The Higher Self with Danny Morel

By Danny Morel

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Category: Spirituality

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The Higher Self is dedicated to guiding you through the journey of discovering your highest purpose, passion and potential in Life. Have a dream to get in better shape, heal relationships or even create true financial freedom, whatever it is... the keys to achieving your heart's desires are already in you. The Higher Self will help you unlock your greatest potential, erase limiting beliefs and guide you on the journey of creating your dream life.

Episode Date
052 Heal the Inside Energy that Causes the Shame and Guilt
In this episode, Danny shares the always important message that health always comes first. Entrepreneurs forget, because there’s something inside of them that causes them to only think about money. What often happens is that desire and pride cause a negative approach to life, which leads to getting caught up in materialism. When you heal inside of what caused the shame and the guilt, you get to approach life from the perspective of love, longevity, and self-love. You get to live it on your terms. Danny’s Website – ( ) Danny’s LinkedIn – ( ) Danny’s Facebook – ( ) Danny’s Instagram – ( ) Awaken Your Highest Self – ( ) 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Aug 10, 2022
051 There is Darkness and Light in Real Spirituality
In this episode, Danny gives us another sneak peek into a discussion with his students. Danny reminds us that insecurity comes from the inside, and we are always searching for worth based off of others validation of us. When the stakes are high, you will find it challenging to focus on love, passion, and excitement because we are programmed to make things harder than they need to be. It is what the system wants you to do. So you've got to wake up and see this as your number one priority and focus on your immunological power. You don’t need accountability. You are the one who should program your body based on your commitment, not your discipline. Danny’s Website – ( ) Danny’s LinkedIn – ( ) Danny’s Facebook – ( ) Danny’s Instagram – ( ) Awaken Your Highest Self – ( ) 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Aug 03, 2022
050 Courage Allows Everybody to Heal
In this episode, Danny shares a powerful healing session with Janice, one of his students. It's a journey of forgiveness and transformation and will be helpful for anyone struggling to forgive and heal trauma created from past relationships. Take your time with this one, it's very special. Danny’s Website – ( ) Danny’s LinkedIn – ( ) Danny’s Facebook – ( ) Danny’s Instagram – ( ) Awaken Your Highest Self – ( ) 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Jul 29, 2022
049 This is How Small Goals Lead to Bigger Dreams
In this episode, Danny shares tips to help you in your goal setting and empower you to go out there and do this for yourself. Program your subconscious mind to believe that a big goal is actually possible for you. Write three baby goals and focus your mind on these and add other smaller goals and eventually, it will lead you to accomplishing the bigger dream. Being able to get up and feel inspired about moving and changing your life are the things that we do awaken. Danny’s Website – ( ) Danny’s LinkedIn – ( ) Danny’s Facebook – ( ) Danny’s Instagram – ( ) Awaken Your Highest Self – ( ) 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Jul 20, 2022
048 You Chose Your Mother and Father in This Lifetime For a Purpose
In this episode, Danny gives us another sneak peek into his student sessions. Danny reminds us that nothing is an accident; we chose our mother and father. Everything is part of a journey. Our mother is the feminine representation of love. It creates a story around the possible and impossible for you. Danny also points out that children have two characteristics. One is ego-centered, and the second is that they're completely helpless. To attract the right one, you must first become one. Danny’s Website – ( ) Danny’s LinkedIn – ( ) Danny’s Facebook – ( ) Danny’s Instagram – ( ) Awaken Your Highest Self – ( ) 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Jul 06, 2022
047 Energy, Health, Vitality & Longevity Determine Your Revenue & Profitability
In this episode, Danny gives us another sneak peek into his student sessions, staring with a clarity question from Eddy. Then José shares his experience of what Danny has taught him to develop his game plan and gain clarity. His realization is that it takes time to get that clarity, but it's worth the effort. It is part of the journey. Get some clarity. Make a plan, sort everything out, and hire the right people on your team to make everything perfect. Danny’s Website – ( ) Danny’s LinkedIn – ( ) Danny’s Facebook – ( ) Danny’s Instagram – ( ) Awaken Your Highest Self – ( ) 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Jun 29, 2022
046 The Key To Achieving Your Heart's Desire Is In You
In this episode, Danny shares a moment towards the end of a powerful meeting with his tribe about making better choices in life. God gave us the power to choose to create whatever we want to make. We can either live from lack, doubt, fear and worry or bring it in from love and abundance. We can choose to focus all our energy and effort on something else, which helps us step up and live the life of our dreams. Danny explains that if our actions don't meet our desires, that will never happen. Danny’s Website – ( ) Danny’s LinkedIn – ( ) Danny’s Facebook – ( ) Danny’s Instagram – ( ) Awaken Your Highest Self – ( ) 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Jun 22, 2022
045 Love Will Never Arrive If You Keep Lowering Your Standards
In this episode, Danny provides another peek into one of his tribe’s powerful 1:1 sessions. Viewers and listeners are reminded of the importance of getting out of victim mode. We are creating our own stories every day and you will never find the space to love someone else if you don’t have the courage to maintain your standards, period. 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Jun 15, 2022
044 Sarah Dandashy - Travel As a Spiritual Experience and Opportunity For Growth
In this episode, Sarah shares the valuable lessons she has learned from her travels to numerous countries, each providing their own teaching. She reminds us of humans inherent desire to deeply connect with each other, regardless of where we live, what language we speak, or what our political and religious beliefs are. At the end of the day, we are are all human beings having a spiritual experience. The experience of connecting with our Higher Self is expanded when we visit other parts of the world, and she reminds us to not remain stuck in our comfort zone. Let's use this opportunity to always be exploring and willing to try new things! 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Jun 09, 2022
043 Garrain Jones - You Can't See the Picture While You're In the Frame
In this episode Danny welcomes Garrain Jones. He is a Transformation Coach & Author of the #1 Best Seller “Change Your Mindset Change Your Life”. His mission is to create a safe space for people to discover the gifts that already live inside of them, so they can use those gifts to produce extraordinary results in their lives. This is an extraordinary story of growth and potential. Garrain talks about how leaders like Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins have influence him to exponential wins. LINKS: Garrain Website - ( Garrain Facebook - ( Garrain Instagram - ( Garrain Linkedin - ( Garrain Twitter - ( Garrain Youtube - ( 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Jun 01, 2022
042 Your Business is Failing Because Your Standards are Weak
In this episode, Danny opens up the curtains and provides a view into his private membership group session. I'm this powerful teaching, he emphasizes how money is not the goal of an awakened entrepreneur, Freedom is. Happiness comes and will only ever be found in the one place that most human beings never look, and that is within yourself. We only want money for one reason only and that is Freedom. Freedom to do what we want, how we want, when we want. When you haven't found yourself, you live in a state of default. He reminds us that we get to choose how we interact with people, and who we choose to interact with. We are the creators of our own lives. This session is a wake up call for those who need to hear this message. 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
May 25, 2022
041 Never Settle for Mediocrity, You Deserve More
In this episode, Danny focuses on why human beings consciously or unconsciously make the decision to settle. The reality is that as human beings we’re programmed to live in a default world and default mindset of scarcity and fear. But despite this, you should have it your way and not conform to your old self. You should travel wherever you want as this is your one life. This is your opportunity to really go for it and accept the best. Do not live in the energy of fear and never settle for mediocrity. 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
May 19, 2022
040 Michelle Sorro - Finding the Courage to Surrender & Unravel Your Fear
In this episode, Danny speaks with Michelle Sorro about their journey towards alignment. Michelle shares that her purpose evolves every day and grows as time goes by. Danny discusses the importance of unravelling all of those fears and barriers and why it's important to develop the ability to surrender. When you are in love with yourself, when you're in love with life, you're in love with the present moment. When you are always looking for something else, you will never be enough for yourself. This is exactly why we have to come back to ourselves, awaken and heal. It takes courage to do that. 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
May 11, 2022
039 The Magic of Awakened Feminine Energy
In this episode, a group of women shared how they were able to experience a kind of self love that they never had before. They spoke about how their life changed and how they had become more empowered through the awakening process. Danny shares a story about how women have been perceived and how it has changed over time. The more you are awakened, empowered, and healed, the more you'll be able to empower others and change their life too. It's a powerful version of magic that you get to experience and share! 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
May 05, 2022
038 Feminine vs. Masculine Energies and the Healing Power of Real Love with Cara McCarron
In this episode, Cara and Danny have a conversation about the importance of remaining in our hearts. She shares how the world can be cured with love. Together, they talk about how their lives have changed through healing and being instruments to others as well. We alone decide on our boundaries, no one else. The masculine is the mind, the heart is the feminine. Love can heal, love can hurt, love can wound you, love can love you. Love can do a lot of things. Love is the heart. 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Apr 28, 2022
037 Tribe Session - Personal 10-year Vision
In this episode, people are given the opportunity to express and think of their personal 10-year visions of themselves. It can be implied that If you can honestly get clear with your 10-year vision, the energy of it, words behind it, the power of it will definitely change your life already. One's plan should be centered around 3 areas of life: health, relationships, and finances. All true manifestation comes from you receiving, envisioning, then declaring even if the world teaches you the opposite. Energy is a real thing. We should protect our own energy and when you are healing, you are removing the blockages in your life that stops you from revealing who you really are. 🎙️ Podcast Production by (FullCast)
Apr 20, 2022
036 The Importance of Harmonizing Feminine and Masculine Energies with Sima Shamash
In this episode, Sima shares how she was able to both be aware of, and awaken from her suppressed feminine self. She discovered how an awakened masculine can allow a feminine to heal. She cites her personal thoughts, experiences, and learnings about the community's mentality that feminine normally means submissive and subtle. So much came up to the conversation and it shows that when the masculine can show up in a way of holding space for a woman to feel protected and provided, that woman blossoms. And when a woman blossoms, that wisdom, love and nourishment in turn blossoms a man. Understanding better what needs to be healed makes the process becomes enjoyable. The truth is we live in this world of many differences, and the test for us will be how we learn how to get to love and grow out of those differences.   🎙️ Podcast Production by FullCast
Apr 13, 2022
035 Seeking Real Happiness with Jenna Banks
In this episode Danny shares his guest appearance on Jenna Banks' podcast. He talks about his personal journey towards seeking genuine happiness. He reflects on how being honest with oneself helps significantly during the awakening process and allows you to genuinely heal through your heart.   🎙️ Podcast Production by FullCast
Apr 06, 2022
034 Discovering Our Path to Healing and Growth - Gustavo & Ani Rojas
In this episode, we hear the healing experiences of Gustavo & Ani in different aspects of their lives. They noted how important it is to trust yourself and that you are enough and worthy. Healing oneself is the first step and everything outside follows: relationship, health, body, and money. And of course, it would also be helpful to have the courage to find somebody who can help you. 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podacst Production by FullCast:
Mar 30, 2022
033 My Journey of Healing and Transformation
In this episode, Danny shares his appearance on Matt LeBris’ Decoding Success podcast. He talks about his life experience and how he was able to cope with the challenges in his life. He shares how connecting to your heart helps in the healing process and how he was finally able to awaken, heal, and finally transform his life into what it is today, a life of abundance. 🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast:
Mar 23, 2022
032 Exchanging a 9-5 Job For a Transformational Life
In this episode, Danny speaks to Ryan Stawasz, a student who has incorporated all the lessons from our programs to completely transform his life and create an entirely new future for him and his new family. He discusses working through some initial mindset challenges and how he is on track to do $50M in deals this year!   🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podacst Production by FullCast:
Mar 16, 2022
031 An Inside Peek at Our Tribe Community
In this episode, Danny provides a sneak peek into one of the coaching calls with 130 members of his new program called The Tribe, a coaching program just launched at the last Awaken. It's for people who want to grow their life, grow their business, grow as an entrepreneur, get financial freedom, become debt free, and create wealth. All while becoming healthier and unraveling their spiritual side and connecting to their Higher Self. The session, while short, is a beautiful mix of meditation, breath work, entrepreneurism, finances and health. Enrollment is closed now but will be re-opening soon, so stay tuned to Danny's Instagram for more updates. 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podacst Production by FullCast:
Mar 09, 2022
030 Morning Routine to Empower Your Day
In this episode, Danny shares his usual morning routine and some ways that it could help improve everyone's health, awareness, overall energy and well being. With intense energy, he unravel his thoughts on breaking the usual demands of the body to get the best outcome anyone would wish. 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podacst Production by FullCast:
Mar 02, 2022
029 Awaken Q&A - Going Within To Remove Your Internal Blocks About Money
In this episode, Danny shares a recent Instagram Q&A where he answers listeners questions about the upcoming Awaken event. He takes the listener through a powerful grounding exercise and reminds us all of the importance of doing the work to remove any and all blockages that prevent us from living our most abundant and powerful lives. 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podacst Production by FullCast:
Feb 23, 2022
028 Creating a New Story With Abundant Possibilities - Dejhon Wilmore
In this episode Danny shares a story from community member (nam). He talks about his beginnings in real estate and how he wasn’t having much success. After attending Awaken and changing his perspective he began to reprogram old thoughts, change old patterns, and literally build a new future for himself and his family. It’s a powerful story of redemption, so make sure you listen all the way through!   🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podacst Production by FullCast:
Feb 16, 2022
027 What I Learned About Myself at a Trump Rally
In this episode, Danny shares his experience attending a Trump Rally. He openly expresses his thoughts and realizations with a mission to help people unravel all of their limiting beliefs and truly live in their highest self. This goes along with his inspiring notion that fighting gets you nowhere and that love is the only thing that truly makes transformation possible in one’s life.   🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podacst Production by FullCast:
Feb 09, 2022
026 Healing Your Body by Healing Your Wounded Inner Self
In this episode, Danny delivers a special message to the men in the audience (and the women in their lives). He shares his own personal journey of how he healed his own body and how through an exercise at an Awaken event, he was able to help the men in his group begin that journey for themselves. 🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast:
Feb 01, 2022
025 Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Writing a New Story - Mirvat Khoury-Franco
In this episode, Danny has a conversation with community member Mirvat Khoury-Franco, who shares her incredibly transformational journey. She takes us back to where she was in her life before meeting Danny and how the coaching and community has helped her re-discover the joy for life, connecting on a deeper level with her family, doubling her income and increasing the abundance she creates for others on a regular basis. 🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast:
Jan 26, 2022
024 Your Questions Answered
In this episode Danny answers the following questions from his rapidly growing community. Where do I begin my spiritual growth as an ex-follower of religion? Is it normal to need a break from life (work , gym, etc.) during the beginning of healing? What advice can you give a starting entrepreneur with little or no money? Did you go to counseling before you divorced? If so for how long? As always, Danny's answers will inspire and motivate you to connect with your Higher Self. 🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast:
Jan 19, 2022
023 Writing a New Story For My Life and Yours
This episode Danny surprises his listeners with another sneak peek into his conversations with his book publisher. Danny shares the story of his break from real estate and the powerful vision he has for the growth of The Higher Self community. 🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast:
Jan 12, 2022
022 The Message From Ayahuasca I Had to Obey
In this extremely touching and powerful episode, Danny gives us a behind-the-scenes look at one of his planning sessions for his upcoming book. He shares the story of his relationship to his dogs and how a clear message from Mother Ayahuasca had him make a tough decision that would forever change the course of his life for the better Resources Mentioned Website: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: Twitter: 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production by FullCast:
Dec 29, 2021
THS021 Money & Spirituality
In this morning walk, Danny provides you with a new way to look at money and spirituality. He talks about how most people's view of money limits what is possible and he shares for the first time, his inspiring vision for how he is guided to put money to use for the betterment of family and the mother earth. Resources Mentioned Website: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: Twitter: 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production by FullCast:
Dec 22, 2021
THS020 Bitcoin, NFTs and The Future of Money
In this powerful and prescient episode, Danny shares his newest awakening. Coming to grasp with the enormous potential and opportunity present in this moment we find ourselves in. He stresses the importance of understanding money from a historical perspective and why it's so important to plan your next steps. He also shares his groundbreaking NFT community plan. LINKS MENTIONED Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter : 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast: NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE The Content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing contained on our Site constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer by Morel Global or any third party service provider to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments in this or in in any other jurisdiction in which such solicitation or offer would be unlawful under the securities laws of such jurisdiction. All Content on this site is information of a general nature and does not address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. Nothing in the Site constitutes professional and/or financial advice, nor does any information on the Site constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed or the law relating thereto. Morel Global is not a fiduciary by virtue of any person’s use of or access to the Site or Content. You alone assume the sole responsibility of evaluating the merits and risks associated with the use of any information or other Content on the Site before making any decisions based on such information or other Content. In exchange for using the Site, you agree not to hold Morel Global, its affiliates or any third party service provider liable for any possible claim for damages arising from any decision you make based on information or other Content made available to you through the Site. There are risks associated with investing. Investing in crypto currencies involve risk of loss. Loss of principal is possible. Some high risk investments may use leverage, which will accentuate gains & losses. Foreign investing involves special risks, including a greater volatility and political, economic and currency risks and differences in accounting methods.
