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 Oct 18, 2018


The Under Center Podcast breaks down everything surrounding the Chicago Bears and the NFL, with informative and entertaining discussion from Kenneth Davis, Adam Hoge, Eric Strobel, and Alex Shapiro. New episodes release every Monday.

Episode Date
If Aaron Rodgers leaves the Green Bay Packers, will Bears have the best QB in the NFC North?

The Under Center crew is back to 2 episodes a week until next offseason and we have a great episode lined up for you today. Ken Davis, Alex Shapiro, and Eric Strobel break down the move by the Bears to cut Charles Leno Jr., seemingly to make room for incoming rookie Teven Jenkins to start at left tackle but is he ready to be one of the most important players on the team protecting the blind side of the Bears' future quarterback? The guys also discuss the disgruntled Aaron Rodgers and his attempt to be traded and if he is no longer a Packer would the Bears finally have the best quarterback in the division?

(2:00) - The Bears cut Charles Leno Jr., should the Bears have kept him for depth at the position?

(10:00) - Is Teven Jenkins ready to be an NFL starting left tackle?

(20:00) - Are Bears fans too hyped for this draft class?

(25:50) - Aaron Rodgers is ready to leave Green Bay

(35:20) - Which teams would be a fit for Aaron Rodgers

(47:00) - Will the Bears finally have the best QB in the NFC North

May 06, 2021
2021 NFL Draft day recap: Has Ryan Pace saved his job with this draft

The draft has come to its conclusion and Bears GM Ryan Pace has been met with applause from fans, media, and players alike. Did he do well enough to get him and his coach Matt Nagy off the hot seat though? Host Ken Davis is joined by Tony Gill, Michael Allardyce, and Alex Shapiro breakdown the draft, and the players Ryan Pace added to the Bears and discuss has the offensive line issue been fixed, how exciting it is to be a Bears fan right now, and if the Seattle Seahawks called to trade for Justin Fields, would you listen?

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May 02, 2021
2021 Draft Day recap: Ryan Pace gets his offensive tackle Teven Jenkins

Back at it again! Ryan Pace improves the offensive line by trading up to take offensive tackle from Oklahoma State University Tevan Jenkins and universal praise from Bears fans. Host Ken Davis is joined by Alex Brown, Adam Hoge, Eric Strobel, and Alex Shapiro as they react to the day 2 moves of Ryan Pace. The crew discusses Jenkins and what he will bring to the Bears, the salary cap implications for the Bears, and what other positions they need to address before the draft ends.

May 01, 2021
2021 NFL Draft recap: Alex Brown and Adam Hoge on J Bears QB Justin Fields

Bears fans it's time to rejoice! Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy got their guy and Ohio State's Justin Fields is the new future of the Chicago Bears. To recap the night's action and react to comments made by GM Ryan Pace and Justin Fields, host Ken Davis is joined by former Bear Alex Brown and NBCS Chicago Bears insider Adam Hoge. The crew discusses what does this mean for the Bears, the plan the Bears should have in place for Fields, is Andy Dalton still the starter, is Ryan Pace still on the hot seat, and more.

Apr 30, 2021
Bears take QB Justin Fields with the 11th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

Your Chicago Bears trade with the New York Giants for the 11th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and select quarterback Justin Fields out of Ohio State University. The Under Center crew of Ken Davis, Eric Strobel, and Tony Gill react to the Bears trade and selection as a new era of Bears football begins.

Apr 30, 2021
The OFFICIAL Under Center 2021 NFL Draft preview!

The NFL Draft is just a day away and to get you ready, the entire Under Center podcast team covers every scenario and angle that you, the Bears fan, needs to be locked into for Thursday night. Ken Davis, Adam Hoge, Alex Shapiro, and Eric Strobel break down positional needs, possible trade-up scenarios, possible trade-down chances, QB rankings, best players available, and everything else you're going to want to know before the 2021 NFL Draft. INDULGE!

(2:00) - Hoge’s official QB rankings; why is Trey Lance ranked above Justin Fields?

(8:50) - What is the Bears’ plan for QB? If things get crazy in the draft and a top-5 QB is falling, will the Bears be rushing to the phones?

(13:00) - If the Bears trade back from 20, would they reach for a QB?

(24:00) - Realistically, who is the best fit for the Bears at QB?

(30:00) - With the Bears' next pick in the draft, should they address cornerback?

(37:15) - If the Bears stay at 20, what would be the pick?

Apr 28, 2021
2021 NFL Draft preview with Chris Simms and Glynn Morgan

It's here Bears fans, DRAFT WEEK! We have an excellent week of pods planned for you and to start off the coverage, the Under Center pod has 2 great guests. First is Chris Simms of Pro Football Talk as he breaks down the quarterback class of 2021 and if the Bears should trade up. Later in the pod, NBCS Chicago NFL and NFL draft enthusiast Glynn Morgan joins the podcast to preview his upcoming mock draft for NBCS how he sees the draft going before the Bears select at 20. Get ready Bear fans, we got you covered all week.

(1:40) - Chris Simms on what does it take to really breakdown QB draft prospects

(6:30) - Simms 2021 QB prospect rankings, why is Kellen Mond ranked ahead of Justin Fields?

(14:30) - Is this draft and offseason the last chance Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy have to improve before being fired?

(16:40) - Draft enthusiast Glynn Morgan of NBCS Chicago breaks down the draft and what he predicts will happen

(29:00) - Ranking the QBs in the draft

(40:20) - Options for the Bears if they choose to trade down

(45:20) - If the Bears have the opportunity to trade up, who are they trying to get?

Apr 26, 2021
How the Bears can get an impact player at 20 in the 2021 NFL Draft

Bear with us (lol), if the Bears stay at 20 they could very well still get an instant impact player. Ken Davis and Eric Strobel are joined by John Daigle, draft, fantasy, and betting NFL expert from NBC Sports Edge to discuss how the draft is seemingly shaping out according to sources and mock drafts, where the Bears could have the opportunity to take a top tier talent even at 20. Also in the podcast, they break down why Justin Fields is falling down draft boards and why Mac Jones is climbing those boards, and some inside fantasy football advice that you're not going to want to miss.

(3:30) - Is the expectation around the league is for the Bears to stay at 20, or are they trying to move up?

(6:45) - Would it be surprising if the Bears went defense at 20?

(14:00) - Should the Bears look to a WR with the 20th pick?

(22:40) - Why is Justin Fields falling down draft boards?

(30:40) - The Atlanta Falcons are looking to move from the 4th pick, should the Bears inquire?

(42:45) - What are the Bears looking to do with Allen Robinson?

Apr 19, 2021
In the 2021 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select...

The 2021 NFL draft begins Thursday, April 29th and the Bears will be selecting 20th overall, but what direction should they go in? Should they try to boost the defense again or do they need to go playmaker on offense? The Under Center crew of Ken Davis, Alex Shapiro, and Eric Strobel discuss the various mock drafts that have the Bears taking a cornerback with the 20th pick and why they absolutely hate that idea. The crew also discusses the possibility that the Bears would move up in the draft to take a top-tier playmaker.

(5:40) - Bears official website dropped a mock draft selection. The panel of writers wanted a defensive back at 20, why?

(15:30) - Should the Bears use the 20th pick to take a wide receiver?

(27:20) - How do picks 1-19 impact the Bears and could they possibly move up?

(37:00) - A list of scenarios that could have the Bears moving up to take a quarterback

(46:50) - If the Bears do take a 1st-round QB, would he have to be an instant starter or does he sit?

Apr 12, 2021
2021 NFL Draft prospects Rondale Moore, Amari Rodgers on link with Bears

The Bears went after Kenny Golladay in free agency so they're at least interested in adding to their wide receiver room. Could they do that in the upcoming draft? Adam Hoge interviews a couple of top wide receiver prospects, Rondale Moore of Purdue and Amari Rodgers of Clemson. Could either be a target for the Bears? Host Ken Davis and Adam Hoge also discuss the Bears' need for another playmaker alongside Allen Robinson. Plus, with the draft seeming to be quarterback heavy at the top, could the Bears possibly move up to take the top pass catcher in the draft?

(0:40) - Clemson WR Amari Rodgers on the difficulties of showing what you can do during the pandemic

(5:00) - Rodgers on what it was like playing with Trevor Lawrence

(7:00) - Rodgers discusses his contact with the Bears

(10:48) - Purdue WR Rondale Morre on being an instant impact player

(16:30) - Moore discusses his injury and how his last season played out at Purdue

(22:52) - Ken Davis and Adam Hoge break down the two wide receivers, are the Bears looking to draft one, and can they move up to take one of the top pass catchers in the draft

Apr 08, 2021
Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy give State of the Bears Union before 2021 NFL Draft

From Mike Glennon, to Mitch Trubisky, to Nick Foles, to Andy Dalton. Host Ken Davis, NBCS Chicago Bears insider Adam Hoge, and Bears contributor for NBCS Chicago Alex Shapiro share their thoughts on Ryan Pace's explanation for why he landed on Dalton with his fourth swing at QB1. Plus, what are the situations in which Dalton truly is the team's QB1, and situations in which he's not. Oh, and Matt Nagy formally announced he (drum roll please), is calling plays again. Are you ready for some football Bears fans!

*You can watch the Under Center Podcast on YouTube if you CLICK HERE. Be sure to comment your thoughts, subscribe to the channel, and give the video a thumbs up.

(1:10) - Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy believe that new QB1, Andrew Gregory Dalton fits the system and scheme

(11:20) - Did the Bears do the absolute best they could have done to get a new quarterback?

(18:14) - Matt Nagy makes it official that he will be calling the plays for the Bears offense this year

(32:00) - How much leeway should Bears fans give Matt Nagy?

(36:40) - What is Pace's plan for the draft and is he making moves based on an extension that he received without the media and public knowing?

(46:20) - No seriously, did the McCaskey's give Pace and Natt secret extensions?

Apr 05, 2021
Can Bears get a QB in 2021 NFL draft despite massive NFL trades

We all know the biggest concern for the Bears is QB and seemingly (as we wait for Russell Wilson), the way to get that QB is through the draft, but because other NFL teams are haters, some teams have already made trades to move up in the draft to take QBs. Will the Bears be able to get a good one before they are all gone? Ken Davis and Eric Strobel discuss the movement in the draft and the QBs that could be left on the board. The crew also discusses the proposed ESPN trade between the Seattle Seahawks and the Bears for Russell Wilson, the new bears running back Damien Williams, and the picture of Andy Dalton that went viral in a bad way.

*You can watch this episode on YouTube just CLICK HERE. Make sure you give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on Under Center podcasts or great other NBCS Chicago content.

(2:00) - 49ers, Dolphins, and Eagles make big trades that shake up the draft

(15:00) - Did the Bears lose out because of the trades

(20:00) - With Ryan Pace not getting a quarterback this offseason, is he secretly signed to more years than we thought?

(23:45) - Should the Bears be interested in Deshaun Watson?

(28:40) - Former Kansas City Chief Damien Williams signs with the Bears

(35:35) - Bears social media photoshops a Bears jersey on Andy Dalton that incites reactions from fans

(37:30) - Is there still hope that the Bears can get Russell Wilson?

Mar 29, 2021
The woman who fuels the Chicago Bears Jennifer Gibson |Women's History Month

March is Women's history month and to celebrate, the Under Center podcast highlights Jennifer Gibson, the Chicago Bears sports science coordinator and dietician. David Kaplan interviews Gibson as they discuss her path and journey to the NFL and the Bears, and how she pushes the players and staff to be the healthiest and best they can be.

Mar 26, 2021
Andy Dalton presser, Kyle Fuller release, Ryan Pace rebuild?

In a weekend filled with high emotions and confusion, the Bears have left fans in a very odd place. Host Ken Davis, Eric Strobel, and Alex Shapiro breakdown everything that's happened including, the Andy Dalton press conference that didn't feature Ryan Pace or Matt Nagy, the Bears releasing star cornerback Kyle Fuller, Allen Robinson signing his franchise tag, the Bears attempted signing of WR Kenny Golladay, and the Bears reportedly allowing Akiem Hicks to seek a trade. This has been a weird week and it's probably going to get weirder.

* Also, be sure to WATCH the Under Center podcast HERE and subscribe to the NBC Sports Chicago YouTube page for more podcasts.

(1:00) - Reactions to Andy Dalton's press conference

(6:00) - Dalton was given assurances that he would be the starter (We totally haven't heard that before)

(12:10) - Was Mitch Trubisky truly the best option?

(24:00) - Better to cut Kyle Fuller or Akiem Hicks?

(28:30) - Ryan Pace's mismanagement of the cap and the roster

(35:10) - Allen Robinson signs his tag

Mar 22, 2021
Bears sign QB Andy Dalton to a 1yr deal

In a move that shocked the fanbase (probably not) the Bears sign free-agent quarterback Andy Dalton to a one year $10 million dollar deal to sure up the quarterback position. Ken Davis, Adam Hoge, and Alex Shapiro discuss the signing and what that means for the Bears going forward. The Bears signed the Red Rifle haha.

(1:40) - First impressions of the Red Rifle signing

(6:55) - Is Nick Foles literally the same person as Andy Dalton

(9:50) - Did the Bears put a legitimate effort to get Watson or Wilson

(12:15) - Now that Dalton is a Bear, is the Bears' plan to move up in the draft?

(16:30) - Will the Bears be players to try and sign offensive tackle Trent Williams

(19:00) - What will the Bears' offensive line look like next season?

Mar 17, 2021
Odds of a Russell Wilson, Bears trade with Joe Fann of NBCS Northwest

For Bears fans, Russell Wilson would be the ultimate prize, but is it a pipe dream? Ken Davis and Alex Shapiro are joined by NBCS Northwest Seahawks insider Joe Fann (he's a real person) as they get the details on what Wilson wants, if he’s open to staying, and Wilson may see in the Bears. Later in the podcast, the Under Center crew breaks down the what-if scenarios in case the Bears don't get Wilson, and if Ryan Pace can still save his job if he can't get a good enough quarterback. Plus, #CongratsJJ on his new gig with the Colts.

You can also watch the Under Center podcast on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe and like

(1:15) - How do you get from "Let Russ Cook" to Russell wanting to leave?

(9:30) - What is the friction between Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson?

(14:00) - What would it take to get Wilson and do the Bears have what the Seahawks would be looking for?

(22:00) - Should the Seahawks just start the rebuild and trade Wilson

(25:00) - Should Bears fans be disappointed if Wilson isn't a Bear?

(28:30) - Could Ryan Pace trade up in the draft to take another QB?

(36:00) - Will Bears fans be ok with Nick Foles and a drafted QB going into next season?

(49:30) - #CongratsJJ

Mar 15, 2021
Allen Robinson gets the franchise tag from the Bears

The franchise tag deadline has come and gone and the Bears have used their tag on their best offensive player in Allen Robinson. Will they eventually work out a deal? Why couldn't they come to an agreement earlier? Host Ken Davis and NBCS Chicago Bears contributors Eric Strobel, Alex Shapiro, and producer Tony Gill break down the Bears' decision to tag Robinson. They also talk about what is the next move for Robinson who has openly been against the tag. Later in the pod, the crew discusses the recent news that former Bears offensive linemen Kyle Long is making a return to the NFL.

(0:45) - Allen Robinson did everything he was supposed to do to get a long-term contract and still didn't receive one. Was that disrespectful of the Bears?

(6:40) - Bears are within their rights according to the CBA to tag Allen Robinson and the tag isn't going anywhere

(14:00) - Are the Bears communicating well enough with Robinson to get a deal done?

(19:50) - Would other teams be shooting their shot with the Bears to trade for Allen Robinson?

(31:40) -The SUPER official statement on Allen Robinson from Bears inside Adam Hoge

(34:06) - Kyle Long wants to make a return to the NFL, should the Bears give him a look?

Mar 10, 2021
Russell Wilson, Mitch Trubisky, and other QB possibilities for the Bears

In the debut episode of the new look Under Center podcast, host Kenneth Davis, NBCS Chicago Bears insider Adam Hoge, and NBCS Chicago Bears contributors Eric Strobel and Alex Shapiro breakdown the issues plaguing the Bears this offseason including how the lingering and stagnation of the Bears to resign Allen Robinson is impacting the team. The crew also dives into how much is too much to trade for Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson, and if Mitch Trubisky isn't back with the Bears, which teams are options for him. All that and more on the new Under Center podcast.

(2:00) - Shoutout to past hosts of the Under Center podcast

(3:26) - Should Trubisky be retained?

(10:05) - The likelihood that Nick Foles is the starter for the Bears next season

(14:00) - If Ryan Pace sells off the future to trade for a quarterback, will said quarterback outlast Ryan Pace? Is it worth it to trade everything for Wilson/Watson?

(22:15) - Who is the better fit, Watson or Wilson?

(30:50) - Are there other options for the Bears if Watson or Wilson are not available?

(35:40) - Will the Bears work out a long term deal for Allen Robinson?

Mar 08, 2021
Will the Bears win the bid for Russell Wilson?

Ok Bears fans, let's not get too excited but come on, it feels good to be in the room right? With Russell Wilson pointing out the Bears as one of the teams he would prefer to be traded to can Ryan Pace pull the trigger to get him in a Bears uniform? David Kaplan, Eric Strobel, and Tony Gill, breakdown the opportunity the Bears have to land a great quarterback and what would it mean to sign him. Brace yourself Bears fans, this could be a fun ride.

(1:35) - First impressions of Russell Wilson adding the Bears to his list of teams he would like to be traded to

(6:15) - Is playing for the city of Chicago and bringing back the Bears enough to bring Russell Wilson here vs other places?

(10:45) - Chances Seattle bends to Wilson and gives him the situation he wants instead of being traded away

(18:30) - Comparing the Bears to the other teams on Wilson's list

(22:42) - If the Bears don't land Wilson, what is their QB plan? Mitch and Foles again?

(27:50) - If the Bears land Wilson, what does the rest of the team look like?

Mar 01, 2021
Bears continue QB search after passing on Carson Wentz

The Carson Wentz sweepstakes are over and according to recent reports the Bears chose not to send an offer, extending their offseason search. David Kaplan and Adam Hoge continue to fill in on the Under Center podcast, as they discuss reasons why the Bears chose not to pursue Wentz and what does the Bears' plan look like for a QB. Kap and Hoge also discuss new Bears defensive coordinator Sean Desai and what fans can expect from him. Later in the pod, they discuss the 2021 NFL QB draft class, and could Ryan Pace be bold enough to move up in the draft to take his guy again.

(1:30) - Sean Desai was pushed for players on the team

(4:25) - Ryan Pace and the Bears do not make an offer for Carson Wentz

(10:56) - What is the Bears' plan for QB?

(17:00) - Kaplan reveals Matt Nagy's notes on each of the top 3 QBs in the 2017 NFL Draft

(21:30) - Which QB in the 2021 Draft is the best? Mac Jones or Trevor Lawrence

Feb 23, 2021
Richard Dent, Dan Hampton, and more share Super Bowl stories

A week after witnessing Tom Brady win his 7th Super Bowl, the Under Center podcast has something special for you. We gathered a great list of former Bears, to tell stories of their best memories of playing in sports' biggest game. Joining the podcast is Alex Brown, Israel Idonije, Dave Wannstedt, Jason McKie, Dan Hampton, and Super Bowl XX MVP Richard Dent. Relive the moments in Super Bowl history from the people that were there.

(1:00) - The 2007 Bears Super Bowl appearance vs the Colts. Jason McKie discusses his memories from the Super Bowl

(13:00) - Alex Brown reminisces about the Super Bowl

(14:08) - Israel Idonije recognized how big the Super Bowl was and how important it was for Bears fans

(24:25) - Dave Wannstedt on his Super Bowl appearance with the Dallas Cowboys in 1992

(27:00) - The 1985 Super Bowl winning Bears. Richard Dent discusses the dominance of that legendary team.

(38:58) - Dan Hampton on the motivation to win Super Bowl XX

Feb 15, 2021
Bears keying in on Carson Wentz and Super Bowl reactions

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, there were rumors that the Bears were intent on pursuing Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, but is Wentz the savior Pace hopes he is? David Kaplan and Adam Hoge discuss the Bears' pursuit of Wentz and if it's worth it. Before they breakdown a potential Carson Wentz deal, the guys breakdown the Super Bowl and what they were surprised by as Tom Brady wins his seventh title.

(1:20) -Takeaways and first impressions after the Bucs destroy the Chiefs

(5:30) - Minority coaches not getting opportunities even though they are being successful

(10:40) - Bruce Arians set up a great environment for the Bucs to win

(12:05) - Bears have identified who they want as the quarterback in Carson Wentz, will they do what it takes to get him?

(16:00) - Is Carson Wentz, Jay Cutler?

(21:35) - If the Bears can't get Wentz, what other options do they have?

Feb 09, 2021
Super Bowl preview with Dave Wannstedt and Geoff Schwartz | Countdown to Kickoff

The Super Bowl is only one sleep away and to end our Countdown to Kickoff coverage, we drop a full preview of the big game with a couple of great analysts.

First up, former Bears coach and NFL analyst Dave Wannstedt joins David Kaplan as they discuss what each team needs to prepare for ahead of the game and who will win. Later in the podcast, Geoff Schwartz, a six-year NFL veteran and now NFL analyst, joins Kap as they go deep into the trenches to discuss how the Chiefs can overcome their offensive line injuries vs. a stout and star-studded Bucs pass rush. Get prepped for the biggest game of the season right here on the Under Center Podcast.

(1:30) - Dave Wannstedt breaks down the Matthew Stafford-Jared Goff trade

(5:20) - How will the Bears find their QB?

(9:30) - How do teams get ready for the Super Bowl?

(16:50) - Geoff Schwartz joins the podcast

(19:00) - Can the Bucs defensive line control the game?

(24:00) - How can the Bears improve the offensive line?

(27:55) - Is there a QB in the draft the Bears should move up to take?

Feb 07, 2021
Cole Kmet, Alex Brown, Lance Briggs & Michele Tafoya | Countdown to Kickoff

On the final day of Super Bowl week, David Kaplan and Adam Hoge have a great guest lineup to talk Bears and break down the big game.

First up is Bears tight end Cole Kmet to discuss the 2020 season and the Bears' quarterback situation. After Kmet, a couple of former Bears, Alex Brown and Lance Briggs join Kap and Hoge to provide insight into the Chiefs-Bucs matchup. And finally, NBC Sports NFL sideline reporter Michelle Tafoya joins to talk about the Brady vs. Mahomes matchup and what would be the story of each quarterback if they were to win.

(2:04) - Cole Kmet discusses being teammates with Jimmy Graham and what he's learned from him.

(8:40) - Kmet on the Bears trying to find a new quarterback and if the Bears are close to being a contender

(11:10) - Alex Brown and Lance Briggs join the podcast and break down the Chiefs and Bucs

(16:00) - Brown and Briggs discuss their favorite memories from their Super Bowl trip in 2007

(17:40) - Michele Tafoya joins Kap and Hoge to discuss the legacies of Mahomes and Brady

(20:30) - Challenges of sideline reporting during a pandemic

Feb 06, 2021
Jared Allen, Bryant McKinnie, and D'Andre Swift | Countdown to Kickoff

A great set of guests join David Kaplan and Adam Hoge for Countdown to Kickoff on Thursday. First up is Bryant McKinnie, a former Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion with the Ravens. McKinnie joins to discuss offensive line play and the craziness that was Miami University. After that, Lions running back D' Andre Swift joins the guys to discuss Detroit's new head coach and the departure of Matthew Stafford. Lastly, former Bear Jared Allen joins the podcast to discuss his days in Chicago and his thoughts on if the Bears can win a Super Bowl without a superstar quarterback.

(1:20) - Is Carson Wentz a realistic option for the Bears via trade?

(4:40) - Will there be offensive linemen available for the Bears in free agency and the draft?

(8:13) - Super Bowl champ Bryant McKinnie joins the podcast

(12:00) - McKinnie on his battles with Alex Brown and Lance Briggs

(14:28) - Detroit Lions RB D'Andre Swift joins the podcast

(15:15) - Reaction from the players in Detroit when Matthew Stafford got traded

(30:00) - Jared Allen joins the podcast

(33:00) - Can the Bears win a Super Bowl without a superstar quarterback?

Feb 05, 2021
Barry Sanders, Pat Fitzgerald and Olin Kreutz | Countdown to Kickoff

David Kaplan and Adam Hoge are joined by a great guest lineup to discuss the Bears and the Super Bowl. First up, Northwestern University head football coach Pat Fitzgerald — fresh off of signing a new 10-year extension — joins Kap and Hoge. They discuss the Wildcats, former NU QB and Chiefs coach Mike Kafka and the Tom Brady-Patrick Mahomes matchup. Then, Olin Kreutz joins Kap and Hoge to discuss the Bears and what they need to do this offseason to boost their chances at contending in 2021. Finally, Hall of Famer and one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, Barry Sanders, joins to discuss his thoughts on a pass-heavy modern NFL.

(2:20) - How close is Northwestern to competing with the powerhouse schools?

(6:30) - Recruiting and trying to develop players that aren't five-stars

(8:25) - Fitzgerald on his former QB Mike Kafka and his work with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs

(13:00) - Olin Kreutz joins the podcast. How can the Chiefs' makeshift offensive line handle the Bucs' dominant defensive line?

(16:50) - The Bears will be in the hunt for another QB

(20:20) - Can Ryan Pace get the Bears out of the situation he put them in?

(23:45) - Hall of Famer Barry Sanders joins the podcast

(26:30) - Can a run-dominant team still win in the NFL?

(28:50) - Sanders discusses his matchups vs. the Bears in his career

Feb 04, 2021
Robbie Gould is a 'huge fan' of Bears QB Mitch Trubisky | Countdown to Kickoff

Robbie Gould spent 11 seasons with the Bears, so he knows the organization. Gould joins David Kaplan and Adam Hoge to discuss his time with the Bears and his current team, the San Francisco 49ers. Gould also breaks down the Bears' kicking situation of the last couple of seasons and explains why he is a fan of Mitch Trubisky and why he thinks Trubisky is a good quarterback. Later in the podcast, 670 The Score's David Haugh joins Kaplan and Hoge to discuss how far are the Bears from winning a Super Bowl and what it will take to get there soon.

(3:20) - Why has San Francisco been the place to play for Gould?

(6:20) - Uncertain QB times around the NFL. Gould says he is a huge fan of Trubisky

(11:50) - What is it like playing the Chiefs in the Super Bowl?

(13:25) - What is missing from the Bears or Trubisky that can be added to get Trubisky to the next level?

(21:30) - David Haugh joins the podcast. How far are the Bears from a Super Bowl?

(24:05) - Bilal Nichols on his new DC Sean Desai

(27:55) - Will the Bears defense be dominant again?

Feb 03, 2021
Matt Stafford trade and former Bear Adewale Ogunleye | Countdown to Kickoff

Super Bowl week is here and to start our Countdown to Kickoff coverage presented by Miller Light and the Locker Room app, David Kaplan is joined by Adam Hoge and Adam Jahns as they discuss the biggest trade in the NFL, Matt Stafford going to the LA Rams for Jared Goff. The crew discusses how this trade if number 1 overall picks impact the Bears. Later in the pod, Kaplan and Hoge are joined by former Bear Adewale Ogunleye to discuss the Bears' last appearance in the Super Bowl, and his thoughts on Mitch Trubisky and the direction the Bears are going.

(1:40) - Matthew Stafford gets traded to the LA Rams for Jared Goff

(5:32) - How much is too much for the Bears to get Deshaun Watson

(9:25) - Do the Bears do whatever it takes to get Watson?

(14:00) - Adewale Ogunleye on the Bears 2007 trip to the Super Bowl

(16:20) - Lovie Smith is back in the NFL

(19:45) - Ogunleye doesn't believe you should trade everyone for a QB

(24:20) - Life after football, Ogunleye gets his masters degree

Feb 02, 2021
Mailbag Thursday: What happens if the Bears start next season 0-4?

The weekly mailbag is back! As the offseason gets going for the Bears, one listener asked: what would happen if the Bears don't show any improvement? Would that be the final straw for Pace and Nagy? Will Bears ownership ever fire people in the middle of the season? Hosts JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis go back and forth on what they think would happen. After that, they get into whether the Bears should switch defensive schemes, if Khalil Mack should be on the trade market, and if Cam and JJ got into a lightsaber fight, who would win? (Click for the football conversations, stay for Cam’s fight story.)

(1:45) - What happens if the Bears start the season 0-4?

(10:45) - Which Bears player would be the best, or worst, at being Press Secretary?

(16:55) - Should the Bears switch to a 4-3 defensive scheme for Mack and Quinn?

(25:38) - Should the Bears think about trading Khalil Mack?

(35:55) - Who wins in a lightsaber fight? (plus Cam’s real-life fight story)

(37:30) - Will Cordarrelle Patterson return to the Bears?

Jan 21, 2021
What will Bears do with Mitch Trubisky & Allen Robinson, with Brad Spielberger of PFF

After a rough — and I mean ROUGH — press conference, the Bears now turn to figuring out how to improve in the offseason. Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus and OvertheCap.com joins hosts JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis to discuss just what the Bears are up against this offseason. The crew dives into the upcoming draft, and what the Bears need to address in order for a quick turnaround. They also dive into the two biggest questions of the offseason and the uncertain futures of Mitch Trubisky and Allen Robinson.

