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Buddy Buddy
 Feb 7, 2022
Wos is a must listen...everything is a must pass.

 Aug 12, 2021
love it!

 Jul 31, 2020
garbage podcast. tried listening but too much nonsense.

 Dec 14, 2019
Top podcast pitched at the right level. A couple of smart and articulate guys chewing the fat on the NBA.

 Nov 16, 2019


The Ringer NBA squad provides the insight, reporting, and analysis that you need in your life right here on The Ringer NBA Show. On Sundays and Wednesdays, check out 'Group Chat' with Justin Verrier, Wosny Lambre and Rob Mahoney. Tap in on Mondays and Thursdays for 'Real Ones' with Logan Murdock and Raja Bell.

Episode Date
How Long Can the Wolves Survive? Plus, a Goodbye to Bill Walton and an Offseason Pulse Check. | Group Chat
May 29, 2024
Celtics Sweep Their Way Into the Finals | Real Ones
May 28, 2024
The Celtics Way Bests Nembsanity | Group Chat
May 26, 2024
Luka Calls Game on the T-Wolves, Adjustments for Ant Man and Can the Pacers Win a Game in the ECF?
May 25, 2024
Why This Year’s Playoffs Are More Fun, Giving the Celtics Their Flowers, and Previewing Timberwolves-Mavs Game 2 | Real Ones
May 24, 2024
Luka and Kyrie Switch Roles to Win Game 1. Plus, a Farewell to the Nuggets, and the Pacers’ Next Move. | Group Chat
May 23, 2024
Down Go the Defending Champion Nuggets, Ant vs. Luka, and the Knicks Running Out of Gas. Plus, Previewing the Conference Finals. | Real Ones
May 20, 2024
The Improbable Pacers Snuff Out the Battered Knicks. Plus, What’s Phase 2 in OKC? | Group Chat
May 20, 2024
Knicks Running Out of Gas? Plus, Predictions for the MUST-SEE T-Wolves vs. Nuggets Game 7.
May 18, 2024
The Timberwolves Force a Game 7. Plus, Discussing the Possibility That JJ Redick Will Coach the Lakers. | Real Ones
May 17, 2024
Luka’s Less-Gripey Magic, Mitchell’s Next Move, and Draft Lottery Ripple Effects | Group Chat
May 16, 2024
Timberwolves and Knicks Blow 2-0 Leads | Real Ones
May 13, 2024
Dallas Runs Away From OKC, Boston Reanimates, and More. | Group Chat
May 12, 2024
The Nuggets Are Back. How Will the T-Wolves Respond? Plus, the Pacers’ Impressive Game 3 Performance and Saturday Preview
May 11, 2024
Why the Mavs Defense Is the Key to Their Success, and the Celtics’ Lack of Consistency. Plus, Is Game 3 a Trap Game for the Knicks? | Real Ones
May 10, 2024
The Resilient Knicks Storm Back Against the Pacers. Plus, an Honest Conversation About the Denver Nuggets. | Group Chat
May 09, 2024
Why the Magic Are Actually Ahead of Schedule and a Knicks-Pacers Preview. Plus, Can Anthony Edwards Be the Best Player in the NBA? | Real Ones
May 06, 2024
Anthony Edwards Goes Supernova In Denver. Plus, Things We Think We Know After Round 1. | Group Chat
May 05, 2024
Mavericks Eliminate Clippers, Orlando Forces Game 7, and Nuggets vs. Timberwolves Preview
May 04, 2024
Rasheed Wallace on Jalen Brunson’s Ascension, Another Disappointing Bucks Season, and How Jokic Advanced the Big Man | Real Ones
May 03, 2024
Another All-Time Clippers Stinker. Plus, Is LeBron Better Off Leaving L.A.? | Group Chat
May 02, 2024
Timberwolves Send the Suns Home in a Sweep | Real Ones
Apr 29, 2024
The Lakers Finally Beat Denver, Orlando Goes Electric, and More From Saturday’s Playoff Slate. | Group Chat
Apr 28, 2024
The Suns’ Flawed Approach, Kawhi Leonard’s Career Crossroads, and Where Do the Bucks Go from Here?