Dec 15, 2021
THS019 Removing the Layers to Discover Your Inner Truth & Power - Aaron Sosa
In this episode, Aaron shares his journey with Danny. They share the challenges common to most men, how Aaron discovered the emotional power of healing from within, and how the program has changed his relationship with his wife and given him the focus to grow his business and his team. 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast
Dec 08, 2021
THS018 How an Unstoppable Mindset Carried Her From Australia to Austin
Danny invites Lara on to share her experiences living in Australia during several lockdown waves. As she began to question her freedom, she realized she would need to move and eventually found a welcoming home in Austin, TX.   Lara's website: ( Lara's Instagram: (   🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by (FullCast) (hyperlink to (
Nov 24, 2021
THS017 When You Discover There Is More To Life - Liz Regis
In this episode, Danny hears an inspirational story from his student and dear friend, Liz Regis. She shares the emotional journey of how she was able to turn her personal and business life around with the help the program.   🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by (FullCast)
Nov 17, 2021
THS016 Breaking Out of the Box and Writing a New Story - DJ Gutierrez
In this episode Danny speaks with DJ Gutierrez. DJ shares his story of joining the Marines at 17, learning how to break out of that socially-conditioned box, and through working with Danny, embarking on the journey that would transforms his business, health and marriage. 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast
Nov 10, 2021
THS015 Ricardo Jimenez - Holding Up a Mirror and Changing Your Story
In this episode, Danny shares an inspiring story from community member Ricardo Jimenez. Ricardo tells the story of how he was able to make the necessary changes to radically transform his business, his family and his relationship by having the courage to face his fears head on. LINKS MENTIONED Ricardo on Instagram: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: Twitter: 🎙️ Podcast Production by FullCast
Nov 03, 2021
THS014 Olivia Audrey - Having the Courage to Go Within and Heal
In this episode, Danny shares a recent Instagram Live with Olivia Audrey. Together they uncover the importance of dealing with unresolved trauma, how finding the light can create ripple effects in your family, the importance of feeling and vocalizing your truth and so much more. A very energetically powerful episode you won't want to miss. LINKS MENTIONED Olivia Audrey's website: Olivia Audrey on Instagram: Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter : Podcast Production by FullCast
Oct 27, 2021
THS013 Trusting the Journey and Finding Your Community with Tristan & David Messer
In this episode, Danny invites community members Tristan and David Messer to the show to discuss their journey to finding their Higher Self with the help of the program and how it's improved the quality of their life, their marriage and their business. 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast
Oct 20, 2021
THS012 Finding My Flow and Doubling My Income - Laura Miranda
Danny interviews one of his students Laura Miranda and she shares an incredible transformation story. 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast
Oct 13, 2021
THS011 The 3 Energies to Master in This Lifetime
Danny shares a recent interview on the Walking on Feathers podcast with Kareen Boebel 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production by FullCast  
Oct 06, 2021
THS010 Your Life is the Result of Your Creation
This episode, Danny is invited to the Roadman Podcast and shares the importance of doing the deep work to find your life's purpose. Roadman Cycling Podcast - RESOURCES Website: Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: Twitter: 🎙️🎙️🎙️   Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast
Aug 25, 2021
THS009 Finding Your Purpose by Going Within
In this episode, Danny shares a conversation from the Spread Love podcast. He shares his personal journey of how he learned to be comfortable wit himself. He challenges the you to ask yourself why your are so uncomfortable going within and lists several teachers who have been inspirational to him on the journey. 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast
Jul 14, 2021
THS008 Healing The Mind Body and Soul
In this episode Danny builds on that first Awakening step which he covered in Episode 7. Here he explains the importance of the next step, Healing and how it is impacted by and felt through the Heart, Mind and Soul. He also shares details about the upcoming Awaken Your Higher Self conference. 🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast
Jul 08, 2021
THS007 Awakening, How It All Begins
In this episode, Danny tells the story of his early experiences with Christianity and the painful loss of his mother.He shares how these experiences gradually led him to embody his own awakening, on the path to discovering what is truly important in life.   🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast
Jun 30, 2021
THS006 Opening Your Wealth Portal with Sara Morrell
In this episode, Danny shares his conversation with Sara Morell and her students, where he shares his experiences and how letting go of old stories has allowed him to rediscover his passion.   🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast
Jun 16, 2021
THS005 Meeting Mushrooms & Chad Wilkins
In this episode, Danny speaks to his personal experience with Mushrooms, specifically Psilocybin Mushrooms. He invites special musical guest Chad Wilkins to perform ‘Sing for the Earth,’ an original song written for Earth Day. Danny continues by sharing details of the upcoming Costa Rica Retreat that he and his company are organizing. Finally, Danny answers listener questions about plant medicine, finding a safe shaman, meditation and the beautiful power of Ayahuasca.   KEY TAKEAWAYS 00:01 – Danny speaks to his lifelong battle with shame and guilt, and why he decided to sit with the medicine of Mushrooms  06:49 – Danny invites Chad Wilkins to play ‘Sing for the Earth,’ a special song for Earth Day  14:09 – Chad reflects on how plant medicine has helped his life  15:39 – Danny takes a moment to promote his company’s upcoming Costa Rica Retreat  16:53 – Danny talks about the importance of finding a safe shaman  18:34 – Danny provides his recommendations on which of the three medicines you should sit with first  19:49 – Danny answers some more listener questions  23:03 – Danny speaks to how Ayahuasca can be all around you  26:24 – Danny shares some recommendations for meditation and answers more questions   TWEETABLE QUOTES “Once you start to remove all the programming and you finally get to meet your beautiful self, your beautiful heart, all your worries go away.” (05:38) (Danny) “Plant medicine has really assisted me in waking up to who I am and who I’m meant to be. It’s taken away anxiety.” (14:20) (Chad) “The medicine and the ceremony is a relationship with you and you. This is very important that you understand.” (17:19) (Danny) “Is God in the plants? God is the plants.” (21:52) (Danny) “Your mind and your soul finally is open for the first time to the spiritual world. And for many people, your soul has not experienced that since before you came to planet Earth.” (23:45) (Danny) “All of my experiences, I now understand, were the future me pulling the old me to it so that I could become who the future me is intended to become. And in order to take that path to my future me and my true calling on this planet, I had to unravel like a snake unravels. And I had to shed skin. And the shedding that had to take place was the programming of my mind.” (28:23) (Danny)   LINKS MENTIONED Danny’s Website – (  Danny’s LinkedIn – (  Danny’s Facebook – (  Danny’s Instagram – (  Awaken Your Highest Self Website –  Chad Wilkins – (  Chad Wilkins on Spotify –    🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast:
Jun 09, 2021
THS004 My Journey to Ayahuasca & Kambo
In this episode, Danny speaks to his personal journey to Ayahuasca and Kambo. Danny invites two of his close friends, Gracia and Daniella, to speak to the beautiful healing power of Ayahuasca and Kambo. They share insights into plant medicine and reveal some of the benefits of sitting with the medicine. Danny encourages anyone who is looking to change their health, relationships or business to strongly consider joining an upcoming Ayahuasca retreat or to just learn more about Ayahuasca and Kambo   KEY TAKEAWAYS 00:01 – Danny speaks to the three plants they’ll be discussing today, Ayahuasca, Kambo & Mushrooms  03:21 – Danny recalls his personal journey to Ayahuasca  11:59 – Danny speaks to the healing power of Ayahuasca  15:40 – Danny invites one of his close friends, Gracia, to share the beauty of Ayahuasca  26:44 – Danny explains Kambo and why he decided to sit with it  31:03 – Danny invites another friend, Daniella, to speak to the healing powers of Kambo 38:35 – Danny thanks today’s guests for joining the show and let’s listeners know where to connect with them   TWEETABLE QUOTES “Plant medicine is Earth and Mother Earth giving to us the exact medicines that we need in order to heal our minds, our hearts, our emotions and our souls. And it’s a very beautiful process.” (02:53) (Danny) “The heart is the source of our connection with the spirit world and with source. It is the truest form of who we really are as human beings.” (04:35) (Danny) “Audibly – as audible as I am speaking to you right now – she whispers into my ear and says the following, ‘Are you ready, Mijito? Are you ready, my son? Because I’m about to transform your life the same way that a butterfly transforms.’ I will never forget it. I felt it in my heart. It was audible. She was speaking to me. Mother Earth, Mother Ayahuasca was speaking to me.” (11:12) (Danny) “Ayahuasca we call her the Mother of all Medicines.” (19:00) (Gracia) “Ayahuasca is healing the feminine, healing the heart, healing the soul. It’s profound work in the depths of your heart in ways that nothing you can imagine will ever be able to do for you. It’s a profound experience.” (23:46) (Danny) “If you want to change your health, if you want to change your relationships, if you want to change your financial status, if you want to impact your business, you’ve got to realize that all of your life on the outside is simply a reflection of your life on the inside.” (28:08) (Danny) “This medicine [Kambo] is very much one of the most powerful medicines I believe that Mother Earth has provided for us in that it does bring a tremendous amount of strength into the body.” (35:07) (Daniella)   LINKS MENTIONED Danny’s Website – (  Danny’s LinkedIn – (  Danny’s Facebook – (  Danny’s Instagram – (  Awaken Your Highest Self Website –  Gracia’s Instagram –  Daniella’s Instagram –    🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast:
Jun 02, 2021
THS003 Finding Abundance & Clarity in Life - John Rios
In this episode, Danny welcomes John Rios to the show to discuss his inspiring journey to The Higher Self. John recently was diagnosed with a rare illness that nearly took everything from him. John takes the audience through his spiritual journey towards healing and the impact it has had on his physical health, his business and his financial situation. John speaks to the importance of being brutally honest with yourself, being vulnerable and putting in the necessary work to achieve the life you’ve always wanted to live. Key Takeaways 00:01 – John Rios joins the show to share the story of how he met Danny and what inspired him to join Leverage  06:28 – John speaks to the incredible benefits of working with Danny as his coach  09:42 – John opens up about his past illness and how it has impacted his life  13:12 – How healing his energy led to John’s physical body healing  19:59 – John provides an update on his physical health and spiritual journey  23:28 – John shares how his journey to higher self led to unbelievable financial prosperity  28:42 – The impact this journey has had on John’s relationships  31:03 – Advice John would give to others looking to achieve a higher self  37:14 – What the Journey to Higher Self means to John  40:45 – Danny and John provide their thoughts on true strength and why men in particular struggle with vulnerability  44:33 – Danny and John talk about the therapeutic healing powers of Ayahuasca and mushrooms  47:31 – Danny thanks John for joining the show and let’s listeners know where to connect with him 48:05 – Danny provides a question for reflection and an actionable challenge for the audience Tweetable Quotes “I started my team out of desperation. When I first got sick, I would be hospitalized for weeks at a time and whatever momentum I had going would deplete. I was just losing business left and right. So for me I realized I need to build a team so that when I’m not available I can continue to create revenue and bring business in.” (05:38) (John) “Healing myself in order to be relieved of the medication was such a revelation for me because I kept on thinking that something scientific or physically had to happen in order for me to make this change. But when I journeyed, it took me so deep within my spirit and mind that I was able to visually see this is where your trauma lies and this is how it’s showing up in your life on the physical end.” (18:58) (John) “What the journeying and what the spiritual work has shown me is that I have the ability to completely stop [my illness] dead in its tracks.” (21:35) (John) “The number one thing that I would recommend is – and I know it sounds so simple – brutal honesty and vulnerability.” (32:16) (John) “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” (34:03) (John) “The Higher Self, to me, is your true self. It’s your unfiltered, one-hundred percent authentic self.” (37:46) (John) “When we abuse drugs, it’s because we don’t respect ourselves, our family or our environments. But when you go down the route of plant medicine and you hold it in such a high regard for what it is – a tool – and you honor it in that way and understand its power, there’s so many things that will begin to open up for you to heal.” (46:08) (John) Links Mentioned: Danny’s Website – (  Danny’s LinkedIn – (  Danny’s Facebook – (  Danny’s Instagram – (  Awaken Your Highest Self Website –  John’s Instagram – (  John’s Facebook –  🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by...
May 26, 2021
THS002 How to Think For Yourself About the Vaccine
In this episode Danny discusses the sensitive topic of vaccines and invites the listener to think consciously, regardless of whatever decision you make.   🎙️🎙️🎙️ Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast
May 19, 2021
THS001 Welcome to The Higher Self
In this episode, Danny Morel announces a change in the name of the podcast to The Higher Self. He explains what that means and what the show will be about going forward.
May 12, 2021
The First Step to Take in Changing Your Life and Business
Whenever you’re ready... here are 2 ways I can help you grow your business : 1. Join M.PIRE BUILDERS and connect with agents and lenders who are scaling too. It’s our new Facebook community where smart agents and lenders learn to get more income, impact, and independence. — 2. Join Us For Three Full Days at Awaken Your Highest Self - Get Tickets at. — Find me here and let's get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter : #DannyMorel #Inspiration #Mindset
Apr 28, 2021
Reconnecting With Loved Ones
In this episode I talk with Victoria Mendez and we have an open and live discussion with individuals who were on the call in order to allow them to connect with loved ones who have passed.
Apr 01, 2021
How To Start Receiving the Abundance You Deserve
In this episode, I wanted to share something personal that I'm going through to shed light on the "Victim Mentality" and how that mentality alone can prevent you from truly receiving the life of abundance you deserve.
Mar 11, 2021
What You Want, Is Just Past The Unknown
In this episode, I walk and talk about the desires of the human and why it's so difficult for us to receive what we truly desire in life. Whenever you’re ready... here are 3 ways I can help you grow your business: 1. Join M.PIRE BUILDERS and connect with agents and lenders who are scaling too. It’s our new Facebook community where smart agents and lenders learn to get more income, impact, and independence. —​ 2. Join us for Journey to Higher Heart | May 23-29 in Costa Rica | THE JOURNEY TO HIGHER HEART IS A JOURNEY WITHIN, A JOURNEY OF HEALING AND PROFOUND SELF DISCOVERY.. —​​ 3. Work with me and my team privately If you’d like to work directly with me and my team to take you to $500k PLUS… all while working LESS than you currently do… tell me a little about your business and what you’d like to work on together - send me a DM on Instagram with the work "Evolve" Find me here and let's get connected : Website :​​ Facebook :​ Instagram :​​ Linkedin :​​ Twitter :
Mar 03, 2021
The ONE Thing Stopping You
In this episode, I have a conversation with a young man about his goals and what's currently stopping him from getting the results he truly desires. It all comes down to the ONLY thing that matters in life and the ONE thing that stops most of us from attracting and hitting our goals. Whenever you’re ready... here are 3 ways I can help you grow your business : 1. Join M.PIRE BUILDERS and connect with agents and lenders who are scaling too. It’s our new Facebook community where smart agents and lenders learn to get more income, impact, and independence. —​ 2. Join us for Journey to Higher Heart | May 23-29 in Costa Rica | THE JOURNEY TO HIGHER HEART IS A JOURNEY WITHIN, A JOURNEY OF HEALING AND PROFOUND SELF DISCOVERY.. —​ 3. Work with me and my team privately If you’d like to work directly with me and my team to take you to $500k PLUS… all while working LESS than you currently do… tell me a little about your business and what you’d like to work on together - send me a DM on Instagram with the work "Evolve" Find me here and let's get connected : Website :​ Facebook :​ Instagram :​ Linkedin :​ Twitter :
Feb 24, 2021
Money Is Energy | Live Coaching Session
In this episode, one of our coaching clients has a conversation with me about where he is currently at in his business and created a plan to more than double his business this year! Whenever you’re ready... here are 3 ways I can help you grow your business : 1. Join M.PIRE BUILDERS and connect with agents and lenders who are scaling too. It’s our new Facebook community where smart agents and lenders learn to get more income, impact, and independence. — 2. Join us for Journey to Higher Heart | May 23-29 in Costa Rica | THE JOURNEY TO HIGHER HEART IS A JOURNEY WITHIN, A JOURNEY OF HEALING AND PROFOUND SELF DISCOVERY.. — 3. Work with me and my team privately If you’d like to work directly with me and my team to take you to $500k PLUS… all while working LESS than you currently do… tell me a little about your business and what you’d like to work on together - send me a DM on Instagram with the work "Evolve" Find me here and let's get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter :
Feb 17, 2021
Finding Your True Self | Fire Ceremony
Finding Your True Self is a Journey that requires realization, healing and inner work. This ceremony was the beginning of a week long retreat in Costa Rica, Journey To Higher Heart. We are hosting our next Journey to Higher Heart in Costa Rica in May, for more details visit Whenever you’re ready... here are 3 ways I can help you grow your business : 1. Join M.PIRE BUILDERS and connect with agents and lenders who are scaling too. It’s our new Facebook community where smart agents and lenders learn to get more income, impact, and independence. — 2. Join us for Journey to Higher Heart | May 23-29 in Costa Rica | THE JOURNEY TO HIGHER HEART IS A JOURNEY WITHIN, A JOURNEY OF HEALING AND PROFOUND SELF DISCOVERY.. — 3. Work with me and my team privately If you’d like to work directly with me and my team to take you to $500k PLUS… all while working LESS than you currently do… tell me a little about your business and what you’d like to work on together - send me a DM on Instagram with the work "Evolve"
Feb 10, 2021
The Truth About Life After Death
What happens to our loved ones when they pass ? Can we still communicate with them? Are they there to guide us and give us super natural insights about life ? Get ready to finally recieve the information the Matrix DOESNT WANT YOU to know ... the truth about the after life .
Feb 04, 2021
Kobe Interview + Q&A
8 Seconds of Silence + The Full Interview and Q&A from Relentless 2019 In Honor of the memory of our friend Kobe Bryant this is the entire recording of his time with us, including never before seen footage of his Q and A session with the audience
Jan 26, 2021
Find me here and let's get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter :
Jan 13, 2021
Free yourself of fear now and forever.
The illness , The Vaccination, The Economy .... So much to Fear... In this video we show you how to eliminate it ... once and for all.       Find me here and let's get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter :
Jan 05, 2021
The 3 Step Success Story
In todays Episode of Evolve Danny brings you a clip from Relentless V where he takes you through the 3 step success formula that will lead you to your dream life!
Nov 05, 2020
Changing Your Life With Teddi Mellencamp
In this video Danny Morel Interviews Teddi Mellencamp; a determined and humble woman and featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Teddi built her entire business off an instagram post, she didn't tell anyone what she was doing she simply decided to change her life "today" and went for it!
Sep 03, 2020
Moises Rosales Evolves in Mind, Body, Business and Soul
In todays episode of evolve with Danny Morel we bring you a very special interview with Moises Rosales a known credit analysts and one of Danny's closest friends. They discuss how Moises has evolved not only in business but in mind body and soul! This is a great episode you’re not going to want to miss, Moises is a lead coach of the Rosales Real Estate!
Aug 27, 2020
The Power of Perseverance with Mikey Garcia
Today on the Evolve Podcast with Danny Morel, Danny interviews Mikey Garciaa, and Mikey has a lot to talk about when Garcia talks about his upbringing, his family, his work ethic and what it took for him to get to where he's at today, all through the power of perseverance!
Aug 21, 2020
Evolution of Mind Body Business and Soul | Interview with Maria Rosales
Today on the Evolve Podcast with Danny Morel, Danny interviews Maria Rosales, whom he has coached and mentored for 3 years in mind, body, business, soul and in her relationship. Maria talks about how Danny's program / coaching has changed her life for better. Maria elaborates on how she made the transition from working 7 days a week to working only 4 days and tripling her income. She did this learning how to evolve in mind body and soul! She also talks about the mental barriers that held her back from reaching her true potential. She describes her experience trying plant medicine for the first time and how it has changed her life forever!
Aug 13, 2020
Creating Wealth With Alex Rodriguez | Former Baseball Player for the New York Yankees
On todays exclusive episode of Evolve, Danny Morel talks to Alex Rodriquez who was a former Major League Baseball Player for the New York Yankees about creating wealth. Danny brings you an oldie but goodie. Danny talks with Alex Rodriguez also known as  "Arod" about how he retired from baseball and became a huge real estate investor Alex talks about the challenges and fears he faced when first getting started in the real estate market.
Jul 30, 2020
How To Create A Beautiful Life
In this weeks episode of evolve with Danny model he talks about the 4 pillars you need to evolve in, in order to create a beautiful life: that includes evolving your mind, body, business and soul
Jul 22, 2020
Find the source of your LIMITING beliefs
On todays episode Danny Morel goes deep with one of his coaching clients on how to find the source of your limiting beliefs!
Jul 15, 2020
Feeling stuck? How to connect with your inner self
A brief summary of this episode
Jul 09, 2020
If You're Having Trouble Taking Action WATCH THIS! Ft. Mel Robbins
A brief summary of this episode
Jul 01, 2020
The Healing Power of Ayahuasca | Unlock your True Potential
Danny shares his thoughts on Ayahuasca and Mushrooms, he had recently gathered 27 people at his house for a mushroom ceremony to help them experience a major breakthrough. It no only made people help forget bad habits like road rage but also brought some people close together, couples that were close to a divorce but after the ceremony they bonded and became closer. It made them realize that they don't have to work from 9-5 or that they can just decide to have a day off. Danny describes being like Neo from the Matrix because he felt like he was dying to his old self, all of these doubts, worries and conflicts but after setting an Intention the medicine met him at his intention. Starting like a tiny puzzle with just words, but those words would unlock an emotional response and his body would then purge those words out of his body. One thing it really helped Danny with was with dealing with his abandonment issues from his own father, the medicine helped him to let go of it, he had to shout it out but after that moment he felt free for once. There is more to plant medicine not just about the healing power but also the awakening of consciousness and I want to become a source for you. This all started after he was by myself and he then chose to look into plant medicine, started to learn exactly how it can benefit him After speaking to his friend about Ayahuasca Treatmen and seeing how happy his friend was he decided to give it a chance and it has changed him into who he is today. Plant medicine can help against anxiety, depression and struggling with loving yourself and has many other benefits. Because when the mind is living in fear, the human being is living in their mind, and when a human being is living in love they are living in their heart, living in a system that controls us living in fear. When it comes to healing your heart and reprogramming the consciousness plant medicine is the way to go, it helps you really become in touch with your true self. Some Lessons I learned during this Session: -The Ego is insidious and its goal is to keep you in a suffering state, after I took myself out of the box of caring what others think. The pain and suffering will prevent you from discovering your true self, no matter if it's politics or really any topic but you have to learn to let these thoughts go and not let them influence you. When you find the freedom of being happy you may have to let go of some things even if they mean the world to you. -Your opinion is the only one that matters, lets not forget most of us are still fighting amongst ourselves so we need to control that before we worry about others, just The more fearful a person is the more he uses his mind, the more fearless a person is the more he is using his heart.
