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By Esther Ludlow

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 Sep 14, 2021

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I have been enjoying this. The crimes are interesting and described in good detail.

 Apr 17, 2020


Once Upon a Crime is a weekly true crime podcast that tells “the story behind the story” of real life crime. Told in a storytelling style, listeners are presented facts and information about each case they won’t hear anywhere else.

Episode Date
Episode 217: Spree Killers: Robert Garrow - Part 2
In this conclusion to our 2-part episode on spree killer, Robert Garrow, I’ll detail Garrow’s killing spree in the summer of 1973, his time as a fugitive, and his arrest and convcition.

The Garrow Manhunt: A Serial Killer in the Adirondacks

Crime Library: Robert Garrow

Sworn to Silence: The Truth Behind Robert Garrow and the Missing Bodies Case, Jim Tracy, Post Hill Press, March 2021

“When Robert Garrow’s murders, manhunt terrified the Adirondacks”, Mark Frost, Glens Falls Chronicle, July 9, 2021.

“Secrets and Death: Former reporter tackles the Robert Garrow story,” Will Doolittle, Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

“Dannemora Manhunt Harkens Back to Robert Garrow, Source of ‘Terror in the Adirondacks’, Bill Carey, New York State, June 16, 2015.

“Garrow Reign of Terror 35 Years Later”, Lohr McKinstry, Press Publican, April 13, 2006.

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Sep 20, 2021
Episode 216: Spree Killers: Robert Garrow - Part 1
In 1973, a violent sexual predator went on a killing spree in the Adirondack Mountains. In Part 1 of this 2-part series, I detail Garrow’s abusive childhood, history of violence, and the escalation of his crimes from theft, to kidnapping and assault, and ultimately to rape and murder.


Robert Francis Garrow, Jr: American Spree Killer

Murderpedia.com: Robert Garrow

The Garrow Manhunt: A Serial Killer in the Adirondacks

Crime Library: Robert Garrow

Sworn to Silence: The Truth Behind Robert Garrow and the Missing Bodies Case, Jim Tracy, Post Hill Press, March 2021

See website for music credits
Sep 13, 2021
Episode 215: Getting Away With Murder: Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick
In 1969, U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy was the front runner to become the next Presidential candidate on the Democratic Party ticket. But, decisions he would make one fateful night on Chappaquiddick Island would result in the death of a young woman and leave his reputation in tatters. Did Ted Kennedy get away with murder?


“‘Kennedy Passenger Dies in Car Plunge’: How Chappaquiddick was covered by The Washington Post”, by Richard Harwood and Paul Blackwell for The Washington Post, July 18, 2019.
“‘The Kennedy machine Buried What Really Happened’: Revisiting Chappaquiddick, 50 years later”, by Josh Sanburn for Vanity Fair, July 17, 2019.
“The End of Camelot”, Vanity Fair, September 1993.
“Ted Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick Incident: What Really Happened”, by Sarah Pruitt for History, April 6, 2018.
“Why the True Story of ‘Chappaquiddick’ Is Impossible to Tell”, by Lorraine Boissoneault for Smithsonian Magazine, April 2, 2018.

Background Cinematic Sad by MusicLFiles
Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/8031-background-cinematic-sad
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Misty Lights by Rafael Krux
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Sep 06, 2021
Introducing: Suspect
A big Halloween party at an apartment complex in Redmond, Washington. Themed rooms and costumed partygoers. But by the end of the party, one of the hosts is dead. The police look to the partiers as the prime suspects: was it the guy in the devil mask, the bank robber, the construction worker? As investigators comb through forensic evidence, witness testimony, DNA, and even consult with a psychic, they zero in on one suspect in particular. But for what reason? Host and reporter Matthew Shaer (Over My Dead Body) returns to the scene of the crime, speaks with everyone about a night that still haunts them years later. It’s a series about race and policing, mislaid justice, cutting-edge science, and the kinds of weighty choices that cops and prosecutors make every day -- choices that, once made, are difficult to reverse.

Listen to SUSPECT: http://wondery.fm/Suspect_UponACrime
Aug 31, 2021
Episode 214: Getting Away With Murder: Doris Duke
A billionaire heiress kills her friend in a “freak accident”. Was Eduardo Tirella’s death actually an accident or did Doris Duke commit murder?

Doris Duke: Facts, Death and Mansion, Biography.com:

Homicide at Rough Point by Peter Lance for Vanity Fair, July 16, 2020

The Fatal Crash that Plunged Doris Duke into a Scandal by Samantha Todd for Forbes Magazine, Oct 18, 2019

The Doris Duke Cold Case Reopens: The Only Known Eyewitness Speaks for the First Time by Peter Lance for Vanity Fair, August 5, 2021

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Aug 23, 2021
Episode 213: Getting Away With Murder: Robert Durst
The wealthy son of a New York real estate family leaves town to avoid investigation in the decades-old disappearance of his wife. A year later, he will be the number one suspect in the murder of an elderly man in Texas. This is the first chapter in the series “Getting Away with Murder”, the case of Robert Durst.


A Deadly Secret: The Bizarre and Chilling Story of Robert Durst by Matt Birkbeck, Berkeley Books, 2005.

He Killed them All: Robert Durst and my Quest for Justice by Jeanine Pirro, Gallery Books, 2015.

Article links:







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Aug 09, 2021
Episode 212: Deathbed Confessions: Diane Crawford Smith
In 1967, a double murder shocked a small town in Virginia. A suspect was quickly rounded up, but the case wasn’t truly resolved until decades later when a chance encounter led to a series of events that would ultimately bring about a deathbed confession.

“Thomas Free on Bond; Hearing Slated Oct 27”, The News Leader, Oct 17, 1967.
“Prosecution Rests in Thomas Hearing”, The News Leader, April 10, 1968.
“Getting away with murder? Former cop has serious questions about why Staunton’s most infamous killer almost got away”, Lindsay Barnes for The Hook, Jan 8, 2009
Sharron C. Smith, Obituary, retrieved from Legacy.com
“Woman confesses to 1967 slayings”, Ashley Broughton for CNN, Jan 24, 2009.
“Motive in Double Killing 42 Years Ago is Revealed”, The Associated Press, retrieved from The New York Times, Jan 24, 2009.
“We just want the truth; Connie Hevener’s family wants to know why a cop allegedly hid her killer for 40 years”, Lindsay Barnes for The Hook, Feb 26, 2009.
“Bound by blood? Were cop and killer father and child?”, Lindsay Barnes for The Hook, April 23, 2009.
“A $200M Wrong? One-time suspect in ‘67 slayings says Staunton cops framed him”, Brad Zinn for The News Leader, Dec 23, 2010.
“High’s case featured on Investigation Discovery”, Augusta Free Press, Feb 17, 2013.

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Jul 26, 2021
Episode 211: Deathbed Confessions: James Washington
In this series I share cases where people on their deathbeds finally confess to terrible crimes. In his episode you’ll hear about a brutal murder that went unsolved for over a dozen years when the perpetrator confessed before meeting his maker. But, this story ends with a twist when fate intervenes.


State of Tennessee v. James Murray Washington, Direct Appeal from the Criminal Court for Davidson County, July 15, 2014

The Crime Reel: A Brutal Murder and a Deathbed Confession, YouTube.com, May 26, 2021. https://youtu.be/5vD_KFlPbtw





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Jul 19, 2021
Episode 210: Deathbed Confessions: Geraldine Kelley
In this series "Deathbed Confessions" I share cases that went cold and the perpetrator was only revealed when they made a deathbed confession. In this first episode, a dying woman reveals a long-held secret to her children, leading to a shocking discovery.


“Slaying Victim had Fled a Troubled Past”, The Boston Globe, November 20, 2004.

“John’s in the Freezer”, What Lies Beyond, August 31, 2014.

“Deathbed Confession Leads to Slain Husband”, Catherine Saillant, Los Angeles Times, Nov 20, 2004. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2004-nov-20-me-deathbed20-story.html

“Murder Confession Confirmed”, Jay Lindsay/AP, Seacoast Online.com Nov 20, 2004

“Slaying Victim was Cleared in 1981 Brawl”, Michael Levenson, The Boston Globe, Nov 25, 2004.

“Lies of former Ventura woman, who kept body in freezer, went unchallenged”, Angelica Martinez and Aron Miller, Ventura County Star, Nov 20, 2004.

“Authorities confirm woman’s deathbed murder confession”, Jay Lindsay/AP, The Berkshire Eagle, Nov 20, 2004.

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Jul 12, 2021
Episode 209: Buried Truth: Dorothea Puente
In this final chapter of “Buried Truth” I share a story of one of the most rare categories of criminal - the female serial killer. Behind her grandmotherly exterior, Dorothea Puente was hiding some very dark secrets very close to home. This is the case of “The Killer Landlady”.


Newspapers.com -

Dorothea Puente by Julia Scheeres for TruTV.com
Jailed Landlady: I Didn’t Kill Anyone - The Sacramento Bee - Nov 18, 1988
Puente Guilty of Killing 3 - The Sacramento Bee - Aug 27, 1993
Murderous Landlady Puente Dies - The Sacramento Bee - March 28, 2011

The Life and Deaths of Dorothea Puente by Martin Kuz for Sactown Magazine, 2009.

Sacramento serial killer’s former home renovated, ready for visits - David Bienick for KCRA3, August 29, 2013

Tours, documentary focus on Sacramento house of murderer Dorothea Puente - Ryan Lillis for The Sacramento Bee, Sept 1, 2015

California Superior Court (Sacramento County) case files for The People v. Dorothea Montalvo Puente - Retrieved from The Online Archive of California - oac.cdlib.org


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Jun 28, 2021
Episode 208: Buried Truth: Christopher Denoyer
A teenage boy goes missing in 1984. Authorities would quickly decide that he was a runaway, but his family didn’t agree. Fourteen years later his fate would be learned in a shocking and unusual way.