(1:49) - Brad shares his thoughts on the Bears season-ending press conference

(6:20) - Bears are in a dangerous spot if Ryan Pace decides to trade all future assets to try and win the Super Bowl next year

(11:50) - Will the Bears have to trade a big contract off of the defense, i.e. Mack?

(16:13) - What does the immediate future look like for Allen Robinson?

(19:50) - Will Mitch Trubisky be back as a Bear next season?

(24:20) - Ryan Pace's issues with understanding draft value

Jan 18, 2021
Bears season ending press conference recap: Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy & George McCaskey fail the fan

Bears fans are as smart and passionate as any fanbase in sports, and the team seems to take advantage of that. In their season-ending press conference, George McCaskey, Ted Phillips, Ryan Pace, and Matt Nagy spoke to the media and fans about the state of the Bears and tried to convince everyone that running it back is the right move. Hosts JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis not only break down the press conference, but they take calls from the fans the Bears leadership disrespected in a new voicemail segment. Put the kids to bed for this one.

(1:10) - Was this the worst press conference in Chicago sports history?

(4:30) - Clips of Ted Phillips and Ryan Pace from the press conference

(11:22) - The Bears brass told on themselves

(19:22) - Bears fans speak their frustrations in the voicemail segment

(25:40) - Why can't the Bears disclose the contracts for Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy?

(34:05) - Bears fans should be apologized to

(40:25) - How did Pace and Nagy convince McCaskey and Phillips that they will improve next year?

(46:20) - Is there a path where the Bears do improve?

Jan 14, 2021
EMERGENCY POD: Pace & Nagy stay, Chuck Pagano retires

In an emergency edition of the Under Center podcast, JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis react to the news of defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano retiring from coaching and the report that GM Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy will be kept through the 2021 season - much to the confusion of Bears fans. JJ and Cam look at why this may be happening, predict what this could mean for the future of the Bears, and wonder how the McCaskeys will address the media. Cheers to another year of mediocre football.

(1:39) - Was this move expected?

(7:05) - Bears fans deserve better than what they are given

(12:26) - The Bears should matter more than they do

(18:20) - How will Ryan Pace build a contender in 1 season?

(24:50) - Is it fine that Matt Nagy gets to stay?

(32:50) - Chuck Pagano leaves the NFL by retiring

Jan 13, 2021
Mailbag Tuesdays: What will the McCaskey's do?

After a first round exit, the Bears' players clean out their lockers and do their final interviews, some passing on the chance to speak to the media and fans, (you can guess who). So before the final season-ending press conference, the weekly mailbag is back to answer the most questions it's ever had to give you the perspective you need. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss Allen Robinson's impending free agency, Doug Pederson's firing impacting Matt Nagy, will the Bears trade for Deshaun Watson, and many more.

(1:20) - Bears players clean out their lockers and Allen Robinson speaks about his contract

(11:45) - If Pace and Nagy are staying, why do they need to do the season-ending press conference?

(18:00) - Did the Bears set themselves back in GM searches by not firing Pace in season?

(22:11) - Is Mitch a scapegoat for Matt Nagy?

(26:21) - Will Doug Pederson's firing impact Matt Nagy?

(31:04) - Why has Eddie Jackson been bad all year?

(37:09) - If Mitch turns his career around somewhere else, is it on Nagy or Pace that he wasn't successful in Chicago?

(42:52) - Best head coach, GM, starting QB combination the Bears can get next year

(47:58) - Should the Bears trade for Deshaun Watson?

(53:25) - Why should fans be hopeful about the Bears?

Jan 12, 2021
Bears vs Saints playoff recap: Where do the Bears go from here?

Well, the Bears were in the playoffs then they weren't. In a series of completely predictable events, the Bears didn't take advantage of opportunities and made mistake after mistake, and Javon Whims drops another pass, after mistake, did Anthony Miller just punch him? To recap the loss, JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and David Kaplan discuss and breakdown everything involving the game including the play of Mitch Trubisky, the coaching of Matt Nagy, and oh look another neutral zone infraction. Enjoy the venting Bears fans.

(1:52) - What was Anthony Miller doing!?

(9:20) - Good game by the defense but they needed to be great for the Bears to have a chance

(18:35) - Did Matt Nagy escape the firings that may happen to the Bears?

(25:40) - The city of Chicago has not embraced Ryan Pace

(33:10) - What till the Bears do with Ted Phillips?

(43:20) - What will the McCaskey's do with Pace and Nagy?

Jan 11, 2021
Bears vs Saints SUPER playoff preview: IT'S PLAYOFF TIME!

For the second time in three years, the Bears are in the playoffs! To preview the biggest game of the year, (after last week's biggest game of the year) hosts JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis bring on two heavy hitters. First, a player who has played for both franchises, a man you know and love: Alex Brown from the Football Aftershow! Alex joins the pod to discuss the ways the Bears can upset the Saints, and what this playoff berth means for the Bears. Later in the pod, JJ and Cam are joined by veteran football writer Luke Johnson from the New Orleans Advocate to get a rundown on the Saints, and whether Drew Brees and them boys can handle the Bears.

(1:25) - Alex describes his relationship with his son Antonio Brown from the Headstrong series episode

(8:05) - The difference between regular season football and playoff football

(13:05) - Akiem Hicks is the most important player for the Bears on Sunday

(17:00) - Alex Brown does not trust Matt Nagy to consistently run the ball

(24:30) - Luke Johson of the New Orleans Advocate joins the podcast

(26:20) - Will Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara play vs the Bears?

(30:30) - Are the Saints a legit championship contender this year?

(32:45) - The Bears are one of the teams the Saints didn't want to see

(37:00) - Has the downfall of Drew Brees been overblown?

(40:10) - JJ and Cam wrap up the Bears vs Saints SUPER preview

Jan 07, 2021
Headstrong Men's Health Month: Antonio Brown on being the son of a pro athlete

Headstrong is a series about men's health told through powerful stories involving the athletes we love. In this episode, Bears content producer Eric Strobel sits down with the son of Bears great Alex Brown, Antonio Brown as he discusses growing up with Alex, his personal journey in sports to become a division one athlete, and competing with his pro day. Get a look inside the life of Antonio Brown and his father Alex. Headstrong is brought to you in part by Zenni Optical, Zenni has changed the game in eyewear, finally making prescription glasses affordable for everyone. Headstrong is also brought to you in part by Advocate Aurora Health. No matter what life throws your way, your health is primary. Schedule a wellness exam today.

(1:10) - The moment when Antonio Brown figured he can become a division 1 athlete

(4:02) - Characterizing Alex's impact on Antonio's baseball career

(7:25) - Is there pressure to live up to his dad's career?

(11:05) - Qualities that he has gained from his dad

(14:30) - Surprises about his dad that he's found out

(17:40) - Antonio describes what his dad means to him

Jan 06, 2021
Mailbag Tuesdays: Why is Matt Nagy's job safe?

Even after a disappointing loss to the Packers on Sunday, the Bears still made the playoffs - even though it may not feel like it to fans. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis get together for a playoff edition of the weekly mailbag, answering questions and concerns of Bears Nation. The guys dive into the report that Matt Nagy's job is safe, and what it means for Ryan Pace, go over offseason moves they’d make to turn the Bears into an elite team, and debate who’s really been calling plays for the Bears. PLAYOFFS!

(1:54) - Is Matt Nagy calling plays again?

(8:14) - Can the Bears be the 2011 Giants?

(14:40) - What the hell is going on with the Bears defense?

(22:57) - Will Mitch go rouge with the offense in the Saints game?

(26:12) - How is Matt Nagy's job safe?

(37:00) - Why isn't Mitch Trubisky throwing downfield?

(42:28) - What 3 offseason moves should the Bears make to change their team?

Jan 05, 2021
Bears vs Packers postgame recap: Well, they are technically in the playoffs

They did it. After a wild regular season which featured a 6-game losing streak, the Bears fell backward into the playoffs, thanks to an Arizona Cardinals loss. JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and David Kaplan discuss the Bears’ season, break down the 35-16 loss vs. the Packers, and discuss the upcoming playoff matchup next week with the New Orleans Saints.

(1:20) - When did you realize that the Bears are going to the playoffs?

(7:14) - Are fans happy the Bears are in the playoffs?

(14:30) - Will McCaskey make a move to change things for the better or stay pat?

(22:20) - Should fans just enjoy the playoff game?

(32:40) - The Bears played a game that mattered and a lot of other teams didn't

(38:55) - Frustration vs excitement to be in the playoffs

Jan 04, 2021
Bears vs Packers preview: BIGGEST. GAME. EVER!

Well Bears fans, it's here. The game to decide the fate of the Bears’ season, and possibly this era comes, down to one final game against their biggest rival. To cover all the aspects of this Sunday’s game, JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis bring on not just one, but two guests to get you prepared for the Week 17 matchup. First, Football Aftershow analyst and former Bear Lance Briggs joins the podcast to discuss the rivalry from a player's angle and what this game means for Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy, and Mitch Trubisky. Later in the pod, the Under Center crew is joined by Olivia Reiner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to break things down from the Packers side, discuss Aaron Rodgers' MVP season, and give a peek into what Green Bay is thinking headed into a game they need as well. We have it all covered on the Under Center podcast.

(1:45) - How surprising is it that the Bears are in this position?

(6:34) - Do Pro Bowl snubs bother NFL players?

(10:57) - What do the Packers do on offense to challenge linebackers?

(14:45) - Lance goes over the last time the Bears played the Packers on Week 17 (Don't get angry)

(19:27) - Olivia Reiner of the Milwaukee Jornal Sentinel joins the podcast

(21:38) - Where are the Packers clicking the most on offense?

(27:10) - How much can the Packers take away from the week 12 matchup?

(34:38) - Matt LaFleur's year 2

(37:55) - JJ and Cam wrap up the preview of Bears and Packers. Is this a measurement game for the entire Bears organization?

Dec 31, 2020
Mailbag Tuesday: Do the Bears have a chance vs the Packers?

The weekly mailbag is back with questions from Under Center fans about the resurgent Bears. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss whether Mitch Trubisky is another Alex Smith that can win games as you search for your franchise quarterback, then debate the temperature of Chuck Pagano’s seat before wondering if Mitch Trubisky can beat a good team in the Green Bay Packers. All of that and more on Under Center’s weekly mailbag.

(1:50) - Is Mitch Trubisky Alex Smith?

(13:00) - When was the last time Mitch Trubisky beat a good team?

(20:40) - Is Chuck Pagano on the hot seat?

(28:50) - Why has Eddie Jackson gone MIA this season?

(34:38) - What should Ryan Pace do about the QB position, if he is still employed by the Bears?

(41:40) - How far can the Bears go if they make the playoffs?

Dec 29, 2020
Bears vs Jaguars postgame recap: Don't look now but the Bears might do it

In a game the Bears needed to have and the Jaguars didn't want, the Bears had a 2nd half for the ages and beat the Jags 41-17. JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and David Kaplan discuss the key victory and the growth of Mitch Trubisky as he leads one of the hottest offenses in recent weeks. The crew also discusses the playoff implications associated with the game and will the Bears stand pat with Mitch Trubisky after this season because of his recent play.

(1:16) - What changed in the Bears after halftime?

(7:44) - Issues with Matt Nagy's philosophy?

(14:05) - What should the Bears do with Mitch Trubisky after this season?

(21:50) - With the success of the offense in recent weeks, what should Matt Nagy make of finally changing his offensive philosophy to better fit his team?

(29:00) - Can Matt Nagy grow as a head coach?

Dec 28, 2020
Bears vs Jaguars preview: The Bears need to take the Jags seriously

The Bears are on an uphill climb while trying to make the playoffs, and will need help from others. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis preview the Week 16 matchup, discussing who needs to step up on the Bears. Will Bill Lazor and Matt Nagy continue to run David Montgomery? If the Bears win, which they’re favored to do, will the final game vs Green Bay mean anything?

(1:14) - The Bears are favored by a lot

(8:00) - The Bears need help to make the playoffs. Which matchups should Bears fans be tuned into on Week 16?

(14:40) - Bears fans will have to root for the Packers this Sunday

(21:20) - Are there any options available next year that's better than bringing back Mitch Trubisky?

(27:55) - Is Dak Prescott an option for the Bears?

(36:10) - What are you having for Christmas dinner?

Dec 24, 2020
Mailbag Tuesdays: Which bear is the best kind of bear?

The weekly mailbag episode is back and the Under Center fans delivered once again. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis answer a full boat of questions, from Ryan Pace's future, to the play of the defense, to other potential QB options for next year (some of them laughable), and which bears are best. Is it the grizzly? Polar? Panda? Let the debating begin!

(2:50) -Will Ryan Pace select Mitch Trubisky or Allen Robinson to franchise tag?

(8:20) - Chances Goerge McCaskey hires a president of football operations to decide the fate of Pace/Nagy

(13:30) - Select your bear: Bear in the Big Blue House vs Baloo from The Jungle Book

(16:25) - Why has Nagy been so resistant to change in his offense?

(26:05) - Should the Bears target Carson Wentz?

(29:30) - What kind of bear is best?

(34:10) - Who needs to step up more on defense, the pass rush, or the pass coverage?

(44:29) - In an expanded playoff year, does getting the final seed count?

Dec 22, 2020
Bears vs Vikings postgame recap: Folks, the playoffs are back on the table

The Bears have fought back and won their last 2 games, and their 33-27 win over the Vikings put them in realistic contention for the playoffs. Will a postseason run force the Bears to stay pat with Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace? JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and David Kaplan discuss and debate if the changes fans were calling for in recent weeks are still coming, and if the McCaskey's stick with their GM and coach. They also discuss David Montgomery's career day on the ground, and what is working for the Bears offense now. Bears fans, prepare yourselves for a roller coaster ride to finish the season.

(1:25) - Percentages and chances the Bears make the playoffs

(7:20) - Will George McCaskey fire Ryan Pace and/or Matt Nagy if they make the playoffs this year?

(13:19) - Did Matt Nagy do his job of developing quarterbacks?

(23:46) - The Bears may have to bring back Mitch Trubisky

(29:56) - Vikings coach Mike Zimmer helped the Bears by not giving the ball to Dalvin Cook late in the game

(36:27) - Do the Bears have a shot at winning a playoff game?

Dec 21, 2020
Bears vs Vikings preview: Olin Kreutz on the new Bears offensive line

The Bears look to use the momentum gained vs the Texans to pick up another win vs division rival Minnesota Vikings to keep their playoff hopes alive. Host JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by NBCS teammate Olin Kreutz to help breakdown the matchup and more specifically what the Bears are doing with the offensive line. Olin breaks down the play of center Sam Mustipher and what he sees in him, they discuss if the offense has improved with Mitch Trubisky, and if the Bears have turned the corner. Later in the podcast JJ and Cam go over the spread of the game and make predictions on this crucial playoff determining matchup.

(1:20) - Impressed by the play of Sam Mustipher

(6:51) - What does getting an 80yrd run on the 1st play do for an offensive line?

(13:57) - Could the Bears have been established if they stuck with Trubisky?

(21:00) - Matt Nagy's coaching style

(32:20) - The Bears are only 3 point underdogs going into Minnesota

(40:20) - Vikings kicking issues

Dec 17, 2020
Mailbag Tuesday: After a blowout win, are jobs being saved?

It's been a while since we've done a mailbag episode after a win, but here we are. On this week's edition, JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss what the big win vs the Texans means in the grand scheme of things for the Bears. Did the win help Mitch Trubisky, Matt Nagy, or Ryan Pace? Should the Bears look at Lovie Smith if they fire Matt Nagy? The crew answers all of these questions and why producer Tony Gill has an affinity for squirrels?

(1:10) - Squirrell talk

(5:27) - Did the win save the jobs of Trubisky, Matt Nagy, or Ryan Pace?

(14:07) - Are the McCaskey's satisfied if the Bears go 8-8?

(22:54) - What is Cole Kmet's role with the Bears moving forward?

(33:28) - Should the Bears trade Roquan Smith if the right deal came about?

(39:20) - Does tanking work in the NFL?

(45:16) - Should the Bears interview Lovie Smith if they fire Matt Nagy?

Dec 15, 2020
Bears vs Texans postgame recap: Did Matt Nagy finally figure it out?

They did it! The Bears ended the losing streak with a dominating 36-7 win over the Texans. Are the Bears still "In the hunt"? Did Matt Nagy finally figure it out? JJ Stankevitz, David Kaplan, and Cam Ellis discuss the win and what it means for Nagy and Mitch Trubisky. The crew then dives into the defensive performance, wonders if the offense will continue running the ball well, and highlights some good individual performances.

(2:11) - Does this win matter for the Bears?

(9:15) - Will the Bears keep Matt Nagy but let go of Ryan Pace?

(16:10) - Why can't the Bears run David Montgomery more?

(23:00) - Why can't the Bears look like this more often?

(33:10) - Best individual performances for the Bears

Dec 14, 2020
Bears vs Texans preview: Houston Chronicle's John McClain on Deshaun Watson

The Bears are looking to stop their longest losing streak since 2002 with a win vs Houston. Playing against Deshaun Watson brings back nightmares from the 2017 draft as Mitch Trubisky gets another opportunity to face a fellow member of that class. To help preview the matchup, veteran NFL writer for the Houston Chronicle, John McClain joins JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis to discuss the issues the Texans have had this year, who will win the QB matchup on Sunday, and Watson's view on the Bears.

(1:55) - Remembering the 2017 NFL draft and combine

(8:34) - Fan hope in Houston and Watson vs hope in Trubisky in Chicago

(14:38) - What does this game mean to Deshaun Watson?

(17:35) - Matchups to look at in this game

(21:20) - Will Watson remember what the Bears did forever?

(28:10) - How will the Bears' secondary keep Watson in check?

(34:30) - Will a loss to Watson for a 7th loss in a row be the bow on top of a bad season?

Dec 10, 2020
Mailbag Tuesday: Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are still the GM and coach

With the new Under Center schedule starting this week, Mailbag Wednesdays are now on Tuesdays and you guys didn't disappoint. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss Monday's press conference from Matt Nagy and how he has a great relationship with Ted Phillips and the McCaskeys. Later in the podcast, the guys answer questions regarding a possible Ted Phillips retirement, whether Pace and Nagy can save their jobs, and the worst Bears losses you have ever seen.

(1:19) - Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy are still leading the Bears after an ugly loss to the Lions

(3:34) - Who should be the Bears' overseer of all things football operations if Ted Phillips retires?

(12:18) - Is there anything Pace and Nagy can do to save their jobs?

(14:50) - Is there any benefit to keeping the coaching staff until the end of the season?

(18:36) - If the Bears enter a rebuild, who is untouchable?

(27:56) - What is the worst Bears loss you've ever witnessed?

(30:58) - Who are the candidates for GM and head coach?

(39:12) - Who won the Khalil Mack trade: the Bears or the Raiders?

Dec 08, 2020
Bears vs Lions postgame recap: Really? The LIONS!?

After being in control for most of the game, your Chicago Bears found a way to lose to the Detroit Lions, 34-30 in heartbreaking fashion. Will this get the attention of the McCaskeys? Is actual change coming to the Bears now? JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and David Kaplan try and make something out of what the Bears did on Sunday. I mean..(throws hands in the air)

(1:00) - Will the Bears finally fire a coach mid-season?

(9:35) - Reasons why Matt Nagy might be fired relatively soon

(18:50) - Should the Bears lose out to obtain a higher draft pick?

(26:25) - If Matt Nagy doesn't get fired tomorrow, he will last the season

(35:00) - Were the Bears wrong to hire Matt Nagy at the time that they did?

(43:14) - Should the Bears look to get Dave Toub as head coach?

Dec 07, 2020
Bears vs Lions preview: Does a win vs Lions do anything for the Bears?

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis preview a matchup of bad teams: the Bears, who are attempting to end a losing five-game losing streak, and the Detroit Lions, who’ve seemingly waived the white flag on their season. From the numbers the Bears are the favorites, but does beating the Lions help Ryan Pace? Matt Nagy? Mitch Trubisky? The fans? JJ and Cam discuss that question, then debate whether the Bears use this game as a spring board for the rest of the season. What are you looking for this game?

(1:10) - Matt Nagy calls out his defense

(8:26) - Does it matter or change anything if the Bears beat the Lions?

(16:00) - Will Anthony Miller play well vs the Lions?

(22:40) - Will the defense show better effort vs the Lions?

(27:00) - Did the Bears give up vs the Packers?

(29:46) - Guess the player, Cole Kmet or Adam Shaheen?

Dec 04, 2020
Mailbag Wednesday: Jason Goff has Bears takes

In this week's installment of Mailbag Wednesday, JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by special guest Jason Goff of the Bulls Talk podcast. The three of them answer fan questions about the struggling Bears, what it may take to fix the organization, and if there need to be changes made above Ryan Pace. They also debate whether 2018 was a fluke and when the organization will stop accepting mediocrity. Put the kids to bed for this one.

(2:40) - Are the Bears ok with being just ok?

(10:36) - Will there be change above Ryan Pace?

(20:35) -There isn't consistent winning in recent Bears history. Why can't they find sustained success?

(29:36) - It seems like Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace are living off the playoff appearance in 2018. Was that season a fluke, or can the Bears be that good again? And if it was a fluke, what is the narrative in 2020 if they never have that season?

(37:55) - With a of strong class of QBs coming up, should the Bears trade whatever they can to take one?

(46:15) - Should Alabama's quarterback Mac Jones be a target for the Bears?

Dec 02, 2020
Bears vs Packers Postgame recap: Is it time for Ryan Pace and Nagy to go?

There is nothing to say about that game but sheesh. The Bears took a huge loss against the rival Packers on Sunday Night Football and it was not pretty. JJ Stankevitz, David Kaplan, and Cam Ellis discuss the possibility that the Bears start their rebuild after this season, and the chances the McCaskey's step in to replace Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy. Oh, and they talk about that farce of a game too. (smh)

(1:56) - Did losing in humiliating fashion to the Packers the final straw for Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy?

(8:00) - Every drafting mistake by Pace had to be made up with a free agent or trade

(14:50) - What do the McCaskey's value, money or winning?

(21:12) - The Bears need to blow it up

(28:13) - Was there anything good in the Bears' loss to the Packers?

(34:16) - Should Matt Nagy have a conversation with Chuck Pagano about the defensive effort vs the Packers?

(40:50) - Game balls for the Bears

Nov 30, 2020
BREAKING: Mitch Trubisky gets the start vs the Green Bay Packers

In a breaking news edition of the Under Center podcast, JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis react to the announcement that Mitch Trubisky will make his return to the starting lineup vs the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night.

(1:10) -The Bears make it official: Mitch Trubisky will start on Sunday

(4:14) - What if Mitch Trubisky plays well on Sunday?

(6:56) - Mitch Trubisky says he was caught off guard by his benching

(10:46) - Does Trubisky's exit from the Bears feel similar to Kyle Long's?

(16:15) - Will Bill Lazor get more out of Trubisky than Nagy?

(21:00) - Is this Mitch's last ride?

Nov 27, 2020
Mike Tirico & Chris Simms preview Bears vs Packers on Sunday Night Football

After coming off the bye, the Bears look to keep their playoff hopes alive by taking on the Packers on Sunday Night Football and avoid going below .500 for the first time this season. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by NBC Sports teammates Mike Tirico, who will be broadcasting the game and Chris Simms to discuss and breakdown the NFC North matchup and get you prepared for one of the biggest games for the Bears this season.

(1:30) - (Mike Tirico interview) How is it calling big games with no fans?

(5:00) - Assessing the Packers flaws on defense the Bears can take advantage of

(10:20) - How should Bears ownership view this season if the Bears continue to collapse?

(21:15) - (Chris Simms interview) How can Matt Nagy help Mitch Trubisky if he starts?

(23:55) - What should Mitch Trubisky's mindset be after being benched?

(27:05) - Does this season specifically give coaches more job security even after a poor season?

(30:32) - Did the Bears lose Allen Robinson already by not giving him an extension?

(3242) - Will the Packers win handedly, or will the Bears defense keep it close?

Nov 27, 2020
Mailbag Wednesday: Is losing to the Packers the final straw for Pace & Nagy?

The Bears are preparing to play their unquestioned rival, the Green Bay Packers, on Sunday Night Football with a lot riding on the game. In the weekly mailbag segment, JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss if there would be implications for Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy if the Bears would lose to the Packers, what their favorite Thanksgiving side dishes are, and whether Colin Kaepernick could fix the Bears’ QB problems. Later in the podcast, JJ and Cam are joined by a special guest, Kathryn Tappen of NBC Sports, to discuss her Sunday Night Football debut. They dive into what it's like covering Notre Dame and her thoughts on the lack of production from former Fighting Irish tight end Cole Kmet.

(7:36) - Will a loss to the Packers influence the McCaskeys?

(12:51) - Favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

(17:51) - Should the Bears prepare for a rebuild or try again next year?

(21:32) - Would Colin Kaepernick help the Bears?

(26:25) - Bigger mistake, trading up for Trubisky or pairing Mitch with a first year head coach in Matt Nagy?

(32:32) - Interview with NBC Sports' Kathryn Tappen

(38:46) - Why isn't Cole Kmet producing?

(42:30) - Kathryn describes sideline reporting with no fans

Nov 25, 2020
Who will be the Bears starter, Nick Foles or Mitch Trubisky?

The Bears’ bye week gave them some time to figure out the ongoing saga of who will play quarterback in Green Bay. With Nick Foles dealing with an injury, is there a chance Mitch Trubisky returns? JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss the comments made by Matt Nagy on the QB situation and where they think the Bears are leaning in terms of naming a starter. Later in the podcast, the guys explain how the Bears still control their playoff destiny.

(1:20) - Mitch Trubisky was at practice, Nick Foles was not

(8:20) - Will Matt Nagy go back to Mitch Trubisky?

(16:55) - Eddie Jackson is placed on COVID-19 reserve list

(21:30) - What does the playoff picture look like for the Bears

(26:55) - The Bears have made making the playoffs difficult on themselves

Nov 23, 2020
Mailbag Wednesday on a Friday: What will it take to change the Bears’ culture?

In the weekly mailbag episode, JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis answer Under Center listener questions about the culture of the Bears and the history of mediocrity that has plagued the organization. The guys also answer whether Allen Robinson will sign a contract with the Bears, how can they arrange their offensive line to get literally anything, and which alternate uniforms the Bears should try out.

(7:15) - What will take for a culture change?

(12:31) - Does the 2020 season feel like Marc Trestman all over again?

(16:04) - Has Trubisky's stock gone up or down?

(21:10) - Is there any circumstance where Allen Robinson returns to the Bears?

(24:48) - What alternate jersey should the Bears try?

(33:20) - Worst names for a football player in NFL history

(36:24) - Are the Bears at the table with the Browns, Bengals, and other bad/mediocre organizations?

(43:22) - Is there any combination on the offensive line that the Bears can do something with?

Nov 20, 2020
Bears vs Viking postgame recap: The offense stinks

The Bears lost a clunker at home to the division rival Minnesota Vikings 19-13, making it four losses in a row. Nothing on offense seemed to change after offensive coordinator Bill Lazor took over play calling duties resulting in zero touchdowns. JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and David Kaplan recap the loss and breakdown all the various issues not only the Bears offense has but the organization as well.

(1:12) - We should have seen this coming

(11:40) - The Bears are stuck in mediocrity

(20:40) - Should the Bears start over and gather picks?

(28:25) - Is Robert Quinn one of Pace's worst decisions?

(33:46) - Kaplan drops a bomb on how the Bears dismissed current Colts GM Chris Ballard from the running as Bears GM

(40:30) - Do the Bears want to be better than mediocre?

(49:15) - Game Balls

Nov 17, 2020
Bears vs Vikings preview: Can the Bears stop the losing streak?

The Bears look to end their three game losing streak on Monday night with the Vikings in town. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis break down the matchup in this week’s preview pod. The crew discusses the Vikings being the favorite despite having a worse record than the Bears, if the Bears defense can stop MVP candidate Dalvin Cook, and, for the love of all, can the offense finally do something?

(1:05) - Why are the Bears an underdog to the Vikings?

(7:10) - Will the Bears stop Dalvin Cook like they did Derrick Henry?

(13:00) - This game is a pivot point for the Bears

(18:20) - Where is the bar for the Bears (Not Alex Bars)?

(25:20) - Matt Nagy was asked again on if he will give up play calling

Nov 13, 2020
Mailbag Wednesday: Are Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy still on the same page?

Things are looking bleak for the Bears after the third straight loss. Has the struggling offense and consecutive losses put a wedge between Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy? JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis try and answer this question — among many — in the weekly mailbag episode of the Under Center podcast. The crew also wonders which Bears beat writer would win in a foot race, whether the Bears would tag Allen Robinson only to trade him, and how much blame should Matt Nagy get for not being able to develop Mitch Trubisky?

(1:14) - Matt Nagy speaks about his in game play-calling and the chances he gives it up

(9:08) - Should Pace fire Nagy to protect himself?

(14:10) - Are Nagy and Pace on the same page?

(19:05) - Who would win in a foot race?

(25:25) - If Nagy is fired, what other job would he be able to get?

(29:37) - How much responsibility should fall on Nagy for not developing Trubisky?

(35:06) - Should Pace draft a QB or an offensive lineman with the Bears 1st round pick?

(43:50) - Would the Bears franchise tag Allen Robinson and trade him?

