Have a New Kid by Friday with Dr. Kevin Leman

By Dr. Kevin Leman: NY Times Best Selling Author

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Laugh and Learn about parenting from Dr. Leman as he answers real parents questions as well as addressing parenting skills

Episode Date
We don’t have much money, but my daughter is furious that she can’t dress like other kids. (Episode 223)
Concert tickets, new phones, designer jeans–what happens when you child wants something that you cannot afford? Dr. Leman speaks on how to respond to your kid’s desires and reasons that...
Jun 12, 2018
My kids and I are always angry, how do we stop it? – Ask Dr. Leman 103 (Episode 222)
It’s time for another Ask Dr. Leman, “My kids and I are always angry, how do we stop it?” In today’s episode, Dr. Leman discusses the cause of your child’s...
Jun 05, 2018
Don’t Major in the Minors (Episode 221)
It’s easy to get caught up in the little things of your child’s life–music tastes, orderliness, outfit choices, hairstyles… In today’s episode, Dr. Leman discusses the most important value in...
May 29, 2018
Ask Dr. Leman 102 – My daughter is smart, but won’t do her school work or be organized. (Episode 220)
It’s time for another Ask Dr. Leman, “My daughter is smart, but won’t do her school work or be organized.” Today’s episode focuses on how to deal with disorganized children...
May 22, 2018
How Do We Finish the School Year Well? (Episode 219)
It’s May, and school is wrapping up. How was your child’s school year? Now is the time to evaluate your child’s education. Dr. Leman dives into the question –...
May 15, 2018
What’s next after my 5 year kicked a hole in the door and wall? – Ask Dr. Leman 101 (Episode 218)
It’s time for another ask Dr. Leman. “What’s next after my 5 year kicked a hole in the door and wall?” In this episode, Dr. Leman provides his insight on...
May 08, 2018
Welcome Back; My Kid is so Sensitive (Episode 217)
Welcome back to an ALL NEW Season with Dr. Leman! “My kid is SO sensitive.” If you feel that your child melts down easily or you feel like you’re constantly...
May 01, 2018
How to Help Your Kids Find a Purpose in Their Life (Episode 216)
Kids grow up fast, and maybe you are at the point where you are helping your teen find a focus and direction for their lives. Are you wondering how to...
Aug 08, 2017
Unstoppable Bad Behavior; Video Game Lying- Ask Dr. Leman 100 (Episode 215)
What do you do when my eight year old daughter already has friendship problems? How do you deal with a 16 year old who argues with everything you decide? Listen...
Aug 01, 2017
How to Evade the Comparison Trap (Episode 214)
Are you stuck in a comparison cycle? Have your kids gotten caught up in the comparison game? “Tommy has a new phone!” “They have a bigger house.” “The Joneses are...
Jul 25, 2017
Secret Church Attending; Biting Child- Ask Dr. Leman 99 (Episode 213)
Is your teen being drawn into a cult? What do you do? Is your seven year old son’s hysterical violent outburst too aggressive for you to deal with? You asked...
Jul 18, 2017
Can a Father Go to Far with Hugs and Kisses? (Episode 212)
Affection? How much? What is appropriate? Do you have questions similar to these? If so, Dr. Leman will answer them on today’s episode! LISTEN HERE You love to snuggle and...
Jul 11, 2017
Parenting as a Stepmother; Screaming Professional- Ask Dr. Leman 98 (Episode 211)
Are you a step-parent who is fighting for respect? Is the relationship with this child putting strain on your relationship with your spouse? Do you have a child who loves...
Jul 04, 2017
The Three Cultural Forces Fighting Against You (Episode 210)
Jun 27, 2017
Spouse Not Parenting; Anger in Parenting- Ask Dr. Leman 97 (Episode 209)
Do you ever feel like you are the lone parent working to raise your kids? Are all of Dr. Leman’s techniques great, except that you cannot figure out how to...
Jun 20, 2017
How Do You Tell Your Kids You Are In Financial Trouble? (Episode 208)
It can be really hard to admit to your family that you are between a hard spot and a rock financially. How do you have the hard discussion with them?...
Jun 13, 2017
Threatens to Kill Themselves; 5 Only Dresses Her Way- Ask Dr. Leman 96 (Episode 207)
Have you ever had your 9 year-old threaten to kill himself? How about your 5 year-old refusing to wear the clothes you buy her? How should a parent deal with...
Jun 06, 2017
How Do You Introduce Your Kids to Smoking and Alcohol? (Episode 206)
Your kid is entering a world full of temptations and peer pressure. How do you get them ready to face their peers, to say “no” to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs?...
May 30, 2017
Out of Control Nephew; Young Adult Dating- Ask Dr. Leman 95 (Episode 205)
What do you do when parenting your nephew drives you insane and takes a toll on your younger children? What about if your 21 year-old son is dating a 26...
May 23, 2017
Do My Kids Love My Spouse More? (Episode 204)
Are you having a pity party because your kids have more fun with your spouse? Do you feel like you are always the one having to tow the line, while...
May 16, 2017
Demanding Two Year Old; Lazy Teenagers- Ask Dr. Leman 94 (Episode 203)
What do you do with a demanding 2 year old? Is there more than putting her in her crib when she throws a tantrum? Do you have young adult children...
May 09, 2017
How Do You Open the Iron Fist of Parenting? (Episode 202)
Do you want to be less controlling as a parent, but it seems impossible to let go? If you’ve ever thought, “If I let go of control, I’ll get controlled...
May 02, 2017
Pot Smoking Teen; Interest in Private Parts- Ask Dr. Leman 93 (Episode 201)
What would (should) you do if your teenager comes home regularly every week high on marijuana? Should you be concerned if your eight year old daughter is checking out her...
Apr 25, 2017
What We Want to Say to Every Parent (Episode 200)
Today on our special 200th podcast, we want to give a message to EVERY parent! You won’t want to miss this great episode! Listen to find out what Dr. Leman...