Apr 27, 2024
The Nuggets' Greatness, Embiid's 50-Ball, and Suns in Trouble | Real Ones
Apr 26, 2024
A Celtics Therapy Session. Plus, Resetting Every First-Round Series After Two Games. | Group Chat
Apr 25, 2024
One Burning Question for Each Game 1 of Opening Playoffs Weekend | Real Ones
Apr 22, 2024
Top-Line Takeaways From All of Saturday’s Game 1s | Group Chat
Apr 21, 2024
Playoff Preview and Jontay Porter Banned From the NBA | Real Ones
Apr 19, 2024
First-Round Playoff Verriables. Plus, Batum Saves the Sixers. | Group Chat
Apr 18, 2024
Previewing the Play-In Tournament Games. Plus, Can the Pacers Upset the Bucks? | Real Ones
Apr 15, 2024
Biggest Winners of the NBA Finale, Plus NBA Playoff Preview! | Group Chat
Apr 15, 2024
Is the Playoff Race Still Wide-Open? Plus, NBA Dynasties Vs. Competitive Balance. | Real Ones
Apr 11, 2024
All-NBA Picks (Also in Pencil) | Group Chat
Apr 10, 2024
2024 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees and the MVP Awards Race | Real Ones
Apr 08, 2024
Awards Ballots (in Pencil) | Group Chat
Apr 07, 2024
The Disappointing Milwaukee Bucks and Beefing NBA Owners | Real Ones
Apr 04, 2024
How Embiid’s Return Impacts the East, Plus Giant-Killer Rankings | Group Chat
Apr 04, 2024
What Will the Lakers Do Post-LeBron? Plus, the Red-Hot Mavs and Rockets. | Real Ones
Apr 01, 2024
Say One Nice Thing: The East’s Bottom Five | Group Chat
Mar 31, 2024
Is the NCAA Still Effective at Developing Prospects? Plus, Sue Bird on the Rapid Ascent of Women’s Basketball. | Real Ones
Mar 28, 2024
This Is March: What We Believe (and Don’t Believe) From the Season’s Final Stretch | Group Chat
Mar 27, 2024
The Unfair Michael Jordan–Anthony Edwards Comparisons and Adam Silver’s Legacy as an NBA Commissioner | Real Ones
Mar 25, 2024
Mailbag: First-Team All-NBA, Improving Stars, Pop Vs. Phil Jackson, and More | Group Chat
Mar 24, 2024
Joel Embiid Chooses Team USA Over France and LeBron Enters the Podcast Space | Real Ones
Mar 21, 2024
Say One Nice Thing: The West’s Bottom Five | Group Chat
Mar 20, 2024
Kyrie Irving’s Wild Buzzer Beater and Why the Mavs Could Be the Most Dangerous Play-in Team. Plus, the Perils of Instant Replay. | Real Ones
Mar 18, 2024
The Play-In Pressure Index | Group Chat
Mar 17, 2024
Checking in on the Western Conference Play-in Pool. Plus, KD’s Legacy and Ascent on the All-Time Scoring List | Real Ones
Mar 14, 2024
No-Power Rankings | Group Chat
Mar 13, 2024
Is This the Clippers’ Last Chance at a Championship? | Real Ones
Mar 11, 2024
Late-Season Panic Meter | Group Chat
Mar 11, 2024
The Tight Western Conference Playoff Race and Hot Seats for Jason Kidd and Darvin Ham. Plus, Another Disappointing Ben Simmons Season. | Real Ones
Mar 07, 2024
Are the Celtics Historically Dominant? Plus, Future Power Rankings. | Group Chat
Mar 06, 2024
The MVP Race, and Where Does LeBron Fall on the All-Time Lakers List? | Real Ones
Mar 05, 2024
The Wembageddon Is Upon Us | Group Chat
Mar 03, 2024
How important Is the Lakers Comeback Against the Clippers? | Real Ones
Feb 29, 2024
Is This Anything? Late-Season Edition. | Group Chat
Feb 28, 2024
How Basketball Media Consumption And Discourse Has Changed Over The Years. Plus, Giannis’s Place In NBA History | Real Ones
Feb 26, 2024
Everything Left to Sort Out Over the Stretch Run | Group Chat
Feb 26, 2024
The Disappointing State of All-Star Weekend. Plus, Is It Time to Panic for the Bucks? | Real Ones
Feb 22, 2024
Group Chat Live All-Star Weekend 2024
Feb 18, 2024
Why Fighting in the NBA Is (Mostly) Extinct, and Advice for Young All-Stars | Real Ones
