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Category: Fashion & Beauty

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Danielle K White, owner of DKW Styling and creator of Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) had a vision as a hair stylist to bring value and purpose to others through hair extensions, taking this industry to an even greater level with Lead Stylists Valerie Plunk and Anianne Rivera, merging their elite skills as Artists with the business aspect of being a Salon Owner with Danielle’s husband, Garrett J White, founder of Wake Up Warrior and co-owner of DKW Styling.

Episode Date
Your Next Step is Go! | BMS | Ep 023

On the heels of a wildly successful BMS Convention, Danielle and Coach Ani are back in the studio having a candid conversation about Production in this week’s episode of Big Money Stylist, which continues to top the charts as the #1 podcast in the category of Fashion & Beauty in iTunes.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PRODUCTION

Point #1: Production = Action

  • Coach Ani: Production is doing the actual work that’s required in order to move forward. We love that you’re listening to us, but it doesn’t actually count as ‘the work.’ The work is what you do behind and in front of the chair to grow your business, not just listening to a podcast.
  • Danielle: Many people tell us how motivating we are, yet if you’re not actually doing the work, it doesn’t matter that we make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. A lot of people will tell me they’ve changed their mindset, yet you have to have the work to follow up with.
QUESTION: What does Prouction mean to you?

Point #2: The Choice

  • Danielle: BBMSCon 2 was so amazing and was filled with so much good insanity. I launched my brand seven years ago and didn’t really take it seriously until the last two years. I literally want to impact the entire industry.
  • Coach Ani: To think this all started with you, Danielle. We had 350 artists inside of one room to learn NBR and to learn business systems and processes – and this all started with you making one choice 7 years ago.
QUESTION: Looking back, what is one choice you have made that has entirely changed your life?

Point #3: Reps Bring Success

  • Danielle: We can only teach what we have experienced. You have to be willing to put in the work. I used to be that asshole who thought that all I needed was a new camera lens, then I’d be an amazing photographer. That’s a starting point, but first, you have to actually commit, which is the biggest thing we stress at the events.
  • You have to throw yourself in the mix and know that part of that is fucking it up, learning from that, and moving on. You can’t put a price tag on experience and reps. We always tell our students – just get some reps under your belt with NBR, marketing, and photography.
QUESTION: What one area of your life could use more reps?

Point #4: Do the Work

  • Coach Ani: We’re not here to save you, we’re here to help and guide and push you. The path has been paved. There are so many people that have walked that path and have succeeded. There’s proof.  But if you have to be willing to do the work.
  • Danielle: You have to let go of your ego and submit to whoever the teacher is at that moment. If you’re taking a class and submit to the process, you will learn and grow more as an individual. You just will. I’m here, I’m going to do the work, I’m going to submit to the process, even when your ego steps in. If you submit, you will be successful.
QUESTION: What area in your life are you committed to doing the work consistently? What are the results you want to achieve in that area?


Point #5: Grant Yourself Permission

  • Danielle: Once we saw the amount of work both of our businesses had done, we knew it was doable, but we had to give ourselves permission to say, “This is the new version of me, we’re not going back.” It forces you to level up your life even more.
  • Ani: I used to think how cool it would be to have a convertible and drive it up and down PCH. That’s all I ever wanted. I saw the Mazaradi, my dream car and I had this conversation with myself, “You can’t do that, that’s insane.” Then I said, “Wait, why can’t I? I work hard, I live by the beach, this is what I’ve always wanted, don’t I deserve it? Yes, you fucking do.”
QUESTION: What is something you need to give yourself permission to do?

Quote of the Week:

“When you’re put in a place where ‘it’s on me,’ I believe most people will rise. It’s crazy for me to think how unwilling we are as human beings to put ourselves in situations where we can rise, and step out of fear of failure.”

— Danielle White

“The life I lead now is such a reflection of the amount of work I put into everything.”

–Anianne Rivera

Jun 12, 2018
Step Into Your Power | BMS | Ep 022

What could actually change inside your life if you made the decision to step forward and own your power? Join Coach Ani and Coach Val in their passionate conversation around the topic of Power in this week's episode of the Big Money Stylist Podcast.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week's Episode.....POWER

Point #1: What is Power?

  • Coach Val: For me, power is finding my confidence and then standing strong in that power as it propels me into the direction I want to go. I am loving this journey, and I love pushing myself beyond my comfort zone.
  • Coach Ani: Something we see all of the time in the students who come into our programs is the attitude of “I wish I could, I want to, but it’s not for me, my husband won't let me, etc." It’s actually them retreating from a lack of power. Once they make a decision to stand in their power, they are never the same person.

QUESTION: What does Power mean to you?


Point #2: I Want a Jill

  • Coach Val: This phrase has been coined as a result of my training Jill. This keeps me on my toes and keeps me wanting to make the training a valuable experience for her. It’s not enough for me to reach a new level and then stay there, I have to keep wanting more, growing more, and being more so I can keep inspiring others and leading the way.
  • One of my constant struggles is saying "yes" and putting myself out there because it's so easy for me to revert back to playing small. It's really uncomfortable for me to be open and vulnerable, and to be in the limelight. Taking those baby steps is a daily decision that doesn't come naturally for me, but the feedback and the results from our students keep pushing me forward so I can grow even faster.

QUESTION: What is a factor in your continual growth?


Point #3: Turning Points

  • Coach Ani: As I look back on my journey, I'm able to recognize how certain decisions have been huge turning points in my life. I see how there are so many turning points in everything that we do. Warrior Week for Women is going to require a version of me that’s never before existed - it’s not the version of Ani that does hair or who trains on the systems of marketing. This is a whole different ballgame. And all of this pushes me to want to continually get better.
  • Coach Val: When I moved my family to the beach, it was a move that didn't make any sense financially, or in any way. The kids were in the middle of a school year and at this point, I was assisting Danielle making an assistant's salary. But that feeling came over me of knowing that if we moved, more opportunities were going to open up. Within three weeks of saying it out loud, we made the move.

QUESTION: As you look back over your life, what are some significant turning points?

Point #4: As the World Turns

  • Coach Ani: Finding power isn't just a one-time thing. You start out with version 1.0 of yourself. When you step into decisions that aren’t easy, you become a new version of yourself and the old you dies. The world keeps moving - everything is growing, shifting and changing. If you're not going forward, you’re going backward. There’s no such thing as stagnant because the world doesn’t stay still.
  • Coach Val: When I get clarity and find that power for myself, that spills into other areas of my life  - with my husband, my kids, with family and friendships. It’s so crazy how having power in one area spills over into another. I've changed as a person because of that power.

QUESTION: How has becoming a new version of yourself changed the trajectory of your life?


Point #5: Did You Make the Edit?

  • Coach Val: When you find your power, the quality of your life gets better. You start tolerating less bullshit because you're that much more clear about what you want. The more power you find, the more clarity you gain, and then you begin editing out anything and anyone that doesn't fit the vision of your life.
  • Coach Ani: It’s not like you’re editing and making your bubble smaller and smaller. I feel like our bubbles are so big because we have such a large capacity. At the end of the day, it’s about the decisions you make. Every single decision you make will take you down a different path, and will either give you more power or take power away.

QUESTION:Who and what have you edited out of your life after gaining clarity and making the decision that you will no longer tolerate bullshit?

Quote of the Week:

"Even though I get in my head and slow myself down, I’m always working toward that vision I saw of BMS. I want to encourage you to follow those moments where you have a vision. Don't just brush them to the side, follow those visions, even if you’re scared."

-- Valerie Plunk

"Take a look at your life: Where have you been avoiding taking power of something in your life because you’re scared, nervous, and unsure? What is it that you’re avoiding? What could actually change inside your life if you made the decision to step forward and own your own shit?"

--Anianne Rivera


Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PRODUCTION

Jun 05, 2018
Good Vibrations | BMS | Ep 021

It’s all about good vibrations in this week’s episode of Big Money Stylist. Knowing that one bad apple can indeed spoil the whole bunch, Danielle, Val, and Ani are highly protective of the vibe and energy of the artists and clients inside DKW, as well as inside their BMS educational classes. They are each highly intuitive and deliberately take steps to protect the energy in their personal space.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PROTECTION

Point #1: Vibes Speak Louder Than Words

  • Danielle: I’m super protective of the energy around me. I need to be protective of who I surround myself with because that energy can ultimately pull me back or push me forward. I feel that people who have the same vibe, positive energy, and vision that I do – that we’re not stagnant but are pushing each other forward.
  • Coach Val: Ever since I was little, I’ve been super in tune with vibes. My mom always told me to run with that, to listen to those vibes. What and who I surround myself with definitely affects me. It’s the unspoken vibe of people: your vibe speaks louder and truer than your words. You have to be protective against people who don’t fit in with your vibe and energy.
QUESTION: Are the people around you pulling you back or pushing you forward?

Point #2: Protect the Tribe

  • Coach Ani: We’re very protective inside everything at DKW and BMS. We’re a family here and we never let shit go too sideways because we know it’s so important to the entire tribe. I feel energy so deeply and can tell when someone is sucking the energy out of everyone around them. The energy of one can completely throw off the energy of everyone else.
  •  Coach Val: We’re super protective of that vibe in our salon and in our education programs. Our vibes are positive and moving forward, and they’re all about growth. If you’re not in tune with that, you’re not going to be part of us. This is why we do interviews prior to people coming to class. We want to make sure we have the right fit so everyone can grow at the pace they need to grow, and that no one’s holding anyone else back.
QUESTION: How do you protect your tribe?


Point #3: It’s a Matter of Heart

  • Danielle: Everything on paper about Garrett says absolutely not, grab your shit and get out. Energy comes down to listening with your heart, and not your head. My mind is very powerful, but ultimately I know the one thing I can trust is my heart. Sometimes I’ll choose the thing or the person that looks pretty on paper, and then later realize I should have gone with my heart.
  •  Coach Ani: I was raised by a mother who is deep into energy. When BMS was under construction, early in the morning and late at night I would go into the space and talk to the walls, “I love you, we’re going to build great shit, it’s going to be amazing, we’re going to change lives here, think of all the great shit we’re going to do.”
QUESTION: Where is there evidence in your life of following your heart?


Point #4: Protect Your Space

  • Coach Ani: The shit that we deal with inside of our BMS Mastermind is really heavy. Garrett told me I have to find a way to protect my energy and space, and definitely never take that heavy energy home. Inside of this space – this big white bubble – it’s me, my energy, and only my energy. People can come to the outside but I can’t let them in and affect me, or I literally can’t do my job.
  • Coach Val: I’m super protective of my husband and kids and what I ’ll allow around them. Sacred comes to mind, which spills into all aspects of my life. My kids get to learn life lessons at recess but, other than that, I’m controlling that shit. Danielle: I keep sacred the time that I have for myself and with my family. Whether I’m out with my kids or on a date with my husband, I buffer everybody else out to protect that space with them.


QUESTION: How do you protect your space?


Point #5: Warrior Women

  • Coach Val: I received a message from a girl I grew up with: “You and your team are changing the world, and you’re changing the lives of people in industries other than the hair industry. You inspired me to take a leap of faith and go after my dream.” This is why we’re protective. We know where we’re going and we realize how many people we’re affecting, and we don’t want anything to hinder our growth.
  •  Coach Ani: I get messages from people who say, “I wish I did hair just so I could come to BMS!” If you haven’t yet looked up Warrior Women, go to, watch the movie, and consider joining us in August. We’ve essentially merged Wake Up Warrior and BMS. It’s so fucking cool to me that we get to go and influence others, that we’re growing past the artists and get to protect and affect everyone else as well.
QUESTION: When are you going to enroll in Warrior Women?

Quote of the Week:

“You have to protect your mind and your energy so you are delivering what you expect to be around you.”