Apr 18, 2017
Snarky Attitude; Immune to Discipline- Ask Dr. Leman 92 (Episode 199)
Do you have children that are great at back talking to you? Do you have a young child that seems immune and indifferent to any type of discipline you use...
Apr 11, 2017
Pregnant Teenager (Episode 198)
Just imagine that your 16 year old daughter announces after dinner that she is 3 months pregnant. What do you do? How should you respond? Listen to this fascinating episode...
Apr 04, 2017
Clingy 9 Year-Old; When To Apply Specific Techniques- Ask Dr. Leman 91 (Episode 197)
Do you have a child that you can’t leave because they are too clingy? Are you wondering what age is ideal to start implementing Dr. Leman’s teachings? These are the...
Mar 28, 2017
I’ve Messed Up My Kid, What Do I Do? (Episode 196)
Have you ever felt like you have accidentally messed your child up? How can you correct the mistakes you’ve committed? Listen to this episode to find out what Dr. Leman...
Mar 21, 2017
Exhausted at the Dinner Table; Pity Party Baby- Ask Dr. Leman 90 (Episode 195)
Are you regularly exhausted at the dinner table and don’t have the energy to control your kids while eating? Is your child upset about the arrival of a new sibling...
Mar 14, 2017
Food Fight in the Family (Episode 194)
Yep…the big FOOD FIGHT! One is a health nut, and the other…an idiot! We had a lot of fun with this hot topic! I think you will enjoy listening in…Don’t...
Mar 07, 2017
Parenting As a Coach; Bad Math Grades- Ask Dr. Leman 89 (Episode 193)
Are you ever in a position over other people’s children, but unable to parent them? Is your child REALLY failing in school? These are the two questions that Dr. Leman...
Feb 28, 2017
When To Separate For The Sake Of The Kids (Episode 192)
Is there ever a point in a marriage where, for the sake of the kids, separating or divorcing would be the best at the present time? To find out, listen...
Feb 21, 2017
Preventing An Emotional Basketcase; Losing Daughter To Grandma- Ask Dr. Leman 88 (Episode 191)
Are you worried about your child having emotional meltdowns at the smallest disturbances and going into “turtle mode?” Do you have a grandmother that your daughter is attached to more...
Feb 14, 2017
How to Deal With The Dreaded In-Laws (Episode 190)
Is your relationship with your in-laws strained and you wonder how to handle awkward situations? In this episode Dr. Leman covers some practical things you can do to help let...
Feb 07, 2017
Hateful Adult Child; Advice Giving Grandparent- Ask Dr. Leman 87 (Episode 189)
Has your adult son or daughter turned against you and you lost relationship? How do you, or should you, help your child’s marriage? You asked and now Dr. Leman answers...
Jan 31, 2017
Lengthening Your Kid’s Leash (Episode 188)
Do you have a leash for you kid when you go to the zoo or other trips? What about a leash that isn’t visible, but used regularly to keep them...
Jan 24, 2017
Demonic Pokemon; Reality Discipline- Ask Dr. Leman 86 (Episode 187)
Are your kids into Pokemon, but you are afraid to have them embrace it because it’s “demonic”? Do your kids compete at just about anything and even get a little...
Jan 17, 2017
Your Past Is A Predictor of Your Future (Episode 186)
What does it mean that your past is a good predictor of your future? Can you TRULY predict your future? How can you apply this in your life? Listen to...
Jan 10, 2017
Minecraft Over Dad; Ultra Powerful Child- Ask Dr. Leman 85 (Episode 185)
Has your child ever admitted to loving a video game more than you?! How should you respond and what next steps should you take? Is it alright to let your...
Jan 03, 2017
Tips For People Looking For Psychological Help (Episode 184)
Do you ever feel like you are stuck in life? Whether in the area of marriage, parenting, or relationally, we all get stuck and know others who are stuck. How...
Dec 27, 2016
Politically Brainwashing Grandparents; Medications for Behavior- Ask Dr. Leman 84 (Episode 138)
Are you safe letting your children spend time alone with their grandparents who are “racists” or radical in other ways? Is it alright to let you kid in elementary school...
Dec 20, 2016
How Do I Help My Kids Navigate Changing Friendships? (Episode 182)
Have your kids ever felt left out by former friends or felt ranked below another friend? Have their friendships ever changed and therefore brought tension to their life? If so,...
Dec 13, 2016
Sexting Issues; How Many Activities?- Ask Dr. Leman 83 (Episode 181)
Have you found your teen sending nude photos to their significant other who they aren’t even allowed to have? Are you caught in the stress of deciding if your kids...
Dec 06, 2016
The ‘No One-Size Fits All’ Family Rule Book (Episode 180)
Are you unsure about how to handle the big decisions in your family? Do you ever wish there was a rulebook to follow that would explain everything to you? If...
Nov 29, 2016
Boy Playing Girl; Bossy Oldest Kid- Ask Dr. Leman 82 (Episode 179)
Do you feel that your child has “switched” genders as far as what they enjoy doing? Is your oldest a little tyrant towards the younger siblings and others? Dr. Leman...
Nov 22, 2016
3 Things Every New Mom Needs to Know in the Middle of the Chaos (Episode 178)
Are you a new mother who feels like you are drowning in the new and wonderful experience of parenthood? If this episode if for you! Today Dr. Leman covers the...
Nov 15, 2016
Kid Abandoning Vacation; Splitting Time with Kids- Ask Dr. Leman 81 (Episode 177)
If your kid runs away before your family vacation and refuses to join you, what is the proper response? How do you share time with your newborn and your previous,...
Nov 08, 2016
Signs You are a Pushover Parent (Episode 176)
Do you bend over backwards for you kids? Are you always making sure they are happy happy happy and catering to their needs? If so Dr. Leman has some important...