Jun 25, 2020
Win at Life :Guidance from an NCAA & NFL Player coach
In this episode of Evolve we sit down to talk to mental Conditioning coach for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team along with several NFL NBA and MLB athletes Mr Ben Newman This interview will show you the mindset needed to win at and transform your life as Ben and Danny both give you the thoughts strategies and habits needed to succeeed at whatever you wish to succeed at
Jun 17, 2020
Finding your breakthrough after a breakup
Are you having a hard time finding your breakthrough after a breakup? In this episode of Evolve with Danny Morel we interview international model and Guess Girl Natalia Barulich as she opens up for the very first time about her recent breakup.
Jun 11, 2020
How to handle the toughest Sales Objections
In this weeks episode Danny goes in to the emotional side of a listing. It isn’t enough anymore to be the best listing agent. Now you have to go deep and see what is holding you back and confront it. This episode is a CANT MISS for anyone needing to break through their listing ceiling!
Jun 04, 2020
Love after Divorce: Strengthening Relationships in and After Marriage
In this weeks Episode Danny and Claudia go DEEP and get Vulnerable They open up about their relationship some of the issues that caused the downfall , the incredible healing journey they've both been on and how they were able to maintain a loving family after divorce This episode is a CANT MISS for anyone in a relationship... or hoping to be in one some day. Whether you're married, divorced or single ... this episode will help you by showing you a clear path to inner peace , happiness and relationship success !
May 27, 2020
Change Your Thoughts to Grow Your Business with Ryan Blair
Today on the Danny Morel Show we have special Guest Ryan Blair! We discuss the behavioral bridges which need to be burned and the lines you need to draw in order to protect your thoughts and help better your business.
May 13, 2020
Your Money Psychology During Quarantine
This is an inside look to our members only Sunday Evening message! If you'd like to be apart of our free online community, join our Facebook group at
May 01, 2020
Take Control of Your Thoughts Before They Take Control of You
In this episode, I give you access to our Sunday Evening message where I talk about taking control of your thoughts during this time.
Apr 09, 2020
Breaking Through Your Subconscious Programming and Finding Your Voice
In this episode, I take you through our daily role-play while also showing you how you can break through your subconscious programming to find your voice.
Mar 27, 2020
How To Navigate Your Business During Tough Times
In this episode, we talk about the obstacles we are facing through these tough times but I give actionable steps you can take in order to navigate and succeed.
Mar 23, 2020
Fortifying Your Immune System with Dr. Meltzer
In this episode, I went live with Dr. Meltzer, my personal doctor, who taught us how to fortify our immune system and how to have true wellness in our life.
Mar 20, 2020
Beating The Corona Virus
Are you being consumed by fear right now? Consider this : The subconscious mind doesn’t know what’s true ... it only knows what you tell it ... or what you allow others to tell it 😳. You always have a choice however. You can find your own truth ... or buy into the fear based agenda being forced upon you ... and accept it as truth . As an Entrepeneur the choice you make is critical .... choose wisely
Mar 12, 2020
Wants Vs. Must Haves
Decide who you are ,who you want to be , and then do everything in your power to BE THAT You’ve been taught to downplay confidence , to see it as arrogance to see it as something that’s wrong.... I tell you this , It’s not only inside of you waiting for you to remember it .... it’s the key to you living life on your terms and experiencing all the winning and abundance you deeply desire to experience.
Mar 05, 2020
A Conversation with Ben Newman
A conversation with Ben Newman about staying relentless through life struggles!
Feb 27, 2020
A Look Back At The First Year And A Half
You’ve been wanting to climb up the leaderboard in your want to produce more ... you want THIS YEAR to be the year... well watch this clip ... then ask yourself : “what’s missing that I wish I could have ?” . I’ll tell you one thing I know for sure ... succeeding in Real Estate will give it to you ... and so much more !
Feb 20, 2020
How to Eliminate Fear from your Life and Business
What if you approached your life and business through the lense of positivity.... if you LOOKED for what was right vs being STOPPED by what you perceive is wrong . How much energy would save each year worrying, fighting or fearing outcomes that have yet to event become reality
Feb 13, 2020
Protect Your Energy Unleash Your Potential
Be honest .... look around your office . People are STUCK in our industry . An industry with UNLIMITED potential.... yet we are limited ..... by our internal belief system
Feb 06, 2020
What I Learned From Kobe Bryant
In this podcast I share with you, what it was like to meet Kobe and what he meant to me and to all of us. My heart goes out to his wife , his daughters and to all of you who are feeling this terrible tragedy right now . We lost not only a legend in the sport of basketball today, I think we lost one of the great Legend Humans of all time.
Jan 30, 2020
Kobe Bryant: Part 1
In Honor, Respect and Admiration for the late Kobe Bryant, I am releasing our entire interview with Kobe at Relentless for you to enjoy,  look back on and learn great lessons and teachings from the greatest basketball player and one of the greatest Humans whom ever lived. Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant
Jan 27, 2020
A Conversation with Tarek El Moussa
In this episode, I sit down with Tarek El Moussa and we chat about his start in the Real Estate industry, his new TV show and the challenges he faced while achieving success.
Jan 17, 2020
Maintaining Faith Through One of Life’s Toughest Journeys
My friend Isaac was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphoma In this episode of the Danny Morel Show We have a deep conversation about his journey , the fears he had to combat and how he found inner victory over a potentially debilitating fear Whether building a business or in this case fighting for your life, you need positive people around you, and sometimes those we love the most are the most doubtful This is an episode you simply can’t miss !!!
Jan 02, 2020
Staying Focused the Last Two Weeks of The Year
In this episode, I talk about how to effectively work throughout the last two weeks of the year in order to finish strong and prepare for a great 2020.
Dec 20, 2019
The Keys To a Leveraged Real Estate Business 🔑- WGR Summit
In this episode, I give a talk on how I started to take listings and the mentality it takes to scale your real estate or mortgage business. 
Nov 21, 2019
Is Buying a Home a Good Investment?
In this episode, I breakdown how buying a home may or may not be the right investment for you. Recently in the personal development space, gurus have been talking about how buying a home is the worst investment you can make.
Nov 18, 2019
Monthly Live: Client Control
In this episode, I talk about the importance of client control, how it affects our business and what steps we can start taking in order to take control during the transaction.
Oct 15, 2019
Relentless IV: Kobe Bryant
In this episode, I share with you a small part of the interview I had with Kobe Bryant at Relentless IV
Oct 03, 2019
Meditation: Your Vision
In this episode, we dive into three different meditations you can use as a continual resource to get clear on your vision
Sep 12, 2019
The Healing Power of Ayahuasca
In this episode, I talk with a friend that I met in Costa Rica, Roshi, who was part of my Ayahuasca journey. This is a story about transformation.
Sep 05, 2019
Have You Ever Wanted To Accomplish Something Incredible but Felt Stuck?
In this episode, I show you one of the most powerful sessions from Relentless this year. If you want to accomplish something great in your life but feel stuck, this is a must-watch!
Aug 08, 2019
Empire Show with Bedros Keuilian
In this episode of Inside Look, Danny Morel - real estate coaching extraordinaire, has a lot to say about the pressures in entrepreneurship. Even if you are running your empire and making 7+ figures, or if you are as low as you can be, you should always feel pressure to level up and reach that next level. Watch or listen now to discover why there is no room for excuses in business, and how pressure is a daunting force.
Jul 30, 2019
Relentless Speaker Spotlight: Edwin Arroyave
In this episode I go live with Edwin Arroyave, CEO and Founder of Skyline Security Management, where we talk about his story!
Jul 17, 2019
Self-Image Determines What You Do and What You Receive in Life
In this episode, I share with you the first session of Relentless 2018, enjoy!
Jul 09, 2019
Claudia and I Live
In this episode, I go live with Claudia Lorena and we talk about our journey
Jun 26, 2019
Earn More and Work Less
In this episode, I give a company-wide keynote talk where I touch on working on weekends and you're earning potential.
Jun 18, 2019
Your Money Mindset
In this episode, I talk about having a healthy mindset about money, money as a body of water and money as a reflection of the current value you're bringing to the world.
Jun 11, 2019
How To Get Out of a Financial Rut
In this episode, we go back to Relentless 2018 where I give specific advice to an individual about what steps he needs to take to get out of a financial rut.
May 28, 2019
Grow Your Business Using Your Reticular Activating Sensor
In this episode, we go back to Relentless 2018 where I talk about growing your business by using your reticular activating sensor and the importance of quality and quantity in business.
May 22, 2019
The Authentic Self
A conversation with Colton Lindsay, a Real Estate Entrepreneur, where we talk about life, business, and my trip to Costa Rica.
May 14, 2019
What’s Possible: from $90k working 7 days a week to $400k working 5.5
An incredible example of what’s possible ... how the Bonillas quadrupled their income, regained their health and increased their time off work to be able to spend more time together
May 07, 2019
My Biggest Takeaways from 10 Days in Costa Rica
There were 3 key takeaways I learned in my Life changing trip to Costa Rica. The peace of mind you're looking for has always been........
Apr 23, 2019
Energy: The People in Your Life Affect Your Success
In this episode, we talk about auditing your circle of influence which could have a direct effect on your business success.
Apr 16, 2019
Energy: Your Mojo, Skills, and People Affect Your Outcomes
In this episode, I talk on how energy is directly correlated with your mojo, skills, and people.
Apr 09, 2019
Energy: Your Energy Affects Your Income
Episode 1 of 4 in a new series on Energy. In this episode I tell you a story on energy affecting your income.
Apr 02, 2019
My Biggest Piece of Advice For Anyone that Wants to Make a Change
This is a short episode from an interview I did with Avni intelligence.  Full interview is on YouTube.
Mar 26, 2019
Satisfaction is the Opposite of Possibility
In this episode, I talk about the importance of not being satisfied in the areas of your life that you want to improve.
Mar 19, 2019
Standards: You Can't Hold Back
The final episode of our month long topic on Standards. In this episode I tell the story of building my dream home and the decision you have to make when it comes to deciding what you want for your life.
Mar 12, 2019
Standards: Identify What's Wrong
In this podcast, I discuss the importance of identifying the areas of your life that you would like to improve. This is part three of a four-part series on the topic of "Standards".
Mar 06, 2019
Standards: Standards Are Tough
In this podcast, I discuss the importance of having standards and creating the dream life that you want to live. This is part two of a four-part series on the topic of "Standards".
Feb 27, 2019
Standards: A Level of Quality or Attainment
In this podcast, I discuss the importance of having standards and how the level of quality you desire is a direct reflection of who you are as a person. This is part one of a four part series on the topic of "Standards".
Feb 20, 2019
Who Do You Want To Be?
In this episode I share with you a small snippet from Relentless 2018 where I talk with the audience about deciding who you want to be. If you haven't bought your ticket to Relentless IV yet, visit to purchase your ticket today, prices are going up soon!
Jan 14, 2019
How To Make 6 Figures In 2019
In this episode, Danny answers a callers question on how to reach and surpass your goals. You need to stay motivated. You need to have a clear goal and accomplish it stead fast.  If you want to successfully have a 6 figure year you need to have a clear plan. Create a plan that will help you achieve your goal and stick to it. Make sure that you COUNT YOUR NUMBERS.   
Dec 04, 2018
Breakdowns to Breakthroughs
A conversation with one of our top agents at Intero where Claudia shares her journey from start to now. 
Nov 26, 2018
Business is a Reflection of the Soul
In this episode Danny gets personal with your goals. Knowing what you want and not making the excuses to get there. He explains how everything you do in your business is a direct reflection of who you are as a person. 
Nov 06, 2018
The 7 Figure Business Plan
In this episode, Danny explains the difference between being just an employee, a skilled sales person and being a business owner.     
Nov 02, 2018
Creating Momentum
In this episode, Danny speaks to two #fiveminutecrew winners. He speaks about creating momentum. Create a more positive story. Creating a better story, creates a better momentum, which creates a better outcome. If you want the fastest momentum you need to start working on 2019 NOW.  
Oct 29, 2018
Becoming The Best Agent
In this episode, Danny gives you a roadmap to becoming one of the best agents. He explains the importance of your brand. Caring for yourself transcends to caring for your brand. Danny stresses the need to track your numbers, and the benefits of doing so. He ends this episode with the guidance of not going into 2019 with any questions. 
Oct 25, 2018
BONUS: Avni Intelligence Podcast
In this episode, Danny is a guest on The Avni Intelligence Podcast. Danny speaks about being a real estate icon, who owns many different companies such as Intero, M.Pire, Relentless and is the author of The Resilience Road Map.  He touches on how he started his first real estate business at the age of 18 with the goal to buy his mother and brother a home.  He not only accomplished a goal, but built Intero into what it is today, training real estate agents into amazing “humans.”  Tune in for amazing insights into business, mind set and life direction.
Oct 22, 2018
Agent Training Session
In this episode, Danny gives a training lesson in price reductions. You have no reason to be afraid of price reductions. Take one week and prospect with all of your customers. When meeting with customers make sure that you have real numbers, understand your market place and help the customer understand. 
Oct 18, 2018
The Importance Of Becoming A Great Salesman
In this episode Danny emphasizes on positive affirmations and being confident in who you are and your choices. What do you want, what are you willing to sacrifice, and how patient are you willing to be.  You have to change your habits. Change your habits and show up and the money will never be a problem. Discipline yourself to eat healthy, wake up early and take care of you.  
Oct 15, 2018
Breakdowns To Breakthroughs
On this episode, Danny brings in agent Antonio Lopez from Intero and speaks about his breakthrough. Antonio shares with us his story of humble beginnings. He had the faith and drive to keep going, to never give up, and it paid off for Antonio. He now his making 6 figures in the first year of business.  
Oct 09, 2018
How To Have A Quantum Leap In Your Business
On this episode, Danny speaks about the quantum leap. The Quantum Leap is making the impossible occur. It is not something that you make happen, its something you ALLOW to happen. Danny goes on to explain the three things that stop us from having a quantum leap: Our current resources, our skills, and our past experiences.  Danny gives you the roadmap to having your own quantum leap.  -Ignore the doubt -Write down a clear, concise and specific goal -Act like you believe  -Understand that the HOW will come   
Oct 04, 2018
2019 Starts In The 4th Quarter
On this episode, Danny shares the downfall of entrepreneurs during the fourth quarter. The fourth quarter is supposed to be when you work the hardest and are gaining momentum for the first quarter. Danny ends leaving you with the question, "Who do want to be on January 1st? Do you want to be like everyone else?" 2019 starts TODAY   
Oct 02, 2018
Don't Let Your Story Hinder Your Future
On this episode, Danny helps a caller with tips on how to increase his business. In order to get more business you need to put yourself in front of as many people as possible. The next caller asks Danny how to have a stronger closing. He gives the caller 2 key points to having a strong closing business: 1. Understand most businesses are a need business not a have business. People want what you are selling, they don't necessarily need it.  2. Track all of your incoming traffic, who you speak to, who you qualify, and finally who you close.   
Sep 24, 2018
Stop Wasting Time In Business
On this episode, Danny shares the importance of sellers vs. buyers. He shares that you need to surround yourself with the best in order to be the best. Danny speaks about how to balance a healthy home life and work life. He stresses the importance of keeping your family in the same vision without losing communication. He ends this episode sharing how he has started all of his businesses going door to door. Be. Do. Have. 
Sep 21, 2018
MPIRE LIVE: Creating A Business With Leverage
On this episode of M.Pire Live, Danny explains the importance of creating a business with leverage. There are three key steps that need to be understood and followed in order to build a real estate empire. First, you have to have the right mindset. Second, you have to have the right communication. And finally, you have to learn to take the right action. Danny leaves you with the task of finding sellers not buyers. 
Sep 18, 2018
Balancing Family And Business Life
On this episode, Danny speaks to two #fiveminutecrew winners. He answers the life long question of how to handle family and growing a business. He goes on to explain that not everyone has the answers for the future but how to create a plan without them. Danny stresses the importance of balance in your life, both at work and in your home. 
Sep 14, 2018
141 - MPIRE LIVE: Handling Sales Objections
On this episode of Mpire live, Danny talks about how to deal with sales objections. He outlines three guides that he uses to deal with objections. First is perspective; to see what is important and what is not. Second is having the leadership to be in charge. Third is having the right words to use to never deal with rejection again. Danny then answers a question from the audience: should you open an LAC in California if you live in Nevada?
Sep 03, 2018
140 - MPIRE LIVE: The Psychology Behind Success
On this episode, Danny delves into the psychology behind success. He details his history in the real estate industry, how he came from nothing and still found success, thanks to his mindset. He then explains the mindset of those who will never find success, and how to change it. He wraps up with what the wealthy think in order to win.
Aug 27, 2018
When Should You Hire an Assistant?
In this podcast, I talk with two five minute crew winners. We talk about when you should hire an assistant and what mindset you should have throughout your first few years in business.
Aug 24, 2018
139 - MPIRE LIVE: 3 Words That Determine Your Earning Potential
On this episode, Danny Launches MPIRE Live, a new show dedicated to helping real estate agents sell more. After explaining why Danny created MPIRE Live, Danny explains the three ideas that drive success: Psychology, to put yourself in the mindset of success; Skills, the talents vital to your success; Business ownership, how to have a business that can run without you.
Aug 20, 2018
A Healthy Perspective for a Healthy Lifestyle
A conversation about a having healthy perspective for a healthy lifestyle.
Aug 16, 2018
138 - How Do You Balance Your Side Hustle With Your Full-Time Job?
In this episode, Danny answers your questions live. First, he talks about how to use your marketing campaign. Then, he discusses how to motivate yourself to finally leave your job to focus on your business. Finally, he gives advice on how to use your own doubt as a tool. Also, Danny is very excited to announce The Five Minute Crew challenge. To enter, turn on your post notifications, and every time Danny posts comment, within the first five minutes comment with the hashtag #FIVEMINUTECREW to enter into a drawing to win a mentor session on Instagram Live, as well as an Mpire gift box and a ticket to Relentless 2019. New winners are announced every Friday.
Aug 13, 2018
137 - Relentless Recap
In this episode, Danny recaps the events of his highly-successful event Relentless. Over a three-day period, Danny and his wide array of guest speakers shared their guidance with those who attended. On the first day, the focus was on self-image, and how your ideas about yourself will motivate you to achieve what you want. On the second day, attendees learned the ins and outs of how to succeed in sales. And on the final day, attendees were left with lessons on how to best manage your wealth.
Aug 02, 2018
Patience and The Long Game
In this episode, Isaac and I were in the car and as an entrepreneur, he had some questions and I gave him some great business advice.
Jul 18, 2018
A Candid Conversation About Health
In this episode, I have a candid conversation about health with one of our agents. 
Jul 16, 2018
136 - The Champ: Mikey Garcia
Despite how they might appear on the surface, the world of boxing and the world of business have a lot in common. Both rely on dedication, drive, and teamwork. On this episode, Danny welcomes lightweight world champion boxer Mikey Garcia, to talk about Mikey’s rise to professional boxer, the people Mikey relies on, and how he came back after a 2 year forced break from boxing.
Jul 08, 2018
135 - Long Term Strategy for Wealth Creation
On this episode of the Danny Morel show, Danny offers advice on developing long term strategies to maximize wealth prospects.
Jun 25, 2018
133 Ed Mylett - Creating Unlimited Wealth
In this episode of The Danny Morel Show, Danny talks with world-class entrepreneur, Ed Mylett, Agency Chairman for the World Financial Group. During the course of their discussion, Ed reveals the meaning of wealth and how to overcome the mental limitations that keep people from increasing their wealth. The episode concludes with an overview of Ed’s presentation at Danny’s July 2018 Relentless seminar.
Jun 11, 2018
132 Jason Crawford and Anthony Morel - COO/CPO Insights
The world of business can be a cutthroat place, so its important to have friends and family you can rely on. Today, Danny is joined by his good friend Jason Crawford, and his brother Anthony, as they discuss how important it is to run your business like a system, making learning events your top priority, and even how to keep your health and wellbeing in check. Later, they take questions from viewers about setting weekly routines and how to balance your business with your family life.
