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 Mar 14, 2019


The Official SaaStr Podcast is the latest and greatest from the world of SaaStr, interviewing the most prominent operators and investors to discover their tips, tactics and strategies to attain success in the fiercely competitive world of SaaS. On the side of the operators, we center around getting from $0 to $100m ARR faster, what it takes to scale successfully and what are the core elements of hiring. As for the investors, we learn what metrics they hone in on when examining SaaS business, what type of metrics excites them and what they look for in SaaS founders.

Episode Date
SaaStr 735: How to Navigate the Shift to Generative AI with PagerDuty’s CEO Jennifer Tejada
Apr 12, 2024
SaaStr 734: The Latest in Series A Rounds, AI Growth Rates and More with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Apr 05, 2024
SaaStr 733: Advice Every SaaS Founder Needs to Know in 2024 with Sam Blond and Jason Lemkin
Mar 29, 2024
SaaStr 732: What It’s Like Running a Profitable $400M Public SaaS Company with Vimeo CEO Adam Gross and SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Mar 22, 2024
SaaStr 731: 10 Things Founders Should Know About Getting Acquired with Brett Goldstein, Former M&A at Google
Mar 20, 2024
SaaStr 730: How to Price and Package AI SaaS Products with Sandhya Hegde, General Partner at Unusual Ventures
Mar 15, 2024
SaaStr 729: 6 Questions Founders Should Ask Themselves to Drive Value from Generative AI with Base10 Partners
Mar 13, 2024
SaaStr 728: How to Double Your Magic Number and Increase Your Go-to-Market Efficiency with Sapphire Ventures
Mar 06, 2024
SaaStr 727: High-Velocity Techniques to Maximize Sales with Gusto’s CRO and Head of Go-to-Market
Mar 01, 2024
SaaStr 726: How to Build Out Your SDR Function in 2024 with Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund
Feb 23, 2024
SaaStr 725: Mastering High-Volume, Low-CAC Marketing: Strategies from Gorgias, Vercel, and Hypergrowth Partners
Feb 20, 2024
SaaStr 724: CRO Confidential: Bringing Product-Led and Sales-Led Growth Together For Go-To-Market Success with Giancarlo Lionetti, CRO of Zapier. Hosted by Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund
Feb 16, 2024
SaaStr 723: Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight, and Jason Lemkin, CEO and Founder of SaaStr: Answer Your Top 10 2024 Customer Success Questions
Feb 13, 2024
SaaStr 722: 2024 State of SaaS: Trends and Predictions with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin
Feb 09, 2024
SaaStr 721: How Revenue Leaders at Box, Calendly, and Lattice Scaled From $0 to $100M+ and Beyond
Feb 06, 2024
SaaStr 720: CRO Confidential: What It Really Takes to Be Successful in Enterprise SaaS Sales with Christian Smith, CRO of Splunk. Hosted by Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund
Feb 02, 2024
SaaStr 719: What's New at WordPress with Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automatic and Co-Founder of WordPress. Hosted by Jason Lemkin, Founder and CEO at SaaStr
Jan 26, 2024
SaaStr 718: Predictions for Venture, IPOs and the State of SaaS in 2024 with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin and Harry Stebbings, Founder and Host of the 20 Minute VC
Jan 23, 2024
SaaStr 717: How Enterprise SaaS Companies are Buying AI (or Not) with ContextualAI, Anthropic, and Glean
Jan 17, 2024
SaaStr 716: The Future of Customer Success in 2024: Insights and Predictions from Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta and SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Jan 12, 2024
SaaStr 715: The 7 Biggest Mistakes CMOs Make (And How to Avoid Them) with the CMOs of Databricks, Zoom, and Okta
Jan 10, 2024
SaaStr 714: From Zero to Hero: How to Dominate Outbound SaaS Sales with Rippling and Founders Fund on CRO Confidential
Jan 05, 2024
SaaStr 713: Why the Future of Customer Success, Sales and Marketing Has Changed: Ask-Me-Anything Part 2 with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Jan 02, 2024
SaaStr 712: Is AI the Only Thing in SaaS that Anyone Cares About Anymore? Ask-Me-Anything Part 1 with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Dec 28, 2023
SaaStr 711: 5 Lessons from Scaling Six Products to $100M+ with Samsara's Chief Strategy Officer Kiren Sekar
Dec 27, 2023
SaaStr 710: Running a PLG and Sales-Led Motion at the Same Time: What’s New at ZoomInfo with CEO Henry Schuck and SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Dec 21, 2023
SaaStr 709: 15 Signs You Have A SaaS Metrics Problem (and How to Fix it) with Dave Kellogg, EIR at Balderton Capital
Dec 19, 2023
SaaStr 708: The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Hiring a VP of Sales with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Dec 14, 2023
SaaStr 707: The Where, When, and How of AI with Theory Ventures, Open AI, MotherDuck and Lamini
Dec 12, 2023
SaaStr 706: What's New at Box with Aaron Levie, CEO and Co-Founder of Box and Jason Lemkin, CEO and Founder at SaaStr
Dec 07, 2023
SaaStr 705: Decoding the 2024 Market: How to Scale from Go-to-Market Through IPO for the Year Ahead with ICONIQ Growth’s General Partner Doug Pepper and Head of Analytics, Christine Edmonds
Dec 05, 2023
SaaStr 704: CRO Confidential: The Hangover's Over: 5 Ways to Get Your SaaS Revenue Back On Track with Gong's SVP Sales, Jameson Yung, and Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund
Nov 30, 2023
SaaStr 703: Who Will Win the Go-to-Market AI Race — Startups or Incumbents? with Stage 2 Capital's Managing Director and Co-Founder Mark Roberge
Nov 28, 2023
SaaStr 702: Hitting Hypergrowth: How to Take Your SaaS Company from $25M to $100M+ and Beyond with Amplitude CEO, Spenser Skates
Nov 24, 2023
SaaStr 701: The 5 Ways AI Will Transform Creativity with Adobe CSO & EVP Scott Belsky
Nov 16, 2023
SaaStr 700: My Top 10 Failures as a SaaS CEO & What I've Learned with Nick Mehta, CEO at Gainsight
Nov 14, 2023
SaaStr 699: CRO Confidential: The Proven Customer Acquisition Strategies Behind Toast's Record-Breaking Growth with Toast's CRO, Jonathan Vassil and Founders Fund Partner Sam Blond
Nov 09, 2023
SaaStr 698: How to Navigate Strategic Change for Growth with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Nov 07, 2023
SaaStr 697: What SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin Really Thinks About AI, Sales & Lead Gen In 2024
Nov 02, 2023
SaaStr 696: The Chat GPT Growth Story: How AI is Changing the Way We Work with OpenAI’s Head of Sales, Aliisa Rosenthal
Oct 24, 2023
SaaStr 695: How to Close More Deals with Less Budget with Datadog's CMO Alex Rosemblat
Oct 22, 2023
SaaStr 694: Unlock Profitability and Growth - The Key Strategies with Expensify's COO Anu Muralidharan
Oct 18, 2023
SaaStr 693: The Secrets to Scaling and Growth in an Unpredictable Market with’s Co-founder and Co-CEO, Eran Zimman, and SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin
Oct 12, 2023
SaaStr 692: How To Perfectly Pitch Your Seed Stage Startup With Y Combinator's Managing Director Michael Seibel
Oct 06, 2023
SaaStr 691: The 2024 SaaS Landscape: Why 2024 Could be Pretty Darn Good for SaaS IPOs with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin
Oct 04, 2023
SaaStr 690: From $5M to $100M: How to Scale a Multi-Product Startup with Lattice CEO Jack Altman
Oct 02, 2023
SaaStr 689: The Latest 2023 Napkin Reveal: What it Takes to Raise Capital with Christoph Janz, General Partner of Point Nine Capital
Sep 27, 2023
SaaStr 688: The State of the Cloud 2023 with Bessemer Venture Partners
Sep 25, 2023
SaaStr 687: Building a Global SaaS Empire: Freshworks Founder & CEO Girish Mathrubootham on His Biggest Bets
Sep 18, 2023
SaaStr 686: What the Future of SaaS Holds for 2024 with David Sacks, Founder & General Partner, Craft Ventures, and Jason Lemkin, Founder & CEO, SaaStr
Sep 15, 2023
SaaStr 685: Why Investors Love SaaS with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and QED Partner Amias Gerety on Fintech Beat
Sep 02, 2023
SaaStr 684: A Deep Dive Into G2, The Power Of AI, Going Multi-Product, And The 2023 Ecosystem
Aug 30, 2023
SaaStr 683: How To Live Your Values While Building A Unicorn with Notion, Motive, and Incredible Health
Aug 28, 2023
SaaStr 682: The Top 10 Worst Pieces of SaaS Advice to Avoid with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Aug 25, 2023
SaaStr 681: Scaling to $5B with Cockroach Labs' CEO Spencer Kimball's Formula for Sustained Growth and Resilience
Aug 09, 2023
SaaStr 680: The Most Important SaaS Metrics of 2023 with Co-Founders and SaaStr Founder Jason Lemkin
Aug 06, 2023
SaaStr 679: Scalable, Low CAC Growth Tactics with Hypergrowth Partners Co-Founder Guillaume Cabane
Jul 31, 2023
SaaStr 678: Raising Capital in 2023: What You Really Need To Know with Creandum Partner Peter Specht
Jul 26, 2023
SaaStr 677: MongoDB at $1.5 BILLION in Revenue: An Epic Growth Story
Jul 22, 2023
SaaStr 676: CRO Confidential: How to Grow Revenue Faster in the Second Half of 2023. Hosted by Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund
Jul 19, 2023
SaaStr 675: Why You're Unfundable in 2023: The Cold, Hard Truths About SaaS Part 2 with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin
Jul 15, 2023
SaaStr 674: The Cold, Hard Truths About SaaS In 2023: Part 1 AMA with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin
Jul 12, 2023
SaaStr 673: How To Boost Your Net Retention Revenue (NRR) to Over 140% with Insider's CEO and CMO
Jul 07, 2023
SaaStr 672: Go to Market Strategies That Led To Divvy's $2.5B Exit with Divvy’s Former CRO, Sterling Snow
Jul 05, 2023
SaaStr 671: From Uncertainty to +$400M: How Braze Found Opportunity in Headwinds with Braze's Co-Founder & CEO Bill Magnuson
Jun 30, 2023
SaaStr 670: CRO Confidential: Why The First Rule You Know About Building Software is Wrong. Rippling CEO Parker Conrad's Theory of the Compound Startup. Hosted by Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund
Jun 28, 2023
SaaStr 669: From 2 Weeks of Runway to a $1.5B Valuation: The Founder Playbook with Loom Co-Founder and CEO Joe Thomas
Jun 23, 2023
SaaStr 668: Top 10 Mistakes Getting to $100M ARR with LaunchDarkly Co-founder and Executive Chair Edith Harbaugh
Jun 21, 2023
SaaStr 667: The 2023 Mid-Year State of the Markets: Why Efficient Growth is Key with SaaStr CEO & Founder Jason Lemkin
Jun 16, 2023
SaaStr 666: Scaling a SaaS Startup to $1B+ ARR: Insights from UiPath's CEO and Founder Daniel Dines
Jun 14, 2023
SaaStr 665: CRO Confidential: Principles that Drove Wiz’s $0 to $100M Journey with Wiz CRO Colin Jones
Jun 02, 2023
SaaStr 664: What You Need to Change at $10M to Scale to $100M with Sameer Dholakia, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners
May 31, 2023
SaaStr 663: 9 Things I Wish I Would Have Told My 2013 Self: Lessons Learned from 9 Years with Heap's Former CTO, Dan Robinson
May 26, 2023
SaaStr 662: Things You Think as a First-Time Founder That Just Ain’t So With Lattice Co-Founder & CEO Jack Altman and Saastr Founder & CEO Jason Lemkin
May 24, 2023
SaaStr 661: VC AMA with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and Black Mangroves MD Arnaud Bonzom at SaaStr APAC 2023
May 19, 2023
SaaStr 660: CRO Confidential: 3 Secrets For Early-Stage Startups To Acquire Customers With Co-Founder & Co-CEO Brendon Cassidy
May 17, 2023
SaaStr 659: The 9 Types Of CEOs VCs Struggle To Work With — With Founder and CEO of SaaStr, Jason Lemkin
May 12, 2023
SaaStr 658: SaaStr CRO Confidential: Omni Founder Colin Zima on the Power of Leveraging Your Network for Sales and Recruiting
May 10, 2023
SaaStr 657: Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta Shares His Top 10 Mistakes in 10 Years of Running Gainsight: Part 2
May 05, 2023
SaaStr 656: Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta Shares His Top 10 Mistakes in 10 Years of Running Gainsight: Part 1
May 03, 2023
SaaStr 655: SaaStr CRO Confidential: Howard Lerman, Founder & CEO @ Roam On Roam's Unconventional Approach for Acquiring Their Early Customers
Apr 28, 2023
SaaStr 654: Customer Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Grow Your Business with Bitly CMO Tara Robertson
Apr 26, 2023
SaaStr 653: 10 Things That Always Work in Marketing with SaaStr Founder and CEO Jason Lemkin: Part 2
Apr 21, 2023
SaaStr 652: 10 Things That Always Work in Marketing with SaaStr Founder and CEO Jason Lemkin: Part 1
Apr 19, 2023
SaaStr 651: Top Mistakes Founders Make with Series A with Black Mangroves, Square Peg, Vertex, and GGV
Apr 14, 2023
SaaStr 650: The Impact of Generative AI on Software With Theory Ventures Founder & General Partner Tomasz Tunguz
Apr 12, 2023
SaaStr 649: Being a Rebel and Building a Movement: Non-Traditional Approaches to Scale with DoNotPay CEO Joshua Browder
Apr 07, 2023
SaaStr 648: CRO Confidential: Cherishma Shah, Senior Vice President; Go To Market Strategy, Operations & Enablement at Guild Education
Apr 05, 2023
SaaStr 647: Scaling The Top SMB SaaS Companies: What It Takes with GGV Capital Managing Director Jeff Richards and GGV Capital Partner Tiffany Luck
Apr 01, 2023
SaaStr 646: The Secrets to Building a Global Platform and Ecosystem with Xero Global Chief Strategy Officer Damien Tampling
Mar 29, 2023
SaaStr 645: Why GUIDEcx is Betting Big on In-Person Events with SaaStr Head of Partnerships Poya Osgouei and GUIDEcx Co-Founder and VP of Sales Todd White
Mar 24, 2023
SaaStr 644: Lessons Learned in Scaling Early-Stage to Hyper-Growth Companies: From VMware, AWS and Databricks with Databricks SVP and GM Ed Lenta
Mar 22, 2023
SaaStr 643: What's Holding Up Buyers?: Top Obstacles to Making Software Decisions with G2's VP - Asia Pacific, Chris Perrine
Mar 17, 2023
SaaStr 642: Founder-Led Enterprise Sales: Failure Points on the Path to $100m ARR with TigerEye and PlanGrid Co-Founder and CEO Tracy Young
Mar 15, 2023
SaaStr 641: The Playbook to Blending Product-Led Growth with Sales-Led Growth: Teams, Tools, Processes with Amplitude VP of APJ Mark Velthuis
Mar 10, 2023
SaaStr 640: CRO Confidential: How The Biggest Product-Led Enterprise Company In The World Found Success with Atlassian CRO Cameron Deatsch
Mar 08, 2023
SaaStr 639: Scaling a SaaS Sales Team While Building Culture with Figma VP of Sales Scott Pugh
Mar 03, 2023
SaaStr 638: Lessons Learned in Scaling Your Team & Revenue from $1M ARR to $1B+ with Cloudflare CRO Chris Merritt
Mar 01, 2023