Nov 01, 2016
Lazy Adult Children; Change Issues- Ask Dr. Leman 80 (Episode 175)
Do you have adult kids who act like adult slugs and are unmotivated? Is it alright to let your children’s behavior slip a little when they are under stress or...
Oct 25, 2016
3 Signs You are Parenting With an Iron Fist (Episode 174)
Are you like Iron Man? Do you rule your house with an iron first and control everything? If so, Dr. Leman can help you on today’s episode. LISTEN HERE No...
Oct 18, 2016
A Game Called “Inappropriate”; Unwanted Family Reunion- Ask Dr. Leman 79 (Episode 173)
How would you react if you caught your nine and eight year old playing a homemade game called “Inappropriate”? What about a family reunion your teen would rather skip so...
Oct 11, 2016
2 Things You Must Do When Using Vitamin E (Epiosde 172)
Praise and encouragement. What is the difference? When do you use ‘Vitamin E’ as Dr. Leman calls it? To find out listen to today’s episode! LISTEN HERE The Great American...
Oct 04, 2016
16 Year-Old Father; Hides from Discipline- Ask Dr. Leman 78 (Episode 171)
Does your teen want to have a child? What about a son that runs and hides from you whenever you want to discipline him? What is the correct way to...
Sep 27, 2016
The 3 Key Times to Use Vitamin N (Episode 170)
Have you ever felt like a parent who always says, “NO,” or, “Yes?” When is a good time to say, “No,” and how often? ike anything in life, things can...
Sep 20, 2016
Daughter Sleeping With Boyfriend- Ask Dr. Leman 77 (Episode 169)
Have you ever wondered what to do if your daughter wanted to have her boyfriend over and you knew they would be sharing a bed? What is the right way...
Sep 13, 2016
3 Rewards of Parenting Well (Episode 168)
We all have those days where we wonder if parenting is worth it, if all our work is going to amount to something and pay off. Well on today’s episode...
Sep 06, 2016
Molesting Siblings; Slapping Mom- Ask Dr. Leman 76 (Episode 167)
If your child has ever slapped you? What would you do if they ever did? How about a serious attempt to hurt their siblings? How should you react? Dr. Leman...
Aug 30, 2016
The 3 Hardest Parts of Parenting (Episode 166)
Parenting has always been a challenge. It is tiring and frankly, just plain hard sometimes. Why? Are there any ways to make it easier? To find out, listen to Dr....
Aug 23, 2016
Stop The Perfect Child; Kids Won’t Go To Sleep- Ask Dr. Leman 75 (Episode 165)
Dr. Leman has said he is against perfectionism, but how do you overcome your work to raise a “perfect-child?” What about kids who talk late into the night? What should...
Aug 16, 2016
3 Easy Wins For A Parent (Episode 164)
Dr. Leman has compared parenting as a sport or game before, and just like in any game there are easy to score big. On today’s episode Dr. Leman goes over...
Aug 09, 2016
Can’t Stop Pushing; Turns On Me- Ask Dr. Leman 74 (Episode 163)
Do you feel like you are pushing a train up-hill and want to stop but don’t know how? Maybe you are the one who helps your kids with their projects,...
Aug 02, 2016
The 4 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make (Episode 162)
Even as great of a parent as you are, you know that there are things you could improve but what are the top 4, and how do you correct them?...
Jul 26, 2016
Sports Attitude; Too Much Respect- Ask Dr. Leman 73 (Episode 161)
Have you noticed your kids picking up some bad traits from sports or another activity? How about your star student who is disrespectful at home? What do you do about...
Jul 19, 2016
Are Family Traditions Worth It? (Episode 160)
Remember friday night? The night the family would watch a movie or play a game? What about dates with parents? Are traditions like these worth the time and energy to...
Jul 12, 2016
Destructive Dad; Anxiety Child- Ask Dr. Leman 72 (Episode 159)
Is your spouse over-powering and, like a wedge, driving away everyone in your family? What do you do? What about anxious children that jump and worry about everything, big and...
Jul 05, 2016
Pushing Back On Pushy Grandparents (Episode 158)
Do you feel like you are in the passenger spot in your parenting life and YOUR parents are pushing their way in and taking over? How do you kindly push...
Jun 28, 2016
157-Ask Dr. Leman 71 (Android Addict; Cute Defiance)
Are you constantly doing battle with your child over the electronic device? Does your adorable kid try to get out of their chores using a cute tactic? If so, you’ve...
Jun 21, 2016
156-Respond, DON’T React
Tired of losing it with your kids again? You’ve heard Dr. Leman say many times, “Respond, Don’t React!” But what does that really mean? What is the difference and how...
Jun 14, 2016
155-Ask Dr. Leman 70 (Bed-Wetting 8 Year Old; iPhone Distraction)
Do you have a child that still wets their bed on a regular routine and acts like it is nothing? What about the magnet in your phone and your child,...
Jun 07, 2016
154-What Makes You Think Your Parenting Advice Is Right?
Why should you listen to Dr. Kevin Leman’s advice? How do you know what he says works? Doesn’t it seem that kids today are growing up in a completely different...
May 31, 2016
153-Ask Dr. Leman 69 (No More Tricks; Dad Parenting)
Do you feel like you’ve played all your cards and don’t have any more options when it comes to discipline? Have you ever wondered how to move away from being...
May 24, 2016
152-What Must I Do to Be the Parent My Kids Will Respect?
Do you feel that your kids run the house instead of you? What about their respect levels for you? These are the topics that Dr. Leman tackles in this episode....
May 17, 2016
151-Ask Dr. Leman 68 (Lazy Bones Kid; Parenting Through Separation)
Do you have a child that just won’t get off the coach and play with the family outside? Are you going through a separation and don’t know how to parent...
May 10, 2016
150-How Do I Get My Kids to Share My Values and Faith?
Do you look at your kid sometimes and wonder how they could ever be related to you? After all, their values are way different than yours, so what do you...