— Danielle White

“Wherever I am, I am fully present and giving all of me. I try to compartmentalize and keep those energies where they need to be because they’re super sacred. That way, I’m not bringing anything home or cross contaminating.”

— Valerie Plunk

“Where are you letting the boxes of your life cross contaminate? Are you letting one box affect another, which is then affecting another, and then it’s bleeding all the way down? Take a look at your life: Where are you not protecting the energy that you need to?”

–Anianne Rivera

Stay Tuned for Next Week’s Topic….POWER

May 29, 2018
Show Me the Money | BMS | Ep 020

Welcome to the #1 podcast in iTunes in the category of Fashion and Beauty where you can always count on Danielle, Val, and Ani to be real, raw, and highly entertaining. This week’s conversation of Profit is something many artists feel uncomfortable talking about, saying it’s not about the money, it’s all about the art – yet most artists are literally slaves behind the chair. Tune in as the ladies debunk this theory and discover what they are up to that is taking the industry by storm and turning it on its head, all the while changing generations to come.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week’s Episode…..PROFIT

Point #1: Taboo

  • Profit is the manifestation of your hard work, whether it’s monetary or freedom of time. When their students share their Why, the underlying message is that they want more time and freedom to spend with whomever they choose.
  • Coach Val: Many of us have been taught by our parents or at church that when it comes to money, you need to be modest and humble, almost as if it’s a taboo topic to discuss. Numbers show our results, which is why we enjoy talking about them. It’s upping the game for everyone: if she can do it, so can I.
QUESTION: How does it make you feel when the topic of money comes up in a conversation?

Point #2: Burnout

  • When artists break down their numbers, it’s a sobering experience for them because they realize they’re not doing nearly as well as they thought. A single mother went from making less than $9 an hour to $89-$120 per hour one year later – by implementing what she learned at the BMS Intensive class and knowing her numbers.
  • Danielle: We need to bring this numbers game and accountability to our industry and not just talk about the art. The art is no longer fun when everything inside of you is being sucked away. We’ve been called too much and have been called bullies. If we’re fucking bullies who give people those kinds of results, I’ll take that title any day of the week.
QUESTION: As you run your numbers, how much are you actually making per hour?

Point #3: Pulling Back the Curtain

  • Danielle: When you don’t force someone to look at the numbers, how long are they going to be stressing and crying, and wondering why they can’t make ends meet? Once you get into the numbers and can actually see the reality of where you are, that’s when you can take steps to where you want to go.
  • Coach Ani: It took me eight months to go from $4K a month to $20K a month, working fewer days and hours. I’m living, breathing proof that this shit works. My profit and results? They came from a pure commitment to the entire program and getting really clear about my numbers.
QUESTION: Why are you so uncomfortable when you take a close look at your numbers?

Point #4: Reality Check

  • Danielle: People who are in pain need us, but we don’t have time to babysit. They have to be willing to choose in. We’re here to flip the industry on its head. I promise you, if you let go of your ego and join us, and submit to the process, you’ll have fucking results. Sometimes you need to be called out on your shit. It allows us to put the ego aside and say ”thank you for kicking my ass.”
  • Coach Ani: Where are you realistically at today? Without feelings, without emotion, without stress, put the numbers on paper, look at it and say this is where I’m at. From there, you can choose where you actually want to go, which is what we do in all of our BMS Intensive classes.
QUESTION: What to you know you need to be called out on?

Point #5: Ripple Effect

  • Coach Ani: I was so overcome with gratitude recently when I realized that here I am from the midwest, I’m now working a stone’s throw away from the ocean, I actually live here and am no longer a tourist in this beautiful city. What we’re doing is not just helping our students, it’s building marriages and families and is changing the course of so many lives.
  • Coach Val: I told one of our students, who was very close to divorce, that she was going to go home and as she implemented what she had learned, she was going to see a difference in her marriage and her son. She reports today that her marriage has never been better and they’ve never been happier. What other education process cares not only about your numbers and your business but also the balance of your family life
QUESTION: What area of your life needs more attention?

Quote of the Week:

“I tell people to entertain where they are and where they want to go, one step at a time. Look where your numbers currently are, then set realistic goals – numbers you think you can hit. Then, once you hit those, set the next ones and the next. It’s not that scary, you just have to say I want to go here and then all of a sudden you’re like shit, I did it, what’s my next goal? All the stuff that makes you so scared becomes the next natural step.”

— Danielle K White

“For the longest time, I felt like you were dealt your hand in life: this is the economy you’re in, this is your class, this is where you stay. Anyone who had anything was born into it. What I have learned from my experience, is that we can create whatever we want to create, which is insane to me and I love it!”

— Valerie Plunk

 “I’m not here to feed into the story that you’ve been telling yourself for so long. If you’re coming to BMS and you’ve paid $4K to attend this class, have gone through three weeks of mandatory pre-training with assignments every single day, you’ve flown out to California…if I keep patting you on the back for everything you’ve been doing that’s literally gotten you nowhere, which is why you’re here now, that doesn’t serve or help you.”

–Anianne Rivera

Stay Tuned for Next Week’s Topic….PROTECTION

May 22, 2018
Skillset and Mindset | BMS | EP 019

In this week's episode of Big Money Stylist, Danielle and her team have a conversation about increasing profitability and productivity, and how sometimes you have to take a step back as an artist and ask yourself:  Am I as good as I can be?

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week's Episode.....PRODUCTION

Point #1: Walk the Talk

  •  Coach Val: Good for you-you've found your power, now you need to produce what you’re saying you can actually do. In our arena, you have to be good at NBR. You can be good at finding your power and marketing, but that doesn’t matter if your work is shit. We want artists to find their confidence, but you also need to have the skillset to back it up.
  • Coach Ani: Inside of BMS and Mastermind, we have a really heavy focus on charging what you’re worth, but here’s the deal. Yes, we are here to empower people, but at the end of the day, you need to make sure that what you’re charging, what you’re having your clients pay, you’re actually providing that amount of value to them.

QUESTION: Take a look at your skillset: What are you actually producing?

Point #2: Level Up

  • Danielle: I remember when I decided to become more focused; when I decided to reclaim my power as an artist. I started comparing my work with the work I was seeing on social media and got curious about how I could fine-tune and level up my skills and craft to become the best at what I was doing.
  • As far as being the best you can be behind the chair, you have to be able to back up what you’re promoting. I would never want a client to sit in my chair or to be a part of my salon experience and feel underwhelmed. I’d rather have someone come and sit in my chair and say 'you guys are so much better in person!'

QUESTION: Where in your life do you see that you need to level up?

Point #3: Ego vs Confidence

  • Coach Val: I feel there are two sides to the ego: the side that gives you the confidence to push through and keep going, and then the downside that actually stunts your growth. Coach Ani: The kind of ego that doesn’t serve you is when you look at something and think you can automatically do it.
  • Danielle: I think of Ego as the dickhead, where confidence is owning your power. You definitely want to have that confidence going into your work, but the ego is what drags you down; it's what takes something you could learn and grow from and keeps you stuck where you’re at.

QUESTION: What do you see inside of your life where maybe you’re having a bit of an ego and not being realistic about the work that you’re producing?

Point #4: What is Your Why?

  • Danielle: We’re not looking to be platform artists to build popularity. We’re looking to give our students results, we’re looking to inspire them, we’re looking to literally change the game; we're looking to get rid of old habits, patterns, and behaviors.
  • For as long as I've been doing hair, being the celebrity stylist is not enough, making the kind of money I’m making is not enough, just teaching, in general, is not enough.  What is enough is knowing the impact we're making on so many people's lives. That's when you know we’re doing some good shit.

QUESTION: What is it that fuels you as an artist?

Point #5: Growth Hounds

  • Danielle: I have to constantly choose where to put up the blinders and where to focus, constantly reframe everything and ask myself, "What serves me"? Lately, I’ve been going into things asking myself if this isn’t serving me, even if its a thought, how can I flip it to predict the outcome of my day?
  •  Coach Ani: For me, it’s doing constant things that make us better continuously. There’s never a place where we feel stagnant - we're either moving forward or backward, there’s never a place where we’re just sitting still. Everyone here values growth so much that it’s a constant push and hustle.

QUESTION: What do you do to level up and improve?

Quote of the Week:

"Your marketing in front of the chair can only be as good as your magic behind the chair."

-- Danielle White

"We want you to charge what you’re worth, but step back and take a good look: are you worth that? If not, what steps do you need to take to get to the price point that you feel confident in and that you are actually delivering that dollar amount of work - or over delivering, which is our end goal at DKW."

-- Valerie Plunk

"We always want all of our artists to  just be happy and to live a fulfilled life, having time with their family and not be stuck behind the chair six days a week and the one day you’re off, doing laundry and napping. That’s not a life that we want for them."

--Anianne Rivera


Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PROFIT

May 15, 2018
Expand Your Capacity | BMS | Ep 018

Danielle and her team have an in-depth and enlightening conversation around the topic of Capacity in this week's episode of Big Money Stylist, where the ladies share personal stories and experiences that have expanded their capacity as women and Artists.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week's Episode.....POWER

Point #1: The Next Natural Step

  • Danielle: We are capable of so much more than we allow ourselves. Once we push through a certain threshold, all of a sudden what was scary becomes the new norm. You change your capacity as a human being by being willing to put yourself in the right direction and throw yourself in front of the fire, learn and grow from it and continue to move on.
  • Coach Val: When you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone and keep pushing through your threshold, it’s like the next natural step, a natural progression. Taking a step each day furthers your capacity to take on more and more in the name of growing to become a better version of yourself.

QUESTION: How do you personally push through thresholds?

Point #2: Triggers

  • Danielle: We can be triggered when someone says or does something and it just drives you nuts. Maybe it’s something about the “old you” and you just don’t want to go back there. If I don’t want to be that person, how do I step out of my comfort zone and become the newer, better version of myself? With triggers, you have to learn how to deal with them because triggers cause you to lose your power and you are no longer standing in the highest version of yourself.
  • Coach Ani: What are you being triggered by and how are you responding to those triggers? Are you shrinking back and immediately going to a smaller version of yourself, or are you pushing forward to make your bucket bigger; to grow, expand and make your capacity even more, so that you can continue pushing through?

QUESTION: How do you respond to triggers?

Point #3: Growing or Shrinking?

  • Coach Ani: Inside of DKW and BMS, we have such a large capacity that we are always pushing ourselves towards constant growth. Coach Val: When I’m around Coach Ani or Danielle, I want to play to the biggest version of myself because their capacity is inspiring to me. I always want to level up and not be left behind.
  • Danielle: When we train people and hold space for people to grow, it allows them to become who they were meant to be. When you're training someone, you want to hold the frame for them to enable them to grow with you. You have to have everybody moving in an upward motion.

QUESTION: How can you contribute to an environment of growth in your personal and business relationships?

Point #4: From I Can't to I Can

  • Danielle: People inside the network put walls up and say, "I can't fathom this." It's achieved in baby steps. Just entertain the idea and from there, see what happens. I feel women, especially, tend to have to have the whole thing mapped out from A-Z before taking action, which is why a lot of women get overwhelmed and say "I can’t."
  • Coach Ani: I feel like I’ve said those words, too. I’m not *that* person to do that, that’s for somebody else. If I keep telling myself it’s for somebody else, I’m somebody else for somebody else. I can be an inspiration to show someone else, but I have to get my head out of my ass and just do it.

QUESTION: What are you saying "I can't" to in your life? Step back from that and simply entertain the thought of "I can" and see what happens.

Point #5: Baby Steps

  • Coach Val: For me it's all about baby steps. I’m going to do this and see where this takes me. I say yes, do it scared and just keep doing little baby steps even if I don’t have everything planned out.
  • Danielle: All we have to do is entertain the thought and take baby steps, and the next thing you know you have a different life and you’re a different person. It’s so silly that we play small. Once we begin opening each new door, I’m still me but look how much I’ve learned and grown.

