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 Mar 11, 2019


NBC Sports Boston Insiders Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry talk about the New England Patriots and the NFL. New episodes drop every Tuesday & Thursday.

You can leave a question or comment for Tom or Phil on Twitter (@tomecurran - @PhilAPerry), by leaving us a review on Apple podcasts, or by leaving us a voice mail to use in the show by calling 781-214-0753.

Episode Date
Jets and Dolphins insiders on what the Patriots will face in AFC East

Tom Curran and Phil Perry are joined by Jets writer Bob Glauber and Dolphins writer Armando Salguero to get an idea of what the Patriots will be up against in the AFC East this season.

2:55 - Bob Glauber of Newsday in New York joins Tom and Phil and addresses how the Jets can launch their rebuild with a new head coach and rookie quarterback Zach Wilson at the helm.

9:45 - What are the strong points and the weak points on the Jets roster?

18:13 - Does new head coach Robert Saleh have what it takes to succeed in his first season?

21:00 - Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald joins the podcast to talk about why the Dolphins roster has so many fresh faces on it and what that means for Tua Tagovailoa.

30:25 - Does Armando think the Patriots can recapture the AFC East this season? The trio discuss the link between Tagovailoa and Mac Jones.

May 06, 2021
Matt Cassel on the Mac Jones vs. Cam Newton quarterback competition

Former Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to give his take on New England selecting Mac Jones at No. 15 in the draft. The three discuss what exactly it will take for Jones to surpass Cam Newton as the starting quarterback in Foxboro.

2:50 - Tom asks Matt and Phil at what point in the season they think Mac Jones will take over the starting QB role.

11:40 - Matt gives his insight on where Jones will have to make adjustments as a rookie quarterback when it comes to pre-snap and run game play calling.

22:22 - Addressing Mike Lombardi's comments about how Belichick will approach the QB battle.

31:05 - Why are people criticizing the pick? Tom, Matt and Phil discuss Jones' skillset and compare him to other mid-first-round quarterbacks from the past.

39:27 - Recalling stories about Belichick's mysterious advisor Ernie Adams after it was announced this was his final draft working with the Patriots.

May 04, 2021
Grading the Patriots 2021 NFL Draft class; is the dynasty back on?!

Tom Curran and Phil Perry give their grades for the Patriots’ 2021 NFL Draft. What would they have liked the Patriots to do differently? Has the 3.0 version of the Patriots dynasty taken shape?

4:00-Grades for the Patriots drafting Mac Jones

16:30-Execution, player, and fit grades for Christian Barmore

21:00-Should the Patriots have picked another position at #96?

26:00-What could the Patriots have done differently?

33:00-Which players are likely to be dealt this offseason?

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May 03, 2021
Pats strengthen their front-seven adding Barmore and Perkins in NFL Draft

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the Patriots selecting DT Christian Barmore and DE Ronnie Perkins during day 2 of the 2021 NFL Draft. How much has the Patriots’ defense improved this offseason?

1:00-How much has the Patriots’ front-seven improved?

2:30-What can we expect from Christian Barmore in year 1?

5:30-Why taking a swing on Barmore is a good move by the Patriots

7:30-What role will Ronnie Perkins have?

11:00-What will the Patriots do on day 3 of the draft?

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May 01, 2021
Can Mac Jones beat out Cam Newton to be the Week 1 starter?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the Patriots selecting Mac Jones with the 15th overall pick in the NFL Draft. Did the Patriots prefer Jones over Fields? Also, what are the Patriots’ needs in the next rounds?

1:00-Like, love, or hate the Mac Jones pick?

4:00-Will the Patriots regret not moving up for Justin Fields?

9:00-Jim Nagy compares Mac Jones to Tom Brady

11:30-Did the Patriots think they had a shot at Mac Jones at #15?

16:00-Is Mac Jones the Week 1 starter?

18:00-What are the Patriots needs in rounds 2 & 3?

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Apr 30, 2021
Has Rodney Harrison changed his mind on past Cam Newton fortunes?

Tom Curran is joined by Patriots Hall of Famer Rodney Harrison to discuss New England's strategy heading into the draft. After that, Tom talks with Raynham, Mass. product and Northwestern University linebacker Blake Gallagher to talk about the challenges of his senior year and his expectations for the draft.

2:10 - Rodney Harrison joins the podcast to circle back to his past take on Cam Newton. He also explains why the Patriots' priority should be acquiring Jimmy Garoppolo.

5:10 - Harrison talks about some of his favorite players on both sides of the ball in the upcoming draft.

8:50 - Does Rodney think Julian Edelman belongs in the Hall of Fame?

12:16 - Tom is joined by Massachusetts native Blake Gallagher, who played linebacker all four seasons at Northwestern University. Gallagher discusses what the past year of his life has been like as a senior college football player.

21:30 - Gallagher talks about the local support he's had from his Raynham community and spotlights some of the key players who stand out to him as the draft approaches.

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Apr 27, 2021
Thomas Dimitroff goes deep on the ’21 draft class and Patriots' approach

Tom Curran talks with former NFL GM Thomas Dimitroff about the Patriots’ draft approach and whether the Patriots will be willing to pay the price to move up for a QB.

1:15 - Thomas Dimitroff on how the Patriots build their draft board

5:00 - Why Patriots' draft picks don't always match national grades and 'Big Boards'

10:00 - Will five QBs really be selected in the Top 10 picks?

13:45 - How will the Patriots approach their pick and can they trade up from the 15th pick?

19:45 - What the final 24 hours are like for a GM on draft day

Apr 22, 2021
A deep dive into Bill Belichick's draft strategy

Tom Curran gives an in-depth explanation of Bill Belichick and the Patriots' 'stacks' drafting system. Later, he's joined by Phil Perry to discuss the depth of this year's draft class, New England's past picks and what optional OTAs might look like this season.

0:40 - After hearing some draft comments from Michael Lombardi, Tom recalls and unpacks a past discussion with Bill Belichick about the Patriots unique draft strategy.

11:51 - Phil Perry joins Tom to talk about Lombardi's comments about the Patriots strategy.

20:45 - What are the 1A and 1B groups of top-tier players in the upcoming NFL Draft?

25:00 - Tom looks back at where prominent Patriots players were taken in mock drafts compared to where they were drafted in the real thing.

28:56 - Will players use the pandemic as an excuse to skip voluntary OTAs this season? Tom and Phil discuss the potential repercussions if this does occur.

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Apr 20, 2021
Belichick: The Patriots don’t really have a QB “type”

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to Bill Belichick’s press conference, and break down what his answers might mean for the Patriots draft strategy. 

1:00-After listening to Belichick, is Trey Lance a realistic option?

3:00-Are the Patriots willing to adapt their style for a new QB?

8:00-Would Belichick rather have Justin Fields or Mac Jones?

10:30-How does Bill feel about the price tag of moving up in the draft?

20:30-Belichick on the difficulty of scouting this year

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Apr 15, 2021
The intellectual dishonesty of the anti-Edelman argument

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to Julian Edelman retiring and discuss some of their favorite moments from his career. How will the Patriots be able to fill his void on offense?

2:00-Why Julian Edelman decided to retire now

6:00-Highlighting some of the best moments from Edelman

21:30-Who replaces Edelman’s role on the offense?

35:00-Will the Patriots draft defense at 15?

46:00-Tom & Phil fight over whether Patriots should move up in the draft for a QB

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Apr 13, 2021
Throwing guru Tom House says “Cam will be better” in ’21

Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss why it’s unlikely the Patriots move up in the draft for a QB. Also, legendary NFL throwing coach Tom House explains why he expects Cam Newton to be a more accurate passer this season.

1:00-Would the Patriots really move up to get Fields or Lance at #4?

13:30-Interview with QB throwing coach Tom House

17:30-Can passing accuracy be taught?

20:00-House on why he expects a better Cam Newton in 2021

25:00-House on the mechanics of Jarrett Stidham

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Apr 08, 2021
Making the case for Teddy Bridgewater to be the next Patriots QB

Tom Curran and Phil Perry debate whether the Patriots should make Teddy Bridgewater their starting QB next season. Joe Person, Panthers Insider for The Athletic, joins to explain why the Panthers chose Darnold over Teddy.

2:00-Joe Person on why the Panthers moved on from Teddy Bridgewater

7:30-Is Teddy Bridgewater better than Jimmy G?

15:30-Would Teddy Bridgewater be a good fit for the Patriots?

20:00-Do you need a star QB to win in the NFL?

24:00-Do Belichick & Kraft have the patience to develop a young QB?

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Apr 06, 2021
A blow-by-blow breakdown of Robert Kraft’s State of the Patriots address

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to Robert Kraft’s conference call where he addressed the Patriots free agency spending, and his optimism for the upcoming season.

2:00-Are the Patriots lucky for bottoming out last season?

7:00-Robert Kraft makes it clear you can’t build a team every year in free agency

11:00-What did Kraft mean by saying he’s seen a different approach to the draft this year?

20:00-Is Cam/Stidham going to be the game plan at QB this year?

22:00-Did Robert Kraft put Bill Belichick on notice?

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Apr 01, 2021
Jimmy G holds the leverage in San Fran. What's that mean for the Patriots?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry break down the 49ers' reaction to trading up in the draft, leaving the fate of Jimmy Garoppolo in question. They discuss what the move means for the Patriots at the quarterback position as well as what New England should do with Stephan Gilmore.

0:35 - Tom and Phil touch on the move the San Francisco 49ers made to move up to No. 3 in the upcoming draft. Would a similar move be right for the Patriots to make?

10:00 - Breaking down a handful of answers from John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan in the aftermath of the 49ers trade. Are there any clues that tell us Garoppolo to the Patriots is a possibility?

31:09 - Tom's Quickfire Questions: Will the 49ers keep Jimmy G and draft a young QB? Who has more leverage in the situation? Would the Patriots even be a good option for him?

36:53 - Phil and Tom discuss what the Patriots should do with Stephon Gilmore now that the makeup of their roster has changed drastically.

Mar 30, 2021
Patriots don’t have to apologize for winning 2021 offseason

Tom Curran explains why he doesn’t want the Patriots to apologize for winning the 2021 offseason. Jessica Gelman, CEO of the Kraft Analytics group, joins the podcast to discuss how her career is helping lead the way for future women in the sports industry. 

1:00-Patriots don’t have to apologize for winning 2021 offseason

5:30-Will Patriots make any other moves at the QB position?

9:00-Kyle Van Noy says Patriots have ‘chips on their shoulders’

12:00-Jessica Gelman on co-founding the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference

21:00-Gelman on her role as CEO of the Kraft Analytics Group

33:00-How will live sports change when fans return?

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Mar 25, 2021
Podcast brouhaha! Battle erupts over Patriots spending splurge

Tom Curran and Phil Perry are taking a closer look at the flurry of free agent signings the Patriots made last week and rank them. Later, they're joined by George Chahrouri of Pro Football Focus Forecast to settle the debate: Did the Patriots overspend on their unprecedented haul?

2:10 - Ranking the Patriots free agent signings. Which additions stand to help the team more?

12:10 - After filling some of the gaps on offense, how will Cam Newton and Jarrett Stidham respond? And is Mac Jones still in the picture?

17:43 - Phil explains why he's passing on some of the top wide receivers in the draft.

25:30 - George Chahrouri from Pro Football Focus Forecast jumps on the pod to put Bill Belichick's recent spending spree into perspective, and things get heated.

38:12 - Regardless of whether or not the Patriots overspent, will they be better this season and if so, how much better?

Watch the full episode here:

Mar 23, 2021
How Bill Belichick got his mojo back

Did Bill get his mojo back? Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to Mike Lombardi’s article in The Athletic about Belichick. Bill Polian joins to discuss why Belichick is still doing things “the Patriot Way”

1:00-Breaking down Mike Lombardi’s article on Bill Belichick

8:00-Have the Patriots addressed all their needs?

20:00-Patrick Chung departs, Kyle Van Noy returns

30:00-Bill Polian 1-on-1

35:00-Polian on why Belichick is still doing things the Patriot Way

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Mar 18, 2021
What factors led to the Patriots spending spree?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the Patriots signing Hunter Henry, and debate what could be next. Will the Patriots remain aggressive?

1:30-Why is Belichick changing his ways in 2021?

15:00-Will the Patriots remain aggressive at QB?

17:00-Is this Cam Newton’s football team?

21:00-Is moving up in the draft for a QB the next move?

28:00-How will Patriots use Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry?

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Mar 17, 2021
NFL free agency: Patriots spend big early, but is it the right move?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the Patriots’ spending spree as the NFL’s tampering period opened up. Which new addition will benefit the Patriots the most in 2021?

1:00-Patriots being aggressive…is that good or bad?

4:30-Does Jonnu Smith fit exactly what the Patriots need?

11:30-How the addition of LB Matt Judon impacts the defense

16:00-What role will Davon Godchaux play?

26:00-Are the Patriots done adding at the QB position?

Watch on YouTube:

Mar 15, 2021
Emergency Pod: Cam Newton returning to the Patriots on a one-year deal

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to news that Cam Newton will be returning to the Patriots on a one-year deal. Can Cam Newton have better success in 2021?

1:00-Why bring Cam back?

4:00-Will better weapons help Cam Newton?

6:00-Rodney Harrison warned that re-signing Cam would be a mistake

Watch on YouTube:

Mar 12, 2021
Jordan Palmer says don’t sleep on Jarrett Stidham

Tom Curran talks with QB consultant Jordan Palmer about what makes a player succeed at the QB position in the NFL. Jordan also breaks down why Jarrett Stidham’s transition from college to the NFL was so difficult, and his potential for the 2021 season.

2:30-Has Stidham proved the Patriots can’t trust him?

5:00-Jordan Palmer on what makes a good NFL QB

10:00-Palmer says people are ‘dead wrong’ about Sam Darnold

14:30-Palmer on potential of Jarrett Stidham

16:30-Palmer details why Stidham’s transition to Patriots offense was so difficult 

Watch on YouTube:

Mar 11, 2021
Does Trent Brown make the Patriots better in 2021?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the Patriots acquiring Trent Brown and how much that improves their offense. They also break down their Patriots free agency wish list. 

1:00-Does Trent Brown make the Patriots better in 2021?

5:30-What type of player the Patriots are getting in Trent Brown?

10:00-Breaking down the options of shuffling the offensive line

20:00-Tom and Phil's free agent wish lists

28:30-Reaction to Dak Prescott’s new contract

Watch on YouTube:

Mar 09, 2021
Bucky Brooks on how the Patriots should solve their QB conundrum

Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss the Patriots lack of urgency at the QB position this offseason. Bucky Brooks joins to debate whether the Patriots can find their answer at QB in the draft.

1:00-How concerning is the Patriots lack of urgency at the QB position?

6:30-Should the Patriots bring back Kyle Van Noy?

14:45-Bucky Brooks on whether the Patriots answer at QB is in the draft

21:30-Can Mac Jones have success in the NFL?

25:00-Bucky explains why he has the Patriots taking Micah Parsons

Watch on YouTube:

Mar 04, 2021
Let's debate: Should Patriots bother with first-round quarterback?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry engage in an in-depth discussion about whether or not the Patriots should draft a quarterback with the 15th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

0:50 - Phil makes his argument for drafting a QB at No. 15: "If you don't play the game, you can't win."

9:28 - Tom and Phil discuss the element of luck when it comes to drafting.

13:12 - Tom makes his argument for not drafting a QB at No. 15: "The Patriots are not a good enough team right now to take the fifth best quarterback in the draft."

17:49 - How does Bill Belichick approach drafting QBs?

30:54 - Tom and Phil discuss the fates of pending Patriots free agents David Andrews and Joe Thuney.

Watch the full episode here:

Mar 02, 2021
Why Jimmy G. returning to the Patriots makes sense, 1-on-1 with David Andrews

Tom E. Curran explains why the only fitting ending may be Jimmy G. coming back to the Patriots. Plus an exclusive 1-on-1 with David Andrews

1:00- The only fitting ending? Jimmy G. Back with the Patriots

6:30-Interview with David Andrews

9:30-Andrews on the difficulty of playing in 2020

16:30-Reaction to Brady & Gronk’s success in Tampa

19:30-Will Andrews stay with the Patriots?

Watch on YouTube:

Feb 25, 2021
Would anything really change if Cam Newton returned to the Patriots?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry break down Cam Newton’s appearance on the ‘I Am Athlete’ podcast. Was Cam Newton asking for his job back with the Patriots? Does it make sense for New England to re-sign him?

1:00-Did Cam talk his way back to the Patriots?

4:00-In what scenario does it make sense to bring back Cam?

11:00-Is there any way to make Cam a ‘good fit’ for the Patriots offense?

17:30-Would new offensive weapons really help Cam?

34:30-Will Adam Butler and David Andrews be back next year?

Watch on YouTube:

Feb 23, 2021
Do the Patriots need to lock up J.C. Jackson before another team swoops in?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry debate whether the Patriots need to lock up J.C. Jackson. Sam Farmer of the LA Times details his 1-on-1 interview with Bruce Arians following the Buccaneers Super Bowl win.

2:30-Is going ‘cheap’ at QB the best move for the Patriots? 

13:00-Should the Patriots give J.C. Jackson an extension?

18:00-Five building blocks on the Patriots defense

25:00-Sam Farmer on his 1-on-1 with Bruce Arians

Watch on YouTube:

Feb 11, 2021
How did Super Bowl 55 change things for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry debate what Tom Brady’s success in Tampa means for Bill Belichick and the Patriots going forward. Mike Florio joins to explain how Brady’s time with Bucs will change how elite QBs are used going forward.

1:00-Is everyone giving Tom Brady enough credit?

9:00-Is Tom Brady the greatest football player of all time?

15:30-Will Patriots fans now question Bill Belichick’s judgment at QB?

28:00-Does Belichick need to change his ‘No days off’ mentality?

33:30-Mike Florio on how Brady’s win with Bucs will change the way elite QBs are involved in their organizations

Watch on YouTube:

Feb 09, 2021
Devin McCourty goes deep on where the Patriots are headed in ’21

Devin McCourty joins to discuss which players he expects back on the Patriots next season, and where the team is headed in 2021. Jenny Vrentas of SI details her article the ‘Gap Years’ Patriots: Those who played for Brady-Belichick but never won a Super Bowl

1:30-Devin McCourty on being nominated for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year

9:30-McCourty on how last season showed how spoiled the Patriots have been

12:00-Which Patriots opt-outs to expect back next season

21:30-Jenny Vrentas on the ‘Gap Years’ Patriots

Watch on YouTube:

Feb 05, 2021
Rodney Harrison on why Belichick should have expected Tom Brady’s Tampa success

Rodney Harrison explains why he is taking Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win Super Bowl LV. He also breaks down the best options at QB for the Patriots next season, and why Stafford wasn’t the right guy for New England anyway. 

3:00-Rodney Harrison on why he is taking Brady on Sunday

5:30-Belichick should have expected Tom Brady’s Tampa success

9:00-Is Jimmy G the best option for the Patriots next season?

11:00-Rodney: Cam Newton can’t play QB in the NFL anymore

21:00-Perry on how much Patriots should give up for Jimmy

Watch on YouTube:

Feb 02, 2021
Colin Cowherd on whether Chiefs can claim to be Patriots’ successors

Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports Radio joins Tom Curran to debate what it would take for the Chiefs to be considered a dynasty. Ira Kaufman of gives a Tampa perspective of Tom Brady’s 10th SB appearance. 

2:00-Cowherd on whether Chiefs are a dynasty if they win

6:00-Cowherd: Why no one will miss the Patriots dynasty

7:30-Brady’s success in Tampa has proven there is a systemic problem with Patriots

16:00-Ira Kaufman of JoeBucsFan on the difference Brady has made for the Buccaneers

24:00-Is Brady the main reason the Buccaneers are in the Super Bowl?

Watch on YouTube:

Jan 28, 2021
Tom Brady Sr. understands why there’s Brady fatigue

Tom Brady Sr. talks with Tom E. Curran about his son making his 10th Super Bowl appearance. Phil Perry joins to debate whether Matthew Stafford would be a perfect fit for the Patriots. 

1:00-Curran rant: How idiotic is it that Brady isn’t here?

6:30-THE OTB, Original Tom Brady joins the podcast

8:00-Tom Brady Sr. on his son’s departure from Patriots

12:00-Tom Brady Sr. understands why there’s Brady fatigue

26:00-Would Matthew Stafford be a perfect fit for the Patriots?

Watch on YouTube:

Jan 26, 2021
McDaniels stays put, Conference Championship predictions and the great Kay Adams

Tom E. Curran breaks down what Josh McDaniels staying in New England means for his future, discusses Philip Rivers retirement, the Pro Football Hall of Fame vote and this weekend's Conference Championship games. He's later joined by his old Quick Slants co-host, Good Morning Football's Kay Adams.

1:14 - Tom reacts to the news of Josh McDaniels not getting the Eagles head coaching job. Is this the best-case scenario for the Patriots for 2021 and beyond?

5:00 - With Philip Rivers announcing his retirement, Tom explains his change of heart when it comes to his respect for the QB.

10:00 - Tom gives his case for Robert Kraft belonging in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and quickly gets into his Conference Championship predictions.

16:22 - Former Quick Slants co-host and host of Good Morning Football Kay Adams joins Tom to catch up, reminisce about old times and talk about being outgoing introverts.

27:45 - On the back half of the interview, Kay explains why she's rooting for some fan bases of the remaining NFL playoff teams more than others. Tom asks five random questions lightning-round style.

Watch the full episode HERE -

Jan 21, 2021
McDaniels’ Quandary: Is he better off in Philly or sticking with Patriots?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry debate what the best move is for Josh McDaniels, and who will be the next Patriots OC if he leaves. 

1:00-What’s the best move for Josh McDaniels, stay or go?

7:00-For the Patriots, losing Josh McDaniels would be _______?

10:30-Who replaces Josh McDaniels if he goes?

20:30-Will Patriots actually benefit from a lower 2021 salary cap?

24:30-Do the Patriots have enough to get Deshaun Watson?

Watch on YouTube:

Jan 19, 2021
NFL coaching landscape and the Houston Texans mess

Tom Curran talks with Jonathan Jones from CBS Sports on the likelihood that Jerod Mayo becomes a HC in the NFL. Stephanie Stradley, contributor to the Houston Chronicle, lays out just how bad things are with the Texans.

2:00-Will Jerod Mayo leave the Patriots to be HC for the Eagles?

10:30-Jonathan Jones on whether Urban Meyer would have joined the Jaguars if they didn’t have the #1 pick

24:00-Will Cam Newton be a starter in the NFL next year?

31:30-Stephanie Stradley on how bad things are with the Texans right now

Watch on YouTube:

Jan 14, 2021
Pat McAfee joins to talk Belichick, Deshaun, and ‘Bama prospects

Pat McAfee joins the podcast to discuss who impressed him in the National Championship Game, Deshaun Watson drama, and Bill Belichick declining the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

2:00-Reaction to Bill Belichick declining Presidential Medal of Freedom offer from Trump

10:00-Is Mac Jones worthy of a first-round pick for the Patriots?

30:00-Pat McAfee on who impressed him the most in the National Championship game

42:00-McAfee on a punters’ role when stomping opponents logos

Watch on YouTube:

Jan 12, 2021
Deshaun Watson trade: Real or fantasy land?

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to discuss Nick Caserio joining the Houston Texans and rumors of Deshaun Watson wanting out.

2:30-Matt Cassel reacts to Nick Caserio joining the Texans

5:30-Will the Patriots have trouble attracting a free agent QB?

9:00-No way the Texans trade Deshaun Watson, right?!

19:30-Ranking the best & worst from this Patriots’ season

Watch on YouTube:

Jan 07, 2021
Caserio fallout: Why he’s gone and why his loss comes at a bad time

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the Texans hiring Nick Caserio. Will Josh McDaniels be the next person to leave the Patriots?

1:00-Caserio is gone, is Josh McDaniels next?

3:00-Why did the Texans want Caserio?

12:00-What happens to the offseason? Who’s in charge?

19:00-Who else goes from the Patriots to the Texans?

Watch on YouTube:

Jan 06, 2021
If these two things happened, would Brady still be a Patriot?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry debate whether the Patriots’ decline has little to do with their ‘aggressiveness’. Also, could these two things have changed Brady’s mind about leaving?

1:30-Patriots’ decline has little to do with past ‘aggressiveness’

17:00-If these 2 things happen last year, would Brady still be a Patriot?

19:30-Phil Perry’s NFL mock draft

33:00-Is it surprising Josh McDaniels isn’t in the mix for HC jobs around the NFL?

40:00-Albert Breer on best HC jobs in the NFL

Watch on YouTube:

Jan 05, 2021
Was the Patriots decline simply personnel? Or was it personal?

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to debate whether the Patriots’ offense can adapt to what is working around the NFL in 2021.

3:00-What are the biggest factors in the Patriots being a 6-9 team?

13:30-Can the Patriots’ offense adapt to what’s working around the NFL?

20:30-Will Belichick/McDaniels trust a rookie QB to start in 2021?

27:00-Are the Patriots better off finding a QB via free agency?

34:00-Jets are a cautionary tale for the Patriots of how NOT to rebuild

Watch on YouTube:

Dec 31, 2020
An eyes-wide-open look at where the Patriots are right now

Tom Curran and Phil Perry do a deep dive on what the future holds for the New England Patriots. Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders breaks down what the analytics tell us about the best teams in the NFL. 

2:30-Have the Patriots hit rock bottom?

5:00-Did the Bills give the Patriots a blueprint on how to rebuild?

23:30-Will any free agents want to come to New England?

29:00-Will other teams want Josh McDaniels as their head coach?

35:00-Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders

Watch on YouTube:

Dec 29, 2020
Dissecting the draft's top quarterbacks and best Patriots fits with Bruce Feldman

Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss Bill Belichick’s growing frustrations with the media regarding QB questions. The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman joins to break down the upcoming QB draft class.

2:00-Bill Belichick is fed up with the QB questions

10:00-What’s the motivation behind keeping Cam the starter?

20:00-Have the Patriots changed what they are looking for in their next QB?

31:00-Reaction to Jedd Fisch becoming Arizona Wildcats head coach

36:45-Bruce Feldman breaks down the best options at QB in the draft

Watch on YouTube:

Dec 23, 2020
Patriots are now left to face some hard truths

With the path to the playoffs gone, Tom Curran and Phil Perry debate how far away the Patriots are to being competitive in the AFC next season. Will Belichick change his strategy in 2021?

2:00-Reality is setting in on how far away the Patriots are

12:00-Perry: Patriots could have made moves to be more competitive this season

16:00-Will Belichick change the strategy he’s had in the past going into 2021?

24:30-This should be a wrap with the Patriots experiment with Cam Newton

41:00-How will Stephon Gilmore’s injury impact his future?

Watch on YouTube:

Dec 21, 2020
How does Patriots’ offense change if Josh McDaniels leaves?

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to discuss how different the Patriots offense could look next season if Josh McDaniels leaves.


1:00-Matt Cassel on the impact of Josh McDaniels

4:00-What do the Patriots gain if Jedd Fisch becomes OC?

7:00-Has Belichick already transitioned to a QB friendly offense?

10:00-Which QBs in the draft would be a good fit for next Patriots QB?

13:20-Celtics Talk podcast host Chris Forsberg joins to preview the upcoming season

Watch on YouTube:

Dec 18, 2020
Do the Patriots need to follow Miami’s blueprint to get back on track?

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to debate whether using the Dolphins’ blueprint is the best way for Patriots to get back to playoff contention next season.

1:00-Is the Dolphins franchise where the Patriots want to be?

8:00-Are the Patriots one QB away from being good again?

14:30-What other teams can the Patriots model their rebuild after?

19:00-Should James White and Julian Edelman be a part of the future?

24:00-Is the key to have N’Keal Harry play more physical?

Watch on YouTube:

Dec 17, 2020
The straight poop on why Jarrett Stidham isn’t starting

Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss why Jarrett Stidham will not be starting for the Patriots.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald joins to discuss how the Dolphins went from tanking to contending. 

5:00-Will Belichick try to use Jarrett Stidham down the stretch?

14:00-If there is no future with Stidham, why is he on the roster?

19:00-How can the Patriots’ improve their passing game down the stretch?

24:30-Which college QBs should Patriots’ fans keep an eye on?

28:00-Armando Salguero on how Dolphins went from tanking to contending

Watch on YouTube:


Dec 15, 2020
Wrestling with the Cam Newton dilemma

Is Cam Newton getting too much heat for the beatdown against the Rams? Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to debate who is to blame for the Patriots’ offensive struggles.

2:00-How much is Cam Newton’s limitations impacting the Patriots’ chances of winning?

9:00-Does going to Stidham in the 4th show lack of confidence in Cam?

12:00-Second-guessing Patriots’ play calls in the red zone

17:00-Is Cam to blame? Or is it his offensive weapons?

Watch on YouTube:

Dec 11, 2020
Can Patriots repeat their SBLIII mastery against the Rams?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry preview the Patriots Thursday night matchup against the Rams. 

