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A Sustainable Mind is a podcast created for the earth-conscious individual, ecopreneur, environmental activist, sustainability enthusiast, grassroots organizer, minimalist, conscious consumer and the eco-curious. If you are looking to get inspired, motivated and take ACTION to be the change you want to see in the world you are in the right place. Delivered to you each week, Marjorie Alexander brings you environmental changemakers whose campaigns, companies and projects have changed the planet for the better. Featured guests discuss their relationship with nature early on, their journey to a green career, light-bulb moments, sustainable habits, lessons from launching their projects, and much more. Each episode ends with ACTIONABLE advice and resources for you to hit the ground running!

Episode Date
084: Sustainable Filmmaking & Production with Emellie O’Brien of Earth Angel Sets

Since Emellie O’Brien's first days in production, she knew there was a way for the role of sustainability on-set to go beyond basic waste management and recycling. She got her start at the NYU Tisch Film program and not long after graduation she landed her first job as a “Green Steward” with Big Beach Films in 2011. Her early years of dedication to green practices and passion for the environment on-set is what earned her the nickname “Earth Angel” from fellow crew members over the walkie, and to this day is still what production colleagues call her whenever she is on set. By 2013 EOB founded Earth Angel and turned it into a scalable model that has since inspired the entertainment industry and significantly reduced its environmental impact.

Earth Angel has helped films and series avoid 8,500 metric tons of greenhouse gases, divert over 4,800 tons of waste, and donate over 125,000 meals to the local communities. Their client roster includes The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spielberg's The Post, Emmy-winner The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Lin Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights. Earth Angel is headquartered in New York with offices in Los Angeles and Atlanta.


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In this episode Marjorie and Emellie discuss:

  • What it's like to work on and run a film production with and without sustainability in mind
  • The type of research, stats, and projections that are considered when EA works with a production and what numbers are presented to the client at the end of a project
  • What happens to the materials that are not used up at the end of the production
  • What you should keep in mind when working with a company like Earth Angel and how you can make your production more sustainable on your own
  • How Covid has impacted the film industry and the way EA works with productions

Resources mentioned in today's episode:

Connect with Emellie and the Earth Angel Team:
Connect with Marjorie Alexander:


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Mar 19, 2021
083: Zero Waste Hair Salons and Sustainability in the Beauty Industry with Ben Hudgins of Novak Hair Studios

Benjamin Novak Hudgins is the Co-Founder and CEO of Novak Hair Studios. As a nationally-recognized hairstylist with over 18 years of industry experience, Hudgins uses his expertise to inspire Novak’s 90+ Luxury Solo Artists in two unique locations throughout North Texas. His work has been displayed at New York fashion week, the Mercedes-Benz tent at Swim Week Miami, and on stages and classrooms across the US. He has been the preferred stylist of many contestants in a variety of pageant systems and the go-to beauty pro for high-profile/celebrity clients across the nation.

From Hudgins’ early career in the competitive pageant world, Novak Hair Studios has carried that tradition by proudly serving as an official sponsor of Mrs. Texas America and Mrs. Oklahoma America. Hudgins’ foundation in life and work is to build a better life while actively creating a better and more beautiful planet.

Benjamin’s passion for hair began at a young age when he would steal his sister’s Collection Edition Barbies to style their hair. No longer styling barbies, he can be found at his small Texas ranch aptly named the “Hudgins Honey Bee Ranch” with husband Justin Hudgins and their chickens, ducks, bees, and Scottish Highland cows - Edna, Walter, and baby Otis.


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In this episode Marjorie and Ben discuss:

  • Why choosing beauty products with sustainable and healthy ingredients is so important
  • How certain ingredients make it into our favorite and previously more healthy and sustainable hair care product lines
  • Sustainable innovation within the haircare industry both in products and in salons
  • His surprising experiences in opening two sustainable salons in North Texas


Resources mentioned in today's episode:

Connect with Ben and the Novak Studios Team:
Connect with Marjorie Alexander:
Mar 11, 2021
082: Climate Change Along the Chesapeake and the Come Together Handbook with Dana Simson

Author/illustrator/Designer Dana Simson is a life-long environmentalist and climate change activist. She and her husband live on the frontline of climate change in a 200-year-old house on an island in the Chesapeake Bay. She keeps a tide clock on the dash of her car and gives the blue crabs and fish the right of way on her commute home. She has been a sought-after speaker and visiting professor on imagination development for the last 20 years. Currently, she is using her skillset to engage and empower people to look at climate change as an opportunity for positive change. Dana has written and illustrated 14 books and worked with many companies internationally to design home decor and many products. She is also the illustrator for the upcoming Green Writers Press children’s picture book; Janey Monarch Seed.

Join us for our first live event, M.A.S.S. Eco Summit! It will be 3 days of keynotes, panels, and workshops! Receive event notifications or contact us to get involved at MASSEcoLive.com.

This episode is brought to you by Brightmark, a leader in plastics renewal technology. Learn more about how Brightmark is reimagining waste and how you can partner with them at Brightmark.com.

In this episode Marjorie and Dana discuss:

  • How illustrated books can have a greater impact on readers openness to the material versus all-text books
  • The changes that she's seen in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem over the last several decades as a result of climate change
  • Does living along the Chesapeake increase residents receptiveness to the concept of climate change and what changes has she seen in the community's mindset over the years
  • Her new book the Come Together Handbook


Resources mentioned in today's episode:

Connect with Dana and get a copy of the Come Together Handbook:
Connect with Marjorie Alexander:
Mar 05, 2021
081: Plastics Renewal and Waste to Fuel with Brightmark's Bob Powell

Bob Powell's dreams and vision about how we can leave the world a better place are being realized at Brightmark, the company he founded to change the way the world sees and manages its waste. As founder & CEO, Bob looks beyond what we are doing now to create the path for what we will realize many years in the future. Bob is passionate about solving the world’s most complex environmental problems with innovation and optimism. Prior to founding Brightmark in 2016, Bob spent the majority of his career working in the energy industry.


Join us for our first live event, M.A.S.S. Eco Summit! It will be 3 days of keynotes, panels, and workshops! Receive event notifications or contact us to get involved at http://MASSEcoLive.com.


In this episode Marjorie and Bob discuss:

  • How Brightmark uses all forms of plastic from every type of waste stream and creates circular renewed products
  • How Brightmark turns organic waste into fuel and what responses people have had over the years to this practice
  • What is the difference between methane and CO2 and their impact on the environment
  • Why banning ALL plastics isn't yet part of Bob's overall vision and why


Resources mentioned in today's episode:

Connect with Bob and Brightmark:
Connect with Marjorie Alexander:
Feb 26, 2021
080: The Texas Power Grid: Deregulation & Vulnerability with Seth Mansur of RER Energy Group
This week features an additional episode tackling the Texas power grid. I chat with Seth Mansur of RER Energy Group
to get a better understanding of what deregulation means for a power grid, why some Texans are now receiving insanely high energy bills, and what role infrastructure and politics play in the larger picture.
Get in touch with Seth at smansur@rerenergygroup.com or check out rerenergygroup.com.
This is the first episode I've done of this kind, addressing a current climate event, and I hope to be addressing more just like this as climate events occur.
Lastly, if you love ASM then mark your calendars for our very first live online event. M.A.S.S. Eco Live will take place April 30-May 2, 2021, and will feature 3 days of panel discussions, keynote speakers, and workshops! To attend, sponsor, apply to be a panelist, or even to give us a hand with the event please head on over to http://MassEcoLive.com. Hope to see you there.
Feb 25, 2021
079: Sustainable Seafood & The Healthy Oceans Cookbook with Jackie Marks of the Marine Stewardship Council

Jackie Marks is a sustainability communications professional with a passion for protecting animals and the planet. At the MSC Jackie and her team aim to drive greater consumer awareness of the MSC blue fish label and the important role certified sustainable fisheries play in protecting our ocean.

