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Think about your favorite locker. My locker was pretty clean most of the time. That’s just how I am: a neat freak. But my players’ lockers? Most lockers out there are filled with all kinds of things! Pair of cleats, old pair of cleats, 13 socks, an old ball glove, a few balls, seeds spilt all over, 3 water bottles, a belt . . . . . . . and the list goes on right?! Just like most lockers are filled with things that you may or may not need everyday, this podcast will focus on a variety of topics meant for most coaches most of the time. Obviously, a girls volleyball coach in Tennessee probably won’t want to hear much about the 6 Commandments of Your Kick Return Team! We won’t spend much time on xs and os. NO time on defensive or offensive x and os! Lockers get locked, to keep them safe. I want this podcast to be a safe place for coaches to come to during the week. Not a “safe space.” I ain’t talking about that. I’m just talking about a place you can come, as the coach of any sport to find a home! Lockers aren’t good all alone! And those who use lockers aren’t designed to be alone either. Think about how lame a locker room would be with just one locker! Lockers need support. Coaches need support. I want this podcast to be a support to coaches!

Episode Date
CLP Episode 3 - Brandon Huffman, National Recruiting Director, 24/7 Sports

Brandon Huffman is one of the foremost college recruiting recruiting experts in the nation.  He shares about the current state of recruiting, the future of recruiting and how coaches can help their players.  He also shares the story of losing his precious 7 year old daughter to a brain tumor.

There’s no doubt that recruiting has changed tremendously during Brandon Huffman’s career.  He shares some unique insight on the status recruiting, what it is like to hear from parents, kids and coaches 24/7, and what the future of recruiting might look like.  More importantly, I’ve asked Brandon to share about DNPG, the rare brain tumor, that took his daughter much too early. I want to bring awareness to this horrific tumor.

Jun 15, 2018
CLP Episode 2 - Victor Santa Cruz, Head Football Coach, Azusa Pacific University

The rare college coach who has spent more than 15 years in one place, Coach Santa Cruz shares his story of moving from packaging dog food to becoming a college coach, and how he transformed his leadership after a rough start.

Our guest this week is Victor Santa Cruz, the Head Football Coach at Azusa Pacific University (NCAA D2).  The rare college coach who has spent more than 15 years in one place. Hear his story of moving from packaging dog food to becoming a college coach. Santa Cruz struggled early on as a Head Coach. Hear what he changed in leading the program, and how those changes led to 3 conference championships in 5 years! Tremendous insight to this great coaching profession on this podcast.

Coach Santa Cruz Twitter

Jun 08, 2018
CLP Episode 1 - My Introduction: 7 Lessons I’ve Learned As A Coach

Introduction to the The Coaches’ Locker Podcast.  Get to know Coach Fore as he takes you through a brief journey of his nearly 2 decades in the coaching business.

Coach Fore launches The Coaches’ Locker Podcast! In his first episode, Fore walks you through each of his stops, and more importantly shares one lesson that he learned from each of the seven schools he has worked at.   He also shares his vision for this podcast by breaking down what the focus of it will be, and shares about some of his first guests.

Jun 01, 2018