The Dennis Miller Option

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Each week, Emmy-winning comedian Dennis Miller provides his no-holds-barred, uncensored take on current events, politics, pop culture, and anything else that’s on his mind. Joining him will be a A-list guests from across the political, comedic, and entertainment spectrums, along with his “Guy Friday,” Christian Bladt.

Episode Date
Larry O'Connor of The Washington Times and WMAL
Dennis chats with Christian about spending the week in New York, President Trump's Space Force, watching the World Cup and how host country Russia is close to running out of beer. There are also mailbag questions about what Dennis is reading and how he keeps happy. They also chat with Larry O'Connor of the Washington Times and WMAL in Washington DC about FBI agent Peter Strzok and the media's coverage of immigration.
Jun 21, 2018
Victor Davis Hanson
Dennis and Christian discuss this weekend's shows in Knoxville for Dennis's upcoming "Fake News, Real Jokes" comedy special, and Dennis reminisces about Sam Kinison, Robin Williams, Rick Overton, being interviewed about an epic Monday Night Football game he called, reading Moby Dick and the demise of his favorite hiking path. Then, guest Victor Davis Hanson discusses his most recent book, “World Wars Two”, the denuclearization of North Korea, whether Trump is reckless or savvy, and why there are so many people who aren't willing to give him credit for anything, even for something that works, like his tax cut.
Jun 19, 2018
Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard
Dennis and Christian discuss President Trump’s North Korea summit in Singapore with Weekly Standard Editor and Fox News Contributor Steve Hayes, who also discusses his friendship with Charles Krauthammer. There’s also discussion of Mark Sanford’s primary loss, Michael Cohen and Scott Pruitt. Plus, more De Niro talk, and a question from the mailbag about Alfred Hitchcock.
Jun 14, 2018
Gene Simmons
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Gene Simmons of Kiss discusses presidents, politics, his new role in the cannabis business, the Gene Simmons Vault experience, the new Kiss toilet seats and his wife Shannon. Also, Dennis and Christian discuss the North Korean summit, McDonald’s, Robert De Niro’s comments at the Tony Awards, and your questions and comments in the mailbag!
Jun 12, 2018
Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Dennis Rodman, LeBron and more!
Christian tees Dennis up with the latest headlines, including Bill Clinton's continued non-apology tour, Dennis Rodman heading to the North Korean Summit, Mitch McConnell canceling the Senate's August recess, LeBron James and Steph Curry vowing to not visit Trump, Vladimir Putin's relationship with Trump, and the White House letting go of press aide Kelly Sadler. Plus, your comments in the mailbag!
Jun 07, 2018
Take a stand on kneeling
Dennis and Christian go through the latest headlines to discuss President Trump canceling a meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles, and how to navigate living in a world where we're told that Obama was too good for us, Bill Clinton doesn't need to apologize and the Miss America Pageant will no longer judge based on looks. We also dip into the mailbag and find out what Dennis has been reading, and he wind tunnel tests a piece he's writing.
Jun 05, 2018
Kevin Nealon
Dennis is joined by comedian Kevin Nealon, who discusses his hiking show on YouTube, Garry Shandling, their time together on SNL, and Kevin’s role on the CBS sitcom “Man With A Plan”. Then, Dennis and Christian chat about the disappointing box office for Disney’s latest Star Wars film, a bad tweet from President Trump, and some encouraging comments from Pope Francis. Plus, Hillary Clinton’s “bulge”, Louis Farrakhan, Morgan Freeman and more on Starbucks.
May 30, 2018
Starbucks new policy/Trump 2020
Dennis and Christian react to the latest news, including public urination on an airplane seat, Starbucks' new bathroom policy, the latest on the North Korea summit, Trump 2020, and whether or not volcanoes just do whatever they want. Plus, your comments and questions in the hopefully soon-to-be-retitled "Mailbag" segment! Your thoughts?
May 23, 2018
Tales of Jack Nicholson, Chevy Chase, The Titanic, Raccoons and Other Thoughts
It's a loose, free-wheeling free-associative super-sized episode of "The Dennis Miller Option", including stories about Jack Nicholson, Chevy Chase, real tales of the Titanic and raccoons digging through trash. There are also suggestions for the border wall, a discussion about North Korea, President Trump's chances at a nobel prize and so much more! Plus, we dip into the mailbag to read some of YOUR comments and questions!
May 16, 2018
Dana Carvey
Dennis takes a new sound system for a spin, and reminisces with Dana Carvey about their days on Saturday Night Live, the birth of the Church Lady and Hans & Franz. Dana also shares memories from his career and shows off a number of impressions, including President Trump.
May 09, 2018
The White House Correspondents Dinner
Dennis and Christian discuss the White House Correspondents Dinner, starting with the reactions to this year’s dinner, and why it’s a no-win for President Trump to go. They also discuss the performances from the 2011 Dinner, when Seth Meyers and President Obama decimated President Trump to his face. Dennis also details the time that he performed at the Correspondents Dinner for George H W Bush. They also discuss Kanye West and whether or not President Trump can win a Nobel Peace Prize.
May 02, 2018
In the premiere episode, Dennis and Christian review the latest headlines which leads to a discussion about the left's obsession with Trump and their inability to give him credit, even if he de-nuclearizes North Korea.
Apr 25, 2018
Coming soon!
Apr 20, 2018