SaaStr 637: Unveiling the Data Behind Effective Scaling with ICONIQ Growth General Partner Doug Pepper and ICONIQ Growth Partner & Head of Analytics Christine Edmonds
Feb 24, 2023
SaaStr 636: Extreme Product Design: Building Things People Actually Use with Stripe CTO David Singleton
Feb 22, 2023
SaaStr 635: CRO Confidential: How Customer-First Focus Drives Retention and Revenue With Brex GM of Startups Lucas Fox
Feb 17, 2023
SaaStr 634: Scaling a Product-Led Growth Model with 1Password,, Sentry, and Lightspeed
Feb 15, 2023
SaaStr 633: Why You Want to Develop Product Painkillers, Not Vitamins with DigitalOcean CPO Gabe Monroy
Feb 10, 2023
SaaStr 632: CRO Confidential: How To Adapt Your Sales Strategy To The Current Sales Environment with Sam Blond and Hannah Willson, SVP of Sales at Modern Health
Feb 08, 2023
SaaStr 631: What Is Going On In Venture Capital in 2023 with SaaStr Founder Jason Lemkin and 20VC Host Harry Stebbings
Feb 03, 2023
SaaStr 630: Sales-led vs. Product-led? Today’s Startups Need Both with Jason Eubanks, CRO at Harness
Feb 01, 2023
SaaStr 629: CRO Confidential: Sales Recruitment in 2023 For Candidates and Hiring Managers With Flexport's Ben Braverman
Jan 27, 2023
SaaStr 628: Revenue Alignment: How to Pull Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success Together with Divvy CRO Sterling Snow
Jan 25, 2023
SaaStr 627: Move Over, Sales: Why Product & Marketing are the C-Suite's New Power Partnership with CMO Leela Srinivasan and CPO Meron Colbeci
Jan 20, 2023
SaaStr 626: 10 Lessons Learned Scaling to $1B Valuation with Drift Co-founders David Cancel and Elias Torres
Jan 18, 2023
SaaStr 625: True Story: What Breaks Going from $0-$100M ARR in Less Than 2 Years with Wiz CRO Colin Jones
Jan 13, 2023
SaaStr 624: Investing and Venture Capital in 2023 with SaaStr Founder and CEO Jason Lemkin and Atrium Founder and CRO Pete Kazanjy
Jan 11, 2023
SaaStr 623: Removing Friction: How to Turn More Than 40% of Your Prospects Into Long Term Enterprise Customers with Attentive Co-founder and CEO Brian Long
Jan 06, 2023
SaaStr 622: CRO Confidential: What's Changed for Hiring a VP of Sales in 2023 with Founders Fund Partner Sam Blond and Stage 2 Capital LP and Former Lattice CRO Dini Mehta
Jan 04, 2023
SaaStr 621: Big Numbers from Small Customers: How DigitalOcean Accelerated at Scale with DigitalOcean Senior Vice President of Revenue Cliff Bockard
Dec 30, 2022
SaaStr 620: 8 Ideas on How to Motivate the Sales Team After a Rough Patch with SaaStr Founder and CEO Jason Lemkin
Dec 28, 2022
SaaStr 619: 3 Lessons from Building a Marketing Engine to Grow Pipeline from Millions to Billions with Samsara CMO Sarah Patterson
Dec 23, 2022
SaaStr 618: Scaling for the Enterprise: Top 5 Lessons on the Upmarket Journey with Airtable CEO Howie Liu and Coatue Management General Partner Caryn Marooney
Dec 21, 2022
SaaStr 617: SaaStr CRO Confidential Presents: Rippling VP of Sales Matt Plank on How to Ramp Up Sales in the Early Days. Hosted by Founders Fund Partner Sam Blond
Dec 16, 2022
SaaStr 616: Secrets to SMB at Scale with Hubspot CEO Yamini Rangan and SaaStr Founder & CEO Jason Lemkin
Dec 14, 2022
SaaStr 615: Where Venture Capital Really is Right Now, With Accel, Iconiq Growth, and Salesforce Ventures at G2 Reach
Dec 09, 2022
SaaStr 614: CRO Confidential Presents: Gong SVP of Sales Jameson Yung on Creating a Category. Hosted by Founders Fund Partner Sam Blond and SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin.
Dec 07, 2022
SaaStr 613: How Top CMOs Drive Growth in the Age of the Self-Serve Buyer with Klaviyo SVP of Marketing Kady Srinivasan, Talkdesk CMO Kathie Johnson, SmartBear CMO Cynthia Gumbert and TrustRadius Founder and CEO Vinay Bhagat
Dec 04, 2022
SaaStr 612: How to Manage 100+ SDRs Across 4 Continents with Snowflake VP, Global Sales Development Lars Nilsson
Nov 30, 2022
SaaStr 611: How to Scale a Platform and Ecosystem to $10B with Atlassian CRO Cameron Deatsch
Nov 28, 2022
SaaStr 610: The Playbook to Achieving CEO/CRO Harmony with Algolia CEO Bernadette Nixon and CRO Michelle Adams
Nov 23, 2022
SaaStr 609: SaaStr CRO Confidential Presents How to Survive in a Competitive Market with Divvy CRO Sterling Snow. Hosted by Founders Fund Partner Sam Blond.
Nov 18, 2022
SaaStr 608: AMA with SaaStr Founder & CEO Jason Lemkin at SaaStr Annual 2022 - Part 2
Nov 16, 2022
SaaStr 607: AMA with SaaStr Founder & CEO Jason Lemkin at SaaStr Annual 2022 - Part 1
Nov 11, 2022
SaaStr 606: Your Real Valuation: How Focusing on Delivering Customer Value Generates Business Value with Gusto Co-Founder Josh Reeves
Nov 09, 2022
SaaStr 605: Increasing Runway Without Sacrificing Growth with Norwest Venture Partners' Sean Jacobsohn & Scott Beechuk and Andreessen Horowitz GP Kristina Shen
Nov 04, 2022
SaaStr 604: SaaStr CRO Confidential Presents How to Fundraise in Late 2022 with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin. Hosted by Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund
Nov 02, 2022
SaaStr 603: SaaStr CRO Confidential Presents the Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation, Quotas and Recruiting with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin. Hosted by Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund
Oct 28, 2022
SaaStr 602: Secrets To Combining PLG and Enterprise Sales with Grammarly CEO Brad Hoover
Oct 26, 2022
SaaStr 601: What It Takes to Forge Your Own Category with Braze Co-Founder and CEO Bill Magnuson
Oct 21, 2022
SaaStr 600: Founder Confidential with HubSpot Founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah, & Founder and Executive Chairperson Brian Halligan
Oct 19, 2022
SaaStr 599: Growth vs. Efficiency: How to Weatherproof Your SaaS Startup for Tougher Times with Point Nine Founder and Partner Christoph Janz
Oct 14, 2022
SaaStr 598: CEO Systems: 5 Lessons Learned from Scaling at Every Growth Phase with HashiCorp CEO Dave McJannet
Oct 12, 2022
SaaStr 597: VC State of the Market with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and Cowboy Ventures Founder & Managing Partner Aileen Lee
Oct 07, 2022
SaaStr 596: Scaling Revenue in 2022: What’s the Same and What's Different? with Confluent President of Field Operations Erica Schultz
Oct 05, 2022
SaaStr 595: 5 Critical and Company-Altering Learnings from B2B Startups with Y Combinator MD of YC Continuity Anu Hariharan
Sep 30, 2022
SaaStr 594: Optimizing GTM for PLG with Stage 2 Capital Co-Founder and Managing Director Mark Roberge
Sep 28, 2022
SaaStr 593: State of the Cloud 2022: The Centaur Report with Bessemer Venture Partners Sameer Dholakia, Mary D'Onofrio, and Elliott Robinson
Sep 23, 2022
SaaStr 592: Everything that Breaks on the Way to $1B ARR with Mailchimp Co-Founder Ben Chestnut and SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin
Sep 21, 2022
SaaStr 591: The Key to Successful Scaling Across Markets, From a Founder Turned VC with OMERS Ventures Managing Partner Harry Briggs
Sep 16, 2022
SaaStr 590: 10 Lessons Learned Along the Path to $100M ARR with UserZoom CEO Alfonso de la Nuez and CMO Sophie Chesters
Sep 14, 2022
SaaStr 589: The Secrets to Working with VC Associates, Scouts, Syndicates....and the True Gate Keepers to Venture Capital with Coelius Capital Managing Partner Zach Coelius and GGV Capital Investor Tiffany Luck
Sep 09, 2022
SaaStr 588: Navigating the Rocky Road from Founder-Led Sales to The First Dozen Sales Professionals with Demodesk CEO Veronika Riederle and VP Revenue Lauren Wright
Sep 07, 2022
SaaStr 587: The 7 Tips to Setting Yourself Apart During the Venture and Growth Stages with Atomico Partner Irina Haivas and Principal Hillary Ball
Sep 02, 2022
SaaStr 586: Scaling From $10M-$100M ARR: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with Showpad Co-Founder Pieterjan Bouten
Aug 31, 2022
SaaStr 585: The Answers to Scaling, Hiring, and Everything Else: A SaaStr Europa AMA with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin
Aug 26, 2022
SaaStr 584: More Than Revenue: Why Choosing Your First Customers Matters More Than You Think with Pigment Co-Founder & Co-CEO Eléonore Crespo
Aug 24, 2022
SaaStr 583: Scaling Faster, Part 2: An AMA with SaaStr Founder & CEO Jason Lemkin
Aug 19, 2022
SaaStr 582: SaaS Secret Sauce: How the CEO -- CRO Dynamic Drives Growth with Marketo Former EVP Sales Bill Binch
Aug 17, 2022
SaaStr 581: The Latest in VC Funding + Scaling SaaS: An AMA with SaaStr Founder & CEO Jason Lemkin
Aug 12, 2022
SaaStr 580: Finding Opportunities in Every Challenge: From Humble Beginnings to 30 Million Users with Miro Founder and CEO Andrey Khusid, and ICONIQ Growth General Partner Matthew Jacobson
Aug 10, 2022
SaaStr 579: Why Event Marketing Matters Even More Than Before & The Future Of Events with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin
Aug 05, 2022
SaaStr 578: The Metrics that Matter, Whether You Are Raising $1 Million or $100 Million with Index Ventures Partner Molly Alter
Aug 03, 2022
SaaStr 577: Scaling Faster, An AMA with SaaStr Founder & CEO Jason Lemkin
Jul 29, 2022
SaaStr 576: 7 Secrets to a Successful SMB Go-To-Market Strategy with PayFit Co-Founder and CEO Firmin Zocchetto and Accel Partner Philippe Botteri
Jul 27, 2022
SaaStr 575: The State of SaaS Marketing in 2022: Mutiny & SaaStr CMO Panel
Jul 22, 2022
SaaStr 574: 5 Scale-Up Mistakes for Startups with Dave Kellogg
Jul 20, 2022
SaaStr 573: Scaling from $1 to $10M, an AMA with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Jul 15, 2022
SaaStr 572: 10 Mistakes in Building Out Your Revenue Organization: A CEO's Perspective with Insider CEO Hande Çilingir
Jul 13, 2022
SaaStr 571: 5 More Mistakes the CEO/Founder of ZoomInfo Made on His Journey to IPO (and Beyond) Part 2
Jul 08, 2022
SaaStr 570: 5 Mistakes the CEO/Founder of ZoomInfo Made on His Journey to IPO (and Beyond) Part 1
Jul 06, 2022
SaaStr 569: Classic Episode: Succeeding As a Young Enterprise Founder with Front Co-Founder and CEO Mathilde Collin
Jul 01, 2022
SaaStr 568: Mind the Gap: Balancing Growth and Efficiency in Tougher Times with Point Nine Managing Partner Christoph Janz
Jun 29, 2022
SaaStr 567: Classic Episode: eCommerce API Startup to Unicorn With Shippo Co-Founder and CEO Laura Behrens Wu
Jun 24, 2022
SaaStr 566: 16 Ways to Level Up in 2022 with SaaStr Founder and CEO Jason Lemkin
Jun 23, 2022
SaaStr 565: Classic Episode: The Importance of Company Values, a Great Hiring Process, and Ownership Culture with Gusto Co-Founder & CEO Josh Reeves
Jun 17, 2022
SaaStr 564: Top 10 Learnings Architecting a High Throughput Critical API with RevenueCat CTO Miguel Carranza
Jun 15, 2022
SaaStr 563: Classic Episode: Why NPS From Your Whole Ecosystem Is Critical with Flexport Founder & CEO Ryan Petersen
Jun 10, 2022
SaaStr 562: How Marketing Can Be Your Secret Sauce to Fundraising and Growth with Bandwidth CMO Noreen Allen
Jun 09, 2022
SaaStr 561: Classic Episode: The Plaid Journey with Co-Founder and CEO Zach Perret
Jun 03, 2022
SaaStr 560: Enterprise Communities: The What, Who, Why, When & How with Venafi Head of Community, Holly Firestone
Jun 01, 2022
SaaStr 559: Secrets to Building Your Marketing Engine To Drive Scale with Airtable CMO Archana Agrawal
May 28, 2022
SaaStr 558: Building a Values Playbook that Led to a $1.3B Exit with Emery Wells, Co-Founder & CEO @ & VP, Digital Products, Adobe
May 25, 2022
SaaStr 557: Where Venture Is Right Now with Iconiq GP Doug Pepper and SaaStr Founder Jason Lemkin
May 20, 2022
SaaStr 556: 7 Drivers in Building to a $7 Billion Company with 1Password CEO Jeff Shiner and 1Password Advisor Carilu Dietrich
May 19, 2022
SaaStr 555: Secrets to Building a High-Performing Revenue Marketing Engine with Demandbase VP of Marketing Tracy Kraft
May 13, 2022
SaaStr 554: The Builders and Sellers Playbook: Proven Models that Help GTM and Product-led Teams Scale with CircleCI CEO Jim Rose
May 11, 2022
SaaStr 553: 10 Things You Can Do Today To Grow 10x Faster With SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and Co-Founder Lloyed Lobo
May 06, 2022
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May 05, 2022
SaaStr 551: Top 5 Mistakes While Building & Scaling Global Product Teams from Microsoft to Salesforce to Hubspot with Hubspot GM & VP, Products, Poorvi Shrivastav
Apr 29, 2022
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Apr 27, 2022
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Apr 22, 2022
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Apr 20, 2022
SaaStr 547: The Secrets to Going Big, Going Multi-Product and Going Public with Amplitude CEO Spenser Skates, Part 2
Apr 15, 2022
SaaStr 546: The Secrets to Going Big, Going Multi-Product and Going Public with Amplitude CEO Spenser Skates, Part 1
Apr 13, 2022
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Apr 08, 2022
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Apr 06, 2022
SaaStr 543: The Office is Back!! But What Will It Be Like? Jason Lemkin & Justin Bedecarre of Raise.Work
Apr 01, 2022
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Mar 30, 2022
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Mar 25, 2022
SaaStr 540: 15 Ways to Help the Sales Team with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Mar 23, 2022
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Mar 18, 2022
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Mar 16, 2022
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Mar 11, 2022
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Mar 09, 2022
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Mar 05, 2022
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Mar 02, 2022
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Mar 01, 2022
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Feb 25, 2022
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Feb 23, 2022
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Feb 22, 2022
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Feb 18, 2022
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Feb 16, 2022
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Feb 11, 2022
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Feb 10, 2022
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Feb 04, 2022
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Feb 02, 2022
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Jan 31, 2022
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Jan 28, 2022
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Jan 26, 2022
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Jan 21, 2022