QUESTION: What door is right in front of you that you are afraid to step through?


Quote of the Week:

"I had always felt like I wasn't a speaker or a trainer -  that I was just little shy Danielle -  until I attended a Tony Robbins event a couple of years ago. The turning point for me came when he introduced himself: "Hi. I’m Tony Robbins and I created this shit." It got me thinking about what I could create in my life, and who I could become, realizing that I'm the one who gets to create whatever I want in my life."

-- Danielle White

"If you hear that little tiny whisper in your head, listen to that guy because he’s going to get louder. The sooner you listen to it - the sooner you start taking your steps and start growing - the sooner your capacity is going to grow and you’re going to become that bigger, better version of yourself."

-- Valerie Plunk

"For me - moving from the midwest to Cali -  my first step was: if you were going to do it, where would you live? What would that look like? What else would I need? I literally took it step by step because I am *that* person. I want to have the whole alphabet plus 4 extra numbers at the end and then Plan B on top of it."

--Anianne Rivera

Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PRODUCTION


May 08, 2018
Under the Umbrella of Protection | BMS | Ep 017

As the Big Money Stylist podcast continues gaining in popularity as the #1 podcast in Fashion and Beauty, as well as one of the top 50 overall podcasts in iTunes, Danielle and her team are grateful for their audience and are committed to bringing massive value through their timely, lively and oft times spicy shows. This week’s topic of Protection is a passionate favorite amongst the ladies of DKW Styling.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week's Episode.....PROTECTION

Point #1: Sharing is Not Always Caring

  • Over a ten year period, Danielle created a brand called Natural Beaded Rows. In the beginning, "sharing was caring," but there came a point in time when it became imperative for Danielle to protect the brand she had spent years creating and perfecting.
  • She also realized the importance of protecting the experience of her client by doing away with her shadowing program. "I try to look at anything I do from the perspective of the client. If I was booking an appointment at a high end salon, what would I want my experience to look like?"

QUESTION: How are you protecting the experience of your clients?

Point #2: Are You in Alignment?

  • There was a period of time in Danielle’s life when she and her husband felt the need to protect their marriage and family by distancing themselves from and letting go of relationships that were no longer serving them, instead creating new relationships that aligned with their vision.
  • You meet people in your life that help you connect from point A to point B. Once they stop serving you in a good way or adding any positivity to your life, you have to step back and ask yourself if it’s worth trying to fix, or if it's time to move on.

QUESTION: Look inside your life and inside your circle of influence - the people you’re constantly around. Is there someone you know you need to be protecting yourself from?

Point #3: Protecting the Client

  • Danielle: Because I wear NBR extensions in my hair, when I hear stories on social media of salons using knock off versions of NBR and making scalps bleed, I'm like what the fuck! I can’t even stand it. We have to protect our brand with the client because we’re delivering a different service, a different product and a different experience than what's found outside of our salons.
  • Jillian: I think it’s disrespectful to the client if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. We ask the people in our Mastermind to do 15 minutes of power practice every day which shows dedication to their clients and to their craft. Ani: When clients come and sit in our chair, they’re trusting us to put our hands in their hair, to put chemicals in their hair, to change shit up and to really make a big difference for them, which makes their experience a top priority for us.

QUESTION: Are you really giving your clients the best experience you can? Are you treating them the way you would want to be treated?

Point #4: Churn and Burn No More

  • Danielle: The retention of a client is becoming a lost and forgotten art in the hair industry. When you have the mindset of churn and burn, what the fuck does that say to your client? It says you don’t give a shit about them. When you up the game and up the experience, not only is your client going to be happy, she’s going to tell other people about her experience.
  • At DKW Salons, one of the ways we protect ourselves, our brand and our clients is by creating a connection and killer experience for them right from the very start. We do this by paying close attention to the details before and after their appointment, we send follow up emails and reach out to them to see how they're doing. Creating an amazing client experience is a top priority for us.

QUESTION: What systems do you have in place that focus on Client Retention and the Client Experience?

Point #5: Winds of Change

  • Danielle: We’re rebirthing stylists to a new level. No more crappy routines and behaviors and all that shit that doesn’t serve you. We’re getting rid of all these bad habits and routines and putting stylists more on a pedestal. Ani: We’re changing the game. We’ve literally taken the hair world and flipped it upside down. What we do is not normal, it's not seen and it’s super intense. Having an emphasis on having a skill is not enough anymore.
  • BMS (Big Money Stylist) is the methodology of NBR (Natural Beaded Rose) married up to business and marketing tactics. Conventions are held throughout the year where hundreds of Artists attend. BMS Intensives are smaller classes that cap out at 20 people for more personal, one-on-one hands on training. To be considered for either of these, please visit our website and fill out an application. 

QUESTION: Are you ready to jump into this movement that's taking the hair industry by storm?


Quote of the Week:

"A lot of stylists go into hair with the goal of eventually owning their own place, yet they don’t know business, they don’t know client retention, they don’t know client experience or know how to emotionally deal with the client as the professional. We are at a tipping point which is so cool for me to see. I believe that what we are doing is 100% changing the game and is impacting our industry on a huge level."

-- Danielle White

"At the end of the day, when we go through and protect the clients by doing the power practice, doing NBR every single day, getting better at the beadwork, stitching and color - protecting them in that sense of practicing and giving them a good experience - it also protects us and the brand as well."

--Anianne Rivera

"I feel like I have to protect myself from myself. I’m like my own worst enemy, my harshest critic. Your heart knows what an amazing individual you are, so let it shine. Have that spark always. Don’t let yourself dwindle by other outside factors. Put a bubble around you, one that allows people inside if they’re awesome. Let yourself be you!"

--Jillian Cheel


Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....POWER


May 01, 2018
How Stepping Back Catapults You Forward |BMS|Ep 016

The DKW crew welcomes Jillian Cheen to the team as they discuss the hot topic of Profit in this week's episode of Big Money Stylist which just hit the top 30 in iTunes at the time of airing.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection


In This Week's Episode.....PROFIT

Point #1:  Is it a Step Back or a Step Forward?

  • The road leading to DKW may not have made a lot of sense to others, but for Coaches Val, Ani and Jillian it made perfect sense. It was definitely a step back for Coach Val, but she saw the clear vision from the get go, put her ego aside and dove in despite people around her questioning her choice to leave a full clientele and move to Laguna Beach to become an assistant working on commission.
  • Coach Ani likes to look at her path as a parallel route. "This is the road I was on, I stepped off of it and went to the road next to it that could lead me higher and farther." With Coach Jillian's decision to go back to assisting, it may have seemed like a step back to some, but for Jillian it aligned with her vision.

QUESTION: Where in your life has a door opened for you that looks like a step back, but will ultimately catapult you forward?

Point #2: Ruthless Commitment Brings Major Profit

  • Coach Ani knows that at the end of the day it all comes down to your commitment to change your life. "If you’re not willing to do anything with the tools we've given to you, what do you expect from us at that point? You've got to put in some kind of effort."
  • Coach Val knows the longer you stay committed to what you want, the faster you’ll see results. She's loving the results in her life due to her ruthless commitment. Coach Jillian eats, lives and breathes her dream. She wakes up everyday with the attitude of "this is what I fucking want, and I know who I have to be in order to see the results I want."

QUESTION: Where are you lacking ruthless commitment in your life?

Point #3: Passion: Love on Another Level

  • Coach Ani: My true heart and soul passion is training inside of BMS. That’s my happy place. It’s what I know I’m supposed to do. If it was taken away from me, that would crush my soul and a part of me would die.
  • For Coach Val, passion is love on another level. "No matter what other roles I take on around me, I still have to have time behind the chair as an Artist. I need that artistic outlet doing color and the NBR extensions that I love so much because it feeds me."

QUESTION: What feeds your soul?


Point #4: Accountability Not Blame

  • Coach Jillian always used to feel like a victim and thought that everything was happening to her. "I looked back in my life and started taking accountability for my actions and seeing my part in all of it. My dreams have come true in such a short amount of time because I had the courage to look inward and began changing who I was being."
  • Coach Val: It is so freeing to have accountability. You never have to have that victim mentality. You can’t change anyone else’s actions but what you can change is how you show up and what you deliver.

QUESTION: Where in your life are you not seeing the profit that you want to see because you have not committed to anything, you haven’t found your passion or you’re pushing it away?

Point #5: Vision Quest

  • Coach Ani: Something that we do inside BMS is what we call Vision Quest where we sit on the beach and ask ourselves: Who do you want to be 12 months from now? Who is that person? What does she look like? How does she talk and walk? What is her job? What is she doing?
  • Coach Val: Because I am so clear on my vision, every decision that I make is leading me to pave the way for other people to come in and live that vision themselves. It's because of this vision that I will stop at nothing to make sure it comes to fruition.

QUESTION: What vision do you have for yourself that you are ruthlessly committed to?


Quote of the Week:

"The profit of me living out my passion in each of these areas of my life is this beautiful life that I am very protective of. If something is not serving me or going towards the passions of my life, then it’s not a part of my life. Everything in my life right now is contributing to my passion so that I can have this beautiful life that I’m living.

-- Valerie Plunk

"There comes a point when it’s not about the money. It’s about me and the commitment I have to myself and the life I want. On my deathbed I want to look back on my life and say, you fucking did it. Good for you. Everything you wanted to accomplish,  you did it."

--Anianne Rivera

"You can have a big end result you're shooting for, but make sure you have small little markers for you to hit along the way. Once you hit that marker, don’t just say I’m good now, you have to push to the next one. You can’t just sit still because when you do that, you’re going backwards. When you reach your result, have bigger dreams."

--Jillian Cheen



Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PROTECTION


Apr 24, 2018
Strategic Marketing | BMS | EP 015

Production is the topic this week as the ladies discuss tools of strategic marketing to attract clients and team members, how being real makes us more vulnerable and trustworthy, that where we are in life is based on the choices we make, and how it's necessary to let Assertive Sally take the stage when things need to get done.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week's Episode.....PRODUCTION

Point #1: Throw Yourself Under the Bus

  • It's in our nature to want to look perfect all of the time. Yet, when you allow others to see the real you, that's what make you relatable as a human being. When you throw yourself under the bus and allow people to get to know the real you, sans the filters and editing, you become more trustworthy in people's eyes.
  • Danielle: Back in the day when I started my brand on YouTube, people saw the real me. I'd talk about my sucky hair and show them the products that I used. I threw myself under the bus all the time. That's what people can relate to - someone who is real, someone who is like them. If you place yourself too high above others, they won't trust you or even be able to relate to you.

QUESTION: In your experience, do you tend to trust and relate to people who expose their flaws or people who wear a mask of perfection?

Point #2: Assertive Sally

  • As women, we tend to play small and we don’t want to be labeled as the mean woman or the crazy bitch. But you need to access that authoritative power to lay shit down and get shit done. At the end of the day, shit’s going to go sideways at some point, and the nice, Passive Aggressive Polly in you is never going to get anything done.
  • Danielle: I have this surgeon side where everything is black and white,  where I micro manage everything. And then I have the me I love - my artist hippy side. In my business, both sides of me are needed. Don't be afraid to  allow Sally Assertive to show up when things need to get done.

QUESTION: Where in your life are you avoiding useful confrontation or collision because of your beliefs about how women 'should' show up?

Point #3: Create Your Dream Team

  • Marketing to attract the ideal client is essential, but have you ever thought about marketing to attract the ideal team member for your salon; someone who will be an asset to your team and help continue marketing and promoting your brand?
  • Danielle: You create who you work with and who you work on. As stylists, we have a story about who we are and who we take on as clients - that we’re just so grateful to have clients and to have help. Actually, a little more research needs to go into finding the right team member that fits the vibe and the vision of where we want to go.

