I do next?’. The thing that I’ve been studying this past decade I’m no longer interested in, I want to help people.”

“The answer is you have to stay in action. The enemy of figuring it out is in decision. The enemy of figuring it out is thinking your somehow supposed to know what you need to do before you make a decision.”

“The 2 millimeter distinction is that beliefs are decisions.”

“The only cause of suffering, is your own thinking. It’s not in experience but the meaning you give experience.”


Oct 10, 2017
Kevin David, How To Get FREE Traffic From YouTube

Kevin David is dominating YouTube as a free traffic source. He started with Amazon FBA and Facebook. He built a very successful Amazon business to the level others were begging them to teach him how. He has used FB groups to connect with and help thousands but the real ‘holy grail’ has been YouTube. He reveals the resources and tips he is using to get tens of thousands of views within a month or so. Best part is the long tail of YouTube and he teaches what you need to do to make that happen.

Show Notes

  • Kevin David from college to an accounting firm saw in himself that he wanted to be an entrepreneur
  • Kevin agrees with all of us that creating a video of yourself is just awkward, but it’s necessary
  • The traffic sources YouTube offers Kevin and why they worked for him
  • Being trained by YouTube to learn to dominate YouTube
  • Finding the questions, you need to answer to get people to search for your videos
  • David’s bag of tricks of websites to add to your YouTube arsenal


“Without cataloging what you’re doing no one is ever going to possibly be able to react because nobody sees you.”

“My kind of mission and goal in life, and the mission of my YouTube channel, is to help all of those people who feel stuck and trapped in a job that they don’t like to break free and create the job and life they do want.”

“Truly YouTube, above all other platforms, provides the MOST organic traffic. All you have to do is a little upfront research about what people are searching for.”

“If you don’t believe in your product how can you ever expect somebody else to.”


THAT Lifestyle Ninja YouTube Channel
Google AdWords

Oct 05, 2017
Nicholas And Amanda Bayerle, 7 Ways To Create, Build and Scale Your Business and Your Life

Amanda and Nicholas Bayerle reveal how they have been able to create, build and scale their business at a rapid pace. Their business now focuses on how to help successful men take their business and their life to “billion dollar status”. They detail how through the use of cheat sheets, applications and the phone they have built their dream life by helping others do the same.

Show Notes

  • Billion Dollar Body’s Brotherhood
  • What to do when you’re married to your business partner
  • Value your body at what it’s worth, a billion bucks
  • Filling an event full of people without giving out discounts or free tickets
  • Sell your audience on your results instead of the process
  • The Bayerles talk about the power of a phone call in a sales funnel
  • Controlling “Entrepreneur ADD” so you don’t get distrac…SQUIRREL!!!…distracted
  • What Nicholas and Amanda have to say about entrepreneurs creating their business’ funnels


“Well the first step, actually, was getting out every single day for 4 years and meeting people. That was one of the first steps of mastering our message, figuring out what result we’re trying to get people.”

“…at the end of the day people don’t want to buy a process, they want to buy the result the process gives them and the process is just the means of getting there.”

“If everyone could generate a high converting funnel then everybody would do it. But it takes a little refining and to many people stop three feet from gold because they run out of money or they get to scared.”


Oct 03, 2017
Christos Shepherd, How To Get Paid To Ask Questions Or Answer Them

Christos Shepherd is co-founder of Campfire,
a revolutionary audio app that pays users to ask great questions to their favorite experts, celebrities, and podcasters. Besides eliciting and sharing intimate audio stories, users can donate their earnings to their favorite charities.

Show Notes

  • How Christos Shepherd started a fire with his new app Campfire
  • Using Campfire to help your own customer’s community
  • Getting your voice out to those who want to hear from you
  • Placing your message in the hands of those you want to hear your vision


“People like entrepreneurs have created some of their own personal brands in their own way. They get overwhelmed by emails, tweets, DM’s and all other sorts of inquiries that come at them from all sides and sometimes different platforms.”

“This works, I think, for influencers and businesses on many different levels. I can raise money for charity, I can better connect for those who actually care about what I have to say and I can also sift a lot more easily through, what has become, my very crowded inbox.”

Get Campfire

Sep 28, 2017
Evan Michael, How "YOU" Are 1 Funnel Away - Evan's Story

Evan Michael’s "ONE" Funnel away story. It took him 7 years but if you knew you would have a 7 figure business in 7 years, would you start today? He reveals the funnel he used. He talks about using webinars to sell a $100/year subscription. He also discusses the 3 keys to marketing.

Show Notes

  • Evan’s thought process up until 2010 was that quitting his "9:00-5:00" was way too risky
  • The “overnight success” is not typical and is not necessary to being a success story
  • Creating your business on the side of your day job is okay as long as it fits YOU
  • Evan Michael’s is a huge advocate for being into everything for your business
  • The key to a subscription based company is being comfortable with losses that Evan often encounters
  • If you’re stuck on the spending of a penny then your company is stuck not growing
  • A hobby project that helps you learn to make money…3…2…1 TKO!!!


“You hear so many people talk about how they want to start a business, they want to go full-time. I was never that guy. I worked two jobs all of the time, I just could never risk like…everything.”

“You’re just one funnel away, even if it takes 7 years.”

“It’s always about everything and never just one thing when it comes to your business.”

“Don’t nickel and dime this stuff, it’s like think big and don’t be pennywise and dollar-foolish, just like my father always would tell me and I just live by that. I don’t count my pennies. I always am looking for the bigger picture.”

Smarking Out Facebook Page

Sep 26, 2017
Michelle Villalobos, How to Leverage Small Events Into Big Money

Michelle specializes in help business owners who are trading dollars for time to increase their profits. One of the ways she does this is through the process she uses to best serve her clients – small events. This model has helped produce 7 figure results for her and her clients and is something anyone in the professional services niche needs to implement into their business.

Show Notes

  • Where Michelle began in 2007
  • The inflection points of Michelle’s businesses crash and rebirth
  • The big rewards we can receive from small events
  • Michelle finds a strategy to minimize how much you have to get up in front of an audience to sell
  • Having your money work for you and not you working not stop for each dollar
  • Feeder Events?
  • Michelle has a pretty hefty bag of tricks for maximizing the efficiency of a retreat


“I had the A-ha moment that I hadn’t built a business, I had built a job. And not even a very good job.”

“They’ll just want to work with you, it just happens. As long as you’re delivering value and your honest, and you have integrity, you don’t even need to sell hardly. Which is what I love the most.”

“Information is not transformation.”

“Don’t only go about making the relationship with the customer. Also create that container and that culture with and among those clients. There’s value in the group format.”

Text SUPERSTAR to 72000

Sep 21, 2017
Jeremy Slate, How To Get Local Press To Build your Business

Rarely do people who are building online sales funnels think of local media. Jeremy explains how using local media can actually build your business. The media attention can be use in your funnel. The local press also helps build your celebrity status thus allowing you to charge more. Jeremy details the step by step process of maximizing local media to build your business.

Show Notes

  • Guess who’s the father of a pig?
  • The traffic to be found outside of the Podcast Highway
  • Why is it so profitable being so local
  • Jeremy Slate has a 5-step content strategy
  • What do you put on your “Media page”?
  • Jeremy got involved in the local community by pulling a tank and being payed to fly to Peru for a service project, and was under press release
  • How to maximize the usefulness of a podcast
  • When you’re “Service First” you become a person of value
  • Dave and Jeremy do a quick LARP to show the best way to ask how you can help a client help their audience


“I tell people to start local first and it starts making you a celebrity a lot faster than you think it would.”

“Establish yourself as a celebrity.”

“What’s going to make the media care or give a crap about what I’m doing.”

“One of the big things is writing emails about why this is going to matter to their audience, you have an audience-service first it really really changes the game. Like when you first had me on here one of the first things I asked was ‘How can I help your audience?'”

“If you can be a service out in the media, they’re going to come flocking to you a whole lot more.”


Sep 19, 2017
Adam Witty, How To Manufacture 'Authority'

Adam Witty the founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group and has become an authority on helping others ‘manufacture their own authority’. He reveals how to ‘talk your book’ and why anthology books never create real authority. What does it take to become an authority that others trust and will buy from.

Show Notes

  • Donald Trump’s prime example of authority marketing to become successful and a President of the United States
  • How we all can manufacture more authority in the marketplace
  • Write the book and you’ll etch your name into your niche
  • Turn an interview into a book and into your next lead generator
  • What Adam Witty suggests considering when preparing your next book for publishing
  • Bait the hook to suite the fish, not the fisherman
  • Not everyone should write a book, there’s three questions you can ask yourself to find out if you need to


“Authority Marketing is the strategic and systematic process of positioning and individual or company as the leader in their community, in their industry, and in their marketplace.”

“The greatest part about this is authority can be manufactured. It can be systematically and strategically created if you’re intentional about it.”

“If you do a book right, it can literally stand the test of time. It can generate leads and it can generate customers for you and your business for the next 10 years, maybe even the next 20 years.”

“Most Entrepreneurs make the same mistake of writing a book that they want. They don’t necessarily solve a burning issue or problem that their target customer is having.”


Sep 14, 2017
Mike Killen, How To Sell a Marketing Funnel and Why Websites Are Dead

Websites are dying. Mike Killen reveals why marketing funnels are the only way to grow your business. If you are interested in creating funnels and selling them, Mike will show you step by step what you need to do. How much can you charge for your funnels? How can you monetize your services.

Show Notes

  • What would you say the difference is between a website and a funnel?
  • Mike gives us two reasons to explain the importance of specializing in a nich to sell your service
  • Now that we know the importance of niches, how do we know which nich to get into?
  • You’ve found your nich, the vertical you want, and your RI…how do you sell that funnel?
  • Getting content out so you can help your customers SO you can get MORE customers
  • Mike Killen talks about why conversations and dialog with customers is such crucial component to success
  • The art of the follow up
  • Just how do we put a price point on a funnel? Things to consider


“The most important part of selling a funnel is you have to be really clear on what it is that you want to help people do.”

“You have to be really clear on who you are and who you are targeting.”

“If you’re really clear about the types of business that you can help, those characteristics, and you’re really specific on who can go after and tell people that. Then I promise you, you will have inquiries faster than you even realize.”

“Are you willing, seriously willing, and even genuinely obsessed with the idea to put 100% useful, helpful content out there?”

Twitter: Mike_Killen

Sep 12, 2017
Derek Hendricks, "Trust Funnels" From Failing Forward

Derek’s rags to riches to rags and on the way back up to riches contains lessons of value for sure. He reveals the conflict many business owners have when the money is great but you are not aligned with what you want to do. Then after it is all taken away you get to choose how to re-build it. This is how he made that choice and what you can do too.

Show Notes

  • Trust Funnels
  • Derek’s strategy for getting out your product effectively and profitably
  • His breakdown of his funnel for
  • Transitioning to applications
  • To be a coach for somebody, you don’t have to be the master of that field. Just know more than somebody else
  • Derek Hendricks’ confidence in his price point
  • Failing Forward
  • How Derek got to being interviewed for the broadcast


“Once I started understanding funnels I understood that once you starting leading people down what I like to call the yellow brick road towards your land of Oz, people will never get to know you, like you or trust you until they get to know, like and trust you.”

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it and what you do just proves what you believe.”

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for 18/19 plus years now and I’ve had a lot more failures than I’ve had successes. But I just refuse to give up on my dream of freedom.”