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Jan 19, 2022
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Jan 14, 2022
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Jan 12, 2022
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Jan 11, 2022
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Jan 07, 2022
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Jan 05, 2022
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Dec 31, 2021
SaaStr 512: How To Innovate Faster with Community, Insights From GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij
Dec 29, 2021
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Dec 28, 2021
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Dec 24, 2021
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Dec 22, 2021
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Dec 17, 2021
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Dec 15, 2021
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Dec 10, 2021
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Dec 08, 2021
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Dec 07, 2021
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Dec 03, 2021
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Dec 02, 2021
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Nov 30, 2021
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Nov 24, 2021
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Nov 22, 2021
SaaStr 498: The Most Common SaaS Sales Potholes and How to Avoid Them with Mark Roberge, Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital
Nov 19, 2021
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Nov 17, 2021
SaaStr 496: Business Conversations vs. Sales Pitches, The Cutting Edge Techniques to Get This Right with Doug Landis, Growth Partner at Emergence Capital 
Nov 16, 2021
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Nov 12, 2021
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Nov 10, 2021
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Nov 06, 2021
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Nov 03, 2021
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Oct 29, 2021
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Oct 27, 2021
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Oct 26, 2021
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Oct 22, 2021
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Oct 20, 2021
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Oct 18, 2021
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Oct 16, 2021
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Oct 14, 2021
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Oct 03, 2021
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Sep 23, 2021
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Sep 13, 2021
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Sep 09, 2021
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Sep 06, 2021
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Aug 27, 2021
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Aug 25, 2021
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Aug 18, 2021
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Aug 13, 2021
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Aug 11, 2021
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Aug 04, 2021
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Aug 02, 2021
SaaStr 471: SaaStr CEO & Founder, Jason Lemkin and Byron Deeter, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, Discuss Why The Cloud is On Fire in 2021
Jul 28, 2021
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Jul 25, 2021
SaaStr 469: Workday's EVP Product on Fueling Product Innovation on the Path to $10B
Jul 18, 2021
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Jul 14, 2021
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Jul 12, 2021
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Jul 07, 2021
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Jul 04, 2021
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Jun 30, 2021
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Jun 28, 2021
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Jun 23, 2021
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Jun 18, 2021
SaaStr 460: SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin, and Klaviyo  CEO, Andrew Bialecki, on the $9.5B Revolution in eCommerce: Part One
Jun 16, 2021
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Jun 11, 2021
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Jun 09, 2021
SaaStr 457: Segment, 1Password, and Mediafly Share How to Build Your Ideal Customer Profile
Jun 04, 2021
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Jun 02, 2021
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May 28, 2021
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May 24, 2021
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May 12, 2021
SaaStr 452: SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin Shares 5 Interesting Learnings from Squarespace at $700M ARR
May 07, 2021
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May 06, 2021
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Apr 30, 2021
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Apr 28, 2021
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Apr 25, 2021
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Apr 21, 2021
SaaStr 446: SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin Shares 5 Interesting Learnings from UiPath at $600M ARR
Apr 18, 2021
SaaStr 445: Loom CEO Joe Thomas On How Speed & Simplicity Can Fuel Your Flywheel
Apr 14, 2021
SaaStr 444: Twilio CEO, Jeff Lawson, and SaaStr CEO, Jason Lemkin, Host a Deeper Dive on How to Collaborate with Developers
Apr 09, 2021
SaaStr 443: Snowflake CMO Denise Persson's Guide to Taking Your Marketing to $100M
Apr 07, 2021
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Apr 02, 2021
SaaStr 441: The Top 5 Mistakes Scaling with with Co-Founders Roy Mann and Eran Zinman
Mar 31, 2021
SaaStr 440: SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin Shares 8 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team
Mar 26, 2021
SaaStr 439: Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures Shares the 5 Metrics You Should Track to Maximize Your Company’s Valuation
Mar 24, 2021
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Mar 22, 2021
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Mar 19, 2021
SaaStr 436: The 2021 State of the Cloud with Bessemer Venture Partners
Mar 17, 2021
SaaStr 435: The Future of Sales Post-Covid with Sam Blond, Chief Revenue Officer @ Brex and Jason Lemkin, CEO and Founder @ SaaStr
Mar 11, 2021
SaaStr 434: How to Build out a Sales Organization from 0 reps to 100 in 18 months with Flock Safety
Mar 05, 2021
SaaStr 433: What It Really Takes to Have Your Marketing Team Deliver Pipeline and Revenue with Latane Conant, CMO @ 6Sense
Mar 04, 2021
SaaStr 432: 5 Interesting Learnings from Wix at $1B in ARR with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin
Feb 26, 2021
SaaStr 431: The Playbook to Boosting Net Retention Quickly with Tim Kopp, CEO and Executive Chairman @ Terminus
Feb 25, 2021
SaaStr 430: The Secrets to $1B ARR and 100,000 Happy Customers with Brian Halligan, CEO and Co-Founder @ HubSpot, and Jason Lemkin, CEO and Founder @ SaaStr
Feb 19, 2021
SaaStr 429: The Current State of SaaS Companies, Subscriptions, and Retention in 2021 with Patrick Campbell, Founder & CEO @ ProfitWell
Feb 18, 2021
SaaStr 428: How to Execute a Winning Self-Service Strategy with Naomi Rozenfeld, VP of Revenue @ Wix Answers, and Amelia Ibarra, SVP & GM @ SaaStr 
Feb 12, 2021
SaaStr 427: How to Build a Great Intern Program with Farhan Thawar, VP Engineering @ Shopify
Feb 11, 2021
SaaStr 426: How to Market at Mass Scale, with Harry Stebbings and Ryan Bonnici, CMO @ Whereby
Feb 08, 2021
SaaStr 425: 5 Interesting Learnings from Atlassian at $2B in ARR with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin
Feb 05, 2021
SaaStr 424: How To Raise Your Next Round. What It Takes to Really Raise Capital in 2021 with Christoph Janz, Co-Founder and Partner @ Point Nine Capital
Feb 04, 2021
SaaStr 423: The Misunderstanding of Enterprise Marketing and What it Really Takes to Scale with Menaka Shroff, Director of Marketing @ Google 
Feb 01, 2021
SaaStr 422: The Twists and Turns Along the Way to Building a Unicorn with SalesLoft CEO, Kyle Porter, and SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin
Jan 29, 2021
SaaStr 421: 11 tips to Build Stronger Relationships with Customers with Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr
Jan 22, 2021
SaaStr 420: Mastering the Art and Science of Product-Led Growth with Mickey Alon, Founder, and CTO @ Gainsight PX and Ciara Peter, VP, Product @ Gainsight
Jan 21, 2021
SaaStr 419: How To Collaborate, Manage & Work with Developers with Jeff Lawson, CEO and Co-Founder @ Twilio and Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr
Jan 15, 2021
SaaStr 418: 10 Rules for Defining Churn with Andrea Webb, SVP of Customer Success & Retention @ Solarwinds, and Tim Willey, the SVP of Commercial Strategy & Operations @ ForgeRock
Jan 14, 2021
SaaStr 417: How Sales and Product Really Should Work Together with Javier Molina, VP, Corporate Sales, Americas @ MongoDB and Sahir Azam, Chief Product Officer @ MongoDB
Jan 08, 2021
SaaStr 416: The Secret Sauce for Scaling to $1B with Sharon Prosser, VP, Global SMB GTM and Business Development @ Zendesk, and Astha Malik, VP, GTM Strategy, Planning and Enablement @ Zendesk
Jan 07, 2021
SaaStr 415: Fighting Churn with Data featuring, Carl Gold, Chief Data Scientist @ Zuora 
Jan 01, 2021
SaaStr 414: How to Leverage the Cloud Giants to Scale to 100 Million ARR and Beyond with Snowflake, CrowdStrike, Sumo Logic, and Sapphire Ventures
Dec 31, 2020
SaaStr 413: How to Build a Unicorn in 8 Simple Steps with Auren Hoffman, CEO @ SafeGraph
Dec 29, 2020
SaaStr 412: The Secrets to Turbocharging Sales in 2021 with Keyfactor,, Contentstack, and Insight Partners
Dec 24, 2020
SaaStr 411: Slack Chief Product Officer Tamar Yehoshua on Effective Product Design, Customer Development Processes and Evolving Management Philosophies
Dec 22, 2020
SaaStr 410: 10x Your Organization's Performance with Todd McKinnon, CEO and Co-Founder @ Okta and Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr
Dec 20, 2020
SaaStr 409: Lessons in Scaling a Low Code Platform with Howie Liu, Co-Founder, and CEO @ Airtable
Dec 18, 2020
SaaStr 408: Going Long and the 20-year Journey of Being a CEO + Founder with Therese Tucker, CEO and Founder @ BlackLine and Jason Lemkin, CEO and Founder @ SaaStr
Dec 11, 2020
SaaStr 407: The Secrets of Market Timing and How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time with Allen Gannett, Author of the Creative Curve
Dec 10, 2020
SaaStr 406: Notion's Head of Customer Experience, Kate Taylor on How To Approach Delegation at Scale, How Leaders Can Truly Empower Their Team Members & The Role of Sales in a World of Product-Led Growth
Dec 08, 2020
SaaStr 405: 6 Learnings on Scaling to $100M ARR with Bernadette Nixon, CEO @ Algolia and Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr
Dec 04, 2020
SaaStr 404: The Secrets To Managing in All Directions with Arquay Harris, Sr. Director Engineering @ Slack
Dec 03, 2020
SaaStr 403: Loom's VP Sales, Sam Taylor on Sales' Role in a Product-Led-Growth Organisation, How Sales Can Most Effectively Work With Marketing & When To Hire Your First Reps When Selling Bottoms Up
Dec 01, 2020
SaaStr 402: Customers Want Value + Simplicity: The Must Haves to Deliver with Marten Mickos, CEO @ HackerOne
Nov 30, 2020
SaaStr 401: The Secrets To Doing Freemium and Sales-Driven Sales at the Same Time with MixMax CEO, Olof Mathe
Nov 26, 2020
SaaStr 400: The Future of Digital Events with Ben Hindman, Co-Founder & CEO @ Splash and Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr
Nov 21, 2020
SaaStr 399: Four Steps to Scaling to $250M, While Keeping Community at Your Center with Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO @ Stack Overflow
Nov 20, 2020
SaaStr 398: How To Price To Maximise For Upsell and Expansion, Why and When To Engage with Partner Programs & How To Correctly Segment Customer Profiles Most Efficiently with Rob Gonzalez, Founder & CMO @ Salsify
Nov 18, 2020
SaaStr 397: Going Upmarket and How Things Have Changed in a Decade, @ Trello, with Co-Founder Michael Pryor and Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr
Nov 14, 2020
SaaStr 396: Buying patterns in the Enterprise: CEOs and More- Who's Really Buying & Why with Godard Abel, Co-founder & CEO @ G2, Mike Weir, Chief Revenue Officer @ G2 and Samantha DeStefano, Vice President, Enterprise Sales @ UpWork
Nov 12, 2020
SaaStr 395: Why Seat Based pricing Will Die and Volume Based Pricing Is Optimal, How To Structure Pipeline Meetings Most Effectively & How To Think Through Demand Gen Strategically with UserTesting CEO Andy MacMillan
Nov 10, 2020
SaaStr 394: How to Hack Venture Capital with Sunil Dhaliwal, GP @ Amplify Partners and and Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr
Nov 06, 2020
SaaStr 393: 3 Secrets to Selling Up-Market with the Leaders of Fivetran, Stripe, and Docusign
Nov 05, 2020
SaaStr 392: 10 Simple Steps To Help Any Sales Exec Close More with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Oct 30, 2020
SaaStr 391: The Secrets to Bootstrapping to $5M ARR in Less than a Year with Martha Bitar, CEO @ Flodesk
Oct 29, 2020
SaaStr 390: How To Crush It With Interactive Content, What Type, Where and When To Use It Most Efficiently and Where Many People Make Mistakes with Randy Rayess, Founder @ Outgrow
Oct 28, 2020
SaaStr 389: How To Really Disrupt the Big Guys With Free with Mikael Cho, CEO @ Unsplash and Kinsey Grant, Business Editor and Podcast Host @ Morning Brew
Oct 22, 2020
SaaStr 388: Okta CMO, Ryan Carlson on How To Measure Marketing Attribution Effectively, Why People Think About Category Creation Incorrectly Today & How You Have To Think Through The Product vs The Company Story
Oct 20, 2020
SaaStr 387: Where Product Development is Going in 2021 with Nick Mehta, CEO @ Gainsight and Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr
Oct 16, 2020
SaaStr 386: How to Win When There are 1000 Players in Your Market with Adam Blitzer, EVP & GM @ Salesforce Digital Marketing Cloud
