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The FDNY Pro podcast brings together professionals and experts in the field of Fire and EMS, offering their firsthand knowledge and experience. Hear from the pros as they discuss what they’ve learned on the front lines.

Episode Date
S08, E88 Climbing the Ranks with FDNY Battalion Chiefs Michele Fitzsimmons and Rochelle “Rocky” Jones (Retired)

Two trailblazing women of the FDNY, Battalion Chief Rochelle “Rocky” Jones (Retired) and Battalion Chief Michele Fitzsimmons discuss their successful careers with the Department. Chief Fitzsimmons joined the Department in 2001, and currently is the highest-ranking woman firefighter in the FDNY. Chief Jones entered the Department back in 1982, with the first class of women ever appointed to the FDNY, and climbed the ranks to become the first woman to be promoted to the rank of Battalion Chief in 2003. Chief Fitzsimmons followed in her footsteps and joined the rank in 2020. Elizabeth Cascio hosts. 

Mar 16, 2023
S08, E87 Organ Donation Advocacy with Kristina Moon, Wife of Fallen FDNY Firefighter William P. Moon II, and Retired Members Patrick Reynolds and Terrence Jordan

Tragically, on December 12, 2022, Kristina Moon's husband, Firefighter William P. Moon II, or Billy as everyone called him, suffered a fatal injury while preparing for a training drill at his Brooklyn firehouse. Days later when it became clear that the 21-veteran of the Department would not survive his injuries, Billy’s family carried out his wishes to donate his organs to help others. In total, five organs from Moon were transplanted into five desperate recipients. Two of those recipients include retired FDNY members, Captain Patrick Reynolds and Lieutenant Terrence Jordan, who join this conversation remotely via video conference. Kristina Moon joins host Battalion Chief Brian Mulry in-studio.

Feb 14, 2023
S08, E86 Leading New York’s Bravest with FDNY Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh

On October 22, 2022, history was made as New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced the appointment, and swore in, Laura Kavanagh as Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department. Commissioner Kavanagh is the 34th commissioner to lead the Department—and the first woman. In her role, she oversees the nation’s largest fire department, including the agency’s 17 thousand employees and $2 billion budget. She also advocates for first responders at the City, State and Federal level. Chief of Staff Elizabeth Cascio hosts.

Jan 24, 2023
S07, E85 2022 Year in Review

We revisit conversations from our latest season of the FDNY Pro Podcast with host, FDNY Deputy Chief Michael Barvels. In our 2022 seventh season, pride and professionalism remains ever-present in FDNY training and operations, and is reflected in the stories and lessons shared here on our podcast. We thank all the members who contributed this season and reaffirm our commitment to offer resources to our peers in public safety and help save lives.

Dec 20, 2022
S07, E84 Fighting High Rise Transformer Fires with FDNY Battalion Chief Anthony Pascocello

The heavy demand on electrical usage in high rise buildings warrants the need for high voltage equipment. That is why it's so important to understand the dangers of this equipment and how units can safely operate at fires involving transformer vault rooms. In this episode, FDNY Battalion Chief Anthony Pascocello returns to the podcast to provide listeners with a working knowledge of these types of fires and operational considerations. Battalion Chief Brian Mulry hosts.

Nov 30, 2022
S07, E83 First EMT to Contract AIDS on Duty Remembered by FDNY 25 Years Later
2022 marks the 25thanniversary of the untimely death of FDNY EMT Tracy Allen Lee who was the first EMT to contract HIV on duty in the city—and in the country. Allen Lee dedicated her life to caring for others but spent the years leading up to her death fighting for the benefits for an illness obtained while in the line of duty. It wasn’t until a year after her death, that she received the line-of-duty designation and a New York State law granted line-of-duty benefits to any EMT and Paramedic who contracts HIV while on the job. This year, the Department honored her service and sacrifice in a memorial ceremony at Station 10 in Manhattan. In this episode, you'll hear from family, friends and leaders of the FDNY who gathered at the station where she worked to memorialize Allen Lee and celebrate her legacy. Chief of Staff Elizabeth Cascio hosts.
Oct 26, 2022
S07, E82 Miraculous Survival of 9/11 with FDNY Deputy Chief John "Jay" Jonas (Retired)

As the attacks on the World Trade Center were carried out, most people viewed the collapses from the outside in. However, on September 11, 2001, then-Captain John "Jay" Jonas and five of his firefighters from Ladder Co. 6 were descending Stairwell B with injured civilian, Josephine Harris, when the North Tower violently collapsed around them. The collapse of the 110-story building took at total of 13 seconds and came down in a pancake fashion, producing tremendous debris and strong air movement that lifted the firefighters and Harris and threw them about the staircase. Chief Jonas, who went to on to serve the Department for another 21 years before retiring in July of 2022, discusses their miraculous survival. Battalion Chief Brian Mulry hosts.

