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Want to dominate your league and get Fantasy Football bragging rights? Join host Adam Aizer and get analysis from writers Dave Richard, Jamey Eisenberg, Heath Cummings and the rest of our crew throughout the year. Start or Sit, Buy or Sell, Grade the Trade and plenty of your emails. This is the only podcast you'll need to win your league.

Episode Date
06/21: WR/WR in PPR; Where is the Dropoff in Talent? (Fantasy Football Podcast)
Comparing the upside and downside of RBs (1:45) Leonard Fournette, Alvin Kamara and Saquon Barkley and WRs (9:41) Mike Evans, Tyreek Hill and Doug Baldwin. People seem to forget that we've actually seen Evans' downside twice in the last three seasons ... Are we missing the boat on Will Fuller (14:50)? Is there a reason to be concerned about Julio Jones' relationship with the Falcons (19:33)? ... We discuss our recent PPR draft (25:35) as only two teams went WR/WR with their first two picks. And where is the dropoff in talent in Fantasy drafts (35:35)? Also, let's put Melvin Gordon under a microscope (38:00) ... Your voicemails (41:50) at 954-689-3199 and emails at
Jun 21, 2018
06/18: Talking Fantasy Football with Mike Tagliere (Fantasy Football Podcast)
Mike Tagliere of FantasyPros joins us today! We'll take a look at Mike's rankings and get his favorite breakout and biggest bust, but first we'll talk upside and downside of a group of 3 RBs (2:15) and 3 WRs (11:33). Find out how we feel about Jay Ajayi, Ronald Jones, Brandin Cooks and more ... Mike's Top 3 rookie RBs (25:00) may surprise you. He'll also tell us his favorite breakout (28:33) and why Evan Engram could be a bust (33:33). Also talking QB and TE strategy (37:02) and getting personal as we discuss sports, pizza and Die Hard ... Mike has DeAndre Hopkins as his #5 WR! He'll explain his thinking (44:51) ... Your emails at
Jun 18, 2018
06/14: Beckham Analysis; Big Ben's Big Value; Luck Throws (Fantasy Football Podcast)
Covering a lot on today's show as we hear from our listeners about Lamar Miller (1:50) and Randall Cobb (5:30). We also compare the upside and downside for QBs (9:25) Kirk Cousins/Ben Roethlisberger/Jimmy Garoppolo and TEs (14:45) Evan Engram/Jimmy Graham/Trey Burton ... NFL news on Andrew Luck (19:05) and a host of rookie RBs (21:38). Are we buying the backfield competition that the coaches say exist? ... Putting Odell Beckham under a microscope (32:03), we discuss if he is an obvious first round pick or if an improved NYG running game and more competition for targets could lead to some Fantasy disappointment ... Your emails at
Jun 14, 2018
06/11: Heath's Sleepers; Upside vs. Downside Debates (Fantasy Football Podcast)
Out of Josh Gordon, DeMaryius Thomas and Alshon Jeffery, who has the most upside and who has the most downside (1:50)? Same question for Alex Collins, Joe Mixon and Rashaad Penny (6:02) as we start today's show debating those sets of WRs and RBs ... News and notes including Ty Montgomery's role in GB's offense (13:13), then we put Antonio Brown under the microscope (16:25). Should he go before the elite RBs? What do Brown and DeMaryius Thomas have in common? ... Heath reveals some early sleepers which are based on consensus rankings. He's got Jameis Winston (24:00), Isaiah Crowell (26:00) and a couple of WRs you can take late ... Your emails at
Jun 11, 2018
06/07: Edelmania; RB News; Auction Talk (Fantasy Football Podcast)
What is the impact of Julian Edelman's potential suspension (1:25)? At what point does he become great value in drafts? Is Tom Brady affected at all (5:21) and who will step up for NE? ... Comparing Jimmy Garoppolo vs. Eli Manning (13:40) as Manning has much better weapons but Garoppolo is just a better QB. How much does the surrounding offense matter for a QB? We also discuss RB news items on Dalvin Cook (22:00), Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry (24:26) and Christian McCaffrey (28:05) ... Putting DeAndre Hopkins under the microscope (31:55) and wondering what might go wrong for this stud WR. Then we move on to auction talk (40:00)! We discuss the best ways to set up an auction and the best ways to distribute your money. Can you spend 75-80% of your budget on just a few players? We also listen to your voicemails ... Your emails at
Jun 07, 2018
06/04: Minicamps Begin; Gurley Regression? (Fantasy Football Podcast)
Ready for a random WR debate? Let's get it going with Jarvis Landry vs. Marvin Jones (1:50)! Then we tackle the four teams that are opening up minicamp this week. What are the Fantasy storylines for CHI (4:00), DET (6:35), MIA (14:36) and NE (17:35)? Does CHI have more offensive upside than DET? ... Putting Todd Gurley under a microscope (24:48). Could things actually get even better this year? Why is Adam leaning toward taking Le'Veon Bell ahead of Gurley in PPR? ... Advice for untimed drafts (37:58) and how QB rankings change when passing TDs are worth 6 points instead of 4 points (42:55) ... Your emails at
Jun 04, 2018
05/31: Backfields to Avoid; Teammate Combos (Fantasy Football Podcast)
Bottom five OL in the NFL (1:50)! Which lines will be terrible in 2018? Are there backfields we are simply avoiding in drafts (9:30)? ... We put Ezekiel Elliott under a microscope (12:45) and discuss the upside and downside of drafting Zeke. Is there any chance he is a bust this year? Also Dave eats something that sounds gross but isn't (17:35), Jamey gives an awesome Russell Wilson stat (19:15) and we take you through the NFL news (21:45) ... Teammate combos (29:03)! Devonta Freeman and Julio Jones vs. Kareem Hunt and Tyreek HIll. Todd Gurley and Brandin Cooks vs. Ronald Jones and Mike Evans, plus more! ... Listener voicemails (40:22) as we try to make a realistic Fantasy dream team ... Your emails at
May 31, 2018
05/30: Dynasty WRs; Keeper Strategies; Marshall Signing (Fantasy Football Podcast)
Starting the show with a draft! We draft 15 WRs for a startup dynasty league (4:35). Did any rookies or sophomores make the cut? Did Doug Baldwin crack the Top 15? ... Any chance for a Kareem Hunt sophomore slump (18:41)? Any chance Brandon Marshall is worth owning now that he has signed with SEA (26:08)? And we play "What are the Odds" as we compare Michael Crabtree vs. Amari Cooper (32:30), discuss Kenyan Drake's bust potential (34:05), discuss Joe Mixon's stud potential (35:00) and debate Julio Jones' ability to catch 10 TDs (35:51) ... More dynasty WR talk (44:00)! The CLE WRs and Corey Davis are a bit controversial. Where does Heath have the rookies? Is Mike Williams deserving of any hype? ... Your emails at
May 30, 2018
05/24: Henry Injury; NFL Rushing Trends; WR Handcuffs (Fantasy Football Podcast)
We react to the Hunter Henry injury and how it might change how you draft TEs. Is Philip Rivers' value affected (3:05)? Which other LAC pass catchers could benefit (5:58)? ... Are there any WR handcuffs to draft this year (8:42)? Keep an eye on NO and GB. Can Danny Amendola get 80 catches this year (19:05)? Also we once again play "What are the Odds?" with Robert Woods (22:55), NFL rushing trends (26:55), SuperFlex leagues (29:50) and more ... We get into David Johnson's 2018 outlook (32:38), talk about our favorite draft positions in a PPR league (35:40), offer an intriguing rookie RB draft strategy (39:30), discuss players who are coming back from injury (46:24) and answer keeper questions ... Your emails at
May 24, 2018
05/21: Dynasty RBs; Mailbag (Fantasy Football Podcast)
Let's draft our Top 12 RBs in a startup PPR dynasty league (1:20). Does Saquon Barkley get drafted before Le'Veon Bell? Does Joe Mixon make the cut? ... We debate who the best SF WR is (8:28), if Jared Goff can become an elite QB (10:00), who will lead GB in carries (11:44) and if Marlon Mack can get 220 carries (14:45). Then we hear from you on today's mailbag with questions about Jordan Howard vs. Jerick McKinnon (17:05), Austin Seferian-Jenkins (21:30), dynasty league options and more. Plus your voicemails (36:30) including a great question about the CLE backfield (41:38)! ... More on Heath's dynasty RB rankings (47:41). Why is Kenyan Drake behind Mark Ingram and well ahead of Alex Collins? ... Your emails at
May 21, 2018
05/17: PPR Best & Worst Picks; Dynasty TE Rankings (Fantasy Football Podcast)
Before we tackle our latest PPR mock draft, we've got some listener questions and NFL news to get to. Will the Browns be overhyped in Fantasy after their Hard Knocks appearance (4:00)? What's the latest with the TB ball carriers and pass catchers (8:22)? ... Dave, Jamey and Heath discuss our latest PPR draft (15:15) with their strategies, best picks and worst picks. They're also pointing out the best and worst picks of other teams in the draft as Heath and Adam square off on Julian Edelman's value (28:04) and we discuss when to take Jarvis Landry and Adam Thielen ... TE dynasty rankings (37:15)! Rob Gronkowski is not #1 and you may be surprised to see where Heath has Zach Ertz ranked. Trey Burton (40:12) is fairly high, and what about the rookies? ... Your emails at
May 17, 2018
05/14: Round 4-5 WRs; Combos; Dynasty QBs (Fantasy Football Podcast)
Is Juju Smith-Schuster a Top 50 overall player (2:50)? Is Allen Robinson a steal as of right now? And how crazy would it be to draft Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry on the same team (9:05)? ... News and notes from around the NFL including a note on the DEN RBs (13:26), then it's time for Fantasy combos (18:50)! The guys decide which combination of players they'd rather have based on the results from our recent mock draft. We've also got listener voicemails (34:01). Which pick in the draft do we want to have (35:25)? ... Putting Heath's dynasty QB rankings under the microscope (41:30). Patrick Mahomes ahead of Carson Wentz!? What!? Also dynasty values of Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Ben Roethlisberger and the rookies ... Your emails at
May 14, 2018
05/10 Draft Review: Kamara Top 8? (Fantasy Football Podcast)
With the news of Mark Ingram's suspension, how high is too high for Alvin Kamara? We touch on that at the top of the show and revisit later. First, we have an even more pressing question: Is RB deeper than WR this year (2:02)? ... A bunch of takes on the Ingram suspension (6:42). Will Kamara literally run away with the job, or will Ingram return to his regular role? Are there any other NO RBs that could help in the first four weeks? Does NO's difficult midseason schedule matter? ... Some kinda fun trivia (20:55), and then it's time to review our 12-team, standard scoring mock draft (21:50). We'll take you through the first few rounds and debate Melvin Gordon vs. Kareem Hunt, Rob Gronkowski vs. Keenan Allen, Derrick Henry vs. Jerick McKinnon and more. Then we review our teams and give our final thoughts on roster construction (46:40) ... Email us
May 10, 2018
05/07 Fantasy Football Podcast: Heath's Rookie Thoughts; C.J. Anderson News
Covering a lot on today's show including why we didn't include Jerick McKinnon as an NFL Draft winner (1:40) and why Heath doesn't have DAL WR Michael Gallup in his Top 60 (4:00) ... More of Heath's rankings as we discuss Derrius Guice (13:31), Kerryon Johnson (14:45), Marshawn Lynch (16:50), Ronald Jones (22:40) and a TE (24:48) that Heath thinks has the potential to be a pleasant surprise this year ... Listener voicemails! Is DeShaun Watson the next RGIII (28:40)? Is Corey Coleman a thing (33:53)? And we may have found a new way to determine playoff seeding (36:05). Also, what's the impact of C.J. Anderson's signing (39:00)? ... Your emails at
May 07, 2018
05/03 Fantasy Football Podcast: Talking Football With Kostos
Nick Kostos is back and he's brought with him his Fantasy Football hot takes. Find out which young QB Nick looooooves in 2018 (2:30) and why he likes Jared Goff better than Drew Brees (7:10) ... Some thoughts on a recent mock draft including the merits of drafting two Top 10 QBs (20:00) and Derrick Henry's value (27:05) ... A lot of dynasty and rookie talk (33:45) as Jamey discusses what he was willing to give up for Saquon Barkley. We also tell you why Dak Prescott could be sneaky this year (44:00) and assess the DAL WRs. Stay tuned for some Best Sports Movie talk (50:43) ... Your emails at
May 03, 2018
04/30 Fantasy Football Podcast: Top Rookies; Veteran Winners & Losers
The NFL Draft is in the books and we are reacting to every Fantasy storyline that developed over the weekend. Who will be the second rookie RB to be drafted in Fantasy drafts? Is it Derrius Guice? Is it Ronald Jones? Is it Kerryon Johnson? Dave and Jamey also discuss veteran NFL players who are winners (7:25) and losers (11:15). How good could Marlon Mack be if IND does not add a RB? ... Top 3 rookies at each position! QB (17:55), RB (19:40), WR (36:30), TE (40:30). Within each position discussion we'll talk about all of the prospects that matter and which players could have big Fantasy impacts. Also, is the 2018 rookie RB class shaping up to be better than last year's? ... News and notes from around the NFL, and stay tuned for a live draft on the Draft app (58:30) ... Your emails at
Apr 30, 2018
04/27 Fantasy Football Podcast: Round 1 Reactions
Adam, Dave and Jamey have plenty to say about the first round of the NFL Draft. We start with some of Dave's biggest winners and losers which includes new OAK WR Martavis Bryant (3:58). Then find out what the coaches and GMs are saying about the three RBs who were taken in Round 1 (7:35) ... We get into the standard and PPR rankings for Saquon Barkley (14:00). Is he a first round pick? How many catches do we expect? Then we compare Rashaad Penny vs. Sony Michel (22:10). Also, can Dave pronounce Vita Vea's full name? ... Thoughts on the WRs (29:40) and why one of us loves the fit for Calvin Ridley and one of us hates it. And which Round 1 WR do we like more? Of course we talk QBs (39:30) as we focus a lot on Dynasty outlooks. And how much could the rookie Offensive Linemen help this year (48:00)? Email us at
Apr 27, 2018
04/23 Fantasy Football Podcast: Ready for the NFL Draft?
We'll quickly run through the news including BAL's signing of Willie Snead (1:20) and a new rumor about the #1 pick in the draft (2:26). Then find out three draft picks each of us would like to see this week (5:25). Where do we want to see Saquon Barkley go? Which team makes sense for Calvin Ridley? Why doesn't Adam want CHI to draft Quenton Nelson? ... After we read some outstanding rookie team names (17:06), R.J. White joins us to break down the NFL Draft (19:05)! R.J. just completed a full 7-round mock draft and he'll tell us about certain prospects at each position and who can contribute immediately ... Looking for sleepers at each position? We've got that for you too ...Your emails at
Apr 23, 2018
04/19 Fantasy Football Podcast: David Johnson 10th Overall?
Among the many topics we cover today is the draft stock of David Johnson and why Heath is slightly hesitant to use a Top 10 pick on him. First we'll hear an interesting auction strategy from Jamey (1:50), discuss the merits of drafting multiple TEs (8:22) and give our thoughts on the CHI backfield (13:55) ... Rankings disputes! David Johnson (17:00), Chris Carson (22:28), Juju Smith-Schuster (22:55) and Alshon Jeffery (27:43) ... The NFL Draft wish list for every AFC team from the AFC East (31:20) to the AFC North (34:50) to the AFC South (39:13) to the AFC West (42:02). And stay tuned for a rare bathroom story at the end of the show (58:30) ... Your emails at
Apr 19, 2018
04/16 Fantasy Football Podcast: Talking Football with Prisco
Pete Prisco is back to give us the inside scoop on a variety of NFL topics, including the NFL Draft which Pete believes will start with Josh Allen going to CLE. First we cover the Rob Gronkowski situation (3:00), C.J. Anderson's release (4:55) and what Pete thinks of Dez Bryant these days (7:50) ... Consequences of the new catch rule (12:30) and a lot of NFL Draft talk (15:00). Who are the top QBs? When will Saquon Barkley be drafted and how much better is he than the rest of the RB group? Any impact rookie WRs this year (23:48)? ... What do we think about drafting both NO RBs (32:45)? Both MIN WRs (34:50)? Both DEN WRs (36:12)? Then we talk elite TEs (38:14) and hear your voicemails (44:53) ... Email us at
Apr 17, 2018
BONUS EPISODE: Dez Gets Released
Can Dez Bryant be a Fantasy stud again? History tells us he can. But what will happen to the Cowboys without Dez? Dak Prescott has done very well without the elite version of Bryant, but this can't be good for his outlook. We also discuss Ezekiel Elliott, Allen Hurns and the best potential destinations for Bryant.
Apr 13, 2018
04/11 Fantasy Football Podcast: Live PPR Mock Draft!
We're bringing in one of our Fantasy staffers to give you a fresh perspective. Welcome R.J. White! R.J. joins Adam, Dave and Jamey to participate in a 12-team PPR mock draft. Among the topics we cover: LeSean McCoy with a new offense and new offensive line (4:00); A C.J. Anderson trade to MIA that the Dolphins nixed (10:00); Julio Jones' potential to be the #1 WR (22:40). And of course you'll get to see where the rookies are being drafted.
Apr 11, 2018
04/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: Late-Round Steals, Keenan Allen Outlook
Beginning the show with some of our favorite late-round draft picks from last week's draft (0:48) before we revisit the topic later in the episode. And we discuss the impact of a potential Cameron Meredith signing for NO (6:00) ... Let's talk Keenan Allen (13:20)! We don't talk enough about the #3 WR in Fantasy from 2017. And we draw comparisons to another WR who may be following a similar career path as Allen (17:40) ... More on last week's mock draft including RBs picked right around 100th overall or later (22:22), why Adam likes Randall Cobb (28:50) and more before we get to an off-subject voicemail any TV fan will enjoy (39:20) ... Your emails at
Apr 09, 2018
04/05 Fantasy Football Podcast: Cooks Trade; Mock Draft With Rookies
Before we discuss our latest mock draft we go through the winners and losers of the Brandin Cooks trade (2:42). Chris Hogan's stock is clearly up, and is Cooks the best LAR WR? ... Getting into our 12-team standard scoring mock draft (15:00) with Alvin Kamara being drafted a little too early. We'll thoroughly review the first four rounds ... Also check out when the rookies and noteworthy free agents were drafted (45:03) ... Email us at
Apr 05, 2018
04/02 Fantasy Football Podcast: Young WRs With Upside
Who is this year's Marquise Goodwin or Robert Woods? We'll talk about WRs with potential but first we've got a great argument against Tyreek Hill (2:30) and a forgotten WR who should be on your radar (15:00) ... Looking at the last three years of WR draft classes, who has the most potential among the somewhat proven guys (20:00) like Will Fuller and Juju Smith-Schuster, the less proven guys (29:40) like Dede Westbrook and Corey Davis and the low-impact guys (35:22) like Mike Williams and Chris Godwin? ... Playing your voicemails (40:04) as you ask about dynasty leagues, Sammy Watkins and more ... Your emails at
Apr 02, 2018
03/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Owners Meetings Roundup!
Dave and Jamey are back from the NFL annual league meeting (and paternity leave) where they spoke to a plethora of NFL coaches. Find out the Fantasy winners (2:40) and losers (7:10) as we get into the HOU and SEA RBs and of course Jerick McKinnon ... Our thoughts on NFL rule changes (14:00) and what happens to Dak Prescott if Dez Bryant gets cut (19:04) ... Much more Fantasy reactions from the NFL annual league meeting. Find out the latest on Andrew Luck (26:00), Hunter Henry and if he can be a Top 3 TE (27:30), some intriguing PPR RBs (33:06), Julio Jones' TDs (37:20) and much more ... Your voicemails and emails at
Mar 29, 2018
03/27 Fantasy Football Podcast: Jake Ciely Stops By
Fantasy analyst Jake Ciely of the FNTSY Sports Network and joins the show, and we'll reward him by picking apart his rankings! Find out why Jake loves Joe Mixon (3:10) but thinks Jerick McKinnon could be overdrafted (4:13). Also we ask him to rank famous Jakes! ... Our thoughts on Odell Beckham (8:55), Carson Wentz (10:40) and the NYJ WR corps (11:55) ... Taking a look at Jake's PPR rankings (21:00), let's discuss why Ezekiel Elliott is his #5 RB in PPR, why he likes Adam Thielen more than Stefon Diggs, why Travis Kelce ranks ahead of Rob Gronkowski and much more ... Your emails at
Mar 27, 2018
03/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: Wilson #1? Fantasy Jeopardy!
Heath has a few intriguing rankings that we'd like to highlight today including Russell Wilson as his #1 QB (2:00), lofty expectations for Ben Roethlisberger (6:33) and his outlook on Jarvis Landry (9:50) ... Are you ready for a fun and sometimes painful round of Fantasy Jeopardy (31:00)? Follow along and see if you can do better than Dave and Heath! ... We're listening to your voicemails throughout the show as you tell us your Free Agency risers (19:50), wonder about Allen Robinson's potential (42:20) and decide what to do with the 10th overall pick of a PPR draft (47:14) ... Email us at
Mar 22, 2018
03/20 Fantasy Football Podcast: Crabtree, Nelson, TE Rankings & More
Free Agency continues to shake up Fantasy values, specifically with OAK. Who are the biggest risers and fallers from over the weekend (2:30)? More on Jerick McKinnon (5:43), comparing Jordy vs. Cobb (8:40) and a hot take about the Raiders offense (13:04) ... Our thoughts on NYJ moving up to third in the NFL Draft (18:00) before we get into Dave's updated rankings (23:12). Dave tells us why he's moving Derek Carr down and what he expects from Amari Cooper ... A lot of TE talk (31:30) as we rank Jack Doyle, Eric Ebron and Tre Burton. And we run through the news items you may have missed including important OL additions ... Your emails at
Mar 20, 2018
03/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: Free Agency is Awesome!
Our heads are spinning as Kirk Cousins, Carlos Hyde, Isaiah Crowell, Jerick McKinnon, Sammy Watkins and Allen Robinson (among others) have new teams and new Fantasy values. Let's get started with winners and losers as we cover everything from the first round of free agency ... Talking McKinnon's potential in SF (3:36), MIN with Cousins (11:46) and why it might not be great news for Adam Thielen, CHI with Allen Robinson (22:55) and if Rex Burkhead (28:26) is a winner ... All the leftovers at QB (33:00), RB (37:32), WR (39:45), TE (43:41) including Jimmy Graham with GB, OL (47:50) and defense ... Email us at
Mar 15, 2018
03/12 Fantasy Football Podcast: Let's Go Browns!