Nov 11, 2020
Bears face-plant against Titans; are they out of answers?

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by David Kaplan to sift through the wreckage of the Bears' 24-17 loss to the Titans that was not as close as the final score indicated. The guys discuss what went wrong on offense before debating whether Matt Nagy has any answers whatsoever, and later praise Chuck Pagano's defense for letting loose and amping up the pressure against Ryan Tannehill and company.

(1:30) - Bears deserved the embarrassing result they got against Tennessee; what's the path forward?

(6:00) - Why are the Bears so bad at situational football?

(13:00) - The Bears have to stop making excuses about their offense, but is the real problem on the personnel side?

(17:45) - How should the Bears prioritize their needs at QB & OL in the next draft?

(20:00) - Should Bears ownership continue to have patience with Matt Nagy?

(26:30) - The Bears' defense performed well against Derrick Henry & Ryan Tannehill Sunday

(31:00) - Chuck Pagano dialed up a much more aggressive defensive gameplan in Nashville

Nov 09, 2020
Bears dealing with COVID-19 ahead of Titans game

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis dive deep into an eventful few days for the Bears organization after the entire team and staff were sent home before practice Thursday due to a second positive COVID-19 test. Later, the guys discuss the awful luck of the injured Mitchell Trubisky and what kind of chances the team has against the Titans on Sunday.

(1:30) - The entire Bears organization is in a fluid state after another positive COVID-19 test Thursday

(6:00) - What would have to happen for Sunday's game to not be played as scheduled?

(15:30) - If Tyler Bray can't be on the sidelines Sunday backing up Nick Foles, who would you like to see be the emergency backup: Matt Nagy, Dave Ragone, or Henry Burris??

(19:00) - Mitchell Trubisky potentially has structural problems in his throwing shoulder after getting injured on his only play last Sunday

(25:00) - How can the Bears win in Tennessee despite being 6.5-point underdogs according to PointsBet Sportsbook?

(36:15) - Breaking News live while recording! Cam & JJ react to the Bears being cleared to return to Halas Hall and practice Friday

Nov 06, 2020
Why Alex Brown wants more from the Bears’ defense

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by former Bears defensive end and current NBC Sports Chicago Football Aftershow analyst Alex Brown to discuss whether the Bears’ defense has another level to hit, as well as the Javon Wims suspension fallout and whether Matt Nagy needs to tailor his offense a bit differently (1:36). Then, JJ and Cam explain the implications of Jason Spriggs’ positive COVID-19 test (25:25) before reaching into their listener mailbag to answer questions about the offensive line, Halloween candy, Dak Prescott, their top “new” Bear of the season, and whether there’s any hope against the Titans this weekend (31:00). 

Nov 04, 2020
Bears vs Saints Postgame recap: What was Javon Wims doing!?

The Bears lost their second game in a row on Sunday, falling 26-23 to New Orleans in OT. As the offense struggled once again, Matt Nagy's play calling is again the subject of discussion — as is the fight and subsequent ejection of wide receiver Javon Wims. JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and David Kaplan breakdown the loss. Cam Nick Foles be the starter going forward? Can anything be done with the offense? And what in the world was Javon Wims doing!?

(1:15) - What in the hell is Javon Wims doing?

(7:20) - Wims was just another example of a lot of Bears mistakes

(14:52) - Should Bears fans still have faith in Matt Nagy?

(26:15) - Is Nick Foles still the answer?

(35:15) - Who is to blame for the Bears struggling offense?

(40:48) - Which Bear players get Under Center Game Balls

Nov 02, 2020
Bears vs Saint preview with former Bear Devin Hester

The Bears look to turn it around vs the New Orleans Saints after an ugly loss to the Rams on Monday Night Football. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis preview the matchup and discuss can the offense play good enough to keep up with Drew Brees and the Saints, and will the defense be able to slow them down. Later in the podcast, former Bears returner Devin Hester joins the podcast brought to you by our partners at PointsBet to help breakdown the matchup.

(4:16) - Injury updates on players the Bears might not have vs the Saints

(9:30) - Matt Nagy discusses play calling

(16:00) - How the defense can change the game vs the Saints

(22:00) - Can the defense set the tone for the Bears

(29:08) - Devin Hester joins the podcast

(34:45) - Why can't the Bears return punts?

(38:50) - Does this game have a chance to be higher scoring?

Oct 30, 2020
Mailbag Wednesday: Will Matt Nagy ever give up play calling?

After suffering an ugly loss to the LA Rams, the weekly mailbag questions from Under Center listeners had one central theme: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE OFFENSE AND MATT NAGY? JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by NBCS Chicago teammate Adam Hoge, of the Hoge and Jahns podcast, as they answer concerns about whether Matt Nagy should give up play calling, if the Bears should go back to Mitch Trubisky, should Ryan Pace go after Saints WR Michael Thomas, and more. Make sure to follow @NBCSBears on Twitter to get your question aired on the podcast.

(1:30) - The Bears need to address the offense NOW!

(8:00) - Should Matt Nagy give up play calling?

(17:00) - Why aren't the Bears good at running zone schemes?

(22:38) - Why is there no consistent production from the TE position?

(27:54) - Should Pace go after Michael Thomas?

(34:15) - Will Nick Foles be benched for Mitch Trubisky?

(41:27) - Is Akiem Hicks being hit with ticky-tack penalties?

(44:45) - If the Bears don't make the playoffs, will Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy be fired?

Oct 28, 2020
Bears vs Rams postgame recap: From winning ugly to losing ugly

After pulling out close wins in recent weeks, the Bears struggle on Monday Night Football losing to the Rams 24-10 dropping to 5-2. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss the ugly loss, the struggling offense, should Matt Nagy continue to call plays for the Bears, and are the Bears going to waste the defense again.

(1:20) - Brian Griese quote's Nick Foles about Matt Nagy

(8:57) - Does Nick Foles have a point if he did say that to Brian Griese?

(16:40) - Why doesn't Matt Nagy's offense does not work?

(23:15) - Opponent defenses know Bears will make mistakes

(30:20) - Bears punt returns were awful vs the Rams

(37:25) - If Mitch Trubisky played like Nick Foles vs the Rams he would be crushed

Oct 27, 2020
Bears vs Rams preview with radio voice of the Rams J.B. Long

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by J.B. Long, the voice of the Rams, to preview a Monday Night matchup with potential playoff implications. The crew discusses each team's schedule so far, the individual matchups to look for, and what this game could mean for playoff seeding. Later in the pod, JJ and Cam dive into what fans should expect from the Bears on Monday Night and if they can keep "winning ugly".

(2:00) - How are fans feeling about the Rams heading into the Bears game?

(9:21) - Is the Rams pass defense imposing?

(16:50) - How good are the Rams/Bears based on their schedules so far?

(22:40) - Where will the Rams try and attack the Bears defense?

(28:40) - JJ and Cam discuss the Bears being the underdog headed into the Rams game.

(34:50) - Will the Bears get literally anything from the run game?

(40:00) -How will Bears wide receivers attack Jalen Ramsey?

Oct 23, 2020
Under Center mailbag Wednesday: Should Matt Nagy give up play calling?

It's mailbag time once again on the Under Center podcast, and listeners came with another great round of questions. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis debate if you’d rather have a shotgun or Akiem Hicks with you in the wilderness, whether the Bears should trade for a wide receiver or offensive linemen ASAP, and Whether Matt Nagy would ever give up play calling? And Make sure to follow @NBCSBears on Twitter so can send your questions in, become a part of the Under Center crew, and get them answered on future mailbag episodes.

(1:14) - Bears sign Manti Te'o to the practice squad

(4:40) - Would you feel safer in the wilderness with Akiem Hicks or a shotgun

(12:50) - Should Bill Lazor call the offense over Matt Nagy?

(17:20) - Who would the Bears trade at the deadline?

(26:00) - Will the Bears get national respect if they "win ugly" vs the Rams?

(37:20) - Should the Bears go with Eddy Pineiro or stick with Cairo Santos

(41:45) - One listener has a bone to pick with JJ

Oct 21, 2020
Bears vs Panthers postgame recap: The "Winning Ugly" Bears

The Bears improve to 5-1 as the defense shows up big time against the Panthers in a 23-16 win. JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and David Kaplan review the Week 6 win and discuss the Bears’ dominating defense. The three of them also discuss the "ugly" way the Bears are winning games, whether it can be sustained all season, and Matt Nagy's play calling down the stretch.

(1:22) - Is this 5-1 real?

(9:10) - Nick Foles speaks on "winning ugly"

(15:05) - Concerns with how the Bears win games

(23:50) - Bears’ defense seem to be dominating again

(27:48) - Should the Bears make a trade for a WR or left guard before the trade deadline?

(36:52) - Which Bears deserve game balls

Oct 19, 2020
Bears vs Panthers preview with NBC Sports' Jac Collinsworth

The Bears haven't been 5-1 since 2012, and they look to do that with a win vs the Panthers. Could this be the Mike Davis revenge game? JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis breakdown how the Bears run defense will stack up against the Panthers and Davis. Later in the podcast, JJ goes 1 on 1 with NBC Sports' Jac Collinsworth to discuss former Notre Dame players Cole Kmet and Alex Bars, and Jac helps breakdown the Bears and Panthers game.

(1:30) - Bears will be without offensive line coach Juan Castillo on Sunday

(4:54) - Matt Nagy on the difficulties of running a team during the pandemic

(11:40) - How will the Bears adjust to playing without James Daniels

(15:56) - Former Bears running back Mike Davis is playing at an elite level for the Panthers

(28:27) - Jac Collinsworth of NBC Sports joins the podcast

(29:25) - Should Bears fans be worried about Cole Kmet?

(39:28) - Why is the Panther's offense playing so well without Christian McCaffrey?

Oct 16, 2020
Olin Kreutz on if the Bears can fix their O-line in season

The Bears are 4-1 but according to Olin Kruetz the offensive line play needs to be better. Olin joins JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis as they discuss the Bears' offensive line and the lack of production in the run game and pass protection. They also dive into can the offensive line with injuries be better in the middle of the season and what needs to be done going forward to address the issues. Later in the podcast, JJ and Cam have a deep conversation about Bears rookie tight end Cole Kmet and should he be more prominent in the Bears offense 5 games in.

(2:05) - What impact will losing James Daniels have on the offensive line?

(8:37) - The Bears rank near the bottom third of the league in offensive line spending

(14:25) - Can Bears center Cody Whitehair help an inexperienced o-line?

(21:12) - How big of an issue is the Bears defense not stopping the run so far?

(28:30) - Why isn't Cole Kmet producing yet?

(38:12) - Cole Kmet's tight end class wasn't the best

(42:50) - Will Robert Quinn be worth the money?

Oct 14, 2020
Bears mailbag Wednesday on a Monday

Is Cole Kmet another Adam Shaheen? Why won't the Bears fire Ryan Pace or Matt Nagy? Which Under Center podcast crew member forgot his birthday as a child? All of those questions and more will be answered by JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis on the weekly mailbag episode that's on a Monday because the Bears made Tom Brady forget it was 4th down on Thursday.

(1:04) - The Bears have their first COVID-19 case

(6:10) - Can the Bears get through the roughest part of the schedule above .500?

(11:45) - Is Cole Kmet Adam Shaheen?

(19:30) - Does John Defilippo have more of a connection to Nick Foles than Mitch Trubisky?

(28:48) - Will the NFL have to delay the Super Bowl?

(35:22) - Why aren't Pace and Nagy going to be fired?

(42:43) - Tom Brady forgot something important. What’s the biggest thing you’ve forgotten?

Oct 12, 2020
Bears vs Buccaneers postgame recap

The Super Bowl magic of Nick Foles appeared as the Bears take the tough and close win over Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20-19 as the Bears improve to 4-1. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis breakdown the big Thursday night win, give out game balls to the most impactful Bears of the game and OMG did you see what Khalil Mack did to that grown man. SHEESH!

(1:30) - Nick Foles' "Trubisky" like play in the first half

(8:20) - Kyle Fuller with the biggest hit in the last 3 years for the Bears

(14:50) -Khalil Mack threw a grown man off of him

(21:45) - What does it mean for the Bears that they start the season 4-1

(28:48) - The Bears are on track to finish better than what they did in 2019

Oct 09, 2020
Bears vs Buccaneers preview with Lance Briggs

After losing to the Colts on Sunday, the Bears have a short week to get ready for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by former Bear and current Football Aftershow commentator Lance Briggs as they discuss the Bears loss on Sunday, how they have to prepare for Tom Brady, and Lance's new graphic novel THE TRAP. Later on, JJ and Cam break down the Bucs and discuss how the Bear cans generate the offense needed to keep up with Brady and Co.

(1:27) - Impressions of the 3-1 Bears

(6:45) - Bears vs Tom Brady

(14:05) - Starting a graphic novel after being a pro athlete

(19:50) - Bears are only a 5-point underdog vs the Bucs?

(27:50) - Should Bears rookie Cole Kmet be used more in the passing game by now?

(36:50) - Can the Bears get to 30 points vs the Bucs?

Oct 07, 2020
Bears vs Colts postgame recap

After a 3-0 start, the Bears suffered their first loss of the season on Sunday. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss the poor offensive output in Nick Foles' first start, wonder whether Matt Nagy is to blame for the lack of scoring, and debate whether should fans be worried that a QB change didn't fix the problems.

(1:22) - Did the Colts loss change anything you thought about the Bears?

(7:55) - This game felt like 2019 all over again

(13:42) - Is rookie Darnell Mooney on his way to taking Anthony Miller’s role?

(20:54) - Nick Foles needs to be better than he was vs the Colts

(27:36) - If it's going to take time for Foles to get acclimated, why didn't he start the season?

Oct 05, 2020
Bears vs Colts preview with Chris Simms and a special guest

With Nick Foles’ first start as a Bear looming, JJ Stankevitz is joined by NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms as they break down why Matt Nagy ultimately chose Foles over Trubisky. Later in the podcast, JJ and Cam Ellis are joined by a very special guest to breakdown the matchup between the Colts and the Bears. It's not Andrew Luck...or is it?

(1:30) - How does the rest of the Bears receive the message of the coach switching quarterbacks

(4:35) - What can Nagy and Foles do with a week to prepare?

(7:50) - Nick Foles can improve the wide receiver play

(11:20) - What does Mitch Trubisky have to do going forward?

(13:49) - Special guest interview. Maybe it's Andrew Luck (Probably not)

Oct 02, 2020
The Nick Foles era has begun with Dave Wannstedt

The Nick Foles era has begun and according to Matt Nagy, Foles will remain the starter until further notice. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss the new Bears starting QB, and answer listener questions in our weekly mailbag segment. Later on, former Bears coach Dave Wannstedt joins the podcast to discuss why Matt Nagy made the switch at QB, whether fans should be worried about the Bears defense, and will the Bears continue to win against good teams?

(1:30) - Will the Bears ever find a kicker?

(9:30) - Concerns about the Bears defense

(20:14) - Will national opinions about the Bears change now that Trubisky isn't the starter?

(28:48) - Who will take the Tarik Cohen snaps

(35:16) - Dave Wannstedt interview/ What message did Nagy send to his team?

(44:40) - Quarterbacks in NFL history who have had their 4th year options declined

Sep 30, 2020
Bears vs. Falcons week 3 postgame recap

The Falcons HAHAHAHAHA! The Bears staged another comeback win on Sunday, beating Atlanta 30-26 after benching Mitch Trubisky for Nick Foles. Is this the last we've seen of Mitch Trubisky? Has the Nick Foles era begun? Has the Falcons..HAHAHAHAHA!

(1:20) - Atlanta Falcons have another breakdown at the end of the game

(11:20) - Jimmy Graham on the difference between having Foles in as QB

(20:08) - This Bears team believes they can make a playoff run

(26:54) - What does the future look like for Mitch Trubisky and Ryan Pace?

(36:05) - Who wins Week 3 game balls?

Sep 28, 2020
Bears vs Falcons preview and remembering Gale Sayers

The Bears are looking to go 3-0 as they head to Atlanta to take on the Falcons. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis preview the week 3 matchup discussing if the Bears defense will hold up the Falcons' high powered offense and can Mitch Trubisky build on his first 2 performances this season. Later on in the podcast, JJ is joined by legendary sports writer Fred Mitchell to discuss and remember the career and legacy of the late great Gale Sayers who passed away on September 23rd.

(1:13) - David Montgomery and Cordarrelle Patterson speak on the murder of Breonna Taylor

(8:57) - The Bears are underdogs for the first time this year

(14:30) -Will the Bears defense be able to stop the Falcons?

(23:47) - Fred Mitchell joins the podcast

(34:20) - Gale Sayers comes back from a devastating injury

(40:45) - Brian's Song and Gale Sayer's friend Brian Piccolo

Sep 25, 2020
Alex Brown is not convinced on the 2-0 Bears

The Bears are 2-0 and are tied atop the NFC North, but something still feels off. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by former Bear and Football Aftershow analyst Alex Brown as they discuss the 2-0 Bears, and what they need to fix before heading to Atlanta on Sunday. Later on in the pod, JJ and Cam answer your questions in our weekly mailbag segment.

(1:40) - Feelings about the 2-0 Bears start

(10:10) - Is Mitch Trubisky improving this year?

(17:40) - Can the Bears win games without scoring more than 20 points a game?

(25:30) - Weekly mailbag segment

(31:35) - Should the Bears have kept Nick Kwiatkoski over Danny Trevathan?

(40:15) - Which kicker should be the Bears' guy going forward: Santos or Eddy Piñeiro?

Sep 23, 2020
Bears vs Giants week 2 postgame recap

In another close call, the Bears pull out a 17-13 win over the New York Giants at Soldier Field and improve to 2-0 on the season. JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and David Kaplan discuss the win and how ugly the wins were. The crew dissects Mitch Trubisky's play, the defense allowing a comeback at the end of the game, and they hand out game balls to the Bears players who most impacted the game.

(1:10) - The Bears are 2-0 but it doesn't feel like 2-0

(5:00) - Akiem Hicks and Matt Nagy discuss the Bears being 2-0

(12:50) - Should there be more concern for the offense or the defense?

(19:34) - Did Mitch build off of Week 1?

(30:00) - Can rookie Darnell Mooney take over the second receiver role and surpass Anthony Miller?

(34:25) - Bears kickers aren't doing so great

Sep 21, 2020
Bears vs Giants preview with NBC Sports' Chris Simms

The Bears are looking to go 2-0 this Sunday as the New York Giants come to town. So how can they build off of their Week 1 comeback win vs the Lions? JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by NBC Sports lead NFL analyst Chris Simms as they preview Sunday's matchup. Can Mitch Trubisky be better in Week 2? Will the defense come into form? Can the Bears continue to run the ball effectively? The three of them discuss all that, and more. 

(1:31) - Allen Robinson contract update

(7:22) - The Bears are the favorites heading into Week 2

(14:10) - Chris Simms joins the podcast

(16:30) - Mitch Trubisky's play in the Lions game

(21:40) - Can the Bears continue to have inconsistent production from the tight ends?

(26:30) - Can the Bears' defense stop Saquon Barkley?

Sep 18, 2020
Why are the Bears not extending Allen Robinson?

Bears star wide receiver Allen Robinson isn't happy with how contract negotiations are going, and he made his frustrations known by taking to social media and deleting everything that affiliates him with the Bears.  JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss the craziness of Tuesday and get to the bottom of why the Bears haven't given Robinson a new contract. Later on in the podcast, JJ's joined by former Bears coach Dave Wannstedt to dissect why the Bears were so successful on offense in the 4th quarter.

(1:30) - Rumors that Allen Robinson asked for a trade

(9:20) - Trying to understand why the Bears haven't given Robinson a new contract

(24:00) - Allen Robinson made his frustrations known on social media

(33:00) - Ryan Pace should be under review

(37:21) - Dace Wannstedt joins the pod

(41:40) - Wannstedt explains why Lions head coach Matt Patricia went back to man coverage in the 4th quarter 

Sep 16, 2020
Bears vs Lions week 1 postgame recap

The Bears had an awful first half but managed to get the Week 1 win against the Lions thanks to some late game heroics. JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and David Kaplan discuss the play of Mitch Trubisky, the defense, and everything that led to the surprising comeback victory.

(1:30) - First impressions of the unlikely comeback win

(8:40) - Bears lost these type of games last year

(15:00) - Bears were patient in the run game

(23:42) - Why did Lions head coach Matt Patricia go to man coverage when Trubisky plays worse against the zone

(29:00) - Anthony Miller catches the game-winning touchdown

Sep 14, 2020
Bears vs Lions preview with Tony Dungy and Mike Rothstein

Football is finally here! Actual, real football has come and we have you covered. JJ Stankevitz is joined by NBC football analyst Tony Dungy to discuss the Bears, their in-season QB competition, and how head coach Matt Nagy can return the Bears to a playoff contending team. Later on in the pod, JJ and Cam are joined by Mike Rothstein of ESPN to discuss his prediction that the Lions will win the NFC North and preview Sunday's matchup. 

(1:35) - What can Matt Nagy do differently in 2020 to get the most out of his players?

(6:30) - Dealing with a QB competition in-season

(8:34) - Can the Bears defense dominate again?

(11:46) -Mike Rothstein joins the podcast

(23:20) - Lions locker room is better than it's been in the past

(29:25) - The Lions offense is better than last year

39:12) - Is it surprising that the Lions are favored vs the Bears?

Sep 11, 2020
Answering your questions and concerns about the 2020 Bears

The NFL season is almost underway, and there are still so many questions about the Bears left to be answered. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis field requests from listeners on a wide variety of topics, ranging from tight end concerns, to QB predictions, to figuring out why Staley da Bear doesn't wear pants.

(2:40) - Over/Under 30 touchdowns for Mitch Trubisky

(9:14) - Why doesn't Staley Da Bear wear pants

(14:40) - Do the Bears have enough depth at linebacker?

(22:25) - Will Cordarrelle Patterson get the ball more this year?

(25:40) - Should fans be worried that Allen Robinson doesn't have a new contract

(31:24) - Is the hype around the tight ends real?

Sep 09, 2020
Trubisky named starting QB and Devin Hester discusses his HOF candidacy

On Friday night, it was leaked that Matt Nagy had named Mitch Trubisky the week 1 starter for the Bears and on Sunday he confirmed the leak. In a position battle everyone had their eyes on, Trubisky showed the coaches that he was best to start the season so far. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss the position battle and everything that led to the decision. Also, later in the podcast, a very special interview presented by the newest website in sports betting technology PointsBet, NFL legend Devin Hester joins the podcast to discuss his hall of fame candidacy and being the face of Chicago sports betting.

(2:40) - Why did the Bears select Trubisky over Foles?

(7:42) - Matt Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky speak on the decision

(15:10) - Nick Foles' reaction to the decision that he will start the season off the bench

(20:00) - Who will be the kicker for the Bears?

(26:40) - Devin Hester joins the podcast

(30:15) - Devin Hester believes he will be in the Hall of Fame just a matter of when

Sep 07, 2020
And the QB competition is OVAHH!!

On Wednesday, Bears head coach Matt Nagy announced that the QB competition is officially over and a final decision will be made soon. J.J. Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss who they think the starter is and if he'll keep the job the entire season. Later on in the podcast, the guys go position-by-position and guess who they think will make the final 53-man roster.

 (1:20) - The competition is over and it's time to pick a QB

 (8:10) - The Bears need every player on the offense to be better – not just the QB

 (15:06) - With David Montgomery out for now, what does the running back room look like?

 (25:30) - Akiem Hicks injury concerns and the other defensive lineman

 (35:10) - Kyle Fuller, Jaylon Johnson and the cornerbacks

Sep 03, 2020
Bears denounce Urlacher comments and position battles wrap up

Over the weekend, Hall of Famer Brain Urlacher faced backlash for comments he made about the shooting of Jacob Blake on social media. The Bears quickly distanced themselves from Urlacher, with both current and former Bears players speaking out about the remarks. To start the podcast, JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss those comments and the Bears' reaction to them. Later on, JJ and Cam dive into the ongoing position battles and debate what questions still need to be answered as training camp heads into its final week.

(2:00) - Robert Quinn discusses social justice and football

(8:00) - Brian Urlacher's social media comments

(17:40) - Bears locker room is as close as ever this year

(27:00) - If Allen Robinson is out who do the Bears have at wide receiver?

(37:50) - Robert Quinn in training camp

Aug 31, 2020
How will David Montgomery's injury impact the Bears with Kalyn Kahler of Bleacher Report

Bears running back David Montgomery went down in practice with a groin injury that looks pretty significant. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by Bleacher Report’s lead NFL columnist Kalyn Kahler to discuss Montgomery’s injury and the impact it has on the Bears as they prepare for the season. Later on in the podcast, the crew discuss the QB and kicking competitions in camp, and predict where the Bears will end up in the NFC North standings.

(1:30) - The Milwaukee Bucks make history by boycotting a playoff game

(8:55) - Kalyn Kahler joins the podcast/David Montgomery's injury

(15:00) - The Bears sign another kicker to compete with Eddie Piñeiro

(26:00) - Biggest storyline that NFL fans aren't paying attention to

(32:10) - Worst NFC North fanbase

Aug 27, 2020
Bears false coronavirus scare at Halas Hall

On Sunday, it was reported that the Bears had 9 players and coaches test positive for coronavirus before learning that other teams were experiencing the same thing. Fortunately, these tests were false positives, but the fact remains that if this was the regular season, those players would be out for the week. Host JJ Stankevitz and Bears writer Cam Ellis discuss the scare, and what it means for the NFL and the start of the season. Later on, they provide updates on the position battles in camp, including who has had a leg up in the QB battle

(1:45) - How did the Bears and the NFL handle the false positives scare

(17:20) - The Bears tight ends look a lot better than last year

(26:00) - Which QB has taken the lead in the position battle

(33:20) - Will Jaylon Johnson be a starter this year?

(41:55) - Another kicking competition is about to begin

Aug 24, 2020
Inside the Bears QB competition and training camp

The Bears started training camp and the position battles have begun. Host JJ Stankevitz is joined by Cam Ellis and Adam Hoge to discuss the first few days of Bears’ training camp and the key position battles, notably the starting QB contest between Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky.

(2:00) - QB competition, Nick Foles vs Mitch Trubisky

(14:00) - Who will be the starting at right guard?

(18:38) - Deon Bush has not locked down the safety position

(25:40) - Will Jaylon Johnson be ready to start at corner?

Aug 20, 2020
GMFB's Kyle Brandt on why fans should watch the 2020 Bears

As training camp is set to go this week it's time to take a look at why fans should be interested in the 2020 Bears. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by co-host of Good Morning Football and local Chicago area guy Kyle Brandt to discuss what fans should be interested and looking for from the 2020 Bears. The group also dives into Kyle's new podcast "10 Questions" and what Aaron Rodgers has said on his podcast about joining the Bears in the future, why Kyle Brandt is rooting for Mitch Trubisky, and Kyle's favorite Portillo's order.

(2:33) - Aaron Rodgers real thoughts about Jordan Love and possibly playing for the Bears

(8:12) - How many Super Bowls will Nick Foles win as a Bears quarterback?

(16:20) - Kyle Brandt on having an NFL show but still being a Bears fan

(21:00) - What pumps you up about the 2020 Bears?

(30:00) - Best Portillo's order

Aug 17, 2020
Bears training camp is set to begin

Bears training camp is underway and head coach Matt Nagy has a lot to consider heading into it. NBCS Bears insider JJ Stankevitz is joined by Cam Ellis and Bears writer Bryan Perez as they discuss the upcoming Bear camp. They dive into the difficulties of running a camp with the added safety protocols, the QB competition between Foles and Trubisky, and a potential under the radar players that could explode this season.

(1:50) - Bears training camp schedule is released

(7:00) - The first month the season the play on the field is going to look bad

(13:20) - Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles throw to receivers

(16:30) - Matt Nagy responds to Eddie Jackson wanting to play offense

(24:40) - Under the radar players that could make an impact this year

Aug 13, 2020
Will rookies Cole Kmet & Jaylon Johnson make an impact in year 1?

The Bears rookies have a lot of pressure on them in their first year but can they produce at the level the team needs them to, to win? JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss the Bears rookies, provide updates on Roquan Smith, and discuss the changes to the Under Center podcast, all in this episode. Sit back and indulge.

(1:46) - Changes to the Under Center Podcast

(5:00) - Chances that Jaylon Johnson may not start for the Bears

(10:55) - Can Cole Kmet handle being a full time starter in his first year

(17:00) - Roquan Smith updates

(21:40) - How will Khalil Mack perform this year

(30:20) - How do the coordinators and coaches think about the QB competition

Aug 10, 2020
Warren Sharp provides the details of what the 2020 Bears will look like

As the Bears prepare for the 2020 season, it's time to start looking in depth into what the Bears could look like in 2020. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by one of the smartest minds in football media, Warren Sharp of Sharp Football Analysis, to discuss and predict what the Bears look like in 2020. The group discusses the QB competition, will the Bears defense improve or regress, and what should Matt Nagy do in terms of his scheme this year.

(2:40) - Nick Foles should be the starter in 2020

(7:45) - Matt Nagy needs to be more predictable in play calling

(15:30) - Have the Bears used and embraced analytics

(22:10) - How easy is the Bears schedule and what will be their record at the end of the season

(31:00) - Why you should watch the Bears in 2020

Aug 06, 2020
Let the battle between Mitch Trubisky & Nick Foles, BEGIN!