Jun 07, 2018
131 - Perspective Is Everything
It’s our perspective on the things that happen to us in life that determines if we are going to crumble under the pressures and problems of life, or if we rise to meet the occasion. Perspective is everything people and that’s what we’re tackling on this episode of the Danny Morel Show. We’re also taking three questions from callers in California and Texas. One is a real estate agent who is licensed in four states, is on a mega team, but their family is suffering because they’re always gone. Our other caller has a problem finding consistent lead generation, and our last caller has a problem turning their leads into profits even though they are hosting open houses. I also take three question live on the show so tune in, you might have the same questions yourself!
May 21, 2018
130 - Your Money Psychology
On this episode, I’m talking about the importance of money psychology and how everything we’ve learned in life, including how we view money, has come from our past. If your mental makeup about money is negative or unhealthy, you won’t attract more of it, plain and simple. I also take a call from Ivan who is just getting started in real estate and wants to know if if I were to start all over again would I go all in? Should he quit his current job and go full force into real estate or keep his job and gradually build his real estate business? Listen in to hear what I’ve got to say because this episode is pure fire!
May 14, 2018
129 With Gerard Adams
I’m so pumped to have Gerard Adams at Relentless and in this brief conversation he shares what he’s going to be speaking about - How to Position Your Personal Brand.  Don’t know who Gerard is?  Tune in and get ready to be inspired. 
May 12, 2018
128 Brian Edwards - Breakdowns to Breakthroughs
On this episode, I’m answering questions to help take you from Breakdowns to Breakthroughs!  I’m also excited to introduce to you Brian Edwards, a.k.a., The Breakthrough Expert.  After working for my team, Brian decided to go out on his own and closed two deals during the eight months he was away.  Now he’s back and he’s trending towards a quarter of a million dollar year!  What led to his breakthrough?  Tune in to find out! Jacob Saldivar from San Antonio, TX: Hey Danny!  Quick question.  As a new agent do you recommend I join a bigger brokerage that has more training and lead generation but takes a bigger cut or join a small brokerage that doesn’t really supply anything but has a flat fee?  Thanks! Pedro Vita from London: My name is Pedro and I’m 21 years old.  I started my business in fashion industry, and just last year we opened our first office in London and it was going really well.  Recently my phone prospecting hasn’t been the most effective, I booked appointments but they’ve constantly been cancelling and I haven’t been able to close any deals.  That’s obviously affecting my mind set.  I haven’t been able to wake up at 4:30am anymore.  I’m constantly worrying, getting home late, and I’m running out of money.  I’ve invested in books, attended seminars and it’s continuous pain. My question to you is, how do you stay positive, active and productive when things are going bad?  Loads of love all the way from London. 
May 07, 2018
127 - The Power of Emotional & Mental Strength
In this episode, Danny discusses a topic he finds vitally important to the overall success of anyone's business - emotional strength and stability.  More than ever, companies are becoming more interested in peoples EQ (emotional quotient) than they are in their IQ.  And if you’re an entrepreneur, possessing a strong EQ could mean the difference between success and failure. Danny also takes questions from callers in Miami and Houston about the best way to go about connecting sellers in San Diego with a friend who is an agent to get their homes listed and whether or not a gym business owner should consider franchising.
Apr 30, 2018
126 Andy Frisella - Relentless: Meet the MFCEO Andy Frisella
Allow this podcast to give you a sense of how INCREDIBLE Relentless 2018 will be. Meet Andy Frisella, then join him, Ed Mylett, Gerard Adams, Sarah Centrella, myself and Alex Rodriguez at RELENTLESS.    
Apr 25, 2018
125 Sarah Dykema - Winning in Business While Juggling a Busy Home Life
My guest today is Sarah Dykema, the head Realtor at Purpose Life Homes and co-host of the Purpose Life Podcast.  Despite the challenges that come from being the mother of two adopted boys and the spouse of a quadriplegic, Sarah, with her positive mindset and outlook on life, has managed to become a top producing real estate professional in just two and a half short years.  In our conversation, Sarah touches on the importance of knowing your preferred client, time management and what it takes to win in business while juggling a busy home life.
Apr 12, 2018
124 - How to Conquer ANY GOAL You Want!
For ANYONE that has ever felt overwhelming pressure or feels like they have an unsurmountable obstacle ahead of them, THIS IS A MUST LISTEN!  Learn the step-by- step process to breaking down and conquering any goal you want as I help a caller who’s been $50,000 in debt for the past three years.
Apr 02, 2018
The Danny Morel Show Live: Your Questions Answered
On this episode of The Danny Morel Show I’m taking your calls and answering your questions live and not holding back!  These are the five questions from our callers:  What was my follow-up program like? How do I farm an area to door knock?  What is the reason I used to knock on their door?  What’s my sales pitch? What do I suggest to overcome sellers objections to reductions in commission when trying to get a listing? What would I say to a prospect who is thinking about listing their house and buying a bigger and nicer one but something is holding them back? What are the common things that someone in this situation would be thinking but not  saying? Our last caller asks, “I don’t have a closing next month.  What advice would you give me?”   I also give my feedback on these two questions left in the comments: What CRM should I use? What is your best advice to gather new clients?  What’s your advice on building a team?   And how many people do you interview before one hire?
Mar 27, 2018
My Story: From Dead Broke to $980M in Sales in 7 Years
When I was 27 years old I reached a magical moment in my life. I was earning a million and a half dollars a year and living in a 6,000 square foot house at the top of Haven View Estates in Rancho Cucamonga, California.  But about a year after my oldest son was born, I became dead broke due to poor decisions I made and that only I was responsible for. This episode is taken from a recent keynote speech I gave where you’ll learn what changed: what I did to dig myself out of that hole I made for myself, to coaching 50 realtors across the country, and what is important for you to have in order to become the best version of yourself.
Mar 20, 2018
How I Lost 100 Pounds and Signed a Multi-million Dollar Contract with Elias Kirallah
My guest today recently signed a contract that will allow him to net one million dollars in commissions every year for the next three years!  Elias Kirallah is a real estate professional specializing in commercial real estate in Florida and a client of mine who I have had the pleasure in coaching.  Before signing this very lucrative deal, Elias was 100 plus pounds overweight, not succeeding in his professional life and struggling with his self-confidence. In this conversation you will learn what he did to transform and reinvent himself, lose the weight and how he kicked his business into overdrive.   
Mar 14, 2018
Relentless 2018
There’s never been a greater amount of opportunity than there is today, but so many of us are struggling with money, mindset and sales. Why is it so necessary to understand what cases money to flow continuously and effortlessly? Why is visualization so powerful? What drove us to work so hard on Relentless? On this episode, we share exciting news about our upcoming event and tell you what it will all be about.   Tactics + Takeaways You may be kindhearted and good-willed with great intentions and the biggest goals in the world-- but if sales are not coming in, you’ll never have opportunity to show the world what you’re made of.   Procrastination means you can’t handle what’s on your plate. It’s powerful to learn from the people who have been where you want to go.   In order to grow you have to take action and close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. We want to help impact and change your life by empowering you and teaching you the techniques, strategies and mindsets the best in the business use to get what they want out of life. You are living in the greatest country in the greatest point of history that humanity has ever had, so let's take advantage of that.
Mar 05, 2018
Anticipation: How It Affects Everything You Do!
When you anticipate a crappy future, you’ll never do anything towards bettering yourself. What will you do when you know you have a bright future? What are the two things to protect no matter what? What advice would I give a part-time agent starting out? On this episode, I talk about the importance of anticipation and answer viewer questions. When you’re anticipating a big future, you’re willing to step up in a big way. -Danny Morel   Tactics + Takeaways Money is simply a reflection of the value you are bringing to planet earth. You don’t need to find unique ways to get business. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Find people that have done what you want to accomplish and learn from them. There’s a huge difference between hoping and anticipating. At the start of the show we talked about how to increase your value, and why it’s important to not be attached to what people think of you. We also discussed how to protect your time and energy, and how to plant a seed for a bright future. We also discussed: If there are unique ways to get business Why you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel   If you want to grow your money, your business and your life, it’s critical to guard your energy. Be willing to plant a seed for the future you see for yourself. Stop wasting time dwelling on everything that goes wrong and being attached to what people think about you. This will liberate you to increase your income and your ability to generate leads.
Feb 26, 2018
Multiple Streams of Income , Multiple Streams of Business
Winning is foreign to some of us because we’ve been surrounded, taught, and influenced by human beings who don’t think winning is possible. How does this make us focus on the wrong things? What is the progression of a business from year 0 to year 10? Why is growing a business more important than hustling? On this episode, we talk about how to rise to the level of mastery by focusing less on the BS, and more on the goal. "In any business, there is a target you have to set that shows you are in the game." -Danny Morel   Tactics + Takeaways Producing must become more important than how you produce. Winning in the real estate business = 30 deals or more. In the first 3 years, focus on winning. In years 4-6 you can start specializing. Years 7-10 is all about mastery. Mastery in real estate comes from focusing on listings and investments. At the start of the show, we talked about the principle of freedom in your life and business, and the importance of not being consumed and distracted when it comes to what we focus on. Next, we talked about what our level of income reflects about us, and what is considered the best use of your time in real estate. We also shared the importance of paying the price at the beginning of your career. We also discussed: The progression from year 0 to year 10 in business The risk you take in business Why it’s important to set business targets   It takes an insane and insatiable desire to produce at a higher level and win at a higher level, and it starts with not focusing on the BS that so easily distracts you. At this very moment, the only reason you’re not producing at a higher level is your belief system around the possibilities of your life. If you want to really grow, stop thinking hustle and start thinking growing a business. You also have to get aggressive with your desire to win, and know that you have to pay the price in the beginning so you can be a master later on in your career. Remember, everyday without a secure paycheck is a risk. Why not demand of yourself a great return on that investment?
Feb 19, 2018
Success Starts from Within, Become the Quote, Business Maturity
This week, I did a LIVE session to answer some questions about developing yourself and your business. The recurring theme you’ll see is that success has to start from within. For those not selling a physical product, realize that YOU are the product. Your passion, beliefs, convictions--everything about you-- makes the product of YOU. We also address the questions: Why is business maturity so important? What does it mean to “become the quote”? And many more! Join us for this excellent live session as we talk about building blocks of success and build hype for Relentless 2018. Takeaways: - You have to win the battle between your two ears: with your emotions. - Business maturity = Self maturity - The further along you are in business, the further along you are in developing yourself. - Your dream has to be so important and so vivid that nothing stops you.
Feb 12, 2018
From 0 to 100+ Deals a Year with Omar Alfaro
I had the pleasure to sit down with Omar Alfaro, a real estate producer doing over 160 transactions per year. He will also buy and remodel at least 20 properties this year. What does it take to produce at such a high level? Why is it critical to properly utilize your database and referral system? How can building a team around you help you reach new heights? Takeaways   The fulfillment from helping one person can fuel you into helping the next person. You will encounter a lot of “No”s. Go get your “Yes”. What got you here is not going to get you there.    
Feb 05, 2018
VISION Replay - Gary Acosta
It’s been a week since VISION, and Danny wants to share his favorite piece of the show. Danny sat down with Gary Acosta, the co-founder and CEO of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP®) to talk about how to take your vision from an idea to reality. Tactics + Takeaways Take action Forget all of the external negative influences in your life Find your motivators In order for you to be successful in pursuing your vision, it’s important for you to believe that you can do anything. Surround yourself with people will be supportive of your work and your success. Unfortunately, there are many out there who don’t want to see you doing better than they are. Find what motivates you, remain focused, and do what it takes to fulfill your vision. Guest Bio Gary Acosta is the co-founder and CEO of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP®) and a 25-year veteran of the housing industry. NAHREP is the nation’s largest minority real estate trade association with over 20,000 members and 40 local chapters. In his capacity as CEO of NAHREP, he created the Hispanic Wealth Project, a new 501c3 non-profit organization with a strategic plan to triple Hispanic household wealth by 2024.
Jan 29, 2018
The Power of a 90-Day Cycle
The excitement of the new year is gone. What happens to a lot of us when reality hits? What techniques can you put in place to make sure you’re building momentum from the beginning of the year? Why are 90-day cycles so critical to the inner workings of your business? On this episode, we talk about the categories you should be tracking and working on in bite-sized chunks. Success doesn’t happen right away, it happens in increments of 90-day cycles. -Danny Morel Tactics + Takeaways The game of success is not in the outer world-- it’s in your inner world. Even though you are an independent contractor, you have to treat this like a real job. For every hour you prospect, you should be talking to 10 people. You work with buyers to pay the bills. You work with listings to create a career. At the start of the show, I talked about what happens when the excitement of the new year fizzles out, and why your business actions have to be driven by data and not emotion. Next, I talked about how focus on the smaller chunks of your goals helps you avoid distractions. I also shared on the importance of showing up to work everyday, even if you’re an independent contractor. Towards the end, I talked about the importance of having an accountability partner. I also spoke about: The importance and necessity of prospecting Why it’s so important to role-play and learn scripts The key to the whole 90-day cycle Our business goals have to be fact-driven, not emotion-driven. Even though our minds feed off of energy and positive belief, we need something guiding us, keeping us from losing momentum and getting demoralized. This is why breaking your year into 4 bite-sized pieces works. Your mind can see 90 days away, it can feel it, believe it and taste it. This allows you to push harder without distractions. Don’t just work off of the need for money. Work off of things that will drive results later. You will get everything you want and deserve on the back end, by focusing on the things you need and want on the front end.
Jan 15, 2018
Think Bigger. Expect Bigger. Receive Bigger.
There are two ways to think. You can think big, or you can think small. You can’t think medium. Your brain isn’t wired that way. The reality is that most of us are conditioned to think small, to think negative, to think limits. How do you handle this so your own thoughts don’t sabotage your dreams? In this short episode we share the first steps to take control of your thinking. Understand that sometimes in life, you have to eliminate the gray, and make things either black or white. - Danny Morel Tactics + Takeaways Eliminate all gray areas in your thinking. You don’t have to allow your mind to run unchecked. When you think big, you get big. And everyone can CHOOSE to think big. The challenge we face is not a money challenge, it’s a mind challenge. It’s easy to get excited about new years, new dreams, new goals. The difficult thing is understanding how it actually happens. Start by taking note of your thoughts. Don’t judge yourself, don’t get depressed or get down on yourself. Become aware of the way you think about things and react to things. That allows you set yourself up for the next level.  
Jan 08, 2018
My Thoughts On Bitcoin
Everyone’s talking about cryptocurrency, and there’s a frantic need to invest in it. How does it play into the overall scheme of building wealth? What is the greatest investment you can ever make? How do you break out of mediocrity? On this episode, I give my thoughts on Bitcoin and how to think about investing in it. Takeaways: We want a quick, exciting, and easy path to wealth, but that doesn’t exist. People’s standards are so low that the minute they start doing a little better they hover there. If you’re going to mine anything, mine yourself and invest in yourself. At the start of the show, we talked about the greatest concern that’s driving the massive interest in cryptocurrency, which is creating more wealth. Next, we talked about what you should be investing in if you want a brighter future. We also discussed how to get out of mediocrity, and towards the end, how to increase your standards. We also discussed: Why I have no interest in cryptocurrency Why people aren’t willing to pay the price to develop themselves How to work every single year of your life to improve The truth about Bitcoin is that it isn’t the game-- your psychology is. Why would you invest in another company when you can invest in yourself: the one company that you know for a fact is going to give you the greatest return on investment? You will do better for your future and family by looking at what you’re currently doing and thinking of how you can maximize it by developing your mind and developing your capacity to grow financially. Make a commitment to never go backwards in your life, and demand that growth. Remember, money spent on a book is the best stock you can ever buy.
Dec 26, 2017
Mastering Real Estate Sales Objections
A lot of agents give up their power to the prospect with the words they use. Why is it so critical to master the language patterns of objection handling? Next time someone says they have to talk to their spouse, how are you going to use this to your advantage? How are you going to handle the tough objections you’ll get during the holidays? On this episode, we talk about effective objection handling and why it will make you wealthy. Takeaways + Tactics - There’s no grey when it comes to winning and losing. - Don’t meet objections with open-ended questions. If they say they have to talk to their spouse, ask when they are typically together at the same time - evening or afternoon. - A lot of successful people stop working to improve, or get complacent. If you continue to improve yourself, you will surpass them. At the start of the show, we talked about some of the tough objections agents get during the holidays. Next, we talked about the importance of leading people to the answer you want, how to simply change your language patterns, and the importance of focusing on giving your best in the present moment. If you want to improve your ability to convert sales in 2018, you have to master the language patterns that allow you to glide through objections. Clarify your relationship with winning-- make sure you know what victory looks like to you. When you have long-term thinking, your relationship with winning will become your driving force.
Dec 18, 2017
The Ego: How It Keeps You from Taking Action
There are two parts inside of you that are alive and functioning: the ego and the spirit. What is the sole purpose of the ego? What are the tricks the ego plays to hold you back from success? How can you get your ego under control and out of your way? On this episode, we talk about mastering the tricks of the ego and how that will grow your business.   3 Things We Learned: The ego exists to keep you safe, stop you from taking risks and protect you from embarrassment. Your spirit is the other side that pushes you further, encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and seek personal development. The universe can’t give you more if you can’t handle what you already have. The ego’s tricks have been controlling the way we think and act-- ultimately controlling our income. The ego keeps you from experiencing life and growing your business, and unless you take care of the battle that’s happening in your mind, you won’t move forward. The more the ego’s tricks control your actions, the less control you actually have. To beat the ego, get specific and detailed about your values so you can draw a line that the ego just cannot cross.  Subscribe to my channel ! Find me here and lets get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter : Read more at Read more at  
Dec 08, 2017
Values & the Importance of Removing Persistent Negative Meanings in Your Life
So many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck year after year as a result of misguided values and the negative stories they tell themselves. How does your value system control your actions? What is the most dangerous thing about using money to drive your decisions? How do you free yourself from the control of negative meanings and stories? On this episode, we go deep on solidifying values and cutting out negative meanings. 3 Things We Learned: The values you have internally drive the actions you take, or don’t take, externally. The value systems we have are like an internal navigation system that controls what we can and cannot do. That’s why it’s so critical to take care of the values and make sure they’re in alignment with what will bring out the best in you. For some of us, money is the thing that will make us delineate from our values. Money makes so many people toss their values aside just because they want to get a check. You only experience freedom when you decide that money won’t dictate your decisions but your values will. Focusing on money can only lead to more trouble and stress. Our stories control our lives. So many people are driven by the negative stories they tell themselves, and the negative meanings they attach to the things that happen in their lives. These things end up controlling their behavior and make success impossible. You have to change the stories you tell yourself in order to find freedom.   People stay stuck because they don’t do the work internally to get unstuck. A lot of this work is examining your values and rooting out the negative stories you tell yourself. The stories we believe have us tolerating our egos a little too much and this gets in our way. You will finally experience freedom when you decide to be controlled by your values, not money and negative stories.   Subscribe to my channel ! Find me here and lets get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter : Read more at
Dec 08, 2017
How to Have a Clearer Vision for Your Future, M.Pire Builders & The Quest to Get Better (Show Updates)
A lot of people love personal development but find themselves stuck. What is the one thing that gets in our way? What is the reason you’re not achieving results? How do you find the steps you require to make your vision a reality? On this episode, I give a quick update about upcoming events and what we’re passionate about.   At the start of the show, we talked about the importance of constantly growing and the real reason you’re not achieving your results. Next, we talked about the importance of having clarity on the sacrifices you have to make to make your dreams come true.   We also discussed; The difference between the ego and the spirit Why the ego plays tricks on us   It’s great to have a vision, a vision board and a future that we want to get to, but we still need to do the things we need to do on a daily basis to make sure we actually get there. One thing that really gets in our way is the ego, it has an incredible power and ability to trick our minds into staying in the box, and staying exactly where we are. Remember, the spirit is what we should be listening to and following because that’s what leads us to our destiny.
