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DJ and radio host DJ Envy and his wife Gia Casey will explore the good, bad, ugly and beauty of relationships and family. Join them every week as they let you in on past experiences, give advice, talk to celebrity couples and give you two sides to every situation.

Episode Date
Ep 210: Real Life, Real Love…
The Book is officially out and available on all platforms!! Envy & Gia are both so excited for you to read and share your thoughts on their latest project. Those who have read the book described it as a relationship guide full of gems. One particular section of the book is called “25 Questions To Ask yourself Before You Get Married”, in which they urge their readers to consider several things before taking that big step. Envy asks Gia 5 questions from the section. Gia goes on to give her definition of love and breaks it down throughly as she describes what she’s learned while being married. Have your views on marriage differed over the years? Can you and your spouse define what a healthy marriage looks and feels like? Do you agree with some of the 25 questions both Envy and Gia came up with to ask before marriage? The conversation continues as they discuss the importance of money management and their faith in their marriage. Gia shares a story about Envy that made her leave him at the mall. Let’s talk about it…
Apr 20, 2022
Uncomfortable Conversations…
The ladies are back with another powerful episode, but this time it surrounds some of the topics in Envy & Gia’s upcoming book. 👯‍♀️📕Gia gave an exclusive advanced copy to her girlfriends and they all read it and come back to the table with comments and notes. ✍🏽 Gia started off the conversation asking her friends, “What audience stands to gain the most from reading this book?” Surprisingly, they all confidently said, men! 👀 As the night went on the ladies all shared personal stories, cracked jokes and shed tears during this deep episode. 🌪 Everyone at the table opened up and exposed their more vulnerable sides as the conversations expanded. They all share their takeaways from the book without spilling everything it has to offer. You all know a girl talk session is NEVER short, so get comfy and tune into a very honest and safe conversation amongst Gia and her friends. ⏳ Fellas, this an opportunity to gain insight on some relatable topics that these ladies explored in regards to dating, self healing and relationships. There are a o many gems in this episode!!! Share your favorite or the one that you related to the most below in the comment section. 💎 Let’s talk about it…
Apr 13, 2022
Episode 208: Envy Takes The Hot Seat…
Last week Envy interviewed Gia and asked questions relating to the book. This week, roles were reversed and Envy was in the hot seat! 🥵 We all know Gia to be very detailed oriented when it comes to answering questions or listening to all of your emails.📧 Her questions started off light and allowed Envy to speak about about how he felt Gia pushed him to go from good to great in his career early on. He went on to discuss the strength of their relationship and how it helped grow their success. Envy even quotes, “The biggest gift and takeaway from the book is the definition of love.” Gia shifts the conversation having Envy dig deep and describe the feeling of love simply by asking, “What does it mean to love or be in love with someone? Many people know their love language, but they don’t describe the actual definition of what love is and how it makes them feel”. She also asked the question, “what would you say to those who chant, “once a cheater always a cheater…?” Tune in and find out Envy’s responses. As you watch and/or listen, ask yourself some of the same questions Gia asked Envy and leave how you would answer the question in the comment section below. Let’s talk about it…
Apr 06, 2022
Episode 207: Why Didn’t You Cheat..??
Envy and Gia have been through a journey from the birth of their babies, deaths, growth, joys, pains, etc. They have spoke about their experiences over the years on the podcast, sharing all the magic that holds them together. With the upcoming book release date approaching (April 19th), Envy decided to interview Gia asking her questions pertaining to the book. During the interview, Gia shares how she receives so many DMs, & emails asking questions along the same thread about relationships, family and life, that writing the book was a way to answer them all. She concludes her interview saying that she hopes the journey she shares with Envy inspires others to uncover their own personal magic within themselves and or their relationships. Let’s talk about it… The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 comes from a listener who questioned, “Is their a statue of limitations to feel a way about your spouses ex…”? If you had to be around your spouses ex that they had a sexual relationship with in the past, could you be cordial or would you be petty like Envy? The listener shares a story of a run in with a ex that she lost her virginity to. How would you handle being in a similar situation?
Mar 23, 2022
Episode 206: Ladies Night Part 2…
In case you’re just joining, Gia invites some of her closest friends for a “relationship status”conversation at Benz’s house. In Part 1, the ladies each expressed why they think it’s so hard to find a GOOD man. The conversation continues as they discuss some of the barriers that they have faced in their personal situations. Would being single ultimately stop you from having children? Have you thought about freezing your eggs? Could you be in a long distance marriage? Has past trauma been a detriment to your current relationship? Tune in to a very emotional yet healing conversation in part 2 of ladies night. Let’s talk about it…
Mar 16, 2022
Episode 205: Ladies Night Part 1…
Happy Women’s Month ladies!! And what would be better than to kick off the first podcast of the month with Gia and her girlfriends? Gia invites some of her closest friends for a “relationship status”conversation, in which they all reveal the highs and lows of where they are presently in their love lives (or lack there of). They are all going through situations we’re sure you can relate to in some way. They discuss how it feels living in today’s society - single, married, in long a distance relationship and more… Ladies, do you feel as though it is hard to find a GOOD man today? Do you find yourself lowering your standards and settling just to achieve your end goal? How many of you have put excessive pressure on yourselves because your biological clock is beating a hole in your head and your heart? Have any of you ever thought about freezing your eggs or having a baby on your own? Are you more career oriented or family focused and how has either played a role in the success of your relationships? Let’s just say that the sun came up on this particular night as these ladies had so much catching up to do. Let’s talk about it…
Mar 09, 2022
Episode 204: You Can’t Unring That Bell…
What are your thoughts about people who put their business on social media for public consumption? We all have naturally done things through spite, out of anger and in the heat of the moment. But have you ever taken to the public forum regarding your gripes - meaning, have you ever resorted to social media in an effort to vent about your relationship? In your opinion, could this ever be a good idea? If so, how far is too far? Envy & Gia share their experiences and opinions on the subject. Would you agree that social media outbursts do more harm to a relationship than good? If so, then what, in your opinion is the proper protocol to make amends privately? The conversation continued as Envy expressed that the best way for him to resolve most conflicts is to keep the conversation short and appear as though you agrees with Gia, in order to avoid a long, drawn out conversation. In this mind - if she’s happy, he’s happier. He uses the, “less is more” approach and has no desire to ‘dig deep’. Meanwhile, Gia believes that more is more and always wants to get to the root of behavior through in-depth discussions… ie. “But tell me WHY you are sorry…” She questions Envy until she gets an understandable explanation regarding why he prefers not to communicate at times… Who’s side are you on? Let’s talk about it….