Sep 07, 2017
Mandy Keene, How To Find Your Super Power AND Your Kryptonite

Mandy Keene is the mind set coach for all of Russell’s Inner Circle Members. She has been coaching high end achievers for over 20 years. She reveals what you need to do as an entrepreneur and small to mid-size business owner to take your company to the next level. She details what the DISC test reveals and how you can hire the right people for the right position.

Show Notes

  • Taking yourself to the next level as an entrepreneur starting with your mindset
  • Knowing who you are is essential to finding where you work best and who you work best with
  • The penguins need to be in the cold so why take it out of the place they work the best in?
  • Becoming Vulnerable will make you more coachable
  • Finding your coach
  • The importance of self-care


“A fisherman can’t smell the fish, because you’re in your world sometimes you don’t realize what is holding you back. And that’s the biggest value of a coach is that they can tell you things you’ve become blind to.”

“If you hire for the right role everything will go a lot smoother.”

“Take an inventory of where you’re at and if you don’t have a coach get a coach and they’ll help you bridge [from going to sleep grouchy and tired to not wanting to go to sleep because you feel so successful and you’re just so pumped to work] and it’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made in your business and in yourself.”


Sep 05, 2017
Derral Eves, How To Build An Audience On YouTube That Makes You Money

Derral Eves is responsible for getting over 21 Billion views of YouTube videos. he has built 14 channels from 0 to over 1 Million subscribers and has also earned YouTubes “Gold Button” He is the go to guy when it comes to building audiences on YouTube and other social media platforms. He provides the tools and resources he uses to maximize the ROI of each video and how to grow an audience of fans who like and share your content.

Show Notes

  • The man who has over 21 Billion ads on YouTube
  • Growing your audience from various platforms
  • Releasing content according to your audience’s needs
  • Derrel’s use of the “The story” in marketing
  • The audio equipment you can use to improve your advertisements that you can buy without breaking the bank
  • Breaking down how you’ll bring the competition down with A.I.
  • Consistency’s advantage
  • The balance of entertainment and information in your content
  • VidSummit, getting people together to get the most up-to-date tactics at a seminar
  • The most technical way of solving a computer program


“Every platform is very specific with how you actually grow an audience. How you grow any audience on Facebook is going to be different with how you grow an audience on YouTube. You have to understand the platform’s ecosystem and how it engages people.”

“The most important thing, that a lot of people miss out on is you have to be super hyper focused. You can’t be all over the board. You have to be really hyper focused in a specific niche.”

“You have to be consistent. Consistency brings a sense of familiarity that people are yearning for.”


Aug 31, 2017
Jon Morrow, Secrets To Creating 'Influence' Through Content Marketing

Jon Morrow’s content has been viewed by over 250 Million people. His recent content was shared over 75,000 times. He knows how to create influence through content marketing and shares his secrets in this podcast. He details the 3 purposes for creating content and how you can generate influence by following what he discusses.

Show Notes

  • Jon Morrow, despite only being able to move his lips, has over 200,000,000 views of his pages in 8 years
  • 7 life lessons from a guy who can’t move anything but his face
  • If you can’t win the game, change the rules
  • The Art of the Counter Punch
  • Jon gives credit to a car accident for bed ridding him for 6 months which gave him plenty of time to write his book
  • Don’t be afraid to do something that you’ll be branded crazy for
  • Content marketing is not used as simply “free marketing” it serves best at an opportunity of building influence
  • His most viral post written was written from day 1 as a viral post that would get out the exact message he wanted
  • Quantity or quality? Unless you’re Forbes I think you’d be better off with quality
  • The Influencer Strategy


“Just take this interview for example, did I have a very rough time overcoming everything that I have? Yes, of course. But it’s also the reason that I’m talking to you today it’s given me a fantastic story. And that inspiring story is now inspiring millions of people and has also made me a LOT of money.”

“The bigger the blow you just took, the bigger the opportunity there is standing there right in front of you. So you just have to find it and train yourself to find it. And that in my life has always been the case.”

“To a lot of people writing 100 headlines a day that’s crazy! Why would anyone write 100 headlines a day? But that’s how I became so good at writing headlines.”

“What content is good at, more than anything else, is building influence.”

“My dad told me ‘Jon if you want to make money, go find a river of flowing money, stand in it and scoop up as much money as you can. But you never try to make the river change course, you just stand in the middle.’ But what most people don’t realize is there’s only two real rivers of traffic, Google and Facebook.”


Aug 29, 2017
James Smiley, B2B Funnel Secrets To Closing 5 and 6-Figure Deals
Aug 28, 2017
James Smiley, B2B Funnel Secrets To Closing 5 and 6-Figure Deals

James Smiley reveals the exact playbook he used to get hired by 48 of the Fortune 500. How he scaled sales of a $350M Silicon Valley SaaS company IPO (TeleNav), and train over 7,000 6-figure B2B sales reps! He talks about the 3 ways he closes deals and how you can too. James also discusses what it really takes to close 5 and 6 Figure deals and how to get paid to pitch the deal.

Show Notes

  • Average doesn’t really fit who James Smiley is
  • Developing a belief in yourself to get your product on the shelves and in people’s shopping carts at the checkout line
  • The breakdown of a funnel that pushes a product with a $100k to $1M price tag
  • The funnels that you can make to push a high equity product is so much easier than any of us even consider
  • James Smiley was able to get a man to pay him $5,000 to fly out to see him to push him more product for the client to buy
  • A lesson he was taught at a young age was to put you and the client on the same side of the deal table
  • James interesting experience that taught him how to sell your perspective
  • You need to believe and see that your product will get your client from the Hell they’re currently in without your product to Heaven
  • James breaks down the “Playbook” of pitching products


“It doesn’t matter what your selling abilities or skills are. What matters is ‘do you have a belief in yourself and in your product?”

“It’s the person you become on the route to achieving any goal that makes it all worth it.”

“Unless your Tony Robbins or you have some massive established brand that shows your philosophy rocks the world, businesses can’t pay for that. But if you change it into a system, now they can buy it. And this really just changed my whole selling perspective.”


Aug 24, 2017
Aaqib Ahmed, Facebook Groups, Bots and Ads

Aaqib has focused on building a legacy. He helps Muslim entrepreneurs build an online business through Facebook advertising. He is a 2 Comma Club member of ClickFunnels. He has helped many entrepreneurs build 4, 5 and 6 figure businesses using Facebook.

Show Notes

  • The thing that is the most important to Aaqib is the success that others are able to achieve through his program.
  • Innovation and being on the new side of technology and marketing are huge for Aaqib.
  • His foundation for his business is his religious belief and that hasn’t restricted his business strategy at all but has helped it establish itself and branch out.
  • The bots of Facebook Messenger.
  • When building his legacy brand Aaqib has specific insights he looks for to best target those who are willing to jump on board.
  • Having a personal connection with his customers while still using messenger bots.


“That’s what I’m most proud of is its’s not my legacy but the results that my students leave behind, that’s what makes what I’m doing pretty unique I think.”

“If you can make money, contribute to the world and make a big difference then that’s what it’s all about for me.”


Aug 22, 2017
Kaelin Poulin, How Kaelin Built A Tribe of 50,000+ People

Kaelin lost 65 pounds in 7 months. She set a world record in fitness for earning her IFB Pro card faster than anyone. More importantly she has taken what she has learned to help 50,000+ women lose weight and change their life. This is her #mondaymotivation story.

Show Notes

  • She was put through a hard trial 10 years ago that put her into a situatuation where she realized she wasn’t liking the person she had become both physically and psychologically.
  • Kaelin had to make her own formula to become the person she wanted to be, which helped her change the market she currently works in and change other people’s lives as well.
  • She used Funnels to become a best seller in Amazon and Barnes and Noble
  • Learn from the mistakes leaders before us have made to improve your business and dominate your market
  • Through using Funnels Kaelin plans on having the biggest weight loss company in the world


“In the future I’m looking forward to being the biggest weight loss company in the world I just firmly believe that with Russell helping us and with ClickFunnels at our back that’s totally possible. I just can’t wait to see us help millions and millions of women in the future.”

“I realized that it wasn’t really the fitness I was here for. I remember what it was like being 180lbs at 5’2” and I know there’s a million other women out there who are just like me that aren’t sure what to do.”

“I decided that day that now that I’ve done it, now that I’ve paved the way, I want to help other women do the same.”


Aug 21, 2017
Rachel Pedersen, The "Real" Side of An Entrepreneur

Rachel is crushing it with Social Media, but it wasn’t always that way. She reveals the “REAL” side of life as an entrepreneur. She has a ton of energy and cares so much for the success of others that you feel her connection through this podcast. She reveals what it takes to be successful on social media and talks about her 5 day Twitter Challenge.

Show Notes

  • Rachel is the Queen of Facebook ads.
  • Dave and Rachel discuss the REAL side of an entrepreneur’s life.
  • The success we see in Rachel’s business is built from nearly 2 years of 100-hour work weeks, and she loves it.
  • The compounding action of putting in the work for your business.
  • The compounding action of putting in the work for your business.
  • Rachel became so awesome by never changing who she was, sell yourself with your product.
  • The importance of selling your brand.
  • Rachel’s favorite traffic hacks are free.
  • Rachel’s journey 5 years ago from only being able to afford shirts from Good Will as a single mom to where she is now as one of Today’s Gurus of Facebook.
  • What’s the best to come for Rachel and her business?
  • Rachel’s decision of quitting her 9-5.
  • ROI
  • Rachel challenges Dave to improve his traffic from Twitter.
  • In a life of entrepreneurship where balance doesn’t seem to exist, what Rachel does to be with her business that she needs to and also be with her family like she wants to.


“Sometimes I think we get this really glamorous idea of what an entrepreneur’s life is like, the reality is it’s not jets and first-class and luxury all the time.”

“If you’re willing to put in the work, you literally will get success as long as you’re putting in those hours. No one is working two hours a week and having massive success.”

“If you can take action in your business every single day, whether it’s doing that thing you’ve been pushing off, we all have it. Just taking it on and getting it done.”

“I have this theory, that sometimes if you don’t ask for people’s information, payment whatever it is, if you slow down the process and really nurture the relationship you can get a lot further.”

“I didn’t know a lot about social media, I just knew more than her. That was key. I just knew more than her so I was able to help her.”

“It’s about this really deep connection, and really it supersedes anything that’s lacking. Like if your trainings aren’t the best, relationships take everything so much further.”

“Everyone gets hung up on strategies and platforms and all of these different things when in reality all of these platforms are just channels to accomplish goals.”


Aug 17, 2017
Carissa Hill, How a “48 Hour” Facebook Funnel Made Over 500K

Carissa Hill uses Facebook to build online and OFF line businesses. She reveals how in 48 hours in a Facebook Group of less than 10,000 people sold over $500,000 and what you should be doing in your Facebook groups. Her “Just trying to help” mantra has positioned her as the go to person for building Facebook groups of rabid fans who want to buy your products and services.

Show Notes

  • How she gets her clients to share participate in her marketing, it’s actually quite simple
  • Just make your marketing fun
  • The build-up to Carissa Hill’s 6 figure launch
  • Build your page to be “Stalking Worthy” so you can generate leads
  • Offering varying paying plans
  • Coffee with Carissa’s logistics breakdown
  • You need your email lists
  • Carissa’s method of starting her company’s CULT-ure
  • Carissa’s slogan is “Be real, have fun, make money, love life”
  • “More people actually watch my replays than on live”…How?
  • Her views on marketing being less serious and more personal
  • Carissa’s final input on the Facebook route of getting your business traffic


“What I’ve noticed over the years is that a lot of businesses, it doesn’t matter if they’re off line or online but they’re just not doing things right on social media, which is why it’s not working. I think most people are trying to be too strategic about it where I have always been about trying to make it fun.”

