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By J.K Emezi : Addiction Recovery Coach, Blogger, Mentor

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Episode Date
Episode 6- How To Manage Your Sexual Fantasies

How do you know when your sexual fantasies are out of control versus when they are normal?

J.K shows you how to manage your sexual fantasies, and teaches you how to find out when they are out of control.

Jun 02, 2018
Porn Reboot Podcast Episode 5: Client Interview-Two Relapses in two years.

Ever wondered what working with a Recovery Coach is like, or what results you can expect?

 Today we speak to a client of mine who had been kind enough to share his recovery Journey.

You'll learn about his life before and during recovery, what relapse was like, and how he got back on track after two major bumps in the road

May 20, 2018
Porn Reboot Podcast Episode 4: Shame and Porn Addiction

J.K teaches you how to overcome your shame.

May 17, 2018
Porn Reboot Podcast Episode 3: How To Fix your porn induced inferiority complex

J.K shares how to fix your inferiority complex.

May 17, 2018
Porn Reboot Podcast Episode 2: How to fail your way to freedom from porn addiction

How we view setbacks in recovery is important. J.K talks about how recovery is a process- not an event.

May 16, 2018
Porn Reboot Podcast Episode 1 Part 2: My Life before and after porn addiction

J.K shares his story of porn addiction and how he recovered

May 16, 2018
Porn Reboot Podcast Episode 1: My Life Before and After Porn Addiction

In this Episode I share my history with porn addiction and my recovery journey over the past 10 years.

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May 14, 2018