Tropical Moon


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Welcome to the surreal world of Tropical Moon, it’s kind of hard to explain.... listen however you want, doesn’t even have to be in order, just pick an episode you like the sound of and take a chance 🌴

Episode Date
Black Dogs / Red Flags

Albie and Cactus go on an adventure !

music by Tiger Army 

May 25, 2018
The Lonely Star / How Tropical Moon Got a Sun

The story of how Tropical Moon got its sun, guest written by mr Butchstansangur

May 17, 2018
The Dead Zoo / Lights in the Sky

Morris is a sexy boy, milk, amphetamines and colours orbs, what more

do you want from a podcast ?

May 11, 2018
Godspeed Derek A. St Lucia / Mayor Castro Tokyo

Documenting the downfall of Tropical Moon resident Derek Avicii St Lucia 

Apr 30, 2018
Coconut Forest / Lunar Yeti Russian Roulette

Tropical Moon’s Lunar Yeti Society make an expedition to Coconut Forest

Apr 23, 2018
Untitled / Fields of Heavens Elite

Albie and his friends take a road trip to another planet 

Apr 16, 2018
Pride of Thailand / Colour X

Mr Rustle, Tropical Moon’s favourite space hippie makes a discovery up at the old Observatory with the Professor 

Apr 08, 2018
Pink and Black / Nightswimming

Albie and his friends make a remarkable discovery up in Tropical Moon’s mountains

Mar 30, 2018
Satellite Duty / The Merchants on the Ladder

Its Albies turn for satellite duty on Tropical Moon but can he make it past the Merchants on the Ladder

Mar 27, 2018
The Fishing Trip / Palm Trees in the Dark

Albie Planet and his friends go for a fishing trip at Technicolor Lake

Mar 27, 2018
Welcome to Tropical Moon

Tropical Moon is surreal story based podcast created and written by Giles Warren, narrated and meddled with by Mr Buchstansangur

search Tropical Moon on social media for episode artwork

Thanks, Giles 

Mar 27, 2018