We spend the first half of the show talking about the Browns and bringing in Cleveland Browns Senior Media Broadcaster (and former colleague) Nathan Zegura! Which CLE WR will put up the best numbers? What happens to Duke Johnson and David Njoku and what do we expect from the Browns with the #1 overall pick in the NFL Draft? ... Heath also has plenty of takes on these CLE trades (25:30), plus we discuss Doug Baldwin's potential (32:55), how good Jimmy Graham could be on NO (38:55) and Cameron Brate's new contract (40:56) ... Revisiting the Aizer/Friendship Strategy (51:35). Did it work? ... Your emails at
Mar 12, 2018
03/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: WR Rankings; NFL Draft Talk; Year 2 Breakouts
It's an episode for football junkies as we get some great scouting from an industry expert! But first, hear why Heath has Tyreek Hill ahead of Davante Adams and Mike Evans (4:10) ... Football analyst Emory Hunt joins the show (14:00) and drops some serious football knowledge! We ask him for his prospect rankings for the NFL Draft, and his rankings may surprise you. Find out how good he thinks Saquon Barkley will be (28:08) and much more ... Emory also talks NFL and tells us if Deshaun Watson is legit (41:20), the value of yards per carry (45:14), which Year Two players he thinks can break out next season and which underrated football movie we need to see ... Your emails at
Mar 08, 2018
03/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: Barkley Hype, Teammate Combos & More
Saquon Barkley was a combine beast! Now we want to know when you would draft Barkley if he ends up with CLE (4:10) and which NFL destination you'd prefer for this talented RB (8:20) ... Teammate combos are back! We've got PHI vs. LAC (15:53), SF vs. KC (17:55) and GB vs. MIN (22:48) ... All the latest news including what happens next with Sammy Watkins and Allen Robinson (34:00). We also give our intriguing offseason players for the NFC South (40:00) ... Your emails at
Mar 06, 2018
02/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Early Busts
We start with a crazy stat that might shock you (1:34), then we reveal a couple of 2018 bust candidates (2:50) including a formerly elite RB and a certain Hall of Famer ... A little NFL Draft talk (9:50) and some NFL news including Michael Crabtree's role in OAK (17:53) and Ty Montgomery's role in GB ... Reviewing several of Jamey's 2018 bust candidates! Find out why Jamey has Devonta Freeman (26:04) and Dion Lewis (30:10) on the list. We'll also talk about 3 WRs (35:15) and a TE (39:30) who knows how to find the end zone ... Your emails at
Feb 28, 2018
02/26 Fantasy Football Podcast: Early Breakouts
We start the show with some of our favorite breakouts including two RBs (1:40) and a WR (5:30) who was the #3 WR on his own team last year ... Latest news from around the NFL including where we'd like to see Jarvis Landry end up (12:05), MIN possibly moving on from Case Keenum (14:20) and what Blake Bortles' contract means for Allen Robinson (16:19). Plus a controversial Twitter poll about breakfast cereals (21:14) ... Looking at Jamey's early breakouts list including DeShaun Watson (24:26), Jimmy Garoppolo (26:43), Dalvin Cook (29:10), two more sophomore RBs (33:36), Josh Gordon and a LAR WR (37:13) and Adam Shaheen (40:40) ... Your emails at
Feb 26, 2018
02/20 Fantasy Football Podcast: Early Sleepers
Jamey debuts his first list of sleepers, but first we're reacting to Doug Martin's release (2:30) and more from around the NFL ... Comparing the upsides of Marcus Mariota and Patrick Mahomes (15:00) plus the prospects of Devontae Booker and Marlon Mack (23:21) ... Two sleeper WRs in very different situations (29:03) and two young TEs (35:31) that could take the next step ... Your emails at
Feb 20, 2018
02/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: PPR Thoughts, Players We Love
Just a day after Valentine's Day we're giving you a player we love for 2018 (3:05). Then we welcome Larry Fitzgerald back (7:45) and discuss more news from around the NFL ... Thoughts on our PPR mock draft (20:28) and what changed compared to last week's standard scoring draft. We compare a team that started RB/RB with a team that started WR/WR (33:42), debate LeSean McCoy's value and much more ... Intriguing offseason players in the AFC South (49:10). Oh, and Adam finally pays up on his BeanBoozled bet ... Your emails at
Feb 15, 2018
02/12 Fantasy Football Podcast: Fantasy Luck vs. Fantasy Skill; Draft Thoughts; Erdahl Interview
Some say making the Fantasy playoffs requires skill and winning a championship requires luck, do we agree (3:50)? We start the show with that discussion before revealing an amazing payoff of a Fantasy Football bet ... Frank Reich fun facts! Plus our thoughts on how our teams turned out in last week's draft (17:08), our favorite teams from the draft, why Adam reached for a Kicker (25:16) and interesting late-round picks (32:30) ... We are joined by CBS Sports Sideline Reporter Jamie Erdahl (38:25) who gives you the inside scoop on production meetings with players and coaches, which players impressed her last season, what it's like to work with Greg Gumbel and Trent Green and more ... Your emails at
Feb 13, 2018
02/07 Fantasy Football Podcast: Live Mock Draft!
Follow along as we make our selections in a 12-team standard scoring mock draft! Along the way, we figure out where the drop off occurs at each position which helps us develop our strategies, although you should never be afraid to stray from your strategies when great value is on the draft board ... One of us starts with three WRs, how did that work out? ... QBs went late of course, so find out when we were willing to draft Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the elite QBs ... Email us at
Feb 08, 2018
02/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: SB52 Thoughts, AFC/NFC North Offseason Intrigue
Jamey is back to tell us about Minneapolis and being on-hand for one of the best Super Bowls ever. We talk about the game, the controversial TD catches, benching Malcolm Butler and much more ... Offseason intrigue for PIT (16:25), CIN (20:15), CLE (22:00) and BAL (25:23). A lot of WR talk, and will BAL trust Alex Collins next season? ... We also discuss GB (29:10), DET (33:28), MIN (37:32) and CHI (39:44). Would an improved running game hurt or help Matthew Stafford? We also give you a salary cap primer (47:15) as we take your voicemails ... Your emails at
Feb 06, 2018
02/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Smith Trade/SB52 Preview/Gurley Interview
How about the Redskins and Chiefs upstaging the Super Bowl!? We react to the big trade (2:40) and discuss Alex Smith vs. Patrick Mahomes in 2018, all of the winners of this trade and if there are any losers ... Jamey is in Minnesota for the big game and he had time to chat with a bunch of players. Find out about DeShaun Watson's health (16:28), Melvin Gordon's motivation (17:40), how to accurately pronounce Alvin Kamara's last name (20:40) and more ... Breaking down Super Bowl LII (27:05) with DFS advice for FanDuel and DraftKings. Plus we talk prop bets and predict the final score. Then you'll hear from Todd Gurley (52:00) in a fun interview with the Fantasy MVP! ... Email us at
Feb 01, 2018
01/30 Fantasy Football Podcast: Offseason Intrigue (AFC/NFC East); Wentz vs. Foles
Starting the show with some Teammate Combos! Eli & Beckham vs. Carr & Cooper (1:30), a Texans trio vs. a Falcons trio (8:45), Luck & Hilton vs Winston & Evans (10:30) ... Reacting to TEN's new Offensive Coordinator (18:00), and does Heath think Carson Wentz and Nick Foles are basically the same player (21:00)? Is Wentz a rising star? Is he a product of the system? ... The most intriguing player this offseason for NE (31:30), BUF (36:00), MIA (37:50), NYJ (41:12), DAL (45:15), NYG (48:50), PHI (52:28) and WAS (54:41) ... Your emails at
Jan 30, 2018
01/26 Fantasy Football Podcast: Fantasy Football Smorgasbord!
A little bit of everything on today's show, beginning with some deep sleeper RBs for 2018 (1:56) and Teammate Combos (9:41) with Twitter polls included! ... Our thoughts on the latest NFL news (21:30) and what effect Mike McCoy could have on David Johnson's Fantasy value (25:30) ... Dave did a solo draft (29:30) and he'll give us his takeaways. Will there be double digit RBs selected in the Top 12? We've also got listener voicemails (42:44)! ... Your emails at
Jan 26, 2018
01/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: Sunday Reactions; 2017 Breakouts
Philadelphia and New England are on to the Super Bowl! Let's recap the AFC (5:25) and NFC (10:32) Championship Games with some Fantasy thoughts and an offseason question for Jacksonville and Minnesota ... Check out our first voicemail question (25:30), as one of our listeners follows up on last week's A.J. Green analysis ... 2017 breakouts! What went right for Todd Gurley (27:30), a couple of Eagles studs (29:40), Mark Ingram (38:58), Marvin Jones (41:00), Tyreek Hill (43:14) and Adam Thielen (47:21) and what can we learn for 2018? ... Your emails at
Jan 22, 2018
01/18 Fantasy Football Podcast: 2017 Busts - What Happened?
Looking back at some of the disappointments from 2017, what happened with Mike Evans and A.J. Green (6:20)? Does Green actually qualify as a bust? How about Jameis Winston (10:55) and Dak Prescott (12:20)? Jay Ajayi (14:40) definitely qualifies, but will things turn around for him in 2018? And we've got three other WR busts to discuss (17:20) ... Announcing a new way for listeners to interact with our show (27:25)! ... We discuss this weekend's games (32:10) and give FanDuel (46:40) and DraftKings (48:40) lineups ... Your emails at
Jan 18, 2018
01/16 Fantasy Football Podcast: Playoffs Winners & Losers; Offseason Questions
Let's start with some winners and losers after the Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs. We're talking Stefon Diggs (7:30), Brandin Cooks (9:08), Leonard Fournette (10:50), JAC WRs (15:35) and more ... Latest coaching news from around the NFL (24:30) ... We've got an offseason question for each eliminated team: ATL (32:25), NO and PIT (37:15), TEN (42:55), LAR (44:30), KC (47:55), BUF (49:05), CAR (49:45) ... Your emails at
Jan 16, 2018
01/11 Fantasy Football Podcast: Win %, Crowell's Future, DFS
Could Isaiah Crowell have a monster season on a new team in 2018 (4:30)? We discuss that before getting into win percentage data (9:35) from 2017. Which players were on the most winning teams and Fantasy Super Bowl teams and what do we learn from it? ... What kind of impact can Norv Turner have on Cam Newton and the Panthers offense (21:10)? ... Getting you ready for the weekend with our DFS advice (31:00). We discuss which players we feel good about this week as elite offenses meet elite defenses. We'll give you some lineups for FanDuel (40:00) and DraftKings (46:33) and our NFL game picks at the end of the show ... Your emails at
Jan 11, 2018
01/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: Finding 2018's Gems; Player Debates
Who is next season's Todd Gurley (9:35)? Next season's Robert Woods (14:00)? Next season's DeAndre Hopkins (20:30)? We're looking for breakouts, guys who come out of nowhere to help your teams, bouncebacks and more as we bring in special guest Nick Kostos to talk Fantasy Football ... Reacting to the latest news around the NFL (29:15), how will Matt Nagy affect the Bears offense? ... Time for some player debates! Hopkins vs. Brown (42:00), Wentz vs. Brees (44:50), Kamara vs. Fournette (50:30), Hill vs. Baldwin (55:04) and more ... Email us at
Jan 08, 2018
01/05 Fantasy Football Podcast: Pats Problems, Twitter Polls & Playoff Lineups
We react to's report about friction in New England and wonder if Tom Brady is on the decline (2:00) and when he'll be drafted next year ... What can we learn from the rookie seasons of Christian McCaffrey and Alvin Kamara (9:30)? And let's have some fun with Twitter polls! We asked our listeners to rank some RBs (16:50) and WRs (21:10) for 2018 ... Dave gives you some interesting numbers revealing how the Top 12 at each position performed in 2017 (27:50). Then we preview the playoff games (42:40) and give FanDuel (51:35), DraftKings (53:44) and Playoff Challenge (54:43) lineups ... Your emails at
Jan 05, 2018
01/02 Fantasy Football Podcast: Lessons Learned; 2018 Top 12
Ready to draft? Well let's get started with a Top 12 (3:50). How many RBs make the cut? Does Rob Gronkowski get in? ... All the latest coaching news (23:10) and what it could mean for Fantasy ... We discuss the changing Fantasy Football landscape and what lessons we learned this year (29:00), we revisit some 2017 predictions (40:00) and we discuss Playoff Challenge formats and who we recommend (46:25) ... Your emails at
Jan 02, 2018
12/29 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC) - Sleepers Galore?
With several teams - including possibly PIT - resting starters, does that give us a plethora of Week 17 sleepers (5:50) like Landry Jones and Malcolm Brown? ... Are we concerned about the Week 17 weather (9:10)? ... NO-TB (22:00), CHI-MIN (29:25), CAR-ATL (37:05), DAL-PHI (41:30), WAS-NYG (44:15), GB-DET (51:10), ARI-SEA (55:20), SF-LAR (58:40) and some DFS lineups ... Your emails at
Dec 29, 2017
12/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC), Players We Love
Who do we love this week!? Dave, Jamey and Heath give you a player they're very high on in Week 17 (1:30), followed by someone to avoid (4:10) ... All the latest news from around the NFL including an update on which teams are sitting their starters (9:43). Then let's have some good old-fashioned rankings disputes on Golden Tate (17:35), Derrick Henry (20:40) and Matt Ryan (23:28) ... NYJ-NE (26:22), BUF-MIA (31:53), OAK-LAC (39:13), JAC-TEN (43:08), CLE-PIT (48:38), HOU-IND (52:32), CIN-BAL (56:40), KC-DEN (1:00:40) ... Email us at
Dec 28, 2017
12/27 Fantasy Football Podcast: 2018 Outlooks & Wk. 17 Tough Calls
Updating you on which teams will be resting in Week 17 (2:50). Is it safe to start your Jaguars? ... Superlatives for 2018! Most likely to break out (7:15), most likely to bounce back (9:52), most likely to never be the same (11:55) and most likely to thrive on a new team (15:20) ... We give an early look at the top of the 2018 rankings at each position (24:35) before getting into tough calls for Week 17 including Tom Brady (31:40), Latavius Murray (33:06), A.J. Green (35:46) and Drew Brees (40:10) among several others ... Your emails at
Dec 27, 2017
12/26 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire, and Eagles DST TD!
Need someone for Week 17? We've got you covered, but of course we have to look back at Week 16 and that Eagles defensive TD that decided a number of Fantasy leagues (4:00). Plus we look at the NFL playoff picture and which teams could be resting starters (7:10) ... Waiver Wire priorities at QB (10:50) including Tyrod Taylor and Jimmy Garoppolo, RB (12:58) including Charcandrick West and Branden Oliver, WR (15:00) including Josh Docston and Kelvin Benjamin, TE (16:08) including Eric Ebron and Antonio Gates, DST (17:04) and IDP (18:40) ... Adam offers a belated Christmas gift you can get your Fantasy leaguemates (19:40), we talk Fantasy tiebreakers (24:42), then we're recapping PIT-HOU (27:25) and OAK-PHI (29:00) before a deeper look at the Waiver Wire at each position (31:30) ... Your emails at
Dec 26, 2017
12/24 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 16 Recap - Who's #1?
Let's start the show with a look ahead to 2018, who's the #1 pick in Fantasy drafts (4:22)? ... All the latest news you need to know if you're playing in Week 17 (12:00), plus a Week 16 stud (18:05) and dud (21:20) and a look at the playoff picture (23:30) ... Jamey reviews each position with what he got right and wrong at QB (27:12), RB (29:28), WR (30:20) and TE (32:55). Then we look at the Week 16 leaders at each position (33:51) before reviewing each game (49:12) with Fantasy analysis ... Your emails at
Dec 25, 2017
12/23 BONUS: Mailbag!
Dave has a good luck charm to stash on his bench for Week 16 and he wants you to have one too! Hear what he recommends and see who he's telling you to start and sit as we answer a bunch of your emails.
Dec 23, 2017
12/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC), Weather Updates
Will the weather be a concern this week (1:30)? Do Cam Newton and Nick Foles really have good matchups (4:00)? ... The guys discuss outlooks for Ezekiel Elliott (8:45) and Larry Fitzgerald (9:15) and then settle a debate they've been having for about 7 years. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? We have an answer (15:55) ... SEA-DAL (21:30), OAK-PHI (29:05), ATL-NO (35:02), DEN-WAS (42:40), TB-CAR (46:56), JAC-SF (53:08), CLE-CHI (59:10), NYG-ARI (1:02:30) and some DFS lineups at the end of the show ... Your emails at
Dec 22, 2017
12/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC) - Ben, Hunt, Wallace & More
We discuss an emerging QB who you need to take seriously in 2018 (3:00), then Dave, Jamey and Heath give you a player they love (4:40) and a player they want to avoid this week (8:35) ... Debating Ben Roethlisberger (10:30) and Kareem Hunt (13:30)! The guys have different expectations for these players. And which teams could be resting starters in Week 17 (20:35)? Also a music wager is made (22:24) ... BUF-NE (24:10), MIN-GB (29:10), DET-CIN (35:24), LAC-NYJ (41:18), LAR-TEN (46:48), PIT-HOU (51:51), MIA-KC (57:02), IND-BAL (1:01:15) ... Email us at
Dec 21, 2017
12/20 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 16 Tough Calls; "Hey, Real Quick"
Do you need a contingency plan if you're looking to start any Eagles this week (2:50)? PHI could have the #1 seed locked up before this week's game ... Recapping the Waiver Wire (5:55) before we look ahead to 2018 with some "Hey, Real Quick" (21:16)! Deshaun Watson or Carson Wentz? Jimmy Graham or Jordan Howard? ... Week 16 tough calls! How are we feeling about DeMaryius Thomas (24:15), A.J. Green (26:20), Jordan Howard (29:01), Dak Prescott (32:34) and more? Then stay tuned for some awesome NFL/Fantasy analysis from our Senior NFL Columnist Pete Prisco (45:35) as he dishes on Julio Jones, what to expect from Ezekiel Elliott in his first game back, if Blake Bortles is legit and more ... Your emails at
Dec 20, 2017
12/19 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire (Championship Edition!)
Need a fill-in to win your league this week? We'll give you our priorities at QB (8:00) including Nick Foles and Joe Flacco, RB (14:05) including Bilal Powell and Kerwynn Williams, WR (20:06) including Mike Wallace and Martavis Bryant, TE (22:48) including Eric Ebron and Cameron Brate, DST (25:00), IDP (26:54) and Kicker (28:00) ... Recapping ATL-TB (32:03) and DAL-OAK (36:15) with our thoughts on a disappointing Dak Prescott and much more ... Approve the Move (41:45)! Plus a closer look at the Waiver Wire (44:24) at each position ... Your emails at
Dec 19, 2017
12/17 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 15 Recap - On to the Championship!
We hope you're on to your league Finals, but if you're not let's commiserate together! We go through the big news before discussing the MegaDuds of Week 15 (6:08) like every Seahawk, A.J. Green, Alex Collins and more ... Discussing the top QBs (15:00), RBs (17:34), WRs (19:40) and TEs (21:24) from Week 15 ... Winners (25:00) including Greg Olsen and Nick Foles and losers (29:21) including Jordy Nelson and Ben Roethlisberger. Then we recap every game with our Fantasy takes (44:00) ... Your emails at
Dec 18, 2017
12/16 BONUS: Mailbag! (Recorded Fri.)
We've got injury updates on DeAndre Hopkins, Leonard Fournette and several players in the CIN-MIN game, then it's on to your questions as we get you ready to win and move on to the Finals.
Dec 16, 2017
12/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC), Beat the Waiver Wire, DFS
Get ready for some bonanzas! We've got the potential for a lot of points this weekend, and that means a lot of players to start. So after we review DEN-IND (2:00), we'll get the Startometer out (12:20) for Samaje Perine, Carlos Hyde, Matthew Stafford, Jordy Nelson and Robby Anderson ... Beat the Waiver Wire for Week 16 (20:15)! ... LAR-SEA (25:35), CIN-MIN (34:33), GB-CAR (38:45), ARI-WAS (44:46), NYJ-NO (50:20), PHI-NYG (52:43), TEN-SF (56:32), CHI-DET (59:30) and some DFS lineups ... Email us at
Dec 15, 2017
12/14 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC); Stats That Matter
Starting off with some Week 15 sleepers (2:00), then find out why Dak Prescott is our Start of the Week (4:35) and why Heath isn't buying in ... Stats that might matter for Kareem Hunt (14:30), Joe Flacco (17:28) and Jarvis Landry (19:12). Plus an Aizer Fantasy Tip (20:10) for the first time in a long time ... NE-PIT (22:30), DAL-OAK (30:45), ATL-TB (39:00), HOU-JAC (46:54), LAC-KC (51:36), BAL-CLE (58:20), MIA-BUF (1:02:45) ... Email us at
Dec 14, 2017
12/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: Tough Calls, Commish Issues, DEN-IND
Aaron Rodgers is back! Now, should he be back in your lineup (1:20)? And what about Jordy Nelson (6:10)? ... Recapping the Waiver Wire (8:53) with our thoughts on Theo Riddick, Jameis Winston and even some Kickers (12:25), then we debate Carson Wentz's 2018 value (18:00) ... Week 15 tough calls (25:41) which include Alshon Jeffery (31:31), Mike Evans (34:35) and more, plus a tough Commissioner conundrum (37:20) and a DEN-IND preview (48:00) ... Your emails at
Dec 13, 2017
12/12 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire & Week 16 Help
Ready to trust Blake Bortles this week? Theo Riddick? Dede Westbrook? Trey Burton? Check out our Waiver Wire priorities at QB (8:35), RB (16:00), WR (20:00), TE (23:03), DST (28:51) and IDP (30:40) ... Some close calls and bad beats for our listeners (34:00), then our thoughts on BAL-PIT (37:05) and MIA-NE (38:40) ... Dropometer (42:42)! Time to drop Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray? Then we go more in-depth on the Waiver Wire for each position (46:40) and give you some Week 16 options at QB and DST ... Your emails at
Dec 12, 2017
12/10 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 14 Recap - Redemption Week
Reacting to Carson Wentz's injury (2:10) and more from around the NFL before we talk about Redemption Week (8:33) for Kareem Hunt, Jordan Howard and Carlos Hyde ... Winners (15:00) including DeMaryius Thomas and Josh Gordon and losers (21:05) including Christian McCaffrey and Mike Evans ... "Does He Matter?" (27:48) with some interesting young WRs, Week 14 leaders at QB (33:35), RB (35:06), WR (37:50) and TE (39:00) and then a recap of every game with our Fantasy takes (41:00) ... Your emails at
Dec 11, 2017
12/09 BONUS: Mailbag & Weather Updates! (Recorded Fri.)
Will weather help determine your Fantasy decisions this weekend? Kevin Roth from joins us at the start of the show to tell you what you need to know. Then it's on to your Start or Sit questions.
Dec 09, 2017
12/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC); Stats That Matter
Can we really recommend Matt Ryan or Drew Brees going forward? We begin with a recap of a great Thursday night game (1:40), discussing how ATL used Devonta Freeman and much more ... Important injury updates (9:25), intriguing Week 14 stats (15:00) on Carson Wentz, Ben Roetshliberger and others, Beat the Waiver Wire (21:10) and Adam takes the Bean Boozled challenge (24:00) ... BAL-PIT (26:00), PHI-LAR (32:55), DET-TB (40:22), MIN-CAR (47:55), NE-MIA (53:00), TEN-ARI (55:40), DAL-NYG (1:01:00) and some DFS lineups at the end of the show ... Your emails at
Dec 08, 2017
12/07 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC); Startometer!
We begin with some Week 14 sleepers (1:50) like Frank Gore before breaking out the Startometer (4:00) for LeSean McCoy, Giovani Bernard, a number of DSTs and more ... All the news & notes you can handle including a Mark Ingram update (14:50), WRs who could actually impact the TE rankings if they play (16:50), defensive injuries and more ... NYJ-DEN (20:28), GB-CLE (28:24), OAK-KC (37:20), SEA-JAC (44:00), SF-HOU (48:24), WAS-LAC (53:51), IND-BUF (57:05), CHI-CIN (1:00:00) ... Email us at
Dec 07, 2017
12/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: Tough Calls, NO-ATL & Some 2018 Thoughts
Let's recap what we saw on the Waiver Wire (2:30) including why Fantasy owners are staying away from a RB who did great last week and an underowned Kicker. Also is Martavis Bryant going to have a huge game (8:00)? ... We've got stashes for Weeks 15 and 16 at QB (19:33), TE (21:30) and DST (23:09). You might want to pick up Ricky Seals-Jones right now ... Some "Hey, Real Quick" for 2018 (26:44), NO-ATL (31:00) and tough calls for Week 14 (38:22) including several players in the SEA-JAC game, Mike Evans, Christian McCaffrey and more ... Your emails at
Dec 06, 2017
12/05 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire and Playoff Stashes
Welcome to the Fantasy playoffs! Need some help off the Waiver Wire? Well we've got you covered as we go through our priorities at QB (7:05) including Josh McCown and Jimmy Garoppolo, RB (10:20) including Peyton Barber and Giovani Bernard, WR (12:40) including Mike Wallace and Marquise Goodwin, TE (15:45) including Stephen Anderson and Cameron Brate, DST (18:12) and IDP (20:50) ... Recapping PIT-CIN (28:20) and PHI-SEA (32:14) with some thoughts on the PIT WRs and the PHI RBs ... Dropometer (37:48), more Waiver Wire names at each position (43:35) and some Week 15 stashes ... Email us at
Dec 05, 2017
12/03 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 13 Recap - MegaDuds!