Oct 15, 2020
SaaStr 385: How To Approach Core Product Decisions in SaaS, Why Storytelling is a Lost Art in SaaS & How Product and Marketing Can Work Together Most Efficiently with Paul Rosania, Founder & CEO @ Balsa
Oct 14, 2020
SaaStr 384: When to Launch a Second Product with Dharmesh Shah CTO and Co-Founder @ Hubspot and Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr
Oct 09, 2020
SaaStr 383: Growing Product and Engineering Orgs from Zero to IPO with Nick Caldwell, VP of Engineering @ Twitter, and Tomasz Tunguz, Managing Director @ Redpoint Ventures
Oct 08, 2020
SaaStr 382: What's Next For B2B and Cloud Events in 2021 with Amelia Ibarra, SVP & GM @ SaaStr, and Alon Alroy, Co-Founder & CMO @ Bizzabo
Oct 02, 2020
SaaStr 381: Churn is dead. Long Live Net Dollar Retention Rate with Dave Kellogg, Principal @ Kellogg Consulting
Oct 01, 2020
SaaStr 380: How To Effectively Sell Into Mid-Market, Why SEO Is The Best Kept Secret In SaaS & How To Show Credibility To Enterprise Customers as a Startup
Sep 29, 2020
SaaStr 379: The Top 10 Mistakes Founders Make When Hiring Their First Sales Team with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Sep 25, 2020
SaaStr 378: The 5 Things That Kill Startups After Their Seed Rounds and How to Avoid them with Michael Seibel, CEO @ Y Combinator
Sep 24, 2020
SaaStr 377: Hashicorp CEO Dave McJannet on Scaling Remote Teams; What Breaks and When, How To Successfully Execute Multi-Product Strategies and How Leadership Style Evolves with Company Stage
Sep 23, 2020
SaaStr 376: 10 Mistakes the CEO of ZoomInfo Made on His Journey to IPO with Henry Schuck, CEO @ ZoomInfo and Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr (Part 2)
Sep 18, 2020
SaaStr 375: What Being a Founder Taught Me About Leadership - Lessons from GitHub’s COO, Erica Brescia
Sep 17, 2020
SaaStr 374: 10 Mistakes the CEO of ZoomInfo Made on His Journey to IPO with Henry Schuck, CEO @ ZoomInfo and Jason Lemkin, CEO @ SaaStr (Part 1)
Sep 11, 2020
SaaStr 373: The State of the Cloud 2020, The COVID Beneficiaries Edition with Byron Deeter and Elliott Robinson of Bessemer Venture Partners
Sep 10, 2020
SaaStr 372: Sales Kick-Off Week: How To Prepare, How To Structure, How To Organise Content, How To Keep Teams Engaged with Latane Conant, CMO @ 6Sense
Sep 08, 2020
SaaStr 371: Learning from the Lows, How Mailchimp Navigated Economic Uncertainty with Ben Chestnut, CEO @ Mailchimp and Jason Lemkin, CEO and Founder @ SaaStr
Sep 04, 2020
SaaStr 370: Automation, The Digital Transformation Accelerator with Jennifer Tejada, CEO @ PagerDuty
Sep 04, 2020
SaaStr 369: How to Hire an A-Player VP Sales and Scale Your Team with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin and the Co-founder and CEO of HireSweet, Robin Choy
Aug 28, 2020
SaaStr 368: 5 Insights for Consumerization of the Enterprise with Scott Belsky, CPO and EVP @ Adobe Creative Cloud
Aug 27, 2020
SaaStr 367: Zoom's Head of Global Sales Operations on Sales Ops vs Revenue Ops, The Biggest Areas of Operational and Strategic Debt for Sales Teams Today & The Importance of Documentation and The Dangers of Dirty Data
Aug 26, 2020
SaaStr 366: Digital Transformation At Warp Speed with Jason Lemkin, CEO and Founder @ SaaStr, and Aaron Levie, CEO, Co-founder and Chairman @ Box
Aug 21, 2020
SaaStr 365: The Office of the Future, How Everything's Changed and What 2021 Will be Like with Justin Bedecarre, CEO @ HelloOffice and Jen Nguyen, Founding Partner @ TEAMWERC
Aug 20, 2020
SaaStr 364: Figma's Head of Sales, Kyle Parrish on Why Scaling From 0-1 In Sales Is So Damn Hard, The Biggest Lesson From Moving Sales Outside Core HQ & How To Create A Performance Led Culture
Aug 18, 2020
SaaStr 363: How to Make 1,000,000 Customers Happy with Jason Lemkin, CEO and Founder @ SaaStr, and Loren Padelford, General Manager @ Shopify Plus
Aug 14, 2020
SaaStr 362: The Future of the Customer with Bernadette Nixon, CEO @ Algolia, Jay Snyder, Chief Customer Officer @ New Relic, and Nick Mehta, CEO @ Gainsight
Aug 13, 2020
SaaStr 361: The 4 Phases of Company Growth & What Breaks At Each Stage, How To Instill Process with Scale Without Adding Barriers and What Great Change Management in a COVID World Looks Like with Lara Caimi, Chief Customer and Partner Officer @ ServiceNow
Aug 10, 2020
SaaStr 360: What’s Changed Since March 15 The Cloud at Hyperspeed. The World in Flux with Jason Lemkin, CEO and Founder of SaaStr, and Rob Bernshteyn, CEO and Founder of Coupa
Aug 07, 2020
SaaStr 359: The Secrets to Vertical Growth, What it Really Takes to Build a $1B SaaS Company with Matt Garratt, SVP, Managing Partner @ Salesforce Ventures, Trisha Price, Chief Product Officer @ nCino and David Schmaier, CEO & Founder @ Vlocity
Aug 06, 2020
SaaStr 358: Why Ignoring Customer Feedback Can Be Critical To Success, Why Founders Need To Change The Way They Think About LTV and How To Create a Pricing Model That Aligns Your Success To Your Customer's with Chen Amit, Founder & CEO @ Tipalti
Aug 03, 2020
SaaStr 357: Busting the Myths About Startup Success with Therese Tucker, CEO and Founder of BlackLine
Jul 30, 2020
SaaStr 356: When To Hire Your First Sales Reps, What To Look For In Those Hires, What Good Sales Rep Onboarding Looks Like, Leading Indicators of Sales Rep Success and more with Pete Kazanjy, Co-Founder @ Atrium
Jul 28, 2020
SaaStr 355: The PPP You Really Need for Raising Capital During a Pandemic with Satya Patel, Partner at Homebrew
Jul 23, 2020
SaaStr 354: 10 Things I Wish My Board and Investors Had Told Me with Jason Lemkin, CEO, and Founder of SaaStr
Jul 17, 2020
SaaStr 353: Unicorns and Decacorns in 2020: What's Changed and What Hasn't with Keith Rabois, General Partner at Founders Fund and Jason Lemkin, CEO, and Founder of SaaStr
Jul 16, 2020
SaaStr 352: SaaS Decacorns and The Covid Beneficiaries with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin
Jul 10, 2020
SaaStr 351: How to Adjust your Sails to Navigate Today’s Choppy Waters with Chris O'Neill, Partner at Portag3 Ventures
Jul 09, 2020
SaaStr 350: Scaling SaaS To Well Over $1M ARR with No Funding, How Being A Sommelier Helped Neha Break The Glass Ceiling of Business & How to Successfully Scale Remote Teams Efficiently
Jul 06, 2020
SaaStr 349: How to Turn Your SaaS Startup Into an Army with David Sacks, General Partner at Craft Ventures
Jul 02, 2020
SaaStr 348: How To Align Your Pricing To The Success of Your Customers, What Does Great Change Management Look Like and The Right Balance Between Software vs Services Revenue with Kurt Muehmel, Chief Customer Officer @ Dataiku
Jul 01, 2020
SaaStr 347: Top 10 Questions to Ask a VP of Sales with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin
Jun 26, 2020
SaaStr 346: What Nobody Tells You About Seed Investing, The Inside Scoop with Aileen Lee of Cowboy Ventures and Jason Lemkin of SaaStr
Jun 25, 2020
SaaStr 345: PagerDuty CMO Julie Herendeen on Attribution and Accountability within Marketing Teams, The Optimal Relationship Between Marketing & Product & Why Customer Success and Marketing Have Never Been Closer
Jun 23, 2020
SaaStr 344: 16 Mistakes Founders Make Pitching to VCs with SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin
Jun 19, 2020
SaaStr 343: Point Nine Capital Managing Partner, Christoph Janz, On Fundraising During a Pandemic
Jun 18, 2020
SaaStr 342: Zapier CEO, Wade Foster, and SaaStr CEO, Jason Lemkin, on Distributed Teams and Building a Cloud Product
Jun 11, 2020
SaaStr 341: Leading Indicators Individuals Can/Can Not Scale with the Company, What Radical Transparency Truly Means and How To Implement It & Enterprise Adoption Of Cloud During COVID Times with David Politis, Founder & CEO @ BetterCloud
Jun 09, 2020
SaaStr 340: Mark Suster, Managing Partner at Upfront Ventures, on Funding In the Time of Coronavirus
Jun 04, 2020
SaaStr 339: Why SaaS Playbooks Are For Suckers, How To Make Sales Data Truly Actionable & The Right Way To Run Sales Meetings with Michael Katz, Founder & CEO @ mParticle
Jun 02, 2020
SaaStr 338: Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield on Taking Care of Your Team and Your Customers
May 28, 2020
SaaStr 337: Scaling A SaaS Business Within A Non-SaaS Business, What CIOs Want To See In Pricing Models and What Great Change Management Looks Like with Head of America's for Facebook's Workplace, Christine Trodella
May 26, 2020
SaaStr 336: Salesforce Ventures Managing Partner Matthew Garratt and Salesforce SVP of Commercial Sales, Adnan Chaudhry on Shifting Your Sales & GTM Strategy in Uncertain Times
May 21, 2020
SaaStr 335: How To Plan, Organise and Execute A World Class Virtual Event in a COVID World with David Spinks, Founder @ CMX Media
May 19, 2020
SaaStr 334: Cloudflare COO Michelle Zatlyn on The Top 10 Lessons Learned Starting Something Big During Tough Times
May 14, 2020
SaaStr 333: How To Create and Structure Your Customer Success Strategy, How Customer Success Teams Can Build Relationships of Trust with Customers and How Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Drives Customer Success Roadmaps with Bridget Gleason, Head of Sales & C
May 11, 2020
SaaStr 332: Initialized Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner Garry Tan on The New Normal
May 07, 2020
SaaStr 331: The Right Way To Structure Enterprise Pipeline Reviews, How COVID Is Impacting New Enterprise Deals, How SaaS Companies Can Not Only Decrease Churn But Increase Upsell Today with Jessica Lin, Co-Founder @ Work-Bench
May 06, 2020
SaaStr 330: TripActions CMO Meagen Eisenberg on Making Trade-Offs In Marketing
Apr 30, 2020
SaaStr 329: How Renewals and Discounting Will Be Impacted by COVID & How Enterprise Founders Should Approach Capital Allocation & Efficiency Today with Navin Chaddha, Managing Director @ Mayfield
Apr 29, 2020
SaaStr 328: SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and Gorgias CEO Romain Lapeyre on What They're Seeing with SMB E-commerce Customers
Apr 23, 2020
SaaStr 327: Domo's Chief Strategy Officer, John Mellor on Why COVID Will Do More For Digital Transformation Than Any Other C-Level Initiative, What Great Change Management Looks Like In Practice & How To Gain True Bottoms Up Adoption When Also Selling Top
Apr 21, 2020
SaaStr 326: Gusto COO Lexi Reese on The Playbook to Scaling High-Performance Teams
Apr 16, 2020
SaaStr 325: How Marketing Teams Can Replace The Leads Lost From Events in A COVID World & The Right Tone To Adopt With Clients That Is Caring and Achieves Business Objectives with Carolyn Guss, VP Corporate Marketing @ PagerDuty
Apr 14, 2020
SaaStr 324: SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and Bessemer Venture Partners' Partner Byron Deeter on The Current State of Venture Capital & Cloud
Apr 09, 2020
SaaStr 323: The Core Challenges in Moving To Remote Work Overnight, What Does Great Change Management Look Like & The Optimal Position For Customer Success In The Organisation with Bhavin Shah, Founder & CEO @ Moveworks
Apr 06, 2020
SaaStr 322: ICONIQ Capital General Partner Doug Pepper on Key Lessons from a $5B SaaS Category Leader
Apr 02, 2020
SaaStr 321: Front CMO Anthony Kennada on Adapting Marketing Playbooks To Changing ACV's and Sales Cycles, The Right Way To Think About Brand Marketing and How To Fundamentally Build a Challenger Brand
Mar 30, 2020
SaaStr 320: SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta on What It Was Like in 2008-2009 and What We Can Expect for 2020
Mar 26, 2020
SaaStr 319: How To Think About And Make Pre-Emptive Burn Cuts, Operational Survival In Times Of Uncertainty & Managing Your Psychology As Founder & CEO with May Habib, Founder & CEO @ Qordoba
Mar 23, 2020
SaaStr 318: Doctolib CDO Agnes Bazin on The Secrets to SMB Sales
Mar 19, 2020
SaaStr 317: How To Encourage, Grow and Track Word of Mouth Marketing, How The Rise of Product-Led Growth Changes The Structure of Sales and Marketing & The Biggest Takeaways on Paid vs Organic Marketing From Seeing The Hyper-Growth @ Slack with Rachel Hep
Mar 16, 2020
SaaStr 316: MessageBird CEO Robert Vis on Early Gains, Early Pains: 5 Lessons for Surviving Hypergrowth
Mar 12, 2020
SaaStr 315: Pipe Co-Founder, Harry Hurst on Creating A New Asset Class Securitising Software Contracts, Why Customer Success Is More Important Than Customer Acquisition & How To Think Strategically About Brand Building in SaaS Today
Mar 09, 2020
SaaStr 314: Showpad CMO Theresa O'Neil on Aligning Sales, Marketing, and CS to Scale Revenue and Retention
Mar 05, 2020
SaaStr 313: What The World's Largest SaaS Incumbents Taught Me About Founding & Scaling SaaS Businesses
Mar 02, 2020
SaaStr 312: Wrike CEO Andrew Filev on 5 Do's and Don'ts From My Bootstrapping Days
Feb 27, 2020
SaaStr 311: When To Hire Generalists vs Specialists, How To Retain Agility With Scale and Process and How To Always Keep Your Hiring Funnel Full with Karl Sun, Founder & CEO @ Lucidchart
Feb 24, 2020
SaaStr 310: EZPR Founder Ed Zitron on the Secrets of PR
Feb 20, 2020
SaaStr 309: David Skok on The 9 Stage Model To Get A B2B Company To Get Repeatable, Scalable & Profitable Growth
Feb 17, 2020
SaaStr 308: RevenueCat CEO Jacob Eiting on Managing Millions in Mobile Subscriptions While Growing 20% a Month
Feb 13, 2020
SaaStr 307: What Gusto Taught Me About How To Build and Maintain Great Culture, The Biggest Problem in B2B Marketing & How To Truly Determine The Effective of Marketing Today with Jaleh Rezaei, Founder & CEO @ Mutiny
Feb 11, 2020
SaaStr 306: Bessemer Ventures Partner Alex Ferrara on State of the Cloud 2019: Europa Edition
Feb 06, 2020
SaaStr 305: Lessons From Scaling Box From 5 Employees To IPO & The Right Way For Startups To Approach Partnerships with Karen Page, General Partner @ B Capital Group
Feb 03, 2020
SaaStr 304: CircleCI CRO Jane Kim on Scaling up Your Sales Managers: 5 Mistakes New Leaders Make
Jan 30, 2020
SaaStr 303: What It Takes To Build Dev Communities and Early Developer Adoption, How To Structure Trials and Freemium For Optimum Success and The 4 Different Pricing Variables To Consider with Eugenio Pace, Founder & CEO @ Auth0
Jan 27, 2020
SaaStr 302: New Relic CCO Roger Scott on 7 Tips and Tricks to Having Happy Customers at Scale
Jan 23, 2020
SaaStr 301: BigID’s Founder Dimitri Sirota on Raising $105M In The Last 5 Months of 2019, How To Know When To Pour Fuel On The Fire & How Founders Should Think About Runway and If There Is Cash On The Table, Whether You Take It?