Jackie is the recipient of the Washington Women in Public Relations (WWPR) Emerging Leaders Award (June 2019), was a speaker at United Nations World Wildlife Day at UN HQ (February 2019), and has been quoted in Civil Eats, USA Today, and the Associated Press, among others. She holds master’s degrees in International Relations, and Natural Resources & Sustainable Development, and a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies.


Join us for our first live event, M.A.S.S. Eco Summit! It will be 3 days of keynotes, panels, and workshops! Receive event notifications or contact us to get involved at http://MASSEcoLive.com.


In this episode Marjorie and Jackie discuss:

  • The role the Marine Stewardship Council plays in making sure shoppers have access to safe, healthy, and sustainable seafood products
  • What exactly makes seafood sustainable or not
  • How a cookbook is helping the MSC with its efforts to promote sustainable seafood and healthy eating habits
  • How to take the first step in getting a job in the physical and environmental sciences


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Resources mentioned in today's episode:

Connect with the Marine Stewardship Council:
Connect with Marjorie Alexander:
Feb 19, 2021
078: Ocean-Friendly Snacks to the Rescue with Pat Schnettler of 12 Tides

Pat Schnettler is an ocean activist and the founder of 12 Tides kelp snack company. Making his start in the traditional seafood industry, he was disheartened by its unsustainable practices and negative impacts, from overfishing and pollution to coastline destruction. Today, Pat is on a mission to show the world how our everyday food and lifestyle choices have the power to positively impact our oceans and the future of our planet.


Join us for our first live event, M.A.S.S. Eco Summit! Receive event notifications or contact us to get involved at http://MASSEcoLive.com.


In this episode Marjorie and Pat discuss:

  • The habitat impact of the traditional seafood industry and how it contributes to coastline destruction
  • How consumers can be sure the sources of seafood they consume are trustworthy
  • What exactly is sea kelp and how is it different from seaweed?
  • The benefits of growing sea kelp for habitat restoration and as a sustainable food product


Resources mentioned in today's episode:


Connect with 12tides:
Connect with Marjorie Alexander:
Feb 11, 2021
Welcome to Season 2 of A Sustainable Mind!

In this episode, I will be introducing Season 2 of ASM! We'll chat about some of my favorite and most memorable interviews from season 1, the impact the show has had over the years, upcoming featured guests, how we will be supporting the show moving forward, and I'll be making a big announcement about our first live event!


Episodes Mentioned

Tom Szaky of Terra Cycle: https://asustainablemind.com/027

Kathryn Kellogg of Going Zero Waste: https://asustainablemind.com/048

Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home: https://asustainablemind.com/006

Rob Greenfield of Food Freedom: https://asustainablemind.com/061

Maya van Rossum of the Green Amendment: https://asustainablemind.com/026

Yana (Ma'ikwe) Ludwig, previously of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, co-founder of Solidarity Collective: https://asustainablemind.com/008

Izolda Trakhtenberg, aka "Earth Lady": https://asustainablemind.com/062

Jordan Figueiredo of Ugly Fruit & Veg Campaign: https://asustainablemind.com/011


Links Mentioned

Suggest or apply to be a guest:

Suggest or apply to be a sponsor:

Support the show: 


Join us for our first live event, MASS Eco Summit! Receive event notifications or contact us to get involved at http://MASSEcoLive.com.

Feb 10, 2021
077: Kind Cup - Bringing Innovation to Menstrual Cups and the Feminine Hygiene Industry with Christine Brown
Visit our site for a full transcript of this episode at www.ASustainableMind.com/077 
Founder and designer of Kind Cup, Christine Brown, grew up in a small agricultural beach town in Southern California. A sixth-generation Carpinterian, Brown is a part-time avocado farmer, and American Sign Language teacher and advocate. Brown studied Critical Social Thought at Mount Holyoke College, and Deaf Studies: Cultural Studies for graduate school in Washington D.C. at Gallaudet University.
In this episode Marjorie and Christine Brown discuss:
  • How menstrual cups work and why they can be a much better alternative to tampons and pads.
  • How Christine came up with the idea for Kind Cup. 
  • The design elements that make Kind Cup unique.
  • Marjorie’s personal experiences with menstrual cups over the last 15 years and why she loves the Kind Cup design. 
  • What to consider when choosing a menstrual cup that works best with your body and lifestyle.
Resources from Christine Brown:
  • Direct Relief - Kind Cup's non-profit partner (DirectRelief.org) - Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay.
  • Intersectional Environmentalist Group (IntersectionalEnvironmentalist.com) - A platform for resources, information, and action steps to support intersectional environmentalism and dismantle systems of oppression in the environmental movement, led by environmental activists and sustainability advocates.
  • Put a Cup in It (PutACupInIt.com) - A collection of resources about reusable menstrual products overall and great general info if you are new to the conversation about menstrual cups
Connect with Christine Brown and Kind Cup:
Connect with Marjorie Alexander:
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Aug 12, 2020
076: Is Bamboo the Next Big Thing? with Scott Brady of Cariloha
Scott Brady is the Vice President of Communications for Cariloha, based in Sandy, UT. He oversees all internal and external communications for the company. In 2007, at the height of economic crisis and recession, Scott was part of the team that helped develop and bring the eco-friendly and sustainable Cariloha retail brand to market. Despite the struggling economy, Cariloha flourished and continues to grow. Now the brand is the only company that features sustainable bamboo in all of its product lines.  
In this episode Marjorie and Scott discuss:
  • What makes bamboo sustainable.
  • How bamboo compares to other fabrics we typically used in bedding, bath, and apparel products.
  • The benefits of bamboo for people that use it.
  • How to quickly make a big impact on the sustainability practices of a company of any size
Resources from Cariloha and Scott Brady:
Connect with Cariloha:
Connect with Marjorie Alexander:
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Jun 16, 2020
075: Eco-friendly Small Business with Moji Igun of Blue Daisi Consulting

Moji Igun is the founder of Blue Daisi Consulting. Her company serves small businesses that want to reduce their waste and implement more earth-friendly business practices. She works with individuals to use their companies as an avenue to make a more positive social and environmental impact. 


This episode is sponsored by Public Goods - Just one version of every essential in just one place. Get 10% off with promo code ASM at checkout. Check out PublicGoods.com.


In this episode Marjorie and Moji Igun discuss:

  • The benefits to small business owners of running a green operation
  • Where to start if you want to make your business more sustainable
  • What types of certifications are available for eco-friendly businesses

Resources from Moji Igun:

Connect with Moji Igun and Blue Daisi Consulting:

Connect with Marjorie Alexander:

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Apr 13, 2020
074: Kamea Chayne of Green Dreamer Podcast on Sustainable Fashion and Mindfulness

Kamea Chayne is an author, creative, the curator of ConsciousFashion.co, and the host of Green Dreamer Podcast. Challenging our dominant views of "advancement" that equate with destruction, degradation, and disconnection from the things that matter most, she curiously explores what it takes to realize a world of ecological balance and diversity, intersectional sustainability, and true abundance and wellness for all.


Want to start your own cause-based podcast? Let’s get you launched!! For more details on how you can work with me 1-on-1 to get your show up and running, please visit 



In this episode Marjorie and Kamea Chayne discuss:

  • How to take action and contribute to conservation efforts in your community
  • How retail therapy caused Kamea to have a huge wake up call and start ConsciousFashion.co
  • How mindfulness determines our impact on ecology
  • Easy tips on how to keep your wardrobe both fresh and sustainable


Resources from Kamea Chayne:



Connect with Kamea Chayne:


Connect with Marjorie Alexander:


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Feb 07, 2020
073: Seabin Project’s Pete Ceglinski on Cleaning Our Oceans, Simple Solutions, and Focusing Upstream

Australian surfer, father, and clean ocean advocate Pete Ceglinski is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Seabin Project. Seabin, a device designed to reduce, and ultimately eliminate pollution in our oceans, acts as a trash can for our waters and has the ability to remove microplastics, microfibers, plastic bags, bottles, cigarette butts, and more. Along with the development of the Seabin Project as a business, Pete is heavily involved in the technical design and development of the products. Since he co-founded the invention in 2015 there have been Seabins installed in over 40 countries, resulting in a total of 1.95 tons of waste extracted from our oceans every day.