Feb 15, 2024
Second-Guessing The Ringer’s Top 100 Rankings | Group Chat
Feb 14, 2024
Do the Warriors Still Have What It Takes to Make a Late-Season Run? Plus, Kobe’s Statue Reveal. | Real Ones
Feb 12, 2024
The Next Questions After the Trade Deadline | Group Chat
Feb 11, 2024
Trade Deadline Instant Reactions | Group Chat
Feb 09, 2024
The Current State of LeBron With the Lakers | Real Ones
Feb 05, 2024
Trade Deadline Matchmaker. Plus, the Latest Flap Over Embiid’s Flap. | Group Chat
Feb 04, 2024
Dame and KD Return to Their Former Teams, and Why the New Player Participation Rule Is Flawed | Real Ones
Feb 01, 2024
Divvying Up the Pre-Deadline Title Pie. Plus, What’s in an Hourglass Emoji? | Group Chat
Jan 31, 2024
LeBron and Steph’s Historic Rivalry and The Explosion of Individual Scoring in the Modern NBA | Real Ones
Jan 29, 2024
The Most Interesting Teams Ahead of the Trade Deadline. Plus, Embiid Ducks Jokic (Again). | Group Chat
Jan 28, 2024
Why Doc Rivers Is an Upgrade for the Bucks and What It’s Like to Deal With Trade Rumors as a Player | Real Ones
Jan 25, 2024
Can Doc Rivers Fix the Bucks? Plus, the Heat Just Got Scary. | Group Chat
Jan 24, 2024
Does Kevin Durant Belong in the GOAT Discussion? Plus, Mailbag Monday! | Real Ones
Jan 22, 2024
All-Star Ballots: Starters and Reserves | Group Chat
Jan 21, 2024
Are the Pacers a Finals Contender With Pascal Siakam? Plus, the Most Interesting Trade Targets and Potential Destinations. | Real Ones
Jan 18, 2024
Pascal Siakam to the Pacers Trade Reaction. Plus, Round 1 of Embiid vs. Jokic, and Chet: Live and in Color. | Group Chat
Jan 17, 2024
The Most Interesting Players Ahead of the Trade Deadline | Group Chat
Jan 14, 2024
What Is Going On With Recent NBA Officiating? Plus, Tyronn Lue’s Phenomenal Coaching | Real Ones
Jan 11, 2024
A Surprise Kawhi Extension, the Bucks’ Big Problem, and Ja and Haliburton Injury Ripple Effects | Group Chat
Jan 10, 2024
Draymond Is Back, and Should We Be Worried About the Bucks? | Real Ones
Jan 08, 2024
NBA SOS: Our Plans to Save the Lakers and Warriors | Group Chat
Jan 07, 2024
Can the Thunder Keep This Up? Plus: Do We Believe Their Raps. | Real Ones
Jan 04, 2024
Reassessing the East and West Races, Plus a Live Show Announcement! | Group Chat
Jan 03, 2024
Instant Reaction Pod with Bill Simmons! OG Anunoby Traded to the Knicks! | Group Chat
Dec 30, 2023
The Best There Is, the Best That Will Be | Group Chat
Dec 27, 2023
NBA Festivus: The Airing of Grievances! | Group Chat
Dec 23, 2023
2023 Realys Awards | Real Ones
Dec 21, 2023
Mailbag: Ja Morant and the Grizzlies, Best Player in a Bad Situation, and More | Group Chat
Dec 21, 2023
Questions Heading Into 2024 | Real Ones
Dec 18, 2023
Is This Anything? | Group Chat
Dec 17, 2023
What Draymond Green’s Suspension Means for the Warriors. Plus, Bomani Jones on Today’s Sports Media Environment | Real Ones
Dec 14, 2023
Which Teams Should Buy, Sell, or Stay Put as Trade Season Begins | Group Chat
Dec 13, 2023
Was the In-Season Tournament a Success? Plus, Is Bron and Bronny Playing Together Really a Possibility? | Real Ones
Dec 11, 2023
The Lakers Make In-Season Tourney History. Plus, Some Historic Losers. | Group Chat
Dec 10, 2023
What’s Holding Zion and the Pelicans Back? Plus, LeBron Is All About the Vibes. | Real Ones
Dec 07, 2023
Have the New Bucks Arrived? Plus, More Takeaways From the In-Season Tournament Quarterfinals. | Group Chat
Dec 06, 2023
In-Season Tournament Check-In | Real Ones
Dec 04, 2023
Western Conference Confidence Scale | Group Chat
Dec 03, 2023
Trailer for the 2023-2024 NBA Season!