Welcome back Josh Gordon (1:40)! He's among our Week 13 winners (2:55) along with Alex Smith, Kenyan Drake and a couple of others. Our losers (9:50) include Jordan Howard and Tevin Coleman ... How about those MegaDuds (23:30)!? Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Kareem Hunt and Stefon Diggs are among the major disappointments of Week 13 ... Leaders at QB (38:22), RB (39:40), WR (41:54) and TE (43:25) and then we recap every game (45:03) with our Fantasy analysis ... Your emails at
Dec 04, 2017
12/02 BONUS: Mailbag (Recorded Fri.)
We've got plenty of Start or Sit questions, plus shady trades and revisiting the Friendship Strategy, which still has its merits.
Dec 02, 2017
12/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC); Beat the Waiver Wire!
Recapping WAS-DAL (2:00) as we grow concerned about Washington's offensive line, and are we optimistic about Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant going forward? ... Experimenting with different Fantasy playoff formats (10:25), discussing the BAL RBs as Alex Collins looks good to go (17:00) and helping you Beat the Waiver Wire for Week 14 (20:20) ... MIN-ATL (23:00), LAR-ARI (33:45), CAR-NO (39:40), PHI-SEA (47:15), NYG-OAK (51:26), TB-GB (56:21), SF-CHI (1:01:24) and some DFS lineups ... Your emails at
Dec 01, 2017
11/30 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC); Jameis is Back
Attention Kareem Hunt owners: we've got some stats for you to consider at the top of the show (1:50). Then we discuss the return of Jameis Winston (5:45) and how it will impact the rest of the TB passing game ... All major injury news (11:30) including Jay Cutler's impact on MIA's WRs, an update on the Cowboys OL and defensive injuries to know about. Also what requires more skill: making the Fantasy playoffs or winning the league (19:00)? And we're debating Eli Manning's legacy (19:50) ... NE-BUF (24:20), PIT-CIN (32:50), HOU-TEN (39:00), DEN-MIA (44:15), IND-JAC (49:45), KC-NYJ (53:51), CLE-LAC (58:16), DET-BAL (1:02:30) ... Email us at
Nov 30, 2017
11/29 Fantasy Football Podcast: Who to Trust This Week & Beyond; WAS-DAL
Get ready for a bold prediction! Adam starts the show with a Week 13 guarantee (2:00) before we recap what we noticed in Waiver Wire transactions in our leagues (3:09) ... All the latest news including Devonta Freeman's status (7:25), the Giants' QB decision (8:35) and important OL updates for the Thursday night game (14:10) ... A new game called "Are They Top 5?" (17:40) followed by our WAS-DAL preview (35:55), playoff stashes (44:31) and the Trustometer (49:16) for players like Leonard Fournette, Matthew Stafford, Marqise Lee and more ... Your emails at
Nov 29, 2017
11/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire & Week 14 Stashes
Who will deliver you a win this week, and how about next week while we're at it? We begin the show with an interesting WR debate and the latest news before giving our Week 13 Waiver Wire priorities. We've got QBs (10:43) including Josh McCown and Case Keenum, RBs (17:40) including Kenyan Drake and Jacquizz Rodgers, WRs (19:44) including Josh Gordon and Dontrelle Inman, TEs (22:15) headlined by Hunter Henry, DSTs (23:54) and IDP (25:14) ... Recapping HOU-BAL (29:40) and GB-PIT (31:53) ... Dropometer (35:40)! Then a more in-depth look at the Waiver Wire (42:00) for each position with some Week 14 options at QB and DST ... Your emails at
Nov 28, 2017
11/26 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 12 Recap - Hooray for Julio!
Julio Jones makes his Fantasy owners happy (1:25) while Kareem Hunt struggles once again (4:00). We're recapping the major stories from Week 12 and much more including the injuries you need to know about (6:15) ... Winners (17:33) including both NE RBs, losers (21:00) including Jay Ajayi and Leonard Fournette, plus the mega-duds from Sunday's games (25:25) including Jordan Howard and T.Y. Hilton ... Discussing the top QBs (36:30), RBs (39:50), WRs (43:25) and TEs (44:06) before we give our thoughts on every Sunday game (45:54) ... Email us at
Nov 27, 2017
11/24 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC), Thanksgiving Recap
Adam tells you why Seattle-San Francisco is more complicated than it appears to be (2:10), we discuss Larry Fitzgerald's chances against JAC (6:00) and debate Dion Lewis vs. Jordan Howard (7:25) ... Recapping LAC-DAL (13:55), MIN-DET (20:40) and NYG-WAS (26:48) before our weekly Beat the Waiver Wire segment (33:15) ... TB-ATL (37:08), CHI-PHI (43:14), NO-LAR (47:20), SEA-SF (53:50), JAC-ARI (58:20) and some DFS lineups at the end of the show ... Your emails at
Nov 24, 2017
11/23 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC); Best Side Dishes
Happy Thanksgiving! We start the show with a crazy stat about the Texans before getting into some players Heath loves this week (3:20) and a few players he is avoiding (7:32) ... Injury updates at each position (13:40) including ones that may affect NYG-WAS tonight, then a Thanksgiving Side Dish Contest (18:05) as we pit popular side dishes against each other! ... CAR-NYJ (22:20), BUF-KC (29:03), CLE-CIN (35:35), MIA-NE (41:10), TEN-IND (47:05), DEN-OAK (54:15), GB-PIT (57:55), HOU-BAL (1:00:30) ... Email us at
Nov 23, 2017
11/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: Playoff DSTs, Thanksgiving Games, Olsen Interview
A busy show on Thanksgiving Eve (or is it "Mattsgiving" Eve?) as we preview the three Thanksgiving games. But first, we wonder about stashing Josh Gordon and Aaron Rodgers (8:00) and give last-minute trade advice (12:30) ... Best DSTs to stash in the Fantasy playoffs (21:45), some goofy emails (26:20) and Commission questions (30:10) ... MIN-DET (35:55), LAC-DAL (43:05), NYG-WAS (48:50) and Greg Olsen joins the show (54:03) to talk about Cam, NFL TEs, what he would change if he were the NFL Commissioner, Jerry McGuire and Die Hard ... Your emails at
Nov 22, 2017
11/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire; Stash Rodgers & Johnson?
We've got the names you need to know as you make your waiver claims tonight! Our priorities at QB (10:14) including Andy Dalton and Tyrod Taylor, RB (12:00) including Devontae Booker and a number of players who are widely-owned but could be available in your leagues, WR (18:00) including a couple of Redskins and Corey Coleman, TE (21:54) including Charles Clay and DSTs (24:45) ... Recapping ATL-SEA (27:30) and PHI-DAL (33:10). Are Dez Bryant and Julio Jones still must-starts? ... Dropometer (42:40) and then a deeper look at the Waiver Wire (46:20) including QBs with good playoff matchups (51:00) ... Your emails at
Nov 21, 2017
11/19 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 11 Recap - Hunt Owners are Mad
Beginning the show with a look at the big news from around the NFL. How does Chris Thompson's injury affect Washington (2:06)? Welcome back, Tyrod Taylor (3:34)! And what happens to the Dolphins WRs if Jay Cutler is out (7:38)? ... Buy or Sell for Kareem Hunt (10:20), Saints RBs (12:30), Doug Martin (14:00), Keenan Allen (16:25) and many more ... Heath's winners (20:30) including Alex Collins and losers (22:33) including James White. We also play some "Hey, Real Quick" (25:00) before looking at the Week 11 leaderboard (33:15) and recapping every game (39:50) ... Your emails at
Nov 20, 2017
BONUS: Mailbag and Important Weather Updates!
This weekend's weather could affect your Fantasy decisions. After we answer your Start or Sit questions we bring on Meteorologist Kevin Roth of RotoGrinders (21:40) to discuss which games could be impacted by wind and which Kickers have the best conditions this week.
Nov 18, 2017
11/17 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC); Is Big Ben Back?
Covering the most important topic in sports: Sky cam (1:40)! Then our thoughts on TEN-PIT (3:45) and what the no-huddle offense could mean for Ben Roethlisberger. And is DeMarco Murray someone to sit now? ... An incredible stat about a terrible pass defense (12:30), Beat the Waiver Wire (16:15) for Week 12 and starting the No Touchdowns Club all over again (22:10) ... PHI-DAL (23:55), LAR-MIN (32:20), ATL-SEA (39:20), WAS-NO (48:30), KC-NYG (53:40), BAL-GB (58:04), DET-CHI (1:02:25) and some DFS lineups ... Email us at
Nov 17, 2017
11/16 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC) & Best Stashes
Can we trust the "stud" RBs Melvin Gordon, LeSean McCoy and Leonard Fournette this week (7:30)? We get into that after we talk about stashing Ezekiel Elliott, Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the best stashes in Fantasy (2:55) ... Some Die Hard team names (15:10) plus Start or Sit questions for Thursday night (20:30) ... NE-OAK (26:00), TB-MIA (35:48), ARI-HOU (44:34), BUF-LAC (50:28), CIN-DEN (56:30), JAC-CLE (1:01:10) ... Your emails at
Nov 16, 2017
11/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: Prepping for Playoffs, Fantasy Jeopardy!
Quick thoughts on Austin Ekeler (3:40) before Jamey and Heath give their favorite buy low (6:10) and sell high candidates (7:28) ... Heath gives some revealing stats about TEs (14:20), and then we play a painful game of Fantasy Jeopardy (19:40)! See if you can do better than Jamey and Heath ... Previewing TEN-PIT (33:10), discussing some high-end #2 WRs (41:20) and then looking ahead to Weeks 14-16 (44:33). We've got some QBs who may be worth stashing ... Your emails at
Nov 15, 2017
11/14 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire
Talent or touches? The answer to that question could help you decide on a guy like Danny Woodhead vs. Samaje Perine this week. We'll help you out with our top priorities at QB (3:40) including Blake Bortles and Jay Cutler, RB (4:40) including a couple of Patriots RBs, WR (11:55) aside from the obvious guys like Marqise Lee and Robert Woods, TE (13:38) as Vernon Davis and Marcedes Lewis could help this week, DST (15:33) and IDP (17:45) ... Recapping NE-DEN (23:20) and MIA-CAR (28:00). How good will Cam Newton be rest of season? Buy or sell Christian McCaffrey? ... Dropometer (32:16), plus more Waiver Wire options at each position (38:10) ... Your emails at
Nov 14, 2017
11/12 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 10 Recap - Expect the Unexpected
We review the big RB injuries to start the show and then get into our winners (5:45) like Jared Goff and Davante Adams (12:56) and losers (19:50) including Marvin Jones and Melvin Gordon (21:54) ... Week 10 was unpredictable! We react to big games from Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum (24:51), Leonard Fournette's dud (28:15), Ameer Abdullah finding the end zone (29:05), DAL without Zeke and Tyron Smith (34:00) and much more ... Leaders at each position (37:02), a discussion about TE depth and a recap of every game with our Fantasy takes (43:30) ... Email us at
Nov 13, 2017
11/11 BONUS: Mailbag and Bryant McFadden Talks Matchups!
We answer your Start or Sit and trade questions to get you ready for Week 10. Then we're joined by former FSU, Steelers and Cardinals CB Bryant McFadden (25:44) as he discusses what to expect from the Steelers offense rest of season (31:20), how T.Y. Hilton could fare against his former squad this weekend (34:00), if the Broncos defense keeps Tom Brady in check (41:43) and much more. Bryant also gives us a great Bill Cowher story (38:16) and competes against Adam in "Cane, Seminole or Gator?" (45:43)
Nov 11, 2017
11/10 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC); Zeke Reaction
Hey, Ezekiel Elliott is suspended again! How about that? We offer a quick reaction to start the show before giving our Fantasy takeaways from SEA-ARI (5:00). Adrian Peterson, ouch! ... Adam and Dave try to get out of the No Touchdowns Club (14:38) and we play Beat the Waiver Wire (15:51) before getting into the games ... DAL-ATL (18:12), HOU-LAR (27:15), MIN-WAS (34:45), NYG-SF (42:08), NYJ-TB (49:12), CLE-DET (56:30), GB-CHI (59:35) and a couple of DFS lineups at the end of the show ... Email us at
Nov 10, 2017
11/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC), Stashes & Streamers
Breaking down the AFC home games plus Monday Night Football in Carolina, but first let's talk about players to stash (1:20)! Which Browns WR do we prefer? Should you add Jameis Winston if another owner drops him? ... Our favorite QB streamers (5:20) and TE streamers (8:00) for Week 10, plus injury updates and the best and worst TE matchups in the Fantasy playoffs (16:50) ... T.Y. Hilton debate (25:00), NE-DEN (29:40), CIN-TEN (38:14), NO-BUF (45:12), MIA-CAR (50:16), LAC-JAC (59:20), PIT-IND (1:02:00) ... Your emails at
Nov 09, 2017
11/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: Best/Worst Upcoming Schedules, SEA-ARI
We begin our show as we begin each Wednesday show with our favorite buy low (1:12) and sell high candidates (3:36). Where do Jay Ajayi and Kareem Hunt fit in? ... In-depth analysis of the best and worst playoff matchups for QBs (16:00), RBs (23:45) and WRs (30:10). Find out which players are set up for strong finishes and which players you should sell right now ... Previewing SEA-ARI (37:15) with tough calls on Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald and Thomas Rawls. Also some Fill in the Blank (43:10) and interesting Fantasy observations through Week 10 (49:30) on what the Top 5 QBs have in common, why Michael Thomas isn't scoring and more ... Your emails at
Nov 08, 2017
11/07 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire, Drop the Packers?
Who can help you win in Week 10? We give our favorite Waiver Wire QBs (5:00) including Josh McCown and Andy Dalton, RBs (11:15) including Matt Forte and Damien Williams, WRs (13:20) including Robert Woods and Rishard Matthews, TEs (15:45) including Charles Clay and C.J. Fiedorowicz, DSTs (20:00) and IDP (21:56) ... Recapping DET-GB (29:01) and wondering which Packers are worth keeping and if Marvin Jones is a stud rest of season, and our thoughts on OAK-MIA (37:20) as well ... Dropometer (40:30) and more Waiver Wire options at each position (45:03). Our level of interest in Blake Bortles, Theo Riddick, Marquise Goodwin etc. ... Email us at
Nov 07, 2017
11/05 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 9 Recap - Disappointments Aplenty
Let's start with the Worryometer for some of Sunday's biggest duds. How concerned are we going forward about Mike Evans (4:10), Kareem Hunt (7:23), Devonta Freeman (8:35), Drew Brees (10:00) and a couple others? ... Were big performances from Sammy Watkins, Adrian Peterson, Rishard Matthews and T.Y. Hilton one week things or something we can expect more of (15:20)? ... Winners (21:30), Adam eats a Butterfinger (27:50) while talking about this week's losers, pleasant surprises (40:00) like Robert Woods and Corey Clement, and then we review every Sunday game (44:40) ... Email us at
Nov 06, 2017
11/04 BONUS: Mailbag & Sandwich Draft (Recorded Fri.)!
Ever wonder about trade etiquette? Can you reverse a trade after an injury? What if the other owner is cool with it? Can a 1-7 team be involved in a trade? We get into our trade philosophies and answer plenty of your lineup questions. Stay tuned for the Sandwich Draft at the end of the episode.
Nov 04, 2017
11/03 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC), Watson Out, Zeke In!
It has been a crazy week around the NFL with big trades and major injuries. We react to Deshaun Watson's injury at the top of the show and give you buy low and Waiver Wire QBs to add. Plus we discuss the values of Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins going forward ... BUF-NYJ recap (18:41), Beat the Waiver Wire for Week 10 (29:50) and we are surprised by the breaking Ezekiel Elliott news later in the show (44:00) ... ATL-CAR (33:15), TB-NO (41:00), WAS-SEA (46:28), DEN-PHI (52:44), ARI-SF (58:04), LAR-NYG (1:01:40) and daily Fantasy lineups ... Your emails at
Nov 03, 2017
11/02 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC), Best Stashes
We give you our interest level in adding Josh Gordon (1:50) before getting into the best players to stash (3:05). Any WAS WRs worth stashing? What about the TEN WRs? Dede Westbrook (5:30)? And we give you a TE that has an amazing schedule rest of season ... Aaron Jones is our Start of the Week (14:52)! Plus plenty of injury updates and Adam apologizes to something he offended yesterday (23:25) ... KC-DAL (26:40), OAK-MIA (34:35), CIN-JAC (43:30), BAL-TEN (47:16), DET-GB (54:50), IND-HOU (1:00:14) ... Your emails at
Nov 02, 2017
11/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Kelvin, Legitometer, Fantasy Feud!
Fun show for you today as we give you our favorite buy low (1:56) and sell high candidates (2:50). Find out why Heath loves Doug Martin going forward and what Jamey would be looking for if he sold Will Fuller ... Discussing the Fantasy impact of the Kelvin Benjamin trade (9:54). Devin Funchess or Benjamin rest of season? Cam Newton or Tyrod Taylor? Also, Adam is disgusted by a popular Halloween candy (20:30), we preview BUF-NYJ (30:36) and we deploy the Legitometer on Alex Smith (36:42), Marvin Jones (39:30), Aaron Jones (47:01), Jerick McKinnon (48:30) and many more ... Let's play Fantasy Feud (49:08)! Jamey and Heath go head-to-head! ... Email us at
Nov 01, 2017
10/31 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire! Zeke! Trades!
What a wild Monday night and Tuesday morning around the NFL! Let's talk Ajayi (2:00) as we wonder if LeGarrette Blount is droppable and which MIA RB we should add, Zeke (5:30) as we wonder which DAL RB to prioritize (some clarity on this at 29:15), Garoppolo (8:54) and Duane Brown (10:43) ... Top Waiver Wire priorities at QB (13:10) including Josh McCown and Jacoby Brissett, RB (14:48) including Alex Collins, WR (19:20) including Paul Richardson and Jeremy Maclin, TE (22:51) including Jack Doyle and Vernon Davis, DST (25:00) and IDP (27:21) ... Recapping PIT-DET (30:36) and DEN-KC (33:31) before we do a HALLOWEEN CANDY DRAFT (39:20), break out the Dropometer (41:00) and talk more Waiver Wire for each position (45:15) ... Your emails at
Oct 31, 2017
10/29 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 8 Recap - Watson Rocks!
Deshaun Watson is officially awesome! Is he a Top 3 QB? Is DeAndre Hopkins the #2 WR in Fantasy going forward? And is Will Fuller legit, a sell high candidate, or both? ... Winners (10:30) including Bilal Powell and losers (15:45) including Jameis Winston, possibly Mark Ingram and Devonta Freeman. And just how many QBs (23:20) do we consider reliable these days? ... Some of the big developments from Week 8 such as Paul Richardson's big day (29:40), Drew Brees' pass attempts (33:00), Adam Thielen's production (38:21) and more. Then we recap every Sunday game (43:16) ... Email us at
Oct 30, 2017
10/28 BONUS: Mailbag (Recorded Fri.)!
Grade the Trade, Start or Sit, 2-QB league help and DSTs with good playoff schedules.
Oct 28, 2017
10/27 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC); Collins or Ajayi ROS?
Recapping the Thursday night blowout (2:05) and wondering if Alex Collins is better than Jay Ajayi going forward ... Dave had a weird dream about Adam (8:33). Also, the impact of the injuries on the WAS offensive line, the No Touchdowns Club (16:44), Beat the Waiver Wire (18:40) and Week 8 Bold Predictions (22:28) ... HOU-SEA (24:15), SF-PHI (35:00), CAR-TB (42:00), DAL-WAS (49:14), CHI-NO (54:21), PIT-DET (58:45) and a FanDuel lineup ... Email us at
Oct 27, 2017
10/26 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC), Bean Boozled!
Dave, Jamey and Heath have disgusting candy to eat, but before we get to that let's talk about the best players to stash on your benches (4:10) such as Jordan Matthews and some rookie WRs and why Joe Mixon is our Start of the Week (8:08) ... Important injury updates and Fantasy impacts (11:15), then it's finally time for the Bean Boozled Challenge (17:00)! Which one of our analysts eats barf on today's show? Oh, and what is Willie Snead's rest of season value (21:10), and should we be worried about A.J. Green's schedule (21:40)? ... DEN-KC (26:36), OAK-BUF (36:15), LAC-NE (42:42), ATL-NYJ (48:30), IND-CIN (53:45), MIN-CLE (58:10) ... Your emails at
Oct 26, 2017
10/25 Fantasy Football Podcast: Trade Talk, ROS Rankings, Stashes
We're covering a number of topics on today's show as we begin of course with our favorite buy low candidates (2:00) like Alshon Jeffery and Doug Martin and favorite sell high candidates (6:20). Adam wonders if two of the elite players are worth selling before it's too late ... Is New Orleans becoming a running team (14:40)? Should the Cowboys backup RBs be on the Most Added or Most Dropped list (22:44)? How do we feel about Martavis Bryant right now (24:10)? Who is worth starting on Thursday as we preview the MIA-BAL game (28:50)? ... Rest of season thoughts on guys like Ben Roethlisberger (37:53), Ameer Abdullah (42:48), stashing Greg Olsen (44:00), Danny Woodhead and some deep league WRs (50:50). Plus some Grade the Trade and Buy Low or Heck No (53:00) to end the episode ... Your emails at
Oct 25, 2017
10/24 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire
With six teams on bye this week, you may have to dig deep into the Waiver Wire to find competent starters, but we've got your back! Top options at QB (2:48), RB (4:10), WR (8:04), TE (8:40), DST (11:40) and IDP (14:00) as we cover Andy Dalton, Marlon Mack, Juju Smith-Schuster, Tyler Kroft and many more. Also should you keep the JAC DST through the bye (15:51)? ... Recapping WAS-PHI (20:50) and ATL-NE (31:58). Sell high on Carson Wentz? Drop Matt Ryan? ... More Waiver Wire options at each position (39:50-1:02:56) as we debate Dion Lewis' value, wonder if Ted Ginn and Marvin Jones should be close to 100% owned, try to find some exciting TEs and give more DST options for Week 8 ... Your emails at
Oct 24, 2017
10/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 7 Recap - WR Woes
Our Week 7 recap includes Matt Moore's impact on MIA's offense and his outlook as a Fantasy QB (3:45), plus Winners (7:00) including Aaron Jones and Latavius Murray and losers (14:03) including the ARI and GB WRs and Seattle RBs ... Week 7 Yearbook Superlatives (20:51)! Most Likely to Succeed, Most Concerned About, Most Exciting QB and more. We cover Big Ben, Dak, C.J. Anderson, T.Y. Hilton, end zone celebrations, etc. ... Top scorers at QB (31:10), RB (36:25), WR (38:23) and TE (39:40) and then we break down the games for the final 20 minutes of the show ... Email us at
Oct 23, 2017
10/21 BONUS: Mailbag (Recorded Fri.)!