Want to start your own cause-based podcast? Let’s get you launched!! For more details on how you can work with me 1-on-1 to get your show up and running, please visit http://www.ASustainableMind.com/launch


In this episode Marjorie and Pete Ceglinski discuss:

  • How Seabin is creating strategic partnerships with municipalities and marinas to get Seabins installed all across the globe
  • How a Seabin works and how simplicity was their key to success during the creation process
  • Where Pete and the Seabin team see taking their invention in the near future 
  • How you, your company or group can get involved, even if you don’t live near the water


Resources from Pete:


Connect with Pete Ceglinski and the Seabin Project:


Connect with Marjorie Alexander:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asustainablemind/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SustainableMind

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asustainablemind/

Website: asustainablemind.com


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Jan 13, 2020
072: People of Color in the Outdoor Community with José González of Latino Outdoors

José G. González is the Founder of Latino Outdoors. He is an experienced educator as a K-12 public education teacher, environmental education advisor, outdoor education instructor and coordinator, and university adjunct faculty. He is also an illustrator and science communicator.

His commentary on diversity and environmental/outdoor equity has been featured by High Country News, Outside Magazine, Earth Island Journal, and Latino USA, among others. He engaged in collaborations with the White House Council on Environmental Quality, U.S. Department of Interior, and the National Park Service during the Obama Administration. He also represented Latino Outdoors in several coalitions including the Latino Conservation Alliance, the Next 100 Coalition, and California Parks Now. He has been recognized with several honors, including the National Wildlife Federation Environmental Educator Award, Grist Magazine “Grist 50”, and The Murie Center Spirit of the Muries, among others. You may have also seen him in various outdoor spaces or read his poetic musings.

He received his B.A at the University of California, Davis, and his M.S at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment.

Want to start your own cause-based podcast? Let’s get you launched!! For more details on how you can work with me 1-on-1 to get your show up and running, please visit http://www.ASustainableMind.com/launch

In this episode Marjorie and José González discuss:

  • The importance of having minorities represented in the outdoor community - as participants and as leadership
  • The challenges that some communities encounter regarding outdoor access and how to overcome those challenges
  • How strategic partnerships play into building a more racially diverse outdoor community and why not just commitment, but alignment, plays a key role in success partnership success
  • How to support youth in building healthy relationships with nature

Resources from Jose:

Connect with José González & Latino Outdoors:

José González:

Latino Outdoors: latinooutdoors.org



Connect with Marjorie Alexander:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asustainablemind/

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Dec 26, 2019
071: Emotional Sustainability and Self-care with JJ Flizanes

JJ Flizanes is an Empowerment Strategist and the host of several podcast including People’s Choice Awards nominee Spirit, Purpose & Energy. She is the Director of Invisible Fitness, a best-selling author of Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life and The Invisible Fitness Formula: 5 Secrets to Release Weight and End Body Shame. Named Best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles for 2007 by Elite Traveler Magazine, JJ has been featured in many national magazines, including Shape, Fitness, and Women’s Health as well as appeared on NBC, CBS, Fox, the CW and KTLA. Grab a free copy of the Invisible Fitness Formula at http://jjflizanes.com/book


If you want to work with JJ she is offering special pricing on her 1-on-1 sessions just for ASM listeners. Learn more at www.ASustainableMind.com/JJ!


In this episode, Marjorie and JJ discuss:   

  • What role victim mentality plays in how we advocate for environmental sustainability
  • Frequency and how it causes us to attract different people and situations
  • Resources available for individuals to step into a more empowered position in their lives


Interested in starting your own cause-based podcast? I want to help you launch and grow your show! For more details visit www.ASustainableMind.com/DIY  


Connect with JJ:



Fit2Love.tv (where you can find ALL of JJ’s podcasts)

Spirit, Purpose & Energy Podcast

Men, Women & Relationship Podcast


Resources from JJ: 

Center for Non-Violent Communication

Imago Therapy

Episode 118 of Fit to Love Podcast

Non-violent Communication the Book

Karpman drama triangle

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Dr. Eben Alexander

Nov 22, 2019
070: Purpose & Cause-based Podcasting

Have a passion for a worthy cause? Want to start a podcast? Let’s team up!

I am bringing you 30 days of 1-on-1 coaching with me and a DIY podcasting course to get your cause-based podcast launched.

This is perfect for anyone that feels they have a message to share that can change the world for the better. Let’s educate, inspire and promote action in your community!

Learn more at http://asustainablemind.com/diy/

Nov 19, 2019
069: Angel's Envy Whiskey Toasts The Trees with Ashley Erwin

Ashley Erwin grew up in rural, northern Georgia. In her words it was the “Type of place where fertilizer goes to greeting ya soon as the front door went to close, where cow tipping and horse jacking and bonfire-truck-meet-ups with blue label sodas stacked heavy in ice chests were the norm, and where ‘mams and sirs were added on to ever’thing less a slap upside the head were what ya’s hankering after.”


In this episode, Ashley Erwin and Marjorie Alexander cover:

  • Why Angel's Envy is teaming up with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees and how you can get involved
  • What makes bourbon…BOURBON? Why, the trees of course!
  • The family history of Angel's Envy, including Lincoln Henderson, the creator of Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel as well as JD’s “Gentleman Jack” 
  • What techniques go into making Angel's Envy bourbons and ryes so unique


*** Use the hashtag #ToastTheTrees along with images of Angel’s Envy cocktails, neat pours and bottles. Let's give Ashley lots of trees to plant next year in Kentucky! ***


Connect with Angel’s Envy, Ashley Erwin and the rest of the Whiskey Guardians:


Suggested Resources from Ashley:

Sep 26, 2019
068: Clean Energy in our Communities with Ted Bardacke of Clean Power Alliance

In this episode, Ted Bardacke and Marjorie Alexander cover:

  • What is clean energy and how does it get to us?
  • What is the future of renewable and carbon-free energy? Will we ever succeed from the grid?
  • How can residents get access to clean energy in their area?
  • What if there are no local utilities offering clean energy in my area?


About our Ted Bardacke:

Ted Bardacke, Executive Director of the Clean Power Alliance, has forged a unique career focusing on sustainable urbanism and economic development that spans three continents, including major stints in local government, non-profit organizations, journalism and academia.

Ted comes to the Alliance from the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, where he was Director of Infrastructure and Deputy Director of the Mayor’s Sustainability Office. In those positions he was instrumental in both crafting and then implementing the city’s first-ever Sustainability Plan, with a particular emphasis on pursuing distributed systems in the electricity and water sectors, and utilizing mobility infrastructure to pursue low-carbon and ecologically beneficial outcomes.

From 2003 to 2013, Ted worked in the Green Urbanism Program at Global Green USA and during the 1990s was a foreign correspondent for the Financial Times of London, based in Mexico City and Bangkok. A graduate of Wesleyan University and the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University, Ted has been a Visiting Fellow at Mexico City’s Centro de Transporte Sustentable and is a permanent Lecturer in the Urban Planning Program at UCLA.