May 03, 2016
149-Ask Dr Leman 67 (Stressed Out Mom; 10 Year Old Alien)
Do you feel so stressed that you think your chest feels like an elephant is sitting on it? Do you have high guilt from your parenting? Did your 10 year...
Apr 26, 2016
148-How Do I Get My Children To Choose Good Friends?
You know the right friends will determine a lot in your kid’s life. How do you get them the right friends? Dr. Leman shares what you can and cannot due...
Apr 19, 2016
147-Ask Dr Leman 66 (Perpetual Liar; Toddler Warfare)
How do you regain trust when you have perpetual liar for a child? Is toddler warfare common or should there be concern? Dr Leman answer these questions with his usual...
Apr 12, 2016
146-The Secret Sauce to Stop Self-Centeredness
Feel like your child is bored and needs the latest greatest whatever? Dr. Leman give you the secret sauce to fix that problem. LISTEN HERE How do we help our...
Apr 05, 2016
145-Ask Leman 65 (“The Talk”; Name Calling)
Have you dreaded “the talk” with your kids? Tired of all the name calling between your kids? Dr. Leman answers these questions with his usual wit and wisdom. LISTEN HERE...
Mar 29, 2016
144-My Kids HATE Each Other! How do I get them to Stop Waging War?
Do you feel like your kids would gladly throw their siblings to the foxes? Are you at your wits end on how to stop the fighting and bickering? Dr. Leman...
Mar 22, 2016
143-Ask Dr Leman 64 (Whining at 8; Strong Willed or Powerful-Me or Them)
How do I stop whining now that my kid is 8 years old? Is my child strong willed, powerful or is it me? Dr. Leman answers these questions with his...
Mar 15, 2016
142-”What I wouldn’t do for my kid!” may be bad for you and them
You carried them for 9 months. You work hard everyday to provide for your kids. You cheer their soccer stardom in the freezing rain. You are worn out, yet still...
Mar 08, 2016
141-Ask Dr Leman 63 (Bread & Water to 6 yr Old, Tantrum Issues)
Can you give your 6 year old the bread and water treatment? Does politely reminding your kids to stop whining work? Dr. Leman answers these questions with his usual wit...
Mar 01, 2016
140-Oh No! I Found My Sophomore Having Sex in My House. Now what?
After the shock of finding your teen sleeping around wears off, what should you do? Yell, scream, cry, ground, hug, support, listen or what? Teens having sex is a prevalent...
Feb 23, 2016
139-Ask Dr Leman (Kid drops out of activities; Picky Eater Problems)
What do you do if you child wants to drop out of all extracurricular activities? Do you make 2 or 3 meals to satisfy the picky eaters in your home?...
Feb 16, 2016
138-Kids > Spouse = Destruction
If you could avoid wounding your spouse, would you? By loving your kids over your spouse, you may be pushing them away. Far, far away. LISTEN HERE Is it okay...
Feb 09, 2016
137-Ask Dr Leman (Kids refuse to help; Find my Teenager App)
Are you tired of doing everything around the house? If you don’t trust your children, can you put Find My Phone App to keep track of them? Dr. Leman answers...
Feb 02, 2016
136-Will My Adult Child Love Me?
It is a parent’s nightmares. You cried, cared and gave so much, only to have your children pull away and never come back. When you kids become adults will they gladly...
Jan 25, 2016
135-Ask Dr Leman 60 (Bad Behavior at School; Ex-husband problems)
My child is getting in trouble at school and I don’t know what to do. My 16 year old is rebellious and my Ex undermines my parenting efforts. How do...
Jan 19, 2016
134-My New Year’s Resolution Change Parenting Habits
It is a new year which is a great time to change our parenting for the better. Dr. Leman shares how to make that happen. LISTEN HERE With New Year’s...
Jan 12, 2016
133-Ask Dr Leman 59 (18 Year Old Problems; Hold Back in School)
If my 18 year old lives at home, but goes to college, can I expect him to help around the house? Should I hold my child back to give them...
Jan 05, 2016
132-Why does my Spouse Revert at their Parent’s House
Why does my spouse revert to being a child when we go to his parents house? It bugs me that they aren’t the same person in our home. What can...
Dec 29, 2015
131-Ask Dr Leman 58 (Scary Cat Kids; Obesity Problems)
Are you kids super scared of simple things? Do your kids have a weight problem? Dr. Leman answers these questions with his usual wit and wisdom. LISTEN HERE Question #1...
Dec 22, 2015
130-How to Stop Gimme, Gimme, Gimme at Christmas Time
How do I stop the tidal wave of pressure to get my kids a ton of gifts at Christmas? I want them to be more grateful, but they are so...
Dec 15, 2015
129-Ask Dr Leman 57 (Smelly Teen Daughter; Suicidal Son)
Worried about your kids hygiene? How do you know if your child is really suicidal? Dr. Kevin Leman answers those question on this podcast. LISTEN HERE Question #1 I have...
Dec 08, 2015
128-How to Surviving Family during the Holidays
“Help! It’s the holiday season and I can already feel the stress of my family being together.” Is there no hope? Are we doomed to simply wait for the eruptions to...
Dec 01, 2015
127-Ask Leman 56 (7 year old problem child; Sick Mom with a Mean Son)
Are you frustrated that your child is a distraction at school? Do you feel wrongly disrespected by your kid’s when you aren’t at your best, but don’t know how to...
Nov 24, 2015
126-You Caught Your Kid Stealing. Now What?
What do parents do if they catch their kid stealing? Do you wonder, “Maybe he didn’t know it was wrong to steal?” or “Maybe this is the only time he...
Nov 17, 2015
125-Ask Dr Leman 55 (iPhone Fights; Kids Rejecting Your Faith)
Ever had a fight with your kid about his iphone? Worried that your kid’s will reject your religious views? Dr. Leman answer these questions with his usual wit and wisdom....