The New Detectives: Grave Secrets - Season 8, Episode 7, The Discovery Channel

Articles (Jackson Vallarta/Christopher Denoyer/Dale Vallarta) from The Californian newspaper, Feb 17 1998 to Feb 10, 2000 - Clipped from Newspapers.com
Jun 21, 2021
Episode 207: Buried Truth: Russell Tillis and "The House of Horrors"
In this month’s series “Buried Truth” I share cases where a person goes missing never to be seen again. Just when it seemed their fate would remain a mystery, the truth would be uncovered. This time, a neighborhood menace harbors dark secrets in his own backyard. This is the case of Russell Tillis and The House of Horrors.

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Jun 14, 2021
Bonus Episode - OUAC Celebrating 5 Years in True Crime
Once Upon a Crime celebrates 5 years in true crime by summarizing the show by the numbers, sharing 5 Surprising True Crime Facts, and letting listeners in on a giveaway to win OUAC merchandise and prizes.

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Thanks so much for listening and supporting Once Upon a Crime over 5 years!

OUAC episodes referenced in this bonus episode:
Episode #3 - Lost and Found: The Cleveland Kidnappings
Episode #8 - Killer Kids: Brenda Spencer
Episode #39 - Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: John List
Episode #14 - Fatal Fans: Rebecca Schaeffer
Episode #156 - Behind the Crime: Aileen Wuornos
Episode #130 - Disorder in the Court: Ellie Nesler
Episode #127 - Bad Sports: Soccer Brawl in Brazil
Episode #42 - A Woman Scorned: Betty Broderick
Episode #50 - Millionaire Murders: Spoiled Son - Dale Ewell
Episode #200 - Chopped: Anjette Donovan Lyles
Episode #110 - Listener Suggestions: The Texas Cadet Murder
Episode #45 - A Woman Scorned: Murder by Mercedes
Episode #196 - Hookups from Hell: Wade Ridley, "The Match.com Murderer"
Episode #189 - Body of Evidence: Stacy Peterson
Episode #38 - Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: Diane Downs
Episode #40 - Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: Susan Smith
Episodes #71 and 72 - The 12 Crimes of Christmas: Laci Peterson
Episode #46 - Murder in Paradise: The Yosemite Murders
Episode #65 - Murder in the Family: The Briley Brothers

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Jun 07, 2021
Episode 206: The Trailside Killer, Part 3
This is a double episode to conclude the month-long miniseries where I detail the case of serial killer David Carpenter, known as “The Trailside Killer”. Carpenter stalked and killed men and women on the hiking trails of Marin County, San Francisco and Santa Cruz. Other suspected victims would disappear from San Jose and Daly City, California.


00:08:28 - Point Reyes National Seashore
00:15:32 - Investigation
00:24:00 - Ad Break
00:26:48 - Kelly, Daly City
00:30:11 - David Carpenter
00:36:38 - Henry Cowell State Park, Santa Cruz
00:56:00 - Manhunt
1:13:00 - Ad Break
1:17:00 - Suspect
1:24:00 - Surveillance
1:34:00 - Arrest
1:38:00 - More Victims Discovered
1:42:00 - Murder Weapon/Charges
1:45:00 - Trial #1 - Santa Cruz
1:51:00 - Trial #2 - Marin County
1:57:00 - Verdict
1:59:00 - Case Updates

The Sleeping Lady: The Trailside Murders Above the Golden Gate by Robert Graysmith, Penguin Books, (1990)

People v. Carpenter, Supreme Court of California, Nov 29, 1999.

“The Frightening Case of the Trailside Killer”, Strange Outdoors, November 27, 2020.

“DNA ties Trailside Killer to ‘79 SF Slaying”, Jaxon Van Derbeken, San Francisco Chronicle, Feb 24, 2010.
May 24, 2021
Episode 205: The Trailside Killer, Part 2
In Part 2 of this 3-part mini-series, I’ll continue the story about a random series of attacks that took place on hiking trails in northern California beginning in 1979, soon after David Carpenter was released from prison for an earlier violent crime spree. After three women were found murdered on Mount Tamalpais, investigators began to suspect that a serial killer was on the loose and targeting local hikers.

This is the case of “The Trailside Killer”.

The Sleeping Lady: The Trailside Murders Above the Golden Gate by Robert Graysmith, Penguin Books, (1990)

People v. Carpenter, Supreme Court of California, Nov 29, 1999.

“The Frightening Case of the Trailside Killer”, Strange Outdoors, November 27, 2020.

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May 17, 2021
Episode 204: The Trailside Killer, Part 1
This month I’ll be sharing a 3-part miniseries. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Northern California was terrorized by a series of random murders that took place on hiking trails in state parks, national forests and coastal lands. The public began to suspect that a serial killer was lurking among them and the media began referring to him as “The Trailside Killer”.

In this first part, I’ll detail some of the Trailside Killers earliest victims and describe how he was allowed to slip through the cracks in the criminal justice system and set loose to stalk and kill more than ten people.

The Sleeping Lady: The Trailside Murders Above the Golden Gate by Robert Graysmith, Penguin Books, (1990)

People v. Carpenter, Supreme Court of California, Nov 29, 1999.
May 10, 2021
Episode 203: Artful Crimes, Volume 2: The Van Gogh Museum Heist
In 2002, two paintings were stolen from The Van Gogh Museum worth $30 million dollars. The investigation into this crime would involve law enforcement in several countries. Special investigators in both art crimes and organized crime units would also be brought in to solve the case of the missing Van Goghs.


Documentary: Stealing Van Gogh (2018), Julian Hendy, Director.

“How 20 Stolen Van Gogh Paintings were Recovered” by Erik Shilling for Atlas Obscura, Sept. 30, 2016.

“As Stolen Van Goghs Return to View, a Thief Tells All” by Nina Siegal for The New York Times, Mar 19, 2017.

“Italian police bust drug trafficking Camorra Clan”. Posted on Gangsters, Inc., Mar 21, 2017.

“How Two Stolen Van Gogh Paintings Made it Home After a 14-Year Saga” by Isaac Kaplan for Artsy.Net, Mar 21, 2017.
Apr 26, 2021
Bonus Episode: CrimeConVersations with Mens Rea
This bonus episode is brought to you by Once Upon a Crime in partnership with CrimeCon UK. I have a CrimeConVersation with Sinead from Mens Rea Podcast about true crime, being a true crime podcaster, women and true crime and more.

You can listen to Mens Rea Podcast or connect with Sinead at www.mensreapod.com.

To join me at CrimeCon UK go to www.crimecon.co.uk. When you register use my offer code ONCEUPON21 to get 10% off your ticket!

To listen to more CrimeConVersations you can go to CrimeCon’s website at www.crimecon.co.uk or follow CrimeCon UK on Instagram @CrimeCon_UK.
Apr 21, 2021
Episode 202: Artful Crimes, Volume 2: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Taliesin Massacre
Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright begins an affair with Martha “Mamah” Borthwick. When the scandal threatens his career and reputation, he builds a home near Spring Green, Wisconsin. Called “Taliesin”, it was supposed to be a place of peace and refuge for the couple, but in 1914, it became the site of a horrifying massacre.


“Soulmate Stunt Loses its Zest”, Kokomo Daily Tribune, August 3, 1910.

Frank Lloyd Wright by Jan Adkins, published by Penguin Random House, 2008

“Cook massacres seven at Wisconsin home Frank Lloyd Wright built for his mistress”, by Mara Bovsun for The New York Daily News, Jan 25, 2014.


Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1730325570622505

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Apr 19, 2021
Bonus Episode: Listener Q&A
To celebrate reaching 200 episodes we created a bonus episode to answer listener questions. Thanks everyone for submitting them!


To listen to our "haunted" episode go to Episode #108 - Haunted Homicides: The LaLaurie Mansion. Some hear a "ghost" at minute 20 or so.

The Scott Peterson episodes with my sister, Yolanda is #71 and #72 - The 12 Crimes of Christmas - Laci Peterson, Part 1 and 2.

Special thanks to Lorena Garcia for co-hosting this episode with me and to all the listeners who sent in questions!
Apr 14, 2021
Episode 201: Artful Crimes, Volume 2: The Murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer
A contemporary artist is murdered in broad daylight in Washington D.C. Conspiracy theories about who was responsible begin to swirl after her close connection to John F. Kennedy is revealed.


“The Last Painting of Mary Pinchot Meyer” by Maria Hummel for Counterpoint, June 5, 2019.

“The forgotten female artist who may have been murdered by the CIA” by Alina Cohen for Artsy.net, May 16, 2019.

“Dovey Johnson Rountree, Barrier-Breaking Lawyer Dies at 104 by Margalit Fox for The New York Times, May 21, 2018.


