By Russ & Mika Perry

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Hi, we're Russ and Mika Perry. We live together in Scottsdale, Arizona with our three beautiful daughters. We have devoted our lives to building a solid foundation for our family through entrepreneurship and healthy practices, with the goal of living a successful, balanced, family-focused lifestyle. Good To Be Home is a weekly exploration of entrepreneurship, family, marriage, sobriety, and how we balance our business and life.

Episode Date
Episode #7: Developing Great Nighttime Routines

In today's episode, Russ and Mika are following up on their previous episode about morning routines and sharing some of the routines that they follow every night before they go to bed.

You'll hear about the specific routines that each of them follows. You'll also hear practical tips on how these routines can really help you get ready for the regenerative process of sleep, and help set you up for success on the following day.

Jun 11, 2018
Episode #6: Developing Great Morning Routines

Today's show is the first of a two-part series in which Russ and Mika are diving into one of their favorite topics: routines.

This week's episode is all about how to build and maintain strong morning routines.

You'll hear the two of them discuss why it is important to have a morning routine, what each of their morning routines looks like, as well as some tips and tricks for developing your own morning routine.

Jun 04, 2018
Episode #5: The Number One Tip for Connecting with your Significant Other

On this week's episode, Russ and Mika share the number one tip for connecting with your significant other and keeping your relationship on fire: having a date night.

It's not always easy to do, but the benefits that a regular date night can have on your relationship are immeasurable.

On today's show, you'll hear about the types of date nights that the two of them have had in the past, what makes a great date night, how to find ideas for date nights, and a whole lot more.

May 28, 2018
Episode #4: The Benefits of Living a Sober Life

Today Russ and Mika are taking a different approach to a subject they are very familiar with. 

This podcast is all about rediscovering and discussing the topic of sobriety. Rather than going into the dark, sad stories that revolve around addiction, this episode focuses on the benefits of living a sober life.

On today's show, Russ and Mika share thoughts on why they've chosen sobriety and the benefits it has given the two of them, both as entrepreneurs and as people.

May 21, 2018
Episode #3: Travel as a Family Tradition

On this episode, Russ and Mika are talking about one of their very favorite topics: traveling.

In particular, they are going to be going into great detail about how and why they have chosen to make traveling a Perry family tradition.

You'll hear practical tips for both traveling with children, and traveling alone as a couple, as well as how the act of travel has shaped their family into what it is today.

May 14, 2018
Episode #2: The Blog Post

This is an exciting for episode for Russ and Mika, and honestly, it's a little bit scary. This podcast is about a rather personal topic for the both of them.

Recently, Mika chose to open up on her personal blog about something that most people don't feel comfortable talking about publicly. In 2012, she discovered that Russ was having an affair, and it nearly destroyed their marriage.

A few months ago she wrote a blog post called "We Saved Our Marriage", about how the two of them addressed this challenge, how they grew from it, and how they came out stronger on the other side.

This episode is the story of how Russ and Mika saved their marriage, what it felt like to share that story online, how people reacted to the story, and what the two of them have learned from that experience. We hope you enjoy.

May 04, 2018
Episode #1: Prologue

Welcome to the very first episode of Good to Be Home!

This episode offers a brief explanation of why we decided to make a podcast, what the name "Good to be Home" means to us, and what you can expect to hear each week on the show. 

We are grateful and excited that you have chosen to come along on this journey with us. 

From our family to yours, thanks for joining us, and welcome to our home. 

Apr 12, 2018
Good to Be Home
Apr 09, 2018