QUESTION: What do you think about your team? Is it your Dream Team?

Point #4: Superwoman

  • Coach Ani: What we do is not easy and is a lot of work. When people say they want to do what we’re doing, what they're seeing are the highlight reels - the podcasts, the events, the results. What they're not seeing is the amount of work and hustle that's required behind the scenes to create and manage everything.
  • Danielle: I got to a place where I had no 'me' time. I kept adding things to my checklist and found myself staying up late doing follow up emails and blogs, getting up early and then doing it all over again, day in and day out. It was a shitshow.

QUESTION: Where are you spreading yourself too thin? How is that working for you?

Point #5: Surrender and Choose Your Story

  • Danielle: You choose your outcome and you choose how fast you grow. It takes consistency of choosing to create a better day, every single day. People give up too quickly and say it’s too far out of their reach. Where I am today seemed impossible just a few years ago, but now that I’m here, it doesn’t seem so far fetched or out of my reach anymore - something shifts.
  • Power is all about capacity. When you’re uncomfortable and you don’t know what to do, and you don’t know how to go forward, you’re just reaching your capacity. You have two options: You can shrink back or you can push through. That version of you will die, but you grow to become something else - a better version of yourself.

QUESTION: In your experience, when you have reached your capacity, what do you do to push through?

Quote of the Week:

"If you feel something is uncomfortable or unnatural, maybe you should visit that. I would challenge everyone who’s listening to ask yourself: where am I feeing uncomfortable?  Can I challenge myself to break through that and learn things about myself?  Don’t be afraid of change, you’re just becoming a better version of yourself."

-- Danielle White

"When I sat on the beach and Garrett asked us to close our eyes and envision where we wanted to be in a year, a voice said this is where you are supposed to be. So it became an obsession for me. I kept asking myself, what do I have to do to get there? I saw that it could be done differently, so why wouldn’t I do it?" Once I decide I don’t want to be where I am, I realize that no one can change it and no one can save me, but that everything is up to me."

--Anianne Rivera

"Just put in the work. It’s so crazy to see growth when it happens. It's the hustle and the grind every single day that people don’t want to do that actually gets you the results you want. So stop being shy about putting in the work.  If you have goals or things in life that you’re trying to achieve, do the work."

--McKenzi Davis


Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PROFIT


Apr 17, 2018
Change Your Story, Change Your Life | BMS | Ep 014

Welcome to this week's Big Money Stylist podcast as the Artists from DKW Styling Salon delve into the topic of Power, more specifically the Power of stories - the stories we create about ourselves and our industry - and how these stories will either derail and fuck us up or lead us into a life that we truly want to live.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week's Episode.....POWER

Point #1: Industry Fables

  • Many Artists don't believe in themselves and dutifully execute whatever the Industry has taught them to do. For example, we are taught that you accommodate everyone and everything that walks through the door until you have "arrived," even if it means doing what you don't like doing - which most Artists believe is their only option. This creates the all too prevalent and less than powerful scarcity mindset.
  • There are many stories created about who we are as stylists and what is expected of us. More often than not, we are expected to work six days a week, are thought of as hobbyists and not taken seriously, and for many the belief is widely accepted that people choose hair as a career because they are too fucking stupid for anything else.

QUESTION: What are some of the stories you believe that are simply not true, but are widely accepted as true?

Point #2: Tell Me a Story

  • The stories that seem to affect us the most are the stories we create about ourselves. Coach Ani describes stories as "a layer of made up bullshit that you tell yourself over and over again." We don’t know where they come from, why or how they start, but one day you tell yourself something, decide to fucking stick with it and pretty soon you have allowed that story to shape and define your life.
  • Whether it was breaking an engagement and moving to California, teaching on a stage in front of 300 Artists at a convention, feeling 'worthy' to increase prices, or deciding to stop working Saturday's, each of the ladies have overcome and rewritten their stories, which has enabled them to get out of their own way and create a life they love.

QUESTION: Where in your life are you putting off rewriting a story that isn't serving you?

Point #3: The Lies we Believe

  • Our stories impact every part of our lives. How many times have you told yourself: I'm not worthy, I'm not good enough, that's for someone else, not me. We get so much inside of our heads that we begin downplaying ourselves and live in a state of victimhood, and in the process we give away all of our power.
  •  Oft times stories are wound up so tightly inside of us that we can begin projecting them onto others until they believe them, too. Garrett repeated the story so often that Danielle didn't want to have sex, that she actually started believing it was true. The voices and the stories inside our head are so much stronger than the truth of what really is.

QUESTION: How often do you downplay yourself by telling yourself you're not worthy or you're not good enough?

Point #4: Stuff or Stack?

  • We have the ability to make life stressful or beautiful and zen. What do we do to remain in power when we get triggered or when things go south; when we start making stories up about the people and experiences in our lives? How do we handle our feelings rather than stuff them deep inside of us to handle "later?"
  • Coach Ani uses a powerful tool each day called the Stack which is a series of questions designed to move her through these feelings and to see the story from different angles. By the end of her Stack, she has gained clarity, power and solutions. Coach Val is the queen of reframe where she is able to have conversations with herself and see things from many perspectives until  she can find something positive to move her forward instead of staying stuck in a story.

QUESTION: When you get triggered what do you do to return to a place of peace and power?

Point #5: The Power of Choice is Yours

  • Coach Val: I know it is always my choice. If there is something not going well, I would rather blame myself and come up with a solution than blame anyone else. I can fix me. I can fix my mindset and my mood, and that is so freeing. What is so beautiful to realize is no one has any control over anything you do, except for you.
  • Coach Ani: At the end of the day, everything is up to me: the life I want to live and the choices I make. If I want to live at the beach, that is my choice and I will have to work fucking harder than I ever have. If I don’t want to get married, it’s my choice. If I choose to get married knowing that something is wrong, that is also my choice. I have the power of choice over everything in my life. And so do you.

QUESTION: Where in your life are you playing the victim and blaming others for your circumstances?


Quote of the Week:

"You don’t have to wait until tomorrow. You don’t have to wait until next week or next month. If, in the middle of your day things are not going the way you want them to, take a deep breath, figure out what needs to be changed, and then change it. If you don’t change anything, you are going to continue to have the same exact life. If you want something different, do something different. Stand in your power and do that."

-- Valerie Plunk

"What is it in your life that you don’t like? What story have you been telling yourself for so long that you’ve actually convinced yourself it’s true? How can you go about changing it? A the end of the day, your life is yours to lead and no one else’s. No one is coming to save you. But you can change you."

--Anianne Rivera

"My biggest story is that I am not a confrontational person. Confronting people about things that are bothering me is still hard for me. But every time I jump over that hurdle and handle things, I feel more powerful and have more confidence in myself and my abilities. I find that I also have more respect for myself when I stand in my power.

--McKenzi Davis



Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PRODUCTION


Apr 10, 2018
Protection 101 | BMS | Ep 013

This week's Big Money Stylist podcast addresses the all important topic of Protection in this spicy, direct and straightforward conversation with the lively and powerful ladies of DKW Styling. At the end of the day, if you don't protect what you have built, it's like you're rolling over and giving it all away.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection


In This Week's Episode.....PROTECTION

Point #1: Protect It Or Lose It

  • Coach Val: You have found your power, you’re producing and you're seeing profit. Protection is what you do to keep all of that momentum going so you can continue to keep growing. Protection is crazy important because we spend so much time building everything, yet if we don’t protect it, what do we have left? If you don’t protect it, not only will it not sustain itself, eventually you will end up with nothing.
  • Coach Ani: As women I feel we are expected to be super dainty, sweet and kind all of the time - it’s that sharing and caring mentality. Protecting doesn't mean you're being a fucking bitch. There's a difference between protecting and when you’re just being a fucking asshole. Coach Val: When it’s your art, it’s so personal and you are protective of it. Where you're protecting something you have created and you have set a clear intention and outcome, you're not being stubborn and hard minded, you're simply protecting.

QUESTION: What are you doing to protect what you have created?

Point #2: Thieves Among Us

  • Coach Ani: If you’re one of the thieves going through and stealing shit, which is what we see every fucking day, that’s on you, that’s not on us. So don't get pissed off at us when we don't roll over and let you get away with it, because it’s not going to happen. You wonder why we sit here and talk about protection, and why we get so fired up and amped up over the fact that we have to continue doing this? We aren’t here to be railroaded, and you shouldn’t be either.
  • Coach Val: We’re standing up. This is our life, this is Danielle’s creativity and you can’t fuckin steal it. Because of the fire and feelings that come behind our podcast, some people think we are so mean and cruel. No, actually what’s mean and cruel is that someone fucking stole something. We’re standing up and saying that’s not fucking cool. The intent in that is to protect what we have, it's not us being bullies on a podcast or being rude.

QUESTION: Where in your life do you need to start standing up and saying no?

Point #3: Energy Matters

  • Inside of BMS we have been very clear that the program is not a fit for everyone. There’s hustle, grind and a lot of commitment going forward. When you are literally changing an entire industry, and changing the way it’s been done for decades, it’s not easy. When we’re all on the same page, moving in the same direction with lightning speed and then you have the one person whose energy is off, it throws everything and everyone off; it kills the momentum.
  • Danielle: I hate entitlement. When you come here, show me you can bleed. Show me you can run as fast as I can. When you show me that, I will give you the shirt off my back, but I will not do it until you show me. Show me that you can work, show me that you’re good energy, respect the team, respect the business, respect the vibe. If you don’t, it's you who's letting you go, not me.

QUESTION: What kind of energy are you putting out in your salon? In your home? In your relationships?

Point #4: Self Sabotage

  • Coach Kenzi: I know I'm my biggest obstacle and I feel like I have to protect myself from myself on a daily basis. You have to protect yourself from those mental voices that tell you you're a piece of shit, you’re not good at this and you’re not good at that. There’s a big difference between constructive criticism and self sabotage. For me, it’s like a daily cleanse. As soon as I got out of my own way, that’s when I started moving forward in my career.
  • Coach Val: Self Sabotage is my specialty. How do I deal with it? I’ll let you know when I fuckin figure it out. I’m that person that when I’m done for the day I’ll look at the photos I’ve taken of my work and I’m like, I can’t post this, I could have done better, etc. It doesn’t matter what it is, I’m always so critical about myself and really hard on myself. It’s my natural thing where I get in my head and am so mean to myself. With everyone else I’m Positive Polly, but when it comes to me, I’m dark Val.

QUESTION: Where in your life are you self sabotaging?


Point #5: It's a Balancing Act

  • Coach Ani: There are things I know I have to hit every single day: I'm up in the morning, I get ready for the day, I go get a green drink, I do a Stack every single day, then I go straight to headquarters where I am there all day long. At some point I get food and I meditate throughout the day. A Stack is a series of questions that helps you go through a feeling you’re having or something that has triggered you.
  • Danielle: Get out of the noise, get out of the thoughts and people in your head. Don’t worry what they think about you. Put up the blinders, get tunnel vision, stop worrying about the outside noise, and  just go. It’s important to look at your work and critique it, then flip it into a positive in order to grow and learn and become a better person.

QUESTION: What do you do to squelch the voices? How do you find balance?


Quote of the Week:

"You won’t be able to compete at the level I’m willing to take this to. We’re raising the bar in all levels of our industry and people know what to expect from us - from NBR - because we have such a high standard for our education, for our team, for our stylists, and for our tribe. You go ahead and be Suave, we'll be Karastase."

-- Danielle White

"Check yourself: If a client is unhappy, see if it’s something you did that you could have done differently. Did you cover the bases that you needed to? Do you need to protect yourself? Do you have systems in place? A signed contract, etc.? It’s a good time to take a step back and ask yourself what you could have possibly done differently. Sometimes this person is bat shit crazy and in order to protect your sanity and the salon vibe, you have to let them go because they're not a good fit for you."