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Apr 12, 2021
Episode 200: Chopped: Anjette Donovan Lyles
A young widow opens her own restaurant in Macon, Georgia in the 1950s. Suspicions arise when the people closest to her begin falling ill and dying. Was Anjette Lyles a serial killer? 
Mar 22, 2021
Episode 199: Chopped: Anthony Kelly and Gordon Ramsay's "Bad Boys Bakery"
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay enters London's Brixton Prison in 2012 in an attempt to teach a group of inmates to run a successful bakery. Would he succeed or would the men return to a life of crime once the cameras stopped rolling? 
Mar 15, 2021
Episode 198: Chopped: David Viens
In this series we'll take a look at the restaurant industry to ask "What happens when good cooks go bad?".  In this episode, a restaurateur in Southern California is suspected of murder when his wife disappears. What detectives discover would shock and horrify the community.
Mar 09, 2021
Episode 197: Hookups from Hell: Takahiro Shiraishi - "The Twitter Killer"
A serial killer preys on vulnerable women in Tokyo, Japan.  He will meet his victims on Twitter.  (Caution: This episode contains the subject of suicide.) 
Feb 23, 2021
Episode 196: Hookups from Hell: Wade Ridley - "The Match.com Murderer"
Two women meet a man on Match.com. After they end the relationship, he vows deadly revenge. 
Feb 16, 2021
Episode 195: Hookups from Hell: Mark Twitchell "The Dexter Killer"
A Canadian man, inspired by the television show Dexter, lures his murder victims through online dating sites. 
Feb 09, 2021
Episode 194: Serial Predator: Curtis Dean Anderson - Part 3
In Part 3 of this miniseries, Curtis Dean Anderson confesses to a high-profile missing child case.  He would be investigated for a series of abductions and murders of children in Northern California.  Was he a serial killer as he claimed or was it just another manipulation by this serial predator? 
Jan 26, 2021
Episode 193: Serial Predator: Curtis Dean Anderson - Part 2
In part two of this miniseries the bravery of an 8-year-old girl unmasks a serial predator named Curtis Dean Anderson. He would be linked to the disappearance of Xiana Fairchild. 
Jan 19, 2021
Episode 192: Serial Predator: Curtis Dean Anderson - Part 1
A 7-year-old goes missing from Vallejo, California in 1999.  It would be some time before Xiana Fairchild would be linked to a serial predator who would ultimately be connected to several missing and murdered women and children in Northern California and beyond. This is the first part of a month-long series about serial predator Curtis Dean Anderson. 
Jan 12, 2021
Episode 191: The Craziest Crime Stories of 2020 w/Leroy Luna
This week my special guest is Leroy Luna from Excuse Me, That's Illegal Podcast. We discuss some bizarre crimes, the dumbest criminals and crime stories that could only have happened in 2020.
Dec 15, 2020
Episode 190: Cases You Probably Haven't Heard About, But Should Have
In this episode I'll share three true crime cases you may not have heard of, but should have.  My special guest host is Laurah from The Fall Line and One Strange Thing Podcasts. 
Dec 08, 2020
Episode 189: Body of Evidence: Stacy Peterson
Two women thought they'd met the man of their dreams. But one of them would be found dead of mysterious circumstances and one would go missing never to be seen again. Would justice prevail to convict Drew Peterson for these crimes?
Nov 17, 2020
Episode 188: Body of Evidence: Sierra LaMar
A teenager goes missing in Morgan Hill, California never to be seen again. It would take meticulous detective work to prove she'd been the victim of a murder and bring her killer to justice.
Nov 10, 2020
Episode 187: Body of Evidence: Anne Marie Fahey
This month's series features crimes that were solved...without a body. Tom Capano thought he'd pulled off the perfect murder when his ex-girlfriend disappeared. Meticulous detective work and dogged determination would be needed to solve the crime. 
Nov 03, 2020
Episode 186: Ghosts in the Attic: Daniel LaPlante
A story about a teenage stalker who hides in his victim's homes to prey upon them becomes an urban legend.  But, the true life and crimes of Daniel J. LaPlante would be a real-life horror story. 
Oct 19, 2020
Episode 185: Ghosts in the Attic: Otto Sanhuber
The mysterious murder of Fred William Oesterreich in Los Angeles in 1922 would be revealed years later as one of the strangest and most bizarre true crime cases in California history 
Oct 12, 2020
Episode 184: Ghosts in the Attic: Natasha Ryan
In 1998, a 14-year-old disappeared from Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.  It would be feared she had become a victim of serial killer, Leonard Fraser, but this story would end with a shocking revelation. 
Oct 05, 2020
Episode 183: Bad Teacher: John J. Donovan, Sr.
A multimillionaire in a feud with his family over money and property perpetrates a bizarre hoax in order to get revenge on his children and hold on to his assets.  
Sep 21, 2020
Episode 182: Bad Teacher: Vincent Brothers
A well-respected educator in Bakersfield, California is accused of a brutal crime - the murders of five of his family members.  
Sep 14, 2020
Episode 181: Bad Teacher: Mary Kay Letourneau
In this month's series "Bad Teacher" I'll share cases of educators who committed newsworthy crimes. 

First up, a 34-year-old teacher scandalizes the nation when she is convicted of child rape with one of her 6th grade students. 
Sep 07, 2020
Episode 180: Familiar Strangers: Anastasia Romanov, Part 2
In Part 2 of Familiar Strangers - Anastasia Romanov, a young woman comes forward claiming to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia. The investigation into her claim would take decades to solve her true identity.

I welcome back my sister, Yolanda, to help me discuss all the ins and outs of this case!
Aug 31, 2020
Episode 179: Familiar Strangers: Anastasia Romanov, Part 1
On this first part of a 2-part episode, I share the fascinating story of the disappearance of the last imperial family of Russia, the Romanovs. 
Aug 24, 2020
Episode 178: Familiar Strangers: Walter Collins, Part 2
On this second part of a two-part episode we continue the story of 9-year-old Walter Collins who went missing from Los Angeles in 1928.  In part two, we discover that a serial killer, Gordon Stewart Northcott, has been preying on boys and young men in the LA area.  Was Walter Collins a victim of Northcott's? 
Aug 10, 2020
Episode 177: Familiar Strangers: Walter Collins - Part 1
A young boy who goes missing in 1928.  When he returns home, his mother will say he's an imposter, but her claims are dismissed.  Who was the boy claiming to be her missing son and what happened to the real Walter Collins? 
Aug 03, 2020
Episode 176: Stranger Than Fiction: Starr Faithfull and "BUtterfield 8"
The life and tragic death of a young socialite in the 1930s inspires an Academy Award winning movie. But, Starr Faithfull's life was far from the glamorous treatment it would receive on the big screen. 
Jul 27, 2020
Bonus Episode: "Ripped from the Headlines" with author Harold Schechter
As a bonus for this month's theme "Stranger Than Fiction" I interviewed author Harold Schechter about his new book, Ripped from the Headlines: The Shocking True Stories Behind the Movies' Most Memorable Crimes, an anthology of forty true crime cases that inspired films.
Jul 22, 2020
Episode 175: Stranger Than Fiction: Belva Gaertner & Beulah Annan and Chicago
Two women accused of murder in the Roaring 20s would become the inspiration for one of the best known and longest running shows in American musical theater history. This is the story of the real life Roxie and Velma from "Chicago". 
Jul 13, 2020
Episode 174: Stranger Than Fiction: Richard Crafts and "Fargo"
In 1986, a beautiful young mother discovers her husband is cheating on her and files for divorce.  Soon afterward, she goes missing.  Discovering what happened to Helle Crafts would take an small army of detectives, forensic scientists, serologists, forensic anthropologists, a police diving team and other investigators to unravel this bizarre crime and would inspire an Academy-Award winning film. 
Jul 06, 2020
Episode 173: Till Death Do Us Part: Nancy Andrade and Mark Crew
In the last chapter of "Till Death Do Us Part" a woman meets and quickly marries a man. He promises her a new life, but soon after the wedding she goes missing.  It will take years of investigative and legal work to bring her killer to justice. 
Jun 29, 2020
Episode 172: Till Death Do Us Part: Kelly Ecker and Scott Samson
A bride sees many red flags in her relationship before walking down the aisle. but her fear of angering her fiancee would compel her to go through with the ceremony.  Within hours, that decision would become fatal.  

#domestic violence #coercive control
Jun 22, 2020
Episode 171: Till Death Do Us Part: Jordan Graham and Cody Johnson
A new bride decides she's made a mistake in tying the knot.  The decision she makes in order to end the marriage will be a shocking act of cruelty. 
Jun 08, 2020
Episode 170: Till Death Do Us Part: Wendy Trapaga and Michel Escoto
In this series, I'll share cases of newlyweds who's lives were cut short by the person who vowed to love them forever.  

In this first case, a young bride is unaware that her new spouse married her to collect on a $1 million dollar insurance policy.  
Jun 01, 2020
Episode 169: Last Dance: The Pelley Murders - Part 2
In Part 2 of "The Pelley Murders" I'll tell you about Jeff Pelley's trial, theories of the murder and give you a strange and compelling story about who else may have been responsible for the murders of Bob Pelley and his family. 
May 18, 2020
Episode 168: Last Dance: The Pelley Murders - Part 1
A 17-year-old is suspected in the murder of four of his family members because he was forbidden from attending his prom.  Was this a case of a homicidal teen or a rush to judgement? 
May 11, 2020
Episode 167: Last Dance: Adam Sapikowski
In this series, "Last Dance", I share stories of crimes that happened on prom night.  In the first episode, a teenager commits an act of parricide then attends his prom and holds a party at the crime scene. 
May 04, 2020
Episode 166: StepMonsters - Joshua and Jerome Ellis
An abusive stepfather gets his comeuppance when his stepsons turn on him resulting in a grisly murder. 
Apr 27, 2020
Episode 165: StepMonsters: Tracey Wright
A child, unwanted from birth and neglected by her birth parents, is hopeful that her new stepmother will love her like a daughter. It is not to be and her story will become a cautionary tale in the U.K. of how the child protective system spectacularly failed Lauren Wright. 
Apr 20, 2020
Episode 164: StepMonsters: The Disappearance of Charlie Bothuell
In our new series, “StepMonsters,” I’ll share stories of bad stepparents whose actions became true crime news.  In this first episode I'll share the story of a young boy who went missing and was found in a very unlikely place.  Was he the victim of abuse as he would claim and, if so, who was the person most responsible - his stepmother, his own father or both?  
Apr 06, 2020
Episode 163: Swan Songs: Evelyn Dick
A gruesome crime would become a media sensation in Canada in 1946 when a beautiful young woman was accused of the grisly murder.  This is the case of the infamous Evelyn Dick and the Torso Murder of 1946.

