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How Brandon Landro Runs His Team and Brokerage while Keeping Turnover Low


Building a team takes more than just solid real estate experience. What IS the pattern for success? Why do some teams with great agents end up failing? What role does team culture play? In this episode, Brandon Landro shares his experience on how to build a real estate business that passes the test of time.


Culture matters. If they don’t fit with the group, it doesn’t work. You’ll find that you’re “forcing it” all the time. -Brandon Landro



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Jun 22, 2018
Team Retention & Creating a Culture of Winners w/Heidi Hines

Getting the right people on your team is hard, and keeping them is even harder. Retaining team members for as long as 20 years is nearly unheard of, yet our guest has done just that. What are keys to hiring well, keeping people on your team for a long time, and creating a family feel? How does a dynamic of responsibility and humility impact culture from the top down? On this episode, we talk to Heidi Hines about creating a culture of people who want to win, who love their team, and want to stay.

Make sure people feel good. You want people to want to come to work. -Heidi Hines



Jun 14, 2018
Is REO Coming Back?
May 24, 2018
From Lone Ranger to #2 Coldwell Banker Agent Worldwide with 29 Buyers Agents
May 24, 2018
Turning Your Phone Into a Cash Machine
May 24, 2018
Building a World Class Team
May 24, 2018
No Lead Left Behind
May 24, 2018
Pro-Active vs. Re-Active Lead Gen w/Chris Watters

People fail in real estate because they don’t put the effort towards prospecting and lead generation. How do you create an environment where people are excited to come in and put in the work? How do you create a career trajectory that will actually lead to success? How do you set better standards? On this episode, we talk to authors of the book, The Million Dollar Real Estate Team, Chris Watters and Bradley Pounds about the lessons they learned in building their mega-team.


It is your job as a team leader to build a high energy environment where people want to be in the office calling and prospecting. -Chris Watters



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May 08, 2018
How to Use Home Buyer Seminars to Generate Leads & Position Yourself As an Expert w/Rachel Kennedy

Today, buyers have agents coming at them from many directions. Until we have a buyer agency agreement with that person, we don’t have that client. How can we get creative about getting in front of more buyers, while positioning ourselves as the experts? How can we leverage our expertise with banks and lenders? On this episode, Rachel Kennedy talks about how she has gone from one-to-one to one-to-many with Home Buyer Seminars.


When you have the inventory, the buyer leads are free and they are a heck of a lot better than any buyer lead you’re going to buy, get off of Facebook, PPC or anything else. -Michael Hellickson


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May 08, 2018
How to Use Buyer Intake Forms as a Bonding Opportunity w/ Jesse Zagorsky

Few agents use buyer’s intake to bond with their potential buyers, even though it’s the perfect opportunity to find out more about motivations and needs. The market has changed tremendously in the past years. How do we stand out as an agent when our buyers can find homes by themselves online? What should our end goals be for buyer consultations? How do we build trust? In this episode, Jesse Zagorsky shares how he uses buyer intake forms to bond with new buyer clients.


People lose sight over their emotional reasons for buying once they get into the logic down the road. You gotta bring them back to emotion. -Jesse Zagorsky



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May 08, 2018
How to Build a Team Culture and Get More Buyers by Building Rapport w/Linda and Kellie Revoir

We all know that building relationships and going that extra mile is what makes us memorable, both with clients and with our teams. How can we go about building strong relationships with our team members? How do we humanize our interactions with buyers and show emotion via text messages? How can we leverage relationships in the digital world? In this episode, Linda and Kellie Revoir share how they leveraged relationships to grow their business.


People look at houses online long before they step foot into the house. -Kellie Revoir



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May 08, 2018
From One-to-One to One-to-Many: How to Build Long-term Wealth With a Database w/Frank Klesitz

There are so many forces competing for the real estate agent’s commission, and the challenge is how to stay ahead. Why is your database the key to hedging yourself against the competition? How can we use technology to our advantage and develop a relationship with our sphere of influence? What metric has the highest probability to bring you real business? On this episode, Vyral Marketing co-founder and CEO, Frank Klesitz gives insights on outpacing the competition by building a database and attracting business instead of chasing it.


A database is a list of people you know– but with technology, it’s a list of people who know you. -Fr [...]

May 08, 2018