Steve Palazzolo of PFF joins to discuss whether the Patriots can repeat their game plan from SBLIII.

4:30-Can the Patriots find success with the run against the Rams’ defense?

10:00-What matchups can the Patriots exploit on Thursday?

21:30-Is putting pressure on Goff the key to slowing down the Rams’ offense?

28:30-Steve Palazzolo on growth of rookies on the Patriots

34:45:Can Patriots repeat their SBLIII mastery against the Rams?

Watch on YouTube:

Dec 08, 2020
The Aftermath: Bill Belichick, Coach of the Year candidate?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry recap the Patriots’ blowout win over the Chargers. Should Bill Belichick be in the running for Coach of the Year?

2:00-Cam Newton showed why he must be the Patriots QB going forward

10:00-Perry: We are watching the Patriots’ defense evolve before our eyes

16:00-Why Bill Belichick has success against rookie QBs

18:30-Making the case for Belichick as the Coach of the Year

Watch on YouTube:

Dec 07, 2020
Warren Sharp highlights Patriots-Chargers coaching mismatch in critical game

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to break down the keys to the Patriots getting a win on Sunday. Warren Sharp discusses just how big of an advantage the Patriots’ coaching staff has over the Chargers.

2:00-Laying out the Patriots’ path to the playoffs

5:30-Why putting pressure on Herbert will be key on Sunday

12:00-Matt Cassel ranks QBs around the NFL he would build his team around

22:30-How should Patriots’ offense attack the Chargers’ defense?

38:50-Warren Sharp on Patriots can benefit from coaching advantage on Sunday

Watch on YouTube:

Dec 03, 2020
Why fearless Kyle Dugger deserves our appreciation

Tom Curran and Phil Perry break down the impressive play of Kyle Dugger, and how key he will be to the Patriots’ future. Rick Stroud from the Tampa Bay times joins to discuss the criticism around Tom Brady with the Buccaneers.

4:30-Why fearless Kyle Dugger deserves our appreciation

17:30-How important is a strong Safety to a championship team?

20:00-Should Belichick give Stidham a start this season?

24:00-Should the Patriots try other options at WR?

37:30-Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times on Tom Brady’s struggles

Watch on YouTube:

Dec 01, 2020
Why the Patriots should move on from Cam Newton after this season

Tom Curran and Phil Perry break down the Patriots’ 20-17 win over the Arizona Cardinals. Should the Patriots move on from Cam Newton next season? Should Bill Belichick experiment with a platoon system with Jarrett Stidham for the rest of this season?

2:00-Making the case for the Patriots to move on from Cam Newton next season

12:00-Perry: Positive signs from young players the Patriots can build around

16:00-Should the Patriots try a platoon system with Jarrett Stidham?

19:00-What’s the upside of the Patriots’ win over the Cardinals?

Watch on YouTube:

Nov 30, 2020
Does Bill Belichick have a plan to contain Kyler Murray?

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to preview Patriots-Cardinals. Does Bill Belichick have something up his sleeve to slow down the Cardinals’ offense?

1:00-Debate: Does Kyler Murray compare to Doug Flutie?

6:30-Is the era of the pocket passer over?

17:00-Does Bill Belichick have a plan to contain Kyler Murray?

25:00-How Doug Flutie overshadowed Matt Cassel’s first NFL TD

31:00-Cassel breaks down why Tom Brady is struggling

Watch on YouTube:

Nov 25, 2020
The Aftermath: Has the Patriots’ rebuild even begun?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry break down the Patriots’ 27-20 loss to the Houston Texans. Who deserves the blame for the loss, and has the Patriots’ rebuild even begun?

2:30-Is the Patriots’ defense to blame for loss to Texans?

7:00-How much blame does Cam Newton get in the loss?

10:00-No one fears of the Patriots’ defense

15:30-What could Josh McDaniels have done different?

25:00-Has the Patriot’s rebuild even begun?

Watch on YouTube:

Nov 23, 2020
Can Cam Newton be a top-10 guy? Is JC Jackson a No.1?

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to break down the Patriots-Texans matchup. They also debate whether Cam Newton can be a top-10 guy and if JC Jackson is a No. 1.

3:30-This is an opportunity to for Patriots to prove they are legit

5:00-How feasible Is it for the Patriots to make the playoffs?

12:45-Phil’s analytics corner: Would you build your franchise around Deshaun Watson?

14:00-Can Cam be a top-10 guy? Is JC Jackson a No.1?

36:30-Patriots-Texans predictions

Watch on YouTube:

Nov 19, 2020
Who are the Patriots top 7 building blocks?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry give their picks for the Patriots’ top 7 building blocks. John McClain from the Houston Chronicle discusses Belichick’s comments on Jack Easterby and previews Patriots-Texans. 

1:30-Phil Perry’s report card for Patriots after win vs Ravens

11:20-Who are the Patriots’ top 7 building blocks?

19:00-How did this win change fans perspective of the Patriots’ playoff chances?

30:00-John McClain from the Houston Chronicle previews Patriots-Texans

Watch on YouTube:

Nov 17, 2020
The Aftermath: Was Patriots win over the Ravens a one-off?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the Patriots upsetting the Ravens. Does this win prove the Patriots have what it takes to be a legit playoff contender?

2:00-Does a win over the Ravens prove the Patriots can be a playoff team?

7:00-Perry: Cam Newton showed real improvement vs Ravens

9:30-What was the biggest reason for Cam Newton’s production on offense?

18:00-Impact of rookies and UDFA’s against Baltimore

Watch on YouTube:

Nov 16, 2020
Lamar Jackson is the one that got away so don’t lose Cam Newton

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to debate whether the Patriots made a mistake not drafting Lamar Jackson in 2018 and if that should be a factor in what they decide to do with Cam Newton after this season. The guys also preview Sunday night's Patriots-Ravens matchup.

2:25-Should Cam Newton be part of the Patriots' plans beyond this season?

12:15-Did the Pats make a mistake not drafting Lamar Jackson in 2018?

25:54-Does the Pats defense have any chance of stopping Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense?

34:17-Can Cam Newton and the offense overcome Baltimore's defense?

35:55-Patriots-Ravens game predictions

Watch on YouTube:

Nov 12, 2020
Patriots may have missed their chance to tank

Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss the Patriots' thrilling 30-27 win over the New York Jets. Should we even be happy with the result? Later, Tom is joined by Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports to talk about the top quarterbacks in the upcoming NFL Draft.

0:48 - Tom and Phil answer the question we really want to know after the Patriots defeated the Jets in Week 9: Would we have rather had them lose?

9:05 - Did we learn anything positive about this Patriots team from the win? Tom and Phil get into a heated debate about the skill level of the Pats secondary.

22:08 - After Cam Newton's solid performance in the win, have we changed our minds about wanting him in New England next season?

30:52 - Tom is joined by Pete Thamel, who covers college football for Yahoo Sports and targets three QBs in the upcoming NFL Draft: Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields and Trey Lance.

40:38 - Pete discusses how the scouting process has been impacted by COVID-19 and how that could make for some interesting draft results next year.

Nov 10, 2020
Patriots problems can all be traced to planning

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to preview the Patriots-Jets matchup and debate whether Sam Darnold would be a good fit for the Patriots. Tony Dungy joins to discuss the Patriots’ struggles and his confidence in their future.

1:00-Did the Patriots ever have a real succession plan for Tom Brady?

6:30-Did Matt Cassel ruin how the Patriots view quarterbacks?

15:30-Is Sam Darnold a good fit for the Patriots?

26:00-Is it safe to say Jarrett Stidham is not the future?

28:30-Tony Dungy on the state of the Patriots and their future

Watch on YouTube:

Nov 05, 2020
Did the Patriots blow it at the trade deadline?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the Patriots not making any major moves at the trade deadline. Bert Breer from MMQB breaks down all the moves around the NFL.

2:00-Could Isaiah Ford end up being a starter?

5:30-Why Patriots made a mistake by not trading Joe Thuney

9:00-Will the Patriots regret not trading Stephon Gilmore?

19:30-Do Patriots think they can still be contenders in 2020?

26:30-Bert Breer on lack of moves around NFL and market for Gilmore

Watch on YouTube:

Nov 04, 2020
Why the Patriots are better off sticking with Cam Newton over Jarrett Stidham

Tom Curran explains why starting ‘Stid is simply the wrong idea for the Patriots right now. Phil Perry gives his reasoning on the Patriots trying to accumulate as many picks as they can.

4:00-Curran explains why now is not the time to move on from Cam Newton

11:00-Perry on why the Patriots should accumulate as many picks as they can

15:00-Was Jimmy G really the plan for the future?

18:50-Belichick makes candid comments on Patriots’ cap situation and depth

32:20-What was the rush to move on from Tom Brady?

Watch on YouTube:

Nov 02, 2020
Instant reaction to Edelman surgery. Is this it for Jules in New England?

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to react to the news that Julian Edelman has had surgery and will miss time. Matthew Fairburn of The Athletic gives a Buffalo Bills perspective heading into Sunday. 

1:00-Instant reaction to Julian Edelman surgery

4:00-Is Edelman’s career with the Patriots over?

7:30-Cassel on why the weather will be in the Patriots favor on Sunday

18:00-Cassel on Cam’s hesitancy when throwing

33:50-Matthew Fairburn previews Patriots-Bills

Watch on YouTube:

Oct 29, 2020
GROUNDED! Patriots awful grades from Pro Football Focus show where things are headed

Tom Curran and Phil Perry debate how Bill Belichick can get the Patriots back to their winning ways. Steve Palazzolo of Pro Football Focus breaks down his eye-opening grades for the Patriots. 

1:00-What can Bill Belichick do to improve this team faster?

7:00-Mathew Slater says Patriots let effort & attitude slip away

15:30-Jedd Fisch addresses the hesitancy of Cam Newton when throwing

26:30-Why ‘tanking’ this season to move up in the draft isn’t a good plan

35:00-Steve Palazzolo breaks down PFF’s grades for the Patriots

Watch on YouTube:

Oct 27, 2020
The Aftermath: We are seeing what Tom Brady warned everyone about

Tom Curran and Phil Perry debate whether Cam Newton has the yips. With the Patriots’ weaknesses becoming more evident each week, what can they do to find success on the field?

1:30-Curran: Cam Newton has a bad case of the yips; so now what?

11:30-How can Josh McDaniels switch up the offensive game plan?

24:30-Why can’t Jarrett Stidham take advantage of his opportunities?

29:45-We are seeing what Tom Brady warned everyone about 

33:30-How much blame does Bill Belichick deserve for lack of offensive weapons?

Watch on YouTube:

Oct 26, 2020
Should the Patriots fear Jimmy G?

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to debate why Jimmy G is not living up to expectations. Also, Garoppolo talks to NBC Sports Bay Area about his time in New England. 

1:00-Is Jimmy Garoppolo a good NFL QB?

7:00-Did the Patriots luck out by not building around Jimmy G?

20:00-Jimmy Garoppolo reflects on his time in New England in interview with NBC Sports Bay Area

25:45-If the Patriots are sellers at the deadline, why Gilmore could go

Watch on YouTube:

Oct 22, 2020
Should the Patriots even want Jimmy Garoppolo back if he becomes available?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss whether defenses are developing a blueprint on how to stop Cam Newton. Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area joins to preview the matchup on Sunday, and discuss the future of Jimmy G.

3:00-Are defenses developing a blueprint on how to stop Cam Newton?

8:30-Is it even worth it for the Pats to add a receiver?

19:30-Did Belichick take a shot at Gronk when praising Kittle?

27:30-Did Patriots luck out by not keeping Jimmy G? 

35:00-Matt Maiocco: Patriots-49ers preview

40:00-Do the 49ers believe in Jimmy G?

Watch on YouTube:

Oct 20, 2020
The Aftermath: Who is to blame for the Patriots loss to the Broncos?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry break down the good, the bad, and the really bad from the Patriots loss to the Broncos. Can the Patriots be contenders with the team they have?

3:00-Can the Patriots be contenders with the team they have?

4:30-Reasons for Cam Newton’s struggles vs Denver

9:30-What is stopping N’Keal Harry from becoming a consistent producer for the Patriots?

19:00-Do the Patriots need to reevaluate how they use the TE position?

Watch on YouTube:

Oct 19, 2020
Why the Patriots should be buyers at the trade deadline

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to discuss why the Patriots should be buyers at the trade deadline. Also, how will the layoff impact the Patriots on the field on Sunday?

2:00-There’s a loose end in the COVID chaos

12:20-How will the layoff impact the Patriots on the field?

14:15-Making the case for the Patriots to acquire Le’Veon Bell

20:00-Should the Patriots be buyers at the trade deadline?

32:00-Tom Curran’s NFL power rankings

Watch on YouTube:

Oct 15, 2020
Patriots take their health and wellness into their own hands

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry recap a long week for the Patriots, and react to the Patriots-Broncos game being postponed until next Sunday. Does the NFL have the Patriots’ best interests at heart?

2:00-Jason McCourty speaks out on how Patriots’ players feel about the NFL’s handling of COVID-19 

4:00-Who made the call on the Patriots-Broncos game being postponed?

8:30-Are the Broncos getting hosed?

17:00-Will Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore play vs Broncos?

37 :00-Did the Patriots dodge a bullet not having Jimmy G replace Tom Brady?

Watch on YouTube:

Oct 12, 2020
Covering every angle of a bizarre week for Patriots

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to discuss every angle of the bizarre week for the Patriots. Judy Battista from talks about the cautious optimism around the NFL regarding completing this season.

4:30-Cassel on struggles Patriots' players face trying to prepare for Denver

14:00-Judy Battista on NFL being ‘cautiously optimistic’ about this season

27:00-What does it take to get back on the field after testing positive for COVID-19? 

28:00-Who should start if Cam cannot play?

37:45-Should the Patriots be looking for a WR at the trade deadline?

Watch on YouTube:

Oct 08, 2020
The Patriots should have started Jarrett Stidham

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the Patriots’ 26-10 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Did Jarrett Stidham prove he should be the Patriots’ #2 QB?

1:30-Perry on why Bill Belichick showed his still the best coach in the NFL 

5:30-Did Jarrett Stidham prove he should be the #2 guy?

9:00-Reactions to Brian Hoyer’s mistakes vs Chiefs

15:00-How much trouble would the Patriots be in if they didn’t acquire Cam Newton?

18:00-Are we buying in on Damien Harris?

Watch on YouTube:

Oct 06, 2020
NFL out on a limb by having Patriots play Chiefs on Monday

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the NFL scheduling the Patriots to face the Chiefs on Monday after Cam Newton tested positive for COVID-19. Is the NFL being irresponsible?

1:00-Is the NFL being irresponsible by playing on Monday?

6:00-Dr. Myron Rolle on incubation period for Cam Newton

21:30-Why start Brian Hoyer over Jarrett Stidham?

25:30-Do the Patriots have any shot at beating the Chiefs?

Watch on YouTube:

Oct 04, 2020
How the heck can the Patriots match Mahomes' supercharged Chiefs?

Tom E. Curran, Phil Perry and former Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel preview the Patriots' Week 4 with the Kansas City Chiefs and discuss Kansas City's potency on offense. Tom is also joined by Sam Mellinger of the KC Star to get an inside look at what the Patriots might be able to do to stop Patrick Mahomes.

2:15 - As a former NFL quarterback, who better to break down what Patrick Mahomes does well than Matt Cassel? Tom, Phil and Matt also discuss the hypothetical of a Tom Brady-led Chiefs and a Patrick Mahomes-led Patriots in 2019.

11:40 - The Chiefs are under the impression that they're in the early stages of a dynasty. Can they actually win three Super Bowls in four or five years like the Patriots have done?

21:15 - Tom is joined by columnist for the Kansas City Star Sam Mellinger to discuss the potential future success of the Chiefs, how they currently view the Patriots and what their Week 3 win over the Ravens showed us. They also talk about Sam's past interactions with Matt Cassel.

34:10 - Matt talks about his perception of the media when he was a player, specifically about his interactions with Mellinger. Him, Tom and Phil discuss the relationship between players and reporters and how it's navigated on each side.

42:50 - Tom, Matt and Phil dive into the upcoming Patriots-Chiefs matchup, give their keys to success for the Patriots and finish with their final predictions.

Oct 01, 2020
Cam Newton's personality is the real deal, and so are the Chiefs

Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss the Patriots upcoming challenge: a Sunday night showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs. Tom is joined by Darin Gantt of ProFootballTalk to talk about how we perceived Cam Newton before he joined the Patriots vs. how we look at him now.

1:00 - Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry take a look at the Patriots Week 4 matchup with the Chiefs and discuss how New England's offense can keep up with their opponent.

9:00 - Are the Patriots allowed to have a second 'moral victory' game after their loss to the Seahawks in Week 2?

19:00 - With the Tennessee Titans being temporarily shut down after a small Covid-19 outbreak, Tom and Phil discuss how the league can move forward now that the inevitable has occurred.

27:30 - Phil goes through his Week 3 Report Card grades, overviewing the performance of Cam Newton, the Patriots offensive line and the running backs group.

35:45 - Tom admits that he was wrong about his initial perception of Cam Newton, not the quarterback, but the person.

41:15 - Tom is joined by Darin Gantt of ProFootballTalk to discuss Cam Newton's personality and early success in New England. The two also discuss the NFL's best options for dealing with potential cancelled games due to Covid-19.

Sep 29, 2020
Patriots prove they can win even when Cam Newton isn’t Superman

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry break down the Patriots’ 36-20 win over the Raiders. They give their picks for ‘Best & worst’ from the win and debate what motived Sony Michel to breakout. 

1:30-Patriots prove they can win even when Cam Newton isn’t Superman

3:30-Biggest reason for Sony Michel breaking out vs Raiders

8:30-Perry on why Belichick will absolutely love this win

12:30-Best & worst of Patriots’ 36-20 win

21:00-Your favorite segment: “That’s not OK!”

Watch on YouTube:

Sep 28, 2020
How seriously should we be taking Derek Carr and the Raiders?

Tom Curran, Phil Perry and Matt Cassel debate how seriously the Patriots should be taking Derek Carr and the Raiders. Also, is Cam Newton a better fit for the team than Tom Brady?

2:00-How seriously should we be taking Derek Carr and the Raiders?

7:00-How concerning was the defensive effort vs Seahawks?

11:00-Why is the Patriots’ WR core flourishing under Cam Newton?

14:30-Who is to blame for Sony Michel not being productive?

19:30-Is Cam a better fit for this team than Tom Brady?

Watch on YouTube:

Sep 24, 2020
Is it time for the Patriots to look long-term with Cam Newton?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss whether the Patriots should look into investing long-term with Cam Newton. Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times joins to discuss the early impressions of Brady & Gronkowski as Buccaneers. 

3:15-Do we refigure all expectations after seeing what Cam can do?

10:00-What is the ceiling for Damiere Byrd?

16:00-Should Patriots look long-term with Cam Newton?

27:30-How will the Patriots’ offense attack the Raiders’ defense?

36:00-Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times on first impressions of Brady & Gronk

Watch on YouTube:

Sep 22, 2020
Patriots take big loss to Seahawks, but also a big step forward

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the Patriots’ 35-30 loss to the Seahawks. Should fans be second-guessing the final play? How “ahead of schedule” is the Patriots’ offense?

1:00-Why Patriots are way ahead of schedule under Cam Newton

5:30-Do you have any issues with the Patriots final play?

9:30-Should Edelman have caught the pass?

11:30-Best and worst of Patriots-Seahawks

24:00-Should we be encouraged by N’Keal Harry?

Watch on YouTube:

Sep 21, 2020
Another Patriots-Seahawks epic in the offing?

Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran and Phil Perry to break down the Patriots-Seahawks matchup on Sunday. How can Cam Newton and the Patriots offense attack Seattle’s defense?

1:30-Bill Belichick opens up about the passing of his mother

17:00-Did Matt Cassel ever think Pete Carroll could transition into a good NFL coach? 

22:30-How does the Patriots’ offense matchup against the Seahawks’ defense?

29:00-Cam Newton comes to the defense of N’Keal Harry

31:00-Belichick praises Russel Wilson, how impressive is Seattle’s offense?

41:30-Patriots-Seahawks score predictions 

Watch on YouTube:

Sep 17, 2020
Great start for Cam Newton, now can the Patriots keep it up?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry debate just how much the Patriots will be able to use Cam Newton as a runner this season. Chris Simms joins the podcast to react to the Patriots’ win over the Dolphins, and debate whether the offense can keep it up. 

1:30-Will the Patriots be able to sustain running with Cam?

5:30-How different does Patriots’ offense look without Cam running?

17:40-Chris Simms on why he had Cam #10 in his QB rankings before signing with Patriots

20:30-Simms on the potential of the Patriots’ offense

23:35-Is everyone overreacting to Brady’s first game with the Bucs?

Watch on YouTube:

Sep 15, 2020
Who gets more credit for the Patriots’ first win, offense or defense?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry give their postgame breakdown of the Patriots’ 21-11 win over the Dolphins.

1:00-Patriots show they plan to use Cam Newton as a runner

3:50-Biggest takeaways from the Patriots’ defense

9:30-Phil Perry on being in a fan-less Gillette Stadium

11:00-What to make of Jarrett Stidham being inactive

21:30-Will this offense work against the rest of the NFL?

Watch on YouTube:

Sep 14, 2020
Matt Cassel gives his slant on the real impact of Cam Newton

Tom Curran, Phil Perry and Matt Cassel break down just how different this Patriots’ offense will look under Cam Newton. Will Josh McDaniels and Bill Belichick take advantage of the element of surprise on offense? Also, the guys give their 2020 bold predictions for the Patriots.

2:30- Cassel on why Belichick will love having an element of surprise on offense

7:00-How creative will Josh McDaniels be with Cam Newton? 

9:00-How should the Patriots attack the Dolphins’ defense?

12:40-2020 bold predictions for the Patriots

23:50-Can Devin Asiasi have a better rookie season than Rob Gronkowski?

Watch on YouTube:

Sep 10, 2020
Josh McDaniels and the element of offensive surprise

Tom Curran & Phil Perry discuss how Josh McDaniels can use the element of surprise to the Patriots’ advantage. Could the Patriots’ offense actually be better than last season? Last but not least! Curran’s 2020 NFL predictions.

3:30-Do Patriots’ fans have the belly for a rebuild?

12:45-How can Josh McDaniels use the element of surprise to Patriots’ advantage?

19:30-Why the Patriots’ offense could actually be better than last season 

23:30-How often will the Patriots run with Cam?

36:30-2020 Foresight: Curran’s NFL predictions

Watch on YouTube:

Sep 09, 2020
Mohamed Sanu release illustrates Pats futility at WR | State of the AFC East

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the Patriots releasing Mohamed Sanu, who steps up with Sanu gone? We also talk with writers from each team in the AFC East to discuss their level of confidence heading into the season. 

1:30-Patriots release Mohamed Sanu, are they better off without him?

7:30-Which WR on the roster steps up with Sanu out?

26:30-Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, is Miami finally ready to challenge the Patriots?

37:30-Manish Mehta, can the Jets break their playoff drought?

47:00-Matthew Fairburn from the Athletic breaks down the confidence in Josh Allen in Buffalo

Watch on YouTube:

Sep 03, 2020
Behind the scenes with Jeff Benedict, author of newly-released book The Dynasty

Tom E. Curran and Michael Holley talk with author Jeff Benedict. Jeff details his new book, The Dynasty, that gives the definitive inside story of the New England Patriots-the greatest sports dynasty of the 21st century. 

2:00-Jeff details the ending scenes of the book, including meeting at Kraft’s house where Brady explained he was not returning

8:00-Is Belichick misunderstood or mischaracterized?  

19:50-Did Kraft & Brady’s relationship get in the way of how Belichick does business?

39:45- Benedict on the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ made in 2010 for Brady

50:45-Is the Patriots Dynasty the ultimate ‘underdog story?’

Watch on YouTube:

Aug 31, 2020
McCourtys battle feelings of 'hopelessness' after Kenosha shooting

Tom Curran addresses Patriots fans in an episode focused on both football and something much bigger than the sport. Devin and Jason McCourty both express how they're feeling in the aftermath of the shooting of Jacob Blake. Cam Newton talks about his role as a leader on the Patriots and Tom runs through who popped in the most recent practice.

0:59 - Tom talks about the historic week in sports, as professional athletes continue to speak out about social justice in the United States and prove to be some of the most important voices in the nation.

8:34 - Devin McCourty talks about the 'heartbreaking' events that unfolded in Kenosha, WI earlier in the week and how he's struggled to figure out what the right thing to do is: to play or not to play.

12:29 - Jason McCourty also opens up and discusses his mixed feelings about practicing this week and how helpless he feels about the nation's inability to find an answer for its current problems.

19:05 - Cam Newton talks about establishing himself as a leader on the Patriots as Tom breaks down the QB's week at practice.

30:51 - Who popped and who dropped this week at practice? Tom talks about the performance of Damien Harris, N'Keal Harry and Deatrich Wise.

Aug 28, 2020
Patriots can’t keep playing the waiting game with N’Keal Harry

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry debate how long the Patriots can wait on N’Keal Harry to show what he is capable of. They also break down the good & bad of Cam Newton’s recent practices, and debate whether the Patriots should pursue Earl Thomas. 

1:00-Why the Patriots can’t keep playing the waiting game with N’Keal Harry

19:30-QB competition is over right? Was it ever a competition?

28:00-Good & Bad of Cam Newton’s last few practices

34:00-Should the Patriots pursue Earl Thomas?

Watch on YouTube:

Aug 26, 2020
Does Stidham’s injury make Cam the winner in the QB race?

8:00-What does Stidham’s injury mean for Cam Newton?

15:30-How costly is N’Keal Harry missing 3 practices?

19:00-Tom & Phil bet on which TE has more catches this season

22:30-Belichick praises Gunner Olszewski, can he really make an impact?

Watch on YouTube:

Aug 21, 2020
Patriots QB Race-Why Not Use Both??

1:30-3 things that stood out in the first 3 Patriots practices

4:00-Good & bad from Newton and Stidham 

12:00-How will Belichick divvy up the QB reps?

15:30-Is a Patriots QB platoon scheme feasible?

21:00-Popping and dropping, who has looked good at camp?

Watch on YouTube:

Aug 19, 2020
Benedict explains the process behind his upcoming book The Dynasty

Author Jeff Benedict details the process of writing his soon-to-be released book, The Dynasty. 

Watch on YouTube:

Aug 14, 2020
Training Camp Preview: Burning Questions. Bold Predictions

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry break down the burning questions surrounding the Patriots as they begin training camp, and give their BOLD predictions for the 2020 season.

1:00-Breaking down the burning questions surrounding the Patriots

4:00-Phil explains why the Patriots should explore using the triple option

9:00-How concerned should fans be about the Patriots LB core?

15:00-Bold predictions for 2020 season

28:45:Training camp position battles to watch

Watch on Youtube:

Aug 14, 2020
Don Yee and the remedy for college football’s ‘industrial complex’

5:50-Don Yee on NCAA valuing money over players

10:30-Is an NFL G-League a possibility?

14:55-Don Yee explains the concept of Hub football

23:00-Why Malcolm Butler is the perfect example of who can benefit from Hub football

40:50-How NCAA players ‘finding their voice’ will influence changes

Watch on YouTube:

Aug 11, 2020
Measuring the toll that opt-outs took around the NFL

1:00- More than 60 players opt-out, no team more affected than the Patriots

4:00- How much different will the Patriots defense be next season?

10:30-Power rankings in the AFC East following opt-outs

18:10- Debate: Will the Patriots offense be “fun to watch?”

21:210-Takeaways from Tom Brady introductory press conference

30:00- Perry on why Brady may struggle with the Bucs

Watch on YouTube:

Aug 06, 2020
Should the Patriots give Cam Newton a raise with newfound cap space?

1:00- Patriots gain over $9M in cap space, what will they do with it?

8:00- With new cap space, does Cam Newton deserve a raise?

13:00- Devin McCourty unhappy with NFL for changing opt-out deadline

19:50- How many Patriots will decide to opt out?

23:20- Will NFL have similar issues as MLB?

Watch on YouTube:

Aug 04, 2020
Should Patriots spend newfound cap cash or roll it over?

Tom Curran is joined by Phil Perry to discuss the Patriots cap space situation in the wake of a handful of players opting out of the 2020 season. The two also discuss the holes left in the roster as well as who was snubbed from the NFL Top 100 list?

2:55 - What should the Patriots do with the roughly $25 million in cap space made available after multiple players announced they were opting out of the 2020 season?

5:58 - Tom and Phil select a few players they think the Patriots should pursue if they were to spend that cap money now.

11:08 - Could this team withstand any more opt outs? Tom and Phil talk about the motivations behind guys choosing not to play this season.

17:07 - There's only one Patriot on the player-curated NFL Top 100 list. Did any Pats get snubbed, and what does the lack of New England players on the list mean?