Nov 10, 2015
124-The Space Cadet Kid. How Do I Get Him to Focus?
Do you have a kid that forgets your instructions in less than 30 seconds? Does he leave his bike on the sidewalk over night? Do you fear she will forget...
Nov 03, 2015
123-Ask Dr Leman 54 (Now Apologize, Estranged Kids)
Does this sound familiar, “Now, Sally, apologize to your little brother! Say, ‘I’m Sorry.’”? Does it work? How can I get my kids back if we are estranged and they...
Oct 27, 2015
122-How Do I Stop Porn From Invading My Home?
If over 50% of the men will be porn watchers at some point in their life, what can parents do today to equip their kids to deal with the prevalence of...
Oct 20, 2015
121-Ask Dr Leman 53 (Bad Grandpa; Call from the Jungle)
Do you let Grandpa hang out with your kids if you disagree with his lifestyle? What happens when you are out of discipline options? Dr. Leman answers these questions with his...
Oct 13, 2015
120-Parents Don’t Listen to This Advice of Mine (Family Time)
Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel with all the family activities? Do you wish you could have a quiet night of connecting as a family? Dr....
Oct 06, 2015
119-Ask Dr Leman 52 (Neighborhood Bully; Jekyll and Hyde Child)
What do you do when the bully lives next door to you? My daughter changes from an angel in the classroom to a terror at home. Why? What do I...
Sep 29, 2015
118—(Responsibility) How do I teach my kid responsibility?
Are you frustrated because your kids aren’t learning responsibility? Do you wish someone would tell you why child isn’t learning responsibility? Dr. Leman sheds light on how to teach your...
Sep 22, 2015
117-Ask Leman 51 (Super Powerful Kid; Silly Kids)
Have you ever tried to do the right thing and your kid’s attitude gets worse? Do you get tired of your kids silliness? Dr. Leman answers these questions with his...
Sep 15, 2015
116: How to Make Your Home the Place Your Kids Want to Be
Is your home a place that is yearned for and enjoyable for all? If you want your kids to want to be around your house, then listen to this podcast....
Sep 08, 2015
115: Ask Dr Leman 50 (Quiet Discipline; Withhold what)
Your child is screaming at the top of their lungs and everyone is looking at you. What do you do? And how long do you withhold privileges from your children once they...
Sep 01, 2015
114-Humor Helps Lighten Tense Situations
Aug 25, 2015
113-Ask Dr. Leman 49 (A Before B Clarification; Disciplining an ADD Child)
Has the “B doesn’t happen until A is complete” rule ever gotten a little confusing? Have you ever wondered about how to discipline your child who has ADD? In this...
Aug 11, 2015
112-Dr. Leman’s Guide to Adult Children at Home
Do you have adult children living at home with you? Are you wondering how to handle that awkward relationship? Dr. Leman will explain to you in this episode how to...
Aug 04, 2015
111-Ask Dr. Leman 48 (Inappropriate Searches; Starting School Concerns)
As a parent, what do you do if you find inappropriate content on your child’s electric device? How worried should you be about your kid making friends in the first...
Jul 28, 2015
110-Three Things Dr. Leman Would Do Again With His Kids
Do you ever wonder if you are doing the best things for your kids? What are some of things Dr. Leman would do again in his parenting? In this podcast...
Jul 21, 2015
109-Ask Dr. Leman 47 (Daughter in Backseat; Parentless Child)
What would you do if you found your child in the back seat of the car? What about the child who can’t live with their natural parents? These questions will...
Jul 14, 2015
107-Ask Leman 46 (Son and Husband Arguments; Mother as Bad Guy)
Do you feel responsible for your spouse’s and child’s arguments? Have you been labeled “the bad parent”? I will answer both of these questions in this podcast. LISTEN HERE Question...
Jun 30, 2015
106-How to Survive Summer with Teens
Are you concerned about this summer because of your teens? Worried about their unlimited free time at home? Learn how to make this summer fun, memorable, and productive by listening...
Jun 23, 2015
105-Ask Dr. Leman 45 (Super Spoiled Child; Heavy Duty Gamer Problems)
Does your ex spoil your child with over the top gifts at every turn? Do you have a kid that dreams about earning money by playing video games? These are...
Jun 19, 2015
104-The Guide to Summer Survival with Pre Teens
Do you dread the end of school because it means that you have to deal with your kids? Does having to spend time with them sound like purgatory? I will...
Jun 14, 2015
103-Ask Leman 44 (Super Youngest; Profane Rocker)
Does your younger child excel and exceed your older? Do you worry about what your children are listening to? In this podcast I will solve these real problems from real...
Jun 02, 2015
102-The Do’s and Don’ts of Sending Your Kid to College
Your kid is High School and Colleges have started to send your son, “We’d love to have you here” letters. Yet, you aren’t sure what you think about who pays...
May 26, 2015
101-Ask Dr Leman (Parenting Multiples; Adopted Kid Problems)
Have you ever have had trouble parenting your multiples? What about integrating an adopted child into your family? I answer these questions and more in this episode. LISTEN HERE Question...
May 19, 2015
098-I Am Unhappy
Is it manipulating to say to your kid, “I am unhappy at you” and walk away? Will it hurt their psyche or is it an effective tool for parenting? Dr....
May 13, 2015
099-Ask Dr Leman 42 (Super Defiant Kid; College Ready or Not)
Do you have a child that is super defiant and simply doesn’t respond to anything you try? Are you worried that your child isn’t ready for the realities of college...
May 05, 2015
098-A Super Simple Discipline Tool
Is it manipulating to say to your kid, “I am unhappy at you” and walk away? Will it hurt them long-term or is it an effective tool for parents to...
Apr 29, 2015
097-Ask Dr Leman 41 (Angry Dad=Angry Kid; 7 People in a 12 Yr Old)
Is your 6 year old just like your spouse, hypersensitive, goes to anger in 1 second and lies? Does it seem your 12 year old has 7 different people living...
