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Business & Success Coach for Consultants, Solo Professionals Coaches.

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Do you find yourself unsure of what your next step should be? Don’t think you have what it takes to fulfill your dreams? Maybe you feel you are too different to fit in?

Proclaiming herself as a born entrepreneur, Shannah Game is a Certified Financial Planner with a media background. Shannah is the queen of all things unconventional – she founded the United States’ first ever national student film festival when she was in college. At twenty years old, she sold it and began a career in the financial services industry. Now, she is among the most influential online voices on money matters.

In this episode, Shannah shares with us her journey from being a young entrepreneur to an established professional in her own league. After selling her film festival to big Hollywood producers, Shannah had no idea what to do next. She ventured into financial services with her father and found a way to merge her creativity with her financial expertise.

Shannah helps you determine what makes you unique. She helps you understand that it’s okay to not always know what to do next – your path is yours to define. Success is yours to define. What can you bring to the table?


Jun 08, 2018

This week on It Girl Radio,we are celebrating the 90th episode of the podcast! It’s quite a milestone, and I’m truly grateful for everyone who’s kept on tuning in every week.

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately, and I haven’t done solo episodes in a while... So this week on It Girl Radio,I will be sharing something extra special :) I was featured on Unstoppable Success Radio, where the lovely Kelly Roach and I had a fun and interesting discussion about our businesses. I'm sharing that episode this week.

Here, I share about the changes I’ve made to Business Mastery and I reveal why I’ve decided to modify the program. I also have a few words of advice for entrepreneurs who are wishing to expand their businesses and for aspiring businesswomen who are thinking about taking the big leap.

After the Unstoppable Success Radio episode, I have a few announcements to make regarding the structure of the podcast. I will switch things up a bit for future episodes of the show. As to what they are, you will have to tune in to know.

It’s been a pleasure being able to bring you relevant content throughout these 90 episodes. I hope this latest episode continues to encourage you to strive harder. I hope it also inspires you to take a long hard look at your marketing strategies and your business structure to ensure that it continues to serve you and your overall goals.

Remember to tune in to It Girl Radio to get your weekly dose of inspiration.

May 29, 2018

When I say the word brand, what pops into your mind? What do you associate the word with? Your logo? Your font choices? The colour scheme you chose meticulously?!

I asked marketing expert Jennifer Kem the same questions in this week’s episode of It Girl Radio, and she responded, “Your brand is much more than a gorgeous face on the internet.”

A lot of people equate the term with graphics and design. While it’s true that aesthetic aspects are part of the branding process, it is not limited to it. There really is more to branding than a company’s visual appeal.

Jenn (who has been in businesses for over a decade) shares what branding means and help us to build a brand system that is scalable, one we can continue to develop through the years.

It starts with understanding the four pillars of branding: archetype, audience, aesthetics, and activation.

Success didn’t happen overnight for Jenn’s businesses. She started in retail. She owned and ran a chain of successful stores in Hawaii, but she had to close them all down because of the 2008 economic crisis.

Despite her setbacks, Jenn strived harder to make better businesses, profitable ones. And since then, she has never stopped. She still uses the same branding framework for her three successful businesses. She also teaches it to her clients.

If you want to create a brand that’s compelling and profitable, tune in to this week’s episode of It Girl Radio.

May 27, 2018

“How can you be so nice and still be successful?” It’s a question that long-time media executive Fran Hauser has encountered time and time again. That question is the reason why she penned The Myth of the Nice Girl, a book that proves nice girls can finish first.

This week on It Girl Radio, Fran will share her business journey. She reveals the most important lesson she picked up along the way. And of course, she will tell us more about her book such as the inspiration behind it.

Fran has worked for some of the biggest names in the digital media realm. She has held senior positions at companies like People, InStyle, and Entertainment Weekly. Fran was born in Italy, but when she was only two years old, their family moved all the way to New York City. It’s where it all started. There, she was introduced to the world of business.

Fran’s parents were both entrepreneurs. They barely spoke English, so they relied heavily on her to perform crucial business endeavors. You’d be surprised with what she was capable of when she was in first grade. Perhaps the most important lesson she learned from that experience was from her mother, who taught her that kindness and strength go hand in hand. It’s a lesson that she is now teaching countless women around the world.

Find out why niceness is a strength you want to have by tuning in to It Girl Radio.

May 22, 2018

There’s still quite a lot of confusion surrounding community management and what the role entails. That’s why this week on It Girl Radio, I’m bringing in community engagement consultant to A-list entrepreneurs Diana Tower to clear things up.

Joining me in this week’s workshop-style podcast is an expert on community management, who has worked with a handful of heavy hitters in the business world, including Selena Soo, our very first guest on the podcast.

Diana will be teaching us how to build and manage an engaged online community. We will also be learning the best practices for addressing potentially brand-damaging problems.

Much of the confusion in community management revolves around the role of the manager. Many believe that the job only involves handling the negative issues that pop up in the community. That is not true at all.

The manager also creates engagement posts, anything that the members value and that can get them to connect with each other. Getting the community to engage, according to Diana, is the primary role of the manager.

Perhaps the most important advice that she gave was to set clear and well-defined guidelines before starting a community. This way, members know when they are overstepping boundaries. It also makes it easier for you, and even less awkward, when you’re informing a member about their unacceptable behaviour.

In such cases, Diana believes that it’s best if managers keep the posts or the thread visible to the entire community. Deleting it would only make people question what the brand is doing to address the issue.

To find out more about the process of confrontation, get your pen and paper ready and tune into the episode to start the workshop.

May 16, 2018

Spirituality does belong in business. Long-time coach and modern-day priestess Julie Parker is proof of that. By integrating the element of spirituality into her coaching business, she has certainly made it thrive.

This week on It Girl Radio, founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and the Priestess Temple School Julie Parker shares how she came to embrace her spirituality and how she let her spiritual beliefs power her businesses.

Contrary to what most people think, the coaching industry has been around for more than five years. It has actually been around for at least two decades. Julie has been a part of this industry long before social media even existed.

In this episode, Julie talks about how the landscape of the industry has evolved through the years. She points out the positive changes as well as the undesirable ones, which we all must strive to avoid.

We also explore how spirituality fits in business. Julie recounts how she found her path as a modern-day priestess. She shares how terrifying yet freeing it was to finally tell the public about it.

More importantly, she narrates how allowing her spiritual beliefs to fuel her business helped her create a space that’s authentic and profitable.

Do you want to know more about spirituality in business? Tune into this week’s episode of It Girl Radio.

May 07, 2018
IGR #85: Jessica Rodriguez – When to Let Go and Start Over

When was the last time you took a hard look at all the projects and offers your business is currently running?

This is hard for any entrepreneur. Letting go of projects that are no longer aligned with the company’s goals often feels like you’re admitting defeat and failure.

That might be hard to do, but letting go and moving on is essential if you want your business to thrive.

This week on It Girl Radio, we will be delving into the art of letting go with business and visibility strategist Jessica Rodriguez. Based on her own experiences of shutting down business and terminating offers, she explains how essential the process was for her brand’s growth.

Jess shares three important questions that she asks herself when she’s evaluating if a project is worth keeping. These are:

  • Is it heavy or light?
  • Is it giving me a return on my investment and or time?
  • Is it truly serving my ideal clients?

Jessica used to juggle four jobs before she entered the world of business. Now, she is a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur, and she has run three successful businesses within six years.

Having the power to say no to projects that only consumed all their resources, energy, and time is what enabled her to stay on top of her game through the years.

Apr 29, 2018
IGR #84: Jenn Scalia – Your First Six Figures

Have you been hustling hard but not seeing results? You’ve probably been told that all you have to do to grow an online business is to work hard, and success will naturally follow.

Though that seems like a pretty tale, it isn’t true for many of us. The road to success is full of twists and turns, and it’s pretty easy to lose your way.

This week on It Girl Radio, coach and author of Your First Six Figures Jenn Scalia will tell you all that you need to know to get back on track. If you’re still in the process of launching your brand, you will find her tips pretty helpful too.

In this episode, Jenn shares why she became an entrepreneur, how she discovered the world of coaching, and what she did to create a successful online business. Much like the rest of us, Jenn had her fair share of bumps along the road. She failed to reach her full potential. She was doing so much, yet she wasn’t seeing the results that she felt she deserved.

For Jenn, the first step towards success was cultivating a positive mindset. She believed she could, and so she did. When she set her mind and heart to it, she was able to become her absolute best. She was able to create her ideal business model.

If you want to learn how Jenn Scalia created a profitable online business, tune into this week’s episode of It Girl Radio.

Apr 25, 2018
IGR #83: Revisiting the First Quarter of 2018

When Leo was a few weeks shy of being six months old, we traveled to Bali, Indonesia. There, I came to realize how great it would be if I had help with childcare. We rented a villa in Canggu, which had its own housekeeper who took care of Leo and made sure I had a solid uninterrupted hour for work.

This week on It Girl Radio, I’m taking you behind the scenes of the first three months of my 2018. I’m telling you all my realizations, my successes, and my failures. In today’s new episode, I’m covering everything from finding a nanny for Leo to hiring a second-in-command to help me manage my business.

I’ve also got some big announcements.

After going over the lapses of the group program, such as the lack of accountability, I’ve come up with a better solution to serve you. Starting next quarter, associate coaches will be helping out trainees for the Business Mastery Certification. They will coach you through a variety of things like mindset blocks or Facebook ads. Coaching Mastery also got a makeover. We now have somebody tasked to help you optimize your coaching skills or start your coaching business.

That’s not all.

We also decided to create a new offer called Business Mastery V.I.P., which provides clients with personalized 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

What have you been up to in the past few months, It Girls? I cannot wait to spend the rest of the year with all of you.

Apr 16, 2018
IGR #82: How Being Loved Up Can Benefit Your Business

What part does love and sensuality play in your success as an entrepreneur?

Tune into this week’s episode of It Girl Radio to discover how love, fun, and switching off can benefit entrepreneurs. The magnetic woman herself, Lauren Joyce, joins me in my podcast to explain how feeling good in one’s skin can help women do better in business.

In this week’s episode, Lauren helps us get in touch with our feminine energy. She recommends starting the day by pursuing feminine embodiment practices and sensual activities. A walk, meditation, and journaling are some of the activities that women can do before going to work or whenever they are feeling down.

For those who want to know more about tapping into their feminine energy, check out this week’s episode of It Girl Radio. Find out the simplest ways that women can feel empowered and to perform better in all aspects of life.

Apr 11, 2018
IGR #81: Success on your terms

Are you someone who is multi-passionate? Are you working in a job while launching your own business? Do you see yourself working in several projects throughout your career?

If so, you are in for a treat.

In this week's episode of It Girl Radio, Holly Maccue shares how she can run a six-figure business while also working part-time as a senior marketer for a global organization. Tune in to hear her journey of self-realization, which has been crucial to the success of her multi-passionate career.

Apr 03, 2018
IGR #80: Tricia Brouk: The Secrets Behind Every Successful TEDx Talk

Let’s face it. You’ve probably daydreamed about being on a TEDx stage, talking about your expertise, your passions, and your ideas. This daydream doesn’t even have to be set on a TEDx platform. It could be any other place, as long as there’s a huge audience waiting to be blown away by what you have to say.

But how and where does one really start? How do you turn that entry on your bucket list into a ticked off box on your to-do list?

On this episode of It Girl Radio, we’ll learn about how you can do just that from Tricia Brouk, Executive Producer and Creative Director at TEDxLincolnSquare.

Mar 27, 2018
IGR #79: Rosie Freiha - What to do when you’re unhappy in your business?

Are you unhappy in your corporate job? Maybe you own your own business and everything is going great, but you’re still unhappy.

Tune into this episode of It Girl Radio to hear Rosie Freiha’s story and find out what to do when you’ve found success but still aren’t happy.

We are programmed to go to a university and then eventually get a job. Most of us turn to the corporate world, like Rosie did. But, like many, Rosie’s job wasn’t fulfilling and it led to a host of health problems. The stress and hours of the job ended up hurting her physically and mentally. Maybe you are feeling the same way right now in your job but don’t know how to get out of that rut you are in.

In this episode, Rosie shares her journey from following all the rules, attending university, working in the financial sector and then branching out, breaking free and starting her own business, “Living Rosie.” But it wasn’t everything she hoped it would be, and after moving to Beirut, she started feeling unhappy again. Eventually, Rosie found happiness when she began a coaching brand under her name. Rosie talks about what to do when a situation like this arises and how you can start your own satisfying business.

Rosie helps you understand what to do when you have success but you aren’t happy. Her strategy includes being self-aware and figuring out what you really want out of life. It’s okay not to know right away. In this episode, she helps you understand how to figure it out, discover how you want to be seen in the world and then set your goals for achieving it. Rosie shares her journey with us on how being self-aware and listening to yourself can create something great.

This podcast is great for those who need an extra push to leave the constraints of their corporate life. Break free from the chains and give this podcast a listen! Start your new journey today!

(1:16) Jessica introduces her guest – Rosie Freiha
(1:25) How did Rosie end up being the woman/coach she is today?
(4:30) Rosie talks about Living Rosy
(5:15) Rosie’s crazy year
(8:46) Helping others backstory
(10:20) Creating the Happiness Coaching Business
(12:14) Rosie connects with Jessica
(13:22) Rosie joins doTERRA
(15:01) How do you start navigating when you have success, but you aren’t happy?
(19:05) How can you make yourself happier?
(25:00) Going Live on Facebook
(29:46) Giving into the Universe
(30:10) Happiness Coaching and fears
(36:57) Couple spots left for 1 on 1 coaching
(39:03) Ending with Rosie


“Just because you don’t know the answer yet doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer.”

“In coaching, you cannot be a messed-up therapist.”

“When you are not looking after yourself, you cannot give to others.”

“Give into the power of the Universe.”

It Girl Radio
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Rosie's Instagram
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IGR “Episode #78: Kate Swoboda- The Courage Habit
IGR “Episode #77: Farnoosh Torabi — Book to Brand


Mar 20, 2018
IGR #78: Kate Swoboda- The Courage Habit

Are you fearful about starting a business? Do you have stories in your head telling you that you can't or you aren't good enough? Tune in to this episode of It Girl Radio to hear about Kate Swoboda and her new book THE COURAGE HABIT, to find out how to work with your fearful thoughts and continue to pursue your goals.

Like everyone, you probably have limiting thoughts and fear about whether you’re doing the right thing. Even as an author, Kate Swoboda had those same thoughts, but she has learnt how to work with these thoughts and you will discover how you can too, after this episode.

Kate shares about her journey from getting her book published and the steps you can take to pursue your goals. This inspiring interview details how she used her courage to push past her fear and not let it get in the way of fulfilling her dream. A metaphor she used in our interview really resonates with us: “you have to build yourself enough of a runway for your goal to come to life.“

Building a big enough runway to pursue your dreams and accomplish your goals means giving yourself enough time. Kate was able to publish her book in 2 years, and as a successful coach, she understands, first hand, what it takes to move past your fears. Kate shares with us how the Courage Habit can be applicable in everyday life from being parents, to managing money, and even growing relationships. You can apply the information you learn in today’s podcast at any stage of your life!

This interview with Swoboda is full of useful tidbits on how to apply courage. From the four habits to obtain courage, to how to apply it in your life no matter your age. Don’t miss out on this one especially if you’re at the point in your life where fear and doubt are blocking your work. Come on and give it a listen! Be courageous today!


(0:34) Jessica introduces her guest – Kate Swoboda
(1:46) What inspired Kate to write her book?
(3:47) There is no fearless; it doesn’t exist
(5:00) The science of Habit Formation
(5:31) How long did it take to write the book?
(6:37) What helped Kate become courageous enough to write this book?
(7:33) The four steps to courage
(9:05) Examples of this four step process
(12:19) How Kate felt limited
(13:52) Common limiting beliefs in coaching
(16:30) What to do if you have limiting beliefs?
(17:57) Love of the craft you can’t lose
(20:14) You have to build yourself a runway to success
(21:30) Average amount of time to see success is 18 months
(25:41) Facebook Ads
(27:54) When is the book coming out?
(28:57) Ending with Kate


“There is no fearless; it doesn’t exist”

“Nobody has my point of view; nobody is me!”

“This is your art; this is your craft. Love it!”

“We’re about broadcasting light”

“You have to build yourself enough of a runway”

“Coaching is becoming mainstream”


It Girl Radio
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IGR “Episode #77: Farnoosh Torabi — Book to Brand
IGR “Episode #76: Virginia Salas Kastilio — Instagram, Demystified!”

Mar 13, 2018
IGR #77: Farnoosh Torabi — Book to Brand

How do you build a personal brand? Why is having multiple revenue streams important, and how can you create that? Tune in to this episode of It Girl Radio to hear about Farnoosh Torabi’s journey and get the answers to these crucial questions!