Dec 01, 2023
The Beginning of the End for the Warriors and Unpacking the In-Season Tournament Group Winners | Real Ones
Nov 30, 2023
A Wild Finish to In-Season Tournament Group Play | Group Chat
Nov 29, 2023
Draymond Doubles Down, and Pop’s In-Game Defense of Kawhi Leonard | Real Ones
Nov 27, 2023
One-Month Survey: Best Player, Best Team, and More | Group Chat
Nov 26, 2023
NBA Potluck: One Player, One Team, One Take | Group Chat
Nov 22, 2023
How NBA Greats Spin Narratives for Motivation and Zach LaVine’s Potential Landing Spots. Plus, Chelsea Gray on Success With the Aces | Real Ones
Nov 20, 2023
The Warriors Are Down Bad, the Rockets Are Good (?), and the Zach LaVine Derby Is On | Group Chat
Nov 19, 2023
Rasheed Wallace on Why the NBA Prioritizes Scoring, Perception vs. Reality With Media Narratives, and Winning a Title With the Pistons | Real Ones
Nov 16, 2023
Early Returns From a Potentially Historic Rookie Class | Group Chat
Nov 15, 2023
What It Takes to Transition From an Up-and-Coming Team to a Conference Contender, and Which Young Teams Are Potential Pretenders | Real Ones
Nov 13, 2023
NBA Panic Meter | Group Chat
Nov 12, 2023
The Questionable Giannis Ejection, LeBron’s Miami Heat Legacy, and the 76ers’ Early Success Without Harden | Real Ones
Nov 09, 2023
Believe It or Not: Early-Season Surprises | Group Chat
Nov 08, 2023
First Impressions of the NBA’s In-Season Tournament Games and Underwhelming Teams That Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt | Real Ones
Nov 06, 2023
The Pros and Cons of the In-Season Tournament | Group Chat
Nov 05, 2023
Gilbert Arenas on Playing Against Great Defenders, Evolving Into an NBA Superstar, and the Lakers’ Overreliance on LeBron James | Real Ones
Nov 02, 2023
The Next Questions After the James Harden Trade | Group Chat
Nov 01, 2023
Early Season Overreactions and Panic Watch | Real Ones
Oct 30, 2023
Biggest Takeaways From the First Week-ish of the NBA Season | Group Chat
Oct 29, 2023
Wemby’s NBA Debut, the James Harden–76ers Standstill, and Changes to the 2024 NBA All-Star Game | Real Ones
Oct 26, 2023
Opening Night First Impressions | Group Chat
Oct 25, 2023
2023-24 NBA Season Preview: Expectations for Wemby’s Rookie Year, the Boston Celtics’ Championship Window, and Award Predictions | Real Ones
Oct 23, 2023
The 2023-24 NBA Season Entrance Survey | Group Chat
Oct 22, 2023
Steph Curry’s Preseason Game-Winner, Jordan Poole’s Revenge Season, and James Harden’s Trade Request Antics | Real Ones
Oct 19, 2023
Preseason Power Rankings, Part 5 | Group Chat
Oct 18, 2023
Preseason Power Rankings, Part 4 | Group Chat
Oct 18, 2023
Howard Beck Joins 'Real Ones,' Damian Lillard’s Bucks Preseason Debut, and What Wemby’s Hybrid Play Style Means for the NBA Big Man | Real Ones
Oct 16, 2023
Preseason Power Rankings, Part 3 | Group Chat
Oct 11, 2023
Preseason Power Rankings, Part 2 | Group Chat
Oct 11, 2023
Media Day Quotes That Grabbed Our Attention the Most. Plus, the Impact of Jrue Holiday to Boston. | Off Guard
Oct 05, 2023
Preseason Power Rankings, Part 1 | Group Chat
Oct 05, 2023
How Jrue Holiday Impacts the Celtics’ Title Chances, James Harden Skipping Media Day, and the Fractured Relationship Between Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers | Real Ones
Oct 02, 2023
Why Each Team Won With the Dame Trade, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Reactions, and a Lost in the Sauce Test | Off Guard
Sep 28, 2023
Instant Reaction to Damian Lillard's Trade to the Bucks | Group Chat
Sep 27, 2023
Austin Rivers on Podcasting as an Active NBA Player and Life as a Role Player in the League | Real Ones
Sep 25, 2023