Feb 16, 2022
Episode 203: Many Levels Of Crazy
How sprung are you in your relationship? Would you be able to let go if your partner was over you? Are you the type to sing in the rain outside your X’s window to get them back? Exactly how far would you go to win their love back? Envy talks about how he would buy all the property surrounding Gia’s new house and sit on a lawn chair in his front yard just to keep tabs on her… Are y’all surprised??? The conversation continued onto the subject of a bride telling her father that she did not want him to walk her down the aisle at her wedding…😳 Despite your past drama and who was or was not at fault, would you still attend the wedding if you were her father? The bigger question is - would you swallow your pride and show support to someone who has drastically disappointed you? Let’s talk about it… The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 is from a listener who is fed up with her significant other who is financially inept. He is educated, but lacks ambition and hasn’t been able to hold a job down for the last five years. His excuse is that he finds that the jobs that are available to him or beneath him. She has lost sexual attraction to him and his overall disgusted by his entitlement and laziness… What advice would you lend to her???
Jan 12, 2022
Episode 202: Disney… Helpppp!
The Casey‘s have been away for a couple of weeks, but for good reason… They were busy taking Disney by storm as they enjoyed their first holiday away from home. They had a magical, action packed and exhaustive very Disney Christmas indeed! Before the trip even began, Envy was already exhausted by counting the amount of bags that Gia packed! 13!!! You already know by now that it takes her 3 hours to get ready, so can you imagine how long it takes her to pack for a family of 8?! 🥴 They take you through their entire Disney experience as a family, Including their action packed schedule and discuss what it was like doing 12 hour park days with a newborn. They continue by discussing their New Year’s resolutions and hopes for 2022. What are your New Year’s resolutions and how do you plan on making life better for those around you? Let’s talk about it!!!
Jan 07, 2022
Episode 201: 1:37 Seconds Later…
In part 2 of their comeback, Envy & Gia walk you through how she felt during her pregnancy all the way up to delivery day. They laugh about some of the funny moments they shared and describe how everything came full circle the moment she held baby Peyton. You all remember The Casey Crew gender reveal at MetLife Stadium and the beautiful moment when Gia found out baby #6 was going to be a girl. Now, let’s fast forward to the day baby Peyton was born… Ironically and while Gia was in labor, the entire family went to MetLife stadium (yet again) for Logan’s championship football game that morning! They left the game (which Logan‘s team won 😀) and went straight to the hospital to have the baby. Gia’s mom was definitely with her during both moments, as MetLife Stadium was a symbol of her presence. Let’s talk about it…
Dec 15, 2021
Episode 200: This Is It…!!!
🗣Hello Hello Hello Beautiful People!!! The Casey Crew is finally back!! 😁The crew just got bigger as they welcome baby Peyton into the family. After you all waited so patiently, we’ll maybe not so patiently 😅, they have so much to catch you up on. In addition to sharing our incredible news about the arrival of baby #6, they just finished their book! ♥️📖 ♥️ It is called Real Life, Real Love… Life Lessons on Joy, Pain and The Magic That Holds Us Together. It is currently available for pre-sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This book taps into the wheres, the whys and the hows as they dissect their relationship from the beginning to present. The Casey’s express their book as a journey and labor of love that will provide their supporters and readers with something tangible to serve as a reference point for relationships and family. Also in this podcast, Envy discusses some of the crazy things Gia did all the way up to her final moments before giving birth, while Gia shares how she felt during such an anticipated pregnancy. So much has happened and this is only Part 1 of the come back! 🤗
Dec 08, 2021
Episode 199: Baby #6!
First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for all of the texts, DMs, emails, well wishes and prayers that you have sent. We felt the outpouring of love to our core…💫 It truly helped carry us during this very painful time for our family. We appreciate your patience during our break, which allowed us time to grieve our loss the best way that we know how. In today’s episode, Gia and Envy discuss the unexpected loss of her mother and their personal process of healing… If you have ever lost someone that you loved, you may relate to today’s episode and you may also find friends in coping ❤️‍🩹 We missed you all and it feels good to be back. So much has happened during this time. As you all may know by now, we are pregnant with baby #6. We are extremely excited and grateful for this blessing 🙏🏽 If you are a regular listener/viewer of our podcast, you are familiar with our pregnancy journey. Listen in today as we fill you in on this final step ♥️ What do you think we having💙 or 💕? Comment below…. #tanlinesamessfromvacay ☀️🥴
Jun 18, 2021
Episode 198: If It’s Not On Social Media It Ain't Real....
Do you agree with this saying? If a person is serious about you, do you expect them to “share you with the world”? Do you expect them to be proud of you and want to show you off? If this is the case, and they don’t, what does that say to you about their intentions, commitment and your relationship as a whole? This issue is the cause of a lot of strife between couples in this day of social media... Envy and Gia have this conversation as it touches on other topics such as what influences young men to cheat and the logic behind why certain women choose to stay with a cheating man... Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Apr 23, 2021
Episode 197: I Wasn't Flirting... I Was Just Being Nice...
What is your definition of flirting? Do you view it as an innocent act or, rather, the beginning of something potentially more serious? Do you think that it is completely inexcusable or that there simply should be boundaries when you are in a relationship? Have you ever been in a relationship where flirting (by you or your partner) lead to something deeper? Do you believe that having a “work husband” or “work wife” is inappropriate, even though these type of relationships may happen organically? Lastly, do you think that being too nice to a person can turn into a mixed signal implying interest when there, in all actuality, is none? Let’s talk about it…
Apr 16, 2021
Episode 196: You’ve Got Mail...
Every week, Envy & Gia read a viewer/listener email 📧 that they find interesting. With such a high volume of emails, they decided to dedicate an episode just to answer some of your questions... 1. As a parent, how do you control the anxiety associated with fear of something harmful happening to your child? What steps do you take to keep them protected? Envy & Gia share some experiences that they have had and how they go about securing their kid’s safety. They both share steps that you can take as well. 2. Our second emailer her has hit quite a few speed bumps when it comes to planning her wedding.🤔 Envy & Gia give their opinion on how she may be able to sift through those problems. As it turns out, Envy has an interesting solution... 3. Since the start of the pandemic, do you find yourself more cautious of how you spend money? This emailer wants advise on how to prevent her husband’s unnecessary spending. This email also begs the question - Ladies, if you were in a comfortable financial situation with your partner, would you give up your career to become a homemaker/domestic engineer if the opportunity presented itself? Or, would you keep your career in order to remain independent? Let’s talk about it...