“I do really focus on building a sense of community and giving a lot of my value to my clients so that they want to stay and I find that really helps people to join and also it helps when anyone new inside the program inquires about my facebook group all of my current clients jump in and say “it’s amazing you have to join.”

“I really focus a lot on making myself into a personal brand I think it’s really what helps a lot as well.”

“One of my little secrets is that everytime I sell something, if I’m going to do a live video and make an offer, I actually have a little post-it note on my computer that says ‘Just trying to help’ and I find that always helps me focus on that more than just trying to sell something.”

“I just add a lot of content when I’m selling something, like I just give heaps of value.”

Coffee with Carissa

Aug 15, 2017
Chad Woolner, How a Chiropractor Doubled His Income In Less Than 6 Months Teaching Other Chiropractors His Secrets

Chad Woolner learned like most professionals that post-graduate schooling typically teaches you how to be a doctor, attorney, chiropractor or dentist, but teaches you nothing about how to run your practice. After struggling to get his practice to grow he found the secrets he needed and quickly realized other doctors needed the same. He reveals in this episode what he learned and is now teaching other doctors.

Show Notes

  • Chad Woolner finished chiropractic college and opened up his own practice.
  • It didn’t take him long to realize that school didn’t teach him everything he needed to know about running a practice. He had no idea how to run a business or market his practice.
  • He hired a big consulting group and did everything they told him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. In fact, the more he did exactly what they told him, the worse things got.
  • Chad reached out to everyone he could but nothing worked. He struggled for years to provide for his family.
  • About that time, he started to hear about funnels and wondered if that might work for his practice.
  • Once he figured out a funnel that worked he literally experienced almost overnight success. New patients started coming in the doors and the practice started growing.
  • Chad soon realized that other struggling chiropractors could benefit from what he had learned.
  • He showed his funnels to another chiropractor and helped him set everything up. Almost immediately this other practice started growing as well.
  • He realized that there were so many other chiropractors who needed this same help. The problem was that he didn’t know how to effectively get his message out.
  • Then he discovered Russell Brunson’s “Perfect Webinar.” This single webinar allowed him to package his message and deliver it to other chiropractors online.
  • In a little less than 6 months, the income he was making from teaching other chiropractors how to build funnels for their practice doubled the income he was making from his own practice.


"In less than 6 months, the income I was making from teaching other Chiropractors doubled the income I was making from my own practice!"


Aug 14, 2017
Akbar Sheikh, How To Make Your Competition Irrelevant

Akbar Sheikh has become a very successful funnel builder. More importantly he has become even more successful at making his competition irrelevant. He reveals his secrets to getting publicity and influencers to help establish his authority.

Show Notes

  • What does irrelevant actually mean?
  • How funnel hacking applies to making your competition irrelevant.
  • The 7 secrets to success.
  • The importance of likeability with funnels and business.
  • How to utilize 100% of Facebook Marketing.


“There are so many funnel builders. That has zero relevance to me because there is only 1 Akbar.”

“We can only use like 5% of our brain. We do the same with Facebook. It’s like using a Ferrari but only using one cylinder.”


Aug 10, 2017
Wilco, Facebook Video Ad Secrets

Wilco is the founder of 2 software companies that he has built using Facebook ads. He details his strategies for video ads that convert on Facebook. How to create stories in your videos, how to split test and generate the greatest ROI from you ad.

Show Notes

  • When to running Facebook ads.
  • The importance of testing and buying data of your Facebook ads.
  • How emoticons will help your video ads convert.
  • Other tips and strategies with video ads like storytelling and average time for video.


“You don’t have a real business unless you have traffic.”


Aug 08, 2017
Akbar Sheikh, Homeless To 2 Comma Club Status

Akbar Sheikh lived in a janitors closet. He sold his car so he could start his business. He worked and focused on his “7 Secrets To Success.” Last year he found himself on stage receiving a “2 Comma Club” Plaque from Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels. This award proves that he has sold over a million dollars through an online sales funnel.

Show Notes

  • What it takes to go from homeless to 2 comma club.
  • How Akbar ran into Network Marketing.
  • Why 99% of people give up.


“Just make it happen. Just go for it.”


Aug 07, 2017
Alison Prince, Entrepreneurial Secrets From Zero To 100K in 9 Months

Alison Prince’s story is unique because it is not only her story. She sold millions online but then taught her 2 middle school age daughters how to do the same. She continues to sell online while teaching others how to do the same. She is so confident in the success of her students that they are creating a “Because I Can” clan since so many are having phenomenal success.

Show Notes

  • How do you react to the haters?
  • Types of products that work in Ecommerce.
  • How do you find a good mentor?
  • How do you become a good mentor for others?
  • How to improve your organic reach on FB with one picture.
  • How do you trust people to hire and do projects.


“You don’t have to have some crazy shark tank idea to sell. Just find what’s trending and sell that.”


Aug 04, 2017
Kim Doyal, How To Create Engaging and Captivating Content

Kim Doyal is “The WordPress Chick” Plus a whole lot more. As an entrepreneur who has been creating content for over 10 years she knows what it takes to create content that engages and captivates an audience. She reveals her 4 secrets to being able to create amazing content.

Show Notes

  • The importance of taking action.
  • Where marketing is heading to.


“You only learn from doing and get better from the doing.”


Aug 03, 2017
Dave Miz, 5 Styles To Maximize Email Conversions

Dave Miz has been designing websites for years. But the one thing he realized that had more impact on his bottom line was his emails. He built a million dollar business in 5 years through email marketing and reveals the 5 styles of emails to maximize engagement and conversion.

Show Notes

  • How Dave discovered how to get into website developing.
  • Dealing with cancer in his family Dave made his way through Email Marketing.
  • Special tips to implement to your Email Marketing.
  • Importance of getting into as many marketing seminars.


“Your Gmail inbox will be completely in the next few days. Your customers are the same way they won’t remember you if you’re not interacting with them daily.”

“You wouldn’t do FaceBook ads without tracking them, why aren’t you tracking your emails as well?”


Aug 01, 2017
Alison Prince, Math Teacher’s Journey To E-commerce Millions

Alison reveals her journey from a math and science teacher to blogging and then e-commerce millions. She also reveals how she helped her kids and her friends to change their lives by teaching others how to sell online.

Show Notes

  • How Alison has raised 7 different businesses.
  • How Alison got her kids to start a business.
  • Alison makes more in one webinar then she made in a whole year.


“It was me giving my soul and what I truly believed inn that can change lives it changed mine and my daughter’s lives.”


Jul 31, 2017
Andrew Fox, How To Create And Sell Your Own App

Andrew Fox the founder of Zapable shows how anyone can create and sell their own app. He also reveals why taking an “application fee” helped him sell over $100,000. Andrew also explores the different ways apps are being used for any kind of business.

Show Notes

  • What is Zapable and how does it work.
  • How Andrew got 250 reviews over night for Zapable.
  • What kind of businesses can use an app.


“Literally every business can use and benefit from an app.”


Jul 27, 2017
Ben Wilson, How Ben Made $120,000 Selling Hot Dogs

Welcome to our first #motivationmonday. Ben Wilson tells his story of losing it all in the Real Estate crash and how what saved him was a “Hot Dog Cart.” If he can do this so can you.


“In the first 45 days I sold over 500 copies of my hot dog course!”


Jul 24, 2017
Colin Sprake, How to Scale a “Cult-ure” Based Business

Colin Sprake has been able to scale an event business doing over 400 events a year without any JV partners or traditional marketing. He reveals what it takes to scale any business from startup to 7 and 8 figures. He also discusses the first 2 systems every business owner must build before beginning to scale.

Show Notes

  • How Colin got into the online business of events.
  • How Colin built his Cult-ure.
  • The 6 core values of Colin’s culture and how Colin has tried to implement them into his community.
  • What are some systems a business owner should focus on first?
  • How to get started with a cashflow system in your business.


“If you run with the sheep you are going to get sheared.”

“If you focus on instilling the culture into the employees they will spread it to the community.”


Jul 20, 2017
Paul Colligan, How Podcasts and Sales Funnels Work Together

Paul Colligan, the “go to guy” when it comes to podcasting. If you want to learn “How To Podcast?” this episode is for you. He talks about the problems of podcasting and his solutions. He reveals exactly how to bridge the “free cookie” dilemma and how to monetize your podcast.

Show Notes

  • Why podcasting is so important.
  • How do you monetize your podcast?
  • How to combine your podcast with your sales funnel.
  • How do you podcast.
  • The difference of going online with your podcast and being podcast ready.


“The biggest point of Podcasting is to implement just do.”


Jul 17, 2017
Tom Breeze, Getting YouTube Ads To Make You Money

Tom Breeze is the go to guy when it comes to YouTube ads. He runs the YouTube ads of many of the “who’s who” in internet marketing (Frank Kern, Amy Porterfield, Brendan Burchard and many others). He details his formula on how to create YouTube ads that connect with the conversation your prospects are already having in their head. He reveals how to create 1 video that turns into multiple ads that make you money.

Show Notes

  • The 4 different reasons people go to YouTube.
  • How to know how to communicate with your customers on YouTube.
  • How to create 3 different ads in the same time it takes to make 1.


“Start with customer in mind and then talk with them in a way that resonates them because its so much easier to sell to them.”


Jul 03, 2017
Ilan and Guy Ferdman, How To ‘Gamify” Your Content Into Sales

Ilan and Guy Ferdman are world-class life coaches, passionate entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers, fiercely dedicated to their client’s success. On this episode they share how they are “gamifying” their content to generate millions in sales. Their strategies are unique yet apply to any business who has content that they want to use to generate sales and maximize the value their clients receive from the content.

Show Notes

  • How to bring traffic to your podcast.
  • The funnel in
  • How to overcome the fears of being an entrepreneur.
  • Finding your passion.
  • Why to hire a coach.


“You have to be producing content. Whatever platform produce content.”

“The future economies of the world have nothing to do with you going to the labor force. Our value exchange to one another is us sharing our passion and mastery with each other so we can help each other ascend in life.”

“The number one disease on the planet is self-worth.”

“Mastery doesn’t happen in 90 days. It takes time.”


Jun 29, 2017
Dana Derricks, Inbred Goat Farmer Reveals The 2 Secrets To Sell Books For $2,500 PER COPY (shipping is free)…Plus The ONE ‘Mind-Tweak’ To Cash-In On YOUR Dream 100

How to sell a book for $2,500 or more. This is what the ‘Copywriting Professor’ Dana Derricks revealed on this podcast. One of his secrets is a mind-tweak he uses to cash-in on his Dream 100. He also details everything you need to do step by step to have similar success.

Show Notes

  • Who is Dana Derricks?
  • Why is Copy so important?
  • How Dana sells a $2500 book.


“Even though marketing keeps involving. Copy and words will always get people to invest.”


Jun 26, 2017
Trevor Chapman, Arbitrage Secrets to Monthly Continuity and MRR

From broke college student to self-made millionaire In 92 days. With zero experience in online marketing and only $200 Trevor made money on his SECOND day to then 90 days later made his first million. He now accomplishes the everyday dream of working about an hour a week on his business so that he can spend more time with his family and do the things he loves.