Apr 22, 2015
096-Allowance is it good money or a bad idea?
Have you heard this one? If you give your kids an allowance, they are going to grow up on welfare and never work a day in their life. Other say,...
Apr 15, 2015
095-Ask Leman 40 (Estranged Adult Child; 21 year old Drinking at Home)
What would you do if your 34 year old daughter only said mean and spiteful things to you and her siblings? How will you deal with the birth dad as...
Apr 09, 2015
094-Tired of Messy Rooms?
Do your kids struggle to keep their room clean? Dr. Leman shares two options you can take. LISTEN HERE What am I to do with my kids’ messy room? Two...
Apr 03, 2015
093-Ask Leman 39 (No Manners 6 year old; 21 at Home Drinker)
Do you have a 6 year old without manners? Do you have an adult child living at home that doesn’t agree with your no alcohol policy in your home? Dr....
Mar 24, 2015
092-Failure is Helping Your Kids. No Failure can Hurt Them.
Parents spend a lot of energy keeping failure out of their kid’s lives. Dr. Leman would argue that it is helpful for your kids to experience failure. Sound Crazy? Listen...
Mar 18, 2015
091- Ask Dr Leman 38 (Teen Dating Gone Inappropriate)
A mother’s heart is broken over her daughter’s inappropriate relationship with a boy from the Youth Group. What is she to do now? LISTEN HERE Question: Teen Dating From: Vicki...
Mar 11, 2015
090-How Does a Parent Deal with Drugs and Alcohol with their Kids
Do you wonder how to dissuade your kid from drugs? Are you worried you child might be drawn to drink by the culture around them? Dr Leman shares his insights...
Mar 07, 2015
089-Ask Dr Leman 37 (Bossy Sibling; Princess Craze Destruction)
Do you have a kids that tells the other kids how to behave? (Some call it bossing the siblings.) It might be nice to have reinforcement, but you wonder if...
Feb 25, 2015
088: Ask Dr Leman (Super Cussing; Stubborn Father)
My 12 year old son cusses like a sailor. He won’t stop. What do I do? My authoritarian husband won’t learn anything about parenting. How do I get him to...
Feb 17, 2015
087-Ask Dr Leman 036 (Spoiled Teenage meets Vitamin N; Who leads in the home?)
Jennifer asks: “Would vitamin N work for a teenager who has been raised by a single mom and two Grandparents who, mistakenly, made their worlds around her to make up...
Feb 11, 2015
086-How to Let Boys Be Boys
The two boys looked like they were just about to come to blows. They were throwing one another around the room, into the coach, and jumping on one another. The...
Feb 03, 2015
085: Ask Dr Leman 34 (Defiant Against Church; Fighting Middle Child)
Your child just rejected your core belief and value. What do you do? You think it is the best thing for them, but they flat out refuse. Do you fight...
Jan 27, 2015
084: Disability Child & Chores; Hits Anything that Moves (Ask Leman 33)
What do you do if one of your kids has a disability? Do you change the rules to match their ability? How do you treat them in relation to the...
Jan 20, 2015
083: Ask Dr Leman 32 (Adult children problems; 11 Year Old Bedtime Struggles)
You may have thought you were done parenting when they turned 18, yet more and more parents are dealing with the reality of their 20 and 30 year old children...
Jan 15, 2015
082-Do You Want to Be a Great Parent? Do This Today.
Do you want to have a great future as a parent? You need to look at your home today. Dr. Kevin Leman shares what to look for in your home....
Jan 13, 2015
081: Ask Dr Leman 31 (Child Out of Wedlock; Verbal Tic)
Guilt drives a dad to worry about how to explain to his daughter that she was conceived before her parents were married. A mother worries about her son is using...
Jan 08, 2015
080-The #1 Obstacle that Hinders Great Parenting
We fall in love. Get married. Go on a Honeymoon. Then that precious baby comes along. This baby that you dreamed of holding. You feel a depth of love towards...
Jan 06, 2015
079: Ask Dr. Leman (Screaming Fits; Picking on Each Other; Let the Kids Fight) (replay)
How do we cope with screaming fits? How do I foster a better relationship between my 8 year old and 5 year old? How do I stop my 13 year...
Jan 01, 2015
078: Right and Wrong Anger Management Methods–And Little Points that Will Bring Peace to Your Home.
Did you know that your kids use anger to control the people around them? Learn how to help your kids deal with their anger in this episode. Anger may be...
Dec 30, 2014
077: Ask Dr Leman (Teenage fighters; Telling Kids New Boyfriend)
You asked. We answered. Dr Leman’s responses will surprise and help you. If you want your question answered, the best method is to leave us a voicemail question. You can...
Dec 25, 2014
076: Here is a Quick Way to Stop Whining in Your Home (replay)
What parent hasn’t heard the dreaded whining for more milk, the car keys, the iPad, or other demands? Here is a startling fact: They whine because it is working for them...
Dec 23, 2014
075: Ask Dr Leman (PJ fighter and “forgetful” kids)
In this episode of Ask Dr. Leman, he answers questions about a 4 year old that fights putting on his PJs and what to do with the “forgetful” kids. LISTEN...
Dec 18, 2014
074: Learn How to Stop the Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom Syndrome (replay)
“Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.” Have you ever heard this from your kids? Your kids will get your attention. You decide if it is positive or negative. Listen here for the...
Dec 16, 2014
073: Ask Dr. Leman (Homework Questions)
Today’s podcast and blog are questions that Dr Leman answers in his latest training, 3 Easy Steps to No More Homework Tears. These are just 2 of the questions he...
Dec 11, 2014
072: The Easiest Way to Set Pleasant Rules
“Johnny, don’t run into the street,” is an easy parameter to set. We know it will save their life. Yet, what about setting parameters for your 8, 12 or 16...