One of America's leading personal finance authorities, sought-after speaker, best-selling author of many books, including When She Earns More, podcast host of So Money — It’s easy to look at Farnoosh’s successes and assume she’s always had it all together. But the reality is that, just like for all of us, it’s been a journey for her to get to where she is today.

Farnoosh shares her story of how she built the foundation of her career and pursued her calling to write a book about personal finance for her generation, despite just being in her 20s. Her persistence to publish paid off, and formed the basis for her personal brand, which she has since grown and leveraged. Today, she teaches other entrepreneurs how to take their careers to the next level by writing a book, in a specialized workshop called Book to Brand.

It’s not all about personal branding, however. Farnoosh has created multiple revenue streams in her business — corporate sponsorship, magazine writing, speaking opportunities, books, and workshops — but there’s one thing that holds them all together, and it’s something you can do too. Consistent content creation!

This interview/workshop with Farnoosh is full of great nuggets of wisdom — you definitely have to tune in to get it all! From learning about Farnoosh’s content creation process to how writing a book can turn you into a highly-sought-after expert to an exciting opportunity to work with her in an upcoming in-person workshop, this episode has it all! What are you waiting for?


Key Takeaways:

[:28] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Farnoosh Torabi.

[2:43] Jessica wants your feedback about this podcast!

[4:51] How did Farnoosh start off in her business?

[14:28] Farnoosh has multiple revenue streams to generate income. What does her business look like today? Was her diversification intentional or something that unfolded over time?

[19:08] Jessica and Farnoosh discuss the importance of creating and putting out good content as a means of establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

[20:50] How did writing a book change things for Farnoosh? It was a big pinnacle and turning point in her career.

[27:08] What was Farnoosh’s experience writing about things that are so personal?

[28:29] How did Farnoosh get the idea to launch her Book to Brand workshops?

[34:05] Jessica and Farnoosh discuss the possibility of turning some aspects of her Book to Brand workshops into an online course.

[36:45] Find out more about upcoming Book to Brand workshops via the website!

[37:00] Farnoosh writes a monthly column in O, The Oprah Magazine. How did she get this opportunity?

[45:18] Farnoosh has some advice for Jessica about her podcast.

[47:06] What are some of the changes Farnoosh has made to her podcast?

[49:58] Farnoosh has some final words of advice.


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When She Makes More, by Farnoosh Torabi

IGR “Episode #75: Blogging, SEO and Becoming a Digital Nomad”

IGR “Episode #76: Virginia Salas Kastilio — Instagram, Demystified!”

Tony Robbins

Tim Ferriss

Articles by Farnoosh Torabi for O, The Oprah Magazine

Mar 06, 2018
IGR #76: Virginia Salas Kastilio — Instagram, Demystified!

We’re all on Instagram but are you making the most of it for your business? How can you leverage this unique platform to build influence and online awareness? Rest easy, because Virginia Salas Kastilio is on It Girl Radio to share her tips.

Virginia started on YouTube about 10 years ago, and since then has built up her reputation, sphere of influence, and business. As the founder of Gini.TV, a disruptive media firm that helps businesses build influence and online awareness, she has been hired by major corporations around the world. Today, she deconstructs what Instagram is all about.

As one of the most popular and widely-used social media platform, every business wants to understand the intricacies of Instagram. Which hashtags should you use? How can you capture followers organically? What content should you post? How can you go viral? Is it even possible to get the elusive blue tick? Virginia breaks it down for us with some key pointers.

Another hot topic everyone is talking about is cryptocurrency. Besides her work in social media, Virginia is also the Chief Marketing Officer of Socrates Coin, a groundbreaking new entrant in the cryptocurrency space. Virginia and I discuss her new project and the opportunities in this industry.

This is an episode jam-packed with loads of great nuggets of wisdom on Instagram, cryptocurrencies, and the challenges of being a business owner. So grab a notebook and a pen, or better yet — open your Instagram account, and start making some changes that will benefit your business!


Key Takeaways:

[:23] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Virginia Salas Kastilio.

[1:50] How can you get the elusive blue tick on Instagram?

[4:04] What made Virginia interested in social media?

[5:30] Virginia started on YouTube 10 years ago. What platforms did she transition to after that and how did she make that transition?

[7:35] What platforms does Virginia recommend for coaches and small business owners?

[10:43] What does it mean to be “mainstream famous”?

[13:05] How do you grow your Instagram account? Virginia demystifies the platform for us, starting with the profile and bio.

[18:20] Another aspect to think about is the color palette of your profile vs. just posting images that work.

[20:10] Virginia has some advice about personal content on your page.

[23:13] Hashtags are a crucial part of achieving success on Instagram. What is the hashtag formula?

[27:55] How can you use viral content to boost your profile?

[29:24] What kind of followers is Virginia targeting? How would she attract followers from a specific target audience?

[32:29] How many comments or likes should you be aiming for to build up your following on Instagram?

[35:11] What was it like for Virginia to make the switch from creating her own content to running an agency and having a team?

[40:15] Virginia is working on launching a new cryptocurrency. What is her project about and how did that opportunity come about?

[45:44] Virginia and Jessica discuss how our devices have become extensions of ourselves and the difficulties of marketing a cryptocurrency.

[48:09] Virginia cautions against jumping onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon before doing thorough research and due diligence.

[49:46] Find out more about Socrates Coin at the website and on social media!

[50:20] Don’t forget to follow Virginia on her platforms, as well!

[51:50] Send Virginia a message on LinkedIn to look at your Instagram profile for some personalized feedback!


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Hashtag Library

50 Instagram Followers A Day, Video by Gini.TV

“The $1.80 Instagram Strategy to Grow Your Business or Brand,” by Gary Vaynerchuk


“It Girl Radio #72: Getting Hiring Right with Jessica Nazarali”

“We Are ALREADY Cyborgs,” Video by Jason Silva

Socrates Coin

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Socrates Coin on Instagram

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Feb 27, 2018
IGR #75: Sharon Gourlay — Blogging, SEO and Becoming a Digital Nomad

Ever wondered how to make money by blogging? Or do you want to become a ‘digital nomad’? On this episode of It Girl Radio, I interview Sharon Gourlay, the founder of Digital Nomad Wannabe, to find out how she successfully did both and her tips for helping you do the same!

Sharon started her blog in 2005, as an online travel journal, but still had a career in IT. Fast forward to 2014. Her career plus managing the household plus spending time with her children equals too much stress! Sharon decided she had had enough of living a life full of work and not enough time to actually enjoy life. She looked back on her old travel blog, and the idea of turning it into a business was born.

Today, Sharon has built and sold numerous blogs and niche sites, all built on the cornerstone of blogging and using SEO to drive traffic. Her basis is simple. All you have to do is find your target market and identify a niche and a problem they need fixing. Create a solution for that problem, then draw your target market to you by using keywords to help them find you!

It's all about being clear on your marketing. Create solid monetization strategies in conjunction with your traffic generating strategies, and you’ll be well on your way to building a successful business. Blogging is also a way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry and build trust with your target market, so don’t overlook it as a tool in your business toolbox.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to find out more about how blogging and SEO work or are interested in learning more about digital nomads, this interview with Sharon is a treasure trove of information. Tune in for some great tips and strategies from Sharon!

Key Takeaways:

[:22] Jessica shares an update about her time in Bali.

[1:35] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Sharon Gourlay.

[3:55] What made Sharon decide to start blogging?

[8:05] Once Sharon made the decision to become a professional travel blogger, what was her process?

[11:36] What happened after Sharon moved to Malaysia?

[12:40] How has Sharon’s business evolved over time?

[15:06] Sharon has been able to create websites and develop a following without using Facebook advertising. How was she able to use these organic strategies to generate traffic to her websites and find leads for her programs?

[17:34] How does Sharon use SEO in her business?

[19:51] What are some other keys to having a successful blog?

[21:53] Why should service-based entrepreneurs, such as course creators or coaches, consider blogging?

[23:09] How often should entrepreneurs be blogging?

[25:28] Jessica and Sharon discuss Facebook groups. How does Sharon use her Facebook group, and can it be used as a mini-blog platform?

[29:15] What are some of Sharon’s tips for creating content and blogging?

[31:13] Check out Sharon’s website for some great tips, challenges, and strategies!

[33:06] This episode is brought to you by the Offering Challenge.

Mentioned in this Episode:

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Feb 20, 2018
IGR #74: Money Talk with Jessica Nazarali - You deserve to earn well for the work you do


Are you feeling guilty about earning a certain amount of money? How can you approach clients who have a block around money? On this episode of It Girl Radio, let’s talk about money and how you can overcome your money blocks.

Money blocks are something that everyone experiences, no matter where they are on the spectrum. Whether you’re just starting out on your business journey, or you’re a more successful and established entrepreneur, this is something everyone deals with.

If you’re feeling guilty about earning a certain amount of money, I encourage you to question why you’re harboring these feelings. Journaling and confronting these feelings of guilt can help you move past your money block.

Consider also, another perspective. Can you help others around you when you yourself are struggling? No! Employing other people. Giving back to charities and causes you believe in. Focusing on your passion projects. These are just some ways you’ll be able to help others around you when your business is flourishing.

It’s time for you to step out and claim the fact that you deserve to have a thriving business. Give yourself permission to earn for the work that you do. You deserve it.

Key Takeaways:

[:25] Jessica’s topic for this episode is money.

[1:46] Are you feeling guilty about earning a certain amount of money? Jessica encourages you to ask yourself why and has some suggestions to deal with that guilt.

[4:34] Jessica shares some insight and an alternative perspective for thinking about money.

[8:40] Another aspect to think about to break out of your guilt mindset around money is when your business is flourishing, you can employ other people!

[10:38] Being able to give back to the charities and causes you believe in is yet another benefit. Jessica shares how she is giving back through the It Girl Foundation.

[12:14] When you are financially secure, you will also have more capacity to focus on passion projects.

[14:37] You can also start thinking about what your legacy work is going to be when you are financially secure. Jessica talks about her experiences of moving from a point where she felt she had to say yes to all clients, to being able to choose who she works with now.

[16:25] Jessica wraps up the episode with some inspiring words of encouragement.

[17:30] This episode is brought to you by the Offering Challenge.

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The Prosperous Coach, by Rich Litvin

“IGR #72: Getting Hiring Right with Jessica Nazarali”

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Feb 13, 2018
IGR #73: Blending a Career and Family with Jessica Nazarali - You can have both!

Did you know that, on average in Australia, a woman gets only seven weeks of paid maternity leave at her normal rate? If you were shocked by that statistic, believe me, so was I.

If you want to have a career and a family, it’s never too early to start thinking about maternity leave, returning to work, and how you can set yourself up for success in your business and career. My research on maternity leave and women’s rights in developed countries turned up some shocking numbers. Even if you’re not planning on starting a family soon, it is still something to be aware of and plan for in your career.

On this episode of It Girl Radio, I share some insights about things to consider when starting a family, as well as the benefits of starting your own business as a mother. As a nanny in my university days, I saw how being your own boss can give you the freedom and flexibility to be financially independent, while also catering to the needs of your family.

As a mother, are you wondering how you can create more flexibility in your business and career? Or are you just planning for the future for when you decide to start a family? I have just the tips for you, so be sure to tune in to find out more!

Key Takeaways:
[:24] Jessica’s topic for today is maternity leave, returning to work, and setting yourself up for success in your business and career.
[:45] Jessica shares the experience of a client that prompted her interest in maternity leave and women’s rights and some of the statistics she discovered.
[2:52] Some of the issues to think about if you want to have a career and a family are maternity leave, childcare, and leaving your child with a caregiver for extended periods once you return to work.
[4:22] Jessica shares her personal experience of being a nanny in her university days, and how that inspired her to start her own business.
[8:30] What are some of the benefits of having a business while being a mother?
[10:53] What women need is freedom and flexibility in their work options. What are some steps you can take to make your work more flexible?
[14:54] It is important for mums to still do work that inspires them and lights them up because that is an example for their children.
[15:25] Another option to consider is moving to a smaller city, a town, or even overseas.
[16:37] Jessica reflects on her journey as a mother and a businesswoman and how this has fueled her passion to help other women.

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Feb 06, 2018
IGR #72: Getting Hiring Right with Jessica Nazarali

Do you need to hire someone but don’t know where to start? How do you avoid making common hiring mistakes? Is hiring someone even possible without stress, tears, and sleepless nights? Throw your worries aside, because I have a simple step-by-step guide to make the whole hiring process painless!

I’ve made a lot of hiring mistakes. Hiring people who were too much like me. Hiring someone who wasn’t qualified or experienced in the areas that I needed support in. Hiring the first person I spoke to out of desperation! I’ve made the mistakes and learned from them, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

So here are the steps to hiring a new team member or assistant:

1. Make a wishlist of what you want that person to do.

2. Get over the mindset that you won’t find someone.

3. Write a job description.

4. Share the ad.

5. Interview multiple candidates.

6. Set your chosen candidates a trial task, or employ them on a trial basis.

7. Give them feedback.

P.S. If it’s not a good fit, let them go! And sooner, rather than later!


I have lots of tips, techniques, and advice about how to take the stress, worry, and pain out of the hiring process, so be sure to tune in to this episode of It Girl Radio.

Easy enough? Put these steps to the test! If you’re thinking about hiring a new assistant or team member, do use this guide in your hiring process. As always, I’d love to hear how this guide works out for you to hire someone to support you in your business!


Key Takeaways:

[:25] Jessica will be sharing about hiring assistants and team members.

[3:58] What is the first step to take when you’re looking to hire someone?

[6:04] The second step relates to mindset.

[8:14] The next steps are easy: writing a job description and sharing the job ad.

[10:52] Once you receive applications for the job, you need to interview multiple people. Jessica has some tips about the kinds of questions to ask.

[13:56] Depending on how the first interview goes, Jessica suggests some courses of action you can take.

[16:33] Once you’ve decided on a candidate, do provide feedback to them about their work.

[17:33] Jessica reminds us that it is okay to make mistakes and hire the wrong person. She has some advice about letting people go.

[19:47] This episode is brought to you by the Offering Challenge.


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“IGR #70: Amanda and Kate Leese — Up Your Leadership Game!”




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Jan 30, 2018
IGR #71: Goals, Intentions, and Plans with Jessica Nazarali

2018 is off to an exciting start, and many changes are afoot, both in my business and in my personal life! On this episode of It Girl Radio, I want to share with you my goals, intentions, and plans for the first quarter of 2018. This way, at the end of the quarter, I can share with you what went well, and what didn’t work out as planned, so that you can benefit from my successes and learn from my mistakes. Let’s get to it!

#1: I’m switching over to a new booking system so I hope to have my new sales team trained and sales system up and running by the end of Q1.

#2: The homepage on my website has been revamped — and I hope to have the rest of my website updated and refreshed, too. Pro tip about doing a website refresh or update: Don’t wait for the perfect website before you start putting yourself out there to work with clients! Don’t let an incomplete website hold you back.

#3: I’m bringing on some associate coaches to work with clients in my mastery sessions, as well as mastermind sessions. This is exciting news because it means my clients are going to be getting more support on a one-on-one basis!

#4: Do you want to scale your business — we’re talking doubling your revenue (at least), without working more, having to release new products, or launch all the time? I may have the solution you’re looking for: a new mastermind program! Reach out to me to see if this new mastermind is suitable for you and your business.

#5: I’m going to Bali, with Faiz and Leo soon! I’ve been to Bali before, but never for this long (two weeks) and not with a baby in tow. It’s going to be a new experience for us, and I’m interested in exploring the option of spending more time in Bali.

What are your goals, plans, and intentions for the first quarter of 2018? I’d love to hear from you, and I’m looking forward to sharing my progress in the coming weeks!


Key Takeaways:

[:25] Jessica is sharing her goals, intentions, and plans for the first quarter of 2018.

[1:22] Something Jessica has been focusing on is switching her booking system for having sales conversations. Her first goal is to train the sales team, and have the new sales system up and running.

[2:30] Jessica has revamped the homepage on her website — what is her goal with regards to her website?

[5:01] Another exciting aspect of Jessica’s business is that she’s bringing on some associate coaches to work with in her mastery sessions as well as her masterminds. What prompted this change, and how does it impact her business and clients?

[8:59] Are you looking to scale your business? You may be a great fit for Jessica’s new mastermind!

[10:48] Jessica is also looking forward to hitting some of her goals in her doTERRA business. What are her goals?

[14:07] On the personal front, Jessica is heading to Bali soon! What is she hoping to achieve there?

[15:18] What are your goals and intentions for the first quarter? What are you going to be working on?


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Jan 23, 2018
IGR #70: Amanda and Kate Leese — Up Your Leadership Game!

