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The Mentor 4 Moms Podcast is the place where moms come to learn practical tools for parenting on purpose even when life gets busy. In each episode you will hear directly from Susan Seay- wife, mom to 7, international speaker, author, and certified life coach. If you need some encouragement as well as practical tips, this is the right place for you. Learn more by visiting

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19 Its Easy to Get Off Track, but Heres How to Recover

When I feel down- whether because I’m angry, frustrated, disappointed, bored, etc. I tend to choose one of two things to focus on - 1. Isolating myself or 2. Comparing my life to others OR BOTH

When I isolate- Hello

  • Netflix binge

  • Junk food

  • Unnecessary sleep

  • Unreturned phone calls

  • Projects stall out

  • And more…


When I get into comparison-

  • I become hyper-critical of myself

  • I think too highly of what others are doing and too little of my own accomplishments

  • I get into an all or nothing mindset

  • I compete with others and act like there’s a trophy or prize to win

  • I either get prideful or false humility- aka insecurity and painful self-deprecating jokes

We’re clear on a few of the ways we can get off track. - But how can you get back on?

On this episode of the Mentor 4 Moms Podcast with Susan Seay let's talk about this and more. And for more information - check out

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Jun 04, 2018
18 Allow Grace to Set the Pace

Have you ever met a mom and her life made your head hurt or you just felt tired?

  • She is a single parent, who works 2 jobs, is finishing her degree in school, and volunteers at church

  • OR she’s a stay at home mom who volunteers for every group or leads them, she exercises daily, and her house is decorated beautifully

  • OR any number of other things that make you feel like- What am I doing with my life?

So if you can’t figure out how that other mom is doing it, let yourself off the hook by acknowledging that you don’t have to know. It’s her measure of grace.

Grace-based mothering - what does that look like?
On this episode of the Mentor 4 Moms Podcast with Susan Seay let's talk about this and more. And for more information - check out

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May 21, 2018
17 How Do You Teach Your Kids to be Respectful but to Also Question Authority
May 09, 2018
16 Five Emotions That Are Easy for Kids But a Struggle for Adults
Apr 24, 2018
15 Sadness In the Midst of Joy
Mar 19, 2018

These are MY thoughts as a black mom after seeing the Black Panther movie twice on opening weekend.

First you should know a few things

  1. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, and you don’t want to hear any spoilers, click to download this episode and listen later
  2. I’m not a comic book super hero movie nerd, that was not my draw to this movie
  3. My views are individual and unique, they may be shared by others, but I am not here to represent all black moms
  4. There are many critiques and challenges people have with this film, I’m not here for that conversation today, I’m here to celebrate the parts I loved and want to acknowledge.

Also at the end of this episode I share - How this movie relates to our usual conversation on being an intentional mom?


Mar 05, 2018
13 Fault And Blame VS Personal Responsibility

Let’s talk about fault, blame, and personal responsibility.


  • Carries the burden of guilt created when things go wrong or different than expected.


  • the act of determining who is at fault
  • Pointing the finger

Personal responsibility:

  • accepting responsibility for the part I played no matter how large or small
  • recognizing your part, but not accepting fault or blame

Feb 26, 2018
12 Using Lists To Be More Intentional

Are you a list maker?

Do you ever write things you’ve already completed down just to cross them off?

Do you have multiple pieces of paper with random thoughts and things you don’t want to forget?

On this episode I'm going to share with you the power of making lists

Lists are a great way to get things off your mind so that you can free up mental space to think, dream, solve problems, or perhaps get much needed rest.

Remember the 3 roles in any organization?

  1. Visionary
  2. Manager
  3. Worker

Lists are powerful tools to also help you begin to ease yourself out of the worker role, and into managerial role. Plus SO much more.


Feb 12, 2018
11 How Do You Define Success

We want to be good in those areas that are the most important to us.

Our desire to be successful is a reflection of our internal need to feel like our life matters.

We want our work to matter.

We want our relationships and our time to focus on what’s really important.

But one piece we often miss is defining what success means.

Dare to dream it and then dare to live the life of your dreams.


One way to define success is to have a vision for your family.

Go back and listen to episode #4


Jan 29, 2018
10 How To Deal With Family Drama

My guess is that you might be interested in knowing some helpful tools for dealing with drama vs feeling at a loss for how to deal with it.