Dec 09, 2014
071: Ask Dr. Leman 28 (Barbie Eater)
Is it normal for children to cut and eat Barbie’s hair? How do deal with competitive children? Dr. Kevin Leman shares his usual wit and wisdom in this episode. LISTEN...
Dec 04, 2014
070: The honest struggles of parenting after a divorce
Parenting as a married couple is hard enough. Parenting with an Ex is not doubly, but 3 times harder. Dr. Leman shares tips on how to parent with your ex. LISTEN...
Dec 02, 2014
069: Ask Dr. Leman (Bedtime; Strained Relationship; & Imaginary Friends) [replay]
Tired of struggling to get your 18 month to go to sleep? Feel that you have a strained relationship with your kid? Or wonder if it is okay to let...
Nov 27, 2014
068: Lazy Man’s Guide to Stop Warning Your Kids
Do you want to stop the constant warnings? Do you want your kids to listen to you? Warnings are making your kids ignore you. Warnings are hurting your relationship with...
Nov 25, 2014
067: Ask Dr Leman (Rebel Teen with a Boyfriend)
“We have told our 16 year old daughter that she is not allowed to date a boy that she has continually gotten into trouble with” starts today’s question for Dr....
Nov 20, 2014
066: Are You Blowing It with Your Kids by Ignoring Vitamin E?
“Oh Johnny, you are the best boy ever,” is one of the worst things you can say to your kids. No kidding. Dr. Leman explains why there is a critical...
Nov 18, 2014
065: Have a Happy Family by Friday
Can you really have a happy family by friday? Dr. Leman shares in this episode the keys that you can do today to change your family. LISTEN HERE We had...
Nov 13, 2014
064: How to Sweep Away Chore Problems
First, you yell at your family for not helping you, then you feel guilty for yelling at them. But you hope they heard through the yelling your cry for help....
Nov 11, 2014
063: Ask Dr. Leman (Smack Attack, Angry Hoarder)
Do allow the smack attack to happen between kids? What do you do about a child that is an angry hoarder? Why do they hoard everything? Listen and Learn from...
Nov 06, 2014
062: If You Aren’t at 90% of This, You are in Trouble
If you want trouble in your family, all you need to do is be inconsistent in your words and actions. In fact, if you are under 75% consistent you will...
Nov 04, 2014
061: Ask Dr. Leman 25 (Little Kid Discipline, Workout Momma)
Have you ever wondered at what age action orientated parenting starts? What do you do when you are in a social setting and your kids won’t leave you alone? Those...
Oct 30, 2014
060: Learn the #1 Secret to Doing Less as a Parent
My kids are master manipulators. This proves it. We have an above ground pool. I asked one of the kids to oversee getting it cleaned and put away for the...
Oct 28, 2014
059: Ask Dr. Leman 24 (Drunk Dad, Different Parenting Philosphies)
Do you have a messed up ex, who is negatively effecting the kids? Have you ever wondered what Dr Leman thought about parenting philosophies? He answers those questions in this...
Oct 23, 2014
058: Without this 1 Thing, You have Nothing with Your Kids
“Shut Up! In fact, #$&@$# is how I feel about you!” yelled Sidney into her mother’s face. She stared her down and walked out. What was her mother to do?...
Oct 21, 2014
057: Ask Dr. Leman (Exhausted Mom, Anti-Dolls Dad)
What would you do if you birthed 4 kids in 6 years and were told to keep having kids even though you were completely exhausted? How would you react if...
Oct 16, 2014
056: The 5 Magic Words for Amazing Conversations
My brain was screaming at me, “What in the world did my daughter just say to me? Doesn’t she realize all I have done for her?How could she possible say...
Oct 14, 2014
055: Ask Dr. Leman 22 (Tried Everything, Fear of the Toilet)
Ever wonder what to do if your kid is deathly afraid of the toilet? (Hint: It doesn’t make potty training very easy.)  Have you run out of ideas on how...
Oct 09, 2014
054: Learn How to Completely Discourage Your Kid, So You Don’t
As I walked away from Jon, my heart sank. I asked myself, “Why do I say things about Jon that just aren’t what I believe about him?” Didn’t I see...
Oct 07, 2014
053: Ask Dr. Leman 21 (Sibling Word War; Unsafe BedTime)
Do your kids say really mean things to one another and you don’t know what to say or do? Do feel that your kids go crazy at bedtime? Dr Leman...
Oct 02, 2014
052: Here is a Quick Way to Stop Defiant Kids. Parental Poker
Parental Poker: You have 4 Aces Use Them. Our family on our last vacation started playing the card game, Spades. The key to the game is knowing how many aces...
Sep 30, 2014
051: Are You Running a Home…or a Hotel? (replay)
(This episode is being rerun as part of the Dr. Leman Pocket Phrase series. Plus with all the new listeners, many have not heard it.) Do you ever feel like...
Sep 25, 2014
050: The Secret to Setting the Ideal Age for Dating, Driving and More.
Dating at age 16 was the rule in my family. My older sister was clearly ready at age 16. I was so immature at 16. On my first date, I...
Sep 23, 2014
049: Ask Dr. Leman (Trampoline Parents, Soccer Snub)
Your spouse wants a trampoline and you are 100% against it. What do you do? Your child worked hard and had a great attitude, yet got a soccer snub from...
Sep 18, 2014
048: Get Rid of Teenage Clothing Problems Once and For All
Andrea’s friend had the best jeans: dark blue with purple stitching, enhanced by sparkles. Oh, Andrea wanted a pair just like her friend. They were way more than her parents had ever spent...
Sep 16, 2014
047: Ask Dr. Leman 19 (Sex Talk)
“Uh, Mom, how are babies made? Where do babies come from? How do they get out of your belly?” Your children want the answer to these questions. What do you...