-- Valerie Plunk

"Are you putting in the clear intention to practice this shit every day? To get better and to protect yourself against things come up? Power Practice every single day is something that we preach throughout all of our network. You can’t just take one fucking class in anything and all of a sudden be a fuckin pro at it. You are going to learn a new method and be super shitty at it for awhile, and the more you do it you will be less and less shitty, until one day you are just not shitty, you’re kind of good!"

--Anianne Rivera

"The worst thing that you can do is isolate yourself, retreat, and not talk about what you are struggling with. When you talk about things and let them out, that’s when you can process things. In your head, things are actually way worse than they really are. Most people are too afraid of bringing things up; we’re so afraid to not look perfect that we won’t even share any of our flaws, when in reality it’s our flaws that make people love us more."

--McKenzi Davis



Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....POWER




Apr 03, 2018
The Proof is in the Tracking | BMS | Ep 012

This week’s conversation centers around the topic of Profit, specifically why it’s important to know and track your numbers. The BMS Stylist podcast continues to rank #1 in iTunes within the category of Fashion & Beauty, which speaks volumes about the massive value being delivered to an industry hungering for what Danielle K. White and her team share each week.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week's Episode.....PROFIT

Point #1: Tracking Reveals the Truth

  • Danielle: The Artist Ego is something we’ve all been guilty of where we brag about what an awesome week or quarter we've had, yet the actual numbers reveal a different reality. It's important to remember that tracking numbers is meant to bring awareness, not discouragement.
  • Coach Ani: In our Mastermind classes, we have created a space where our students are very comfortable sharing their numbers in great detail, something normally viewed as a societal taboo. At the end of the day, numbers simply reveal where you are today. If you don’t know where you are right now, how can you expect to move forward with a realistic goal?

QUESTION: When will you retire exhaustion as a form of currency and a barometer of your success, and replace it with the proven system of tracking your numbers?

Point #2: Power Practice and Daily Four

  • Coach Val: We require our students to practice NBR every single day. Daily repetition puts you on the Fast Track to Success. Danielle: After so much repetition, the technique has become second nature for me, allowing me to concentrate on the artistic side of color and blending - one of the biggest problems I see within the industry with hair extensions.
  • Coach Ani: We require our students to do and track four things every single day: 1. Post a picture. 2. Post a video. 3. Send an audio message to a client. 4. Write a text post. This takes time, it takes effort, and it's something you have to get into the habit of doing - and it’s insanely important! It wasn't until Coach Kenzi started tracking her social media presence that her eyes were opened and showed her where she needed to make some shifts in her marketing to bring her the results she desired.

QUESTION: How has being consistent in your daily repetitions and marketing changed your results?

Point #3: Converting Mindsets

  • Danielle: When using a funnel or some sort of paid promotion, if you’re not a household name, your job is to convert mindset. We may lure a person in with a pretty photo, but then we use videos and written copy to share our experiences and to educate, which changes a cold lead into a warm one really fast.
  • Coach Ani: Converting a mindset isn’t about us convincing, forcing or coercing clients, rather it’s about them telling themselves that they want what we have been sharing with them via a ten minute video. If you do the convincing and converting, it’s buyer’s remorse every single time.

QUESTION: What can you change in your advertising to create a different experience for your potential clients?

Point #4: Leads, Applications and Consultations

  • A lead is someone who has said, "Yes, I want to come sit in your chair." We personally talk with every single person who applies to either sit in our chair, attend a convention or one of our trainings because we want to make sure we are a good fit and vibe for each other.
  • Coach Val: When we read through the applications and have conversations with potential clients, we are able to get on the same page with them, creating a bond that replaces the robotic production line mentality that is so prevalent within the industry.

QUESTION: What could be possible for you in your business if you began having conversations with clients ahead of time?

Point #5: It's In the Details

  • Coach Kenzie: In going through and figuring out all of the details, including how much I was making per hour, I realized that although I may have been making good money, I wasn’t ever seeing my husband, and on my days off all I wanted to do was sleep and do online shopping.
  • In everything the DKW team does, looking to keep the status quo is not one of them - whether it's requiring a deposit to hold a spot on the books, raising prices, or with some Artists choosing to not work weekends. Once you have something you can measure and track, your decisions become clearer and easier and you see how tracking your numbers affects every single choice that you make. At the end of the day, it let's you discover for yourself what is worth it and what is not.

QUESTION: How much money are you really making  per hour?


Quote of the Week:

"What’s the point of making good money if you don’t have time to build relationships with those people whom you care about; if you don't have time to experience life? People will carry out that pattern [making great money yet never seeing their loved ones] for five to ten years, and I wonder how they are going to repair that? A lot of times people break up or get divorced because it was a false relationship. It might be rough, but take a good look in the mirror."

-- Danielle White

"You go into your day confidently when you already know who’s going to be in your chair. You’ve already had a conversation with them and you have established a level of trust with each other, which creates an amazing vibe and environment in which to do top quality work."

-- Valerie Plunk

"Go forward in your business in a place of truth and facts, where your business actually is. Look at the numbers, look at the facts and decide: Are you in a place that you’re happy? Are you actually happy with the money you’re making? Are you happy with the amount of time you’re spending behind the chair? Are these numbers making sense to you?"

--Anianne Rivera

"How is it fair that every other industry raises their prices and no one bats an eye, yet for some reason we have allowed it in our industry to be okay with not raising our prices? In any other industry it’s okay for a person to choose their hours, yet in our industry it’s not acceptable if you don’t work weekends. As Artists we've allowed that to be the norm, and it’s our responsibility to change that."

--McKenzi Davis



Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PROTECTION

Mar 27, 2018
The Seduction of Marketing | BMS | Ep 011

A new voice has joined the BMS Team in a permanent way with McKenzi Davis, the newest member of the head BMS Team and stylist inside of the DKW salon. The conversation this week is about Production, specifically taking a close look at all areas of Marketing.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week's Episode.....PRODUCTION

Point #1: Marketing: Are You Frozen in Time or Evolving?

  • Danielle: With the market constantly changing and evolving, there’s not a set "A-Z Checklist to Making Millions" for people to follow. Test the market and run targeted ads to find out what’s working and what isn’t, level up your skills, and take advantage of the organic marketing available within social media.
  • Marketing for Coach Val and Coach Kenzie felt foreign at first. Like most stylists, referrals were how they built up their books - that’s what they knew and what they were comfortable with. Their mindsets changed once they began seeing their results using social media and paid, targeted ads.

QUESTION: When was the last time you invested dollars into your marketing?

Point #2: The Art & Seduction of the Close

  • Coach Val (aka: Assassin Closer) has the confidence that when a client sits in her chair, she will be able to produce the results they are looking for. Coach Kenzie says convincing and coaching your clients never works and often results in buyer's remorse.
  • Danielle: If you say you are not good at sales, it's because you need to become better at your craft. Becoming better at your craft leads to loving your work more, which naturally leads to the sale.

QUESTION:Are you engaged in the art of seduction or the game of convincing?

Point #3: Deliver What You Market

  • Danielle: It doesn’t matter how good your marketing is, if you are not an expert at your craft you’ll disappoint the marketplace. So stop worrying if you’re making more money if you’re not the BEST at your craft. Continue to be better. Always strive to be better and through time, results will follow.
  • Coach Ani: We have so much content out on social media, that NBR is a recognizable brand at this point. Everyone knows what it’s supposed to look like: the rows, the blend, the cut and color. What we’ve seen are artists coming in who are not fully committed to doing the work and whose unhappy clients end up reaching out to us.

QUESTION: Where would upping your skills lead to better results and happier clients?

Point #4: Systems Yield Sustainable and Predictable Results

  • If you can market to anyone and everyone - and you can close them - but you don’t have any kind of system in play, that’s when shit goes sideways, things fall through the cracks, and you’re not really sure where to go from there. Coach Val: We are constantly growing and expanding so every last detail has a system, allowing things to run smoothly, which also enables duplication.
  • When Coach Ani went from pre funnel to post funnel, she saw a complete shift in her clients and no longer played the convincing game. Coach McKenzie: Having a targeted funnel has taken away the stress and heaviness of being a slave, allowing me to have the clients I want - clients that allow me to be an artist doing what I am passionate about.

QUESTION: What link in the chain of your systems is broken? Is your marketing reflecting the ideal client you want to have sitting in your chair?

Point #5: Capturing Permission

  • Coach Ani: Capturing permission can be a phone number or an email - you are getting their permission in some way, shape or form to contact them.
  • Coach Val: Capturing emails allows you to stay forefront in their mind; it's a fast and efficient way for us to communicate with those who have already been saying yes, allowing them to make decisions in their own time frame.

QUESTION: What system do you have in place to capture emails?


Quote of the Week:

"We are always about testing. Whenever something gets over saturated, it’s time to think through things differently. I’ve always been a big fan of trying to figure out how to get ahead of the game and predictIng where trends are going. Right now, we are doing a shitload of targeted ads through social media to find out what’s working and what’s not. I think people get freaked out about investing in their business because there’s so much free marketing on social media and they put all of this time and engagement on in it, and in the end - when all is said and done - they’re getting paid like $4 and hour."

-- Danielle White


"I’m literally excited for each client! My wheels start turning the night before: I look at my books for the next day and I’m like ‘this is what I’m going to do for this person and I’m already seeing where I want to add dimension; this is where I want to brighten her up.'  There’s this super artsy side that I never have to let die because I have that right client in my chair, and I get to have the freedom to do what I love. They trust me. I have people coming to me because they like the message I am putting out. I love it."

-- Valerie Plunk


"You are getting their permission in some way, shape or form to contact them. If you are banking on being able to talk to your 30k following on Instagram whenever you want, what happens when all of a sudden Instagram shuts down and says, "We're done!" That's why having a way to capture their email is so important - and no one can take that away from you because you own that list. They said 'yes' to you."

--Anianne Rivera


"If you have been thinking about it [Convention], if you are on the fence, if you have been listening to the podcast - there’s a reason. There’s something inside of you that’s telling you this is important. Stop getting frustrated in your job or whatever you’re doing and just take the leap. You know you need to. Convention will change everything for you!"

--McKenzi Davis


Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PROFIT


Mar 20, 2018
Fully Living a Liberated Life | BMS | Ep 010

In this episode of Big Money Stylist, the conversation begins with Coach Ani and Coach Val describing their personal experiences behind the artist slave mentality and why they are so committed to leading artists out of that mentality. Danielle describes her belief behind why she believes their podcast continues to be #1 in iTunes among Fashion and Beauty, Garrett introduces a new segment into the podcast and conversations which lead to exposing truths and patterns.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection


In This Week's Episode.....POWER

Point #1: Learn, Live and Lead

  •  When we learn something, there’s this initial emotional explosion of happiness and excitement that pushes us to want to share it with others. Once we start living what we've learned, that naturally pushes us to want to lead others. Both Coach Ani and Coach Val are committed to speaking out about the artist slave mentality that is deeply embedded and runs rampant in the hair industry. They have each lived it, have since found another way of living, and desire to share it.
  • Excitement abounds for Coach Ani as BMS officially has its own headquarters, office space and conference room, where the BMS Bootcamps designed specifically for students within the Mastermind, with 4-5 artists at a time, are going to be starting up at the end of this month. Coach Val describes her journey of going from booth renting inside of Salon OC to becoming the CEO of DKW Styling, and is so excited about the expansion currently taking place.


QUESTION: What are you learning and living that is pushing you to want to lead others to experience that same thing for themselves?

Point #2: Entitlement vs Growth

  • A message that was sent to us by someone who is clearly upset is demonstrating a pattern of behavior. The way an individual speaks and the way they operate as a Producer during change, directly reflects the amount of power or lack of power  they currently have.
  • Danielle: I gave this person a tool, she turned her entire business into NBR, and has made more money because of it. Don’t be entitled and stop making it about me. Either you grow with somebody, or you don't. Coach Ani: Things grow, evolve and expand - and you should, too, as a business owner and as an artist.