Answering your Start or Sit questions along with some Grade the Trade, and we talk about T.Y. Hilton's rest of season value. Also, Adam and Jamey make a trade during the show! Who wins it?
Oct 21, 2017
10/20 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC), KC-OAK Recap
Amari Cooper is back! Or is he??? We start with a recap of Thursday's awesome game (2:00) with Fantasy analysis on the OAK RBs and much more ... Introducing the No Touchdowns Club (21:00), plus "Beat the Waiver Wire (22:00)" for Week 8 ... JAC-IND (27:00), NO-GB (31:30), ARI-LAR (37:55), BAL-MIN (43:16), CAR-CHI (48:46), WAS-PHI (53:44), DAL-SF (1:00:15), SEA-NYG (1:01:55) ... Your emails at
Oct 20, 2017
10/19 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC); Best Stashes
Is Andrew Luck droppable (4:15)? And could you dare consider dropping T.Y. Hilton? ... Best stash candidates to put on your bench (12:40). Sterling Shepard and Marvin Jones could be available, and we have some players who are widely available and should be stashed. We've also got the latest news for you (20:30) before we cover the tough calls like Dion Lewis, Joe Mixon, Keenan Allen, TEN RBs and more ... ATL-NE (25:50), CIN-PIT (34:41), DEN-LAC (40:20), NYJ-MIA (47:32), TB-BUF (52:45), TEN-CLE (1:00:15) ... Email us at
Oct 19, 2017
10/18 Fantasy Football Podcast: Trade Talk, Zeke Legal Analysis
We're joined by Sports Legal Analyst Amy Dash (24:20) as she tells us what to expect for Ezekiel Elliott and why his case is different than Tom Brady's ... Our favorite buy low (6:35) and sell high (16:00) candidates at the top of the show! Do we still have complete faith in Julio Jones? What about the GB WRs? We've got several sell high RBs for you ... Who is the best TEN RB going forward (21:30)? A preview of KC-OAK (33:22) as we wonder if either QB should be started, and much more trade talk at the end of the show (40:30). We also discuss the overall strengths and weaknesses of the QB position in 2017 ... Your emails at
Oct 18, 2017
10/17 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire
Get ready to add Tyrod Taylor, Darren McFadden, Dion Lewis, John Brown, Robert Woods and Austin Hooper among others! We start the show with our Top 3 at QB (2:30), RB (5:10), WR (8:15), TE (10:15), DST (13:40) and even some IDP talk (16:00) ... Recapping NYG-DEN (27:05) and TEN-IND (28:55). Can Marcus Mariota be a #1 QB if he doesn't run, and who is the best TEN RB going forward? ... Dropometer (35:40), then more Waiver Wire QBs (40:00) including C.J. Beathard; RBs (44:40) including Orleans Darkwa; WRs (52:25) including Marvin Jones; TEs (55:52) including Nick O'Leary ... Your emails at
Oct 17, 2017
10/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 6 Recap - Rodgers Out, AP Back?
Well, that stinks! Aaron Rodgers could miss the rest of the season and it will affect every Packers Fantasy option. We begin our show with that news before another round of "Who's the Boss" (11:30) in different backfields across the NFL such as NE, GB, WAS and more ... Winners including Cameron Brate (20:30) and Adrian Peterson (23:00), losers including Matt Ryan (27:05). Plus the Top 5 QBs (31:00), RBs (33:20), WRs (35:55) and TEs (37:02) of Week 6 ... Recapping every game (41:21) with Fantasy analysis. Any optimism for Amari Cooper, Ben Roethlisberger or Matt Forte? ... Email us at
Oct 16, 2017
10/14 BONUS: Mailbag & Zeke's Value (Recorded Fri.)!
Answering your questions about Ezekiel Elliott's value going forward, plus grade the trade and plenty of start or sit.
Oct 14, 2017
10/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC), Dallas RBs
So, Alfred Morris or Darren McFadden? Find out who Dave and Jamey are recommending and who to drop for these guys (2:00), then we recap PHI-CAR (7:30) and compare the QBs rest of season. And will we see more carries for Christian McCaffrey going forward? ... "Beat the Waiver Wire" for Week 7 (22:10) and some Week 6 bold predictions (25:21). Good sleepers are available! ... TB-ARI (28:50), DET-NO (37:13), GB-MIN (45:21), SF-WAS (51:00), MIA-ATL (56:50), NYG-DEN (1:01:00) ... Email us at
Oct 13, 2017
10/12 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC), Trade Values
We start the show with some Week 6 rankings risers (2:55) and some IDP suggestions (5:52) before analyzing Dave's trade chart (7:45). How does he see the GB backfield evolving rest of season? And are Keenan Allen and Chris Hogan among the elite WRs in Fantasy? ... News and notes (12:30) you need to know including offensive line and defensive injuries that could impact Fantasy ... PIT-KC (22:55), IND-TEN (28:40), LAC-OAK (37:20), LAR-JAC (44:35), NE-NYJ (47:23), CLE-HOU (55:13), CHI-BAL (59:48) ... Your emails at
Oct 12, 2017
10/11 Fantasy Football Podcast: Redrafting Rd. 1; Trade Talk
Our favorite buy low (1:30) and sell high candidates (5:00)! Plenty of good WRs to acquire via trade. And what kind of value do David Johnson and Andrew Luck have? ... We are redrafting the first round as if the season began today (19:25). You may be surprised by the #1 pick. We're also previewing PHI-CAR (34:30). Are any Eagles safe starts this week? ... More buy low (53:00) and sell high (56:30) talk as we discuss what to do with DeShaun Watson, Matthew Stafford, Christian McCaffrey, DeMarco Murray, James White and others ... Your emails at
Oct 11, 2017
10/10 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire
Not quite as exciting as last week, but still plenty of players to add in Week 6 as we give you the top priorities (2:20) headlined by Jerick McKinnon. Marlon Mack and Matt Breida are among RBs with high upside, and plenty of Fantasy owners will need a TE replacement this week ... Recapping the Monday night (14:30) and Sunday night (18:08) games and discussing which Texans to sell high, plus a Fantasy ethics question (27:50)! ... Dropometer (32:30), then Waiver Wire QBs (39:30) including Jacoby Brissett and Trevor Siemian; RBs (43:40) including Aaron Jones and Javorius Allen in shallower leagues; WRs (52:00) including John Brown and Kendall Wright; TEs (55:50) including Austin Seferian-Jenkins and George Kittle; DSTs (58:38) ... Your emails at
Oct 10, 2017
10/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 5 Recap - Backfield Battles
Do we have new backfield leaders in GB, IND, NYJ, CLE and BAL? We sort it all out on today's show after we talk about the impact of Odell Beckham's injury (2:40) ... True or False with the aforementioned backfields, plus Cam Newton (6:00), Todd Gurley (14:00), Ben Roethlisberger (17:40) and more ... A round of "Does He Matter" with some of the pleasant surprises of Week 5 (34:16), and then we review every game (39:50) with Fantasy analysis on Dak Prescott, Christian McCaffrey, SEA RBs, Joe Mixon and more ... Email us at
Oct 09, 2017
10/07 BONUS: Mailbag (Recorded Fri.)!
Answering your questions as we help you set your lineups and grade your trades. Is rostering two kickers or two DSTs ever justified? How do we feel about leagues with scoring systems that reward TEs more than other positions? Which childhood TV commercial jingle is our favorite?
Oct 07, 2017
10/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC), NE-TB Reax
Which player can influence his rest of season ranking the most this week (2:40)? We tell you who has a lot to prove in Week 5 before recapping last night's thrilling NE-TB game (5:10). Is Jameis droppable? Who is the best NE WR rest of season? ... Adam proposes an NFL rule change (15:00), we review this week's Waiver Wire RBs and how we feel about them three days later (23:00) and we play Beat the Waiver Wire (27:00) for Week 6! ... ARI-PHI (28:55), CAR-DET (35:15), LAC-NYG (43:35), SEA-LAR (48:48), GB-DAL (53:55), MIN-CHI (58:20) and our daily fantasy lineups ... Your emails at
Oct 06, 2017
10/05 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC), Buy or Sell
Who are some of our favorite starts this week (1:30)? We're getting excited for Week 5 as we begin to break down the games with some QB (4:40) and TE (6:42) streaming options to start the show ... Latest news including Andrew Luck expectations (9:50) and GB RBs for Week 5 (12:00) and then it's on to Buy or Sell (20:30) with Todd Gurley, Jaron Brown, Deshaun Watson, the WWE and Adam's singing voice ... KC-HOU (25:50), JAC-PIT (32:43), BUF-CIN (39:50), NYJ-CLE (44:46), TEN-MIA (52:50), SF-IND (57:40), BAL-OAK (1:00:00) ... Email us at
Oct 05, 2017
10/04 Fantasy Football Podcast: Trades, RB Thoughts, NE-TB
A lot to get to on today's show as we begin with our favorite buy low (2:30) and sell high (5:00) candidates. Now is the time to get Jay Ajayi! Should you try to trade Deshaun Watson or is the best yet to come? ... Talking DAL backup RBs (8:20), the Most Added RBs (14:40) after last night's waiver claims and even some IDP adds (23:45)! Is Aaron Jones going to be a waste of FAAB money? Is Thomas Rawls still underowned at 58%? How many of the Waiver Wire RBs are worth starting this week? ... Previewing NE-TB (26:00) before our trade talk. We've got plenty of buy low guys to consider like Mark Ingram (45:55) and Jimmy Graham (47:30) and then we wonder if Fantasy owners should sell Lamar Miller (52:00), Stefon Diggs (59:30) and many more ... Your emails at
Oct 04, 2017
10/03 Fantasy Football Podcast: Best Waiver Wire Ever
How to prioritize Latavius Murray, Aaron Jones, Alvin Kamara, Wayne Gallman, Alex Collins, Thomas Rawls and Andre Ellington? Let's throw in Duke Johnson and Wendell Smallwood too! We spend a big chunk of the show on these guys ... Let's not forget Deshaun Watson, Will Fuller, Danny Amendola and more WRs and TEs. Who are the top priorities this week (14:00)? How much FAAB should you spend (28:20)? ... Waiver Wire QBs (42:55), RBs (46:25), WRs (52:00), TEs (58:28), DSTs (1:00:00) ... Your emails at
Oct 03, 2017
10/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 4 Recap - Impactful Injuries
Dalvin Cook, Marcus Mariota, Derek Carr and Julio Jones headline the injuries. What does it all mean for Fantasy owners (2:40)? ... Don't worry, there's plenty of good news after Week 4! Dak Prescott (10:00) and DeShaun Watson (12:14) were great. BAL may have found its starting RB. Are we really selling high on Todd Gurley (17:00)? Who will emerge in the backfields for NO (32:00), NYJ (34:50), NYG (35:00) and PHI (35:40)? ... We discuss some of the more surprising studs of Week 4 (38:08) like Devin Funchess and Tyler Kroft before reviewing every game with Fantasy thoughts (43:00). Is Cam Newton back? Is Jaron Brown underowned? ... Email us at
Oct 02, 2017
09/30 Fantasy Football Podcast: Mailbag and Forte Interview
On our latest mailbag (recorded Fri.) we update you on NFL injury news, discuss the best streaming QBs for Week 4, debate Isaiah Crowell's value rest of season, answer start or sit and commissioner questions and grade some trades. Stay tuned to hear from Jets running back Matt Forte (30:30) as he touches on NY-style vs. Chicago-style pizza, when RBs start to break down, what we can expect from the Jets backfield going forward and even some video games he enjoys.
Sep 30, 2017
09/29 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC); Montgomery Blues :(
Adam jinxed another great player by trading for Ty Montgomery yesterday! We give our thoughts on last night's game (3:30) and look at the CHI and GB backfields going forward ... Before we preview the NFC home games plus one AFC game we missed on Thursday's show, let's give you a sleeper, breakout and bust for Week 4 (21:25) and play Beat the Waiver Wire (23:55)! ... TEN-HOU (28:40), IND-SEA (39:50), DET-MIN (45:15), BUF-ATL (50:30), LAR-DAL (54:24), NYG-TB (57:32), SF-ARI (1:01:30) and our daily fantasy football lineups ... Email us at
Sep 29, 2017
09/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC); Rest of Season Rankings
Before we break down the AFC home games, let's discuss some rest of season rankings and expectations for Jay Ajayi (2:20), Rob Kelley (5:10) and Chris Hogan (8:00) ... A bunch of injury news (10:50) including our thoughts on dropping Andrew Luck, TE streamers (24:00) and Week 4 bold predictions (25:30) ... We preview the AFC home games! NO-MIA (29:30), PHI-LAC (36:01), OAK-DEN (41:18), WAS-KC (46:15), CIN-CLE (51:00), CAR-NE (54:00), JAC-NYJ (59:00), PIT-BAL (1:00:40) ... Your emails at
Sep 28, 2017
09/27 Fantasy Football Podcast: Fantasy Jeopardy! Buy Low, Sell High
It's a Wednesday trade show here on FFT! We start out with our favorite buy low (2:20) and sell high candidates (4:30) and give you more names later in the show. Find out what we expect from Amari Cooper, Dez Bryant and Todd Gurley rest of season ... Let's play some Fantasy Jeopardy (19:04)! How long does it take for the guys to finally say "Who is" at the beginning of their responses? ... Previewing CHI-GB (35:13) as we focus on the CHI RBs, then it's on to more Buy Low/Sell High (41:41) and Worryometer Wednesday on Ty Montgomery (51:40), Justin Tucker (55:02), Jameis Winston (57:30), C.J. Anderson (58:30) and more ... Email us at
Sep 27, 2017
09/26 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire
Perhaps this is not the most exciting Waiver Wire week, but there are good streaming options at QB, TE and DST plus Rishard Matthews and Wendell Smallwood. We give you our Waiver Wire priorities (2:15) and take a quick peak ahead to Week 5 QB streamers (9:23) before going in-depth on each position later in the show ... Chris Thompson or Isaiah Crowell rest of season (17:40)? Plus our thoughts on DAL-ARI (23:16) and the Dropometer (27:50)! ... Giving you Waiver Wire options at each position. QBs (34:00) including Andy Dalton and Deshaun Watson; RBs (42:35) including Smallwood and Andre Ellington; WRs (47:33) including Matthews and some injury replacements; TEs (52:30) including Charles Clay and Cameron Brate; DSTs (56:16) ... Email us at
Sep 26, 2017
09/24 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 3 Recap - Overpay for TE?
An awesome Sunday of NFL action gave us a plethora of Fantasy points from unexpected places. Adam, Jamey and Heath recap the action. We're giving our thoughts on a bunch of backfields (7:30) including CIN, TEN, SEA and DEN. Who are the lead backs going forward? ... Winners (18:08) including Russell Wilson and LeGarrette Blount. Losers (23:10) including Cam Newton and Hunter Henry. And should you overpay for one of the elite TEs (27:10)? ... We get out the Worryometer (32:25) for Lamar Miller, Isaiah Crowell and a few more before recapping every game with Fantasy analysis (38:35) ... Email us at
Sep 25, 2017
09/23 BONUS: Mailbag (Recorded Fri.)!
Answering your start/sit and trade questions, plus some Best Ball talk. We also cover the latest injury news, how to approach the BAL RBs and if Jay Ajayi is worth handcuffing.
Sep 23, 2017
09/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: LAR-SF, Start or Sit Week 3
Week 3 is off to an awesome start after a Thursday night bonanza! Will we continue to see great offense this week? We begin by breaking down last night's game and wondering if it's time to sell Todd Gurley (3:14), Sammy Watkins (9:15) or Carlos Hyde (10:50) ... We give you some Week 3 sleepers (20:40) and play Beat the Waiver Wire (22:12) before getting into every game ... OAK-WAS (24:28), KC-LAC (31:40), TB-MIN (36:00), SEA-TEN (42:40), NO-CAR (46:19), CIN-GB (50:54), DAL-ARI (55:40), BAL-JAC (1:00:16), CLE-IND (1:02:30), ATL-DET (1:03:35), DEN-BUF (1:05:48), HOU-NE (1:08:23), MIA-NYJ (1:12:20), NYG-PHI (1:13:36), PIT-CHI (1:15:43) ... Email us at
Sep 22, 2017
09/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: Tough Calls, Tough Schedules, Buy/Sell
Before the Week 3 tough calls (last half of the show), we've got some sneaky RB adds you could consider (3:20) like Darkwa and Smallwood, best TE streamers for the week (6:51) and the upcoming tough schedules for Todd Gurley (12:40) and Kirk Cousins (16:00) ... Buy or Sell on Chris Carson (22:10), Derrick Henry (23:05), ARI WRs (23:18), Isaiah Crowell (25:00) and many more ... Tough calls for this week at QB (32:00) including Rivers and Palmer; RB (40:00) including the TEN, SEA and DET running games; WR (54:50) including a couple of Bryants, Alshon and Pryor ... Your emails at
Sep 21, 2017
09/20 Fantasy Football Podcast: Buy Low, Sell High; LAR-SF
Need to improve your team? We've got plenty of buy low and sell high candidates on today's show including our favorite buy low guys (4:08) at the top of the show. Are we concerned about any elite WRs? ... More buy low candidates (20:50): How legit is Carson Wentz (22:22)? Buy Cam Newton (29:44)? Isaiah Crowell (31:24)? Sell high on Derrick Henry (32:20)? Mike Gillislee (40:30)? ... Previewing LAR-SF (43:45), anyone to start other than the RBs? Then it's on to your questions, Team Name Tuesday on a Wednesday (49:50) and Grade the Trade at the end of the show ... Your emails at
Sep 20, 2017
09/19 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire
Of course Chris Carson is the priority this week, but what if you can't get him? Who else should you target? We give our Week 3 priorities (3:00) and discuss J.J. Nelson, Marvin Jones, Jack Doyle and many more. How good could Chris Johnson (9:50) and Chris Thompson (12:00) be for Fantasy owners? ... FAAB talk (16:41) on Carson and the aforementioned Waiver Wire priorities, plus all the latest injury updates (23:00) and DET-NYG thoughts (32:00) ... A look at adds and drops at each position: QBs (42:10) include Trevor Siemian and Jay Cutler; RBs (48:12) include Alvin Kamara and Duke Johnson; WRs (54:30) include Mohamed Sanu and Rashard Higgins; TEs (57:50) include Charles Clay and Evan Engram, plus DSTs to stream ... Email us at
Sep 19, 2017
09/17 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 2 Recap - Carson Time!
Chris Carson (1:05) steals the show in Seattle and some TE injuries (4:40) will have Fantasy owners hitting the Waiver Wire. What else did we notice in Week 2? ... Winners (8:15) including Carlos Hyde, C.J. Anderson and Buck Allen, losers (19:05) including Isaiah Crowell and DeMarco Murray. Then it's on to the Worryometer (33:35) for SEA's offense, Le'Veon Bell, Terrelle Pryor and more ... We go through every game (44:00) and discuss J.J. Nelson, Carson Wentz, Marcus Mariota's struggles, CAR RBs, etc. ... Email us at
Sep 18, 2017
09/16 BONUS: Mailbag & A.J. Green Perspective (Recorded Fri.)
Before we get to your questions, let's put A.J. Green's first two games in perspective. Then we're grading trades, setting lineups and answering commissioner questions
Sep 16, 2017
09/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: HOU-CIN; Week 2 Start or Sit
What a game last night! Right!? OK, not so much. How concerned are we about DeAndre Hopkins, A.J. Green and Lamar Miller going forward (3:20)? And when is it going to be Joe Mixon's time to shine (8:20)? ... Previewing every Week 2 game with start or sit advice on the trendy Waiver Wire guys (16:25) like Tarik Cohen, Kerwynn Williams and Cooper Kupp, plus emergency QB solutions (22:10) and more ... GB-ATL (26:19), DAL-DEN (30:32), NE-NO (34:00), MIN-PIT (40:04), PHI-KC (44:44), MIA-LAC (49:05), BUF-CAR (51:45), ARI-IND (54:51), CLE-BAL (55:40), TEN-JAC (58:10), NYJ-OAK (1:02:00), SF-SEA (1:03:00), WAS-LAR (1:04:25), CHI-TB (1:06:41), DET-NYG (1:08:25) ... Email us at
Sep 15, 2017
09/14 Fantasy Football Podcast: Tough Calls, Buy or Sell
Beginning our Start or Sit portion of the week, we highlight some tough Week 2 matchups including C.J. Anderson against DAL (3:05) and many more later in the show. First we update you on Ezekiel Elliott's situation (8:35) and play some Buy or Sell (11:15) with Jared Cook (14:10), Matthew Stafford (14:53), Dez Bryant (16:00) and more ... Tough calls on QBs (30:10) this week include Marcus Mariota, Carson Palmer, Matthew Stafford and Kirk Cousins ... Tough calls on RBs (37:50) and WRs (47:05) include Carlos Hyde, Dalvin Cook, Dez Bryant, Martavis Bryant and Kelvin Benjamin among others ... Your emails at
Sep 14, 2017
09/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: Buy Low, Most Added, HOU-CIN
You need to make some trades? We'll tell you who to go after, but first we talk about our expectations for the entire ARI offense and whether David Johnson should be dropped (4:04), plus why Danny Amendola is underowned (12:10) ... Jamey has Marshawn Lynch as his #1 RB in standard this week! What!? Why? (22:51) ... HOU-CIN preview (30:00), then some trade talk to finish the show (37:28) with buy low and sell high candidates and some Grade the Trade (57:40) ... Your emails at
Sep 13, 2017
09/12 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire
OK David Johnson owners, don't freak out! We've got some Waiver Wire RBs for you to consider like Kerwynn Williams, Tarik Cohen and Chris Carson. Adam and Dave give you their top priorities (4:00), how much FAAB to spend (14:30), Johnson's trade value and more on today's show ... Recapping SD-DEN (28:02) and MIN-NO (33:24) before breaking out the Dropometer (38:01)! Is it already time to give up on Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton? ... Full Waiver Wire thoughts on QB (43:10), RB (47:30), WR (50:52), TE (57:21), DST (1:00:00) and even IDP (1:00:50) this week. How much do we like Kenny Golladay, Cooper Kupp, Cameron Brate and Charles Clay? ... Your emails at
Sep 12, 2017
09/10 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 1 Recap - QB Concerns?
David Johnson is hurt and it was not a good week for QBs, but it was a great week for Matthew Stafford (8:22), Leonard Fournette (10:00) and Amari Cooper (12:00) among others. Jamey gives his thoughts on Week 1 ... We play Buy or Sell with Aaron Rodgers (20:48), Tarik Cohen (23:50), Ty Montgomery (25:32), Kenny Golladay, Cooper Kupp (30:00) and more ... Thoughts on every game (33:10)! Drop Andy Dalton? Add Charles Clay? Are we concerned about the TEN or ATL offenses? ... Email us at
Sep 11, 2017
09/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: Mailbag (Recorded Fri.)!
Answering your questions to help you set your lineups for Week 1 and discussing the best backup TE for Rob Gronkowski owners to own. Please keep in mind we recorded this show before the latest news on Ezekiel Elliott. Enjoy!
