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By Joel Smith, Just-Fly-Sports.com

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The Just Fly Performance Podcast is dedicated to all aspects of athletic performance training, with an emphasis on speed and power development. Featured on the show are coaches and experts in the spectrum of sport performance, ranging from strength and conditioning, to track and field, to sport psychology. Hosted by Joel Smith, the Just Fly Performance Podcast brings you some of the best information on modern athletic performance available.

Episode Date
387: Chris Bramah and JB Morin on Sprint Biomechanics and Advancing Injury Risk Factors
Nov 30, 2023
386: Sam Wuest on Elasticity, Tension-Relaxation and Keys to Athletic Longevity
Nov 23, 2023
385: Alex Lee on Hangs, Isometric Holds and Neurological Efficiency in Human Performance
Nov 16, 2023
384: Hunter Eisenhower and Mike Sullivan on Exploring Elasticity and Athletic Force Production
Nov 09, 2023
383: Mat Boulé and Jeff Moyer on A Neurological Approach to Posture and Athletic Movement
Nov 02, 2023
382: Tyler Yearby on Fueling Aliveness in Athletic Performance and Skill Development
Oct 26, 2023
381: Alex Effer on Force Production Strategies, Lunge Dynamics and Base of Support Concepts
Oct 19, 2023
380: Aaron Cantor on Exploring the Inner Game of Athleticism, Movement and Skill Development
Oct 12, 2023
379: Clifton Harski on Athleticism and Adaptability in the Human Performance Model
Oct 05, 2023
378: Jarod Burton on Integrating Athlete Perception and Game Speed Development
Sep 28, 2023
377: Boo Schexnayder on Elasticity, Proprioception and Motor Learning Concepts in Athletic Development
Sep 21, 2023
376: Joel Smith Q&A on Strength-Transfer, Rotation, and “Fascial” Concepts in Speed and Athleticism
Sep 14, 2023
375: Rich Burnett and John Garrish on Reactive Strength Development in Plyometric Training
Sep 07, 2023
374: Chris Scott on Pushing Plyometric Limits and Understanding Adaptability in Explosive Training
Aug 31, 2023
373: DJ Murakami on Exploring the Social, Motivational and Inner Factors of Physical Training
Aug 24, 2023
372: Sheldon Dunlap and Jeff Howser on Oscillatory Strength Training for Speed, Strength and Power Development
Aug 17, 2023
371: Jake Tuura on Full-Spectrum Tendon Training and Performance
Aug 10, 2023
370: Jamie Smith (Strength Culture) on The Bio-Psycho-Social Lens in Human Performance Training
Aug 03, 2023
369: Brady Volmering on Shattering Strength and Power Barriers with Non-Traditional Training Methods
Jul 27, 2023
368: Jason Feairheller on Multi-Directional Speed and Power Development
Jul 20, 2023
367: Bill Hartman on The Adaptive Body, Force Production, and High-Performance Biomechanics
Jul 13, 2023
366: Andy Ryland on Intuitive Development of Skill and Athleticism in Sport
Jul 06, 2023
365: Matt McInnes-Watson on Dynamic Plyometric Combinations and Patterning
Jun 29, 2023
364: Mark Hoover on Evolving Concepts in Game Speed and Agility Training
Jun 22, 2023
363: Chris Korfist on Advancing Training Models in Sprint Performance
Jun 15, 2023
362: Kevin Hollabaugh on Assessing and Developing Rotational Power and Sprint Performance
Jun 08, 2023
361: David Weck and Chris Chamberlin on Rotation, Side-Bending and Tensional Balance in a High-Performance Training Program
Jun 01, 2023
360: Ethan Reeve on Physical Education, Dynamic Athleticism and the Movement Learning Process
May 25, 2023
359: Dan John on “Snapacity” and the 3P’s of Muscle-Action in Explosive Athletic Movement
May 18, 2023
358: Mark McLaughlin on Play-Based Warmups, Athletic Mastery and Aerobic Capacity Building
May 11, 2023
357: Angus Bradley on “Knees Behind Toes” Training and the Gait Cycle in Physical Preparation
May 03, 2023
356: Dr. John Cronin and Joseph Dolcetti on “Beyond Barbells”: Wearable Resistance and Rotational Momentum in Sport Speed Development
Apr 27, 2023
355: Daniel Back and Tim Riley on Key Developmental Concepts of Explosive Jumping and Athleticism
Apr 20, 2023
354: Adarian Barr and Jenn Pilotti on Foot Training, Pressure, and Collision Management in Athletic Movement
Apr 13, 2023
353: Scott Robinson on Driving Attention in Training and the Power of Self-Affirmation
Apr 06, 2023
352: Ryan Banta on A “Centrist’s” Approach to Speed Development and the Critical Mass Philosophy
Mar 30, 2023
351: Sam Portland on Player Archetypes and Assessing “Speed Age” in the Conversation of Coaching
Mar 23, 2023
350: Jeremy Frisch on Game Speed Development and Creative Coaching Concepts
Mar 16, 2023
349: Cody Bidlow on Strength, Technique and Programming in Sprint Development
Mar 09, 2023
348: Austin Jochum on Creating Skill Acquisition Addicts in Athletic Development