Nov 17, 2017
Earning In One Month What You Used To Earn In One Year w/Rosanna Nava
It’s very easy to cut out pictures and put them on a vision board, but it’s another thing to accomplish your goals. What are the principles of developing wealth through real estate? How does ego play tricks on us and keep us stuck in mediocrity? On this inspirational episode, we talk to a woman who turned her business and life around in one year. Takeaways  You never want to owe more than 50% of the value of what you own. You have to constantly be looking for a way to improve your position, and searching for opportunities to lower your liability. You have the power to change your story.   At the start of the show, we talked about the powerful move Rosanna made by going all in on her business, and how that made it possible for her to buy her first property. Next, we talked about why you should never owe more than 50% on a property, and why it’s so important to change your story. Towards the end, we talked about the power of clarity. We also discussed; The principles of developing wealth through real estate How to break the chain of poverty and mediocrity Why you have to keep setting more goals So much is possible for your life once you just remove the ego and learn to battle through and step up your game. When you’re clear about what you want, the way you do things changes and all your actions will have more fire behind them. Choose to live a life that constantly reminds you of what your potential is. Never underestimate the power of you being in control of your life, not the circumstances.
Nov 15, 2017
Being Brutally Honest With Yourself
There are two kinds of people, the ones that will go into hibernation at the end of the year, and the ones that will double down. How do you figure out which category you fall into? Why is it so necessary to be brutally honest about where you stand? How do you start dictating your outcomes instead of letting external factors do it? On this episode, we’ll set you up for success in 2018 with the right mindset and practices.   Takeaways Breakthroughs start with honesty. Time off is the reward for an abundant life and a disciplined year. Don’t let external circumstances determine your outcome.   At the start of the show, we talked about two groups of people, and how they behave towards the end of the year. Next, we talked about why truth breeds breakthroughs, and how to plan your days to make sure you achieve your goals. Towards the end, we talked about why we have to earn our time off.   We also discussed; How to make sure your actions align with your goals for the rest of the year Why the holiday season shouldn’t affect your outcomes Why this is such a critical time for your goals for next year     This is a critical time to build momentum for 2018. The first step is brutal honesty about the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. You don’t want to start slacking at the end of the year, you want to do better. Instead of making the holiday season some magical thing where everyone stops working and producing, make it an internal thing, and something you own and dictate. That’s how we will reap the benefits of hard work, and momentum at the end of the year.
Nov 15, 2017
PT 2: Control what's Controllable
The greatest disease that’s keeping us in mediocrity is obsessing over commission splits and short-term income. Why is it more important to take control of your future goals and focus on building an empire, not earning an income? If you’re not closing more than 10 deals in one year, what’s the one thing holding you back? On this episode, we talk about the importance of taking full responsibility for your destiny.   Takeaways  Success in sales is all about dealing with a lot of people at once. You need five hot leads at all times for every sale you make. What you work on today needs to be about who you want to become in the future.   We also discussed; Why people want to be led Income building vs. empire building Why you control the mouth of the sales funnel Why you shouldn't be vague about your goals   At the start of the show, we talked about why wealth in sales is all about juggling, and why you need to let go of the anxiety about being in control. Next, we talked about the importance of juggling at least 5 hot leads if you want to sell more houses, and how to shift your thinking about what you can achieve in a quarter.   The sales funnel begins with leads and ends in sales. You may not be able to control the prospects, but you can control your own lead generation. If you want more control, you need to be working with and juggling at least five hot leads. If you’re able to juggle more people and convert at a higher level, you’re well on your way to building an empire. The only way to break through, get wealth and make it, is to realize that you have control and only allow yourself to think about the future.
Oct 23, 2017
PT 1: Control what's Controllable
Many of us are looking for a breakthrough but we don’t know the specific details of what it is. How does this get in our way of actually getting that breakthrough? How do you make your goals and dreams more attainable? On this episode, we talk about the power of grabbing control of your life and how that affects your outcomes.   Takeaways When a goal is easy to say it’s also very easy to not accomplish it. Our greatest fears come from things we feel we cannot control. When you take control, external factors will affect you a lot less.   At the start of the show, we talked about how people are usually looking for a breakthrough without actually knowing what it is. Next, we talked about why we should view ups and downs as a normal part of the road to success, and the importance of making a goal attainable in your mind. Towards the end, we shared why it’s so powerful to start controlling your own success, and your own reactions.   We also spoke about Why it’s difficult for us to put what we want into words Why nothing is going to change until you get disturbed Why focusing on your vision takes the fear away   If you don’t feel like you’re in control, you’re not going to like your business because your fears are in the way. Whatever you want to achieve and whatever legacy you’re going to leave behind is yours to control, so why not take control of your emotions, your work, and your outcomes? When you take control, you lose the fear and you’ll no longer be vague about what you want to accomplish. Remember, nothing is going to change until you get disturbed by where you are right now.
Oct 19, 2017
Control only what you can control
Control what you can control. Don't get all worked up off the things you can't control. Subscribe to my channel ! Find me here and lets get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter :
Oct 18, 2017
The Power of Decision
I was at a dinner and I met one of the top performers in our company, and I was amazed by her story. How did she turn things around for herself and go from 2 deals a year, to being top in her office? On this episode, Anna shares her journey to success after 14 years in the business.   Takeaways You have to have intention behind what you’re doing. If things aren’t going well for you, don’t blame anyone else, take responsibility. Trust in the 90-day cycle, if you’re doing all the work you need to do, you will succeed. Work with the intention to help people, not to get a commission check.   We also spoke about; How Anna joined Intero and overcame her limiting beliefs The setbacks Anna had The power of having an open mind It’s possible to turn your whole life around no matter where you’re coming from. It’s important to do your work and get rid of the limiting thoughts that control you. Start tracking your numbers and work to your strengths. If you do these things, you’ll get better every day and see a huge transformation in your life.
Oct 13, 2017
Launching The M.PIRE University Website!
It has always been my dream to help entrepreneurs do more with their potential, and through M.Pire University I will be able to do this. What is the dream and passion behind the creation of this coaching organization? What are the things I thought entrepreneurs were lacking? On this episode, I have some exciting announcements about some new developments. Takeaways Change the fuel of your business from your energy to systems and leverage. It’s important to find people who accomplished what you want to accomplish. It’s so important to position yourself to do better exponentially.   At the start of the show, I talked about my dream of having a coaching organization, and why a business fueled by your energy isn’t really a business. Next, we talked about the power of declaring your vision, and the importance of working on a daily basis to achieve your goals. I also spoke about; How to set yourself up for long-term success Why people need mentorship Our upcoming vision event   It’s one thing to have a vision. It’s another thing completely to actually do what you have to do on a daily basis to turn that vision into reality. For people to do this, they need mentorship, access to knowledge and a like-minded community. That’s what we’ve built with M.Pire University. Remember the path to success is that you have to think it, declare it and act on it.
Oct 07, 2017
Regaining Focus When It Is Difficult
After a tragedy like the Las Vegas shooting, it’s natural to find it difficult to focus back on your business and the goals you have. How do you shift back into action? What are a few things you can do to remain committed? On this episode, we talk about easing back into building your empire after a difficult day. Takeaways You can’t control what’s going on in the outer world but you can control your intake.   If you don’t want to wake up early, you’ve told yourself a story about what it means to do it. The food you put in your body can either make you sluggish or energetic.   We tend to focus on the things we can’t control and put our mental energy on the things that have nothing to do with us. After a day of watching the news, we can easily decide to fall back on the commitments we’ve made to our businesses, families, and bodies, but it is possible to refocus. That way you can become a person who can help others during these tough times. It’s natural to feel like you’re not all there, but you can still get the job done.  
Oct 06, 2017
Confrontation is Just a Word
For most people confrontation is a negative thing, but the truth is you just won’t grow without it. What makes it impossible for people to confront other people? When you have a money problem what should that tell you? What is the one lesson you should learn about value? On this episode, you’ll learn the importance of having the courage to confront yourself.   Takeaways People don’t like confronting others because they don’t like confronting themselves. You can’t have standards if you don’t have confrontation first. If you have a lack of money, your value to the world isn’t connecting with people. The world is built to support mediocrity.   At the start of the show, we talked about the power of giving your business plan a title, and why you have to constantly work on yourself. Next, we talked about why money is the outcome of value and what causes a lack of it. Towards the end, we discussed how to view confrontation if you want to win.   We also talked about; Your relationship with confrontation How the world is built to support mediocrity   Confrontation is just a word, but your relationship with it is what makes it positive or negative. Instead of seeing it as a bad thing, see it as the key to your freedom, your breakthrough, and your destiny. You have to constantly work on yourself so that you’re always valuable to the world. Remember, you can either believe in abundance or believe in lack. What you believe in determines the outcome you’ll get.  
Oct 05, 2017
Should God bless you with more money?
If the amount of work activity you do was directly related to your income would you really deserve more money? Some people are calibrated to accept lower standards and are 100% happy. Would they deserve to be given more or should they, BE MORE...DO MORE....EARN MORE? Subscribe to my channel ! Find me here and lets get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter :
Oct 02, 2017
Change Your Story
A lot of entrepreneurs struggle to break through their doubts. What is the biggest thing that is getting in their way? Why is it so important to have conviction about who you are and what you bring to the table? What affirmation did I use to build my own confidence? On this episode, I talk about the importance of changing your story.   Takeaways Create a story to motivate you to do the things you might not want to do. If you want to make your goals happen, you’re going to have to believe in yourself fully. Have full conviction about helping people achieve their dreams through your business.   At the start of the show, I talked about some of the differences between low producers and top producers. Next, I shared a story I created, and my conviction to help a man and his whole family. Towards the end, I talked about how your conviction makes anything possible. We also  discussed; How to get good at creating your story The affirmation I used Why changing the story changes the outcome   What holds you back from your value, and truly maximizing your potential is the negative story you tell yourself. You have to replace this story with a deep conviction about what you do and the people you can help. You have to have a positive and empowering story about yourself. If you get to that level, anything in your life is possible and you will be able to use your business as a tool to help other people.  
Sep 28, 2017
How to Keep Momentum Going, Having a Big Vision & Changing Your Outcomes (Weekly Q&A)
A lot of people limit their income potential based on what they’ve seen, their low standards and what other people have done. Why is it so critical to have a bigger vision for your life? What is the truth about the abundance mindset? How do you make sure you don’t forget all the things you’re learning? On this Q&A episode, I give insights into these questions. Takeaways Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what you focus on. Leaders should spend more time and energy on the top 20% in their company and cut the bottom 20%. To keep your momentum going, your vision has to keep growing. Success starts with you getting pissed off about where you are.   At the start of the show, I talked about the legacy ladder, and why your brain doesn’t know what’s real. Next, we talked about how people wrongly formulate their income potential. We discussed how to help your team get an abundant mindset, and why it’s so important to check on the leader you are. Towards the end, we talked about why success begins when you become pissed off about where you are. We also spoke about Why you shouldn’t have a short-sighted vision What people get wrong when it comes to finding their spouse Why changing the story changes the outcome     The only thing your brain knows is what you focus on, so if you change that paradigm, you immediately change your outcomes. It’s so necessary that you don’t have a short-sighted vision because that will only diminish what you can achieve. As you learn and grow, be more pressed to implement the knowledge you’re getting than remembering every single thing. Success is a process of never ending learning, and you have to immerse yourself in it for the rest of your life.
Sep 25, 2017
Everyone says they want to increase their income but so many of us don’t have the right habits to do so. What is the one thing that can have a huge effect on your overall success? How do you get in your own way with the stories you tell yourself? On this episode, we talk about the power of your morning routine. Takeaways Exercise: Motion creates emotion. The brain only knows what you tell it. Shift your focus to positive things and your life will transform. On this episode we discussed; Why working out is a fundamental principle of success How to shift your results by shifting your focus Why you’re stuck Never underestimate the power of waking up bright and early on a daily basis, and the principle of motion creating emotion and the impact on your results in the rest of your life. What keeps you stuck where you are are the habits that you’ve cultivated, so if you can change those things, you will achieve success.
Sep 21, 2017
The fear of rejection and confrontation is deeply rooted in us, and it gets in the way of success. Why is it so critical to face it head on? Why is it important to accept nothing but the best for your life? On this episode, you’ll come along to Dallas with us as I prepare for my NAHREP Conference keynote.   Takeaways If you’re budget and price-conscious in one thing, you’ll be that way in everything. If you want to be successful you have to face your fear of confrontation and rejection head-on. Once you accept second place that’s what you tend to receive for the rest of your life.   At the start of the show, we talked about the importance of accepting nothing but the best for yourself. Next, we talked about how being too frugal will affect your business, and the number 1 lead generation method you need to implement now. I also talked about the importance of taking social media seriously.   There’s no one stopping you from achieving anything, and if you raise your standards and shake off your fear of rejection and confrontation you can really go far. Prospect as much as you can and you will earn the right to be liberated from those fears.
Sep 19, 2017
The 5 Stages of Empire Building (2017 NAHREP National Convention Keynote)
Replay Summary-   A lot of people think they run businesses but all they have are high-paying jobs. How do you build an empire and a legacy? What are the five stages of empire  building? Why is personal responsibility such an important part of your path to success? This episode talks about finding what’s missing in your business, and relentlessly going after it.   Paragraph   At the start of the show, we talked about the confusion people make between an income and an empire. Next, we talked about how some people limit their own income because of their mindset, and the importance of knowing what’s lacking in your business. We also talked about the power of trusting your gut, the 5 stages of building an empire, and why you’ll never make money if you’re scared of it.   We also discussed; The power of leveraging growth Why money is a by-product of value The importance of having an exciting vision of your future Takeaways + Tactics   The 5 stages of building an empire - idea formation, launch, massive never-ending execution, momentum, and legacy. If you want to be wealthy trust your gut if you want to be mediocre follow what everyone else says. Do whatever you do in a duplicatable fashion, if not you’ll always have a high paying job. If you can’t delegate a file, you will never be able to delegate a company. There’s a major difference between building an income and building a business. A business is something that grows independent of you, and until you have that, all you have is income, not an empire. Your grind is about a longer vision, a long-term purpose, a destiny you’re trying to achieve and an impact you’re trying to make. The size of your business and the speed at which you will achieve your goals is determined by how much and how urgently you want to receive what’s missing.
Sep 14, 2017
The Art of Selling Yourself & Building an Empire (Q&A)
Human beings are conditioned to stay away from rejection and confrontation, which are necessary for growth in business. Why is it so important to lose your fear of these things? What is the very first lead generation lever you should implement in your business? What does it take to make a million dollars a year? On this episode, I answer questions about core problems people are dealing with in their business. Takeaways An income builder builds a business just to provide them with an income and that’s all they’ll ever get. Human beings by nature avoid two things at all cost: confrontation and rejection. In your average place in the USA, you won’t get to a million dollars by yourself, you will do about 40 deals, and the rest will require you to work on the leadership side. The more you delegate the more people you bless.   At the start of the episode, I talked about characteristics of an income builder, and why it’s so important to deal with confrontation and rejection head-on. Next, we talked about how to get to the $300,000 level in business and how to take that to a million dollars. We also talked about the difference between laborers and business people, and why the sacrifice is easy when the vision is clear.   I also spoke about; What it takes to build a legacy business How much prospecting you should be doing The organizational tools we use   No matter how the market changes, no one will ever be able to take away your gift of confronting what most human beings don’t want to confront. If you can master the emotional side of not being attached to rejection, you can change your business and your life. If you want to build a million dollar business, your fuel and energy is only fine at the beginning. Eventually, you want to build something where the fuel that drives your business isn’t your personal time and energy, but systems, leadership, and leverage.
Sep 11, 2017
Most of us struggle to get anywhere with our goals because we just don't have a plan to get there. What is a simple way to make a plan? What is holding you back from selling 100 homes a year? On this episode, I share the plan that made it possible for me sell 28 homes in my very first year of real estate.   Takeaways If you live by fear, you’ll accept anything. You’re not closing enough deals because you don’t have enough momentum. Most people get stuck at making a plan because they complicate it.     At the start of the show, we talked about how to speed up your own growth, and why so many people get stuck when it comes to making a plan. Next, we talked about the power of having faith in your value, and how I built enough momentum to believe I could build an empire. We also discussed; What happens when you live in fear How I set myself up to work less and earn more How you can set yourself up to sell 100 homes a year   If you feel like you’re off target, make a new plan today and don’t overcomplicate it. You just need a plan that generates momentum so you can actually get more business. It’s all about training your brain to realize that you get better by desiring something, going to get it and desiring something else. It is so necessary to step into faith, and not live by fear because that will stop you from getting better.
Aug 31, 2017
  A lot of the times people don’t share the rough things that took place on their journey to success. Why is it so important to remember that you can make it through those moments? Why is it so important to get clear on what you want? On this episode, we share the harrowing story of our car getting repossessed when Claudia was 7 months pregnant, and what kept us strong.   Takeaways When Claudia was 7 months pregnant we lost our health insurance and the car was repossessed. You can fight your way out of whatever you’re going through. Be clear on what you want so you can create it.   You can go through a lot, but you can also overcome it. Whatever you’re going through, you can fight your way out of it by just being resilient and believing that you’re going to come back ten times stronger and better.  
Aug 29, 2017
Keep the Abundance Flowing
As human beings, we tend to hold onto things unnecessarily. Why does this actually hold us back? What is one powerful thing you can do to keep the abundance flowing? On this episode, you’ll learn about one thing I do declutter my life.   Takeaways Letting go of things you don’t need declutters your brain and what you see. When you aren’t bogged down by looking at a mess, you have better energy. When you let go of things, you make room for new things.   Giving to other people forces the abundance to keep flowing because you’re also making room for new things. I challenge you to not hold on, I challenge you to let go. It isn’t a loss, there’s plenty coming your way but you have to change the way you think to allow it to come.
Aug 24, 2017
Unleashing the Real You
Waking up early is a fundamental part of having a productive day. Why are so many people resistant to it? How do you start waking up early slowly but surely? What are the benefits of changing how you start your day? On this episode, you will join me and my buddy, Sirilo Ortiz, as we go for a run at the crack of dawn, and talk about meeting your potential.   Takeaways You could push your workout to the end of your day, but that means you’re stealing time from being with your family. If you’re not on social media and the world isn’t hearing from you, best believe they are hearing from someone else. Always have a painful consequence for not showing up and doing what you need to do.   At the start of the show, we talked about the power of waking up early and getting momentum going. Sirilo shared the importance of accountability and having consequences for failing to meet your goals. We also talked about how your actions impact other people’s lives and influence, and towards the end, we talked about the danger of short-term thinking. We also discussed; The beauty of community How to break through the bad habits Short-term thinking vs. long-term thinking   If you’re okay with mediocre results you don’t have to wake up any earlier, but if you want to really step into your destiny, make the commitment to start your day off with momentum. There are a lot of emotional ups and downs we go through as entrepreneurs, so why not give your mind and body the best chance at winning those battles? Waking up earlier and working out are two powerful ways that will unleash the real you. Remember these two things are the first big wins of the day.
Aug 21, 2017
It's a Numbers Game
Income builders don’t understand the numbers game and are emotionally attached to the outcome. How are empire builders different? Why is it so critical to understand that your business is a numbers game? What are the three things you need to keep in mind? On this episode, I talk about the importance of remembering that it’s a numbers game. Takeaways Income builders and broke people learn to habitually choose the negative perspective. When you learn to accept responsibility, you learn that you make mistakes which you can correct. Don’t let things like rejection get you bent out of shape, the law of averages will eventually bend in your favor.   At the start of the show, we talked about the difference between income builders and empire builders. Next, we talked about the importance of controlling your controllables. Next, we talked your ability to frame what happens to you, and the importance of accepting responsibility. Towards the end, we talked about the power of having a positive perspective.   We also discussed; Why you shouldn’t be attached to the outcome The importance of follow-up and doing the work How to stop poisoning your mind   As you move forward in your ability to build your empire for you and your family, you will always have the ability and the God-given right to choose between two perspectives, negative or positive. Perspective is important because it allows you to frame what happened to you yesterday, but also what could happen as a result of yesterday. Even if you made one sale, you can look at that and be grateful and thankful. Your ability to have a positive perspective is the key to your future. Remember, empire builders and the wealthy learn to always choose the positive perspectives.