What comes to mind when you think of being a leader in your company? What does it mean to be a woman leader in 2018? You’ve created your business but are you really inspiring and leading your team to take your business to the next level? Join me in this episode of It Girl Radio as I talk to Amanda and Kate Leese for some practical steps to up your leadership game!

Amanda and Kate Leese are the co-founders of Leese Sisters, as well as the management consultancy company Kinetics Consulting LLC. Three years ago, they both reached a point where they were unsatisfied with their successful careers in the corporate world, which prompted them to start their consulting firm. In that endeavor, they recognized a need in the market among women leaders who were not coming forward for help with the strategic directions of their companies. Thus, Leese Sisters was born to help women become better leaders!

Leadership was my biggest learning curve in 2016 and 2017. It wasn’t an easy journey, but I'm now in a much better space when it comes to leading my team, hiring, and making decisions that may not be popular but are essential to keeping my business moving forward. Amanda and Kate are helping women leaders in their journey and if you want to become a better leader, you’re just 4 steps away from it!

Did you know that there are many different types of leaders? There’s no one right way to be a leader, but it’s definitely the wrong way if you’re not being authentic to yourself! Amanda and Kate share some of their insights into how identifying the type of leader you are and developing confidence around your leadership style are crucial to building a better team. They also share their tips for overcoming some of the ideas of personal responsibility that hold women back from realizing their full potential as leaders.

If you’re struggling to be the leader that your company needs to grow your business, this episode will definitely get you on the right track. So what are you waiting for? Take control, and tune in to this episode to find out how to be a better leader in 2018 and take your business to new heights!


Key Takeaways:

[:20] Jessica introduces her guests for this episode — Amanda and Kate Leese.

[1:59] This episode is brought to you by the Offering Challenge!

[2:55] What inspired Amanda and Kate to start the Leese Sisters?

[4:32] What were Amanda’s and Kate’s backgrounds? They share their experiences in different industries that have given them different, complementary skill sets to be effective co-founders.

[10:05] What does it mean to be a woman leader in 2018?

[13:51] Do women prefer certain leadership archetypes over others? Kate and Amanda highlight the different types of leaders women can be with some examples.

[15:50] Amanda raises an issue many women leaders face — a lack of confidence around their weaknesses. What are some strategies to build up confidence?

[20:33] The fourth step to becoming a better leader has to do with building better teams. What are some ways to build a better team?

[23:36] What holds women back the most from stepping forward into their leadership roles?

[26:24] Jessica, Amanda, and Kate discuss how women often take steps to be a leader but end up doing things on their own when mistakes happen or things don’t work out exactly as planned.

[31:12] What is the #1 objection Kate and Amanda get when it comes to women stepping up into leadership positions?

[32:15] If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a better leader, do visit the Leese Sisters website for access to their free training!


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Jan 16, 2018
IGR #69: Annabelle Matson — Don’t Put Your Happiness on Hold

Do you ever wonder why you don’t feel happier when you achieve your goals? Do you look like you have it all together on the outside, but feel like a mess on the inside? Do you fall back into old patterns or stories that keep you from living your dream life, no matter how hard you try? This episode is going to help you move past your success blocks, and kickstart your 2018!

My guest on this episode of It Girl Radio is Annabelle Matson, a success coach and the founder of the Dream Life Academy and the Transformational Coaching Certification. A few short years ago, Annabelle struggled with feeling like her life was a mess despite appearing to have it all together. She quit her job and moved to a new country in the hopes of ‘fixing herself’ but realized that the change had to come from within.

I’m sure we’ve all told ourselves the same stories: I’ll be happy once I quit my job/travel the world/make $10K a month. But the reality is that once we achieve these goals, the feeling fades quickly, and we’re often left feeling empty and unsatisfied again. Annabelle takes us through why this happens, and how we can start being happy today, instead of putting our happiness on hold.

After transforming her own life, Annabelle decided she wanted to help other women do the same. Today, she coaches her clients to let go of limiting beliefs that keep them stuck and helps them to start taking action towards their dreams. How can you make this change as well? Annabelle has just the advice and tips you need!

If you are struggling to define what your goals are and what your purpose is or lack clarity in what you’re working towards, this episode will be the guiding light you’ve been searching for. Tune in to find out how you can make the changes that will help you move past your success blocks and get on the fast track to success, today!


Key Takeaways:


[:26] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Annabelle Matson.

[2:06] This episode is brought to you by the Offering Challenge!

[3:29] What inspired Annabelle to start doing her work of being a success coach? Annabelle shares her story that brought her to where she is now.

[9:38] Jessica shares her experiences of projecting into the future and believing that changing outer aspects of her life could bring her happiness.

[11:51] What are some steps that people can take to start feeling happy now, and not in the future?

[17:19] Apart from putting their happiness on hold until their end goal has been achieved, what are some of the challenges or problems Annabelle’s clients typically face?

[20:00] How does Annabelle help her clients work through their feelings of unworthiness or other limiting beliefs about themselves?

[23:40] Jessica often encourages her clients to ask themselves “What am I getting out of staying in this situation?” Annabelle shares some of the similar questions she asks her clients to help them uncover the underlying fears or beliefs that are holding them back.

[26:56] Annabelle shares some of the results and transformations she’s helped her clients achieve.

[29:18] Annabelle uses the analogy of a 10-step process to show how we can work through our fears of not knowing what the entire journey is going to look like.

[33:37] How did Annabelle start living her dream life after she moved to Holland?

[36:11] What is the Dream Life Academy?

[37:41] Find out more about Annabelle and her work via her website; she also has complimentary coaching sessions for women who want to get on the fast track to positive change in their lives, so be sure to check that out!


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Jan 09, 2018
IGR #68: 8 Trends for 2018 with Jessica Nazarali

Happy 2018, everyone! What does this brand new year hold for us? What are some of the trends that we’re going to be seeing in 2018? On this episode of It Girl Radio, I’m sharing some of the marketing and business trends I predict for the upcoming year.


My top trends for 2018:

1. People are willing to pay more for more contact from you.

2. Network marketing businesses are becoming more and more popular amongst people with online businesses.

3. Facebook advertising will become more expensive, so you need to diversify to other avenues of bringing in leads.

4. Content will be king.

5. The ‘rags to riches’ story will not be as impactful as it used to be.

6. Overly glamorous pictures in marketing are going to be less popular.

7. Launches are getting tired. Evergreen marketing is the future!

8. The phone sale will make a comeback!


Staying prepared for what the future holds is key to running a successful business. Tune in to this episode to find out more about these trends and how you can capitalize on them to improve your marketing efforts and keep your business growing in 2018!


Key Takeaways:

[:53] 2018 is almost here! What does the next year hold?

[1:12] People are willing to pay more for more contact from you.

[2:38] More and more people with online businesses are joining a network marketing business. Why?

[5:08] Facebook advertising looks to be more expensive. What other avenues can you turn to, to bring in leads?

[5:34] Content is going to be king in 2018.

[6:51] The rags to riches stories are getting old! There’s usually no ‘one thing’ that turns your life around.

[9:41] Another trend that Jessica predicts will end in 2018 is using overly glamorous pictures in marketing.

[11:15] Launches are getting tired. Think about shifting to evergreen marketing systems instead.

[12:29] Jessica’s final trend prediction for 2018: The phone sale will make a comeback.

[13:16] What are your predictions for trends in 2018? Share them with Jessica on her Instagram page!


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Jan 02, 2018
IGR #67: Dealing with Family over the holidays with Jessica Nazarali

It’s the holiday season again, but are you dreading spending time with family? You love your family, but do you wish you had some strategies for dealing with difficult questions, or awkward comments your family may have? I have just the tips for you on this episode of It Girl Radio.

The holiday period can be challenging, and visiting family can bring up stuff from your past. My conversation with my friend Eileen Hall gave me some insights into how to navigate these situations with family. I’ve added in some of my own tips as well to help you through these times.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is seeing family and is worried about how to deal with any uncomfortable or challenging situations that may come up. Tune in for five great tips that will come in handy, no matter when you’re going through a difficult time with family!


Key Takeaways:

[:45] Holidays can be a difficult period, especially when it comes to dealing with family. Jessica has some tips to help you through that.

[1:56] Tip 1: View seeing your family as an opportunity for growth, rather than an annoyance.

[3:47] Tip 2: Get good at changing the conversation when the topic being discussed is uncomfortable to you.

[5:45] Tip 3: Pack material that will help you work on yourself — books, training courses, a journal.

[6:30] Tip 4: Talk to someone who gets it.

[7:34] Tip 5: If someone is really upsetting you, remove yourself from that situation, but try to work with the situation.


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Dec 26, 2017
IGR #66: Melissa Ambrosini — Open Wide

What’s the secret to deep love, soulful sex, or rocking relationships? My guest on this episode of It Girl Radio, Melissa Ambrosini, has the answers! Melissa is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, and is releasing a new book, Open Wide: A Radically Real Guide to Deep Love, Radically Rocking Relationships, and Soulful Sex.

Dealing with self-doubt, and cultivating self-love. Navigating relationships and calling your soulmate into your life. Engaging in soulful sex instead of junk-food sex. These are just some of the topics Melissa and I discuss on this incredible episode. Get out of your head and into your heart — Melissa talks about some of her insights about how to experience a deep love within yourself and your relationships.

Melissa’s new book, Open Wide, touches on personal topics like love, sex, and relationships, and Melissa and I open up our own personal experiences in these areas. Melissa also has some advice on balancing masculine and feminine energies in your life and the importance of crystal-clear communication.

If you’ve wanted to experience deep love, rocking relationships, and soulful sex, but had no idea how, this episode is for you! Tune in for all of Melissa’s nuggets of wisdom, and get ready to look at love, sex, and relationships in a whole new light.


Key Takeaways:

[:26] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Melissa Ambrosini.

[2:15] Why did Melissa decide to write the book, Open Wide?

[5:00] In her book, Melissa shares very intimate parts of her life and relationships. How was her experience doing that?

[7:24] What are some of the big myths about relationships?

[11:19] Jessica and Melissa share their own experiences of how they came to be with their soulmates.

[15:08] What are the steps you need to take in order to call your soulmate into your life?

[20:49] Being aligned and unified on all levels with your soulmate is of the utmost importance, but that doesn’t mean that there will be no disagreements in your relationship.

[24:12] What are masculine and feminine energy, and how do they impact relationships?

[30:16] In her book, Melissa also discusses the topic of sex. What has her journey been like getting to a place of high consciousness and connecting with her lover?

[36:22] How has Jessica’s relationship evolved with her husband, and how does that compare with her past relationships?

[41:49] Melissa leaves us with some inspiring words of encouragement. Check out her website for more information and connect with her on social media!

[43:28] Melissa and her musician husband, Nick Broadhurst, will be touring Australia in January and February 2018!


Mentioned in this Episode:

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Mastering Your Mean Girl, by Melissa Ambrosini

Open Wide: A Radically Real Guide to Deep Love, Radically Rocking Relationships, and Soulful Sex, by Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini on Instagram

Melissa Ambrosini on Facebook

Melissa Ambrosini on Twitter

The Open Wide Australian Tour with Melissa Ambrosini and Nick Broadhurst


Dec 19, 2017
IGR #65: Courtney Dow — Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Have you ever wanted to do something, but been held back by the fear of what other people would say or think? Are you too afraid to step outside your comfort zone and take control of your own life? On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Courtney Dow, a leader in doTERRA Essential Oils, and she talks about how she worked through these mindset issues.

Courtney worked in various industries — finance, digital marketing, events, to name a few — before leaving her career behind to become a stay-at-home mom to her daughter. She had been using doTERRA Essential Oils in her home and life, and finally decided to take the plunge and make it her business as well. Courtney shares how taking action helped to boost her confidence and made her step outside her comfort zone while still giving her the flexibility to be a stay-at-home mom.

Fear and self-doubt is a common and natural part of starting something new, but when we get rid of the negative stories we tell ourselves about what is possible, we expand our possibilities. Courtney and I discuss how she worked through her mindset issues of what people would think of her, and her motivations for stepping outside her comfort zone.

If old stories or insecurities around what other people think of you are holding you back from living your best life and starting whatever business that you desire, this episode is going to be just the push you need. Tune in to be inspired by Courtney’s story, and to find out how taking action can change your life too!


Key Takeaways:

[:26] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Courtney Gow.

[2:36] How would Courtney describe her working relationship with Jessica?

[3:04] What does Courtney do, and what kind of business is she in?

[4:34] How long did it take for Courtney to decide to do the business side of doTERRA?

[5:57] How did Courtney work through her fears and self-doubt to start her business?

[7:58] Courtney shares her personal moments of realization in her doTERRA journey.

[12:10] How many hours does Courtney work on her doTERRA business per week?

[14:41] Jessica and Courtney discuss the flexibility and autonomy her business offers, especially to stay at home mothers.

[17:09] Courtney was worried about what people would think of her embarking on a network marketing business. How did she work through her mindset issues?

[21:41] What are Courtney’s goals for her business?

[25:32] Visit Jessica’s website to find out more about doTERRA and how you can be a part of their team.

[26:25] Courtney leaves us with some final words of wisdom.


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Dec 12, 2017
IGR #64: Erika Vieira — Go Viral on YouTube!

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Erika Vieira, creator of the Beauty and the Vlog Podcast and community. Erika wasn’t always a YouTube whiz, but her strength was definitely sales and marketing. She capitalized on this through her career in real estate, apparel, podcasting, and now as a business strategist for YouTubers and influencers.

Today, Erika is dedicated to helping content creators understand and refine their niche and purpose for being influencers. It’s a harsh (YouTube) world out there, and it’s hard to make viral videos, and attract a loyal following! That’s why Erika works with influencers on personal branding, content improvement, and niche discovery.

Erika and I discuss some strategies for boosting the reach of your videos through YouTube SEO. What are the three key things to pay attention to? Erika has the answer! And if you’re still feeling hesitant or vulnerable about jumping on the video bandwagon, never fear! Erika has just the advice to help you overcome that hurdle.

If you want to understand how to go viral on YouTube, and how to create content which is both search engine and consumer friendly, you are going to love this episode. Also, check out Erika’s podcast — I’m sharing tips on her podcast about how influencers can monetize their following, so be sure to tune in!


Key Takeaways:

[:26] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Erika Vieira.

[2:20] How did Erika become a YouTuber? What inspired her to start her business?

[7:30] Erika first started connecting and interacting with her audience via her Facebook Group.

[10:14] Erika has been able to help her clients because she helps them with strategy and growing their business, rather than the actual YouTube experience.

[12:01] When did Erika start her mastermind program?

[13:26] What are some of the consistent challenges Erika’s clients face?

[20:43] How does Erika help people who are uncomfortable with feeling so vulnerable about putting themselves out on YouTube?

[26:40] From an SEO perspective, what are some things that can be done to boost the outreach of a YouTube video?

[35:40] Erika shares her thoughts on podcasting vs. YouTube, and why she believes that video is the future.

[37:56] Get in touch with Erika via her website and social media! She also has a Niche Discovery Guide that you can download for free, so check that out!


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Beauty and the Vlog Podcast “Episode 72: Everything You Need to Know About YouTube Tags, Titles and Thumbnails”

Google AdWords


Niche Discovery Guide


Dec 05, 2017
IGR #63: Nagina Abdullah — It’s All About Spice

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Nagina Abdullah, the founder of and Spice Yourself Skinny. We’ve all struggled with weight issues and tried everything from starving ourselves, or working out for hours. Nagina tried a different approach - using spices and incorporating them into her diet - and it really worked!

Nagina’s personal success enabled her to attract and grow a successful one-on-one health coaching practice, so she tried to transition into a group program with emails and webinars. To her surprise, not one person signed up! But despite her initial failure, with some tweaks, she was able to find the right positioning. Fast forward four months: Same program, but a different name and voilà, success!

Nagina and I discuss the difference between group programs and one-on-one coaching, and Nagina also shares her insights about what it takes to generate an annual 6-figure revenue business. Higher prices are not the only way to get higher revenue! Nagina has some great advice for entrepreneurs that will help boost your productivity and creativity as well.

This episode is perfect if you’re a coach or desire to be a coach — Nagina’s career and the lessons she’s learned will surely be very useful to you. Nagina also has a special gift for you, so be sure to tune in!


Key Takeaways:

[:25] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Nagina Abdulla.

[2:21] What inspired Nagina to start health coaching?

[6:32] What are the secret spices in Nagina’s recipes?

[11:16] Nagina has been running her business for about three years. What does her business look like today?

[15:37] How is Nagina’s business structured in terms of launches?

[17:25] Nagini and Jessica discuss their insights about the kind of results people get in one-on-one vs. group settings.

[19:13] What is Nagina’s price point? Nagina and Jessica discuss how pricing can affect revenue in a business — you don’t necessarily need to have higher prices to have higher revenue.

