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THE MISOGI METHOD PODCAST is designed especially with you in mind... helping you discover inspirational and motivational conversations with amazing leaders who have redefined possible in their personal and work lives. Tune in and let your host, Jody B Miller and her guests entertain, motivate and inspire you to live a life of meaning, happiness , and success.

Episode Date
Gea Peper: Founder of The Happiness Bureau in the Netherlands
The Netherlands consistently ranks in the top 5 of the happiest countries. Why are people in the Netherlands happier at work and in their lives? Moreover, how can the rest of us learn how to be happier? Jody interviews Gea Peper, Founder of 'The Happiness Bureau' in the Netherlands. What she shares can be adapted to anyone's life. Here's to your happiness!
Jun 20, 2018
The MISOGI Method With David Dennis of Ventana Surfboards and Supplies
Jody interviews co-founder David Dennis, of Ventana Surfboards and Supplies. If you care about the ocean, happen to love John Steinbeck and want to ride on a great, sustainable board, Ventana just might be for you. Be inspired by two entrepreneurs who are changing the shape of surfing for the better.
Jun 15, 2018
Jody interviews Brian Clark, the successful Founder, and CEO of RAINMAKER DIGITAL, Founder of COPYBLOGGER, Host of the top-ranked Podcast, UNEMPLOYABLE, and Curator of FURTHER. Brian lives life on his own terms, follows what brings him joy and serves others. The money seems to follow him because of it. And, he's a really nice guy! For anyone who is thinking of going for the big entrepreneurial reach, Brian will inspire you.
Jun 08, 2018
The MISOGI Method_Dr. Rick Scott_Online Dating
Jody welcomes back Ph.D. and Resident Psychologist, Rick Scott, who talks to our listeners about dating. The do's, the don'ts and navigating the world of online dating. If you are thinking of getting into a relationship, Rick's words of wisdom can help guide you.
Jun 08, 2018
The MISOGI Method: Andre Barbieri: Top 10 Paralympic Athlete
Andre Barbieri is a top-ranked Paralympic Triathlete, who is on track to compete in the 2020 Games in Tokyo. Jody explores how Andre redefined the possible in his life and became happier in the process. It's all about the journey, and when you hear about Andre's, you will be rooting him on too as he pursues his dream.
Jun 01, 2018
The Misogi Method_Episode 14 -Garpie - Want to Find Your Friends in Really Crowded Places? You Soon May Be Saying “GARPIE” Me
Jody interviews Co-Founders Isaac Golberg and Simon Lousky of GARPIE. They won the TAMID Tank (Shark Tank type event) at the University of California at Santa Barbara, for their student start-up mobile app called GARPIE. GARPIE is an on foot navigation service that allows users to create secure sessions with only the specific people they invite. Once the session invitation is accepted, you and your friends will be able to see each other on a map in real-time.
May 23, 2018
The MISOGI Method: Andre Barbieri: Top 10 Paralympic Athlete
Sara Landon joins us for part two of WHY AM I HERE AND WHAT IS MY LIFE’S PURPOSE? Sara channels The Council, a higher vibration who shares insightful advice from the non physical realm. Advice about why we are here, how to live a life of joy, love, health, wealth, abundance and purpose. A life we all are born to have and sometimes put up barriers to receiving all that we want and more. Download and listen anywhere. Each time you listen, you'll will gain additional insights that will benefit you.
May 23, 2018
Jody interviews Kathy Gruver, PhD, an energizing woman, whose journey from actor to wellness professional, public speaker and stress reduction expert, has taken her to 7 continents and counting. She is a TEDx speaker and bestselling author. Kathy tells us how we can reduce stress in our lives and shares her valuable thoughts with listeners who want to live a life of wellness every day. Download and listen anywhere.
May 23, 2018
The Misogi Method_Episode 11 From SEA to SEE - A Team’s Race Across America To Open The Eyes Of Corporate America.mp3
Team SEA to SEE is a group of successful businesspeople and athletes who share blindness as a common characteristic. They are entering the world’s most grueling endurance cycling race, the 2018 Race Across America (RAAM), to show the immense capabilities of people who are blind and to raise awareness of the very low employment rates of the blind. They will be highlighting their achievements through a major media campaign and a documentary film.