Aug 17, 2017
Get Ready for a Great Day
Your ego doesn’t want you to grow or progress. How do you overcome it and get into action? Why is it so powerful to show up and do a full day of work? On this episode, you will get a look at a team motivation moment and how we get pumped for a productive and successful day. Takeaways Your ego does not want to feel ashamed. There are three kinds of builders: income builders, lifestyle builders, and empire builders. Set a goal for appointments set and stretch yourself a little more.   Even though your ego tries to hold you back, remember that your true self wants to prospect and make the calls. Remember if you show up and do the work you need to do, the outcome is already declared. All you need to do is build the belief and tenacity that you can do it, and follow through on your goals.
Aug 14, 2017
Your Relationship with the Sales Board
From desperation to abundance, people’s lives can be fueled by anything. How does this translate into the results you get in your business? What are the two words you should live by? What is the one force that determines your prospecting efforts? On this episode, we talk about how these questions relate to your relationship with the sales board. Takeaways There are two words you can choose to live by in business, acceptance or refusal. Refusal, just like acceptance is going to drive certain actions or lack thereof. When you’re accepting about one thing, you’ll be accepting about a lot of things At the start of the show, we talked about the reason people get in their own way every single day and the different things that can fuel people. Next, we talked about having respect for the sales board and your relationship with acceptance and refusal. Towards the end, we discussed why most of our lives are built on these two words.   Most of our lives have to do with what we accept and what we refuse to accept. If you accept being at the bottom of the sales board, it means there’s so much more you’re willing to accept in your life. So much is possible when you focus and remove the barriers that hold you back. If you want to tap into greatness, you have to remember that you have the ability to create, fortify, internalize and create that mental muscle inside of you that refuses to accept things you aren’t happy with.
Aug 10, 2017
80% of people don’t really know what they want. How does this keep them stuck, and keep them from a life of abundance? Why is it so important to be clear on what you want? On this episode, I share some success and tips while I’m on my tour. Takeaways Always make it about the value you can bring to the prospect. When you do that it becomes a win-win. When you decide to live in abundance there is no going back. Your mind is more powerful than any computer out there.     At the start of the show, we talked about the importance of understanding that success isn’t given it’s taken. Next, we talked about the power of deciding what you really want and why not knowing means you’re just going through the motions. We also discussed; Why your mind is more powerful than any computer Why 80% of people don’t really know what they want What keeps you stuck   A lot of us aren’t where we want to be and it’s because we’re not focused on what we want, and we don’t have a plan to achieve it. If you have limited possibilities and limiting beliefs about what’s possible, the real you isn’t going to decide what you really want in life. Remember there’s a difference between having a high paying job and having an actual business.
Aug 07, 2017
How to acquire and build your asset portfolio!
Everyone wants to own assets, but there are certain habits and mindsets that make it impossible. What are the 3 different types of business owners? Which group of people is more likely own property? On this episode, I talk about what it takes to actually start building up your assets.   Takeaways If asset ownership is an easy way out of what you’re doing, it’s not for you. There are 3 different types of business people: income builders, lifestyle builders, and empire builders. There’s a lot to get inspired by when you’re an empire builder.   At the start of the show, we talked about the importance of knowing why you want to build assets, and why your current business is the biggest asset you’ll ever have. We also talked about the different types of business builders, and why we only grow by being honest. We also discussed; The things you need to get in check if you ever want to have assets Why you need to understand what’s important to you   You can choose to be a survival business builder, a lifestyle business builder or an empire builder. It’s just important to remember that only an empire builder can actually ever acquire assets because they have the freedom and the leverage. If you want to get into a future where you can actually acquire assets, you have to work harder on what you have right now.
Aug 03, 2017
An Incredible Breakthrough w/Eddie Salinas
Eddie Salinas went from hustling to earning more in one month than he could have ever dreamed of. What were some of the biggest mental blocks he had to overcome to get to where he is today? What does it take to get into business and actually flourish? On this episode, my good friend Eddie Salinas shares what it takes to breakthrough and step into a life of abundance. Takeaways People’s egos do not accept starting small. We let our egos tell us that we can make it without someone else’s help. Your earning level is in complete relation to what you used to earn in the past. All results happen as a result of a strong 90-day cycle.   At the start of the show, we talked about Eddie’s life journey and how he overcame his own ego. Next, we talked about why it’s so critical for you to get a coach, and why it’s so important to trust in the right process.   We also spoke about; Transitioning from hustling to managing properties What your earning level is related to The importance of a 90-day cycle   People always want to hurry the process to success, but there are practices you need to put in place, and mindsets you have to put to bed before you actually go anywhere. You have to be honest about whether you’re really working hard or just telling yourself that you are. Also, find people who can help guide you. Until you have someone in your life who has accomplished what you want to accomplish, and you are listening and learning from them, basis success won’t happen. Believe in the process and trust the people around you.
Jul 31, 2017
How I Went From Stuck to $300k Plus w/ Robert Watkins
So many of us are not earning more because we’re not being more. What’s poisoning your outcome and ability to grow? Why is accountability a major part of success? What does it take to truly overcome your ego and the pain of doing the work? On this episode, I talk to Robert Watkins who transformed himself from earning 50k to over 350k. We discuss the nuts and bolts of improving your life, including psychology, strategy, vision, and accountability.   Takeaways People get stuck at low-income levels because they think that’s all there is. Left to your own devices, you will fail, that’s why you need accountability.   If you want to do better in business, get out of a bad neighborhood as soon as possible. Your outer world is a direct reflection of what’s going on in your inner world.   At the start of the show, Robert shared some of the challenges he had in his life, including selling 1 home in a year, a challenging relationship and how that affected his confidence. Next, we talked about how the inner world affects the outer world, and how the ego gets in our way. We also talked about the importance keeping your word and cultivating belief and confidence.   We also discussed; Why people get stuck at low incomes Accountability and the importance of who you surround yourself with Why leadership and education are so important in converting prospects   Transformation and growth are possible, but it all comes down to the pieces you put in place so limiting beliefs stop affecting you. Whatever paradigms you have about the world, you can absolutely take control of your psychology and break them. You have to be able to handle accountability, work hard to be more than you are right now, and make winning more important than what the ego tells you.
Jul 24, 2017
An Early Morning Rant About Standards
When you have lower standards, it’s so easy to let yourself get away with waking up late and not meeting your goals. Why is it so important to have higher standards for yourself? What are the three states human beings can choose to live in? What are the things that should push you towards your goals? On this early morning episode, I talk about standards.   Takeaways When you make many excuses, you end up creating a story. Scarcity and lack shouldn’t be the thing that lights the fire. If your standards are low, that’s on you.     At the start of the show, I shared my personal experience with getting up on time, and how to identify what abundance means for you. I also shared how increasing your standards increases your income. I also spoke about How making excuses impacts you The three states people can choose to live in Why scarcity and lack should never light your fire The thing that should light your fire when it comes to your goals and work is a deep desire to win, and not going back on your promises. It’s also about setting an example for what you know is possible for yourself. Getting better is what should always inspire, drive and push you.
Jul 19, 2017
My Thoughts on Grind and Hustle
Replay Summary-   Everyone is pushing the concept of grind and hustle, but they’re going about it the wrong way. Why is the grind and hustle message so popular right now? What attitude should you have towards it? On this episode, I share what I think about the idea of hustle and grind. Takeaways People want to be told about grind and hustle because no one wants to work. There’s a season for grind and hustle but it’s not supposed to be forever. Don’t be an entrepreneur with an employee mindset.   At the start of the show, we talked about readjusting after a holiday, and the thoughts you should have as you move towards the end of the year. Next, we talked about grind and hustle, and why it’s such a seductive concept for young entrepreneurs. We also discussed the biggest reason entrepreneurs in America fail. We also discussed; What hustle and grind should look like The sacrifices you have to make and what they are for What your ultimate business goal should be There are different phases in business, and the hustle and grind phase is just one. If it feels like forever, then you are not winning. People stay stuck in the hustle and grind phase because they don’t put in enough work for it to just be a season. Don’t grind and hustle to pay your bills, grind and hustle for a vision, a purpose and something greater so you can actually create a life. If you grind the right way, you will eventually have the right to leverage your concepts, thoughts, and the machine you’ve built, and that’s freedom.
Jul 10, 2017
Insights into Coaching conversations....
Everyone wants the easy way out when it comes to success. Why is it so important to understand that there are no shortcuts? How do you unblock your limiting beliefs about money? How do you unlearn the negative things you were conditioned to think? On this episode, I give you an exclusive look into our coaching conversations with clips from our sessions. Takeaways The more energy and emotion you put into one thing, the more let down you could potentially have. If what you think is possible for your life is mediocre, that’s what will manifest. Lean on people on the journey to success: those people will motivate you and give the push you need.     At the start of the show, we talked about the importance of not tying your emotions up in one thing, and why the people who lean on you can actually help you grow and go towards your goals. We also talked about discovering the meaning you give to money.   We also shared; Why there’s no easy way out Unlearning things you saw in your community How your success can be an example to others   Money is like a water hose, and limiting beliefs and limiting self-talk step on it and block the flow. If you have things holding you back psychologically, it will show in the way you talk and express yourself. Always think about the future version of you, and what you want that person to achieve. Connect who you are now to that person by taking the necessary actions.
Jul 03, 2017
Why Your Businesses Should Never Be Fueled by Money & Finding Freedom (Relentless 2017)
A lot of us know that our businesses and lives aren’t where we want them to be. How do you get into action to actually start making changes? Why should your business never be fueled by finances? What is the path a business should take for it to thrive and succeed? This episode features my speech at Relentless 2017! Takeaways Business is 80% psychology and 20% strategy. When you don’t have freedom it’s because your business cannot operate without you. People in business are fueled by a void in the marketplace, acknowledgment, a need for nice stuff and experiences, a competitive advantage or the ability to contribute. What you want is a perception of what you’ve seen as possible in the past.   At the start of the show, I talked about what drives people to go to conferences, and I shared how my life changed after deciding that I wanted more for my family. Next, we talked about why our businesses are so connected to who we are, and the different things that fuel people in business. We also talked about why you need to quit saying someday about your goals, and the importance of avoiding distractions. I also spoke about; Why finances should never be the reason for your business The timeline of business success Potential roadblocks in business and how to avoid them   You’re here right now because you’re missing something in your business and your life, and you want to make it right. You have the idea that your business, production, and profit is not good. There are many roadblocks standing in your way, and once you clear them, you will start seeing results. You have to be fueled by something greater than money, and desperately want to achieve your goals and get out of mediocrity. Money is just energy, it is simply the outcome of what a great life, contribution and business does for the world.
Jun 29, 2017
Gary Vee on Trading on Your Truth, Not Becoming Obsolete & Why the Stakes are So High (Relentless 2017)
A lot of people in business are oblivious to the great shift that social media has caused, and they are in danger of becoming obsolete. Why is attention the great form of currency in our world? Why is it so important to understand the era we're living in now? Why is it so important to trade on your truth? On this special episode, you’ll get to hear Gary Vaynerchuk’s speech at Relentless 2017. ( ) Takeaways Social media takes 50% of people’s time. It is the dominant place for the attention of our consumers. The truth of who you are is the thing you should always leverage. It’s scalable because it’s always there. You’re in the media business. The cost of being in the media business is low in distribution, opportunity, and production, so invest in it. Almost everyone is living their lives to the judge and jury of somebody outside of themselves. ( ) At the start of the show, Gary shared why so many of us have no understanding of the era we live in, and why it has been such a fundamental shift. He talked about the opportunities social media presents, and the importance of trading attention in the day we actually live in. We also talked about why you shouldn’t pander to the camera. ( ) Gary also spoke about; Why the stakes are higher than you think The danger of over-leveraging yourself Why time is the only asset you have ( ) If you haven’t fully committed to being relevant in the mobile device for your business, you are not relevant. You have to understand that we are in the middle of a fundamental shift in how humans interact with each other, and that is the currency of our lives now. This presents us with a huge opportunity for all the things we care about. Social media is the yellow pages, the billboards, the TV shows and the advertising space, and it has no gatekeepers. There’s no one between you and the person you’re trying to reach. Remember the most powerful thing is to be in the game for yourself because that makes it so much easier.  
Jun 20, 2017
What Motivates You... What's Your Why?
If you don’t have a big motivation behind everything you do, it’s hard to stay consistent. Why is it important to have big why? What happens when you connect what you deserve with what you want in life? On this episode, you’ll get a look at our work day, and learn some secrets of motivation.   Takeaways If you’re monotone in your communication you diminish your effectiveness. When you’re in business you have to communicate in a powerful fashion. Personality types: driver, expressive, amiable and analytical.   When you start connecting what you really deserve in life, and what you really want, you’ll no longer have a difficult time waking up and showing up. You won’t struggle to have faith, invest in your company, and do the things that will help grow your business. Remember to get clear on what your wants and desires are, so you can go after them.  
Jun 16, 2017
Why You Need a Coach and Your Earning Potential in this Country
No matter how big you get in business, you need a coach. What holds people back from getting a coach? Why do you need someone holding you accountable? On this episode, we talk about why you need to find a coach and how it will improve your business and life.   Takeaways Find someone who knows how to do what you want to do. When times are the toughest that’s when you find out who you really are. Arrogance is the enemy of success.   We can’t try to make money and change our lives without a minimum of at least one person talking to us, guiding us and showing us the way. If we can’t accept this, it is a clear indication that our egos are in the way, and that we genuinely do not understand the principles of success. If you know someone who’s been able to achieve what you want to achieve, why not pick their brain, learn from them so you can actually go out and repeat it?  
Jun 13, 2017
How to Win in the Midst of the Recession AND Get a Show on HGTV
Jessie Rodriguez is an entrepreneur since the age of 19, and he has gone from losing everything in the crash, to bouncing back with an HGTV show. What are the success lessons we can learn from him? Why is it so important for an entrepreneur to stay fluid and nimble? How should we be gearing up for a market correction? On this episode, we talk to Jessie about his lessons on entrepreneurship.   Takeaways Sometimes we spend time on how to make money instead of fine-tuning our businesses to save money. Order materials for contractors: if someone isn’t checking they could be taking it to another job. You either survive on fear of loss or on motivation to gain.   At the start of the show, Jessie shared the characteristics of an entrepreneur and why success has so much to do with constant learning. Next, we talked about how he got through the recession and actually found success during that time, and how he parlayed his success into a TV show. Towards the end, we talked about the right time to start a new business venture.   We also discussed; Why there are more opportunities when the market crashes Where Jessie finds his flips How to discover your next big business   Entrepreneurship is a game of constantly learning, and not being too proud to do so. Ultimately, the ones that keep learning are the ones that keep growing. A lot of us often give up on things before we’ve really put in the work, but you can’t start something else if you aren’t kicking ass at what you’re already doing. Remember in the case of market corrections, there are many opportunities for people who position themselves correctly, so anticipate, embrace and get ready to grow from that change. Jessie is a powerful example of how you can find ways to win during tough times.  
Jun 13, 2017
One-on-One w/Gary Vee
People don’t understand the tenacity and hard work it takes to build momentum and long-term success. What do most people get wrong about what it takes to maintain success and wealth? What is wrong with the current conversation we are having about entrepreneurship? On this episode, I have a chat with Gary Vaynerchuk, who shares some powerful insights we all need to hear.   Takeaways You’re either investing in your business or you’re not. The thought of passive income that you need to rely on in any shape or form is ludicrous. Real estate is attractive to a lot of people because it’s easy when the market is good. Self-awareness is the key to everything.   At the start of the show, we talked about how Gary runs his company, and why there’s no such thing as passive income. Next, we talked about why real estate is such an attractive industry for a lot of people. We also talked about why self-awareness and truth are so important. We also discussed; Why there’s no shortcut to wealth and success Facebook ads The problem with the current entrepreneurship conversation The current conversation around entrepreneurship is all about champagne bottles, private jets and other trappings of wealth. The problem with this is people get the wrong idea about the level of work they have to do to get and maintain those things. People want the objects but they don’t want to put in the hard work that goes along with it continuously and forever. We need more conversations about the right way to do things, and that is, to be honest, work hard and be patient.
Jun 06, 2017
Breaking Past Your Victory Threshold
Most of us get to a victory and celebrate it so much we lose momentum. What causes this kind of behavior? What makes it impossible for us to grow? How do you rise above your comfort zone? Why is it so necessary to get honest about where you are right now? On this episode, we talk about how to expand your victory threshold. Takeaways The only way you’re ever going to make a million dollars a year, is once you realize that it’s not a big deal. The subconscious mind has a small victory threshold. Identify what your normal is because that’s a comfort zone for you.   At the start of the show, we talked about why getting to a victory is just part of the process, and how our pasts and upbringing affect the levels we’re able to reach. Next, we talked about why people are always looking for inspiration. We also discussed how to start expanding your victory threshold. We also talked about; What keeps people from doing more How to rise above your normal Why the subconscious mind has a small victory threshold   If you’re ever going to make it, meet your full potential and get to the full capacity of your abilities, you really have to take a hard look at your victory threshold. If it’s too low, you’ll never be able to make your dreams come true. It’s your job to succeed and to grow, so there’s no need to make such a big deal when you achieve it. Identify what your normal is because that’s a comfort zone, and then create a new target and go for it.
Jun 02, 2017
The Negative Stories We Create and How to Get Past Them
Most of us are held back by the negative stories we tell ourselves when things happen. How do our negative stories keep us from growing? How does our ego drive this behavior? On this episode, I’m going to share a powerful lesson I learned from my own experience with my car. Takeaways When circumstances and situations happen, our egos will immediately go into defense mode, because its job is to keep us safe. There are two kinds of entrepreneurs, the one who accepts responsibility when something goes wrong, and the one who places blame on external factors. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.   At the start of the show, I shared a story about how I built up a huge negative story when my car kept annoying me with rattling sounds, and how it was solved so easily. Next, I shared the lesson I learned from that about a common mistake we make. Towards the end, I talked about the steps you can take to start overcoming your own negative stories. I also shared on; How the ego is responsible for the stories we tell The two types of entrepreneurs The two states human beings are usually in   There are only two states you can be in. You can be in a loving state where you’re happy, joyful and grateful. You can also be in the hell of your own negative thoughts and the stories you’ve built around them. If you’re not performing where you want to perform at, it’s because you’re living in hell in your mind. I challenge you to really examine how often you tell negative stories informed by your perception and not reality.
May 29, 2017
Options: The More of Them You Have the Harder Success Becomes
Most entrepreneurs aren’t able to fully commit and really work at their businesses because they have too many options. How do options affect your actions? What is the one thing all successful entrepreneurs do? On this episode, I talk about options and how they affect your success. Takeaways 80% of humans don’t know how to handle change. Employees are more likely to show up than independent contractors because they don’t have as many options. It’s so important to always learn, adjust and innovate.   The one thing that makes it hard for a lot of entrepreneurs to show up, get to work on time and really put their all into their work is having too many options. If you can commit like you have nothing else, you will change everything and make your business grow. Learn to take control of the things you have influence over so you are not distracted from doing what you need to do for your family.
May 24, 2017
Learning from Former Wall Street Banker Michael Margolies
One of the best ways to reach your goals is to get exposed to people who are working at a high level. What are the most dangerous things in business? Why is tracking in business such a necessity? How do you adjust if you’re not getting the results you want? On this episode, we are joined by former Wall Street banker and successful businessman Michael Margolies, who shares the mindsets and practices that have been instrumental in his success.   Takeaways Machine learning is putting unbelievable stress on people to become fast learners. You have to create a repeatable process to replicate your success. Assess what you’re doing periodically and make sure you’re working off of 60-day or 90-day plans.   At the start of the show, Michael shared how he got started, and why it’s so important to be a lifelong learner. We also talked about the strategy all successful business organizations have, and why it’s so important to always be in action mode.   At the start of the show, Michael shared how he got started, and why it’s so important to be a lifelong learner. We also talked about the strategy all successful business organizations have, and why it’s so important to always be in action mode. We also discussed; The importance of tracking and knowing your numbers The quickest thing to adjust if you’re not getting results In business, you’re either walking towards the light or walking towards the dark. It’s so crucial to arm yourself with as much education as possible, and to know your business in and out. In today’s world, there’s no hiding, the cycles are fast and it quickly becomes evident who is BSing and who isn’t. Stay in an action-oriented state of mind, and always organize and prepare so you’re ahead of the curve.