[21:55] What are Nagina’s favorite ways to build her list?

[26:57] What are Nagina’s key tips for entrepreneurs to be successful in the health and wellness space?

[32:38] Nagina has a special gift for It Girl Radio listeners! Check out her website for the Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet!


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High Performance Habits, by Brendon Burchard

Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet (It Girl Radio Exclusive)


Nov 28, 2017
IGR #62: Mary Shores - The Power Of Your Words

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Mary Shores, the author of Conscious Communications: A Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices and Your Life, published by Hayhouse. Mary has experienced several personal tragedies in her life but has chosen not to let these events define her, by being conscious of the words that she uses and the messages she projects.

Mary’s story is a powerful and inspiring one. As entrepreneurs, we sometimes get caught up in drama or stress, but we also have the power to change the narratives of our stories, through the words we use. Mary shares some of her techniques to help you reframe your story, and her three-step process for tackling problems.

Mary and I discuss how important it is to choose your words carefully, as your words are the difference between strengthening a relationship or creating a disconnect. Eliminating certain words from your vocabulary can also help activate the right response in your clients.

If you’re going through some difficult times, and need some guidance on how to move on, this powerful episode will surely inspire you. Tune in for Mary’s advice on how you can harness the power of your words to rewrite your story!


Key Takeaways:

[:25] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Mary Shores.

[1:55] What made Mary decide to write her book, Conscious Communications?

[5:09] What was the turning point for Mary that made her realize that her words have an impact and that she needs to be mindful of what she’s putting out in the world?

[7:18] Mary started her first business when she was 24. What made her decide to start her business?

[10:18] What are some of the words or phrases Mary uses to encourage people to feel good?

[11:57] How long has the book been in making? Mary shares her journey of what it took to bring the book to life, and her transformation in the process.

[15:30] Mary has experienced some personal tragedies. How can others who are similarly going through difficult times use Mary’s principles to recover from that?

[19:08] Mary shares a three-step process for dealing with difficult situations.

[25:18] How has Mary’s book impacted people’s lives? Mary has some anecdotes and personal stories.

[27:47] How much of your story should you be sharing? How can you achieve a balance between being stuck in a story from the past, and helping others by sharing that story?

[30:15] What are some steps someone who has a lot of emotional charge toward a particular story in their past can take to release that? Mary has some tools for reframing your story.

[32:32] Mary has a Conscious Communications Guidebook, and a Facebook Group, Fearless Ambition, that you can be a part of!


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Nov 21, 2017
IGR #61: Jessica Nazarali — Evergreen Marketing, Funnels and Leads

On this episode of It Girl Radio, I’m sharing a podcast episode where I was interviewed by Lindsey from the Traffic and Leads Podcast. It has been some time since I have shared about funnels, leads, and Evergreen marketing and this episode is the perfect introduction to what Evergreen marketing is all about.

I incorporated Evergreen marketing into my business because I found launching to be really exhausting and stressful. Now, I launch programs once or twice a year but have business coming in consistently. In this interview, I share what my funnels look like, how I structure my business, and the strategies that I’m using so that you can implement them in your own business!

It wasn’t all perfect from the beginning, however, and I did make some mistakes while working through my initial launch. The key is not to get disheartened and give up — by making some tweaks, I was able to draw in more clients, increase my conversion rates, and up my revenue.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the numbers and figures of how much I spend on Facebook ads, the returns on these ads, and my conversion rates on webinars, this episode is for you. Tune in to find out more about all the nuts and bolts that go on behind the scenes of my business!


Key Takeaways:

[:23] This week’s episode is a podcast episode where Jessica was being interviewed by Lindsey on the Traffic and Leads Podcast!

[2:01] Lindsey, host of the Traffic and Leads Podcast, introduces Jessica.

[5:22] What does Jessica do, and how does she make money?

[7:00] Jessica does launches once or twice a year. Does she regularly launch new programs, or do her existing programs open and close at certain times of the year? Jessica explains more.

[8:30] What made Jessica decide to make her programs mostly evergreen, with just differences in price points at launches?

[10:25] Jessica's first launch was a 6-figure launch. How did she achieve that level of success?

[12:32] Jessica had about 2000 people on her email list at the point of her first launch. How did she keep that list fairly warm up to that point?

[13:36] Jessica shares more about her blog. She now blogs once a week on her website, and has her own podcast, It Girl Radio!

[14:16] Jessica shares an example of a funnel that was working for her, that she tweaked so that it worked even better.

[18:15] What webinar software does Jessica use to run all of her Evergreen webinars?

[18:46] How long has Jessica been running the Evergreen funnel?

[19:45] How much does Jessica spend on Facebook marketing?

[20:19] Which funnels are Jessica's sales coming from?

[21:29] What are some mistakes that small business owners are making that prevent them from reaching the level of success that Jessica has?

[23:10] Jessica shares how you can get access to her webinar; don’t forget to check out her website and social media as well!

[24:01] Lindsey summarizes her key takeaways from her interview with Jessica.


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Nov 14, 2017
IGR #60: Jaclyn Carlson — Face-to-Face is the Future

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Jaclyn Carlson, Global Product Manager at Mamamia Women’s Network, Australia’s largest independent women’s website. She is also the Director of Blog Society, a vibrant community of bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. Jaclyn shares how she was inspired to start Blog Society after feeling disconnected from her community and noticing a similar trend in the women around her. Jaclyn also shares why she believes face-to-face interactions are the way to set yourself and your business apart.

Jaclyn’s latest endeavor is expanding Blog Society to include doTERRA Essential Oils as part of its offering. It wasn’t a decision that came easily for her, and Jaclyn and I discuss how we both faced our fears, concerns, and hesitations about embarking in network marketing. It is easy to make excuses and hide behind other commitments, but if you want to make a change in your life, you have to take that leap of faith.

DoTERRA and network marketing is a lot cooler and more fun than you would imagine, and it is definitely a business that can work for you. Regardless of if you’re just starting out, or looking to add a revenue stream to your existing business, you need to believe in the product and stand firmly behind what you’re doing.

If you're feeling scared to try something new, or if you're interested in how to merge doTERRA with your current brand, business or work experience, you will love this week’s episode! Tune in for more!


Key Takeaways:

[:24] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Jaclyn Carlson.

[2:20] What is the Blog Society, and why did Jaclyn decide to start it?

[4:29] Jaclyn is expanding Blog Society into a new area and adding a new revenue stream to her business. Why did she feel called to do that?

[6:57] Jaclyn believes that the marketing world is headed into an era of more face-to-face connections and away from hiding behind screens. How did she arrive at that conclusion?

[8:29] What really makes business owners stand out from the rest is the personal touch that they offer their clients to go the extra mile, be it through group calls or live meetups. Jessica and Jaclyn discuss how this also helps to emphasize your brand.

[9:58] Jaclyn and Jessica were both hesitant about joining doTERRA. What were some of Jaclyn’s concerns about joining a network marketing business?

[13:05] Jessica talks about how so many people get stuck in the analysis paralysis phase and don’t ever take the leap of faith. Jaclyn shares how demystifying her concerns helped her to take that leap.

[15:05] When Jaclyn decided to expand and add doTERRA to her offerings, how did she make that announcement, and deal with the fears surrounding making that announcement?

[18:09] Jessica shares her own perspective of how she has dealt with her own fears to combat naysayers. The key is truly believing in the product, and standing firmly behind what you're doing.

[21:25] What kind of support do people get when they join doTERRA?

[23:39] One of the main reasons why Jessica joined doTERRA is because she felt her products at the time weren’t catering to her entire community. DoTERRA fills the gap by catering to women who are looking to start their own business but don’t yet have a product to sell. Jaclyn shares her similar experience.

[27:22] Many people who are hesitant about joining doTERRA use time as an excuse. Jaclyn talks about her experience of using time as an excuse when it was really fear that was holding her back.

[31:48] Jessica and Jaclyn are on the same team and are looking to grow their doTERRA team to a global one while making a difference to other women’s physical and financial health.

[34:04] DoTERRA is breaking the traditional stigma of networking marketing. Jaclyn and Jessica discuss how it’s possible to leverage your talents and skill sets, both online and offline, in network marketing.

[37:34] What are the steps to take if you are interested in joining doTERRA?


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“IGR #58: Alice Nicholls — Creating Abundance with doTERRA

Nov 07, 2017
IGR #59: Erika Elliott — Having the Right Support, in Birth and Business

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is my doula, Erika Elliott. I found my birth to be an incredibly empowering experience and I want to share with you about that experience. Having Erika around through the pregnancy really helped me to prepare for the type of birth that I wanted to experience and she supported me through the birthing process.

Erika and I discuss why how you birth can greatly impact your confidence, self-esteem, and impact you for better or for worse. It is so important that we prepare and have the right support around us, and a doula is really your ally in the birthing process who makes sure your wishes are respected and your voice is heard within the system. Choosing people you feel confident and comfortable with to be on your birthing team is also crucial.

We also talk about how mindset plays a huge part, not only in overcoming the challenges we face in birth, but also the challenges we face in business and life. Let go of control and realize that sometimes, you can’t control the timeframe — you just have to let things happen when they will. Finally, Erika wraps up this episode with some insight on how she sustains her business purely based on referrals.

This episode is perfect for those of you who are pregnant and thinking about the type of birth you want to have, or if you’re just curious about how a doula makes for a more empowering birth experience. Tune in to find out more about the magic a doula works behind the scenes.


Key Takeaways:

[:24] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode, her doula, Erika Elliott.

[4:25] What inspired Erika to become a doula? Erika shares her journey of becoming a doula.

[11:23] Why is it important for a woman to think about the type of birth that she wants to have and be prepared for it?

[14:53] Doulas play a big part in ensuring that the wishes of the birthing mother are respected and that she’s fully supported throughout the process.

[16:09] Jessica shares her experience of being in pre-labor for three days, and how having Erika as an ally was very helpful.

[19:25] Jessica found that mindset played a huge part in keeping it together through the birthing process and this can be related to the challenges in business and life in general.

[23:17] What are some key pieces of advice or tips that Erika has for pregnant women who are preparing for birth?

[28:25] The birth process is important but don’t forget to prepare for the postnatal period, as well. Erika talks about some of the changes that happen after the new arrival.

[32:59] Erika doesn’t have a website as all her business is referral based. How can she sustain her business purely on referrals and without having to look for more clients?


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Oct 31, 2017
IGR #58: Alice Nicholls — Creating Abundance with doTERRA

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Alice Nicholls, Founder of Natural and Empowered. Alice has experienced not one, but two career changes in her lifetime. From working at LinkedIn to being an entrepreneur, to being involved in network marketing with doTERRA Essential Oils - Alice has done it all. Alice shares why she believes network marketing is essentially similar to corporate sales, only better.

Alice only jumped ship to doTERRA last year in June, but she has already achieved the rank of Blue Diamond Leader, the 2nd highest rank within doTERRA. She and her team are aiming to reach the highest rank within the organization, Presidential Diamonds, by November 31st, 2017. Alice shares with us her secrets to achieving such great success in a short amount of time, and how she is contributing back to the organization to help others achieve similar successes.

My experiences with doTERRA had been limited to two occasions, but I recently came across it as a business opportunity and was amazed by it. It is a powerful opportunity for women who don't have a product to sell and are looking to add an additional residual income strain into their business. It is the perfect, risk-free way to create financial abundance in your life so that you are free to pursue your passions.

Are you looking to add an additional, residual income strain to your business, or are you simply interested in finding out how doTERRA Essential Oils can benefit you? Tune in to hear more about an essential oil company who has created a cult-like following and how you can be a part of it!


Key Takeaways:

[:20] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Alice Nicholls.

[1:10] Jessica talks about her experiences with doTERRA Essential Oils as a business opportunity. You can connect with Jessica and Alice to work with them in this capacity!

[3:00] What was it like for Alice to make the different switches in her career?

[7:35] Alice discusses the key differences between selling in a large corporation and her current experience with doTERRA.

[11:51] Alice and her team are currently aiming for the highest rank within the doTERRA business, despite not having been in the business for long. What has contributed to her success?

[18:25] The doTERRA business model is perfect for anyone and has a great amount of inbuilt support for people who need that structure. Alice explains how she is contributing to that to help other women achieve their successes.

[22:32] Jessica shares how she got started in the doTERRA business, and how it fills the need of catering to women for whom Jessica’s current offerings aren’t suitable.

[24:55] Alice reminds us about an important fact — this incredible financial abundance that’s available is NOT abnormal. As human beings, we are destined for greatness!

[27:07] If you are interested in co-creating a beautiful business for yourself with Jessica and Alice, it is incredibly easy to get started, and there are no downsides!

[31:57] Alice shares a story about how she’s spending $35,000 on a referral this week.

[34:47] Alice and Jessica invite you to gift yourself the opportunity to experience doTERRA oils by simply visiting the website.

[38:33] The doTERRA business isn’t just a business — it’s changing lives and supporting people’s health and well-being, while also giving yourself that financial freedom to pursue your passions.

[39:49] Alice leaves us with some final inspirational words.


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Oct 24, 2017
IGR #57: 30 Lessons to Celebrate Turning 30 with Jessica Nazarali

By the time this episode airs, I will be 30! To celebrate the occasion, I wanted to do something different from the other episodes. Today, I’m going to be sharing 30 lessons I’ve learned from my 30 years on Earth. Tune in to find out what they are!


Key Takeaways:

[:22] Jessica turns 30! She has 30 lessons to share.

[:46] Book a one-on-one consultation with Jessica.

[1:19] Jessica shares 30 lessons she has learned in her 30 years on Earth.

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Oct 17, 2017
IGR #56: Maintaining Productivity Post-Pregnancy with Jessica Nazarali

My good friend, Ursula, joins me again on this episode of It Girl Radio for a follow-up interview. The last time we spoke, I was in the later stages of my pregnancy, and now, Leo is seven weeks old! There have been some challenges that I have faced since Leo was born, and the biggest shock to me was how difficult breastfeeding was.

I’ve also had to balance my business with being a new mother, something which I’ve been able to accomplish through outsourcing and delegating. This whole process has forced me to be more laser-focused and productive when I have time to get work done. Having a team that I trust, and remaining flexible throughout, have also helped me keep my business going.

For those of you who are pregnant, or about to give birth, I have some advice to keep your business running smoothly through this transition period, so be sure to tune in!


Key Takeaways:

[1:06] What have been Jessica’s biggest surprises since having baby Leo?

[2:53] Who did Jessica speak with to help her overcome the challenges she faced in breastfeeding? Jessica shares some of the strategies she used to help herself through this difficult time.

[4:58] How is Jessica managing her new baby and her business at the same time?

[6:28] Jessica has delegated some of her tasks to other people on her team to juggle motherhood and her business. What is her process for managing all the moving parts?

[9:54] What does Jessica’s day look like?

[13:53] How has Jessica’s productivity changed from the later stages of her pregnancy, when she was super productive, and now?

[17:10] What is Jessica’s advice for women who are about to give birth, in terms of things to prepare or be aware of, before the baby comes?

[21:15] Book your complimentary offering assessment with Jessica and her team at


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It Girl Radio “Episode #54: A Post-Birth Update with Jessica Nazarali”




Oct 10, 2017
IGR #55: Expressing Your Most Authentic Self In Business

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Jia Ni Teo, a life and success coach. From the time she was a little girl, she had wanted to be a vet, but a moment of realization two years into her university education inspired her to embark on a different path. She dropped out of her course and went into nutrition, which led to holistic health coaching.

Today, Jia Ni is a business and life coach who is following her passion, helping others be their best selves, and create a business in line with their most authentic selves. Jia Ni and I discuss the importance of understanding who you are and what you stand for. Your core and your values come from within, and once you have that discernment about yourself, you can build the business and life you’ve always wanted.

It is easy to give up your power and energy to various external factors, but taking your energy back yourself is key. Jia Ni shares some tips and exercises to get clear on who you are, what your power is, and how to take it back for yourself — so you can be the best version of yourself.

This episode is perfect for you if you need some inspiration about how to regain your power and reclaim what you stand for. Tune in to learn from Jia Ni’s experiences and expert coaching strategies!


Key Takeaways:

[:21] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Jia Ni Teo.

[1:00] Jessica shares a story about how she manifested Jia Ni to Sydney.

[2:09] How did Jia Ni end up in the coaching industry?

[5:00] How far into vet school was Jia Ni when she realized that she wanted to pursue coaching instead?

[6:20] Did Jia Ni know immediately that she wanted to go into coaching, or was there a period of uncertainty and contemplation?

[8:03] Jia Ni’s own journey of realization required a lot of courage and commitment to her being her best self. She shares how this has helped her coach her clients on their journeys.

[8:58] How does Jia Ni recommend that people stand out and differentiate themselves from the other coaches or online personalities?

