Not Impossible

By Not Impossible Labs

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Not Impossible is a new podcast that asks the question “What if nothing in life is impossible?” It explores stories about people solving the hardest, most mind-boggling problems in some of the most creative and unimaginable ways. Mick Ebeling, founder of Not Impossible Labs, guides us through uplifting stories of people who've created technology for the sake of humanity.

Episode Date
6: Project C.O.D.I.
Cody is a fearless and sensitive 7-year-old boy diagnosed with a rare disease that is slowly robbing him of hearing and sight. The Not Impossible Labs team committed itself to finding a way for Cody to navigate the world. What they created – and built into a superhero costume -- allows Cody to feel what his eyes will soon no longer be able to perceive.
Jun 19, 2018
5: Kissyface
Day to day, we rarely think about facial control software unless it's to play silly games on our iPhones or Snapchat. But a crazy inventor and a rehab specialist put have developed a way to let people who are paralyzed with spinal injuries use it to surf the web, paint – do anything you can do on a computer. Just with a head tilt, a raised eyebrow, and... the kissyface.
Jun 12, 2018
4: The Arm Race
When Johnny Matheny lost his arm to cancer he decided it was his chance to help others – so he volunteered to be the guinea pig in any project that came along. Little did he know what the government’s Revolutionizing Prosthetics program had in store for him – and now he has become the first man to ever use their latest robotic arm, which he can control... with his mind.  Photo Credit: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Jun 05, 2018
3: The Eyewriter
When producer Mick Ebeling met a paralyzed graffiti artist named Tempt, he made a promise that Tempt would one day paint again – and then wondered how he’d keep the promise. The results of the challenge reside in museums on both coasts – and the philosophy behind them launched Not Impossible Labs.
May 29, 2018
2: Blood from the Sky
Two inventors -- one who created a cute little robot, the other who created an app to help kids learn to read -- take on the greatest challenge of their lives: Women are dying in Rwanda at an alarming rate – and they think they have an idea that could save them.
May 25, 2018
1: See With Your Tongue
Erik Weihenmayer is an athlete, adventurer, author – and the only blind person to scale Mount Everest. Now he’s the first to test out a new device that raises a question at the very heart of how sight works: Do we see with our eyes, or with our brains? The answer to that question could change... everything.
May 25, 2018
Not Impossible Season 1 Trailer
Not Impossible is a podcast that asks the question “What if nothing in life is impossible?” Join Mick Ebeling as explores the amazing, inspiring stories of people all around the world who are creating technology for the sake of humanity. On May 29th we debut the first three episodes of Not Impossible's first season. Then listen in each week for a new episode featuring incredible technology.  Sponsored by Avnet and powered by one overwhelming, undeniable belief: That some things that seem impossible are just impossible... right now.
May 18, 2018