Sep 26, 2022
S07, E81 Multiple Rescues at Lithium-ion Battery Fire with FDNY Lieutenant Patrick Twomey and Firefighters Robert Rivera and James Soutar

Ladder Company 41 arrived first on-scene to fire and smoke pushing out the windows of aseven-story, fireproof multiple dwelling in the Bronx. Lieutenant Patrick Twomey, Firefighter Rob Rivera and Firefighter James Soutar discuss this challenging operation, which involved scaffolding surrounding the buildingandan aggressivelithium-ion battery fire blocking the entry to the fire apartment, butresulted in multiple rescues. On Medal Day, the three received individual medals and the entire company received the World Trade Center Memorial medal for their efforts. Battalion Chief Brian Mulry hosts.

Aug 30, 2022
S07, E80 Treating Trapped Patients at a Building Collapse with FDNY Rescue Paramedics Lt. Paul Ardizzone, Hugh Smith and Shewain George

On July 30, 2021, Rescue Paramedics Hugh Smith and Shewain George were presented with a challenge that would test their many years of training and experience. The rescue medics arrived on scene of a building collapse to find FDNY Special Operations Units operating to rescue two trapped victims. Together with Lieutenant Paul Ardizzone, they worked to assess, stabilize and treat the two pinned workers. For their efforts at this operation they were awarded the Christopher J. Prescott medal this past June. The three members discuss this arduous assignment, their rescue medic training and attending medal day with host Chief of Staff Elizabeth Cascio.

Jul 20, 2022
S07, E79 Spotlight on Roof Operations with FDNY Firefighter Philip Gordon

At the FDNY, the roof position can be both physically and mentally demanding. The assignments are largely autonomous, but can drastically improve operating conditions for other members and survivability for civilians, while failure can result in punishing--if not devastating--consequences for all. In this episode of the FDNY Pro Podcast, Battalion Chief Brian Mulry talks with Firefighter Philip Gordon of Ladder 176 about roof operations on the FDNY fireground.

Jun 29, 2022
S07, E78 Rising to the Challenge in Emergency Medical Dispatch with FDNY EMT Menhaz Bhuiyan

Each year, during the month of May, we honor EMTs, paramedics and the entire EMS workforce for their dedication, service and sacrifice. The theme for National EMS Week this year is “Rising to the Challenge,” and our guest in this episode certainly did just that. EMT Menhaz Bhuiyan, of Emergency Medical Dispatch, discusses joining the Department amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and a dramatic 9-1-1 call in which he displayed compassion and professionalism for the patient during an active shooter incident. Chief of Staff Elizabeth Cascio hosts. 

May 20, 2022
S07, E77 Recollections of Daring Rescue Operations with Retired FDNY Lieutenant Kevin Shea

Retired FDNY Lieutenant Kevin Shea was involved in one of the most daring roof rope rescues in FDNY history. On May 14, 1991, FDNY firefighters conducted two technical roof rope rescues at the same fire in Midtown Manhattan, hanging 12 stories above the crowded New York City streets. The dramatic rescue was filmed live and later recreated for television. The save was one of the rescues featured in the FDNY Pro film, the Last Resort. Shea also responded to and was injured at the first World Trade Center Bombing in 1993. In this episode of the FDNY Pro Podcast, Shea recounts these iconic events from his old quarters--Rescue Co. 1 in Manhattan. Captain John Ceriello hosts.

Apr 18, 2022
S07, E76 Fostering Leadership in EMS with FDNY Deputy Chief Natalia Polunin

With 20 years in the Department, FDNY Deputy Chief Natalia Polunin rose through the ranks and was most notably the first woman to command FDNY's specialized HazTac unit. Chief Polunin discusses her career, how she continually opts for new challenges and fosters growth in FDNY's newest EMS members.

Mar 29, 2022
S07, E75 Inside Look at the FDNY Bravest Football Team with Head Coach and Firefighter Cameron Peek

Firefighter Cameron Peek, Rescue Company 2, has been passed the reins and is embarking on his first season as head coach of one of the Department's largest athletic organizations, the FDNY Bravest Football team. As the 5th coach since the team's founding in 1973, FF Peek discusses the team and their goals for the season. Battalion Chief Brian Mulry hosts. 