Show Notes

  • Trevor shares how he gained his entrepreneurial desire.
  • How door knocking helped Trevor’s business.
  • How Trevor is using Messenger bots different than anyone else.
  • The importance of providing real value.
  • What is The Academy of Arbitrage?


“Building on the experience you already have is so critical to have any success.”

“The true value of money is to use it to change the world, create memories with your family.”


Jun 22, 2017
Melinda Wittstock, How To Profit From Social Conversations

Serial entrepreneur, Melinda Wittstock reveals how to maximize your return on authenticity (ROA). She shows what you need to do to profit from social conversations. The key to success is finding the “everyday influencer”. Melinda shows how to find the best influencers for your business.

Show Notes

  • Return on Authenticity what is it?
  • How does retargeting and tweaking marketing on Facebook affect your authenticity?
  • How does retargeting and tweaking marketing on Facebook affect your authenticity?


“The impact of authenticity makes you more attractable to your audience and the market.”

“The more that folks can personalize their message and do so at scale, the better.”

Text the word “tribal” to 44222

Jun 19, 2017
Rodrigo Teixeira, How To Take Your Product International

Rodrigo Teixeira, is an entrepreneur and fellow funnel hacker from Brazil. He has used his funnel hacking skills to sell online and offline. He is now helping bring English speaking products into the Brazilian marketplace. On this episode he discusses what you need to do to be a part of the Brazilian Gold Rush.

Show Notes

  • How Rodrigo took other companies to Brazil.
  • Rodrigo’s process to taking products to Brazil.
  • Why Brazil is an emerging market.


“If you can apply what you know in the U.S and bring it to Brazil you can expect the same parallel sales.”


Jun 15, 2017
Cole Hatter, Thrive – How to Build A ‘For Purpose Business’

Cole Hatter has created one of the most successful events for Entrepreneurs called “Thrive – Make Money Matter” Where he interviews some of the world’s greatest business minds. On this podcast he reveals the 3 secrets he has found that successful ‘For Purpose Businesses’ use to build their business and take market share from their competition. Implement these in your business and see the impact it has not only on your bottom line, but most of all on the world.

Show Notes

  • Life altering accidents that happened to Cole.
  • How Cole got into the interviews with some of the biggest names in business.
  • What is a 4-purpose business?
  • How to get involved with a 4-purpose business.


“84% of consumers would leave their traditional name brand for a start-up that has a cause.”


Jun 12, 2017
Joe Foley, How to Grow Your Online Business… Offline

Joe Foley the Chief Experience Officer (CEO) of discusses how to use offline direct mail to actually grow and build your online business. Joe has been doing this for over 30 years and his experience of what works and what doesn’t will be critical to your success when it comes to keeping client longer and building a long lasting business.

Show Notes

  • Importance of sending physical products in the mail for your dream 100.
  • Things you can use to increase your relationship with your clients.


“By sending physical products to your clients you will see a 1/3 stick rate.”


Jun 08, 2017
Daniel Gefen, Secrets to Authenticity and Influencer Marketing

Daniel Gefen is a master at being 100% authentic. He is a captivating story teller. He reveals why all of the social media likes, shares etc mean nothing if you are not authentic. He reveals the 3 key principles you must follow to get your message out to the world. He also discusses how you can connect with key influencers in any market.

Show Notes

  • Why authenticity and showing weaknesses is so important for your customers.
  • What is get featured?
  • 3 tips on how to be a good podcast guest.


“We live in such a fake world, that people crave for authenticity.”

“Those who are at more peace are typically the ones who are the most authentic.”


Jun 05, 2017
JP Sears, How To Be Ultra Spiritual

JP Sears, THE YouTube Sensation shares his insights on creating content that is authentic and connects with your audience. He also reveals the 3 areas of life you must add humor to be Ultra successful. Be sure to check out his book at

Show Notes

  • Q & A with JP Sears
  • How to make your funnels more spiritual
  • Why JP loves Yoga
  • Why the title of his book “How to be Ultra Spiritual”
  • How JP discovered his character.
  • What’s Jp’s Morning routine.
  • How JP Built his culture?
  • How do you instill creativity?
  • How to Find humor in daily life.


“Be true to yourself. Be fricken authentic!”

“I don’t think you can build a long-lasting culture if you are not authentic.”


Jun 01, 2017
Jonathan David Lewis, Brand Vs. Wild

Jonathan David Lewis, author of Brand Vs.Wild talks about building resilient brands for harsh business environments. He reveals what you need to do if your business is stalled, stuck or stale.

Show Notes

  • [3:00] Is branding important?
  • [7:00] Savagery in Business?
  • [12:30] Brand hacks to face the wild in business.


“I get asked a lot why is branding important? I would say is your reputation important?”


May 30, 2017
Dennis Langlais, How To Build Your Business Through Podcasts

Dennis Langlais, entrepreneur, podcast host and successful Funnel Hacker tells how he will not accept any clients unless they do a podcast first. Dennis is a skilled graphic artist, videographer and hosts the Five Minute Bark Podcast. He reveals the value to podcasting and how he uses podcasts to build his business and shows you how you can too.

Show Notes

  • [3:43] Why to do video with your podcast?
  • [11:00] How to use funnels on your podcast.
  • [18:00] What kind of bandwidth do you need to record podcast?

The funnels we talked about are here:

Dennis’ website for the podcast and guest Masterclass:

FIVE Minute Bark Podcast:
Real stories, Real People, Changing the World: Through Inspirational Moments, Breakthroughs and Entrepreneurship

I advance entrepreneurs & athletes ability to show up effectively, confidently for appearances on stage and interviews. I have interviewed over 200 guests on my podcast The FIVE Minute Bark. I have compiled list of all the highly effective skills and strategies from global thinkers and entrepreneurs who have claimed their authority.

My own experience as a pro athlete showed me I left millions on the table by not adopting skills commonly utilized by authority figures.

Acquiring these and putting them to practice will result in significant opportunity. Instantly after mastering some these secrets there will be an uptick in personal confidence and engagement socially.

More confidence, broader reach in you audience will lead to more money in your pocket.


“Make sure you are taking advantage of the technology to utilize the easy reach to your audience.”

“You can’t sell people on a podcast you have to be real and provide value.”


May 25, 2017
Jason Stone, Secrets to Convert Instagram Posts Into Cash

Jason Stone, the Instagram King with over 2.4 Million followers reveals how he dominates Instagram and how you can too. He has used Instagram to build a list of rabid fans. He has used Instagram to sell physical products, franchises, local businesses, information products and affiliate offers. He reveals the magic to Instagram and how to monetize posts.

Show Notes

  • [5:00] How effective are hashtags?
  • [8:00] How to use shoutouts and what are they.
  • [14:00] How to have an active following on your social media.
  • [21:00] Why to use Instagram to market.



May 22, 2017
Andrew Warner, Secrets To Chat Bot Marketing (Is Email Dead?)

Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy and serial entrepreneur reveals the secrets to chat bots. This is a cutting edge conversation about everything you need to know to implement chat bots in your business. He has created Bot Academy to provide additional resources for business owners interested in taking their chat bot experience to the next level.

Show Notes

  • [2:00] What is a chatbot?
  • [5:00] Is email dead?
  • [8:00] An example of how a chatbot works.


“I talk to my friends and the ones I love through messaging apps. When it comes to selling to my audience I use Email. Why do I treat my audience that way?”


May 18, 2017
Steve Olsher, Ultimate Guide To Podcasting

Steve Olsher has been building relationships for over 25 years as an Entrepreneur. He reveals the 5 steps you must go through to build deep relationships. He also provides secret access to 241 top influencers and details what you need to do to either have them on your podcast or how to get on theirs.

Show Notes

  • [3:00] The importance of implementation
  • [10:00] Types of platforms you can create to bring a bigger opportunity to reach your audience.
  • [20:00] How to create a podcast.


“Ask yourself where is the opportunity now to create a following? What you need to do to get yourself out there.”


May 15, 2017
Nic Kusmich, GIVE – “The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Ads For Massive ROI”

No one is better at generating ROI on Facebook ads than the legendary Nic Kusmich. He reveals the 2 golden rules for success on Facebook and in your marketing to generate the highest ROI possible. He also breaks down step by step his new book funnel www.GiveBook.Info

Show Notes

  • [2:53] Nics book funnel
  • [4:40] The 2 golden rules of running ads.
  • [8:00] The behind the scenes of Nics book.
  • [19:00] Facebook tips from Nic


“Keep pressing forward, find your space don’t give up and it will all workout for you.”

“Be clear of who you do and do not serve. This makes those you serve with be so much more satisfied.”


May 11, 2017
Julie Stoian, How To “Birth Your Funnel” And Why You MUST

Julie Stoian is an authentic action taker driven by results. She has built a loyal following of entrepreneurs. She uncovers the secrets to her 6 figure months. She reveals why you must “birth your funnel” if you ever hope to have success. She details the process for simple product creation that will get your product sold before you create it.

Show Notes

  • [4:15] How Julie has built such a strong community.
  • [6:00] Why it’s so important do things for free.
  • [12:00] How to teach people to design.
  • [16:50] The growth that Julie and her company has experienced after “Birthing her Funnel”.


“Too often people create the product first then create the funnel and sales page after.”

“Build products that you know your community will love.”


May 08, 2017
Megan Smith, "Give A Shift" Funnel Stacking

Megan Smith Gill has owned a successful marketing business for over 15 years. She hit the point where she had to make a “shift.” The money was great but she was unfulfilled. She reveals the 5 Bull Shifts all entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them. She also details how funnel stacking has changed her business and why you have to stack funnels in your business.

Show Notes

  • [4:00] Megan’s Journey to entrepreneurship.
  • [8:30] How Megan’s past has helped her come up with 5 “Bullshifts”.
  • [14:30] What Megan uses to influence as many people as possible.
  • [19:00] Funnel stacking with Megan.


“People need to have options. I’m a firm believer that the funnels work best when they work together and support one another.”


May 04, 2017
Rhonda Swan, Secrets To Getting Paid To Travel The World With Your Family

Rhonda Swan, The Unstoppable Momma from the Unstoppable family reveals how she left a 6-figure pharmaceutical executive position to start from scratch and build her dream lifestyle. She details how anyone with the right tools and passion can build a business and lifestyle that others only dream of. Her husband is now the Unstoppable Surfer and surfs every day because they practice what they preach. Their 10-year-old daughter will have the clothing line she designed hitting runways this year. They are truly the Unstoppable family.

Show Notes

  • [4:30] Rhonda’s backstory.
  • [9:00] How Rhonda’s daughter has developed the entrepreneur drive.
  • [12:30] What type of funnel do you use with a physical product?
  • [16:00] How to use video to connect with people.


“There’s no better way to connect with people than by using video to connect with customers.”

“People love to be invited, they don’t want to be sold.”


May 01, 2017
Elias Zepeda, Networking Tips For Online Marketers

Elias Zepeda oversees partnerships and marketing for Network After Work. He talks about the do’s and dont’s for online marketers on how to network and build your business online and offline.

Show Notes

  • [4:00] The do’s and don’ts for networking.
  • [7:30] How do you break the ice at a networking event.
  • [9:50] Benefits of networking events.
  • [11:30] How to network at public places.
  • [14:00] How to differentiate yourself at the event.