Mar 02, 2023
347: Joel Smith Q&A on Oscillatory Exercises, Acceleration Development and Training Arrangement
Feb 23, 2023
346: Richard Aceves on Fusing Mental, Physical and Emotional Elements of the Total Training Process
Feb 16, 2023
345: Nick DiMarco on Speed, Specificity, and Maximizing What Matters in American Football Preparation
Feb 09, 2023
344: Henk Kraaijenhof on Athlete-Centered Speed Development and Timeless Training Principles
Feb 02, 2023
343: Julien Pineau on Innate Movement Patterning in Strength and Sprint Performance
Jan 26, 2023
342: Seth “Pitching Doctor” Lintz on Breaking Speed Barriers in a High Velocity Training Program
Jan 19, 2023
341: Zach Even-Esh on The Power of Chaos and Imperfection in Building a Superior, Adaptive Athlete
Jan 12, 2023
340: Michael Zweifel on Moving From Strength to Sport Coach and Rethinking Skill and Speed Transfer in Athletic Performance
Jan 05, 2023
339: DJ Murakami on Breaking Cognitive Training Barriers, Muscle Tensioning, and Winning Each Workout
Dec 29, 2022
338: Kyle Waugh on Building Robust Athleticism, Managing Training Complexity, and Going from “Broken to Beast”
Dec 22, 2022
337: Dan Back on the Core of Sprint Technique and Building Bounce in Athletic Performance
Dec 15, 2022
336: Tony Holler on The Evolution of a Speed-Based Training Culture
Dec 08, 2022
335: Danny Foley on Dialing Between a Fascial or Muscle Emphasis in Training
Dec 01, 2022
334: Christian Thibaudeau “The Gunthor Complex”, and Strength-Power Relationships in Training Setups
Nov 23, 2022
333: Kyle Dobbs and Matt Domney on Practical Principles of High Intensity Training and Athletic Outputs
Nov 17, 2022
332: Joel Smith Q&A on Maximal Strength Limits, Sprint Training “Hardware” and Athlete Testing Protocols
Nov 10, 2022
331: Lee Taft on The Flow of Sport Skill Development and Speed Training Integration
Nov 03, 2022
330: Rett Larson on Sport Warmups as a Melting Pot of Strength, Skill, and Movement Opportunity
Oct 27, 2022
329: John Kiely on Belief, Perception, and Placebos in an Optimized Training Process
Oct 20, 2022
328: Jamie Smith on Leveraging Play and Variability in a Total Speed Training Program
Oct 13, 2022
327: Joel Reinhardt on The Fusion of Sport and Strength Training Workloads in American Football
Oct 06, 2022
326: Adarian Barr on Stress, Strain and Redefining “Stiffness” in Athletic Movement
Sep 29, 2022
325: David Grey on Lower-Leg Dynamics, “Fatigue Contrasts”, and Rethinking the Term “Corrective Exercise”
Sep 22, 2022
324: Jarod Burton on Rethinking Work Capacity, Over-Training, and Adaptation Through the Lens of Athlete Perception
Sep 15, 2022
323: Leo Ryan on The Power of Breath Training for Workout Recovery and Athletic Capacity
Sep 08, 2022
322: John Garrish on Progressing Gallops, Skips and Bounds in Explosive Athletic Development
Sep 01, 2022
321: Katie St. Clair on Staggered Squats, Single Leg Mastery, and Dealing with High Foot Arches
Aug 25, 2022
320: James DiBiasio and Collin Taylor on Leveling Up Skills, Speed and Capacity in a Total Training Program
Aug 18, 2022
319: Cal Dietz, Dan Fichter and Chris Korfist: A Roundtable Discussion on Advanced Speed and Power Training Methods
Aug 11, 2022
318: Pat Davidson on Aerial and Terrestrial Factors in Athletic Performance Training
Aug 04, 2022
317: Jeff Howser on Speed Training Wisdom From the Dark Side of the Moon
Jul 28, 2022
316: Simon Capon on Present-Moment Awareness and Flow-State Cultivation
Jul 21, 2022
315: Rick Franzblau on Sprint and Strength Training Optimization Based on Athlete Structural Type
Jul 14, 2022
314: Alex Effer on “Jacked Shoulders” in Sprinting, Athletic Squatting Mechanics, and Rotational Dynamics of Locomotion
Jul 07, 2022
313: Joel Smith Q&A on Exercise Selection, Sport Speed Concepts, and Jump Training Setups
Jun 30, 2022
312: Rob Gray on Higher Athletic Ceilings with Differential Learning and Optimized Variability Training
Jun 23, 2022
311: Kyle Dobbs on “Macro-to-Micro” Thinking in Strength, Speed and Corrective Exercise
Jun 16, 2022
310: Andrew Sheaff on A Fusion of Track and Swimming Concepts in Athletic Speed Development
Jun 09, 2022
309: Rob Assise on Plyometric Complexes, “Crescendo Sets” and Variability in Speed and Power Training
Jun 02, 2022
308: Will Ratelle on Explosive Training Specificity, Olympic Lift Debates, and Avoiding Redundant Exercises
May 26, 2022
307: Dan John on High-Velocity Learning, Games for Explosive Athletes, and Training Synergy
May 19, 2022
306: Rolf Ohman on The Elastic Strength Index and Specificity of Power Development in Athletics
May 12, 2022
305: Tim Anderson on Rolling Techniques to Move Better, Improve Gait, and “Connect the X” of the Body
May 05, 2022