Feb 28, 2022
S07, E74 Lithium-ion Battery Safety and Tactics with FDNY Lieutenant John Cassidy

The increase in popularity of battery-operated mobility devices, like scooters, skateboards and bicycles has meant a dramatic increase in fires in New York City caused by lithium-ion batteries with sometimes fatal consequences. Lt. John Cassidy, Haz-mat Company 1, discusses the dangers of these batteries, tactics and procedures operational units can take at these incidents. Battalion Chief Brian Mulry hosts.

Jan 31, 2022
S06, E73 2021 Year in Review
The great work of our firefighters and EMTs this year show the department’s commitment to ensuring the safety of all New Yorkers. Before we say goodbye to 2021, we want to revisit the highlights, takeaways and lessons learned from this year’s Podcast - which include notable rescues, a renewed focus on health and wellness and, perhaps the most momentous event for the Department this year - the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. Deputy Chief Michael Barvels hosts.
Dec 31, 2021
S06, E72 Member Trapped at Commercial Roof Collapse with FDNY Lieutenants Steve Schuman and Fred Ill

In the early morning hours of April 3, 2021, units were met with a heavy volume of fire at a commercial building on Springfield Boulevard in Queens. As members operated in the rear of the building, a portion of the roof collapsed trapping Lt. Steve Schuman beneath it. […]

Nov 30, 2021
S06, E71 WTC Health Impacts Report 20 Years After 9/11 with FDNY Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Prezant
The health consequences to the FDNY’s WTC-exposed rescue/recovery workers were both immediate and far-reaching. The FDNY WTC Health Program began treatment day one, monitoring evaluations in October 2001 and continues today. The WTC Health Impacts Report summarizes the health impacts of WTC exposure on the FDNY workforce and details how its members continue to suffer from WTC-related illnesses 20 years later. In this episode, host Chief of Staff Elizabeth Cascio discusses the report and the lasting health impact 9/11 has on Department members with FDNY Chief Medical Officer and Director of the FDNY WTC Health Program Dr. David Prezant.
Oct 31, 2021
S06 E70 Recounting 9/11 and its Aftermath with FDNY Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro
As the anniversary of 9/11 approaches each year, memories of that day moves forefront in the minds of many members of the Department. Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro, who was Chief of Operations at the time of the attacks, recounts that fateful day 20 years ago, […]
Sep 10, 2021
S06, E69 Firefighters Perform Roof Rope Rescue to Save Small Child with FDNY Firefighters Abe Miller and Jairo Sosa
In September 2020, FDNY firefighters Jairo Sosa (Ladder 34) and Abe Miller (Ladder 23) performed a life-saving roof rope rescue, saving a child at a fire in Washington Heights for which they earned well-deserved medals at this year’s Medal Ceremony held in June. The firefighters discuss […]
Aug 25, 2021
S06, E68 Unconscious Driver Saved from Burning Dump Truck with FDNY EMTs Gary Hui and Samuel Wright
FDNY members have the tools, training and equipment to respond daily to all sorts of emergencies throughout the city. But, occasionally the men and women of FDNY are forced to improvise or make split-second decisions to save a life. Despite the conditions they are faced are […]
Jul 26, 2021
S06, E67 Responding Safely with FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Michael Meyers

Each June the Department commemorates Safety Week by picking a theme and sharing information on a specified topic for all bureaus and units to focus and collaborate on. Run by the FDNY Safety Command, the goal is to increase awareness and ensure safe operations for all […]