Bears quarterbacks Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles are about to start a, according to Matt Nagy, "seasonal" long QB competition. The 2 QBs spoke to the media about the upcoming competition and how they are addressing it. JJ Stankevitz, Laurence Holmes, and Cam Ellis discuss the QB competition, who they think will come out on top, and why.

(4:14) - Mitch Trubisky's involvement in social justice issues in Chicago

(10:00) - No one in the media asked Mitch Trubisky about social justice issues

(17:00) - Mitch Trubisky speaks on becoming a "Master of Coverages"

(27:10) - Nick Foles speaks on getting comfortable in the Bears offense

(32:54) - The many hats of the Bears. Why does Matt Nagy wear a visor?

Aug 03, 2020
Ryan Pace & Matt Nagy speak on keeping Halas Hall and Tyler Bray safe

Camp is getting ready to begin so Bears GM Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy talked to the media on safety precautions being done to ensure the health of the players including 3rd string QB Tyler Bray. JJ Stankevitz, Laurence Holmes, and Cam Ellis discuss the comments made by Pace and Nagy. They also get into Bears defensive lineman Eddie Goldman opting out of the 2020 season, and how impactful that will be for the Bears defense.

(2:26) - Ryan Pace and the Bears feel like they are creating their own "Bubble"

(10:50) - Can the NFL pull off a season?

(21:30) - Eddie Goldman opts out of the 2020 season

(32:25) - Matt Nagy on how long will the QB competition go

(42:20) - Tyler Bray must be protected at all costs

Jul 30, 2020
What are the Eagles doing that the Bears haven't figured out

Bears head coach Matt Nagy and Eagles head coach Doug Pederson are friends, run very similar systems, worked under the same coach, and even have coached some of the same players, but why has Pederson been so much more successful than Nagy? NBCS Chicago Bears insider JJ Stankevitz is joined by NBCS Philly's Eagles insider Dave Zangaro to discuss the differences between the two teams. Dave also provides insight on new Bears quarterback Nick Foles.

(2:16) - What kind of QB was Nick Foles in the Super Bowl run?

(8:30) - How will Nick Foles perform in a QB competition?

(18:40) - Differences in the Bears offense vs the Eagles offense

(24:30) - What is the national view of the Bears and Matt Nagy

(31:00) - Why did the Eagles want Jordan Howard?

Jul 27, 2020
No safety protocol from the NFL and camp is a week away

The NFL and its players have yet to come to an agreement on safety protocols and training camp is scheduled to begin in a week. JJ Stankevitz, Laurence Holmes and Cam Ellis discuss the issues the NFL needs to fix before players report to camp, how will no preseason games impact the Bears QB competition, and how rosters being reduced to only 80 players could impact un-drafted free agents.

(1:30) - How will no preseason games impact the Trubisky vs Foles battle?

(9:05) - How will the NFL be ready to play if there are no preseason games?

(15:00) - Safety concerns the NFL and players need to consider

(22:55) - A lot of players will be cut with smaller rosters

(31:00) - Will the NFL be able to finish the season?

Jul 23, 2020
Different perspectives and angles on covering the 2020 Bears

The people who cover the Bears aren't just your local newspaper writers, there are people with great insight and perspectives that aren't in the locker room like traditional media. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis are joined by Bleacher Nation's Luis Medina to discuss his thoughts on the 2020 Bears, his favorite Bear of all-time, and his perspective on his coverage of the Bears vs traditional media.

(2:27) - Who should win the QB battle between Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky

(9:38) - Under discussed Bears issue that no one is bringing up

(17:40) - Blogging about a team vs traditional media coverage

(28:08) - Jay Cutler's chickens took social media by storm

(34:46) - Favorite go to GIF reaction for the Bears

Jul 20, 2020
Bears haven't talked extension with Allen Robinson

JJ Stankevitz, Laurence Holmes, and Cam Ellis discuss the Bears not talking to Allen Robinson about an extension and what that could mean for him and the Bears. Later on in the podcast, the crew discusses other deals that were made around the league and the stacked free agent running back class that Tarik Cohen finds himself in, and Laurence tells the story of finding a peacock and a chicken in his backyard.

(1:55) - Will 2020 be the last year A-Rob will be in Chicago?

(7:10) - With no preseason, which QB (Foles or Trubisky) will win the job?

(13:00) - Will the NFL even have a season this year

(20:00) - The 2021 running back free agent class isn't good for Tarik Cohen

(30:00) - Laurence's encounter with a peacock and chicken

Jul 16, 2020
Rotoworld's Josh Norris on Ryan Pace's 2020 draft

JJ Stankevitz is joined by draft expert Josh Norris of NBC Sports and Rotoworld, as they take a deep dive into the Bears' 2020 NFL draft class featuring Cole Kmet and Jaylon Johnson. They also dive into the Bears' offseason moves and can the newly acquired players from the draft and free agency make an instant impact for the 2020 season.

(1:23) - Overall impression of what the Bears accomplished in the 2020 draft

(5:00) - Cole Kmet vs Adam Shaheen

(9:37) - Was Jaylon Johnson a 1st round talent

(15:00) - Ryan Pace's 5th round selections

(21:10) - Biggest issues with the Bears draft

Jul 13, 2020
The Bears saved 500 million dollars this week

The largest contract in American sports history was given to Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bears dodged a major financial bullet there didn't they? Laurence Holmes is joined by Brad Spielberger of Over the Cap.com as they discuss the impact Mahomes' contract has on the NFL and on sports, Mitchell Trubisky's contract situation with the Bears, and is Allen Robinson's contract a good one.

(1:58) - First reaction when the deal was announced

(6:21) - How does Mahomes' contract impact Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott

(12:46) - Why the Bears didn't pick up Mitchell Trubisky's option

(17:26) - Bears offseason spending in 2020

(19:38) - A conversation with Patrick Mahomes' agent, Leigh Steinberg

Jul 09, 2020
Adam Amin on announcing for Chicago

New play-by-play voice for the Chicago Bulls Adam Amin joins Laurence Holmes and JJ Stankevitz to discuss his dual roles going forward for the Bulls and football voice for the Bears. They dive into what will become of the 2020 Bears and Amin's love of the classic game, Tecmo Bowl.

(1:30) - Calling Bears and Bulls games for Chicago

(7:30) - For the love of Tecmo Bowl

(13:28) - Fans are stuck on who the Bears will be in 2020

(19:05) - What can Mitch Trubisky be in 2020

(27:40) - Announcing football and basketball

(36:10) - Announcing with no fans involved in games

Jul 06, 2020
Should the Bears have signed Cam Newton over Nick Foles

The Under Center podcast crew of JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and Adam Hoge debate and discuss which quarterback GM Ryan Pace should have gone after this offseason. Later on in the pod, they discuss hurdles the NFL still has to go through in order to start the season, and also they dive into everyone's favorite retired quarterback Jay Cutler's chicken mystery.

(1:51) - Did the Bears make the right decision by going after Nick Foles?

(7:47) - Is Cam Newton's upside bigger than Nick Foles?

(18:00) - What can the NFL learn from MLB's return to play plan

(30:23) - NFL will shorten the Pre Season to 2 games

(37:00) - Bears coverage will change this year

(45:13) - Jay Cutler's missing chickens

Jul 02, 2020
Chris Simms talks Bears and the NFC North

NBCS Chicago Bears insider JJ Stankevitz is joined by NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms, to discuss who should be at the top of the NFC North division this season and does a detailed break down on the Bears. They get into who should start for the Bears this year, what Matt Nagy needs to fix in his offense, and can rookie tight end Cole Kmet make an instant impact on the Bears this year.

(1:22) - Where do the Bears sit in the NFC North division

(4:48) - What does it mean when teams say "open competition" at quarterback?

(8:20) - What does Matt Nagy need to do to fix the offense

(13:55) - Can Cole Kmet be Gronk?

(16:27) - If Mitch doesn't start this year, will he ever start an NFL game again?

Jun 29, 2020
What will NFL training camps look like in 2020

2020 has offered new challenges in trying to start the NFL season. Bears writers for NBCS Chicago JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis along with NBCS Chicago Bears content producer Eric Strobel discuss how NFL training camps will look like under new health and safety guidelines, and will changes impact players negatively when they eventually get on the field.

(2:40) - What will the NFL do to try and start the season?

(9:05) - How will players get the necessary contact they need to play football?

(17:48) - Will a team become so competitive that they hide a positive COVID-19 test?

(21:00) - Playing an NFL game with no fans and sound piped in

(25:05) - How will Nagy conduct an actual QB competition with less prep time?

Jun 25, 2020
NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Davis on the fight for equality

Laurence Holmes is joined by Super Bowl Champion and Hall of Famer Terrell Davis, as they discuss the state of America and the fight for social justice. Terrell explains what it was like for him growing up, his admiration and respect for US soldiers, how we all can contribute to making things better and discusses his new revolutionary CBD energy drink DEFY.

(4:50) - Terrell on the Last Dance documentary and compares his leadership style to Jordan's

(7:58) - Is Drew Brees being sincere with his apology?

(13:35) - Terrell explains life as a black man growing up

(25:55) - Terrell's connection with military vets

Jun 22, 2020
Can new coaches fix Mitch Trubisky and the run game

The new coaches for the Bears, John DeFilippo, Clancy Barone, and Bill Lazor spoke to the media and discussed how will they address the issues of the Bears to make them a contender. JJ Stankevitz, Laurence Holmes, and Cam Ellis react to the coaches speaking and discuss will they have the formula to improve Mitch Trubisky.

(6:15) - Will John DeFilippo be able to change Mitch Trubisky?

(13:40) - Will the coaching staff listen to Mitch on what he wants

(23:01) - How will Tight Ends coach Clancy Barone help the run game

(32:05) - Kyle Long seems like he wants to play football

(35:10) - Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor on coaching during a pandemic

Jun 18, 2020
Mitch Trubisky speaks... but how much did he really say?

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and Laurence Holmes react to Bears QB Mitch Trubisky's first media availability since the end of last season, meaning he reacted to the Nick Foles acquisition for the first time. You'll hear from Mitch himself on a couple key topics, and the guys have a big-picture discussion on his comments and how he presents himself to the media.

(1:15) - Initial reactions to Mitch's comments about being "pissed off" heading into 2020

(10:15) - Can a connection be drawn between his normally-reserved podium demeanor and his on-field play?

(18:15) - JJ recounts a 1-on-1 interview he had with Mitch that revealed a different side of his personality

(25:10) - the challenge Matt Nagy has during training camp and preseason in the COVID-19 era, and how different this season might look

Jun 15, 2020
Bears wrap their virtual offseason & Rodney Harrison checks in

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss the Bears ending their virtual offseason program a week and a half early as well as some reported preseason changes and Jordan Lucas’ comments on planning to kneel for the anthem in the fall. Then, JJ catches up with NBC Sports’ Rodney Harrison to talk about Eddie Jackson, Mitch Trubisky, and much more.

(1:02) - Why the Bears decided to cut their virtual offseason short

(9:45) - How preseason changes will affect Bears’ personnel evaluations

(16:35) - Discussion of Jordan Lucas saying he’ll kneel “110%” this fall

(24:00) - Interview with Rodney Harrison of NBC Sports

Jun 11, 2020
Shuffling Back to Super Bowl XX

After NBC re-aired Super Bowl XX between the Bears and Patriots from January 1986 this past Sunday, a panel of JJ Stankevitz, Laurence Holmes, Cam Ellis, and Adam Hoge got together to discuss the game from a variety of standpoints. Whether it was watching the game for the first time all the way through or just watching it again with a new perspective on things, there was plenty to discuss about the greatest moment in Bears franchise history.

(3:00) -Thoughts on the NBC broadcast and how things have changed in the presentation of the game

(17:00) - Dissecting the Bears' expert game plan on both offense and defense

(30:50) - Who had the best nickname on the ‘85 Bears?

(33:30) - Discussion about Walter Payton not scoring a touchdown, how it happened in the flow of the game, and how it would be covered today

Jun 08, 2020
Drew Brees, Akiem Hicks, and Allen Robinson speak on Colin Kaepernick

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, the Under Center podcast of Laurence Holmes, JJ Stankevitz, and Cam Ellis, have a deep and meaningful discussion on social justice and racial inequality in America, with added comments from Drew Brees, and current Bears Akiem Hicks and Allen Robinson.

(29:57) - Akiem Hicks on being fearful of losing his career if he took a knee

(36:57) - Drew Brees on Colin Kaepernick's silent protest

(51:45) - Allen Robinson on making sure this passion for equality continues

(1:02:30) - Akiem Hicks on having to make other people feel comfortable around him

Jun 04, 2020
Tom Waddle on who wins the Bears QB competition

Host Laurence Holmes is joined by former Bears wide receiver and host of the Waddle & Silvy show on ESPN AM 1000, Tom Waddle as they do a deep dive on the issues with Mitch Trubisky, who wins the starting QB job for the Bears, and Tom makes a career comparison to Steve Kerr in the Last Dance.

(5:30) - How can Trubisky be a better quarterback?

(10:00) - How can the QB competition be fair for the Bears

(14:00) - Nick Foles has an advantage over Mitch Trubisky

(16:10) - Will Robert Quinn have an instant impact as a Bear

(21:00) - Tom Waddle compares his role with the Bears with Steve Kerr's role with the Bulls

Jun 01, 2020
Did Kevin White get a fair chance in Chicago?

In a roundtable discussion, host Laurence Holmes is with the NBCS Chicago Bears coverage team of JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and Adam Hoge as they react and discuss the interview Kevin White did with the Under Center podcast. Was Kevin honest about his tenure with the Bears? Did the Bears give him an honest chance to play? They discuss these questions and more on the Under Center podcast.

(2:50) - Most important thing of the Kevin White Interview

(10:52) - How did the Bears use Kevin White?

(18:30) - Did Kevin White do his job the best he could have as a Bear?

(26:36) - Kevin White says the Bears played the guys they paid over him

(32:00) - Kevin White should re-invent himself to stay in the NFL

(39:15) - What does Kevin White do if he doesn't play football anymore

May 28, 2020
Kevin White opens up about his career with the Bears

In 2015, in his very first draft as the new Bears GM, Ryan selected wide receiver Kevin White 7th overall, but White was soon let go after his rookie deal leaving fans confused and wondering why White's Chicago Bears tenure was so short lived. NBCS Bears insider JJ Stankevitz got a chance to talk with White about his career with the Bears, where it went wrong, and how he's still fighting to get rid of the label "bust" by his name.

(4:41) - What did it mean for White to be selected 7th overall

(11:21) - Is it difficult having the word "bust" attached to his (White) name

(17:40) - Things the average fans doesn't know about constantly rehabbing injuries

(26:07) - White describes what went wrong in 2018 for him

(34:07) - White feels he could have gotten a better shot to play

(42:10) - White wants to prove to Chicago fans that he was worth the pick

May 26, 2020
Trailer: A sit down with former Bears wide receiver Kevin White

Kevin White was the 7th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft and 1st selection GM Ryan Pace ever made and after his rookie contract was up, White was let go. What happened? Where did it go wrong? JJ Stankevitz got a chance to go in depth with White on his career so far and how his Bears tenure ended. Enjoy this preview for tomorrow's sit down with Kevin White.

May 25, 2020
Get to know new Bears tight end Cole Kmet

The top pick for the Bears in the 2020 NFL draft in the 2nd round was Notre Dame tight end Cole Kmet. JJ Stankevitz is joined by former offensive coordinator for the Fighting Irish, Chip Long and former wide receiver at Notre Dame turned broadcaster Corey Robinson, to discuss everything you need to know about who Cole is and what he can bring to the Bears.

(1:20) - Chip Long interview/ Who are the Bears getting in Cole Kmet

(4:30) - Cole's potential hasn't even been tapped

(9:00) - Chip Long on Cole playing well through injury

(12:40) - Corey Robinson interview

(13:30) - Notre Dame's ability to put out NFL tight ends

(18:00) - Cole's comparison's to Gronk

(22:50) - What are the Bears losing in firing former O-line coach Harry Hiestand

May 21, 2020
Walter Payton and Michael Jordan playing cards

The Chicago Bears had their own Michael Jordan in Walter Payton, and the 2 managed to befriend each other. Host Laurence Holmes is joined by the son of Walter Payton, Jarrett Payton to discuss stories of Walter and Michael, their roles as representatives of the Chicago sports athlete, and what both legacies mean to the city of Chicago.

(3:28) - Jarrett Payton's connection to the Jordan children

(5:08) - The story of Walter Payton playing cards with Michael Jordan

(13:45) - Jarrett's appreciation of MJ in the last dance

(17:20) - Why did Walter and MJ click as well as they did

May 18, 2020
What was it like coaching during the '90s Bulls era

Chicago in the '90s was all about Michael Jordan and the Bulls, so what was it like for the other major teams during that time? Host Laurence Holmes discusses this with four coaches who led teams in the shadow of the Bulls during that time. From the Blackhawks former coach Craig Hartsburg, from the Cubs Jim Riggleman, from the White Sox Gene Lamont, and from the Bears Dave Wannstedt, all come together to discuss one of the most important times in Chicago sports history.

(0:43) - During the early '90s the White Sox had a shot at a World Series

(7:02) - Are there universal rules across sports to coaching a great player like Jordan

(14:34) - Was there pressure for Jim Riggleman and the Cubs to win because of the Bulls

(21:55) - Difficulties coaching in the same building as the Bulls for then new Blackhawks coach Craig Hartsburg

(28:15) - Favorite Jordan story or moment

May 14, 2020
Did they or didn't they speak with Deshaun Watson

On Friday, May 8, Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson responded to a tweet and flatly said prior to the 2017 NFL Draft the Bears did not talk to him. The tweet sent Bears fans ablaze only to find out in an interview before the draft Watson actually said that he talked to the Bears over the phone. So which is it? The NBCS Chicago Bears coverage team of JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Adam Hoge try to get to the bottom of this.

(1:46) - Questioning the accuracy of Watson's claim

(8:36) - The reason why Watson sent the tweet

(12:30) - Will the Bears address Watson's tweet?

(15:00) - Ryan Pace speaks on declining Trubisky's option

(25:45) - Bears schedule gets released

(13:45) - Should there have been more contingency plans made by the NFL?

(37:16) - Most important games for the Bears this season

May 11, 2020
Get to know new Bears defensive back Jaylon Johnson

The Bears drafted defensive back Jaylon Johnson with their second pick in the second round 50th overall in the 2020 NFL draft out of Utah, but what kind of player is he and can he make the impact the Bears need in his first few years? To learn more about him, host Laurence Holmes is joined by Jaylon's defensive backs coach from Utah Sharrieff Shah as they discuss all fans need to know about the new Bears cornerback.

(4:44) - What did Sharrieff see in Jaylon in high school

(10:00) - Jaylon knew he would be in the NFL after only 3yrs in college

(16:04) - Jaylon's recover ability is insane

(22:18) -Defensive backs need to have a short memory

(24:58) - What should Bears fans expect from Jaylon

May 07, 2020
The Bears will not pick up Mitch Trubisky's 5th yr option

The Bears decide not to pick up the 5th year option on their #2 overall pick Mitch Trubisky. What does that mean for Trubisky, is this a message being sent to him from Ryan Pace, how should fans react to the news? Host Laurence Holmes is joined by the entire NBCS Chicago Bears content team of JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and Eric Strobel as they discuss all of these questions and get into what does Mitch Trubisky's future in the NFL look like.

(1:41) - What does it mean that the Bears aren't picking Trubisky's 5th year option up

(7:50) - How will Mitch Trubisky handle this

(13:45) - Why wouldn't Ryan Pace draft a potential prospect

(19:40 - Should Ryan Pace have signed Andy Dolton instead of trade for Nick Foles

(27:06) - Emphasis on boosting the offense this offseason

(34:38) - NFL/Bears players not particularly following the "stay home" guidelines

May 04, 2020
Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs together again

The 2005 Bears were a sight to behold and 2 prominent players on that team come together on the Under Center podcast. Host Laurence Holmes is joined by Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher and Aftershow teammate Lance Briggs as they have a fun conversation about leading one the most dominant defenses in NFL history.

(2:30) - Playing golf and being retired

(6:30) - When did they know they were good at football

(9:30) - Is Lance Briggs a Hall of Famer

(13:58) - Celebrating 20 years since Brian Urlacher was drafted

(17:35) - Can they turn off the competitive side when coaching their kids

Apr 30, 2020
The Football Aftershow reviews Ryan Pace's 2020 Draft picks

Host Laurence Holmes is joined by Dave Wannstedt and the Football Aftershow guys, former Bears Olin KrEUtz and Alex Brown as they review the picks GM Ryan Pace made in the 2020 NFL Draft.

(1:10) - Overall impression of what the Bears did in the draft

(5:30) - What can Trevis Gipson bring to the Bears?

(12:50) - Dave Wannstedt on the Bears draft

(17:17) - Is Darnell Mooney the new Taylor Gabriel>

(20:46) - How well did the Bears do in the draft stacked up against the NFC North

Apr 27, 2020
2020 NFL Draft recap: Did the Bears address their roster issues

As the 2020 NFL draft wraps up, Ryan Pace has selected 7 new players in this draft. JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and Bryan Perez discuss how well Ryan Pace did in this draft, why didn't they draft a quarterback, and they grade the NFC North's draft selections. Spoiler Alert, the Packers finish last.

(4:20) - Why Ryan Pace selected Trevis Gipson

(14:08) - Bears think 5th round pick Darnell Mooney can be the deep threat they need

(21:23) - Why didn't Ryan Pace select a quarterback in the draft

(28:26) - Bears sign Khalil Mack's younger brother

(30:20) - Grading the NFC North's drafts

Apr 26, 2020
Ryan Pace selects Cole Kmet & Jaylon Johnson in the second round

With day 2 of the 2020 NFL Draft in the books the Bears make two selections taking Cole Kmet, tight end from Notre Dame, and Jaylon Johnson, cornerback from Utah. JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss the Bears' selections and play sound from the press conferences of Ryan Pace, Cole Kmet, and Jaylon Johnson.

(1:40) - Ryan Pace says they had offers to trade down from both spots

(9:20) - Did the Bears reach for Cole Kmet

(14:23) - Cole Kmet compares his game to Rob Gronkowski

(22:00) - Jaylon Johnson isn't content with falling to the second round

(26:53) - Highlights from the second day of the draft

Apr 25, 2020
Day 1 recap of the 2020 NFL Draft

In round one of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Bears did not have a selection, but it was still entertaining. NBCS Chicago Bears team of JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and the man of the hour Adam Hoge who predicted the Packers would draft QB Jordan Love, react to everything that went down in the 1st round.

(1:30) - Adam Hoge takes a victory lap for his prediction

(8:55) - Packers are looking at Jordan Love's upside

(17:20) - Bears fans are trained to believe that the Packers will have great QBs forever

(25:00) - Should the Bears take Jalen Hurts debate

(33:40) - Who is left that the Bears should look to take

(38:15) - The highlight of the 1st round

Apr 24, 2020
The Football Aftershow draft preview

Host Laurence Holmes is joined by Olin Kreutz and Alex Brown of the Football Aftershow as they preview the 2020 NFL Draft. They discuss what the Bears needs are, who should they target, and later on they are joined by former Bears coach Dave Wannstedt to talk about the draft as well.

(3:30) - What should the Bears be looking at in the draft

(10:14) - How important is this draft for Ryan Pace

(12:47) - Dave Wannstedt on what he expects the Bears to do in the draft

(17:07) - What is the Bears' biggest need they can address and get immediate impact

(21:24) - Bears over/unders for the draft and season

Apr 23, 2020
3 prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft you should know

The 2020 NFL draft will be different this year and the process has been just as unusual. NBCS Bears insider JJ Stankevitz is joined Jeremy Chinn, Broc Rutter, and Joe Gaziano to discuss how different this process has been, what do they expect to bring to an NFL roster, and share their stories on how they got to this point in the draft process.

(1:30) - Southern Illinois University safety Jeremy Chinn on the drafting process this year

(5:20) - What was it like for Jeremy to have Hall of Famer Steve Atwater as an uncle

(8:41) - North Central College quarterback Broc Rutter on navigating the draft process from a small school

(13:20) - Broc on the jump in competition from Div. III to the NFL

(19:07) - Northwestern pass rusher Joe Gaziano on preparing for the draft

(25:20) - What Joe wants NFL teams to know about his game

Apr 21, 2020
2020 NFL Draft Bears preview

The 2020 NFL Draft is this week and the Bears could use help in a few positions. So who should they take? NBCS Chicago's Bears coverage team of JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and Adam Hoge discuss what position should be targeted and who the Bears should be looking to grab in this year's draft. The podcast is also joined by draft expert Josh Norris of Rotoworld and NBC Sports to give the national perspective on the Bears.

(2:00) - Could the Detroit Lions take Tua Tagovailoa and trade Matt Stafford?

(9:50) - Should the Packers start preparing to move on from Aaron Rodgers in this draft?

(18:23) - Rotoworld.com and NBC Sports' Josh Norris Interview

(35:18) - Adam, JJ, and Cam select who should go 43rd overall to the Bears

(46:12) - Reasons why the Bears should take Jalen Hurts

Apr 20, 2020
How will virtual drafting impact the 2020 Bears

With the coronavirus pandemic changing the modern world, the NFL is changing the draft format and has opted for a virtual draft. But how does changing the format so dramatically impact the Bears? Host Laurence Holmes is joined by former Bears coach Dave Wannstedt to discuss the changes that will be made in the draft, his thoughts on Trubisky vs Foles, and thoughts of who the Bears should be keying on in the draft.

(2:15) - New virtual draft adds more pressure on the final decision makers of each team

(6:35) - Should NFL head coaches reach out to draftee's college head coaches?

(11:30) -Drafting will be more difficult for teams with no face-to-face connections

(16:00) - Will Tua Tagovailoa fall in the draft?

(18:15) - Thoughts on Nick Foles vs Mitch Trubisky

(22:20) - How does a coach/GM keep from loving a player in the draft too much?

(24:00) - Who should the Bears be keying on in the draft

Apr 16, 2020
Answering concerns and questions about the Bears from Bear fans

As the NFL draft approaches, fans have questions on what the Bears will do. Host Laurence Holmes is joined by JJ Stankevitz as they take fan questions about the draft, the QB competition, and other Bears topics.

(1:35) - The draft is going to be weird

(4:00) - Bears offense is missing some nasty-ness

(8:40) - Trubisky is at a disadvantage heading to training camp

(12:40) - Can the Bears find a deep threat in the draft?

(20:30) - Are players taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously?

(25:30) - What might be the draft strategy for Ryan Pace?

Apr 13, 2020
Virtual drafting and an actual QB competition is happening

With the NFL trying to operate as normal, they have opted for a virtual draft this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Host Laurence Holmes, JJ Stankevitz and Cam Smith discuss does this change the strategy in drafting for the Bears. Later on, they get into Ryan Pace saying there will be an open competition at quarterback with the addition of Nick Foles.

(1:34) - How will the NFL execute virtual drafting?

(6:00) - Football coaches worried about virtual drafting

(10:32) - The Bears were honest that this is a competition for the starting QB spot

(17:10) - How will Mitch Trubisky handle playing for his job?

(24:40) - How can the Bears improve the offensive line?

(28:40) - When should the Bears draft a QB?

Apr 09, 2020
Under Center Pod & Halas Intrigue Pod mashup for the ages

The Under Center Podcast unites with the Chicago Sun-Times' Halas Intrigue podcast for a star studded event. Host Laurence Holmes and JJ Stankevitz are joined by Patrick Finley, Jason Lieser, and eventually, Mark Potash as they discuss the competition at QB for the Bears and the seemingly differentiating opinions about Trubisky between GM Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy.

(1:51) - Are you surprised the NFL is moving as normal?

(9:45) - Does the NFL have a responsibility to the sponsors during this down time?

(13:48) - Now that we know Foles' contract, does this fix the Bears QB situation?

(22:18) - Can Mitch Trubisky still be redeemed?

(30:00) - Why did the Bears make so many coaching changes?

(37:40) - Mark Potash joins the podcast

Apr 06, 2020
Will Mitch Trubisky actually have to fight for his job?

Filling in for host Laurence Holmes, JJ Stankevitz is joined by Cam Ellis and Adam Hoge to discuss what the Bears are doing at the quarterback position. They discuss was Nick Foles brought in to compete for the starting job and is this the push Mitch Trubkisy needs to get him to the next level? Later on, in the pod they get into a NBCS Chicago Bears Rewind game that will be on tonight when the Jay Cutler led Bears went into Lambeau Field and beat the Packers on Thanksgiving.

(1:54) - Former Bears lineman Kyle Long speaks on Bears quarterback competition

(7:50) - How will the Bears locker room react to a QB competition?

(13:15) - Who has the upper hand going into camp, Trubisky or Foles?

(20:00) - Former Bears tight end Zach Miller describes the Bears win in Lambeau on Thanksgiving

(26:40) - How did the Bears pull it off vs Rodgers and the Packers?

Apr 02, 2020
Quarantined in Rome: An interview with Brock Olivo

Former Bears special teams assistant coach Brock Olivio, who is currently quarantined in Rome, joins JJ Stankevitz to talk about what life is like in Italy during the COVID-19 lockdown. They discuss what he is doing to keep busy and stay sane, as well as one of the bright sides of the quarantine. Plus, Brock talks about how American Football is getting a foothold in Italy, as well as what it would mean to have an NFL game played there.