QUESTION: Where in your life are you feeling entitled and know it's time to level up?

Point #3: Wake the Fuck Up!

  • Garrett: I have a special message for this individual who has made tens of thousands of dollars over the past four years by endorsing the NBR brand, whose business was launched and started because of Danielle, who has shown absolutely zero gratitude towards Danielle who bled sweat and tears to create this system, and is making all sorts of excuses about coming out to Cali for continued training in the NBR brand.
  • Danielle: When people tell me "I can't," I have very little sympathy for them because of what I have gone through myself. It makes me mad when people hold themselves so low. I just want to kick them and yell, "Wake the fuck up! Let's get past the ego and let's just do this shit!"


QUESTION: What areas of your life do you find yourself responding with, "I can't?"  What are you committed to doing today to turn that around?

Point #4: Collision Is Necessary For Growth

  • Whenever you collide, you need to do it for growth, not just to let some steam off. That’s what journals are for. When you’re growing and they’re not, they’re going to try to pull you back to where they are or where you used to be.
  • Danielle: People have a hard time with growth if they’re not growing themselves. When you begin skyrocketing so far past them when they thought you were at the same level, all of sudden they’re bugged and  want to judge you for who you were in the past. They can’t say anything when we’re not in the same galaxy anymore.


QUESTION: What are your beliefs and patterns about collision?

Point #5: Popularity vs Purpose and Profitability

  • When an artist is stuck in the game of popularity, they lose all power by spending most of their time boosting their ego as opposed to using that time to better their marketing skills and delivering expert experiences to their clients. Use social media as a tool to showcase your work and create a great presence - but don't get caught up in the number of likes and followers. More followers does not necessarily mean more money.
  • When you’re driven by a result that matters, you have more stamina and longevity; it's more rewarding so you want to keep going. The more profitable you become, the more true popularity you obtain. The one currency that everyone listens to is fuckin results.


QUESTION: Danielle: I need you to ask yourself right now: Am I going in the direction I should be going? Am I chasing the wrong thing? Do I need to reel it back in and focus on family and my relationships?


Quote of the Week:

"There are time when I have to remind myself: Okay, Danielle, fuckin rise above this. When I come in with that mindset - when I drop the attitude and the ego and look at the big picture - I’m like: Alright, let’s do this. Everybody wins. But if you stay in your entitled little shit hole, you’ll continue to be an entitled shit head."

-- Danielle White

"I don’t know why women are held to such a different standard, but it’s definitely disempowering when you don’t stand up for what’s right. We get the message of ‘you’re better than that, just take the higher road. But being quiet isn’t always taking the higher road."

-- Valerie Plunk

"At the end of the day, we have built something amazing and we are going to protect the shit out of it. We’re not going to let someone come in and just shit all over us. We're never going to allow it because it’s worth more to us than that. People look for justification in their life with every decision they’re not happy with."

--Anianne Rivera

"If you’re looking for people to go to war with you and the results that you want - who don’t give a shit about popularity, yet find popularity through results, productivity and profitability - Big Money Stylist just might be the place for you to call home."

--Garrett J. White



Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PRODUCTION

Mar 13, 2018
Protect Your Mindset | BMS | Ep 009

 Not only is the BMS Podcast #95 out of ALL of the podcasts inside of iTunes, it's Number ONE in Fashion and #5 in Arts, so we've noticed that the message being shared is making an impact on others. This week the BMS Team: Danielle, Garrett, Val and Ani talk about how to get beyond the slavery and bondage of being a stylist behind the chair, throwing in a little bit of a wizardry twist for safe measure behind it all.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection

In This Week's Episode.....PROTECTION

Point #1: Protect Your Mind From Outside Influences

  • 60% to 70% of your success as an Artist - both behind and in front of the chair - comes down to protecting your own psychology. When you don't protect it and allow people's opinions and outside noise to influence you, there's a direct impact on your bank account. You have to have tunnel vision when it comes to the chatter and noise of others.
  • Coach Val: I have to block out the outside noises and opinions of others because it can trickle down into everything, including what I produce behind the chair and how I feel about myself, which slows me down. I can’t have that. It’s super important to protect my mindset so that I can keep growing and get to where I want to be.


QUESTION: When you’ve allowed other people’s opinions to impact or influence you about your own industry - and they’re not even in the hair industry -  how does it actually affect you in the salon?

 Point #2: Your Circle of Influence Matters

  • Sometimes when you step outside of the 'acceptable' and unspoken parameters of your social or family group, people inside of these groups start questioning your actions and may even become embarrassed by you. Be willing to feel awkward in order to move forward in life, regardless of what your friends and family may think or say.
  • After losing everything several years ago, Garrett was trying to find his voice again. In the midst of  the gossiping and 'shit talking' from close friends and family, Garrett and Danielle knew the only way they were going to pull this off and get their life back on track was to shut everyone out, which included blocking family and friends on social media and moving to another State.


QUESTION: Who is in your circle of influence?  Are they sucking the life out of you or are they assisting you in your growth? What changes do you feel called to make?


 Point #3: Clearing the Path Protects Your Future

  • There is another world that you cannot even fathom possible that exists in a different realm beyond whom you are currently giving yourself permission to be as an Artist and businessman or woman, where the excitement, abundance, experience, happiness and Purpose in your life is so much bigger. Oft times the only way for us to protect our future is to clear the path in our present moment with relationships and situations that no longer serve us.
  • An advocate for growth and change, Coach Ani believes that you can't remain the same person. As hard as it was at the time for her to break off her long term relationship and engagement, she knew it was the right decision for her and her continued growth. She was willing to throw fucking caution to the wind and say, "Okay. I have no idea how this is going to play out, but I’m gonna fuckin’ try it."


QUESTION: What hard choices are right in front of you that you need to give yourself permission to make?


Point #4: You Are Your Worst Enemy

  • What do you do when the dark side of you wants to quit? Coach Ani remembers her WHY, she takes a step back to look at the bigger picture, and takes time to recharge herself. Val has found that by sharing her own pain and struggles with other stylists, it gives them permission to push forward, push a little harder and know they are worth making more of their lives.
  • Danielle: It comes down to Purpose. I can’t listen to those voices in my head anymore because I know how many people are impacted by what I am doing.

QUESTION: What do you do when your own mind becomes your greatest enemy? What has become helpful to you as an Artist?


Point #5: Marketing is a Protection Game

  • To protect your Empire, continual marketing is a must, whereas ceasing to market can cause the destruction of that same Empire. When you know your numbers you can go forward with an actual plan, as opposed to just throwing money away in hopes that what you want is actually going to work.
  • Another way of protecting your business is by actually being fucking good at hair. Being an elite Artist is one of the greatest protection moves to a future building of your business and sustaining your current clients.


QUESTION: What area are you currently lacking in when it comes to marketing, knowing your numbers, or being an Elite Artist? What changes are you committed to making going forward?


Quote of the Week:

"The marketing game is always changing, so you have to move with the trends. If you can figure out the marketing game and have success with whatever you’re trying to promote, and have figured out that piece of the puzzle, then regardless of where the economy goes, you feel more protected because you know how to market and you know how to rebuild."

-- Danielle White

"You have to know how to market, but you have to have a skillset that you can deliver on a level that will keep a client coming back. Inside our Elite Mastermind, we have implemented something called Power Practice where the students have to make a commitment of practicing daily for 15 minutes. It may not seem like a lot, but what we’ve seen is that by doing that 15 minutes every single day, it elevates their skillset immensely. We are holding our students to a higher standard of work that is worthy of the NBR brand that Danielle created."

-- Valerie Plunk

"Every hard decision you [Danielle] have ever made has not just affected you, Garrett and your children - it’s affected everybody. It affected Val and her marriage and family; it’s affected every aspect of my life. Everything has come about because you had the strength to stand up one day, change everything about your life and say: This isn’t enough. I’m doing more. I’m changing my life."

--Anianne Rivera


Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....POWER


Every week you will get to hear from Danielle White, founder of Natural Beaded Rows (NBR), a revolutionary technique with hair extensions discuss Big Money Stylist (BMS) with her trainers Valerie Plunk and Anianne Rivera. Join your host, Garrett J White, founder of Wake Up Warrior and husband to Danielle in learning tools and techniques in bringing clients to the chair.

Mar 06, 2018
Reaping the Benefits | BMS | Ep 008

The BMS Crew is a bit sparse in this week's episode but no less fierce as Coach Ani and Val tacks the topic of Profit. This is where you are reaping the benefits of the power and production that you've put into your business. In this case with Ani and Val, it's in the salon as NBR Trainers for DKW Salon, but can definitely apply beyond the hair industry.

For Big Money Stylist, we go over the following formula each month:

Week #1: Power

Week #2: Production

Week #3: Profit

Week #4: Protection


In This Week's Episode.....PROFIT

Point #1: Profit Defined

  • Profit means different things to different people. Monetary is the most obvious answer. The money you see from the work that you are putting in. At the end of the day it's about reaping the benefits of all the hard work, time, and energy that was put into something. It is a reflection of everything that you did.
  • Many Artists will say I'm working hard but my account isn't reflecting the 12 hour days, 6 days a week, the exhaustion, the time away from family. At that point you have to figure out what that missing component is because the is profit isn't there.


QUESTION: How do you define profit in your life?


Point #2: Numbers Bring Clarity

  • Val didn't give a shit about numbers because it stressed her out. She would use the excuse of "I'm an artist" to not hold herself accountable. Many artists like to operate in the space of "I'm free, I'm an artist." and because of that they tend to think numbers aren't important. The numbers tell you a story of where you're really at and many people are not ready to face that reality.
  • Anianne has always loved numbers. She has her numbers written by month since 2013. The numbers showed her that the business decisions she was making were paying off, working less but making more money. That gave her the push to continue to make hard business moves.


QUESTION: Have you taken a hard look at your numbers recently, or are you making excuses to avoid them?


Point #3: Abundance vs. Scarcity

  • Val would see someone who was successful, actresses, singers, etc, and think they got an inheritance or they had an "in" somewhere. She didn't realize how much hard work goes into other industries and craft. She grew up in a modest household and assumed that is how she was meant to live, not realizing she could get to another stage in her life.  Scarcity is that you don't have enough of something. It comes with a sense of fear.
  • Abundance from an artist standpoint is not servicing every client. It is having enough leads coming in that you are doing QUALITY clients, the right kind of client for you. Once Anianne stopped feeling desperate and left the place of scarcity she was able to stop working 6 days a week, eventually cutting it in half and only working 3 days a week.  She no longer came from a place of panic.


QUESTION: Where in your life are you living in abundance and scarcity?


Point #4: Your Mental Mindshift

  • Once Val left scarcity she wouldn't put up with the same bullshit. Clients coming in and telling her what to do, having an attitude, was no longer accepted. She knew she had the marketing tools underneath her belt to get another client  so she doesn't have to put up with it. Now everyone that sits in her chair is someone that wants to be there and trusts her in her craft. Everyone gets the amazing experience. Marketing puts the perfect client in your chair.
  • Anianne bent over backwards for clients when she was living in scarcity. Even to the point of having to wear long sleeves to cover up her tattoos. She was making herself miserable by catering to them in fear of losing them if she didn't. Now coming from a place of abundance she is able to attract clients that she vibes and gels with. Scarcity doesn't exist inside DKW Styling Salon because the constant marketing is bringing new leads in everyday.


QUESTION: How would your life be different if you went from operating in scarcity to abundance ?