Watch the full episode on YouTube! -

Jul 30, 2020
Making sense of Patriots wave of COVID opt outs

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry react to the news that 6 players on the New England Patriots have opted out of the 2020 NFL season. What options do the Patriots have for replacing the players that have opted out?

1:00- 6 Patriots have opted out of the 2020 season, will there be more?

6:30- Why have the Patriots had the most players to opt out?

9:57-Perry explains why it will ‘be impossible to replace Dont’a Hightower’

13:00- Who steps up to fill the void of Marcus Cannon?

Watch the podcast on YouTube:

Jul 28, 2020
Ranking the 2020 Patriots positional groups, worst to first

Tom Curran is joined by Phil Perry to talk about the Patriots whittling down their roster size before getting deep into the ranking of each of New England's positional groups.

1:10 - Off the top, Tom and Phil discuss what happens when a player tests positive for Covid-19 during training camp.

4:20 - The Patriots cut 10 players over the weekend. Which cuts make sense and which ones are tough to see? Tom and Phil also touch on who should be returning punts in 2020.

13:00 - Tom and Phil go through the positional group rankings, starting with positions that are 'highly suspect.'

18:40 - Which positional groups fall under 'could be good, probably won't be' and 'could be good, might not be?'

29:05 - Getting down to the better positional groups, Tom and Phil discuss the 'OK to good', 'should be really good, but...' and 'elite' bunches.

Watch the Podcast on Youtube! -

Jul 27, 2020
A peek at the Patriots' training camp plan; winners & losers if preseason is eliminated

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss some of the key dates for the Patriots returning to training camp, winners and losers if the preseason is eliminated, and whether Belichick can benefit from the 2020 NFL chaos.

1:00- Breaking down the key dates of the Patriots returning to camp

8:30- Will the NFL and NFLPA be able to figure out the money issues?

15:40- Patriots winners & losers if NFL preseason is eliminated

27:00-Can Bill Belichick benefit from the 2020 NFL chaos?

31:50- Will Belichick treat Cam differently than Brady?

Watch on YouTube:

Jul 24, 2020
Is New England ready to embrace Cam Newton?

Tom Curran talks with former NFL Safety Will Blackmon about player concerns in returning to play, and whether New England is ready to embrace a player like Cam Newton.

8:00- For NFL, NFLPA the hard part still looms-figuring out the money

9:30- Is Will Blackmon confident in the players’ safety returning to play?

17:00- How will lack of preseason impact teams? 

22:30- Will Blackmon on Cam’s motivation to show everyone he is #1 again

30:30-Is New England ready to embrace Cam Newton?

Watch on YouTube:

Jul 22, 2020
Did the Patriots just become Cam Newton’s team?

1:00- Phil Perry and Tom Curran break down why signing Cam Newton is a win-win for the Patriots

7:30- Darin Gantt of ProFootball Talk breaks down the potential of Cam Newton with the Patriots

20:00- Is the offer the Patriots made for Cam insulting?

23:00- Chris Simms of PFT explains why he had Cam Newton as his #10 QB before Patriots acquired him

29:00- Simms ‘Patriots are built better to play Cam Newton style of football than Tom Brady style”

32:30- Does Stidham have a shot at being Cam out for starter role?

Jun 29, 2020
‘Who’s the new guy?!’ Scouting reports on the Patriots free agent additions

2:30- Darren Urban,, on what to expect from Damiere Byrd

9:00- Is Adrian Phillips the most likely free agent to make an impact next year for the Patriots?

10:30- Jeff Miller of the LA Times on potential of Adrian Phillips

17:00- Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times on Danny Vitale and Beau Allen

24:00- Stroud: Gronkowski family ‘shocked’ he returned to play

Jun 18, 2020
What will it take to get back on the field? Revs Matt Turner explains

2:00- How did relationships between the Krafts and Mass. General Hospital help get the New England Revolution back on the field?

5:00- New England Revolution Goalkeeper Matt Turner discusses the team getting back to practice

6:00- How nervous was Matt to return to the field? 

8:00-Matt explains what steps each player takes before taking the field

10:30- How did time off impact the Revolution players conditioning?

Jun 09, 2020
Benjamin Watson shares his thoughts on a painful week in the U.S.

1:00- Tom Currran discusses his column ‘I’m done looking for excuses to stay silent’

8:00- Benjamin Watson admits he is ‘searching for answers’ following the killing of George Floyd

13:00- Watson, ‘We need people to speak out, only when they have something productive to say’

18:40- Will NFL players be unified in their signs of demonstration of protest, and will NFL & owners be more receptive?

Jun 02, 2020
Patriots Opposing View: Perspectives from around the NFL

Tom Curran and Phil Perry go around the NFL to get perspectives on where the rest of the league stands and what opponents think about the current state of the Patriots. Reporters covering the Browns, Steelers, Titans, Texans and Lions offer their insight as teams get ready for the 2020 season.

1:15 – Mary Kay Cabot joins Tom to discuss the Cleveland Browns. Topics include: how close the team was to hiring Josh McDaniels and if the Odell Beckham Jr.-to-New England rumors are dead.

11:08 – Ed Bouchette joins Tom to discuss the Pittsburgh Steelers. Topics include: the excitement level in Pittsburgh now that Tom Brady has left New England and whether Ben Roethlisberger can return to an elite level.

22:46 – Joe Rexrode joins Phil to discuss the Tennessee Titans. Topics include: the reasons for Mike Vrabel’s coaching success and if the team was right to choose Ryan Tannehill over Tom Brady this offseason.

30:11 – John McClain joins Tom to discuss the Houston Texans. Topics include: what John thinks of Jarrett Stidham after watching him at Baylor and why Bill O’Brien traded DeAndre Hopkins.

39:32 – Justin Rogers joins Phil to discuss the Detroit Lions. Topics include: if Matt Patricia is on the ‘hot seat’ as head coach and the odds Matthew Stafford ends his career outside of Detroit.

May 30, 2020
The unseen obstacles of NFL's reopening with Judy Battista of NFL Network

Tom Curran breaks down the failing grade he gave to the Patriots for their offseason before being joined by NFL Network's Judy Battista. The two discuss how the league will deal with the early stages of a reopen, the possible inequities that teams may face and how the season schedule could be impacted.

1:13 - Tom explains why he gave the Patriots an 'F' for their offseason grade.

9:16 - Judy Battista of the NFL Network and jumps on to discuss the details of the NFL's first steps for a reopen. How will teams operate their facilities and deal with staff and media?

20:06 - Tom and Judy discuss how certain teams could be at a disadvantage because of their geography and how hard their region was hit by COVID-19.

25:22 - How will the NFL's reopening procedures compare to those of different major sports leagues?

31:31 - Finally, Tom and Judy talk about how the season schedule could be impacted and what the league is prepared to do to avoid delays.

May 19, 2020
Cash-wise, Patriots are better off without Tom Brady

Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss the financial reason why the Patriots are happy to be rid of an elite quarterback. The two later support Tom Brady's 2019 campaign in a round of "Wanna fight about it?!" Finally, a trio of reporters covering other teams (Giants, Lions and 49ers) join Tom and Phil to discuss a variety of topics.

2:30 - Tom and Phil discuss why the Patriots are happy to be out of the elite QB game and how cap hits at the position affect teams differently.

27:45 - It's the debut of "Wanna fight about it?!" Tom, Phil, Jeff "Cap" Capotosto, and DJ Bean get into a heated debate about how much blame Tom Brady deserves for the 2019 season.

39:15 - Justin Rogers of The Detroit News joins Phil to talk about how the "Patriot way" has crept into the Lions organization since Matt Patricia arrived.

46:15 - Tom is joined by Bob Glauber, Giants reporter for Newsday, to talk about what he expects from Joe Judge in his first season as Giants head coach.

56:10 - Phil is joined by NBC Sports Bay Area 49ers insider Matt Maiocco to discuss how close the 49ers were to landing Tom Brady this offseason and what that means for Jimmy Garoppolo.

May 15, 2020
A Patriots schedule breakdown like no other

1:30-Phil Perry joins to break down the Patriots schedule

15:20- If COVID-19 impacts regular season, how would it impact Patriots schedule?

19:30- How much will lost offseason stunt Jarrett Stidham’s growth?

26:00-Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star: without Brady on Patriots, is it all Chiefs and Ravens in AFC?

37:45- Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald: Did the Dolphins win the offseason? How will it translate in the regular season?

May 08, 2020
The Brady Breakup poll: What the numbers tell us about Patriots fans

Tom Curran goes through the results of a Twitter poll he posted meant to gauge Patriots fans' post-Brady sentiments. He also touches on the passing of Don Shula and the legendary coach's relationship with Bill Belichick. Phil Perry jumps on to talk Kyle Dugger and the departure of Monti Ossenfort. Finally, Tom catches up with Manish Mehta and Tim Graham to get Patriots opposing views.

1:24 - Tom breaks down the results of his Twitter poll, which asked the following: Tom Brady now plays for the Buccaneers. How does your relationship with him proceed?

7:19 - Tom shares a handful of past quotes from Don Shula on the Patriots to get a glimpse at how the hall-of-fame coach's relationship with Bill Belichick changed over time.

14:26 - Phil Perry joins Tom to discuss what he learned about Kyle Dugger from Lenoir-Rhyne defensive coordinator Joel Taylor. Tom and Phil also talk about how Patriots college scouting director Monti Ossenfort's departure will affect the organization.

38:00 - Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News joins Tom for the Jets opposing view on the quarterbacks in the AFC East, the Patriots potentially losing the division crown and who the Jets next head coach should be.

44:44 - Tim Graham of the Athletic in Buffalo is next, giving the Bills opposing view on becoming a playoff contender, a new mentality inside the organization and the hopeful evolution of Josh Allen.

May 06, 2020
Pats fans to Parcells: “It’s a no from me, dog.”

2:30 - Tom Curran explains why Patriots fans will forever keep Bill Parcells out of the Patriots Hall of Fame, regardless of if that's right.

10:00 - With Andy Dalton being released by the Bengals and the Patriots looking for some stability at QB, are the two a match? Tom says no way.

15:00 - Phil Perry joins Tom to discuss the Patriots roster after the dust has settled following the draft and a handful of free agents were signed by the team.

29:07 - Tom gives a quick sendoff to James Develin before him and Phil discuss the state of the Patriots defense.

May 01, 2020
"What did it all mean?!" Breaking down the Patriots 2020 Draft

"What did it all mean?!" Breaking down the Patriots 2020 Draft

The 2020 NFL draft has come to an end and Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry are here to break down all of the Patriots picks. They get into the Patriots decision to not draft a quarterback and what that means for Jarrett Stidham, what kind of players each of the defensive picks are and decision to not draft a wide receiver.

1:00 - What does the outcome of the 2020 draft mean for the Patriots?

5:30 - Was Jarrett Stidham just handed the keys to the team?

11:00 - Tom and Phil break down the Patriots three defensive picks

18:00 - What can the two new tight ends bring to the Patriots offense?

21:00 - The Patriots didn't draft a wide receiver...was that a mistake?

Apr 26, 2020
Rob Gronkowski’s stealth re-entry got him what he wanted- out of NE

1:00- When did Gronk change his mind on playing again in the NFL?

3:00- How valuable will Gronk be to the Buccaneers?

5:40- Should the Patriots have got more in return for Gronkowski?

11:10-Curran on why Patriots should pass on Tua Tagovailoa

12:30- Phil Perry breaks down the best options in the draft for the Patriots

Apr 22, 2020
Did Bill Belichick strike back at assertions that “Brady had no weapons”?

Tom Curran breaks down Bill Belichick’s pre-draft conference call, Phil Perry joins to discuss best draft options for the Patriots.

3:00- Did Patriots always try to ‘make things best for Tom Brady?

11:50- Belichick on confidence at QB position right now

20:00- Why have Patriots struggled with 2nd round picks?

26:00- Phil Perry on QBs that fit the Patriots prototype

38:30- Patriots HOF discussion, who deserves to get in?

Apr 14, 2020
Scott Pioli goes in-depth on the Patriots, the 2020 draft and why whining is useless

3:00- Scott explains why COVID-19 shouldn’t impact teams and their draft plans a lot

5:50- What will teams miss by not having 1-on-1 conversations with players?

11:40- Why have Patriots been unsuccessful in recent drafts?

13:00- Which TE is Scott Pioli a fan of in this draft?

16:00- How did 2011 lockout impact teams? Will COVID-19 be similar?

23:30- How will Brady departure impact the Patriots?

26:00- Does Jarrett Stidham have what it takes to be the next guy?

Apr 09, 2020
Stephen Gostkowski on Patriots career, quarantine life and what the future holds

Tom Curran is joined by former Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski to discuss quarantine life, his career in New England and what the future holds for him.

2:53 - Tom and Stephen talk about what they've been doing to keep busy while in quarantine.

7:14 - Stephen discusses his hopes for continuing his NFL career if the NFL commences in the fall.

10:44 - After being released by the Patriots, Stephen feels he can finally sit back and enjoy all of his accomplishments with the team. He also talks about how hard it was to replace Adam Vinatieri

16:39 - Stephen reflects on his time with the Patriots, thinking back to some of the best kicks of his career and appreciating the ups and downs of his journey with the Pats.

24:36 - Tom asks Stephen about what he knew about Tom Brady's departure from New England.

Apr 08, 2020
AFC East roundtable, who is the team in charge now?

Matthew Fairburn (Bills), Manish Mehta (Jets), Armando Salguero (Dolphins) join Tom E. Curran to discuss the state of the AFC East now that Tom Brady is no longer in New England.

2:00- AFC East teams reaction to Brady leaving New England

6:00- Who’s in charge of the AFC East now?

12:30- Who has best/worst rosters in the AFC East?

16:45- Should Patriots go after Josh Rosen?

19:00- Which AFC East team wants to beat the Patriots the most?

Mar 31, 2020
Tom Brady takes high road in Tampa Bay Buccaneers presser

Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to Tom Brady’s introductory conference call with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Are the Patriots in rebuild mode? Tom Curran explains why they are. 

1:00- Reaction to Tom Brady’s introductory conference call with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

9:30- Did Brady take the high road regarding departure from Patriots?

12:30- Is Bruce Arians right to trust that Brady still has it?

19:40- Curran explains why the Patriots are rebuilding

 27:00- What Brian Hoyer signing means for Jarrett Stidham

Mar 24, 2020
Michael Holley: How did it come to this? and what's next?

2:00- How big were ‘philosophical differences’ between Brady and the Patriots? 

10:30- Was there more the Patriots could have done to negotiate with Brady? 

16:00- Is there a chance Brady plays beyond 45? 

25:00- Big picture impact of Tom Brady on New England 

Mar 19, 2020
Bill Belichick just lost his safety net

Tom Curran reacts to Tom Brady announcing he will not return to the Patriots. What could the Patriots have done to convince him to stay? How will Bill Belichick do without his safety net?

1:30- How will Belichick do without Tom Brady as his safety net?

7:00- If the Patriots wanted Tom Brady back, they would have tried more

10:30- Reflecting on Tom Brady's amazing career with the Patriots

12:40- Who has more to lose in 2020, Bill Belichick or Tom Brady?

Mar 17, 2020
Brady watch: Has it really come to this?

Tom Curran breaks down where things stand between Tom Brady and the Patriots. Are the Patriots daring Tom Brady to leave? Also NBC Sports Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco joins to discuss whether Brady to the 49ers is a real possibility.  

 3:00- What went wrong in the phone call between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? 

8:00- Is the August offer the Patriots made to Brady still on the table? Does Brady know that? 

12:00- Can Robert Kraft mend the relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? 

21:00- Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area discusses how invested the 49ers are in Jimmy Garoppolo? 

Mar 10, 2020
Next Pats Podcast: Which QBs make sense for the Patriots in the draft? 

Phil Perry breaks down whose stock is on the rise after the NFL combine, and whose stock is falling? Mark Schofield from the NFL Wire breaks down the best options for the Patriots if Brady stays, and what the best option if he leaves.  

1:00- Which QB, TE, and WR stock is on the rise following the combine 

10:30- Mark Schofield breaks down how Jordan Love would fit in the Patriots system 

17:30- Are pocket passers a dying breed? 

21:00- Is there a QB the Patriots would move up to get? 

25:00- Better fit for Patriots, Jacob Eason or Jake Fromm? 

Mar 06, 2020
20 questions on all things Brady

Tom Curran and Phil Perry answer 20(ish) Tom Brady questions that are important to his big decision. Tom also explains why he thinks Tom Brady to the 49ers conversation is ‘real’ 

1:40- Tom explains why he thinks Tom Brady and the Patriots are not in a Cold War 

3:45- Who needs more convincing for Tom Brady to be a Patriot in 2020, Belichick or Brady? 

7: 30- Brady maintains a relationship with Antonio Brown, will he be a factor in where Brady goes? 

12:30- Would the Patriots be confident in starting Jarett Stidham in 2020? 

20:00 – CBA a real obstacle in the Patriots talking to Brady, real or imagined? 

29:00- Tom explains why Brady to the 49ers conversations is real 

Mar 03, 2020
Next Pats Podcast: Dane Brugler on QBs Patriots can target in the draft, Judy Battista breaks down the NFL CBA talk

Phil Perry is joined by The Athletics' Dane Brugler breaks down which QBs make sense for the Patriots in the draft. Judy Battista of breaks down the latest in the NFL CBA talks and what it means for the NFL as we know it.  

2:00 – Dane Brugler explains why the combine medicals and interviews are the most important, and why the drills are a distant third. 

4:15 – Should the Patriots go after Tua? What's the best QB strategy for the Patriots in this draft? 

12:30 – Judy Battista of to discuss the latest surrounding the NFL CBA talk 

17:30 – Why has there been resistance from players? And why so late in the negotiations? 

25:30 – How will new CBA change the NFL as we know it? 

Feb 27, 2020
What’s the biggest challenge Tom Brady will face with his next team?

Matt Cassel discusses just how difficult it is for a QB to change teams, and how much learning a new system will weigh into Tom Brady’s decision. Phil Perry also joins to give the latest news and updates from the NFL combine.  

2:00 – Patriots expect to meet with Tom Brady’s agent at the combine, how much should we read into the reports? 

8:30 – Matt Cassel weighs in on the challenges of moving into a new system for an NFL QB, and how much that will impact Tom Brady’s decision. 

15:00 – Which NFL teams' system will not work well for Tom Brady? 

18:00 – Matt Cassel explains why it’s not about the money for Tom Brady, it’s about the best place to prove he can still win. 

32:30 – Phil Perry joins from Indianapolis and gives his 3 biggest takeaways from the NFL combine so far 

Feb 25, 2020
Next Pats Podcast: Life after Brady: Will the Patriots go mobile at QB?

Will the Patriots move on from Brady? If they do, what type of QB will replace the GOAT? With their being a new era of quarterbacking, Phil Perry dives in deep to see if the pocket passer is going extinct. Phil talks with people around the NFL about their thoughts on where the QB position is headed.  

4:00 – Painting the picture of what it may be like when the Patriots chose to move on from Tom Brady 

11:00 – PFF’s Steve Palazzolo breaks down where Tom Brady’s game is, and if his game can translate in the new style of the NFL. 

13:50 – Greg Cosell breaks down how he has seen Tom Brady’s game change in the past few seasons 

19:00- Kurt Warner explains why he thinks the pocket passer will not become extinct 

Feb 21, 2020
Mike Florio: Tom Brady free agency market could get "wild"

3:00 – Tom explains where things stand between Brady and the Patriots as free agency looms 

5:00 – What is Tom hearing about how the Patriots plan to attack revamping their offense in 2020? 

6:30 – Will Brady have teams come to him when he hears pitches from other NFL teams? 

9:30 – How motivated will the Patriots be to beat Tom Brady if he joins another team? 

12:30 – How will possible cap credits for Antonio Brown and Aaron Hernandez help the Patriots? 

14:30 – Phil Perry joins the podcast to discuss just how big those cap credits would help the Patriots 

17:30 – Would Brady really sign with a team without visiting their facilities? 

22:30 – Phil breaks down what the draft has to offer for WR and Safeties 

40:00 – Mike Florio joins the podcast to give a national perspective on “Brady Watch” 

43:00 – Even if the Kraft’s want to pay for Brady, will Bill Belichick let them? 

44:00 – Florio explains how a new CBA deal could impact free agency 

50:00 – Florio explains why he thinks there will be a big market for Tom Brady and why he thinks things could get wild 

Feb 19, 2020
How will Tom Brady decide? Jeff Darlington gives his insight and a prediction

On this episode of Tom Curran’s Patriots Talk podcast, Phil Perry joins to discuss whether the Patriots could keep Brady by trading for Odell Beckham and Austin Hooper.  Jeff Darlington of ESPN checks in to discuss the most likely landing spot for Tom Brady. Lastly Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus explains why he ranked Richard Sherman above Stephon Gilmore in his NFL top-100 list.  

 1:30 – Phil Perry explains why if the Patriots goal is to keep Tom Brady, they need to start making some trades now. Would a trade for Odell Beckham Jr. & Austin Hooper entice Brady to stay? 

11:00 – Jeff Darlington of ESPN discusses how he developed a rapport with Tom Brady 

16:00 – Will Bill Belichick ever show his appreciation to Tom Brady? How much will the lack of love from Belichick impact Brady’s decision? 

21:30 – Jeff Darlington explains why putting his house up for sale doesn’t mean Brady wants to leave the Patriots. 

24:00 – Are the Patriots willing to ‘bend their philosophy’ to give Brady what he wants? 

28:00 – Jeff explains why he thinks the Titans and the Raiders are front runners for Tom Brady 

30:00 – Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus joins the podcast to explain why he ranked Richard Sherman ahead of Stephon Gilmore 

38:00 – Where did Julian Edelman rank in the top-100 list? 

41:00 – Has the falloff of Tom Brady’s play been over blown? 

43:00 – Is Taysom Hill becoming an NFL QB premature? 

Feb 12, 2020
Will Tom Brady create a 'super team' somewhere else?

2:07 - With the 2019 NFL season officially over, Tom Curran and Phil Perry put all of their focus on Tom Brady. Based on what they heard down in Miami, what needs to happen on both sides for the Patriots to get Brady back?

13:30 - If Brady doesn't return to New England for the 2020 season, could he go to another organization and try to put together a 'super team?' What are the most likely destinations where that could be possible?

23:57 - With Jimmy Garoppolo struggling when it mattered the most in Super Bowl LIV, would it at all be possible that the 49ers try to bring in Brady? Tom and Phil debate who had a better performance in the big game between Jimmy G. and Patrick Mahomes.

28:32 - Tom and Phil discuss their favorite moments of their week in Miami.

33:54 - How sustainable is the Chiefs' success and is it even possible to create a dynasty with the way the money of the game works now?

Feb 04, 2020
Rodney Harrison expects Las Vegas Raiders if Brady leaves

On this episode of Tom Curran’s Patriots Talk Podcast, Rodney Harrison explains why he is happy that Tom Brady is testing the market and why he expects him to land with the Raiders if he does not return to the Patriots.

1:00 - Rodney Harrison explains why he is happy that Tom Brady is testing the market, gives his advice to Brady, and why he expects the Las Vegas Raiders to be his landing spot if he does not return to New England. 

6:30 - Tom & Phil discuss Rodney Harrison’s comments about wanting Tom Brady to test the market and see what other teams offer him.

11:30 - Why does Rodney feel so strong about the Raiders being a good fit for Tom Brady

14:30 - What offer do the Raiders need to make to make Tom Brady say yes?

15:30 - What do we make of the cryptic picture Tom Brady posted?

Jan 31, 2020
NFL MINDS WEIGH IN: Where’s Brady’s game & how much is he worth?

On this episode of Tom Curran’s Patriots Talk Podcast, Phil Perry fills in for Tom Curran and talks to the NFL minds down at the Super Bowl to get an idea of where the rest of the NFL sees Tom Brady’s game and how much the Patriots should offer him.

2:30 - Brett Veach. KC GM gives his opinion on how many teams will be interested in Tom Brady

4:15 - Joel Corry, long time NFL agent, now working for CBS Sports explains what money Brady could command in the market

7:40 -Kevin Clark of the Ringer gives his opinion on what money the Patriots should be comfortable with offering Tom Brady

11:00 - Steve Palozzolo breaks down where Brady ranks on PFF’s ‘QB Annual’ he discusses down what the numbers show about Brady’s production and whether he thinks the Patriots can still build around Brady. 

20:40 - Warren Sharp explains why he still thinks Tom Brady is a ‘stud’ and is a piece the Patriots can get weapons for

24:30 -Greg Cosell, NFL analyst and senior producer at NFL Films gives an honest break down of where Tom Brady’s game is right now. Is the NFL moving away from the pocket passer? 

Jan 31, 2020
Tom Brady speculation hijacks Super Bowl: Chargers out?

Tom Brady speculation has hijacked the Super Bowl. Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry are down in Miami to get the latest surrounding where Tom Brady will end up. They talk with former Charger Nick Hardwick on why Brady going to the Chargers is not likely. 

1:00 - Just how much has ‘Brady watch’ taken over radio row at the Super Bowl?

6:00 - Scott Pioli discusses how he would feel if Tom Brady played for another team, and explains what he wants most for Tom.

6:45 - Cam Heyward gives explains why he wants Tom Brady to leave because ‘he’s terrorized the AFC enough’

9:30 - Tom explains why the ‘Tom Brady brand’ does not matter in where he ends up going.

11:00 - How long can the Patriots hold out and what for Tom to make a decision?

12:30 - Former San Diego Charger center, Nick Hardwick joins the podcast and explains why he doesn’t think there’s a chance that Tom Brady chooses to join the Chargers

16:00 - Could Brady end up disappointed with his options if he chooses not to return to the Patriots?

19:30 - Willie McGinest gives his opinion on if he thinks Bill Belichick already has his mind made up about the Patriots QB position.

21:30 - Willie explains why he expects Tom Brady to make the best decision for his family & brand.

26:30 - Kyle Shanahan opens up about how the deal went down when the Patriots traded away Jimmy Garoppolo

31:30 - Was Belichick being a ‘nice guy’ by setting up Garoppolo with a good team? 

32:30 - Will Belichick ever ‘come clean’ on why he traded Jimmy G where he did?

Jan 30, 2020
Jacoby Brissett, was it a blessing or a curse to share QB room with Brady & Jimmy G?

2:00 - Tom Curran & Phil Perry ‘set the table’ for what’s to come from their content this week from Miami at the Super Bowl.

8:00 - Today marks the 20th anniversary of Bill Belichick becoming the Patriots head coach. Looking back on the decision that changed the history of the team. 

10:00 - Charlie Weis reflects back on the decision to hire Bill Belichick, and how it ultimately changed the Patriots for good.

12:00 - Tom talks with Jacoby Brissett, Jacoby explains how proud he is to see Jimmy Garoppolo in the Super Bowl.

14:30 - Does Jacoby think it was a blessing or a curse to play with Tom Brady and Jimmy G?

17:00 - How hard was Tom Brady on Jimmy & Jacoby during their time with the Patriots?

21:00 - Brissett reflects back on how shocked he was to be traded by the Patriots

Jan 28, 2020
A Patriots reboot worked in 2010. Will it work now?

1:25 - Tom Curran goes back to the 2009 Patriots season, analyzing what led to the team's failure and how the 2019 team failed in a similar way.

10:09 - Tom takes a look at what the team looked like in 2010 and reviews the Patriots' draft selections from 2008 though 2012, many of which contributed to the team's second dynasty.

16:48 - Phil Perry joins Tom to talk about the biggest issue that faces the Patriots as they attempt their current reboot: age. The 2020 Patriots will likely have the oldest roster in the NFL.

20:55 - Tom and Phil compare the draft selections from 2008 through 2012 to those from 2015-2018.

31:53 - What do the next few months look like for the Patriots as a pivotal draft approaches? And how does Tom's Brady's situation affect their draft strategy?

Jan 21, 2020
What exactly are the Patriots up to right now? | Mike Camerlengo on his viral breakdown videos

1:16 - Tom and Phil discuss what it means that Patriots scouting director Monti Ossenfort is interviewing for the open Browns GM position.

6:10 - How will Bill Belichick approach Nick Caserio's decision making if Caserio could be gone after this season?

9:46 - The silver lining of the Patriots being eliminated from the playoffs so early: more time to prepare. Tom and Phil discuss how important it is for the Patriots to use this time efficiently.

24:19 - Tom and Phil give their predictions for this weekend's upcoming AFC and NFC Championship Games.

32:22 - Tom is joined by Massachusetts native, comedy writer and creator of 60 Second Classics Mike Camerlengo. The two discuss Mike's background, his work and the Patriots 2019 season.

Jan 16, 2020
Why McDaniels in Cleveland didn't happen | No house in CT for Brady, what's he up to?

3:32 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss why Josh McDaniels didn't end up in Cleveland. Will the decision by the Browns prove to be yet another terrible one that could continue to bury the franchise?