Connect with Ted Bardacke and Clean Power Alliance:


Suggested Resources from Ted:



Sep 20, 2019
067: Sustainable & Ethical Fashion with Aspen Murray of Ethigirl

In this episode, Aspen Murray and Marjorie Alexander cover:

  • The reality of working conditions at some of the sweatshops that make our clothing
  • Companies who are creating ethically and sustainably produced clothing
  • How to spot sustainable clothing while shopping at traditional stores

About our guest:

Aspen Murray is a young activist who is dedicating her life to the pursuit of making ethical + sustainable fashion the norm. She firmly believes that we all have the power to vote with our dollars, but that we need to reform how we look at conscious consumerism: it shouldn't be difficult, it shouldn't be inaccessible to certain people, and it's okay if we mess up − because the onus should never fall entirely on the consumer

Connect with Aspen Murray and Ethigirl Online:

Suggested Resources from Aspen:



Aug 17, 2019
066: Sustainable Intimacy Products with Wendy Strgar of Good Clean Love

In this episode, Wendy Strgar and Marjorie Alexander cover:

  • Bioplastic as sustainable packaging - what is it, where do you get it and why more companies aren't using it
  • How petroleum in personal hygiene products can impact the body
  • Staying emotionally connected with your partner
  • Active grieving after a loss

Connect with Wendy Strgar and Good Clean Love Online:

Suggested Resources from Wendy:

Suggested online resource:


About our guest:

Wendy Strgar is an award-winning entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Good Clean Love. Wendy started Good Clean Love in 2003 after hearing from many women about, and experiencing for herself, the painful side effects of using petrochemical-based hygiene and intimacy products. Under Wendy’s leadership, Good Clean Love is a champion of sustainable business practices. In 2018, the company launched a carbon offset initiative; its flagship product, Almost Naked personal lubricant, became the first-ever Carbon Neutral intimacy product in the world. Good Clean Love is also one of the only personal care product brands whose products are packaged using bioplastic, a material made from recyclable sugar cane.

Aug 09, 2019
065: Dirty Gourmet: The Best Camping Food for Your Adventures with Emily Nielson

Dirty Gourmet is a women-owned outdoor company dedicated to empowering outdoorists to make food a part of their soul-nourishing outdoor experience. The founders of Dirty Gourmet, Mai-Yan Kwan, Emily Nielson, and Aimee Trudeau together after a bike tour across Canada and years of camp life took it upon themselves to rethink the idea of food in the outdoors. Whether you're a car camper getting started with a picky family to feed, or a lightweight backpacker looking for inspiration to get you to your destination, they have plenty of tips and recipes for you on our website and in their cookbook, Dirty Gourmet: Food for your Outdoor Adventures.

In this episode we cover:

  • How splitting up your trip types into 3 categories is important to enjoying cooking and eating awesome food in the great outdoors
  • Two must-follow rules for enjoying cooking during your outdoor adventures
  • A super easy homemade granola recipe!

Emily Nielson and Dirty Gourmet Online:

Suggested Resources from Emily:

Suggested online resource:


Jun 27, 2019
064: Samir Lakhani of Project EcoSoap - Recycled soap and hygiene education around the world

Samir Lakhani, 26, is a social entrepreneur dedicated to restoring health and dignity to developing countries through environmental initiatives. Prior to founding Eco-Soap Bank in 2014, Samir was deeply involved in climate-resilient aquaculture and nutrition projects in northern Cambodian villages. He has also developed solar lighting social enterprise projects in Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Currently, he serves as the Founder & Executive Director of Eco-Soap Bank—a global soap-recycling organization—which operates in 10 countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. To date, Eco-Soap Bank has reached over 1.1 million people with recycled soap and free hygiene education. In 2017, Samir received a CNN Hero Award for his work with global hygiene.

In this episode we cover:

  • How do you recycle soap in a sanitary way?
  • How is soap that is not recycled impacting our environment?
  • Where do you get the soap and who receives the recycled soap?
  • How do you change the everyday habits of a community that is respectful of their history and traditions?

Key Takeaways:

  • 5 million bars of soap are thrown away EACH DAY! And it's not biodegradable!
  • Recruiting hygiene ambassadors that are of the local culture helps spread the message more effectively.
  • When you have big ideas, don't wait for it to be perfect, launch it now! But also consider longevity.
  • Get involved with Project EcoSoap - donate to the Kickstarter and help spread the word!

Samir Lakhani and Project Ecosoap Online:

Suggested Resources from Samir:

Suggested online resource:

  • YouTube! You can learn anything from how to build wind turbines to how to drive stick shift!


May 11, 2019
063: Slugs and Snails and Squid, Oh My! with Malacologist Jann Vendetti

Jann Vendetti is the Twila Bratcher Chair in Malacological Research at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Malacology is the study of mollusks (snails, clams, octopus), and Jann's focus is snails. She was a postdoctoral researcher at California State University, Los Angeles and received her Ph.D. from UC Berkeley's Department of Integrative Biology and Museum of Paleontology. She is interested in urban biodiversity of snail and slug species, both introduced and native.

In this episode we cover:

  • What are the different types of terrestrial and marine mollusks?
  • How is climate change impacting various mollusk populations?
  • How do mollusks compare to and differ from more familiar taxa such as mammals?
  • Jann's favorite mollusk - the purple sea snail!

Jann Vendetti & The Natural History Museum of LA Online:

Suggested Resources from Jann:




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Apr 14, 2019
062: Environmental Education at Any Age with The Earth Lady Izolda Trakhtenberg

Born in Moldova, Izolda Trakhtenberg learned how to communicate in multiple languages through a year-long immigration process. Today, Izolda facilitates workshops that inspire people to tap into and master their leadership, creativity, and communication skills. She worked as an educator for the National Geographic Society. Later, she traveled the world as a NASA environmental education trainer. Additionally, she is the author of five books, including Speak From Within: Engage, Inspire and Motivate Any Audience. She is also the host of the Tell Your Story Better and The Creative Kind podcasts. Izolda, her husband, and their two cats live in Maryland.

In this episode we cover:

  • Is there a difference between educating children and adults?
  • Why is NASA interested in studying Earth?
  • The most effective way to educate those around you about earth-friendly habits
  • A great free resource for teachers and everyday people that want to study Earth's ecology and atmosphere

Izolda Trakhtenberg Online:

Suggestions & Resource from Izolda:




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Feb 27, 2019
061: Experiments in Earth-Conscious Living with Rob Greenfield

Rob Greenfield is a world-renowned adventurer and activist and is embarking on his next big project, Food Freedom. Through Rob's extreme projects from cycling across the USA on a bamboo bicycle for sustainability (three times), to dumpster diving in thousands of grocery store dumpsters to raise awareness about food waste and hunger, to wearing 30 days worth of trash to create a visual of how much trash just one American creates, he has inspired countless people to positively change. Rob has been featured on thousands of media outlets around the world, hosted shows on Discovery Channel and has given two TEDx talks. You can see his media page here.

In this episode we cover:

  • Rob's journey from nature-loving kid, to materialistic teen, to environmental changemaker
  • Some of Rob's favorite adventures and experiments
  • How his choice to give up his computer caused him to question his impact in the world
  • Rob's best advice for those just getting started in eco-conscious living

Rob Greenfield Online:

Suggestions & Green Resource from Rob:

  • Take 12 hours off from devices each day if you can and go tech-free for 1 full day each week.
  • Learn about Winona LaDuke and other inspiring people at RobGreenfield.tv/people
  • Learn about educational and moving films at RobGreenfield.tv/films
  • Check out the project, film and books from the Story of Stuff


Feb 14, 2019
060: Love and The Clean Money Revolution with Joel Solomon

Joel Solomon is Co-Author of The Clean Money Revolution: Reinventing Power, Purpose, and Capitalism. As a Founding Partner of Renewal Funds, a $98 million mission venture capital firm, he has invested in over 100 early growth-stage companies in North America, delivering above market returns while catalyzing positive social and environmental change. Joel is a founding member of Social Venture Network, Businesses for Social Responsibility, Chair of Hollyhock, Co-Producer of RSF's “Integrated Capital Institute”, and serves on the University of British Columbia Board of Governors.