Link to listen to the song "Evelyn Dick" by The Forgotten Rebels - https://youtu.be/OAkxFSM_rNs 
Mar 30, 2020
Episode 162: Swan Songs - Gerald Friend - "Polly"
In 1991, Kurt Cobain released a song on the album Nevermind. Titled "Polly" the song was inspired by a kidnapping and rape of a young girl in Tacoma, Washington.  This is the story of that crime.

Listen to "Polly" by Nirvana here: https://youtu.be/3H0NHHKBemg
Mar 23, 2020
Episode 161: Swan Songs: Jennifer Levin
A young girl is brutally murdered in New York's Central Park in 1986. Her killer, Robert Chambers, would be dubbed "The Preppy Killer" in the press and his victim's name would be dragged through the mud. This is the real story of "The Preppy Murder" you haven't heard before.  
Mar 09, 2020
Episode 160: Swan Songs: Katherine Korzilius
The mysterious death of a young girl inspires Jon Bon Jovi to record a song dedicated to her.  This is the case of Katherine Korzilius. 
Mar 03, 2020
Episode 159: Bad Seeds: Leslie Arnold
In Nebraska, in 1958, a high school junior holds animosity towards his mother and takes deadly revenge.  He is caught and imprisoned and, years later, disappears for decades.  Where is Leslie Arnold today? 
Feb 25, 2020
Episode 158: Bad Seeds: Lowell Lee Andrews
In Kansas in 1958, an 18-year-old kills both of his parents and his only sibling. Was it a case of greed, mental illness, or was Andrews just a "bad seed"?  

#parricide #InColdBlood #TheBrothersKaramazov #deathrow #familyannihilators 
Feb 11, 2020
Episode 157: Bad Seeds: Marlene Olive
In 1975, a rebellious teen enlists her boyfriend to kill her parents in a small, Northern California town. The gruesome crime would be dubbed "The Barbecue Murders" in the press. 
Feb 04, 2020
Episode 156: Behind the Crime: Aileen Wuornos
In this special episode I'll do an in-depth look at the infamous serial killer Aileen Wuornos.  

Time stamps:
Early Life: 02:41
Teen Years: 13:25
Young Adult Life: 32:17
On the Road: 35:30
Criminal Activity: 36:12
Tyra: 47:30
The Victims: 55:57
Closing In/The Arrest: 1:36:40
The Confession: 1:44:46
Arlene Pralle/Adoption: 1:51:50
The Trial: 1:56:42
Death Sentence: 2:04:26
Execution 2:12:44
Final Thoughts: 2:14:35
Jan 28, 2020
Bonus Episode: Happy New Year from Once Upon a Crime
On this bonus episode I share the highs and lows for 2019, list the top episodes of last year, talk about upcoming events and share the last word on the 2019 plagiarism scandal.  
Jan 05, 2020
Episode 155: Analyzing the JonBenet Ramsey Case with Jack Luna
On this special episode my guest is Jack Luna from Crime Machine Podcast.  We discuss the evidence and theories behind the JonBenet Ramsey Case.
Dec 17, 2019
Episode 154: The Mysterious Death of Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis w/Erica Kelly
On this special episode, I discuss the death of Shawn Stephens Lewis. Shawn was the fifth wife of Jerry Lee Lewis, the rock and country music star.  When Shawn Lewis was found dead in Lewis's mansion on August 24, 1983, many questions would remain unanswered as to how she died. 

My very special guest this week is Erica Kelly from the Southern Fried True Crime podcast! 
Dec 10, 2019
Episode 153: AMA and Case Updates for 2019
On this year-end wrap up episode, I answer listener questions and share updates on cases I've covered in past episodes. 
Dec 03, 2019
Episode 152: Fugitives from Justice: Ruth Eisemann-Schier
In this last episode about fugitives on the run from the law I tell you the story of the very first woman ever to make the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List.  Ruth Eisemann-Schier, along with her boyfriend, Gary Krist, carried out a bizarre kidnapping plot in 1968.  
Nov 26, 2019
Episode 151: Fugitives from Justice: Alex Kelly
A young man from a wealthy family is accused of committing two rapes while still in high school. Before he could be tried on these charges he'd flee the jurisdiction and disappear for eight years before finally being brought to justice.
Nov 19, 2019
Episode 150: Fugitives from Justice: Nazira Ugalde and Brenda Delgado
In this episode I’ll share two separate cases of women who became part of a very small and exclusive club - women who made the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List.  

Nazira Ugalde killed for financial gain and flees to South America.  A young woman in Texas, Brenda Delgado, plans the murder of her romantic rival and disappears soon after being questioned by police.  
Nov 12, 2019
Episode 149: Fugitives from Justice: Jesse James Hollywood
A small time drug dealer kidnaps a rival's younger brother in order to settle a debt.  The unfolding series of events would become one of California's most bizarre and tragic kidnapping cases on record and would even inspire an award-winning Hollywood movie.  
Nov 05, 2019
Episode 148: Rocktober: Rock and Roll Haunts
In this episode I dig into my file of spooky stories to share some haunted happenings in the world of rock and roll.  

#themansionatlaurelcanyon #redhotchilipeppers #slipknot #hauntedhouses #bonscott #joshuatreeinn #halloween #ghoststories 
Oct 21, 2019
Episode 147: Rocktober: The Bob Marley Assassination Attempt
Bob Marley went from singing R&B harmonies in Trenchtown, Kingston, Jamaica to becoming a pioneer of reggae music, bringing his own blend of reggae, rock and ska music to a global audience. But as a popular figure in Jamaica, he was unwillingly thrust into the country’s political strife.  The situation became so dangerous for Marley that on December 3, 1976, he became a target of assassins.
Oct 14, 2019
Episode 146: Rocktober: Altamont, The Rolling Stone and The Hells Angels
A free concert took place in northern California in December of 1969 featuring The Rolling Stones.  It would descend into chaos due to poor planning, rampant drug use and the ill-advised use of the Hells Angels as concert security.  
Oct 07, 2019
Episode 145: Taunting Terrors: Ruth Finley and The Poet
A woman begins receiving harassing phone calls and letters from a stalker.  It would take years to discover who the anonymous man was, but when he was finally identified a shocking secret would be revealed. 
Sep 30, 2019
Episode 144: Taunting Terrors: Susan Jaeger
A 7-year-old goes missing while on a family camping trip in 1973.  Anonymous calls would be placed demanding a ransom, but, the trail would grow cold until exactly one year later when the kidnapper would call her mother to brag about taking her daughter.  
Sep 23, 2019
Episode 143: Taunting Terrors: Little Gregory and The Crow
In a small French village, a little boy goes missing and the family receives anonymous letters from a person taking responsibility who is dubbed "The Crow".  This strange case could be considered the Jon Benet Ramsey case of France.  
Sep 16, 2019
Episode 142: Taunting Terrors: Shari Faye Smith
A young girl goes missing in South Carolina in 1985.  Soon after, her kidnapper would begin calling her family - but not to make demands for her safe return, but only to cruelly taunt them.  This is the first chapter in the series "Taunting Terrors". 
Sep 09, 2019
Episode 141: Cursed Hollywood: The Poltergeist Curse
A horror film franchise is seemingly cursed when it experiences tragedies including hauntings, serious accidents, fatal illness and murder.  

#DominiqueDunne #LouPerryman #HeatherORourke
Aug 26, 2019
Episode 140: Cursed Hollywood: The Little Rascals
From 1922 to the 1940s over 40 child actors would be cast in a popular series of short films and many of them would later fall victim to strange accidents, illnesses, drug addiction, financial hardship, murder and suicide.  This is The Curse of The Little Rascals.
Aug 19, 2019
Episode 139: Cursed Hollywood: The Curse of Superman
Every manifestation of the Man of Steel - comic books, television shows and films - has been marked by bad blood, shattered careers, tragic accidents and even murder.  This is the Curse of Superman. 
Aug 12, 2019
Episode 138: Cursed Hollywood: Diff'rent Strokes
Three child actors become stars after being cast in the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes in 1978.  But, all three would go on to live troubled adult lives including drug addiction, legal troubles and untimely death. 