Rafe Kelley and Charles St. John on “Supercharging” Games and Building Dynamic Learning Models
Apr 28, 2022
303: Rocky Snyder on Optimizing Foot and Glute Function with a Joint-Based Approach to Training
Apr 21, 2022
302: Jeremy Frisch, Austin Jochum and Jake Tuura on Engineering “Athlete-Centered” Training and Problem Solving Athletic Development
Apr 14, 2022
301: Randy Huntington Answers Listener Questions on Speed and Power Development
Apr 07, 2022
300: Bobby Whyte on Game-Specific Acceleration, Motor Learning and Confidence Building in Basketball Performance Training
Mar 31, 2022
299: Tony Villani on NFL Combine Speed, Game Speed, and Focusing Where it Counts
Mar 24, 2022
Dr. Mark Wetzel on Neurological Strength, Emotional States, and Isometric Mastery
Mar 17, 2022
Kurt Hester on The Power of Training and Connecting with Athletes on the Human Level
Mar 10, 2022
Dan Cleather on The Truth on “Force Absorption”, Deceleration and Triple-Extension in Sports Training
Mar 03, 2022
Boo Schexnayder on The Intelligent Simplification of Speed, Power and Skill in the Training Process
Feb 24, 2022
Nick Winkelman on Dynamics of a Meaningful Learning Process in Athletic Development
Feb 17, 2022
293: Rob Gray on The Superiority of Constraints and Variability over Drills and “Perfect Form” in Athletic Performance
Feb 10, 2022
Daniel Bove on Lifting Heavy on Game Days and the Essentials of the Quadrant System
Feb 03, 2022
Brady Volmering on Breaking Barriers by Training the Human First
Jan 27, 2022
Adarian Barr on Rotational Forces, Torque and Speed-Multipliers in Athletic Movement
Jan 20, 2022
Angus Bradley on Squatting, Delayed Knee Extension and Foot Dynamics in Athletic Movement
Jan 13, 2022
Joel Smith Q&A on Reflexive Dynamics of Athleticism and Surfing the Force-Velocity Curve
Jan 06, 2022
Helen Hall on Heel Striking and Leveraging Hills for Foot Function in Running Performance
Dec 30, 2021
JB Morin on Horizontal Sprint Forces in Running Velocity and Injury Risk Reduction
Dec 23, 2021
Randy Huntington on Training Cycles, Water Work, and a “Recovery First” Mindset in Speed and Power Training
Dec 16, 2021
Dr. Edythe Heus on The Dynamics of Fascial and Balance Training
Dec 09, 2021
Erik Huddleston on Exercise Selection and Periodization Based on Expansion-Compression Continuum
Dec 02, 2021
Randy Huntington on Special Strength, Reactivity, and Building a 4.07s 40-Yard Dash
Nov 24, 2021
Logan Christopher on Critical Mental Training Concepts and Athlete Learning Styles
Nov 18, 2021
Austin Jochum on Flowing From “Chaos to Order” and The Process of Multi-Dimensional Athletic Development
Nov 11, 2021
Katie St. Clair on “Inside-Out”, Biomechanical Approach for Improved Squatting, Running and Overall Athleticism
Nov 04, 2021
Dr. Chris Gaviglio on Building Strength and Maximizing Recovery with Blood Flow Restriction Training
Oct 28, 2021
Frank Forencich on Respecting our “Primal Roots” in the Process of Training, Movement and Life
Oct 21, 2021
276: Michael Zweifel on Mirroring and Reinforcing Elite Athleticism in the Warm-Up Process
Oct 14, 2021
Kibwé Johnson on “The Tao of the Hammer”: Awareness, Reflexiveness, and Individuality in Sport Technique
Oct 07, 2021
Alex Effer on “Stance-Driven” Performance Training, Crawling Mechanics, and Sensory Movement Principles
Sep 30, 2021
Lance Walker on Optimizing the Hips and Spine for Athletic Speed and Resiliency
Sep 23, 2021
Christian Thibaudeau on Power Training Complexes and Athletic Skill Development
Sep 16, 2021
Gavin MacMillan on Redefining Balance, Motor Control, and Force Production in Athletic Performance Training
Sep 09, 2021
270: James Baker on Strength, Plyometrics, and Movement Variety in the Process of Long-Term Athletic Development
Sep 02, 2021
Erik Huddleston on Foot Concepts, Stance Mechanics, and Maximizing Squat Variations for Athletic Power
Aug 26, 2021
Ben Askren on Creativity in Sport and Developing an Elite Competitor’s Mindset
Aug 19, 2021
Joel Smith Q&A on Integrated Sprint Training, Elasticity, Biomechanics, and Coaching Frameworks
Aug 12, 2021
Jake Tuura on Jump Training, Knee Rehab Protocols, and Games + Community as Ultimate Power Potentiators
Aug 05, 2021
Angus Ross on Spinal Engine Dynamics and Asymmetrical Training in Sprinting and Athletic Development
Jul 29, 2021
Conor Harris on Gait-Based Split Squats and Advanced Lifting Mechanics in Athletic Development
Jul 22, 2021
Daniel Back on Advancing Methods in Jump and Sprint Training for Athletes
Jul 15, 2021
Graeme Morris on A Practical Approach to Game Speed, Oscillatory Isometrics, and Explosive Strength Training Methods in Athletic Performance
Jul 08, 2021
Gary Ward on Spiraling Foot Mechanics for Optimized Gait, Achilles Tendonitis Prevention, and Improved Athleticism