[11:47] How can someone get clear on who they are and what their power is so that they attract people to themselves? Jia Ni shares some areas in your life where you may have given up your power, and how you can regain that control again.

[17:18] Jia Ni shares her personal experience with a client who makes much better progress in her coaching sessions because of her clarity and discernment about who she is and what her power is.

[20:01] Jessica reflects on her own experience working with people who do not have a solid sense of who they are or what they stand for.

[22:03] What are some steps someone can take to address the issue and regain control and power in their lives, once they have identified the areas in which they’re giving their power away?

[26:16] Jia Ni shares three ways you can identify your core and your values. Remember, it comes from within, so start there.

[30:25] Jessica shares a personal anecdote about her client. It is important not to get caught up in getting things perfectly as they are set out, but taking them and making them work for you.

[32:01] What does being an It Girl mean to Jia Ni?


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It Girl Radio Episode #50: “Danielle LaPorte — Messages, Marketing and (Social) Media”

Oct 03, 2017
IGR #54: A Post-Birth Update with Jessica Nazarali

I’m finally back after the birth of baby Leo, and I am excited to be back to give you an update on the last six weeks. Life has been crazy and hectic, in a good way, and on this episode of It Girl Radio, I want to share about all the things I’ve experienced and learned as a new mom.

Leo’s birth was a long but rewarding process, and I am thrilled to be a mom. Having a baby has also made me so much more productive! Life post-baby hasn’t been entirely a bed of roses, though. Leo is a good sleeper, but there were some challenges when it came to breastfeeding. I talk about my experiences with breastfeeding because it is something many women do struggle with. Remember, you are not alone, and you’re not a failure!

My challenges with breastfeeding lead me to some important realizations, not just about breastfeeding, but also about business. It’s easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself for something to happen by a particular time or deadline, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to set aside the timelines. Tune in to this episode for some advice if you’re feeling stressed out about your timelines, or if you just want to catch up on what’s been going on with me!

Key Takeaways:

[:20] Jessica wants to share an update on what’s been happening since Leo’s birth!

[1:18] How was Leo’s birth for Jessica? Jessica's doula will be on the show in a few weeks to share about her business, so stay tuned for that.

[3:00] Jessica loves being a mom! It has made her so much more productive.

[4:00] Jessica talks about the challenges she has faced with breastfeeding Leo.

[8:10] How do Jessica’s challenges in breastfeeding relate to challenges her clients face?

[9:52] Jessica invites you to look at the goals you have in your life. If your timelines to achieve these goals are stressing you out, perhaps it is time to set them aside.

[11:55] In the past six weeks, Jessica also had to deal with her fear of the unknown, and wanting to control the situation.

[13:00] Breastfeeding has gotten a lot easier for Jessica over time. She has some advice for you if you’re facing similar challenges, whether it’s breastfeeding, or in your business.


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Sep 26, 2017
IGR #53: Sami Wunder — Lean in at Work, Lean Back in Relationships

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Sami Wunder, a love and relationship coach, and a private client of mine for the last six months. Sami hadn’t always been successful in her relationships. On paper, she had a great life, but she could not attract and maintain a relationship with the right man. She was unhappy and insecure and decided to take charge of her life by studying relationships. Within months, she transformed herself into a confident, empowered woman, and attracted and married her soulmate!

Today, Sami is happily married, has a baby, and runs a multiple six-figure business coaching women about creating and maintaining successful relationships. In just two years, she has had 85 recorded marriage proposals, marriages, engagements, and people finding their soulmates. How did Sami get so successful, so quickly? Sami shares her secrets!

Many women believe they can’t have success both in their careers and in their love lives. Sami has some great strategies for overcoming this limiting belief. Sami and I also delve into the topic of masculine and feminine energies. You need your masculine to be successful at work, but embracing your feminine energy is key to getting the relationship that you want.

If you’re a high-powered career woman who finds her love live lacking, Sami Wunder has some wonderful advice for you. Tune in to hear Sami deconstruct the commonly-held myth that women can’t have it all and get started creating the relationship of your dreams.

Key Takeaways:

[:16] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Sami Wunder.

[1:22] What inspired Sami to start her business?

[3:50] Sami is now happily married and has a baby. How long did it take for Sami to attract her soulmate from the time she started studying relationships?

[5:21] What was the transition like from helping herself attract the right man, and realizing that she wanted to help other women?

[7:53] Having the confidence and really knowing the area you are coaching in is crucial to getting the credibility you need.

[8:56] Sami's business has grown to multiple six-figures in two years. What has contributed to her quick success?

[12:15] What advice does Sami have for women who feel they can’t be successful in their business and also in a successful, happy relationship?

[14:34] How can women start to believe that it is possible to have success in their careers and relationships at the same time?

[17:43] Sami delves into the idea of masculine and feminine energy. Why are so many women in their masculine energy?

[23:10] Sami has a saying that sums up her approach to work and relationships: Lean in at work, and lean back in love.

[23:40] How can women who are in their masculine energy turn that around? Sami has advice for single women and women in relationships.

[29:48] Sami has a second tip about turning on your feminine energy — start receiving more!

[33:12] Sami’s final tip is to get in touch with your feelings.

[37:00] Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with your man, but don’t play the blame game.

[38:30] Check out Sami’s website and Facebook group for some other great tips and resources! If you're a single woman, Sami also has a complimentary training just for you!

[40:04] Sami has a reminder for you: You have the power to create the relationship of your dreams!

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Sami’s Complimentary Training for Single Women

Sep 19, 2017
IGR #52: Katie Phillips — Self-Love Is the Cornerstone to Your Business and Success

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Katie Phillips, the founder of The School of Self Love. Katie used to be an events planner, but despite her success, she felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing. She didn’t know who she was, felt anxious and lost, and didn’t feel like she was living her truth. She decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery, and had the realization that she was not limited by her background, or circumstances — you can create your life!

After having that epiphany, Katie felt the need to share this message with others. She started coaching from a place of wanting to help and inspire people, and it felt good to her. Her business today, The School of Self Love, is the result of the beautiful evolution of Katie’s journey about something she’s passionate about.

Self-love is self-responsibility, and Katie and I discuss why self-love really is the cornerstone to your business and personal success. Katie also shares about the difficulties of marketing a business with an intangible product, and some of her tips for promoting her business.

Are you wondering if you really know yourself and are true to yourself? Or do you run a service-based business and need some tips to revitalize your business promotion? Tune in to this episode with Katie as she talks about self-love, self-discovery, and shares some techniques and strategies for marketing the intangible! 


Key Takeaways:

[:20] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Katie Phillips.

[:48] Tune in next week for a personal update from Jessica!

[1:40] Katie coaches on the topic of self-love. How does she put a dollar figure to something that is intangible?

[3:30] Did Katie always know that she wanted to be an entrepreneur?

[4:27] Where did Katie’s journey begin?

[7:16] How did Katie go about her journey of self-discovery? What were some of the tools she used, or who were some people she turned to?

[11:10] Katie woke up to the truth that you are not a victim of your circumstances. You can create your life!

[13:00] Katie firmly believes that self-love is self-responsibility. You have to put in the work to get the results that you want.

[15:19] How did Katie make the transition from studying and healing herself to coaching and teaching on this topic?

[18:48] What is Katie’s business like today?

[22:29] What are some strategies or tactics that have been useful to Katie when it comes to promoting things that are not directly tied to income-generating activities?

[26:40] What advice does Katie have for someone who is questioning whether they really know themselves or are true to themselves?

[30:30] Check out Katie’s website and her YouTube channel for some great resources, tips and tools.


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Katie Phillips on YouTube

The Hoffman Process

Sep 12, 2017
IGR #51: Katya Varbanova — Video is the Future.

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Live Stream Katya, a live-streaming strategist and the Founder of Peri10k. After graduating from law school, Katya was working in the banking industry before jumping on the Periscope platform just out of curiosity. She initially grappled with issues of fear, but finally took the plunge, started live streaming, and discovered she loved it.

Katya started out by talking about topics she was interested in and cared about. Today, Katya helps turn experts into celebrities by helping them to grow huge online tribes though leveraging live streaming and video marketing. Her company, Peri10k, was founded on the idea of building a community of fellow live streamers, but when she saw how successful it became, Katya took it to the next level by charging a membership fee.

Katya and I discuss how she has managed to build such a successful business based on the membership model — the trick is to base your business on something other than pure content. The future is also going to be more focused on video and live streaming than ever before, so Katya also shares her tips for overcoming any qualms you may have about videos or live streaming. Whether you’re afraid, or you think you don’t have any content, Katya’s strategies will definitely be of use.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking for tips on creating great content, or has been resisting live streaming. Video is the future, so be sure to tune in to this episode with Live Stream Katya to get on board!


Key Takeaways:

[:21] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Katya Varbanova.

[2:00] How did Katya’s business come about?

[8:55] The fun part about the journey is not knowing where you could end up, when you first start out!

[9:07] Katya believes that women are more likely to follow their intuition without wondering too much about the "why" — this is a good thing!

[10:05] How many members doe Katya have today? She shares a little about how her membership plans have evolved over time.

[11:39] How much involvement does Katya have in the membership site? What are people paying for when they buy a membership?

[17:27] The live-streaming platform has really taken off. Where does Katya see the direction of live-streaming going?

[21:30] Video is the future, and everyone needs to get on board with it.

[22:31] Katya has recommendations for people who are scared, or worried about judgement.

[27:13] Katya shares her tips for people who think they don’t have any content — her signature formula will help you create highly relevant, lively content for a whole year, in just three hours!

[32:23] If you don’t have a plan or structure, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the multitude of options. Breaking things down to their different parts helps give focus, and takes a lot of the hassle out of it.

[34:06] What does Katya do for fun?

[37:05] Who does Katya admire?

[41:10] Katya leaves us with some final word of advice: Instead of competing, we should be collaborating.


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Sep 05, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #50: Danielle LaPorte — Messages, Marketing and (Social) Media

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest is Danielle LaPorte, an invited member of Oprah’s Supersoul 100, the author of The Fire Starter Sessions, The Desire Map, and most recently, White Hot Truth. Danielle wasn’t really someone who wanted to become a published author, but rather realized that writing books was the best way to share her message with world. Danielle takes us behind the scenes into the inspiration for White Hot Truth, and her journey of getting it out to the world. This subsequently led to her starting, and now, growing the publishing arm of her company.

When it comes to getting your message to the world, Danielle talks about how much easier it is to choose your audience, and spread your message to people who are already on the same page. She is all about her tribe, and marketing to like-minded people, rather than trying to convince everyone about the truth and value of her message.

Danielle and I also discuss how people can easily become dependent on their coaches for all the answers, just as they become dependent certain objects for healing or fixing. This can be damaging, and Danielle shares just how important it is for you to be able to trust that you know what’s best for yourself.

If you are looking for insights into how best to get your message out to the world, managing social media, or just how to reconnect with knowing what’s best for you, tune in to this episode as Danielle shares of her knowledge.


Key Takeaways:

[:21] Jessica introduces and welcomes her guest for this episode — Danielle LaPorte.

[1:45] When did Danielle realize that she wanted to be a published author?

[2:27] How does Danielle usually get the inspiration for her books?

[3:28] Did Danielle create the publishing arm of her company because of White Hot Truth, or was it around beforehand?

[6:01] Where does Danielle see the publishing arm of her company going?

[7:40] What inspired Danielle to write White Hot Truth?

[8:40] Jessica heard Danielle speak in Sydney, where she shared her experience of having, and then getting rid of her crystals. Danielle talks about how people, and she herself, can become reliant on objects to fix them.

[12:10] Jessica and Danielle discuss the parallel between people depending on objects for healing, and people depending on coaches for the answers. If people aren’t making their own choices, they cannot be happy with their outcomes.

[13:32] If someone is feeling lost, how can they go about starting to tap back into their inner knowing?

[15:19] Danielle used many different mediums to get her message out with the launch of her new book. What was the best strategy or technique that she found in relation to launching a book?

[17:23] Looking back at how Danielle’s brand has evolved and grown, what is something she wishes she had known when she was starting out?

[20:31] Danielle is very active on social media, and she shares a lot about her life with her audience. Did this always come naturally to her?

[23:29] What has been Danielle’s best purchase under $1,000?

[24:29] What is Danielle’s favorite place to travel to, to unwind?

[25:07] What does being an It Girl mean to Danielle?


Mentioned in this Episode:

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White Hot Truth, by Danielle LaPorte

The Fire Starter Sessions, by Danielle LaPorte

The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte

Coaching Mastery Certification


Ten Thousand Waves Spa, Food, and Lodging

Aug 29, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #49: Sarika Jain — The Business of Love

On this episode of It Girl Radio, my guest and a past client, Sarika Jain, the founder of the Sacred Soulmate System. She had always been fascinated by love and human relationships, but after her fiance broke up with her, Sarika realized that she didn’t know anything about intimacy, self-love, and unconditional love. Her painful heartbreak pushed her to embark on a deep journey to heal herself from the inside out, and to discover true self love.

Today, Sarika is happily married to her soulmate, living in New York City. Her passion is helping smart, professional, go-getter women find true love, and cultivate a powerful and blissful experience in every part of their life. As a love and relationship coach, Sarika focuses on teaching women to love themselves, release their blocks, and date in a way that attracts a healthy, lasting life-partnership. Sarika offers one-one-one coaching, as well as group programs, and she recently launched a six-week online course titled “Attract Your Soulmate.”

Sarika talks about how many of the women she coaches don’t feel worthy of love, and this is often translated into their businesses as well. Overcoming this block is essential to finding love, and growing a successful business. Sarika also shares some insights into running a successful business selling something intangible, and the marketing tips that have helped her on her entrepreneurial journey.

This episode is perfect for you if you find yourself struggling to find love, or if you’re interested in starting a business selling an intangible, or service-based product. Sarika’s tips and strategies will definitely come in handy!


Key Takeaways:

[:25] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Sarika Jain.

[1:25] How did Sarika end up starting her current business?

[6:32] What does Sarika’s business look like today?

[7:38] Many people believe that it’s hard to make money if you’re selling something that isn’t as tangible, or that can’t be associated with a monetary value. How does Sarika market something as intangible as self-love, and relationship coaching?

[9:26] Businesses aren’t built around tangible or intangible things — they’re built around solving a pain people are feeling.

[11:04] We can try to quantify how much a coaching program is worth to the client, but it’s really up to the client to let you know how much the program is worth to them.

[12:42] What marketing techniques have worked for Sarika to connect with her ideal clients?

[15:20] Doing workshops and events helped Sarika build up her online system, and really understand what kind of clients she was targeting.

[16:10] What was it like for Sarika, making the transition from the corporate world to starting her own business?

[19:32] What advice does Sarika have for someone looking to start their own coaching or service-based business?

[21:59] Are there any similarities among women entrepreneurs who are struggling to find love, that comes across in their businesses as well?

[24:12] Sarika has learnt a lot from Jessica about taking her business online, and now is a great example for others looking to follow a similar trajectory.

[25:35] Who does Sarika admire?

[27:00] What is Sarika’s favorite holiday destination?

[27:20] What does Sarika do for fun?

[27:48] What is Sarika’s favorite blog or app?

[28:31] What does being an It Girl mean to Sarika?

[29:37] Check out Sarika’s website for relationship quizzes, upcoming events, and interesting articles about love!


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4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss


Aug 22, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #48: Michelle McGlade — Build A Community, Build Your Business

Michelle McGlade was a private client of mine in 2016, and this interview was recorded in person when I was last in New York. Like most entrepreneurs, Michelle started off in corporate America, working her way through the ranks. Even at that time, she had an inkling about holistic healthcare, although she ignored it. In 2008, she finally took the plunge to go back to school and become a licensed acupuncturist.

After graduating, she embarked on a three-year entrepreneurship journey down a path of starting and running wellness clinics. She soon realized that she found more pleasure in leading, guiding and inspiring people who were approaching her for help to grow their businesses. This realization paved the way for her to make the jump to running her business online.

Today, Michelle has a thriving membership program, Maven Inner Circle, and works with a limited number of one-on one clients. She provides business coaching and mentorship for the future leaders of the wellness industry, helping them take their businesses to new heights.

Michelle talks about what her entrepreneurship journey has been like, the challenges she has faced, and the mistakes she has made. Her experiences thus far have helped her understand the importance of building a community that has focus and accountability, and that provides support and guidance.

This episode is perfect for someone looking to harness the power of community to grow themselves as entrepreneurs, and their businesses. Tune in for some great tips from Michelle.

Key Takeaways:

[:32] Jessica introduces and welcomes this episode’s guest — Michelle McGlade.

[1:32] How did Michelle end up in her current business?

[5:10] How many clinics did Michelle have?

[5:49] Michelle’s clinic wasn’t just a one-man show. What was it like being in charge of so many people?