These are the stories of Todd Bridges, Dana Plato and Gary Coleman. 
Aug 05, 2019
Episode 137: Deadly Therapy - Susan Polk
Susan Polk enters into a relationship with her therapist when she is a young girl. Years later, after 20 years of marriage, she will claim she has been abused by her husband for decades.  After he is found dead in their guest house the question would be, was this a case of self-defense or a cold-blooded murder? 
Jul 29, 2019
Episode 136: Deadly Therapy: Terrance Cottrell
A mother seeks help for her special needs child, but a church prayer service ends tragically.  
Jul 28, 2019
Episode 135: Deadly Therapy - Candace Newmaker
In the second chapter of the series "Deadly Therapy" a young girl who grows up in an unstable home is placed up for adoption.  Her adoptive mother finds her behavior problematic and has her undergo a new and controversial therapy - with tragic results.  
Jul 08, 2019
Episode 134: Deadly Therapy: James Arthur Ray
This month's series, "Deadly Therapy", details cases of people seeking help from experts, but rather than receiving healing, their journeys came to an abrupt and deadly end.  In Chapter One, James, Arthur Ray, success coach and guru, requires his followers to perform extreme mental and physical challenges in the pursuit of “enlightenment” with deadly results. 
Jul 01, 2019
Episode 133: Twin Terrors: Sunny and Gina Han
Identical twin sisters, Sunny and Gina Han were lifelong rivals. One sister's jealousy would lead her to plot her twin's murder. 
Jun 24, 2019
Once Upon a Crime LIVE at CrimeCon 2019
In this bonus episode, I interview Jan Broberg and Skye Borgman about their documentary film "Abducted in Plain Sight" LIVE at CrimeCon 2019 in New Orleans.
Jun 22, 2019
Bonus Episode - CrimeCon 2019 and Travel Tales
On this bonus episode I take you along with me to CrimeCon 2019 in New Orleans and my travels to New York City and Toronto for the Toronto True Crime Film Festival.  
Jun 22, 2019
Episode 132: Twin Terrors: The Gibbons Sisters - Part 2
I continue the story of the Gibbons Sisters - twins who were locked in a battle their entire lives. Neither believed they could survive without the other, but controlled each other so completely they only spoke to or associated with one another.  When they reached adolescence, they knew they had to find some way to break out of this destructive twin bond or both would perish.  Their desperation lead them to commit increasingly antisocial and criminal acts.  This is part two of "The Silent Twins". 
Jun 10, 2019
Episode 131: Twin Terrors: The Gibbons Sisters - Part 1
June and Jennifer Gibbons were identical twins who, from a very young age, were so bonded to one another that they created their own “twin language” to communicate speaking only to one another.  They rejected any other relationships including their own parents and siblings.  Later, they would construct a fantasy world that only they inhabited.  This lead to more serious anti-social behavior that resulted in a shocking crime spree.  
Jun 03, 2019
Bonus Episode: Where Are They Now? - The Cleveland Kidnappings
"Lost and Found" was the very first series of Once Upon a Crime in June, 2016.  In that series I covered the story of three young women who were held captive and abused by Ariel Castro for over a decade.  In this bonus episode we give you an update about these survivors - Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina De Jesus.  
May 24, 2019
Episode 130: Disorder in the Court: Ellie Nesler
A mother takes justice into her own hands in Jamestown, California in 1993 when she discovers her son has been abused by a child molester.  Some called her a hero, others denounced her actions as vigilantism.  This is Chapter 2 of "Disorder in the Court".
May 13, 2019
Episode 129: Disorder in the Court: The Atlanta Courthouse Killer
In 2005, a man on trial for rape escapes custody in Atlanta's Fulton County Courthouse and goes on a violent rampage.  This is Chapter 1 of "Disorder in the Court".  
May 06, 2019
Episode 128: Bad Sports: Ten Cent Beer Night
A summer ball game descends into chaos when a promotional event goes seriously awry.  This is the last chapter in the series "Bad Sports" recounting the Cleveland Indians' "Ten Cent Beer Night" riot. 
Apr 29, 2019
Episode 127: Bad Sports: Soccer Brawl in Brazil
A friendly soccer game on a dusty field in Brazil turns into a horrific act of violence. 
Apr 15, 2019
Episode 126: Bad Sports: Sally "Killer" McNeil
Ray and Sally McNeil were a married couple who were both accomplished athletes in the sport of professional bodybuilding.  But, a combination of infidelity, abuse and anabolic steroid use would lead to a final, bloody confrontation on Valentine’s Day, 1995. 
Apr 08, 2019
Episode 125: Bad Sports: Thomas Junta - "Hockey Dad"
A neighborhood ice rink, a pee-wee hockey pick-up game and some unsportsmanlike conduct leads to a confrontation between parents that ends with tragic results. 
Apr 01, 2019
Episode 124: Murder Memories: Paul Cox
A man starts having vivid memories of a violent crime he believes he may have committed during an alcoholic blackout. 
Mar 25, 2019
Episode 123: Murder Memories: Eileen Franklin - Part 2
I conclude the story about Eileen Franklin who claimed to have witnessed her friend, 8-year-old Susan Nason's murder in 1969. She would say her memory of the event was only recovered after 20 years.  Her story would begin a debate about the validity of "recovered memories" used in criminal trials.
Mar 18, 2019
Episode 122: Murder Memories: Eileen Franklin - Part 1
A woman reports that she witnessed the murder of her best friend and then forgot about it for decades until her memory resurfaced about the terrible event.
Mar 11, 2019
Episode 121: Three Strikes and You're Dead: Michael Keith Moon
A career criminal commits multiple murders plus an attempted murder and continues to be released on parole.  This is the case of Michael Keith Moon. 
Feb 26, 2019
Episode 120: Three Strikes and You're Dead: Louise Peete - Part 2
In the conclusion of the Louise Peete story, the convicted murderess is released from prison and, before long, goes on to commit another violent crime.
Feb 19, 2019
Introducing - Let's Taco 'Bout True Crime!
I'm pleased to announce my new podcast "Let's Taco 'Bout True Crime"!  Each episode will feature me and a special guest host talking about what's new, hot and trending in true crime - in a fun and casual format. 

First episode drops on February 19th! 
Feb 13, 2019
Episode 119: Three Strikes and You're Dead: Louise Peete - Part 1
In this episode. I share a story about a particularly lethal woman who''s long criminal career saw her acquitted of a murder, sentenced to life for another and still released to continue her murderous ways. This is Part One of the case of Louise Peete. 
Feb 12, 2019
Episode 118: Three Strikes and You're Dead: Kenneth Allen McDuff
A man murders three innocent teens in 1966, is sentenced to death and is later released from prison to kill again.  This is the case of Kenneth Allen McDuff aka "The Broomstick Killer". 
Feb 05, 2019
Episode 117: Black Widows: Black Widow Sisters
A rare form of serial killer are Black Widows - women who kill their spouses and other family members - usually for financial gain. Even more rare are Black Widow Sisters.  This week I'll share two stories of sisters who set up murder syndicates for profit.  
Jan 29, 2019
Episode 116: Black Widows: Betty Lou Beets
A woman is discovered to have murdered two of her husbands and hiding their bodies in her yard.  
Jan 15, 2019
Episode 115: The Darlie Routier Case with Guest Co-Host Yolanda from Not Perfect or Functional Podcast
As a special holiday episode Yolanda from Not Perfect or Functional Podcast aka my little sister returns! This time we discuss the ever-debated Darlie Routier case.  
Dec 18, 2018
Episode 114: Mistletoe and Murder: Marvallous Keene - The Christmas Murder Spree
On Christmas week 1992, a series of murders took place in Dayton, Ohio.  Some would call it a case of “thrill killing” others would point to juvenile delinquency, dysfunctional family issues or just plain bad kids.  The identified “ringleader” would fit none of these stereotypes and yet, made the decision to go on a murder spree that would shock his community.  
Dec 11, 2018
Episode 113: Mistletoe and Murder: The Carnation Christmas Murders
Three generations of one family are murdered on Christmas Eve, 2007 in Carnation, Washington.  
Dec 04, 2018
Episode 112: Listener Suggestions: Erika and Benjamin Sifrit - Killer Couple
A young couple play a deadly game with perfect strangers on Memorial Day weekend, 2002 in Ocean City, Maryland. 

#homicide #killercouples #thrillkillers
Nov 27, 2018
Episode 111: Listener Suggestions: Suzane von Richthofen "Evil Blonde"
In 2002, a wealthy couple is found murdered in their home in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Their own daughter soon because a suspect and the case becomes a media sensation in Brazil. 
Nov 20, 2018
Episode 110: Listener Suggestions: The Texas Cadet Murder
A young couple conspire to kill a romantic rival in Texas in 1995. Thanks to listener Casey Graham for the suggestion of this case.  This is the case of Diane Zamora and David Graham - The Texas Cadet Murder case.
Nov 13, 2018
Episode 109: Listener Suggestions: Craig Price - The Warwick Slasher
When a series of brutal crimes takes place in one neighborhood in Rhode Island in 1989, investigators zero in on an unlikely suspect - a teenage boy who would be considered one of the country's youngest serial killers.
Nov 06, 2018
Episode 108: Haunted Homicide: The LaLaurie Mansion
The last chapter of "Haunted Homicide" is the story of the LaLaurie Mansion known as "the most haunted house in America".  In this episode you'll hear the TRUE story of Madame Delphine LaLaurie who is called "the socialite serial killer".  
Oct 22, 2018
Episode 107: Haunted Homicide: The Tower of London
The Tower of London has a long history of torture, murder and royal intrigue.  It has also been the scene of many ghostly sightings over its 950-year history.  Travel with me to through the Tower to uncover some of its dark history.  

#ThomasBecket #WilliamWallace #HenryVIII #AnneBoleyn #ThePrincesintheTower #RichardIII #TudorEngland #ElizabethI
Oct 15, 2018
Episode 106: Haunted Homicide: The Amityville Horror House and Ron DeFeo
A house with a dark history is purchased by a young couple in 1975.  They soon begin experiencing unexplained and terrifying events inside the home.  Was it a result of their imaginations run wild? A hoax? Or the after effects of a horrific multiple homicide committed there? 

#Amityville #AmityvilleHorror #DeFeoMurders #RonaldDeFeo 
Oct 08, 2018
Episode 105: Haunted Homicide: Herb Baumeister and Fox Hollow Farm
A serial killer uses his own home as his killing grounds.  After his crimes are discovered his property, Fox Hollow Farm, will be considered one of the most haunted places in the midwestern United States.  This is chapter one of the series, "Haunted Homicide".  

#HerbBaumeister #hauntings
Oct 01, 2018
Episode 104: Fast Food Felonies: The Wendy's Chili Finger Scam
A woman finds a finger in a fast food item. A lawsuit is filed and investigators quickly learn that something's not quite right with her claim and a scam is discovered.  #scams #hoaxes
Sep 24, 2018
Episode 103: Fast Food Felonies: The Fast Food Killer
A series of fast food restaurant robberies take place in Nashville, Tennessee in 1997.  The accused, Paul Dennis Reid, would claim that his early history of brain damage was to blame.  #serialkillers
Sep 17, 2018
Episode 102: Fast Food Felonies: The Taco Bell Strangler
A series of women are found raped and strangled in their homes in Charlotte, North Carolina between 1992 and 1994.  Later it would be discovered that they could all be linked to one man - a manager at a Taco Bell restaurant in Charlotte. 