“Networking events are not about sales there about rapport, networking, generate leads and support.”

“Demonstrate your expertise by giving free advice.”


Apr 27, 2017
Sean Ellis, How To Scale Your Business Using The Latest Growth Hacking Secrets

Sean Ellis is the co-author of Hacking Growth. He uncovers the secrets he learned at EventBrite, Dropbox and LogMeIn to help scale these companies from startup to multi billion dollar businesses. Most importantly he simplifies the process for any business regardless of how big or small they are.

Show Notes

  • [2:30] Where do you start in your business to achieve growth?
  • [6:00] After you have a product and it has value how do you scale?
  • [7:50] Hacks for client consumption.
  • [16:00] Tips for growing your team.


“If the value is not there the product will not sell.”

“It’s going to be really hard to grow if you don’t have a team that can handle it.”


Apr 24, 2017
Caleb Maddix, Secrets to Edu-Tainment Webinars To Captivate Your Audience

Caleb Maddix is the 15 year old CEO of Maddix Bookclub. He reveals his secrets to getting kids AND their parents on a webinar and staying engaged the entire time. He also discusses the 3 tips he shares with parents to get their kids more engaged in learning and giving back.

Show Notes

  • [1:50] How Caleb started to make money at age 7.
  • [6:00] How Caleb adjusts his funnels to fit his age market.
  • [11:50] Caleb walks through his funnel.
  • [16:30] The impact Caleb wants to make.
  • [20:00] Advice to parents.


“The 3 tips to parents. Start getting your kids to learn. Get your kids to earn. Start teaching your kids the power of giving.”


Apr 20, 2017
Jason and Amanda, What does it mean to go “ALL IN”?

Jason, Amanda and Dave discuss the benefits of going “All IN” and how your business can grow from it. How to migrate from Infusionsoft, Active Capaign and other Auto Responders to marketing automation tools that communicate in with your clients the way they want to hear from you.

Show Notes

  • [3:30] What does it mean to go “All In”
  • [6:30] How FunnelKitchen helps people who are “All In” take advantage of it.
  • [9:30] Why you need to make your funnels as simple as possible.
  • [14:00] How FunnelKitchen can help someone who has just gone “All In”
  • [17:00] Why you need to provide content to your users.


“You need to make your funnel so simple that a 2-year-old could go through it.”


Apr 17, 2017
David Vogelpohl, Words Versus Pictures – What Converts Better

David Vogelpohl, WP Engine’s VP of Web Strategy discusses the controversy surrounding what converts better on a site – words or pictures. He also reveals what you need to look for in a WordPress hosting platform and what to avoid. David also addresses the outsourcing versus original content battle and when to do both.

Show Notes

  • [3:00] How speed affects word press.
  • [4:00] Importance of the copy over pictures.
  • [9:00] The tools from Word Press.
  • [16:00] What matters most in producing your content.


“The offer is the most important part. Not the pictures.”


Apr 13, 2017
Emily Shai, Secrets Of A 12 Year Old Best Selling Author

World’s greatest sleep over expert reveals her she was able to earn over $20,000 selling her book door to door. She is on a mission to help 2,000 kids write their own book and start a 5-figure business.

Show Notes

  • [1:00] Who is Emily Shai?
  • [2:00] How Emily sold $20,000 worth of a book.
  • [5:30] How Emily identified her target audience.
  • [12:12] Tips to writing a best seller book.


“If you want to start a business you always have to start somewhere. Grab an idea you love and pursue your passion.”


Apr 10, 2017
Jon Benson, Artificial Intelligence For Email: How You Can Get The Best Copywriters In History To Write Your Emails For You

Jon Benson is well-recognized as one of the top sales copy strategists in the world. To-date, Jon’s email copy and video sale letters have generated over $12 billion dollars in sales for hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses, and $1.2 billion in sales specifically for his customers and clients, making him one of the most successful copywriters in history. He reveals how Email Copy Pro can help you use artificial intelligence to write emails for you. It is as if the best copywriters in history were writing your emails for you.

Show Notes

  • [4:00] A couple selling languages that people need.
  • [13:00] How can you use AI to write your emails for you?
  • [17:00] Why the best copywriter’s tips of all time are still applicable.
  • [24:00] How to use the same email, send it out every day and still improve sales with emailcopypro.


“Like the book love languages, we believe everyone has a selling language. What they need to hear to be sold.”

“75% of our motivation is based off fear.”

“The necessity for great copy cannot be understated.”


Apr 03, 2017
MaryEllen Tribby, 7 Email Secrets To Convert Browsers Into Buyers

MaryEllen Tribby was the CEO at Early to Rise and Weiss Research, adding millions to their bottom lines. She details her ultimate strategy for moving people from Free to Fee. She helped build Agoura publishing into a Billion dollar company using this strategy. She also details how to use email marketing – even in the age of social media – to get more clients and more customers.

Show Notes

  • [1:50] How MaryEllen lives her laptop lifestyle.
  • [6:30] Why MaryEllen has such a passion for email marketing.
  • [9:00] MaryEllen’s free to fee model and what is it.
  • [16:00] How MaryEllen tied social media and email marketing together.
  • [24:00] MaryEllen’s scaling tips.
  • [27:00] Inbox magazines that people could create.


“Here is the key. To be a great email marketer you have to have that direct response marketing bug that direct marketing passion.”

“When dealing with email and social media marketing make sure its cohesive.”

“Perfection is overrated, it’s all about having the best life for yourself.”

“You have to turn that someday into a pay day.”


Mar 27, 2017
Sivana Brewer, Entrepreneurial Secrets from a College Freshman… Soon to be dropping out

Sivana Brewer was born with entrepreneurial blood. Her dad is a successful businessman who taught her the importance of finding answers to problems. Especially those that deal with money. She has sold designer jeans in high school from those she bought on Craigs List. She also tells how she gets people to pay her to attend events she can learn marketing secrets at.

Show Notes

  • [1:30] How Sivana started her entrepreneurship.
  • [9:00] How Sivana attended T&C without paying.
  • [11:00] The English class that helped Sivana spark her entrepreneurial side.
  • [17:00] The books Sivana suggests to help entreprenuers.


“It doesn’t matter what the excuse is. There is always a way if there is a strong enough why.”


Mar 23, 2017
Supplement Funnel

Russell Brunson talks about supplement funnels. He also shows how you can use what you learn for any industry or product, even if it is not a supplement.

Show Notes

  • [4:00] Why it’s important to make your funnel for your market.
  • [7:00] When to use sales letters or sales videos.
  • [10:40] What upsales work with supplement funnels?
  • [21:00] Russell shows how he maps out his funnel.
  • [22:50] Russell builds out funnel in clickfunnels.


“Sales videos are important if your introducing someone into a new concept, because you don’t want them to scroll and miss stuff. But if they already know the concept then the sales letters will always do better because the market already knows the content.”


Mar 20, 2017
ClickBank’s Funnel Hacking Secrets

ClickBank’s Spencer Mathews details the benefits of using their marketplace to funnel hack 6, 7 and 8 figure funnels. He also reveals how to use other marketer’s products in your upsales, downsales, and email follow up sequences to increase your average cart value and get a better return on your ad dollar investments.

Show Notes

  • [2:00] How to best use Clickbank.
  • [4:00] How to funnel hack with Clickbank.
  • [8:00] If you only have one product, how can you use affiliate links in your upsale or downsale.
  • [14:00] Other physical products Clickbank can sell for you.
  • [15:30] The fulfillment centers that Clickbank is integrated with.


“The deeper you go into your funnel the more important you find that there is so much revenue in your list. Don’t be afraid to provide content by running affiliate links.”


Mar 16, 2017
Troy Howard, Social Proof: What’s Better Reviews Or Testimonials?

Troy Howard the founder of “So Tell Us” reveals Social Proof secrets he has learned over the last 2 decades. What is better customer reviews or testimonials? How have Google, Amazon and other search engines cracked down on fake reviews? How do you get authentic testimonials and reviews and what is the difference?

Show Notes

  • [2:00] What is “So Tell Us” and how it will help you?
  • [4:45] The difference between a testimonial and a review.
  • [6:50] How to take advantage of customer reviews.
  • [12:00] Why your customers are so important in advertising.
  • [16:40] How to build raving fans.
  • [20:00] How to get genuine reviews from your customers.


“There is not a single piece of marketing that should leave your business that does not have social proof incorporated in it.”

Mar 13, 2017
Dan Henry, How To Get People To Register For Your Webinar For Free

Pizza boy to 7 figures. Dan shows you how the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial experience that led him into the business of doing webinars. He shows how he took a $15,000 sales presentation to a Million Dollars in 6 months. He reveals his secrets of using testimonials to retarget to quickly build his business and how you can too.

Mar 06, 2017
Jonathan Mizell, How To Use ‘Open Loops’ To Captivate Your Audience And Establish Yourself As An Expert

Jonathan Mizell, the Godfather of Internet Marketing, reveals the secrets he uses to captivate an audience through email marketing. He does this through strategic placement and overlap of open loops. He goes into detail on when, where and how to use them. The best part is by mastering this skill you can establish yourself as an expert in just a few emails.

Mar 02, 2017
Corey Thomas, 7 Steps To Creating Killer Funnels

Corey Thomas has helped maximize funnel conversions for many of the leading experts in multiple industries. He reveals what he has learned from his experience and breaks it down into 7 simple easy to follow steps. His explains the impact user experience has on conversion and how to enhance this for each user.

Feb 27, 2017
Vinnie Fisher, How To Develop The “CEO Mindset” Even If You Are A Solo-preneur

Vinnie Fisher, founder of Fully Accountable helps business owners of all sizes develop and fine tune the executive decision making power of high level CEOs. He also reveals the most important numbers any business most focus on if they want to grow and scale in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Feb 23, 2017
Russ Perry, How to “Brand Like A Band”

Russ Perry, founder of Design Pickle reveals the step by step process to “Brand Like A Band. This process provides consistency to your message. It will help you build a cult-ure of raving fans who will follow you like a groupie touring with the band and buying every product you ever release.

Feb 16, 2017
Scott Morrison, How To Get Sponsors To Pay For Your Events (Live or Virtual)

Scott reveals his secrets to creating strategic partnerships that really work. Scott has years of business development experience building companies of all sizes. He knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to partnerships and sponsorships. He shows you how to get sponsors to pay for your live and virtual events and more importantly to have them throwing money at you for your next event. He understands how to make win/win deals and what to say and do to get the greatest return on your investment and your sponsors.

Feb 14, 2017
Shawn Lynam, Street Fighter Tactics To Success

Shawn is one of the behind the scenes marketers who is crushing it online for his clients and for his own businesses. He reveals his “Street Fighter” tactics to his success. He details how his black Friday special was duplicated and used over and over again to maximize his products and how you can too.

Feb 13, 2017
Liston Witherill, How “STOR Analysis” Will Improve Your Copy and Conversions

Liston Witherill is a digital marketer who specializes in helping tech and info business understand their customers to sell more by improving conversions through copy, persuasion, pricing, positioning and automation. Liston reveals his STOR analysis on exactly what he does to help his clients write better copy and craft the messaging to gain the greatest conversions.

Feb 09, 2017
Todd Brown, Todd’s “E5” Funnel Secrets To Creating and Scaling Funnels To Maximize Profits

Todd Brown is a master at marketing funnel automation. He has created the “E5” secret steps that he uses to maximize profits and scale funnels. He reveals the 5 steps that he uses. This is a high paced content rich presentation you are going to want to take notes and really listen to. Todd’s E5 system will help you create products and funnels that sell themselves.