In this episode we cover:

  • How Joel's experiences with cancer, working with Jimmy Carter and becoming the caretaker of an orca research lab led him to have a deep appreciation for nature
  • What venture capital is and why is it important to our economy
  • How Renewal Funds and other companies are giving back to the environment in a big way
  • The connection between love and money

Joel Solomon Online:

Suggestions from Joel:

"Political engagement," spend more time reading "sources of political thinking, interviews, and analysis that meet enough of our values and to stay informed and to care,"

"Read more books from people and voices who have been left out of the equation"



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Jan 19, 2019
059: Everyone has a 1% with Kate Williams, CEO of One Percent for the Planet

Kate Williams is CEO of 1% for the Planet, a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental nonprofit solutions, through annual membership and everyday actions. Kate stepped into her role at 1% for the Planet in May 2015 bringing a strong track record as a leader, including roles as Board Chair of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), as Executive Director of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, as founder and owner of a farm business enterprise, and as an elected political leader in her community. Kate earned a BA at Princeton University where she majored in history, and an MS at the MIT Sloan School of Management where she focused on organizational systems. Kate is a master’s distance runner, kitchen gardener, and always wants more time to read and write. Kate lives in Vermont with her husband and two children.

In this episode we cover:

  • How companies that are not yet walking the walk can still help the environmental movement
  • How perfection can be the enemy of progress to any worth-while cause
  • Some of the benefits and challenges of environmental philanthropy
  • How 1%FTP makes it easy for anyone (not just companies and non-profits) to give back and help the planet

1% for the Planet Online:



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Jan 06, 2019
058: Sustainable Beekeeping and Making a Difference in the Peace Corps with Katherine Milling
Nov 29, 2018
057: Let's talk microplastics with Jay Sinha of Life Without Plastic

Jay Sinha has a background in biochemistry, ecotoxicology and law. He Co-Founded and is Co-Owner of Life Without Plastic, the one-stop shop for safe, high quality, ethically-sourced, Earth-friendly alternatives to plastic products for everyday life.

Jay and his business partner Chantal Plamondon also co-authored a book released earlier this year called LIFE WITHOUT PLASTIC: The Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Avoiding Plastic to Keep Your Family and the Planet Healthy.


In this episode Marjorie and Jay cover:

  • What exactly happens when our bodies are exposed to BPA and other endocrine disruptors in plastics?
  • What are microplastics and how do they get into the environment?
  • What can individuals do to minimize their contribution of microplastics into the environment? 
  • How can we impact the government and industry from the position of a consumer?
  • The future of sustainable small businesses


Visit Life Without Plastic at LifeWithoutPlastic.com 

Show Notes for this episode: ASustainableMind.com/057

Nov 05, 2018
056: Climate Adaptation, what it is and why it matters, with Doug Parsons

Doug Parsons first learned about adaptation in Queensland, Australia, while focusing on the impacts of climate change on the agriculture sector. Upon returning to the United States, he worked with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the National Park Service and the Society for Conservation Biology. His work has been modeled by state and federal agencies and he continues to work on climate change adaptation and conservation issues today.


In this episode we cover:

  • How Doug got started in podcasting
  • What exactly adaptation is and how it differs from sustainability
  • The vocabulary and semantics of climate solutions: mitigation, resiliency, sustainability, adaptation...what do they all mean?
  • Why adaptation is an important consideration alongside traditional environmental sustainability
  • Lots of fantastic resources!


Visit Doug Parsons at AmericaAdapts.org

Get resources from this episode at ASustainableMind.com/056

Oct 15, 2018
055: Being the change and making an impact at any age with Sam Demma and Dillon Mendes of PickWaste

Sam Demma and Dillon Mendes started holding weekly trash pick-up events in their hometown of Pickering, Ontario. Now, a year later, they have a budding organization called PickWaste, where they are inspiring people of all ages to pick up one single piece of litter each day. They have both been named Top 25 Environmentalists in Canada and are dedicated to taking their message global.

Show Notes: asustainablemind.com/055

Our Guest: PickWaste.ca

Sep 01, 2018
054: Capturing Big Trees and Cultivating Curiosity with author and professor Matt Ritter

Dr. Matt Ritter grew up in rural Mendocino County, California. After earning a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from U.C. Santa Barbara, he attended U.C. San Diego for a Ph.D. in plant biology. He’s a botany professor in the Biological Sciences Department at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California, where he lives with his wife and two children. He’s the author of several books, including a new guide to California’s flora, California Plants: A guide to our Iconic Flora (www.pacificstreetpublishing.com). He also wrote the funniest and best-selling guide to California’s urban forest, A Californian’s Guide to the Trees among Us (Heyday, 2011). His writing has appeared in several magazines, including a regular column on tree diversity in Pacific Horticulture. He won the Cal Poly’s Distinguished Teaching Award and the International Society of Arboriculture Award for Excellence in Education. He is the California Coordinator of the American Forests Big Tree Registry, studies California’s native plants, and trees that escape cultivation, particularly Eucalyptus. He’s an avid woodworker, mason, and gardener.

Aug 12, 2018
053: Environmental Podcasting, Gardening and the Florida Trail with Misti Little of The Garden Path Podcast

Misti Little is gardener, creative, and outdoor enthusiast interested in deepening her connection to nature. She founded The Garden Path Podcast in 2015 to interact and share knowledge with other gardeners. In 2018 she began Orange Blaze: A Florida Trail Podcast to educate the hiking community about the little-known but beautiful Florida National Scenic Trail. She thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2010 and the Florida Trail in 2011 and currently lives near Houston, Texas with her husband and son. 

Aug 03, 2018
052: Protecting our Public Lands with The Conservation Fund’s Director of Strategic Planning Will Allen

Today we are joined by Will Allen, the Vice President of Conservation Services and Director of Strategic Conservation Planning at The Conservation Fund in Chapel Hill, NC. He is also the author of the upcoming book The Science of Strategic Conservation.

Check out the Conservation Fund at ConservationFund.org


Jul 12, 2018
051: Building Our Cities, One Recycled Shipping Container at a Time with Paul Galvin of SG Blocks

Paul Galvin, is the Chairman and CEO of SG Blocks, a premier designer and fabricator of container-based structures. SG Blocks has recently secured two low-income housing development projects in New York State and is partnering with Heart of Los Angeles to create the first container-based community center in L.A.

Jun 08, 2018
050: Greenlid, the world's first compostable kitchen composting bin, with Jackson Wyatt

Morgan and Jackson Wyatt are the co-founders of Greenlid, a disposable, compostable and leak-proof composting bin for your kitchen. After launching a successful Kickstarter campaign and securing backing in the Dragon's Den (Canada's version of Shark Tank) these brothers aim to be in every kitchen in Canada and beyond.

May 31, 2018
049: Healing from the Inside Out with Eva Vennari of the Elevate Institute

Eva Vennari is on a mission to dismantle the status quo of the sickness industry. Having spent most of her adult life suffering from all kinds of conditions she decided to take matters into her own hands and heal herself holistically.

May 24, 2018
048: Going Zero Waste and getting healthy with Kathryn Kellogg

Kathryn Kellogg is a zero waste influencer and blogger at GoingZeroWaste.com. In this episode, we discuss common misconceptions about zero-waste living and how replacing one toiletry item with the DIY version helped solved her pain problem.

May 17, 2018
047: Gardening and Coding with From Seed to Spoon app developer Dale Spoonemore

Dale Spoonemore is the co-founder of the From Seed to Spoon mobile app that helps gardeners all over the world plant amazing gardens, no matter their skill level or prior knowledge. We'll be talking about how gardening and coding got him out of depression, helped him improve his health and brought him closer with his family.