Jul 01, 2021
Scott Robinson on The Power of Intention, Reward-Systems, and Celebration as a Neurological Driver in Athletics
Jun 24, 2021
Keir Wenham-Flatt and Nick DiMarco on Power Training Auto-Regulation, Need-Based Training “Buckets”, and Specific Conditioning Dynamics
Jun 17, 2021
Jeremiah Flood on The Speed of Body and Mind in Athletic Development and Performance
Jun 10, 2021
Adarian Barr on “Collision Management” in Jumping, Landing, Throwing, and Sprinting
Jun 03, 2021
Sam Wuest on Fascial Dynamics, Martial Arts, and Posture in Elastic Athletic Performance
May 27, 2021
Johan Lahti on Holistic Assessment and Programming for Hamstring Injury Prevention
May 20, 2021
James Wild on The Art and Science of Sprint Profiling and Specific Strength Thresholds
May 13, 2021
253: Joel Smith Q&A on Organic Speed Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Isometrics and More
May 06, 2021
Andrew Cormier and Joel Reinhardt on Reducing Noise and Building a Speed-Based Training Culture in Team Sport Preparation
Apr 29, 2021
Ryan Banta and Derek Hansen on The Value of Tempo Sprint Training for Speed Development and Team Sport Preparation
Apr 22, 2021
Eamonn Flanagan on Plyometric Progressions, Jump Testing and Moving the Right Needle in Training
Apr 15, 2021
249: Angus Bradley on Best Squatting Practices, True Posterior Chain Training, and Managing the “Soccer Ball in Your Ribs”
Apr 08, 2021
Jamie Smith on Beating “Over-Coaching” Through Natural Learning, Training Menus and Athlete Autonomy
Apr 01, 2021
Dave O’Sullivan on A Foot-Bridge Masterclass for Better Hip Extension Power, Stronger Feet and Reduced Knee Pain
Mar 25, 2021
246: Rafe Kelley on The Art of Rhythm, Fluidity and Timing in Athletic Performance Training
Mar 18, 2021
245: Kyle Dobbs and David Grey on Mastering Rib Cage Dynamics for Powerful Running, Cutting, Mobility, and Total Human Performance
Mar 11, 2021
244: Cal Dietz on Advancing Contrast Training and 20m Dash Splits for Athletic Speed Optimization
Mar 04, 2021
243: Jeremy Frisch and Calin Butterfield on Advancing Complexity in Plyometrics, Jump Training Concepts, and Athletic Lessons from Downhill Racing Sports
Feb 25, 2021
242: Bobby Stroupe on Evolved Foot and Upper Body Work, Single-Set Training Models, and the Holistic Value of a Sports Performance Professional
Feb 18, 2021
241: Michael Camporini and Justin Moore on Learning to Yield in the Gym, Clarifying “Stiffness”, and Understanding Stretch-Shortening Dynamics in Athletic Movement
Feb 11, 2021
240: Steven Kotler on Flow State Concepts, Motivation and Goal-Setting for Optimal Athletic Performance and Career Longevity
Feb 04, 2021
239: Nicolai Morris on Reverse-Engineering Athletic Movement Through Gymnastic Progressions and Rough-Housing
Jan 28, 2021
238: Alex Brooker and Mike Guadango on The Power of Belief, Placebo Effects in Training-Rehab and Becoming Your Own Coaching Superhero
Jan 21, 2021
237: Patrick Coyne on Holistically Challenging Athletes, Evolved Speed Training, and the Art of Sports Performance “From the Heart”
Jan 14, 2021
236: Bobby Stroupe on The Rising Tide of Performance Transfer to Sport: Locomotion Complexes, Vortex Plyometrics, and Time-Space Constraints
Jan 07, 2021
235: Rob Assise on New Ideas in Complex-Training Methods and Advanced Bounding Progressions
Dec 30, 2020
234: Dan John on The Art of Letting Go, Relaxation, and Conquering the “Monkey Brain” in Power Performance
Dec 23, 2020
233: Lee Taft on “High-Velocity” Games and Reactivity for Developing and Established Athletes
Dec 17, 2020
232: Dan Fichter on Infinity Runs, Sensory-Motor Optimization and the “Neurology Driven” Warmup in Athletics |Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Dec 10, 2020
231: Dr. Mark Wetzel on “Energy-System Oscillation” for Explosive Performance, Recovery and Maximizing Isometric Transfer | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Dec 03, 2020
230: Steffan Jones on Isometrics, Variability and “2nd Generation” French Contrast Training Methods in Fast-Bowling and Athletic Skill Development | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Nov 26, 2020
229: Adarian Barr on Decoding the Weight Room (and Olympic Lifts) for Athletic Performance Transfer | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Nov 19, 2020
228: Mike Kozak on Building Speed and Athletic Movement from the “Arches” Upwards | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Nov 12, 2020
227: Dr. Pat Davidson on Pressure-Based Principles for Elastic Power and Athleticism | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Nov 05, 2020