(3:00) - Brock’s story on how he ended up in Rome

(4:19) - What does Rome currently feel like right now

(9:48) - Brock’s positive perspective on the quarantine

(13:32) - How Brock’s keeping busy

(22:58) - American Football culture in Italy

(28:41) - Type of players in Italian Football

(32:54) - What would it mean to Italy to have an NFL game played there

Mar 30, 2020
Olin Kreutz on the new Bears, and win now for Nagy and Pace

Olin Kreutz joins the podcast to discuss the new additions to the offensive line, if the Bears will commit to the run in 2020, and how the Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky competition will play out this season. Plus, Olin explains why the 2020 season might feel a little like Last Chance U, and how the potential lack of an offseason program will impact the Bears. 

(1:18) How will Germain Ifedi fit into the offensive line

(3:54) The state of the Bears run game

(10:47) Why Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace need to win now

(15:40) Olin on the QB competition

(16:57) How Robert Quinn and Nick Foles put the Bears in competition for the NFC North 

(20:19) Olin compares Halas Hall to “Last Chance U”

(22:14) The impact of potentially not having an offseason program

Mar 26, 2020
NFL storylines & Ryan Pace's undying love for Jimmy Graham

During the opening week of the NFL season, there were a lot of moves made. Tom Brady signs with the Bucs, the Texans trade DeAndre Hopkins for a bag of peanuts, and Eric Ebron signs with the Steelers for less money than the Bears signed Jimmy Graham for. Host Laurence Holmes, JJ Stankevitz, and Cam Ellis discuss all the NFL news, the Jimmy Graham signing, and discuss is Nick Foles actual competition for Mitch Trubisky.

(1:23) - Favorite storyline of the 2020 NFL off-season

(5:15) - Who has the better season, Brady with the Bucs, or Belichick and the Pats

(9:55) - Bears have spent the most money on tight ends in the NFL

(14:30) - Laurence reaction when he 1st heard about the Eric Ebron deal with the Saints

(19:05) - What does the Nick Foles deal mean for Mitch Trubisky

(29:35) - What can Robert Quinn bring to the Bears

Mar 23, 2020
Why did the Bears choose Nick Foles as their QB target?

The Bears have been active in the early parts of free agency and made the move to trade for QB Nick Foles. What does that mean for Mitch Trubisky? Why did Ryan Pace make Nick Foles the target over other QBs? NBCS Chicago Bears writers JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss all of this plus get into the thinking that went into other Bears moves.

(1:42) - Nick Foles was the perfect Bears move

(6:40) - Bears had to do something at QB

(12:50) - Matt Nagy is comfortable with Nick Foles

(20:30) - Why did the Bears sign Robert Quinn

(27:00) - Reasons why the Bears signed Jimmy Graham

(31:30) - Other moves the Bears should make in free agency

Mar 19, 2020
The Football Aftershow has thoughts on the Nick Foles trade

The Bears have made a couple of key moves as the NFL offseason starts, the most notable of which is a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars for quarterback Nick Foles, seemingly bringing some competition for number 2 overall pick Mitch Trubisky. Host Laurence Holmes is joined by former Bears Lance Briggs and Alex Brown of the Football Aftershow on NBCS Chicago as they give their thoughts on the trade, and the acquisitions of Jimmy Graham and Robert Quinn.

(1:28) - Nick Foles is a better fit than Mitch Trubisky

(5:18) - Are we starting to see how Matt Nagy truly feels about Trubisky?

(11:14) - Why not go after Teddy Bridgewater?

(16:09) - Can Jimmy Graham still be productive?

(21:30) - Robert Quinn's impact on the Bears

(26:40) - Danny Trevathan is key to this Bears defense

Mar 18, 2020
What does the new CBA mean for the Bears?

The NFL is conducting business as usual and the new collective bargaining agreement between the NFL CEOs and the players has been agreed upon meaning players can be signed and business can be done, but with all that out of the way, what does it mean for the Bears. Host Laurence Holmes, JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis discuss and give you the details of the new CBA that affect the Bears, and they discuss the Bears re-signing linebacker Danny Trevathan.

(1:40) - Surprised that the NFL is still business as usual

(7:00) - Why did the players accept the new CBA

(11:00) - How does the new CBA impact Allen Robinson

(17:00) - Danny Trevathan gets a 3yr deal

(22:30) - Roy Robinson-Harris gets a tender offer from the Bears

(26:40) - Ryan Tannehill is off the board for the Bears, who is left at QB

Mar 16, 2020
The debate of the offseason, should the Bears sign Andy Dalton

With all the craziness of COVID-19, the NFL is still proceeding with signings and that means the Bears are still in the market for some help at the QB position. Host Laurence Holmes is joined by NBCS Chicago Bears writers JJ Stankevitz and Bryan Perez as they debate should Andy Dalton be Chicago Bear.

(1:30) - Describe Mitch Trubisky's 2019 season

(8:00) - Is Dalton the right choice for the Bears?

(18:20) - What does competition at QB look like for the Bears

(30:00) - Should the Bears give Leonard Floyd less money

(37:00) - How would Leonard Floyd react to being offered less money

(40:30) - Who do you wish the Bears would sign?

Mar 14, 2020
How can the Bears fix the offensive line in 2020

The 2019 Chicago Bears had a lot of issues which resulted in a subpar season, one of which was the offensive line. Host Laurence Holmes is joined by NBCS Chicago's Bears reporter JJ Stankevitz to discuss what were the issues for the poor line play, and how can they fix it for the 2020 season.

(1:45) - Could the Bears land Trent Williams from Washington?

(5:15) - Evaluation of the Cody Whitehair and James Daniels switch and switch back

(9:15) - Is it Mitch Trubisky's fault the O-Line didn't play better?

(12:30) - Can Rashaad Coward be the answer at tackle

(15:30) - Firing of offensive line coach Harry Hiestand

(18:32) - Matt Nagy on new offensive line coach Juan Castillo

(22:00) - Can the Bears find offensive linemen in the draft

Mar 09, 2020
Have Bears fans thrown away Mitch Trubisky too fast?

Mitch Trubisky didn't have a great season last year. But after looking at all the available options for the Bears this offseason, is Mitch still the best path to win a Super Bowl? Host Laurence Holmes and JJ Stankevitz discuss and debate what should the Bears do this offseason at the most important position. Should Bears fans be more cautious before being willing to give up on Trubisky?

(1:54) - Andy Dalton IS NOT better than Mitch Trubisky

(5:50) - Fans reaction to the possibility that the Bears should stick with Mitch Trubisky

(12:00) - Should Mitch still get a chance to prove he can be good?

(17:08) - How will fans react to all the QBs in the offseason

(21:00) - Will the Raiders trade Derek Carr to the Bears?

(25:02) - Players should be happy Tony Romo got his new TV deal

Mar 05, 2020
The most interesting things from the 2020 NFL Combine

Host Laurence Holmes is joined by NBCS Chicago Bears writer Bryan Perez as they discuss the most important and interesting things about the 2020 NFL Combine for the Bears. They get into what teams get wrong about the Combine, and some realistic free agent options for the Bears.

(1:29) - Ryan Pace needs to get this off-season right

(5:30) - What teams get wrong about the NFL Combine

(8:24) - Biggest need the Bears should address in the draft

(12:40) - Which player had the biggest impact at the Senior Bowl and the Combine

(16:27) - Can the Bears grab an instant impact player in the 2nd round

(19:55) - How can the Bears upgrade the quarterback position

(24:18) - The most interesting thing from the Combine

Mar 02, 2020
Black History Month: The courage to be a black quarterback

NBCS Chicago is celebrating Black History Month with special episodes to discuss the impact of the black athlete in sports. In the final episode of the series, Laurence Holmes is joined by his "Football Aftershow" teammate and former Chicago Bear Alex Brown to discuss, making coaching in the NFL more diverse, is the Rooney Rule helping, and the common practice of moving black quarterbacks to other positions.

(4:20) - Alex Brown on being pushed to not play quarterback in high school

(9:15) - Jalen Hurts asked would he be willing to change positions in the NFL

(17:03) - Alex Brown on playing in a Super Bowl that featured 2 black head coaches

(22:12) - Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy not being mentioned for a head coaching job

(26:00) - Does the Rooney Rule work?

(40:35) - Overcoming unfairness

(44:28) - Watching a NFL where there are successful black quarterbacks

Feb 28, 2020
What are the Bears looking for at the NFL Combine

Bears GM Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy spoke to the media live from the NFL Combine and talked as much as they could on solutions to the problems that plagued them this past season. Host Laurence Holmes is joined by NBCS Bears reporter JJ Stankevitz from the NFL Combine to discuss what the plans are for Mitch Trubisky and the quarterback position, and how the new CBA could affect what the Bears can do this offseason.

(1:30) - How were the Bears at the Combine

(4:53) - Ryan Pace on evaluating Matt Nagy

(8:28) - Matt Nagy talks about finding solutions to the Bears issues to the media

(15:30) - Ryan Pace continues to compare Mitch Trubisky to Drew Brees

(21:37) - Matt Nagy on what he needs Trubisky to get better at

(26:00) - Matt Nagy's coaching hires

(30:42) - Is Ryan Pace looking to replace Trubisky as the starter?

(34:20) - What are the Bears looking for in the draft?

Feb 27, 2020
The charmed life of Jay Glazer

When a guy gets Sylvester Stallone, Guy Fieri, and Al Pacino in the same room you have o discuss why and how. Host Laurence Holmes is joined by NFL insider Jay Glazer to discuss how crazy Jay's career has been, plus an added bonus of Kyle Long stopping by for added fun.

(2:33) - Jay Glazer's MMA style training schedule

(7:00) - Kyle Long joins the podcast

(10:14) - Stories of Jay's work with his Vets and Athletes program

(14:44) - How did Jay end up at Sylvester Stallone's house

Feb 24, 2020
Black History Month: Making hockey accessible to everyone

NBCS Chicago is celebrating Black History Month with special episodes to discuss the impact of the black athlete in sports. Chicago Sun Times feature story writer Evan F. Moore sits down with former Blackhawk and analyst for NBCS Chicago Jamal Mayers to discuss being a black athlete in hockey and what he's doing to help grow hockey in non traditional hockey communities.

(3:00) - Why was it important for Jamal to write about his life in his book

(10:58) - Ray Emery's impact on hockey

(16:00) - Describes what the NHL and the Blackhawks are doing to grow the game

(21:37) - The Devante Smith-Pelly incident at the United Center

(36:10) - Reasons that hockey hasn't addressed social issues

(40:06) - Addressing ignorance in hockey

Feb 21, 2020
The return of JJ Stankevitz

NBC Sports Chicago Bears reporter JJ Stankevitz returns to the podcast after a long time off and joins host Laurence Holmes to discuss his thoughts on how the Bears season ended and what they need to do going forward.

(1:48) - How much Bears did he watch at the end of the season

(5:00) - What is the future of Mitch Trubisky look like?

(9:40) - Could Case Keenum be the free agent answer for the Bears?

(13:10) - Watching Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs

(21:44) - This offseason is all about the quarterback

Feb 20, 2020
What does it take to win a Super Bowl? | David Diehl CBS Sports & NFL on FOX

Host Laurence Holmes discusses what does it take for a team to win a Super Bowl with Chicago product and 2 time Super Bowl champion David Diehl. They also discuss his ties to Chicago, his extensive Jordan collection, and what he would do if he fixed the Bears.

(3:10) - His connection with Brother Rice High School

(6:20) - Blocking for Eli Manning during the Super Bowl runs

(10:27) - Is Mitch close to being a QB you can win a Super Bowl with?

(12:40)- His favorite Bears of all time

(14:30) - Jordan collection

Feb 17, 2020
What happens after retirement with Chris Long

Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long just retired from a long career in the NFL and who better to give him advice about what's next than his older brother Chris Long. Host Laurence Holmes sits down with Chris Long as they discuss the difficulties players face after they retire from the NFL and his relationship with his brother former Bear Kyle Long.

(3:10) - Chances that Chris Long gets a Nobel Peace Prize

(6:50) - Advice to Kyle Long on how to deal with retirement

(9:54) - Does he miss football?

(12:00) - Kyle Long's chance at playing baseball with the White Sox

(13:22) - Laurence wrap up of the interview

Feb 13, 2020
Who are the real Bears? 2018 or 2019

Host Laurence Holmes is joined by executive producer of Sirius XM Mad Dog Radio and Bears fan Bill Zimmerman to discuss which team is the actual Bears. Is it the high flying offense and top 5 defense of 2018, or is the disappointing and underwhelming 2019 team?

(2:06) - Best and worst part of the 2019 Bears season

(4:30) - Which season is the real season? 2018? 2019?

(5:30) - Is Mitch good?

(8:15) - Bears defense suffered when Hicks got hurt

(11:10) - What can the Bears build upon if anything for 2020

Feb 10, 2020
Black History Month: The impact of the black athlete in Baseball

NBCS Chicago is celebrating Black History Month with special episodes to discuss the impact of the black athlete in sports. To start the series Laurence Holmes interviews former Cub, now baseball analyst Doug Glanville as they discuss his experience in baseball, and the change that black athletes have brought in baseball.

(0:53) - The legacy of Black history and sports

(5:47) - Should an athlete speak on social issues?

(10:00) - His parents weren't comfortable with him playing baseball

(14:20) - The diversity of baseball

(17:00) - Black interest in baseball

(23:00) - Current black baseball players still dealing with issues

Feb 08, 2020
Former Chicago Bear Kyle Long "You'll NEVER see me wear another jersey. EVER!"

Former Chicago Bear Kyle Long sits with host Laurence Holmes as they do a deep dive into his career as a Bear, why he left football, why he will never wear another uniform, and what he plans to do in post football life.

(3:18) - When he decided to leave football

(6:39) - Why he won't wear another uniform

(7:56) - What's next for Kyle Long?

(11:20) - How Olin Kreutz helped him when he was on IR

(14:29) - He didn't really have great technique

(16:43) - How he got into Twitch

(19:36) - Wasn't expecting to be drafted by the Bears

(20:30) - Going back to play for the White Sox

Feb 06, 2020
Special Guest: Leigh Steinberg, agent of Super Bowl 54 MVP Patrick Mahomes

The football season is officially over as the Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions and quarterback Patrick Mahomes wins MVP. Who better to talk to about Mahomes than longtime agent to NFL stars and the current Super Bowl MVP, Leigh Steinberg. Host Laurence Holmes was joined by Steinberg in Miami to discuss why teams missed on Mahomes, the current state of the NFL, and the ongoing issues of concussions.

(2:58) - How to keep Mahomes focused when he may get the largest contract in NFL history

(7:28) - The NFL is as big as it ever was

(9:40) - Convincing Tua Tagovailoa that he was a good match for him

(12:45) - Concussions are a huge issue in the NFL

(15:40) - Patrick Mahomes has easily embraced being a superstar

Feb 03, 2020
Live from Radio Row in Miami for Super Bowl LIV | Bears killer Jordy Nelson

On the final day of Super Bowl week from Radio Row in Miami, host Laurence Holmes is joined by a guy that plagued the Bears and Bear fans for years, former Green Bay Packer wide receiver Jordy Nelson. Jordy and Laurence discuss what it's like living on a farm, what is Bears/Packers week like for the Packers, and his favorite game he ever played. (Caution to Bears fans, you may be triggered)

(1:40) - Growing up on a farm

(3:10) - What was it like playing the Bears

(5:40) - 2010 NFC Championship game (trigger warning)

(7:20) - The Peanut Punch

(9:00) - What makes Aaron Rodgers so great

(11:00) - Advice he would give young receivers

Jan 31, 2020
Live from Radio Row in Miami for Super Bowl LIV | What ties Chicago to Super Bowl 54?

If you didn't know, there are a few local ties to this year's Super Bowl match-up of the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Host Laurence Holmes talks with former Bears now Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub, former Northwestern quarterback now Chiefs quarterbacks coach Mike Kafka, and former Bears kicker now Niners kicker Robbie Gould to discuss their ties to Chicago and what it means for them to be in the Super Bowl.

Part 1 Dave Toub Chiefs Special teams coordinator

(2:14) - Remembering the Bears' Super Bowl appearance in 2007

(4:00) - What it's like to lose a Super Bowl

(5:40) - Matt Nagy was ready to be a head coach when he left

Part 2 Mike Kafka Chiefs quarterback's coach

(8:43) - Start of the interview/journey from Northwestern to the Chiefs

(10:20) - Coaching under Andy Reid

(12:00) - Does being on the Reid coaching tree guarantee a head coaching job?

Part 3 Robbie Gould 49ers kicker

(14:15) - Start of Robbie Gould/ How did the 2007 Bears make it to the Super Bowl that year

(16:14) - Getting to a Super Bowl is hard

(18:00) - Appreciating being in the Super Bowl

(22:00) - Why he decided to stay in San Francisco

Jan 30, 2020
Live from Radio Row in Miami for Super Bowl LIV |What is it like covering a Super Bowl?

In a special episode, host Laurence Holmes is joined by Bears beat reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times Jason Lieser as they give you the REAL inside look into what covering a Super Bowl is all about live from Radio Row in Miami. No X's & O's talk just pure fun and stories from two experienced NFL reporters.

(2:10) - Jason Lieser relives times from his time in Miami

(4:10) - What Radio Row is like

(6:00) - How do you cover the Super Bowl without your team being in it?

(12:00) - Keepsakes from past Super Bowls

(15:40) - Players are more fun after the season is over

(21:00) - What is covering the Super Bowl in Miami is like?

Jan 29, 2020
Live from Radio Row in Miami for Super Bowl LIV |Kevin Clark & Robert Mays of the Ringer, Kyle Shanahan vs Matt Nagy

A special 300th episode for the Under Center podcast. For today's podcast for Super Bowl week in Miami, host Laurence Holmes has two separate discussions with two great guests. Kevin Clark and Robert Mays of the Ringer join the podcast to discuss why the Chiefs and Niners are in the Super Bowl and what the Bears are missing that's holding them back from a Super Bowl.

Part 1 with Kevin Clark

(2:19) - All the NFL players wanted to talk about Kobe Bryant at Media Night

(5:58) - What is the Ringer?

(7:24) - There is a lot that can be learned from Kyle Shanahan

(11:16) - What is Matt Nagy doing wrong with the Bears

(13:36) - What should the Bears do with Mitch Trubisky?

Part 2 with Robert Mays

(20:21) - Interview starts with Mays/ innovation of offense with Reid and Shanahan

(22:31) - Shanahan had the coolest offense Mays has ever seen

(25:16) - Can Matt Nagy be Shanahan?

(26:55) - What are the Bears options at QB?

Jan 29, 2020
Live from Radio Row in Miami for Super Bowl LIV | NBC Sports' Chris Simms fixes the Bears

Laurence Holmes is joined by NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms live from radio row in Miami as they try to fix the Bears. They also discuss what the Bears can learn from the San Francisco 49ers and their head coach Kyle Shanahan.

(1:57) - How to fix the Bears/Trubisky

(6:54) - What would he tell Mitchell Trubisky

(9:24) - What people don't understand about Khalil Mack

(11:44) - Kyle Shanahan is a football genius

Jan 28, 2020
Live from Radio Row in Miami for Super Bowl LIV | Jarrett Payton "My dad's legacy is still alive!"

Host Laurence Holmes is live in Miami from Radio row for Super Bowl Week. Laurence is joined by WGN's and the late great Chicago Bear Walter Payton's son, Jarrett Payton as they discuss his father's impact on the league, losing his father in comparison to the Kobe Bryant's tragic death, and how the current Bears can improve.

(3:10) - The impact of the Walter Payton Man of the Year award

(6:33) - Compares losing his father to the Kobe Bryant tragedy

(11:53) - Being back in Miami

(13:55) - How can the Bears improve?

(19:20) - Relives the last Bears Super Bowl appearance in Miami

Jan 27, 2020
Going over the last five years of Ryan Pace

Ryan Pace has now been the Bears general manager for five years and it's now time for a review. Host Laurence Holmes is joined by NBC Sports Chicago's Cam Ellis, Slavko Bekovic, and Eric Strobel for a round table discussion on if the Ryan Pace era is going well.

(1:27) - Review of Pace's five years

(6:40) - Bears never drafted a decent offensive lineman

(14:10) - The John Fox era of the Ryan Pace era

(20:42) - When is it officially Ryan Pace's team?

(23:02) - How many teams in the NFL have a better roster than the Bears?

(28:34) - Was the Khalil Mack trade a win or a loss?

(33:27) - Why is this offseason important for Pace?

Jan 23, 2020
Special guest Dave Wannstedt

Dave Wannstedt joins host Laurence Holmes to discuss his friend Jimmy Johnson getting the nod to join the ranks of the all-time great coaches in the Hall of Fame. Later on, Dave discusses the Bear great Jimbo Covert getting into the Hall and what does Dave take away from the recent Bears hires mean.

(2:01) - Watching Jimmy Johnson getting into the Hall of Fame

(6:10) - Seeing Jimmy Johnson getting emotional on TV

(10:29) - Why Jimbo Covert is a Hall of Famer

(14:20) - Bears moving their training camp from Bourbonnais

(15:32) - Bear's new hires

Jan 20, 2020
No more Bourbonnais for the Bears

Host Laurence Holmes is joined by NBC Sports Chicago Bears writer Bryan Perez and NBC Sports writer James Neveau as they discuss the Bears moving their training camp from the Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, to the Halas Hall practice facility in Lake Forest.

(2:04) - Reactions to the Bears

(7:00) - Fans are losing with this move

(11:30) - Bourbonnais community will be affected by this move

(19:30) - Stories of Bears training camp

(23:20) - The Bears better get another quarterback in here

(27:40) - Laurence wraps it up

Jan 16, 2020
Trubisky, Watson, and Mahomes forever connected

The Pace Bowl has come and gone and football fans everywhere are better for it, except Bears fans. Host Laurence Holmes is joined by Ben Heisler (@bennyheis) host of the Awful Announcing podcast, to discuss 51-31 shootout of Watson vs Mahomes, and the draft that will forever connect the 3 quarterbacks.

(1:32) - What it was like to watch Watson vs Mahomes live

(4:30) - Weird that the Chiefs down 3 TDs is nothing to them

(7:30) - How does scoring 31 points get you blown out?

(10:00) - Does It bother Mahomes that Bears over looked him?

(11:40) - How far is Trubisky from Watson and Mahomes?

(15:30) - What did Ryan Pace see in Trubisky that he didn't with the other 2?

(21:10) - Where does the Pace Bowl game rank?

Jan 13, 2020
The Ryan Pace Bowl (Watson vs Mahomes)

The Bears had a rough season on many levels this year and it's all culminated to what's being called the Ryan Pace Bowl of the 2 quarterbacks he chose Mitchell Trubisky over in Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. Host Laurence Holmes is joined by Brad Evans, host of the Fantasy Football Hour, to discuss this game, the fantasy aspect of all the playoff games, and the failings of the Bears in fantasy this year.

(2:03) - There is nothing to salvage from Mitch Trubisky as a quarterback

(3:53) - David Montgomery was not used, AT ALL!

(9:19) - Trubisky's fantasy football value plummeted

(14:13) - Ryan Pace Bowl

(21:46) - Plays to make for daily fantasy during the divisional round

Jan 09, 2020
Football Aftershow 2019 Bears season review

After a rough year the Bears are now reviewing their season to discuss what went wrong in 2019. The Football Aftershow of Laurence Holmes, Olin Kruetz, Lance Briggs, Matt Forte, and Alex Brown does it for them. Now how do we get them to listen?

(2:00) - Biggest problem with the 2019 Bears

(6:50) - The problems with the offense

(10:40) - Bears aren't built to power run

(12:30) - Blame game within the Bears organization

(15:40) - What defenses have done to stop Nagy and Trubisky

(18:40) - Is there enough QB in Mitch to salvage

(21:10) - Mitch isn't worried about his job enough

(24:00) - Can the Bears be honest about who Mitch is

(28:00) - Pagano vs Fangio

Jan 06, 2020
Ep. 291: Ryan Pace was not clear enough

After a long and disappointing season for the Bears, General Manager Ryan Pace addressed the media along with head coach Matt Nagy. Host Laurence Holmes dissects what they said and discusses where the Bears must improve going into next season.

(1:27) - Bears make coaching changes

(5:01) - Main concerns with 2019 Bears

(9:44) - Trubisky's issues this season

(14:11) - Dissecting Trubisky's season

(19:06) - How bad were the Bears in the redzone

(22:54) - Problems with the offensive line

(28:29) - The ultimate trust in Eddy Pineiro

Jan 02, 2020
Ep. 290: Bears season ends at 8-8. Now what?

Laurence Holmes and the Football Aftershow of Lance Briggs, Olin Kruetz, Alex Brown, and Matt Forte discuss the Bears win vs the backups of the Minnesota Vikings, their thoughts on the job Nagy and Mitch Trubisky did this year, and the problems that plagued the Bears all year this season.

(2:01) - Bears struggling against the Vikings backups

(5:44) - Bears biggest problem is Mitch not fitting Nagy's system

(7:32) - Bears are ruining their chance at a ring by not changing the scheme

(10:38) - Which is easier, fixing the coaching/Nagy or fixing Mitch Trubisky?

(22:02) - Reaction to Matt Nagy's last post game press conference

(29:22) - Reaction to Mitch Trubisky last post game presser

(34:17) - Are the Bears close to getting to the playoffs?

(36:18) - Will "Club Dub" return next year?

Dec 30, 2019
Ep. 289: Will the Bears be honest with themselves?

NBC Sports Chicago's Eric Strobel is in for host Laurence Holmes and he is joined by NBC Sports Chicago writer Bryan Perez as they discuss the changes that need to be made for the Bears and if the Bears will even acknowledge them.

(2:10) - A fitting end to the season for the Bears

(6:14) - Chiefs game felt like the final straw

(9:36) - Mitch Trubisky is just a guy

(11:30) - Quarterback options for the Bears in the off-season

(17:58) - Ryan Pace putting ego over winning

(20:46) - Bears hand holding Mitch Trubisky

Dec 26, 2019
Ep. 288: Bears lose to the Chiefs 26-3 in embarrassing fashion

Host Laurence Holmes and the Football Aftershow crew of Lance Briggs, Alex Brown, Olin Kreutz, and Matt Forte discuss the embarrassing loss the Bears took to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football.

(1:14) - You have to laugh to keep from crying

(4:14) - The Bears looked awful all game

(8:15) - The Bears have issues scoring touchdowns

(12:29) - Mitch Trubisky is not the QB for the future

(15:57) - Allen Robinson's frustration with the team

(19:42) - Reaction to Matt Nagy's press conference

(25:39) - Reaction to Mitch Trubisky's press conference

(35:23) - Ryan Pace's role in this Bears season

Dec 23, 2019
Ep. 287: How to grow a successful quarterback

Host Laurence Holmes is joined by Terez Paylor of Yahoo sports to discuss the Chiefs and Bears matchup on Sunday Night Football. They discuss how the Chiefs help grow Patrick Mahomes, the differences between Mahomes and Trubisky, and the way the Bears have or have not helped Trubisky.

(1:57) - What Kansas City plans to do vs the Bears

(3:46) - How the Chiefs planned to take Mahomes in the 2017 draft

(4:31) - Matt Nagy's thoughts on Mahomes when he was with the Chiefs

(6:44) - Why hasn't Trubisky run as much this year?

(9:38) - Why haven't the Bears done more to help Trubisky?

(12:39) - Who was Matt Nagy as the Offensive Coordinator for the Chiefs?

(14:00) - How has Mahomes been able to dominate at the NFL level?

(17:20) - Issues for the Kansas City defense

Dec 20, 2019
Ep. 286: What does Trubisky think about Mahomes?

Host Laurence Holmes is joined by NBCS Chicago's Cam Ellis to discuss the biggest topic of the week, the obvious comparisons between Mitch Trubisky and the reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes.

(2:03) - How did Mitch Trubisky respond to comparisons with Mahomes

(2:49) - Is Mitch looking forward to this matchup or is he dreading it?

(4:00) - Does Matt Nagy want to impress Andy Reid?

(7:51) - Is Danny Trevathan's career with the Bears over?

(10:30) - Will Akiem Hicks play this week?

(12:44) - Who are the players that will get a chance to play the last 2 games?

(13:58) - Will Mitch run more the last 2 games?

(15:32) - Where does Allen Robinson rank among the league's best WRs?

Dec 19, 2019
Ep. 285: The Bears are still searching for an identity after loss to the Packers

Laurence Holmes and the Football Aftershow crew of Lance Briggs, Matt Forte, and Alex Brown discuss the 21-13 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

(5:21) - Expectations have significantly dropped for Mitch Trubisky this season.

(9:36) - Ryan Pace needs to build a better roster for his coach.

(15:19) - Bears need to draft another quarterback immediately!

(22:53) - How should the Bears prepare with little to no chance of playoffs

Dec 16, 2019
Ep. 284: Will Packers force Mitch to "play quarterback again"?

Host Laurence Holmes is joined by the Journal Sentinel's Jim Owczarski from Milwaukee as they discuss have the Packers over achieved in head coach Matt LaFleur's first season (3:45), is Aaron Rodgers already looking toward the end of his career (9:50), and will the Packers use the same game plan they used against Mitch Trubisky and let him "play quarterback" (12:35). All that and more on this episode of the Under Center Podcast.

