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By Jen McLellan, Plus Size Pregnancy Expert & Body Positive Influencer

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Plus Mommy explores plus size pregnancy, motherhood and body love. From bumps to bellies, we talk about it all!

Episode Date
Plus Size Babywearing And Postpartum Support Tips For EveryBODY | 7

When it comes to babywearing, there’s a misconception that plus size babywearing options don’t exist. The reality is carrier companies are far more inclusive than most maternity clothing companies. There are babywearing options for people of all sizes!

Babywearing is just one small piece of helping to set yourself up for postpartum. Planning for postpartum success is critical at this time in your life that can feel very isolating.

Laura Brown is a babywearing expert and postpartum doula. She’s our special guest during this episode! We talk not only about plus size babywearing but how to set yourself up for the postpartum period.

We laugh about the realities of parenthood and address the real need for more postpartum support in our society. 

Find our tips for plus size babywearing and postpartum support here

Jun 17, 2018
Plus Size Pregnancy Struggles And Finding Self-Love | 6

When you’re plus size and pregnant it’s easy to feel invisible since the outside world can’t tell you’re growing life within you. Mia joins the podcast to share her plus size pregnancy struggles and journey to finding self-love during pregnancy.

“Pregnancy gave me a great gift of teaching me how to take care of myself through love.”

Mia’s guest post on the Plus Size Birth website, My Invisible Plus Size Pregnancy, perfectly expresses what it’s like to have plus size pregnancy struggles. She goes deeper into these obstacles as well as how she treats her body with kindness in this 6h episode of the Plus Mommy Podcast. Mia also emphasizes the importance of connecting with a size-friendly care provider and opens up about postpartum.

For anyone who has experienced a plus size pregnancy or is about you, you’ll relate to everything Mia shares!

Jun 10, 2018
How Can I Learn To Love My Body? | 5

There’s so much pressure from society telling us that we’re not good enough. Today I grant you permission to start blocking out those messages and begin to love yourself and your body. If you’re wondering, ‘how can I learn to love my body?’, here are seven tips that will help transform your body image.

Jun 03, 2018
Self-Love And Raising Body Positive Kids With Amy Pence-Brown | 4

Body positive activist Amy Pence-Brown bravely wore a black bikini and a blindfold in the middle of a farmer’s market. A video of her Stand for Self-Love went viral and has gained over two hundred million views. She joins the show to share that experience and tips for raising body positive kids. Learn more here

May 27, 2018
Part Two: Talking To My Mom About Motherhood And Body Image | 3

This is part two of talking to my mom about the topics we cover on the Plus Mommy Podcast – plus size pregnancy, motherhood and body love. Here we continue our conversation about motherhood and then dig in deep with body image. My mother shares her over 60-year journey of struggling with body image and how things were much different during the Twiggy Era.

You’ll hear me jump on my soapbox about body image, chairs without arms and capturing motherhood. This is one of those episodes that I hope reminds everyone listening that they are worthy of self-love!

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May 18, 2018
Part One: Talking To My Mom About Plus Size Pregnancy And Motherhood | 2

Ever wonder what being plus size and pregnant was like nearly 40 years ago? What about body image issues? In this episode of the Plus Mommy Podcast, I brought the woman who gave me life on as my very first guest to talk about it all!

When I dreamed up the Plus Mommy Podcast, I knew I wanted my mother, Kathryn Rue, to be my first guest. We have a special bond and I know how lucky I am to be able to say that. Talking to my mom about plus size pregnancy and motherhood was a fascinating experience and a lot of great wisdom came out of this episode.

My mom not only talks about pregnancy and body image but reiterates the messages we hear today about the importance of building a strong community of support throughout motherhood. I hope you’ll enjoy this episode as much as I’ll cherish having this recording for the rest of my life.

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May 18, 2018
Welcome To The Plus Mommy Podcast By Jen McLellan | 1

Welcome to the Plus Mommy Podcast! Here we celebrate living fulfilled lives without focusing on weight loss and body shame. We address the struggles and joys of plus size pregnancy and motherhood. As well as embarking on a journey to body love!

From bumps to bellies, we talk about it all on the Plus Mommy Podcast!

I'm your host, Jen McLellan, and seven years ago I started the blog Plus Mommy (formerly Plus Size Mommy Memoirs). After all of these years of being a blogger, certified childbirth educator, and public speaker, I'm excited to start this new chapter of Plus Mommy with a podcast.

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May 18, 2018