Apr 08, 2021
Episode 195: I Think I’m Ready To Risk It All...
Do you believe that your upbringing has anything to do with your relationship style, love language or put simply, how you treat people? Are you from the school of thought that dictates “you must teach people how to treat you”? Envy recently saw a instagram post implying that men’s treatment of women is based on their feelings for them. Gia feels as though some people may not have the appropriate experience, maturity or worldliness to fulfill their partners needs... Would you agree? Or, rather, do you believe that quality of relationships are the result of time and progression? What are some ways you believe you could teach someone how to treat you in a relationship? The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 comes from a curious listener who recently stepped out on her marriage. She feels as though her husband does not prioritize her, is selfish and is not giving as much to the relationship as she is (to put it lightly). She finds that she has an unbelievable connection with ‘her new boo’ who has opened her up to feelings that she didn’t know she was capable of having. She may be in a space where she is ready to risk it all 😩… So here’s the question... Would you leave your failing marriage if you were exposed to something that blew your mind or do you believe that the grass is not always greener on the other side? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Apr 02, 2021
Episode 194: You’re Bad For My Mental Health..
Ladies, would you agree that social media culture and the internet combined have created a stigma on the way a women’s body should look in this day and time? Envy introduces the topic by telling Gia a story about a young girl who took raunchy photos to send to older men for money. This conversation evolved into another that posed the question, Do you feel as though women who take explicit pictures showing off their bodies are seeking attention or just simply asserting their confidence? Fellas, what’s your take on women who do this? Do they come off as thirsty to you? Envy and Gia share their opinions on the situation. The conversation continued with them sharing a recent occurrence involving Brooklyn. We all know that she is the boss of the house, but she broke the #1 rule, to never lie... During that exact moment of the story being told by Envy, a live teachable moment of Logan getting in trouble is recorded...Tune in to see how both situations were handled... The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of three emails... 1.) The first emailer asks the question, “How can I tell if he is into me or not?” Do you feel as though communication by way of technology can stand in the way of human connection and ultimately the human experience? 2.) This emailer is upset that her husband gained some extra weight during quarantine and, as a result, sex is no longer sexy. She asks for different ways to communicate that to her spouse without hurting his feelings. Envy and Gia have different approaches that they suggest may help. 3.) How do you feel about working at the same job with your spouse? Can more time together be considered TOO much time together? This emailer shared that she performed her household duties such as cooking and cleaning while being laid off during COVID, yet her husband still complained that she waz lazy and needed to get a job. Tune in to see how she tried to resolve the problem and why it didn’t work... Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Mar 26, 2021
Episode 193: Did My Son Just Tell Me To Shut The F@#K Up...?
Do you believe that family business and Vegas share the same common denominator - that “Whatever happens in this family stays in this family”? In this episode, Envy and Gia discuss what happened between Kirk Franklin and his son. How would you react if your child aired out your family’s dirty laundry for public consumption? Do you think that you would be able to find it in your heart to forgive or would said child be excommunicated - banished to the land of ‘You Done F@&!ed Up” forever? Envy and Gia put themselves in Kirk Franklin’s shoes and discuss their thoughts... The conversation continues as Envy brings up one of their guilty pleasures, The Bachelor, which has made headlines as of late. The winner attended an event that raised the question, “Can you be in a biracial relationship and still be considered a racist?” How would you feel if your spouse or someone you’re dating supported inappropriate racial activity? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Mar 19, 2021
Episode 192: Ladies Would You Propose To Your Man...?
This episode’s first topic was inspired by a show that Envy and Gia watched on TV in which one of the cast members wants to get married to her long time boyfriend. The couple has two kids and he hasn’t proposed as yet, knowing that she yearns for a proposal and to be made “respectable” more than anything...😳 Ladies would you propose to your man if you felt that a proposal from him was not on the horizon? Fellas how would you feel if your partner proposed to you? Would you feel put on the spot or find it to be endearing? Do you have a expiration date when it comes to dating and the transition from boyfriend/girlfriend to fiancé? Envy & Gia share their thoughts on the subject... The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of two emails... 1.) The first begs the question, does reaching out to an ex for a special occasion or to simply see how they’re doing insinuate that you want to rekindle the romance or rekindle a booty call? 🤭 2.) This emailer shares having to schedule sex with her partner because sometimes life just gets in the way… Couples, do you find yourself doing this more often than not? How do you feel about scheduling sex and managing expectations? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Mar 10, 2021
Episode 191: Strip Club Etiquette...
How far is Too far when a girl’s/guy’s weekend comes into play? Whether it be a bachelorette party or a guys night at the strip club, what behavioral boundaries are acceptable, if any? This topic became a conversation after Envy and Gia viewed a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. They discuss what took place and ask each other how would they behave/react if they were in the same situation. They also have a conversation about recently recieving the Covid shot and what it was that changed Gia’s mind... The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 comes from a listener who is frustrated, rather, grossed out performing oral sex on her partner because of his grooming habits (or lack thereof). Would you speak up regarding your detest or would you remain silent in order to protect his feelings and security? In any event, what measures would you take? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Mar 04, 2021
Episode 190: Stop Running Your Mouth...
Do you have a particular night that you set aside for your partner? Many couples do and it’s typically called date night. Well, for Envy & Gia, Monday night is one of theirs; and they spend it watching The Bachelor. Have you become obsessed too? A recent episode sparked a topic for discussion, “Do you think that you could marry someone if your parents didn’t approve of them? If you had to choose between moving forward with your partner and following your parents intuition about them, which would you lean toward? Or, on the flip side, “As a parent would you try to influence who your children date or marry?” The Caseys discuss how they would handle it if they were in either of these predicaments... The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of two emails... 1.) The first begs the question, What would you do if you were in a situation in which your partner routinely chooses to share your personal business with friends and coworkers? What would your opinion of them be? Are you more private or outspoken about the events in your life? Gia shares how she feels about men running their mouths... 2.) This emailer Is having a tough time choosing between staying in a home where she feels unwanted in order to save money and wanting to buy property of her own but questions whether she can actually afford it or not. Envy shares some of his real estate knowledge and gives advice to the torn listener... Let’s talk about it 🗣🗣🗣
Feb 26, 2021
Episode 189: Just Use Your Butt..