Austin Responds to Latest Drama and Hands Out Preseason Awards | Off Guard
Sep 22, 2023
What the NBA’s New Load Management Policy Means for Teams, and Giannis’s Uncertain Future With the Bucks | Real Ones
Sep 14, 2023
Team USA Fails to Capture Bronze, No More Load Management, and More | Off Guard
Sep 13, 2023
Five Big Questions One Month Away from Training Camp | Group Chat
Sep 07, 2023
Seven Players With the Most to Prove This Season. Plus, Austin’s Reaction to Noah Lyles’s NBA Comments. | Off Guard
Sep 05, 2023
Will Giannis Antetokounmpo Sign a Contract Extension With the Milwaukee Bucks? Plus, James Harden’s Beef With Daryl Morey and a 2023 FIBA World Cup Check-In | Group Chat
Aug 31, 2023
Which NBA Players Will Perform the Best at the FIBA Basketball World Cup? | The Answer
Aug 24, 2023
What Type of NBA Career Would You Rather Have: Better Peak or Longevity? Plus, Listener Questions! | Off Guard
Aug 11, 2023
What We Enjoyed Most About the 2023 Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees
Aug 10, 2023
Our All-Time Starting Five, a James Harden-Dwyane Wade Debate, and a Potential Ben Simmons Comeback? | Off Guard
Aug 03, 2023
Jaylen Brown Cashes In, Plus an Offseason Mailbag | Group Chat
Jul 27, 2023
Stephen Curry on ‘Underrated,’ The Chris Paul-Jordan Poole Trade, and His Relationship With Kevin Durant | Real Ones
Jul 24, 2023
Why Is the Draymond-Poole Drama Still Going? Plus, What It Was Like to See Wemby in Person. | Off Guard
Jul 21, 2023
NBA Summer League Observations, Reactions to Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson’s Debuts, and Thoughts on the New NBA In-Season Tournament | Real Ones
Jul 13, 2023
The Last Remaining Questions of the NBA Offseason, Plus a Summer League Recap | Group Chat
Jul 12, 2023
Do the Raptors Have to Trade Pascal Siakam? | The Answer
Jul 11, 2023
Summer League Shenanigans: Wemby-Mania, Scoot Henderson, and Much More
Jul 10, 2023
Breaking Down the Long-Awaited Debut of Victor Wembanyama | Group Chat
Jul 08, 2023
The Grant Williams Sign-and-Trade and Raja Reacts to Rap Lyrics With His Name | Real Ones
Jul 06, 2023
Ranking the Blue-Chip Assets in the Dame Chase, Plus More Big Post-Free Agency Questions | Group Chat
Jul 05, 2023
Dame Requests Trade, Class of 2020 Max Contracts, and More From Day 2 of Free Agency
Jul 02, 2023
Breaking Down the Biggest Deals From Day 1 of NBA Free Agency | Group Chat
Jul 01, 2023
Is This a Boring Year for NBA Free Agency? Plus, Why Kyrie Irving to the Suns Can’t Work | Real Ones
Jun 29, 2023
The Most Interesting Teams, Trade Targets, and Free Agents of the 2023 Offseason | Group Chat
Jun 28, 2023
How Does the John Collins Trade Affect the Hawks and Jazz? Plus, Dream Trade Destinations for the Big NBA Free Agents | The Answer
Jun 27, 2023
Raja and Logan Expose Their Worst Takes From the Season | Real Ones
Jun 26, 2023
2023 Draft Reactions and WTF Is Up With This Warriors–Chris Paul Trade? | Off Guard
Jun 23, 2023
Warriors Trade Jordan Poole, and Picks for Chris Paul | Real Ones
Jun 22, 2023
NBA Draft: Trade for a Vet or Keep the Pick? Plus, Jamal Murray on His First Championship | Group Chat
Jun 21, 2023
Are the Phoenix Suns a Superteam? Plus, Big NBA Offseason Story Lines! | The Answer
Jun 20, 2023
Joker’s Interesting Championship Reaction, Miami’s Future, and More! | Off Guard
Jun 16, 2023
Way-Too-Early Questions for the 2023-24 NBA Season | Real Ones
Jun 15, 2023
NBA Finals Ripple Effects. Plus, the Zion Chase Is On? | Group Chat
Jun 14, 2023
Is This the Beginning of the Next Great NBA Team? | The Answer
Jun 14, 2023
The Dominance of the Denver Nuggets, Why Understanding Your Role as a Pro Is Essential, and Why NBA Players Love to Golf | Real Ones