Point #5: Profit isn't just money

  • Although both Anianne and Val have received profit in the form of money, that is not the way it has shown up in their lives. The income Val sees is great but really the freedom is the biggest result. The ability to have quality time with her kids and husband, go on vacations, and do fun things together. That is what makes everything worth it for Val.
  •  Although Anianne was making great money in Missouri she wasn't happy there. The clients and 12 hours days were draining her mentally, emotionally, and physically. It was making her miserable. BMS showed her a new way of life and having the ability to move to California has been the biggest form of profit that Anianne has seen. It's always been a dream to live by the beach and now that is a reality.


QUESTION: In what other ways do you see profit in your life?


Quote of the Week:

"The system works, I'm here to say that as living proof. I'm grateful for it. I'm excited to see where it goes for DKW, BMS and for all our current and future students. I'm excited for them to get a taste of this. "

-- Valerie Plunk

"I went from making 4k a month to over 20k a month in barely over a year. Garrett would say jump, I'd say how high? I'd think he lost he damn mind but I did it anyway. That's why I believe in [BMS] so much... it has changed my life so drastically. "

--Anianne Rivera



Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PROTECTION 

Feb 27, 2018
The Client is NOT the Artist | BMS | Ep 007

In this week's episode Coaches Val and Ani look at the importance of production within the salon, reminding Stylists that the client is NOT the Artist. The client may have an idea of what they want, but it's the Stylist's job as an Artist to know what will look best.


In This Week's Episode.....PRODUCTION

Point #1: The Stylist Dilemma

  • Artists are not taught to market themselves. You have a skill to do hair but you can't figure out the missing piece, the business.
  • BMS gives you your life back. You think because you take all of these extra classes, and are good at doing hair you are going to be successful, but that is not the case. You're miserable because you are at the expense of your clients schedule, and their demands. You lose the love of the art.


QUESTION: How do you feel about your current business and marketing?



  • BMS consists of learning the methodology of NBR, and business and marketing tactics. It's hard to explain what BMS really is. You're not sitting down watching someone do highlights. It's an experience. It is not just physical but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The new students expected a typical hair class. Play with a mannequin, look at some numbers... etc. When it came down it, they said it was nothing like any class they had ever attended.
  • Inside BMS Convention you are learning the NBR and business portion over a course of 3 days. The class size in much larger, 165 artists in 2017, 300 artists in 2018. BMS INTENSIVE is a more personalized experience. The classes are maxed out at 20 artists. That gives one on one access to all of the Coaches and Trainers, which gives them a larger grasp of what needs to be done when they get home.


QUESTION: What has your experience with hair classes been?


Point #3: Perspective of Significance

  • When an artist goes from seeing themselves as a hobbyist to the prize, it will change how you do business. You have to have that confidence and mind shift from your place of power, and market yourself as such. If you don't see yourself as the prize, you don't exude that confidence of the talent you have, then no one else will see you that way.
  • If you don't see yourself as valuable then it comes across in your marking. You have to believe not only in what you're selling but that you can deliver a quality product. If that confidence can't come across in your marketing then clients won't trust you. They will search to find an artist that they bond with and they believe can deliver the experience they want.


QUESTION: How is your view of yourself affecting your marketing?


Point #4: Strategic Seduction

  • Seduction is converting someone's mindset to get an outcome. Regardless of what you are selling, the buying cycle inside of a person purchasing decision comes to a series of yes. It is not manipulation, as you are not being forced to do or think anything. The client is slowing coming around to a new way of thinking with every "yes" they say.  You still feel like you are in control, doing it on your time. Even if the client knows they are being seduced they still like it.
  • Over ten years Val made the decision to marry her now husband, Ryan. If he had proposed immediately after they met then her answer would have be "hell fucking no." There was a decade of work made to elicit a commitment. Big decisions take time. With NBR, or any high end service, if you are not properly seduced and you continue forward anyway, that will lead to buyers remorse. That is why CONVINCING someone doesn't work.


QUESTION: Where have you been seduced in your life?


Point #5: Stage 1: Communicate Message

  • Ways to communicate a message: photos. Danielle thought her pictures were good but she realized that her photos weren't selling. She had to look at what drew her in to buying. Being a good stylist isn't enough, you have to be a good marketer as well. She then began focusing on posing, styling, and critiquing her own work. Val had to learn how to guide the client, and then analyze her work form the photos.
  • Ways to communicate a message: videos. They can be live videos on Instagram, Facebook, or youtube videos as well. Videos are important because most artists are only taking pictures. When you start dong videos, you stand out from the crowd. On top of the clients see you, your personality, your mannerisms, and they are bonding to you and who you are, the correct clients will come to you. With live stream videos there is no editing, filtering, it's you raw. There is no hiding.


QUESTION: How are you communicating a message to your clients?



Quote of the Week:

"You put yourself out there and people will come to you based on that. You don't have to be a celebrity in LA to get people to sit in your chair. You just have to be able to communicate a message."

-- Danielle White

"We are out to get results for everyone. We found this [BMS] is the most effective way to do it. Hands on training and then put some tension and competition with it. Everyone thrives. "

-- Valerie Plunk

"I talked to a lot of the students at the cocktail party and they said 'This [BMS] is nothing like what I expected. This is what I never knew was missing in all of my training. I didn't know this is what I needed and wanted... until I got it.' "

--Anianne Rivera




Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PROFIT



Feb 20, 2018
The Power of Belief | BMS | Ep 006

In This Week's Episode.....POWER

Point #1: Belief in Yourself Behind and in Front of the Chair

  • Danielle: Having a niche, owning your niche and being good at your craft creates power. The belief you have about yourself has an impact on your ability to produce. When I began my career in a small, rural town in Arizona, I believed there was a cap on my earning potential until I had one of those light bulb moments that created a shift within me. When I gained my power and realized the power of marketing, my business began to explode.
  • Coach Ani: Most stylists are stuck in the box of what they believe they can and can't charge based on where they live and what everyone else is charging. It just takes one person finding their power and saying, "Fuck these rules, I'm not doing this! I'm going to make it up as I go because it doesn't matter!" This leads the way for others to do the same.

QUESTION: Do you currently have limiting beliefs surrounding your income limitations or capabilities? What are they?


Point #2: It's an Inside Job

  • Everything begins with a shift and story inside of you which oft times won't happen until you're mirrored back a new reality by individuals around you who show you what could be possible. This is exactly what the Big Money Stylist experience is and what the NBR tribe is all about. Valuing yourself by saying 'no' raises the bar and creates a powerful place within yourself and your business.
  • Coach Ani shares her inspiring "sink or swim-no means yes" BMS journey and how she chose to make massive moves in her business, moves that first began taking place inside her own head. One by one, she began letting go of the stories: "You're supposed to take on all the clients, offer all the services - you're supposed to do everything! What are you thinking? You're turning away money!"


QUESTION: Who do you believe yourself to be? Who must you become in order to be, do, and have what you want?


Point #3: The Toleration Game

  • Your life and your business are a result of what you choose to tolerate. There's a toleration game within how stylists and artists are treating themselves, what they have determined is the 'right' thing to do, what they have decided is the accepted modus operandi, and what is 'artistically correct.'
  • So many stylists get stuck in the sacrifice game in the name of making money. Your power is obtained by what you're committed to and drained from what you tolerate. Your life cannot become more than you tolerate.


          QUESTION:What are some ways you are stuck in the Sacrifice            Game by playing the Toleration Game?


Point #4: Reversing the Frame

  • The entire industry has been built to teach stylists to go to powerlessness. The highest form of dysfunction inside the game of being an artist is where you don't listen to your own voice anymore - where the client begins dictating your direction.
  • Coach Ani used to be at the beck and call of her clients until she reversed the frame and began seeing herself as the prize. She took control of who she allowed to sit in her chair by setting up an in depth application process, which garnered greater respect from her clients as well as creating a thriving business environment on her terms. The empowerment she felt and experienced in her business bled into all aspects of her personal life.


QUESTION: Where in your business will reversing the frame change the game for you?


Point #5: Create a Life That Actually Matters to You

  • There are things you are tolerating that need to become intolerable to you. At the top of Coach Ani's list of intolerable's: tardiness and being on call for your clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Finding your own power and letting go of bullshit results in turnarounds, breakthroughs, explosive business success, and peace & calm in artists' lives. Create a game and creation inside your artistic place that not only pays you what you're worth, but lets you enjoy your life outside of what you do in the business.


QUESTION: What are the top five things (behaviors, obstacles) you are tolerating inside your business - in front of and behind your chair - that if they became intolerable, your business would completely explode?


Quote of the Week:

"I would get to this place of burnout and say, 'No, I don't want to be there. I don't want to do that!' I love hair. I love being in the game, but I'm going to set my own rules and create my own path."

-- Danielle White


"I haven't sacrificed shit, I've just let go of things that don't work."

--Anianne Rivera


Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PRODUCTION

Feb 13, 2018
Protect the Kingdom | BMS | Ep 005

In This Week's Episode.....PROTECTION

Point #1: Sense of Protection In Creation

  • Val will cut a b*tch for her children. If anything was coming towards them to harm them she would knock it out. This was not something she learned, it was just a natural instinct. Danielle says protecting your kids is engrained in you. There is another side of you.It's not about you anymore. You are protecting your kids and paving the way for them. So you want to protect them the best you can.
  • We create something and there is a natural linking to feeling protective in that creation. Anianne was protective over her relationship for years. As time went on and she grew, the relationship was not able to last. Sometimes our growth is inhibited by protecting something that no longer works.
QUESTION: What are you most protective over in your life?


Point #2: Protecting the wrong Shit

  • Artists are protecting the quantity of clients over the quality. They have the mentality that the more clients they have the more successful they are. What they don't realize is that it is burning them out, not creating more success.
  • Popularity is protected more than the work that is being delivered. They assume having a large following on IG means that they are making more money. The ego comes into play and artists won't take a look at what actually matters, the numbers.
QUESTION: What is one thing you should stop protecting in your life?


Point #3: Protecting Your Image

  • Many salons have stolen the NBR method and rebranded it as their own, the most current being Habit Salon. In the industry we are told to be "better not bitter." There is a tendency that everyone should share and nothing is a big deal. Don't ruffle feathers, be better. Danielle decided to ignore Habit and worry about herself and her brand until a stylist told her she thought they were in collaboration. She made a post about how she created NBR, and addressed the current lawsuit with Habit. When you create art and it is stolen, it is offensive. Copying is not the highest form of flattery.
  • Nobody wants to stand up and say "what you did is super fucked up, I don't like it, I don't appreciate it." People would rather hide.... and talk shit behind their back. No one wants to be direct, and that is the problem. People assume if you're direct you're rude and an asshole. No, I am direct. Here are the facts...

QUESTION: What are you avoiding in order to protect your image?


Point #4: Takers and Thieves

  • Some of you may be sitting there thinking "I have not been taking a stand" for yourself or your business. You may be one who takes, a thief. No body is guiltless in life. We have violated trust, taken ideas that were not ours, done things that were not appropriate, said shit that was stupid... we have made mistakes. This is not trying to be right, this is about protecting what is created.
  • Danielle wouldn't protect NBR when it was just her. She would reframe it and let it go. The moment she had 100+ artists that trained with her, she started to see this wasn't about protecting herself or NBR. This was about protecting the families that sit with BMS. The greatest challenge that people have that are takers, moochers, looters, and thieves is that they chase the frosting and lack the power at the core.


QUESTION: Where has someone taken from you and you have not taken a stand?


Point #5: Bully Mode

  • Meaghan Chun left a nasty comment on Danielles blog, criticizing her, NBR, and Garrett. Garrett emailed her back and Meaghans response was "stop harassing me". She never thought anyone would answer. People solicit their opinion based on where they're at, when they don't even know someone or their story.
  • When you stand up for yourself sometimes you become the bad guy, when all you're doing is protecting yourself. Garrett put a mirror in her face and she didn't like what she saw. Bullies are only as strong as your unwillingness to punch back.