In today’s episode, Envy asks Gia her opinion on a ‘Miss Jones In The Morning Reunion Show’ topic which begs the question - To what extent would you allow yourself to be disrespected by a rude child??? The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of two emails... 1.) Have you ever heard of vaginismus??? We haven’t... But we sure learned about it in this email... Ladies, what would you do if your vagina disallowes you from having intercourse because it causes you too much pain? Envy gives the listener some alternatives...🤦🏽‍♀️ 2.) How many years and how many kids later would you wait for a proposal from a partner who seems to be stringing you along? Our emailer is left feeling insufficient and insecure when there seems to be no proposal in sight. Would you wait indefinitely for your ‘happily ever after’💍 or give your partner an ultimatum ? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Feb 20, 2021
Episode 188: I’ll Pay You, Just Don’t Tell My Wife...
Every week, Envy & Gia read a viewer/listener email that they find interesting. With such a high volume of emails, they decided to dedicate this entire episode to answering your questions. The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of two follow-up emails and one new one. 1.) The new emailer is pregnant with twins by her ex lover who is married and whose wife is also pregnant. In an effort to keep his wife from knowing about the relationship and subsequent pregnancy, he has offered to bribe his ex lover with money and gifts in exchange for silence... She is conflicted… What would you do?😅 1.) Recap and update of young woman who was torn between telling her mom about her cheating dad or keeping his secret. 😯 3.)Young emailer who took the Casey’s advice a year ago, but still ended up getting a divorce. He asks, “What does the rebuilding process look like?” Would you care what others thought if you took your spouse back? 🤔 Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Feb 12, 2021
Episode 187: Put Your Big Girl Panties On!
Gia’s birthday just passed 🥳 and she had a COVID responsible pj’s & sweats game night celebration with close friends; filled with lots of food, drinks & laughs! Find out how one of Envy’s gifts missed the mark and inspired a competition between him and Benz. You don’t want to miss Envy’s recap of that night. 🤣🤣🤣 How competitive are you in your relationship or amongst friends? Let’s see if your degree of ‘petty’ comes close to or matches Envy’s... The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 comes from a frustrated husband whose wife (all of a sudden) doesn’t want to perform oral sex anymore... Would you start strategizing your exit plan at this point? Would you consider this a dealbreaker in a new relationship? Can it lead to the ending of a long-standing marriage? Envy & Gia share their thoughts. Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Feb 05, 2021
Episode 186: NO Money, Mo Problems..
The popular saying and title of hit song, “Mo Money Mo Problems” highlights a well-known concept… But what about “NO Money Mo Problems”??? Seems as though we lose either way…🤔 Financial issues are the number one cause of divorce in this country and possibly around the world. Hardships are stressful and unmet expectations can drive a significant wedge between partners. Have money issues or financial instability ever caused a rift in your relationship? OR have you ever felt as though someone was only with you for the lifestyle that you were able to provide them? Envy & Gia share their thoughts on the power of money in a relationship and what affects, if any, it has on them... The 📧Email of the week📧 comes from a women who expresses that she is not able to achieve orgasm during sex and the fact that her partner believes that she is a lesbian because of it. Ladies, do you think that we aren’t selfish enough during sex? Have you ever had a hard time reaching the Big “O” or the big “Oh Yes”? Gia shares some valuable tips in this department... Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Jan 27, 2021
Episode 185: Different Strokes For Different Folks...
Does parenting ever get uncomfortable or overwhelming for you? How would you feel if you found out that your child has discovered self pleasure/masturbation? Would you turn a blind eye or deal with it head on? In today’s episode, the Casey’s camera guy, S Dot shared his experience with this and how it affected him... After he witnessed this “traumatic event” (as he would call it), the Casey’s give their opinion on how they would parent in this situation... The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 had the subject title, “Porn Is Ruining Our Relationship....” Are you comfortable with your partner watching porn? Has porn ever caused a rift in your relationship? How would you handle your partners enjoyment of porn? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Jan 21, 2021
Episode 184: You’re Average At Best..
In today’s episode, Gia, Raashaun and special invited guest and longtime friend , Lil Shaun watch a clip of a YouTube show hosted by Kevin Samuels, which went viral... In this clip, the host implies that above average men, which he describes as men in the top 10 (financial) percent, are not interested in below average (looking) women. He further implies that such men are typically exclusively interested in above average looking women with no baggage. In a nutshell, the take away from his show is that “average” people should have no expectation of ending up with an “above average” person because “above average” people don’t want them... So these are the questions that I pose to you…Do you agree with the age old notion that most women want men with money and most successful men want arm candy? And do you “qualify” for the type of partner that you desire? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Jan 14, 2021
Episode 183: Vaccine Or Nah..?
How do you feel about the COVID-19 vaccine? Do you plan on being vaccinated once it is available to you? Are you thinking, “Hell yeah!” Or are you weary as a result of all of the vaccination conspiracy theories out there? Envy & Gia bring on a physician’s assistant (PA) by the name of Chilka as their special guest. She has taken the vaccine herself and shares some valuable information about it and her experience. Envy is absolutely in favor of the vaccine while Gia has to be convinced one way or another... Let’s see if their minds get changed at all after this conversation… And just as interestingly, let’s see if yours does! Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣 The 📧 Emails Of The Week 📧 are comprised of a follow-up email from our “For-Now But Not For-Ever...” episode, followed by a conflicted email from a listener who asks the question, “Do I tell my best friend that HIS GIRL came on to me, or just leave it alone...?” Watch or listen and let us know what you would do in this case?
Jan 06, 2021
Episode 182: Xmas Eve In the ER...
Did you enjoy your holidays? What was your favorite moment? The Casey’s holiday began with Envy in the hospital and finished with Logan getting a new car for his birthday. Envy & Gia take you through their busiest time of year. Do you have any New Years resolutions? Envy and Gia discuss how this will be the first New Years Eve spent as a family in many years and they both guess each other’s resolutions. Have a Happy New Year, let’s talk about it.... 🗣🗣🗣
Dec 31, 2020
Episode 181: Christmas Induced Sleep Deprivation..
Merry Christmas Beautiful people!!! Are you exhausting yourself in preparation for the holidays? 😅We think it’s safe to say that this Christmas is not what we imagined, but making memories is what matters the most. The Casey Crew holiday experience started with taking the kids to the city and spending the day at The American Girl Store & FAO Schwarz🧸🎁 The Choo Crew had a blast and we wanted to share a little glimpse of our family magic with you all.🤗💫Logan joins the conversation as Envy yells for him to put a shirt on...😂💪🏾 Envy then challenges him to a boxing match. Gia tries to shut it down as she has second thoughts about this idea 🥊 Also, Envy & Gia argue about how much of the kids Christmas setup is for each of their own personal enjoyment. Let’s talk about it and happy holidays! 🎊♥️
Dec 25, 2020
Episode 180: For-Now But Not For-Ever...