8:04 - Now that we know McDaniels is staying in New England, how will he address the Patriots offense? He still has the same weapons he had in 2019 and is facing the possibility of Tom Brady not returning.

15:41 - Tom and Phil discuss whether or not it's better for Josh McDaniels' future success if Tom Brady returns to the Patriots in 2020.

24:31 - Greg Bedard from Boston Sports Journal has mentioned that it's a possibility that Bill Belichick walks this season. Tom give his take on whether or not there's even a chance that happens.

27:44 - Now that we've really seen what Jimmy Garoppolo can do on a bigger stage, should the Patriots have seller's remorse? Tom has one criticism of the situation.

36:58 - Tom and Phil discuss what Tom Brady is likely doing in the weeks leading up to his pending free agency.

Jan 14, 2020
Solving the Tom Brady contract puzzle. Is it even possible?

1:48 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss what seems like an impossible problem for the Patriots: How to retain Tom Brady, make sure he's happy with his contract and still put the team in a position to win.

11:29 - Over the past few seasons it appears that Tom Brady has been less and less involved in the Patriots plans. Tom explains how the team does this with players as they approach the end of their time in New England. How does that affect what the Patriots decide to pay him?

20:41 - Since Tom Brady's Instagram post essentially confirmed he won't be retiring, so what teams are likely to reach out to TB12 and make him their quarterback?

24:57 - Phil ranks his top-five Patriot free agents and discusses with Tom how important (or not) it is for the Pats to keep them in New England.

36:35 - Josh McDaniels has his interview with the Browns Friday and while he has an opportunity to be in charge of his own squad, is Cleveland really the right spot for him?

Jan 09, 2020
What did Tom Brady mean by 'hopefully unlikely' to retire?

Tom Curran breaks down the fallout of the Patriots loss in the Wild Card round against the Tennessee Titans, addressing where Josh McDaniels might end up, the Patriots inability to effectively supplement their offense and what Tom Brady plans on doing in 2020.

1:15 - Tom sets the table, explaining the situation Josh McDaniels has found himself in after the Giants and Panthers both chose other head coaching candidates over him.

3:51 - Phil Perry joins Tom to give his opinion on the McDaniels situation, thinking that he should stay in New England. Tom disagrees, thinking that it's time for him to move on.

12:20 - What about the rest of the Patriots coaching staff? Joe Judge has taken the head coach position in New York and the Pats still don't technically have a defensive coordinator.

16:38 - So did McDaniels actually have a good 2019 season? Tom gives the Patriots a grade on how they did bringing in personnel this year.

32:05 - Tom Brady said he it was "hopefully unlikely" that he retires this offseason. What could he have meant by that and what is he looking for from the Patriots?

Jan 07, 2020
Digging deep on Tom Brady's presser prior to tilt with Titans

Tom Curran and Phil Perry analyze some of Tom Brady's answers from his press conference leading up to the Patriots first-round showdown with the Tennessee Titans.

1:18 - Is Brady nostalgic about this possibly being his last game with the Patriots and at Gillette Stadium? TB12 is laser-focused on the game.

8:34 - How confident does Brady feel in his team's ability to pull out a win against the Titans?

11:48 - Has he been working on his mechanics since the Pats' loss to the Dolphins?

18:04 - It could be more than just Brady heading out of town at the conclusion of this season. How does he feel about that?

20:45 - Josh McDaniels will likely be the head coach of another organization next season. Tom and Phil discuss how we've seen this before, where McDaniels might end up and what he should be looking for himself.

32:24 - Breaking down New England's matchup with the Titans: Tom and Phil explain who has the advantage in each phase of the game and they make their final predictions.

Jan 02, 2020
Best Patriots sound bites of the 2010s

Tom Curran takes us through the decade in Patriots history, one sound bite at a time.

2:14 - Early 2010s: Wes Welker teasing Rex Ryan, Tedy Bruschi going at Ochocinco, Bill Belichick addressing the Aaron Hernandez situation and more.

10:29 - 2014 Season: Drafting Jimmy Garoppolo, "On to Cincinnati," the run the Super Bowl 49 and more.

17:36 - Deflategate: The Famed "Mona Lisa Vito" presser, Ted Wells on his report, Robert Kraft losing trust in the league and more.

32:13 - Mid-to-late 2010s Drama: Jimmy G. traded, Malcolm Butler benched, and Josh McDaniels snubs the Colts.

44:00 - Decade closes: Fallout from the Super Bowl 52 loss, Brady angry and unappreciated, Gronk's final seasons and more.

Jan 01, 2020
New decade, different Patriots as the playoffs approach

1:06 - Tom Curran gives an update on the state of the Patriots and Tom Brady as they prepare for their first-round matchup with the Tennessee Titans.

6:00 - Tom explains his opinion on why Bill Belichick didn't use his timeouts at the end of the first half vs. the Dolphins.

9:42 - Matt Cassel joins Tom to discuss what the Patriot can expect to see from the Titans offense.

14:06 - The Titans young receivers have proven themselves this season. So why can't the Patriots get the same production out of their young drafted receivers?

19:42 - Matt explains what the Titans defense does well and how Mike Vrabel and Dean Pees' familiarity with the Patriots will benefit Tennessee. Also, where do the Patriots have an advantage?

25:40 - Why did Tom Brady look so great against the Bills and then struggle against the Dolphins?

31:02 - Matt gives his thoughts on Belichick's decision not to use the timeouts against the Dolphins. Tom wonders if the decision was damaging to the offense's confidence.

Dec 31, 2019
How 'NFL 100' project could benefit the Brady-Belichick relationship

1:11 - Tom Curran discusses how Tom Brady's recent (and obvious) NFL 100 honor has caused the quarterback and his head coach to reminisce about their relationship. We hear from both Brady and Belichick on their experience with the NFL 100 special.

9:56 - Matt Cassel joins Tom to discuss how the Patriots might approach what could be Tom Brady's final regular season game at Gillette Stadium with the Pats.

16:43 - Looking ahead to the Patriots' Week 17 matchup with the Miami Dolphins, Matt and Tom discuss the emergence of New England's run game and try to figure out what led to the unit's success vs. the Bills.

27:09 - The playoffs could prove to be a bigger challenge for the Pats than in recent years. What, or who, will be the key to their success in the postseason?

30:31 - Who will be more important the Patriots playoff hopes: Mohamed Sanu or N'Keal Harry?

33:23 - Matt explains why we won't see the Patriots take it easy on the Dolphins and why Miami will still put up a fight despite their dreadful season being so close to coming to an end.

Dec 26, 2019
Creating the Patriots ALL-DECADE TEAM

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry give their picks for the New England Patriots All-Decade team.

2:00 - Tom E. Curran gives his picks for the defense of the all decade team

5:00 - Which Defensive Ends make the cut?

7:00 - What linebackers made the team?

10:50 - What does the Patriots all-decade secondary look like?

15:30 - Phil Perry breaks down his picks for the offensive line

26:00 - Which RB’s make the team?

28:00 - Which 3 WR make the cut?

Dec 23, 2019
Brady elbow hurt performance vs. Bengals, what about vs. BILLS?

2:00 - How big of a problem is Tom Brady’s arm? Is the injury impacting his play? 

5:00 - When did Tom Brady first hurt his elbow? Phil Perry breaks it down

9:00 - How big of an apprentice year is this for Jarrett ‘Stid’ Stidham?

17:30 -Pro Bowl selections were made. Ranking the snubs for the Patriots

20:00 - Was this Julian Edelman’s last chance to make the Pro Bowl?

24:00 - Patriots - Bills preview, what makes Phil Perry sweat about this matchup?

28:00 - Curran explains where the Patriots have the advantages on Saturday

30:00 - How ugly will this game be for the Patriots offense?

33:00 - What should be the offensive strategy against the Bills? How can they take advantage?

37:00 - Will Sean McDermott be intimidated by Bill Belichick?

39:00 - Final score predictions

Dec 19, 2019
Cassel talks best passing QBs ever| How Patriots can solve Bills' staunch defense

1:36 - The NFL's decision on the Patriots videotaping situation is still pending. Tom Curran explains why Roger Goodell should stay away from football operations if he is going to punish the Pats at all.

7:28 - Tom criticizes the Saints for the over-the-top celebration for Drew Brees' record-setting touchdown pass, which could mean nothing come Saturday if Tom Brady has anything to say about it.

9:10 - Matt Cassel joins Tom to discuss the broken record, which Tom argues should be downplayed because Tom Brady has more TD passes than anyone if you include playoffs.

13:02 - Tom and Matt rattle off some of the best pure passing QBs of all time.

20:28 - What did we learn from the Patriots' win over the Bengals? Matt says that building confidence in the run game and in N'Keal Harry's ability was huge for the team going forward.

23:09 - Tom wonders if we should be more concerned than ever with the Patriots receiving corps because of Mohamed Sanu's lack of production and Julian Edelman's health status.

26:47 - Due to the playoff implications, Tom calls Week 16 a "scary week" for the Patriots as they take on the Bills. Matt dissects Buffalo's defense and discusses what the Pats need to prepare for.

32:13 - Tom and Matt discuss why the Patriots have struggled to come up with "big plays" this season.

Dec 17, 2019
Rich Eisen details working with Bill Belichick on NFL All-Time Team special | Best case scenario regarding Spygate 2.0

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss how mad Bill Belichick is regarding ‘Spygate 2.0’ What’s the best case scenario for the Patriots regarding this scandal? Rich Eisen also joins to give his first hand experience on working with Bill Belichick on the NFL All-Time special.

2:30- How mad is Bill Belichick about Spygate 2.0?

5:00 - How will this impact Belichick and his relationship with Kraft productions? 

7:30 - What’s the best case scenario for the Patriots regarding punishment for video scandal?

17:30 - Interesting exchange between Bill Belichick and Nick Saban on ‘The Art of Coaching’

12:00 - Does Belichick take offense to coaches leaving to other NFL teams?

25:00 - Will there be interest from other teams in acquiring Josh McDaniels following the season? If so, where would he go? 

28:30 - Rich Eisen on working with Bill Belichick on NFL 100 All-Time Team show. 

32:30 -What did Bill Belichick do during the show that ‘blew Ed Reed away?’

34:30 - Rich explains why Bill Belichick was the ‘perfect analyst’ to compliment the show 

Dec 13, 2019
Spygate Part II for the Patriots? Cassel and Eisen give internal and external perspectives

1:11 - Tom Curran explains why he believes Bill Belichick when he says he had no knowledge of the videotaping of the Bengals' sideline because the head coach has made it clear in the past that the Patriots would never come close to breaking those rules after Spy Gate.

8:53 - Matt Cassel joins Tom to talk about how the Patriots handled Spygate in the locker room and on the field in 2007.

16:01 - How much did Spygate hurt the Patriots' image and how much will past events fan the flames of accusation in the current situation?

19:20 - Tom and Matt pivot to the state of the Patriots offense and discuss Josh McDaniels’ comments on how he uses ‘gadget plays’ to trick opposing teams. Matt commends McDaniels for the job he’s done this season trying to figure out how to utilize the weapons he has.

27:06 - Despite N’Keal Harry’s touchdown never being recognized on Sunday night, the play proved he could help the team on the ground. Tom and Matt discuss how the Patriots are still trying to figure out what Harry does best.

32:34 - Rich Eisen from NFL Network joins Tom to give a national perspective of the videotaping situation. Eisen can’t believe how absurd the details are, but does think the Patriots will receive some form of punishment.

Dec 10, 2019
A detailed look at why Tom Brady's time in NE is winding down

1:19 - It's time to start thinking about Tom Brady's future, with or without the Patriots. Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss why TB12 could be ready to move on.

6:40 - The Patriots also have to think about the future success of the organization. Is Robert Kraft willing to let Brady go?

13:17 - Tom and Phil discuss how Brady's ability to avoid bad plays has contributed to the Patriots success and why he should be agitated with his current situation.

23:27 - Regardless of why Brady might call 2019 his last season in New England, where could he end up next season?

34:42 - It's a AFC Championship Game rematch between the Patriots and the Chiefs in Week 14. Tom and Phil indicate which matchups favor the Patriots and what could lead them to a victory.

Dec 05, 2019
Brady blame game; Cassel on what went wrong for receivers vs. Houston

1:36 - Tom Curran opens with his take on why everyone feels the need to place blame on Tom Brady for the failures of the Patriots passing game vs. the Texans.

12:28 - Matt Cassel joins Tom to talk about just how responsible Brady is for the Patriots recent struggles.

20:21 - Matt deconstructs three key passing plays that were poorly executed by the Patriots on Sunday: N'Keal Harry's failed under route that led to an interception, Phillip Dorsett's missed signal and Jakobi Meyers' miscommunication with Brady.

27:28 - Tom asks Matt about what Brady might have been saying to receivers on the sidelines and what the QB's expectations are for his pass-catchers.

34:48 - Turning the page to the Patriots' matchup with the Chiefs, Matt talks about what New England's offense needs to do to regain its confidence.

Dec 03, 2019
Author Ryan Holiday talks about latest book and his surprising NFL influence

Tom E. Curran talks with author Ryan Holiday. Ryan’s writing has gained major traction in the NFL, and his mind and motivational guidance has drawn the interest of Bill Belichick. They discuss his books, ‘The Obstacle Is The Way,' 'Ego Is The Enemy,’ and his latest book, ’Stillness Is The Key.'

2:00 -Tom E. Curran explains how Ryan Holiday’s writing has enmeshed himself into profession sports culture. 

6:00 - Ryan Holiday explains his first book ‘The obstacle is the Way” was read by Mike Lombardi and how it led to his writings catching the eye of those around the NFL. 

9:30 - Ryan Holiday explains why he modeled his book around Marcus Aurelius and the practices of stoicism. He also elaborates how stoicism r elates to the Patriots run they have had over this decade 

12:00 - How does the ‘Patriot way’ and mindset of the Patriots leaders continue to elevate their success while staying modest?

20:00 - How can Ryan Holiday’s books help with your mental health?

27:00 - Can staying off your phone and social media for designated times help mental health?

Nov 27, 2019
Turkey Day Edition! Would Cassel take Lamar or Deshaun? Does Houston have a problem with Patriots offense?

03:12: Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran to discuss their plans for Thanksgiving, and debate if having ham on the table is a common tradition.

07:06: Would the Patriots have dominated the Cowboys offense the way they did if there was good weather? And Tom asks Matt about Dak Prescott's decision to put gloves on in the middle of the game.

10:38: Matt discusses the challenges that the Texans offense pose for the Patriots defense that is unique to anything else they’ve seen this year.

18:58: How difficult is it to prepare for this Sunday's game with Thanksgiving coming up? Could the travel, plus the holiday cause a ripple effect into next week?

28:56: Tom admits that he never predicted the level of success Lamar Jackson is having in Baltimore, did Matt?

32:27: Finally, Tom and Matt wrap up Thanksgiving discussion: Did you ever have to sit at a kids table?

Nov 26, 2019
How can Pats revive offense vs. Cowboys? Mike Tannenbaum on possibility of Tua Tagovailoa in NE

1:29 - Phil Perry joins Tom Curran to discuss the current state of the Patriots and how the lack of offensive firepower has but a damper on New England's 9-1 record.

7:21 - Phil thinks that the Cowboys defense matches up well with the Pats offense, but believes Belichick can find a weakness in the Dallas pass coverage. Which Patriots receivers will lead the charge?

19:36 - This might be the biggest test for the Patriots defense because of how balanced the Cowboys' offense is. Tom and Phil discuss how the Pats' front seven could end up being a huge factor in the game.

25:33 - Tom and Phil give their final score predictions (Phil struggles with some math).

28:08 - Tom and Phil are joined by ESPN's NFL Front Office Insider Mike Tannenbaum to discuss the likelihood of the Patriots drafting Tua Tagovailoa after the Alabama QB suffered a season-ending hip injury.

Nov 22, 2019
Robert Kraft vs. Jerry Jones brings off-field element to Patriots-Cowboys

4:09 - Tom Curran is joined by Mike Florio to talk about the emerging new details of Antonio Brown's legal situation and how it relates to his possible return.

12:22 - Mike explains why the NFL's disciplinary system for players who violate the league's personal conduct policy is not fair.

14:52 - Will the Patriots try to resign Antonio Brown if he is cleared? Tom and Mike discuss how close the wide receiver actually is to making a return to football and why the Patriots might go after him.

21:46 - Tom is joined by author and journalist at the New York Times Mark Leibovich to discuss the off-the-field rivalry between Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones.

28:12 - Is there inherent jealousy between the two owners based on their own success?

33:40 - Mark gives his take on the Patriots upcoming matchup with the Dallas Cowboys.

Nov 21, 2019
Matt Cassel on sad Brady, Kaepernick's workout and his time with the Cowboys

3:30 - Tom Curran in joined by Matt Cassel to discuss Tom Brady's attitude following the Patriots win over the Eagles. Does he have the right to be so outwardly upset?

10:34 - It's easy to focus on what the Patriots haven't brought in to help Brady, but Tom and Matt talk about the three first-round picks in Sony Michel, Isaiah Wynn and N'Keal Harry that were drafted specifically for the QB.

15:27 - A couple of former Patriots made headlines Tuesday, with Rob Gronkowski announcing his "Gronk Beach" plans for Super Bowl Sunday and Antonio Brown apologizing to Robert Kraft on social media.

20:40 - With Colin Kaepernick's workout now in the rearview, Tom and Matt discuss what they saw from him and wonder what the exposure actually did for the QB's chances of getting a job.

27:27 - Matt talks about his time with the Dallas Cowboys and gives us an insider's view of what it's like to play for Jerry Jones as opposed to Robert Kraft.

Nov 19, 2019
Reuben Frank on how SB 52 changed expectations in Philly; Patriots advantages over Eagles

2:30 - Phil Perry and Tom Curran break down the Eagles offensive advantages over the Patriots, including their success in two-tight end sets. Should Stephon Gilmore shadow Zach Ertz to try and lock him down?

10:50 - The Eagles offensive line has been one of the best in the league this year and could allow Philly's run game to break out vs. the Patriots.

14:53 - Tom argues that the Patriots biggest advantage over the Eagles is their top-ranked secondary.

18:22 - Phil explains how the Patriots hurry-up offense could be used to tire out the Eagles' strong pass rush.

22:26 - Reuben Frank from NBC Sports Philadelphia joins Tom and Phil to talk about the Eagles Super Bowl 52 win over the Patriots, the expectations that win put on the city, and just how bad the Eagles wide receiver corps is this season.

37:40 - Tom caught up with Ben Watson to get his take on the workout being held for Colin Kaepernick.

Nov 15, 2019
Chris Long on SB 52, the Philly-NE differences, Kaepernick, retirement and more

1:04 - Former Rams, Patriots and Eagles defensive end Chris Long joins Tom Curran to discuss life after retirement. 

5:19 - Chris talks about his upcoming media company, Chalk Media, and what type of content he hopes to create and who he hopes to reach.

12:26 - With the NFL announcing the league will be holding an open tryout for Colin Kaepernick, Chris gives his take on the situation and whether or not he thinks the former 49ers quarterback can still play.

19:57 - How do athletes deal with social anxiety? Chris talks about how fans interactions make him feel as he tries to live his life post-NFL.

24:31 - Chris and Tom talk about the differences between the two championship teams he was on - the 2016 Patriots and 2017 Eagles - and how “fun” played into each team’s season.

29:42 - A lot has changed for the Patriots and Eagles since Super Bowl LII. Chris talks about the track each team has been on since that game and how he sees their Week 11 matchup going.

38:41 - As a Knicks fan, Chris feels like he needs a side NBA team to watch. He was given the Celtics and he couldn’t be more excited to cheer for them this season.

Nov 13, 2019
Matt Cassel on the inherent pressure put on all former Patriots QBs

1:00 - Tom Curran takes us back to the Patriots 2017 season, discussing how strange the year seemed from the very beginning and how the Pats Super Bowl LIII victory over the Rams was cathartic for the team.

7:05 - Matt Cassel joins Tom to talk about how watching a weekend of football without the Patriots made them realize just how disciplined and organized Bill Belichick's team is.

14:31 - With the fallout of Jimmy Garoppolo losing his first game of the season on Monday night, Tom wonders if there is extra pressure put on quarterbacks formerly in the Patriots' system. Matt gives deeper insight into what it's like being Tom Brady's backup.

24:10 - Who is your NFL MVP through 10 weeks? Tom and Matt debate if Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson has a better claim.

28:01 - Matt says the Patriots upcoming game against the Eagles will "set the tone for the rest of the season." Matt and Tom talk about the last time these two teams played - Super Bowl LII - and how that loss affected the Patriots.

Nov 12, 2019
Patriots bye week awards and fan service show

1:01 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry quickly hit on Phil's most recent story on what fixes the Patriots have to make for the remaining seven games of the season.

7:53 - With the Patriots at the halfish-way point of the season, Tom and Phil are handing out awards, including: best offensive player, best defensive player, most underrated defender, funniest play of the season and more.

25:28 - Tom and Phil field a handful of questions tweeted to them and the pair are joined by surprise guest Kayce Smith from Barstool Sports (formally NBC Sports Boston).

33:04 - Next up is the voicemail questions, including inquiries about the Patriots offensive line, the status of N'Keal Harry, the loss to the Ravens and more.

You can leave a question or comment for Tom or Phil on Twitter (@tomecurran - @PhilAPerry), by leaving us a review on Apple podcasts, or by leaving us a voice mail to use in the show by calling 781-214-0753.

Nov 07, 2019
Matt Cassel's bye week insight and "first half" awards

0:50 - Tom E. Curran gives his quick take on why the Patriots lost to the Ravens in Week 9 and we hear from Tom Brady and Devin McCourty on what the Pats can take from the loss.

4:25 - Matt Cassel joins Tom to break down what he saw out of the offense and defense in Baltimore and talks about how the Patriots approach the bye week after suffering a loss.

12:10 - Would the Patriots ever hold back on an opponent to save their scheme for the playoffs? Matt explains when that would ever remotely be a possibility.

15:02 - Matt gives his impression of Mohamed Sanu and talks about his importance when it comes to giving Julian Edelman a break. Tom wonders how the Patriots approach load management as the season moves forward.

20:39 - Bye Week Awards - Tom and Matt name their best offensive player, best defensive player, biggest surprise and biggest disappointment of the "first half" of the season.

28:08 - Tom talks about the defense's shortcomings vs. the Ravens with Kyle Van Noy.

You can leave a question or comment for Tom or Phil on Twitter (@tomecurran - @PhilAPerry), by leaving us a review on Apple podcasts, or by leaving us a voice mail to use in the show by calling 781-214-0753.

Nov 05, 2019
Bonus Pod: Sunday Night Football and Tom talk Patriots defense

0:27 - Tom Curran outlines his argument that the Patriots defense, from a statistical standpoint, should be considered to be in the running for 'best defense ever.'

2:59 - Sunday Night Football analysts Cris Collinsworth, Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison answer Tom's questions about where this Patriots defense stands in the conversation of best defenses in the history of the game.

8:04 - Does the number of of Pro-Bowlers, All-Pros and Hall of Famers matter when determining if a defense can be considered historic?

11:21 - The one knock on the Pats defense is that they haven't "played anyone yet." Tom goes through the details of each opponent of the historic 2000 Ravens and compares them to what the Patriots have faced so far this season.

Nov 02, 2019
Preparing for Ravens offense now and looking back at their historic defense

1:57 - Tom Curran is joined by Jamison Hensley of ESPN Baltimore to discuss the upcoming Patriots-Ravens Sunday Night Football showdown, beginning with the anticipation of the game in Baltimore.

10:43 - Jamison discusses what has made Lamar Jackson a never-before-seen-type talent as well as how a team could limit the young quarterback.

17:52 - Tom and Jamison get into the comparison of the current Patriots defense and the 2000 Ravens defense. Do the Pats have a chance to break that team’s record and is it even a fair comparison?

24:16 - Phil Perry gives an in-depth breakdown of how the Patriots can succeed against the Ravens, starting with the offense and then hitting on the defense (32:51).

Oct 31, 2019
Patriots set for second half after quiet trade deadline

0:52 - Tom Curran breaks down the Patriots cutting kicker Mike Nugent and Bill Belichick's comments on why a lack of cap space limited the Patriots at the trade deadline.

5:22 - All season long the Patriots running game has not been up to its normal standards. Tom asked running backs coach Ivan Fears if the Pats have enough artillery at the position and how he thinks Sony Michel can improve.

8:51 - Matt Cassel joins Tom to talk about the structure of the team following the trade deadline. Will the addition of Mohamed Sanu be good enough for Tom Brady and to overshadow the running game.

18:05 - Tom Brady has reiterated that he wants to play until he's 45, but he does seem more aggravated this season than ever. Matt explains how Brady has his good and bad days like anyone else and that can't be overanalyzed.

24:10 - Is there any scenario in which Brady ends up somewhere else after this season. Matt says there's only one.

29:11 - Tom has been calling the Patriots Week 9 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens the "Patriots season opener" because it's their first "real" opponent. Matt breaks down what he predicts the Patriots will see from the Ravens on both sides of the ball. Tom quickly hits on the addition of kicker Nick Folk.

Oct 29, 2019
Do the Patriots really just not want Josh Gordon anymore?

1:03 - Tom Curran quickly dissects Jarvis Landry's comments about guaranteeing a win in Foxboro in Week 8.

2:32 - Phil Perry joins Tom to discuss why exactly the Patriots might not want Josh Gordon anymore. Was it the Sanu signing, his lack of dependability or something else?

10:08 - Tom argues that the Patriots are just winging it on offense this season for whatever reason. It's a very abnormal approach for Bill Belichick.

15:47 - With Adam Schefter strongly voicing his opinion that it's very likely Tom Brady will not return next season, Tom and Phil discuss why it seems Brady's happiness is dwindling.

25:00 - Matt Cassel joins Tom to give his take on the addition of Mohamed Sanu and breaks down the X's and O's of where he'll best fit into the Patriots offense.

34:22 - As someone who's been in the Patriots organization, Matt talks about why Belichick might have made the decision to place Josh Gordon on the IR and effectively end his season in New England.

38:10 - While it seems that Tom Brady's future in New England is a focus point for the quarterback, Matt thinks that there's no way Brady is letting it distract him. But does that mean Belichick and Kraft aren't?

Oct 24, 2019
What can Mohamed Sanu do for you? (But really, the Patriots)

1:48 - Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News joins Tom Curran to talk about what exactly went wrong for Sam Darnold in the Jets 33-0 loss to the Patriots. Is he to blame? Is he broken? Does he still have a chance to be an above-average signal-caller in the league?

11:03 - Tom goes deep into the analytics behind Mohamed Sanu's success as a receiver, quantifying his production out of the slot, his ability to separate from his defender and his sure-handedness.

16:42 - D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution joins Tom to discuss what exactly the Patriots will be getting in Sanu and what makes him so dependable on the field.

23:07 - Phil Perry gives his take on the addition of Sanu - "The Patriots were perilously thin at receiver." How does the increased depth at the position affect guys like Julian Edelman, Phillip Dorsett or Jakobi Meyers? Would he have preferred Emmanuel Sanders?

34:25 - The only negative takeaway from the Patriots win over the Jets was the continued lack of production from Sony Michel and the running back position. Should Belichick make a change or ride it out?

38:34 - Who popped and who dropped from the victory over the Jets?

Oct 22, 2019
Cassel explains what it takes to earn Tom Brady's trust on the field

2:46 - Tom Curran is joined by Matt Cassel to discuss the Patriots one-game suspension of Michael Bennett. How do organizations determine a punishment for altercations and how does a player acting out affect the rest of the team?

13:41 - Matt talks about the perfection Tom Brady expects on the field (from everyone) and how that relates to N'Keal Harry being reintroduced into the Patriots offense.

21:01 - Curran wonders what it is that new or young receivers consistently mess up as they try to learn the Patriots offense. Matt gets into the Xs and Os.

24:49 - Is 'laces out' really the golden rule when it comes to place kick holding? Cassel questions this andtalks about his experience as a holder.

29:31 - Tom and Matt give their picks for second-best team in the AFC. One of the contenders may shock you (hint - it's in the Patriots' division).

You can leave a question or comment for Tom or Phil on Twitter (@tomecurran - @PhilAPerry), by leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts, or by leaving us a voicemail to use in the show by calling 781-214-0753

Oct 17, 2019
Could we have predicted the Patriots suspension of Michael Bennett?

2:18 - Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss the one-game suspension the Patriots placed on Michael Bennett after an apparent "philosophical disagreement" the defensive end had with coaches last week. Did the Patriots know what they were getting into when they signed him?

16:27 - N'Keal Harry returned the practice field after sitting out the first six games of the regular season. Josh McDaniels answers Tom's questions about how much the Patriots are able to rely on the rookie receiver.

27:53 - Tom and Phil cycle through which receivers are out there that the Patriots are likely targeting before the trade deadline.

35:53 - Rob Gronkowski may have finally put an end to the possibility of his return with the comments he made on WEEI. Tom talks about why it's finally time for Patriots fans to let him go.