Jun 16, 2021
S06, E66 FDNY EMS Operations During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Assistant Chiefs Alvin Suriel and Jonathan Pistilli
The entire world was introduced to a highly infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus known as COVID-19 and New York City quickly felt its wrath. From the outset in early 2020, the #FDNY’s Bureau of EMS Operations was faced with monumental challenges. Assistant Chiefs […]
May 18, 2021
S6, E65 Valuable Takeaways on Maydays Shared at the FDNY’s Strategic Awareness Program with FDNY Deputy Chief Chuck Downey
In 2018, the FDNY’s Bureau of Training introduced a new initiative called the FDNY’s Strategic Awareness Program. Its mission is to enhance peer education for Chiefs and their aides across the five boroughs, allowing them to share their experiences on specific topics or operations. Deputy Chief […]
Apr 29, 2021
S6, E64 Inspiring and Preparing the FDNY’s Next Generation with Firefighter Jackie-Michelle Martinez
As Special Operations Firefighter Jackie-Michelle Martinez, of Squad 270, approaches her 20th year with the FDNY, she looks back at her career path as a Cadet, EMT, Academy Instructor, and Firefighter. She discusses her experience as the Department’s first Women’s Outreach Coordinator, an historic appointment that […]
Mar 23, 2021
S6, E63 First Responder Fitness for a Reshaped World with FDNY Captain Joy Garcia
By mid-March 2020, several states, including New York, were locked down and people were experiencing in real time the watershed change the country would soon fully experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the earliest businesses to be closed were gyms and fitness centers. It was, […]
Feb 26, 2021
S6, E62 Trapped Victims Rescued from the Floor Above with FDNY Chief Tom Fitzgerald and Lieutenants Rich Davan and Rob Brown
In the early morning hours of September 29, 2020, FDNY companies in Washington Heights, Manhattan encountered heavy fire and multiple people trapped on the top floor – the floor above the fire – of a six story U-shaped residential building. Battalion Chief Tom Fitzgerald (Battalion 16), […]
Jan 29, 2021
S5, E61 2020 Year In Review
The voices from the guests of the FDNY Pro Podcast in 2020 have been informative and noteworthy. In this episode, we’ll revisit highlights from this year, which has certainly presented challenges. Yet through it all, the commitment to public service and safety from our members is […]
Dec 22, 2020
S5, E60 Educational and Public Safety Outreach During a Pandemic with FDNY Captain Michael Kozo and Director of Community Affairs Fabricio Caro
In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDNY Community Affairs Unit pivoted their primary fire and life safety outreach from a largely in-person model to a mainly digital one. While difficult, it was a move that was made a bit easier as the Department […]
Nov 19, 2020
S5, E59 The COVID-19 Crisis and the Importance of Forward Planning with FDNY First Deputy Commissioner Laura Kavanagh
When the COVID-19 crisis began in early 2020, the Department and its members were challenged in ways like never before. The pandemic’s arrival proved to be both deadly and difficult to combat. One of the core duties of the Department’s First Deputy Commissioner Laura Kavanagh is […]
Oct 30, 2020
S5, E58 Remembering 9/11 with FDNY Chief of Department John Sudnik
Each year on the FDNY Pro Podcast, we mark the anniversary of September 11, 2001 by featuring an FDNY member who responded to the WTC attacks on that day. John Sudnik began his career as an FDNY Firefighter appointed in October 1989 and assigned to Engine […]
Sep 30, 2020
S5, E57 “The Last Resort” A Lifesaving Roof Rope Rescue with FDNY Lieutenant Jim Lee
As seen in the FDNY Pro Film, The Last Resort, on October 27, 2016, an early morning fire in an upper Manhattan 5-story tenement left residents fleeing for their lives. With a fire escape located only on the front of the building, and heavy fire on […]
Aug 21, 2020
S5, E56 Top Floor Fires with FDNY Lieutenant Michael Scotto
Fighting top floor fires in H-Type buildings or large multiple dwellings is complicated and challenging. FDNY Lieutenant Michael Scotto, a 41-year member of the Department currently working at Ladder 58 in the Bronx, joins host Battalion Chief Brian Mulry to discuss the operational challenges Firefighters have […]
Jul 24, 2020
S5, E55 Get to Know Your Gear with FDNY Chief of Safety Michael Meyers
This episode is being released in conjunction with FDNY Safety Week 2020. For the first time ever, the FDNY is sharing our Safety Week training and information on fdnypro.org. The FDNY and FDNY Foundation would like to thank the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation for making this […]
Jun 12, 2020
S5, E54 FDNY EMS On the Frontlines of the COVID-19 Pandemic with FDNY Paramedic Kimberley Laychock

Kimberley Laychock is a 21-year veteran of the FDNY who is serving on the frontlines of the Coronavirus outbreak in New York City. Sunday, May 17, 2020, marks the start of EMS Week 2020, an annual week-long initiative to promote public safety among all New Yorkers […]