Is it ok to date someone that you don’t necessarily see a future with? Should marriage be the ultimate goal when it comes to dating? If dating is the tool that we use to weed out potential suitors, is it selfish to continue to engage someone that we know is not marriage material, simply because they meet other needs? Also, could you date someone who has also dated an acquaintance of yours or someone in your circle? Is ok to put yourself first when it comes to love and other matters of the heart? Have you ever had to ask yourself, “Well, how good of a friend is he/she reallyyyy???”🥴 Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣
Dec 17, 2020
Episode 179: No Oral Sex..., Deal Breaker?
How would you feel if your partner was against oral sex? Could your relationship last? Does love outweigh physical intimacy and stimulation? Envy and Gia role play a dating scenario where this is the problem. They both share their feelings on this topic. Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣 Due to the current state of the world, the Casey’s “12 days of Christmas” tradition will not be shared this year. They have decided to help spread joy to other families in need instead.
Dec 09, 2020
Episode 178: I’m Having Second Thoughts...
First things first…We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! 🦃💕 In this episode, Envy discusses his epic experience interviewing Barack Obama. He also talks about the importance of support in a relationship, how he felt about Gia beginning a career and how body image has affected him sexually and may affect many of you as well...Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣 The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧comes from a listener who’s marriage is in a bind because her husband ‘finishes’ too quickly. Gia an Envy explore that topic and go over potential reasons that may be the cause of this dilemma...
Nov 26, 2020
Episode 177: Mall Cop Rundown...
In this episode, Envy & Gia discuss Logan’s run in with two mall cops and the teenage antics that precipitated it. 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️ Were you ever in a position where you had to punish your child to teach them a lesson, but in all actuality, were able to relate their actions? Have you ever had flashbacks of some of your wild encounters or poor decisions at that age? You don’t want to miss this story... Comment below ⬇️ and share one teenage moment, or better said... dumb moment that you experienced growing up. Let’s talk about it about 🗣🗣
Nov 18, 2020
Episode 176: Did Someone Say Birkin...?
By now, we hope to that you have seen the Casey Crew’s short Halloween film as they wanted to create a special family memory despite the weight of COVID-19. Envy & Gia discuss in detail all that went into creating such a memorable experience. We all learned that Gia may have a new talent in production. Have you and your loved ones created special memories during this time as well? Do you find yourself unveiling new skills and being more creative as the pandemic lengthens? Let’s talk about it....🗣🗣🗣 The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧comes from a curious listener who poses the question, “Should I buy an affordable replica of a Birkin?” How do you feel about purchasing replica items? Are you in favor of knockoffs? If yes, why? If no, why not?
Nov 11, 2020
Episode 175: Nightmare On Elm Street...
With Covid looming, everyone’s Halloween 🎃 will look exceptionally different this year. Gia and Envy walk you through a special project that they are working on to make Halloween special for their family this year. Tune in...
Oct 30, 2020
Episode 174: Are You DUNN Yet...
Have things gone back to normal yet? ... No! 🤯 Update - Life without Irma has been busy!!! Between household demands, kids homework, cooking, taping a podcast, moving to a new house and handling all of their other obligations, there has been little to no sleep for either of them! Yet, Gia does not want a nanny... while Envy is not having it! 😅 Also, in this podcast, we learn about Gia’s new obsession. Lets talk about it...🗣🗣🗣 The 📧 Email(s) Of The Week 📧 come from a tired and single mother whose ex does not want to support their child physically, emotionally nor FINANCIALLY. The second email posed the question, “Do I tell my child the truth about their incarcerated mother?” Have you kept secrets from your children? Or have you flat out lied to your children to protect them?
Oct 21, 2020
Episode 173: 2020 - Submissive or Nah...?
How do you interpret the word submissive as it pertains to relationships? Do you find it to be an antiquated term? Do you find value in the ability or desire to be submissive to your partner. Or do you believe that being submissive is synonymous with inferiority? Men, Do you yearn for a submissive woman? Women, do you yearn for a man who is worthy of being submissive to? Let’s talk about it....🗣 The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 is from a torn listener who feels as though she has to choose between her boyfriend (and father of her one-year-old son) and her eight-year-old son, who do not get along...
Oct 14, 2020
Episode 172: Does Being a Workaholic Work In Relationships...?
Have you ever been told that you work too much? Has your partner ever nagged you about your work ethic? Has it ever affected or disrupted the state of your relationship? If so, how did you handle it? Did your relationship survive? Envy and Gia discuss a mutual friend who is going through a breakup due to his hectic work schedule. They weigh in on their own experiences and discuss how they navigated through the same situation. Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Oct 07, 2020
Episode 171: Bleep Me And Keep Me...
Do you believe that good sex can have you open and doing things you would not ordinarily do? Can good sex with the right person be addictive? Have you ever excused bad behavior because of good sex? Envy and Gia discuss a friend’s situation in which she believes that she has been “dickmatized”🔮 Gia feels one way while, of course, Envy paints a different and rather interesting picture on the topic. Let’s talk about it....🗣 The 📧 Email of the Week 📧 is an update from last weeks listener, ‘Not Your Traditional Wife.’ They also take an email from a listener who has been in an 11 year relationship, with no ring and in which she is constantly demeaned and insulted. What would you do?
Oct 01, 2020
Episode 170: Puff Puff Pass...
Do you feel as though smoking weed is “normal” for teenagers these days? Are you accepting of that idea or is it a hard “no” for you? Envy doesn’t believe that smoking weed has as much of a stigma as it did years ago, while Gia has her own opinions on the topic. What conversations have you had with your children about marijuana? And what age do you believe is appropriate to engage your kids on the topic? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣 The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 comes from a mom who, along with her husband, works 40 hours a week. She expresses frustration over the fact that she alone cooks, cleans, does laundry, and overseas virtual learning with the kids without any help from her husband, who expects a woman to perform a traditional role in the household.
Sep 23, 2020
Episode 169: One Mistake Too Many.
We all know that saying, “Dont take my kindness for weakness.” Envy and Benz always tell Gia that she is too nice. Gia believes in giving people the benefit of the doubt until.... Have you ever been told, “You are too nice?” If yes, in what way has it effected your relationship with them? Envy & Gia discuss scenarios of what happens when you are too nice to people and they take advantage. Let’s talk about it....🗣🗣🗣 The 📧Email Of The Week 📧comes from a listener who asks if she was wrong for flying first class and leaving her boyfriend in coach. What would you do?