Oct 15, 2019
What do Patriots need & what can they offer as trade deadline approaches

2:35 - Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry rank the Patriots offensive concerns after another unimpressive performance from that side of the ball against the Giants. They begin with tight end. Next up is the running game (6:25). And finally, the wide receiver corps (12:24).

22:11 - With the trade deadline on October 29, the Patriots need to determine what they need and what they have to offer. Phil and Tom discuss the picks Bill Belichick could trade away and the players at tight end and wide receiver he could target.

26:52 - Tom wonders if Michael Bennet will be traded or if he'll end up as a key member of the defense. He continues by explaining how the historic tear the Patriots defense is on is actually sustainable.

32:26 - Rob Gronkowski or Tyler Eifert: Which player will be on the Patriots roster by Thanksgiving?

Oct 11, 2019
Belichick good with defense carrying the Patriots? Cassel on the NSFW words from Brady in 2007 Giants game

1:52 - Tom Curran explains why he thinks the Patriots cut tight end Benjamin Watson. He believes that Bill Belichick is willing to make sacrifices on offense because of how good the defense is.

12:11 - Matt Cassel jumps on the pod and gives his take on the disparity between the Patriots offense and defense.

22:57 - Plenty of Patriots fans were criticizing Tom Brady's throw that resulted in a interception in the end zone on Sunday vs. the Redskins. Matt breaks down the play and explains how the play (minus the result) was by design.

32:45 - Matt brings us back to the Patriots 2007 regular season finale vs. the New York Giants and how Tom Brady refused to leave the game with a perfect season on the line.

You can leave a question or comment for Tom or Phil on Twitter (@tomecurran - @PhilAPerry), by leaving us a review on Apple podcasts, or by leaving us a voice mail to use in the show by calling 781-214-0753.

Oct 08, 2019
What would it take to get Stefon Diggs? How will a new kicker impact the Patriots?

2:23 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss the rumors surrounding Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs wanting to leave Minnesota. How would bringing in Diggs affect the Patriots cap, what picks would they lose and how often have other star receivers been moved midseason?

20:11 - Phil breaks down the Patriots running game up to this point in the season and the inefficiency of Sony Michel in the zone run. Will this limit Tom Brady as one of the best play-action passers in the league?

29:21 - The Patriots have brought in kicker Ted Nugent after Stephen Gostkowski was sent to the IR. Does the team's dominant defense mean they can settle for more field goals or will they have trouble trusting the new kicker in big spots?

39:40 - Tom wonders if the Patriots have too many players that play strictly on special teams and if the organization should better allocate their roster spots.

Oct 03, 2019
Is there a lack of artillery at wide receiver for the Patriots?

2:51 - Tom Curran is joined by Matt Cassel to talk about his concerns with the depth at the wide receiver position and how it has affected Tom Brady's decision making.

10:08 - Is this Patriots defense one of the best in NFL history? Despite New England facing four terrible offensive teams so far, Matt supports the claim.

15:51 - The hit Jonathan Jones put on Josh Allen in Week 4 caused an uproar, but should it have?

19:19 - Looking ahead to Week 5, Tom and Matt discuss how the Patriots will approach the Redskins' three-quarterback system as well as what to do with Stephen Gostkowski.

29:41 - Tom is joined by Bills writer for the Athletic Tim Graham to discuss Sean McDermott's lack of poise following the Bills loss last Sunday.

Oct 01, 2019
Are the Patriots better offensively than they were last season?

3:00: Brady has struggled in Buffalo in the past. With an improved Bills defense, should we be concerned?

(6:00) What strategy will the Patriots have on offense? Is this the perfect opportunity to depend on the run game?

(10:30) Who is to blame for the Patriots run game not being successful so far?

(15:00) Is the Patriots offense better this season than they were last year?

(18:00) Are there any free agent WR’s the Patriots can bring in? Will the Patriots regret losing Demaryius Thomas?

(24:00) Breaking down the challenges the Patriots will have when they face the Bills

(27:00) Week 4 NFL Picks, who ya got?!

Sep 26, 2019
Putting a bow on the Antonio Brown mess

0:55 - To start off the podcast, Tom takes us step by step through happened in Foxboro after Antonio Brown's threatening text messages came to light. Tom also discusses how Tom Brady feels about Brown being released as well as Brady's most recent comments to Jim Gray about being an "employee" of the Patriots.

7:31 - Tom addresses the report from Ryen Russillo on if Bill Belichick acted alone in the signing of Antonio Brown

9:00 - Matt Cassel joins Tom to talk about a variety of topics: (10:28) What it's like to be on the broadcast side of football this season, (11:52) Brady's comments to Jim Gray & having a different relationship inside a locker room with a teammate who has a troubled past, (17:07) Losing Julian Edelman to injury and how that affects the offense heading into Buffalo (21:27) What is the issue with the Patriots run game right now? (25:11) Is this Patriots defense everything it looks like it is? (29:46) Matt Cassel explains why he always enjoyed playing in Buffalo and talks his favorite and least favorite opponent stadiums to play in.

Sep 24, 2019
Is this the best Patriots defense of the Belichick era?

Tom Curran and Phil Perry open up by talking about the recent run made by the Patriots defense, dating back to the tail end of last season.

6:18 - Tom wonders if there even is a part of this defense that doesn't have enough depth or should worry fans.

10:39 - Looking ahead to the lineup of opposing quarterbacks for the Patriots, it's hard to imagine their defensive won't continue on its historic pace. Tom and Phil discuss the easy path ahead for New England.

15:19 - Tom compares the current defense to that of the 2004 Super Bowl Champion Patriots, looking at that team's first two games of the season and where they ended up. Phil analyzes the construction of each team's defense and how different times call for different strategies.

27:14 - Tom riffs on the rules on quarterback protection after Dolphins linebacker Raekwon McMillan was told by a referee in Week 2 to be careful with Tom Brady.

33:23 - Tom is joined by stadium DJ for the Patriots, Red Sox and Bruins TJ Connelly to talk about adding color commentary at games through music. He also gets a peek into what Connelly has in store for the Gillette crowd for a tribute to the late Ric Ocasek.

Sep 19, 2019
Dissecting the Patriots offense with the addition of Antonio Brown

1:36 - Tom Curran starts off by asking a simple question: 'What keeps Antonio Brown on this team?' As of now, it's the fact that he's valuable enough on the gridiron, but when will that not be enough?

7:09 - Matt Cassel joins Tom to talk about a variety of topics: Antonio Brown's explosiveness making the Patriots offense look like that of the 2007 team; (14:38) How the offense attacks man vs. zone coverage; (21:41) How to approach Greg Williams' defense next week against the Jets; (27:25) and a pair of Hall of Fame debates.

32:26 - Tom catches up with Kyle Van Noy after his season debut in Miami, talking about the linebacker's newborn son, the dominance of the Patriots defense and how Josh Gordon is getting more comfortable in New England.

Sep 17, 2019
What the Patriots did and did not know about Antonio Brown

0:53 - Matt Cassel joins Tom Curran to talk about the Patriots beatdown of the Steelers in Week 1, how to approach the Dolphins in Week 2 and finally, what kind of impact Antonio Brown could have on the field if he plays in Miami.

17:32 - Next up, Tom welcomes on Senior NFL Writer at Yahoo Charles Robinson to get into the details of the Antonio Brown situation. How much information did Drew Rosenhaus divulge to the Patriots and how could the league proceed?

30:01 - Tom and Phil Perry go through their keys to victory for the Patriots vs. the Dolphins, including consistency in the offensive line, getting Sony Michel going and making sure Brown makes some sort of impact on the field.

Sep 12, 2019
Pittsburgh writers spill on Antonio Brown; Armando Salguero on meltdown in Miami

0:43 - Tom Curran quickly reacts to the breaking news of Demaryius Thomas being traded to the Jets before getting into Antonio Brown discussion.

2:05 - Bill Belichick compared the media's reaction to the addition of Antonio Brown to that of Randy Moss's arrival in Foxboro. Tom explains how the two star receivers are different and the Patriots offensive approaches regarding them both.

11:11 - A handful of Pittsburgh writers including Ron Cook and Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and ESPN's Jeremy Fowler give their impressions of Antonio Brown from when he was with the Steelers.

22:45 - Tom talks about the Patriots dominant win over the Steelers in Week 1 of the season, explaining Josh McDaniels' brilliance and breaking down who stood out on defense.

29:08 - Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald joins Tom to talk about how after being crushed in Week 1 by the Ravens, a handful of Dolphins players are trying to leave the team. Does Brian Flores have everything under control with the Patriots coming to town in Week 2?

Sep 10, 2019
Tom catches up with Matt Cassel; Week 1 keys to victory

Tom Curran is joined by former Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel to discuss a variety of topics leading up to Week 1 of the regular season:

1:02 - Matt discusses his workout with the Indianapolis Colts following the retirement of Andrew Luck.

4:46 - Seeing how Luck's injuries contributed to his retirement, Matt talks about how Tom Brady is able to avoid serious injury, how he motivates himself and a particular time Cassel got in trouble for being too rough with Brady.

8:30 - Tom asks Matt about what he's up to now in his first season not playing.

12:10 - Matt gives his impression of the Patriots offense and talks about how Brady, Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels will figure out how to get the most out of New England's receivers.

19:08 - With the Oakland Raiders planning to suspend Antonio Brown, Tom asks Matt about a time a teammate of his went off on a coach and wonders if the Patriots should take a look at the disruptive receiver.

25:45 - Matt finishes up by giving is prediction for the Patriots' opening night matchup against the Pittsburgh Steeler.

28:31 - Tom and Phil Perry each lay out three things they're eager to see on Sunday night.

Sep 05, 2019
Let's get to real football. How will Pats deploy offense vs. Steelers?

1:14 - 1st Quarter - How will the Patriots deploy their offense against the Steelers with Gronk gone and a new-look receiver corps? Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss what kind of offensive game plan the Pats will have in Week 1.

12:38 - 2nd Quarter - Tom defends the Patriots' decision to part ways with Brian Hoyer as Brady’s backup, but argues that they could have traded him to get something in return. Does this mean Jarrett Stidham is the QB of the future?

21:48 - Halftime - Tom hits us with some Patriots-Steelers season opener trivia and he catches up with Jarrett Stidham to talk about his game day superstitions.

23:41 - 3rd Quarter - The Patriots roster has the oldest average age in the NFL. Phil explains why that’s not necessarily a bad thing and how Belichick uses older, more-experienced players to his advantage.

31:15 - 4th Quarter - Tom is joined by senior Steelers reporter at the Athletic in Pittsburgh Mark Kaboly, who talks about how the departure of Antonio Brown has been a breath of fresh air for the organization and how the Steelers defense plans to stop the Patriots. Tom also reveals his trivia answer.

Sep 03, 2019
With the preseason over, the Patriots roster-trimming has begun

3:42 - FIRST QUARTER - With roster cuts coming on Saturday, Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss the moves made so far by the Patriots, including the trade of Duke Dawson to the Broncos. Do the Pats have an issue evaluating talent in the second round?

17:35 - SECOND QUARTER - Phil and Tom review who popped and who dropped in the Patriots' preseason finale vs. the Giants. With Demaryius Thomas having a huge night, what can we expect out of the receiving corps in New England?

26:07 - THIRD QUARTER - It appears that the backup quarterback job is safely in the hands of Jarrett Stidham. What does this mean for Tom Brady's future with the team?

30:24 - FOURTH QUARTER - Week 1 is quickly approaching and the Steelers will be visiting Foxboro on banner night at Gillette Stadium. Tom and Phil take a very brief look at what to expect from Ben Roethlisberger and the depleted Pittsburgh offense.

You can leave a question or comment for Tom or Phil on Twitter (@tomecurran - @PhilAPerry), by leaving us a review on Apple podcasts, or by leaving us a voice mail to use in the show by calling 781-214-0753.

Aug 30, 2019
If you weren't convinced before, you should be now: Gronk's not coming back

1:33 - FIRST QUARTER - Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss Rob Gronkowski announcing that he'll be partnering with CBDMedic and what it means for his future, on or off the football field.

10:55 - SECOND QUARTER - With Andrew Luck retiring much earlier than anyone anticipated, Tom and Phil react to Josh McDaniels' comments on the QB's decision and what could have been in Indianapolis. Tom goes on a rant on people complaining about the 'boos' Luck received.

22:58 - HALFTIME - Tom catches up with Tom Brady to ask the QB what piece of equipment he's superstitious about and why and hits us with a trivia question on 33-year-old receivers.

27:14 - THIRD QUARTER - Phil breaks down some of his roster cuts, including what to do with some receivers, defensive linemen, linebackers and cornerbacks.

34:42 - FOURTH QUARTER - With Carli Lloyd from the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team kicking a 55-yard field goal over the weekend, there are some who think she should try out for an NFL team. Tom disagrees, but not for why you might think. And we get the answer to our trivia question.

You can leave a question or comment for Tom or Phil on Twitter (@tomecurran - @PhilAPerry), by leaving us a review on Apple podcasts, or by leaving us a voice mail to use in the show by calling 781-214-0753.

Aug 27, 2019
Brady needs to trust his receivers, no exceptions; Defense looks ready to defend title

0:56 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry break down the Patriots 10-3 win over the Panthers in the third preseason game. We finally got a look at Tom Brady, but him and Jakobi Meyers weren't able to get on the same page. Brady speaks to how important it is for him to trust his receivers.

13:36 - Popped and Dropped - Phil explains why Michael Bennet and Ryan Izzo popped vs. the Panthers and why the second offensive line unit and the field goal team dropped.

20:13 - Dig Deep - How have the officials been doing so far with the pass interference ruling and reviews? Tom and Phil talk about how it's affecting the game. Also, Phil explains why Jarrett Stidham has won a roster spot over Brian Hoyer.

30:46 - Very Superstitious - Tom joins offensive lineman James Ferentz to talk about what item of his he's superstitious about.

33:50 - Tom and Phil answer some voicemail and Twitter questions to close out the episode.

Aug 23, 2019
Receiving corps suddenly a force; Is it looking like the Patriots won the Garoppolo trade?

1:34 - Hot off the Press - Tom Curran and Phil Perry react to the latest Patriots news, from the returns of Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman and Demaryius Thomas to the release of Ryan Allen.

12:00 - Tom catches up with Matthew Slater to talk about his relationship with Ryan Allen and the reality of the business side of the game.

16:37 - Phil goes over his roster cuts following the second preseason game and the wide receiver group filling out. Phillip Dorsett and Brian Hoyer could be on the outside looking in when the regular season starts.

20:01 - Deep Dive - NBC Sports Bay Area 49ers insider Matt Maiocco joins Tom to talk about the poor performance of Jimmy Garoppolo in his return to game action after tearing his ACL last season. Should 49ers fans be concerned?

You can leave a question or comment for Tom or Phil on Twitter (@tomecurran - @PhilAPerry), by leaving us a review on Apple podcasts, or by leaving us a voice mail to use in the show by calling 781-214-0753.

Aug 20, 2019
Looking towards the future: Is Tennessee an option for Brady? Could Mayo be Belichick's successor?

1:44 - With a scrap breaking out between Stephon Gilmore and A.J. Brown in practice on Thursday, Tom E. Curran joins Phil Perry to talk about how things are heating up down in Nashville.

4:22 - Three first-round receivers on the Patriots roster (Phillip Dorsett, N'Keal Harry and Demaryius Thomas) are down and Tom Brady has to figure out how to drive the offense without them. Brady talks about the group's progression.

12:32 - Watching Marcus Mariota and the Titans offense operate (poorly), Tom realizes how lucky the Patriots are to have Tom Brady, but will Brady decided to stay in New England, or could he join longtime friend Mike Vrabel in Tennessee next season?

20:23 - Brady's pretty confident that he'll play in the Patriots preseason game on Saturday, and talks about doing what's best for the team.

23:32 - If Brady has to one day move on from the Patriots so does Bill Belichick. So who's next in line to be head coach in New England? Tom thinks that Jerod Mayo has a pretty good shot in the future despite only being on the coaching staff for a few months.

Aug 15, 2019
Pats keep an eye on health, travel to Tennessee for what should be very physical joint practices

2:47 - Deep Dive - Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran get into what to expect from the Patriots joint practices with the Titans down in Nashville. They agree that the biggest reason the Pats won Super Bowl LIII was because they stayed healthy and that trend will have to continue.

8:22 - Phil and Tom hit on a couple of players who could have a huge impact in their first season with the Pats: Isaiah Wynn (comeback player of the year?) and N'Keal Harry.

11:33 - Tom catches up with Phillip Dorsett to talk about the way New England's receiving corps is constructed and how he stays motivated when the team has such a versatile group. Tom and Phil discuss where Dorsett fits into the system and how Brady trusts him.

20:53 - With tight end Matt LaCosse going down with an ankle injury, do the Patriots have the worst situation in the league at that position? Who will prevail as the Patriots punter? (Tom is joined by Ryan Allen) And has Tom Brady really given any indication that he won't stick around in New England?

Aug 13, 2019
Stidham and Meyers shine in Patriots dominant preseason opener

0:45 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry give their biggest takeaways from the Patriots' 31-3 win over the Detroit Lions in their first preseason game.

2:33 - Popped and Dropped - Tom and Phil take a look at who had shining performances in the game (N'Keal Harry, Chase Winovich, the entire outside linebacker unit and Braxton Berrios) and who had a rough game (Maurice Harris, Joejuan Williams, James Ferentz and Stephen Gostkowski).

13:32 - Bubble Vets - Tom and Phil discuss which veteran players are 'on the bubble' when it comes to making the regular season roster (Ryan Allen, Phillip Dorsett, Elandon Roberts and Duron Harmon).

24:16 - Dig Deep - Tom and Phil zero in on some key topics, including Jarrett Stidham's poise in his big game and if his performance impacts Tom Brady in any way; (29:52) Should the Patriots have taken N'keal Harry out of the game earlier; (31:55) Will Jerod Mayo have a bigger role on the coaching staff?

Aug 09, 2019
Tom Brady is taking control of his future

1:49 - Hot off the press - Tom Curran breaks down the big Tom Brady news from the past few days: the restructuring of his contract and him and Gisele putting their Brookline, MA home on the market. The way Tom sees it, there's a few ways it'll go down with Brady at the end of the 2019-20 season and one of them could be a shock to Pats fans.

13:01 - Popped and Dropped - Phil Perry checks in from the Patriots' joint practice with the Lions out in Detroit. He goes through the good and the bad of the week so far, including the subpar play of Tom Brady and the tight end group and the success of the defense.

25:13 - Deep Dive - While in Canton for Ty Law's Hall of Fame induction, Tom caught up with Bills reporter and Hall of Fame voter Vic Carucci to talk about the lack of Patriots in the Hall and how voters deal with aging candidates.

Aug 06, 2019
Ty Law didn't need to be a 'prototypical Patriot' to be one of the best ever

1:52 - Tom Curran explains how Ty Law was the "anti-Patriot" because of how he focused on himself and didn't adhere to what is now known as "the Patriot way." Curran argues that while Law's personality got in the way of him staying in New England, he was able to be successful with the Patriots because if it.

9:30 - Ty Law joins Tom following Rodney Harrison's induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame and talks about how he hopes he "opens the floodgates" for more of his teammates to join him in the big Hall.

15:59 - Phil Perry breaks down the second week of training camp from Gillette, discussing the good and bad days for the receiver corps and his top performers so far.

21:35 - Phil answers a handful of Twitter fan questions on training camp housing, updates on specific players, player comparisons and more.

Aug 01, 2019
Are the Patriots getting hosed in Canton? Scott Pioli joins to talk dynasty and more

Tom Curran and Phil Perry give their reactions to Rodney Harrison's induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame and their early projections of New England's roster.

1:14 - Hot off the Press - Tom asks an important question: Is there a bias against Patriots players being voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame? While Harrison is the newest inductee for New England's hall, it could be an uphill battle for him to get into the big hall.

10:26 - Popped and Dropped - Phil runs through his first projection for the Patriots roster. The tight end position is an enormous question mark, the secondary is solid, Jakobi Meyers and Maurice Harris pop at wide receiver and there's a ton of depth at linebacker.

16:43 - Dig Deep - Tom is joined by former Patriots vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli to talk about Rodney Harrison, the construction of the Pats dynastic roster, the exit of Lawyer Milloy and the continued success of the Patriots.

Jul 30, 2019
BONUS: Rodney Harrison Patriots Hall of Fame; Ty Law

Rodney Harrison speaks with the media on Friday afternoon after getting fitted for his red jacket, as he get's ready to be inducted to the Patriots Hall of Fame on Monday.

Harrison talks about this honor, expectations for this year's team - with some shade thrown at the Colts and Chiefs, Tom Brady's future, and Ty Law being selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in a couple weeks.

Jul 26, 2019
Training camp begins; What are the Patriots thinking with Danny Etling's transition?

1:11 - Phil Perry and Tom Curran react to the first two days of Patriots training camp and wait for things to ramp up after a slow-paced, pass-heavy start. (Tom isn't pleased with a pair of interruptions).

3:12 - News of the Day: They guys note the absences of David Andrews and Michael Bennett and get into a very heated debate about how whether or not Danny Etling can actually contribute to the Patriots offense as a receiver.

11:33 - Hot and Cold: Jakobi Meyers, Jerod Mayo, N'Keal Harry and Jonathan Jones looked good on day one. Braxton Berrios, Danny Etling and Brian Hoyer - not so much.

18:40 - Dig Deep: The Packers apparently showed interest in trading defensive tackle Mike Daniels to the Patriots, but it didn't happen. How would he have fit into the Patriots defense?

23:36 - Also, Bill Belichick was asked about Nick Caserio's role in the organization. Should the Patriots have him deeply involved in team decisions if he's likely to leave after this season?

Jul 25, 2019
What's the holdup with Tom Brady's contract?

With training camp right around the corner, Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry tell us what we can expect from the Patriots these next few weeks. They also break down the latest information surrounding the Tom Brady contract extension.

(1:42) Tom Brady is heading into his walk year and he has yet to sign an extension, Tom and Phil discuss what this means for the Patriots and what this says about the dynamic between Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft. (12:06) What would it look like next year for the Patriots if they decided to franchise Tom Brady. (17:01) What would it take from Tom Brady's end to get the extension done ? (20:47) Phil and Tom pick discuss hot and cold spots on this Patriots team as they head into training camp.

Jul 23, 2019
Tom E. Curran politely questions Chris Simms on his ABSURD ranking of Tom Brady

(3:00) Chris Simms breaks down why he ranked Tom Brady as the 9th best QB in the NFL right now. (4:00) Why is Patrick Mahomes ranked higher than Tom Brady? (8:30) Tom and Chris debate whether it is Bill Belichick that makes the Patriots successful, or Tom Brady. (10:00) How is Matt Ryan ahead of Brady in Simms’ list?

Jun 25, 2019
Going deep on the Patriots-Texans tampering dust-up

(1:00) Tom E. Curran breaks down the events that led to the Patriots filing tampering charges against the Texans. (5:00) Going over the history the Patriots have had with tampering charges since the start of their franchise. (9:00) Why would Nick Caserio want to leave his position with the Patriots? (11:00) If Nick Caserio gets blocked from going to the Texans, could he return to the Patriots? (14:00) Phil Perry joins Curran to discuss how recent coaching departures have shown that New England is a tough place to work (21:30) What conversations happened within the Patriots before deciding to file tampering charges? (26:00) Who was it that was tampering on the Texans side? (30:00) How much would the loss of Caserio impact the Patriots this season?

Jun 14, 2019
Tom Brady doesn’t want to be ‘Terrific’/ Minicamp observations

(3:00) Tom Brady explain his reason for wanting ‘Tom Terrific’ trademark (5:00) Tom E. Curran attempts to get Tom Brady to talk about his contract (7:00) Phil and Tom break down how Tom Brady looked during minicamp(10:00) minicamp observations of N’Keal Harry (13:00) How much will the leadership in the Patriots locker room be able to benefit N’Keal Harry? (16:00) Other impressions of Patriots rookies this week (21:00) How has Isaiah Wynn looked this week coming back from his achilles injury? (23:00) First impressions of Coach Jerod Mayo (former Quick Slants Podcast star) (29:00) Patriots alumni appeared this week at minicamp, how much does that impact the current team?

Jun 07, 2019
Rodney Harrison on Belichick, Brady and more; Edelman extends with Pats through 2021 season

1:42 - Tom Curran is joined by 2019 Patriots Hall of Fame Inductee Rodney Harrison to talk about his time with the Patriots

3:12 - Rodney recalls his first meeting with Bill Belichick, immediately understanding the football culture in New England and how the Patriots head coach let him be himself on the field.

5:29 - After being released by the Chargers and picked up by the Patriots, Harrison focused on earning the respect of his teammates, even if it meant being extra aggressive.

8:02 - Rodney gets into detail about the situation with Lawyer Milloy, how he felt replacing the longtime Patriots safety and what lessons he took from it.

10:42 - Tom asks Rodney how he feels about Tom Brady skipping OTAs and if he thinks mental health is become more and more important for football players.

14:39 - With Julian Edelman signing a two-year contract extension with the Patriots, Tom looks back at the evolution of No. 11's career in New England.

May 21, 2019
Introducing the Quick Slants Hotline; The return of News, Go!

1:14 - With the launching of the Quick Slants Hotline, Tom Curran and Phil Perry respond to their first voicemail, with the caller asking about the status of Josh Gordon and if/how he could be used by the Patriots this coming season.

5:30 - Tom is excited to bring back the News, Go! segment, where him and Phil give their takes on bits of news around New England and the NFL including: The addition of Dontrelle Inman, the health of Demaryius Thomas, how the Patriots will utilize Isaiah Wynn, the addition of Ben Watson, replay review for pass interference, the Robert Kraft situation and the status of the Patriots coaching staff.

16:45 - Tom and Phil respond to their second voicemail question, which asked about the likelihood of the Patriots acquiring a No. 2 receiver via trade. Phil brings up the chance of the Pats trading for Kyle Rudolph.

20:57 - Josh McDaniels talks about the integration of both Jarrett Stidham and N'Keal Harry into the Patriots offense.

May 15, 2019
Breaking down the Patriots draft picks with NFL Draft Analyst Dane Brugler

2:05 - Tom E. Curran welcomes on NFL Draft Analyst for The Athletic Dane Brugler, who begins by discussing his own post-draft process and self-evaluation after months and months of speculation.

4:10 - Brugler breaks down each of the Patriots 10 draft picks, starting with wide receiver N'Keal Harry.

  • Joejuan Williams (6:35)
  • Yodny Cajuste (7:54)
  • Damien Harris (10:05)
  • Chase Winovich (11:26)
  • Hjalte Froholdt (13:33)
  • Jarrett Stidham (14:49)
  • Byron Cowart (16:27)
  • Ken Webster (18:40)

19:33 - Tom and Dane go through the rest of the AFC East to react to how the Bills, Dolphins and Jets all did in the draft.

May 02, 2019
The Importance of the 2019 NFL Draft for the Patriots

Tom E. Curran is joined by Phil Perry for the final episode of Quick Slants The Podcast before Thursday's NFL Draft begins, and we debate how important it is for New England to come away with players that will make an impact in the coming years among the 12 picks the teams starts out with.

The discussion shifts from the importance of the Draft to the particular areas of need - Wide Receiver and Quarterback. (11:00) Phil talks about receiver's that are fits in the Patriots system, and which prospects will be able to pick up the more complex NFL playbook. (20:00) Could the Patriots find an heir apparent to Tom Brady on Day 3? Phil talks about the intangibles for Brett Rypien and Ryan Finley, and how he would steer clear of West Virginia's Will Grier.

Apr 24, 2019
Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff lauds Bill Belichick; A deep dive into the newly-released 2019 Patriots schedule

1:24 - Tom E. Curran is joined by General Manager of the Atlanta Falcons Thomas Dimitroff, who talks about his impressions of Bill Belichick following the NFL meetings in March.

9:55 - Before letting him go, Tom gets Dimitroff's thoughts on the batch of receivers in the upcoming draft.

13:58 - Tom breaks down each and every matchup of the Patriots 2019 schedule, from their Week 1 opener vs. the Steelers, to their tough Week 5-through-9 stretch (18:31), to an interesting December with games against the Texans and Chiefs (23:55).

Apr 18, 2019
Patriots sign Demaryius Thomas/ Josh Norris of NBC Sports breaks down what players make sense for the Patriots in the draft

(1:00) Tom E. Curran reacts to the Patriots signing Demaryius Thomas, will he actually be able to help the Patriots? Or will the help need to come from the draft? (3:00) Josh Norris breaks down whether the Patriots can find a Rob Gronkowski replacement at pick #32 in the draft. (9:00) What are the best WR options in the draft that fits the Patriots style? (9:00) Josh Norris on the depth of the 2019 draft (14:00) Is there no perfect prospect at CB or WR in this draft? (17:00) Mathew Slater talks 1-on-1 with Tom E. Curran. Slater discusses getting ready for the next season, impact of Brady and Belichick, and Rob Gronkowski retiring. 