Jun 12, 2023
Trends and Lessons from the 2023 NBA Finals | Group Chat
Jun 11, 2023
Jokic-Murray the Best Two-Man Game Ever? Plus, Chris Paul’s Potential New Team and Mailbag Time! | Off Guard
Jun 09, 2023
Van Lathan on Zion Williamson’s Recent Antics, Ja Morant’s Potential Long-Term Suspension, and the Ever-Changing Media Landscape Around the Modern Athlete | Real Ones
Jun 08, 2023
The Jokic-Murray Combo Makes History in Game 3, Plus the Chris Paul Derby Begins | Group Chat
Jun 08, 2023
What Is the Nuggets’ Offensive Solution to the Heat’s Zone Defense? | The Answer
Jun 06, 2023
Howard Beck on the Miami Heat Stealing Game 2, Defending Nikola Jokic, and Kyrie Irving Wanting LeBron James in Dallas | Real Ones
Jun 05, 2023
What’s the Heat’s Move in Game 2? Plus, Next Steps for New Coaching Hires. | Group Chat
Jun 03, 2023
Jokic, the Nuggets, and the Altitude Dominate Game 1. Plus, Reaction to Monty Williams’s Historic Hire. | Off Guard
Jun 02, 2023
Amin Elhassan on the NBA Finals, Boston’s Collapse, and Heat Culture | Real Ones
Jun 01, 2023
Five Questions That Will Decide the 2023 NBA Finals | Group Chat
May 31, 2023
Was the Heat-Celtics ECF Game 7 the Most Disappointing Home Playoff Loss Ever? | The Answer
May 30, 2023
Derrick White’s Miracle Putback Saves the Celtics’ Season | Group Chat
May 28, 2023
Celtics Put Pressure on the Heat for Game 6 | Off Guard
May 27, 2023
Can the Celtics Extend the Series at Home? | Real Ones
May 25, 2023
Boston Stays Alive … But for How Long? Plus, a Deep Dive Into LeBron’s Retirement Plan. | Group Chat
May 24, 2023
Where Do LeBron James, the Lakers, and the Celtics Go from Here? | The Answer
May 23, 2023
The Heat Go Up 3-0, Carmelo Anthony Retires, and Lakers on the Verge of Getting Swept | Real Ones
May 22, 2023
The Nuggets are Unstoppable. Plus, Harden Watch and Boston’s Best Shot at a Comeback | Group Chat
May 21, 2023
It’s Getting Heated; The Heat Steal Game 2 Against the Celtics
May 20, 2023
Doc Rivers Out in Philly, Wemby In with the Spurs and the Nuggets’ Championship Run | Off Guard
May 20, 2023
Recent NBA Head-Coaching Shake-ups, “Himmy” Butler and the Heat, and Previewing Lakers-Nuggets Game 2 | Real Ones
May 18, 2023
Jimmy Buckets Steals Another Game 1, Plus Draft Lottery Ripple Effects | Group Chat
May 18, 2023
Jokic’s Offense or AD’s Defense? Plus, Examining the Celtics-Heat Revenge Series. | The Answer
May 16, 2023
What’s Next for Philly and Golden State? Plus: Ja Morant Suspended Again | Real Ones
May 15, 2023
Tatum Sends Philly Into an Uncertain Future. Plus, Monty Williams Fired, Ja Morant Suspended (Again), and More. | Group Chat
May 15, 2023
Lakers End the Warriors’ Dynasty and the Heat Send Knicks Packing in 6
May 13, 2023
Would Austin Ever Coach in the NBA? Plus, the Warriors’ Future and All-NBA Team Reactions | Off Guard
May 12, 2023
Can the Warriors Force a Game 7 Against the Lakers? Plus, the Impressive Play of the 76ers and the Ups and Downs of the Suns | Real Ones
May 11, 2023
The Warriors Show Their Championship Mettle, and the Knicks Stave Off Elimination | Group Chat
May 11, 2023
Why Did Steve Kerr Move Away From the Pick-and-Roll? Plus, Examining the Heat’s Truth Serum | The Answer
May 09, 2023
Is the Jokic Push a Big Deal? Plus: Philly Comes Up Clutch. | Real Ones
May 08, 2023
The Lakers Clobber the Warriors, Julius Randle Goes MIA, and More | Group Chat
May 07, 2023
Celtics Reclaiming Momentum and Suns Dominating the Offense in Game 3
May 06, 2023
Nikola Vucevic on His “Welcome to the NBA” Moment, Love for Batman, and More | Off Guard
May 05, 2023
