The Lighten Up Podcast with Lauren Polly

By Lauren Polly

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Your invitation to living on the lighter side of life!

Episode Date
#112 Changing the Unchangeable

What if nothing in your life was unchangeable?

Whether you have been looking at overhauling an aspect of your life or have just had a gentle curiousity of what could be different there are more ways to create change - easily! - then you may have thought.  

Join me for a fun conversation on how to change to the most stuck, solid and unchangeable roadblocks you have… 

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • How change is innate to our nature and is something to lean into - not fight!
  • An acknowledgement exercise to increase your confidence in your ability to change
  • How to un-do the wrongness factor that has you digging in your unchangeable limitation deeper
  • A powerful combo to help you stay present with what you want to change while not being consumed by it
  • How “moving your ship” in 10 degree increments is all it takes to set course on a new path!

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Jun 19, 2018
# 111 How to Talk to Your Body

Your body is talking…  Are you listening?

Our bodies are our partners in life creation and the primary relationships we have throughout our lives.

Would it serve both of you to open up the lines of communication a bit more?  

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • The creative potential between you and your body
  • Why you would want to talk to your body - I get it’s weird at first!
  • 2 powerful “How-to” tools to open up the lines of communication
  • Un-doing the “answer-mode” our minds do that lock our bodies up

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Jun 12, 2018
#110 Why You Can’t Relax; And How You Can

What if being relaxed was a way of life?  Not a fix it tool or promise land we can only enjoy when we finally releive the pressure in our lives?

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • What you think relaxtion is that it actually isn’t
  • How to tell the difference between boredome, fatigue and relaxation
  • The lies that have you seeking episodic relaxation that keep you from the relaxation of being
  • Powerful keys to breaking the stress cycle
  • How to live with more ease no matter what

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Jun 05, 2018
#109 What Fuels You? Problems or Possibilities?

What fuels you?  Problems or possibilities?

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • What leads to empty-tank syndrome
  • How to effortlessly go from Fight or Flight mode to Rest & Restore to help relax you and your body
  • The biggest mis-identification that is killing your fuel for a life well lived and loved
  • Simple ways you can use to change your mind set and behavior patterns to experience more ligthness and less stress

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May 29, 2018
#108 Give up or Get going?! How to un-stick yourself…

When you hit a crossroad, uncharted territory or unexpected situations – do you give up or get going?

Let’s play with changing the cul-de-sac of self-doubt, perfection-promise and outcome-only thoughts into action that creates!

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • Why we get stuck and how to un-do it
  • How to use your past to move you forward
  • The sticking power - YIKES! - of the right answer, promise of perfection & reverse engineering to create
  • The key to creative action
  • A HUGE life lesson I gained from my publisher when I was just about to stop my book…

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May 22, 2018
#107 Experience Life! Creating the most in every moment…

What would you love to experience to get the most out of your life and embodiment?

“Infinite beings don’t care what they experience, just that they experience.”  ~ Gary Douglas

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • Coming out of outcome driven and either/or creation into momentary enjoyment
  • Comparing the WHAT and the THAT of life experiences & how to use both for more pleasure-filled embodiment
  • How to ask for and pull in the experiences that will build a life you love!

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May 15, 2018
#106 Growth: Going with the flow or fighting against it?

Is your personal, business and creative growth more of a fight or a flow?

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • Goal based growth vs creative growth & how to navigate both with ease
  • The main way we kill our forward momentum & how to stop it
  • How to stop the “growth must be hard” mentality - more ease please!  

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May 08, 2018
#105 When the Going Gets Tough

When the going gets tough - where do you go?

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • How to find more ease during growing edges when you are past your comfort zone
  • A trick to create immediate relaxation as you grow
  • What the major killer of new experiences is and how to handle it
  • How to move past your reaction patterns to have more choice 

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May 01, 2018
#104 Are you a psychic sponge?

What if you are more aware of other people then you’ve ever realized?

Unfortunately, if you aren’t aware that you are aware then you end up soaking up everyone else’s stuff and carry it with you!

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • The psychic sponge phenomenon
  • How to tune the dial of your awareness to find you amist the noise of life
  • How to wring out your sponge, be lighter and more you regardless of who or what you are around!

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Apr 24, 2018
#103 Decluttering

Are you ready to lighten your load?

In this episode we explore:

How to identify clutter in your physical, mind and body space

Simple ways to clear physical, mental and body space

How adding organization - in a really different way! - can be a ceative catalyst

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Apr 17, 2018
#102 Nurturing You Into Bigness

What if what was truly nurturing to you was different then what you have been taught?

In this episode we explore:

How to move past your comfort zone

How staying small to relieve stress just makes it worse!

Daily practice to expand your horizons and bring your dreams into reality

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Apr 10, 2018
#101 Spring Cleaning

What if you could ride the energy of this season - that of renewel and awakening - to bring about change in your life?

In this episode we’ll explore:

How to let the light of awareness in

How to adopt fresh perspectives to bring newness to your life

Daily practice to explore and take action on what you’ve considered impossible up until now

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Apr 03, 2018
“Welcome” The Lighten Up Podcast with Lauren Polly #100

Welcome to the exploration! 

Join multi-award-winning author, life coach and speaker, Lauren Polly, for a 14-minute joyful journey on life mastery, transformation and becoming the YOU you’ve always wanted to be.

Mar 14, 2018
The Lightness of Change & Transformation


It’s not the seriousness that will set you free.  It’s the lightness.

Seriousness causing more heady-ness, confusion and weight that slows you down. 

Lightness creates growing room and an unfolding of possibilities. 

It’s the secret sauce for transforming with ease!

Mar 14, 2018