Sep 09, 2017
09/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: KC-NE Reactions; Week 1 Start or Sit
Kareem Hunt or DeMarco Murray rest of season? Hunt or Todd Gurley? Sell high on Mike Gillislee? We have so much to talk about from Thursday's game (2:44-16:34) before we help you with your Week 1 lineup ... Discussing every game including plenty of talk about Keenan Allen (24:00), NYG WRs (38:04) and other trending topics ... LAC-DEN (21:50), NO-MIN (29:30), NYG-DAL (34:35), BAL-CIN (40:10), ATL-CHI (43:30), ARI-DET (45:08), JAC-HOU (47:30), SEA-GB (49:30), OAK-TEN (52:10), NYJ-BUF (55:40), PHI-WAS (57:30), IND-LAR (59:30), PIT-CLE (1:00:10), CAR-SF (1:01:30) ... Email us at
Sep 08, 2017
09/07 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 1 Tough Calls
Beginning our Start or Sit portion of the week, let's take a look at the tough decisions Fantasy owners will have to make this week. Do we feel comfortable starting anyone in the JAC-HOU game (7:45)? And why are we excited about using Robby Anderson and John Brown as FLEX options this week (12:00)? ... We play Beat the Waiver Wire (21:50) to give you a jump on Week 2! Should you add Blake Bortles (22:00)? Matt Forte (24:48) may be underowned, and there are a number of WRs we like on waivers ... Tough calls: QBs (32:50) including Drew Brees and Dak Prescott; RBs (39:45) including all of the rookies, Ty Montgomery and Ameer Abdullah; WRs (51:00) including Davante Adams and Sammy Watkins; TEs (57:12) too! ... Your emails at
Sep 07, 2017
09/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: KC-NE, RB Help, Bold Predictions!
Our last "preseason" show of the year has a little bit of everything. Of course we get started with the latest on Ezekiel Elliott (2:30) before transitioning to some RB help (6:40) for those of you who were planning on starting anyone in the TB-MIA game ... Most added players (15:33), why adding Malcolm Mitchell makes sense (23:00), a thorough breakdown of KC-NE (29:30) and much more ... It's time for bold predictions (51:10) on Paul Perkins, Ty Montgomery, Kelvin Benjamin and more. Plus we give our NFL division, wild card and Super Bowl picks late in the show ... Email us at
Sep 06, 2017
09/05 Fantasy Football Podcast: Lottery Tickets, Waivers & ADP Trends
We're giving you a mix of Week 1 help, waiver wire observations and draft prep on today's show. Who are some late-round fliers who may also be available on waivers that could have big years? Wendell Smallwood (2:00)? Matt Breida (2:40)? Rex Burkhead (6:24)? Robby Anderson (8:08)? ... We talk make-or-break offensive lines (20:15). Will the Dolphins, Rams, Broncos and Browns lines be good enough to support their RBs? ... A mediocre round of Team Name Tuesday (42:55), who to add off the waiver wire if you need Week 1 help (44:48), and a WR that is so underowned it's ridiculous (47:50) ... Your emails at
Sep 05, 2017
09/04 Fantasy Football Podcast: Flex Appeal, Latest News, Combos
Plenty to get to after a busy weekend of NFL cuts and waiver claims. First we start with some Zeke talk (1:20) before getting into the latest on Willie Snead (8:54), updated rookie RB expectations (10:00) and more ... Who should you start as a Flex, a RB or a WR (16:25)? The research may surprise you. And could Josh Gordon be a factor this season (24:15)? ... Over/unders for Rob Gronkowski (39:10), Tevin Coleman (40:24), Cam Newton (42:00) and more, plus some Fantasy combos (43:35) and our NFL writer Will Brinson joins us! ... Your emails at
Sep 04, 2017
09/01 BONUS ZekeCast & More Fantasy Football News
Updating you on Ezekiel Elliott's situation (as of 4:30 PM Eastern on Friday) and how early we would draft him (1:00) ... Touching on Andrew Luck (6:45), why the NYJ running game just got better (9:16) and a couple of rookie WRs and their chances to be great ... Advice on drafting Tevin Coleman and Derrick Henry (16:21), who the best BUF WR is (18:23) and if Patrick Mahomes will see the field this year (20:12) ... Email us at
Sep 01, 2017
09/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Live from Philly! (Recorded Thu.)
We had an amazing time on our first episode in front of a live audience. We get you ready for your drafts by discussing Bilal Powell's value (5:54), who the guys often end up drafting (8:00), when to draft DSTs (13:00), our final thoughts on SD's tough schedule (14:54) and much more ... Our best round of Fantasy Feud ever (18:30) as we pit Dave, Jamey and Heath against three audience members ... Heath gives you interesting ADP values on Yahoo and ESPN leagues (24:00), then we take questions from the audience! ... Email us at
Sep 01, 2017
08/31 Fantasy Football Podcast: Live PPR Draft (Recorded Tue.)!
Follow along as we draft in a REAL PPR league. We're playing this one out! Find out if Brandin Cooks deserves to be an early Round 2 pick, when to take a QB in PPR and much more ... Good stats on Kyle Rudolph, Larry Fitzgerald and others ... Pairing Patriots RBs and other ways to fill out your roster ... Email us at
Aug 31, 2017
08/30 Fantasy Football Podcast: Strategy Review, ADP Fallers
If you need a strategy refresher as you prepare for your draft, we run through QB, RB, WR, TE and DST and tell you how to approach each position (3:00-20:10) ... Our thoughts on the impact of a potential Matt Forte trade (23:00), Vance McDonald on PIT (23:33) and some ADP fallers like Jameis Winston (27:05), Sammy Watkins (28:40) and BAL RBs (30:20) ... We play Fill in the Blank with listener suggestions (35:54), give more average team names (42:00) and discuss how to draft in a 14-team league (44:00). Should you prioritize TE and DST more? ... Your emails at
Aug 30, 2017
08/29 Fantasy Football Podcast: FFT Smorgasbord
We're covering A LOT of topics on today's show, beginning with the latest on Ezekiel Elliott (1:50) and possible suspension scenarios. Then it's on to Andrew Luck's appropriate value (7:05) and who we were excited to select in our Podcast League draft last night! ... Decimal scoring: yes or no (20:20)? FAAB: yes or no (22:00)? Mean deceitful tricks in your auction: yes or no (24:00)? ... Updated thoughts on some challenging players like Jay Ajayi (28:00), Todd Gurley (30:00) and Tyreek Hill (37:40), plus ADP risers (39:30), handcuffs (55:40) and more ... Your emails at
Aug 29, 2017
08/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Preseason Winners & Losers
Of course we begin our show with in-depth analysis of the NE WRs (2:00) and Kareem Hunt's rise up the draft boards (10:50). Is Hunt the best rookie RB now? Then it's on to more winners and losers from Preseason Week 3 ... Jamaal Charles (20:51), John Brown (22:00), Ameer Abdullah (27:12) and Alshon Jeffery are among our winners. How much are they moving up in the rankings? ... Cam Meredith reaction (33:04), and we weigh in on backfield battles for NYJ (40:08), PHI (48:00), SEA (49:00), NO (52:00), and of course talk about the rookies. We discuss some potential late-round picks including an overlooked TE at the end of the show ... Email us at
Aug 28, 2017
08/25 Fantasy Football Podcast: Busts, Auctions, Podcast League!
We've got a busy Friday show for you as Dave and Heath talk busts! Why does Heath think Jameis Winston could be overdrafted this year (5:00)? We also get some random thoughts from Adam about QBs (9:45), Round 2 RBs (12:40) and more before discussing Thursday's preseason games (18:30) ... Why Lamar Miller (32:20), Ameer Abdullah (34:00), Marshawn Lynch (37:40) and Leonard Fournette (39:40) could be busts ... Auction talk (45:30)! How to build a team, mistakes to avoid, nomination strategies and more. Then we announce the Podcast League contest winners (1:03:30) ... Email us at
Aug 25, 2017
08/24 Fantasy Football Podcast: Sleepers and Breakouts! Scherzer Interview
You're looking for great value in your drafts, and today we'll help you find that. Dave, Jamey and Heath give you their favorite sleepers and breakouts and tell you when to draft them. Get the scoop on Tyrell Williams (4:30), Jeremy Maclin (10:50), Mike Gillislee (15:31) and more ... How far should Allen Robinson fall (24:00)? Should Isaiah Crowell be taken ahead of the rookie RBs (43:00)? How do you decide between players with high TD potential and high catch potential? ... Max Scherzer joins us (54:23) to promote his Fantasy Football event in D.C. and talk some baseball as well ... Your emails at
Aug 24, 2017
08/23 Fantasy Football Podcast: Live Mock Draft!
Follow along as we do a 12-team, 0.5 PPR draft with listeners! With recent news on Le'Veon Bell and Odell Beckham, you won't have to wait long to see where they get drafted. When would we consider moving Beckham behind a few other WRs in the rankings (3:00)? ... Rookie RBs start coming off the board beginning in late Round 2 (9:30), but you may be surprised by the order. Check out the TE run a few rounds later (25:00) ... Of course we talk strategy as Jamey and another owner didn't select an RB until Round 5. Heath likes Paul Perkins over Mike Gillislee (27:50). When should Darren Sproles get drafted (39:06)? And is Keenan Allen's schedule being overlooked (46:20)? ... Your emails at
Aug 23, 2017
08/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: Fantasy Jeopardy; IDP Talk with Chris Harris!
Wow, what a bad game last night! When should you draft Paul Perkins and Eli Manning now (8:00)? We also touch on John Brown's return to practice (15:20) and the unpredictability of the third round of Fantasy drafts (4:00) ... We play Fantasy Jeopardy (17:00)! Can you guess the QBs and WRs we are talking about? ... Special guest Chris Harris joins us to talk about players who are changing our minds with recent play (31:00), Individual Defensive Player drafts (39:40), who Chris likes this year (53:35) and more ... Your emails at
Aug 22, 2017
08/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: Year of the Rookie RB?
Did Adam just bonanza the rookie RBs by singing their praises at the beginning of today's show? We discuss the top four rookies and when they should be drafted (1:15). Will they end up deciding your leagues? ... Winners and losers from the weekend. Jamey moved Marcus Mariota ahead of a great QB (13:00). Dave digs Doug Martin (15:45). Heath shows some love for Todd Gurley (16:28) ... Much more from the weekend including some handcuff talk, Eddie Lacy's sinking value (19:48), RBs like Alvin Kamara and Tarik Cohen to take late in your drafts (36:43), the Redskins awful start (52:00), Dez Bryant's big game (53:18), etc. ... Your emails at
Aug 21, 2017
08/18 Fantasy Football Podcast: Wide Receivers Preview Part 2
Best chance to be a Top 10 WR (2:15): Martavis Bryant, Kelvin Benjamin or Tyreek Hill? Favorite mid-round pick (9:15): Brandon Marshall, Devante Parker or DeSean Jackson? ... Reactions to the latest news and some preseason action (14:34) before we dive into ADP beginning in Round 3 and ending about 50 WRs later ... What to expect from the NE WRs (21:00), Alshon Jeffery's pros and cons (26:35), Keenan Allen's positive reports, plus so many WRs outside the Top 24 we have huge hopes for and players to draft in the very late rounds (58:10) ... Email us at
Aug 18, 2017
08/17 Fantasy Football Podcast: Wide Receivers Preview Part 1
Get excited about WRs! We start the show by telling you who we're pumped up to draft this season! Stefon Diggs, Willie Snead, Terrelle Pryor and more ... Primarily discussing the first 11 WRs off the board, we tell you how many WRs are safe this year (7:32), auction values (25:50), sleepers, breakouts and busts (26:40) and if any of the first round WRs are due for a down year (30:00) ... In the last 20 minutes of today's show, we'll cover Michael Thomas vs. Dez Bryant, T.Y. Hilton's risks and rewards, Amari Cooper's breakout potential, drafting good WRs in bad offenses and more ... Email us at
Aug 17, 2017
08/16 Fantasy Football Podcast: Running Backs Preview Part 2
Briefly recapping yesterday's show by deciding who the #1 RB is and when to draft Ezekiel Elliott (3:50), then it's on to Rounds 3 and beyond in RB average draft position ... Round 3 gives us Lamar Miller vs. Isaiah Crowell (9:30), an overdrafted Marshawn Lynch and a rookie RB. Speaking of which, we discuss the enormous potential of the Top 4 rookie RBs (17:30) ... Our favorite and least-favorite mid-round RBs (26:28). How do we feel about Mark Ingram, Carlos Hyde, Ty Montgomery, Paul Perkins, etc? Then we give some of our favorite late-round picks (56:10) and tell you which RBs to handcuff at the end of the show ... Email us at
Aug 16, 2017
08/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: Running Backs Preview Part 1
Plenty of strategy talk on the first of two RB preview episodes. What are our general feelings and approaches to RBs this year? Is this the year to wait for RBs (12:30) or should you go RB/RB with your first two picks (21:00)? Should David Johnson and Le'Veon Bell be the first two picks in any format (19:25)? ... Auction talk (28:20), sleepers, breakouts and busts (29:03) at the position and a thorough average draft position breakdown of the first two rounds (32:25) ... How safe are LeSean McCoy, Melvin Gordon and Devonta Freeman (32:30-42:24)? Pros and cons of drafting Jay Ajayi, Jordan Howard, DeMarco Murray, Leonard Fournette, Todd Gurley and Lamar Miller (42:24-58:30). Plus Team Name Tuesday (58:38)! ... Email us at
Aug 15, 2017
08/14 Fantasy Football Podcast: Golladay Inn, Backfield Battles
Back from the weekend to give some preseason hot takes! Should Eddie Lacy be the third SEA RB drafted (4:40)? What's going on with the KC backfield (8:00)? And could Hunter Henry be a total dud this season (11:04)? ... A lot of Ezekiel Elliott talk (15:48) as Jamey drafted him pretty early in a weekend draft. Does Jamey regret it? We also give injury updates on Andrew Luck (23:10), Leonard Fournette (27:50), Paul Richardson and discuss future Hall of Famer Kenny Golladay (29:03) ... Our thoughts on Joe Mixon's debut (37:14), handcuffs in SD and OAK (38:44), Robby Anderson (41:55) and the analyst draft that Jamey and Adam participated in this weekend (44:00) ... Your emails at
Aug 14, 2017
08/11 BONUS EPISODE: Suspended Zeke in Round 4? Sammy Top 30?
WE ARE FREAKING OUT! Not only is Ezekiel Elliott suspended for six games (pending appeal), but Sammy Watkins is a Ram! Which player falls farther in the rankings? Can you still justify Elliott in Round 2? How much faith do we have in Darren McFadden? We're covering all angles of these news items including the values of Jordan Matthews and Tyrod Taylor in Buffalo and whether LeSean McCoy and Todd Gurley are impacted.
Aug 11, 2017
08/11 Fantasy Football Podcast: Zeke Talk, Preseason Hot Takes!
Recording this show before any Ezekiel Elliott announcement, we lay out some hypotheticals and discuss Zeke's draft value (2:00) ... So many preseason takeaways after only a few games. We discuss the Redskins RBs (5:30), Falcons offense (8:50), best rookie RBs (11:10), more RB battles, Sammy Watkins being featured and Kelvin Benjamin's prospects (25:41) ... Reviewing our 12-team standard scoring mock draft (32:00), the guys give some takeaways and discuss the merits of locking up the DAL, TEN and ATL backfields ... Your emails at
Aug 11, 2017
08/10 Fantasy Football Podcast: Tight Ends Preview
Rob Gronkowski/Travis Kelce early or Hunter Henry/Jack Doyle late? Or do we prefer the mid-round guys like Jordan Reed and Tyler Eifert? We've got everything you need to know about the TE position in 2017 ... How many TEs are we comfortable with as our starter (1:30)? Should you ever draft two TEs (12:30)? Sleepers, breakouts and busts (18:12) ... Complete ADP review (30:30) as we touch on Eifert's upside, Kyle Rudolph's targets, rookie TEs and late-round picks ... Your emails at
Aug 10, 2017
08/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: 2-QB Draft, Special Guest Interview!
Dave has a new take on Brandin Cooks (7:30)! Let the debate begin. We also update the RB battles (14:30) in CIN, KC and JAC. And is Robby Anderson now a #4 WR (17:35)? ... 2-QB draft talk (24:00)! Different strategies for all four of us including Heath's decision to wait on QB. What's the difference between waiting wisely and waiting too long? ... Hear from the #7 Fantasy Football player in the world, Kimra Schleicher (39:30). Last year's World Champion, Kimra tells you some players she likes and dislikes ... Email us at
Aug 09, 2017
08/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: Quarterbacks Preview
It's finally time to start breaking down the positions. We begin with the deepest position in Fantasy and give our general strategies (2:10), adjustments in different formats like PPR, 4-point per TD, auctions and 2-QB leagues (11:50), plus sleepers, breakouts and busts (23:50) ... A complete review of QB average draft position! Can Andrew Luck be the #1 QB again (31:00)? Any concerns about Drew Brees this year (39:00)? Breakout potential for Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston and Derek Carr and why some of us are low on Dak Prescott and Cam Newton (50:00) ... Best late-round picks at the position (55:00), plus some Team Name Tuesday! ... Email us at
Aug 08, 2017
08/07 Fantasy Football Podcast: Cutler, Position Battles, Strategies
Jay Cutler's signing is the top headline from the weekend, and today we discuss what it means for the Dolphins Fantasy assets (3:10). Any upgrades or downgrades? ... We've talked plenty about ADP, but now we want to know what you think. We read listener comments on current ADP (18:48). Are Martavis Bryant and Tom Brady being taken too early (22:30)? ... Some WR strategy talk (13:20), all the latest news including notes on Adrian Peterson (28:44), WAS RBs (30:30), OAK RBs (32:00) and Devin Funchess (33:04) ... Your emails at
Aug 07, 2017
08/04 Fantasy Football Podcast: ADP Review, HOF game, and Dynasty talk
Who is being over and underdrafted right now, anything of note in the preseason opener, and some Dynasty league talk. When is the right time to pick rookies? How much should you devalue studs? ... Your emails at
Aug 04, 2017
08/03 Fantasy Football Podcast: Year 3 WRs, Best Fantasy Offenses
After listing their favorite Fantasy offenses, the guys react to Ryan Tannehill's knee injury (8:24). Would the rest of the Dolphins lose Fantasy value if Tannehill is out a while? ... Which WRs will take the next step as they enter their third NFL season? We talk DeVante Parker (12:50), Amari Cooper (16:50), Willie Snead (18:50), Tyrell Williams (22:00) and more ... Plenty of RB news (36:33) including notes on Carlos Hyde and Ameer Abdullah ... Your emails at
Aug 03, 2017
08/02 Fantasy Football Podcast: Preseason Storylines, 14-Team Strategies
A lot to cover on today's show including if it would be crazy to take Melvin Gordon over Julio Jones (7:30), if LeSean McCoy is a risky first round pick (11:30) and why the guys don't agree on LeGarrette Blount's value (13:45) ... Preseason football is almost here! Which new coaches and coordinators are looking to make their mark (17:00)? Which games matter and what will we be focusing on? ... Reviewing our 14-team standard scoring mock draft (32:45) and discussing how strategies change in this format. We talk TE strategies (37:32) and tell you how we constructed our squads (41:00). We also talk about the latest on Andrew Luck (51:35) ... Your emails at
Aug 02, 2017
08/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Analyst Draft, Twitter Polls!
On today's episode Adam is putting Lamar Miller on BUST ALERT (3:30)! We make our cases for and against Miller ... Fun with Twitter Polls! Stefon Diggs vs. Larry Fitzgerald vs. John Brown (10:24) and a battle of rookie RBs vs. a steady veteran (12:13) ... All the latest news, plus a look at a recent draft Jamey did with other Fantasy Football analysts (26:44). Why did Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce go so high (36:15)? Check out who was taken before Paul Perkins (41:20) ... Email us at
Aug 01, 2017
07/31 Fantasy Football Podcast: Luck Down? McCaffrey Up?
We're reacting to the latest news as Dave, Jamey and Heath tell you if they're more concerned about Andrew Luck or excited about Christian McCaffrey (7:45). And do recent reports about Mike Gillislee make him a draft riser (12:30)? ... Players we are ashamed to love (4:00), thoughts on the TB, CIN and DET backfields (21:14) and the impact of Branden Albert's retirement (29:15) ... More Fantasy Football combos (34:41) and a little auction talk (42:00)! ... Your emails at
Jul 31, 2017
07/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Who We're Excited About; Fill in the Blank
As training camps open up, which players are we starting to get pumped up about? We give some names that could be rising up our draft boards including Sammy Watkins (3:00) and Ty Montgomery (9:50) ... We've got some Fantasy Fill in the Blank with the help from our listeners. Who will be the biggest Round 2 bust (12:00)? Which 2016 disappointment will bounce back (16:50)? What would our walk-up music be (21:14)? ... Latest news on Le'Veon Bell (22:00), Hyde vs. Lacy vs. McCaffrey (25:45) and Fantasy Football combos (30:50) ... Your emails at
Jul 28, 2017
07/27 Fantasy Football Podcast: Overdrafted and Underdrafted!
Reviewing early Average Draft Position (ADP), the guys find six players being drafted too early and six players being drafted too late. We're also reacting to Jordan Reed's toe injury (4:00) and other news from around the NFL ... Are Fantasy owners sleeping on Willie Snead (11:30)? Is Snead going to outperform Brandin Cooks? And don't forget how good John Brown (15:36) was in 2015 ... Aging RBs are being taken too early! We discuss appropriate rounds to draft Marshawn Lynch (24:40) and Adrian Peterson (37:50), plus a few more names to know right now ... Your emails at
Jul 27, 2017
07/26 Fantasy Football Podcast: 10-Team Strategies; TE Tiers
Before we review our 10-team mock draft, we're reacting to Kenneth Dixon's season-ending injury (2:00) with our thoughts on Terrance West and Danny Woodhead ... Looking at Dave's TE tiers (12:45), is Greg Olsen a risk to decline this year (15:33)? Why do Fantasy analysts like Eric Ebron so much (25:00)? ... On to the 10-team, 3-WR standard scoring draft (34:35). Are we more eager to get stud QBs and stud TEs? What do the guys think about their squads? ... Your emails at
Jul 26, 2017
07/24 Fantasy Football Podcast: WR Tiers, Theme Song!
Reacting to Dave's WR tiers, we'll discuss why Dez Bryant is risky (5:45) before spending some time on the third tier (12:20) which features some potential boom or bust players like DeAndre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins and Terrelle Pryor ... Dave isn't exactly high on Brandin Cooks, but Jamey and Heath are even lower on Cooks (37:40)! And what makes Hopkins better than Allen Robinson? ... As we get to the mid-round WRs, which ones have the best chance to surprise us with a Top 10 season (47:33)? ... Your emails at
Jul 24, 2017
07/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: RB Busts and a Mailbag!