226: Brandon Byrd on Rotating Sprint Variations for Huge Speed and Performance PB’s | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 29, 2020
225: Kevin Foster and Grant Fowler on Updated Non-Linear Training Methods for High-Powered Athleticism | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 22, 2020
224: Michelle Boland and Tim Richardt on A Modern Approach to Exercise Categorization and Transfer in S&C | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 15, 2020
223: Charlie Reid on a Learner-Centered Approach to Performance and Dissolving the Term of “Corrective Exercise” | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 08, 2020
222: Ty Terrell on Practical Speed, Squat and Core Training Methods for High Athletic Transfer | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 01, 2020
221: Christian Thibaudeau on Omni-Rep Training for Speed-Power Athletes | Sponsored By SimpliFaster
Sep 24, 2020
220: Kyle Dobbs on Redeeming Internal Rotation in the Gym for Elastic Athletic Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Sep 17, 2020
219: Leo Ryan on Marathons with Zero Run Training and the Power of Breath Training for Athletic Performance and Mental Clarity | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Sep 10, 2020
218: Matt Cooper on Fascial Systems, Proprioception and the Human Performance Engine | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Sep 03, 2020
217: Brett Bartholomew on Communication, Human Dynamics and the Evolution of Coaching in Sport | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 27, 2020
216: Paul Cater on Flow, Rhythm and Awareness: Exploring the Training Session as a Mirror to Sport and Beyond | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 20, 2020
215: Chris Korfist on New Advances in Sprint Training and Mind-Body Concepts in Athletics | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 13, 2020
214: Scot Prohaska on Total Athlete Development, Leadership, and The Six Lanes of High Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster.com
Aug 06, 2020
213: Austin Jochum on Bringing the Training Session to Life: A Creative and Transferable Approach to Athletic Development | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 30, 2020
212: David Grey on Barefoot Dynamics, Foot Actions, and a Joint-Based Approach to Relieving Tendon Pain | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 23, 2020
211: Cory Schlesinger Q&A on Autonomy-Driven Sports Performance, Isometric Training, and the Sport-Skill Continuum | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 16, 2020
210: Josh Hingst Interviews Joel Smith on Training Topics of Speed and Power Development in American Football and Field Sports | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 09, 2020
209: Rocky Snyder on The Gait Cycle, Single Leg Work, and True Functional Training for Elite Athleticism | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 03, 2020
208: Christian Thibaudeau on Adrenaline, Muscle Tone and Optimizing Training Splits in Athletic Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jun 25, 2020
207: Edward Yu on Slowing Down to Run Faster and Integrating Sensory Awareness into Technical Acquisition | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jun 18, 2020
206: Ross Jeffs on Individualizing Speed Training by Understanding Concentric, Elastic and Metabolic Sprint Types | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jun 11, 2020
205: Boo Schexnayder on Training Organization, Variation and “Trump Card” Workouts for Maximal Power Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jun 04, 2020
204: Max Shank on Primal Strength, Elasticity and Holistic Athletic Development | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
May 28, 2020
203: Eric Cressey on the Evolution of Shoulder Training, Work Capacity and Specificity in Professional Baseball Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
May 21, 2020
202: Matt Jordan on Bringing Clarity to a Complex World of Data in Training and Sport Science | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
May 14, 2020
201: Alex Natera on the Origin of Run-Specific Isometrics and Their Integration in Team Sport Play vs. Training Sprinters | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
May 07, 2020
200: Scott Salwasser on “Zero-to-100” Training After a Long Layoff, Speed Work for Lineman, and the Agility Continuum | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Apr 30, 2020
199: Jeff Moyer on The Synergy of Training, Reconditioning, and ACL Injury Prevention | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Apr 23, 2020
198: Simon Capon on Mental Training, Body Language and Staying in the Present for Better Athletic (and Human) Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Apr 16, 2020
