Squat University

By Dr. Aaron Horschig / Anchor

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The ultimate guide to decreasing pain, optimizing athletic performance & finding your true strength.

Episode Date
The Joint By Joint Concept
In episode 15 of the podcast we discuss one of the most influential approaches to understanding the body and how it works: the joint by joint concept.
Jun 17, 2018
Fixing IT Band Pain
In episode 14 of the podcast, Dr. Aaron Horschig discusses how IT Band starts and how to kick-start the healing process!
Jun 11, 2018
Squat Anatomy
In episode 13 of the podcast, Dr. Aaron Horschig discusses how individual differences in anatomy can change your squat technique. Understanding how anatomy dictates what feels "normal" to you will help you perform to your greatest potential!
Jun 03, 2018
Chad Vaughn & Cheryl Haworth Interview
Episode 12 is the first interview show, and who best than 2 olympians! Chad Vaughn and Cheryl Haworth are two of the most decorated olympic weightlifters in United States history! We dive deep into technique, programming, the mental approach to lifting big weight and how to manage injuries common to weightlifting!
May 20, 2018
Anatomy 101: Glute Medius
In episode 11 of the podcast we dive into the anatomy of your body and learn about the glute medius - an important muscle in maintaining quality technique and powerful performances under the barbell!
May 13, 2018
Hip Vs Quad Dominant Squats
In episode 10 Dr. Aaron Horschig debunks the myth that certain squats are "Quad Dominant" or "Hip Dominant" and backs it up with the latest research!
May 06, 2018
Low Bar vs High Bar Squat
In episode 9 we dive into the science of the squat to discover the differences between the low bar vs high bar variations of the back squat!
Apr 29, 2018
Patellar Compression Syndrome
Do you have knee pain? Patellar Compression Syndrome is one of the most common forms of knee pain barbell athletes sustain that gradually creeps up over time. Learn today WHAT this injury is and HOW to fix it!
Apr 22, 2018
The Technique Continuum
In episode 7 we discuss how to evaluate technique & help you understand how to separate great technique from acceptable and poor quality. It's often easy to explain perfect technique, but how do you know where the quality of your lifts stand? Find out today!
Apr 15, 2018
The Squat: Toes Forward or Angled?
In episode 6 of the show we discuss whether you should have your toes pointing forward or angled to the side when squatting!
Apr 08, 2018
Barbell Training: Shoes or No Shoes?
In Episode 5 of the Podcast, we discuss the types of shoes (or lack there of) you may see athletes wearing in the gym & how to find the best pair for your body!
Apr 02, 2018
Patellar & Quad Tendon Pain
In this episode we dive deep into one of the most prevalent causes of knee pain with strength athletes - patellar and quad tendon injuries. Dr. Aaron Horschig not only discusses how someone develops pain at either of these tendons but a few ways you can kick start your own healing process.
Mar 25, 2018
The Tripod Foot
Your foot sets the foundation for quality technique & powerful movement. As an athlete, understanding how to set your foot in a tripod is essential to perfecting technique & improving performance.
Mar 18, 2018
Knee Pain 101
Episode 2 of the show dives into the basics of WHY we develop knee pain as strength athletes. These injuries don't often come all at once (like when a football player tears his ACL) but instead are due to a culumination of micro-trauma sustained at the knee joint due to poor movement quality. Today we break down how to screen your body to find the underlying cause of WHY you developed knee pain using a method called the 'Joint-by-Joint' Approach.
Mar 10, 2018
The Foundation
In episode 1 of the podcast, Dr. Aaron Horschig introduces the WHY behind Squat University and the format for the upcoming podcast! We then dive in deep into the 'The Foundation' of a movement first approach to training and how this mindset can not only keep you performing at your best but limit potential injuries in the future!
Feb 22, 2018