[7:04] Michelle jumped straight into launching a large clinic with multiple treatment rooms and employees. She doesn't recommend her route for everyone, though!

[8:02] What gave Michelle the inkling that there was something more than just having and running her own clinics?

[9:03] Michelle and Jessica met right when Michelle had accepted that she was going to sell her clinic, and wanted to start moving in the direction of coaching people online.

[10:05] What was the first program or offering that Michelle sold online?

[11:12] Since her foray into the world of online business, Michelle has had to learn so many different things.

[11:41] After some time with her one-to-one model, Michelle realized that she wanted something more, to make a greater impact, but she just wasn’t sure what the answer was.

[13:05] What is Michelle building now?

[14:54] Michelle’s business model is now predominantly membership-based. What are the pros and cons of such a model?

[17:36] Jessica compares the membership business model to the evergreen business model.

[20:01] What are some steps someone looking to harness the power of community can take?

[23:35] What is Michelle’s opinion on videos, live streaming, podcasting and other mediums to interact with people? Which is her preferred medium?

[25:16] Who does Michelle admire?

[27:03] What is one mistake Michelle has made in business, and what has she learned from that?

[29:41] Jessica shares a personal story of the difficulty that entrepreneurs face when it comes to having to say no to something.

[31:38] What does Michelle do for fun?

[32:54] If Michelle were given $10,000 to spend right now, what would she spend it on?

[33:56] What does being an It Girl mean to Michelle?

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Aug 15, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #47: Cristina Samper Pearl - Event Planner Extraordinaire

Cristina Samper Pearl was a private client of mine in 2016. She is the founder of Fluent Productions, a Vancouver-based events company which services clients all over the world, and was awarded Vancouver’s Top 30 Under 30.

Cristina got into the industry when she did an internship at an event planning company, and subsequently started running her own business. Most recently, she has expanded into the consulting and coaching space in the last two years. Apart from organizing fabulous events all over the world, she has made it her goal to help people who want to get into this highly competitive industry, something that she struggled with when starting out.

As someone who has worked with many high-profile clients such as Michael Buble, Cristina has some great insights about how to maintain positive client relationships in stressful situations. Everyone has bad days, and it’s important to remember that, when dealing with clients, so that you treat them with compassion.

Cristina also shares some tips for entrepreneurs starting out — there’s a lot of benefit that comes from being authentic, and coming from a place of giving to others, rather than just taking. Remember to also celebrate small milestones in your journey, instead of only focusing on the new goal.

This episode is perfect for new entrepreneurs looking for tips on starting their own business, and those who want to enter the highly-competitive event planning space!

Key Takeaways:

[:25] Jessica is interviewing a former client of hers — Cristina Samper Pearl.

[1:20] How did Cristina end up in her current business?

[2:48] How long has Cristina had her current business?

[3:10] Did Cristina always think she was going to be an entrepreneur, or did she just go with the flow?

[4:12] Cristina’s business deals with event planning, as well as coaching and consulting. How do these elements work together?

[5:59] What advice does Cristina have for maintaining positive client relationships in high-pressure situations, or dealing with more demanding clients?

[9:30] Everyone has bad days — it’s important to deal with clients who are stressed or upset with compassion.

[11:00] If people are approaching you as the expert, have the confidence to voice your opinion!

[11:54] Businesses cannot be grown overnight. Cristina shares some insights about making the right connections and getting the endorsements needed to grow a business.

[16:46] What advice does Cristina have for young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

[20:36] Starting a business and having a baby — there's never a right time to do it, you just have to do it!

[21:25] Cristina was named one of Vancouver’s Top 30 Under 30. She talks about the experience.

[25:09] Jessica shares a personal story about brief career as a model — it’s not about being in competition with others, but competing with yourself to be the best you can be.

[27:52] It’s time for some fun questions. First off, who would be Cristina’s dream client for her events business?

[29:48] If Cristina were given $10,000 to spend right now, what would she spend it on?

[30:56] What is Cristina’s favorite holiday destination?

[31:34] What is Cristina’s favorite blog or app?

[32:37] What does Cristina do for fun?

[33:41] What does being an It Girl mean to Cristina?

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Aug 08, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #46: Casey Van Zandt — Success without Burnout? It’s Possible.

Today, my guest is Casey Van Zandt, one of my mastermind clients, and a very successful consultant based in L.A. Casey started off as a part of the corporate world, and was very driven to achieve impressive results and career success. However, she struggled with work-life balance for a long time before she finally realized, and admitted, that she’s a workaholic, in 2011.

In today’s world, addiction to work is more common than we would think. As with any other addiction, there are many different layers to it, and different people deal with and approach it differently. Casey talks about recognizing addiction to work, and balancing and managing that addiction.

After developing a serious stress rash from working too hard, Casey realized she had to slow down. She left her corporate career to focus on pursuing her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. However, the universe had other plans for her, and when she was offered her first big consulting role, she took it. Currently, Casey combines consulting, coaching and digital courses with the work she does around work-life balance. Her mission? Showing others they can have success without burning out.

Casey has added on to her consulting practice by diversifying into the online sphere. She wants to create products to serve her existing client base, and open up to new potential clients in getting her message to a bigger audience. She shares how coaches can add more consulting strategies too!

This episode is perfect for someone who has a tendency to overwork or someone who is seeking work-life balance!


Key Takeaways:

[:20] Jessica is almost 39 weeks pregnant! She talks about some of the things that have changed recently.

[1:05] Jessica introduces her guest for this episode — Casey Van Zandt.

[3:10] Casey talks about her journey in her career — did she always know she was going to be an entrepreneur, or did she just somehow end up there?

[4:50] When did Casey come to the realization that there had to be an easier way?

[9:03] Being a workaholic and enduring immense levels of stress to achieve career goals is not something uncommon, but is also not something really talked about. How many people suffer through this?

[11:41] There is a fine line between doing what you love passionately, and having an addiction. There are also different layers to addiction, so what’s important is finding that balance and managing it.

[13:33] Casey talks about her transition from the corporate world to being a consultant. It wasn’t a typical active transition, but has led her to being exactly where she wants and needs to be, in her career journey right now.

[20:10] Casey has created some online programs, such as the Social Media Detox and Mindful Hustle. She shares a little about her process of moving into the online world from a mere consulting position.

[22:00] Casey’s first online product was based on her clients’ struggle with social media addiction, and her programs are designed for clients to have lifetime access.

[24:51] What are some tips that Casey has for people looking to change, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about doing it?

[30:00] Balance isn’t just a hobby, or just putting your technology away, or just meditating in the morning. It’s present throughout the day in your energy levels!

[30:35] Casey has another tip: When taking a vacation, really unplug to recharge, and stay recharged for a longer time!

[33:25] Casey’s tips are practical and easy to incorporate into your daily life!

[35:07] Casey is going to be launching her program, The Mindful Hustle, again soon. She tells us more about it.

[38:51] Casey leaves us with some words of wisdom: 1) Be open and embrace things as they come to you, even if they're not what you were expecting. 2) Be humble, and stay grounded.


Mentioned in this Episode:

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The Social Media Detox

The Mindful Hustle


Aug 01, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #45: Behind-the-Scenes with Jessica Nazarali

I’ve got my dear friend Ursula Williams with me on the show today! Ursula is a really close friend of mine who was a bridesmaid at my wedding, and also recently put on a baby shower for me. Ursula has known me for a long time now, so we’re going to give you the inside scoop on what happens behind-the-scenes, when it comes to my business.


Regular listeners of the show would know that I am now 37 weeks pregnant, and being pregnant has really changed my perspective on freedom and flexibility. My entire mindset has changed, and that’s not even including the physical and hormonal aspect of being pregnant! Kudos to all of you pregnant women out there, and remember, don’t be too hard on yourself!


In terms of my business, being a mum is definitely going to have an impact on it. My dreams and goals also evolve over time, and I want to broaden my reach to help more people. At the same time, I try to make sure that what I’m delivering is something that people actually need.


I also have some tips and strategies for helping you achieve your dreams and goals. Don’t worry about making mistakes, and focus on doing what you really enjoy! At the end of the day, it’s important to be clear on what your priorities are. If you do what you enjoy doing, then you won’t have to be doing a balancing act between work and life!


This episode is great for people eager to find out how I balance my pregnancy and my business, as well as for those of you looking for some insight on how to achieve your dreams, whether it’s some motivational words of advice, or tips to increase productivity!


Key Takeaways:

[:30] Jessica’s doing something different on this episode — her friend, Ursula Williams, is going to be interviewing her to get some behind-the-scenes information!

[1:26] What’s been the biggest change in the way that Jessica perceives her business, now that she’s heavily pregnant?

[3:28] How has Jessica been managing her stress, hormone levels, and preparing for the baby, on top of running a business?

[6:02] Now that Jessica is entering a new stage in her life, has it changed her target market?

[7:34] How does Jessica get inside the mindset of her target market, now that she’s moved into a different demographic?

[10:30] Jessica has always been a person who gets up and chases her dreams. Have her dreams changed, and how does she stay focused?

[14:35] Jessica’s tenacity is something that Ursula has always admired about her. Ursula and Jessica share some of their experiences together.

[17:10] Too many people out there are too scared to embark on any new challenges. What are their fears? What is holding them back?

[19:55] Where does Jessica see herself in 5 years?

[21:44] How does Jessica go about setting goals for herself?

[22:52] How does Jessica stay motivated on a day-to-day basis?

[25:21] How does Jessica set out her day to achieve all of her goals?

[26:29] Jessica shares some tips to manage email!

[29:08] What are some tips that Jessica has for women who want to create a better lifestyle and work-life balance for themselves?


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Jul 25, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #44: Sarah Kaler — Design and Lead a Dream Team

If anyone knows about corporate success, it’s Sarah Kaler. Sarah worked in the corporate world for 10+ years before starting her leadership-driven company called Soul Powered. Soul Powered is an inspiring business striving to give women tools to lead, empower and grow their own legacy.


Sarah’s executive career with Lululemon was impactful; she led many dynamic teams. During her time there she propelled many teams, projects and people forward.


Sarah was (and still is) so good at leadership she began to receive requests, outside of work,  for advice and mentorship. Sarah’s ambitious spirit took over and she began offering her services part-time, while still working full-time for Lululemon. This gave Sarah a glimpse into an entrepreneurial lifestyle; a lifestyle she’d had a taste of before and a lifestyle she always had some desire to experience again.


Shortly after starting her “side-hustle”, Sarah was thrown a nasty curveball. She began experiencing grand mal seizures. This was completely terrifying for Sarah and her family. She  found herself in hospitals, with doctors and specialists. This was a dramatic, scary change for her.


During this tumultuous time, Sarah and her husband began to feel a strong desire to start a family. Sarah always had a clear vision of, not only making an impact, but being a mother. There was a new sense of importance and urgency as Sarah experienced some unfortunate health problems. 


Also, during this time, Sarah really began to think about adjusting her lifestyle. She could see her current lifestyle was not conducive to the part of her vision that included having a family. She wanted to find a path for herself, and other women, to be able to have a creative, meaningful outlet, and spend energy on a family. 


Sarah hit rock bottom was when she had six grand mal seizures the week before her son was born. I can only imagine being is Sarah’s position; having a newborn baby and not having the ability to care for him. 


During her maternity leave, Sarah and her husband knew everything had to change. They moved cities, began focusing on health and added a support system to their life. This was the beginning of a new chapter.


Sarah did return to work after maternity leave, but knew in her heart she was destined to spend her time and energy helping women “have it all”. She wanted to find a way to help women balance dynamic lives as mothers and entrepreneurs.


Sarah felt a great sense of freedom and empowerment as she finished her time in the the corporate world and established her own business. Sarah had great leadership skills and was progressively able to build a business that reflected her vision. Today, we are lucky enough to get some incredible advice from a woman who has found a way to “have it all”. 


Some of the most passionate advice Sarah gives about being a leader is to have a deep personal responsibility for ourselves. We must show up as our whole selves and be congruent before we can move to managing a team successfully. 


I also love Sarah’s advice on transforming the way we think. Sarah recommends “thinking like a CEO”. This means having a mindset to take responsibility for an entire company. 


Another key aspect of building a business and leading is proactively designing your team to support your mission. There is a lot to be said about spending time determining the type of person you want to hire. It’s important to spend time deciding how that person will add to your vision and contribute to the business as a whole.


Sarah stresses the need for leaders to know their vision and continually share that vision with their internal team. This is something that should always be clear to the people you are relying on to help build a legacy. 


I truly feel this episode is filled with nuggets of wisdom on leading and overcoming. Sarah provides so many tidbits of information that can transform the way you lead. 


This episode also provides excellent guidance for growing into a leadership role, or magnifying the leadership role you have currently. I know I plan to implement Sarah’s leadership advice in my business.


Key Takeaways:

[:49] Jessica gives us the 37 week pregnancy update! 

[1:37] Jessica introduces her guest Sarah Kaler of Soul Powered.

[2:10] Sarah is excited to share tips on how to be a better leader.

[4:52] Sarah’s business simply started with referrals, and she started consulting part-time.

[5:15] Sarah was having success in the corporate world, but started experiencing serious health problems and started to question her path.

[7:15] Sarah’s rock bottom was having six seizures in a week, and then giving birth to her son. This was a major pivot point for Sarah.

[7:13] Sarah knew from the time she was young she wanted to make an impact in the world and be a mother.

[8:05] How can women with vision continue to have a meaningful career and embrace motherhood?

[11:58] Sarah makes her decision to break away from the corporate world.

[15:28] From the beginning ,the purpose of Sarah’s business is to grow women into confident leaders.

[16:09] It is amazing how new opportunities in Sarah’s business have helped the business evolve into what it is today.

[17:40] Sarah talks about how to stride into a leadership role; be self-aware and take responsibility for yourself before anything else.

[22:04] The importance of communicating with the people who support us, to build a team.

[25:20] Proactively design teams that support you and what you are growing into.

[27:00] Hire support that can become part of your vision.

[29:00] Shift your mindset to a “CEO mindset.”

[30:00] Be mindful, thoughtful and hire slow.

[32:20] Identify your mission and ensure you are communicating that internally.


Mentioned in this Episode:

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Jul 18, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #43: Ruby Fremon — Be Real to Fulfill Your Purpose

Ruby Fremon overcame personal battles to find and fulfill her purpose as a life coach. Ruby fought some real demons, including addiction, depression, and anxiety. Through the process of ditching drugs and healing her soul, Ruby began to share her experiences. People heard Ruby’s story and were compelled to share their own.


Ruby’s coaching started as a simple blog. As her blog gained traction she decided to go back to school, get some education, and become a certified life coach. Gabby Bernstein’s, Spirit Junkie Masterclass helped kick off her coaching career.


Ruby focuses on having a business with an online presence, rather than an online business. Her strength lies in connecting with people face-to-face (in person or through video conferencing). Ruby is pretty excited to be able to host live events where she can share her energy with people. The internet is a phenomenal tool, but Ruby knows the power of an eye-to-eye interaction.


Ruby is eager to reach out and help. She has good advice for getting over the self doubt. She encourages confidence and doing what feels good to you. After all, you can’t be something you aren’t. I love how she never wants to play small.


I asked Ruby if she has ever “followed someone else’s rules.” I asked what lessons she learned from that. She reiterated the importance of remaining true to yourself; if it’s a great idea and doesn’t feel right, skip it.


Ruby claims to be an introvert, and uses time with her husband and doing yoga to recharge. While she may be introverted, she’s a big traveler, and believes in connecting with the world. Right now, her favorite destination is Thailand.


Today, Ruby certainly left us feeling a little more confident tackling anything that comes our way in the coaching world.


Key Takeaways:

[:42] Jessica asks Ruby how she ended up in her current business.

[1:41] Ruby shares her purpose with us, and how she believes in the power within.

[2:50] Ruby broke into coaching by using Gabby Bernstein’s, Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

[4:08] Ruby describes her business as it operates today.

[5:47] Ruby and Jessica discuss the energy and possibility of live events.

[7:25] Advice on how to monetize coaching from Ruby.

[9:40] You have to be the embodiment of what you teach.

[11:30] What happens when you follow someone else’s rules according to Ruby.

[12:40] Committ to platforms that work for you.

[13:40] Surround yourself with inspiring people. The purpose and stories of the people around Ruby ignite and keep her moving.

[14:20] What Ruby does for fun, her biggest thrills and what makes her feel connected to the world.

[18:13] What being an “It Girl” means to Ruby.


Mentioned in this Episode:

Ruby Fremon

Gabby Bernstein

Spirit Junkie Masterclass

Jessica Nazarali

Jul 11, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #42: How a Facebook Bot Can Help Attract Clients

Last week, I mentioned some new funnels we’ve been exploring. We’ve had a really positive experience with Facebook Messenger Bots, and I wanted to share how we have been using bots in my business to attract clients.