May 22, 2017
The Importance of Making Decisions Fast & Overcoming the Ego (#AskDannyLive)
As human beings, our nature is not to push, strive, or go all in. How do we work against our human nature so we can make our dreams come true? Why is it so critical to make fast business decisions? How do you use numbers and data to formulate your goals? On this episode, I call audience members who have questions about growing their businesses. Takeaways The way you do anything is the way you do everything. The faster you can move people through the year, the more money your business is going to make. Our ego tries to keep us safe and protected, and that makes it hard for us to really push.   At the start of the show, I talked about the importance of going after your goals with passion and intensity, and why your brain needs to move faster when you want to do well in business. Next, we talked about the importance of having specific and deliberate goals. We also talked to a businessman who wanted to go from third in his market to number one. We also discussed; How are ego keeps us from growing The importance of having a data-driven business The greatest way to impact your kids   If you want to do business at a really high level, your mind has to function faster and you have to make business decisions fast. If you take a long time to make business decisions, how long will it take you to lead other people to make decisions? If you had a client that was also full doubt and fear, and that felt normal to you, you would do a lot less business and you would never meet your goals. Remember, your result will always be a direct reflection of what you’re feeling inside.
May 17, 2017
Social Media Marketing w/Kelli Ellis
Getting onto television is something most people can only dream of, but Kelli Ells has done it. What are her secrets to success? Why is it so important to be authentically you? Why should you knock down your walls? On this episode, I talk to HGTV host, interior decorator, and marketing expert Kelli Ellis.   Takeaways If you’re a conduit of other people’s success, you have to be open. Make sure every social media platform and online presence is consistent. Don’t let people start accounts for you and forget your password.   At the start of the show, Kelli shared on her journey from law school student to getting a show on HGTV. Next, she shared on the challenges of building her business as a single mom. We also talked about the importance of not having walls, how Kelli branded herself with her look and a marketing tip. We also discussed; Why humility is so huge The importance of consistency Why you shouldn’t be attached to the outcome There are three kinds of people in this world, no people, maybe people and yes people. Yes people get to their goals much faster because they don’t have barriers and limiting beliefs. It’s so important to put out a message that is consistently you, and for you to always be who you are so that you actually stand out. Be honest and cut ego out because it won’t move you forward.
May 15, 2017
The Danny Morel Show Ep 1:
We hold ourselves back from achieving when we don’t give ourselves more immediate goals to chase. Why is it so important to have both little goals and big goals? How can you take action on the things you don’t like about your life? Why is showing up a crucial component of success? On this special episode of the Danny Morel show, I share an exclusive internal message for our team members.  Takeaways Showing up: when you miss one day of your routine, it doesn’t just cost you that one day, because it’s hard to get back to the routine. Just showing up to the office will double your results. People start changing when they no longer accept things and start striving.   At the start of the show, I talked about the importance of having the right skills and habits as an entrepreneur. Next, I talked about why giving back is a big part of growing. I also spoke about the importance of having “now goals” to chase, and why you have the power to influence change in your life. We also discussed; The power of plugging in and getting into the office Why you need to get an accountability partner How to stop accepting and start thriving   You have the power to impact and influence the future, but it starts with you taking inventory of your life and deciding that you’ve had enough of where you are right now. Whatever you learn, remember to grab the lesson and challenge yourself to change in the way that needs to change. If you really want to put rocket fuel into everything you do, make sure you’re always working towards a goal for now. Fix what you aren’t satisfied with, and impact and influence the things in your life that you don’t like.
May 10, 2017
The Danny Morel Show : Same Great Show with a New name!
Happy to Introduce the new name for our podcast.   Find me here and lets get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter :
May 10, 2017
RESS Episode 57: Driving Down memory lane
In this very Spontaneous episode a Take one of our agents from a one on one conversation at my desk, to the car... to ..... well where it all began..... and walk you through my story from the beginning while challenging you to stop ACCEPTING mediocrity and start striving for what you really deserve..... take some notes as this one gets challenging! Subscribe to my channel ! Find me here and lets get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter :
May 03, 2017
RESS 56 : What you allow shows up everywhere
What you allow ends up showing up EVERYWHERE. This is a live video that has definitely struck a chord as we get several messages from people... " cleaning out their garages".. always remember that what you allow ends up showing up EVERYWHERE Watch and ENJOY! Subscribe to my channel! Find me here and lets get connected : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter :
May 03, 2017
RESS 55: Be the Best Version of Yourself
In this episode you will get an insight in our group coaching sessions. IT was raw, and real  so be prepared... its a bit edgy, yet I believe you will find immense value and Challenge from it.   It's so easy to talk yourself out of living your best life. Our routine is to give excuses to not become the best version of ourself. Sometimes we say " I don't have time" "I have other things in the way" "I'm busy." BUT it's because your ego is getting in the way. You need to push aside the parts of your life that stand in the way. Instead, focus on the parts of your life that will take you to the next level. It's important to strive to be the best version of of yourself in all aspects of your life. Be truthful to yourself. Be more direct. Be more honest. Enjoy!  See you all at   Connect with Danny : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter : Youtube :
Apr 17, 2017
RESS 60: Ask Danny Morel - LIVE
Welcome back to another Facebook/Instagram #ASKDANNY. We have some great questions for today. Stay tuned to this episode to learn more about growing your business. Today we will touch on several topics to make you stay focused, look at the DATA - not the emotional, then reach your business goals. Focus on the DATA when you are making choices, goals, and milestones for your business. If you stay focused on the emotional ties- it will cloud your clear path to success. It's all about the mindset. Listen to the episode to get the RIGHT mindset to succeed.     Connect with Danny : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter : Youtube :
Apr 12, 2017
RESS Episode 59: How to Grow Your Business with Alejandra Font
Welcome to another episode of the Real Estate Sales Show. Today's guest is absolutely incredible. She will help you grow your business and find extreme success just like she did. We have Alejandra Font. She has started the biggest fitness craze in Southern California. She discusses the importance of putting your client first. She touches on taking the emotion out of business and focusing on the data. Dedication and discipline are her top keys to success for growing this AMAZING business. She started off with ZERO and now has 80 locations for her gyms. Take notes on this one folks. It is a great one!   Connect with Danny : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter : Youtube : Connect with Alejandra: Website: Facebook:
Apr 10, 2017
RESS SHORT: You Receive What You Believe
Here is another RESS SHORT. Today is about goals. It's official- today quarter one is done. There is no looking back to hit those goals. Q2 starts now. I have 3 key points to help you reach 2017 goals.   Time to get SERIOUS and time to get REAL- It's time for you to identify the emotions with business. You don't need to operate as an emotional person in your business. You need to be a factual worker. Analyze data and make choices based on DATA not emotion. ' Clear Realization- You get in life what you NEED to have. You receive what you believe. It's Never too Late- You can always pick up your life and get started. But it takes a great sacrifice to achieve greatness. At the end of the day Quarter 1 is done. Stay focused. Reset your expectations and go after your goals. Push yourself and get it done.   Connect with Danny : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter : Youtube :
Apr 07, 2017
RESS #57 Q&A Live with Danny Morel
Welcome back to another episode of RESS. Last week we had a live video and it was SUCH a huge hit- we decided to do it again. Thank you so much for all the people who contributed questions. We love hearing from you. In today's Q&A we chatted about the importance of a staying focused on your goals. It's important to realize you are the only one who can reach your goals BUT it's important to learn and lean on people who are successful. Danny really drives home about writing down your goals over and over to not ever lose sight of your smaller goals which equal higher goals. We also talked about how important it is to enjoy the process as you reach your goals. The answer is always within. Your determination will make you achieve.   Connect with Danny : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter : Youtube :
Apr 04, 2017
#AskDannyLive 1
With so many questions coming in from our listeners.... we thought that we would start a new addition to our weekly show... a live QandA session. This is our inaugural #AskDannyLive show   On this episode we answered the following Questions : 1. Should I move my family into a different area? 2. How do I build momentum in my sales business 3. Why do I not feel passion for my business? 4. Ive been working for 30 days with no results ... why not? 5. How do I get the right motivation to take action? DO you have an important question you'd like answered? Join us on the show by going to : Please remember to include your phone number ***   Note, We will go live every on Thursday at 1pm.  This week however we will be live on Wednesday at 1pm PST Connect with Danny : Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter : Youtube :
Mar 27, 2017
RESS SHORT : A Conversation about Assistants, Vision and Letting go.....
A Short conversation that just happened..... Im happy I pulled out my cell phone and pressed RECORD... what started as a question about delegating to an assistant turned into something much bigger. Looking forward to seeing all o you at Relentless Post comments or questions below and lets connect! Website : Facebook : Instagram : Linkedin : Twitter :
Mar 23, 2017
RESS 53: From Music Success to Product Success feat Iz Avila
In this episode you are going to be introduced to the famous Iz Avila. He is a 4-time grammy award winning musician. Iz Avila is a wonderful people to learn from. He has seen tremendous success in life, but he stays true to his roots and honors the simple things- even waking up each day. Mr. Avila grew up around music. His father and brother were also very successful in the music industry. At a young age his brother was signed to RC Records. From a young age Mr. Avila had exposure to hard work, dedication and how that leads to success. His foundation of learning from music have then translated to become a very successful businessman. Listen in for his tips to capitalize on "your one shot" when success calls. Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Iz Avila on Instagram
Mar 21, 2017
RESS SHORT: An Interview with my Boys
This is one of the most important RESS episodes yet. An interview with my boys. We talk about the value of teaching your children to learn financial lessons early. Learning the value of hard work, money and reaching your goals. It's so important to have these conversations with our children. We can start creating values and work ethics if we lead by example. It's always great to sit down and have these conversations with my boys. It motivates me to work hard and be a role model for them. Episode Resources: (Danny Morel on Facebook) (Danny Morel on Instagram)
Mar 17, 2017
RESS 52: How to buy remodel and sell 80 homes a year with Eddie Salinas
Amazing interview with Danny's long time friend and business partner Eddie Salinas. Listen to how real estate, business relationships and those your surround yourself with is crucial to success.   Learn the formulas needed in order to check if a real estate purchase is a profitable one. Eddie touches on the value of Real Estate Coaching and how it led him down a path to success. He focuses on how flipping houses turned into his successful investment career. Watch to get a real live story of trial and error and how failures can lead to success if you stay focused.   Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Eddie Salinas on Facebook
Mar 14, 2017
RESS 51 : We are GOING LIVE!!!
This weeks episode is short... but exciting! We don't want to ruin the surprise so Listen now and we will see you later this week !   Episode Resources: (Danny Morel on Facebook ) (Danny Morel on Instagram)
Mar 07, 2017
RESS 12: How to Take 70 Listings a Year While Raising Kids with Apple Corial
This week we interview Apple Corial, a single mom of two boys who will close 70 listings this year! Apple lives boldly, having developed the courage to walk away from a stable income five years ago in order to provide more for her children. Listen in as she discusses her journey towards success, overcoming the fear of rejection, and the freedom of working on her own schedule. This is a key episode for any single or married parent—you CAN have a great career while spending time and providing for your children! Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook  Danny Morel on Instagram http://Apple%20Corial%20on%20Facebook (Apple Corial on Facebook)  
Feb 28, 2017
RESS 50: Breaking Through in the Midst of Adversity with Wendy Junk
This week we’ve got special guest Wendy Junk joining us to discuss how she lifted herself out of self-doubt and worry and is now on track to reach her goal. With eleven years in the business, a “just do it” mindset, and the right coaching Wendy has tripled her business within the last year! Are your surroundings encouraging you or giving you a negative attitude? Have you slipped into a funk and don’t know how to pull yourself out of it? Listen now to gain the tools in order to overcome whatever situation you may find yourself in! Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Wendy Junk on Facebook
Feb 27, 2017
RESS Short: Battle Your Surroundings
How often do we find our environment being in juxtaposition to our goals and dreams? We're surrounded by average, mediocre... But we want extraordinary, above and beyond. It weighs on us, impacting our mentality—perhaps making us believe we'll always be in this position. No matter what our surroundings are, it's time to disconnect ourselves from "what is" mentally and focus instead on "what's possible"—the future. Focus solely on who you want to become, who you want to help, what you can do, what you can achieve... and don't allow your environment to stop you.
Feb 23, 2017
RESS Short: Become Flexibly Inflexible
Being disciplined to reach your goal is hard, which is why you need to become flexibly inflexible. That's means when you aren't reaching your goal, you don't lower your standards—you increase and diversify what you're doing in order to attain better results.
Feb 23, 2017
RESS 49: A Conversation with Alex and Denise Lehr
Alex and Denise Lehr started from scratch when they built a Real Estate private practice. With over three decades of experience in the Real Estate business, this power couple has established themselves to handle clients from across the spectrum—whether it's billionaires or those barely getting by. Regardless of how long you've been in the business, the Lehrs have advice you need to hear. Listen in as they discuss how they started their practice, what techniques they use to speak directly to 30,000+ property owners a year, and how they stay ahead of the curve! Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Alex Lehr on Facebook
Feb 21, 2017
Valentine's Special: Slay the Dragon
Whether it's your husband or wife, children, parents, or close friends, I know you've got someone special in your life. This message is for YOU. Your loved ones deserve the best, and it's up to you to provide for them. It won't happen by relaxing at home hoping a break will come your way; it won't happen by putting in half the effort possible at work; it won't happen if you're not giving your all. So here's a quick reminder: GO SLAY THE DRAGON. Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook Danny Morel on Instagram
Feb 14, 2017
RESS 48: Breakthrough in Your Physical Life with Kara Bennitt
This week’s episode of the Real Estate Sales Show is going hit you right in the gut! You sell more when you are confident in yourself, so we’re interviewing owner of Arrow CrossFit, Kara Bennitt. Kara has trained hundreds of men, women, and children. Her accomplishments include placing in the top 100 (out of thousands) numerous times for the Southern California region in the CrossFit Open, including once competing while 6 months pregnant! Tune in to see how your health can have a HUGE impact on your business success now! Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook Danny Morel on Instagram Kara Bennitt on Facebook
Feb 13, 2017
RESS 11: Creating a Predictable and Duplicatable Business with Greg Harrelson
[iframe src="" height="100" width="640" class="podcast-class" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen] Greg Harrelson is one of the titans of real estate—this is an episode you need to listen to more than once! Greg started in real estate as a part time telemarketer generating leads for his father. Now, he's closed 1600 deals in one year alone. He has invested about $400,000 into real estate coaching and training over the last 22 years, successfully closed over 400 transactions as a real estate agent, and now is a broker leading one of the top per agent production offices in the country! Listen to this episode and discover: How to Use The Law of Averages to Grow Your Business. How to Master Your Craft To Sell More Homes. How to Become a Leader Who can lead a team to sell more homes in any market. The Steps You Must Take Now to Prepare for The Next Shift in the Market. How to Master Your Scripts to Become a More Productive Agent. How to Start a Daily Ritual for Lead Generation. The importance to detach yourself from the result and attach to the process. The Mindset Hack to BreakThrough to the next level. And so much more. Episode Resources: (Danny Morel on Facebook) Danny Morel on Instagram Danny Morel on Youtube Greg Harrelson on Facebook Click below to watch on Youtube:
Feb 10, 2017
RESS 47: How to Jump from 50 to 100 Sales a Year with John Tsai
Tune in to this week’s episode with special guest John Tsai! John sold 100+ homes last year alone, hasn’t missed a prospecting day since 2012, and has over 30 accountability partners to keep him at the top of his game. He takes daily action to reach his goals and doesn’t shy away from competition. This is a man who doesn’t accept failure or mediocrity! If you’re struggling with accountability, consistency, or persistency then this episode is for you! Listen to this episode and learn: How to build strong accountability to attain your goals What it means to be consistent in your daily schedule Why persistence is key to your success Plus so much more! Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook Danny Morel on Instagram John Tsai on Facebook
Feb 07, 2017
RESS 48: The Importance of Understanding the Most Important Numbers of Your Business Pt. II
This week on The Real Estate Show we are finishing part two of our conversation about the most important numbers in your business. Have you been working without results? Are you wondering why you aren't getting much business while someone else just sold another listing? Then it's time to find the solution by looking at the numbers. We're focusing on our ratios and understanding what they mean for our business. Learn what numbers to track and how they can cut your work hours in half. This is an episode you'll want to revisit to compare your numbers, so grab a pen and paper! Remember, you can't hit a target if you haven't set one! Listen to this episode and learn: What specific ratios you NEED to be tracking daily What understanding these numbers means for your business How to increase your business while decreasing your hours Plus so much more! Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook Danny Morel on Instagram
Feb 01, 2017
RESS 47: The Importance Of Understanding The Most Important Numbers Of Your Business.
This week on The Real Estate Show I am going to have a very hard conversation with you that most people don’t want to hear but is a very very important conversation to have so you know what numbers to track on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis because most people are winging their business and I truly want to help you. This is going to be a two part conversation. This week I will share with you what numbers to track and next week I will show you how to break down the numbers and get clear on your ratios that will give you the edge and identify the right activities you have to engage in to build a solid business. Listen to this episode and learn: 1. Why it is so important for you to start tracking your numbers. 2. What the numbers really mean and how they can help you. 3. The exact numbers to track on a daily basis. 4. Plus so much more. Episode Resources: (Danny Morel on Facebook) Danny Morel on Instagram
Jan 22, 2017
RESS 44: How to Close 240+ Deals in One Year with Lee Barrison
Listen as Danny Morel and Lee Barrison share insights and personal stories about building extraordinary successes in their real estate business—and discover how you can do the same! Lee shares his journey going from being a construction worker to closing over 200 homes in one year. This is a must-listen-to episode that is filled with inspiration that will propel you to take your business to the next level in 2017! Listen To This Episode and Learn: Lee's Top 4 Keys To Success In Real Estate The Perfect Time To Build Your Own Team and How To Build It How To Keep The Perfect Work-Life Balance Personal Closing Tips Through Live Roleplay With Danny and Lee Plus So Much More Episode Recources: Danny Morel on Facebook Danny Morel on Instagram Lee Barrison on Facebook
Jan 15, 2017
RESS 45: 4 Steps To Ensure 2017 Is Your Year!
We are back: The Real Estate Sales Show is back and is back better then ever and I am ready to help you tackle 2017 and make it your best year ever. We are going to start to do things a little different here on the show, I am personally going to show up Solo more often then before and I am going to give you the best training in the real estate industry. On todays episode I am going to share with you a 4 step process to ensure that 2017 is your big year of breakthroughs. Listen To This Episode and Learn: 1. How to get supreme clarity on what you want to accomplish. 2. How to get clear on the required numbers to reach your goals. 3. The 3 most important things to track in your business. 4. How to remind yourself everyday of what you must do to accomplish your goals. 5. Plus so much more. Episode Recources: (Danny Morel on Facebook) Danny Morel on Instagram
Jan 08, 2017
RESS 42: Final Thoughts For 2016 and a Big Thank You
I want to end 2016 by saying a Big Thank You to you for supporting the show. My wish for you in 2017 is for you to no longer be stuck and actually finally grow your business and I share with you three Words that can and will help you really take your business to the next level in this final RESS episode. Listen To This Episode And Learn: What is holding most people back from becoming successful. The 3 words to help you get unstuck and take your business to the next level Plus so much more. Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram)
Dec 23, 2016
RESS 41: How to BEcome the best you possible in 2017
This week on The Real Estate Sales Show I share with you the last Intero meeting we did in 2016. During this meeting we discuss how most people fit into one of three categories in regards to their 2016 goals, group one reached their entire goal, group two kind of got close to reach their goals and group three got no where near their goals, which category you fit in, it was not by accident. You see most people are today living with the mindset of I have to DO Something so I can HAVE Something and then I can BE some kind of person and this is so far from the truth. Listen to this episode and learn: 1. How to make sure you set yourself up to win big in 2017. 2. How to identify who you have to be to be the kind of person who will reach all their goals. 3. How to raise your standards to Become More and expect nothing but the best. 4. Plus so much more. Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram)
Dec 12, 2016
RESS 42: Marketing Mastery Part 2: Skills Of Influence To Close More Sales with Chadi Bazzi
For the 1st time in the history of The Real Estate Sales Show we have a guest come on twice, let alone twice back to back. I am speaking about my friend Chadi Bazzi who is a Marketing Genius and a Master of Influence. This is part two of the Marketing Mastery conversation we began last week. Today we take the conversation to the next level and talk about how to convert your leads and why it is so important to master the art of selling. Listen and Learn: A 4 step process to turn prospects in customers. The most critical skill to master the art of communication. How to harness the power of your assumptions to support your lead generation. How to powerfully use assumptive language patterns to get people to say yes to you more often. Plus so much more. Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Chadi Bazzi on Facebook (Chadi Bazzi Website.)