Dec 13, 2019
Ep. 283: Can the Bears get the win they need over the Packers?

Laurence Holmes is joined by Cam Ellis to discuss the impact Akiem Hicks will make in his return (3:49). They go on to debate the differences between the Bears and Packers the second go around this season (6:58) and they talk about the resurgence of Bears WR Anthony Miller (10:42).

Dec 12, 2019
Ep. 282: Trubisky shines in big win over Cowboys

Laurence Holmes is joined by the Football Aftershow crew of Lance Briggs, Matt Forte, Alex Brown, and Olin Kreutz to break down the Bears' huge win over the Cowboys. The guys give their initial thoughts on the victory (1:05) before discussing what impressed them most about Mitch Trubisky's performance (5:00), what the possible return of Akiem Hicks and his leadership could mean (15:30), and how the team stays focused heading into Green Bay for Week 15 and beyond (25:00).

Dec 06, 2019
Ep. 281: Hicks' Return Imminent & a Path to the Playoffs?

Laurence Holmes is joined by JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis from Halas Hall to discuss Akiem Hicks' return to practice and much more. The trio debates whether Hicks is the most important member of the Bears' defense (5:15) before discussing the team's mindset going into Thursday's game against Dallas (9:15) and how important it is for the team to finish the season strong (12:15). Finally, the guys map out a potential path to the playoffs, however unlikely it may be (15:15) and wonder whether we've seen the last of Adam Shaheen as a Bear (18:15).

Dec 02, 2019
Ep. 280: Bears Classics - 1980 Thanksgiving walk-off

In this Thanksgiving Week special edition, we flash back to the Bears/Lions game on Nov. 27, 1980. A furious 4th-quarter rally led to overtime, where Dave Williams returned the opening kickoff for the fastest-ever OT win at the time. A huge cast of characters takes you through the game and everything that led up to it, including QB Vince Evans, LB Otis Wilson, Lions RB Billy Sims, and many more. Topics include the history of the NFL playing on Thanksgiving (1:50), the winding roads to the NFL for Evans and Sims (12:30), the first half of the game where everything went wrong for the Bears (23:00), the furious 4th-quarter rally (34:30), and the epic OT heroics from Williams (41:00).

Nov 30, 2019
Ep. 279: Aftershow Thanksgiving reactions

The Football Aftershow crew reacts to the Bears comeback win over the Lions on Thanksgiving. They talk playoffs? Playoffs? Trubisky's big game, why did Blough do so well and what they took away from Matt Nagy and Mitch Trubisky's press conferences.

0:30 - Instant game reax....At 6-6, do the Bears have a chance at the playoffs?

5:40 - Trubisky performance reax - ball placement, late drives, leveling up his play

9:50 - Forte and the crew talk about run game and there still not being enough in that area

16:45 - Defensive performance evaluation - what can they do better? why did Blough do so well?

22:40 - Nagy calls Trubisky's performance 'special' after the game - is Nagy publicly saying things different than what he privately?

24:45 - Crew reacts to Trubisky's press conference and liked what he said

Nov 28, 2019
Ep. 278: Thanksgiving in Detroit with Jeff Riger

Laurence Holmes is joined by Jeff Riger from 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit to preview the holiday clash between the Bears and Lions. Topics include the Lions' tenuous QB situation (2:45), a Matt Stafford update and a comparison to Jay Cutler (5:00), the Lions' inability to win big games in recent years (9:00), and the struggles of head coach Matt Patricia that have the Lions fan base so upset (13:45).

Nov 27, 2019
Ep. 277: Breaking down the Bears with Dave Wannstedt

Laurence Holmes is joined by former Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt to discuss what he liked in the team's win over the Giants (:15), how the offense can be tailored a little more toward Mitch Trubisky's strengths (2:30), the lack of a run game so far this season for the Bears (5:00), and how a team gets ready on a very short week for a familiar opponent (9:00).

Nov 26, 2019
Ep. 276: Are the Bears building false hope or taking steps forward?

Once again, the Bears come out with an uneven performance but earn a win against the New York Giants. Laurence Holmes is joined by Lance Briggs, Matt Forte and Alex Brown to debate whether or not the Bears offense took an actual step forward, whether Mitchell Trubisky actually had a decent game and whether they are actually a poorly coached team that makes the same mistakes week in and week out.

1:30 - Did the Bears take a step forward in the win vs New York?

8:45 - Mitchell Trubisky with another uneven game

12:15 - Bears continue to make blunders deep into the season

14:15 - The confidence in Eddy Pineiro is disappearing quickly

20:30 - A quick turnaround for Thanksgiving vs the Lions

Nov 25, 2019
Ep. 275: Dan Hampton reflects on Thanksgiving & Walter Payton

Hall of Fame defensive lineman Dan Hampton joins NBC Sports Chicago Bears producer Eric Strobel to discuss a variety of topics, including the significance of playing on Thanksgiving and an epic Bears/Lions holiday game in 1980 (1:45), his broken nose in the celebratory aftermath of that game (5:00), how Walter Payton's legacy has endured and grown in the 20 years since his passing (9:00), and his disappointment in this year's Bears team (14:45).

Nov 22, 2019
Ep. 274: Trubisky's status & is Anthony Miller on the hot seat?

Laurence Holmes catches up with JJ Stankevitz from Halas Hall, and the guys discuss Mitch Trubisky's status and his progression (1:30), before wondering whether Anthony Miller is playing for his job (8:00) and finally running down some things to watch down the stretch, including the offensive line, Roquan Smith's finish, and Leonard Floyd (16:45).

Nov 21, 2019
Ep. 273: Playing 'Trubisky Detective' after rough loss to Rams

Laurence Holmes, Matt Forte, Alex Brown, Lance Briggs, and Olin Kreutz dissect all the major storylines following the Bears’ 17-7 loss to the Rams in Los Angeles. The guys try to figure out whether QB Mitch Trubisky actually injured his hip or if it was a stealth benching (1:30) before getting into Eddy Pineiro’s tough day (13:00) and whether the team’s culture has taken a hit this season (17:00).

Nov 18, 2019
Ep. 272: Tony Dungy & Chris Simms preview Bears/Rams

JJ Stankevitz catches up with NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy about how important this game is for both teams, the degree to which the Bears miss Jordan Howard, and Lovie Smith's revival of the Fighting Illini (1:00). Then, producer Eric Strobel and NBC's Chris Simms discuss how teams are game-planning for Khalil Mack, how and why both the Bears and Rams have disappointed this season, and which franchise he'd want to be moving forward (11:00).

Nov 15, 2019
Ep. 271: Trubisky's trust & would you rather be the Bears or the Rams?

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and John "Moon" Mullin convene at Halas Hall to discuss how to balance Mitch Trubisky's special moments against the rest of his play, including a comparison to Jay Cutler (2:35). Then the trio breaks down Trubisky's trust - or lack thereof - in his receivers (7:50), and debates whether you'd rather be the Bears or the Rams moving forward (19:20) before finishing up by wondering how much a win on Sunday would mean to this team (25:35).

Nov 14, 2019
Ep. 270: Club Dub is back open, but can the Bears still salvage their season?

The Bears pulled out an ugly win vs. the Detroit Lions, but should Club Dub have re-opened for such a lackluster performance? Matt Forte, Lance Briggs and Alex Brown join Laurence Holmes to break down how the Bears might have saved their season, even if only for another week. Plus, the guys discuss how this defense might look going forward with some major injuries up the middle.

1:33 - The season is not over and the games still matter

2:48 - Did the Bears expectations sour this entire season?

5:38 - Alex explains why the Bears should not be happy with that win

10:54 - Mitchell Trubisky's play was just "OK" vs Detroit

15:57 - The effort vs. the Lions gets you beat vs. the Rams

17:15 - The outlook following Danny Trevathan's gruesome injury

20:07 - Should Club Dub have re-opened after the win?

Nov 11, 2019
Ep. 269: Sage Rosenfels fixes the Bears' offense

Former NFL quarterback and sharp football analyst Sage Rosenfels joins JJ Stankevitz to explain why the Bears' offense has crashed and burned in 2019, starting with why Matt Nagy needs to run the "exact opposite offense" to make Mitch Trubisky successful (1:20) and how realistic it is for Nagy to significantly change his offense this far into the season (5:10). Then, JJ gets Sage's take on the Bears' offensive line (8:00) and if there were warning signs with this offense in 2018 (9:45). Finally, Sage explains what he would do with the Bears' quarterback situation in 2020 (12:30).

Nov 08, 2019
Ep. 268: The QB blueprint for this season and beyond

JJ Stankevitz, John "Moon" Mullin, and Cam Ellis talk all things Bears from Halas Hall, beginning with where the blame for this season begins (:15). The trio also discusses how this team can get fixed for 2020 (2:45), and whether Nagy deserves a chance with his own QB (6:00), before having wide-ranging discussion on the QB blueprint in the offseason from the draft to trades to free agency options, including Cam Newton (12:00) and they finish by wondering how Mitch could change minds over last 8 games (28:00).

Nov 07, 2019
Ep. 267: "Jekyll & Hyde" Bears come up short in Philadelphia

Laurence Holmes is joined by Matt Forte, Lance Briggs and Alex Brown to dissect the Bears' 22-14 loss to the Eagles. The guys discuss the style of the offense and the running game in particular (1:30), Mitch Trubisky's continued lack of progress (3:15), why the Bears played two completely different halves (9:30), and how Matt Nagy needs to hold his players accountable (13:00).

Nov 04, 2019
Ep. 266: Bears-Eagles preview with NBC Sports Philadelphia's Dave Zangaro

JJ Stankevitz is joined by NBC Sports Philadelphia Eagles reporter Dave Zangaro to look at how Jordan Howard is fitting in (1:20), how Doug Pederson -- like Matt Nagy -- leans on the 2015 Chiefs when things aren't going well (10:00), how Carson Wentz is playing (14:30) and why the Eagles' secondary may not be as bad as you think (15:20) heading into Sunday's game.

Nov 01, 2019
Ep. 265: Expectations for Mitch Trubisky moving forward

JJ Stankevitz is joined by Cam Ellis and John "Moon" Mullin for a wide-ranging discussion on Mitch Trubisky and expectations for the embattled QB now that he's made 32 starts in his uneven career (1:30). The trio then discuss Trubisky's leadership and evaluate his body language during the Chargers game (13:00), before wrapping up with a discussion of the Eddy Pineiro missed kick hash mark saga (23:00).

Oct 31, 2019
Ep. 264: Bears commit to the run...but did they learn their lesson?

After another frustrating week for the Bears, Matt Forte, Olin Kreutz, Lance Briggs and Alex Brown join Laurence Holmes to discuss whether or not Matt Nagy and the Bears have lost faith in Mitchell Trubisky and whether they should consider a trade for a new quarterback. Olin says the Bears simply aren't a good football team right now and the guys question whether David Montgomery taught Nagy a lesson.

1:28 - Takeaways from a brutal loss to the Chargers

6:27 - Bears finally commit to running the ball

10:53 - What do we think about the Bears overall?

11:56 - How the Bears can re-establish a new identity

16:53 - Did David Montgomery teach Matt Nagy a lesson?

20:52 - What needs to change most before next week?

24:00 - Should the Bears go trade for a QB?

Oct 27, 2019
Ep. 263: Previewing Bears-Chargers with ex-LA LB Kyle Emanuel

JJ Stankevitz is joined by former Charges linebacker Kyle Emanuel to break down how Los Angeles will try to scheme against the Bears' offense (1:43), if this is a good opportunity for the Bears to get their run game going (2:50) and the impact of All-Pro safety Derwin James' absence (5:04). Then the focus turns to the offense and what makes Philip Rivers so effective (8:26), what Russell Okung's return means for the offense (10:12) and if Melvin Gordon's holdout is still affecting his play (11:28). The pod finishes with Emanuel's thoughts on the Bears after spending four years in the league (16:00).

Oct 26, 2019
Ep. 262: Mitch Trubisky & the Bears' offense under fire

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and John "Moon" Mullin check in from Halas Hall to discuss a team and a QB under the microscope for all the wrong reasons. The trio tries to separate Mitch Trubisky's struggles from the bigger-picture issues on offense (:30), before discussing the offensive play-calling and run/pass differential (9:00). Then, the guys break down the missing running game, otherwise known as the Bears' #1 fix on offense (12:30), and what kind of spark could get this team going again (20:30).

Oct 24, 2019
Ep. 261: Bears trounced by Saints, and questions abound

Laurence Holmes is joined by Olin Kreutz, Matt Forte, Lance Briggs, and Alex Brown to break down the Bears' highly dispiriting 36-25 loss to the Saints at Soldier Field. The guys discuss why the loss was so disappointing and frustrating (2:00), the lack of progress for many players since last year (5:00), the possibility of somebody other than Nagy calling plays (10:00), whether the Bears can save their season and still make the playoffs (14:00), and the massive problems in the run game this season (22:00).

Oct 21, 2019
Ep. 260: Previewing Bears-Saints with NOLA.com's Luke Johnson

JJ Stankevitz is joined by New Orleans Advocate/Times-Picayune Saints beat writer Luke Johnson to preview Sunday's game at Soldier Field, starting with why the Saints have been able to keep winning without Drew Brees (1:29). JJ runs his concerns about the Bears' offense going against the Saints' defense by Luke (4:28) before getting into how New Orleans is viewing Matt Nagy, Mitch Trubisky and Chicago's lagging offense (8:17). Luke then explains the impact of Alvin Kamara's absence (10:40) and why Teddy Bridgewater has been so effective since tagging in for Brees (14:55).

Oct 19, 2019
Ep. 259: What should we expect from Mitch Trubisky vs. New Orleans?

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and John "Moon" Mullin look at the likelihood Mitch Trubisky returns on Sunday against the Saints, and what the Bears should expect from him when he comes back (02:00). Plus, JJ is concerned about how the Bears can attack standout Saints CB Marshon Lattimore (09:00) while Moon and Cam dive into what positions need to be better to help Mitch out (11:00).

Oct 17, 2019
Ep. 258: A big news day at Halas Hall

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis look at the difficult decision and impact of Kyle Long going on IR (1:48), and how Bilal Nichols' return to practice could help alleviate the difficulty of replacing Akiem Hicks for a while (8:25). Plus, Mitch Trubisky returned to practice on Monday (13:10) and the guys look at how Matt Nagy talked about how he spent his off week (17:55).

Oct 14, 2019
Ep. 257: Assessing the Bears at the Bye

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis get together during the Bears' bye week to tackle everything plaguing the scuffling offense. The guys look at the issues on the offensive line, including the question of what to do with the struggling Kyle Long (2:45), the inconsistent run game and how David Montgomery is being stifled so far (10:45), the lack of production from some key skill position players (16:30), and the continuing unknowns at the QB position (22:45). Then, Cam & JJ delve into some things that HAVE gone right this season, like the defense withstanding regression, the team's overall competitiveness, and Eddy Pineiro locking down the kicker spot (28:45).

Oct 09, 2019
Ep. 256: London losers: Bears fall flat vs Raiders

The Bears defense simply could not stop Josh Jacobs and the Raiders' run game in a 24-21 loss in London. Olin Kreutz, Matt Forte, Lance Briggs and Alex Brown join Laurence Holmes to discuss why the Bears couldn't stop the run, what to do with the quarterback situation, and where the team goes from here heading into a bye week with a tough schedule on the horizon.

0:45 - Why did Raiders run ball so well vs. Bears?

3:25 - Is Eddie Goldman the heartbeat of the Bear defense?

7:14 - How did the London factor play into the Bears loss?

9:00 - Evaluating Chase Daniel's game

16:40 - Looking at the Bears upcoming schedule

20:00 - Should Nagy hand over playcalling duties?

Oct 07, 2019
Ep. 255: Bears-Raiders preview with Scott Bair

JJ Stankevitz is joined in London with Scott Bair who covers the Raiders for NBC Sports Bay Area to preview this weekends game overseas.

1:14 - Injury report for both teams and what it means for Sunday

6:16 - Raiders' offense vs. Bears' defense

10:06 - Khalil Mack faces Raiders for first time since trade

19:08 - Bears' offense vs. Raiders' defense

23:20 - Overall experience in London

Oct 04, 2019
Ep. 254: Should Chase Daniel be the Bears’ permanent QB1?

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis set the table for the Bears International series match-up in London this Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.

1:52 - Are the Bears better off with Chase Daniel as their quarterback in 2019 instead of Mitchell Trubisky?

3:48 - Looking back at Chase Daniel's two starts in 2018 against the Lions and Giants.

11:14 - Where is the Bears run game?

13:06 - When Trubisky is healthy (Week 7?) he will be the starter.

16:33 - What's going on with Roquan Smith?

24:00 - The Bears aren't too thrilled to be playing in London.

Oct 01, 2019
Ep. 253: Daniel steps up, defense dominates in win over Vikings

Laurence Holmes is joined by Matt Forte, Olin Kreutz, Alex Brown, and Lance Briggs to break down the Bears’ 16-6 win over the Vikings to move to 3-1 on the season. The guys discuss a bunch of backups coming through on Sunday (1:45), the continued dominance of Khalil Mack (5:15), whether the Bears can win long-term with Chase Daniel under center (7:00), and who should start if Mitch were magically fully healthy tomorrow (14:45).

Sep 30, 2019
Ep. 252: Previewing Bears-Vikings with the Star-Tribune's Andrew Krammer

JJ Stankevitz is joined by Minneapolis Star-Tribune Vikings beat reporter Andrew Krammer ahead of Sunday's pivotal clash at Soldier Field. What's the sense of urgency in Minnesota with the Vikings also staring down an 0-2 start in the NFC North (1:45)? Then, Andrew dives into Kirk Cousins' role in a run-heavy Vikings' offense (3:00) and how Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen are handling not getting the ball as much (8:00). On defense, Danielle Hunter and Anthony Harris are guys the Bears need to be aware of (10:15), plus Andrew explains why Mike Zimmer sounds confident ahead of Sunday despite "weird s**t" happening to Minnesota at Soldier Field (15:15).

Sep 27, 2019
Ep. 251: Nagy's profane challenge to Trubisky, and a new man on the Minnesota Vikings

JJ Stankevitz is joined by Cam Ellis and the two start by discussing a part of MNF's broadcast which appeared to catch Nagy yelling "Man the f--- up!" or "Shut the f--- up!" to Mitchell Trubisky (01:20). JJ uses this small example to take a look at the two different Nagys-- "Nagy the Offensive Mind" and "Nagy the Leader of the Team" (07:02). Hear from Nagy himself on Tarik Cohen's NSFW locker room Instagram Live (10:22). Then, JJ shares how he thinks the Bears can avoid repeating their Week 1 offensive performance against the Vikings (12:42). Plus, Cam thinks this may be more of a "prove it" game for Matt Nagy than Trubisky (16:07).

After the break, J.J. and Cam look ahead to how the Bears defense matches up with the Vikings offense, and why the "Truth Hurts" when checking out Minnesota's running backs (19:15). Akiem Hicks's status may be the most important factor in the game (22:09). Then, J.J. shares some fun stats on how Kirk Cousins performs under pressure (25:47). Finally, why the Redskins game may have been the perfect warm up for the Vikings (30:23).

Sep 25, 2019
Ep. 250: Bears defense flexes muscles in win over Washington

Olin Kruetz, Matt Forte, Lance Briggs and Alex Brown join Laurence Holmes to break down the Bears 31-15 win over the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. The Bears defense flexed their muscles, forcing five turnovers, while Mitchell Trubisksy and the offense finally got rolling. However, as an important matchup with division rivals Minnesota looms, the Bears could be without a few key players battling injuries. 

1:00 - The Bears performance on Monday night was huge surprise

6:10 – Was the win a statement game or too close for comfort?

12:10 – What more can the offense do to improve?

15:05 – The Grudens must really, REALLY hate Khalil Mack

17:00 – We’re on to Minnesota 

Sep 24, 2019
Ep. 249: Previewing Bears-Redskins with JP Finlay

JJ Stankevitz chats with NBC Sports Washington Redskins Insider JP Finlay to preview Monday night's game, which just might be a must-win for Washington (1:20).

Also, is the Redskins' defense actually as bad as it's looked in the first two games of 2019? (2:30) Will Josh Norman shadow Allen Robinson and try to shut him down? (6:15)

On the offensive side of the ball, JP explains what's made Case Keenum so good this year (9:45) and if rookie wideout Terry McLaurin's explosive start to the season is sustainable (11:55). Plus, JP gets into the impact of left tackle Trent Williams' holdout (13:30) and how it's effected running back Adrian Peterson (15:05).

Sep 21, 2019
Ep. 248: What's the deal with the Bears' bad offense?

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and John "Moon" Mullin look at some of the reasons presented at Halas Hall for why the Bears' offense hasn't been good (06:55), and wonder if there's any reason to hope this group can get better quickly (11:34). Plus, the guys look ahead to Week 4, which might be the most pivotal week of the 2019 season for this team (20:15).

Sep 19, 2019
Ep. 247: Bears win as Eddy Pineiro bursts onto the NFL scene

Description: It wasn’t always pretty, but the Bears found a way to win on the road in Denver thanks to a wild final minute of the game. Olin Kreutz, Lance Briggs, Alex Brown and host Laurence Holmes break down the victory and debate whether the Bears can be a legitimate Super Bowl contender playing like this. Are the Bears making any progress on offense and what are opposing defenses doing to limit Mitchell Trubisky? Plus, a look ahead to week 3 against Washington and what the guys want to see the Bears do to get going in the right direction.

0:38 – “The Eddy Pineiro Game”

2:40 – Bears deserve credit for finding Pineiro

8:13 – Is the Bears offense making progress?

10:19 – What are offenses doing to Trubisky?

((break is around 14:01))

15:25 – Can the Bears be contenders playing like this?

18:12 – What’s going on in the Bears backfield?

21:40 – Expectations vs Washington next week

Sep 16, 2019
Ep. 246: Previewing Bears-Broncos with Benjamin Allbright

JJ Stankevitz is joined by "Broncos Country" host Benjamin Allbright to preview Sunday's Bears-Broncos game in Denver.

1:20 - Mood in Denver after Week 1

2:23 - Taking longer than expected for Broncos to pick up Vic's defense?

4:00 - Bryce Callahan injury status, what options does Denver have if he doesn't play?

5:45 - How's Vic coming across in press conferences?

7:55 - Impressions of backup tackle Elijah Wilkinson?

9:00 - Is Denver's offense designed to get the ball out quick?

10:20 - Should Joe Flacco be of any concern to the Bears?

11:45 - Names Bears fans should know

13:15 - What's the deal with Denver's early-season success at home?

14:30 - Impressions of Mitch Trubisky

Sep 13, 2019
Ep. 245: What's the vibe around Halas Hall as Bears turn page to Denver?

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis, and John “Moon” Mullin bring you all the latest from Halas Hall, including reactions to Mitch Trubisky’s mid-week press conference after a tough season debut (2:00), where the Bears’ confidence stands heading to Denver (8:00), how the Bears are owning the Green Bay loss (11:00), and Leonard Floyd’s breakout game and versatility on this defense (17:00).

Sep 11, 2019
Ep. 244: What's fair and what's an overreaction to the Bears' offensive debacle

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis recap the aftermath of Week 1 and what they gathered from Matt Nagy and players after practice on Monday.

1:35 - Injury update on Trey Burton who was present at practice.

3:19 - 'Overreactions or correct-reactions' after a few days to digest the Bears loss.

8:12 - JJ analyzes Bears running statistics from 2018 and how it's in Nagy's DNA to run the ball.

9:20 - Should Nagy give Eddy Piñeiro more flexibility? (Looking back at the 4th and 10 decision to not attempt a 51-yard field goal)

14:06 - Do the Bears have the quarterback they need to win a Super Bowl?

23:25 - Previewing the Broncos game and facing former DC Vic Fangio.

Sep 09, 2019
Ep. 243: Opening Night Debacle

The Football Aftershow crew of Laurence Holmes, Alex Brown, Lance Briggs, Matt Forte, and Olin Kreutz share their thoughts after the Bears' 10-3 opening night loss to the Packers. The guys discuss the dismal offensive performance (1:30), Matt Nagy's role in the defeat (17:30), the sub-par performance of QB Mitch Trubisky (21:30), and much more.

Sep 06, 2019
Ep. 242: Catching up with the SNF crew

JJ Stankevitz chats with 5 of the primary members of NBC's Sunday Night Football broadcast team ahead of Thursday's season opener. Play-by-play announcer Al Michaels (1:30), color commentator Cris Collinsworth (5:20), sideline reporter Michele Tafoya (12:30), studio host Mike Tirico (17:00), and studio analyst Rodney Harrison (22:00) all discuss what the Bears' prospects look like this season. Then, Luke Stuckmeyer and former Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt break down everything about the tilt against Green Bay (26:30).

Sep 05, 2019
Ep. 241: Previewing Bears-Packers with Jim Owczarski

JJ Stankevitz chats with Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Packers beat writer Jim Owczarski ahead of Thursday's season opener about the vibe in Green Bay (0:30), the Packers' kicking situation (1:45), if Matt LaFleur's offense can surprise the Bears (3:15), how much confidence the Packers have ahead of Thursday (5:30), the Aaron Rodgers-LaFleur relationship (7:30), the new faces on Green Bay's defense (11:30) and the feeling about the Bears in Wisconsin (14:00). 

Sep 03, 2019
Ep. 240: Which Bears players should you draft in fantasy football?

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis dive in to fantasy football projections for Bears players and debate the validity of them. Is Mitch Trubisky worth taking in a one-quarterback league (1:40)? Is everyone underrating Mike Davis (8:00)? Can you trust Allen Robinson to not fall victim to a bad week with the Bears' plethora of weapons (10:00)? What about Trey Burton and his injury status (19:20)? And could Adam Shaheen lead this team in touchdowns (23:00)? All that plus more as you get ready for your fantasy drafts this week.

Sep 03, 2019
Ep. 239: Predictions for the 2019 season

J.J. Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and John "Moon" Mullin make their Bears predictions for the 2019 season. How many sacks for Khalil Mack (03:10)? What will Mitch Trubisky's stats look like (05:30)? How many sacks for Leonard Floyd (09:00)? How many yards will David Montgomery rush for (11:50)? How many games will Eddy Pineiro play, and what will be his FG percentage (18:57)? How many takeaways for the Bears D (23:35)? How will the NFC North shake out (28:50)? Finally, the prediction everyone's waiting for: what will be the Bears' record (29:25)?

Sep 01, 2019
Ep. 238: Last-place Bears? No shot.

On this episode of the Under Center Podcast, JJ Stankevitz, John "Moon" Mullin and Cam Ellis react to some of the crazier predictions various outlets have for the Bears this season. First, the guys respond to Phil Simms calling Chase "Daniels" one of the worst backup QBs in the NFL (0:44). If Trubisky goes down, Moon says there are several players who can step up and take over a game so that Daniel won't have to lead the Bears to wins himself (4:23). JJ even thinks Daniel is better than several QBs that have started for the Bears (06:45).

What positions have the best/worst depth heading into this season (07:50)? And who are some Bears depth players that would be starting if they played on other teams (12:45)?

Then, the crew reacts to a Sports Illustrated prediction that has the Bears going 7-9 and finishing last in the NFC North (14:08). Plus, the fact that they had the Bears DBs ranked 17th in the league is simply preposterous (16:25). Moving on to Trubisky talk, JJ isn't buying the idea that Trubisky will make more mistakes in Year 2 of Nagy's offense (19:50).

Finally, the guys share their thoughts on Andrew Luck's surprise retirement (23:33), and Moon compares the news to when former Bears linebacker Bryan Cox opted to have thumb surgery mid-season in 1996 to avoid long-term damage to his hand (28:06).

Aug 26, 2019
Ep. 237: Is Matt Nagy right to rest his starters in preseason games?

J.J. Stankevitz is joined by John "Moon" Mullin and Cam Ellis to debate whether or not Mitchell Trubisky, and the rest of the Bears starters, need preseason reps to fully prepare for Week 1. Plus, the guys share their latest thoughts on Eddy Pineiro and the kicking situation.

00:40 - Moon doesn't think everything adds up with Matt Nagy holding Trubisky out of preseason games

03:20 - Highlights from Matt Nagy's Wednesday press conference on the growing trend of coaches sitting starters in the preseason

05:45 - Cam understands why coaches don't want to risk injury in the preseason, but also thinks something else may be afoot with Nagy sitting Trubisky

08:10 - Is joint practice the future of preseason football?

14:00 - Can teams really get the same quality of work done in practice as they can in a preseason game?

19:50 - Talking about Kalyn Kahler's Sports Illustrated article that gave an inside look to the Bears' kicking competition from rookie minicamp

21:20 - Moon says that the Bears are actually in a worse position now, than they were last year with Cody Parkey

23:15 - Did the Bears do future kickers a disservice by fixating on 43-yard kicks?

24:50 - All the guys are excited for Olin Kreutz to join Football Aftershow this season

Aug 21, 2019
Ep. 236: Saying bye to Fry

On this episode of the Under Center Podcast, J.J. Stankevitz is joined by John "Moon" Mullin. To start, Moon takes a moment to remember Cedric Benson, who died in a motorcycle accident on Saturday night (00:30). Then, the guys discuss the Bears' surprise announcement that they released Elliott Fry, leaving Eddy Pineiro as the only kicker on the roster (05:40).