Welcome to the Friday mailbag show! We're ready to kick back and talk Fantasy Football as we read your emails and talk RB busts (9:30). We've got a few Top 10 RBs that have bust potential ... Which players could be major preseason risers (2:26)? Who are the safest picks in the beginning of Round 3 (24:26)? ... Defenses to stream early (29:18), auction strategies (32:20) and an in-depth Paul Perkins discussion (40:30) ... Your emails at
Jul 21, 2017
07/20 Fantasy Football Podcast: RB Tiers; Consistency Factor
How do we evaluate consistency and how does it affect our drafts (2:00)? We dig deep on this topic as we begin the show ... Adam makes a bold Week 1 prediction (14:20) before we unveil Dave's RB tiers. Looking at seven rounds of RB drafting (20:00)! ... Is Jay Ajayi elite (22:42)? Is Jordan Howard this year's Todd Gurley (26:40)? Which group of RBs has us particularly excited when it comes to value? ... Your emails at
Jul 20, 2017
07/18 Fantasy Football Podcast: QB Tiers, Blount's Value
If you're not excited about Ben Roethlisberger yet, you might be after today's show. Heath gives you a stat that should factor in to Roethlisberger's ranking (1:30) ... Are we too low on LeGarrette Blount (17:35)? Dave and Heath see the PHI backfield differently ... Checking out Dave's QB tiers (26:55) with some good debate on Matt Ryan (30:30), Jameis Winston (35:00), Dak Prescott (43:50) and more ... Your emails at
Jul 18, 2017
07/17 Fantasy Football Podcast: Zeke News; RBs Who Could Break Down
Who's afraid of drafting Ezekiel Elliott (2:55)? How far would he fall if he were suspended for two games? Three games? ... Can you start a team by drafting a QB, RB, WR and TE with your first four picks (8:40)? We discuss this unique approach before transitioning to the latest news on David Johnson (24:00), Carlos Hyde (25:10), the Colts backfield (27:15), Joe Mixon (29:03) and a TE who could take a big leap this year (32:30) ... Which RBs could break down this year due to heavy workloads (41:08)? Dave has the scoop! ... Your emails at
Jul 17, 2017
07/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: Dynasty rankings, 2-QB, and things Heath (thinks he) knows
Chris Towers and Heath Cummings discuss strategy for two quarterback leagues (10:00) and get into the differences between Heath's season-long and Dynasty rankings (15:30). Then, they talk players Heath can't figure out (32:10), and things Heath believes about the Fantasy football world (45:20).
Jul 13, 2017
07/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: Name That Sleeper (Recorded Wednesday)!
We're putting Dave to the test to see if he can guess Heath's sleepers. There's an underrated QB (2:46), a RB who often goes undrafted (11:20) and a couple more ... Fantasy Fill in the Blank with Bears WRs (28:32), Chiefs RBs (31:10), Jameis Winston (33:04), etc. ... We're also looking at CBS Sports Insider Jason La Canfora's sleepers (38:10), which are not geared toward Fantasy but are nevertheless interesting ... Your emails at
Jul 10, 2017
07/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: Zeke, PPR Picks & More with Scott Fish!
It's time to bring on a special guest! Scott Fish of Fanball and creator of the ScottFishBowl joins the show with his Fantasy takes. Are we fearing a Zeke suspension (3:30)? Are Fantasy owners overlooking Jonathan Stewart (9:44)? ... We talk about last week's PPR draft and whether to take a stud RB or a stud WR with a Top 3 pick (26:00) ... Find out why Scott has Jay Ajayi as the #4 RB, who his favorite breakout is (41:20), a food he has never eaten (47:08) and his thoughts on Die Hard (50:43) ... Your emails at
Jul 06, 2017
07/03 Fantasy Football Podcast: PPR Review, NFL Notes
Before we review our latest draft with industry experts, we're discussing some recent NFL thoughts from our Jason La Canfora who has questions about the Rams OL (2:15), Ben Roethlisberger under center (4:31) and Jimmy Graham in the red zone (8:50) ... Our first look at a 12-team, 3-WR PPR league with a flex. Is this basically a 4-WR league? How does Dave feel about drafting a WR with each of his first three picks? How does Adam feel about waiting on RB? ... We have a Jeremy Maclin debate (39:45) and wonder if Jarvis Landry and Larry Fitzgerald are OK in Round 3 in this format (44:15) ... Your emails at
Jul 03, 2017
06/30 Fantasy Football Podcast: Mailbag and Wedding Toasts
It's time to catch up on some emails and read your Podcast League submissions. We've got questions that will help all Fantasy owners and hilarious Aizer Wedding toasts ... Can Leonard Fournette match Ezekiel Elliott's rookie season (1:30)? Are we overrating rookie RBs in general (2:50)? Which early-round RB is the most likely to disappoint (23:30)? ... Discussing Stefon Diggs vs. Donte Moncrief (18:03), Tom Brady's age (31:20) and how to build a team in a 10-team auction league (33:51) ... Your emails at
Jun 30, 2017
06/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Pick-by-Pick Breakdown (Pt. 2)
Continuing our thorough examination of 12 different 0.5 PPR teams, Dave, Jamey and Heath discuss each pick and evaluate their squads as they come together ... Jamey loads up on RBs after drafting 3 WRs and a TE with his first four picks for team #12. How did that team turn out? ... One of Dave's teams takes a gamble by drafting Matt Ryan instead of RB depth, and we discuss the pros and cons ... Email us at
Jun 28, 2017
06/27 Fantasy Football Podcast: Pick-by-Pick Breakdown (Pt. 1)
You've heard live drafts on the air, but this time we're doing things a little differently. Dave, Jamey and Heath are each drafting four teams as part of a 12-team, 0.5 PPR draft. With each pick, the guys really dig in and explain their picks and how they see their teams coming together ... We discuss Jay Ajayi vs. Todd Gurley (35:00) and Redskins WRs (36:58) among many other topics ... See how one team looks with no RBs after four rounds (48:00) and then see the merits of taking RBs in Rounds 1 and 2 (51:55) ... Email us at
Jun 27, 2017
06/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: Draft Review & Nando Interview!
You heard our 12-team standard scoring mock draft on Monday's show, and now we are back to review our biggest takeaways. It seems like the Round 5 RBs could make or break your team (9:43) ... We compare two teams with very different RB approaches (20:50) and determine which squad we like better ... Nando Di Fino joins us halfway through the show. Nando harasses Adam, helps us discuss late-round picks and quickly comes up with his Mt. Rushmore of baseball movies ... Your emails at
Jun 22, 2017
06/19 Fantasy Football Podcast: Live Mock Draft!
It's a 12-team, standard scoring mock draft and we're taking you pick-by-pick for nine rounds! Follow along as we construct our squads and make some tough decisions along the way ... As we move through the draft we touch on Odell Beckham vs. Mike Evans (4:30), the Saints offense without Terron Armstead (10:30), Mike Gillislee's potential (22:20) and plenty more ... Is Corey Davis negatively affected by the addition of Eric Decker (46:40)? Also we discuss how to approach the TE position at the end of the show ... Your emails at
Jun 19, 2017
06/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: WR Strategies Galore!
Zero-WR? WRs with each of your first three picks? FOUR picks!? We debate the merits of these philosophies and give some examples of teams that used these strategies ... Beginning the show with a Jay Ajayi vs. Jordan Howard debate (7:25) and some stats about the chances for success for RBs on bad offenses ... A commissioner conundrum (47:05), some 2-QB league chatter (49:20) and news from around the NFL ... Your emails at
Jun 15, 2017
06/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: Return of the Maclin; Would You Rather ...
Jeremy Maclin is a Raven and we are pumped (1:50)! What is Maclin's potential this season? Why isn't he higher in the rankings? ... We compare ADPs of Cooper and Crabtree (9:30), Crowell and Anderson (10:50), Wilson and Winston (20:10) and many more. Who would you rather have? ... Catching up on news and notes including Eddie Lacy's weight (31:00), a sweet Golden Tate stat (33:45), a look at Redskins WRs (36:40), etc. ... Your emails at
Jun 13, 2017
06/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: Schedule Breakdown! Also, the Jets :(
Dave has thoroughly broken down the best and worst Fantasy schedules and we've got plenty of takeaways (22:30), but first let's talk about a breakout QB candidate (2:50), what Eric Decker's absence means (8:40) and some news from around the NFL ... Check out Dallas' schedule to begin the season, it may change your opinion of Dak Prescott (31:40). Check out Arizona's early schedule, it may lead you to draft Carson Palmer (36:08) ... We're already talking DSTs to stream and we discuss strategies in point per completion leagues (45:15) and a new way to get into the Podcast League! ... Your emails at
Jun 08, 2017
06/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: Maclin, Pitta, Mailbag
Plenty of your questions on today's show, but first we tackle the Jeremy Maclin news and discuss what it means for Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce ... Bust potential for Davante Adams (7:00), the Ravens without Dennis Pitta (14:30), Detroit's brutal schedule and more from around the NFL (20:00) ... You're asking about Marshawn Lynch (30:20), when to draft QBs (35:15), a new way to use kickers (40:26) and plenty more ... Your emails at
Jun 06, 2017
06/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Wacky Sleeper Pick; Roster Construction Strategies
Adam starts the show with a sleeper suggestion that you probably weren't expecting. Hey, let's think outside the box! Then it's on to the latest news around the NFL ... Fat Rob isn't fat anymore (10:00), the Carlos Hyde concerns continue (13:30), we discuss the Titans backfield breakdown (17:30) and compare Derrick Henry and Tevin Coleman. Plus, a rookie WR we haven't talked enough about (20:10) ... Going back to our 0.5 PPR draft (27:30), let's see how three teams took different approaches to construct a roster. There are lessons to be learned ... Your emails at
Jun 01, 2017
05/30 Fantasy Football Podcast: Draft 5 Rookie RBs!? Also, QB Value & a Breakout RB
Last week we talked about drafting five rookie RBs, and Jamey attempted to put that strategy to the test in a recent draft. Let's see how it worked out (32:28) ... We discuss Isaiah Crowell's chances to break out (14:00), Mike Evans vs. Odell Beckham (4:30), Melvin Gordon vs. LeSean McCoy (9:30) and a stat that will get you excited about drafting Falcons (23:00) ... Some of us have been drafting QBs earlier than usual. How's that been working out for us (43:15)? ... Your emails at
May 30, 2017
05/25 Fantasy Football Podcast: M. Thomas Overrated? M. Wallace Top 30? Also 0.5 PPR Strategy!
We've heard from our listeners and some have concerns about Michael Thomas (8:40) and Christian McCaffrey (16:30). We debate on today's show! ... Heath is optimistic about Mike Wallace (29:43) and he has good reason to be. Dave and Jamey are not really feeling it ... Catching you up on all the important OTA news (21:00) including notes on Josh Doctson, Marcus Mariota, Andrew Luck, Kelvin Benjamin and more ... Your emails at
May 25, 2017
05/23 Fantasy Football Podcast: Rankings Debates, RB News, 4th Pick in PPR
As Jamey gets ready to draft fourth in a PPR draft, we discuss the best strategies and the pros and cons of taking a WR in the first round (10:25). If you go RB in round 1, is Doug Baldwin a good pick in round 2? ... Discussing the possibility of a Zach Ertz breakout (1:50), plenty of RB news (19:20), more DeVante Parker hype (28:50) and the return of elaborate end zone celebrations (31:20)! ... Jamey and Heath debate their rankings of Cam Newton (41:20), Jordy Nelson (47:40) and plenty more ... Your emails at
May 23, 2017
05/18 Fantasy Football Podcast: RB Thoughts, Superflex Strategy, Blount Talk
We start the show with LeGarrette Blount thoughts (3:00) and some RB questions: Which rookie RB (other than Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey) will become a feature back first (8:00)? Should Todd Gurley be taken ahead of Devonta Freeman in Dynasty leagues (10:20)? What kind of workload will Marshawn Lynch get (15:40)? ... We're working on our tiers (18:45) and also discussing the importance of strength of schedule (30:00). Fournette's early schedule is potentially brutal ... Jamey takes us through his recent Superflex draft - QBs can be your flex - and we talk strategy (37:00) ... Your emails at
May 18, 2017
05/16 Fantasy Football Podcast: Renaming a Strategy; Dynasty Draft
Before we discuss our latest Dynasty draft, we're renaming the Aizer Strategy and giving some teammate combinations (6:00) that could work for your Fantasy team ... Will Samaje Perine be starting in Washington (14:50)? Is Eddie Lacy in shape and ready to dominate (16:08)? Is Quincy Enunwa the best Jets WR (22:51)? ... Going in-depth on our 14-team IDP Dynasty League draft (37:00). How do the top RBs measure up with the top WRs? ... Your emails at
May 16, 2017
05/11 Fantasy Football Podcast: PPR Strategies; H2H Categories Leagues?
We never stop drafting here at CBS, and today we're reviewing our latest 12-team PPR mock draft (20:50). We're focusing less on the round-by-round breakdown and more on the strategies we used to craft our rosters ... Dave and Heath went RB/RB with their first two picks and we'll see how that turned out. Meanwhile, Jamey took a QB and a TE earlier than he anticipated. Also Heath gives his thoughts on Leonard Fournette (3:30)! ... Would a head-to-head categories Fantasy Football league work (16:00)? We discuss the format and give some ideas for categories. Total FG yards, anyone!? We're also talking about the latest news regarding LeGarrette Blount (9:48) and Michael Floyd (13:00) ... Your emails at
May 11, 2017
05/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: Mid-Round Picks and a Mailbag!
Back to the draft we discussed last week, we'll analyze a number of interesting mid-to-late round picks worth breaking down. Which backfield is better to lock up: TB or BAL? ... Which Top 10 RBs have clear handcuffs? How much could Max Unger's injury hurt the Saints? ... A case for Julio Jones as the #1 WR, plus our thoughts on Best Ball leagues, some players we love right now, using "The Force" while drafting and much more ... Your emails at
May 09, 2017
05/05 Fantasy Football Podcast: Draft Review (With Rookies!)
How much have the rookies changed our draft results? You won't believe where the top 3 rookie RBs were taken! ... Mark Ingram, Ty Montgomery and Latavius Murray are among the fallers, but are they falling too far? How much does Jamaal Charles change C.J. Anderson's value? ... While we're certainly discussing the rookies we are by no means neglecting the veterans. Once you get past the Top 12 RBs and Top 8 WRs you'll be faced with difficult decisions ... Email us at
May 05, 2017
05/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Rookie Rankings and NFL Draft Impact
Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon? Zay Jones or John Ross? Which rookie QB could be this year's Dak Prescott? This is your comprehensive NFL Draft Fantasy episode! ... We're talking both seasonal and dynasty on today's show. Our listeners seem to expect the rookie RBs will get drafted later than we expect them to ... Our takes on the PHI, GB and DET backfields among others, plus some rookies who could come out of nowhere and be Fantasy relevant ... Your emails at
May 01, 2017
04/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: An Amazing First Round!
Well the NFL Draft got off to a tremendous start (at least for Fantasy owners) on Thursday as we had seven offensive players selected in the Top 10. What does recent history tell us about Top 10 RBs and WRs in their rookie seasons? ... Christian McCaffrey or Leonard Fournette? Who is our favorite rookie WR? Mike Williams or Tyrell Williams? ... Will any rookie TE make an impact this year? And which NFL veterans benefited the most from Thursday's picks? ... Email us at
Apr 28, 2017
04/25 Fantasy Football Podcast: Peterson, Rookie RB Success, Schedule Talk
Adrian Peterson to the Saints! Kind of a weird fit, right? We're not loving Peterson but what does this move do to Mark Ingram's value? We're also discussing Mike Gillislee again and a LeGarrette Blount rumor ... What can we learn from rookie RBs over the last 5 years? How should we approach rookie RBs this year? ... We're looking at some of the quirks of this year's NFL schedule. Which teams are playing the most games on turf? Which QB have we already identified as a great buy low candidate? We're also talking Year 2 WRs and 2017's potential bounceback candidates ... Your emails at
Apr 25, 2017
04/20 Fantasy Football Podcast: NFL Mock Draft & Fantasy Analysis With Our Expert Dane Brugler
One week until the draft! We're bringing in our Senior NFL Draft Analyst Dane Brugler to give his projected first round. As the picks unfold, Dave and Jamey will provide the Fantasy takes ... You may be surprised who Dane's #1 RB based on talent alone is. And wait 'till you see where Dalvin Cook goes ... Are any rookie WRs going to have an immediate Fantasy impact? ... Email us at
Apr 20, 2017
04/18 Fantasy Football Podcast: #1 in PPR; New Pats RB; Dynasty League Strategies
We're having fun with Twitter polls on today's show as we asked you who you're taking #1 overall in a PPR league. Stud RB or stud WR? We also asked you to rank some WRs and QBs ... Today's hot draft rumor gives the Titans a new threat in the passing game. How would that impact Marcus Mariota and the rest of the offense? ... Is Heath's new Dynasty league the worst league ever or is it totally awesome? And how did the guys approach the draft as they tried to find the balance of youth and experience? ... Your emails at
Apr 18, 2017
04/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: WR and TE Busts; Trubisky to CLE?
Continuing our look at Jamey's early list of busts. Brandin Cooks, Tyreek Hill and DeSean Jackson are among the WRs we discuss. And Jamey's bust at TE is a talented player on a great passing offense, but he could disappoint Fantasy owners ... We also ask for bust suggestions from our listeners. Alshon Jeffery? Melvin Gordon? Jay Ajayi? ... The Browns might draft Mitchell Trubisky according to ESPN. What Fantasy impact would that have? ... Email us at
Apr 13, 2017
04/11 Fantasy Football Podcast: Busts & Draft Rumors (Recorded Monday)
Where is Leonard Fournette rumored to be headed? If Fournette ends up on Jacksonville, which round do we draft him in? ... Jamey loved Donte Moncrief last year and he might have a "new Moncrief" this year. Find out who it is! ... An early look at Jamey's busts which features a number of running backs who were must-start options in 2016 ... Your emails at
Apr 11, 2017
04/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: Breakout WRs and TEs
Cameron Brate or Hunter Henry? Both have great potential, but which TE has a more favorable situation in 2017? ... Jamey has Tyrell Williams as a breakout and he's not worried about Keenan Allen's presence. We're also talking about J.J. Nelson's opportunity and Terrelle Pryor's potential to be a star ... Adam tells a story that he thinks is funny. Adam quickly finds out it's not that funny ... Your emails at
Apr 06, 2017
04/04 Fantasy Football Podcast: Rishard Matthews Interview & Jamey's Breakouts
We welcome Titans WR Rishard Matthews to the show! Rishard talks about his breakout season, how many double teams he saw last year, if he talks trash, the best WRs and the best CBs in football and so much more ... Jamey's initial breakouts column is out, and today we talk about the QBs and RBs. Do you want Jameis Winston or Dak Prescott next year? ... Our thoughts on the TB backfield in 2017 and our newest colleague (sorta, but not really) Tony Romo ... Your emails at
Apr 04, 2017
03/31 Fantasy Football Podcast: New WR Strategies & NFC Owner's Meetings Takeaways
Remember the Aizer Strategy (from two weeks ago)? Well get ready for the brand new and even better Richard Strategy! Dave tells us how he's approaching WRs this year! ... Jamey reported on the AFC storylines yesterday and today we take a look at NFC backfields (NYG, GB, DET and more) that are particularly intriguing this time of year. Which third-year RB could be a workhorse? ... What does Pete Carroll expect from Eddie Lacy? How much work can Ty Montgomery handle? What's next for Carlos Hyde? ... Your emails at
Mar 31, 2017
03/30 Fantasy Football Podcast: Owner's Meetings AFC Takeaways
Jamey is back from the owner's meetings and he's dropping knowledge! Find out what the coaches had to say about their guys. Bill O'Brien on Lamar Miller, Andy Reid on Spencer Ware, Anthony Lynn on Melvin Gordon and more ... We do a QB comparison at the top of the show and decide if we prefer consistency or upside ... Reacting to shoulder surgeries for Cam Newton and Andrew Luck and the impending return of Martavis Bryant ... Your emails at
Mar 30, 2017
03/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: Marshawn Comeback!? Also, Coining a New Draft Strategy
If Marshawn Lynch were a Raider, he would be a Top ____ RB. Dave and Jamey tell you what they would expect from Lynch ... Adam tries to create a new draft strategy and name it after himself, but Dave and Jamey put him in his place ... More thoughts on last week's draft including our reaction to a team that drafted two TEs in the early rounds and a team that drafted Tony Romo without a backup QB ... Your emails at
Mar 21, 2017
03/16 Fantasy Football Podcast: Post-Free Agency Mock Draft
Now that Brandon Marshall, Eddie Lacy, Terrelle Pryor and so many other free agents have new teams, let's see where they ended up in our 12-team mock draft! ... RB or WR in the first round? We tell you the best way to decide ... Did Mike Evans lose value with the DeSean Jackson addition? When does the last of the potential #1 WRs get drafted? Is Lacy the best SEA RB to own? ... Email us at
Mar 16, 2017
03/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: Cooks, Pryor, O-Lines and More!
This can't be good for Brandin Cooks' Fantasy value, can it? Is it good for any Patriot other than Tom Brady? We talk about the effect this trade will have on both New England and New Orleans ... Is Terrelle Pryor a potentially elite WR now that he is a Redskin? Which teams did the most to upgrade their offensive lines? ... Brady or Brees? Brate or Bennett? Michael Thomas or Allen Robinson? ... Your emails at
Mar 13, 2017
03/10 Fantasy Football Podcast: Alshon, Browns, Osweiler & More
Any gain or loss in value for Alshon Jeffery as he joins the Eagles? What does this to do Jordan Matthews and Carson Wentz? And how about those Browns! ... We talked about the offensive linemen who are on the move and what to expect from Isaiah Crowell ... Values for Cameron Brate and Cameron Meredith and a revealing stat about Meredith's 2016 production ... Your emails at
Mar 10, 2017
03/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: Free Agency is Awesome
We love this time of year! Wide receivers are changing teams every other minute and Brian Hoyer and Mike Glennon could be starting quarterbacks! We're reacting to all of the news as it comes in ... Does every Giants wide receiver take a hit with the Brandon Marshall addition? Is Jack Doyle a Top 12 tight end? Is Jameis Winston a Top 8 quarterback? ... We talk about the offensive line additions, the 49ers moves, Torrey Smith to the Eagles, Kenny Britt to Cleveland, Robert Woods to the Rams for a lot of money and much more ... Email us at
Mar 09, 2017
03/02 Fantasy Football Podcast: Cooks Downgrade? Peterson or Charles?
With some running backs likely switching teams, we discuss which aging superstar - Adrian Peterson or Jamaal Charles - still has some fantasy relevance ... Is Brandin Cooks getting traded? How much would he fall in the rankings if he left New Orleans? Behind Keenan Allen? Jarvis Landry? ... Much more from around the NFL including Lamar Miller's workload and DeVante Parker's work ethic. Plus offseason wish lists for the NFC South and the NFC West ... Your emails at
Mar 02, 2017
02/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Top 3 WR Debate; News Galore; NFC North Wish List
Plenty to get to today as Adrian Peterson is a free agent, Antonio Brown has a new contract, Cleveland seems committed to Isaiah Crowell and there are some QBs in the news as well. We break it all down on today's show ... Is Brown the slam dunk #1 WR this year? Dave and Jamey debate the Top 3 ... NFC North Wish list! Is Jordan Howard in trouble if the Bears don't upgrade on offense? ... Your emails at
Feb 28, 2017
02/24 Fantasy Football Podcast: Wish Lists - AFC West and NFC East
Every NFC East team needs help at WR. How would that affect the relevant Fantasy options in New York, Dallas, Philadelphia and Washington? And which team needs a stud RB? ... What will Kansas City do at RB? Why should San Diego move on from Danny Woodhead? ... Our 2017 outlook for Adrian Peterson and more Julius Thomas talk ... Your emails at
Feb 24, 2017
02/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: Wish Lists - AFC North & South
Continuing our offseason wish lists, we look at the AFC North and the AFC South and look at a couple of young WRs who need bigger roles and a team that needs an upgrade at RB ... What could the Steelers possibly need? How about 16 games of Martavis Bryant? And where would DeAndre Hopkins be ranked if the Texans get a QB upgrade? ... Hey Commissioners, when should you be collecting payment from your league members? ... Email us at
Feb 21, 2017
02/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: AFC East Wish List; Latest News
We have our Fantasy wish list for the AFC East. Let's get the Bills a #2 WR. The Dolphins could use a TE. What about the Patriots and the Jets? ... Plenty of news to cover as the Giants released Victor Cruz and Rashad Jennings. Did this change our ranking of Paul Perkins? ... We're looking at the Cardinals passing game, Raiders running game and a reason why Carson Wentz may be underrated ... Your emails at
Feb 15, 2017
02/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: Mock Draft - RB/RB or Zero-RB?
