Fast Keto with Ketogenic Girl

By Vanessa Spina

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Category: Fitness & Nutrition

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Best selling author and speaker Vanessa Spina shares Keto tips & hacks, answering your burning Keto questions! Featuring world renowned ketogenic lifestyle & low carb experts, authors, physicians and more discussing the best tools for optimizing your health with whole foods, intermittent and longer term fasting, nutrition, exercise and more!

Episode Date
How to Optimize Your Thyroid with Elle Russ

Elle Russ is the best-selling author of The Paleo Thyroid Solution (with in-depth commentary by a functional MD), & the main host of Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint Podcast. Today we talk all things thyroid and how to optimize your thyroid function to have vibrant energy, easy fat loss, mental clarity, loss of over-sensitivity, clear skin, endurance in the gym, great digestion, happiness, and joy!

Jun 20, 2018
How I Improved my Thyroid, Lost The Weight & Got my Energy with Keto

Want more ENERGY, weight loss, and food freedom? Have an under-active thyroid? Curious to learn more about how Keto can increase energy, break through weight loss resistance and SO MUCH MORE? This latest episode with the founder of one of the largest Ketogenic diet resources online, and the Keto Diet App, Martina Slajerova shares her story of healing her autoimmune hashimotos with a low carb and Keto diet! You probably already own 1-2 of her books (if not all of them as they are AWESOME), so tune in to hear her inspiring story and how she eats Keto now and her advice for anyone with thyroid conditions!

Jun 11, 2018
Dr Shawn Baker the Carnivore Surgeon

Dr. Shawn Baker joins us today to talk about his Zero Carb, Carnivorous diet which he has been following for the past 19 months. We talk about the remarkable results and the key benefits he has gained from trying it out and continuing to follow it including healing his tendonitis he had for over a decade within several weeks. We discuss everything including the myths around eating excessive fiber & elimination on carnivore, his theories on why carnivore had become the optimal diet for himself and some others. A fascinating, MUST LISTEN episode!

Jun 07, 2018
Turn on Your Brain & Supercharge Your Body with Keto

Celebrated ketogenic nutritionist and best selling author, Leanne Vogel is here sharing major insight in the pursuit of health. Vanessa Spina, the Ketogenic Girl, and Leanne talk all about how to turn your brain on, heal and balance your hormones, "Carb Ups" and how they work and played a huge role for Leanne, and even the carnivore diet! Leanne has made it her mission to serve up keto free videos, The Keto Diet Podcast, recipes and keto-friendly resources on her blog, 


Jun 01, 2018
Prioritizing Protein, Eating Weird Food & Time Restricted Eating

This may be one of the most important episodes you listen to regarding protein intake on a ketogenic lifestyle! Hosted by Vanessa Spina, The Ketogenic Girl, this episode features Dr. Benjamin Bikman, an expert in metabolic disorder research. He has so much insight on the effect of protein on insulin and glucagon on a low carb diet and how different it is on our physiology then when consuming protein on a Standard American Diet (SAD) or high carb diets. We explore optimal fat burning, prioritizing protein intake, time restricted eating, and eating weird food! 


May 25, 2018
Breaking Free of Perpetual Dieting with Real Food Keto

This week's episode is a special feature BONUS episode discussing my story breaking out of perpetual dieting and chronic cardio as a vegetarian on a high carb low to no fat diet, to finding health, food peace and freedom with a nourishing, real food ketogenic diet. This episode is an interview from the Ketovangelist podcast with Brian Williamson: "After getting a quick rundown of Vanessa’s past and background we dive deep into her present. She’s been keto for many years now, started before it was cool, and has found solutions for where ketonians often find they have issues. She shares her most commonly observed keto mistakes and possible solutions to make the most of your ketogenic lifestyle!

May 24, 2018
My Carnivore Diet Experiment Results

SPECIAL BONUS PODCAST EPISODE DROPPING TODAY! My 7 day Carnivore Keto experiment results and observations! Join me, Vanessa Spina the Ketogenic Girl, and special guest - biohacking Keto Doctor Dr John Limansky! We delve into all things Keto including what is the right amount of protein to eat on Keto, dispel common gluconeogenesis myths, how blood glucose measuring is the most important measurement you can make and how it is connected to metabolism and health what higher or lower ketones mean for efficient ketone use and so much more!! Plus a brand new segment called the biohacking Keto hack of the week!

May 18, 2018
Out of Control Sugar Addiction & The Ketogenic Diet

Join Vanessa Spina the Ketogenic Girl this week as she speaks with Sugar Addiction specialist and registered nurse, Bitten Jonsson! They cover tons of topics including how sugar addiction develops, how it can be treated and cured, strategies for using a ketogenic diet to help with recovering from sugar addiction and avoiding relapse, and even the carnivore diet!

May 15, 2018
Cutting Fat & Cravings with Carnivore Keto

Tune in this week as Vanessa a.k.a the Ketogenic Girl, and Danny Vega - KetoCounterCulture do a deep dive on the carnivore diet! They chat about my experience this week trying carnivore or zero carb, cutting fat, adapting carnivore to keto, fat burning in keto vs carnivore, living without any cravings for carbs, how carnivore can benefit a carb sensitive person and much more!

May 11, 2018
A Doctor's Guide to Keto & Shedding Fat with a Carnivore Diet

Join Vanessa today talking to Dr. Ken Berry's best practices and tips for following a ketogenic lifestyle to revolutionize your health! We spoke about keto from a doctor's perspective and how he follows keto himself, including how he shifts between a carnivore diet to shed fat and goes back to keto as his main diet for maintenance. We discuss keto travel hacks, the best ways to build muscle, shed fat, and overall enhance your health so that you can pre-vent and in some cases reverse disease! 