I’ve asked Faiz Nazarali to provide basic information on how to create and utilize Facebook Bots. I’ve also written a blog that gives further detail on Facebook Bots, you can read that post on my blog:


A Facebook Bot is a bot attached to your Facebook account. The bot sends predefined messages to clients and prospects. The bots provide a way to initiate conversation with customers, and possible new customers.


Bots communicate using short, direct messages. The goal is to keep the messages pointed and engaging. With this technique, about 90% of messages get opened. Another facet to this technique is letting the reader “choose their own adventure.” This means the bot asks short questions to determine what could be most valuable to the reader.


As the reader responds you get micro conversions creating a connection with them. With such rapid responses the reader doesn’t have a chance to disengage. Micro conversions also create an opportunity for readers to opt into lead magnets or webinars.


Faiz shares commonly made mistakes and how to avoid them. He also explains some really cool options for tailoring messages and tuning into keywords, comments, and sequencing messages.


I know a Facebook Bot may seem a little intimidating, but it really is simple and can have a major impact on your business.


Key Takeaways:

[:57] This episode was inspired by questions about Facebook Messenger Bots.

[1:25] Faiz Nazarali is introduced and begins explaining how to set up a Facebook Bot (without code) and how it works!

[2:15] Why should someone set up a Facebook Bot?

[4:00] Facebook bots give the prospect the opportunity to choose their own adventure.

[4:32] Common mistakes people make with Facebook Bots

[5:19] Examples of micro conversion

[6:30] Micro conversions open the door to offer email opt-in info or offer webinar sign up links.

[7:25] Dos and Don’ts of setting up a Facebook Bot.

[9:41] ManyChat and Chat Fuel are options to get started on creating your own Facebook Bot.

[10:38] A more detailed training on Facebook Bots is potentially being added to my online business certification, which you can find at


Mentioned in this Episode:

Many Chat

Chat Fuel

Jessica Nazarali Blog

Faiz Nazarali

Jessica Nazarali Facebook

Business Mastery Certification

Jul 04, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #41: Kerry Sheppard: Simplify the Sale

Kerry Sheppard is brilliant, and I had the opportunity to interview her. I was thrilled to be able to sit down, have lunch together, and pick her brain about all the things she is best at.

Kerry is a sales and marketing mastermind. I promise you’ll be impressed with her sales experience, grit, and commitment to serve women with big dreams.

Kerry caught the entrepreneurial bug early in life. She watched her parents operate businesses, and always knew she would follow an entrepreneurial path. Kerry pursued and succeeded in many sales roles. She took a leap of faith when she decided to launch her own coaching business. I don’t think she’s regretted it for a minute.

Today, Kerry addresses some of the common struggles associated with sales. She focuses on moving beyond the mental blocks we create for ourselves. Kerry also offers guidance on navigating business, when things looks great from the outside, but are falling apart on the inside. Kerry sticks to a routine that engages the body, mind and spirit. She explains how this helps her remain grounded in times of success and in hard times.

You don’t want to miss hearing about the process Kerry uses to sell. She truly believes in using her products/services to improve the lives of the women she mentors.

Not only is Kerry a marketing genius, she is also a bundle of fun. She mentions she is always up for a party, shopping spree, or some snapchat fun!

This episode is concise and is recommended for anyone looking to simplify sales.


Key Takeaways:

[:46] Jessica gives an update on her websites, including,,, and an up and coming url.

[1:32] Jessica introduces Drip, a new email marketing platform she is using, and encourages listeners to check it out.

[2:38] Jessica introduces Kerry Sheppard, a business mentor and strategist.

[4:40] Kerry shares how she got started in her current business.

[9:18] Kerry helps her clients from A to Z, wherever they are in the building process.

[15:29]  Kerry explains how she deals with internal business challenges that may not be obvious to the outside.

[19:16] Tips and strategies for staying in a grateful state of mind.

[21:38] Kerry introduces her CARING sales process.

[25:52] Opening up and finding a vulnerable place with potential clients allows for sales to be made. Brené Brown is an expert on vulnerability and a great resource for improving relationships in your life.

[27:28] How to handle a customer gets  when they get “stuck” in the decision making process.

[32:51] Kerry shares where she gets her strength.


Mentioned in this Episode:

Jessica Nazarali

It Girl Academy


Danielle La Porte

Gabby Bernstein

Brené Brown

Polly Alexandre

Kerry Sheppard

Jun 27, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #40: Nurture a Business and a Baby

In case you missed it, I am expecting a son in August and am quickly approaching my due date. Today I’d like to share some insight on how I’ve prepared my business for this exciting transition.

Pregnancy has been a great opportunity to evaluate changes I want to make in my business before my son arrives. There are a few questions I’ve asked myself during pregnancy to help evaluate where I am and where I want to be:


  1. What kind of mom and business owner do I want to be? This is important and helpful because making changes now sets the stage for success later.
  2. How is my business set up, and what needs to be different? Again, focusing on changes before Leo arrives sets the stage for success.


It may be hard to take action when you are anticipating big changes, but really, no matter what the obstacle is, taking action now is the best way to accomplish your mission. 

Speaking of people taking action, two expectant mothers recently joined my Business Mastery Certification course. My admiration for these women is tremendous, they knew they wanted to make some changes and went for it!  Another inspiring example is a friend of mine, Jane Copeland, who started her successful business on maternity leave. 

In this episode, I share crucial steps I’ve taken to prepare for life after a new baby. I’ve spent a lot of energy equipping myself to continue having success in my business and also as a mother.  I’m confident my experience will prove helpful.  I personally know, good advice makes transitions much happier.

If you are planning to become a mom, pregnant, or experiencing any type of transition this episode will be completely relevant for you!


Key Takeaways: 

[:36] The topic for today’s show: how to manage life and prepare your business during transition.

[1:15] Jessica shares her pregnancy update with us.

[3:10] Evaluating what kind of mom and business owner you want to be.

[5:05] Now is a great time to leverage your business and make it serve you better.

[8:29] The time to start is now!

[10:25] If your current situation is not serving you, then make changes.

[11:55] Jessica shares some of the online certifications she created in preparation for starting a family. These include the Business Mastery Certification, and the Coaching Mastery Certification.

[13:41] Outsource and delegate tasks.

[17:21] Hire people who can support you, and you have total confidence in.

[17:29] Dedicate time to creating content.



Mentioned in this Episode:

Coping with Jane

Business Mastery Certification

Coaching Mastery Certification

Jun 20, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #39: Gabby Bernstein — Answering the Call to Coach & Spiritually Lead

This week, on It Girl Radio, I’m excited to introduce, and be inspired by, New York Times best selling author, Gabrielle Bernstein. Her journey to becoming a spiritual leader, healer, and coach began when she made the life-altering choice to get sober. Gabby has a great energy and several key tips for becoming a coach.

Gabby started coaching by rallying New York women, and sharing her message of personal growth. Her efforts were authentic and snowballed over time. I appreciate Gabby’s fearless spirit; she openly shared her story from the very beginning.

Standing out in a fiercely competitive world is hard, but Gabby did it (and still does). Her secret is to keep an energy of service and inspiration behind each message.

I would highly encourage each of you to take advantage of Gabby’s free training. This digital training is a fantastic opportunity and can be found at Gabby’s training provides a framework for finding the confidence to share light and joy as a career.

This week, Gabby also shares with us a typical work day, and her exciting plans to be a mother.

In true Gabby fashion, she leaves us with excellent advice on the momentum our words can create. She also reminds us to lean into whatever we feel our calling may be, and bust the myth there are already enough people providing service to people looking for personal growth.

This episode is perfect for someone looking for guidance to embrace their story and find a way to bring more spirituality into their career.


Key Takeaways:

[:59] Gabby has released a free training for people looking to make an impact. This can be found at

[2:10] The transition from learning to teaching was quick for Gabby. As soon as she learned something she began sharing.

[5:00] Due to persistence, Gabby’s once small audience grew steadily. This success can be traced to her passion for growth and personal wellness.

[7:27] Gabby shares her excitement about her free Spirit Junkie Master training, find the training by following this link:

[7:44] In order to become an expert on something, you must simply do it.

[11:59] Money (charging for the service of coaching, healing, spiritual leading) is a reflection of the energy we are putting into the world.

[16:05] To stand out, the energy behind your message must not be an energy of neediness, but an energy of alignment and inspiration.

[22:20] Gabby breaks down what a regular day looks like for her.

[23:45] Be conscious of the language you use. Avoid using language that implies absence.

[27:07] There are far more people in need of coaching than there are people providing the service.



Mentioned in this Episode:

The Universe has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith, by Gabrielle Bernstein

Jun 13, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #38: Adrienne Dorison - Doing Less, Better

Adrienne started her business two years ago when she was at a corporate job and felt creatively suffocated. She felt like her role was in friction with her values. While she was being paid a “good” salary, she wasn't as effective as she wanted to be; she knew there was more she could offer.

Adrienne started blogging and fell into the “snowball effect” of the online world, where she found an online space of people growing their business and using their gifts to work with others.

Once she saw an opportunity, she started working in her own time whilst keeping her corporate job and created a side hustle for six months. She paid off her college tuition debt of $45,000 and then once she was debt-free, the universe gave her a little push, and that's when she left her job to pursue her dream. Adrienne has now grown her business to multi-6 figures within the last two years.

Adrienne is passionate about doing less, better. It's not about doing more to get more results faster. It's about doing less to get more results. Adrienne loves the formula “one is greater than many.” By focusing on one high-priority goal per quarter, you're going to be more successful than focusing on the many things you need to get done.

One of Adrienne's most effective tips for entrepreneurs is to become very clear on what your goal is. What is your highest priority goal? You should have only one. Once you make this decision, you should be a better business person as you'll know the highest priority goal that you should be working towards at all times. Then you should share that goal with your team, so they know what to focus on too. This one simple focus will change your business and results dramatically!

Here's a sneak peek into some of Adrienne's tips discussed on this episode:

“Removing the identity and ego from the decision that we're making and moving towards we actually want .”

“The biggest risk for people is NOT being visible in the business they really want.”

“You need to trust your dream and believe it will happen.”

“My core message is doing less better and taking action.”

“Productivity and efficiency are very different and you shouldn't mistake them.”

“Every decision you make is building your information base to make better decisions.”

“What is the most important thing you could be working on?”

Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • Why many people need to keep a day job to build a successful business
  • The power of building an audience and a following from the very beginning
  • The importance of being visible to build trust and have people buy from you
  • Why her passion for sales has made her more successful
  • Why connections with people are essential for all businesses
  • Trust that doing less better will result in better results
May 23, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #37: Jessica Nazarali - Are Your Clients Happy with Their Results?

Today I'm discussing a very important and often time difficult scenario...

What to do if your client isn't getting the results they thought they would or desired to get from working with you.

This can really prohibit coaches from signing the number of clients they desire because of this fear in the back of their minds...

What will I do if a client isn't happy with their results?!

Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • Why I love to have clients journal to get clear on why they're not progressing
  • If you're a type A personality, you may be judging your client's progress
  • The importance of setting goals in the very beginning of your coaching package
  • Many people struggle with being visible and why this can sabotage a client's success
  • Sometimes a client's block can be as simple as time management
  • A simple amount of accountability can often allow a client to move forward and get results faster
May 16, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #36: Kenrick Shope - Sell Like a Women

Kendrick Shope is a highly sought after sales coach (and a lot of fun). She's appeared on the Steve Harvey Show, has a book in the works, and also a pilot for a TV show. She's super hard working and dedicated to what she does, and all in all, just a joy to speak to!

Kendrick is also a guest expert in my Coaching Mastery Certification program. She was kind enough to share her personal behind-the-scenes view of what it's really like to be a sales coach. This special interview will be in the elective section of Coaching Mastery Certification.

Looking to build a diverse toolkit, feel confident when working with clients, and learn from the best in the industry? Then my new program Coaching Mastery Certification is for you! Check it out at

Kendrick became an entrepreneur through a little bit of luck, a little bit of trust, and a huge gamble. After graduating from university, she was the top-selling pharmaceutical sales rep at three Fortune 500 companies!

One night when she was rocking her daughter to sleep, it hit her that the mantras she was telling her daughter were a load of crap - because she wasn't living them herself. She went on a mission to find out what she wanted to do with her life, quit her job, and hired an executive coach. After failing as a life coach, a friend pointed out that she was born to sell and that started her on another mission to work out how she could turn this into a new career. In 2012, she became a sales coach.

Kendrick coached 100 people for free to get started, then created a bite-sized program for $197, which was super popular, and her clients were achieving success. She then realised that she needed to develop a more in-depth (and higher priced) program to survive, and developed a fail-proof process for client success.

Kendrick believes selling isn't rocket science. Women don't sell like men, and one of the problems is that leading “experts” in sales are all men which doesn't resonate with women. You have to find a way to reframe our belief to “selling is helping.”

Here's a sneak peek into some of Kendrick's unique tips we discuss in this episode:

“One of the best things I've ever done is start a blog.”

“It took four years to get noticed by the right people.”

“The key to get noticed is to be visible.”

“If they don't know you, they won't buy from you.”

“50 - 80% of sales happen at follow-up.”

“Even if you're a housewife, you need to know how to sell.”

Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • How you need to let your personality shine to attract clients
  • Being original can grab the attention of the right people, such as the media
  • The importance of being visible to build trust and having people buy from you
  • You need to stop seeing sales as icky or slimy and reframe your belief to “selling is helping”
  • Why you must follow up with potential sales
  • You need to believe in yourself and your product, or you won't succeed
May 09, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #35: Jessica Nazarali - Is This Holding You Back from Being an Extraordinary Coach?

This is a solo episode where I'm going to be diving into the topic of fears and blocks, and how they can really prevent you from being the best coach and business owner you can be.

Over the years I have found that if you don't address these areas, it really doesn't matter what business strategy you have in place, how great your marketing is, or how clear you are when it comes to your ideal client - if you have these fears and blocks holding you back, you will stay stuck.

At the moment I'm in the launch mode of Coaching Mastery Certification. It will be a different take on coaching where we cover different ways you can work with clients - teaching, mentoring, consulting and coaching, as in my experience the traditional Q&A of consulting doesn't always get the best results.

We also go into how to work with clients confidently, what to do if a client cries on the phone or is angry, or what to do if a client isn't taking responsibility for their own results. We go into course creation, and I have a guest facilitator on the program who's an expert in creating curriculum. She's brilliant at facilitating learning and helping adults to learn best by having a clear strategy and content plan when it comes to creating courses and working with clients.

Why is it important that you overcome any blocks or fears that could hold you back from being a great coach? You might have the best website, best photography, best social media - but if you have limiting beliefs or fears, they will hold you back from stepping into what you want and creating success.

You can have an amazing website, you can be sending out emails which are perfectly written, but if you don't feel good enough be a coach, if you don't feel good enough to work with clients, and you're not owning your value, it's going to be very difficult to become successful.

Here's a sneak peek into some of the tips I discuss in this episode:

“How can you fully step into claiming the fact that you are good enough and you have what it takes.”

“We all need to take personal responsibility for our own success.”

“What is the worst case scenario when you imagine being judged?”

“Are you willing to put your life on hold and not chase your dreams?”

Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • Sometimes even the best business strategy won't work for you
  • How writing down every piece of experience, education and qualifications empowers you
  • The importance of additional training and support
  • Why perfection can stop your success
May 02, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #34 The Persuasion Revolution - It Girl Radio With Jessica Nazarali

Bushra is intelligent, funny, educated and above all, very very real - side note there is some colourful language in this episode so wear headphones if children are around

Bushra Azhar is the founder of The Persuasion Revolution and in this week's episode we discuss her work and how she grew her business to where it is today.

She has had amazing success, being featured in Forbes, Fast company, Inc., and many other online publications.

One of the former top Corporate Responsibility Consultants in Saudi Arabia, Bushra has worked in high-level roles for companies like Pepsi, Unilever, and E&Y with a lot of money and a lot of prestige, before she moved into an online business.

At first, it seemed insulting to her to earn an income online. But after her business took off less than three months after she created her blog, it was obvious that this was the path she was meant to take.

To be a female expat living in Saudi was unique, but also a great blessing, as she really had to flex her muscles to take on every pitch, every project, and hurdle as a challenge.

Here's a sneak peek into some of the challenges and advice Bushra shares:

“They would not let me open a bank account for three years as I was a female and should've been a housewife.”

“Two years is generally my expiry term, I don't have the best track record.”

“I'd love for people to cheer me on, but I don't need it. I don't need their approval, but I need their support.”

“I quit a six-figure job for a seven-figure online business.”

“All the claims I set out to prove wrong two years ago, I've actually proved right.”

“If you want a yes, there are eight persuasion switches you need to turn on.”

“If you appear too flawless, you're not likeable.”