QUESTION: Have you ever been an online bully? What was the outcome you were hoping for?


Quote of the Week:

" Taking a stand for anything, you're going to get heat. Our stand is to raise your standards and become a better person...I choose my battles. I choose my fights. And choosing my fight to stand up for myself and my tribe? Abso-fucking-lutely."

-- Danielle White

"All of our NBR stylists feel so protected now. We're standing up for Danielle, the NBR brand but for all of our stylists who have spent the money to invest with us a company who cares. We don't just teach the class, and then 'best of luck!' BMS was born because we cared so intensely about the stylists that they were succeeding at it, and that they were good at it."

-- Valerie Plunk

"Get out of our way. At this point, you're either on the train with us or you're getting fucking steamrolled. We have no intentions of stopping and our stylists KNOW that. I may not have created BMS, I came in it when it first started, but I will protect this like it is my baby because that is how I feel about it. I love it with my heart and soul, and all of our artists too."

--Anianne Rivera    

Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....POWER

Where we discuss owning your strength!

Feb 06, 2018
The Stylist Slave | BMS | Ep 004

In This Week's Episode.....PROFIT

Point #1: Setting Stylists Free

  • What does it mean to be a slave as an artist, in front and behind the chair? You are on the beck and call to your clients. They have full control over your business. They are running the show since you don't know how to market to get more clients in the chair at a higher price point. You're stuck in this rut of doing servicing everyone and working ridiculous hours.
  • The BMS students are doubling their income in less than a year. They get the freedom back and have more fun behind the chair. You see a spark come back alive and the artist come back out.


QUESTION: Can you relate to feeling like a slave behind the chair?


Point #2: The Story Behind Money

  • Danielle's perception of money changed when her and Garrett were going through a hard time. She considered hair to be a hobby at first. She had to grow up very quickly in order to provide for herself and her daughters.
  • Anianne has a balance of mom wanting to splurge and Dad wanting to save a little more. Val learned form her mom how to balance her check book at a young age. Money as a topic was a source of stress inside her household. Work ethic was engrained early for both in order to get what they wanted.


QUESTION: How is your background with money affecting you?


Point #3: Painful Process of Raising Prices

  • Stylists love their job. It is a vulnerable position to put a price on your art. The better an artists gets, they feel they shouldn't charge more because it's easy and fun. It is a very personal decision and can be confrontational when there is kickback from clients.
  • You need to see yourself as a business and remind yourself of that. Never apologize for raising your prices. Once you start doing it there is a sigh of relief that you took that leap and it gets easier.


QUESTION: When is the last time you raised your prices?


Point #4: Niching Gets You Rich

  • When you choose a niche it allows you to get really good at one thing. Would  you ever want to get a boob job from a plastic surgeon who specializes in nose jobs? If you are an expert at something it allows you to charge more as well. No matter where you live you can make celebrity stylist pay. Living in a small town is no excuse. Danielle built her business in a small town. When you have a niche clients will even fly in to see you.
  • When you have a niche, YOU are the prize, not the clients. The artists general quality of life increases. You're time is more effective and you are no longer draining yourself for a little bit of money. It creates a balance of life.


QUESTION: Do you currently have a niche in your business?


Point #5: Be Committed to the Numbers

  • Why do numbers matter? Artists assume the more time you are behind the chair the more money you have. That is not the reality. When you are tracking numbers you can easily see what doesn't work. When you find a system what works then you can continue to improve and make it better.
  • People love to live in ignorance because it give them an excuse to not build bigger shit. It's good to look at the reality of the situation. Ignorance is not bliss. It does not help you get to the true capability of what you could be doing.


QUESTION: Have you been tracking your numbers or living in Lala Land?


Quote of the Week:

"I know people say money doesn't buy happiness but I would beg to differ. Money alleviates stress. It gives you more freedom and that essentially gives you happiness."

-- Valerie Plunk

"If you don't know where you're at [with numbers], you don't know where you can go...The numbers don't lie. They show a clear story. You can't lie to yourself. They can show you a clear path of where you want to go."

-- Anianne Rivera

"Be real with yourself. If you're at a certain level, you say you don't need things. But if you get to the next level you would never go to the previous level... You have no idea many more people you impact in your life when you are raising the bar for yourself. So again it goes back to last weeks topic when I say 'don't be fucking selfish.' Take a good look at where you're at, take a good look at your numbers, and hold yourself to a higher standard. "

-- Daniell K White

Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PROTECTION

Protecting what you have built! 

Jan 30, 2018
Producing a Marketer | BMS | Ep 003

In This Week's Episode.....PRODUCTION

Point #1: Currently Sitting Pretty

  • The BMS podcast is in the top ratings across the board as we look into the topic of the day, which is about doing the work as a Producer, coming all of the way down to how each of your hosts were raised economically in regards to how they tackle money.
  • We are changing the script inside of the business of money, especially in regards with hair, receiving the back story to get the full story, according to Danielle.


QUESTION: How were you raised to approach money?


Point #2: The Lack of Business in Front of the Chair

  • Danielle's upbringing with money pushed her to make her own money and be her own boss, but wasn't taught in hair school any background on business, which was the case for Val and Ani as well.
  • For a stylist there is a booth rent or commission based, which is taught in business school to sit and wait, hoping for a client to come through the door. It takes a lot of discipline to do booth rent and shift the mindset to hustle to get your own leads and learn marketing.


QUESTION: As a Stylist in your salon, do you prefer booth rent or commission based work?


Point #3: Learning Skills Behind the Chair

  • You won't be able to get the client in the chair to bring out the Artist as a Stylist if you don't know how to do the marketing behind the chair.
  • Danielle saw that regardless of all of the social media and location, Stylists are still being taught the same shit as before, in which one of the lies inside of the game is that working more = more money, debunked by the BMS team.


QUESTION: How do you avoid burnout for you within the hair industry?


Point #4: How to Market to Carve Out a Specific Niche

  • Know your craft and work smarter, not harder are the messages to teach in regards to being specific about what you as an Artist, analyzing the purpose behind marketing and raising prices to raise skill levels.
  • Attracting clients at a higher pay price shows that you believe in yourself and your art, learning how to handle the fear behind confrontation and defining what makes us passionate, getting paid more for doing a job that you love.


QUESTION: What does it mean to you to work smarter, not harder?


Point #5: Becoming Strategic in Selling What You Believe In

  • Marketing is the one skill that matters more than anything else inside of being a Stylists, which is what BMS is all about, as each member of the team shares how they hustle their way in Marketing.
  • The Artist rises when the results come, trusting the process that the BMS training works across the board from those willing to do the work.


QUESTION: The BMS Team talked about permission to no longer work Saturdays. Where in your world as a Stylist do you need to give yourself permission as well?


Quote of the Week:

"Work smarter, not harder."

--Anianne Rivera, from BMS 1.0


"A Marketer is someone that knows how to project a message, sharing the vision with others on where the Artist wants to go. Pay attention to what sells you and takes you down rabbit holes in social media, then make it your own. For me, I like selling and I'm easily sold, so I learned to pay attention to what other people were saying based off of asking myself, 'what do I like to buy?' doing marketing research. I had to figure out how to put my message out to the market place with a Call To Action and learning how to become strategic in selling something that I believe in."

--Danielle White


"There are tons and tons of case studies within the BMS program that has given Stylists freedom back because of the Marketing behind the Artist that can have the creativity to do what we love."

-Valerie Plunk

Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PROFIT

Where we close in on the cash!!!! 

Jan 23, 2018
Owning Success | BMS | Ep 002

In This Week's Episode.....POWER

Point #1:Modern Slave Stylist

  • According to both Coach Val and Ani, if you don't have any freedom as a stylist, you are sacrificing days off and working on the weekends and bending over backwards putting ourselves INTO slavery according to Danielle learning skills to do hair but not the business side of it.
  • It's hard to say no to money, but instead stylists undervalue their time. Success was measured according to how full the books are and how many clients are done in a day, when it comes down to shifting the perspective to make more money working less hours.


Question: Where have you as a Stylist found yourself to be a Slave behind the chair?


Point #2: The Power Behind Artists and Running Businesses

  • The story in which stylists were told was that you just do what the salon is doing, and there wasn't any emphasis on the business side of things, which Danielle taught within herself to stop operating from the frames that were previously given.
  • If you have no ideas what your numbers are, you will remain stuck, begin to hate your job and clients and bounce OR you can join BMS Live and join the monthly training explained within the podcast by Danielle, Ani and Val.


Question: What is the purpose behind your power to do the work that you're doing?


Point #3: The Reward of the Ripple Effect

  • Power is about being willing to be uncomfortable to grow and learn, never apologizing for success and standing in your power for who you are, even if it means no longer having certain relationships remain in your life the more clear you become about how you want your power to be.
  • There's a "spidey-sense" is about being in tune with our heart more than our head, even when it doesn't make sense that pushes us beyond the fear listening to a little voice that eventually yells, "We're doing epic shit!"


Question: What is the Voice within your heart that tells you something different than what your head is telling you?


Point #4: The Power of Association

  • When we surround ourselves with people that are constantly leveling themselves up, they will push us to become a better version of ourselves.
  • Most individuals live and die in guilt and shame, which effects every human being, but a virus at the core for Artists, becoming powerless seeking validation instead of owning success within oneself, keeping the door open for limitless possibilities.


Question: Where do you feel guilt and shame over the story that you're telling yourself?


Point #5: Gaining Certainty and Progress Through Collaboration

  • One of the challenges that we run into is that we compare our current state with a highlight reel of all of the success that others have, creating a disempowering game of comparison.
  • The Game of Collaboration is about pushing yourself beyond anywhere you've ever gone before by putting blinders on towards anything that doesn't bring inspiration. We all have a story that's pushed us to where we're at.


Question: How do you deal with the disempowering game of comparison?


Quote of the Day:

"Don't apologize for who you are. Play to the biggest version of yourself."

--Valerie Plunk 

"Gaining Power isn't about losing other people, but if you're losing yourself, it could be that you're not standing on your own. When you're sure of your own power, you become clear of where you want to go."

--Anianne Rivera

"It's the scariest thing to follow your Path of Power that your heart is pulling you when it goes against what others expect from you."

--Danielle White


Stay Tuned for Next Week's Topic....PRODUCTION

Where we'll be dealing with the spicy topic of being liked or getting paid. 

Jan 17, 2018
Podcast Origins | BMS | Ep 001



Key Points

Point #1: Toddler Hair to Bring New Techniques

  • Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) came about because of always having super fine hair and the desire to have full, great hair.
  • After looking at six different techniques and creating her own brand, Danielle realized that she is also an educator for a specific technique

Point #2: How to Become a Successful Business Owner

  • Big Money Stylist (BMS) came about through discussing the business aspect of being a salon owner, which is NOT covered in hair college.
  • It comes down to a marriage of being a business owner in front of the chair in order for the stylist to become an artist behind the chair.

Point #3: NBR Trainers: Val and Ani

  • It was an instant connection when Valerie Plunk found DKW Styling before even learning about BMS because of the desire that she also had to have bomb hair extensions.
  • As for Anianne Rivera, becoming part of BMS was getting pulled by the calling of learning the NBR technique.

Point #4: Carving Out Your Specific Niche

  • The desire of creating a specific niche in the hair industry by creating an environment for a stylist to solely do NBR brought about the training and podcasts
  • There's only so much that can be shared on an instagram post, so the next natural course of action became setting up trainings, conventions, and now the podcasts.

Point #5: Setting the Artist Free

  • Taking NBR to the marketplace became a solution to setting the Artist within the hair stylist free.
  • In order to do that, the Artist needs to know the business side behind the chair to make the art a reality.

What's Covered Every Week, Every Month:

Week #1: Power
Week #2: Production and Perspective
Week #3: Profit
Week #4: Protection
Jan 06, 2018