Jan 20, 2020
SaaStr 300: Algolia CTO Julien Lemoine on a Founder's Guide to Scaling Applications: When to Build, When to Buy and What Breaks
Jan 16, 2020
SaaStr 299: Automation Anywhere CIO, Yousuf Khan on The Big Green and Red Flags When Pitching CIOs Today, How To Approach Pricing Discussions with CIOs & How to Make Procurement Processes Successful
Jan 13, 2020
SaaStr 298: Podium CEO Eric Rea on Scaling Outside Silicon Valley: Going from $0 to $60M ARR in 4 Years
Jan 09, 2020
SaaStr 297: Why Channel Partnerships Can Be The Biggest Accelerant To Your Business, How To Hire for Channel Partnerships and The Biggest Mistakes SaaS Founders Make In The Early Days with Bob Moore, Founder & CEO @ Crossbeam
Jan 06, 2020
SaaStr 296: Cloudflare Head of Products Jen Taylor on 5 Steps to Launching a Product
Jan 02, 2020
SaaStr 295: Most Downloaded VC Episode of 2019 with Tom Tunguz, General Partner @ Redpoint Ventures
Dec 30, 2019
SaaStr 294: Egnyte CCO Rajesh Ram on Land, Expand, Explode: How to Win the Long-Game in SaaS
Dec 26, 2019
SaaStr 293: OpenView Partner Ashley Smith on Using Product Led Growth as an Indicator for Investment
Dec 19, 2019
SaaStr 292: Most Downloaded Founder Episode of 2019 with Manny Medina, Founder & CEO @ Outreach
Dec 16, 2019
SaaStr 291: LucidChart CEO Karl Sun on Top Lessons Learned From Our Best and Worst Marketing Experiments
Dec 12, 2019
SaaStr 290: How To Sell To CIOs Successfully; Discounting, Freemium, Trials, Multi-Year Contracts, Transparency on Product Roadmap; The Ultimate Guide with Yousuf Khan, Serial CIO, Startup & VC Advisor
Dec 09, 2019
SaaStr 289: Salesloft CEO Kyle Porter, Zoom Head of Sales Ops Hilary Headlee and FireEye VP of WW Commercial SalesChristina Foley on 7 Key Tips & Tricks to Getting More Revenue Per AE
Dec 05, 2019
SaaStr 288: Why Marketing Is The Gatekeeper of Customer Experience, The Relationship Between Customer Success and Marketing Today & How To Reduce Friction in The Hand-Off From Marketing to Sales with Des Cahill, CMO @ Oracle CX Cloud Suite
Dec 02, 2019
SaaStr 287: Slack's Head of NA Sales Kevin Egan and Head of Mid-Market Sales Dannie Herzberg on going From Freemium to Enterprise
Nov 28, 2019
SaaStr 286: The Biggest Sales Hiring Mistakes and Lessons From Them, How To Win At Hosting B2B Events & How To Apply True Customer Segmentation and Focus To Your Customer Base with Allie Janoch, Founder & CEO @ Mapistry
Nov 25, 2019
SaaStr 285: Adyen CCO Roelant Prins and Felicis Ventures Partner Aydin Senkut on How to Build a $18B+ Success Story Far Far Away from Silicon Valley
Nov 21, 2019
SaaStr 284: Why We Need To Remove The Title of CRO, What Happens If You Apply Customer Success To A Venture Portfolio & Why Net Retention Is The Most Important North Star Metric In SaaS with Travis Bryant, Partner for Founder Experience @ Redpoint Venture
Nov 18, 2019
SaaStr 283: SocialChorus Co-Founder Nicole Alvino on What I Learned About Corporate Ethics From Enron
Nov 14, 2019
SaaStr 282: The Ultimate Guide To Remote Work; All vs Part Remote Teams, How To Maintain Culture Across Teams, Should Compensation Be Location Adjusted, How To Structure Internal Processes with Remote Teams, How Remote Teams Impact Hiring, Sales and Fundr
Nov 11, 2019
SaaStr 281: Vista Equity Principal Rene Yang Stewart and Zapproved CEO Monica Enand on From Product Market Fit to Scale
Nov 07, 2019
SaaStr 280: SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and Mixmax Head of Revenue Don Erwin on The Secrets to Managing a Successful Sales Team
Nov 04, 2019
SaaStr 279: Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman on Building a $1B Marketplace
Oct 31, 2019
SaaStr 278: Do You Have To Scale From SMB To Enterprise Customers, How To Make The Transition Successfully, What Changes About Customer Acquisition and Support & Why Continuous Customer Development Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do With Krish Subrama
Oct 28, 2019
SaaStr 277: SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and Shopify Plus GM Loren Padleford on Revenue, Ecosystems and The Right Time to Go Upmarket
Oct 25, 2019
SaaStr 276: Airtable's VP of Customer Engagement Liat Bycel on Why "Hands Off Leadership" Does Not Work, How To Align The Ambitions Of An Individual With The Objectives of The Company & Unpacking The Dilemma of Whether To Go Horizontal Or Vertical When It
Oct 21, 2019
SaaStr 275: SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta on Founder Struggles from Imposter Syndrome to Vulnerabilites
Oct 17, 2019
SaaStr 274: Messagebird CEO Robert Vis on Scaling To A $60M Series A, Why You Should Not Try To "Scale" & Why You Need To Build Your Business Like A House
Oct 14, 2019
SaaStr 273: Atlanta Tech Village Founder David Cummings on 7 Lessons Helping Start Pardot, SalesLoft, and Calendly
Oct 10, 2019
SaaStr 272: Asana's Head of Marketing Dave King on How We Are Entering The Third Wave of SaaS Marketing, What That Means For SaaS Marketers and Companies Today & What B2B Marketing Can Learn From B2C
Oct 07, 2019
SaaStr 271: Talkdesk SVP of Client Services Gillian Heltai on How to Build a CSM Team that Generates 130% Net Retention
Oct 03, 2019
SaaStr 270: How To Scale Leader While Retaining Humanity and Personality, Why Starting At SMB Actually Makes Culture Easier & How To Make A Part-Remote Team Your New Superpower
Sep 30, 2019
SaaStr 269: Gorgias CEO Romain Lapeyre on How to Close your First 1000 Customers Based Solely on Data
Sep 26, 2019
SaaStr 268: G2 CMO, Ryan Bonnici on Lessons Learned From Scaling Marketing Team From 5 to 70, The Most Important Role of The CMO Today and How To Create Alignment Between CRO and CMO
Sep 23, 2019
SaaStr 267: Menlo Ventures Partner Naomi Ionita on 3 Lessons in Monetization - Matching Price to Value
Sep 19, 2019
SaaStr 266: Zoom CMO Janine Pelosi on Why MQLs and SQLs Are Not Helpful As Labels, How To Create Alignment Between Sales and Marketing & How The Role of CMO Has Changed So Dramatically Over The Years
Sep 16, 2019
SaaStr 265: WP Engine SVP of Global Sales Matt Schatz on Building a $100M ARR Sales Team - The Second Time Around
Sep 12, 2019
SaaStr 264: Gainsight COO Allison Pickens on Why Customer Success and Product Management Are The New Sales and Marketing, How To Approach Building and Scaling "Services" As A Revenue Line & How To Build A CS Team On A Tight Budget
Sep 09, 2019
SaaStr 263: Eventbrite SVP of Platform Pat Poels on Engineering Your Own Luck - The 3 Key Rules of Building Globally Distributed Teams
Sep 05, 2019
SaaStr 262: Box's Jon Herstein on How Customer Success Teams Should Structure, Schedule and Execute on Customer Check Ins, Why Delight is Important But Insufficient & Why Customer Success Is Not Responsible For Upsell
Sep 02, 2019
SaaStr 261: Workday EVP of the Planning Business Unit Tom Bogan on The Top Lessons Learned in Getting to $100M ARR
Aug 29, 2019
SaaStr 260: HelloSign COO, Whitney Bouck on How Startups Can Attract The Most Seasoned Execs In SaaS, How To Determine Whether A Seasoned Exec Has True Startup Fabric & What Separates Good From Great When It Comes To COOs
Aug 26, 2019
SaaStr 259: Pipedrive SVP of Global Sales Tara Bryant on Addressing the Ugly Side of Growth
Aug 22, 2019
SaaStr 258: Plaid CEO and Co-Founder Zach Perret on How to Build a Platform that Fuels an Ecosystem
Aug 15, 2019
SaaStr 257: How To Scale Sales Culture Successfully and Sustainably, The Leading Indicators of Burnout and What To Do & The 2 Inflection Points In SaaS Growth Where Things Start To Break with Justin Welsh, Former SVP Sales @ PatientPop
Aug 12, 2019
SaaStr 256: Google Cloud VP of Engineering Eyal Manor and Zenoss CMO Megan Lueders
Aug 08, 2019
SaaStr 255: Why Enablement Must Be An Early Investment and How To Structure It, Why The SaaS Incumbents of Today Are Not As Strong As We Think & How To Build A Sales Culture of Confidence Without Arrogance with Vikas Bhambri, SVP Sales and Customer Experi
Aug 05, 2019
SaaStr 254: HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan on The Funnel is Dead, Long Live the Flywheel.
Aug 01, 2019
SaaStr 253: TaskRabbit Founder Leah Busque on Lessons Learned from a Product Reboot
Jul 25, 2019
SaaStr 252: How To Make The Transition From Founder Led Sales To Sales Team, The Truth About Raising a Series A Round As a Non-Bay Area Company and Why Employee 50 Is Such a Big Turning Point
Jul 22, 2019
SaaStr 251: Y Combinator Michael Seibel on a Decade of Learnings from Y Combinator
Jul 18, 2019
SaaStr 250: Why Enterprise Is Hard Again, Why To Be Successful in SaaS Today You Have To Find The Crumbs Falling From Incumbent Mouths and Why Large Orgs Are So Dysfunctional and How To Poach Talent From Them
Jul 15, 2019
SaaStr 249: New Relic CRO Erica Ruliffson-Schultz on Five Critical Steps to Scaling Enterprise
Jul 11, 2019
SaaStr 248: What Early Stage SaaS Companies Can Learn Most From Late Stage SaaS Co's, How Marketing Functions Change In SaaS Co's With Scale & Why The Most Powerful Mentorship Is Mentorship From Below with Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing @ Pendo
Jul 08, 2019
SaaStr 247: Hired CEO Mehul Patel on How to Move from Transactional to Recurring Revenue
Jul 04, 2019
SaaStr 246: Dropbox CCO Yamini Rangan on 5 Myths That Stop SaaS Companies From Moving Upmarket
Jun 27, 2019
SaaStr 245: The Ultimate Guide To ACVs; When and How To Increase Them, Revenue Optimisation Per Lead & What It Means To Truly Be An ARR First Company
Jun 24, 2019
SaaStr 244: Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen on How to Build a Truly Global Business from Day One
Jun 19, 2019
SaaStr 243: Twilio CMO Sara Varni on The 1 Question That Must Be Top Of Mind For All Marketers, The Truth About Enablement and How It Can Be Used Effectively & The Marketing Playbook, When To Use It vs Throw It Out Of The Window
Jun 17, 2019
SaaStr 242: Namely CEO Elisa Steele on How to Win the Talent War
Jun 13, 2019
SaaStr 241: Dave Kellogg on The BIggest Takeaways From Being In The Room For Sequoia’s “RIP Good Times”, Why Founders Should Raise As Much As Possible But Spend According To Plan & The Right Way To Think About Effective Quota Construction
Jun 10, 2019
SaaStr 240: SaaStr 240: Brex Founder and CEO Henrique Dubugras on Lessons From a Second-Time Founder: How Brex Went From 0 - $1B in Under 2 Years
Jun 06, 2019
SaaStr 239: How To Raise Prices and Still Leave Money On The Table, How To Analyse The Pros and Cons of Monthly vs Annual Deals & The Leading Indicators That Your Sales Machine Is Working with Amit Bendov, Founder & CEO @
Jun 03, 2019
SaaStr 238: Salesforce Mobile EVP Leyla Seka and Sr. Director of Global Equality Programs Molly Ford on How They Did It: Gender Equality, Equal Pay and Racial Equality
May 30, 2019
SaaStr 237: Rippling's Parker Conrad on How To Clear The Bar of "Not Another System" Thinking in SaaS, Why Your Engineers Should Be Doing Support For As Long As Possible & Why Remote Teams Is The Worst Way To Build A Company, Apart From Every Other Way
May 27, 2019
SaaStr 236: Logikcull CEO Andy Wilson on $0 to $10M in 19 Months: The How, When & Why + 10 Mistakes Along the Way
May 23, 2019
SaaStr 235: Scaling To 3,000+ Customers Without A Single Sales Rep, The Most Important Trait To Look For In Your First Sales Hire & How To Make Your Customers Your Best Investors with Andrew Filev, Founder and CEO @ Wrike
May 20, 2019
SaaStr 234: PagerDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada and Duo Security CEO Dug Song on The Top Things No One Really Tells You About Scaling
May 16, 2019
SaaStr 233: G2 Founder & CEO, Godard Abel on How To Set Ambitious But Achievable Sales Rep Quotas & The Lessons From 2 Successful Exits on The Breaking Points In The Scaling of SaaS Orgs
May 13, 2019
SaaStr 232: Fmr. Host Analytics CEO Dave Kellogg on The Top 5 Questions Every CEO Wrestles With
May 09, 2019
SaaStr 231: Why SQLs and MQLs Are Redundant, Why You Have To Eliminate Hand Offs Between Go-To-Market Teams & Why One North Star For The Whole Company Can Be Damaging with Jason Reichl, Founder & CEO @ GoNimbly
May 06, 2019
SaaStr 230: SaaStr 230: AWS VP Sandy Carter on Customer Success at Scale
May 02, 2019
SaaStr 229: The 2 Most Important Numbers For Your SaaS Business, Why You Should Not Have VPs Until $5m in Revenue & How To Manage Top Of Funnel Efficiently But Aggressively with Manny Medina, Founder & CEO @ Outreach
Apr 29, 2019
SaaStr 228: Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson and Glitch CEO Anil Dash on the Secrets to Building a Billion in ARR and Being an Ethical leader.