May 08, 2018
046: Top 5 Tips for Reducing Paper Waste

In this episode we will tackle some of the easiest ways to reduce paper waste in your life or simply not bringing in unnecessary paper to begin with. And don't worry about taking notes. All resources, statistics, and websites mentioned are accessible at asustainablemind.com/046

May 03, 2018
045: Fighting for Clean Water Worldwide with WaterAid America's CEO Sarina Prabasi

Sarina Prabasi is the CEO of WaterAid America, a non-profit that brings clean water, sanitation and hygiene to over 37 countries across the globe. WaterAid also provides job training so the communities can learn to sustain the well systems, water pumps, toilets, faucets, etc. on their own. WaterAid.org

Apr 26, 2018
044: Online Adventure Communities and Creating Your Own Opportunities with Love Her Wild's Bex Band

Bex Band is a professional nomad, an ordinary adventurer and an amazing story teller. She shares about her travels and excursions at LoveHerWild.com an online community she started, specifically for women, and Bex recounts her more personal tails on her blog TheOrdinaryAdventurer.com.

Apr 19, 2018
043: Positive Impact through Incremental Habits with Aint No Planet B's Zoe Jazz

Zoe Jazz has been sharing her zero waste journey with the world through her awesome blog Ain't No Planet B. She touches on the typical eco lifestyle habits - versions of household products, recipes, and hair & beauty. But she also talks about the human element - decision making, positive motivation and constantly reminds us that you aren't a terrible person if you don't do everything perfect the first time. With the slogan 'baby steps to zero waste', Zoe really gets it and is one of my fave eco bloggers.

Apr 05, 2018
042: Eco-friendly and Sustainable Event Planning with Chance Thompson

Chance Thompson is the senior manager of sustainability and PR for one of the world's largest event companies. In this episode, Chance tells us about the most rewarding and challenging parts of his job and shares helpful tips for us to bring large-scale sustainability solutions to our own events.

Mar 22, 2018
041: Slow Lifestyle, Culture Making, and The End of Poverty? with Matthew Stillman

Matthew Stillman is the conceiver and producer of "The End of Poverty?" - a feature-length documentary about the origins of poverty and why it persists in a world with so much wealth. He is also the founder of Primal Derma, bringing ancient recipes to modern skincare products. 

Mar 17, 2018
040: Sustainable, Responsible and Impact (SRI) Investing with Marc de Sousa-Shields

Marc de Sousa-Shields is an international sustainable development and investment consultant. He co-founded and was first Executive Director of the Social Investment Organization (SIO) of Canada and has been an advisor to the United Nations and a member of the US Social Investment Forum International Committee. Marc has written for leading on-line corporate sustainability magazines, TheSustainableCentury.net blog, and the Sustainable Century Podcast. Marc's latest book "Invest Like You Give a Damn: Make Money, Change the World, Sleep Well at Night" is a DIY book for impact investing.

Mar 08, 2018
039: Public Policy and Environmental Podcasting with Earth Matters Host Lawson Hunter

Lawson Hunter is the former president of the Green Party in Canada and has given his time to countless organizations, committees, and boards that focus on environmental issues. Lawson is now a blogger at NewsandComment.com and hosts the environmental podcast EarthMatters where he interviews folks in and around Ontario Canada that are creating local solutions for global problems.

Mar 01, 2018
038: Mountain Climbing and Climate Science with Explorer John All

John all is a scientist, mountaineer, and explorer. He has traveled to some of the most isolated places in the world to collect data, witnessing the effects of climate change first hand.

He is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the American Climber Science Program and the author of Icefall, where he recounts his adventures at the farthest edges of this planet.

Feb 22, 2018
037: Advocating for a better planet with Ellen Hielkema of Power Women in Green Podcast

Ellen Hielkema is the host of Power Women in Green, a podcast that highlights women that are making the world a better place through green business. In today's episode, we discuss her previous career in marketing, what her goals are for her podcast and how van life in Portugal changed the way she looked at the world.

Feb 15, 2018
036: Wildlife and Wilderness Conservation Through Law Enforcement with Jessica Graham

Jessica is a crime-fighting conservationist. Through her work with INTERPOL's Environmental Security Program and the former Presidential Task Force for Combating Wildlife Trafficking, Jessica has seen a part of environmental sustainability that very few have. Today we will talk about the real implications of wildlife trafficking and illegal logging as well as what we as civilians and tourists can do to help.

Feb 08, 2018
035: Veganism and Animal Cruelty, Creating a Better Planet for Everyone, with Erica Sodos

Erica Sodos is a motivational speaker, emcee, magician, psychic entertainer and one of the few female mentalists in the world. She also happens to be a vegan and a fierce animal rights activist. In this episode, Erica and I discuss vegan alternatives to your favorite foods, the difficulties of keeping a positive attitude while being an activist and the dark reality of eating animal products.

Jan 26, 2018
034: Urban foraging and eating local with Mallory O'Donnell

Mallory O'Donnell has spent the last several years foraging in rural New Jersey and now shares their experiences, favorite ingredients recipes with the world through the blog How to Cook a Weed. In this episode, we discuss great ways to get started with foraging in your backyard or garden, how to stay safe while eating local plants and the benefits of seeing your immediate environment through a different set of lenses. If you are interested in truly eating local Mallory is a fantastic resource. Check out Mallory's blog at howtocookaweed.com

Jan 18, 2018
033: Rebuilding coral reefs and keeping our oceans healthy with Gator Halpern and Sam Teicher of Coral Vita

Sam and Gator met at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies where they helped launch the Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship Club. After graduation and successfully developing and organized ecology projects around the world, their love for oceans inspired them to work together once more to launch Coral Vita, a company that is helping solve global coral degradation, one reef at a time.

Jan 11, 2018
032: Easiest Ways to Go Green in 2018

In this episode, we list some of the easiest and most effective ways for just about anyone to live a more earth-conscious lifestyle in the new year. From reducing energy consumption at home to conserving resources through changes in diet, we've got you covered.

Jan 05, 2018
031: Solving food waste and ending hunger one box of produce at a time with Rick Nahmias

A decade ago Rick was an award-winning photographer and writer who focused on the faces and stories of marginalized communities. One day in 2009, while walking his dog, Rick literally stumbled across the idea that wasted fruit in backyards and farmer's markets across our community could become a sustainable source of nutrition for the food insecure. Now, over 8 years later, Food Forward delivers over 400,000 pounds of fruits and veggies each week to organizations that feed families and individuals in need in the LA Metro area.

Dec 28, 2017
030: Wildlife documentaries with Eyes on Conservation podcast host Matt Podolsky

After graduating from Ithaca College with degrees in both Environmental Science and Cinema/Photography, Matthew began a career as a field biologist. After working jobs in upstate New York, California, and Jamaica Matthew was offered a job working with the endangered California condor in the remote desert of Northern Arizona. It was this landscape that re-ignited his passion for filmmaking and storytelling – he began shooting for Scavenger Hunt one year after arriving in Arizona.

Dec 21, 2017
029: Coffee Scrubs and Eco-podcasting with Trashy Beauty's Barbara Lee

Barbara Lee is the founder of Trashy Beauty and host of the new podcast Trash Talking with Eco-Warriors. Barbara was born and raised in Hawaii, where she was instilled with the importance of protecting the fragile beauty of nature. Now, as a former journalist, barista, and conservationist, Barbara is combining her love of a minimal, zero waste lifestyle and coffee to inspire others to live a naturally beautiful life. In this episode, we discuss her inspiration for starting her coffee body scrub company, the challenges that come with starting your own podcast and her mission to bring awareness to the value of what we throw away.