The guys toss to highlights from Matt Nagy's press conference on Sunday morning where he explains why the Bears decided to cut Fry now, how they think the move will help Pineiro and whether the competition is officially closed (07:55).

Finally, J.J. explains why the end of the kicking competition was just like the end of the Bachelorette (12:10), and which kickers on other teams the Bears may still have their eyes on in the upcoming preseason games (16:40).

Aug 18, 2019
Ep. 235: Fights & fighting about Mitch Trubisky

JJ Stankevitz, John "Moon" Mullin, and Cam Ellis convene after the Bears' first practice of the month at Halas Hall. The trio cover Tuesday's fight between Prince Amukamara and Javon Wims (1:15), Mitch Trubisky's role in controlling practices and the team's leadership structure (7:00), and the recent online criticism of Trubisky before debating whether it was warranted (11:30).

Aug 14, 2019
Ep. 234: Training Camp Daily: Final impressions from Bourbonnais

JJ Stankevitz and John "Moon" Mullin chat after the last training camp practice of 2019 about if Ian Bunting is forcing his way onto the roster (1:40), how cornerback depth was a positive development in Bourbonnais (5:40), the latest in the kicking competition (11:10) and their overall impressions of the offense and defense as the team heads back to Halas Hall (16:25).

Aug 11, 2019
Ep. 233: Training Camp Daily: Shout-out to Bears fans, again

JJ Stankevitz and John "Moon" Mullin break down the final open practice of training camp and how Bears fans showed up in numbers this year (0:22). JJ then goes over his 'jersey of the day' as he spotted a Bernard Berrian jersey and others he spotted at camp (4:56). The guys go over practice notes on Anthony Miller, David Montgomery and rookie wide receiver Riley Ridley (6:29). JJ gives an update on Trey Burton who was back at practice today participating in individual drills and Nagy's comments on his progress (9:22). JJ previews his article on tight end Ian Bunting and his potential with the team (10:31). The guys then give a kicking update on Pineiro, Fry and rumors of top kickers across the league that could be an option (13:05).

Aug 10, 2019
Ep. 232: Training Camp Daily: 1st Preseason Game vs Panthers

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and John "Moon" Mullin break down the Bears' 23-13 preseason-opening loss to the Panthers. The guys talk about the latest update in the ongoing kicker competition (1:00), David Montgomery's impressive preseason debut (3:30), the biggest negative of the night (11:30), and how the starters looked in their very short appearances (14:15).

Aug 09, 2019
Ep. 231: Bears100: 1-on-1 with Virginia McCaskey

JJ Stankevitz sits down with Bears matriarch Virginia McCaskey for a chat about her memories of growing up with the NFL, what her favorite moments from 100 years of Bears football are and how she views the re-birth of the team under Matt Nagy heading into its centennial season.

0:55 - McCaskey on her experience of the Bears 100 Weekend Celebration in early June.

2:08 - McCaskey on what young fans should know about her father, George Halas.

3:28 - McCaskey reflects on the first ever playoff game at Chicago Stadium.

5:00 - McCaskey on memories of George Halas on the barnstorming tour.

6:33 - McCaskey's thoughts on the present-day Bears and the fan base.

7:08 - McCaskey on Matt Nagy and his sense of the history of the franchise.

8:27 - McCaskey on opening night vs Green Bay and the rivalry between the Packers and the Bears.

10:17 - McCaskey on the 2018 season and hopes for the future.

Aug 07, 2019
Ep. 230: Training Camp Daily: The preseason is here!

J.J. Stankevitz and Cam Ellis share their thoughts on the Bears' final practice before the preseason opener, this Thursday against the Panthers. To start, it was a better day for the offense (1:35). Cam thought Mitchell Trubisky looked more decisive, even though he threw two picks (2:20). On the defensive side, Roquan Smith has been great in coverage (04:30).

The guys list what they'll be watching for on Thursday (06:20), and why the tight end position battle feels different than the others (09:50). Plus, will there start to be some separation in the tight WR depth competition after the game (11:25)? And how important it will be for the Bears to evaluate their draft picks and UDFAs in game action for the first time (14:20).

Finally, the jersey of the day is revealed (16:40), and the Curse of Khalil Mack is proposed (18:15).

Aug 06, 2019
Ep. 229: Training Camp Daily: Up-and-down days continue for Mitch Trubisky

On Monday's training camp daily recap, J.J. Stankevitz is joined by Cam Ellis. The guys start by going over injury updates for Trey Burton and Riley Ridley (0:25), and a brief kicker recap (0:45). Then they dig into Mitch Trubisky's inconsistent camp, so far (2:10). Plus, why QB coach Dave Ragone says "bad" reps or interceptions in training camp can be productive (03:40).

Cam thinks the expectations fans and media may have for Trubisky to produce now are a bit unreasonable (05:15) and J.J. doesn't think there are any indications Trubisky will take a step back-- it will be more a question of how much he improves (06:15).

On the defensive side of the ball, Buster Skrine had a heckuva day (08:45). Plus, are the Bears getting ready to stash Emanuel Hall on the IR (11:10)?

The guys reveal the jersey of the day, but it was tough because there were so many great options (11:50).

Aug 05, 2019
Ep. 228: Training Camp Daily: Family Fest recap, plus chats with Prince Amukamara and Bobby Massie

JJ Stankevitz recaps Saturday's Family Fest practice at Soldier Field (0:20), plus hear from cornerback Prince Amukamara on the state of the defense (6:00) and right tackle Bobby Massie on why he was so eager to stay in Chicago (12:25).

Aug 04, 2019
Ep. 227: Training Camp Daily: A foundation of buzz

JJ Stankevitz and John "Moon" Mullin recap Friday's practice and look at how well the defense is playing so far (0:20), how the running backs looked in live tackling drills (4:10) and jump into a long-ranging discussion about the buzz around Bourbonnais thanks to an entry in Friday's training camp jersey of the day contest (6:45).

Aug 02, 2019
Ep. 226: Training Camp Daily: Up and down day for the offense

On today's podcast JJ Stankevitz is joined by John "Moon" Mullin as the Bears return from their off day. First, it's another limited day for Adam Shaheen (0:33). Wideouts like Marvin Hall had a great day, but Anthony Miller or Taylor Gabriel have yet to "flash" (02:00). However, JJ has yet to see any ill-effects from Trey Burton's off-season surgery in his play (02:40). Also, Kyle Fuller and Kyle Long combined for one of the funnier moments of practice (04:00).

Moon doesn't think the passing game is in rhythm, but the run game looks solid (07:00). JJ recaps Eddie Pineiro's day kicking (07:50), why special teams coordinator Chris Tabor wants crowds to be quiet again after kicks (08:25), and why it's important for both Fry and Pineiro to kick at Family Fest this Saturday at Soldier Field (10:10). Plus, why it wouldn't be terrible if the Bears ended up starting a kicker that got cut by another team (13:50).

Finally, the jersey of the day contest comes down to three finalists today (15:35).

Aug 01, 2019
Ep. 225: Training Camp Daily: Stock Up, stock down after five practices

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis share their thoughts after the "first chunk" of training camp concludes. So, after five practices, who's gotten off to a strong start? And who's looking to improve after an off day on Wednesday?

Adam Shaheen has missed three-straight days of practice with a lower-back issue (1:00), is it time to be concerned about his multiple injury problems in his short career? On the positive side, the kicking competition has been tight-- in a good way (03:15). However, one missed kick did get a kid to yell, "Parkey!" (04:05) Could the Bears' future kicker still be on another roster (06:05)?

Emmanuel Hall is also dealing with nagging injury problems, which was his biggest knock heading into the draft (07:40). Another WR fighting for a roster spot, Javon Wims, has impressed by catching seemingly everything thrown his way (09:35). Plus, how Allen Robinson has helped Wims during camp.

It may not be fair, but for the sake of having a third stock down, Bradley Sowell's transition to tight end hasn't gone perfectly (12:20). Meanwhile, Mike Davis has looked great running the ball, and has already started to develop a good rapport with Trubisky catching the ball (14:30). The final stock up goes to Allen Robinson's role in the offense as he's getting a lot of targets and the Bears are clearly trying to get the ball in his hands (15:30).

Finally, JJ reveals the jersey of the day (17:15).

Jul 30, 2019
Ep. 224: Training Camp Daily: Kickin' in the rain

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis go over a crummy day in Bourbonnais in this episode of the Under Center Podcast.

Elliott Fry missed a couple kicks in the rain, but Matt Nagy wasn't going to let the weather be an excuse (0:50), however Fry did make several good kicks, too. The rain wasn't going to shorten practice, either, because Soldier Field is often a nasty place to play (2:25). Guys in the middle of the depth chart enjoyed good days at practice (3:35), plus, is Mike Davis running under the radar with all the focus on Tarik Cohen and David Montgomery (7:05)? Then, the training camp jersey of the day is revealed (10:20).

In the second half of the podcast, JJ joins David Kaplan and David Haugh to interview Akiem Hicks (12:40). Hicks explains how success can be harder to manage than failure (13:20), why he decided to sign with the Bears in 2016 (14:35), the advice he got that helps him take care of his body (16:35), his Madden rating (19:50), how Ryan Pace prioritizes high-character players (22:05), and much more.

Jul 29, 2019
Ep. 223: Training Camp Daily: Welcome to the NFL, David Montgomery

JJ Stankevitz and John "Moon" Mullin dive into David Montgomery's "welcome to the NFL" moments, (0:30), Sunday's training camp jersey of the day (6:00), update the kicking competition with Eddy Pineiro's showing (8:10) and look at what's leading to the overwhelmingly positive vibe in Bourbonnais over the weekend (10:50). 

Jul 28, 2019
Ep. 222 Training Camp Daily: Elliott Fry sizzles in first open practice

JJ Stankevitz and John "Moon" Mullin look at Elliott Fry's big day in front of a big crowd in Bourbonnais (0:20), digest an interesting chat with Danny Trevathan (2:30), look at how much of an impact Mitch Trubisky is already making (5:00) and shout-out the thousands of fans who showed up on Saturday (9:00).

Jul 27, 2019
Ep. 221: Training Camp Daily - The Bears begin practicing

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis run down Friday's action from the Bears' first training camp practice of 2019 (0:20) and dive into Trey Burton's return to the field (1:30) and why he and Adam Shaheen are so important to the Bears' success this season (2:45). 

Jul 26, 2019
Ep. 220: Training Camp is underway!

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis check in from Bourbonnais as the Bears players report to training camp. The duo discusses the enthusiasm among the group as camp begins (:45), any lingering effects over how last season ended and where expectations stand (2:30), a disciplined Mitch Trubisky entering his 3rd year in the NFL (4:00), and how good Khalil Mack thinks Roquan Smith can be (6:00).

Jul 25, 2019
Ep. 219: State of the Bears: How much better can the offense be?

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan wonder if we should be concerned about anyone going on PUP (3:00), then dive into their final training camp preview with a look at how the players around Mitch Trubisky can make him better (4:30) and then what the Bears’ QB needs to do to make sure he takes the necessary step forward in his development (25:52).

Jul 24, 2019
Ep. 218: State of the Bears: Defense

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan are back with their training camp preview of the Bears' defense, looking at if it's fair to expect this group to take a step back without Vic Fangio (2:00) or if it's possible to repeat as the league's No. 1 defense (10:00). Plus, the guys look at which players the Bears need to improve to remain one of the NFL's best defenses (15:15), debate if Leonard Floyd can be better (20:00) and look at the future of the defense as a salary cap crunch looms after 2019 (25:00). 

Jul 17, 2019
Ep. 217: State of the Bears: Front office, coaching staff, special teams

JJ Stankevitz, Paul Aspan and Cam Ellis kick off their "State of the Bears" training camp preview series with a look at how Ryan Pace's front office has performed (2:00), what improvements the guys want to see from Matt Nagy (12:30) and if there's any hope for the team's kicking woes in Bourbonnais (25:10).

Jul 10, 2019
Ep. 216: Eddie Jackson tells us how pumped he is to play the Packers this year

Bears insider JJ Stankevitz goes 1-on-1 with Bears all-pro safety Eddie Jackson at a hydration awareness event. The two discuss Jackson's impact on the community in Chicago (:40), why the Bears "plan on taking this whole thing" (1:40), how Chuck Pagano makes the Bears D better (2:00), and how pumped he is for the opener against Green Bay and why they have extra motivation against Aaron Rodgers (2:20).

Jul 03, 2019
Ep. 215: Checking in on the Lions with ESPN’s Mike Rothstein

JJ Stankevitz is joined by ESPN Lions reporter Mike Rothstein to dive into how close Detroit is to cleaning house (1:00), expectations for Matthew Stafford (5:50) and T.J. Hockenson (10:00), what new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s scheme looks like (13:45), where the Lions are strongest and weakest on defense (16:50) and if this team actually respects Matt Patricia (22:20). Plus, Mike discusses the story he co-wrote on the rise and fall of the AAF and what it would take for a spring football league to succeed (26:10). 

Jun 26, 2019
Ep. 214: Bears prop bets (and a bold Mitch Trubisky prediction)

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan wonder if John Fox had a point about the Bears having the worst offseason in the NFL (1:00), then offer up some prop bets for the Bears in 2019 involving Eloy Jimenez's home runs and Khalil Mack's sacks (5:00), undrafted free agent rookies making the roster (10:00), when/if the Bears will cut a kicker during the season (12:45), running back production (16:30) and how many games Adam Shaheen will play (25:50). 

Jun 19, 2019
Ep. 213: Looking ahead to Mitch Trubisky’s megacontract

JJ Stankevitz, John “Moon” Mullin and Cam Ellis look at Mitch Trubisky’s comments about wanting to play his whole career in Chicago and what the implications of a megacontract for him would be (0:30). Plus, the guys update the kicking competition after Chris Blewitt was released (15:30), how much the offense has grown during the offseason (20:30), if there’s any concern about Trey Burton’s injury (23:30) and the remarkable team chemistry that’s been on display at Halas Hall (27:30).

Jun 12, 2019
Ep. 212: Where does the Bears' kicking competition stand at the end of OTAs?

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis recap what they learned from the Bears' kicking competition during OTAs (2:30), and look at what to expect from it in the coming weeks and months. Plus, they dive into how well Cordarrelle Patterson is fitting in the Bears' offense (12:30) and look at benefits the team is already realizing in moving Bradley Sowell to tight end (17:00). 

Jun 05, 2019
Ep. 211: What can we learn from OTAs, plus a Bears top 100 discussion

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and John “Moon” Mullin debate what’s important and what’s not during OTAs (2:30), then dive into the Bears top 100 players list that tore the fanbase apart (16:25) and look at which current players could be on the cusp of becoming some of the best in franchise history (26:00). 

May 29, 2019
Ep. 210: Takeaways from Week 1 of OTAs

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis dive into a few interesting developments from OTAs at Halas Hall on Wednesday, including Bradley Sowell’s position change (0:30) and Leonard Floyd’s upside (5:30). Plus, hear from Eddie Jackson and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix about how the ‘Bama safety pair came to be re-united in Chicago (12:30). 

May 22, 2019
Ep. 209: Remaining free agents who could help the Bears and checking in on the Vikings

JJ Stankevitz, Paul Aspan and Cam Ellis do a deep dive into the free agent scrap heap and look at players who are still available and could help the Bears (2:30). Plus, JJ chats with Minneapolis Star-Tribune Vikings reporter Andrew Krammer about what’s going on with Kyle Rudolph (18:10), what Gary Kubiak wants to do with Minnesota’s offense (21:30), what the vibe around the Twin Cities is with Kirk Cousins (25:30) and what to expect from the Vikings’ defense (28:40). 

May 15, 2019
Ep. 208: Catching up with Mitch Trubisky and Akiem Hicks

On a special edition of the Under Center Podcast, Bears Pro Bowl QB Mitch Trubisky & Pro Bowl Defensive End Akiem Hicks join the show. Mitch talks to Bears insider JJ Stankevitz about the Jordan Howard trade (2:20), why the Bears offense can be one of the best in the league (3:25) how the playoff loss was like the Red Wedding in Game of Thrones (5:10), and why Anthony Miller can be scary good (6:00). Hicks joins JJ & Luke Stuckmeyer to discuss his charity softball game and his favorite to win the home run derby that’s also part of it (7:45), how Hicks learned from his ejection in week four ( 10:10) , why the Bears had to let last year’s playoff loss hurt to move forward (12:00) and of course, his thoughts on the ongoing kicker competition (13:30). Plus Roquan Smith has the biggest teeth on the team (14:00 ), and look out NFC North offensive linemen (16:15).

May 10, 2019
Ep. 207: What to expect from the Bears’ kicking battle

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan dive into the Bears’ kicking competition to wonder if the team is better off now than it was on Jan. 6 (0:40), if the Week 1 kicker is on the roster right now (2:50), if Robbie Gould is on the table and how this thing will play out in the coming months (6:50). Plus, the guys offer up their rookies to watch after last weekend’s minicamp (14:45) and dive into looking at Mitch Trubisky and Leonard Floyd through the lens of fifth-year options (24:00).

May 08, 2019
Ep. 206: Casey Bednarski on the Bears' kicking competition

JJ Stankevitz is joined by Casey Bednarski, who was one of the eight kickers participating in the Bears' kicking competition during rookie minicamp last weekend, for an inside look at how things went down at Halas Hall. Bednarski gets into what he proved (0:50), if he was disappointed to not be offered a contract (3:25), his kick-off against Redford Jones (4:50), his impression of the Bears' process (6:30) and his own personal background as a soccer player-turned-kicker-turned-pizza delivery guy (10:00). 

May 06, 2019
Ep. 205: Interviews with Iowa State OC Tom Manning and Eddie George

In an Under Center Podcast special, JJ Stankevitz chats with Iowa State offensive coordinator Tom Manning to get inside what kind of person the Bear are getting in David Montgomery (1:20), how Montgomery's game translates to the NFL (6:15) and if comparisons to Kareem Hunt, who Manning also coached in college, are fair (11:15). Plus, JJ and Paul Aspan sit down with former Heisman Trophy winner and Tennessee Titans star running back Eddie George to talk about his transition from football to theater (16:00) how to succeed as a rookie running back in the NFL (24:00) and why it remains so important to have a strong running game (26:45). 

May 01, 2019
Ep. 204: A closer look at the Bears' draft and Emanuel Hall

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan start by wondering which Bears player could do what Arya Stark did on Game of Thrones (0:20), then dive into what expectations should be for David Montgomery (2:00) and how to view the rest of the draft picks (7:00). Plus, JJ chats with Rivals.com Mizzou reporter Gabe DeArmond to get the skinny on undrafted free agent receiver Emanuel Hall, who many expected to be a mid-round pick and could be a steal for the Bears (15:30). 

Apr 29, 2019
Ep. 203: How'd the Bears do in the draft?

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and John "Moon" Mullin return to the Halas Hall coat closet to break down what the Bears drafting Riley Ridley says about the team's philosophy (2:20) and how David Montgomery fits Matt Nagy's offense (7:35). Plus, what did Ryan Pace accomplish with his three late-round picks (14:30)? And Moon makes a point about the fallacy of "best player available" (17:15). 

Apr 28, 2019
Ep. 202: Robbie Gould and Mock Drafts

JJ Stankevitz, Paul Aspan and Cam Ellis dive into Robbie Gould's trade request (0:20) and look at how realistic it is for the Bears to trade for him at some point. Plus, the guys reveal their mock drafts for who they think the Bears will take with their picks this year (12:15), with a few surprises in there. 

Apr 24, 2019
Ep. 201: Reacting to the Bears' schedule

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan dive into the Bears' 2019 schedule, first looking at if the NFL likes all the leaks that happened Wednesday afternoon (3:00), then onto the biggest games (4:45) and toughest stretches (7:30) facing Matt Nagy's group. Plus: What game will set the narrative for the Bears' season (12:15), what teams on the schedule will improve the most (16:05) and which teams will take a step back (18:20), and what each of the guys' biggest grip is about the 16-game slate (22:00). 

Apr 18, 2019
Ep. 200: The view from Green Bay with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Jim Owczarski

JJ Stankevitz is joined by Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Packers beat reporter Jim Owczarski to discuss the explosive Bleacher Report article on Aaron Rodgers/Mike McCarthy (1:00), how first-year coach Matt LaFleur will handle Rodgers (3:00), what went wrong for Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in Green Bay last year (5:00), how the Packers’ free agent additions will improve the team (9:20), where Green Bay goes with its two first-round picks (11:40) and how those in Wisconsin are viewing the Bears (13:55). 

Apr 15, 2019
Ep. 199: Talking NFL Draft with Yahoo’s Eric Edholm

JJ Stankevitz is joined by Yahoo Sports Draft Analyst Eric Edholm to break down how deep a class of running backs there is in 2019 (1:10), what the Bears might see in FAU’s Devin Singletary (5:10), who would be a better fit between Penn State’s Miles Sanders and Iowa State’s David Montgomery (7:30), if there’s an under-the-radar running back who could thrive with the Bears (10:00), what other position classes have depth that could benefit the Bears (12:15), and if a kicker could worth a draft pick (15:15). 

Apr 12, 2019
Ep. 198: Could the Bears regret the Anthony Miller trade?

JJ Stankevitz, Paul Aspan and Cam Ellis dive into that explosive Bleacher Report article about the Packers (1:00), debate an interesting point Rotoworld's Josh Norris made about the Anthony Miller trade (8:00), congratulate Robbie Gould on his smashing victory in Chicago Football Madness (14:50) and look at a few teams that could be dark horses to contend in the NFC this year (19:00). 

Apr 10, 2019
Ep. 197: Robbie Gould Pod Special

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan are joined by former Bears kicker Robbie Gould to discuss his Cinderella run in Chicago Football Madness (1:45), why he should defeat George Halas in the final (4:25), his memories of being a young kicker on a Super Bowl team in 2006 (7:30), how he experienced Cody Parkey's double-doink (11:00), what advice he'd have for Chris Blewitt and Redford Jones (13:55) and how the Bears can generate pressure in their kicking competition (16:45). 

Apr 05, 2019
Ep. 196: Digesting the Jordan Howard trade and an update on Chicago Football Madness

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan dive into the Jordan Howard trade and if it makes sense for the Bears (0:35), get into what Aaron Lynch can bring in his return (9:30), update Robbie Gould's Cinderella run in Chicago Football Madness (14:30) and debate which team is the Bears' biggest threat in the NFC North (19:30). 

Apr 03, 2019
Ep. 195: Breaking down Nagy and Pace's interviews from the Owners Meetings.

On the latest episode of the Under Center Podcast, Paul and Cam dial up JJ from Arizona, where he spent the week covering the annual Owners Meetings. With over an hour’s worth of Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace interviews to sort through, the guys break down all the notable bites, including the kicking competition, Cordarrelle Patterson’s role in the offense, opening the season at Soldier, and more.

1:00 - JJ's take from Pace/Nagy media availability

2:00 - Taking stock of the Bears' current kicker predicament

10:00 - Just how much will Corarrelle Patterson contribute to the offense?

14:00 - Bears vs. Packers to open the 100th NFL Season is a big deal, right?

17:18 - News and notes from around the meetings

18:00 - Is Cody Whitehair and James Daniels' position swap a smart idea?

20:00 - Pace tipped his hand a bit on the Bears' edge depth ideas

23:00 - Checking in on the Bears' WR unit-- what does 2019 hold for Javon Wimms?

29:00 - Some final love for the world's most pleasant curmudgeon, Vic Fangio

Mar 27, 2019
Ep. 194: Clinton-Dix a great fit for Bears

It's been a almost a week since the Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix signing and it's still looking like a total win for the Bears. JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan on why the Bears appear to have gotten a bargain (1:00) , how Dix could be the perfect fit for this defense at this time, and the chemistry he'll have with former 'Bama teammate Eddie Jackson. Plus probably too much punter talk after the Bears bring back Pat O'Donnell (9:30), and some more edge rusher possibilities in the next wave of free agency (14:00). And of course an update on the Chicago Football Madness as 7-seed Alex Brown makes a desperate attempt to launch a comeback and avoid an upset against 10-seed Robbie Gould (22:10)

Mar 19, 2019
Ep. 193: A Special Chicago Football March Madness Edition with Alex Brown and John "Moon" Mullin

It is a Chicago Football Madness edition of the Under Center podcast. In the spirit of March Madness, Alex Brown and John "Moon" Mullin join JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan to go through a bracket of the biggest Bears names in the 2018 (1:30), 2006 (14:00), 1985 (30:00) and Legends (36:00) regions to see who is the last man standing at the end.

Mar 17, 2019
Ep. 192: Happy New League Year!

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan look at the Packers having better Super Bowl odds than the Bears, if recently-cut Eric Berry could make sense in Chicago and take a deep dive into Cordarrelle Patterson with NBC Sports Boston's Phil Perry.

0:30: The Packers have better Super Bowl odds than the Bears? Huh?

6:00: The crew makes fun of the Giants

8:00: What's going on with Bryce Callahan?

10:30: Could Eric Berry make sense as a safety option?

16:00: Cam takes his Cordarrelle Patterson victory lap

22:05: NBC Sports Boston Patriots reporter Phil Perry joins to break down what the Bears are getting in Patterson

Mar 13, 2019
Ep. 191: Are the Bears going after a big name free agent?

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan wonder what the Bears will do with the cap space freed up by re-working Khalil Mack’s contract, plus dive into a big day for the Green Bay Packers and debate just how good Aaron Rodgers’ side will be in 2019.

1:00 - The Bears created $11 million in cap space Tuesday morning. What should they do with it?

6:00 - So…any shot at all Le’Veon Bell signs in Chicago?

8:30 - Bidding farewell to Adrian Amos

13:30 - Will a spending spree in free agency make the Packers any better in 2019?

17:30 - How does Mike Davis fit in the Bears’ plans?

23:30 - Evaluating the addition of Buster Skrine

Mar 12, 2019
Ep. 190: Will the Bears sign Le'Veon Bell
Mar 11, 2019
Ep. 189: Previewing Bears free agency

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan break down what to expect from the Bears next week in free agency, if Landon Collins is a realistic target and why Clay Matthews – yes, Clay Matthews – would fit the kind of guy the Bears need as depth at outside linebacker. 

0:50: One final debate: Bryce Callahan or Adrian Amos?

5:15: Could Sherrick McManis realistically replace Bryce Callahan?

9:50: What other impending free agents of their own should the Bears try to keep?

13:20: Throwing some names out there as potential free agent targets for the Bears

23:00: Reaction to Chris Blewitt being reportedly signed

25:00: The Bears are a destination for free agents, so could that play to their benefit?

Mar 07, 2019
Ep. 188: Previewing free agency with The Ringer’s Robert Mays

JJ Stankevitz is joined by The Ringer’s Robert Mays to look ahead to free agency, and if Ryan Pace will have the ability to be aggressive without much cap space. Plus, why Robert sees Adrian Amos as the better fit to return to the Bears, not Bryce Callahan.

1:00: The Callahan/Amos question is a strong indication of where the Bears stand heading into free agency

2:30: Is it realistic to expect the Bears to improve with internal growth, rather than major roster changes?

5:45: Does the lack of ability to tweak the roster make the Bears’ risk of becoming the 2018 Jaguars higher?

9:00: Would you rather keep Bryce Callahan or Adrian Amos?

13:00: Is it at all realistic or even possible for the Bears to be aggressive in free agency? Maybe going after Le’Veon Bell?

16:00: Where do the free agency splashes come next week, outside of Bell?

Mar 04, 2019
Ep. 187: As the NFL combine gets underway, what’s the Bears’ plan going forward?

Producers Slavko Bekovic and Cam Ellis check in with J.J. Stankevitz -- who’s at the NFL Combine -- and the three discuss Cody Parkey, the Bears’ draft plan, how the offense should expect to progress in Year 2, and more.

0:45 – Bears confirm Cody Parkey is out

2:00 – Leg strength a priority when looking at kickers?

4:30 – Would the Bears consider drafting a kicker?

8:00 – Ryan Pace ready for all draft scenarios but focused on best player available

10:00 – Pace keeping draft strategy close to the vest

15:45 – Mitchell Trubisky entering year two in Bears offense

18:00 – Bears addressing inconsistent running game

21:30 – How does Jordan Howard fit in 2019?

23:00 – Harry Hiestand the x-factor for Bears offensive line

25:00 –Bears have become an attractive free agent destination

27:15 – Futures of Adrian Amos and Bryce Callahan

32:00 – The switch from Vic Fangio to Chuck Pagano on defense

Feb 27, 2019
Ep. 186: Running backs of interest at the Combine with Rotoworld’s Josh Norris

Rotoworld draft guru Josh Norris joins JJ Stankevitz on the pod to break down this year’s crop of running backs and which of them could interest the Bears in April’s draft. Plus, Josh offers his thoughts on if a diamond-in-the-rough edge rusher could be available late in the draft and what the Kyler Murray circus will look like this week in Indianapolis.

1:30: How deep is this year’s class of running backs? Can the Bears find value in the middle rounds of the draft?

3:15: What traits stand out when looking to project pass-catching ability for a running back from college to the pros?

4:30: Josh offers a few running backs to watch at the Combine and in the coming months

11:00: What portions of testing at the Combine are you looking at for running backs?