That’s what’s so fun about our chats when we hang out, we end up talking about cool stuff like this.

Let’s talk today about drama, conflict, fighting, tension.

All of it.

Okay, So today we’re gonna talk about - The Drama Triangle

Our ultimate goal is not to avoid conflict, that’s an impossible idea anyway.

Our goal should be to engage in conflict w/o the unhealthy patterns that lead to brokenness and disconnect in our relationships.


Jan 22, 2018
09 What No One Ever Tells You About Goal Setting

When setting a goal we must start with a clear why, BUT very quickly we must determine a clear reason to continue.

When you set a goal life is going to test you.

Where we tend to mess this up is when we get tested and somehow we think it’s a sign to back off or give up.

So whether you’re making a commitment to yourself or others- know that the the test question is coming.

Jan 11, 2018
08 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care During the Holidays

Beware- the thieves come out during the holiday season

  1. Time thieves
  2. Peace thieves
  3. Joy thieves

"Definition of self-care- Taking care of you in the same way that you love and care for others."


Nov 28, 2017
07 Interview - Encouragement From My Older Kids

On this episode we’re answering questions sent from moms on my email list and Facebook page about what it’s really like to have me as a mom and what life is like in our big family.

My son (age 21) and my oldest daughter (age 19) join me to share their thoughts.


Nov 11, 2017
06 Living True To Your Core Values

On page 25 of my book it reads- “Be deeply committed to your core values, but hold loosely the reins of the process.”

Don’t fall into the trap of developing a fixed idea of how you are going to live your core values in each of the 5 priority areas.

5 Priority Areas Include:

  • Area #1 - Caretaker/Child
  • Area #2 - Household
  • Area #3 - Activities
  • Area #4-  Overwhelming Circumstances
  • Area #5-  Self Care


Oct 31, 2017
05 Choosing Your Core Values

Just like successful companies and organizations need a plan, the same goes for the family. Companies often refer to their mission or purpose to remind their employees and staff of the what’s most important.

Core Values are a go-to tool for explaining a company’s central goals and mission. And the good news is your family can do the same.

Far too often families are caught in the trap of responding to the urgent matters or current crisis, and as a result they end up with little time or energy to stop long enough to create a plan.

Your core values answer the following questions:

  • What do you believe in?
  • What really matters to you?
  • What values help govern how you live your life?
  • What values do you want to pass on to your children?


Oct 31, 2017
06 Living True To Your Core Values
Oct 30, 2017
04 Creating A Vision For Your Family

Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18

Creating a vision is about giving yourself permission to dream about what’s possible.

A vision allows you look beyond the everyday norm and see a future that gives you hope and make you want to pursue it.

Vision calls us forward, compels us to lean in, fuels us in hard times and gives us the strength to try one more time even when we feel utterly exhausted.


Oct 09, 2017
03 The Root of Most Misunderstandings

On this episode of the Mentor 4 Moms Podcast with Susan Seay let's talk about the following:

Let's define the 3 levels of communication

Discover the clues of what may be creating a misunderstanding

Talk about how to create more connection and less division

Sep 25, 2017
02 12 Things Intentional Moms Do Differently

For access to your 12 Things Intentional Moms Do Differently Self Evaluation Tool- visit

Thanks for listening to today's episode.


Sep 21, 2017
01 What is an Intentional Mom?

On this episode of the Mentor 4 Moms Podcast w/ your host Susan Seay, let's talk about the following:

  • Myths about being intentional
  • Intentional is not perfect. Perfect moms aren’t real, and real moms aren’t perfect.- (Thx Jill Savage and Dr Kathy Koch)
  • The Mom Continuum defined
  • Questions intentional moms ask:
    • What am I truly committed to?
    • What are my family's core values?
    • How can I live into my family's core values today?
    • How can I practice acceptance of myself and others today?
  • Family vision is not for comparison.
  • The opposite of comparison is...
  • Intentional Mom Framework
    • Create a vision for your family
    • Define your family's core values
    • Apply your core values to the 5 priority areas mentioned in the podcast.
Sep 19, 2017
Welcome to the Mentor 4 Moms Podcast
Sep 17, 2017