May 22, 2020
S5, E53 Standpipe Operations with FDNY Lieutenant Ray McCormack
Even in a vertical city like New York, high-rise construction continues to expand into the outer boroughs where fire companies need to be ready to respond. Thirty-eight year veteran fire officer, Lt. Ray McCormack discusses the Department’s Standpipe Operations and Training. Battalion Chief Brian Mulry hosts. […]
Apr 18, 2020
S5, E52 A Return to Public Service with FDNY EMT Donna Jaworski
Donna Jaworski is saving lives as an FDNY EMT–again. Jaworski previously served as an FDNY EMT before leaving the Department in 2003 to raise her family. She was also a September 11th first responder, having worked at the World Trade Center site during the rescue and […]
Mar 24, 2020
S5, E51 A Marathon Celebration with FDNY Captain Denis Sweeney and Firefighter Tim Clarke
This is our annual Pro Fit episode, which seeks to promote and provide practical ideas for first responders who are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 2020 marks the 50thanniversary of the New York City Marathon. The event is the largest marathon in the world and […]
Feb 28, 2020
S5, E50 50th Episode Milestone
This episode marks a milestone for the FDNY Pro Podcast. In this 50th episode we revisit highlights from each of our previous four seasons. From our very first guest from the FDNY Office of Medical Affairs, Dr. Dario Gonzalez, recounting his trip to Liberia where he […]
Jan 31, 2020
S4, E49 FDNY Warm Zone Triage with Captain Gregg Brady
Incidents involving active shooters, violent extremists, barricade situations or other acts of aggressive deadly behaviors represent some of the most challenging responses to the first responder community. These types of responses test the capabilities of first responders—including mass-casualty care. The FDNY is the primary response agency […]
Dec 06, 2019
S4, E48 A Life of Service with FDNY Firefighter and USMC Captain Recordo Demetrius
As of October 2019, more than 1,300 members of the FDNY are veterans or military reservists. That includes Fire, EMS and civilians. As a paramilitary agency, the Department’s organizational structure, tactics, training and culture resembles that of the U.S. Armed Forces. In this episode, FDNY Firefighter […]
Nov 22, 2019
S4, E47 Unusual Fire Escapes at Bronx Fire with FDNY Lieutenant Michael Ciampo
Encountering unusual circumstances on the fireground is a frequent experience for veteran Bronx Lieutenant Mike Ciampo. But, in his nearly three decades of experience with the Department he had never encountered this type of unusual fire escape. In the early hours of September 9, 2018, a […]
Oct 30, 2019
S4, E46 FDNY Drones and Robotics with Battalion Chief Anthony Pascocello and Captain Michael Leo
On March 6, 2017, the FDNY launched its first ever tethered drone to respond to a fire in a 6-story building on Crotona Park North in the Bronx. It was a ground-breaking moment. After September 11, 2001, the need for enhanced situational awareness of the incident […]
Sep 30, 2019
S4, E45 Remembering 9/11 with FDNY Chief of EMS Lillian Bonsignore
Lillian Bonsignore currently serves as the highest ranking officer in FDNY EMS. On 9/11, Chief Bonsignore didn’t hold an official leadership role, but she responded to the World Trade Center hoping to save lives. Having arrived after the first tower fell, Chief Bonsignore quickly realized that […]
Aug 30, 2019
S4, E44 Operations at Cellar Fires with FDNY Lieutenant Tim Klett
With limited access, egress and ventilation fighting cellar fires is one of the most challenging scenarios firefighters face. Not knowing what you might encounter behind the cellar door makes the advance down the cellar steps difficult and dangerous. FDNY Engine Officer, Lt. Tim Klett of Engine […]
Jul 31, 2019
S4, E43 The FDNY Second Chance Ceremony with Matthew Pintchik and Dr. Glenn Asaeda
Each year, in celebration of National EMS Week, the FDNY holds its Annual Second Chance Ceremony. This special event reunites cardiac arrest survivors with the Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, FDNY EMS Officers, Firefighters, Dispatchers, bystanders, and other first responders who helped save their lives. 2019 marks […]
Jun 26, 2019
S4, E42 An Epidemic Hiding In Plain Sight with FDNY Lieutenant Andrew Kane and Dr. Robert Friedman
The misuse of prescription opioids is one of the most significant public health issues in our country. According to health officials, providing access to effective care may prevent misuse and the consequences—such as overdose. So to better comprehend substance abuse, in this episode, we’ll be hearing […]
May 31, 2019
S4, E41 World Trade Center Construction and Design Features with FDNY Lieutenant John Amsterdam
Construction at the World Trade Center site showcases some of the most forward-thinking building and fire prevention features ever designed and implemented. In this episode, Lt. John Amsterdam of Ladder 10 talks about some of these features which are featured in two WNYF articles, 01/2017 “An […]
Apr 30, 2019
