The Fall of Rome Podcast

By Patrick Wyman / Wondery

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Category: History

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 Sep 24, 2021

Married with Bees
 Aug 16, 2021
Excellent content. The creator does a good job providing context and insights into the daily life of different people groups. This podcast is a great deep dive into Roman history.

 May 2, 2020
Just as entertaining as other history podcasts but often more insightful due to not exclusively focussing on the stories of the "great people" but also of the ordinary people and how their life was shaped by historical developments.

 May 31, 2019

 May 11, 2019


Barbarians, political breakdown, economic collapse, mass migration, pillaging and plunder. The fall of the Roman Empire has been studied for years, but genetics, climate science, forensic science, network models, and globalization studies have reshaped our understanding of one of the most important events in human history. PhD historian and specialist Patrick Wyman brings the cutting edge of history to listeners in plain, relatable English.

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Episode Date
32: Patrick is Hosting a New Show! Check out the "Pursuit of Dadliness" Now!
Sep 05, 2023
31: Interview: Historian Kyle Harper on Disease, Climate and the Fall of the Roman Empire
Apr 03, 2018
30: Tides of History: Natural Disasters and the End of the Roman Empire
Mar 20, 2018
29: Tides of History: Justinian the Great and the Reconquest of the Western Empire
Mar 06, 2018
28: Tides of History: How the Eastern Roman Empire Survived Attila the Hun and the Disastrous Fifth Century
Feb 20, 2018
27: Tides of History: Why Didn't The Eastern Empire Fall?
Feb 06, 2018
26: Tides of History: How Latin Became the Romance Languages
Dec 14, 2017
25: Tides of History: The Decline and Fall of the Roman City
Nov 14, 2017
24: Tides of History: The Roman City
Oct 24, 2017
Introducing Tides of History
Jul 20, 2017
23: Could the Roman Empire Have Survived?
Jun 22, 2017
22: The Brilliance of Saint Augustine. An Interview with Elizabeth Bruenig
Jun 15, 2017
21: Rome's Legacy and the Barbarian Kingdoms
Jun 08, 2017
20: The Anglo-Saxon Migration, the North Sea World, and the Birth of England
May 25, 2017
19: Why Didn't Rome Rise Again? An Interview with Professor Walter Scheidel
May 18, 2017
18: The Warlords of Northern Gaul and the Rise of the Franks
May 11, 2017
17: Ostrogothic Kingdom or the Western Empire Reborn?
Apr 27, 2017
16: The Kingdom of the Visigoths
Apr 13, 2017
15: The Death of the Roman Political System
Mar 30, 2017
14: The Calamitous Fifth Century - A Narrative History
Mar 16, 2017
13: The Unraveling of the Roman World
Mar 02, 2017
12: The Fall of the Roman Economy
Feb 17, 2017
11: The Roman Economy Before the Fall
Feb 03, 2017
10: The Late Roman Army, Barbarians, and the Frontier
Jan 13, 2017
9: Attila and the Empire of the Huns
Dec 13, 2016
8: The Vandals and the Fall of Roman Africa
Nov 23, 2016
Special Episode: The End Of The Gladiators
Oct 30, 2016
7: The Three Transformations Of Roman Gaul
Oct 20, 2016
6: The Catastrophic Fall Of Roman Britain
Oct 01, 2016
5: Just How Screwed Up Was the Later Roman Empire?
Sep 15, 2016
4: The Gothic Sack of Rome
Sep 03, 2016
3: The Goths and the Beginning of Rome's End
Aug 27, 2016
2: The Barbarian World
Aug 12, 2016
1: Introduction
Aug 05, 2016