Sep 16, 2020
Episode 168: Why Is Sex So Taboo...?
Do conversations about sex sometimes get a little uncomfortable? Have you ever had to explain a sex story or an experience that left you speechless? What was your sex talk like with your parents? Did you use the same approach with your kids? Let’s just say Raashaun has one way of explaining sex, while Gia has a different approach. 🤣 Let’s talk about it....🗣🗣🗣 The 📧 Email of the Week 📧 comes from a listener who needed some advise about their child being bullied. How far would you go as a parent to protect your child?
Sep 09, 2020
Episode 167: Exit Interview..
Last week, so many of you commented, emailed and DM’d asking the whereabouts of Irma. It was only right that we invite Irma on as a special guest to share what is going on. It’s no secret how much Irma means to our family. Have you ever had to make a difficult decision involving loved ones? If yes, how did you and/or your family handle it? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Sep 02, 2020
Episode 166: I’m Not An ATM..
This upcoming week is filled with so many new beginnings and blessings... All of the babies start a new school together 🥰, Madison is heading off to college 😢 and the Casey’s begin to move into their new home. 🙌🏾 Between Covid testing, packing boxes, paying tuitions and getting the kids ready for school- all while losing Irma, it’s been hectic!!! With that said, how do you feel about your kids going back to school? Do you like the idea of a hybrid schedule, in school learning or virtual classes? And why? 📚💻 Envy & Gia also discuss how to deal with people who feel entitled to the fruits of your hard work & success. 🧐 Have you ever experienced feeling like an ATM to your loved ones & friends? Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Aug 27, 2020
Episode 165: To Be Continued...
Last week, Gia had Benz on the podcast and posed the question, “Would you date yourself?” This week, Envy is back and Gia invites one of her best friends, Dahlia to continue the conversation... The 📧Email Of The Week 📧comes from a listener who is self conscious about, “Having a small pecker.” Are there parts of your body that you are self conscious about? We all have personal insecurities. Has an insecurity ever been so prevalent that it held you back in a relationship? Let’s talk about it 🗣🗣....
Aug 20, 2020
Episode 164: Would You Date Yourself...?
Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at ourselves in the mirror. Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I give off the same energy that I want to receive?” And if you have asked yourself that question, did you like the answer? Gia and Benz invite you all into one of their girl talk sessions about love and self reflection. Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Aug 12, 2020
Episode 163: Ima’ Fight You...
Last weeks podcast had everyone like 🤯! Envy and Gia briefly give feedback about that conversation which went left ⬅️. 📧“You’ve Got Mail....” 📧 Every week, Envy and Gia read a viewer/listener email that they find interesting. With such a high volume of emails, they decided to dedicate an episode to answer some of your questions... 1. Communication is key, but how honest is too honest? How would you handle your partner saying, “If you don’t level up I’m going to step out? Brutally honest or honestly brutal? 😮 2.How important is hygiene in a relationship? How many smelly days are you willing to tolerate before you say enough is enough? 🙊🦠 Let’s talk about it 🗣🗣.... • To watch or listen, click the link in my bio ✨ #ComeOver 🏡 #YoureInvited 💌 #TheCaseyCrew 🖤
Aug 05, 2020
Episode 162: Cluster F#!k..
The title speaks for itself... Have you ever had a conversation with a group of friends and it went left? 😳 We all can use a friendly gathering to get outside perspectives and advice about our relationships. Two weeks ago, Gia had a “Ladies Night”. Last week, Envy had the “Man Cave”. This week, let’s just say things got interesting. 😅 Welcome to the co-ed edition. Let’s talk about it....🗣🗣🗣 (Don’t judge us...😩)
Jul 29, 2020
Episode 161: Man Cave...
Have you ever needed time with just the fellas to talk about your relationships, sex or just random topics over drinks? 🍻 Men, we all need time with the fellas to laugh, bring up old memories and compare the crazy things women say! 🤦🏽 Last week Gia and her friends gave some insight on the topics we all discuss in our circles. You don’t want to miss Envy and his friends conversation. Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Jul 22, 2020
Episode 160: Ladies Night....
Have you ever needed a night with your girlfriends just to talk about sex & relationships over drinks? 🥂 Women, we all need that moment of truth when hearing your friends input can help your current situation. 🚯Envy leaves and Gia continues the conversation with her friends Ingrid and Benz. They all open up about their situationships and give each other advice. A conversation you don’t want to miss. Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Jul 15, 2020
Episode 159: Open Relationship Anyone...?
How would you feel if your partner asked for an open relationship? Let’s take it a step further...How would you feel if they asked for a threesome? (😮🤤🤯😝😁🤨which emoji are you?) Do you feel that inviting someone else into your bedroom, love life or relationship could ever be beneficial? Envy & Gia invite friends to join the conversation. They each give their opinions as it would relate to them currently. Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣
Jul 08, 2020
Episode 158: You Sound Like A Bird....
Women : Do you believe that it is a privilege for a man to have you in his life? If so, do you believe that that privilege comes with a cost? 🤑 Men: Do you believe that you have to ‘pay to play’? Do you buy into this at all? 🤔 Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Jun 29, 2020
Episode 157: Wait, What Did You Just Say???
Have you ever thought about who you would be with if you and your partner never got together? Did you share this information with your partner? What was their reaction? How would you respond if they told you who they would want to be with if you weren’t in the picture? Do you think this is a healthy conversation? Gia randomly complimented an individual of the opposite sex to Envy and you don’t want to miss his response. How do you think Envy responded? Leave a comment below... This week for email of the week we received a follow up from the “I Move In Silence..” segment and you don’t want to miss the update. Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣
Jun 19, 2020
Episode 156: Black Lives Matter..
People across the globe are devastated and crying out in hopes of justice for George Floyd... His murder has rocked the world to its core and stirred emotions that many of us did not know that we had. The world is awoken and is forced to look at issues that it otherwise did not want to see. There is now a spotlight on racism. It is the topic of kitchen table conversations in many households where this conversation never had a place. How are you dealing with this in your home? Have you had these painful discussions with your children? How early is too early and when is the right time? Envy & Gia have an emotional conversation about their thoughts surrounding this. They share personal stories and open up about how they were affected and cope as a family. Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣🗣✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽
Jun 11, 2020
Episode 155: It’s In My DNA...
