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In Intelligence Matters, former acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell, speaks with top leaders of the U.S. intelligence community as they reflect on their life, career and the critical roles they play in shaping national security policies. (154991) As a central figure in the most significant U.S. counter-terror efforts of the past two decades and a former CIA intelligence analyst, Morell is uniquely skilled at taking industry leading knowledge to make connections that provide deep insight into complex security events – helping decode intelligence officials’ key priorities and providing perspectives on how to achieve national security objectives. Morell is the author of “The Great War of Our Time” and a vivid account of the Central Intelligence Agency, a life in secrets, and a war in the shadows.

Episode Date
James Clapper on Internal and External Threats to America
In this episode of Intelligence Matters, host Michael Morell has a wide-ranging conversation with former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. They discuss Clapper's five-decade career in the intelligence community, his views on the U.S. approach to nuclear adversaries like Iran and North Korea, and how to best address ongoing threats to American democratic institutions. Clapper shares details about his tough conversations with President Obama and President-elect Trump, and explains why he personally believes Russia, in its meddling efforts, was successful in tipping the balance in Trump's favor.
Jun 19, 2018
East Asia Expert Weighs In on Singapore Summit Outcome
In this episode of Intelligence Matters, host Michael Morell speaks with Dr. Paul Heer, former National Intelligence Officer for East Asia in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, about the outcome of the historic U.S.-North Korea summit in Singapore - as well as its winners, losers and necessary next steps. They also discuss the strategic, military and economic challenges posed by China, and how the United States should position itself and seek to craft its policy in the region. NOTE: This episode was recorded just hours after the conclusion of the summit.
Jun 12, 2018
Korea Expert Shares Advice for Trump: Listen to Your Advisors
In this episode of Intelligence Matters, host Michael Morell talks to former CIA analyst and Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Sue Mi Terry about the upcoming U.S.-North Korea summit in Singapore. Terry shares what advice she would give President Trump when preparing for talks with Kim Jong Un, and what the outcome of the meeting holds for U.S. and North Korean relations as well as for the region.
Jun 05, 2018
John McLaughlin on Helping Families of the Fallen
For a special Memorial Day episode of Intelligence Matters, host Michael Morell speaks with former deputy director of Central Intelligence John McLaughlin about the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation, which was founded in the aftermath of 9/11 to help the families of fallen officers. McLaughlin explains the foundation's unique mission and shares some of the inspiring stories of children it has helped. The two also discuss the intelligence challenges facing the CIA and its new director, Gina Haspel.
May 29, 2018
Undercover Spy to Public Official: Rep. Will Hurd on Global Threats and Domestic Challenges
In this episode of Intelligence Matters, host Michael Morell interviews former CIA clandestine officer and current member of Congress Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), who also serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Hurd tells Morell how he went from conducting operations in Kabul to running for office in San Antonio, and how he sees the strategic challenges presented by China, Iran, North Korea and Russia. He also reflects on his experience serving on the House Intelligence Committee, including some of the latest efforts of its chairman, Devin Nunes.
May 22, 2018
The Iran Nuclear Deal: What, in the World, Happens Next?
In this episode of Intelligence Matters, host Michael Morell interviews former Ambassador and Iran expert James Jeffrey, who also served as deputy National Security Adviser to President George W. Bush. Jeffrey explains what implications the United States' withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal may have - in the region, among European allies, and in the world. Morell and Jeffrey also discuss what President Trump's subsequent strategy for negotiating with Iran might be and how the Iranians may choose to counter it. They look ahead to nuclear talks with North Korea and assess the potential consequences had by the United States' decision to withdraw from a third multilateral agreement.
May 15, 2018
Negotiating with North Korea: The Players, The Stakes and The Surprises
In this episode of Intelligence Matters, host Michael Morell interviews former Ambassador Joseph DeTrani, who served as Special Envoy for Six Party Talks with North Korea. Their conversation covers the escalating strikes and varied regional interests behind the upcoming U.S.-North Korea summit, what Kim Jong Un may be thinking - and willing to concede - and what President Trump must achieve in the leaders' historic and highly-anticipated meeting. Morell and DeTrani also discuss what the United States' withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement means for forthcoming negotiations with North Korea.
May 08, 2018
The Relaunch with General Michael Hayden
In the premiere episode of CBS News’ newly-relaunched Intelligence Matters podcast, former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell sits down with former NSA and CIA Director General Mike Hayden to discuss Hayden’s new book on post-truth, tribalism’s effect on American traditions and institutions and the challenges facing CIA nominee Gina Haspel. They offer new details about Haspel’s clandestine career and arguments for why she’s a timely choice to lead the agency.
May 01, 2018
Why Russia "Hacks" Elections: A Spy's-Eye View
The U.S. is in the grips of spy-mania in the aftermath of Russia's interference in the 2016 election that has made President Trump's 2016 election campaign the focus of a federal investigation. But Russia's active measures to infiltrate and influence the U.S. consciousness didn't begin, nor end with the 2016 election. For years, John Sipher, a 28-year veteran of the CIA's National Clandestine Service, recruited Russian spies and led counter-intelligence operations against Moscow and he's here to talk about what's behind Russia's aggressive stance.