#CharlotteStrangler #serialkiller #HenryLouisWallace #FBIprofilers 
Sep 10, 2018
Episode 101: Written in Blood: Anne Perry - Part 2
Part 2 of The Parker-Hulme Murder Case. In the conclusion, we'll discover that one of the convicted murderers would go on to an illustrious career as one of the world's most well known crime-fiction writers.  Her past would stay concealed for almost 40 years before her true identity was discovered. 
Aug 27, 2018
Episode 100: Written in Blood: Anne Perry - Part 1
A brutal murder takes place in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1954.  Two teenage girls are quickly identified as the murderers.  The crime would become infamous in New Zealand and the girl exposed as a well-known writer decades later.  This is Part 1. 

#Parker-HulmeMurder #NewZealand #PaulineParker #JulietHulme #matricide 
Aug 20, 2018
Episode 099: Written in Blood: J.J. Paulsen and Richard Klinkhamer
In this second chapter of "Written in Blood" I detail cases of two writers who became wife killers - and then hid their crime from the public.  #domesticviolence #authors #writers
Aug 13, 2018
Episode 098: Written in Blood: Jack Abbott and Issei Sagawa
In this series I detail crimes committed by authors or writers.  First up, two authors who became literary celebrities despite their criminal history....or even because of it. 

#JackHenryAbbott #IsseiSagawa #NormanMailer #GaryGilmore #TheExecutionersSong #Japan #cannibalism 
Aug 06, 2018
Episode 097: Wild Things: The Pacific Heights Dog Mauling Case - Part 2
This week we wrap up the Pacific Heights dog mauling case. The attack on Diane Whipple was horrific and lead to a public outcry against the dog owners, Robert Noel and Marjorie Knoller, who continued to deflect responsibility and blame the victim.
Jul 23, 2018
Episode 096: Wild Things: The Pacific Heights Dog Mauling Case - Part 1
A fatal dog mauling case shocked the San Francisco Bay Area and the world in early 2001.  When the details were revealed about the dogs and their owners the story took a bizarre twist.

#dianewhipple #marjorieknoller #robertnoel #sfdogmauling #paulcornfedschneider
Jul 16, 2018
Episode 095: Wild Things: The Murder of Dian Fossey
Dian Fossey became the foremost expert on the mountain gorillas of the Congo.  She conducted the first long-term field study of these animals and her story was immortalized in the book and movie Gorillas in the Mist. A few days after Christmas 1985 Dian Fossey was found brutally murdered in her cabin at the primate research center she founded.  People around the world wanted to know who killed Dian Fossey?

#Rwanda #poachers #gorillaconservation #Virunga #Karisoke 
Jul 09, 2018
Episode 094: Wild Things: The San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attacks
If true crime stories teach us anything it's that man is the most dangerous animal of all. In this new series I will detail cases where human's behavior results in wild animals becoming involved in crime stories.  

This series will NOT detail cases of animal cruelty.

First up, a tiger escapes its enclosure at a zoo and attacks three men? Was the tiger provoked? What would cause an animal to attack humans out of the blue? 
Jul 02, 2018
Bonus Episode: "Dead North"
On this bonus episode I discuss the 4-part documentary series "Dead North" that premiered on A&E in late May. 
Jun 28, 2018
Episode 093: Infamous Locales: The Cecil Hotel - Part 3
A young, Canadian college student goes missing from the Cecil Hotel while visiting Los Angeles in 2013.  The hotel's surveillance camera captures bizarre behavior by the young woman adding to the mystery.  

#ElisaLam #mysteriousdeaths #elevatorvideo 
Jun 07, 2018
Episode 092: Infamous Locales: The Cecil Hotel - Part 2
We continue the series "Infamous Locales" with another true crime story from the infamous Cecil Hotel. This time, I'll tell you about another serial killer who made the Cecil his base of operations -  Jack Unterweger, "The Vienna Woods Killer". 

#serialkillers #Austria #Vienna #ViennaWoodsKiller 
Jun 04, 2018
Episode 091: Infamous Locales: The Cecil Hotel - Part 1
The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles has been home to at least two serial killers, numerous tragic deaths, a sniper shooting and one mysterious death.  Join me for this first installment of a 2-part episode covering the Cecil Hotel's history. #serial killers #RichardRamirez #TheNightStalker
May 28, 2018
Episode 090: Ted Bundy, Jon Benet and Jodi Arias or What I Learned at CrimeCon
In this special episode I give a wrap-up of CrimeCon - all the true crime celebrity sightings, the true crime podcast rockstars I got to hang out with, and all the inside gossip and info.  I also discuss a couple of cases related to what I learned in CrimeCon sessions this year - the Patsy Ramsey 911 call, Ted Bundy and Jodi Arias. 
May 21, 2018
Episode 089: Infamous Locales: Whitechapel and the Jack the Ripper Murders
The district of Whitechapel in London, England was the location of one of the most infamous, unsolved serial murders in history - the Jack the Ripper Murders. But, there was possibly a second serial murderer operating at the same time. Journey with us to Whitechapel for some historical true crime cases.
May 14, 2018
Episode 088: Infamous Locales: The Beverly Hills Bermuda Triangle
One intersection in Beverly Hills has been the site of many events from airplane crashes, car accidents, and murders. Could it be a coincidence or is the area cursed? 

#beverlyhills #bermudatriangle #howardhughes #hollywood #bugsysiegel #ronnichasen 
May 07, 2018
Bonus Episode - Patreon Sneak Peek Bonus Story
Surprise! Here's an extra episode for you since I'm off this week.  This is as bonus episode that I would normally make available only for Patreon members, but I'll give you a little sneak peek of Patreon bonus content by sharing it with everyone.

This is the story of another murder committed by the Aum Doomsday Cult that did I did not talk about on Episode #86: Last Stop: Chapter 3: The Tokyo Subway Attack. 
May 03, 2018
Episode 087: Last Stop: Diana the Hunter of Bus Drivers and the Murdered Women of Juarez
A woman takes revenge for hundreds of raped and murdered women in Juarez, Mexico by targeting city bus drivers.

#vigilantes #serialkillers #femicide
Apr 23, 2018
Episode 086: Last Stop: The Tokyo Subway Attack
On March 20, 1995 a group of men board the Tokyo Metro subway and release deadly sarin gas. The mass murder was ordered by Aum Supreme Truth cult leader Shoko Asahara.

#massmurder #cults #Japan #terrorism #chemicalweapons
Apr 16, 2018
Episode 085: Last Stop: The Hijacking of Bus 174
Hostages are taken on a bus in central Rio de Janeiro in 2000. The entire incident would be televised live. #hijacking #Brazil
Apr 09, 2018
Episode 084: Last Stop: The Chowchilla School Bus Kidnapping
In 1976, in the small farming community of Chowchilla, California, a school bus full of children is kidnapped for ransom. 

#kidnappings #Chowchilla #ransom #crimehistory #California
Apr 02, 2018
Episode 083: Unusual Criminal Defenses: The Affluenza Defense
Wealthy and overprivileged youth commit crimes and then their defense attorneys use their indulgent upbringing to claim "diminished responsibility". I'll discuss the cases of Ethan Couch and Leopold and Loeb.
Mar 26, 2018
Episode 082: Unusual Criminal Defenses: The Twinkie Defense
Supervisor Dan White murders San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk in 1978. His defense would claim "diminished capacity" to keep him from being sentenced to death. The media dubbed this "The Twinkie Defense". But, what really caused Dan White to become a double murderer?
Mar 12, 2018
Episode 081: Unusual Criminal Defenses: The Sleepwalking Defense
Our first chapter of "Unusual Criminal Defenses" outlines three cases where killers claimed to be sleepwalking while committing their crimes.

#kennethparks #scottfalater #alberttirrell
Mar 06, 2018
Episode 080: Academy Award Winning Crimes: Stolen Oscars, Streakers and Deadly Deeds
The last chapter of this series continues with stories of the darker side of the Academy Awards. You'll hear about missing and stolen Oscars, the tragic story of the Oscar Night Streaker and a murder committed by the son of an Oscar winning songwriter.
Feb 27, 2018
Episode 079: Academy Award Winning Crimes: Chapter 3: The Killing Fields and Dr. Haing S. Ngor
A man escapes the genocide in Cambodia and becomes an Academy Award Winning Actor in the U.S. 
Feb 20, 2018
Episode 078: Academy Award Winning Crimes: Roman Polanski
Roman Polanski lives a life of hardship and tragedy before becoming an award winning director - and a fugitive from justice after being charged with the rape of a 13-year-old girl. 

#hollywoodcrimes #charlesmanson #sharontate
Feb 13, 2018
Episode 077: Academy Award Winning Crimes: The Dog Day Afternoon Bank Heist
The Academy Awards is held annually to honor the best of Hollywood. But, there is a darker side of this star-studded ceremony. The first is the true story of the crime portrayed in the Academy Award winning film Dog Day Afternoon. 

#bankrobberies #johnwojtowicz #chasemanhattanbank #newyorkcrimes 
Feb 06, 2018
Episode 076: Survivor Stories: Mary Vincent
The last chapter of "Survivor Stories" is the terrifying story of the attack on Mary Vincent by Larry Singleton in Northern California in 1978. Singleton would become one of the most despised and feared criminals in California history.

#Californiacrime #rapists #hitchhikers #murderers
Jan 30, 2018
Episode 075: Survivor Stories: Tracey Thurman
Tracey Thurman survives a vicious attack by her estranged husband, Buck Thurman, in broad daylight and in front of police officers. She will file a federal lawsuit against the Torrington Police Department for failure to protect.

#domesticviolence #traceythurman #buckthurman
Jan 23, 2018
Episode 074: Survivor Stories: I Survived Ted Bundy - Rhonda Stapley
A young woman is offered a ride by a nice looking man in Salt Lake City in 1974. By the end of the day she would be attacked and almost killed by the infamous serial killer, Ted Budy.

