Leading Girls with Wynter and Courtney

By Wynter Pitts and Courtney Defeo: Authors

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Leading Girls is a podcast for anyone raising girls - no matter your season and no matter your age! We all have questions, and this is the place to get guidance, wisdom and encouragement. Wouldn't you love to have lunch every week with a mentor or counselor or trusted friend? Well that’s not realistic - so Wynter Pitts of For Girls Like You and Courtney DeFeo of Treasured Girlz are doing just that with this podcast, bringing new questions and conversations every week! They are bringing their own struggles and the real topics that they are facing with their girls. Join them as they share and seek wisdom from others with a heart for raising the next generation of God’s girls.

Episode Date
How To Find Your Brave with Marianne Richmond (Ep 10)

Marianne Richmond, author and artist of more than 50 books, is familiar with the topic of finding your brave. She did it as a young girl battling seizures, then later enduring brain surgery. You will hear wisdom, encouragement, and downright practical advice from that little girl who grew up to be quite the brave woman and mother. In this episode, she gives us practical ways we can show up for our kids who struggle with fear. For more inspiration on this topic, see her latest book Be Brave Little One or visit MarianneRichmond.com

Jun 18, 2018
A Father's Love with Casey Darnell (Ep 9)

Casey Darnell joins us as the first dad on the Leading Girls Podcast! On this episode, you will cry! Casey definitely brings the Father's love on this episode. He's a fantastic husband super fun dad to four daughters. Casey is a singer and songwriter. When not doing laundry, diapers or dishes, he is riding bikes with his family and making up kid songs. Most recently, Casey joined his wife Anisa to help run Truth and Co- an interior design firm that aims to give busy families their dream home without the headache.

Jun 11, 2018
Parenting with Grace and Boundaries with Chrystal Evans Hurst (Ep 8)

Buckle in for today’s episode. We have the hysterical, fun-loving and super wise Chrystal Evans Hurst. Chrystal brings so much life experience to our conversation because of her authentic and honest life. She’s a wife, mom, grandmother, author, speaker, sister, daughter and extremely gifted woman. In this episode, we talk about how to parent our girls with the challenging balance of grace and boundaries. We also discuss how to handle the mess ups well – because it’s not “if” our girls will mess up – it is when.

Jun 04, 2018
A Daughter's Perspective with Cierra McKenzie (Ep 7)

Do you ever wish you could sneak in the head and heart of your daughter? Well, we get to do this today! Writer and speaker, Cierra McKenzie, shares amazing wisdom with us today - from the perspective of a daughter. It's so humbling and encouraging to hear her talk about her mom.

May 28, 2018
Birds & The Bees with Mary Flo Ridley (Ep 6)

Some of us have already had a few awkward talks with our daughters and are wondering if you did it right. Some of us have little girls and are wondering about the best age to start or how to say it.

Well, all of us are going to learn something from this episode! Mary Flo is the founder of Birds & Bees and has been encouraging and equipping parents in this area for more than 30 years.

May 21, 2018
All You Need Is Love with Meese (Ep 5)

In this episode, Courtney's mom, Meese, offers wisdom on how to model love inside of our homes and out. We discuss the importance of making sure our girls know that they belong, that they are valued and that they matter. Meese also offers practical wisdom and encouragement on leaving an extraordinary legacy built on love. 

May 14, 2018
Seeking Wisdom & Guidance with Karen Stubbs (Ep 4)

Karen Stubbs is the mentor every mom wish she had next door. Karen equips and mentors so many moms around the country through her books, curriculum, events and GREAT conference (Soar). On this episode, we kick off with the topic of wisdom, guidance and mentors. How do you get the best information when making decisions as a mom? Who did she turn to when she was raising her kids? She gives us permission to ask for advice and guidance. We also discuss some other common mom struggles with raising girls – comparison, competition, personalities and jealousy among siblings.

May 07, 2018
The Truth of Being Famous: Kirsten Watson (Ep. 3)

Kirsten Watson is the proud wife of NFL Player Benjamin Watson and mom of 5 little ones. In this episode, we talk about what it’s really like to be famous. So many of our girls want to be “known” and “famous” and do not realize all that comes with that dream. She shares such wisdom with us - and how we can guide our girls to see influence as an opportunity to shine God’s love and not really about drawing others to yourself. 

Kirsten gives us an insider look at the public eye and how she sees it from a Godly perspective. She also shares how they balance her desires and dreams and career with her role as a wife and mom in this busy season. You will fall in love with her heart!

Apr 30, 2018
How Girls Are Wired: Sissy Goff (Ep 2)

Author, speaker and counselor Sissy Goff joins us as we learn how our girls are wired. We all wonder … is this normal?! And it helps us filter their behavior and emotions when we understand them more fully. Sissy has been counseling girls and their families for over 25 years at Daystar Counseling.  

In this episode, we cover anxiety, emotions, fear and many other common struggles we deal with as we lead our girls. Sissy gives us sound guidance and tips covered in grace.

Apr 27, 2018
Episode 1

In this episode, co-hosts Wynter and Courtney introduce themselves, chat about life with daughters and share the reason why they created the Leading Girls Podcast. 

Apr 19, 2018