Angel On Top

By Brittany Ashley and Laura Zak

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Angel On Top is an Angel rewatch podcast hosted by writers Brittany Ashley and Laura Zak (hosts of Sicker Sadder World), and works in tandem with the Buffy rewatch podcast Buffering The Vampire Slayer. At the end of each episode, Brittany and Laura write an original poem, through the POV of our anti-hero, Angel.

Episode Date
S1E02 Lonely Hearts

Angel, Cordelia and Doyle find out that a parasitic demon is using a downtown nightclub as its hunting ground for lonely people. Though Angel is looking to rescue women, he finds one damsel that isn't distressed but super self-depreKATEing. 

You can find us @angelontopcast, and We are Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash) and Laura Zak (@la_wa). 

Logo by Kristine Thune and opening song by Jenny Owen Youngs.

Jun 13, 2018
S1E01 City Of...

Angel's new life in Los Angeles is DARK, DARK, DARK! When a expositional demon named Doyle tells Angel that a blonde woman needs saving, Angel is on the job. Everyone's favorite femme-dom, Cordelia, is also in LA, pursuing her dreams of acting that we never knew until now. Today we are discussing S1E01: City Of... 


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Opening Song: Jenny Owen Youngs (@jennyowenyoungs)

May 31, 2018
Angel On Top Trailer

What's that I see in the shadows? A new "Angel" rewatch podcast hosted by Brittany Ashley and Laura Zak? That's right. Working in tandem with "Buffering the Vampire Slayer" this podcast has crossover episodes, new jingles by Jenny and most importantly, a new poem written specifically for each episode.

Join us for the first episode on May 30th!

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May 09, 2018