Apr 16, 2019
Is the next Julian Edelman out there somewhere?

1:27 - Bruce Feldman from The Athletic joins Tom Curran to take a deep dive into one of his most recent columns on the rise in importance of slot receivers in the NFL.

5:32 - What it is that makes a player a good slot receiver?

8:13 - In his column, Bruce describes Julian Edelman as 'sudden.' How does that trait make him so great and what else separates him from other receivers in the league?

13:10 - Is there another Julian Edelman in this upcoming draft and if not, who comes close? Bruce explains why there might never be another Edelman.

17:13 - How much does the QB throwing to him impact a slot receiver's success? Edelman has benefited from playing with Tom Brady, but other quarterbacks might not have used him as effectively.

20:41 - Tom brings up the talk of Julian Edelman's Hall of Fame consideration and gets Bruce's take on the receiver's candidacy.

Apr 10, 2019
Generation Gap: Why Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials respond differently to the Robert Kraft case

Anna Liotta of Resultance Inc. talks with Tom Curran about the perception differences among the various generations responding to the Robert Kraft case.

(2:00) Anna Liotta joins Tom E. Curran to discuss how different generations perspectives of the world, and how that relates to the Robert Kraft case. (9:00) Is the best way to remove drama for Robert Kraft to just come clean? (9:30) Has Robert Kraft ‘extended the story’ by not addressing the issue? (13:30) Has Robert Kraft ‘asked’ for his situation to go viral? 

Apr 09, 2019
Was Rob Gronkowski given a ‘free pass’ from fans and media? Breaking down best options to replace Gronk

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss Sports Illustrated column by Andrew Brandt, and debate whether Rob Gronkowski was given any ‘free pass’ from fans and media. Phil Perry also breaks down his best options for replacing Rob Gronkowski, whether through the draft or free agency. 

(1:00) Tom E. Curran discusses his run in with Rob Gronkowski on the streets of South Boston. (3:45) How did Gronkowski react to being asked if he would return mid-season? (7:00) Just how hard of a year did Rob Gronkowski have? Should we be giving him more space following his decision? (11:00) Reacting to Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Brandt column that Rob Gronkowski ‘get’s a free pass’ for his behavior. (14:00) Did Rob Gronkowski’s lifestyle off the field impact how long he was able to play? (16:00) Is Rob Gronkowski not the big partier everyone makes him out to be? (22:00) How will the Patriots be able to replace Gronk? Phil Perry gives his picks on the best options the Patriots have. 

Apr 03, 2019
Saying goodbye to Jerod Mayo and checking in from NFL's annual league meetings

1:09 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry reminisce about their time with Jerod Mayo on the podcast after it was announced that the former Patriots linebacker will join the team this season as the linebackers coach.

10:37 - With Robert Kraft opting for a jury trial in the Florida prostitution case against him, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has said that he'll wait for all of the details before making a decision on punishment for violating the league's personal conduct policy.

15:25 - Curran gets into a story about Jonathan Kraft yelling at him about his coverage of the case and it involves someone you wouldn't expect.

21:32 - Tom and Phil discuss the rumors that the Patriots are interested in trading for Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen. Does the value of a player increase when it becomes known that the Patriots are interested in them?

25:54 - A quick discussion on the audio released of Antonio Brown and his agent talking about a possible deal with the Patriots.

28:43 - Quickly hitting on Rob Gronkowski's retirement and how the Patriots might have been able to acquire offensive targets if they knew about his decision earlier.

30:48 - Tom and Phil finish up with a break down of the rule changes the NFL has adopted, the most divisive of which is the pass interference rule. Will the NFL turn into a league of floppers because of these changes?

Mar 28, 2019
Rob Gronkowski announces his retirement, what does this mean for the Patriots? Any chance he returns?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry react to the news that Rob Gronkowski has decided to retire. What was the biggest factor in Rob Gronkowski deciding to retire? How will the Patriots fill the void that Gronk leaves? Is there any chance that Rob Gronkowski returns mid-season?

Mar 25, 2019
Will Robert Kraft take the plea deal? What’s the best way to get Tom Brady some help at WR?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss the latest with the Patriots. Including whether they expect Robert Kraft to take the plea deal, and what WR options they like for the Patriots. 

(1:00) Will Robert Kraft take the plea deal that he was offered? (8:00) Biggest reasons Robert Kraft would NOT take the plea deal. (10:00) How would taking the plea deal impact the way the NFL disciplines Kraft? (13:00) What do we think about the Patriots signings so far? Which players can make an impact? (20:00) Should the Patriots look for receivers in the draft or in free agency? (22:00) Tom E. Curran goes over possible free agents the Patriots could target at WR (30:00) Tom E. Curran answers questions from Twitter

Mar 20, 2019
Browns load up; Patriots still observers - Around the AFC with Kevin Clark, Scott Bair and Mary Kay Cabot

Tom E. Curran checks in around the NFL after the first few days of free-agency, with a ton of players changing teams. (4:00) The Ringer's Kevin Clark talks about the Patriots being relatively quiet to start free-agency, and what types of players they're looking to add. Plus, what would the Patriots equivalent of an Odell Beckham, Jr. trade proposal been? (13:37) NBC Sports Bay Area's Scott Bair talks about the Raiders move to bring in Antonio Brown and former Patriots LT Trent Brown. What will ultimately hold Gruden and the Raiders back from competing? (20:48) Mary Kay Cabot of Plain Dealer joins Tom to chat about the multitude of big moves for the Browns on both sides of the ball. Where do they stand in the AFC Power Rankings? Cabot also thinkgs GM John Dorsey isn't nearly done making moves.

Finally, Tom reads some of the GLOWING listener reviews. Keep 'em coming!

Mar 14, 2019
Reaction to Patriots losing Trey Flowers and Trent Brown in free agency. Will Michael Bennett be enough to replace Trey Flowers?

(1:00) Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss the Patriots losing Trey Flowers and Trent Brown. (3:00) Trey Flowers was pretty much ‘the perfect Patriot’ why would the Patriots not do more to keep him? (7:00) What’s the plan to replace Trey Flowers? (9:30) How do we feel about Michael Bennett adapting to the Patriots way? (15:00) Who can the Patriots bring in to replace Flowers? (17:00) Reaction to Trent Brown going to the Raiders (24:00) Will Rob Gronkowski return? Should Patriots look for TE in the draft?

Mar 12, 2019
No franchise tags for the Pats; Breaking down salary cap with Miguel Benzan

1:18 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss the Patriots not giving out any franchise tags before Tuesday afternoon's deadline and wonder if the move makes sense for New England.

2:59 - Now that he's a free agent, what will the market for Trey Flowers look like and what does his future hold?

7:23 - Left tackle Trent Brown is another player who will test free agency and will leave a hole in the Patriots offensive line. Phil and Tom discuss who could slide into that spot and wonder if Isaiah Wynn be ready for the role.

12:20 - "If you're in a situation where you might be dealing with a different kicker and a different punter, that's too much change." Phil and Tom talk about how the Patriots should try to re-sign both Stephen Gostkowski and Ryan Allen.

15:10 - Eric Rowe, Cordarrelle Patterson, Chris Hogan and Jason McCourty are some more players that might not return to New England. Which one's should the Patriots try to retain?

19:14 - Tom is joined by Patriots salary cap guru Miguel to discuss the current cap amount and if it is high enough for the Pats to make any significant moves once free agency begins.

26:59 - Miguel explains how he would structure a new contract from Rob Gronkowski if he decided to return to the Patriots in 2019. Tom also asks Miguel how the Patriots should deal with the key players they chose not to give franchise tags to.

Mar 06, 2019
McCourty twins on deciding to not retire, dealing with distractions, experiences with Greg Schiano at Rutgers

1:50 - Devin McCourty on why he decided to not retire. He says he still likes playing and enjoys mentoring the young players in the locker room.

3:53 - Jason McCourty is a free agent. He says he would love to be back in New England but he realizes the NFL is a business.

4:47 - Jason McCourty doesn't have any expectations for free agency but would like to make a decision before April.

6:12 - Devin on how fast his NFL career has been going by and that it's important to remember your life outside of football.

7:27 - How and when the McCourty twins realized you could make an impact off of the field and do more in the community.

9:40 - The experiences Devin and Jason had with Greg Schiano at Rutgers. They say he is a very tough coach and big on discipline but he can fit right into the New England mold.

11:08 - Greg Schiano’s style of calling defenses - Very aggressive, blitzing all of the time.

12:05 - How much Brian Flores will be missed - Great leader who was a stable part of the organization. 

13:22 - Jason says he is used to the coaching change over more so than Devin. How veteran players can help with the adjustment of losing several coaches on the staff.

14:08 - What Steve Belichick has been like as a safeties coach.

17:20 - How the Patriots approach distractions off the field - Robert Kraft now involved.

18:55 - Was it weird for Jason to get the inside perspective on the Patriots after years on other teams?

20:33 - How Devin and Jason recover from playing a full season of football and prepare for the next year.

21:45 - Tom Brady not being at OTAs last season. Devin says people don’t realize how many games and offseason programs he has been in.

Feb 25, 2019
What's the deal with the coaching situation; Jerod Mayo gives his SBLIII breakdown

1:49 - Who's staying and who's leaving? With the offseason underway, Tom Curran breaks down the Patriots' current coaching situation and talks about why a coach might want to leave New England.

4:26 - Tom wonders how the defense under the new defensive coordinator Greg Schiano will affect the way the offense operates.

6:29 - "So much of what happened at the latter half of 2018 created an ability for them to embrace the chaos, embrace the change and move on ." How much did this team's ability to overcome adversity shape them?

8:47 - Looking ahead to next season already, Tom goes over some of the potential roster moves the Pats could make.

11:47 - We go into this offseason with the exact opposite attitude from a year ago: optimistic. Tom shares why he's so positive about the team moving forward.

17:16 - Jerod Mayo joins Tom to give his take on the Patriots 13-3 victory over the Rams in Super Bowl LIII, focusing mainly on the Rams mistakes.

13:04 - "How much does how a season ends impact the next one?" Jerod answers.

Feb 13, 2019
Was 2018 Bill Belichick’s best coaching season of his career? how will coaching departures impact the 2019 Patriots?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss the latest on the 6X SUPER BOWL CHAMPION NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (2:00) Just how epic is the Patriots Super Bowl run been? (3:00) Was 2018 Bill Belichick’s most impressive coaching job in his career? (6:00) How was the coaching staff able to get over the Malcolm Butler drama from last Super Bowl? (9:30) Did Sean McVay get exposed in the Super Bowl? (12:00) How was the Rams offense that bad? What did the Patriots do to completely shut them down? (13:30) Patriots unsung heroes of the Super Bowl (16:00) What was the best stuff from the Mic’d up Super Bowl coverage? (19:00) Was that the most clutch catch of Gronkowski’s career? (22:00) How will Brian Flores do in Miami? (24:30) How will loss of coaches impact the 2019 Patriots? (28:00) Which upcoming free agents should the Patriots make sure to bring back?

Feb 09, 2019
Tom Brady: American Icon

In this special episode of Quick Slants The Podcast, Tom E. Curran talks with three members of the national media - The Ringers Kevin Clark, Mike Florio and Jim Rome, plus Patriots Hall of Famer Tedy bruschi about the legacy of Tom Brady as an American Icon in the world of sports and society. He's gone from unheralded Cinderella to being labeled as a cheater. From 3rd string backup to one of the most famous people in the world with an equally famous supermodel wife.

Feb 01, 2019
Exclusive Tom Brady Interview

Tom Brady talks exclusively with Tom E. Curran for this episode of Quick Slants The Podcast.

Jerod Mayo breaks down the match-ups going into the Rams game, including how to defend Brandin Cooks, and is he comparable to Tyreek Hill. Plus, how impactful will Jared Goof be in his first Super Bowl. (4:10) Bill Belichick has appeared to be relaxed this week…Jerod thinks that’s bad news for the Rams. (4:45) Jerod talks about what’s going through Rob Gronkowski’s head in terms of possibly retiring this offseason. 

(8:10) Curran talks exclusively with Tom Brady about the appearance that he’s really enjoyed this season more than last. (9:30) Brady also talks about feeling like he’s the same guy he has been during his entire career. (10:35) Brady talks about how important his kids and family are to him, and the balance between work and life. 

Feb 01, 2019
Exclusive 1-on-1 with Robert and Jonathan Kraft

Patriots owners Robert and Jonathan Kraft sit down with Tom E. Curran to discuss a variety of Patriots topics heading into Super Bowl LLIII.

(2:00) Robert and Jonathan talk about how it feels to go from underdogs 17 years ago, to being the most hated team in the NFL (4:30) The conversation transitions to the relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The two talk about the future of the team’s ownership, head coaching and quarterback. (11:55) The Krafts address the media coverage of the Patriots this season and how the team used that negatively to fuel their success (14:15) Robert Kraft shares how he met Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill while in prison. The visit had Robert up all night which eventually led to their involvement in prison reform. (20:15) Josh Gordon and the topic of addiction comes up and the Kraft’s share their perspective on Gordon’s leave of absence from the team (23:30) the Krafts discuss the rumors of Rob Gronkowski and Devin McCourty possibly retiring

Jan 30, 2019
Jerod Mayo on how powerful Tom Brady’s ‘chip on his shoulder’ attitude is for his teammates. Curran thinks Reid should be ‘embarrassed’ for Dee Ford offside comments

(2:30 )Jerod Mayo breaks down who he thought had standout performances for the Patriots in the AFC Championship (5:00) Jerod Mayo explains how much Tom Brady’s ‘We get no respect’ theme can be hugely successful in motivating teammates (9:00) How much has lack of Brady/Belichick drama this season led to the Patriots success? (11:00) Jerod Mayo thinks Sean McVay will plan to exploit the Patriots run defense in the Super Bowl (12:30) Jerod Mayo gives a player perspective on just how bad Dee Ford’s offside mistake was for the Chiefs (14:00) Jerod Mayo dishes on whether Refs give players a heads up if they are offside. (16:00) Should pass interference be review able? (19:00) Tom E. Curran thinks Andy Reid should be ‘embarrassed’ for saying the refs should have told Dee Ford he was offside (23:00) Just how brutal has Andy Reid’s career been due to the Patriots? (23:30) Why in the world did Andy Reid not use his timeouts? (25:00) Just how badly does Tom Brady’s ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’ offense kill the moral of the defense? Jerod Mayo shares stories of how opposing offenses have deflated morale (27:00) Is Jared Goff the key to the Rams success in the Super Bowl?

Jan 23, 2019
How the Patriots were able to crush Chargers but why their scheme will have to change against Chiefs

3:10 - Patriots were able to beat up on the Chargers. The defense blitzed Philip Rivers and got him off his spot.

4:20 - Both Tom Brady and Philip Rivers are pocket passers. Why were the Patriots able to get pressure but Chargers weren’t?

5:30 - Patriots won’t be able to play the same way against the Chiefs.

7:00 - Why didn’t the Chargers change up their scheme after having trouble stopping Tom Brady and the offense?

8:15 - Patriots offensive line was tremendous against the Chargers. Dante Scarnecchia is one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL.

12:20 - Patriots will change up their scheme against the Chiefs and will have something different from when they met last in Week 6.

16:35 - How will the Patriots be able to slow down Tyreek Hill? Chiefs have so many weapons. Patriots need to use the running game to keep Kansas City off the field.

19:35 - Patriots had a lot of success stopping the run against the Chargers.

21:35 - Jerod Mayo explains why the grass at Arrowhead Stadium can be a problem for the Patriots defense.

23:45 - Breaking down Andy Reid’s offenses and how he likes to script out the start of games.

25:50 - How tough will it be for Tom Brady to communicate to the offense before the snap in Arrowhead?

30:30 - Philip Rivers composure against the Patriots and how it affected the Chargers performance.

31:40 - How much does experience impact performances in the AFC Championship game?

Jan 15, 2019
Jerod Mayo explains why he thinks the Chargers are ‘the worst possible matchup for the Patriots’
Jan 09, 2019
Steve Palazzolo gives his All-Pro selections, Jason McCourty on how he got his #30

(4:00) Steve Palazzolo of Pro Football Focus to discuss which offensive players they think should make the All-Pro team (12:00) Which defensive players deserve to be an All-Pro this season? (13:20) Who deserves to be Coach of the year? (18:00) Who deserves to be the NFL MVP, Patrick Mahomes or Drew Bree’s? (21:00) Tom talks with Jason McCourty to find out the backstory behind him wearing #30 for the Patriots (25:00) Phil Perry joins to discuss the latest in the interest around the NFL in Josh McDaniels and Brian Flores. (31:00) Will Patriots have an advantage if they know who their opponent is Saturday night?

Jan 04, 2019
Patrick Mahomes or Drew Brees: Trying to settle the NFL MVP debate

In this week's episode, Tom E. Curran dissects the NFL MVP debate between Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees from three different angles. First up, Tom checks-in with Nick Underhill, Saints reporter from the New Orleans Advocate. Second, we welcome Kansas City Star columnist Sam Mellinger to make the case for the Chiefs phenom. Finally, Tom talks with Pro Football Focus Senior Analyst Steve Palazzolo to discuss the analytical breakdown of the two-man race.

Curran wraps-up the pod by looking at the Patriots season finale against the New York Jets, and what the Patriots will look to accomplish this Sunday. Also, with a number of head coaching positions about to open up, where does Josh McDaniels fit, and has this season of playcalling been amongst his best.

Dec 27, 2018
Reacting to Josh Gordon stepping away from the Patriots

Josh Gordon stepped away from the New England Patriots Thursday morning after he was returned to the Reserve/Commissioner Suspended list for violating the league's substance abuse policy. Tom E. Curran talks with Sports Illustrated's Ben Baskin, who profiled Gordon a year-ago as he prepared to return to the NFL with the Cleveland Browns. Baskin talks about the many issues Gordon faced growing up, landing with the Browns, and how he is very concerned with Gordon's future without the structure of football.

NBC Sports Boston's Phil Perry then joins Tom to talk about the impact of Gordon's departure on the field, and how much of an impact the offense will truly face in the final two weeks and into the playoffs.

Dec 20, 2018
What happened on the Patriots final possession/play?; Time to question Brady’s decision-making?

1:30 - Review of the Patriots lose to Steelers. Game was called tight by the refs. Dependability by players becoming an issue?

3:09 - Josh Gordon was not in on the final play of the game. Hear from Josh McDaniels on why Cordarrelle Patterson was in the game over him.

5:45 - What’s was going on with Tom Brady’s throwing while falling away on the final set of downs in the Steelers game?

8:40 - James White has not been getting the ball recently. Listen to McDaniels explain why this has been the case.

10:10 - Bill Belichick defended Tom Brady decision-making on the throws he made in the final few plays of the game.

13:20 - Is the play calling getting stale for the Patriots?

16:00 - Patriots are what they are at this point. But is it possible for them to improve, especially with stopping the run?

20:00 - Level of confidence for the Patriots playing at home vs. on the road.

22:00 - Mayo: There is nothing you can say as a captain to get teammates to play better

23:45 - Comparing the 2009 team to this current Patriots team

27:55 - What is the current attitude of Patriots players?

Dec 19, 2018
Mike Florio: Why is Mike Tomlin never in danger of being fired? Is Mahomes the NFL's MVP?

Mike Florio talks with Tom E. Curran about the latest around the NFL.

(3:30) Why is Mike Tomlin not getting more blame for the Steelers struggles? (9:00) Just how wide open is the AFC? Is there a clear favorite? (10:00) Who has been the MVP in the NFL so far this season? (12:30) How impressive was Mahomes no-look pass? Will more QB’s be trying this move now? (15:20) Will Colin Kaepernick win his collusion case against the NFL? (21:30) What do we make of Bill Belichick’s comments following devastating loss to Dolphins?

Dec 13, 2018
Jerod Mayo on how Belichick and locker room handle a heartbreaking loss

Jerod Mayo talks with Tom E. Curran about what it’s like being a player on the Patriots following a devastating loss. He also relates his decision to retire to what Rob Gronkowski could be debating. 

(1:30) Jerod Mayo weighs in on who’s to blame for Dolphins miracle final play (5:30) Jerod gives player perspective on what locker room is like following a loss like that (10:30) Why did the Patriots run game struggle against the Dolphins? (17:00) Jerod Mayo relates his decision to retire to what Rob Gronkowski could be debating

Dec 12, 2018
Jerod Mayo: “If I’m Josh McDaniels, I’m going to Cleveland”

Tom E. Curran and Jerod Mayo break down the Patriots win over the Vikings, can their defense sustain their good play going forward? Also Jerod Mayo explains why if he was Josh McDaniels, he would take the Browns head coaching job. 

(1:30) Jerod Mayo breaks down why the Patriots defense was so successful against the Vikings. Is this something they can consistently do? (5:30) Can the Patriots defense be the reason the Patriots win a Super Bowl? (13:00) Did Aaron Rodgers relationship with Mike McCarthy deter Josh McDaniels from taking the job? (16:00) Jerod Mayo explains why if he was Josh McDaniels he would take the Browns coaching job. (18:30) Tom E. Curran’s dog joins the podcast, he doesn’t talk, he’s just there, and Tom talks about him. (21:00) Why do the Patriots have a tough time playing in Miami?

Dec 05, 2018
Jerod Mayo says Vikings will be true test of how successful Patriots run game will be going forward

Jerod Mayo and Tom E. Curran discuss everything Patriots, including why Jerod thinks this weekend will be the true test on whether the Patriots run game can sustain going forward. He also gives his opinion on Cordarrelle Patterson’s groin grab against the Jets. 

(3:30) How sustainable is the Patriots running game? Will it be the key to the Patriots success going forward? (11:00) Jerod Mayo reacts to Cordarrelle Patterson’s groin grab on Sunday. (17:00) What can we expect from the return of Rex Burkhead? (21:00) Is Tom Brady’s arm starting to show his age? (24:00) Jerod Mayo explains why the Patriots defense struggling early against bad teams is actually a calculated move. (27:00) Tom E. Curran answers fans questions from Twitter. 

Nov 28, 2018
Manish Mehta on why Gronk is done and his days with Patriots are numbered; Curran on Patriots 2.0 dynasty coming to an end

1:45 - Patriots are at the end of the second run of their dynasty. Tom E. Curran explains how the 2.0 version of the dynasty is starting to come to an end.

5:05 - What will this group look like when the Patriots have to rebuild?

6:40 - Is this situation what the Patriots and Tom Brady wanted and expected?

9:30 - Going forward, Patriots have some tough decisions to make on several players.

10:51 - Twitter feedback on Curran’s column about the Patriots dynasty 

13:10 - Manish Mehta from the NY Daily News joins Quick Slants the Podcast to discuss his column where he said it is all but over for Gronk and his days are numbered with New England.

16:50 - Mehta on Gronk's injuries: "His body is toast"

19:15 - Mehta says that Gronk will not be playing on the Patriots next season.

21:05 - Where does Gronk rank as an all-time iconic NFL player?

23:55 - Which quarterback would the Patriots rather see on Sunday - Sam Darnold or Josh McCown?

26:00 - Mehta on if the Jets will fire Todd Bowles after the season.

29:31 - Any chance Josh McDaniels goes to the Jets?

Nov 21, 2018
Does Pats ugly loss in Tennessee outweigh the six straight wins they had before?

Tom Curran and Jerod Mayo break down what went wrong in the Patriots 34-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans and they look ahead to how the team can improve during the bye week.

1:38 - Jerod's number one reason why the Patriots lost: They couldn't establish the run game.

6:58 - "You could tell Vrabel hyped this team up." Tom and Jerod discuss if the revenge factor was underrated leading up to this game and also hit on if the Patriots 7-2 record coming into Week 10 really reflected how they had been playing.

11:57 - Jerod talks about how the Patriots defense needs to improve during the bye week and how they clearly aren't playing like a championship-caliber unit.

19:09 - Jerod says that the bye week couldn't come at a better time and that it's a good chance for the Patriots to do some self-scouting as they look ahead to the Jets.

25:31 - Tom asks if it's more important to remember that the team had won six games in a row than worry about the loss to the Titans.

Nov 14, 2018
Troy Brown says Josh Gordon is ‘still far from football shape’ ; Can Mike Vrabel pull off upset?

Tom E. Curran talks with Troy Brown about what he thinks about Mike Vrabel as a head coach, and how that helps the Titans on Sunday. He also discusses Josh Gordon still being far from football shape. 

(2:00) Troy Brown reacts to Mike Vrabel being upset his player celebrated on the Cowboys logo. Is Mike Vrabel the coach much different than the player? (4:30) Is Troy Brown surprised Mike Vrabel is already a head coach? (7:00) Who were some of Troy Brown’s favorite teammates (9:00) Were there many fights between players during Troy’s time with the Patriots? (11:00) What is the #1 take away from the Patriots win over the Packers? (13:00) How impressive has it been for the Patriots to get contributions from players that you wouldn’t expect? (20:00) Which players that are free agents after this season should be priority for Patriots? (21:00) Troy Brown says Josh Gordon is still ‘far from football shape’

Nov 07, 2018
Why didn't Patriots make a trade?; Something off with Gronk; Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers matchup

Phil Perry joins Tom Curran on Quick Slants the Podcast to discuss...

1:50 - Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers matchup coming up on Sunday night. Patriots last played Packers in 2014, with Green Bay coming out on top.

3:03 - Surprising the Patriots made no moves before the trade deadline?

4:40 - Should the Patriots have made a move for Demaryius Thomas or Golden Tate? Both WRs were traded for mid-round picks.

7:20 - How much of an issue is the Patriots depth, specifically at running back?

9:00 - Rob Gronkowski seemed “off” and very subdued during his press conference. What is going on with Gronk?

17:22 - Matt Patricia had a bizarre exchange with a reporter when asked about trading WR Golden Tate.

Cris Collinsworth and Tom Curran discuss the Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers matchup...

23:18 - The differences between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, and how Brady vs. Rodgers matchup compares to Brady vs. Peyton Manning. 

25:52 - Brady believes Aaron Rodgers is the most talented but not a better QB than him.

28:31 - Technical difference between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers - Brady more focused on perfect form while Rodgers likes throwing off platform

29:39 - Do coaches speak with more reverence about Tom Brady while other QBs speak with more reverence about Aaron Rodgers?

Oct 31, 2018
What the Patriots would need to do to trade for Patrick Peterson?

Jerod Mayo and Tom E. Curran discuss the Patriots win over the Bears, and Miguel Benzan of the Boston Sports Journal breaks down the Patriots cap space situation heading into the deadline. (7:00) Is Eli Manning a first ballot Hall of Fame? (10:00) What’s the #1 cause for the Patriots defense not improving? (16:30) Jerod Mayo on how important the Patriots special teams has been(17:30) How much will the Patriots offense miss Sony Michel? Will it alter their gameplan? (20:00) What moves could the Patriots make at the deadline? (25:00) Miguel Benzan of the Boston Sports Journal breaks down the cap space situation as the trade deadline looms. (26:00) Can the Patriots realistically target Patrick Peterson? (30:00) Miguel Benzan breaks down why the Patriots could not have kept Jimmy G even if they really wanted to. (29:00) Can the Patriots afford a big name free agent?

Oct 24, 2018
Jerod Mayo breaks down the keys to the Patriots winning 3 straight

(2:00) Takeaways from the Patriots win over the Chiefs  (6:00) Is Dont’a Hightower still not 100%? Jerod breaks down what he has seen (8:00) How important has the improvement of Sony Michel been or the Patriots offense? (14:00) Who was to blame at how poor the defense played in the 2nd half? (19:00) Why are QBs around the league playing so much better? (22:00) Reaction to Nick Bosa taking a year off of Ohio State to rehab for NFL

Oct 17, 2018
Preparing the gameplan for the undefeated Chiefs; Sunday Night Football crew joins to debate Gronk vs. Kelce

In this episode of Quick Slants the Podcast, Tom Curran and Jerod Mayo break down the matchup between the undefeated Chiefs and the Patriots...

2:12 - Big primetime game vs. Chiefs. How is it different playing night games vs. normal afternoon games?

4:48 - What is the Patriots identity? "We don’t know who this team really is."

6:05 - Andy Reid so far is coach of the year. Patriots still playing around with roles.

7:16 - As a player, do you ever get tired hearing about players, i.e. Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill.

9:06 - Energy and focus will be at the max level playing the Chiefs in primetime.

9:42 - Trying to mess up the offensive script as a defense. Forcing 2nd & 3rd and longs force the offense to change on the fly.

11:10 - Scouting report on Patrick Mahomes. How do you stop the young QB?

13:19 - The NBC Sunday Night Football crew Rodney Harrison, Tony Dungy, and Chris Collinsworth join the podcast to debate who the better tight end is right now at this time, Rob Gronkowski or Travis Kelce.