Feb 06, 2017
Dustin Mathews, Unique 5 Step Formula For Selling ANYTHING

Dustin Mathews has been helping entrepreneurs build 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses for almost 10 years. He has a 5 step formula he uses for his clients to help them craft their message, create compelling copy and sell their products and services. On this episode, he walks step by step through each piece.

Feb 02, 2017
Natalie Sisson, Pomodoro Secrets To Productivity Freedom

Natalie is the Chief Adventurer at the Suitcase Entrepreneur. She has created a freedom lifestyle most people only dream of. Today she reveals her “pomodoro” secrets to being highly productive while generating massive time and lifestyle freedom in her life.

Jan 30, 2017
Heather Havenwood, How To Use Podcasting For FREE Traffic (As a Guest)

Heather Havenwood has been on over 200 podcasts as a Guest. She reveals her secrets on how to maximize and monetize the free exposure. She has been able to use her experience to land a syndicated Radio show and podcast of her own. She discusses her 3 secrets to success and how you can use them to your advantage.

Jan 26, 2017
Garin Etcheberry, How to “Win or Learn” Fast!

Garin Etcheberry has had the opportunity of working with and learning from some of the giants in internet marketing. He is a master at building relationships and most importantly teaching others by example how to get the greatest return on his relationship capital while lifting and building those around him through his “no expectation for return” philosophy. If you want to get a head in today’s competitive environment he is the person to listen to and learn from.

Jan 23, 2017
How to Build An Online Funnel For An OFFLINE Local Business

We get asked all the time how can a local offline business use an online funnel to generate leads to sell high end products or services. Russell Brunson teaches exactly how to do that in this episode. If you have an offline business or if you consult for any offline businesses this is going to be an episode you want to take notes on.

Jan 19, 2017
How to Create A Monthly Continuity Cash Flow Machine

Russell Brunson breaks down step by step what Digital Marketer does to create their monthly continuity program. He explains what you need to do to be able to build a product that pays you every single month without having to continue creating new products. The secret to content re-purposing and how you can use it to build a cash flow machine.

Jan 16, 2017
Brad Weimert, Merchant Account Secrets To Avoid Getting Shut Down Or Having Your Money Frozen

Brad Weimert, adventurer and entrepreneur, reveals the secrets behind the scenes of how merchant accounts really work. He explains when you need to get your own merchant account versus Stripe or Paypal and why waiting too long can actually shut your business down.

Jan 12, 2017
Hawk Mikado, Behind The Scenes of Funnel Magazine

Hawk Mikado, the funnel genius, funnel hacked over 3,000 pages last year. He reveals what it takes to create success with online sales funnels. His experience over the last year led him into a new venture to educate others about how to run successful online businesses. His new venture is a print magazine appropriately called, "Funnel Magazine".

Jan 09, 2017
Amanda Pittenger, The Daily M&Ms For Your Success - How To Create Your Morning Routine And Finding The Mentor To Help You Succeed

The only way you can create the massive success you want in life is to own and control your morning. Amanda reveals what her morning routine is and how to create your own. The second key to success is finding the right mentor for you. Amanda details what it is you need to find the mentor that will help you get what you want.

Jan 05, 2017
How to Use Quizzes To Sell People

No one wants to be sold but everyone loves to buy. The key to helping people buy more is to customize the message to their specific needs. There is no better way of doing this than through quizzes. Russell Brunson reveals how some of the top online businesses are connecting with their prospects to help them buy more.

Jan 03, 2017
Shayna Rattler, How to Get Corporations To Fund Your Small Businesss

Shayna Rattler is a master at helping small businesses get free funding from large corporations. She reveals her secrets to helping small businesses find and land corporate sponsors. She talks about how to craft the perfect market to message match to land the corporate sponsor that is right for your business. She also has 50 secrets that she shares on what it takes to get a “yes” when everyone else is getting a “no”.

Dec 29, 2016
Secrets to the Funnel Hacks Funnel (How We Built ClickFunnels)

Russell Brunson breaks down step by step the actual funnel we use to build ClickFunnels and how you can use to build your business.

Dec 27, 2016
How A Quiz Increases Urgency

Russell Brunson breaks down a retailer’s quiz funnel and shows how they use a quiz to increase urgency to buy online. Listen and then apply this to your business.

Dec 22, 2016
Jack Born, The 2 Secrets To Profitable Funnels

Scarcity and urgency are the 2 key secrets every business must implement on a regular basis if they want to be profitable. Jack Born, founder of reveals how these 2 secrets built his business and why without them your customers are never compelled to purchase.

Dec 19, 2016
Jena Rodriguez, How To Make Branding Work When You Don't Have Millions To Spend

Jena Rodriguez has spent the last 10 years helping small to medium size businesses create branding that works. What do I mean by "works"? The only way to measure if it works is to track your return on investment. Jena has mastered the secrets entrepreneurs must do to build a brand that has value and branding that effectively conveys a perfect message to market match.

Dec 15, 2016
Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg, How to Optimize, Automate and Outsource

Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg have mastered the art of "less doing" They co-authored "Idea to Execution: How To Optimize, Automate and Outsource Everything In Your Business." They reveal what you need to do as a business owner to gain your life back and make more. Their less doing productivity hacks are essential for any business owner who wants to become more productive.

Dec 12, 2016
David Abrams, How to Use Demio Webinars To Do More Than Just Sell

David Abrams, co-founder of Demio discusses the features and benefits of using Demio. He also talks about ways to use webinars beyond just selling. How webinars can increase consumption, engagement and adoption of your content to help increase retention.

Dec 08, 2016
Djamel Bettahar, Organify's Supplement Funnel Secrets - From $0 to over $25 Million in 2 Years

Finally the secrets are revealed on Organify did to go from $0 to over $25 Million in 2 years and get listed on Inc 500's fastest growing companies. Djamel reveals the 3 traffic sources that started it all and how they created the "lift" necessary to scale a small supplement company into a product that is now on retail shelves. These secrets are necessary for any business to grow and scale in today's competitive business scene.

Dec 05, 2016
Uli Iserloh, Funnel: Funnel Secrets To A 25.4% Conversion AT CHECKOUT

Uli Iserloh is a master at creating value for clients. He shows how he was able to develop affiliates in an industry where none exist. He also reveals the secret launch of a book to Best Seller Status while using it as the front end to a $3,000 product that closed over 25% of the prospects who came in on a free offer. Uli discusses the numbers the tactics and strategies he used to launch a product from scratch in an industry that doesn't use funnels.

Dec 01, 2016
Mike Dillard, Secrets To Building A 7 Figure Business In 1 Year

Mike Dillard has grown 3 businesses to over 7 Figures in 3 different industries. He knows what it takes to duplicate this kind of success quickly. Mike reveals why he starts with a high ticket product first instead of a tripwire. He shows when and where content is necessary and when to go straight for the sale. For more of Mike’s content you can find his podcast at

Nov 29, 2016
One Time Offer Secrets To Increasing Your Average Cart Value

Getting the first dollar is the most difficult from any prospect, but the next is the easiest. Here are the secrets on how to increase your average cart value. Russell reveals the strategies you need to know step by step to create profitable funnels to sell any product or service. You can get access at

Nov 24, 2016
Sean Ogle, How to Make Your First $3,000 to $5,000 Online

Sean Ogle is the "Location Rebel" He reveals everything you need to work from anywhere on earth. After becoming frustrated with corporate America in his twenties, he left Wall Street for an adventure - Brazilian Carnival. Trying to figure out how to implement an online business and lifestyle he found himself doing Freelance SEO in Thailand. There he found the secret to helping others do what they love without being chained to a desk or location. Sean started with a blog and has since built a business with clients in over 40 Countries teaching them how to get started online. He reveals his secrets in this episode on how you can get started making $3,000 to $5,000 a month online and become "location free."

Nov 21, 2016
Nate Lind, How To Scale Physical Products Into Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

Nate Lind went from real estate mogul to Internet Marketing Superstar by using affiliates to launch his products. Nate has done over $70 Million in the last 4 years selling physical products online. He has been able to do this by mastering how to attract huge affiliate networks to promote his business. If you want to scale your online physical products business into the tens of millions of dollars a year you need to listen to Nate.

Nov 17, 2016
Frank Prochilo, Legal Tips and Strategies for Online Marketers

People are always asking what they can and cannot do as an online marketer. Frank Prochilo explains with real examples what you need to be aware of when marketing online. This is an episode you need to listen to so you can avoid the major issues with the FTC when marketing online.

Nov 14, 2016
How To Use 'Daily Seinfeld Emails' to Build Your Cult-ure

Communicating with your subscribers, members and potential clients is critical. Too many businesses do not email their list enough. When they do it is only about an offer. You have to nurture the relationship on a regular basis. This training is from Russell Brunson. He reveals exactly what he does to help build the "cult-ure" here at ClickFunnels. Use the tips and strategies to make the most of the relationships you have with your list. They will love you for it.

Nov 10, 2016
Max Finn, Secrets to Scaling Facebook Ads Without Killing Your ROI

Max Finn is the founder of and Partner in Quantum Media. He has years of experience buying Facebook ads to scale company campaigns. He reveals 3 secrets he uses to get 2 to 3 times the return on investment most people think is even possible. My favorite part is the last few minutes of the podcast where he talks about Post Purchase Retargeting.

Nov 07, 2016
Mark Bangerter, How To Increase Stick Rates - Lessons From "Click Start"

Mark Bangerter is the head of ClickFunnels' Education Team. He has years of entrepreneurial experience. We discuss the importance of Stick Strategies. How do you get your members, coaching students and clients to continue to pay you for your services. We discuss what we are doing at ClickFunnels to help our customers use our software, get results and stay as long term happy clients.

Nov 03, 2016
The Secret "Who, What, Why, How" Script

Russell Brunson talks about the secret "Who, What, Why, How" Script he has used to build multi-million dollar businesses. He walks you step by step through the framework you need to sell anything on or offline. He also reveals the 4 principles to every good sales letter.

Oct 31, 2016
How To Create Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing Funnels

Have you ever wanted to market affiliate programs or have a network marketing business you are trying to build? This is the best episode I have ever done when it comes to this unique niche. Russell Brunson actually talks you through the whole process. This is a very short episode with a ton of content on exactly what to do. We also have a video of this you can find in the show notes.

Oct 25, 2016
David Siteman Garland, How to Create Awesome Online Courses That Will Make You 6, 7 or Even 8 Figure Businesses

David Siteman Garland (DSG) is the expert at creating awesome online courses that actually make you money. He has created courses that have made 6, 7 and 8 figures. His students have created courses on every topic you could even imagine. He reveals why you should not create programs with more than 12 modules. He teaches how to price your product. DSG also reveals how to find the right niche and how to turn a product launch into an evergreen product.

Oct 24, 2016
How to Sell 5+ Figure Offers

Russell Brunson Funnel Hacks Garrett White's High Ticket Funnel. He breaks it down step by step. What works, what doesn't and gives the tips, tricks and secrets to help you sell 5 Plus figure offers.

