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Grow yourself and your team with insight from today's most successful leaders. The Military Leader Podcast delivers candid, practical lessons from proven leaders in the military and other professions. If you don't have a leadership development program, start with The Military Leader Podcast!

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Steve Leonard – The Story of Doctrine Man & Leading with Perspective (002)

If you are in the military and have Facebook, you know Doctrine Man!

Steve Leonard, creator of Doctrine Man and former Army strategist, shares the story of how sharing a few snarky cartoons on work email grew into a social media platform nearing 200,000 followers. Steve goes on to offer a common sense perspective of leadership that is refreshing and pragmatic.

After writing several of the Army's key doctrine manuals and retiring as a Colonel, Steve transitioned to become the first Director of the Business & Organizational Leadership graduate program at the University of Kansas. 

Steve is also a non-resident fellow at the Modern War Institute at West Point, the co-founder of Divergent Options, a co-founder and board member of the Military Writers Guild, and a frequent contributor to the Atlantic Council’s Art of Future Warfare Project. 

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Jun 10, 2018
General Robert Brown – Authentic Leadership, Training for Combat, & Coach K (001)

General Robert Brown kicks off The Military Leader Podcast in this candid interview covering the span of his 37 years in the Army. General Brown currently commands US Army Pacific Command, which is the Army's largest component command, standing at over 100,000 service members and civilians. 

Anyone who has ever worked for General Brown will tell you that he is one of the most passionate leaders they ever met. You'll really hear that in this chat, where we cover everything from combat leadership to General Brown's basketball days under Coach Mike Krzyzewski. You don't want to miss this one!

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The views expressed on this site do not officially represent the views of the US military or the United States Government.


Jun 03, 2018
Season 1 Preview

Here's a sneak peek at Season 1 of The Military Leader Podcast!

These are some of the best insights from the first season of The Military Leader Podcast. This is 25 minutes of high-density leader development that will challenge and inspire you to be a more effective leader. 
And this is just a sampling. The interviews in Season 1 range from 40 minutes to an hour and include leaders with decades of lessons to share, including a 4-star general who commands over 100,000 people. These are the leadership conversations that we all know are invaluable but never have the time to engage in.
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The views expressed on this podcast do not officially represent the views of the US Military or the United States Government.
May 29, 2018