Tune into this episode now, and you'll hear about:

  • Bushra's definition of persuasion and why people assume persuasion is a mind controlling technique.
  • How Bushra's business, The Persuasion Revolution, started as just an experiment.
  • Bushra gave herself three months to make her business work, and in less than two months, got her first client.
  • How her husband didn't understand how you could make money with an online business.
  • How she overcame the disbelief of her peers that she didn't need to have a high rise fancy office to make money.
  • Why she didn't outsource anything in her business for a very long time, and how that allowed her to grow quickly.
  • Why it's important to be less than perfect and more human, to make people relate more and buy from you.

Bushra has also kindly given an additional training for the women who take Coaching Mastery Certification where she shares how she has managed to have such high engagement and completion rates in her online programs.


Apr 25, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #33: Jessica Nazarali – How to Support a Client to Be in Control of Their Own Success
Coaching Mastery Certification is launching soon! In Coaching Mastery Certification not only do you learn how to coach clients, but also how to consult and teach and work with clients in such a way it helps transform their life, the health, their business, and any other skills you want to work with them on. I’m so thrilled about this program ...
Apr 19, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #32: Bri Seeley & Thais Sky – Creating Fun, Fabulous (+ Friendly) Business Partnerships
This week I’ve been super busy working on our new program, Coaching Mastery Certification, which I’m super excited to be releasing very shortly! Coaching Mastery is a coaching certification program, but it doesn’t just cover coaching skills; it covers how to consult, teach and work with your clients using my mentorship method, so you feel confident working with clients and ...
Apr 13, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #31: Jessica Nazarali – Managing the Ups and Downs of Being an Entrepreneur
This week on It Girl Radio I’m sharing with you an emotional episode on how I manage the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur because we all know the entrepreneurial journey contains some up and some downs. I recorded this episode a day after I heard the news that my friend and colleague Psalm Isadora had passed away. It ...
Apr 06, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #30: Ezzie Spencer – Lunar Magic: The Secret to Becoming an Abundance Magnet
Have you ever felt like you were born to do something but it was so unconventional that you were afraid to “go public” with it? That’s exactly where author, speaker, and coach, Ezzie Spencer found herself when she decided to take an offbeat approach to creating success and abundance…. She started working with moon cycles! Yes, it sounds kind of ...
Apr 03, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #29: Jessica Nazarali – And Baby Makes 3: You, Your Baby & Your Biz!
I’m guessing you’ve probably heard about baby Nazarali’s upcoming arrival :) I’m feeling super festive SO we’re switching things up AGAIN on It Girl Radio this week! (We had a really fun switch during last week’s episode. If you missed it, you can check it out here!) I decided that it would be fun and helpful to go solo and ...
Mar 21, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #28: Jessica Nazarali – I’m In the Hot Seat!

This week, we’re switching things up on It Girl Radio and we have not just one but TWO changes (what’s life without a little unexpected fun, right?) *Drum roll, please* Switch #1: I’m the one in the hot seat! I decided to turn the tables on myself and be the one interviewed for this special episode. And here’s Switch #2… ...

Mar 15, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #27: Angel Coleman – Expert Tips to Rock Your Online Presentations
This week on It Girl Radio, you’ll discover the power of creating online presentations that will engage and inspire your ideal clients. It was a special treat to connect and chat with my client, the lovely Angel Coleman, for this week’s podcast episode. Angel is an expert at showing entrepreneurs how to master the art of powerful online presentations so ...
Mar 07, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #26: Nik Toth – Hot Health Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs
This week’s episode of It Girl Radio will answer the question that all entrepreneurs grapple with, sooner or later: how do I find time to be as healthy as I possibly can while growing my business? I met up with personal trainer, expert nutritionist, yoga teacher, and all-round health junkie, Nik Toth over a healthy cup of licorice tea (of ...
Feb 28, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #25: Jess Lively – Living With Intention
It Girl Radio Episode #25: Living With Intention     Have you experienced a time in your life when everything seemed perfect on the surface but deep down, you just knew something wasn’t quite right? That’s your intuition talking! Your intuition is a powerful “tool” you can use to make important decisions in your life and business. Imagine feeling deeply ...
Feb 20, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #24: Jennifer Jayde – Discovery Sessions That Convert
Many entrepreneurs I know have an interesting love-hate relationship with Discovery Sessions. When you think about it, this isn’t really surprising. Discovery Sessions are great because they provide useful information about a prospective client but they can also be nerve-racking …and overwhelming! If you’re serious about building a successful business (and I know that you are!), then learning how to ...
Feb 13, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #23: Paula Lacobara – Being an Empowered Woman in This Time in History
You feel it and it’s something you intuitively know – you have untapped power within you. But you struggle with this truth. You’re afraid to unleash your feminine power and OWN it. There may be times when you feel strong and sure, only to suddenly find yourself drowning in a sea of doubt and anxiety. This is when your “inner ...
Feb 01, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #22: Neeta Bhushan – Turning Tragedy Into Transformation
As wonderful as life can be, it can often present us with personal tragedies that can overwhelm us on every level. If you’re facing a challenging or difficult situation and are struggling to build emotional strength to overcome it, then this week’s It Girl Radio episode is the one you need to listen to. This week, I met up with ...
Jan 23, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #21: Tracy Timberlake – Using the Power of Video to Grow Your Brand
Are you looking for awesome ways to grow your brand? Have you heard video is a MUST if you want to stand out in your industry? For this week on It Girl Radio, I had a chance to catch up with Video Strategist, Tracy Timberlake. (And no, in spite of her cool name, she’s not related to Justin!) Tracy is ...
Jan 16, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #20: Nicole Moore – Having It All: True Love and a Fulfilling Business
Are you thinking that you couldn’t possibly have the time to find true love AND run a successful business? Many women entrepreneurs struggle to find time for both – but it’s completely possible! And if this rings true for you, then you should mark this week’s It Girl Radio episode as high-priority on your to-do list! This week, I’m bringing ...
Jan 10, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #19: Mel Wells – Ditching Perfection
Have you ever found that you “beat yourself up” if you indulge on unhealthy food when you’re “supposed” to be eating healthy? Or that you get mad at yourself because you’re not “perfect” at a certain task or in certain situations? If so, that’s the perfect reason for you to listen to this week’s It Girl Radio episode! On the ...
Jan 02, 2017
It Girl Radio Episode #18: Joanna Turner – Using Clarity to Let Go of Your Fears
Do you find yourself wondering if there’s a way to reduce your stress and be more happy? That you want to get “unstuck” but aren’t sure of where to start? If you’re nodding your head yes, then keep reading to find out more about this week’s It Girl Radio episode! This week’s episode features my recent conversation with, Joanna Turner. ...
Dec 26, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #17: Luisa Zhou – The Power of Focus to Get Big Results
Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurs work past obstacles to get BIG results? If so, then you’ll definitely want to tune in to this week’s It Girl Radio episode! For this week’s episode, I’m delighted to share with you my recent conversation with Business Architect, Luisa Zhou. Luisa had taken one of my online programs a few years back so ...
Dec 19, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #16: Lauren Dobey – Hosting Incredible Retreats
Have you been thinking of hosting your own retreat or live event but were too worried about whether or not you could pull it off successfully? If so, then you’ll definitely want to set aside some time to catch this week’s It Girl Radio episode! This week, I’m excited to bring you my recent chat with Business Strategist and Lifestyle ...
Dec 12, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #15: Molly Sapp – Mindset Strategies for High-Achieving Women
If you’ve been wondering why you’re struggling to gain success in spite of all your efforts, then this week’s It Girl Radio episode will be perfect for you! This week, I’m happy to share with you my recent conversation with the delightful Molly Sapp, Mindset Coach and Mindset Expert. Molly helps women entrepreneurs break through their mindset blocks so they ...
Dec 06, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #14: Jessica Caver Lindholm - To Living Financially, Emotionally, and Spiritually Free

This week's It Girl Radio episode brings you my recent conversation with Freedom and Success Coach for Women, Jessica Caver Lindholm.

When Jessica graduated from college, she was extremely resistant to working for someone else and craved her freedom. She embraced just about every entrepreneurial opportunity you can think of including going from designing purses, to being a yoga instructor, to even creating her own diet/cleansing tea product! It wasn't until she realized how unhappy she was that she had the breakthrough that led her to the successful coaching business she has today.

During my chat with Jessica, we talked about how to embrace life the life you have, enjoy NOW, and creating a business that allows you to have a life.

Set some time aside for yourself now and listen in to Jessica and I chat about:

  • Creating a business that doesn't require you to work all the time so you can enjoy yourself, live in the moment, and embrace your freedom
  • Scaling your business step-by-step and not getting overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once so you can feel a sense of accomplishment along the way instead of pulling your hair out!
  • Discovering ways to have fun and avoid delaying your gratification until you've reached a set goal - be happy NOW because life is too precious

When you listen to this week's It Girl Radio episode, you'll also learn why it's so important to have a purpose about money. Instead of being stressed or overwhelmed about reaching a financial goal, be flexible and scale back to determine what you really need today. You can then steadily move towards bigger goals and leave the stress behind!

Nov 21, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #13: Melissa Pharr - Scaling Your Business for Big Paydays

On this week's It Girl Radio episode, I'm so pleased to bring you my recent conversation with Melissa Pharr.

I've known Melissa for quite a while, so it was awesome to have a deeper conversation and find out more about her personal story.

Today Melissa is a Wealth Creation Coach who helps entrepreneurs to feel more confident in their value and within the services they provide to their clients. She went from being a struggling actress and personal trainer in New York to building million dollar coaching business. Pretty cool transition, right?

When Melissa and I sat down to chat, we discussed the strategies behind scaling your business so you can produce BIG paydays!

Sign in with any mobile device and listen to Melissa and I talk about:

  • Not wasting time and effort on tasks you're not good at or don't like doing - hire an expert to do them instead!
  • Creating and implementing systems so you can stay organized and keep your head on straight to focus on what's most important
  • Avoiding overwhelm from all of the tasks needed to build a successful business and hone in on what you love doing and stick to it!

By listening to the It Girl podcast this week, you'll also learn about how to embody a strong, positive mindset, self-belief, and resilience which are essential qualities of being a rockstar entrepreneur!

Nov 15, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #12: Sherina Mayani - Dropping Parental Expectations to Become an Independent Business Woman

For this week's episode, I am sharing my conversation with Life and Business Coach, Sherina Mayani.

Sherina is one of my mastermind partners, a dear friend, and the Indian sister that I never had but always wished I did!

I just came back from spending a week with her in Mexico so it seemed only fitting to release this interview this week. :)

Insert photo photo from Mexico

Sherina's work involves guiding women to clear their blocks, upgrade their mindset, and build the business of their dreams.

During our recent discussion, Sherina and I talked about doing what's necessary to break away from your family or cultural norms in order to live your life's purpose and follow your dreams.

Grab your earbuds and listen to Sherina and I discuss:

  • Taking small steps that guide you towards mega results (e.g. reading books, doing research, reaching out to people who can help or support you)
  • Surrounding yourself with mentors that inspire you, hold you accountable, and are instrumental in helping you reach your goals
  • Never leaving yourself out of the equation! Work on yourself so you can start shifting and attracting the situations and people into your life who are aligned with your vision

When you listen to this week's podcast with Sherina Mayani, you'll also learn the importance behind becoming emotionally and financially independent to breakthrough any pre-conceived barriers to become the super-successful businesswoman you were born to be!

*Just a heads up, technology wasn't our friend during the interview so the sound quality is a little patchy in parts. But hang in there as Sherina shares some real and honest content that was too good not to share, for the sake of being 'perfect.'*

Nov 10, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #11: Niyc Pidgeon - Landing a Life-Changing Book Deal

On this week's episode of It Girl Radio, I get to share my conversation with Positive Psychologist, Success Coach, and author of the upcoming book Now Is Your Chance, Niyc Pidgeon.

Niyc and I actually met in Los Angeles at one of my It Girl Business Mastery Events, where we discovered we had a few friends in common (got to love how the online world is so small!)

During our recent chat, Niyc and I talked about getting your very first book deal, what it means when you move across borders, and that while writing a book is an exciting journey, it is not the end goal.

Listen in and hear Niyc and I discuss:

  • All of the ins and outs of getting published and how it goes way beyond simply writing your book.
  • The importance of building your platform so you can have a community in place who can't wait to read all of your amazing work!
  • Avoiding overwhelm by focusing on doing less so you can do more, and allowing as much room as possible to express your creativity.
  • Being yourself & how to stop caring what others think about you, so you can put yourself out there, own who you are, and be authentic!

By listening to this week's podcast with Niyc Pidgeon, you'll also learn more about her soon-to-be-published book, Now Is Your Chance, a 30-day guide to living your happiest life with the powerful combination of positive psychology teamed up with spirituality.

The book will show you how to create a real-life road map to thriving!

Oct 31, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #10: Polly Alexandre- From Career Girl to World-Renowned Photographer and Success Coach
For this week’s episode of It Girl Radio, I’m so excited to share my conversation with World-Renowned Photographer and Success Coach Polly Alexandre. Polly and I have been great friends since I roomed with her whilst attending a conference in Miami. Her work has been highlighted in a cover piece for Martha Stuart Weddings and now Polly works as a ...
Oct 25, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #9: Natalie MacNeil- From Blogger to Multi-Millionaire
In today’s episode of It Girl Radio, I am super excited to share my interview with Emmy-award winning media entrepreneur and Founder of The Conquer Club, Natalie MacNeil. I was originally introduced to Natalie through mutual friends. Even though we didn’t get a chance to meet right away, I’m so glad that I was able to meet up with her ...
Oct 18, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #8: Denise Duffield-Thomas- Getting Rich and Being a Lucky Bitch
In today’s episode of It Girl Radio, I am so happy to share my interview with Money Mindset Mentor, Author, and Business Enthusiast, Denise Duffield-Thomas. Denise was actually my very first coach and I hired her when I was a blogger looking to transition into a business owner. She loves to talk about business and how if she can start ...
Oct 12, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #7: Emily Williams- Creating a Life and Business Better Than Your Dreams
In today’s episode of It Girl Radio, I had the pleasure of interviewing Leading Success Coach and Founder of I Heart My Life, Emily Williams. Emily is a really good friend of mine who I was recently hanging out with in San Diego. We attended Brendan Burchard’s High-Performance Academy and afterwards we spent a few days masterminding, relaxing at the spa ...
Oct 04, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #6 Psalm Isadora- Owning Your Sexuality as a Woman & Landing Your Next Big Break
In today’s podcast episode, I met up with Psalm Isadora, Sex and Relationship Expert, specializing in Women’s Health and Empowerment. Meeting with her was nothing short of fascinating and I’m sure you’ll see why! Tune in and discover: That you can tap into your feminine power with the help of other women you encounter and magnify your brilliance Paying careful ...
Sep 28, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode#5: Kimra Luna- Million Dollar Launches & Million Dollar Ideas
On today’s It Girl Radio podcast episode, I’m interviewing Personal Branding and Online Business Strategist Kimra Luna! You won’t want to miss this one. our interview, Kimra shares her strategies on how she built her million dollar business – and the amazing story along the way. During our discussion, Kimra and I dive in to some of the biggest questions you’ll ...
Sep 23, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #4: Ellen Smoak- Writing Books, Bouncing Back From a Setback, and Helping Others
On today’s It Girl Radio podcast episode, I’m interviewing best-selling author and Women’s Empowerment and Success Coach Ellen Smoak.   During the interview, Ellen discussed tips and strategies to write your first book and how to bounce back after a break-up or setback – a critical life skill wouldn’t you say? Some of the key areas we covered in the interview ...
Sep 22, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #3: Marisa Peer- Confidence & Becoming An Incredible Coach
On today’s It Girl Radio podcast episode, I’m interviewing distinguished speaker and hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer (who was also Princess Diana’s hypnotherapist – we are going regal for today’s episode!) I first met Marisa Peer at A-Fest, an invite-only transformational event that gathers an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world. Since then we ...
Sep 21, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #2: Jane Copeland- Going From Mummy Blogger To Multiple 6-Figure Business
In today’s It Girl Radio podcast episode I interview Jane Copeland, a Business Coach and Online Marketing Expert based in Sydney, Australia.  Jane is the creator of Business Made Made Beautiful, an amazing mastermind program that helps people to launch and scale their coaching and digital product based businesses. Jane and I go way back! We met at a networking event at the ...
Sep 19, 2016
It Girl Radio Episode #1: Selena Soo- Connecting With Influencers
On today’s very first It Girl Radio podcast episode, I interview Selena Soo, Business and Publicity Strategist. Selena and I first met in NYC in May 2015 and I immediately fell in love with her generous and kind nature. Selena is so committed to helping her clients and followers learn how to use media and their connections to grow their ...
Sep 18, 2016