#serial killers #tedbundy #rhondastapley #survivors
Jan 16, 2018
Episode 073: Survivor Stories: The Abduction of Elizabeth Shoaf
A 14-year-old girl masterminds her own rescue when a pedophile kidnaps her and hides her in an underground bunker deep in the woods.
Jan 09, 2018
Episode 072: The 12 Crimes of Christmas: Laci Peterson - Part 2
Part 2 of my discussion of the Laci Peterson case will finish up the timeline of the investigation and do a deep dive into the background and psychology of Scott Peterson. I'll give my analysis of what factors contributed to Scott Peterson's crime.
Dec 19, 2017
Episode 071: The 12 Crimes of Christmas: Laci Peterson: Part 1
This very special episode details the disappearance of Laci Peterson on Christmas Eve, 2002. Laci, 8-months pregnant at the time was found murdered months later. Her husband, Scott was charged with her murder and the murder of their unborn child. Me and my co-host, Yolanda Norris of the Not Perfect of Function Podcast provide analysis of this case and details you may not have heard before.
Dec 19, 2017
Episode 070: The 12 Crimes of Christmas: Holiday Hijinx
We're talking Black Friday Madness, Grinchy burglars, and more true crime holiday craziness on this special holiday edition episode.  

Hear holiday greetings from some of my pod friends including Canadian True Crime, True Crime Garage, Southern Fried True Crime, Insight Podcast, True Crime Island, Murder Road Trip, The Cleaning of John Doe, Killifornia Dreaming and Done Disappeared.
Dec 12, 2017
Episode 069: The 12 Crimes of Christmas: Very Bad Santas
This month's series is all about holiday-related true crimes. First up, crimes committed by bad Santas.
Dec 05, 2017
Episode 068: Murder in the Family: Fritz Klenner and Susie Lynch
Cousins get revenge by murdering family members.
Nov 28, 2017
Episode 067: Murder in the Family: Sante and Kenny Kimes
A mother-son team of grifters turns to murder to get away with their financial schemes.

serial killers, Sante Kimes, Kenny Kimes, con artists, true crime
Nov 21, 2017
Episode 066: Murder in the Family: The Gonzalez Sisters
One of the most prolific serial killer families in history was discovered in Jalisco, Mexico in 1964.  This is the story of the Gonzalez Sisters. 
Nov 14, 2017
Episode 065: Murder in the Family: The Briley Brothers
Three brothers going on a killing spree in Richmond, Virginia in 1979.
murder, serial killers, death row, prison escapes, executions
Nov 07, 2017
Episode 064: Halloween Tales: Volume 2
In this special Halloween episode I share creepy urban legends...with a twist - they are based on true crimes.
Oct 23, 2017
Episode 063: Fakes, Frauds & Liars: The Warrior Eli Hoax
A pregnant mother dies as a result of a car accident. Thousands of Facebook friends mourn her loss. Could her whole life have been fabricated online? Chapter 2 tells the fascinating story of a case of Munchausen by Internet. 
Oct 16, 2017
Episode 062: Fakes, Frauds and Liars: Belle Gibson
This series kicks off with a case from Australia and one of the most well-known cases of Munchausen's by Internet.
Oct 09, 2017
Episode 061: With Friends Like These: Christine Paolilla
Christine Paolilla was befriended by Rachel Koloroutis and Tiffany Rowell and her life changed for the better. Why, then, did she turn on them in such a deadly way?
Oct 02, 2017
Episode 060: With Friends Like These: Doe Roberts
A woman goes missing in a small town in Tennessee. Soon, a kidnapper calls demanding a ransom. The communication from him becomes more bizarre and townspeople begin to believe the culprit might be one of their own community members.   Podcasts: Not Perfect of Functional, Twisted Philly, Murder Road Trip, The Minds of Madness, True Crime Fan Club, Generation Why, The Peripheral, Pleasing Terrors, Killafornia Dreaming, The Fall Line    
Sep 25, 2017
Episode 059: With Friends Like These: Bobby Kent
This series details cases where friends turn on friends - with deadly results. This is Chapter 2 - The Murder of Bobby Kent.
Sep 11, 2017
Episode 058: With Friends Like These: Kirsten Costas
Jealousy and a deep desire to be accepted by the popular crowd drives a high school student to murder.
Sep 04, 2017
Episode 057: Sick and Murdered: Marie Hilley - Part 2
Marie Hilley becomes a fugitive after murdering her husband and poisoning her daughter in Alabama.
Aug 28, 2017
Episode 056: Sick and Murdered: Marie Hilley - Part 1
The story of Marie Hilley's life is one of the most strange and bizarre true crime cases I've encountered. There are so many twists and turns in this case that I've split it into two parts. Frank and Marie Hilley early in their marriage.   Once Upon a Crime Podcast Fan Page on Facebook
Aug 21, 2017
Episode 055: Sick and Murdered: Beverley Allitt - Britain's "Angel of Death"
Our second chapter focuses on a case of Munchausen by Proxy - but this time the perpetrator is a health care worker preying on unsuspecting hospital patients. Beverley Allitt was a British serial killer dubbed "The Angel of Death". Many believe she killed because she had Munchausen's Syndrome. Others simply believe she was an evil person who used her position to attack the most vulnerable - the young and helpless.     Save
Aug 14, 2017
Episode 054: Sick and Murdered: Laurie Williamson - Munchausen by Proxy
A rare phenomenon causes a mother to make her children ill for her own selfish gain. Chapter 1 of "Sick and Murdered". Laurie Williamson is wheeled into court to face charges (she claimed to be paralyzed). Resources: Podcasts featuring the Dee Dee & Gypsy Blanchard Case - Generation Why - Episode 234 Sword and Scale - Episode 49 Documentary: Mommy Dead and Dearest  
Aug 07, 2017
Episode 053: Millionaire Murders: Ted Ammon - Murder in the Hamptons - Part 2
Part 2 of "Murder in the Hamptons" tells of the ugly and costly divorce of Ted and Generosa Ammon and how hate a resentment boiled over to murder. Clockwise from top: Greg & Alexa Ammon, The East Hampton beach house, Danny Pelosi, Ted Ammon, Generosa Ammon Check out this independent podcast! The Noir Factory Podcast Book: Almost Paradise: The East Hampton Murder of Ted Ammon by Kieren Crowley
Jul 31, 2017
Episode 052: Millionaire Murders: Ted Ammon - Murder in the Hamptons - Part 1
A love story turn into a murder when a multi-millionaire finds himself in an ugly and vicious divorce.
Jul 24, 2017
Episode 051: Millionaire Murders: Edmond Safra - Murder in Monaco
A billionaire banker dies under suspicious circumstances in Monaco.
Jul 17, 2017
Episode 050: Millionaire Murders: Spoiled Son - Dale Ewell
A family is murdered in their Fresno home. Was it for the inheritance?
Jul 10, 2017
Episode 049: Murder in Paradise: Murder on Palmyra
Two couples collide on a deserted island on the South Seas. Only one would leave alive.
Jun 26, 2017
Episode 048: Murder in Paradise: Missing in Aruba
After Natalee Holloway another woman goes missing in Aruba - was it an accidental death or a murder?
Jun 19, 2017
Episode 047: Murder in Paradise: The Monster of Florence
A serial killer strikes in Florence, Italy.
Jun 12, 2017
Episode 046: Murder in Paradise: The Yosemite Murders
A serial killer hunts and kills women in and around Yosemite National Park.

Cary Stayner, Carole Sund, Joie Armstrong
Jun 05, 2017
Episode 045: A Woman Scorned: Murder by Mercedes
Clara Harris finds out her husband of 10 years is having an affair and takes matters into her own hands - in a particularly gruesome way.
May 22, 2017
Episode 044: A Woman Scorned: Jodi Arias - Part 2
Part 2 tells about the investigation, interrogation, arrest and trial of Jodi Arias for the murder of Travis Alexander. This is Chapter 3 of "A Woman Scorned"
May 15, 2017
Episode 043: A Woman Scorned: Jodi Arias - Part 1
A young woman who felt spurned by her on-again-off again lover and realizaing she couldn’t have him for herself, decides to take deadly revenge. This case became one of the most sensationalized trials on record.  

Chapter 2 of "A Woman Scorned" is the murder of Travis Alexander by Jodi Arias.
May 09, 2017
Episode 042: A Woman Scorned: Betty Broderick
In 1989, Betty Broderick guns down her ex-husband and his new wife. Did her cheating husband cause her to snap or did she commit cold-blood, premeditated murder?

This is Chapter 1 of our new series "A Woman Scorned". 
May 02, 2017
Episode 041: Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: Charles Rothenberg
A divorced dad takes revenge out on his ex-wife by attempting to murder his own son.

Charles Rothenberg, David Rothenberg
Apr 25, 2017
Episode 040: Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: Susan Smith
A woman reports her car stolen with her 2 young sons inside. After a 9 day search, the unthinkable would be discovered.

Michael and Alex Smith, kidnapping, carjacking,
Apr 18, 2017
Episode 039: Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: John List
An entire family is found murdered in their home in 1971. The patriarch, John List, murdered his wife, mother and children and then disappeared.

List Family murders, America's Most Wanted, fugitive
Apr 11, 2017
Episode 038: Monstrous Moms and Dastardly Dads: Diane Downs
Three children are shot on a lonely road one night in 1983. Was it the work of a violent stranger or was it even more horrifying? Could their own mother be to blame?
Apr 03, 2017
Episode 037: Murder Methods - Mass Murder: Female Mass Murderers
In this episode I detail a rare phenomenon - female mass murderers. You'll hear three cases of women who killed several people in a single incident in the U.S., Germany and Kuwait. 