Oct 10, 2018
Jerod Mayo explains keeping Dont’a Hightower in the middle was key for improved defense

(1:30) What does Jerod Mayo think the Patriots did different to dominate the Dolphins? (4:00) Mayo explains why putting Dont’a Hightower behind the line calling plays was a key to the defensive dominance. (9:30) Did the Patriots improve that much, or was Miami that bad?(10:20) Jerod thinks Patriots are not top of the AFC, but explains competition isn’t great (15:00) Are Brady and Gronkowski going to be angry they won’t be able to meet their incentives?(17:30) Reaction to Earl Thomas injury, will it impact how players hold out? (21:00) Any concerns the Colts could upset the Patriots?

Oct 03, 2018
Ian O'Connor, author of 'Belichick', gives behind-the-scenes details of the Patriots head coach

4:43 - Ian O'Connor, the author of, 'Belichick: The Making of the Greatest Football Coach of All Time' joins Tom E. Curran on Quick Slants the Podcast.

6:10 - O'Connor discusses Bill Belichick's relationship with Bill Parcells, and how Belichick had a desire to get away from Parcells, leading to Belichick resigning as HC of the NYJ.

7:50 - How the New York Giants players did not respect Belichick when he first arrived but eventually grew to like him more than Bill Parcells.

9:45 - Like Bernie Kosar and Drew Bledsoe, Belichick doesn’t like guys get to a certain level of comfort. Belichick never believed in Bledsoe to be a franchise QB and found a way to get to Tom Brady without offending owner Robert Kraft.

12:07 - The relationship between Belichick, Robert Kraft, and Tom Brady. The bromance between Kraft and Brady leaves Belichick the odd man out. Creative tension is sometimes a good thing in sports and the Patriots have showed for over a decade, their ability to handle adversity.

15:30 - Belichick’s way of coaching Brady has had a positive impact on the rest of the players on his team. But it is also what led to a meltdown last season. Patriots players started to act out after Bill Belichick's benching of Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl because they felt Belichick did not put the team in the best position to win.

19:26 - Think Brady almost walked away but after trading Garoppolo, he would have been looked like the bad guy. 

21:05 - Will Belichick be viewed more warmly after his coaching career has come to an end? Is Belichick the greatest coach in team sports?

Sep 27, 2018
Is Sony Michel the key to the Patriots beating the Dolphins on Sunday?

Tom E. Curran, Jerod Mayo and Phil Perry discuss the tough start for the Patriots, and break down what they need to do on both sides of the ball to improve. (1:00) Jerod Mayo and Phil Perry break down what they saw go wrong for the Patriots defense against the Lions. (4:30) Why did the Patriots struggle with defending the run so much? (11:00) Is there anything personnel wise the Patriots defense can do to improve? (13:30) What’s going on with the Patriots offense? how can they improve? (16:00) Jerod explains why he has faith the Patriots are going to be ok (20:00) What should we make of Rob Gronkowski’s brother saying Gronk is frustrated by being double covered? (27:00) Is Sony Michel the key to the Patriots beating the Dolphins on Sunday?

Sep 26, 2018
Jerod Mayo on why Sunday vs the Lions is the best time to test out Josh Gordon

Jerod Mayo talks with Tom E. Curran about the Patriots loss to the Jaguars, and why he thinks the Lions are the perfect opponent to test out Josh Gordon. (1:00) Jerod Mayo gives his reaction to the Patriots signing Josh Gordon, and what we can expect from him. (7:00) How does Bill Belichick address adding Josh Gordon to his players? (11:00) Did Patriots make a mistake not holding onto Brandin Cooks? Will not getting more for Jimmy Garoppolo come back to haunt the Patriots? (12:00) How much did Fournette not playing throw off the Patriots defensive gameplan? (17:00) Are the Jaguars the real deal? (19:00) Mike Lombardi joins to discuss his personal experience with Josh Gordon, and what talents he brings to the Patriots.

Sep 19, 2018
Jerod Mayo thinks Bennie Fowler has better chance to play than Corey Coleman

Tom E. Curran and Jerod Mayo discuss the Patriots signing WRs Corey Coleman and Bennie Fowler, break down the Patriots week 1 win, and react to Matt Patricia’s tough debut for the Lions. 

(2:30) Jerod Mayo explains why he thinks Benny Fowler will get onto the field before Corey Coleman (6:30) What can the Patriots expect from Corey Coleman? (8:00) Is Rob Gronkowski better now than he has ever been? (12:30) Did we overreact to the NFL helmet rule? It was only called once over 14 games (13:20) What differences did Jerod Mayo see with the Patriots defense under Brian Flores? (18:00) How concerning is the punt returner position for the Patriots? (20:30) Jerod reacts to Matt Patricia’s tough first game as an NFL coach

Sep 12, 2018
Did ‘Tom vs Time’ hurt Tom Brady’s chance of getting a better contract?

Tom E. Curran sits down with Jerod Mayo to discuss the trailer for the latest Tom vs. Time episode. Why did Brady feel the need to add an epilogue episode days before the season begins. Curran explains why he thinks ‘Tom vs Time’ hurt Tom Brady’s chance of getting a better contract with the Patriots.

Also, Jerod and Tom talk about Pepper Johnson opening up to Deadspin on working with Bill Belichick for the past couple decades. Finally - some actual football! What to expect on Sunday against a star-laden Houston Texans team that has had their trouble with Brady and the Pats over the last few years.

(2:00) Why did Tom Brady feel the need to post another ‘Tom vs. Time’ video? (5:00) Reaction to Pepper Johnson’s comments about why Malcolm Butler was benched. (7:30) Did ‘Tom vs Time’ hurt Tom Brady’s chance of getting a better contract? (9:30) Reaction to Patriots former second round pick Cyrus Jones being cut. (11:30) Does Jerod Mayo think the Bears paid too much for Khalil Mack? (17:00) Jerod Mayo gives his keys to the Patriots offense being successful against the Texans on Sunday. 

Sep 05, 2018
Jerod Mayo thinks Jimmy Garoppolo will regress this season,Josh McDaniels on how Patriots will deal with lack of depth at WR

Tom E. Curran, Phil Perry and Jerod Mayo discuss what they’ve seen from the Patriots so far this season, whether the NFL can fix the preseason, and Jerod explains why he expects Jimmy G to regress this season. 

(6:00) Is there any point to the 4th preseason game? How can the NFL change the preseason to make it more effective? (13:00) Tom E. Curran explains why Tom Brady continues to be the band-aid that holds the Patriots together. How much different would this 2018 team be with Jimmy Garoppolo at QB? (19:00) Jerod Mayo breaks down why he thinks Jimmy G will regress this season, and that his numbers from last year really were not all that impressive. (21:30) What has been the good and the bad from the Patriots preseason so far? (24:50) Tom E. Curran talks with Josh McDaniels about perceived WR depth issues, and how Josh plans to keep continuity in the Patriots offense. 

Aug 29, 2018
Jerod Mayo explains why we shouldn't panic about the new NFL helmet rule

Jerod Mayo talks with Phil Perry about the new NFL rules, and explains why he thinks we should not panic about the helmet rule just yet.

(2:00) What level of concern does Jerod Mayo have with the NFL’s new helmet rule4:30) Will defenders altering the way they tackle ultimately lead to more injuries? (7:30) Jerod Mayo reacts to the NFL’s new QB protection rule, and how it will impact defenders. (12:30) Jerod Mayo breaks down Brian Flore’s job so far this preseason, and what we changes he expects from the Patriots defense this season. (23:30) How does Jerod Mayo feel about Ja’Whaun Bentley wearing his former number 51, and what his expectation are for Bentley this season.

Aug 22, 2018
What does Tom Brady's contract adjustment say about his future with the Patriots?

2:20 - Tom Brady received a contract adjustment where he can earn up to $5 million in incentives. Are both sides justified in how his contract has been handled? What does the future hold for Brady?

5:45 - It's not just about the amount of money for Brady but the contract can be used as a measurement to other player's deals around the league.

11:55 - Could Tom Brady be franchise tagged after his contract is up?

15:00 - Patriots seemed to have dodged a bullet with the severity of Phillip Dorsett's injury, who had to leave practice on Tuesday.

17:20 - Why haven't the Patriots brought in Dez Bryant for a workout?

22:45 - Thoughts on Eric Decker and how he can fit in the Patriots offense.

24:45 - What are the things to watch for in the 2nd Patriots preseason game on Thursday night against the Eagles.

Aug 15, 2018
How worried should we be about Sony Michel’s knee injury? 3 things to look for during Patriots-Redskins preseason game

Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran discuss Sony Michel’s knee injury and break down what the key things to look for during the Patriots first preseason game against the Redskins. 

(2:00) 3 things to look for in Patriots-Redskins game. (4:00) Will the Patriots switch to a 3-4 defense instead of a 4-3? (9:00) Will we get any an idea of how good or bad the Patriots WR core is during preseason? (14:00) Do the Patriots have enough depth on defense? (17:00) Did the Patriots get enough for Chandler Jones? (21:00) How worried should we be about Sony Michel’s knee injury?

Aug 08, 2018
Michael Lombardi explains why Malcolm Butler benching wasn't the reason the Patriots lost Super Bowl LII

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry break down the first impressions they are getting from the newest members of the Patriots. They go through who has shined in training camp, and whether what players we can expect to make an impact during the season. (11:30) Why has this training camp seem to be unenthusiastic? (21:00) Michael Lombardi joins the podcast to talks about his new book “Gridiron genius” that details his time as an executive in the NFL. Lombardi gives some of his favorite Bill Belichick stories from his time in New England, and also explains why he thinks he Malcolm Butler benching gets too much focus from fans on why the Patriots lose Super Bowl LII.

Aug 01, 2018
Joon Lee's inside look at Jimmy Garoppolo's relationship with Belichick and Brady, and how Jimmy G forced the Patriots hand

Quick Slants The Podcast with Tom E. Curran, Jerod Mayo, and Phil Perry is back!

1:30 - The Patriots new saying this year seems to be "Forget about it". Will Bill Belichick be any different this year towards his players or explains things more given what happened in the Super Bowl?

5:40 - Discussion about if and how the decision to bench Malcolm Butler will affect the way Patriots players' view of Bill Belichick for this upcoming season.

7:00 - Are the Patriots reluctant to pay their players the big bucks?

11:10 - If interactions and relationship between Belichick and Tom Brady/Rob Gronkowski will have any impact on other players.

16:46 - Belichick not doing what is best for the team by trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers.

20:25 - Joon Lee from Bleacher Report, who was able to interview Jimmy Garoppolo, joins the podcast to break down the relationship between Bill Belichick and Jimmy Garoppolo and how Jimmy's success will play some role in Belichick's legacy.

22:35 - Joon Lee on how Garoppolo forced the Patriots hand, wanting to become a starter in the NFL, and the benefit from having the same agent as Tom Brady.

24:35 - Joon Lee on how Garoppolo learned from and admired Tom Brady, and how they both benefited from their relationship.

27:45 - Joon Lee gives us greater insight into Jimmy G's quote, when he said he is better than Tom Brady.

Jul 25, 2018
Robert Kraft calls trading Rob Gronkowski rumors ‘a bunch of hogwash’

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss Robert Kraft’s comments saying that the rumors of him vetoing a trade of Rob Gronkowski are “hogwash” (3:00) Is there any truth to any of the rumors that the Patriots looked to trade Rob Gronkowski? (6:00) Will Rob Gronkowski hold out until he gets a new deal? (11:00) Troy Brown joins the podcast to discuss how different things are under Bill Belichick at training camp now compared to when he was a player. (17:00) The latest on Julian Edelman being tested positive for an unidentified PED. (20:00) Does Edelman have a shot at winning his appeal?

Jun 13, 2018
BRADY AND GRONKOWSKI ARE BACK! Will there be any hard feelings for their missed time?

Jerod Mayo, Tom E. Curran, and Phil Perry discuss the latest Patriots news including Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski arriving for Patriots Minicamp at Gillette. (1:00) Tom and Phil give their first impressions from day 1 at Patriots Minicamp. (8:00) We listen to what Rob Gronkowski said about working out on his own, and whether he really contemplated retirement. (13:00) Will Rob Gronkowski wanting a new contract continue to be a distraction for the Patriots, or will they get the deal done? (17:00) Jerod Mayo gives a players view of what the Patriots get done during Minicamp. (23:00) Is Rex Burkhead going to be the lead back for the Patriots? Who can we expect to make a big impact at the WR position?

Jun 06, 2018
Does Belichick's style resonate with this generation of players?

On this week's episode of Quick Slants the Podcast, Jerod Mayo joins Phil Perry and Tom Curran and the guys are talking a lot about the culture within the Patriots organization and the effect it can have on players. Later, Tom is joined by Mike Florio from and the two discuss the NFL's new National Anthem policy as well as the potential for more dysfunction in New England this season.

1:00 - The guys reflect on the recent Memorial Day Weekend and discuss their favorite books on war, which leads to a fairly deep discussion about purpose.

4:54 - Phil moves the Memorial Day discussion towards the Patriots and asks Jerod about how Bill Belichick brings military appreciation lessons to the team.

7:28 - With Cassius Marsh coming out and saying he didn't have any fun as a member of the Patriots, Tom brings up Belichick's style and the discipline he instills in his players: "You sometimes have to crawl through a lot of adversity in this program to get where they want you to."

12:09 - Phil recalls Marsh's short time in New England, which included a small blow up in the locker room.

14:36 - Jerod gets into Belichick's motivational tactics, which usually consisted of telling his team what opposing players were saying about them.

16:22 - Tom brings up the flaws in Marsh's game and Jerod talks about how Patriots captains should step in when a player is struggling to adjust to the organization.

19:29 - Jerod recalls a pregame speech Belichick gave in which he individually told each player his flaws to motivate them. He wonders if today's generation of players would be more sensitive to that type of motivation.

23:45 - Phil: "Are we just, as a culture, at the point where Bill's style will not resonate with enough guys?"

26:46 - Mike Florio joins Tom to discuss the league's decision-making process for its new National Anthem policy as well as how things will shake out in New England this season.

May 30, 2018
Would Tom Brady be skipping OTAs if Jimmy Garoppolo was still around?

Tom Curran, Phil Perry and Jerod Mayo jump on what's trending with the Patriots:

1:58 - How will the absence of Tom Brady from OTAs impact the Patriots' team progression?

5:00 - Jerod explains why he thinks that no Brady isn't a big deal for the Patriots for now.

6:27 - Is the Tom Brady way starting to hurt the Patriots way?

8:48 - Jerod: "If Tom's not here for mandatory mini camp, sound the alarm."

11:08 - Who is suffering the most by the absence of Brady and Gronk?

12:38 - Jerod admits his disappointment in how things within the Patriots organization have changed since he played?

15:50 - Jerod gives an inside look at OTAs from a player's perspective and thinks back to rookies that impressed him coming into camp. The guys also go off on a quick tangent on tattoos.

23:56 - Tom asks if Brady would be skipping OTAs if Jimmy Garoppolo was still with the team.

24:47 - Which players should we keep an eye on during OTAs and throughout the early stages of training camp?

27:52 - Jerod predicts that Kenny Britt will have a big impact during the 2018 season and Tom and Phil give their own predictions on who will have big years for the Pats.

May 23, 2018
Why do the Patriots want to be more like Ninjas, and how will legalized sports gambling impact the NFL?

Today on Quick Slants the Podcast Jerod Mayo joins Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry to discuss the Patriots bringing in martial expert Joe Kim as a pass-rushing consultant. Jerod also explains why he is still not worried about Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski being absent at volunteer workouts. Then Tom E. Curran talks with the Sports Handle’s Editor in Chief, Brett Smiley, about how legalized sports gambling will impact the NFL. 

(1:00) Jerod Mayo weighs in on Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski skipping volunteer workouts, whether it will impact their progress. (6:00) Is Brady missing out on a chance to gel with Jordan Mathews by skipping these workouts? (8:50) Jerod insists Tom Brady missing these workouts is not a big deal. (10:00) With Rob Gronkowski turning 29, Jerod Mayo gives his opinion on just how long he can be elite and healthy. (14:45) Our crew discusses the Patriots bringing in martial expert Joe Kim as a pass-rushing consultant (22:00) Tom E. Curran talks with Sports Handle’s Editor in Chief, Brett Smiley, about how legalized sports gambling will impact the NFL, and when he thinks it could be available in Massachusetts.

May 16, 2018
Jerod Mayo thinks the culture of the Patriots is changing, how will Brady/Gronowski’s actions now impact the future of the “Patriot Way?”

Jerod Mayo sits down with Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran about whether he thinks things have gone “nuclear” on the Patriots with both Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady sitting out all volunteer workouts. Will all be forgotten when Brady and Gronkowski arrive for min-camp? (6:00) Jerod explains why he thinks the culture of the New England Patriots is changing right now given what he is seeing from the locker room. (9:30) Shouldn’t Brady and Gronkowski be fired up to get into this season and avenge a Super Bowl loss to the Eagles? (13:00) Is Tom Brady finally fed up with giving the Patriots a discount? (18:00) What is a fair extension for the Patriots to give Brady? (23:00) Should the Patriots restructure Gronkowski’s deal? does he deserve it? (27:00) Jerod Mayo explains why he is paying Brady before he is paying Gronkowski

May 09, 2018
Tom Brady 'pleads the fifth' over Belichick’s appreciation; Recapping the Patriots draft picks

0:55 - Tom Curran, Phil Perry, and Jerod Mayo discuss Tom Brady’s “plead the 5th” comments, why he said what he said, and how his comments can be interpreted.

5:41 - Tom Brady’s response to the Malcolm Butler question and how Brady openly questioned the decision by the coaching staff. 

10:15 - Why Patriots tried to trade up for Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, according to Mayfield's agent.

13:00 - Recapping the Patriots draft and why they selected Sony Michael with the 31st overall pick

15:40 - Are there reasons to be concerned about the height of offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn, who the Patriots took with the 23rd overall pick. 

21:21 - How Sony Michael fits in with the other running backs on the team and other options the Patriots have in slot receivers.

27:22 - Mayo breaks down the linebackers that the Patriots picked in the draft, Christian Sam and Ja’Whaun Bentley.

May 01, 2018
Is Kyle Lauletta built to be Tom Brady's successor with the Patriots?

Phil Perry talks breaks down Kyle Lauletta's college career by talking with his coaches and finding out how he will translate in the NFL. Also whether he could be a perfect fit in New England as Tom Brady's successor.

Apr 26, 2018
Jerod Mayo: Players won't be upset with Gronk for missing OTA's; draft preview; Manziel to NE?

Jerod Mayo joins Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry to discuss Rob Gronkowski's absence from OTA's, his bizarre press conference on Saturday, and his announcement that he will return next season. (13:45) Mayo says that while the coaches obviously won't be thrilled with Gronk missing OTA's, the players will not hold it against him at all when he is back on the field. (17:15) Jerod does have some interesting thoughts on how Gronkowski supposedly met with Bill Belichick to clear things up, with his agent Drew Rosenhaus with him. Mayo questions how frayed the relationship is between Gronk and Belichick when he brings his agent with him. (19:20) Curran and Perry talk more Gronk, including whether Belichick told him to stop with the press conferences and such if he indeed wants a new contract.

Tom and Phil shift to preview the start of Thursday's NFL Draft, and what the Patriots approach might be. (27:45) Tom also slips in a little news on the quarterback front, saying that there's a real chance that Johnny Manziel will sign with New England.

Apr 26, 2018
Is OSU QB Mason Rudolph the pocket passer for the Patriots in this year's draft?

Phil Perry delves into the story of quarterback Mason Rudolph out of Oklahoma State University and speaks with Rudolph's QB coach Zac Robinson about why the young QB should receive interest from teams during the draft.

1:31 - Despite putting up ridiculous numbers in 2017, Rudolph hasn't received quite as much attention as other quarterbacks in this year's draft class. Rudolph explains how this gives him a bit of a chip on his shoulder and how confident he remains in his abilities.

4:47 - Former 2010 draft pick and fellow OSU Cowboy Zac Robinson has helped Rudolph on his way to draft day and has a strong argument for why Rudolph is worth a first round pick.

7:00 - While Robinson is extremely supportive of Rudolph he knows that his game isn't perfect. Phil lists off a few reasons why teams would shy away from Rudolph and the young QB has a chance to answer for some of these apparent weaknesses.

9:38 - With all of the information on the table, Phil looks into the Patriots possible interest in Rudolph while Robinson speaks to a few Patriot-like characteristics Rudolph possesses. Rudolph also responds to the possibility of him backing up Tom Brady.

14:37 - Mike Giardi joins Phil to give his take on Mason Rudolph as the two debate where the Patriots could select the quarterback in the draft if they feel he is the right fit.

Apr 25, 2018
Is WKU QB Mike White's big arm a good fit for the Patriots?

Phil Perry talks with WKU QB Mike White and his coach Mike Sanford about the WKU offense, White's special trait as a QB, and how he translates to the next level. Could Mike White have what the Patriots need? Take a listen and get to know all you need to about WKU QB Mike White.

Apr 25, 2018
Jerod Mayo: Brady, Gronk missing OTA's is a big deal, and the potential culture crisis in Foxboro

(1:30) Jerod Mayo reacts to Danny Amendola’s comments about Bill Belichick and the benching of Malcolm Butler (3:30) Jerod Mayo says that even after reaching out to players and coaches he cannot find out why Malcolm Butler was benched.(7:00) Do other Patriots players feel betrayed like Danny Amendola because they do not know why Butler was benched? (9:00) How long can the Malcolm Butler benching loom over the Patriots? (14:00) How will Butler benching impact the Patriots locker room buying into Bill Belichick’s motivation? (20:00) How much will Bill Belichick bend for Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady (28:00) How will Tom Brady react if the Patriots draft a QB in the first round?

Apr 18, 2018
Red flags surrounding Lamar Jackson; Why even talk about a new contract with Tom Brady?

Patriots are doing their homework on the quarterbacks in this upcoming draft, including a lot of studying up on Louisville’s Lamar Jackson. Phil reports that some teams have had difficulty in reaching Jackson at some points in the process, which is obviously concerning. Also, if Josh Rosen were to start slipping, would the Patriots consider trading up? (10:10) Tom and Phil discuss what the other teams with need at the quarterback position might do this year that effects the Patriots board. (13:30) Phil brings up a theory about whether New England might in fact look to draft two quarterbacks this year. (16:01) Curran asks why the Patriots would even discuss reworking Tom Brady’s contract at this point, because of the term remaining and his age/uncertainty. (20:00) Phil wraps up this episode with some of your draft questions from Twitter.

Apr 13, 2018
Jerod Mayo reacts to reports that Bill Belichick ‘chastised’ Gronkowski over TB12 diet in front of teammates, is this the reason for Gronk being unhappy?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry sit down with Jerod Mayo to discuss the reports that Bill Belichick ‘chastised’ Rob Gronkowski over the TB12 diet in front of teammates. (2:00) Is this riff from training camp the reason that Rob Gronkowski is not confirming he will be back next season? (4:30) Jerod Mayo discusses first hand experience on how he has seen teammates deal with Bill Belichick’s criticism. (6:30) How many other times has Rob Gronkowski been criticized by Belichick? (8:00) Jerod Mayo on how much the TB12 method has contributed to the tensions in the locker room. (13:30) With Brady and Gronkowski having a solid year under the TB12 method, shouldn’t Belichick be more supportive? (22:00) Will Gronkowski ultimately have to chose between the TB12 method and what Belichick wants? (28:00) Will Patriots players marketing themselves as a brand become a problem for the Patriots in the future?

Apr 11, 2018
Jerod Mayo: What it takes to be a linebacker for Bill Belichick

Phil Perry sits down with former Patriots defensive captain Jerod Mayo to talk about what it takes to be a linebacker in Bill Belichick's system, and how that relates to the NFL Draft.

Make sure to follow Phil on Twitter @PhilAPerry for a series looking at potential players New England could draft.

Apr 09, 2018
Jerod Mayo explains why he is a fan of the Brandin Cooks trade, how will it impact Patriots draft strategy?

Tom E. Curran sits down with Jerod Mayo to react to the Patriots trading Brandin Cooks. (1:30) Why did the Patriots decide to trade Brandin Cooks? (3:30) What position will the Patriots address with their newly acquired draft picks? (7:30) Does trading Cooks show that the Patriots are confident that Rob Gronkowski returns? (9:00) How will the Patriots handle losing so many offensive weapons this off season? (10:30) Could the Patriots decide to move up and draft a QB? (12:00) Why did Brandin Cooks not work out with the Patriots?

Apr 03, 2018
Belichick and Kraft comment on their meeting and tension, and NFL rule changes

1:32 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss the new NFL rules change on lowering the helmet to initiate contact, and how it could be more impactful than the catch rule.

4:30 - Why there could be a legitimate problem with the new NFL catch rule and how it will affect the game.

7:20 - Curran describes how Bill Belichick was against the proposed "McDaniels Rule" and how things got heated between Belichick and Giants owner John Mara on the subject.

11:06 - What to make out of Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft's comments about the tension over the past year and the meeting that took place between those two and quarterback Tom Brady.

15:30 - Will the Patriots offer Tom Brady a contract extension and would it make any sense to lower Brady's cap number?

Mar 28, 2018
Ranking the Patriots additions, are the Patriots better defensively, but worse offensively?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry go over the moves the Patriots have made this off-season and rank their favorite moves and what to expect from those players. (1:00) Ranking the Patriots acquisitions so far. (5:30) Will Danny Shelton or Jason McCourty have a bigger impact n the Patriots defense? (13:00) What can Patriots fans realistically expect from Cordarrelle Patterson? (16:00) Are the Patriots a better team now than they were at the end of the Super Bowl? (17:00) What is the next position in need for the Patriots? (23:00) How concerning is the tension level between Belichick/Brady/Gronkowski, when should Patriots fans start to panic?

Mar 21, 2018
Special Episode: Previewing "Aaron Hernandez Uncovered" on the Oxygen network

In this episode, Quick Slants’ Phil Perry joins fellow podcasters for a discussion on the Aaron Hernandez case. For a deeper look into his story, watch the two-night special “Aaron Hernandez Uncovered” Saturday March 17 and Sunday March 18 at 7/6c on Oxygen.

Mar 16, 2018
The tenor around the Patriots isn't great right now; NFL free-agency update

The first few days of NFL free-agency have seen the Patriots lose key players and sit on the sidelines, and Tom E. Curran and Phil discuss all the moves, plus reading into Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski weighing-in on social media on their teammates going elsewhere.

(1:25) Left tackle Nate Solder is headed to the New York Giants...could the Patriots have handled this key situation better? Tom says the Patriots weren't aggressive enough with their offer in recent weeks. (7:20) To no one's surprise, Malcolm Butler is also moving on, leaving a hole in the defensive backfield. (15:00) Curran and Perry get into a great discussion about how the Patriots winning Super Bowl 51, and Tom Brady getting his 5th Lombardi Trophy might have been the start of a new philosophy on "Brady The Brand" off the field. (20:30) Do Gotham Chopra's comments to Peter King signal this could be the last year for TB12?

(27:40) The Patriots were able to add to the defensive line by trading for Danny Shelton. (29:40) Is Eric Rowe capable of securing Butler's spot? Also, a trip around the AFC (32:00), how likely is it that Ndamukong Suh signs with the Patriots, and Rob Gronkowski might need to be in-line for a pay bump...or else (36:25).

Mar 15, 2018
Phil Savage details draft prospects, which QBs are overrated, and diamonds in the rough

Senior Bowl guru and former Cleveland Browns general manager Phil Savage joins Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry on this episode of Quick Slants the Podcast.

2:15 - Phil Savage breaks down the top-tier quarterbacks in this draft class and how many of them are being a bit overrated.

5:10 - How good are the 2nd-tier quarterbacks, including Mason Rudolph, Mike White, and Kyle Lauletta? Could any of them be diamonds in the rough?

9:25 - A discussion about how it will be a tough call for some teams that are looking to draft a top quarterback instead of other positions, where a player might be a more solid commodity.

11:05 - Who could the Patriots target in the draft at left tackle if they end up losing Nate Solder in free agency? Also, a break down of the type of offensive lineman the Patriots are looking to select.

15:25 - Anybody in the bottom half of the 1st round or early 2nd round in the front 7 that could drop to the Patriots?

18:40 - A scouting report on Rashaan Evans from Alabama, box safety/linebacker who might be a good fit with the Patriots.

Mar 08, 2018
Jerod Mayo weighs in on whether he thinks Bill Belichick is listening to anyone anymore

Jerod Mayo joins Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry to give his reaction to Tom’s article, and give his opinion on whether he thinks Bill Belichick is listening to anyone anymore. (5:00) Jerod Mayo reflects back on 2009 season under Bill Belichick, and whether or not that locker room was unlike any of the other locker rooms the Patriots have had under Belichick. (8:00) Jerod Mayo talks about why Bill Belichick has earned the right to make all football decisions for the Patriots. Did any coaches push back to his decision to bench Malcolm Butler? (13:45) Is Bill Belichick wanting to only work with players he likes going to hurt the Patriots?