Dec 14, 2017
028: Tackling Waste in the Health and Beauty industry with Plaine Products' Lindsey McCoy

After 10 years working on environmental education in the Bahamas, an archipelago full of single-use plastic, Lindsey McCoy and her sister Alison co-founded Plaine Products, a company that offers health and beauty products in aluminum bottles that can be returned, refilled and reused. Today we talk about the importance of perseverance and progress over perfection when it comes to an earth-conscious mindset.

Dec 07, 2017
027: Revolutionizing recycling one cigarette butt at a time with TerraCycle's Tom Szaky

Tom Szaky is the founder and CEO of TerraCycle, a company that has successful recycling programs across the globe for materials including everything from chewing gum to cigarettes. Today we speak to Tom about how both individuals and large corporations can take part in the recycling revolution as well as what can be even more beneficial than recycling itself, in the fight against waste.

Nov 30, 2017
026: Our Right to a Healthy Environment with Maya van Rossum

Lawyer and veteran environmentalist Maya van Rossum has been fighting for our right to a healthy environment for over 25 years. She has played a critical role in getting environmental legislation passed and is sparking a movement with her new book The Green Amendment. In this episode, Maya reminds us that access to a clean environment is NOT a constitutional right...yet.

Nov 23, 2017
025: Use Your Money to Make a Difference with Cara MacMillan

Cara MacMillan is a financial planner & consultant. She teaches sustainable investing as well as how to integrate sustainability into your everyday life in order to save money and save the planet each and every day. She has a book out titled It's Only Money and it Grows on Trees talking about the roll of money in our families and our culture. Her next book is right around the corner, being released in November 2016, called Make Big Money and Make a Big Difference on investing wisely with our planet in mind.

Sep 27, 2016
024: Fracking is No Laughing Matter with Comedian Ron Placone

Ron Placone tours nationally as a stand-up appearing at clubs, colleges, theaters and everything in between. He also speaks for colleges and advocacy groups with his one-man performance lecture on Battling Political Apathy. In this episode we discuss the theme of this master's thesis - fracking and the role that media plays in environmental issues. Ron gives us some interesting insight from his first-hand experiences and has suggestions for how we can make fracking a thing of the past.

Sep 09, 2016
023: Tiny House, Big Decision with Tiny House Podcast Co-host Perry Gruber

Perry Gruber is a man of many hats including entrepreneur, speaker, and social engineer. He is the founder of Copiosis, which is a new economic system for a post capitalist world. In addition to this he is the founder of The Tiny House Podcast which is the largest tiny house podcast in the world.

Sep 07, 2016
022: Fermentation on Wheels with Tara Whitsitt

Tara Whitsitt is a social activist, artist and food preservationist. Her passions for fermenting and growing food, living communally and teaching inspired her to launch Fermentation on Wheels, a mobile food preservation teaching space. Here Tara gives vegetable fermentation workshops that correspond with the regional and seasonal produce of each destination during her travels. In this episode Tara and I discuss living and eating in community, where our food comes from and of course fermentation.

Aug 21, 2016
021: Ecological Art and Bringing Nature Into the Home with Ashley Lieber

Ashley Lieber is an ecological artist and educator. In this episode we discuss her ecological art series, Moss for Meditation, as well as maker culture, building sustainable community, hydroponics (one of my favorite topics), tips on how to get FREE SEEDS! and much more.

Jul 28, 2016
020: Radical Self Care and Natural Beauty Products with Tameko Rowe

Tameko Rowe is a corporate employee turned eco conscious beauty and self care product line creator. Her company Cocoa Butter Mothers offers a range of products from nursing butters to beard balm, all crafted using responsibly sourced natural and organic ingredients, some of which come directly from Tameko's yard. Her intention is to continue to cultivate a deeper connection to self, encouraging clients to take time for luxurious self-care.

Jun 22, 2016
019: Children and Healthy Eating Habits with Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Kathryn Kemp Guylay is an author, speaker, certified nutritional counselor and coach with a master’s degree in business. She is the founder of Nurture, a national non-profit that provides wellness education to tens of thousands of children and parents. Not only is Kathryn a sought-after wellness expert, but she also hosts her own radio show on wellness at KDPI-FM in Ketchum, Idaho. Guylay is on a mission to help children all over the world eat more healthy fruits and vegetables of all types through her new book Give it a Go, Eat a Rainbow which was illustrated by her son Alexander.

May 05, 2016
018: Building Community Through Urban Farming With Greg Peterson

Greg Peterson is an urban farming and sustainability innovator who resides at the Urban Farm, an environmental showcase home in the heart of Phoenix. He opens his home weekly for tours and classes, not only telling people, but showing them, how he has been able to make a living through urban farming for over two decades and how they can do the same.  Greg also runs Urban Farm U (UrbanFarm.org), filled with online courses designed to educate and inspire others to grow food for themselves and others.

Apr 26, 2016
017: Upcycling Plastic, from Runway to Everyday with Sara Wiener

Some of Sara’s greatest memories growing up were of sewing with her grandmother Bella. When she combined her love of sewing and making old things new again with the overabundance of plastic bags Sara Bella UpCycled was born; a company that up-cycles consumer plastic bags into beautiful, wearable art for both the runway and the everyday.

Mar 30, 2016
016: Holism, Food Activism and Environmental Justice with Nikki Silvestri

Nikki Silvestri has had a long history of working to support environmental justice and growing sustainable communities. As a Co-founder of Live Real and former Executive Director of People’s Grocery and Green For All Nikki has built and strengthened social equity for underrepresented populations in food systems, social services, public health, climate solutions and economic development. Now as a Co-founder and CEO of Silvestri Strategies she is working to support thriving communities, economies and natural environments.

Mar 15, 2016
015: The Urban Forest and the Importance of Trees with Cindy Blain

Cindy Blain had a background in marketing and tech but wanted a life for her family out of Silicon Valley and closer to nature. She has worked with environmentally focused non-profits such as the Presentation Retreat & Conference Center and Sacramento Tree Foundation. Now, as the Executive Director of California ReLeaf, she is at the helm of not just any non-profit but a network of over 90 organizations throughout California that are dedicated to planting and caring for trees in the urban forest. In this conversation we go behind the scenes of California ReLeaf, discuss how trees improve every facet of our lives and consider how sprawled cities can learn a thing or two from the compact development of smaller countries.

Mar 07, 2016
ASM: Sometimes Your Why Finds You

In today’s episode I talk to you about a few things that came up for me over the last few months that caused me to stop recording for a while.

Well I am happy to be back on the mic once more and in this episode I announce some cool stuff I’m introducing to the show.

Feb 23, 2016
014: Origins of Nature Deficit Disorder and How to Get Kids Reconnected with Texas Children in Nature's Jennifer Bristol

Jennifer Bristol is the State Coordinator for Texas Children in Nature which connects over 300 organizations with the children & nature movement in Texas. Prior to becoming the first State Coordinator for TCiN she created award-winning conservation education curriculum and youth development programs for Camp Fire and served as a park ranger for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Nov 02, 2015
013: Charting Your Own Path to a Career in Sustainability with Take 3's Tim Silverwood

Tim Silverwood is an educator, environmentalist and speaker. He founded Take 3 – A Clean Beach Initiative, asking everyone to complete one simple action each time they visit a beach, waterway or anywhere else; take 3 pieces of litter with you when you leave. Tim has also participated in research of the Great Pacific garbage patch, co-founded Circular Economy Australia and is the director of Rechusable.

Oct 30, 2015
012: What Should I Eat and Other Food for Thought with Food, Health & Wellness Educator Lauren Nixon

Lauren Nixon is a food and wellness educator giving workshops in and around D.C. Philadelphia and New York. She has a passion for creating spaces where people feel empowered to combine healthy food and self-care practices to gain a well-rounded understanding of how to nourish themselves.