S4, E40 Simulation Saves Lives with FDNY Lieutenant Kate Frawley
In military training you often hear the adage, “train as you fight, fight as you train.” And in sports you often hear, “you play the game the way you practice.” Both of these truisms have rightly migrated into EMT and Paramedic training courses. There is evidence […]
Mar 28, 2019
S4, E39 Backdrafts, Smoke Explosions and Flashovers with FDNY Captain John Ceriello
Rapid fire events are a rare phenomenon that even the most seasoned Firefighter may never encounter during their careers. And while there is much still to learn about what environments or tactics are best suited to avoid them, there are some patterns to their occurrences. In […]
Feb 28, 2019
S4, E38 The Benefits of Teaming up with FDNY Firefighters and Athletes David Guilford and Michael Reno
Training for an athletic event with a team brings lots of benefits, including improved performance and accountability. Even when participants compete as individuals, the opportunity to connect with others is there. In this episode, FDNY Firefighters David Guilford and Michael Reno talk about their involvement with […]
Jan 31, 2019
S3, E37 Pipeline to an FDNY Career with Commissioner Michele Maglione and FDNY EMT Denzel Adonis
The Fire Department of the City of New York is continually looking to advance the opportunities for young people to become part of the City’s Bravest. To help support this goal, the Department has created a Youth Workforce Development Initiative. To date, this initiative’s programs have […]
Dec 19, 2018
S3, E36 FDNY Apparatus Positioning with Battalion Chief Christopher Eysser and Lieutenant Ray McCormack
Frequent drilling and communication prior to arrival at a fire is critical to proper apparatus positioning. Veteran FDNY members, Battalion Chief Christopher Eysser and Lt. Ray McCormack discuss efficient and effective placement techniques of the FDNY’s fleet that can elevate performance on the fireground and even […]
Nov 29, 2018
S3, E35 Double Jeopardy at a Bronx Fire with FDNY Lieutenant Michael Ciampo
During the early morning hours on September 17, 2016, Bronx Box 2759 was transmitted for a commercial occupancy fire. While entering the occupancy and on their initial size-up, no units had encountered any signage for steel plating and were surprised to find it both on the […]
Oct 25, 2018
S3, E34 Points of Reflection with FDNY Chief of EMS James Booth
Chief James Booth is a 35-year veteran of the FDNY with experience responding to some of the most significant natural and manmade disasters to occur during his career. Chief Booth responded to the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 and the terrorist attacks on […]
Sep 28, 2018
S3, E33 Recalling Waldbaum’s, 1978 with FDNY Captain Howard Venetsky (Ret.)
On August 2, 1978, twelve FDNY Firefighters plunged into a burning Waldbaum’s Supermarket when the bowstring truss roof collapsed at the center of the store. Six of the Firefighters made the Supreme Sacrifice. In this episode, retired FDNY Captain Howard Venetsky, who was working in Rescue […]
Aug 28, 2018
S3, E32 Routine Chemical Exposures in the EMS Workplace with FDNY Lieutenant Robert Carlo
Pre-hospital care providers face many potential job hazards, including exposure to and handling of hazardous chemical substances. In this episode, FDNY EMS Lieutenant Robert Carlo discusses the types of chemical exposures Department Emergency Medical Services members are exposed to, how to identify the symptoms of a […]
Jul 30, 2018
S3, E31 EMS Museum 2.0 with FDNY Chief James “JP” Martin and Captain Jack Quigley
Nearly 26 years ago, the first NYC EMS Museum opened on the grounds of Fort Totten in Bayside, Queens. In 2013, it was closed to make way for some much needed construction. The NYC EMS Museum reopened in May 2018 to display how the FDNY’s EMS […]
Jun 28, 2018
S3, E30 Reduce Your Risk Initiative with FDNY Deputy Chief Joseph Jardin
The FDNY’s Reduce Your Risk project was established in 2017 by the Department’s Contamination Reduction Workgroup to increase awareness of the cancer risk faced by Firefighters and promote the proactive measures that should be taken to combat this deadly, but frequently, avoidable occupational hazard. FDNY Deputy […]
May 31, 2018
S3, E29 Annual Medicals – A Lasting Impact with FDNY Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kerry Kelly
On March 16, 2018, FDNY Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kerry Kelly retired after 37 years of dedicated service. The FDNY has set the standard for monitoring the health and well-being of its members and Dr. Kelly was instrumental in getting that done. Dr. Kelly began the […]
Apr 30, 2018
S3, E28 Train Brave with FDNY Rescue Paramedics Silvana Uzcategui and Krista O’Dea
In 2017, for the first time ever at the FDNY Academy, the majority of Rescue Paramedic trainees were women. Rescue Paramedics bring advanced pre-hospital care to any civilian or member of service in a precarious position while extrication procedures take place. Members selected for this program […]
Mar 28, 2018