Joel Embiid’s MVP Win and What Made His Return Difficult for the 76ers. Plus, the Dominance of Anthony Davis in Game 1 Against the Warriors. | Real Ones
May 04, 2023
The Celtics Roll the Sixers in Game 2 and Just Askin’ Questions About the Playoffs | Group Chat
May 04, 2023
Is There a Good Defensive Strategy for Nikola Jokic? Plus, Harden Puts the Celtics in a Blender | The Answer
May 02, 2023
Howard Beck on How Much Longer the Warriors Can Keep Winning, LeBron James Vs. Stephen Curry, and the 76ers Without Joel Embiid | Real Ones
May 01, 2023
Denver Toasts the Suns, Plus One Burning Question for Every Series | Group Chat
Apr 30, 2023
Lakers Poke the Grizzlies Back and the Kings' Shocking Warriors Domination
Apr 29, 2023
Warriors’ Title Chances, LeBron’s Playoff Run, and What to Make of Giannis’ Postgame Comments | Off Guard
Apr 29, 2023
Playoff Jimmy, Giannis’s Postgame Comments, and the Early Success of Lower Seeds | Real Ones
Apr 27, 2023
Jimmy Butler Sends the Bucks Home (Again), the Knicks Bully the Cavs, and More From Wednesday's Playoff Slate | Group Chat
Apr 27, 2023
Should We Be Surprised by What Jimmy Butler and LeBron James Did? | The Answer
Apr 25, 2023
The Warriors Even the Series 2-2, Ejections in the NBA Playoffs, and the ‘Snowfall’ Series Finale | Real Ones
Apr 24, 2023
LeBron Pokes Back, Vintage Russ Shows Up, and More From Saturday’s Game 4s | Group Chat
Apr 23, 2023
What's Next for Hawks, Knicks and Nuggets After Game 3 Wins and the Raptors' Future Post-Nick Nurse Firing
Apr 22, 2023
Draymond-Sabonis Reactions, T-Wolves’s Game 3 Adjustments, and More! | Off Guard
Apr 21, 2023
Dillon Brooks Calls LeBron James Old and Draymond Green’s One-Game Suspension | Real Ones
Apr 20, 2023
Jamal Murray Is Back, LeBron Looks Old, and More From Wednesday’s Game 2s | Group Chat
Apr 20, 2023
Step or Stomp? Plus, Embiid Destroys the Nets' Margin for Error | The Answer
Apr 18, 2023
Russell Westbrook’s Clutch Play, AustHIM Reaves, and Previewing Monday’s Game 2s | Real Ones
Apr 17, 2023
Top-Line Takeaways From All of Saturday’s Game 1s | Group Chat
Apr 16, 2023
Play-Ins to Playoffs With Haralabos "Bob" Voulgaris | Weekends With Wos
Apr 14, 2023
What Went Wrong vs. the Lakers, Play-In Part 2 vs. the Thunder, and the Kuzma-Dinwiddie Drama | Off Guard
Apr 14, 2023
Zion Sitting Out, and a Play-In Tournament Breakdown | Real Ones
Apr 13, 2023
SGA Refuses to be Herbed, and the Bulls Are Going Shrieking | Group Chat
Apr 13, 2023
Which Teams Are Going to Surprise Us in the Play-In Tournament? | The Answer
Apr 11, 2023
The Rudy Gobert Incident, Previewing the Play-In Tournament, and ‘Snowfall’ | Real Ones
Apr 10, 2023
Sorting Through All of the Madness From a Wild Regular-Season Finale | Group Chat
Apr 10, 2023
Bronny James’s Massive NIL Valuation, the Angel Reese–Caitlin Clark “Drama,” and Austin’s Thoughts on the New CBA | Off Guard
Apr 08, 2023
Lakers Check-In and Women's NCAA Tournament Championship Discussion With Sabreena Merchant | Weekends With Wos
Apr 07, 2023
Mark Cuban’s Comments on Jalen Brunson’s Departure and Late-Season Scheduling Woes | Real Ones
Apr 06, 2023
A Knockdown, Drag-Out MVP Conversation, Plus All-NBA Picks | Group Chat
Apr 05, 2023
Which MVP Candidate Is Depended on the Most by Their Team? | The Answer
Apr 05, 2023
Is Voter Fatigue Hurting Giannis’s Chances to Win MVP? Plus, Kawhi’s Puzzling Second-Half Absence Against the Grizzlies | Real Ones
Apr 03, 2023
'Redefined: J.R. Smith': Growing Up in the Limelight, Getting a College Education, and Being in the NBA With J.R. Smith | Weekends With Wos
Mar 31, 2023
Solving the Chaotic Western Conference | Real Ones
Mar 30, 2023