In our latest 12-team, standard scoring mock draft we saw a number of different strategies. Adam, Dave, Heath and Jamey had consecutive picks yet all chose a different method for building their rosters. Let's take a look at what worked and what didn't ... Did Jamey's selection of RBs with his first two picks pay off? At what point does the WR depth drop off? ... Our thoughts on Kyle Shanahan in SF, the Steve Sarkisian hire and the DEN QB situation ... Email us at
Feb 08, 2017
02/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: What Just Happened!?
It's time for our Super Bowl thoughts and reactions. Did the Falcons choke or did the Patriots win it? What was going through our minds as the game unfolded? ... We're also talking Fantasy, of course, as we answer some offseason questions for the Patriots and Falcons. Which ATL RB will have better draft value next season? What is our enthusiasm level for Dion Lewis? ... Reacting to some Steelers news and some leftovers from last week ... Email us at
Feb 06, 2017
02/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Pro Bowl Interviews & Super Bowl Predictions!
Dave and Jamey caught up with Philip Rivers, Jordan Howard, Dez Bryant and many others at the Pro Bowl. Find out what they had to say and what it could mean for your Fantasy teams in 2017 ... We preview Super Bowl LI! Is anyone predicting an upset? ... Would you rather have Le'Veon Bell or your choice of Dalvin Cook or Leonard Fournette in a Dynasty League? ... Your emails at
Feb 01, 2017
01/26 Fantasy Football Podcast: Who is Next Year's ____ ? Plus, Dynasty Talk!
Who is next year's Matt Ryan? Jeremy Hill? Mike Evans? Zach Ertz? Michael Crabtree? Let's look at what we learned in 2016 and apply it to 2017 ... Does anyone believe in Ryan Tannehill anymore? Which direction is Todd Gurley's future headed? Which older QB is over the hill? ... Heath discusses his Dynasty QB rankings with a few QBs ahead of Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston ... Your emails at
Jan 26, 2017
01/23 Fantasy Football Podcast: GB & PIT Offseason Questions
Hey Green Bay and Pittsburgh fans, there's always next year! Let's look ahead to 2017 with some pressing Fantasy questions for two of the most exciting offenses in the NFL ... Why can't Big Ben play well on the road? Should we be concerned about Le'Veon Bell's workload? Are Randall Cobb and Jared Cook worth drafting next season? ... We take our first look at the Super Bowl and give some early predictions. Can we at least get a good game? ... Your emails at
Jan 23, 2017
01/18 Fantasy Football Podcast: 2017 Bold Predictions, Weekend DFS
Ameer Abdullah better than Melvin Gordon? Derrick Henry better than DeMarco Murray? Let's get some early bold predictions for 2017! ... Discussing potential spots for Tony Romo, a potential QB upgrade for the Browns and more news from around the NFL ... Setting a DFS lineup this week? We'll give you ours and help you win. Is Le'Veon Bell worth the money? Is Ben Roethlisberger a good bargain? ... Your emails at
Jan 18, 2017
01/17 Fantasy Football Podcast: 2017 Draft Questions; Amazing QB Play
Are we headed for the best QB matchup in Super Bowl history? We marvel at the play of Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers as we recap the weekend's action ... Ryan or Andrew Luck next year? Russell Wilson or Dak Prescott? Doug Baldwin or Brandin Cooks? ... Would hiring Chip Kelly as Offensive Coordinator give the Jaguars running game a boost? Did Tyreek Hill's playoff dud change his draft value? What do we expect from Lamar Miller next season? ... Your emails at
Jan 17, 2017
01/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: Win % Leaders, Coaching News, DFS Lineups!
Which players were on the most successful Fantasy rosters in 2016? Some of the names may surprise you, and there is a lesson to be learned about QBs ... Coaches are being hired left and right! Let's give our Fantasy reactions as Kirk Cousins will have a new Offensive Coordinator, Jacksonville will stick with Blake Bortles under a new coaching staff and the Chargers could be interesting next season ... Previewing the weekend with some DFS advice. Can you get Le'Veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliott in your lineup? ... Your emails at
Jan 13, 2017
01/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: Playoff Reaction; Surprises in the Top 12 at Each Position
The first round of playoff games gave us a lot to discuss as Thomas Rawls, Randall Cobb and Doug Baldwin were among the top performers. We're evaluating 2017 draft stock after last weekend's games ... Did you know Philip Rivers and Blake Bortles were both Top 7 QBs? Did you know T.Y. Hilton led the NFL in receiving yards? We discuss some finishes that surprised us in 2016 ... Exploring TD regression and Hunter Henry vs. Cameron Brate ... Your emails at
Jan 09, 2017
01/04 Fantasy Football Podcast: Early Mock Draft and Playoff DFS Advice
We're already drafting! We review our initial 2017 mock draft as Antonio Brown is the second WR off the board, Todd Gurley ends up in the Top 20 and the Round 5 RBs look pretty good ... Setting a Fantasy lineup for the NFL playoffs? We'll help you in DFS and Playoff Challenge formats ... Will the Giants keep the Packers in check this week? Do the Lions have a shot? Will the Raiders WRs fall into production? ... Your emails at
Jan 04, 2017
01/02 Fantasy Football Podcast: Recapping an Awesome 2016 Season
As the regular season comes to a close, we discuss the Top 5 finishers at each position. Aaron Rodgers had one of the best QB seasons in recent memory. Travis Kelce was great, but is he the #1 TE next year? ... How will coaching changes affect your Fantasy Football teams? Which Week 17 performers could carry some momentum into next season? And which teams will win this weekend's playoff games? ... Our thoughts on Jerick McKinnon, Rex Burkhead, Dion Lewis, Zach Zenner, Paul Perkins and more Week 17 standout RBs and what 2017 might look like for them ... Email us at
Jan 02, 2017
12/30 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit for Week 17!
We're reviewing Dave and Jamey's rankings at each position and finding the common ground and the major differences. Dave is higher on Darren Sproles and Todd Gurley. Jamey is higher on Thomas Rawls and DeAndre Hopkins ... Who are the must-starts and who are the questionable ones? Are Steve Smith and Larry Fitzgerald going to end this season (and possibly their careers) in style? ... There is an easy Top 5 at TE, but how do we rank Martellus Bennett, Delanie Walker and Charles Clay? And are there any other TEs we are excited about? ... Your emails at
Dec 30, 2016
12/29 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 17 Tough Calls; Doug Martin News
We're reacting to Doug Martin's suspension and more NFL news before we get into Start or Sit for Week 17. Plenty of tough calls (Jay Ajayi, Latavius Murray) and unknowns (Darren Sproles, Cam Newton) this week ... What are we doing with our Texans, Steelers, Cowboys and Giants? Who should we start over the usual must-starts? ... Ranking the replacements RBs, plus the QBs and WRs with tough matchups ... Your emails at
Dec 29, 2016
12/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Biggest Busts, Next Year's Top 6, Week 17 Update
Who was the biggest bust of 2016? Well, Todd Gurley looks like the winner, but let's not sell Allen Robinson and DeAndre Hopkins short. What went wrong with these guys? ... Dave and Jamey give their Top 6 players for 2017. How do we sort out the elite RBs? Is LeSean McCoy part of that group? Who do the listeners prefer? ... An update on which teams could be resting players in Week 17, and a look at the Most Added list ... Your emails and commissioner problems at
Dec 28, 2016
12/27 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire, Doug Martin Thoughts, Who is Sitting?
Well we had to wait until Week 17 to get a plethora of worthwhile running backs on the Waiver Wire. Should you add Alex Collins, DeAngelo Williams, Jacquizz Rodgers or Alfred Blue? And there are some other names to consider as well ... We tell you our favorite DSTs. Will the Steelers play enough starters to dominate the Browns? ... Charles Clay or Dennis Pitta? Matt Moore or Blake Bortles? Plus some AFC and NFC Power Rankings! ... Your hilarious emails at
Dec 27, 2016
12/26 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 16 Recap - Fantasy Bonzanza!
It was a high-scoring week, but also an injury-plauged week. We review the big news and the big plays from Week 17 including Adam Thielen's touchdowns, Jay Ajayi's third game with 200 rushing yards and plenty more ... How will the playoff scenarios impact your team in Week 17? Which players will have great draft value next season? ... Our takes on Doug Martin, Ty Montgomery, Dion Lewis, Allen Robinson, J.J. Nelson, etc. ... Your emails at fantasyfootball@cbsi and a super awesome Christmas-themed Fantasy Football Poem
Dec 26, 2016
12/24 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 16 Mailbag!
Adam and Jamey answer your questions and help you set your lineups. Let's win a championship!
Dec 24, 2016
12/23 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC) - Prolific Packers? Sit Your Cowboys?
With the Cowboys locking up the #1 seed in the NFC, are we avoiding them in our Fantasy lineups this week? Also, are Mike Evans, Jimmy Graham, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan automatic starts? ... Discussing the tricky RBs such as Doug Martin, Thomas Rawls, Rob Kelley and more ... Are there any Kickers to avoid this week? Which injured players are too beat up to trust? Plus our thoughts on NYG-PHI and Adam's sorcery ... Your emails at
Dec 23, 2016
12/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC) - Ware, Tyreek, Powell and More
We've got some tough calls to make in the Denver-Kansas City game, the Cincinnati-Houston game and several more. We discuss it on today's episode ... How do we feel about Jeremy Hill against a tough run defense? Rishard Matthews against Jacksonville? Will Derek Carr get it going this week? Is Donte Moncrief a good start? ... Start-O-Meter for several tricky players and plenty of important injury updates ... Your emails at
Dec 22, 2016
12/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: Rankings Disputes, Most Added, NYG-PHI
What to do with Todd Gurley, Amari Cooper, Ben Roethlisberger and Kirk Cousins this week? These are just a few of the names we are debating on today's show ... A look at the Most Added list which includes Ty Montgomery, Tyler Lockett and a few DSTs. Where would Montgomery be ranked as a RB this week? ... Reviewing playoff scenarios and Waiver Wire etiquette. Plus, we're previewing NYG-PHI in what could be a low-scoring game ... Your emails at
Dec 21, 2016
12/20 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire
Can Kenneth Farrow, Hunter Henry or Ted Ginn Jr. win you a Fantasy championship? We've got a lot of names for you to know this week as you make your Waiver claims ... Don't give up on Dontrelle Inman. Consider Cameron Meredith and even Chris Hogan. They are among several WRs who could help you in Week 16 ... Which QBs should you stream this week? There are a number of good DSTs and a few RBs to add ... Your emails at
Dec 20, 2016
12/19 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 15 Recap - Start Your Studs?
Some Fantasy owners wish they just started their studs. Tell that to the Tom Brady owner! We talk Fantasy philosophy on today's show ... Discussing DeAndre Hopkins, Ty Montgomery, Amari Cooper, Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins and so many more of the good and the bad from Week 15 ... When should Montgomery and Tyreek Hill be drafted next season? Who can you trust in Week 16? Is Dion Lewis a thing now? ... Your emails at
Dec 19, 2016
12/16 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC) - Trust GB? Sit all Lions?
Some bad weather and some tough matchups as we look at the NFC home games. The Colts could have trouble in Minnesota. TB-DAL could be a struggle and the weather could be a major factor in Chicago ... Start-O-Meter for Tevin Coleman, Davante Adams, Jameis Winston, Brandin Cooks and so many more ... Ranking Redskins and Saints WRs, wondering if Doug Martin, Jonathan Stewart and Rob Kelley are safe starts and recapping LA-SEA ... Your emails at
Dec 16, 2016
12/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC) - Powell, Farrow, Watkins and More
We're breaking down the 8 AFC home games on today's show with more questions about the Patriots passing game, the appeal of the Waiver Wire RBs, the awesomeness of the Bills this week and more ... How confident are we in Jay Ajayi? Chargers WRs? Ravens WRs? Ladarius Green in a great matchup? ... Is Adrian Peterson a must-add? Is Allen Robinson a must-sit? ... Email us at
Dec 15, 2016
12/14 Fantasy Football Podcast: Fantasy Feud, QB Decisions, LA-SEA
It's another fun-filled Wednesday show on Fantasy Football Today! Things get competitive as we play the Feud and look at some of the top performers over the last 3 weeks and throughout the season ... A lot of QB questions this week. Why are we worried about Marcus Mariota? Are we not worried enough about Andrew Luck and Drew Brees? Who would we start over those guys? ... Recapping the Waiver Wire activity and previewing LA-SEA. Any good starts in this game? ... Your emails at
Dec 14, 2016
12/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire! Help for Weeks 15 and 16
We know it's a tough week for QBs, so is there anyone other than Joe Flacco you should be picking up? ... Prioritizing Bilal Powell, Kenneth Farrow, Adrian Peterson, Kenneth Dixon if he's available and several more RBs. Dontrelle Inman leads the WR group, and the Waiver Wire DSTs are great this week ... Who should you pick up and stash for Week 16? Plus, our thoughts on BAL-NE ... Your emails at
Dec 13, 2016
12/12 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 14 Recap - QBs Stink!
The worst week of the season for QBs left us with some low-scoring Fantasy matchups. We discuss the Week 14 storylines including major RB injuries. Oh, and did anyone manage to beat the Le'Veon Bell owner? ... Predicting the best Fantasy WRs rest of season in Jacksonville, Minnesota and Washington, plus a look at the Week 14 leaderboard ... How concerned are we about Devonta Freeman? Mark Ingram? Russell Wilson? Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger on the road? ... Your emails at
Dec 12, 2016
12/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC), Start-O-Meter, Fliers to Consider
We're working overtime on today's extended episode to make sure you get the Start or Sit advice you need. We're covering all of the NFC home games plus two AFC home games we missed yesterday ... How comfortable are we starting Theo Riddick in standard? Antonio Gates? Brandon Marshall? Todd Gurley? Matt Ryan? ... Discussing how the weather might affect Fantasy production this weekend and recapping OAK-KC ... Email us at
Dec 09, 2016
12/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC Home Games) - Ajayi, Fitz, Brady and More
There are some iffy starts this week like Jay Ajayi, the Denver RBs and several players in the New England-Baltimore game. We tell you who to start and who to avoid ... Why we like Jeremy Hill, Ladarius Green and road Roethlisberger. Why we dislike Terrance West, Marcus Mariota and DeVante Parker ... Weather updates, plus players we're split on like Terrelle Pyror and Sammy Watkins ... Your emails at
Dec 08, 2016
12/07 Fantasy Football Podcast: Buy or Sell, OAK-KC, 2017 Draft Talk
Are there any safe starts in the Thursday night game? Spencer Ware hasn't been running well, the Raiders WRs have been a bit unpredictable, Oakland has improved against TEs and Derek Carr seems risky. But, you're still starting some of these guys ... We do some Buy or Sell with Jay Ajayi, Carlos Hyde, Vikings DST and plenty more ... Let's start talking about 2017. When would you draft Rob Gronkowski, Eddie Lacy and DeAndre Hopkins? ... Your emails at
Dec 07, 2016
12/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire for Weeks 14-16
We'll focus mostly on your Week 14 additions - Malcolm Mitchell, Ladarius Green, Charles Sims and more - but also spend some time toward the end of the show discussing who to stash for Weeks 15 and 16 ... Lions or Bengals DST this week? And if you can't get Green, which TE do we like? ... It's not a great week for QB or RB but there are some good stash candidates. We're also recapping last night's drubbing at MetLife Stadium ... Your emails at
Dec 06, 2016
12/05 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 13 Recap - Rockin' Ravens and Pedestrian Patriots
Are we buying the Ravens offense? Looking to pick up or start Ty Montgomery? Concerned about Tom Brady going forward? We answer these questions and plenty more on today's show ... Reacting to big games from Golden Tate, Ladarius Green and Terrance West while lamenting the struggles of the Saints, Tyrod Taylor and Colin Kaepernick ... A look at playoff matchups, who to add to your roster and who to consider benching ... Your emails at
Dec 05, 2016
12/02 Fantasy Football Podcast: Gronk Fallout, Start or Sit (NFC), Fantasy Ethics
A lot to talk about today, but of course we start with the Rob Gronkowski injury and what it means for Tom Brady, Malcolm Mitchell and Martellus Bennett. Plus, who are replacement options at TE? ... Previewing the NFC home games with our thoughts on Thomas Rawls, Spencer Ware, Theo Riddick, Tevin Coleman and a few other interesting RBs ... So much more Start or Sit advice, a question about Fantasy Football ethics, and our thoughts on DAL-MIN ... Your emails at
Dec 02, 2016
12/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Big Finishers, Start or Sit (AFC Home Games)
We asked you who you thought would have a big finish to the season, and now we'll give you our thoughts on Carlos Hyde, Rishard Matthews, Lamar Miller and many other suggested names ... Previewing the AFC home games as we discuss Frank Gore, all Jaguars, Todd Gurley, Eli Manning and others with tough matchups ... Why we like Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Hill, Kenneth Dixon and Mike Wallace this week ... Your emails at
Dec 01, 2016
11/30 Fantasy Football Podcast: Playoff Prep, DAL-MIN, Add/Drops
It's time look ahead and figure out which players and DSTs need to be stashed for your Fantasy playoffs. We're going to pick on the Browns, for sure ... Any interesting add/drops from yesterday? We discuss some intriguing moves ... Previewing Dallas-Minnesota and wondering if Dak Prescott and Dez Bryant are safe starts and if Stefon Diggs will have a big game ... Your emails at
Nov 30, 2016
11/29 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire!
Exciting WR options this week, and we help you prioritize Malcolm Mitchell, Tyreek Hill, Taylor Gabriel, Marquess Wilson, Quincy Enunwa and more ... Are there any QBs other than Colin Kaepernick worth adding? Make sure you get your handcuff RBs this week ... Of course we talk TEs and DSTs to stream, plus our thoughts on GB-PHI ... Your emails at
Nov 29, 2016
11/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 12 Recap, Willie Snead Arguments (for some reason)
Recapping a high-scoring Week 12 which featured big performances from Tyreek Hill, Taylor Gabriel and Malcolm Mitchell among others. Which performances were legit? ... Do the Patriots have three useless (for Fantasy) RBs now? Are Jay Ajayi and Frank Gore still reliable? Why are we so fired up about Willie Snead? ... Thoughts on some Week 12 duds like Brandin Cooks, Thomas Rawls and Sterling Shepard ... Your emails at
Nov 28, 2016
11/25 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC Home Games), Thanksgiving Recap
We're back from stuffing our faces on Thanksgiving to preview five NFC home games and review yesterday's action. Are there any reliable DET starters? Should we be worried about Kirk Cousins' upcoming matchups? ... We are comparing football players to Thanksgiving dishes. Will Devonta Freeman, Rishard Matthews, Thomas Rawls and others be more like a gross green bean casserole or an awesome piece of corn bread (don't worry, we'll explain!)? ... WRs with tough matchups, some players to stash for next week and much more ... Your emails at
Nov 25, 2016
11/24 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC Home Games) and Thanksgiving Food Chatter
We've got eight AFC home games to discuss and some tricky Start or Sit decisions involving Matt Forte, Spencer Ware, Martellus Bennett, Emmanuel Sanders, Chris Ivory and many more ... Will Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin get on track this week? Is Derek Carr ranked too low? ... Who are we sitting for Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Tannehill? Are there any Bengals worth starting? Is Rashad Jennings trustworthy? ... Your emails at
Nov 24, 2016
11/23 Fantasy Football Podcast: Playoff Prep and Thanksgiving Previews
We're looking ahead to the Fantasy playoffs and talking matchups. Should owners of Tom Brady (@DEN), Andrew Luck (@MIN) and Drew Brees (@ARI) be making alternate plans in Week 15? ... Last-minute buy low and sell high advice. Are we still loving the Chargers rest of season? Are we nervous about the Titans? Which players have interesting matchups going forward? ... Previewing every Thanksgiving game! Are we sitting all Colts? ... Email us at
Nov 23, 2016
11/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire, Drop-O-Meter
Who to add and who to drop for Fantasy Week 12! RB injuries could make this a tricky week, so which replacement RB should be your priority? ... Brandon LaFell or Tyler Boyd? DeSean Jackson or Pierre Garcon? C.J. Fiedorowicz or Zach Ertz? ... It's a great week for DSTs and there are some decent QB options as well. We're also looking ahead to the Fantays playoffs ... Your emails at
Nov 22, 2016
11/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 11 Recap, Injury Replacements
A.J. Green, Giovani Bernard, C.J. Prosise, LeSean McCoy and the Eagles RBs are beat up. We'll tell you who loses and who stands to benefit in Fantasy ... Are Jay Ajayi and Spencer Ware no longer must-starts? Will we get some clarity on the Patriots backfield? How good are the Redskins? ... Our thoughts on each game, plus a look at how the Zero RB strategy may have worked this year ... Your emails at
Nov 21, 2016
11/18 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit Part 2, Cam Problems, Nintendo-Themed Start-O-Meter
We've got a lot for you on today's show including updated concerns for Jay Ajayi owners, how to approach the Seahawks, Eagles and Patriots running backs and all of the Start or Sit advice you can handle! ... We're comparing some football players to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out characters. It's interesting, to say the least ... Our thoughts on NO-CAR, DFS advice, TEs and DSTs to stream and much more ... Your emails at
Nov 18, 2016
11/17 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (Part 1), Backfield Breakdowns
With Christine Michael headed to Green Bay, we're looking at several murky backfields and predicting what the future holds ... Start or Sit for the AFC home games, plus a couple of NFC home games along the way. How confident are we in Derek Carr, Lamar Miller, Todd Gurley, outdoor Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Rogers? ... Will Rishard Matthews and Tyreek Hill come through this week? Which Packers WR will see Josh Norman? Is Doug Martin set for a big game? ... Your emails at
Nov 17, 2016
11/16 Fantasy Football Podcast: Trade Talk, Commissioner Problems
The buy low/sell high window is closing, so we've got some players for you to target before your trade deadline arrives. What should you give up for DeAndre Hopkins or Doug Martin? Is Stefon Diggs a sell high? ... Check out the Packers playoff schedule. It could be brutal! Should you sell your Packers? ... Previewing New Orleans-Carolina and answering your Commissioner questions! We're talking trade vetoes, keeper league trade restrictions and more ... Your emails at
Nov 16, 2016
11/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire! Drop Alshon?
With the big Rob Gronkowski and Alshon Jeffery news, Fantasy owners need to hit the Waiver Wire. We've got the names you need to know in both shallow and deep leagues ... Rawls or Prosise? Lewis or Starks? Brate or Ebron? Woods or Garcon? ... Second half potential for Michael Floyd, Eli Rogers, DeVante Parker and more plus some TEs and DSTs to stream ... Your emails at
Nov 15, 2016
11/14 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 10 Recap - The #1 RB Next Year Is ...