S3, E27 Inside the FDNY Fitness Unit with Captain Thomas Tanzosh
Given the rigorous demands of first responders’ jobs and increased risk for cardiac events, finding a fitness routine that works is critical. In this episode, the head of the FDNY Fitness Unit, Captain Thomas Tanzosh, gives listeners an inside look at how the FDNY trains its […]
Feb 28, 2018
S3, E26 The FDNY Medical Special Operations Conference (MSOC) with Dr. Doug Isaacs and Paramedic Juan Henriquez
The FDNY, in partnership with the FDNY Foundation, is proud to have spearheaded the annual Medical Special Operations Conference (MSOC). MSOC continues to be the conference that military, federal, state and local emergency medical responders attend to share their experiences, best practices, and ideas. In this […]
Jan 25, 2018
S2, E25 A Critical Link in the Chain of Survival with FDNY Deputy Chief James Darnowski
The chain of survival is a series of steps, which give a victim of cardiac arrest the best chance of survival. Early CPR is an important link in this chain, but far too often it is administered too late, or not at all. FDNY Deputy Chief […]
Dec 28, 2017
S2, E24 Evolution of FDNY HazMat with Battalion Chief Robert Ingram and Firefighter Joseph Iovino
FDNY Battalion Chief Robert Ingram and Firefighter Joseph Iovino, both founding members of HazMat Company 1, discuss their unit’s origins, specialized training and protocol, and role in modern day disaster response. They examine major incidents they’ve personally been involved in, and discuss what it takes to […]
Nov 16, 2017
S2, E23 Leading the Invisible with FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Lillian Bonsignore
FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Lillian Bonsignore discusses the qualities of a successful leader, recognizing that rank doesn’t necessarily translate to success in leadership. Guidelines and protocols are in place to guide us, but it’s important to be able to adapt and overcome difficulties in dynamic situations. […]
Oct 25, 2017
S2, E22 The Chelsea Bombing: One Year Later with FDNY Chief Joseph D. Liselli
FDNY Chief Joseph D. Liselli recounts response measures and operations during the 2016 Chelsea bombing. Lieutenant Jon Paul Augier hosts.
Sep 22, 2017
S2, E21 The Right Tools for the Job with FDNY Lieutenant Yonatan Klein
FDNY Lieutenant Yonatan Klein discusses how the FDNY researches, develops and selects the best tools and equipment for members. Lieutenant Farooq Muhammad hosts.
Aug 31, 2017
S2, E20 Maximizing Resources During MCIs with FDNY Captain Charles Fraser
FDNY Captain Charles Fraser details how to maximize and expand your resources for a mass casualty incident. Lt. Farooq Muhammad hosts.
Jul 10, 2017
S2, E19 Air-Supported Structures with FDNY Lieutenant Stephen Rhine Discusses
FDNY Lieutenant Stephen Rhine sits down to discuss the intricacies of operating at emergencies in air-supported structures, an increasingly popular form of construction. Lieutenant Jon Paul Augier hosts.
Jun 15, 2017
S2, E18 Peer Support Groups with FDNY Captain Frank Leto
FDNY Captain Frank Leto describes how the FDNY Counseling Service Unit’s Peer Support Groups support all members with an array of services. Captain, and Executive Officer to the Fire Commissioner, Elizabeth Cascio hosts.
May 26, 2017
S2, E17 Terrorism and Intelligence with FDNY Captain Chris Ward
FDNY Captain Chris Ward discusses the role that intelligence plays for first responders, including how the FDNY keeps terrorism awareness on the front lines through its weekly intelligence product, Watchline. Captain Sean Newman, of the FDNY Center for Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness, hosts.
Apr 28, 2017
S2, E16 Recognizing Heart Disease with FDNY Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kerry Kelly and FDNY Attending Cardiologist Doctor Dianne Acuna
FDNY Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kerry Kelly and FDNY Attending Cardiologist Dr. Dianne Acuna discuss how to recognize heart disease as well as the effects that heart disease has had on the first responder community at large. Lieutenant Jon Paul Augier hosts.
Mar 06, 2017
S2, E15 “EMS Anthem” with FDNY Lieutenant Farooq Muhammad
FDNY Lieutenant Farooq Muhammad reaches over one million views for his video, “EMS Anthem,” and discusses what inspired him to create music about the job he describes as a calling. Captain, and Executive Officer to the Fire Commissioner, Elizabeth Cascio hosts.
Feb 28, 2017
S2, E14 Mental Toughness on the Battlefield and the Fireground with FDNY Firefighter and US Marine Corps Major Jason Brezler
FDNY Firefighter and US Marine Corps Major Jason Brezler describes the FDNY’s new Mental Performance Initiative by detailing his experiences on the battlefield in the Middle East and on the fireground here in New York City. Lieutenant Jon Paul Augier hosts.
Jan 12, 2017
S1, E13: Saved by the Department He Served with FDNY Firefighter Kenny Ruane (Retired)