A Mavs Clusterf---, Plus KD’s Return | Group Chat
Mar 30, 2023
What Does the Defensive Player of the Year Winner Reveal About the State of NBA Offenses? | The Answer
Mar 29, 2023
Breaking Down the Dallas Mavericks’ Recent Struggles, and Do We Believe Their Raps? Plus, ‘Snowfall’ Talk. | Real Ones
Mar 27, 2023
Jaylen Brown, The Boston Celtics and NBA Owners With Jay King | Weekends With Wos
Mar 25, 2023
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Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, and the Jazz's Recent Struggles
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Kemba Walker on the Celtics’ Title Hopes, New York Basketball, and MJ Stories | R2C2 with CC Sabathia and Ryan Ruocco
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The Excitement of the Rockets and Blazers, the Suns' Contention, and Nerd Corner With the Lakers | Group Chat
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Russell Westbrook Announces He Tested Positive for COVID-19. Plus: Bruno Caboclo and Richaun Holmes Break Quarantine. | The Mismatch
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Senator Cory Booker on NCAA Reform, Speaking on the Senate Floor, the Criminal Justice System, and Fighting for a Better America | Flying Coach With Steve Kerr and Pete Carroll
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Would the Bucks Give Giannis a 10-Year, $1 Billion Contract If There Were No Salary Cap? | The Mismatch
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Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison on Their Many Years in the League, Black Fatherhood, and Player Activism | The Bakari Sellers Podcast
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Bradley Beal Is Out for the Season. So, Remind Us Why the Wizards Are Going to Orlando? | The Mismatch
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J.R. Smith Might Be Joining the Lakers to Replace Avery Bradley. Which Other Players Sitting Out Will Have the Biggest Impact? | The Mismatch
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The NBA’s Orlando Health Guidelines, the 2009 Memphis Draft, and More Mailbag | The Mismatch
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How Will the NBA Handle Growing Concern Over Its ‘Campus’ Environment? | The Mismatch
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What Needs to Happen Before the NBA Officially Returns? | The Mismatch
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The NBA’s Return Plan Was Approved by the Board of Governors. Now What? | The Mismatch
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As NBA Players Protest Police Brutality Around the Country, the League Is Locking in Its Return Plan | The Mismatch
Jun 03, 2020
Gregg Popovich on America in 2020, the Leadership Void, and What Needs to Change | Flying Coach With Steve Kerr and Pete Carroll
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Buying Into Analytics and The Advantage of the Multisport Athlete With Dave Roberts
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D’Angelo Russell for Andrew Wiggins, Andre Iguodala to Miami, and More From the NBA Trade Deadline | The Ringer NBA Show
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Grappling With the Death of Kobe Bryant | The Mismatch
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France Eliminates Team USA From the FIBA World Cup. What Now? | Group Chat
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Sixers Earn a Game 7. Have the Bucks Earned the Title of ‘Favorites’? Plus, Kevin Durant’s Injured Calf | Group Chat
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