After some tremendous RB performances in Week 10, we're wondering who the #1 RB will be in 2017. Zeke? Bell? Johnson? Murray? ... Recapping the big stuff from Sunday including Marcus Mariota's big day, Ryan Mathews' comeback, duds from Brandon Marshall and DeAndre Hopkins, C.J. Prosise's role and your Sunday leaders ... Rest of season rankings for Tyrell Williams, Jordy Nelson, Allen Robinson, LeGarrette Blount and many more ... Your emails at
Nov 14, 2016
11/11 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC); Fliers Worth Taking; CLE-BAL Recap
Looking at the NFC home games, how will the Broncos match up with the Saints? Is Cam Newton a must-start? Is Darren Sproles a legit RB2 this week and are we back to trusting Zach Ertz? ... Backfield breakdowns for NO, DEN, SF, TB and more ... We talk about some players who are available in your leagues and may be worth taking a shot on. We're also reviewing CLE-BAL ... Your emails at
Nov 11, 2016
11/10 Fantasy Football Podcast: Rankings Discrepancies, Schedule Analysis
We've got rankings discrepancies for Julian Edelman, Jarvis Landry and several others. Let's debate! ... Dave, Jamey and Heath tell you who they like in the AFC home game slate (plus CIN-NYG). Keep an eye on Rishard Matthews, Marcus Mariota and Eli Rogers ... Should we start all Packers WRs? Will the SEA-NE game be a high-scoring affair? Is Prime Time Andy Dalton going to make an appearance this week? ... Your emails at
Nov 10, 2016
11/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: Name That Player! Also Buy Low, Sell High
It's the Wednesday trade show as we discuss the trade values of Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Tevin Coleman, Tyrell Williams, Dez Bryant and many more ... The guys test their Fantasy knowledge with a game of Name That Player and give you their favorite Buy Low and Sell High candidates ... A look at the Most Added list and a CLE-BAL preview ... Your emails at
Nov 09, 2016
11/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire and Who to Drop
It's a fairly exciting Waiver Wire week if you're looking for players to stash. If you're looking for players to start, that's a different story ... Joe Flacco or Jay Cutler? Paul Perkins or James Starks? John Brown or Steve Smith? ... The TE options are pretty solid with Zach Miller leading the way. You also need to know who to drop, so we've got the Drop-O-Meter! Plus we're recapping BUF-SEA ... Your emails at
Nov 08, 2016
11/07 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 9 Recap - Melvin Gordon is Good
After we take our Melvin Gordon medicine we're reviewing what you need to know from Week 9. Our thoughts on the Saints running backs, Packers offense, struggling Broncos and more ... Jay Ajayi or Melvin Gordon? Sterling Shepard or Willie Snead? Chris Ivory or Paul Perkins? Jordy Nelson or Michael Thomas? ... Winners and losers, thoughts on each game, Dez Bryant's weird day and more ... Email us at
Nov 07, 2016
11/04 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC Home Games); Best Stashes
After we recap ATL-TB and tell you who to pick up now before it's too late, we dive into the NFC home games including what could be a fun one in Green Bay ... Darren Sproles, Russell Wilson, Todd Gurley and all of the Lions will be tricky for Fantasy owners this week ... Ranking the Packers WRs, the Saints WRs and discussing what to do if LeSean McCoy and Carlos Hyde don't play ... Your emails at
Nov 04, 2016
11/03 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC Home Games)
Jay Ajayi against the best run defense, the Raiders against the best pass defense, a hobbled Ben Roethlisberger and many more tricky decisions for Week 9 ... Are we ready to start Charcandrick West? Allen Robinson? Isaiah Crowell? Terrance West? These are just a few of the names we're covering today ... TEs and DSTs to stream and RBs who may start to see more work ... Your emails at
Nov 03, 2016
11/02 Fantasy Football Podcast: Trade Talk and Rest of Season Rankings
We're halfway through the season and now we're looking ahead. Who will lead the Saints in carries? Do the Raiders have two Top 10 WRs going forward? Is James White going to lose his job to Dion Lewis? ... Why you should stash Sammie Coates, Ladarius Green, Paul Perkins and more ... We're talking Buy Low/Sell High and previewing ATL-TB. Are we concerned about this game being on a Thursday? ... Your emails at
Nov 02, 2016
11/01 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire! Backup RBs Galore
Charcandrick West, Tim Hightower and Buccaneers and 49ers RBs could be hot waiver wire pickups this week, but should you break the bank for any of them? ... Why you might need Ryan Tannehill and Josh McCown this week and why Kenny Britt, Corey Coleman and Ladarius Green should be considered ... We of course talk about the best players to stash, QBs for Week 10 and our favorite DSTs this week ... Your emails at
Nov 01, 2016
10/31 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 8 Recap and Best Horror Movies of All-Time
Much to discuss from Week 8 including big games from Mohamed Sanu, J.J. Nelson and Derek Carr and fumble problems for Ryan Mathews and Mark Ingram ... Is Robert Kelley worth owning with tough matchups coming up? Do we expect Cam Newton, DeAndre Hopkins and Jordy Nelson to be productive rest of season? ... We've got your favorite horror movies and our thoughts on every game ... Email us at
Oct 31, 2016
10/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC Home Games); JAC-TEN Recap
There could be a lot of offense this week in the NFC home games. Are we starting four Packers WRs and three Saints WRs? Is Carson Palmer safe to start, and what about an injured Russell Wilson? ... Thoughts on Knile Davis, Jacquizz Rodgers, Mark Ingram and RBs who could be in play this week like Mike Gillislee and Rob Kelley ... We're recapping last night's game and talking about Kendall Wright, Allen Robinson and the rest from Thursday ... Your emails at
Oct 28, 2016
10/27 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC Home Games); Broncos RBs
With C.J. Anderson out with a knee injury, what is Devontae Booker's value rest of season? Will he be better than Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon and Jay Ajayi? ... Looking at the AFC home games, we're looking at which QBs to start over Philip Rivers, what to expect from Melvin Gordon in a tough matchup, why we like the Texans and much more ... Are we ready to start Tyler Eifert and Donte Moncrief? Who are some players in deep leagues that could help their Fantasy owners? ... Your emails at
Oct 27, 2016
10/26 Fantasy Football Podcast: Best Playoff Matchups, Favorite Trade Targets, JAC-TEN
We've got a lot to cover on today's episode. Dave, Jamey and Heath give their favorite buy low and sell high candidates, plus a preseason prediction they wish they could take back ... Who has the best matchups in the Fantasy playoffs? There is one team that stands out ... Looking ahead to bye week replacements in Weeks 9 and 10, previewing JAC-TEN and talking rest of season value for several key players ... Your emails at
Oct 26, 2016
10/25 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire, Ajayi Trades, Dropometer
It's not a great week for Waiver Wire adds, but we still have some names for you to consider. Obviously we're looking at Green Bay's WRs, anyone playing Cleveland and some enticing DSTs ... Who are the long term stashes we like? Paul Perkins? Kenneth Dixon? Make sure you get Donte Moncrief ... We review last night's game, discuss the Denver RBs and tell you who to drop. Oh, and it's Team Name Tuesday! ... Your emails at
Oct 25, 2016
10/24 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 7 Recap - Ajayi over Gurley?
Jay Ajayi dominated for a second straight week while Todd Gurley and Allen Robinson owners were left frustrated. We cover all the major topics and the underrated storylines as well ... Should you give up on good players having bad years like Eli Manning, Carson Palmer and DeSean Jackson? ... Winners (Spencer Ware, Latavius Murray), losers (Matt Jones, Jerick McKinnon) and thoughts on each game ... Your emails at
Oct 24, 2016
10/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC Home Games); Is GB Back?
We're reacting to the Packers offensive output (no big plays!?) and wondering if they're back, if Ty Montgomery is their starting RB and if Jordy Nelson is a Top 12 WR going forward ... Start or Sit Christine Michael, Doug Baldwin, Kyle Rudolph, Todd Gurley and the Eagles? All have tough matchups ... Who we like and dislike in the NFC slate, plus the latest news ... Your emails at
Oct 21, 2016
10/20 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC Home Games); RB Replacements
With some key injuries at the RB position how much do we like Jacquizz Rodgers, the SF backfield and potentially Mike Gillislee this week? ... Looking at every AFC home game and discussing if Fantasy owners should start any Texans, any Jaguars RBs or Raiders RBs, all Bengals and all Bills ... Patriots passing game, Drew Brees on the road, Jay Ajayi's encore and more ... Your emails at
Oct 20, 2016
10/19 Fantasy Football Podcast: Trade Talk, Packers and Chiefs RBs, Jamey's 40th Birthday!!!
It's an exciting day on the Fantasy Football Today Podcast as Jamey turns 40. We're reading some of your favorite Jamey Eisenberg moments dating all the way back to 2008 ... We wonder if Fantasy owners should sell high on any high-volume RBs like Christine Michael or Melvin Gordon. Who are some good buy low candidates right now? ... Previewing CHI-GB and discussing what we expect from Knile Davis going forward ... Your emails at
Oct 19, 2016
10/18 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire -Who to Add and Drop
Jay Ajayi, Cameron Meredith, Hunter Henry and Kenny Britt will be popular adds this week. Who else should you be looking at? And how much FAAB should you spend? ... We're also telling you who to drop this week. Any Redskins? Carson Palmer? Kenneth Dixon? Jeremy Maclin? Arian Foster? ... Need a Kicker, DST or a player for a deeper league? We've got some names for you ... Your emails at
Oct 18, 2016
10/17 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 6 Recap - Big Ben Injury, Chiefs Backfield
What happens to the Steelers WRs if Ben Roethlisberger misses multiple games? What's going on in the Chiefs backfield?... Plenty of good news to talk about as Jay Ajayi, Cameron Meredith, Lamar Miller, Brandin Cooks, Kenny Britt and Tom Brady were awesome. We'll tell you about the Week 6 winners ... We're also talking Week 6 losers including Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers, Seahawks WRs and many more ... Your emails at
Oct 17, 2016
10/14 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC Home Games); C.J. Anderson Concerns
What happened to C.J. Anderson? Is Devontae Booker going to be better than Anderson going forward? And how about Hunter Henry! ... We look at Atlanta's tough matchup, tricky quarterback calls, Jonathan Stewart's chance for a big day and plenty more ... Thoughts on Alshon Jeffery, Lions RBs, Dez Bryant and the rest from the NFC home games ... Your emails at
Oct 14, 2016
10/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC Home Games); Latest News
It's Jamaal Charles week! What do we expect from the Chiefs backfield? And why is Alex Smith worth starting this week? We're tackling KC-OAK and the rest of the AFC home games ... Tough calls on Sammie Coates, Isaiah Crowell and Patriots pass catchers. Easier calls on Lamar Miller and Jeremy Maclin ... We discuss the latest news on Eric Decker, Ladarius Green and Jordan Reed ... Your emails at
Oct 13, 2016
10/12 Fantasy Football Podcast: Fantasy Feud, First Round Busts, DEN-SD
We are playing the Feud for the first time this season! Heath and Chris will duke it out for bragging rights ... We try to help you make trades on our Wednesday shows, so today we look at first round busts and determine who is most likely to turn things around ... Discussing Odell Beckham Jr., Todd Gurley, DeAndre Hopkins, Melvin Gordon, Carlos Hyde, Michael Floyd and so many more, and previewing DEN-SD ... Your emails at
Oct 12, 2016
10/11 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire
More Chris Hogan and Sammie Coates talk, plus players to target in deeper leagues like Cameron Meredith and Davante Adams ... It's not a great week for Waiver Wire RBs, but there are some good stash candidates like Bilal Powell and Devontae Booker. Can Cameron Artis-Payne give you another good week? ... Your best streaming options at each position including DST, and more on the Melvin Gordon trade hype ... Your emails at
Oct 11, 2016
10/10 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 5 Recap
Why are Heath and Chris so adamant about selling Melvin Gordon? Is anyone still trying to buy low on Lamar Miller? How pumped are we about Sammie Coates and Chris Hogan? ... What's wrong with C.J. Anderson and Jeremy Hill? How good can Jordan Howard be? ... Reviewing every game with our thoughts on backfield splits, the Packers disappointing offense, the Patriots awesome offense and the Giants lousy offense ... Your emails at
Oct 10, 2016
10/07 Fantasy Football Podcast: Breaking Down Every Game!
We're back! We return from our Hurricane Matthew hiatus to break down every game and tell you who we like and dislike ... It's Bonanza time again! What game will Adam ruin this week? How do we feel about Matt Forte? Brian Hoyer? DeAndre Hopkins? All of the Falcons? ... Looking at the backfields for the Ravens, Eagles, Raiders and many more, plus good WR and TE streaming options ... Email us at
Oct 07, 2016
10/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: No Podcast today due to Hurricane Matthew
We apologize to our loyal listeners, but unfortunately Hurricane Matthew has closed our Ft. Lauderdale offices and we will be unable to record a Podcast today. It also seems unlikely that we'll be back tomorrow. We appreciate your understanding and we'll be back as soon as we can!
Oct 06, 2016
10/05 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 5 Start or Sit!
We're getting an early jump on Start or Sit this week to help you set your lineups. We've got advice and recommendations for each position and a look at good and bad matchups ... Is there any way you can sit Julio Jones this week? Probably not, but that may not be the case for Terrelle Pryor, DeAndre Hopkins and Stefon Diggs ... How much do we like Terrance West, Jordan Howard, Carlos Hyde and Jeremy Hill this week? Which backfields are we avoiding? ... We do some rest of season rankings at RB and WR ... Your emails at
Oct 05, 2016
10/04 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire; Beckham Concerns?
It's a good week for Waiver Wire QBs as Carson Wentz and Brian Hoyer could help your Fantasy team. How about Derek Anderson??? ... Rest of season outlooks (and FAAB considerations) for Terrance West, Kenneth Dixon, James White and Bilal Powell. And which RBs will help you this week? ... Steve Smith and Quincy Enunwa are fairly obvious, but what about Dontrelle Inman and Brice Butler? And will Hunter Henry be a dud when Antonio Gates returns? Also, thoughts on NYG-MIN! ... Your emails at
Oct 04, 2016
10/03 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 4 Recap
Everything from DeSean Jackson to Todd Gurley to Amari Cooper and more! We're recapping what you need to know from Week 4 ... Winners and losers, players to add and players to drop. Are we done with Golden Tate? What's our take on the Cardinals WRs? Is Jordan Howard legit? ... Thoughts on DeAndre Hopkins, Lamar Miller, Ben Roethlisberger, Jamaal Charles, Terrelle Pryor and so many more ... Your emails at
Oct 03, 2016
09/30 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC Home Games); Odell or A.J.?
Adam takes his medicine at the top of the show after A.J. Green goes off on Thursday night, but we're also discussing disappointing games from Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard ... Are Dwayne Washington, Jordan Howard, Charles Sims and Isaiah Crowell better starts than Todd Gurley this week? ... We of course discuss every position and every game and give you some Waiver Wire guys you could plug in your lineup this week. Plus, our thoughts on the Josh Gordon news ... Your emails at
Sep 30, 2016
09/29 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC Home Games); Dez News
What do you do with RBs that could get a lot of work but have brutal matchups? We discuss Matt Forte, Christine Michael and others who fit that description ... Breaking down each AFC home game and wondering if we should trust Joe Flacco, Travis Benjamin, Latavius Murray, Allen Hurns, Julian Edelman and many more ... What does the Dez Bryant injury mean in Dallas and should you add Quincy Enunwa immediately? ... Your emails at
Sep 29, 2016
09/28 Fantasy Football Podcast: Top 5 Rest of Season and "Buy High" Candidates
We know about buying low and selling high, but what about buying high? Which players who are off to great starts can keep it up going forward? ... We give our Top 5 players rest of season. Is Le'Veon Bell #1? Is he outside the Top 5!? And what about Rob Gronkowski? ... Discussing the rest of season values for DeMarco Murray, Melvin Gordon, Sterling Shepard, Matt Forte, John Brown, Eli Manning and many more. And we grade your trades! ... Your emails at
Sep 28, 2016
09/27 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire and Fleener Fleener Fleener!
Jordan Howard is the prize on the waiver wire this week, but who else needs to be added? We look at each position and talk about Week 4 plays and long-term stashes ... We discuss Jimmy Graham, Kyle Rudolph, Terrelle Pryor, Kenneth Dixon, Cole Beasley, Kenyan Drake and so many more ... Any concerns about Julio Jones and Brandin Cooks? Is Coby Fleener back? Also, Ezekiel Elliott or Todd Gurley rest of season? ... Your emails at
Sep 27, 2016
09/26 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 3 Recap
Are the Packers back? Is Carson Wentz a must-add? Is Kirk Cousins any good and is everything just fine for Todd Gurley owners? We answer those questions and much more as we recap Week 3 ... Breaking out the Dropometer for Randall Cobb, Golden Tate, Tyler Lockett and a few others ... Our thoughts on each game, TE streaming options, Latavius Murray's carries and Kelvin Benjamin's weird day ... Email us at
Sep 26, 2016
09/23 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC Home Games); Lamar Miller Concerns?
Russell Wilson and the rest of the Seahawks are looking at a great situation with the 49ers in town, but are we ready to start them? And will Green Bay's offense finally show up? We're previewing every NFC home game on today's show ... Reasons to start Eric Ebron and Christine Michael. Reasons to sit Randall Cobb and DeSean Jackson. Tough calls on Todd Gurley and Charles Sims ... We recap HOU-NE and discuss Lamar Miller's struggles and LeGarrette Blount's dominance ... Your emails at
Sep 23, 2016
09/22 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC Home Games); Vikings RBs
Before we get into Start or Sit, let's look at the Vikings backfield with updated Adrian Peterson news. How good will Jerick McKinnon be. Also, is Phillip Dorsett a must-add player now? ... Can you trust A.J. Green against Denver? How about Michael Crabtree, Isaiah Crowell, Travis Benjamin and Travis Kelce? ... Breaking down all seven AFC home games plus ATL-NO on Monday night ... Your emails at
Sep 22, 2016
09/21 Fantasy Football Podcast: Worryometer Wednesday, Buy Low Candidates, HOU-NE
Is Eddie Lacy a good buy low candidate, or will he continue to disappoint? Are we convinced that Allen Robinson and Mark Ingram will turn things around? And is Russell Wilson ready to bust out of this slump? ... We're also recommending players to sell high and discussing the latest RB injuries. How good will Dwayne Washington be? Any reason to add Dexter McCluster? ... Previewing HOU-NE, looking at the Most Added list and breaking out the Worryometer! ... Your emails at
Sep 21, 2016
09/20 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire - Don't Overspend on RBs
Jerick McKinnon, Fozzy Whittaker, Dwayne Washington and Matt Asiata headline the waiver wire this week, but how good will these guys be? Are you better off adding the under-the-radar RBs? ... Is DeVante Parker a must-add? What about Tyrell Williams, Mike Wallace, Cole Beasley and Quincy Enunwa? ... More from each position, plus DSTs and kickers to add and a recap of PHI-CHI ... Your emails at
Sep 20, 2016
09/19 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 2 Recap, RB Injuries :(
So many RB injuries this week! We give our quick takes on each situation and discuss which replacements will have the best opportunities. Whittaker or Artis-Payne? McKinnon or Asiata? ... Winners and losers from Week 2! Are we concerned about Todd Gurley and the Packers offense? Buying into Mike Wallace and DeVante Parker? ... We discuss each game and give you some trade targets. How are we feeling about Odell Beckham, Melvin Gordon and Coby Fleener right now? ... Your emails at
Sep 19, 2016
09/16 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC Home Games); NYJ-BUF Recap
Is it time to sell high on Matt Forte, or are you better off keeping Forte and stashing Bilal Powell? What's up with this Quincy Enunwa guy!? ... Can you justify sitting Todd Gurley, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Randall Cobb and Carlos Hyde this week? ... Our thoughts on every NFC home game and a surprise bonanza pick! ... Your emails at
Sep 16, 2016
09/15 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC Home Games)
Breaking down every AFC home game and Eagles-Bears on Monday night. Who are we starting this week? ... Why we don't love the Colts WRs, any Dolphins, and Bengals and Chargers RBs ... Start or Sit Andrew Luck? Emmanuel Sanders? Eli Rogers? Travis Benjamin? T.J. Yeldon? ... Your emails at
Sep 15, 2016
09/14 Fantasy Football Podcast: Let's Talk Trade! Also Most Added and NYJ-BUF
It's our Wednesday trade show! What should Fantasy owners do with Spencer Ware and DeAngelo Williams? Is Todd Gurley a good buy low candidate now, or should you wait a few weeks? Who else do we want to buy low? ... Talking Coby Fleener, Melvin Gordon, Ameer Abdullah, TB's upcoming schedule and more ... Looking at the Most Added list and previewing NYJ-BUF. Start or Sit Sammy Watkins? ... Your emails at
Sep 14, 2016
09/13 Fantasy Football Podcast: Waiver Wire
A lot of WRs to consider this week, so we help you prioritize Tajae Sharpe, Will Fuller, Mohamed Sanu, Eli Rogers, Tyrell Williams, Victor Cruz and more ... Is Carson Wentz worth stashing? How should you replace Zach Ertz? Which DSTs should you stream this week? ... We discuss Gary Barnidge's value, which players you should drop and last night's games ... Your emails at
Sep 13, 2016
09/12 Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 1 Recap, Allen Replacements
So you lost Keenan Allen, what do you do now? We've got plenty of WR replacements to consider including Will Fuller, Travis Benjamin, Tajae Sharpe and players to target in deeper leagues like Cole Beasley and Tyrell Williams ... We react to disappointing performances from Adrian Peterson, Ezekiel Elliott, Dez Bryant and Devonta Freeman ... Winners and losers plus our thoughts on each game ... Your emails at
Sep 12, 2016
09/09 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (NFC Home Games), C.J. Anderson!
Ryan Mathews or Christine Michael? Rashad Jennings or Jarvis Landry? Carson Palmer or Derek Carr? We're breaking down the NFC home games on today's episode ... What to do with Michael Crabtree, Vincent Jackson, John Brown, Carlos Hyde and many other questionable starters ... Hey how about C.J. Anderson! What else stood out from yesterday's game? ... Your emails at
Sep 09, 2016
09/08 Fantasy Football Podcast: Start or Sit (AFC Home Games); Most Added
Before we break down the AFC home games we take a look at the Most Added list which features a couple of Ravens RBs, a couple of rookie WRs and three TEs with similar upside ... Do we feel good about any Chargers this week? Are we ready to put Will Fuller and Marvin Jones in our lineups? Who are some Week 1 sleepers? ... Reasons to like Matt Forte, T.J. Yeldon and Spencer Ware. Reasons to dislike Antonio Gates and Jeremy Maclin ... Your emails at
Sep 08, 2016
09/07 Fantasy Football Podcast: Bold Predictions, CAR-DEN, Buy or Sell
One more day until football! Let's be bold on today's show. We've got our bold predictions about Bengals RBs, AFC West WRs, Giants WRs and much more ... We play Buy or Sell and discuss Christine Michael, Spencer Ware, Matthew Stafford, Jameis Winston, etc. ... Previewing Carolina-Denver and wondering if we feel comfortable starting any Panthers. Can you really justify sitting Cam Newton? What about DeMaryius Thomas and C.J. Anderson? ... Your emails at
Sep 07, 2016
09/06 Fantasy Football Podcast: ADP Risers, Upside Plays, Latest News
If you're looking for upside, you'll love today's episode! We discuss our favorite lottery tickets and best upside based on Average Draft Position ... Speaking of ADP, which players are moving up? Melvin Gordon makes sense, but why is Rashad Jennings a riser? And has recent optimism about Jordy Nelson moved him up draft boards? ... All the latest news on Ravens running backs, Jamaal Charles, Kelvin Benjamin and many more ... Your emails at
Sep 06, 2016
09/03 Fantasy Football Podcast: Live REAL Draft!
This is not a mock. This is the real deal! Follow along as we pick in our 12-Team, PPR draft ... Different strokes for different folks as one owner goes Zero RB, one owner takes two running backs with his first two picks and one owner reaches for a tight end early ... Interesting spots for Le'Veon Bell, Jordy Nelson, Tyler Lockett, Doug Martin and so many more ... Email us at
Sep 03, 2016