Apr 25, 2019
SaaStr 227: Why Deal Size In The Early Days Does Not Matter, Why TAM In The Traditional Sense Barely Matters & Why You Have To Invest In Customer Success Before You Think You Need It with Alexandr Wang, Founder & CEO @ Scale
Apr 22, 2019
SaaStr 226: Survey Monkey CMO Leela Srinivasan on 7 Tips For Using Customer Feedback To Build Rabid Fans and Make More Money
Apr 18, 2019
SaaStr 225: Biggest Lessons From The AppDynamics and GlassDoor Scaling, 3 Elements Marketing Team Comp Has To Be Tied To & How To Create True Alignment Between Marketing and Sales with Stephen Burton, VP of Smarketing at
Apr 15, 2019
SaaStr 224: Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane on Lessons from Zendesk Beyond $1B ARR
Apr 11, 2019
SaaStr 223: Intercom COO Karen Peacock on Scaling from $1MM to $500MM ARR: 5 Strategies to Drive Your Next Wave of Growth with Intercom
Apr 04, 2019
SaaStr 222: Flexport CRO Ben Braverman on Why It Is Total Horseshit That The Best Sellers Don't Make Good Managers, Why Specialisation Does Not Lead To The Best Customer Experience & Scaling Revenue From $18k MRR in 2014 to a $472m Year In 2018
Apr 03, 2019
SaaStr 221: HBS Sr. Lecturer and Former Hubspot CRO Mark Roberge on His Step by Step Guide to Revenue Growth
Mar 28, 2019
SaaStr 220: Salesforce Mobile's EVP, Leyla Seka on Her Biggest Lessons Seeing Salesforce Scale From $500m to $16Bn, What Needs To Be In Place For Hyper-Scale & How Leaders Build Trust In Their Organisation
Mar 25, 2019
SaaStr 219: Atlassian President Jay Simons on How to Scale an Open Culture
Mar 21, 2019
SaaStr 218: Twilio Founder, Jeff Lawson & SendGrid CEO, Sameer Dholakia on Why Developer First Is A Maturation In The Supply Chain Of Software & Why With Software Innovation Costs Being Lower Than Ever, Operators Must Maximise The Number of "At Bat" Oppor
Mar 18, 2019
SaaStr 217: Stripe COO Claire Hughes Johnson on The Trapdoor Decisions to Avoid When Scaling
Mar 14, 2019
SaaStr 216: Why Your Sales Team Is Not Working Together The Way You Think It Is, What Is Account Based Collaboration, How Can You Integrate It Into Your Organisation To Drive Conversion And Account Management & How To Prevent Silos Forming Within Your Tea
Mar 11, 2019
SaaStr 215: Qualtrics Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Smith on The Things Nobody Tells You About an $8 Billion Acquisition
Mar 07, 2019
SaaStr 214: New Relic CRO Erica Schultz on What It Takes To Successfully Scale Into Enterprise & How The Very Best Reps Build Relationships With Their Leads
Mar 05, 2019
SaaStr 213: Redpoint's Tom Tunguz on What Makes The Most Effective Free Trial, What Makes Good vs Great When It Comes To Benchmarks for Assisted vs Unassisted Conversion & Why Scoring Leads May Actually Be Dangerous
Feb 26, 2019
SaaStr 212: Who Must Fundamentally Own Renewals Within Your Organisation, Why Burying Customer Success Under Sales Does Not Work & The Biggest Truisms On Talent That Are False and So Dangerous with Nick Mehta, CEO @ Gainsight
Feb 19, 2019
SaaStr 211: The Ultimate Guide To SaaS Pricing From Investors @ Benchmark, Matrix, Upfront Ventures & Operators @ Figma, Snyk and Kustomer
Feb 11, 2019
SaaStr 210: Why The Best Sales Reps Are Not Outgoing and Extroverted, Why Sales Reps Are Fundamentally Not Coin Operated and The Right Way To Structure Both Comp Plans and Sales Training with Bridget Gleason, VP of Sales @
Feb 04, 2019
SaaStr 209: The 3 Components To Successful SaaS Pricing, Lessons From Seeing Zendesk Scale From 12 to 2,000 and How To Ensure Successful Cross-Functional Communication with Amanda Kleha, Chief Customer Officer @ Figma
Jan 28, 2019
SaaStr 208: SendGrid Board Member, Anne Raimondi on Why We Have To See Innovation In SaaS Pricing, Why Everyone in SaaS Orgs Has To Be Product People & Why Humans Can't Scale More Than 100% YoY & What That Means For Scaling Orgs
Jan 21, 2019
SaaStr 207: 13 Years To 20 People; 3 Years Later 350 People and $50m ARR, Why Thinking There Is A Price Point You Need For A Rep Is BS & Why SMB First Works And You Must Not Design For Enterprise
Jan 15, 2019
SaaStr 206: 4 Core Considerations Startup Founders Must Recognise When Pricing Their Product, Why Being Good At Sales Won't Make You A Great Sales Leader and Why Boring Is Better Than Sexy When It Comes To Winning Your Market with Ryan Barretto, SVP of Gl
Jan 07, 2019
SaaStr 205: The Secret To Building A Truly Successful Freemium Product | The 3 Classes of Product & How To Think About Feature Prioritisation | A Framework For Building Strong Cross-Functional Communication Across Locations with Guy Podjarny, Founder & CE
Dec 17, 2018
SaaStr 204: 2018's Most Downloaded Episode, Claire Hughes Johnson, COO @ Stripe
Dec 10, 2018
SaaStr 203: Why Every Startup Should Bootstrap At Some Stage, Why Transparency In Pricing Is Not Always Optimal & Why We Have To Embrace That Service Is An Essential Part of SaaS Today with Krish Subramanian, Founder & CEO @ Chargebee
Dec 03, 2018
SaaStr 202: Intercom COO Karen Peacock on Lessons Learned Running A $2.2Bn Line of Business at Intuit, The Most Important Metric You Probably Aren't Tracking & Why, When and How To Hire Your COO
Nov 26, 2018
SaaStr 201: How To Prioritise Your Sales Pipeline, Why You Should Spend Your Time on the 10% Least Likely Leads & Why The Secret To Success In Sales Is "Calls Between The Calls" with Hannah Willson, VP Sales @ Rainforest QA
Nov 19, 2018
SaaStr 200: Should SaaS Startups Start At SMB and Scale To Enterprise or Vice Versa, What It Takes To Make The Transition From CTO To CEO & The Right Way To Think About SaaS Pricing Today With Brad Birnbaum, Founder & CEO @ Kustomer
Nov 12, 2018
SaaStr 199: Betterment Founder, Jon Stein on The 3 Key Roles For A SaaS CEO, How To Retain Startup Culture As You Scale Past Startup Stage & The Most Telling Questions In Candidate Interviews To Stress Test Culture-Fit
Nov 05, 2018
SaaStr 198: Decision-Making in B2B Marketing; Instinct or Data-Driven, How To Create True Alignment Between Sales and Marketing & Why Sometimes You Have To Throw The Marketing Playbook Out The Window with Maria Pergolino, CMO @ Anaplan
Oct 29, 2018
SaaStr 197: Partnerships: When Is The Right Time, What is The Right Partnership, How To Determine Between An Individual That Can Scale with The Company vs One That Cannot & How To Make Fast Decisions When You Don't Have Data To Lean on with Cristina Cordo
Oct 22, 2018
SaaStr 196: Stripe COO Claire Hughes Johnson on How The Best Leaders Inspire with Confidence and Stability, The Key To Successful Decision-Making & How To Hire Quality Teams At Scale
Oct 15, 2018
SaaStr 195: How To Truly Understand The Politics of Selling to Enterprise, Why Current Org Charts Are Upside Down and What Your Customer Success Team Has To Be Obsessed with Doing with Dan Reich, Founder & CEO @
Oct 01, 2018
SaaStr 194: ARR Is A Lagging Not A Leading Indicator, The Metrics You Need to Focus On, The Secret To Success In Selling To Developers, Why You Should Delay The Buildout of Customer Success Teams & How Small Numbers In SaaS Can Deceive You with Steve Newm
Sep 24, 2018
SaaStr 193: When Does ABM Make Sense and How To Execute The Strategy Effectively, Why Marketing Must Be Held Accountable To A Number Tied Directly To Revenue and What Makes The Truly Special CMOs with Joe Chernov, CMO @ Robin Powered
Sep 17, 2018
SaaStr 192: Why Multi-Year Deals Are Not All Good, What Whatever Funding You Think You Will Need Double It & The Challenges of Building A Company and A Category Simultaneously with Michael Katz @ mParticle
Sep 10, 2018
SaaStr 191: Salesloft Founder Kyle Porter on Scaling A SaaS Business to $40m ARR Outside of Silicon Valley, Pivoting a Product Generating $7m in ARR & How To Fundamentally Create Cohesion In A Leadership Team
Sep 04, 2018
SaaStr 190: Why SaaS Founders Should Not Sell Their Products in The Early Days, How Founders Can Build Relationships with Enterprise CIOs and The Right Way To Think About Discounting and Pilots with Ed Sim, Founding Partner @ Boldstart Ventures
Aug 27, 2018
SaaStr 189: When to Go Large on Go-To-Market, How To Scale Company Culture with Your Team & Why Discounting is Evidence of Not Communicating Your USPs Successfully with Craig Walker, Founder & CEO @ Dialpad
Aug 20, 2018
SaaStr 188: Why The Best CEOs Are Inspirational Assholes, How To Optimise Decision-Making within Your Organisation & The Benefits of Being Old In SaaS with Fouad ElNaggar, Founder & CEO @ Sapho
Aug 13, 2018
SaaStr 187: Point Nine's Christoph Janz on Making Venture Capital More Human, WTF Really Is Product Market Fit & The Leading Indicators of Scaling and Repeatable Customer Acquisition Channels
Aug 06, 2018
SaaStr 186: From Greylock To $1.55Bn Acquisition, Adaptive Insights CEO, Tom Bogan on How The Best CEOs Hire and Retain Their Best Talent, How To Think About Gross Margin with Scale & The One Metric All SaaS Founders Must Ultimately Focus On
Jul 30, 2018
SaaStr 185: Moat CEO, Jonah Goodhart on How To Scale A Logo Machine In the Early Days & Why Brand and North Star Should Drive All Decision Making
Jul 23, 2018
SaaStr 184: Step by Step Guide To Scaling Your Sales Team, Why Founders Need To Spend More Time On Top of Funnel & Why Discounting Is A Great Tool with Sam Blond, Chief Sales Officer @ Brex
Jul 16, 2018
SaaStr 183: Intercom CEO, Eoghan McCabe on The Right Way To Structure Your Org Chart, The Secret To Scaling From SME To Enterprise Successfully & How To Create A Culture of Experimentation Without Fear
Jul 09, 2018
SaaStr 182: Marketo CEO, Steve Lucas on What Makes A Truly Great SaaS CEO Today, The Top Considerations You Must make Before Going To Enterprise & Why The Way We Sell Has To Fundamentally Change
Jul 02, 2018
SaaStr 181: How To Gain Enterprise Clients As A Startup, How To Approach Multi-Year and Prepaid Deals with Those Mega Companies & How To Balance Fast Growth Expectations with Profitability with Jerry Jao, Founder & CEO @ Retention Science
Jun 25, 2018
SaaStr 180: David Skok on Why You Should Not Focus On CAC/LTV In The Early Days, What Is The Right Way To Analyse Sales Rep Productivity & The Leading Indicators Early Stage VCs Use to Assess Product Market Fit
Jun 18, 2018
SaaStr 179: What It Means To Be An ARR First SaaS Company, The Most Commonly Misunderstood SaaS Metrics & Why Renewals Does Not Mean Happy Customers with Dave Kellogg, CEO @ Host Analytics
Jun 11, 2018
SaaStr 178: 10 Key Lessons From Scaling Marketo to IPO with Phil Fernandez, Former Marketo CEO & Venture Partner @ Shasta Ventures
Jun 04, 2018
SaaStr 177: Why Career Paths Are For B Players in Sales, How To "Rig The Recruiters" To Ensure The Best Talent Pipeline & Successfully Moving From Transactional To Enterprise with Bill Binch, CRO @
May 29, 2018
SaaStr 176: What SaaS Startups Need To Raise A Series A Today, Why We Need A New Framework To Think About SaaS Multiples and How "The Rule of 40" Changes with Scale with Kristina Shen, Partner @ Bessemer Venture Partners
May 21, 2018
SaaStr 175: Lemkin's Lesson on How To Approach Long Sales Cycles, When Is The Right Time For A Founder To Take A Step Back From Selling & How To Deal With Being Cloned with Jason Lemkin, Founder @ SaaStr
May 14, 2018
SaaStr 174: How To Make It Big In The US As A Non-US SaaS Startup, How To Manage Distributed Teams Effectively At Scale & How East Coast, West Coast and European VCs Fundamentally Differ In Mentality with Timo Rein, Founder & CEO @ Pipedrive
May 08, 2018
SaaStr 173: Lemkin's Lesson on What To Look For In Your First Sales Reps, How to Approach Variable Compensation, The Right Way To Acquire Customers When Starting Paid Marketing and more with Jason Lemkin, Founder @ SaaStr
Apr 30, 2018
