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Mitch and Greg of AsapSCIENCE chat about controversial subjects. Then they research and splice in all the mind blowing science throughout so you are entertained while simultaneously learning.

Episode Date
Death: Crippling Anxiety or Ultimate Peace?

This week we take on a lighthearted topic, DEATH!  We talk about the most painful ways to die, near death experiences, and how our relationship with spirituality has changed.  Mitch and Rachel discuss different funeral practices from around the world.  We then debate who is more afraid of death and Mitch explains why he would like to live forever.



Jun 20, 2018
Video Games: Violent Problem or Productive Hobby?

This week, we talk about growing up with video games and how they affect your brain and society a large. Mitch secretly records Greg struggling to play Zelda for all to hear. We debate over whether or not video games are net positive or negative, all while touching on the modern science. 


Special thanks to Josie Brechner of @visagermusic who let us use their music for this episode of Sidenote.  It comes from their album 'Songs From An Unmade World 2' - the tracks are inspired by old-school adventure/RPG video game music and they mix classic chiptune sounds with more modern electronic elements.

Jun 13, 2018
Therapy: Over Hyped Hoax or Essential To Life?

This week Greg talks about having a panic attack from seeing his therapist in public. We give you a timeline to the horrors of psychiatry. We end it with a debate about whether therapy is actually useful, or not.

Jun 06, 2018
Comedy: Ridiculous Boys Club or Purest Art Form?

This week we're talking about Comedy: Greg's new adventures in becoming a Stand Up comic, we figure out how to craft a joke with a professional comedian and debate the dark side of the comedy world.

May 30, 2018
All Inclusive Vacations: Relaxing Getaway or Unethical Disaster?

This week we're talking about All Inclusive Vacations: we chat after coming home from our first ever all inclusive resort and the juicy details of our experience, explore research on whether or not these getaways are good for local economies or mostly exploitative, and then argue over whether we'd ever do it again!

May 23, 2018
Reality TV: Social Experiment Or Predictable Mess?

This week we’re talking about Reality TV: we reflect on Mitch’s insane experience doing Big Brother Canada, we breakdown the history of Reality Television and Greg has a meltdown about how much he hates ALL OF IT.

May 16, 2018
Marijuana - Creative Tool Or Harmful Substance?

Welcome to the first Sidenote Podcast ever, where every week we (Mitch and Greg of AsapSCIENCE) chat about what's stumping us right now, and then we research and splice in all the mind blowing science. 

This week we're talking about Marijuana; we remember a crazy time that Mitch almost overdosed on edibles, look into the racial history of Marijuana, and discuss the physiology of why it affects people so differently.

May 09, 2018