197: How COVID19 is Taking us to the Core of Training and Human Movement, Part II: Talks with Paul Cater, Rachel Balkovec and Rafe Kelley | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Apr 09, 2020
196: How COVID19 is Taking us Back to the Core of Training and Human Movement, Part I: Talks with Jeremy Frisch, Rob Assise and Dr. Tommy John | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Apr 02, 2020
195: Dr. Marc Bubbs on Gut-Biomes, “Phone-Vacations,” Sleep and a “Human First” Perspective to Athletic Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Mar 26, 2020
194: Rachel Balkovec on High Performance Team Culture, Tough Love and Transitioning From S&C to Hitting Coach in Pro Baseball | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Mar 19, 2020
193: Nick Winkelman on The Language of Coaching and Skill Acquisition | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Mar 12, 2020
192: Gary Ward on High Arches, “Turned Out” Feet and Awakening the Lower Leg for Optimal Movement and Athleticism | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Mar 05, 2020
191: Adarian Barr on Working With Gravity and Fast-Isometrics For Better Sprinting, Jumping and Sport Movement | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Feb 27, 2020
190: Grant Fowler on Non-Linear Training Programs and the Flow of Exercise Rotation | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Feb 20, 2020
189: Evan Peikon on Harnessing Energy System Feedback for Optimal Individualization of Strength, Size and Endurance Training | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Feb 13, 2020
188: Scott Robinson on The Nervous System, Overcoming Mental Barriers and Advanced Athlete Learning Concepts | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Feb 06, 2020
187: Logan Christopher on the Pyramid of Athleticism and Human Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jan 30, 2020
186: Joel Smith Q&A on Sprint Training Methods and Running Biomechanics, Physical Preparation and Motor Learning Topics | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jan 24, 2020
185: András Hegyi on Hamstring Function and Impacts of Sprinting and the Weightroom | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jan 16, 2020
184: Mike Kozak and Stephen Laflamme on Advanced Squat and Jump Training Methods Through Functional Assessment | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jan 09, 2020
183: Dr. Nick Serio on Innovative Special Strength Training for Throwers and Rotational Athletes | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jan 02, 2020
182: John Garrish on Innovative Speed Training Progressions | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Dec 26, 2019
181: Tyler Yearby and Michael Zweifel on Creating Robust Athletes in the Weight Room Through Variability and Creative Movement | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Dec 19, 2019
180: Helen Hall on Optimizing Posture, Glutes and Joint Mechanics in Running and Beyond | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Dec 12, 2019
179: Erik Korem and Keir Wenham-Flatt on Game Speed, Mental Resilience and the Governing Dynamics of Sport Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Dec 05, 2019
178: Bobby Whyte on Holistic Strength and Skill Training for Basketball and Beyond | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Nov 29, 2019
177: Dr. Michael Yessis on Better Sport Skill Acquisition in the Gym for Maximal Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Nov 21, 2019
176: Justin Moore on “Knees In”, Fluid Dynamics of the Body and Better Injury Prevention Training | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Nov 14, 2019
Dr. Ryan Foley and Dr. Kyle Paxton on Enhancing The Sensory System of an Athlete for Precision and Power
Nov 07, 2019
174: Rafe Kelley on Returning to the Core of Human Performance and Movement | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 31, 2019
173: Dr. Mark Wetzel on Isometrics, Extreme Slows, Breathing and Survival Mechanisms | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 24, 2019
172: Fergus Connolly and Cameron Josse on The Process of Winning Ball Games and Integrating The 4 Coactives of Athletic Development | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 17, 2019
171: Jay DeMayo, Jeff Moyer, and Michael Zweifel on A Transferrable Agility and Change of Direction Training Roundtable | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 10, 2019
170: Andy Ryland on “Developing Humans First, Athletes Second and Sport Specialists Third” | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 03, 2019