Jan 30, 2018
The Tom Cotton You Don't Know
Republican U.S. Senator and Army veteran Tom Cotton is often described as a hawkish conservative for taking a hardline stance on issues like immigration and the Iran nuclear deal. In this interview, Michael Morell steps away from policy and gets a sense of the Arkansas senator's character, political philosophy and driving influences. Cotton talks about working as his father's farm hand and learning about his dad's service in Vietnam. He also discusses his time studying political science and political philosophy at Harvard, and how 9/11 "changed everything," setting him on the course towards military service and then, the U.S. Senate.
Jan 23, 2018
"We the People": On the Constitution's Relevance Today
In this episode of Intelligence Matters, Michael Morell talks to constitutional scholar Geoff Stone on constitutional interpretation and its relevance in today's society. Stone, who authored "Sex and the Constitution" explores oversight of government surveillance on communications and safeguarding a citizen's personal freedoms. Stone also addresses originalism and affirmative action, what he calls the "most cynical form of judicial review we have today."
Jan 16, 2018
A Family's Fight to Reverse America's Opioid Crisis
In this special episode of Intelligence Matters, Michael Morell speaks with retired U.S. Navy Admiral James "Sandy" Winnefeld about a non-traditional national security threat that has affected him personally: America's opioid crisis. Winnefeld recently lost his own son Jonathan to opioid addiction, and he is dedicating his life to reversing a crisis he calls a national emergency. The statistics are staggering: the CDC reports that more than 64,000 Americans died in 2016 from a drug overdose more than 20 times the number of Americans killed on 9/11. Winnefeld, former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says if America is going to reverse this epidemic, "We need a call to arms" to remove the long-standing stigmas around drug use. He has founded (Stop the Addiction Fatality Epidemic) to support action that will prevent fatal opioid overdoses, and counter opioid addiction's impact on our society.
Jan 11, 2018
PDDNI on Intelligence, Leadership, and Fallen Officers
The U.S. intelligence community's second-in-command, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Sue Gordon talks to Michael Morell about being a career CIA officer, starting as a young analyst and working her way to up to leading all four of the CIA's Directorates. Her vast experience and innovative approach to bridging gaps is what prepared her for the PDDNI role, where she focuses on integrating each of the nation's intelligence agencies and innovating so that the United States retains its advantage in an ever-growing interconnected world. PDDNI Gordon also talks about leading in a time of political polarization, and reflects on the personal impact of losing officers serving their nation in the field.
Jan 02, 2018
Chris Johnson on the U.S.-China relationship
The U.S. relationship with China is arguably one of the most strategically important, as highlighted by the Trump administration calling China a "strategic competitor" in its new national security strategy. In this episode, Michael spends time with Chris Johnson, one of his most trusted former China analysts while the two worked at the CIA, to examine how China has evolved to challenge the U.S. on the global stage: its economic growth; its geopolitical influence; Chinese political power plays and the key factors that drive the U.S.-China relationship.
Dec 19, 2017
Terry Roberts on cyber-crime: evolution, variant nature and countering the threat
Cybercrime is one the fastest-growing and most lucrative areas of crime. Former Deputy Director of U.S. Naval Intelligence Terry Roberts, is a global cyber intelligence expert with more than 30 years in the intelligence community. This week she joins Intelligence Matters and talks to Michael about how nation-states, groups and individual actors leverage the global cyber domain, how it affects our economy and what we need to do to safeguard ourselves against an ever-evolving threat.
Dec 12, 2017
Congressman Adam Schiff on Russian Probe
The House Intelligence Committee's top Democratic member, Congressman Adam Schiff talks to Michael about the investigation of Russia's alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election. He talks about the one thing Russian President Vladimir Putin fears most, why Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is critical to protecting the homeland and why intelligence is not a perfect science.
Dec 05, 2017
Philip Gordon on the brewing crisis in the Middle East
Leading international relations expert Philip Gordon, helps decipher the complexities in the Middle East: the actions and motives of major players and why the big national security challenges and risks that we face as Americans all emanate one way or another from the region.
Nov 21, 2017
Spy vs. Spy: Mark Kelton on Cold War intrigue and treason
Former CIA Counterintelligence Chief Mark Kelton talks to Michael Morell about his years working in Cold War outposts, how the U.S.-Russia adversarial relationship has evolved and what double agents Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen have in common with Edward Snowden.
Nov 14, 2017
Robert Cardillo on the NGA's role in the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound
In this week's episode of Intelligence Matter's Michael speaks with Robert Cardillo, the Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Cardillo explains the agency's mission and how advanced imagery was used in the NGA's creation of a replica of Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad in preparation for the May 2, 2011 raid. Cardillo also talks about what differentiated President Barack Obama's leadership style and looks back on the many tough meetings and long hours spent in the Situation Room.
Nov 07, 2017
Pedro Burelli on what's behind the crisis in Venezuela
On this episode of Intelligence Matters, Michael Morell talks with Pedro Burelli, a former member of the Executive Board of Petroleos de Venezuela about is behind the crisis in Venezuela, what fueled firebrand leader Hugo Chavez's paranoia, how the nation evolved to a narco-state, the current humanitarian crisis, and whether the country can recover without an outside intervention. Intelligence Matters is the new, wildly popular podcast from The Cipher Brief in partnership with CBS News, where former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell speaks with top leaders about the key national security issues of our time.
Oct 31, 2017