Oct 27, 2015
011: Ending Food Waste One Ugly Apple at a Time with Jordan Figueiredo

Jordan is a Food Waste Superhero. He is the founder of the organization End Food Waste and the brains behind the Ugly Fruit and Veg campaign that recently took the food waste fight to the steps of Walmart! He’s been teaming up with people and organizations from around the world, from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to The National Resource Defense Fund to combat this major issue. Lucky for us the good thing about food waste is that just about everyone, no matter your circumstances, can help solve the problem.

Oct 19, 2015
010: Getting Real About What Kind of Action Really Improves the Planet with Colin Beavan

Dr. Colin Beavan is among the world’s foremost spokespeople on environmental issues and consumerism. He was called the Best Green Ambassador by TreeHugger and his blog was selected as one of the top 15 green blogs by Time magazine. He has spoken and consulted with brands such as eBay and Cliff Bars and has traveled the world speaking to audiences from California to the Czech Republic. When his film No Impact Man hit the environmental documentary scene it changed the landscape forever.

Oct 13, 2015
009: Saving the Rainforest One Cell Phone at a Time with Topher White

Topher White is an engineer with a background in physics and kinetic sculptor. Little did he know that visiting the rainforest as a tourist would spark an idea as to how to help save it. Since 2013 Topher has been working around the clock designing a device out of used cell phones to thwart deforestation in real time. This interview offers a TON of great tips for anyone in tech or science looking to contribute to real world problems and for entrepreneurs in general.

Oct 08, 2015
008: ASM Unplugged - Intentional Communities and Responding to Western Privilege with Ma'ikwe Ludwig

Ma’ikwe Ludwig is the Executive Director of Dancing Rabbit Eco Village in Northern Missouri and also sits on the Board of the Directors for the Fellowship for Intentional Community. With a long history of being involved in this work she is well-known for candidly discussing the blessings and challenges of living in an intentional community.


Just a few of my favorite takeaways from this episode:

“Do you really give a shit about other people enough to be having it determine your decision making?”

Tweet This: “There is a lot of choice here about how exactly you embody sustainability.”

“We need to actually have a culture that supports people in living their values rather than having their values as something that is an afterthought in their lives. or that is the secondary thing. It really needs to become the primary thing. Living in a community like Dancing Rabbit allows you to do that.”

A New Concept:

  • Materialized empathy

Life changing advice:

  • Always follow your intuition, your life could depend on it.

You don’t buy a lot of stuff but what is one item you’ve chosen to buy new that has drastically improved you life:

  • Toaster over, perfect for cooking meals for 1!



Resource list

Who are the people that you have found play an integral role in getting projects off the ground?

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Oct 06, 2015
007: There's BPA in My What? Jay Sinha Talks Plastics and Running an Earth Conscious Business

Jay Sinha has a unique background in biochemistry, law, ecotoxicology and environmental research. In this interview, he reveals a lot about the true nature of what is in the products we use on a day-to-day basis and then gives us an amazing resource list to do some research on our own. Get a pen and paper kids, you’re going to need it for this interview!


Most versatile item for a plastic-free life:

  • The mason jar – it can become a water bottle, is good for storing bulk food items, makes great freezer and leftover storage and even a lunch container

Long-standing habit that’s contributed to personal and business success:

  • Eating well – it provides clarity of mind, increased energy, decreasing stress, better sleep and promotes healthy living overall

A cool new toy he just ordered in the mail:

  • A Pela iPhone case made out of bioplastic from plant fibers

LOTS of resources!


Parting piece of guidance:

Don’t be overwhelmed, start by simply getting out into nature. Get a sense of its importance and that will inspire you to make changes in your life

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Oct 01, 2015
006: Living a Zero-Waste Lifestyle with Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson is one of today's foremost experts in the area of zero-waste living and voluntary simplicity. She is most well-known for being able to fit her family of four’s trash for an entire year into a quart-sized jar. She has helped people all over the world achieve various levels of voluntary simplicity and eco-friendly living through her blog ZeroWasteHome.com and her book by the same name. She continues to spread the zero-waste message through talks which she gives all over the world.


The turning point

  • By living with less we all of a sudden had more time to do the things we enjoyed doing

How she got started

  • Eliminated plastic bags
  • Bought all dry goods in bulk
  • Made reusable bags out of an old sheet




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Sep 28, 2015
005: Team Dynamics and Giving Back to the Community with Denzel Austin Thompson

Denzel Austin Thompson grew up in North Philly. During a service trip to New Orleans he got the idea to plant urban gardens in empty lots in his neighborhood back home. He is the co-creator of the Philadelphia Urban Creators and has since received multiple awards for his continued commitment to the community and his neighbors.


One purchase for $100 or less that’s drastically impacted your life

Sustainable Mindset Book

Parting piece of guidance

  • Think more like a plant, they’ve been around far longer than we have and we have a lot we can learn from them.

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Sep 24, 2015
004: Fermentation and Other Kitchen DIY with Anne-Marie Bonneau of ZeroWasteChef.com

Anne-Marie grew up learning the DIY mentality from her father. She now puts it to use in the kitchen making all her food from scratch, from sourdough to kombucha and everything in between. She also hosts webinars to empower others to do the same. In this fun episode we discuss talking the talk and walking the walk in regards to sustainable living.

What is one question your younger self would ask you?

  • How can I get to where you are sooner? How can I start now?

Tip for those hoping to spread their knowledge within the community.

  • Attend lectures, learn something new and meet new people

Environmental Resource


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Sep 21, 2015
003: Consumer Culture and Resilient & Sustainable Communities with Laird Christensen of Green Mountain College

Laird Christensen has dedicated his life to environmental activism and finding ways to create more sustainable communities. He has been an author, activist and educator during his career and that is how I came to know Laird, through his courses at Green Mountain College, where received my Masters in Environmental Studies. Laird is the Director of GMC’s latest masters program in Resilient and Sustainable Communities and in this episode we discuss his upbringing and his inspiration for developing the program.


Long-standing Habit

  • Mindfulness, learned from the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, which focused on awareness and compassion

Most Unexpected Gift in Developing MRSC

  • Laird learned from his students what it means to build community in different places all around the country.

Environmental Resource

  • Post Carbon Institute – Empowers people to live healthier lives by covering research and education to change consumer habits.

Sustainable Mindset Book

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Sep 17, 2015
002: Sustainable Burial Practices with Katrina Spade of the Urban Death Project

After being disappointed with the options available for non-traditional burial Katrina Spade sought out ways to lay your loved ones to rest without wasting burial materials or contaminating the soil. With a background in architecture and anthropology she came up with the idea for The Urban Death Project for which she has received an Echoing Green Fellowship.


Longstanding Habits

  • Jogging, to increase clarity

Cultivating New Habits

  • Downtime with friends and family

Environmental Resource

  • Yestermorrow Design/Build School offers hands-on workshops in sustainable design, construction, woodworking, and architectural craft.

Sustainable Mindset Book

Sep 13, 2015
001: Intentional Living with Greg Seaman of Earth Easy

Earth Easy is the brainchild of Long Island native Greg Seaman. After living on both coasts and in both rural and urban settings, he and his wife with a three month old in tow, decided to simplify their lifestyle and move off-grid. Now, EarthEasy.com is a family run business allowing everyone involved to live out their ideals of treading lightly on this planet.

Sep 13, 2015
000: Welcome to A Sustainable Mind

Environmental activist Marjorie Alexander came up with the idea for A Sustainable Mind podcast after being unimpressed with the podcast options for aspiring environmentalists. A Sustainable Mind is all about giving today's environmental change-makers a platform to share their story, educated and inspire others. This sustainability podcast is intentionally empowering, inspirational and action oriented so if you are an earth-conscious being then you are in the right place!

Sep 13, 2015