Hello beautiful people. Our podcast was taped before the tragic passing of George Floyd along with the protests currently going on across the world. Our prayers go out to the Floyd family and all families who’ve suffered a loss as a result of police brutality. We as a family and as a community will continue to fight for justice and change in our system. New Podcast Alert 🚨 What traits do you think you inherited from your mom and dad? What parts of your personality do you attribute to your parents influence? As an adult, do you catch yourself sometimes saying or doing things that mirror what you’ve seen or heard throughout your younger years? What are some of the characteristics that you’ve kept and what are the ones that you’ve tossed? Good or bad, have they shaped the way you live your life and the decisions that you make? Envy & Gia share stories about their experiences relating to this topic and they discuss how each has impacted their relationship and life decisions. Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣
Jun 03, 2020
Episode 154: Do You Believe In Gender Roles...?
How do you feel about chivalry? In your relationship, do you believe that certain responsibilities are your’s or your partner’s obligation solely based on gender? Whether you do or don’t, how do you feel about this notion? 📧“You’ve Got Mail....” 📧 Every week, Envy and Gia read a viewer/listener email that they find interesting. With such a high volume of emails, they decided to dedicate an episode to answer some of your questions...• 1. Have you ever been in a relationship and felt as though your partner was “just not that into you”? 🤔 2. Women, what would you do if you became pregnant and your partner was adamantly against having the baby? 🙏🏾 3. Have you ever felt as though you and the rest of your family came second to your partner’s work or hobby? If yes, how did you handle it? Let’s talk about it 🗣🗣.... • To watch or listen, click the link in my bio ✨ #ComeOver 🏡 #YoureInvited 💌 #TheCaseyCrew 🖤
May 27, 2020
Episode 153: I Move In Silence...
Every week, Envy & Gia read a viewer/listener email 📧 that they find interesting. With such a high volume of emails, they decided to dedicate an episode to answer some of your questions... 1. How would you feel if you got blocked on social media after telling your partner you are pregnant? 😲 #damn 2. How would you respond if your spouse said that they didn’t want to share details about their life with you because they wanted to “move in silence” going forward? 🤫🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ 3. As a female, would you feel “some type of way” if your man was more interested in your mind than your body? 🧐 4. If you had small children would you allow your partner to have a gun in the house for protection? If so, under what circumstances? 🤔 Let’s talk about it 🗣🗣....
May 20, 2020
Episode 152: I Had No Idea Until Now...
Have you learned new things about your partner in the last two months? Has this extra time together taught you new likes and dislikes about your spouse? Would you say these new findings brought you closer together or pushed you apart? Envy & Gia discuss some interesting things they learned about each other since the stay home order has been effective. The 📧 Email Of The Week 📧 raises the question, “Am I being selfish for wanting too much sex when it’s painful for my partner.” Would this be a deal breaker for you? The second email begs the question, “How do you resolve issues in a relationship when your partner always views your concerns as complaints?” Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣
May 14, 2020
Episode 151: Sex: A Duty Or A Choice...?
Have you ever felt tired from a long day and your spouse wanted to be intimate? Have you ever found yourself “not in the mood?” Does your partner have a bunch of rain checks that their waiting to cash in on? Do you and your partner have different sexual expectations in your relationship? Have you ever forced yourself to have sex just to please your partner or did you turn it down instead? Envy & Gia give their polar opposite perspectives on the topic. 🗣🗣🗣 The 📧 email of the week 📧 is about a husband who hangs out with friends that conduct inappropriate behaviors when their wives aren’t around. If you were his wife, would this be a cause for concern? Would you worry that your husband would be influenced by their dishonest actions? Do you believe that you are the company that you keep? Red flag much? Let’s get into it...👇🏾👇🏽👇🏼
Apr 29, 2020
Episode 150: But I Thought We Were Friends Though...
Envy & Gia discuss someone that they know who slept with the mother of his friend’s child. Is there ever a situation in which this decision can be tolerated? Can momentary gratification ever be worth the destruction of a friendship? Email of the week tackles the questions, “Is it ok to mix business with pleasure?”, “Should race be a consideration when picking a life partner?” AND “How heavily should a significant difference in age weigh in on the whole thing?” Let’s talk about it...🗣🗣
Apr 23, 2020
Episode 149: You’ve Got Mail...
We get so many emails from listeners and viewers of @thecaseycrewpodcast so we decided to dedicate an episode to answer some of your questions... Would you end or scale back on a friendship if they crossed the line and told a secret? Do you believe that it is appropriate to go on vacation with a new love interest, especially if you do not plan on putting out? Are you single and feel as though you are overqualified to date in 2020? Let’s talk about it 🗣🗣🗣....
Apr 15, 2020
Episode 148: Are You Still Loving Your Spouse During Quarantine...?
Couples, has this quarantine run its course in your relationship? Are you feeling trapped or are you enjoying this quality time with your partner? Is this forced time together an opportunity to appreciate one another or is it highlighting the flaws in your relationship? Envy and Gia weigh in on their life during this quarantine. They open up the video lines with their viewers on the topic and ask them to weigh in as well. Tune in as they go 🎥 LIVE 🎥 on Instagram. The email of the week 📧 evaluates a long-term friendship once trust has been broken when the details of a juicy sexual encounter were revealed...Let’s talk about it...🗣
Apr 08, 2020
Episode 147: Do Our Kids OWE Us A Piece Of Their Success?
When you have children, do you consider it your blessing to be able to raise them or their blessing to be raised? Do you look at the food, clothing, education, etc to be an investment? If so, do you expect a return on your investment when your children become adults? Envy and Gia have completely opposite views when it comes to this topic. Tune in as they ask viewers 🎥 LIVE 🎥 how they feel about the topic... Let’s talk about it..🗣
Apr 01, 2020
Episode 146: Quarantine And Chill...
The coronavirus has canceled everything except family, love and all the things that we should value most. Do you agree? Are you being creative during your quarantine time or are you over it? Envy and Gia share their quarantine experiences and how it has brought their family even closer because of their mindset. Email of the week questions the importance of posting your significant other on social media. Is this necessary? Let’s talk about it...
Mar 25, 2020
Episode 145: What’s Your Love Language...?
Does it matter if you and your partner speak different languages? Love languages, that is...? Have you ever taken the love language test? Is knowing your partners love language beneficial in relationships and dating? Envy and Gia share their love languages and express the importance of knowing yours and your partner’s. Love is the universal language, do you agree? Let’s Talk about it... Email of the week is from a listener who is struggling with the thought of not being financially compatible with their partner. Could finances ruin a relationship? Tune in...