Mar 07, 2018
Steve Palazzolo breaks down the QBs in this year’s draft, what player could fit the Patriots needs?

Phil Perry is joined by Steve Palazzolo and they discuss the QBs in this year's draft, and which player could fit the Patriots needs.

Mar 02, 2018
Dane Brugler of, Should Patriots draft QB Lamar Jackson in the 1st Round?

(3:00) Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran discuss what their priorities are for Patriots offseason moves. Is bringing back Nate Soldier the first move that needs to happen? (7:00) Does the linebacker position need to be addressed this offseason? (10:00) Phil Perry explains why he thinks the Patriots absolutely must get a QB this offseason. (16:00) Dane Brugler from joins the podcast to break down the QBs in this draft..and the upside and downside of each player. (21:00) Are Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson QBs that are worthy of being drafted in the first round? (25:30) Are there any other QBs going after the 1st round that could fit the Patriots needs? (28:00) What linebackers could the Patriots target in the draft, and in what round? (34:00) Should the Patriots look to draft a left tackle?

Feb 26, 2018
Jerod Mayo responds to Lane Johnson's comments, and does the Patriots defense need to build a new identity this off-season?

(2:00) Jerod Mayo on how much transition the Patriots as a whole has to go through this offseason, will this offseason be different than previous years?(4:00) Does Bill Belichick have a problem with Gronkowski and Brady being public figures outside of football? (8:00) Does creating a new defensive identity become the biggest focus for the Patriots this offseason? (11:00) What does Jerod Mayo think is the biggest need on the Patriots defense? (15:00) Jerod Mayo weighs in on how different the NFL is now when it comes to how teams play defense since he had played. (18:00) Should Belichick just draft the best athlete in the draft, or look for certain position? (24:00) Jerod Mayo responds to Lane Johnson’s comments about Patriots being a “fear-based organization”(28:00) Phil Perry breaks down his offensive tackle offseason primer, and what options the Patriots have at the position. 

Feb 14, 2018
Even Jerod Mayo was confused on Bill Belichick's decision to bench Malcolm Butler

(2:00) Jerod Mayo joins Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran and discusses the Patriots not playing Malcolm Butler, and try to figure out the reasoning for dressing him. (4:30) Jerod Mayo on how the benching of Butler had trickle down effects on the Patriots defense all game. (8:00) How much did the benching of Butler impact the focus of the locker room? (13:00) Does Bill Belichick owe everyone an explanation? (17:00) Jerod Mayo breaks down why the Patriots were so bad on defense in the Super Bowl (26:00) Jerod Mayo and the crew react to the newest inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Feb 07, 2018
How do the Patriots turn impossible to probably? A Special Episode

In a special episode of "Quick Slants The Podcast", Tom E. Curran brings you a 360 degree look at how game management and overcoming the odds have been the cornerstone of the New England Patriots dynasty.

Tom talks with current players, coaches, analysts, former players, and analytical experts. As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, will we witness another chapter in Belichick and Brady defying logic and adding more hardware to the trophy case.

This feature story includes interviews with Stephen Gostkowski, James White, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, running backs coach Ivan Fears, defensive line coach Brendan Daly, analyst Brian Baldinger, former NFL running back Brian Westbrook, NFL Hall of Famer Mike Haynes, and ESPN statistal analyst Brian Burke.

Feb 02, 2018
A Football Education on Super Bowl 52; Is this the last hurrah for the Patriots?

Tom E. Curran, Phil Perry and Jerod Mayo broadcast LIVE from the food court at the Mall of America as we get you ready for Super Bowl 52. The boys hit the laboratory to start to breakdown the complete X's and O's of what the Patriots need to do to stop the Eagles "RPO" offense. Also, Mayo talks about what's it's like in the locker room before the game, and what Bill Belichick might say to the team about this being the "last hurrah".

Also in this episode, a life lesson from a high-performing, All-Pro athlete on what you absolutely MUST-DO before a big game like this, including specific instructions on how to do it.

Feb 01, 2018
Rodney Harrison, Dan Patrick, and Cris Collinsworth break down match-ups to look for on Sunday and Drew Esocoff & Fred Gaudelli talk about what goes into preparing for a Super Bowl broadcast

(4:00) Rodney Harrison gives his opinion on how much longer he think Tom Brady can play in the NFL (7:00) Rodney Harrison explains when he knew that it was time for him to retire from the NFL. (8:00) Rodney Harrison on what type of offensive gameplan the Patriots will draw up to attack the Eagles defense. (10:00) NBC Sports Director, Drew Esocoff and Executive Producer Fred Gaudelli talk with Tom E. Curran about what it takes to produce the Super Bowl (17:00) Dan Patrick joins Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran to discuss what storyline he is rooting for most this Super Bowl. (19:45) If Dan Patrick had to pick one to start a team with, would he pick Belichick or Brady? (21:40) Cris Collinsworth joins Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran to discuss the preparation he has done to get ready for the Super Bowl. (24:00) How does Collinsworth think the Patriots can attack the Eagles defense?

Jan 31, 2018
How much better are the Eagles than the Jaguars? What are the biggest threats to Patriots?

Jerod Mayo joins Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran to discuss the Patriots-Eagles Superbowl matchup (2:00) are Patriots fans becoming numb to their team going to the Super Bowl? (8:00) Jerod Mayo joins Curran and Perry to discuss whether the excitement of going to the Super Bowl ever changes for players. (11:00) Why was Blake Bortles and the Jaguars able to have success against the Patriots defense? (20:00) Can the Eagles defense build off of what the Jaguars did to slow down the Patriots? (24:00) Jerod Mayo on why the Patriots running backs were not as effective against the Jaguars. (29:00) How much better are the Eagles than the Jaguars? (30:00) How hard is it for opposing teams to keep their composure against the Patriots?

Jan 24, 2018
Jerod Mayo breaks down the best way for Patriots to attack Jaguars defense

Jerod Mayo talks with Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry about the Patriots AFC Championship matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars. (2:00) Jerod Mayo gives his X’s and O’s breakdown of the Jaguars defensive schemes and traits. (5:00) Jerod gives his opinion on how the Patriots offense should attack the Jaguars defense. (8:30) Could Gronkowski be the key to the Patriots offense? What would be the best way to use him? (15:00) Does the Jaguars defense have a weakness against vertical routes? (17:00) Jerod Mayo explains why James White could be a key once again for the Patriots. (21:00) Will Jaguars change their defensive scheme after allowing 42 to the Steeler? (23:00) Will much will the Jaguars having the ‘nothing to lose’ mindset impact the game?

Jan 17, 2018
Andy Benoit from The MMQB gives his in-depth Titans breakdown

3:50 - Dick LeBeau's defense has a variety of schemes that could give Tom Brady and the Patriots trouble. Will the entire offensive unit be up for the challenge?

12:43 - Rob Gronkowski was nearly unstoppable the last few games of the regular season. How might the Titans attempt to limit him?

15:40 - While Tom Brady is the front runner to win league MVP, he has had his share of flaws this season. Will he return to elite form vs. the Titans?

17:38 - The Titans offense has been ineffective at times this season, but they have a mobile quarterback in Marcus Mariota, a powerful back in Derrick Henry and a talented tight end in Delanie Walker. How should the Patriots approach these offensive weapons?

24:20 - Sure, the Patriots' focus is on Tennessee, but that doesn't mean we can't take a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars matchup.

Jan 13, 2018
Gotham Chopra discusses Tom Brady’s motivation to put out ‘Tom vs Time’

Tom E. Curran sits down with Gotham Chopra to discuss working with Tom Brady on ‘Tom vs Time’ (2:00). Chopra opens up about what he thinks was Tom Brady’s motivation behind making the reality series. (6:00) What did Chopra think about the TB12 method, and what about it did he learn while filming? (8:00) Gotham Chopra discusses how he thinks Tom Brady has changed over the past year, why was Brady willing to open up about his personal life now? (14:00) What is life like following Tom Brady behind the scenes?

Jan 12, 2018
Jerod Mayo on how the Patriots as a team will ignore the noise and focus on winning

Jerod Mayo sits down with Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry. (:30) Jerod on how the Patriots players will ignore the outside noise and focus on strictly the Titans. (3:30) Jerod gives his reaction to the ESPN story and how he sees the Patriots handling it within the team. (6:00) Jerod explains what it was like to work with Patriots trainers and Alex Guerrero as a player. (8:00) How do players in a locker room react when stories like this leak? (12:30) How much will Bill Belichick ultimately regret losing Jimmy Garoppolo? (15:30) Did Jerod Mayo and other players know Jimmy G was this good when they played against him? (23:00) Jerod Mayo on how a locker room is effected by seeing one of their teammates being traded. (27:00) Who does Jerod Mayo think would be the best replacements for Patricia and McDaniels if they leave? 

Jan 10, 2018
Bill Belichick wouldn't be dictated anyone

Tom Curran weighs in on the ESPN story by Seth Wickersham on dysfunction among Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, including what his sources are telling him concerning different parts of the story.

Two key questions Tom discusses - Are there people in Foxboro that feel there are real issues? Also, are we at the end...Will Belichick and Brady be back in 2018?

Curran also talks about the contract offer for Jimmy Garoppolo. Was the money ever the real issue, or did it always come down to playing time?

Also, the Alex Guerrero aspect. The Wickersham story made to sound there was a quid pro quo…see Alex, you’re Brady’s friend. The truth is players go to him because he’s good. Gronk couldn’t keep training the same way he had been. Gronk went to Guerrero because it’s good for Gronk, not because of Brady. Did Alex Guerrero cold shoulder Jimmy Garoppolo?

Plus, Tom Brady wasn't a mentor to Garoppolo, but that’s no sin as a teammate.

Is there really a power struggle between Kraft, Belichick and Brady of who is most responsible for the franchises' success?

Jan 05, 2018
Jerod Mayo on how possibility of losing McDaniels and Patricia would impact Patriots future

Jerod Mayo sits down with Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry to discuss the possibility of the Patriots losing McDaniels and Patricia next season, and our crew give their All-Pro selections. (1:30) Jerod Mayo gives his opinion on how Matt Patricia would be as a head coach in the NFL. (3:00) Is Detroit the best situation for Matt Patricia if he leaves? (9:00) How damaging would it be to the Patriots to lose both McDaniels and Patricia. (13:00) Jerod Mayo gives stories about working with Patricia through the years and why he thinks he would be a good coach. (18:00) Jerod Mayo, Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry gives their picks for All-Pro selections. 

Jan 03, 2018
Matt Maiocco from NBCS Bay Area joins to talk Garoppolo's continued success; Worst trade of Belichick era?

2:30 - Matt Maiocco from NBCS Bay Area joins to discuss Jimmy Garoppolo playing great with the 49ers, the hype surrounding the new QB, and how Jimmy G was able to make a smooth transition to playing in San Francisco.

13:18 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss if the Patriots made a mistake by trading Jimmy Garoppolo. What would have been the best option for the Patriots?

19:00 - Did Bill Belichick ever consider trading Tom Brady and why did they not get more for Garoppolo from the 49ers?

22:45 - Tom Brady has made some bad throws recently but he’s still the best in the game. Tom Curran says Brady’s decline will not come fast, it will be gradual.

27:30 - Patriots sign former Steelers linebacker James Harrison. How much will he actually play and what impact can he make on defense?

Dec 27, 2017
Must win for Buffalo; more insight on Alex Guerrero

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry look ahead to the Patriots/Bills game, including Tre'davious White re-thinking his comments and calls for 'payback' for Rob Gronkowski after the dirty hit in Buffalo. Does head coach Sean McDermott have the respect of the locker room to focus on the importance of the game for the Bills and not petty retribution?

Also, Tom and Phil talk more about the ups and downs between the relationship of the Patriots and Alex Guerrero.

Finally, a discussion on the four Patriots named to the Pro Bowl, did anyone get snubbed, and Tom wrapping things up with some beautiful Christmas singing.

Dec 21, 2017
What impacts will come from Alex Guerrero being banned from plane, sideline?

Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran discuss the reports that Bill Belichick has banned privileges of Tom Brady’s associate Alex Guerrero, and what could stem from these decisions. 

Dec 20, 2017
Jerod Mayo breaks down key plays from Patriots/Steelers, how often do Patriots practice 'fake spike' play

Jerod Mayo sits down with Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran to break down the Patriots win over the Steelers. (3:30) Jerod Mayo breaks down what went wrong with the Patriots defense on the Ju-Ju Smith -Schuster 69 yard play. (11:00) Breaking down Steelers final drive, why was Jesse James open? (18:00) Is there any need for the NFL to change their catch rule? (20:30) Jerod Mayo break down how many times the Patriots practice the fake spike play (24:00) How will this loss impact the Steelers confidence when facing the Patriots again? (29:00) Why were Steelers unable to adjust to Rob Gronkowski in the 4th quarter?

Dec 20, 2017
Pittsburgh Steelers writer Mark Kaboly on the keys to the clash between Patriots-Steelers

Phil Perry is joined by Senior Steelers writer for the Athletic, Mark Kaboly. (3:00) Kaboly on how Mike Tomlin has handled the build pup to Patriots-Steelers (6:30) What can Steelers learn from loss to Patriots last playoffs? (8:30) Why have Steelers seem to play down to their competition this year? (12:30) Breaking down the Steelers defense injuries, and how it can impact the Patriots offensive gameplan (15:30) How will Steelers attack the Patriots defense? (21:00) Can Rob Gronkowski take advantage of an injured Steelers defense? (25:00) Final score predictions.

Dec 15, 2017
How the Dolphins made Tom Brady look so uncomfortable and how Miami’s defense was so effective

What happened in Miami? Jerod Mayo, Tom E. Curran and Phil perry break it down in a brand new Quick Slants Podcast, presented by Papa Gino's.

(1:05) Patriots have trouble running the ball with a limited attack. The battle between the Patriots offensive line vs. the Dolphins defensive line. (5:40) Tom Brady not wanting to plant his feet, having some trepidation against the Dolphins defense. Patriots offensive line looking somewhat confused with Dolphins pressures. (10:30) Kyle Van Noy and Trey Flowers not able to play. How much does that impact the defense? Are there too many injuries on the defensive side to overcome? (14:30) Could Bill Belichick have held out some injured players so they would be healthier for the Steelers game this week? (17:30) Breaking down the type of defense the Dolphins were playing, taking away the short passes of the Patriots. (19:40) Brandin Cooks and other receivers not getting separation from Miami’s cornerbacks. (23:50) How much is Tom Brady hurt and is it affecting his throws? (26:40) Josh McDaniels gameplan, the Patriots final series and play calling at the 1 yard line. How this Dolphins loss was reminiscent of the end of the 2015 season. (30:00) Malcolm Butler's now deleted retweet of Pro Football Focus stat about Jay Cutler throwing against the blitz (32:20) What Jerod Mayo thought of Duron Harmon’s speech on the sideline to the Patriots defense. Mayo shares a story about Junior Seau and his attitude towards giving up a big plays.

Dec 13, 2017
Why Tom Brady’s sideline dustups are different than Odell Beckham, Dez Bryant, etc

On the latest episode of Quick Slants: The Podcast with Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry...

4:02 - Ryan Clark says that Tre'Davious White texted him that 'the whole hood wants Gronk'. What happens the next time Patriots play the Bills?

7:00 - What's the best way to control and limit late hits and cheap shots? Do the refs need to do a better job or do the coaches need to get to their players more?

9:00 - Why Rob Gronkowski, George Iloka, JuJu Smith-Schuster were all initially suspended the same amount of games.

11:53 - Should Gronk play in the December 24th rematch vs. Bills? Should there be any concern about late hits and player safety?

14:12 - Chris Hogan is back at practice. How effective can Hogan be after his injury? If he plays, can he help with the loss of Gronk?

17:00 - What to expect from the Dolphins down in Miami, where the Patriots have had a tough time playing.

19:00 - The latest on Malcolm Mitchell and if all hope is lost that he will come back this season.

20:05 - The Tom Brady-Josh McDaniels yelling match on the sideline. Is Brady treated differently than other players who have had outbursts like Odell Beckham and Dez Bryant?

24:18 - Is the New York Giants opening at head coach the perfect spot for Josh McDaniels?

Dec 07, 2017
Jerod Mayo reacts to Mike Tomlin's comments about Patriots, and why were things so chippy between Patriots and Dolphins?

Jerod Mayo sits down with Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry. (1:30) What to make of the chippiness between the Patriots and the Dolphins, and whether it will carry over to their next game. (7:30) Jerod Mayo gives on the field stories about what opposing players would do to get under players skin during the game. (13:00) Jerod gives stories of his favorite on field fights he has seen. (11:00) The guys responds to Mike Tomlin’s comments (15:00) Jerod weighs in on how Tomlin’s comments will impact players thoughts in the locker room. (17:30) Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette talks with Tom E. Curran about Mike Tomlin’s comments. (22:00) Ed Bouchette on whether he thinks the Steelers have a shot at knocking off the Patriots in the playoffs (28:00) Jerod Mayo, Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran discuss the good and the bad of the Patriots defense against the Dolphins, and how they have turned things around.

Nov 29, 2017
Jerod Mayo thinks Brady's footwork is the best it's been, Curran thinks Amendola's being underrated

Tom E. Curran, Jerod Mayo, and Phil Perry sit down to discuss the Patriots win over the Raiders, as well as other NFL thoughts and observations they have. (1:30) Why is Jerod mayo down on the NFL product as a whole? (2:30) Are NFL coaches to blame for the poor product? (7:30) Has all the bad coaching just enforced how great Bill Belichick is? (15:30) Jerod Mayo weighs in on the benching of Tyrod Taylor, and what he would do if he was him (25:30) How valuable has Danny Amendola been?

Nov 22, 2017
Troy Brown reflects on his friend and former teammate Terry Glenn

(1:00) Tom E. Curran gives a timeline of Terry Glenn’s time with the New England Patriots (4:30) Troy Brown reflects on hearing the news of Terry Glenn’s passing and his last few times talking with Terry (6:30) Troy brown discusses how Terry Glenn’s upbringing impacted his actions as an adult (9:15) Troy Brown on just how talented Terry Glenn was as a receiver (12:30) Troy Brown tells stories of how Terry Glenn was off the field when he was with the Patriots (18:00) Troy Brown talks about how Terry Glenn recently had changed his ways and become a new person 

Nov 22, 2017
Scott Bair of NBCS Bay Area previews Patriots-Raiders, how will location of Mexico City impact the game?

Scott Bair of NBCS Bay Area talks with Phil Perry about the Patriots-Raiders matchup this Sunday. (1:25) What cool stuff is there to do in Mexico City? (6:30) How will Raiders use their experience of playing in Mexico City lat season to their advantage? (10:20) How popular is Jack Del Rio in Oakland? (12:20) Where did things go wrong for Oakland this season? (14:30) What do Raider needs need to do to beat the Patriots? (20:00) How entertaining has it been for Scott Bair to cover the Raider this season?

Nov 17, 2017
Jerod Mayo breaks down how Patriots dominated Broncos, gives Patriots-Raiders preview

1:30 Reaction to the Patriots blowout win over Denver, why is Denver so bad?

5:00 How does using James Devlin change how defenses attack the Patriots?

8:00 Jerod Mayo breaks down how the use of the dynamic backs the Patriots have throws off opposing defenses schemes.

13:00 Phil Perry breaks down his report card, and why he gave the grades he did

20:00 Jerod Mayo reacts to how the Patriots acquired Martellus Bennett, is it a bad look for the Patriots?

25:00 Jerod Mayo gives his Patriots-Raiders preview, how tough will it be to play in Mexico City altitude?

Nov 15, 2017
Gil Brandt on Bill Belichick saying he should be in HOF, Mike Klis Patriots/Broncos preview

1:30 Gil Brandt reacts to Bill Belichick’s comments that he should be in the Hall of Fame

5:00 Gil Brandt talks about what Bill Belichick does that is similar to what his Cowboys teams would do. 

8:30 Gil Brandt on whether Bill Belichick is the last of a dying breed of NFL coaches.

10:00 Where does Bill Belichick rank amongst some of the great football minds?

15:00 Mike Klis talks with Tom E. Curran about the recent struggles of the Denver Broncos

17:00 Will the Broncos be motivated after being humiliated by the Eagles?

19:00 Will Brock Osweiler be confident after having his best win of his career against the Patriots in 2015?

21:00 Is this Broncos defense anywhere close to the defenses they’ve had in the past?

Nov 10, 2017
Julian Edelman talks the making of his book "Relentless: A Memoir"

Julian Edelman joins Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry to talk the making of his book "Relentless: A Memoir"

1:30 Julian Edelman tells the story about meeting a family that named their boy “Edelman” after him.

3:30 Julian Edelman and Tom E. Curran discuss the process of writing the book “Relentless”

7:00 Julian Edelman on being told ‘no’ his whole life, and learning to use that as motivation. 

12:00 Julian Edelman talks about not being able to play this season, and what it is like to visit the Patriots locker room while rehabbing his injury. 

13:00 Julian Edelman takes questions from fans on Twitter

Nov 08, 2017
Jerod Mayo gets honest about how tough it is to play in Denver
Nov 08, 2017
The Patriots did not even get to talk contract numbers with Jimmy Garoppolo

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss the Patriots trading Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers, and Curran explains that the Patriots did not even get to talk contract numbers with Garoppolo, they were only able to offer a ‘theoretical’ contract.

2:00 Did Robert Kraft have to step in on the Garoppolo trade?

3:00 Could Patriots have franchised Jimmy Garoppolo?

6:00 Was it a mistake by the Patriots to think that Garoppolo would take a bridge contract?

8:30 Could Patriots have gotten more from the 49ers?

12:00 Curran discusses the Patriots not even getting got the point where they talked numbers with Jimmy Garoppolo

15:00 Patriots mid-season awards

Nov 03, 2017
Why did the Patriots decide to trade Garoppolo now?

1:10 - Tom Curran and Phil Perry discuss why the Patriots decided now to trade backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

2:06 - Listen to Bill Belichick's opening statement in his conference call to the media about the trade.

5:08 - The issue that would have arose if the Patriots decided to franchise tag Garoppolo, why they couldn't agree on a contract extension, and how he wanted to become a starting quarterback with another team.

12:11 - If Robert Kraft had a say in the quarterback situation, wanting to trade Garoppolo and keep Tom Brady.

17:46 - Could the Patriots have gotten more for Garoppolo? Would the value have been better if they traded him earlier?

23:50 - Curran and Perry wonder if the Patriots will draft a quarterback next year and if that player will be treated similarly to Garoppolo.

31:18 - Jerod Mayo joins to give his thoughts on the Garoppolo trade, Kraft's involvement, his own experiences with Garoppolo, why the offense is struggling in the red zone, and having the green dot on the defense.

Nov 01, 2017
Jerod Mayo gives first hand experience on dealing with torn pectoral

1:30 Jerod Mayo on how the Dont’a Hightower injury will impact the Patriots on the field

3:00 Jerod tells his story of having the same injury and how in some ways it made him a better player, and how Hightower can continue to learn throughout this injury

6:00 Phil Perry breaks down how the Patriots have reacted to the news of Hightower’s injury

8:00 Which current Patriots player will now become the leader of the defense?

11:00 Is the Patriots defense screwed if they do not add anyone at the deadline?

15:00 Could the Patriots realistically trade Malcolm Butler at the deadline?

18:00 Did the Patriots actually luck out with the timing of Hightower’s injury with an easier schedule down the stretch?

22:30 Did the Patriots make a mistake by re-upping Dont’a Hightower’s contract?

Oct 27, 2017
Will Patriots defense finally turn the corner after solid performance vs Falcons?

1:00 Tom E. Curran shares some stories and insight from writing the book ‘Relentless’ a memoir on Julian Edelman.

6:00 Tom & Phil discuss what the key factors were to the Patriots getting their win over the Falcons. 

15:00 Jerod Mayo joins Phil Perry to discuss what he saw in the Patriots win over the Falcons.

18:00 How much credit does the Patriots defense get for the win? have they finally turned the corner?

23:00 Is this is a defensive scheme the Patriots should build off of and use going forward?

26:45 Jerod Mayo plays Patriots GM and gives us the moves he would like to see the Patriots do at the deadline. 

Oct 24, 2017
Has the Patriots locker room chemistry been altered?

On this episode of Quick Slants the Podcast with Tom Curran and Tom Giles...

1:50 - They discuss if there is an issue inside of the Patriots locker room and how the chemistry has been altered by a few missing pieces.

5:47 - Curran and Giles talk about how the Patriots need to find a way to keep their edge after winning the Super Bowl.

10:45 - Big week for the Patriots offensive line against the Falcons defense and a preview of the Sunday night game.

13:23 - At what point will Falcons be comfortable with the lead? At what point would the Patriots think they can still come back if they are trailing?

17:24 - D. Orlando Ledbetter from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution joins to discuss if Falcons are fragile, if they are still thinking about the Super Bowl, and how the Falcons will be on defense against the Patriots offense.

Oct 20, 2017
Is Bill Belichick ignoring the noise? or trying to change the narrative?

3:00 Why has Bill Belichick been so surprisingly positive of his team’s performance in tight wins?

6:30 Phil Perry breaks down what grades he gave the Patriots on his report card following the win over the Jets

15:00 Reaction to the Austin-Seferian Jenkins overturned touchdown, and what changes need to be made in the NFL replay system. 

23:00 Why was Patriots offensive line much more effective against Jets?

25:00 Patriots-Falcons preview, how did Falcons blow a 17 point lead to the Dolphins?

Oct 18, 2017
Jets beat reporter Manish Mehta, is there any shot the Jets make the upset on Sunday?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry look ahead to the Patriots game this weekend against the surprising New York Jets.

(10:00) Dont’a Hightower tells Phil Perry he is not where he wants to be so far in this season. (14:00) At what point do the Patriots make a decision on Alan Branch?

(18:00) Manish Mehta from the NY Daily News discusses whether he thinks the Jets can keep their winning season going, or if it’s just a fluke. (20:00) Are Jets fans actually mad that the team is not tanking? (21:30) Which player would the Jets be tanking for? (24:30) How surprising is the start that Josh McCown having? (26:30) Why has Kony Ealy thrived with the Jets? (28:30) Will the Jets be able to get pressure on Brady Sunday? (32:00) Could Jimmy Garoppolo ever wear a Jets uniform?

Oct 13, 2017
How concerned is Jerod Mayo on the amount of hits Tom Brady has been taking?

1:00 What is the biggest reason Tom Brady is getting hit so much?

5:00 Jerod Mayo tells story of going up against Logan Mankins during practice when he was a rookie

8:00 Jerod Mayo on Patriots defense improving on Thursday Night, but still showing signs of        weakness in areas.

14:00 What type of schemes will Patriots use against the Jets?

17:00 Jerod Mayo on how much players actually listen and pay attention to media being critical of them

22:30 How does Jerod Mayo feel about the anthem protests continuing to be a story?

25:00 Phil Perry reads some listener reviews of the Quick Slants Podcast

Oct 11, 2017
Special guest Bill Burr rants on Deflategate and the Colts

Tom Curran had the chance to talk to a special guest in this bonus episode of "Quick Slants The Podcast", as comedian Bill Burr checked-in. The Canton native talks about the wonderful world of social media, plus his podcast and animated series for Netflix "F is for Family".

Tom and Bill also get into an epic rant on "Deflategate", and how teams like the Giants and Colts are not punished when they break the rules. Plus, out of nowhere, a conversation on the incredible career of Dan Marino.

Oct 09, 2017
Is the way the Patriots beat the Buccaneers sustainable for the rest of the season?

1:00 Regardless of how good it looked, Patriots thrilled to just get the win

4:00 Should Patriots fans be encouraged about Patriots getting a run game going?

7:00 Will the hits that Brady has been taking catch up with him?

13:00 How did Dwayne Allen have 0 impact with Grokowski out?

15:00 Was the Patriots secondary motivated to prove the doubters wrong?

18:00 Can the Patriots defense build off this performance?

22:00 Should the Patriots permanently move Hightower to the middle?

Oct 07, 2017
Jerod Mayo gives player insight on why Patriots defense is struggling

Jerod Mayo talks with Tom E. Curran about what problems he is seeing the Patriots defense have on the field, and what can be done to fix it by Thursday. (1:30) Jerod Mayo on how the Patriots defense needs to turn the page on poor start to season. (5:00) Jerod breaks down the Panthers touchdowns, and what went wrong on the Patriots defense. (10:00) Is communication the Patriots biggest problem on defense? (19:00) Jerod tells stories of his playing days and how it took time to learn how to play with certain players, and why communication is so key to a defense. (25:00) How will Stephon Gilmore deal with the negativity of Patriots fans from not performing?

Oct 04, 2017
Carolina Panthers reporter Joe Person on match-ups to look for on Sunday

3:00 What went wrong for the Panthers against the Saints?

5:00 What has been the reason for Cam Newton's decline?

6:30 Is Christian McCaffrey built for the NFL?

11:00 What injuries besides Gre