Kaleidoscope: The Cortical Visual Impairment Podcast

By Jessica Marquardt: Parent Advocate for Children with CVI, Sharing Stories of Neuroplasticity and Visual Perception

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Cortical visual impairment (CVI) is the leading cause of pediatric visual impairment in the developed world. But there's hope. Due to the brain’s neuroplasticity, a child's vision can improve. So why isn't anyone talking about this public health crisis? We will. Tune in for a monthly discussion. Music by Storm Crews. Art by Ian Kleinfeld.

Episode Date
The Early Days: A Mother's First Year on the CVI Journey - Rachel Bennett - Episode 2

Henry (5) has a new cortical visual impairment (CVI) diagnosis. His mom, Rachel, now understands why he is so frustrated. He can't interpret what he sees. Relying on the 10 characteristics of CVI, they infuse vision into everything they do. His vision has improved, and his whole being has too.

Not only has Rachel fully embraced the educational approach based on the research of Dr. Christine Roman, she and a group of other CVI moms are building a collective national movement to advocate for kids with CVI so that every child has the chance to progress. You can find her CVI timeline at bit.ly/CVItimeline.

The Bennetts

Jun 05, 2018
Testing. Are CVI Parents Out There? - The Marquardts - Episode 1

Grace (6) reads sight words, enjoys hearing chapter books and shows an affinity for math. Yet she can’t interpret illustrations in a children’s book or recognize the faces of her mother and father. Her parents on the struggles and joys of raising a child with cortical visual impairment (CVI).

May 17, 2018