The Magic: The Gathering Story Podcast

By Wizards of the Coast

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Blake Rasmussen goes behind the scenes with the people who create the worlds, characters, and lore of Magic: The Gathering.

Episode Date
#18: Otaria and the Cabal
In Part 5 of 5 of a series on Dominaria, Kelly and Ethan look at the history of the Cabal, the evil that is spreading throughout Dominaria.
May 17, 2018
#17: The Church of Serra
In Part 4 of 5 of a series on Dominaria, Kelly and Ethan explore the angelic religion inspired by the Planeswalker Serra.
May 10, 2018
#16: The Mending
In Part 3 of 5 of a series on Dominaria, Kelly and Ethan talk about the event that changed the multiverse.
May 03, 2018
#15: Dominaria Geography
In Part 2 of 5 of a series on Dominaria, Kelly and Ethan go deep into the geography of Dominaria.
Apr 25, 2018
#14: Reintroducing Dominaria
Kelly and Ethan know everything about Dominaria lore. In Part 1 of 5, they share what Dominaria looks like now.
Apr 19, 2018
#13: Introducing Martha Wells, Dominaria Magic Story Author
Doug introduces Martha Wells, author of the upcoming Dominaria entries for Magic Story!
Feb 14, 2018
#12: Ixalan
Blake and Alison spent the last four weeks talking about Commander (2017 Edition), but they're switching gears to prepare for Ixalan.
Aug 30, 2017
#11: Cats
This week, Blake and Alison talk about the most temperamental tribe in Commander (2017 Edition)—Cats!
Aug 23, 2017
#10: Dragons
Blake and Alison sit down to chat about the most iconic tribe in Commander (2017 Edition)—Dragons!
Aug 16, 2017
#9: Wizards
Blake and Alison continue exploring the tribes of Commander (2017 Edition), this week focusing on Wizards!
Aug 09, 2017
#8: Vampires
In the first of four podcasts about Commander (2017 Edition), Alison shares all she can about Magic's Vampires.
Aug 02, 2017
#7: Alison Luhrs and Kelly Digges
Blake sits down with Alison Luhrs and Kelly Digges to answer a slew of fan questions.
May 24, 2017
#6: Mark Winters
Mark Winters stops by to talk about illustrating a world in revolt and details you might have missed in the art of Aether Revolt.
Mar 22, 2017
#5: Ari Levitch
This week, Blake is joined by Ari Levitch to talk about building Kaladesh and shaking things up with Aether Revolt.
Mar 15, 2017
#4: Alison Luhrs
Yahenni's creator, Alison Luhrs, joins Blake to discuss her contributions and feelings toward Magic's story.
Mar 08, 2017
#3: Mel Li
This week, Blake is joined by Mel Li to talk about real-world inspirations for Kaladesh block, what makes Rashmi tick, cosplaying, and more!
Feb 22, 2017
#2: James Wyatt
This week, the Magic Story Podcast sits down with writer extraordinaire James Wyatt!
Feb 15, 2017
#1: Doug Beyer
Blake sat down with Doug Beyer to learn all about Magic's creative process.
Feb 08, 2017