Nov 30, 2016
RESS 41: Marketing Mastery Part 1: Branding Strategies To Attract More Business with Chadi Bazzi.
This week on The Real Estate Sales Show I am interviewing my friend and business partner Chadi Bazzi. In this episode we tackle a different kind of topic than the usual. We talk about the importance of Branding yourself and how to use that branding to position yourself as the expert in the marketplace so you can attract more business. This was such a fantastic conversation that I asked Chadi if we can do a part two and he agreed. This makes this podcast a you do not want to miss episode. Listen and Learn: How to Brand yourself as the expert in the marketplace. How to market your listings the most effective way possible. The 4 most important psychological triggers of a winning brand. How to create omni-presence on Facebook so you are seen everywhere all day everyday. Plus so much more. Episode Resources: (Danny Morel on Facebook) (Danny Morel on Instagram) Chadi Bazzi on Facebook (Chadi Bazzi Website.)
Nov 18, 2016
RESS 40: How To Close 200 Deals a Year With Only 2 Salespeople with Hal Sweasey
This week on The Real Estate Sales Show I introduce you to another Titan of the Real Estate Industry, Hal Sweasey. Hal has been in real estate for about 25 years, and before real estate he was a tennis instructor and a waiter. He closed 23 transactions in the first year. This year he’s closing  200 deals! with only two sales people. In this episode, I’m going to walk you through what gets you BEYOND what the normal realtor does in our business so you too can succeed at a very high level. Listen and Learn: How to structure your business to go beyond the 100 deal a year mark. How to guarantee a “YES” from every appointment you go on. Exactly how to eliminate distractions from your Morning Routine so you can set your day up for power. How to be super effective at everything you do. Plus so much more. Episode Recourses: Danny Morel on Facebook Danny Morel on Instagram (Hal Sweasey’s Website)
Nov 13, 2016
RESS 39: How to Create Fast Breakthroughs in Your Real Estate Business with Nicole Rimola
Are you ready to at least double your business in the next 12 months? Good because this week on the Real Estate Sales Show, I am going to guide you step by step on how to set up your business for success. My guest this week is Nicole Rimola who has only been in the business for less than two years. She closed 10 deals in her first year and is on track to do 21 deals in her second year. Listen to this episode and learn:  * Exactly what to do now to dominate in 2017. * What to do to get super focused and get your most important work done. * How to not let your fears stop you from pursuing your goals. * The importance of getting super clear on your why. * How to build your faith muscle and push aside your fears to grow your business. Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook Danny Morel on Instagram Nicole Rimola on Facebook
Nov 06, 2016
RESS 38: How To Create Massive Success In Your Real Estate Business
Are you ready to take your business to the next level? This week on the Real Estate Sales Show, I am going to share with you a segment of what we did at the Relentless event and I will walk you through the Seven things you should be focused on to take your business to the next level. Each person who masters these steps will naturally become more successful in their business. Listen to this Episode and Learn: * How to break out of the norm to breakthrough in your business. * How to know the ins and out of your business like a CEO. * How you can take More Listing More Often. * How to create more VALUE with your personal brand. * How you can eliminate the ego so you can create more successes in your business. Episode Recources: Danny Morel on Facebook Danny Morel on Instagram
Oct 29, 2016
RESS 37: How To Get Support From Your Spouse While Building Your Empire
Are you an entrepreneur having a difficult time getting your spouse to buy into the sacrifice you need to get your business off the ground? This week on the Real Estate Sales Show, Danny and Claudia Morel talk about the obstacles couples face with balancing their priorities and creating a clear vision for their family. They explain step by step how they work with each other to succeed. In detail, they clarify the steps to prioritize their expectations. This is a guaranteed strategy to succeed with your spouse and family and thrive in your business. Listen to this Episode and Learn: ·How to Prioritize Expectations! ·How to Accomplish goals rapidly with a clear mentality. ·Create a Crystal Clear Vision and get your spouse onboard. ·Plus so much more. (Danny Morel on Facebook) Danny Morel on Instagram
Oct 16, 2016
RESS 36: The Relentless Event Panel Compilation.
This week on The Real Estate Show I decided to do something different. Since we have the coming up in a few weeks and some of our most downloaded guests will be on the panel, I thought I would do a compilation episode. I think each of them is an amazing person who truly is not only successful at what they do, they also have a desire to help and contribute. So enjoy the show and hope to see you at the Relentless Event.
Oct 10, 2016
RESS 35: How To Triple Your Business & Do An Ironman with Frank Ortiz
Danny Morel and Frank Ortiz, the Iron-Man, talk about the transformation and the decision Frank made that improved not only his lifestyle, but his business life as well. In addition, Frank points out his favorite quote, “You are a slave of the change that you cannot see, feel, or touch, a slave in your mind.” He believes that without a strong mindset and self discipline a person cannot attain their goals. In order to make a hard decision, a person needs to believe in himself. Frank tripled his income and lost over 50 pounds because of his commitment; he became a leader of his life. Being able to overcome your fear and break through your self-consciousness, you can see and achieve the possibilities out there. Frank’s 3 key points on how to transform your life: 1- It’s a choice; change comes from within. 2- Mental toughness; be focused. 3- Never stop. Frank’s one tip to become relentless: MAKE A DECISION NOW! Listen to this episode and learn: * How important having a strong mindset is. * The positive effects of change. * Transformation in your lifestyle could improve your business. * How important self-discipline is. * Importance of re-engineering. * Ability to make a decision and it’s importance. Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook Danny Morel on Instagram Frank Ortiz on Facebook  Frank Ortiz on Instagram (The Relentless Event)
Oct 02, 2016
{Bonus Episode} Relentless
This is a short bonus episode that will only be shared with RESS subscribers. Thank you for all your support. I am going to continue to do everything I can to help you become a top agent.  
Sep 21, 2016
RESS 31: Getting real with Lisa Ray
This week on the Real Estate Sales Show, Danny gets real in this heartfelt interview with Lisa Ray from Boulder, Colorado. Lisa grew up going to open houses and dreaming of someday owning her own home – a dream her single mother could never achieve. After getting her real estate license at the age of 18 and having no one take her seriously, her career ventured through timeshare sales and mortgages before she found her way back to her first love, real estate sales. After writing a hefty check to Mike Ferry, the rest was history. You need to listen to get all the details. Listen to this episode and learn: Why coaching is critical How to cast a vision How to change your idea of "normal" And so much more Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Contact Lisa Ray - Email - Phone - 720-723-1234 Book: The One Minute Millionaire by Robert Allen
Sep 19, 2016
RESS 33: Mastering Your Morning Routine with Anthony Morel
This week The Real Estate Sales Show brings back one of the 1st guests on the show to do another episode. This special guest is Anthony Morel. The reason I bring him back to do another episode is simply because he is one of the very few people that I know that gets so much more done in a day than most do in a week. Anthony is a family man, he sells real estate and runs and oversees three success Intero real estate offices. He credits a lot of his success to having a solid strong morning routine that gives him the edge to win at a big level every single day and he shares it all with you in this episode. Listen to this episode and learn:  How he gets so much done in a day.  How to master your schedule.  How to set goals the right way to keep you super focused. The key components to having a powerful morning routine. How to create daily momentum. Plus so much more. Episode Resources: (Danny Morel on Facebook) (Danny Morel on Instagram) (Anthony Morel on Facebook)
Sep 19, 2016
RESS 32: From $10 an hour to 100 deals a year with Lindsey Harn
Lindsey was just about to graduate from college when she met Hal Sweasey in a meeting. That meeting changed her life and her career. Hal hired her as his assistant for $10 an hour and she learned the business quickly. She got her real estate license at the age of 23 and now in her seventh year in the business, she'll be closing 100 deals. You need to listen to this episode to learn how she did it! Listen to this episode and learn: When you should be hiring your first assistant Why income generating activities should take up most of your day Why it is important to make the business fun and exciting The reason that relationships with your service partners are critical Why it is important to take the time to know your numbers The power of goal setting The systems that Lindsey has in place that are the foundation for her success And so much more Episode Resources:
 Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Lindsey’s website -
Sep 12, 2016
RESS 30: Mastering Your Business
This week Danny kicks off a three part series to guide you in mastering your business. He shares powerful information that he has learned from a Tony Robbins event and applies it to how you can improve your real estate business. You don’t want to miss this potentially life-changing hour. Listen to this episode and learn: Why you need to work on your mind 30 minutes a day, every day. Why you need to do something for your body every day, even if it is just 10 minutes. What the three different personality types in business are and why you need to know which you are and who you have to go get. Why you can’t focus on revenue and need to focus on growing a business. The number one reason real estate people fail at this business. Why you need to grow the assets in your business and four tips to help you build them. And so much more. Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram)  
Aug 28, 2016
RESS 29: The Mental Side of Selling
Over the last few months I have been giving the general public a glimpse into the power of our Intero Real Estate Office Weekly Meetings via Facebook Live. The response has been fantastic and recently I have received numerous requests from our audience to share some of these meetings with you via audio so you can listen to it over and over again. So this episode of The Real Estate Sales Show, I share with you a very recent Office Sales Meeting that I titled … The Mental Side Of Selling. Listen and learn: How to overcome your fears. How to stop letting what other people think of you stop you from becoming the best version of yourself. How to control the meaning of any situation to empower you to create better results. How to win big and sell more homes in less time Plus so much more Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram)
Aug 15, 2016
RESS 28: Attitude Is The Key To Real Estate Sales Success with Michael Young
In this episode, I speak with Michael Young – a real estate sales professional for more than 25 years who consistently sells more than 100 properties a year and has no plans to slow down any time soon. Are you interested in how he does it and what keeps him going? Listen and learn: Why having a mentor is critical to your success Listen to Michael ask Danny a serious of probing questions that he would use to help analyze why a person may not be hitting their goals in real estate sales Why you should be writing checks to your accountability partners The key to his increasing success Michael’s three ‘back to basics’ tips to success in this industry And so much more Episode Resources: Danny Morel of Facebook: (Danny Morel on Instagram:) Contact Michael: Email – Cell 415-215-3925
Aug 08, 2016
RESS 27: 2016 Mid Year Review Part Three
In this very important episode of the Real Estate Sales Show, I conclude my three part Mid Year Review training by focusing on time management. I will demonstrate the art of time blocking based on your future goals. Time is your greatest asset, let me help you manage it effectively. Listen to this episode and learn: What you should be doing on a daily basis to increase your productivity in the business of real estate sales The eight key components of your day that you should be scheduling Why the time that you wake up affects your day and your goals Why you should work out every day and how it will impact your business Why you need to roleplay every single day The mistake you may be making when scheduling your administrative work How you can follow this plan and work toward the goal of never working on Sunday again And so much more Episode resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram)
Jul 30, 2016
RESS 26: 2016 Mid Year Review Part Two
This week on the Real Estate Sales Show we take a deep dive into the numbers of a real estate sales professional’s business. You may never have tracked your numbers before, but after listening to this episode, you will want to start right away. Stop winging one thing that puts food on your table and money in your bank. Listen and learn: 1- The twelve numbers you need to track on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis 2- How to compute the ratios that will let you take a good look at where your business is now and what you can do to improve it 3- What your numbers and ratios should be in order to achieve the level of business success that you want 4- Why you should be role playing 30 minutes a day, every day 5- How to reach me on Facebook with any questions you have about your numbers And so much more Episode resources: Danny Morel on Facebook 
Danny Morel on Instagram
Jul 27, 2016
RESS 25: 2016 Mid Year Review Part One
On this very special episode of the Real Estate Sales Show, I teach you how to perform your own mid-year review to help you determine if you are on track to meet your 2016 goals. You may have never done a mid-year review before, but it is mandatory for everyone on my team and is critical to your success. This is an important episode if you are interested in becoming the best real estate professional that you can be. Listen and learn: Why a mid year review is so important. Why you need to have a business plan. How to calculate where you are in terms of your annual goal. What your ratios to listings taken, sales opened and deals closed should be. If you are not at 40 – 50% of your goal, why you need to understand the reasons that you got in the way. Why you need to change your habits, not your goals. And so much more Episode resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram)
Jul 27, 2016
RESS 24: How To Dominate Your Marketplace with Jeff Quintin.
In this episode of The Real Estate Sales Show, I am talking to Jeff Quintin. Jeff became interested in real estate while working as a bank teller and seeing the commission checks the agents were depositing. He got his real estate license in 1992 and has sold more than 4,000 home since then. This year his team is on track to have 200 transactions close. You don’t want to miss hearing how he does it and what keeps him motivated. Listen to this episode and learn: Why you need to know what you want and the price you are willing to pay for it The importance of creating a vision for 5, 10, 20, even 40 years into the future Why it’s OK to let your “dark side” come out Why building a good database is key Jeff’s advice for getting started in the business And so much more Episode Resources: (Danny Morel on Facebook) (Danny Morel on Instagram) (Jeff Quintin on Facebook) Email Jeff at Recommended Book: Relentless: From Good to Unstoppable by Tim S. Grover
Jul 11, 2016
RESS 23: Tenacity 8 - How To Grow Your Business Through The Power of A Mastermind Group
Today I am speaking with six very motivated and focused female Real Estate Agents who do it all and attribute their success to their Mastermind Group – Tenacity 8. These woman do not use their families as excuses, they use their families as their reason to succeed in the business. They support, encourage and push each other to reach and surpass their goals by holding each other to very high standards. You will be inspired with these women and the group they have created. You will want to listen to this episode more than once so that you too can create and be part of such an amazing group. Listen to this episode and learn: The importance of being in the right Mastermind group Why accountability is critical How a strong morning routine sets the tone for your day and your business Danny’s detailed advice for creating a Mastermind group Why you need committed people who will push you Why people who communicate more, produce more. Plus so much more. Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Tammy Fitchett on Facebook Laura Rojas on Facebook Jazmin Tamayo on Facebook Karla Valencia on Facebook Giselle Halkidis on Facebook Blanca Tinoco on Facebook
Jun 28, 2016
RESS 22: From scratch to becoming one of the country's top Title Rep with Debra Galli
In this episode of The Real Estate Sales Show I am speaking to Debra Galley, one of the country’s top people in the title insurance business. Debra got her first job at the age of 11 to help her mother with bills. This set the tone for a fabulous work ethic that has greatly contributed to her success. When she was still in her teens, she was told to get some sales experience in order to fulfill her goal of being a title rep, so she started selling cars and quickly became #2 in the country. She made her way back into the title business and eventually into a partnership with her husband, Tim. The team was recently named the #1 title reps for First American Title Co. Listen to this episode and learn: * Why learning everything you can about the business is so important * Why you need to understand your struggles * How Debra’s business took off when she stopped competing with other title reps and started competing with herself * Why you should become obsessed with your goals * The need to attract the right people * The importance of having a great morning * Plus so much more. Episode Resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Debra Galli on Facebook
Jun 20, 2016
RESS 21: How To Grow Your Business Through The Power Of A Mastermind Group
This week on The Real Estate Sales Show I am interviewing an entire Mastermind Group with five of the greatest Real Estate Agents in the industry. Ron Rodriguez, Tony Rosso, Jerry Cassillas, Sirilo Ortiz and Zoram Luna are the members of one of the most powerful Mastermind Groups I have seen. You do not want to miss what these group members have to say about the secrets to their success. Listen to this episode and learn: Why it is so important to be surrounded by like-minded people How accountability allows you to build a stronger business The standards these agents follow every day and what happens if they don’t How these top agents all had their best months after they joined this group Why you should find a Mastermind Group of your own. And so much more Episode resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Sirilo Ortiz on Facebook  Jerry Cassillas on Facebook Zoram Luna on Facebook  Ron Rodriquez on Facebook Tony Rosso on Facebook
Jun 13, 2016
RESS 20: Ten steps to Real Estate Success with Mike Ferry
This week on The Real Estate Sales Show I am interviewing one of my mentors, Mike Ferry. Since 1975, The Mike Ferry Organization has been committed to providing Real Estate professionals with the very best in Real Estate sales training and coaching. You do not want to miss what the industry leader in real estate agent training programs has to say. Listen to this episode and learn: How Mike Ferry stays energized after so many years in the business Why lack of motivation is holding you back The 10 step system you need to implement Why the pain is a necessary part of the growth process Why calling your database is so important What will be included in the Real Estate training event of the year and how to get a special discounted price And so much more Episode resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Mike Ferry on Facebook 
Jun 08, 2016
RESS 19: How to Transition from Real Estate Salesperson to Real Estate Business person.
For the 1st time ever, this week on The Real Estate Sales Show I am going to peel the curtain and give you a front row seat at one of our weekly Intero office meetings. In this meeting I provide you with the specific training that anyone can learn, apply and change their life right now. Listen to this episode and learn: * Six things you need to understand to make the shift from sales person to business person * The importance of having a business by design rather than a business by default * Why lead generation is the engine that runs your business * Ten numbers you need to track every day and why you need to track them * Why you want to make the shift from working with buyers to becoming a full time listing agent * Plus so much more Episode resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram)
May 29, 2016
RESS 18: Business basics for Real Estate Professionals with Chris stuart
This week on The Real Estate Sales Show I bring you a different kind of show where I interview Chris Stuart who is the VP of Franchise Development of Berkshire Hathaway. Chris got into real estate about 14 years ago and in 2008 joined the leadership team of Intero. Whether you are an agent, a team leader of broker, Chris is going to share with you a wealth of knowledge that will help you think different about how you are approaching and running your business. This is a must listen to episode. Listen to this episode and learn: * The two or three things that you should do to grow your business right now. * How to set up systems to automate the activities that a business needs to perform in their presence or absence. * Why Lead Generation is the most important part of your business. * The 4 Best Lead Generation Methods. * The difference between progress and activity. * The importance of a Plan. * How to stop leaving money on the table. * Plus so much more   Episode resources: Danny Morel on Facebook (Danny Morel on Instagram) Chris Stuart on Facebook (Chris Stuart on Twiller) ‏
May 23, 2016
RESS 17: How to work 3 days a week and sell 160 homes a year with Breann Llewelyn
This week on The Real Estate Sales Show we are joined by the amazing Breann Llewelyn. Breann has been in real estate for about 10 years now, she started selling real estate right after graduating from high school and closed 67 deals in her first year. Within a few years she was selling over a 100 homes a year and sold 167 homes in her best year ever. She is super focused on her goals , has excellent work ethic and is super disciplined and this is why she able to sell over one homes a year only working 3 days a week. Listen to this episode and learn: * Why it is critically important to have a strong morning routine. * How to structure a Successful day everyday. * How to deal with rejection. * What systems are needed to break the 100 transaction a year mark. * How to become more efficient with your time. * How to avoid the biggest momentum killer. * Plus so much more Episode Resources: (Danny Morel on Facebook) (Danny Morel on Instagram) (Breann Llewelyn on Facebook)
May 16, 2016