May 09, 2018
The Misogi Method_Episode 10_Sara Landon Why Am I Here And What Is My Life’s Purpose: Part 2
If you have ever felt stuck in a relationship, have wanted more financial abundance, or have dealt with low self-esteem, you won’t want to miss this episode. Jody interviews Sara Landon, a globally celebrated transformational leader, visionary entrepreneur, spiritual advisor and channeler. You will learn how Sara came to know of her special gift and how to find your own purpose, which includes a permanent sense of happiness and well-being. Download now and listen anywhere.
May 09, 2018
The Misogi Method: Episode 9: You May Never Think of Money the Same Again
Jody interviews Seth Streeter, CEO of Mission Wealth, whose MISSION is to show people how to look at money as only one component of a full and happy life. Learn what it takes to not only be wealthy in terms of dollars, but wealthy in all areas of your life. You just may look at money differently after hearing this episode of The MISOGI Method. Download and listen anywhere.
May 04, 2018
The Misogi Method_Episode 8_How_To_Becom_an_Unforgettable_Public_Speaker
In this episode of The MISOGI Method, I interview Geoffrey Berwind, one of the foremost expert coaches on how the power of storytelling can take your public speaking to a level you never thought possible. Geoffrey has coached thousands of authors, speakers and business owners and more than 50 speakers who have landed and delivered TEDx talks. If you want to learn how to keep your audience on the edge of their seats, you don’t want to miss this episode. Download and listen from anywhere.
May 04, 2018
The Misogi Method_Episode 7_Bola A millennial and youth leadership enthusiast
Bola, a millennial and youth leadership enthusiast, is the founder of two non-profits -- The Too Fly Foundation, which provides travel grants and passports to students studying or volunteering abroad, and Queen Talk, which instills leadership and entrepreneurial development in young girls. If you believe in supporting leadership in our youth, you won’t want to miss my conversation with Bola. Download and listen anywhere
Apr 23, 2018
The Misogi Method_Episode 6_The World’s Most Famous Ocean and Surf Photographer’s Journey to Success
Aaron Chang is the Ansel Adams of the water. His photographs have graced the covers of over 100 magazines and no matter which photograph or multi-media sculpture of Aaron’s that you see, you will feel inspired, energized and more connected to the world around you than ever before.
Apr 23, 2018
The Misogi Method_Episode 5 _The Quest for the 2020 Olympics.mp3
Brittni Hutton is on a mission to make the U.S. Olympic Team and compete in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Her event? The marathon! Learn what it takes to be an Olympic athlete in a faster world, and join the throngs of people rooting for Brittni as she pursues her biggest MISOGI yet!
Apr 23, 2018
The Misogi Method_Episode 4_Rick Scott, PhD and Counselor - Is This Love Worth Saving
Rick Scott, PhD and Counselor, is The MISOGI Method’s go-to therapist for all advice about relationships. Love of self, love of another and even love of your work relationships. In this episode, Jody asks Rick what can be toxic in a romantic relationship or marriage and how to fix it. That is, if it’s worth fixing at all. And you will know after you listen to this episode of The MISOGI Method. Rick ends by giving you, the listener, a MISOGI challenge that can bring love into your life.
Apr 19, 2018
The Misogi Method_Episode 3_The Secret Lives of Whale Sharks and Other Endangered Species
In this episode, Jody interviews Dr. Rory Wilson, PhD., the head of Aquatic Biology at Swansea University in the UK and the inventor of the tracking device for Whale Sharks, Condors, Penguins, and other endangered species. Dr. Wilson and his colleagues have accumulated a plethora of data about the secret lives of many elusive, endangered animals and envisions a world where everyone is part of conserving our precious animal world. His MISOGI is a way that anyone can help.
Apr 15, 2018
The Misogi Method_Episode 2_Breaking Into The Music Business
In this episode, Jody interviews leading Hollywood Music Manager, Bradshaw Lambert. Bradshaw tells listeners how he broke into the music business, discovered talent and ended up representing one of the top song writers in the world. If you are thinking of getting into the entertainment business, you won’t want to miss it! Download now for listening anywhere, anytime.
Apr 15, 2018
The Misogi Method_Episode 1_What This Podcast Is All About
So who is Jody B. Miller and what is "The Misogi Method Podcast" all about? This is Episode 1 in which you'll hear how Jody herself stepped outside her own comfort zone and did the most OUTRAGEOUS thing she could imagine. In the end, that sense of accomplishment, the thrill of beating the odds and that understanding of just how strong she can be... all set the stage for the latest journey of her life... and that's helping others do the same.
Apr 09, 2018