14:30: How is the class of edge rushers shaping up?

16:40: Obligatory…but thoughts on Kyler Murray?

Feb 25, 2019
Ep. 185: Shedding light on the Bears new DC from the golf course

Former Bears Head Coach Dave Wannstedt joins Luke Stuckmeyer and Bears insider JJ Stankevitz from the golf course in sunny Florida to shed light on his recent conversation with new Bears defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano (1:30), Ed Reed's Hall of Fame belief in Eddie Jackson (3:00), whether he'd prioritize Bryce Callahan or Adrian Amos in Free Agency (6:15). Plus how he'd handle the Cody Parkey situation...since he had a similar experience with Jim Harbaugh when he was coaching the Bears (9:30).

Feb 21, 2019
Ep. 184: What should the Bears aim to accomplish at the NFL Combine?

With the NFL Combine starting next week, JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan look at if the Bears should still focus their draft strategy on taking the best players available, or if needs at running back and/or kicker should supersede that. Plus, the gang dives into what questions they want to hear answered from Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy next week and wonders if the thought of trading a draft pick for a running back is a good idea.

1:00: What questions do we want answered by Ryan Pace & Matt Nagy next week?

7:40: Do the Bears need to shift away from taking the best player available to drafting for need?

16:20: Robbie Gould is likely to get tagged by the 49ers. Now what?

20:45: Thoughts on trading a pick for a running back…like Cleveland’s Duke Johnson?

Feb 20, 2019
Ep. 183: Just how good has Ryan Pace been?

JJ Stankevitz, Paul Aspan, Laurence Holmes, and Cam Ellis debate just how good Ryan Pace has been during his Bears tenure, wonder if Allen Robinson was underappreciated this year, and give their predictions on the likelihood of signing either Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell.

00:17 – Laurence describes not watching the rest of the NFL playoffs with the rest of New Orleans

02:46 – JJ polls the room on their confidence in Ryan Pace heading into the draft

05:11 – Laurence goes into why he’s not been as crazy about Pace’s tenure as others have

7: 30 – Ryan Pace’s mid-round picks have historically been great – but can they take the next step?

10:03 – Allen Robinson may have been underappreciated this year

11:15 – a deep, deep dive into the Bears’ kicking woes since Gould left

16:03 – How confident are we that Pace can find a suitable kicker?

21:28 – Cam defends Cody Parkey for some reason

24:15 – How likely are the Bears to sign Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell?

Feb 14, 2019
Ep. 182: What lessons should the Bears take away from the Super Bowl?

JJ Stankevitz, Paul Aspan and Cam Ellis look at how Matt Nagy can learn from Bill Belichick’s schooling of Sean McVay, and what Ryan Pace can learn from how the Rams went all-in to reach the Super Bowl. Plus, the gang wonders if a recent trend of second-year coaches reaching the Super Bowl is good news for the Bears in 2019. 

1:20: Is it a total crapshoot to try to win the Super Bowl as long as Belichick & Brady are together in New England?

6:10: What should Matt Nagy have been watching for in the Super Bowl?   

8:00: Should Ryan Pace follow the Rams’ blueprint in building the Bears’ 2019 roster? Can he?

18:15: Kudos to Matt Nagy for running away with coach of the year honors

24:00: Do we like Bobby Massie’s contract even more now that details of it have been reported?

Feb 06, 2019
Ep. 181: We don’t appreciate Bobby Massie enough

JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan break down Bobby Massie’s four-year contract extension and look at why it was a smart move to retain him, even with Bryce Callahan and Adrian Amos set to hit free agency. Plus, the gang likes what they heard from Chuck Pagano last week and offers up Super Bowl predictions for Sunday. 

1:20 - Does keeping Bobby Massie mean the Bears believe their running issues weren’t the fault of the O-line?

6:10 - Why Massie is worth the reported $8 million/year salary

8:30 - Is returning all 11 starters on offense a good thing?

11:30 - Why not make Bryce Callahan the priority?

15:00 - What’s the priority now that Massie is under contract?

18:25 - Thoughts on Chuck Pagano?

27:00 - Super Bowl predictions

Jan 29, 2019
Ep. 180: Mitchell Trubisky is a Pro Bowler!

 JJ Stankevitz, Cam Ellis and Paul Aspan wonder if Mitchell Trubisky’s trip to the Pro Bowl can be beneficial. Plus, they talk about the Bears going to London next year and how Ryan Pace can fix issues at kicker and running back in the offseason.

0:25: What if you had someone who both knew Sean McVay and was friends with Manny Machado? Would they be an NFL head coach or be playing for the White Sox?

1:20: Mitchell Trubisky is a Pro Bowler. Did he deserve it? Does it matter?

6:30: Why it’s cool to see Charles Leno and Cody Whitehair get Pro Bowl nods, too

9:05: The Bears are going to London! Neat opportunity, or cause for concern?

12:45: Did the NFC/AFC Championship games make you think the Bears are closer or farther to the Super Bowl?

15:10: Would you rather your team lose on Cody Parkey’s double-doink or on an absurdly missed pass interference call?

19:10: How should the Bears go about fixing their kicking situation?

23:00: What does Ryan Pace need to do to address the run game?

26:40: Sneaky positions of need for the Bears in 2019

Jan 23, 2019
Ep. 179: Bears seem to close door on Cody Parkey, but not Kareem Hunt

JJ Stankevitz, John “Moon” Mullin and Cam Ellis digest Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace’s end-of-season press conference at Halas Hall, including the pair leaving the door open for signing Kareem Hunt, Nagy’s criticism of Cody Parkey, the hiring of Chuck Pagano and more.

0:30: Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy leave the door open for signing Kareem Hunt

8:15: Nagy was not happy with Cody Parkey’s “TODAY” show appearance. Is he done in Chicago?

16:00: What should we expect from Chuck Pagano as he takes over the Bears’ defense?

26:00: Odds and ends on Bryce Callahan and Leonard Floyd as the offseason begins

Jan 14, 2019
Ep. 178: Wrapping up the Bears’ season after locker cleanout

JJ Stankevitz, John “Moon” Mullin and Cam Ellis report from Halas Hall after Bears players cleaned out their lockers on a somber Monday following their season-ending loss to the Eagles. Where do the Bears go from here? And how important will growth from Mitch Trubisky be in 2019?

0:50: An update on Trey Burton

3:30: The Bears did not save their best game for the playoffs

6:00: The honeymoon is over, so now what?

10:30: Hear from Allen Robinson about why he’s confident in the Bears’ offense moving forward

15:15: What changes may be made to this offense?

18:20: What will Matt Nagy learn from this season?

22:00: Looking ahead to Ryan Pace’s offseason

Jan 07, 2019
Ep. 177: And just like that, the season is over

Matt Forte, Lance Briggs, Alex Brown and host Laurence Holmes were in disbelief as Cody Parkey’s field goal hit off the uprights and the crossbar, ending the Bears season early. The guys break down what the team is feeling after a heartbreaking loss in the Wild Card round, whether or not Cody Parkey will still be on the Bears next season, and look ahead to the expectations for the team next season.

0:30 – What is the feeling in the Bears locker room after the loss?

4:45 – Can you believe that is how the Bears season ended?

7:15 – Does Cody Parkey have a job with the Bears next season?

9:00 –Bears need more accountability for lack of performance

12:00 – Evaluating what was a really good season for the Bears

13:00 – What to expect from Mitchell Trubisky next year

14:00 – Is there a way to keep Vic Fangio?

15:00 – What do Bears need to clean up for next season?

16:00 – Does sour end to this season dull optimism for next year?

17:15 – The Nagy/Trubisky tandem going forward

19:15 – Evaluating Trubisky’s game and season as a whole

Jan 07, 2019
Ep. 176: A Philly Special with Dave Zangaro

NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Dave Zangaro joins JJ Stankevitz to get a full scouting report on the Eagles, and what Bears fans should expect on Sunday from a team that seems to be peaking at the right time.

0:50: Is Nick Foles going to do it again?

2:40: How much does Foles elevate the play of everyone around him?

4:45: What to expect from an improving Eagles O-line against the Bears’ front seven

6:30: We know Golden Tate and Alshon Jeffery well here, how strong is the Eagles’ group of pass-catchers?

8:15: How quickly will Doug Pederson abandon the run if it’s not successful early?

10:25: Just how good is Fletcher Cox?

12:20: Is this defense as beatable as some people think with downfield throws?

14:15: Quick anecdotes about former Bears and current Eagles DB Cre’von LeBlanc

15:15: How have the Eagles handled going on the road defensively?

16:45: So…are the Eagles peaking at the right time?

18:00: How’s local product and kicker Jake Elliott getting on?

Jan 04, 2019
Ep. 175: Breaking down Bears-Eagles

JJ Stankevitz, John “Moon” Mullin and Cam Ellis preview Sunday’s Bears-Eagles playoff tilt, complete with these questions: Will the moment be too big for Mitch Trubisky? And can the Bears’ defense counter Nick Foles’ pixie dust?

0:45: Is Mitch Trubisky ready for the playoff spotlight?

5:00: A blueprint for success for Trubisky against the Eagles’ defense

7:30: How big an impact can Jordan Howard make?

10:15: The biggest player vs. player matchup of the Bears’ offense vs. Philly’s defense

14:40: How good have the Eagles been since Nick Foles started playing again?

17:00: Is the Bears’ defense good enough to just play its game and stop Foles Magic?

23:10: Picks to click for Bears-Eagles

Jan 02, 2019
Ep. 174: It’s official: Bears vs Eagles in the playoffs

The Bears finish the season 12-4 and now they know who they will face in the playoffs. Laurence Holmes, Matt Forte, Lance Briggs and Alex Brown break down the win over the Minnesota Vikings and when they really knew this Bears team was a legit contender. The guys also debate what the most intriguing part of the matchup is as the Bears will have to face the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of the playoffs. Plus, Lance shares a story about how the Bears celebrated a bye week with a group outing in Las Vegas courtesy of a private jet provided by Brian Urlacher. 

Dec 31, 2018
Ep. 173: Joint podcast with Eagles Insider Reuben Frank

On this special edition of Under Center, J.J. Stankevitz welcomes in Reuben Frank from NBC Sports Philadelphia. How are the Bears approaching their game at the Vikings? How aggressive will Matt Nagy be with his starters and playcalling? Would the Bears rather play the Vikings or the Eagles in the playoffs?

Reuben explains why the Redskins game isn't a guaranteed win for the Eagles. Also, if the Eagles did sneak into the playoffs, how dangerous a team are they?

1:00 - How Philadelphia fans are viewing the Bears/Vikings game?

6:00 - How will the Bears approach Sunday's game in Minnesota?

9:00 - J.J. Stankevitz believes the Bears will help out the Eagles.

11:30 - Matt Nagy's sudden impact with the Bears.

15:00 - Bears should be worried about the Eagles in a potential playoff game.

20:00 - No one should assume an Eagles win in Washington.

Dec 27, 2018
Ep. 172: How much should the Bears rest players against Minnesota?

JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin discuss what Matt Nagy’s rest strategy could look like this week against Minnesota (1:10), and if it’s better to face the Vikings for the second time in a week than a red-hot Philadelphia Eagles team (7:35). Plus, JJ and Moon debate whether or not it’s fair to still feel like 2019 is going to be the year this team really becomes a Super Bowl contender (12:10). Finally, Minnesota's really a 6.5-point favorite this Sunday (19:35)? 

Dec 26, 2018
Ep. 171: Bears win ugly and improve to 11-4

Once again, the Bears won ugly and improved to 11-4 following their win against the San Francisco 49ers. Laurence Holmes chats with Matt Forte, Lance Briggs and Alex Brown about the mixed bag for the Bears offense, as well as their concern level following the sloppy performance. Plus, the guys weigh in on the fight that broke out after a late hit to Mitchell Trubisky and who is the team they LEAST wish to play in the first round of the playoffs.

Dec 24, 2018
Ep. 170: The Bears aren’t taking their foot off the gas

JJ Stankevitz, John “Moon” Mullin and Cam Ellis look at why the Bears’ culture won’t let them ease up after winning the NFC North, plus the guys look back at the 2017 draft day trade with the 49ers that got the Bears Mitch Trubisky. Also, Bay Area News Group columnist Dieter Kurtenbach joins the pod to talk about how Oakland is handling the Khalil Mack trade now that the Bears are good, and why San Francisco still has something to play for this weekend. 

0:55: Moon’s covered playoff teams before, so what is he looking for out of the Bears over these next two games?

3:25: We get the impression winning the NFC North didn’t actually matter much to the Bears, which is a good thing

6:00: Re-visiting the trade that got the Bears Mitch Trubisky: Why revisionist history is useless when this team’s going to the playoffs

13:50: Welcoming Dieter Kurtenbach of the Bay Area News Group with this question: What do people think of Jon Gruden?

15:35: With the Bears’ first-round pick in 2019 will at least be in the 20s, how is the Bay Area viewing the Khalil Mack trade now?

18:05: Dieter says it’s “patently hilarious” that Mack has more sacks and forced fumbled than the entire Raiders team

19:50: So where will next year’s Bears-Raiders game take place? Oakland? Santa Clara? San Antonio? London?

22:50: Why the 49ers still have something to play for this weekend

26:50: What’s gone wrong with Solomon Thomas? 

Dec 19, 2018
Ep. 169: The Bears are NFC North Champions!

Sunday was a glorious day at Soldier Field as the Bears beat the rival Packers to clinch their first NFC North championship since 2010! Matt Forte, Lance Briggs and Alex Brown join host Laurence Holmes to break down the victory and look ahead to the playoffs. How far can this Bears team go? And what is their ceiling in the long term?

0:22 – 2-for-1! Bears win NFC North and knock out the Packers

4:30 – Breakout game for Leonard Floyd?

6:15 – What worked offensively vs Green Bay?

7:05 – Charles Leno proposes to his girlfriend after the game

9:40 – Where do the Bears need to improve most heading into playoffs?

11:20 – How can Bears avoid complacency?

15:00 – Are the Bears a year ahead of schedule?

16:10 – What’s the ceiling of this Bears team?

19:20 – Where can Trubisky continue to improve?

Dec 17, 2018
Ep. 168: Talking through the Bears’ playoff scenarios

JJ Stankevitz, John “Moon” Mullin and Cam Ellis look at the best and worst-case scenarios for the Bears in the first round of the playoffs, and wonder if Mitchell Trubisky will be up to the task of putting the final nail in the Packers’ playoff coffin.

1:25: On the surface, who’s the Bears’ best and worst matchup in the wild card round?

2:45: Playoff odds time! Who has the highest chance of playing the Bears in the first round?

5:10: Ranking the quarterbacks of the Bears’ potential playoff opponents

9:00: If the Vikings have the ideal quarterback matchup for the Bears, they also have the best defense

12:00: Don’t count out the Packers just yet

15:35: The next step for the Bears? Be a “finisher” when it comes to Green Bay’s playoff hopes

17:15: Why Mitchell Trubisky sounds up for the task of eliminating the Packers

21:35: The moment hasn’t been too big for Trubisky and that’s a good thing

22:15: Jordan Howard’s game vs. LA is encouraging for the Bears down the stretch

25:55: The rest of the Bears’ offense actually showed signs of improvement vs. LA…except for the QB

Dec 12, 2018
Ep. 167: The Bears knock off the kings of the NFC

Where do the Bears now stand in the conference, and are they serious Super Bowl contenders?

The defense carried the team while Mitch struggled to find his rhythm.

Lance Briggs, Alex Brown and Matt Forte join Laurence Holmes on the podcast to figure out what’s next for this tricked out team with 9 wins.

00:00 The defense studies their opponent, and comes up big

02:00 Bears defense smothers, and made Goff look like a rookie

03:30 What went wrong with the Rams

05:30 Defense is winning games for us

06:15 Bears are Super Bowl contenders

07:30 Who do the Bears matchup well against?

08:30 How big was this game?

10:30 What was wrong with the Bears?

11:30 The Bears creative run game

12:30 Mitch had a bad day

13:30 Bears defense picks up Mitch

14:30 What happened to Mitch?

16:00 Worried about Mitch?

17:00 Rams defense pressured Mitch

18:00 Bears defense punished Goff

19:00 Who scares the Bears?

Dec 10, 2018
Ep. 166: Mitch Returns! Plus, a Rams preview with J.B. Long

JJ Stankevitz and Cam Ellis look at what to expect from Mitchell Trubisky in the extremely high likelihood he plays Sunday night, and if it would be better for the Bears if their game against the Rams were a shootout or a defensive struggle. Plus, JJ chats with the radio voice of the Los Angeles Rams, J.B. Long, to get a sense of where Sean McVay, Jared Goff and the best team in the NFC stands heading into Sunday night.

0:15: All signs point to the return of Trubisky on Sunday, but will he have to be smarter with how he runs?

3:20: Why the Bears shouldn’t be concerned about Trubisky’s shoulder because they’re facing Aaron Donald

6:00: Did the Bears play this decision right to sit Trubisky for two games and with an eye on the last quarter of the season?

7:40: Is it better for Sunday to be a shootout or a defensive struggle?

13:10: Welcoming J.B. Long to the pod, and asking: What’s the mood of the Rams right now?

15:40: What have the Rams evolved into in Year 2 of the Sean McVay era?

17:00: Seeing parallels between the 2017 Rams and the 2018 Bears

19:20: Why Sean McVay is the right coach for Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams

21:45: How has McVay tailored his scheme to the players he has in 2018?

23:30: What should we make of the Rams’ defense?

25:40: What can the Bears do to stop the Rams’ offense?

Dec 05, 2018
Ep. 165: Bears come back but come up short

The Bears come back but come up short in overtime against the Giants, 30-27 in OT. Laurence Holmes, Lance Briggs and Alex Brown explain why this game felt off from the very start (3:30). Plus why you can count on the Bears bringing their A-game against the Rams (7:00) and what happened on the Odell Beckham TD pass (11:30). Plus Freezer Left! (15:00) , the issues Aaron Donald presents next sunday (19:00) and can the Bears offense with Trubisky keep up with the Rams (21:00)?

Dec 02, 2018
Ep. 164: Can the Bears win again with Chase Daniel?

JJ Stankevitz, John “Moon” Mullin and Cam Ellis wonder if the Bears can beat the Giants without Mitchell Trubisky, and look at some encouraging trends that should help this team finish the 2018 regular season strong in the final five games.

0:30: Takeaways from Matt Nagy’s comments on Mitchell Trubisky on Wednesday

1:30: Does it matter that the Bears play the Giants and then the Rams for Trubisky’s outlook?

4:00: Is this a trap game?

7:20: A run of big tests looms for the run defense

11:00: What did the Lions game prove about what the Bears’ defense can do the rest of the season?

12:40: Why Moon doesn’t think this Bears defense is on par with 1985 and 2005-2006

16:15: Matt Nagy has a winning scheme

22:30: A quick aside about how JJ got pranked into thinking a former Bears backup QB became a gym teacher at Lyons Township High School

23:40: Back to business: Matt Nagy’s outstanding coaching is one more positive trend

Nov 28, 2018
Ep. 163: Give thanks to the Bears defense for a win in Detroit

The Bears improve to 8-3 with a Thanksgiving Day win in Detroit (0:20). Laurence Holmes, Matt Forte, Alex Brown and Lance Briggs discuss the Bears big plays on defense that helped them seal a win and debate whether Aaron Donald or Khalil Mack is the better defensive player.

Plus, the guys were pleasantly surprised by Chase Daniel's performance but they'd like to see more from the Bears running game (10:55).

Nov 23, 2018
Ep. 162: How Mitchell Trubisky’s shoulder changes Bears-Lions

JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin look at how Mitchell Trubisky’s shoulder injury could change the outlook for Thanksgiving’s date with the Lions and what Chase Daniel could bring to the table if he does play. Plus, could this be a letdown game for the Bears? 

0:40: So there’s a possibility Mitch Trubisky will not play against the Lions, huh?

2:10: Matt Nagy said Trubisky’s situation is similar to the Khalil Mack/Allen Robinson one, but how similar is it really?

3:10: What should we expect if Chase Daniel plays?

5:05: Hear from Daniel, who spoke to the media Tuesday, on his readiness to play if Trubisky can’t go

8:15: Daniel knows the offense well, but does he know it at game speed?

10:20: If Trubisky does play, how might the shoulder affect his play?

13:10: What’s your gut – does Trubisky play on Thursday?

17:15: Why the Bears need to take the Lions seriously

21:00: If the Bears win, why it’d be an outstanding coaching job by Nagy

23:00: Kerryon Johnson not playing will be a big factor

25:00: Reactions to Monday night’s Chiefs-Rams thriller, and what it means for the Bears

Nov 20, 2018
Ep. 161: What is the ceiling for the bears?

Laurence Holmes, Lance Briggs, Matt Forte and Alex Brown tell us how far they think the Bears can go this season.

Cody Parkey- do you trust him?

Why did the Bears go for 2 early in the game?

Preparing for the Lions and looking ahead.






8:30 in – Why did the Bears go for 2 early in the game?


11:15 IN – Are the guys worried about Cody Parkey?

13:00 IN – Game balls and preparing for the Lions on short rest

Nov 19, 2018
Ep. 160: With NBC Sports Soccer’s Arlo White and Roger Bennett

Two of the biggest Bears fans you’ll meet happen to be two of the most recognizable voices of NBC Sports’ Premier League coverage. Arlo White, the lead play by play announcer for NBC’s Premier League coverage, grew up in Leicester and fell in love with Chicago and the Bears in the 1980s, following games on a faint armed forces radio signal. And Roger Bennett of the Men in Blazers used to call random 312 numbers from a friend’s house as a kid in Liverpool to find out what the Bears’ score was. Hear from both about how they became Bears fans, how they’ve followed the team over the years and what they think of the 2018 side — which they both predict to beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. 

0:00: Introductions, and is Arlo White the biggest Bears fan in all of Leicester?

1:10: How a childhood trip to Evergreen Park led White to become a Bears fan

4:35: How did you follow the Bears in England in the 1980s?

7:00: What was it like to get to call the 2008 Super Bowl for British radio?

9:40: How White managed to make it to Green Bay for the Bears’ season opener

11:55: White’s impressions of the 2018 Bears, and what it was like to get to watch Khalil Mack in person 

14:20: Are there NFL fans around Premier League press boxes like there are Premier League fans around NFL press boxes?

16:20: White’s prediction for Bears-Vikings, beyond drinking “nine cups of coffee” to stay awake

19:00: Welcoming Roger Bennett to the pod, and how he became a Bears fan while growing up in Liverpool

21:30: Calling random 312 numbers in Chicago to get the Bears score

24:10: How White and Rog wound up at the same Bears preseason game in 1986 without knowing it

26:10: Rog’s experience greeting the Bears at O’Hare at 2 a.m. after they played the Cowboys in London

31:00: Why Rog moved to Chicago (and specifically Rogers park) right after college

33:00: The Bears are a centerpiece of the Bennett family Sundays, taking part in the “joy that is Tarik Cohen and his ebullience”

34:30: Why Rog *really* likes Matt Nagy #balds

36:45: Rog’s prediction for Bears-Vikings

38:20: Why Rog is an 11/10 in confidence the Bears will win the Super Bowl 

Nov 16, 2018
Ep. 159: Previewing Sunday night’s massive meeting with Minnesota

JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin look at how important Sunday night’s game against the Minnesota Vikings will be for the Bears’ chances of winning the NFC North, and why the Bears on paper look like the better team on both sides of the ball…but why that may not matter. 

00:00 - Mitch Trubisky wins NFC offensive player of the week, and nobody at Halas Hall seems to care (which is good)

1:00 - If the Bears lose, they’re in second. Is that a good or a bad thing about where this team stands?

3:00 - What kind of statement could the Bears make in beating Minnesota?

5:05 - Does it matter that the Bears have played, and will play, an “easy” schedule? It didn’t for the Eagles last year

9:00 - Now that we’re a month out, the Miami game was a major wake-up call for the Bears

10:15 - Back to the point of an “easy” schedule for a final thought before the break

11:35 - Plugging Friday’s Under Center Podcast special with NBC Sports’ Arlo White and Roger Bennett, both of whom are huge Bears fans

12:50 - How will Mitch Trubisky handle the Vikings’ defense?

17:00 - Is the Vikings’ offense better than it was last year, and how does the Bears’ defense match up against it?

20:30 - JJ makes the case the Bears have the edge on both sides of the ball, but Moon makes a counter-argument

22:40 - Who could be the surprise players, in a good way, for the Bears on Sunday?

25:35 - Just about every player on the Bears is trending in the right direction

26:50 - What Moon wants to see out of Trubisky on Sunday


Nov 15, 2018
Ep. 158: The Great, The Good and The Ugly of the Bears win

Lance Briggs, Matt Forte and Alex Brown join Laurence Holmes to break down the Bears dominant win over the Detroit Lions. The Bears improve to 6-3 and snap an awful losing streak against the NFC North. Mitchell Trubisky had the best game of his career, Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson both had huge games in their return, but Cody Parkey hit the uprights four times and the guys discuss how the Bears should handle their kicking situation going forward.

0:30 – How does it feel to be 6-3 and in 1st place?

1:25 – Are the Bears exceeding expectations?

3:00 – A division win…FINALLY

4:00 – Cody Parkey had an awful day

6:05 – Can the Bears win big games with a bad kicker?

7:30 – How the rest of the team might feel if they keep Parkey

10:20– Was this Mitchell Trubisky’s best game?

11:58 – Trubisky living up to lofty expectations

14:17 – Concerned about the Bears running game?

16:01 – Excitement building for Sunday night vs Vikings

18:50 – Next two division games

Nov 12, 2018
Ep. 157: This is gonna be real now

JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin look ahead to the start of a critical three-game stretch against the NFC North with Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions, and wonder how big an impact the trade of Golden Tate will have on this game. Plus, why stopping Kerryon Johnson will be key and how the Bears can still put up points even if they can’t get the run game going against Detroit. 

0:00: Putting a bow on the Bills, and why the blowout mattered

1:45: Starting to wonder what to make of the Lions. They beat the three teams the Bears lost to, what does that mean?

3:45: What were the Lions trying to accomplish at the trade deadline? How big will the trade of Golden Tate be on Sunday?

6:35: How does Matt Stafford, fresh off getting sacked 10 (!!) times, handle the Bears’ pass rush?

9:25: The Bears’ defense is good against the run, and that’s huge for facing the Lions

14:00: Matt Nagy is the biggest reason for the Bears’ offensive success

18:10: The Lions’ D-line looks like a tough matchup for the Bears’ O-line

20:30: Does it matter how many yards Jordan Howard gets on Sunday?

22:15: A quick tangent on Kevin White being inactive, and where he goes from here

24:50: Will gameplanning for the Lions this week help out on Thanksgiving?

25:55: Evaluating the NFC Playoff picture and why the Bears shouldn’t rely on the wild card

Nov 07, 2018
Ep. 156: Bears defense smothers Bills Mafia

The Bears take care of business against a struggling Bills squad. Laurence Holmes, Alex Brown, Matt Forte and Lance Briggs break it down.

The defense smothers Peterman and Co, which didn’t surprise the guys at all. (:33)

The Bears are 5-3 at the halfway point of the season with some big division matchups on the horizon (4:31)

Forte is happy coach Nagy is finally getting the run game involved in short yardage situations (6:46)

Trubisky and the offense had a pedestrian effort in Buffalo. (10:55)

Who are the Detroit Lions? Seriously, we can’t get a read on them. The guys hope the Bears can by next Sunday. (17:11)

Nov 05, 2018
Ep. 155: Previewing Bears-Bills, and an interview with Zach Miller

JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin look at why the Bears shouldn’t take the Nathan Peterman-led Bills lightly, and if Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson should take another weekend off. Plus, JJ sits down with Zach Miller to talk about his recovery from his gruesome injury, his outlook on life and his thoughts on Matt Nagy. 

Topics discussed:

0:00: Will Moon jump through a table to get the full Bills experience?

1:20: Nathan Peterman is not a good quarterback!

2:25: The Bills’ defense will be a challenge

5:10: JJ digs up an amusing box score from a previous Mitch Trubisky-Nathan Peterman duel

6:40: The Bears’ defense has an opportunity to rest Khalil Mack again this weekend

10:40: A word on Kyle Long

13:25: “Life changes || do you” what did Zach Miller mean by that?

15:20: How fulfilling is it for Miller that he can help people after going through what he’s gone through?

19:00: The impact of Miller’s family, friends and the Bears’ organization in keeping Miller’s outlook positive

21:25: What is Miller’s daily routine at Halas Hall?

22:20: Is it bittersweet for Miller to see the Bears have so much success on offense?

23:20: Why Miller has been so impressed with Matt Nagy

25:45: Will Miller ever take anything for granted again?

Nov 01, 2018
Ep. 154: Shorthanded Bears start slow, but find their way in 2nd half vs Jets

It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective. Matt Forte, Lance Briggs, Alex Brown and Laurence Holmes break down the Bears win over the New York Jets. The defense held strong without Khalil Mack, but there is still room for improvement – especially with Leonard Floyd.

Oct 28, 2018
Ep. 153: Does Khalil Mack need to sit for the Bears to fix their pass rush?

JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin break down the woeful state of the Bears’ pass rush and wonder if it would be beneficial for Khalil Mack to take a few weeks off to heal his injured ankle. Plus,