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By Glass Up With Karlee Steel

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This podcast is all about random things that has happened in my life. We talk about everything. It's a great thing to listen too while cooking, getting ready or even doing a hard workout. We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I do. xo

Episode Date
10 Times Caffeine Has Killed People

This podcast is about the 10 Times Caffeine Has Killed People featuring Kaitlyn! This time were actually drunk ;) LOL

Jun 20, 2018
9 Signs Your Mental Illness Is Made Up For Attention

Today Nick joins me on this controversial topic about Mental Health. We read an article about the 9 signs your mental illness is made up for attention and share our views and opinions on the matter. 


p.s If you or someone you know has a mental illness, please take it seriously and seek immediate medical attention or talk to a trusted adult and/or friend. 

Jun 09, 2018

In this podcast I talk about my expirence with being bullied as a a teenager. 

Jun 05, 2018
Cushing on a family member, David Dobrik & Ex boyfriends!

This podcast is super funny and you'll love it! We talk about my friends "Date" with david, her crush on her UNCLE (ew) and my ex boyfriends. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! LOL

May 21, 2018
Crazy Things Anxiety Has Made Me Do

This is about all the crazy things anxiety has made me do!

May 16, 2018