169: Miguel Aragoncillo on Massive Performance Increases Through Skill and S&C Integration | Sponsored by Simplifaster
Sep 26, 2019
168: Unilateral and Bilateral Training: Periodization, Neurology and Integration Roundtable with Cal Dietz, Cameron Josse and Chad Dennis | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Sep 19, 2019
167: Doug Kechijian: Navigating the Grey Areas of Anti-Rotation Training, Self-Organization, Internal Cueing, and Beyond | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Sep 12, 2019
166: Greg Potter: The Effects and Application of Circadian Rhythm on Nutrition, Workout, and Sleep Enhancement | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Sep 05, 2019
165: Jeremy Frisch and Dr. Tommy John on High Performance Movement Training and Sport Coaching Integration | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 29, 2019
164: Kevin Foster on Training the Feet, Spine, and Hips for Elastic Power | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 22, 2019
163: Dr. Ben House: Training Physiology, Facts and Fallacies | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 15, 2019
162: Matt Cooper, Nutrition, Stress and Energy Systems | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 08, 2019
161: Jake Schuster on Running Performance in Team Sport, Robust Training, and Advancing Force Plate Metrics | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 01, 2019
160: David Grey on The Power of Pronation in Athletic Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 25, 2019
159: Joel Smith Q&A on Isometrics, Foot Performance, and Training Arrangement for Athleticism | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 18, 2019
158: JB Morin on Sprint Forces and Hamstring Risk Factors | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 11, 2019
157: Jake Tuura on Hypertrophy Work, Cluster Sets and Tendon Training Application | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 05, 2019
156: Dr. Keith Baar on Tendon Health, Rehab and Elastic Power Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jun 27, 2019
155: Sam Wuest on Rotational Training, Intuitive Coaching and Eastern Thought Integration | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jun 21, 2019
154: Tim Anderson on Reflexive Strength, Crawling and Innate Human Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jun 13, 2019
153: Keegan Smith on Environmental Dynamics in Sport, Skill Building and Human Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jun 06, 2019
152: Nick DiMarco on Integration of Perception-Reaction Agility Training in Sports Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
May 31, 2019
151: Mike Guadango on Simplicity, Global Dynamics and the Evolution of Sports Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
May 23, 2019
150: Mike Salemi on Creative Training, “Working In” and Holistic Human Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
May 16, 2019
149: Max Aita on Olympic Weightlifting, Training Transfer and Periodization | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
May 09, 2019
148: Ben Patrick, “Knees Over Toes Guy”, on Building Bulletproof Knees, Feet and Transforming Your Performance
May 02, 2019
147: Adarian Barr on Foot Pressure and Arch-Centered Performance | Sponsored by Simplifaster
Apr 25, 2019
146: Carmen Pata on Practical Strength Training Implementation and Sequencing | Sponsored By Simplifaster
Apr 18, 2019
145: Ross Jeffs on CNS Dynamics and Speed Training Individualization | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Apr 11, 2019
144: Dr. Ebonie Rio on The Fundamentals of Tendon Training and Rehabilitation | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Apr 04, 2019
143: Christian Thibaudeau on Advances in Neuro-typing, French Contrast, and Youth Development | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Mar 28, 2019
142: Dr. Michael Yessis on High Transfer Strength and Skill Building for Sport Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Mar 21, 2019
141: Sam Portland on the Power of “Speed Gate Golf” on Injury Prevention and Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Mar 14, 2019
140: Zig Ziegler on Athletic Performance From the Ground Up | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Mar 09, 2019
139: Dr. Tommy John and Alex Lee on Neurological Training Optimization and Modern Sport Culture | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Feb 28, 2019
138: Cory Schlesinger on Athlete-Driven Strength and Conditioning | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Feb 21, 2019
137: Joel Smith on Improving the Workout Experience: Dopamine, Motor Learning and the Experiential Brain Network | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Feb 14, 2019