Oct 17, 2016
Nora Sudduth, Why Funnel Consulting Is The Highest Paying Part Time Job In The World

Nora Sudduth went from a 6 figure corporate exec job... to living the life of her dreams - being there when her daughter came home from school on the bus. You're maybe thinking why? She reveals how she replaced her 6 figure job without sacrificing her family so she could be there for them more often. Nora also details how whatever your "why" might be how you can make it happen within a very short period of time. She details what 'Funnel Consulting' is. Why it is such a needed skill. Why businesses are paying tens of thousands and some hundreds of thousand for the right funnel. She answers all the questions about what becoming a certified ClickFunnels partner is all about.

Oct 13, 2016
Kris Reid, Why SEO Matters When Building A Funnel

Kris Reid is the international SEO guru other SEO companies use to help them do SEO for their own clients. With decades of experience uncovering the ins and outs of SEO and Google algorithms, he is able to speak in non-techy terms on what you really need to do to get ranked. He explains why SEO actually matters when you are building a simple funnel and how to actually do it without spending a ton of time or money. This is a quick episode jammed packed with SEO secrets and content.

Oct 10, 2016
John Parkes, Facebook Traffic Hacks To Fill Your Funnel

John Parkes is the Facebook master at ClickFunnels. He reveals his secrets, tips and tricks to driving traffic from Facebook to fill your funnel. He shows step by step how he gets inexpensive optins who want to buy. He shows how to use Facebook Live as ads that convert like crazy. He also reveals the secret metrics he uses to find the best video ads to scale your business.

Oct 06, 2016
Shanda Sumpter, How To Have Your CLIENTS Fill Your LIVE Events For You

Shanda Sumpter has cracked the code on how to fill LIVE events. She filled her live event in less than 7 weeks. The best part is more that 70% of the attendees were signed up because of her clients. Shanda has mastered the ability to be authentically generous without ulterior motives and yet draws so many people into her business as clients and raving fans. She reveals the secrets to scale businesses rapidly without sacrificing your life, family and health.

Oct 03, 2016
Calvin Wayman, How To Master The 4 C's In Social Media Marketing That Will Make You Standout In Front Of 97% Of the Crowd

Calvin Wayman reveals his 3 secrets to how you can become a contributor to any major publication in less than 90 days. He details the step by step process he went through to writing, publishing and becoming a recognized author in less than 2 months. He also reveals what the 4 C's to Social Media Marketing are and how you can use the to stand out from the 97% of the crowd even if you have never made a social media post yet.

Calvin was voted one of the Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs this year and he has only been an entrepreneur for 18 months. Calvin is a recognized published author, contributor to Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and a Social Media Icon.

Sep 26, 2016
Liz Tennyson, How To Go From Solo-preneur to Real Business Owner With Employees WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Brand

Liz helps business owners create their own lifestyle brand. As a mother of 4 she has learned how to juggle life demands while building a business that is bigger than just her. She discusses the 4 steps every business must go through when leaving the solo-preneur space and becoming a real business owner with employees without sacrificing the brand and reputation it takes so long to build.

Sep 22, 2016
Justin Hartzman, How Cupcakes And Kitty Cats Drive Massive Traffic Into Your Funnel

Justin is the Co-founder and CEO of This is the first RoboAgency SAAS company that is helping small to medium size businesses compete in the big leagues of paid traffic. Justin discusses the metrics business owners need to be paying attention to especially on Facebook. He also shows why cupcakes and kitty cats can be the largest source of traffic into your sales funnel.

Sep 19, 2016
Garrett Gunderson, Entrepreneur Secrets to Wealth Building - Killing Sacred Cows

Personal Finance is different for entrepreneurs. No one understands this better than NY Time Best Selling author and financial guru to thousands of business owners, Garrett Gunderson. In this quick episode he reveals the secrets to how business owners can make more but more importantly keep more in such an easy simple to understand way, that no matter what your level of financial literacy is this will make complete sense. It will be the most profitable 30 minutes you invest.

Sep 15, 2016
Ed Dale, Secrets to Finding The Pains, Gains and 'Jobs to Be Done' Your Clients Are Begging For, But Won't Tell You

Ed Dale is the creator of "The Challenge". This is a 11 year old system for making your first dollar online to making your first 6 figures online. He reveals the secrets to finding the pains, gains and 'jobs to be done' your clients are begging for, but wont tell you. These secrets are the holy grail to "getting the attention" of your prospects and clients. This is how the "big boys" build real business. If you want to learn how to create products, get your emails opened but most importantly scale a business for the long term this episode is for you.

Sep 12, 2016
Stephen Larsen, Funnel Hacking Secrets From Mr. X (Russell's Behind The Scenes Funnel Builder)

Want to know how Russell gets his funnels created? Here is the guy behind the scenes doing a lot of the work. He reveals what it takes to rapidly build funnels that convert and make money. He gives his step by step process on how to funnel hack like a pro even while you may still be in school or working for someone else. He explains the success he has had so early in his career but more importantly what you can do to create even greater success for yourself and your business.

Sep 08, 2016
Brian Kurtz, 6 Dead Marketing Titans Reveal Their Marketing Secrets Through a Billion Dollar Media Buyer

Direct Response Marketing Legend, Brian Kurtz has bought over a Billion dollars of media. He created a 9 Million person mailing list WITHOUT using the internet. He reveals on this podcast his secret "O" to "O" to "O" method of maximizing the return on his investment in list building. He discusses his Christmas cards in July process of staying in front of your competition. Lastly he gives away his 30 year old swipe file of the best kept marketing headlines, videos and sales letters.

Sep 05, 2016
Bryan Bowman, Amazon Selling Millionaire Confesses Why He Became "Certified"... and why you should too

Bryan Bowman was an amateur golfer who became a millionaire selling products on Amazon. His now coaches 7 and 8 figure Amazon sellers on how to take their business to the next level. More importantly he has discovered the secrets to helping Amazon sellers diversify their lead and product flow to help take their businesses to the next level.

He has become a Certified ClickFunnels Consultant and is using this skill set to work with entrepreneurs in more niches than just eCommerce. His years of experience have helped him navigate the eCommerce landmines and build a massively successful consulting business.

Sep 01, 2016
James Friel, Productivity Hacks That Will Save You Time and Make You More Money

James Friel is a former rocket scientist turned entrepreneur. He specializes in taking massively complex ideas and simplifying them into very easy to understand and achieve tasks and ideas. He reveals in this episode the secrets he has created to get the very most done in the least amount of time while avoiding chaos. He reveals how to wake up each day with Zero emails in your inbox and so much more.

Aug 29, 2016
Andrew O'Brien, How To Build Instant Credibility Through Media Publicity When You Don't Know Anyone

Andrew O'Brien [The Publicity Guy] is a master at getting major media coverage without knowing anyone. He has built a media empire and on this episode he reveals the strategies he uses to help his clients get media exposure in Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post and many others. More importantly he tells you everything you need to do to get the same result without spending a fortune on expensive PR firms.

Aug 25, 2016
Step By Step Secrets to Creating High Ticket Funnels

Russell Brunson is the master at selling High Ticket Coaching products. In the episode we reveal the step by step secrets on how to create high ticket sales funnels that convert. We discuss when to use high ticket sales funnels and how to drive leads in to your funnel for pennies and most for free.

Aug 22, 2016
Webinar Secrets to Creating A 7 Figure Business In The Next 12 Months

Webinars are the fastest way to quickly build your business. Too many people screw webinars up and never make any money. We reveal the step by step process of creating the webinar funnel, how to build out the funnel and how to sell on the funnel.

Aug 15, 2016
Alon Shabo, How to Turn a $1,403 Facebook Ad Spend into $223,000 in Revenue in Less Than 3 Months

Alon Shabo reveals how he created a $1,403 Facebook Ad Campaign that generated $223,000 in Revenue in less than 3 months. He is a master at creating real life scarcity. He discusses the power of how pushing people away actually draws them closer. He discusses how to generate leads that are begging to give you money.

Aug 11, 2016
Daniel Levis, Email Alchemy - How to Turn Your Emails Into Gold

Email to turn your emails into Gold. Daniel Levis is a master at structuring emails in a way that is totally captivating to the reader. He reveals his "SOD-PC" formula on how to engage the reader in a way that they look forward to receiving, reading and reacting to your emails. He shows why in all of the craziness of social media, email marketing is still the best way to get people to buy your product or service.

Aug 08, 2016
Trip Wire Funnel Secrets Behind The 'DotCom Secrets' Book Launch

Learn the secrets to trip wire offers. How we made $32.10 for every Dotcom Secrets Book we gave away. We reveal in this podcast how and when to use an order bump. The 2 metrics you must know to create and scale any offer. You can also see the video of it on our YouTube channel under FunnelHackerTV.

Aug 04, 2016
JG Francoeur, How To Establish Yourself As An Expert In 7 Days Or Less

JG Francoeur is best known for his ability to simplify marketing strategies that can double your sales and triple your profits. He reveals the strategies he has used to help over 300 people create instant credibility in their specific niches. He also discusses how to create partnerships that work and are mutually beneficial.

Aug 01, 2016
Tom Morkes, How To Recruit JV Partners and Affiliates - Even If You Don't Know Anyone

Tom Morkes just set a Guinness World Record for the longest continuous audio content seminar. He reveals his secrets to attracting Joint Venture partners and affiliates. He is a master at providing value to his partners. He also discusses the latest trends in online summits and how you can use them to grow your business and your list.

Jul 28, 2016
John Assaraf, How To Win The Game Of Money Through A Brain-A-Thon

John Assaraf is one of the leading behavioral and mindset experts in the world. You will hear him discuss some of the most advanced brain training programs in the world to help individuals recognize and release the mental or emotional blockages that keeps them from achieving their life’s biggest goals and dreams. He discusses the principle of "innercise" and why it has become the key to his success and why it will be your key too.

Jul 25, 2016
Todd Brown, The 3 Secret Numbers You Must Know To Turn Your Product...Into A Business

No one knows numbers like Todd Brown. More important he knows the numbers that matter the most when you are trying to build, grow and scale your business. He reveals the 3 secret numbers you must know to turn your product int o a real business instead of just a hobby.

Jul 18, 2016
Michael Hauge, The Impact and Purpose of Stories on Your Business

Michael Hauge has decades of Hollywood experience working script writers and story tellers. He has compiled all that he has learned over his career and now uses that knowledge to help entrepreneurs and business owners craft their stories to sell more of their products and services.

On this episode he reveals his 12 Elements to Effective Story telling that will help you convert prospects to raving buyers.

Jun 30, 2016
Kaelin & Brandon Poulin, Snapchat Traffic Secrets

Snapchat is becoming the fastest way to build a following of rabid fans who are dying to buy what you have to offer. Kaelin and Brandon Poulin are masters at using Snapchat. They were just interviewed by Russell Brunson. He drills them on everything regarding Snapchat.

This is a "must listen to" episode if you want to learn how to use Snapchat in your business. Because of this interview and the conversations that led up to it is why at ClickFunnels we are using it everyday. You can follow Russell on Snapcat at russellbrunson

Jun 27, 2016
Alex Mandossian, The Secrets To Why COI Is More Important Than ROI In Your Business

Alex Mandossian reveals why the your customer's cost of inaction (COI) is more important than their return on investment (ROI). He reveals the secrets he has found over 20 years of business.

Jun 13, 2016
Brad Hart & Miguel Hernandez, Secrets to Marketing Your Course and Content Online

Brad Hart and Miguel Hernandez are the masters at creating online courses and marketing them. Miguel is known for being the King of Udemy. Together with Brad they have found the fastest way to create amazing content. But if no one knows about your content it doesn't matter how great it is.

