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The Bear Arms Podcast is about anything and everything related to the firearms industry. The goal of the show is to bring an interesting, engaging, fun, and lighthearted podcast to all types of gun lovers out there regardless of skill level, ownership, or preferences. We are all supporters of the second amendment and it's time we acted like it.

Episode Date
EP 17 - Vaporware Firearms
It's happened before and it will happen again. A new gun gets announced and we start drooling over the concept and ideas surrounding it, but years later it still remains lost in development hell. This week on Bear Arms we talk about vaporware guns. What are they, and more importantly where are they?
Jun 15, 2018
EP 16 - The Wild Wild West
The west was indeed a wild, wild place. Towering red cliffs, cowboys, horses, and loads of iconic firearms. This week on the Bear Arms Podcast, Tom and Jace discuss a few of their favorite western guns. Revolvers, lever actions, and Tom Sellek's long-range Sharps rifle from the film “Quigley Down Under".
Jun 08, 2018
EP 15 - The Guns of World War II
One of the most definitive moments in history, World War II, was the deadliest modern war. Fatality counts range from 50 million to over 80 million people; almost 2 billion soldiers were deployed to fight in the battle worldwide — 16 million from America. Guns played a vital role in every aspect of this global battle. In this episode, we discuss iconic firearms like the M1 Garand and the Colt 1911, which were common in the war. We also delve into the British Sten and even Hitler's personal Walther PPK.
Jun 01, 2018
EP 14 - We're Back! Again.
After a three week break, Jace and Tom are back inside your earholes for another episode of the Bear Arms Podcast! This week we also have Chris Conran of SilencerCo joining us. We discuss why a Democrat wants archery classes removed from New York schools, how a flying pistol impaled someone's car on the freeway, and check in on our favorite Florida Man. This and more!
May 25, 2018
EP 13 - The Guns of WWI
Known as the great war. WWI was set off by a single gun shot. It also sparked technologies that are still in use today in the firearms world. We talk about a few of these iconic guns, and how they came to be.
Apr 27, 2018
EP 12 - Fascinating Firearm Facts
Did you know the first firearm evolved from something called the "fire lance"? Or have you ever thought about where the term "jumping the gun" comes from? We explore these topics and more on this weeks episode of the Bear Arms Podcast.
Apr 20, 2018
EP 11 - The Ins and Outs of Concealed Carry
Episode 11 has arrived and with it we answer a couple of listener questions such as what to think about when choosing a concealed carry pistol as well as why shooting long range is just plain fun. We also check in with Florida Woman. Find out what the wind blew into her purse this week.
Apr 13, 2018
EP 10 - Let's Get Suppressed
This week is all about suppressors. We take a detailed look into their uses in all sorts of shooting situations. We also find out what Florida Man has been doing with all the batteries in your house.
Apr 05, 2018
EP 09 - Firearm Technology
It seems we might be on the cusp of the firearms world going through some interesting changes due to technologies such as 3D printing and Smart Optics. This week we explore the impact that technology has had in the past as well as what it might hold for us in the future.
Mar 30, 2018
EP 08 - You "Don't" Tube
Internet censorship cranked it up a notch this week as we have started to see new gun policies roll out from the likes of YouTube, Reddit, and others. We also talk about a bolt action rifle that costs more than most people's vehicle. Also find out what Florida Man is trying to do this week with a bottle of Ragu Sauce.
Mar 23, 2018
EP 07 - Assault Weapons Ban 2018
It's no secret that our second amendment rights are at risk of being chipped away at once again. A new bill by the name of H.R. 5087 otherwise known as the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018, has been gaining momentum. Make sure to reach out to your state representatives to let them know you do not support any legal action that restricts the right to bear arms. To easily find your representatives and their contact information go to
Mar 16, 2018
EP 06 - Eli Crandall of Gallant Bullets
This week we sit down with special guest Eli Crandall who owns and operates Gallant Bullets and is prepping to launch a brand new ammo company called American Made By Vets. Hear his story and learn all about what goes into the ammo manufacturing business. Florida man also has some explaining to do after ordering 24 hamburgers and stabbing his brother in the back.
Mar 09, 2018
EP 05 - Movie Guns That Killed The Bad Guy
Hey listeners! Episode 05 is all about the movie guns that dispatched some of the most ruthless bad guys/monsters on the silver screen. Also, find out why Sheriff Scott Israel of Broward County Florida is our Brasshole of the week, and Florida Man shows us what not to yell out just before being executed.
Mar 02, 2018
EP 04 - Gun Violence In America
This week we tackle the insanely complex topic of gun violence in America. Can all of our problems be solved by banning guns, or are the issues much deeper on a social and cultural level? This episode is a bit heavier than most, but don't worry Florida Man drops by to ease the tension!
Feb 23, 2018
EP 02 - Civil Disobedience
Welcome back to EP 02! In today's episode we cover several noteworthy news articles from around the firearms industry, we also discuss why a sponsored shooter at shot show was our "Brasshole" of the week, and Florida man teaches us how not to rob a bank!
Feb 09, 2018
EP 01 - We're Back + Shot Show 2018
Welcome to the very first episode of the Bear Arms Podcast! We just got back from Shot Show 2018 and discuss some of the products that stuck out most to us for better or worse. Also Florida Man makes his glorious return!
Feb 01, 2018