Art Class Curator

By Cindy Ingram

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This podcast is dedicated to empowering you to embrace teaching art with works of art. Each episode will dive deep into different aspects of teaching art - from passionate art teachers sharing their work, to mini trainings on art appreciation strategies that you can use in your classroom, to conversations about the highs and lows that come with being a teacher. Come back each week for an informative interview with an amazing art teacher!

Episode Date
06: Visual Literacy for the 21st Century with Dr. Katie Monnin

It turns out that comics are good for kids. 


Dr. Katie Monnin is here to tell you that art and language belong together, more than ever. She’s spent her career creating books on both how and why incorporating new graphic novels enhance visual learning and writing skills in students. More than that-- she’s also worked hard with a community of teachers to develop resources so teaching with graphic novels feels attainable and accessible to anyone.


Tune in for an energizing interview with Katie, and walk away with a plethora of tips and resources to bring into your first graphic novel lesson.



Show Highlights:


  • Katie explains what Pop Culture Classroom is and what it does
  • Why it’s important to let kids read graphic novels
  • What students learn from graphic novels
  • Kate shares a powerful story of how the 9/11 attack changed her perception of the need for graphic novels
  • How graphic novels are different from traditional cartoons
  • Tips for developing quality lessons plan for graphic novels
  • Katie shares about panels, gutters, and balloons, and their place in the classroom
  • How to find the balance of art and language in the study of graphic novels
  • The graphic novel artists and publishers Katie recommends for teachers starting out
  • A bit about the Denver Comic Con and why it’s worth attending
  • Ways to get started teaching in your own classroom using graphic novels



Links Mentioned in the Show:


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As The Crow Flies by Melanie Gillman

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Brave by Svetlana Chmakova 

Maus by Art Spiegelman

Blankets by Craig Thompson

Spill Zone by Alex Puvilland

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

Denver Comic Con 2018

Art Class Curator

Jun 18, 2018
05: Global Understanding through Art with Holly Bess Kincaid

Art class teacher Holly Bess Kincaid is changing the world within the walls of her classroom. Her students make up a strongly diverse community of learners, so different languages, cultures, and life experiences are something she not only plans for, but leverages to create powerful learning moments, using art as the conduit.


From practical tips on how to work with a variety of native languages in one classroom, to what projects have created the most excitement with students of all backgrounds, Holly Bess provides insights so that you can help students learn more about the world by learning from one another.



Show Highlights:


  • How to adapt your learning environment to a multilingual classroom
  • The way art lessons can bring out cultural lessons between students
  • Holly Bess shares an anecdote of celebrating Holi with a student’s family
  • Ways teachers can get to know their students’ communities better
  • Holly Bess shares about a particularly successful kite art project
  • Tips on managing students’ behavioral issues related to trauma
  • How to address tough conversations and fear with art lessons
  • The ways social media can isolate us from forging connections with others
  • How Holly Bess tailors her curriculum to her student’s needs
  • Why reading, writing or speaking are included every day in art class
  • How Holly Bess created a weekly lesson to critique art
  • The art that scared Holly Bess 



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Holly Bess on Twitter - @artladyhbk

Capitol of Creativity

National Art Education Association (NAEA)

Art Class Curator


Art that scared Holly Bess: Ann Hamilton's Offering (1991)

Jun 11, 2018
04: Smart Classroom Management with Michael Linsin

Michael Linsin knows that positive classroom moments don’t just happen magically. In fact, a well-run classroom makes teaching-- and learning-- fun. His practical guides and tips come from years of experience and have culminated in his own online resource called Smart Classroom Management. In this episode, we dive deep into the how’s and why’s of best practices in classroom management, with a focus on art classrooms.

Tune in and be ready to mix up your classroom management style, so you can have more fun with your job and create a learning environment that transforms the lives of your students.