May 03, 2018
Your Burning Ketogenic Diet Questions

This is a shorter episode solocast just answering some of the most popular questions that I get about Keto all about Keto- the basics of testing for ketosis, when to test and what to use, why diets and exercise do the opposite of generate weight loss and why Keto works so well to burn fat and get healthy as a lifestyle, the best way to get started with Keto as a beginner, and so much more! 

Apr 27, 2018
How I Lost 120+ lbs with Simple Keto

Join Vanessa the Ketogenic Girl for this inspiring episode as she speaks with Best Selling author and keto Youtuber Suzanne Ryan, also known as Keto Karma! Suzanne lost over 120 lbs following a simple approach to a ketogenic diet. She just released a brand new book entitled Simply Keto and on this episode we discuss how she lost over 120 pounds keeping keto as simple as possible, how she follows keto and makes it work as a mom of a 5 year old daughter and wife to her husband, being a Youtuber and how she overcame food addiction to live an incredibly fulfilling life now sharing her journey to help others do the same!

Apr 15, 2018
Optimize Your Keto Lifestyle With Biohacking Doctor John Limansky

This episode is one of the best to date content wise! Join Vanessa and Dr. John Limansky, the bio-hacking doctor, to talk about the following hot topics in keto from a physician's perspective: protein thresholds, how to maximize fat loss, how to get excellent sleep, and other aspects of creating a well rounded keto lifestyle to maximize your health - the best forms of exercise for keto, managing light exposure, and stress reduction techniques that he recommends to his patients. It is a must listen episode, power packed with cutting edge information from a passionate physician bio-hacker!

Apr 12, 2018
Ketogenic Diets For Diabetes Management 101
Join Vanessa Spina and diabetes expert Hanna Boëthius as they discuss ketogenic diets for diabetes. Hanna has lived with Type 1 Diabetes as her constant companion for 33 years, and it was as if her whole life fell into place when she started eating low carb in 2011. Since her wake up call concerning lowering carb intake with regards to exogenous insulin, she has gained much of her health back, thanks to simply eating the right things and nutrients for her body.
Hanna is an international speaker, writer and action taker, who loves diabetes topics that are off of the beaten track. She’s passionate to find motivational and inspiring ways to bring about a change in diabetes management. Through her own company, Hanna Diabetes Expert, she’s inspired thousands of people with diabetes to live a healthier life by sharing her own story and experiences, as well as the puzzle pieces she’s helped others to find. She has a profound understanding of how things like nutrition and lifestyle choices can balance diabetes.
She is also the co-founder of the very first interactive, 100% Low Carb event of it’s kind in Europe, called, where a mix of lectures and workshops make it possible to dig deeper into interesting topics and learn from one another.
Apr 06, 2018
Reversing PCOS, Insulin Resistance & Infertility with Keto

This podcast is all things Keto and hormones! Vanessa speaks with hormone, PCOS and fertility expert Ximena DelaSerna and how powerful a keto diet can be for reversing PCOS, insulin resistance, restoring fertility, and optimizing your hormonal health and total health. Prepare to have all of your questions about PCOS, insulin resistance, fertility, estrogen dominance, and more answered in this fun and informative podcast!

Mar 27, 2018
Finding Your Protein Threshold: The Key to Ketosis!

In this episode Vanessa explains why it is so important to moderate protein in ketosis and how to find your individual protein threshhold!

Protein can be a great stimulus for fat burning however it must be consumed in the right amounts. There are many arguments made against moderating protein on keto however I believe that they come from the wrong use of the concept of gluconeogenesis.

Finding your protein threshold can be the key for you to get into ketosis and stay there, to heal your body and burn the most fat! Tune in to find out how! 

Mar 21, 2018
The Truth about the Maasai & Their Keto Diet

Join Vanessa this week to discuss the truth behind the African Ketogenic dieters known as the Maasai from her recent trip to meet them in Tanzania. Do they really eat keto and is their health truly that much better than their peers? Are they truly ketogenic dieters and what does the future hold for them? Also covered is the topic of caffeine on keto and to optimize restoring your body's insulin sensitivity, in this week's Fast Keto tip!

Mar 12, 2018
Keto & Your Fat Burning Hormones

In this episode we focus on how to maximize fat burning in the body by understanding insulin, thyroid and adrenal hormones as well as the role of estrogen and growth hormone. We also explore why keto is so effective for fast and effective weight loss!

Mar 04, 2018
Keto & Fasting 101

Join us for a great episode with the fasting queen Megan Ramos, program director of Intensive Dietary Management discussing all things fasting and keto with Vanessa Spina!

Some of the core topics:

-Intermittent fasts

-Thyroid and fasting

-Adrenal fatigue and fasting

-Cancer and fasting/ketogenic therapies

-Diabetes, gut microbiome, weight loss and so much more!


Feb 11, 2018
Keto & Exercise 101

Join us on this fun episode exploring the ideal forms of exercise to complement a ketogenic lifestyle, as we explore key topics such as keeping cortisol low, restoring homeostasis in the body, how much protein to eat to build muscle, and much more! 

Feb 05, 2018
Ketogenic Diet: Inaugural Episode of Fast Keto!

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Fast Keto! A brief description of the format to expect from the show, and today's keto tip from Vanessa Spina!

Feb 04, 2018