Sep 11, 2014
046: 3 No Brainer Ideas to Make Your Child a Successful Student. Part 3
House of Horror or Home of Wonder? My parents marched into the classroom and demanded to know why their son got a B. It was tense. This was my first...
Sep 09, 2014
045: Ask Dr. Leman 18 (Tower Terror; Homework=Yelling)
Ever had a kid that loses it over lego tower that falls down? Do your attempts to help with homework end in yelling and tears? Dr. Leman shares his insights...
Sep 04, 2014
044: 3 No Brainer Ideas to Make Your Child a Successful Student. Part 2
Don’t buy a ticket to the Homework Dog and Pony Show How often did Dr. Leman help his kids with their homework? How often did Dr. Leman ask his kids...
Sep 02, 2014
043: Ask Dr. Leman 17 (Outcast Informer; Crazy Divorce Parenting)
“Mom, guess what, Joe just ate a piece of candy!” Do you want to stop the informant cycle? Do you struggle with the reality of two homes and two parenting...
Aug 28, 2014
042: 3 No Brainer Ideas to Make Your Child a Successful Student. Part 1
“Sid, come to my office. We need to talk.” As Sid sat there wondering what was happening, the school official said, “Sid, I really like you. I believe in you....
Aug 26, 2014
041: Ask Dr. Leman (Poopy Pants, Grandparents Overstepping or Not?)
Tired of the poopy pants potty battles? Dr. Leman gives you one rule to follow to solve the potty battle. Also, what is your role as a grandparent with a...
Aug 21, 2014
040: 3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get Your Spouse on the Same Parenting Page
“You did what!? I just sent them to their room without dinner and instead you took them out to McDonald’s? Are you crazy?! Or do you hate me?” Have you...
Aug 19, 2014
039: Ask Dr. Leman (Fists Everywhere; Ritalin: Yes or No)
What is a parent to do when their kid hits his parents, then their cousins, then their schoolmates, then their teacher, then their aunt and anyone else that walks the face of...
Aug 14, 2014
038: Freak Out! My Baby is in Love. What Now?
A huge red kiss was on our son’s card. What?  Oh no. A girl is sweet on our son, James? I’m not prepared for my son to be dating. He...
Aug 12, 2014
037: Ask Dr. Leman (Stubborn Teen; Foul Language)
Ever had a stubborn teen that refused to go to school? Has your teenager not only talked back to you, but used foul language as she yelled at you? Dr....
Aug 07, 2014
036: Are You Prepared to Help Your Kids by Doing Less?
“Moooomm where’s my shoes?” “Moooommmm, I can’t do this homework. It is toooo hard. Help me.” “Daaadd, feeding the dog is too much work. I’m tired.” If you are like...
Aug 05, 2014
035: Ask Dr. Leman (What is too rough?; The Silent Treatment)
Worried that your kids play too rough? How do you deal with the silent treatment from your kids? Dr. Kevin Leman answers these questions and more in this episode. LISTEN...
Jul 31, 2014
034: Perfection is Slow Suicide. Do You Know How to Stop It?
Did you know that many perfectionists organize by piles? They don’t finish projects. They wrongly believe that someday they will be perfect, so they don’t even start. Perfectionist parents do real...
Jul 29, 2014
033: Ask Dr. Leman (YouTube troubles; Bedtime Battle)
A mother shares her concern over her 11 year olds YouTube problems. A dad wonders how to fix the bedtime battle with his child. Dr. Leman answers both of these...
Jul 24, 2014
032: Here is a Quick Way to Understand Your Child’s Behavior
Do you ever wonder why one child acts silly, while another must finish their project? Dr. Leman gives you a simple method to determine what drives your child. LISTEN HERE...
Jul 22, 2014
031: Ask Dr Leman (Cutting Teen; ODD Kid)
Why is my normally sweet teen suddenly cutting? How do I deal with my ODD kid and his health issues? You asked these question. Dr Leman answers them. If you want...
Jul 17, 2014
030: 5 Steps to Get Your Family Off Activity Overload
Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the extra activities your kids are involved in? Do you want more time together as a family? Are you looking to establish a family...
Jul 15, 2014
029: Ask Dr. Leman (A softy husband; ADHD Daughter)
How do you deal with a husband who undermines your discipline? My ADHD daughter won’t keep her room clean, what do I do? You asked these question. Dr Leman answers...
Jul 10, 2014
028: The Right and Wrong Ways to Deal with Powerful Children
A strong willed child is NOT a bad thing per Dr. Kevin Leman. In fact, he encourages it. What he doesn’t encourage is a powerful child. Listen to this episode...
Jul 08, 2014
027: Ask Dr. Leman (Screaming Fits; Picking on Each Other; Let the Kids Fight)
How do we cope with screaming fits? How do I foster a better relationship between my 8 year old and 5 year old? How do I stop my 13 year...
Jul 03, 2014
026: Sport an Attitude Parents! No, that isn’t a Misprint. Learn Why Sporting an Attitude Might Be Your Best Parenting Move.
Dr. Leman gives you, Mom and Dad, permission to sport a ‘tude. Parents can use an attitude to show that they are disappointed in their kids. Learn how to properly...
Jul 01, 2014
025: Ask Dr. Leman (Out of Consequences; Dysfunctional Grandma; Work for Pay)
You asked. We answered. Dr Leman’s responses will surprise and help you. If you want your question answered, the best method is to leave us a voicemail question. You can...
Jun 26, 2014
024: To Spank or Not to Spank. Dr. Leman’s answer will surprise you.
Politics, Religion and Spanking. The three topics you avoid at all costs. Dr. Leman steps into the discussion. There are two main spanking camps: the spank away camp and never, ever spank...
Jun 24, 2014
023: Ask Dr. Leman (Bedtime; Strained Relationship; & Imaginary Friends)
Tired of struggling to get your 18 month to go to sleep? Feel that you have a strained relationship with your kid? Or wonder if it is okay to let...
Jun 19, 2014