Show Highlights:

  • How Smart Classroom Management got its start
  • Michael shares his tips on having a well-run classroom
  • The importance of having a classroom management plan
  • Why it doesn’t really matter what consequences you use in the classroom
  • The most effective way to model behaviors you want students to emulate or avoid
  • How to create an engaging lesson on classroom management for your students
  • Why Michael doesn’t like reflection forms
  • Misconceptions other teachers have about having a well-managed classroom
  • Tips on how to build rapport with students
  • How old is too old for time outs
  • Types of consequences that work well for older students
  • How reward and points systems in your classroom can be ineffective
  • The importance of follow-through with your classroom management plan


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Art Class Curator

Jun 04, 2018
03: The Aesthetics of Health with Megan Hildebrandt

Sometimes our most challenging moments are the times that create the biggest spark. For Megan Hildebrandt, one of those chapters of her life was while she was earning her Masters Degree in Studio Art at the University of South Florida and was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. 

This experience completely changed the way she views art, community, and remaining present.

In this episode, Megan dives into how her art transformed during her cancer treatment and how, now that she is in remission, she finds more and more ways to bring art students to communities in need of healing, inspiration, and consistency.


Show Highlights:

  • How cancer changed Megan’s perspective on art
  • Her evolution as an artist through cancer and the different mediums that captured her attention
  • Megan explains an artistic series that she produced while undergoing chemotherapy
  • How Megan got her experience as an art teacher
  • The story behind Megan’s course, “The Aesthetics of Health”
  • How cancer care experiences are enhanced with art in the waiting room
  • Anecdotes from figure drawing cancer patients
  • The difference between sympathy and empathy
  • Megan explains the importance of consistency in serving communities with art
  • How Megan sees her art programs scale to other schools and communities
  • The freedom and shared ownership of interpreting art
  • Megan shares 2 artists who have inspired her


Links Mentioned in the Show:

Megan Hildebrandt

May 28, 2018
02: Connecting Communities with Nic Hahn

For over 15 years, Nic Hahn has worked with students of all ages in various schools and districts around the Midwestern US-- and if there’s one thing she’s discovered, it’s the importance of community in teaching art. 

She started a blog called Mini Matisse in 2010 to connect parents to the art projects that were coming home in the hands of their children, but the online connection was just the beginning.  Her quest to bring people with interest and experience with students thirsty to try new forms of art has sparked local, nationwide, and international interest and participation-- demonstrating that the invitation to create is universal and that we all have a lot to learn from one another.

Show Highlights:

  • What prompted Nic to create her blog, Mini Matisse
  • How often she creates blog posts, and what her philosophy on blogging is like
  • The ways blogging has impacted Nic’s teaching
  • Nic shares her favorite community art projects, and why they’re important
  • Ways to proactively manage emotionally challenging art lessons with students
  • Tips for engaging families and volunteers in art class support
  • How to find and support classroom volunteers
  • Unexpected benefits of having volunteers come in to support students
  • Tips and advice for teachers starting a community-driven art learning program
  • Nic explains what an Artist’s Trading Card is
  • How Nic’s classrooms began trading art with schoolchildren in Japan
  • Nic shares her artistic inspirations
  • Why Nic named her daughter Matisse


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Mini Matisse

Instagram - @minimatisseart

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May 28, 2018
01: Introducing the Art Class Curator Podcast

Welcome to Art Class Curator! This podcast is something that’s been in the back of my mind for years and I’m excited that it’s finally happening. Each episode will dive deep into different aspects of teaching art - from passionate art teachers sharing their work, to mini trainings on art appreciation strategies that you can use in your classroom, to conversations about the highs and lows that come with being a teacher.

Show Highlights:

  • We’re launching-- the Art Class Curator podcast is happening!
  • What the Art Class Curator podcast will be about
  • Hear highlights of a few upcoming interviews
  • The one telling question I ask guests at the end of every episode
  • A personal story of how host Cindy Ingram came into studying and loving art

Links Mentioned in the Show:

Art Class Curator

May 24, 2018