SaaStr 172: Why It Is Easier To Start In SMB and Work Your Way Up, How To Encourage A Risk Mindset Into Your Culture & How To Separate Ego From Decision-Making with Jon Lee, Founder & CEO @ ProsperWorks
Apr 23, 2018
SaaStr 171: How To Figure Out Your Pricing Strategy: The Diminishing Role of The Per Seat Model, Why Open Source Is The Only Way To Get In Front of Today's Developers & Why Capital Efficiency Is Always Key with Chetan Puttagunta, General Partner @ NEA
Apr 16, 2018
SaaStr 170: Intacct's Rob Reid on Scaling Intacct's Team & Culture To An $850m Exit, Why You Must Attack The Process Not The People & Why The Old School CEO Approach Is Upside Down and Backward
Apr 09, 2018
SaaStr 169: The Secret To Ensure High Conversion On Trials, How To Start and Scale A Remote Team Successfully & Lessons From Amazon and Netflix on A Culture of Achievement and Goal-setting with Kolton Andrus, Founder & CEO @ Gremlin
Apr 02, 2018
SaaStr 168: Why 70% of Startup's VPs of Sales Fail, How and When To Hire Your First VP of Sales & The One Question That You Must Always Ask VP of Sales Candidates with Ryan Williams, Founder @ SalesCollider
Mar 26, 2018
SaaStr 167: The Biggest Challenges In Scaling From $1-10m in ARR, How To Navigate Enterprise Sales Negotiations Successfully & Why You Must Reiterate Value At Every Touchpoint with PJ Bouten, Founder & CEO @ Showpad
Mar 19, 2018
SaaStr 166: Why SaaS Startups Do Not Have To Scale To Enterprise, Why Usage Is The Key Metric When Serving SMBs & How To Optimise The Partnership Model In SaaS with Clate Mask, Founder & CEO @ InfusionSoft
Mar 12, 2018
SaaStr 165: Step By Step Guide To Building Truly Diverse Teams, Why Data Professionals Must Be At The Core of Your Company & How To Move Upmarket Effectively with Harry Glaser, Founder & CEO @ Periscope Data
Mar 05, 2018
SaaStr 164: The Right Way To Sell To Enterprise Buyers, Why Sales Ops Will Be A C-Suite Role in the Next 10 Years and Whether Or Not To Engage With Pilots and Discounting with Mark Godley, President @ LeadGenius
Feb 26, 2018
SaaStr 163: Scaling Zapier to $35m in ARR with Just $1.3m in Funding &Why Most Founders Should Ignore Fundraising & How To Harness The Power of Completely Remote Teams with Wade Foster, Founder & CEO @ Zapier
Feb 19, 2018
SaaStr 162: How To Achieve True Virality in SaaS with $0 CAC, Why Customer Success Is The New Marketing & How To Optimise Remote and Contract Workers with Olof Mathé, Founder & CEO @ Mixmax
Feb 12, 2018
SaaStr 161: Brad Feld on Structuring Your SaaS Startup For Scalability, How The Role Of CEO Should Adjust To The Growth Of The Organisation & What Makes The Most Effective Board Members
Feb 05, 2018
SaaStr 160: Why People Over Index Culture Fit, How To Hire Through Market Cycles & How To Balance The Assessment of Output vs Input with Mark Mader, CEO @ Smartsheet
Jan 29, 2018
SaaStr 159: Why CAC/LTV Is Not The Guiding Metric In SaaS, How To Build An Inside Sales Team From Scratch & Why SMB Up Is The Right Way with Fred Shilmover, Founder & CEO @ InsightSquared
Jan 22, 2018
SaaStr 158: 3 Core Skills of The Best Performing SaaS CEOs & The Inflection Points In The Scaling of SaaS Teams & How To Mitigate Them with Mike McDerment, Founder & CEO @ Freshbooks
Jan 15, 2018
SaaStr 157: MuleSoft Founder, Ross Mason on How Unbundling to A SaaS Platform Alters Revenue, Org Structure and Product Roadmap, Why Moving To Silicon Valley Was Fundamental For Mulesoft &Why Startups Can No Longer Own The Entire Customer Lifecycle
Jan 08, 2018
SaaStr 156: Most Downloaded SaaStr of 2017: David Skok, General Partner @ Matrix Partners
Dec 18, 2017
SaaStr 155: Intercom Co-Founder, Des Traynor on Constructing The Right Brand Architecture, The Right Way To Integrate Customer Feedback Into Product Roadmap & Why There Is An Inverse Correlation Between Quality & Market Size
Dec 11, 2017
SaaStr 154: Why The Rule of 40 Is Wrong, Why Growth Does Matter More Than Profitability & Why Every First Hire In A Function Must Be A Swiss Army Knife with Greg Sands, Founder & Managing Partner @ Costanoa Ventures
Dec 04, 2017
SaaStr 153: How To Build and Scale Sales Teams As A Technical Founder, How To Scale The Sales Learning Curve & Why No One Actually Cares About Your Product with Spenser Skates, Founder & CEO @ Amplitude
Nov 27, 2017
SaaStr 152: Cloudera's Lars Nilsson on Why SDRs Are The Most Important Role In The Sales Function, How To Build An SDR Team From Nothing & How To Construct A Compensation Plan That Drives A Behaviour You Want Other Than Just Revenue
Nov 20, 2017
SaaStr 151: AppDynamics Founder, Jyoti Bansal on The Requirements To Proceed Through The Scaling Stages in SaaS To Build One Of The Fastest Growing Enterprise Companies And Achieve a $3.7Bn Exit
Nov 13, 2017
SaaStr 150: Why New Qualified Leads Divided By Win Rate Is The Metric in SaaS, Why It Is Harder To Go Enterprise Down Than SMB Up & How To Create Engines of Growth Within Your Organisation with Paul Albright, Former CRO @ Marketo
Nov 06, 2017
SaaStr 149: 2 Fundamental Challenges To Rapid Scaling in SaaS, The Importance of Short Qualification Periods & Why Departments Must Also Have North Stars with Jack Altman, Founder & CEO @ Lattice
Oct 30, 2017
SaaStr 148: Why Startups Die of Indigestion Not Starvation, Why Early Product Market Fit Can Be Misleading & Why Gross Margin Is So Crucial For SaaS Businesses From Day 1 with Rajeev Batra, Partner @ Mayfield
Oct 23, 2017
SaaStr 147: Why Payback Period Is The Critical Metric, Why There Is No "No Man's Land In SaaS Pricing" & When Is A Stretch VP, A Stretch Too Far with Shan Sinha, Founder & CEO @ Highfive
Oct 16, 2017
SaaStr 146: Why Management Upgrade Is The Most Important Thing A CEO Can Do, Why You Must Hire More Generalists with Scale & How To Hire People with 3-4 Years Runway with Chris Caren, CEO @ Turnitin
Oct 09, 2017
SaaStr 145: Mulesoft CEO, Greg Schott on The Challenges & Lessons of Scaling from 20 to 1,000 People & Where Most Companies Go Wrong In The Hiring Process
Oct 02, 2017
SaaStr 144: 7 Steps To Land $100K+ "Whale" Clients with Sequoia Backed, Andy Byrne, Founder & CEO @ Clari
Sep 25, 2017
SaaStr 143: DigitalOcean CEO, Ben Uretsky on Scaling To 1m Customers with No Sales Team, Key Learnings From Raising $123m & Why It Is Not Just About Culture Fit
Sep 18, 2017
SaaStr 142: Why CAC/LTV Is The Most Important Metric In SaaS, How To Analyse Churn Correctly & Why Bookings Are Inaccurate and Easy To Manipulate with Dave Kellogg, CEO @ Host Analytics
Sep 11, 2017
SaaStr 141: How To Scale & Segment Your Sales Team Efficiently, How To Move Upmarket With Speed & How To Raise Over $50m in an "Unsexy" Industry with Classy Founder, Scot Chisholm
Sep 05, 2017
SaaStr 140: Key Requirement To A Cash Flow Positive SaaS Business, How To Land Your First "Whale" & How To Incentivise Your Sales Team Aligned To The Company Mission with Mark Organ, Founder & CEO @ Influitive
Aug 28, 2017
SaaStr 139: Why Hiring Sales People Is Like Being Thirsty, Why You Have to Separate Between Customers and Money & Why Time Kills More Companies Than Dollars with Mike Dauber, General Partner @ Amplify Partners
Aug 21, 2017
SaaStr 138: The Rule of 40% For A Healthy SaaS Company, Why It Is Not All About Top Line Growth In Enterprise & Why Land & Expand Is Wrong with Vineet Jain, Founder & CEO @ Egnyte
Aug 14, 2017
SaaStr 137: How To Scale A Sales Org The Right Way, What Makes A Truly Effective SaaS Board & Why SaaS Leaders Need To Be Vulnerable with Max Yoder, Founder & CEO @ Lessonly
Aug 07, 2017
SaaStr 136: What Role Should The CEO Play With The Marketing Strategy, What Do CEOs Most Often Get Wrong About CMOs & What Makes The Optimal CEO-CMO Relationship with Stacey Epstein, CEO @ Zinc
Jul 31, 2017
SaaStr 135: Auren Hoffman on Why Raising Prices Is Not A Good Idea, How Fewer Employees Can Mean Fast Growth & Why The CEO Must Never Delegate HR
Jul 24, 2017
SaaStr 134: The Crucial Difference Between Mentorship & Advocacy, Why You Have To Practice Upward Empathy & How To Make The Successful Transition from Services Based Business to SaaS Based Business with TapInfluence CEO, Promise Phelon
Jul 17, 2017
SaaStr 133: 3 Fundamentals SaaS Founders Have To Nail To Get To $30m+ ARR & What First Time SaaS Founders Can Do To Increase Their Chances of Product Market Fit
Jul 10, 2017
SaaStr 132: Why The 1 Metric You Have To Know Is "Magic Number", Why Measuring The "Time To Money Is Crucial" & Why You Must Switch From Metrics to KPIs with Kurt Bilafer, CRO @ WePay
Jul 03, 2017
SaaStr 131: The Secret To Selling To SMBs & Creating A Sales Model That Scales with Jens Nylander, Founder & CEO @ Automile
Jun 26, 2017
SaaStr 130: Accel's Steve Loughlin on Founding RelateIQ & Lessons From Working with Marc Benioff, How Founders Can Determine Which Is The Right Market For Them & Evolutions in The Enterprise AI/ML Landscape
Jun 19, 2017
SaaStr 129: How To Quadruple MRR Growth With SDR Training, The Right Way To Scale Prospect Search & Why Startups Can Immediately Be In The Enterprise Market with May Habib, Founder & CEO @ Qordoba
Jun 16, 2017
SaaStr 128: Algolia's Nicolas Dessaigne on The Journey To $10m in ARR, Why You Must Separate The Work You Do From The Culture You Build & How To Successfully Create A Developer Community
Jun 12, 2017
SaaStr 127: Why $1-2m ARR Is Not The Hardest Phase Of A SaaS Startup, Why Your Developer Talent Pipeline Is Broken & How To Approach Regrettable and Non-Regrettable Churn with Ryan Carson, Founder & CEO @ Treehouse
Jun 05, 2017
SaaStr 126: Box's Chief Strategy Officer on How To Build High Performing Teams & Why You Must Only Monetise To 30% of Your Value
May 29, 2017
SaaStr 125: Why You Should Always Be Premium? Why You Have To Create An Outbound Sales Culture As Early As Possible & Why There Are Only 2 Real Ways To Hire with Laura Bilazarian, Founder & CEO @ Teamable
May 26, 2017
SaaStr 124: Upfront's Mark Suster on The One Thing That Kills Sales, Why You Have To Price High and Discount & Why Sales People Are Either Farmers or Hunters?
May 22, 2017
SaaStr 123: Top 10 VP of Sales Lessons In Scaling To $100m in ARR with DFJ, TalkDesk and Predictable Revenue's, Aaron Ross
May 19, 2017
SaaStr 122: How To Successfully Scale The 1-10 Customer Phase Of Any SaaS Business, The True Signs Of A Great Sales Person & How To Analyse NPS Effectively with Edith Harbaugh, Founder & CEO @ LaunchDarkly
May 15, 2017
SaaStr 121: Box's VP Marketing on Why ARR Pipeline Is Not Just The Responsibility of The Sales Team, Why Lead Nurturing Does Not Stop At Email & Why Lead Segmentation is Key To Success with Lauren Vaccarello
May 12, 2017
SaaStr 120: Sequoia Partner, Aaref Hilaly on How To Manage Up Your Board & Keep The Happy Even In Hard Times
May 08, 2017
SaaStr 119: The Sales Mistakes That Can Kill Your Startup & How To Avoid Them with Mark Roberge, Former CRO @ Hubspot & Michele Law, Former COO @ OpenDNS
May 05, 2017
SaaStr 118: Why Tension Has Shifted From Sales vs Marketing To Customer Success vs Product & Why You Have To Hire For Ahead Of Where You Are Now with Todd Olson, Founder & CEO @
May 01, 2017
SaaStr 117: How, Why & When To Launch A Second SaaS Product & Is There A No Man's Land In SaaS ACV's with Amit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer @ Datadog
Apr 28, 2017
SaaStr 116: The Most Important Metric For Your Startup, When To Ship Your Second Product & How To Structure Your Sales Team For 7 Figure Deals
Apr 24, 2017
SaaStr 115: Why Not All Companies Should Invest in SEM? Why No Demand Channel Is An Island & How To Ensure For Dollar Efficiency with SEM with David Rodnitzky, Founder @ 3Q Digital and Loretta Jones, VP of Marketing @ Delighted
Apr 21, 2017
SaaStr 114: Redpoint's Tom Tunguz on The Rise of Machine Learning In Enterprise SaaS & How Existing SaaS Startups Can Incorporate ML Into Their Offering?