136: James Smith (U of Strength) on Getting Better Transfer to Sport out of Physical Preparation | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Feb 07, 2019
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Jan 31, 2019
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Jan 24, 2019
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Jan 17, 2019
132: Adarian Barr on Ground Impulse as a Biomechanical Lynchpin | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jan 10, 2019
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Jan 04, 2019
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Dec 27, 2018
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Dec 20, 2018
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Dec 14, 2018
127: Chris Chase on NBA Performance Training Menu’s and Tissue Optimization | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Dec 06, 2018
126: Q&A with Joel Smith: Neurological Training Systems, Strength and Speed |Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Nov 29, 2018
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Nov 23, 2018
124: Posture, Speed Training and Athletic Asymmetry with Justin Moore | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Nov 15, 2018
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Nov 08, 2018
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Nov 01, 2018
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Oct 25, 2018
120: Henk Kraaijenhof: Practical Training Transfer in Building Speed and Power. Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 18, 2018
Dr. Anthony Blazevich: A Holistic Approach to Hot-Button Topics in Sports Performance
Oct 11, 2018
118: Jake Jensen and Jeff Moyer: Applying Principles From Master Soviet Coaches to Modern S&C | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Oct 04, 2018
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Sep 27, 2018
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Sep 21, 2018
115: Zach Even Esh on Unconventional Training Means, Creativity and Youth Preparedness | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Sep 14, 2018
114: Max Schmarzo: A Looking Glass Into Athletic Adaptation and Performance | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Sep 07, 2018
113: John Kiely: Coordination, Variability and the Human Running Machine | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 30, 2018
112: Dr. John Wagle, Training Methods to Optimize Muscle Architecture and Neural Output | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 24, 2018
111: Logan Christopher: Flow State Athletic Performance with Anchors, Visualization and Hypnosis | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 16, 2018
110: Joel Smith: A Lens of my Coaching Viewpoints and Transformations | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Aug 08, 2018
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Aug 01, 2018
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Jul 26, 2018
107: Unleashing the Power of the Coiling Athletic Core with David Weck | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 19, 2018
106: Flow Based Training and Planning for the Robust Athlete with Mladen Jovanović | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 11, 2018
105: Power in Athletic Asymmetry with Adarian Barr | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jul 04, 2018
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Jun 27, 2018
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Jun 20, 2018
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Jun 13, 2018
101: Dynamic Injury Prevention and Movement Optimization with Dr. Tommy John | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Jun 06, 2018
100: “Let the Kids Play”: Jorge Carvajal, Zach Even-Esh, Jeremy Frisch: Youth Athletics and Early Specialization Roundtable | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
May 30, 2018
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May 22, 2018
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May 16, 2018
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May 08, 2018
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May 01, 2018
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Apr 24, 2018
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Apr 17, 2018
93 Dan Fichter: Using Neurology to Build Athletic Monsters | Sponsored by SimpliFaster
Apr 10, 2018
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Apr 03, 2018
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Mar 27, 2018
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Mar 13, 2018
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