In this episode the reveal the secrets to marketing courses quickly. The key for them is to monetize the content they create. Here you will find out how you can do the same thing with your content and courses.

Jun 09, 2016
Marshall Sylver, Your Moral And Ethical Obligation (It’s Also The Key To Your Success)

Marshall is a master closer. Known as the world's greatest hypnotist, he reveals how anyone can use these secrets to close more sales. Marshall discusses "Your moral and ethical obligation" as a business owner.

He also explains why this is the key to your success in business and life. He shows the power of transparency and how it helps you sell more to more people.

Jun 06, 2016
Sean Vosler, Secrets To Have Clients Begging To Pay You At Least 5-Figures To Work With Them

Sean Vosler is the master at how to find and work with only clients who will pay you high 5-figure consulting fees. He reveals the keys to asking the "right" questions to find our your client's numbers. He also explains how to structure equity deals so you do not get burned.

Sean has worked with some of the largest names in the information marketing and internet marketing business. He details how to build these kind of relationships the right way.

Jun 02, 2016
Alex Charfen, Is the "Entrepreneurial Personality Type" Making or Breaking You, Your Business and Your Relationships?

Alex Charfen knows the ups and downs of being an Entrepreneur. He has spent years figuring out what it really takes to have success in business. What he has found is an actual personality type that is unique to Entrepreneurs.

The details he uncovers in this episode will be life altering to you. Your life, the things that drive you in your life and business will all of a sudden make sense. This episode is a must listen to for any entrepreneur. Listen and let me know what you think.

May 24, 2016
Keith Yackey, “Relationship Currency” – The Secret To Finding Great JV Partners AND Clients

Keith Yackey has found the secret to breaking through industry barriers. He has done this in multiple industries. (Real Estate, Music and now Internet and Information Marketing). He has the ability to build businesses through relationships with people he has never met before. They quickly become excited to work with and help him build his business. He reveals the key to “Relationship Currency” that will help you build your business in lightning fast speed.

May 19, 2016
Josh Felber, Retargeting Secrets - How To Go From The Dental Industry To Organic Skin Care - And Make A Profit Through Each Step Of The Funnel

Learn the steps necessary to maximize profits through retargeting. Josh reveals how he sells organic skin care products by targeting dental clients. The organic skin care industry is highly competitive. Josh found a way that allows him to get high quality buyers through a very weird niche. He shows how thinking 1 or 2 degrees away can actually help you grow your business faster with less competition.

May 17, 2016
Sean Stephenson, From 120,000 Facebook Fans to 853,374 Fans in 1 MONTH - Secrets to Viral Videos, Engagement and Reach

Sean Stephenson is larger than life. Decades of experience dealing with the human element of life and business, Sean has discovered the secrets to connecting with people. These connections have helped him create multiple viral videos that have been seen over 100 Million times.

In this episode he pulls back the covers to show you what it take to not only create viral content, but more importantly how to engage with people so they buy from you.

May 10, 2016
Joel Erway, How to Get a 1,400% Increase In Your Business By Working Backwards With Webinars

Joel Erway has mastered the "Perfect Webinar". Joel takes you by the hand teaching you step by step exactly how to make money selling on a webinar. He reveals how to get traffic to your webinar, what to say and more importantly what not to say on your webinar.

He also uncovers the secrets of increasing your stick rate - keeping people on the webinar. If you have a product or want to create a product between $500 and $50,000 Joel's webinar secrets are a must.

May 05, 2016
Jamie Smith, The Giving Tree That Doubled Jaime’s Billing Rate – And How To Use It In Your Business

Why a software junkie who has years of web application development is using a simple SAAS system to help his client’s build their businesses. Jaime Smith reveals the tools he uses to build out online sales funnels for his clients. He discusses the secrets he has found to more than doubling his hourly billable rate.

Jaime explains how to price your professional services to stand out from the crowd and have your customers begging for you to work with them. He talks about the sales funnels he is using in his business which ones work and which ones don’t.

May 05, 2016
How Kajabi and ClickFunnels Work Together To Provide The Best Membership Funnel Platform Ever Created

ClickFunnels now integrates with Kajabi. This is an interview with the founders of Kajabi discussing why the integration and all the benefits available to both company’s users.

Apr 26, 2016
Rob Kosberg, Funnel Secrets On How To Publish Books, Fill Live Events And Run Master Mind Programs

Rob Kosberg has helped publish over 300 authors. He reveals his secrets on how to become a published author. How to fill live events that can then sell high ticket master mind programs. He also shows the sales cycle and closing process he uses to run multi million dollar master mind programs.

Apr 21, 2016
Bedros Keuilian, How To Close 27% Of Your Audience Into a $25,000 Mastermind – And Retain Them Year After Year

Bedros Keuilian has mastered the art and science of selling and running high end Masterminds. He has nearly 600 people who love attending his masterminds.

He reveals his 10 step process that helps him fill his masterminds year after year. He also discusses the secret to retaining his clients. They continue coming back each year because of the results he is able to help his clients achieve.

Apr 19, 2016
Craig Ballantyne, How The "Perfect Day Formula" Will Give You Back Your Life As An Entrepreneur

Craig Ballantyne discusses the success stories of people who implement the "Perfect Day Formula". How to actually get your life back as an Entrepreneur instead of being ruled by your business. How to find time to spend with those you care about the most while not sacrificing your business.

He also reveals the 10-3-2-1-0 Formula to getting a great night sleep and adding an extra 15 minutes to your day.

Apr 14, 2016
Brad Costanzo, Secrets to "Story Selling" - Brad Reveals Century Old Secrets To Selling Modern Physical and Information Products

Brad reveals century old secrets he uses in his business to sell information and physical products, even commodities like coffee.

Apr 12, 2016
Joe McCall, Podcast Secrets – What I Learned From 5 Years of Podcasting

Joe McCall has been podcasting for 5 years. Joe reveals what he has learned over the last 5 years.

What are the tools, software and tricks he uses to do his podcasts? Why everyone should be podcasting? This is a raw bonus podcast from Joe.

Mar 31, 2016
Joe McCall, The Funnel Secret That Pays for All Of Your Facebook Ads

Joe McCall reveals the little secret he uses in his sales funnels to pay for all of his Facebook ads.

He also shows the 6 funnels he uses to take 2-3 months off every year and travel the world with his family while continuing to make more money each month.

Mar 31, 2016
Anik Singal, Your "Circle of Profit" and How to Scale Any Business from $0 to $10 Million

Anik reveals how being $1.7 Million in debt and his near death experience is actually what helped him find his mission and passion.

He "tells all” on how to scale any business from $0 to $1 Million then $10 Million and even up to $100 Million. He discusses the 4 metrics every business must know to guarantee success.

Mar 22, 2016
Henry Kaminski, How To Get Gucci Branding At Walmart Prices

Henry reveals the system he used to save his business from near bankruptcy to over $500,000 in sales in just 16 months. He describes in detail the 3 steps you can use to get Gucci Branding at Walmart prices.

You will learn the one thing that will help you crush online conversions. How to hire the right designer and get exactly what you want. Lastly he give you the design credibility killers and builders.

Mar 15, 2016
Ryan Stewman, How You Can Get Paid $40,000 or More To Create Your Best Products

Ryan Stewman details how he went from the Penitentiary to the Penthouse. He reveals why everyone is building their products backwards.

He details how he gets paid $40,000 or more to create killer products, to hire the best copywriters, design team and gets paid to advertise.

Mar 10, 2016
Bryan Dulaney, How To Become An Industry Leading Expert When No One Knows Who You Are (Bryan’s 2 Funnel Secret System)

Bryan reveals how God literally saved his life so Bryan could help awaken others into living their soul’s purpose.

Bryan provides the details on how he helps 7 figure earners leverage their expertise. He uncovers the strategies he uses to help his clients sell high ticket coaching and the price points that work on webinars and those that don’t.

Mar 01, 2016
Jesse Doubek, How Jesse Went From $120,000 In Debt, Sleeping On A Friend’s Couch To Creating 4 Million Facebook Fans For His Clients In Less Than 3 Years

Jesse has become a leading Facebook marketer in less than 3 years. He discusses how to build and monetize Facebook fan pages.

He also shows how he has built millions of Facebook fans for industry leaders like Russell Brunson, Chalene Johnson and Brendon Burchard.

Feb 24, 2016
Stephen Esketzis, How I Won A Car With A List Of Less Than 200 People
Stephen Esketzis reveals how he became a top affiliate and won a car with a list of less than 200 people and how you can to. He also discusses the secrets to writing content that actually makes you money. Ever wondered how to monetize your blog or how long your blog posts should be.
He talks about all of this and the ClickFunnel he thinks everyone should build first to make money online consistently. Lastly he reveals how to “double up” on your webinars and 2 unique ways to fill each webinar to capacity.
Feb 03, 2016
Justin & Tara Williams, How To Build A 6 Figure Business In 6 Months
If you ever wanted to know how to rapidly build a 6 figure business doing what you love, working with your spouse this episode is a MUST. Just and Tara Williams “pull back the curtain” and show you everything they are doing. What they are doing to create “predictable revenue”.
They share the front end products they are using to build their 7 figure real estate coaching program. They also discuss how they built coaching program without any content or products that their members love. Better yet they tell you how you can do it too.
They also reveal the secret to building a business together without breaking down your marriage. They share their passion for helping people become the person you deep down inside know you were meant to be.
Feb 03, 2016
Liz Benny, Social Media and Webinar Secrets From The Queen Of Kapow!

Liz Benny, the Queen of Kapow details what it took her to go from almost losing everything to a Million dollar business within a year. 

More importantly she reveals the funnels she is using, her value ladder and how you can get results like hers. She explains the key to indoctrination and the only thing holding you back from success.
Feb 03, 2016
Trey Lewellen, How To Use Physical Products To Build A $400K Per Month Membership Site

Have you ever wanted to sell physical products online? If so you MUST listen to Trey Lewellen’s story. He takes you step by step through everything he has done and is doing to get massive results.

UPS just called and asked if they could just park a 40 foot trailer every day at his office because it would be easier for them than coming to pickup all of the packages he is sending out every single day. He reveals how to find out what your avatar’s wallet size is.
He tells you exactly what you need to do if you are first getting started or if you are trying to build an 8 figure business like his. He even told me his secret on how he makes a 280% profit on products he gets from Wal-Mart. You will want to take notes on this and will probably listen to this multiple times.
Feb 03, 2016
Russell Brunson, The Future Of The Internet And ClickFunnels

Russell Brunson tells his story, why they built ClickFunnels and the future of where he sees the internet going. He reveals what he would do if he was starting his online business today. 

He also tells the secret steps it takes to rapidly build a successful 6 figure online business into a 7 or 8 figure business. Lastly he talks about what he is most excited about in 2016 and how he plans on capitalizing on the latest technologies and what you should do to.
Feb 03, 2016
Welcome to ClickFunnels Radio Podcast

On this podcast we will be interviewing some of the world's smartest internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners as they reveal what it takes to create massive success.  By listening to this podcast you are going to receive actionable advice and incredible insights and the secrets these entrepreneurs are using in their business every single day.  They expose what works and what doesn't.  Most importantly, it will be things that you can actually use in your business today. Whether you are just getting started or already running a successful business, they will help you get to the next level.  They will be uncovering what it really takes to build a sustainable monthly income doing what you love.

Jan 29, 2016