FDNY Firefighter Kenny Ruane (retired) shares what it was like to be saved by the Department he served for over four decades after going into cardiac arrest just days before Thanksgiving in 2015. He also talks about the impact of being reunited with his rescuers at […]
Dec 13, 2016
S1, E12: Complex Firefighting Ops at a U-Shaped Multiple Dwelling with FDNY Deputy Chief Jay Jonas and FDNY Battalion Chief Brian Mulry
Chiefs Jay Jonas and Brian Mulry recount operations, decisions, and lessons learned while operating at a complex fire in a multiple dwelling in the Bronx. Lieutenant Jon Paul Augier hosts.
Nov 17, 2016
S1, E11 Firefighter Assist and Search Teams with FDNY Firefighter Anthony Caterino and FDNY Deputy Chief Jay Jonas
Firefighter Anthony Caterino describes the importance of the FAST Unit in maintaining firefighter safety during an emergency operation. Chief Jay Jonas joins the conversation detailing his past experiences being deployed as a FAST Unit Captain during a rope rescue. Lieutenant Jon Paul Augier hosts.
Nov 17, 2016
S1, E10 23rd Street Fire and its Lasting Impacts with FDNY Chief of Safety Allen Hay (Retired)
Retired Chief Allen D. Hay shares the memories that his father, Deputy Chief Allen Hay, passed down to him about his response to the 23rd Street Fire in 1966. Chief Hay, who retired as Assistant Chief of Safety, also details safety measures that have been modified […]
Oct 17, 2016
S1, E9 23rd Street Fire Ops with FDNY Assistant Chief Edward Butler (Retired) and FDNY Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn (Retired)
Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn and Assistant Chief Edward Butler (both retired) talk about their experiences operating at the 23rd Street Fire in this special anniversary podcast. Chief Dunn and Chief Butler also discuss implications and lessons learned throughout the decades that have followed. Captain Sean Newman, of the […]
Oct 17, 2016
S1, E8 Medical Oversight During 9/11 Response, Rescue and Recovery Effort with FDNY Chief Medical Director Doctor Glenn Asaeda
Dr. Asaeda recollects 9/11 by describing the medical oversight that he provided as the attack on the World Trade Center unfolded. Dr. Asaeda describes his decisions on topics such as patient care and preparations for a mass casualty incident. Captain, and Executive Officer to the Fire […]
Oct 03, 2016
S1, E7 EMS Ops Before, During and After the Collapse of the WTC with FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Janice Olszewski
Deputy Assistant Chief Olszewski recounts her experiences as a then-newly promoted EMS Captain. She discusses the decisions that guided staging, triage, transportation and other considerations for EMS operations on 9/11. Captain, and Executive Officer to the Fire Commissioner, Elizabeth Cascio hosts.
Oct 03, 2016
S1, E6 Marine Ops and Emerging Threats with FDNY Battalion Chief Joseph Abbamonte
Battalion Chief Joseph Abbamonte sits down and details the complexities of marine operations in New York City harbor, home to one of the busiest ports in the country. He discusses the tools, training, preparedness and response measures of the FDNY marine unit. Lieutenant Jon Paul Augier […]
Sep 23, 2016
S1, E5 Why You May Not Be Hearing Important Info on the Fireground with FDNY Lieutenant Robert Brown
Lieutenant Robert Brown discusses some of the effects of stress on the body during fire operations, including auditory exclusion. He walks listeners through the body’s response during a highly stressful event and offers suggestions for countering unwanted physical responses to stress. Lieutenant Jon Paul Augier hosts.
Sep 23, 2016
S1, E4 Safe Vehicle Operations with FDNY Lieutenant Joseph Yolles
Lieutenant Joseph Yolles discusses the importance of training personnel who operate emergency vehicles. He describes in great detail how FDNY administers its training program to ensure safe operations on New York City streets. Captain, and Executive Officer to the Fire Commissioner, Elizabeth Cascio hosts.
Jul 29, 2016
S1, E3 Acting While Off-Duty with FDNY EMTs Shaun Alexander and Khadijah Hall
EMTs Shaun Alexander and Khadijah Hall discuss the decisions first responders face to act while off-duty and how Alexander and Hall applied those principles during a shootout in Brooklyn in which they helped save the life of an NYPD officer. Captain Elizabeth Cascio, Executive Officer to […]
Jul 27, 2016
S1, E2 Dangerous V Collapses with FDNY Chief Joseph R. Downey
Lt. Jon Paul Augier sits down with Battalion Chief Joseph Downey, a 31-year veteran of the FDNY who is currently assigned to the Rescue Battalion of the Special Operations Command. Listen as Chief Downey discusses the FDNY’s response to the eight-story building collapse on 38th Street […]
Jun 08, 2016
S1, E1 Mission to Liberia with FDNY Doctor Dario Gonzalez
Doctor Dario Gonzalez, FDNY Office of Medical Affairs Physician, interviewed by Captain Elizabeth Cascio, Executive Officer to the Fire Commissioner and 32-year veteran of Emergency Medical Service. Doctor Gonzalez serves as the FDNY representative for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Urban Search and Rescue […]
Apr 05, 2016