Jennifer San Marco, workplace shootings, Sabine Radmacher, Nasra Yousef Al-Enezi
Mar 27, 2017
Episode 036: Murder Methods - Mass Murder: The San Ysidro McDonald's Massacre
The worst case of mass murder in the U.S. at the time occurred on July 18, 1984. The shooter entered a crowded McDonald's restaurant in San Ysidro, California and killed 21 men, women and children before the siege was over.

James Huberty, mass murderers
Mar 20, 2017
Episode 035: Murder Methods - Mass Murder: Richard Speck and The Crime of the Century
Eight student nurses are found dead one morning in 1966. There was only one survivor. This is the case of mass murderer Richard Speck.
Mar 14, 2017
Episode 034: Murder Methods - Mass Murder: Howard Unruh and the Walk of Death
A WWII vet goes on a killing rampage in Camden, New Jersey in 1949.

historical true crime, spree killers, mass murders, Howard Unruh
Mar 07, 2017
Episode 033: Sweetheart Killers: The Lonely Hearts Killers
A couple deceive, rob and, ultimately, kill women who place ads in "Lonely Hearts" columns in the 1940s.

Martha Beck, Raymond Fernandez, killer couples
Feb 28, 2017
Episode 032: Sweetheart Killers: Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate
Two teens go on a killing spree in America's heartland in 1958.

Charles Starkweather, Caril Fugate, Carol Fugate, spree killers, American murderers, teenage killers, killer couples
Feb 21, 2017
Episode 031: Sweetheart Killers: Alton Coleman and Debra Brown
A couple begin a reign of terror across several states in the Midwest United States in the summer of 1984.  The FBI would be called in to find and apprehend the serial killers.

Alton Coleman, Debra Brown, killer couples, serial killers, spree killers
Feb 13, 2017
Episode 030: Sweetheart Killers: Amy Fisher - The Long Island Lolita
A young girl infatuated with an older, married man sets out to eliminate her rival - his wife of 15 years. But, the story is soon discovered to be more sordid than originally thought.

Amy Fisher, Joey Buttafuoco, Mary Jo Buttafuoco, New Jersey, Long Island
Feb 07, 2017
Episode 029: Artful Crimes: The Gardner Museum Heist
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts is robbed of over a half a billion dollars of rare art in 1990.

art crimes, art heists
Jan 31, 2017
Episode 028: Artful Crimes: Andy Warhol and Valerie Solanas
A young aspiring writer shoots pop art icon Andy Warhol in 1968.

Valerie Solanas, art, pop art
Jan 24, 2017
Episode 027: Artful Crimes: Caravaggio: The Bad Boy of Rome
The great artist Caravaggio lives an unparalleled life as a painter of masterpieces and as a mercurial and violent young man who became a convicted murderer before the age of 35.

true crime artists murderers historical crime
Jan 17, 2017
Episode 026: Artful Crimes: The Death of Vincent Van Gogh
The series "Artful Crimes" details cases of crimes committed by and against artists. In Chapter 1 we'll explore the death of Vincent Van Gogh - suicide or murder?  
Jan 10, 2017
Episode 025: Holiday Homicides: Murder in Madison
A man leads police to a body buried in a snowbank on Christmas Day, 1977. This murder in Madison, Wisconsin, would captivate the public with a tale of sex, murder, drugs and money.    

Barbara Hoffman
Dec 30, 2016
Episode 024: Holiday Homicides: The Lawson Family Murders
On Christmas Day, 1929, one of the country's worst mass murders took place in North Carolina. This is Chapter 2 of Holiday Homicides: The Lawson Family Murders.
Dec 20, 2016
Episode 023: Holiday Homicides: The Ashland Tragedy
In the early morning hours of Christmas Eve, 1881, a brutal attack was perpetrated on three sleeping teens in Ashland, Kentucky.

historical murder, holiday homicides
Dec 12, 2016
Episode 022: True Crime Game Changers: Amber Hagerman and the AMBER Alert
A 9-year-old girl is abducted in Arlington, Texas. The community and, ultimately, the country would call for changes in the way law enforcement responds to missing and abducted children  
Dec 05, 2016
Episode 021: True Crime Game Changers: Polly Klaas
The murder of a young girls leads to sweeping changes in sentencing laws.

Polly Klaas, Richard Allen Davis, Petaluma, abductions
Nov 29, 2016
Episode 020: Bonus Episode: Holiday Schedule and Shout Outs
Happy Thanksgiving! Just sharing some info about the holiday schedule of podcast releases and some shout outs to listeners and podcasters!
Nov 21, 2016
Episode 019: True Crime Game Changers: Francine Hughes and The Burning Bed
An abused woman spends years being beaten and terrorized by her husband while police and others turn a blind eye. In desperation, she takes the law into her own hands.

Francine Hughes, domestic violence, burning bed, Mickey Hughes
Nov 17, 2016
Episode 018: True Crime Game Changers: Kitty Genovese
A young woman's murder becomes and indictment on American apathy and changes the way crime is reported

Kitty Genovese, Kew Gardens, Queens, New York, Winston Mosley
Nov 08, 2016
Episode 017: Bonus Episode: Halloween Tales
On this special bonus Halloween episode I share something a little different. Instead of the usual true crime case I'm sharing two ghost stories with you. Feel free to listen in the dark! Happy Halloween!

Halloween, ghost stories, spooky tales, La Llorona, Bloody Mary
Oct 28, 2016
Episode 016: Fatal Fans: John Hinckley
John Hinckley, Jr. tries to impress an actress by killing President Ronald Reagan. Was he legally insane? This is the final chapter in the series "Fatal Fans".

Oct 11, 2016
Episode 015: Fatal Fans: John Lennon
Mark David Chapman stalks and murders John Lennon on a New York city street in 1980. This is Chapter 3 of Fatal Fans.

Oct 11, 2016
Episode 014: Fatal Fans: Rebecca Schaeffer
An unhinged fan has murderous plans towards young actress Rebecca Schaeffer.

stalkers, celebrity crime, Robert John Bardo
Oct 04, 2016
Episode 013: Fatal Fans: Theresa Saldana
A young actress is stalked by an unhinged drifter who is intent on killing her.

celebrity crime, stalking, Arthur Jackson
Sep 13, 2016
Episode 012: The Day the Music Died: Selena
The Queen of Tejano Music is gunned down by a fan in 1995.

Selena Quintanilla, Yolanda Saldivar, fatal fans
Sep 09, 2016
Episode 011: The Day the Music Died: Tupac and Biggie
Two of music's biggest rap stars are cut down in their prime. But, who killed them? This week's episode - Tupac and Biggie.

Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Christopher Wallace
Aug 28, 2016
Episode 010: The Day the Music Died: Kurt Cobain
The second installment in the series about the tragic endings of musical icons this time I discuss the life and death of Nirvana's frontman, Kurt Cobain. Justin Evans from the Generation Why and The Peripheral podcasts weighs in on "Soaked in Bleach" and the murder theory.
Aug 17, 2016
Episode 009: The Day the Music Died: Marvin Gaye
This series tells the tragic stories of recording artists who were killed or died under mysterious circumstances. In the first chapter, Marvin Gaye, a top R&B recording artist is murdered by a family member in 1984.
Aug 02, 2016
Episode 008: Killer Kids: Brenda Spencer
The first school mass shooting in the U.S. is committed by a 16-year-old year girl.

Brenda Spencer, school shootings, mass shootings
Jul 26, 2016
Episode 007: Killer Kids: Mary Bell
An 11-year-old is accused of murdering two boys in the 1960s.

British crime, kids who kill, killer kids
Jul 19, 2016
Episode 006 Bonus Episode Making a Murderer in Conversation
A bonus episode partially recorded at The Warfield Theater in San Francisco, CA. Making a Murderer's Dean Strang and Jerry Buting on their speaking tour "A Conversation on Justice".

Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey, Theresa Halbach
Jul 13, 2016
Episode 005: Killer Kids: Jesse Pomeroy
A young serial killer terrorizes South Boston in 1872.

historical crime, serial killers
Jul 05, 2016
Episode 004: Bonus Episode: Stockholm Syndrome and Patty Hearst
When kidnap victims are held for a period of time the public often wants to know "why didn't they try to escape?" This episode explains a psychological phenomenon known as "Stockholm Syndrome", how it might apply to the victims I discussed in the series "Lost and Found", and share probably the most well-known case of Stockholm Syndrome, the kidnapping of Patty Hearst.
Jun 23, 2016
Episode 003: Lost and Found: The Cleveland Kidnappings
Three girls go missing over as many years in a Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood.  Years go by before they are ever seen again. When it was revealed who had taken them and what they were subjected to the city was stunned to find that the perpetrator had been right under their nose all along.

Ariel Castro, Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, abductions,
Jun 09, 2016
Episode 002: Lost and Found: Elizabeth Smart
This is our second installment in the series "Lost and Found". Elizabeth Smart was a 14-year-old girl from a loving, Mormon family living in Salt Lake City, Utah. The family's kindness towards a local transient would make her a target for kidnapping. Her ordeal would encompass months of captivity and hundreds of miles before the final outcome in her story.

Brian David Mitchell, Wanda Barzee, child abductions, kidnapping
Jun 09, 2016
Episode 001: Lost and Found: - Jaycee Dugard
This is the first installment in our series "Lost and Found". An 11-year-old girl is abducted by strangers in broad daylight. The abductors have carefully planned for their captive. The story of this well-publicized kidnapping is even more bizarre and unbelievable than you might have heard.  

Jaycee Lee Dugard, Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe, Phillip Garrido
Jun 09, 2016
Episode 000: Welcome to Once Upon A Crime!
Welcome to Once Upon a Crime the true crime podcast that tells the story behind the story of real life crime. 

New episodes release every Monday. Subscribe today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Pandora or wherever you listen to podcasts. 
Jun 09, 2016