Apr 17, 2017
SaaStr 113: The Most Important Metrics To Assess The State Of A SaaS Startup, Why Customer Payback Period Is Crucial & The Right KPI To Measure Customer Success On with Dan Adika, Founder & CEO @ Walkme
Apr 14, 2017
SaaStr 112: Brad Feld on Structuring Your SaaS Startup For Scalability, How The Role Of CEO Should Adjust To The Growth Of The Organisation & What Makes The Most Effective Board Members
Apr 10, 2017
SaaStr 111: How To Build & Scale A Customer Success Team & Why You Must Hire Full Stack Engineers with Dan Burkhart, Founder & CEO @ Recurly
Apr 07, 2017
SaaStr 110: Why Payback Period Is The Single Most Important Metric, How To Optimise Sales Efficiency & 3 Fundamental Developments In SaaS with Scott Friend, Managing Director @ Bain Capital Ventures
Apr 03, 2017
SaaStr 109: Scaling SaaS Teams With Startup Hyper-Growth & When Is The Right Time To Hire A COO with Mat Ellis, Founder & CEO @ Cloudability
Mar 31, 2017
SaaStr 108: Growing To $500m In ARR & How To Hit 7 Figure Sales with Veeva Systems Founder, Peter Gassner
Mar 27, 2017
SaaStr 107: How Hiring Is Just Like Being A VC, Why You Have To Pay Up For Great Talent & Why Multi-Tasking Is Not Always Wrong with Daniel Ruch, Founder & CEO @ Rocketrip
Mar 24, 2017
SaaStr 106: Why Early Stage SaaS Metrics Do Not Matter, The 5 Things To Look For In Early Stage SaaS Companies & How To Negotiate A Term Sheet The Right Way with Alex Rosen, Managing Director @ IDG Ventures
Mar 20, 2017
SaaStr 105: Why Marketing Is Eating Sales, How To Make Data-Driven Marketing Decisions & Why Companies Need To Have A Strong Point of View About The World with Nadim Hossain, Founder & CEO @ BrightFunnel
Mar 17, 2017
SaaStr 104: Trello Founder, Michael Pryor on The 3 Key Elements That Make A Great CEO, The Fundamentals To Make A Pivot Successfully & The Secrets To Building The Most Efficient Workforce
Mar 13, 2017
SaaStr 103: Why You Must Sell Your Product Before It's Done Being Built, Why Product-Organisation Fit Is Key & Why The Best Sales Process Is The Customer Success Process with Matin Movassate, Founder & CEO @ Heap
Mar 10, 2017
SaaStr 102: Why You Should Not Pay Your Sales Team Commission, Why There Is Such Little Innovation In Go-To-Market Strategy & Why Adaptability Is Key Not Efficiency with Didier Elzinga, Founder & CEO @ Culture Amp
Mar 06, 2017
SaaStr 101: How To Scale From Early Adopter To Mass Market, Why Organisations Are Not A Good Way To Get Work Done & How To Perfect Upsell Mechanics with Fayez Mohamood, Founder & CEO @ Bluecore
Mar 03, 2017
SaaStr 100: Box's Aaron Levie on The 3 Stages of Company Scaling, Why Most Enterprise Software Is 'Dumb' & The Future For Enterprise Software with Artificial Intelligence
Feb 27, 2017
SaaStr 099: How To Hire & Assess The Best Demand Gen Candidates & Where To Put Focus In The Demand Gen Process with Luke Retterath, Head of Demand Generation @ Duo Security
Feb 24, 2017
SaaStr 097: Zendesk's Douglas Hanna on How To Build A Platform? How To Scale A Platform? How To Measure The Success Of A Platform?
Feb 17, 2017
SaaStr 096: How To Sell SaaS To Fortune 500s, What Drives Decision-Making In Large Corporates & Why Enterprise Is Middle Up Not Top Down with Jonathan Lehr, Co-Founder @ WorkBench
Feb 14, 2017
SaaStr 095: Trello's JD Peterson on Why Now Is The Best But Hardest Time To Be A Marketer, How To Unify The Sales & Marketing Team & How The Role Of Data Effects Marketers Today
Feb 03, 2017
SaaStr 094: The $100m Question All SaaS Founders Must Ask, Learnings From Working with Marc Benioff at Salesforce & Scaling Zuora To A $Bn Valuation with Tien Tzuo, Founder & CEO @ Zuora
Jan 30, 2017
SaaStr 093: Why You Cannot Be Excellent For Anyone If You Are Not Willing To Be Ok For Someone & How To Manage NPS Effectively With Scaling with Lexi Reese, Chief Customer Experience Officer @ Gusto
Jan 27, 2017
SaaStr 092: Raising $100m From Sequoia & Why Sustainable Growth Is Fundamental with Zoom's Eric Yuan
Jan 23, 2017
SaaStr 091: Jason Lemkin on Why Hire Fast Fire Fast is BS, Why He Never Invests In Quarterly MRR & Why The Key Is Successful Reinvention
Jan 20, 2017
SaaStr 090: SaaStr's Own Jason Lemkin on The Specific Characteristics Jason Looks For In Founders? What Levels Of ACV Suggest The Potential For A Unicorn? Why Founders Always Undersell & How You Should Hire Your First Sales Reps?
Jan 16, 2017
SaaStr 089: Buffer's Leo Widrich on The Top 10 Learnings in Growing to 10m ARR.
Jan 13, 2017
SaaStr 088: How To React When A Lead Goes Dark? How Sales Reps Can Be Polite Not Rude? Why Summary Emails Are Fundamental After All Client Interactions with John Barrows, Godfather of Sales
Jan 09, 2017
SaaStr 087: Successful SaaS Startups Do 1 Of Two Things & Why Specialisation Is Key To Success In SaaS with Michael Driscoll, Founder @ CEO @ Metamarkets
Jan 06, 2017
SaaStr 086: Why You Have To Focus On A Tiny Market & How to Sell That Market To VCs with Auren Hoffman, Founder @ Safegraph & LiveRamp
Jan 02, 2017
SaaStr 085: How SaaS Founders Should View Competition, Why You Should Raise Every Round As If It Is Your Last & How To Create An Environment of Growth & Fulfilment with David Hassell, Founder & CEO @ 15Five
Dec 23, 2016
SaaStr 084: Why Personalisation Is The Future Of Sales, The Benefits Of An Engineering Led Sales Team & Why Customers Pay A Premium For Predictability with Alex MacCaw, Founder & CEO @ Clearbit
Dec 19, 2016
SaaStr 083: Qualtrics' Ryan Smith on Bootstrapping To A $Bn Valuation, Why Radical Transparency Is Fundamental & What Makes The Truly Great CEOs
Dec 16, 2016
SaaStr 082: What Really Is SaaS Marketing? What Are The Big Factors Startup Founders Should Consider Before Spending Big On Marketing @ What Are The 'Must Have' Marketing Channels Today in SaaS with David Rodnitzky, Founder & CEO @ 3Q Digital
Dec 12, 2016
SaaStr 081: Why It Is Wrong To Have A Sales Led Culture, Why There Should Be Tension Between Your Sales and Finance Orgs & Why Everyone Needs An Executive Coach with Steve Garrity, Co-Founder @ HearSay
Dec 09, 2016
SaaStr 080: Segment's Peter Reinhardt on Why The Reality Distortion Field Is Damaging When It Comes To Product Market Fit, How Founders Should Approach Pricing Negotiations with Large Corporates & How Founders Can Truly Determine Product Market Fit?
Dec 05, 2016
SaaStr 079: Where To Start With A B2B SaaS Content Plan, How To Encourage The Non-Marketing Team To Create Content & Why NPS Should Be Central To Everything with Seth Besmertnik, Founder & CEO @ Conductor
Dec 02, 2016
SaaStr 078: To Get Early Customers You Have To Make People Uncomfortable & Why Customer Success Should be Actively Involved In The Upsell Process with Kathryn Minshew, Founder & CEO @ The Muse
Nov 28, 2016
SaaStr 077: WTF Is Net Retention? Why The Best SaaS Companies Focus On It & Why You Do Not Have To Be In SF To Be Successful in SaaS with Michael Sharkey, Founder & CEO @ Autopilot
Nov 25, 2016
SaaStr 076: What Metrics Seed Investors Require For Prospective SaaS Investments & What Makes The Best SaaS Investors with Rob Siegel, Partner @ XSeed Capital
Nov 21, 2016
SaaStr 075: Domo CMO, David Thompson on Why B2B Branding Is Both Consumer & Enterprise & Why Facebook & SEM Is Crucial For B2B Branding
Nov 18, 2016
SaaStr 074: The 4 Step Playbook To Expanding Distribution Outside of Early Adopters & How Humans Really Want To Buy Software With Daniel Saks, Co-Founder & Co-CEO @ AppDirect
Nov 14, 2016
SaaStr 073: David Skok Part 2: What Is Negative Churn? How To Get Different ACV's From The Same Product? Should Customer Success Be Involved In The Up Sell Process?
Nov 11, 2016
SaaStr 072 Part 1: David Skok, SaaS Legend on How Long Should Your Payback Period Be, How To Assess Sales Rep Productivity & What Is A Good LTV In Relation To CAC
Nov 07, 2016
SaaStr 071: 5 Steps To Building A Cohesive Team & How Founders Should Structure Off-Sites with Taro Fukuyama, Founder & CEO @ AnyPerk
Nov 04, 2016
SaaStr 070: Whether You Should Have A Missionary or Mercenary Sales Team, Does Culture In Sales Really Matter & How To Make Sales and Engineering Work In Unison with Sequoia Backed Inkling Founder, Matt MacInnis
Oct 31, 2016
SaaStr 069: 5 Key Elements Founders Must COnsider Before Embarking On The Sales Process with Whitney Sales, VP of Sales @ TalentIQ
Oct 28, 2016
SaaStr 068: Flexport's Ryan Petersen on Why NPS Is The Most Important Metric, How To Structure Internal Compensation Schemes & How To Implement @ Bottoms Up Decision Making Organisation
Oct 24, 2016
SaaStr 067: Gusto's Joshua Reeves on How To Optimise The Hiring & Interview Process, How To Build Create An Ownership Culture & Why Every 6 Months A Company Becomes A New Company
Oct 21, 2016
SaaStr 066: Why CEO's Should Lead From The Heart, Walk The Sales Floor, Pay The Sales Team Well & Why Sometimes, You Have To Go Slow To Go Fast with Jeff Fernandez, Founder & CEO @ Grovo
Oct 17, 2016
SaaStr 065: How To Create An Ownership Culture, When To Hire Your First Customer Success Rep and Why The Funnel Needs To Be Re-Invented with Sangram Vajre, Founder & CMO @ Terminus
Oct 14, 2016
SaaStr 064: Why Now Is A Really Good Time For SaaS Startups To Raise, How SaaS Startups Can Innovate Their Business Models & The Biggest Takeaways From Working With John Doerr @ Kleiner Perkins with Matt Murphy, Managing Director @ Menlo Ventures
Oct 10, 2016
SaaStr 063: The Sales Script That Increases Conversion By 80%, How To Optimise Events Increasing Leads & Demos & How Bootstrapped Startups Can Scale Teams Alongside Revenue with Brandon Bruce, Founder & COO @ Cirrus Insight
Oct 07, 2016
SaaStr 062: Why Unprofitable Customers Must Be Fired, Segmentation in Sales Breeds Laziness & The Future of Sales in an AI Driven World with John Barrows, Godfather of Sales
Oct 03, 2016
SaaStr 061: The Optimal Relationship Between Customer Success & Sales, Why CS Is Not A Playbook Function & Why The Best CSMs Are Like Good Parents with John Gleeson, VP Customer Success @ Affinio
Sep 30, 2016
SaaStr 060: How To Use SDR As A Growth Engine a & Customer Success As A Bridge For Gaps In Product with Lawrence Coburn, Founder & CEO @ DoubleDutch
Sep 26, 2016
SaaStr 059: How To Measure Sales Team Success, Test New Pricing, Build Culture From Day 1 & The Biggest Learnings From Watching Box Scale Into Hypergrowth with Michael Cardamone, Managing Director @ Acceleprise
Sep 23, 2016
SaaStr 058: Intercom's Eoghan McCabe on Why There Are No Rules For Building a SaaS Company, How To Turn Every Challenge Into An Opportunity & Why You Will Never Have As Much Empathy For Others As You Do For Yourself
Sep 19, 2016
SaaStr 057: Building & Scaling Your Core Execs from VPs of Sales to CSMs with Louis Jonckheere, Co-Founder & Co-CEO @ Showpad
Sep 16, 2016
SaaStr 056: What SaaS CEO's Are Doing Wrong With Their Marketing, What Questions They Should Be Asking & Why B2C Marketers Make The Best B2B Hires with Tim Kopp, General Partner @ Hyde Park Venture Partners
Sep 12, 2016
SaaStr 055: New Relic's Jim Stoneham on Why Your Core Exec Team Should Be Senior Experienced Individuals & When Is The Right Time To Bring On Younger Less Experienced Candidates
Sep 09, 2016
SaaStr 054: Why You Should Hire A Product Leader From Day 1 & How To Navigate 12-18 Month Sales Cycles With Only 18 Months Runway
Sep 05, 2016
SaaStr 053: Assessing Product Market Fit, Why Customer Segmentation Is Crucial & The Rise Of The Full Stack CEO with Greg Sands, Founding Partner @ Costanoa Venture Capital
Sep 02, 2016
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Aug 29, 2016
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Aug 22, 2016
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Aug 19, 2016
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Aug 15, 2016
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Aug 12, 2016
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Aug 08, 2016
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Aug 05, 2016
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Aug 01, 2016
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Jul 29, 2016
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Jul 25, 2016
SaaStr 041: Hubspot's Dharmesh Shah on
Jul 22, 2016
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Jul 18, 2016
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Jul 15, 2016
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Jul 11, 2016
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Jul 08, 2016
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Jun 17, 2016
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May 30, 2016
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May 09, 2016
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May 06, 2016
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Apr 29, 2016
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Apr 22, 2016
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Apr 15, 2016
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