Mar 18, 2020
Episode 144: Do Women Expect Too Much In A Relationship...?
Women, do you have a specific checklist when it comes to choosing a partner? Do you feel as though these expectations are reasonable? Has this checklist left you single a little longer than you than you anticipated? Do you feel as though there are no good men out here and you are left starving because there is no good food for the picking? Envy & Gia give their opinions on this matter & weigh in on what they believe each individual must bring to the table. Envy states his beliefs on why some women will remain single until they adjust their expectations. Do you agree?! Are you willing to bend or settle in order to be in a relationship? Lets talk about it... Email Of The Week comes from a listener who has a dilemma between her child’s father and her new boyfriend. Tune into the Casey’s input and suggestions...
Mar 11, 2020
Episode 143: I Love You, But I’m Not In Love With You...
Have you even been in a relationship and felt like it was over? When did you know it was time to let go or did you? Envy and Gia open up about their past, bringing back emotions during a difficult time. They both share how they felt and what drove them to continuously make bad decisions during their relationship. Communication is important even when it’s uncomfortable and it gets very uncomfortable. Tune in to Envy and Gia’s vulnerable moments. Let’s Talk about it...
Mar 04, 2020
Episode 142: You’ve Got Mail...
Every week, Envy & Gia read a viewer/listener email 📧 that they find interesting. They discuss the issues and how each would handle the situation. This week, they decided to do an episode focusing on emails only. Get your notebooks ready 📝. Be prepared for relatable topics as Envy & Gia provide valuable takeaways from each dilemma. Let’s talk about it....🗣
Feb 26, 2020
Episode 141: What Happens After You Say, “I Do”...?
Is life over after marriage? Do you feel bad for having negative thoughts and resentment towards your partner? Even worse, have you ever felt resentment towards your children? Envy and Gia weigh in on their life after “I do” and the roller coaster that is marriage. They give insight on how you can still have a life for yourself while you create a life with your partner and family. There is a method to the madness. Email Of The Week was taken from a comment left on one of our posts that offered an interesting perspective on a topic previously spoken about… Let’s discuss ... 🗣👂🏽
Feb 19, 2020
Episode 140: Are You In Need Of A Bae-cation... ?
Are You In Need Of A Bae-cation...?” | Are you overwhelmed with life? Do the kids activities take over your schedule? Find yourself always working? Finances low? Do you ever just give yourself that much needed break? Bae-cation’s are the perfect scenario to bring the sexy back in a relationship and get that much needed quality time with your spouse...Even if if is a quick trip into the city to spend the night and reconnect.🥰 Let’s discuss why it’s important to take your spouse away and how it puts back the spark in your relationship✨. Envy & Gia share some of their most important key elements when they bae-cation. 🌴Email of the week expresses feelings about breakup right before birthday😳....Let’s talk about it.....
Feb 12, 2020
Episode 139: Sometimes Stupid Decisions Are The Best Decisions...
How much do you enjoy your partner’s company? 🤔 Do you genuinely enjoy spending your free time with them? Or do you find yourself yearning for time apart. If so, have you ever asked yourself why? Are they not fun? Do they annoy you? Or are you just plain bored? 🧐 Envy & Gia express individually how they feel about going out together and how they equally enjoy spending time with each other EXCEPT when.... Email of the week raises the argument of an old relationship tattoo in a new relationship ...Let’s talk about it..
Feb 05, 2020
Episode 138: Insecurities, We All Got’em...
Do insecurities change us or define us? Envy and Gia share experiences about their own insecurities and how to cope with the consequences. Email of the week asks why spouse likes to party so much with her SINGLE friends... Let’s talk about it...
Jan 29, 2020
Episode 137: We Cool....But Not That Cool
How close are you with your kids? Envy and Gia share their experiences with "walking the line" & how open is TOO open when balancing a healthy relationship. A few emails questions the status of a relationship and friendship. Let’s talk about it..
Jan 22, 2020
Episode 136: Never Ruin An Apology With An Excuse
Have you ever been so wrong, but don’t want to admit it? 🤨 Oh you took it too far now!😡 Envy and Gia share experiences on how they interpret one another’s apologies and the influence it has on a successful relationship. When does the friend code die? Or maybe it doesn’t? 🧐 Email listener asks for advice...Let’s talk about it...
Jan 15, 2020
Episode 135: I Want A Lady In The Streets, But A Freak In The Bed
My partner and I have a great relationship but...the sex is bad. Can you teach your partner how to have sex?? Envy and Gia weigh in on the subject. Juicy email raises eyebrows for a debate you don’t want to miss. Let’s talk about it....
Jan 09, 2020
Episode 134: Happy New Year... Can We Start Over For The New Year??
DJ Envy and Gia wrap up 2019 with New Year’s resolutions and discuss whether resetting your relationship is a good idea
Jan 01, 2020
Episode 133: Do You Have A Phone Up Relationship
DJ Envy and Gia discuss a listener’s dilemma about a lack of passion in her relationship with her fiancé. The couple also chops it’s up about what a “phone up” relationship really entails.
Dec 21, 2019
Episode 132: 12 Days Of Christmas
If you’ve ever seen Gia’s Instagram page then you likely know about the beautiful 12 Days of Christmas in The Casey Crew household; the couple explains where this tradition derives from. DJ Envy and Gia talk about Madison being accepted into the college she wanted but how it breaks her dad’s heart at the same time. They also discuss a listener’s email about whether to continue dating a man who does ecstasy regularly.
Dec 15, 2019
Episode 131: My Wife Lied To Me 8 Years Ago
DJ Envy and Gia chop it up about not having sex while your female is pregnant as well as the desire to be in a relationship. They also discuss a listener’s email about how his wife lied to him for 8 years.
Dec 05, 2019
Episode 130: Are Kids Too Soft These Days??
DJ Envy and Gia talk about how the way you’re raised and what you experience growing up can affect you as a person. They discuss what the course of action would be if your child were called a lesbian in elementary school.
Nov 21, 2019
Episode 129: Lets Play A Game Of Questions
DJ Envy and Gia buckle down to play a game where you ask your spouse 5 questions that they MUST answer honestly no matter how difficult or nasty the question is. The couple also weighs in on a situation where a father just learned that his 13-year-old son is bisexual and he isn’t sure how to handle it.
Nov 08, 2019
Episode 128: Should I Leave Or Should I Stay
DJ Envy and Gia dedicate this episode to discussing listener emails from how to break up with a significant other to how to tell a child that you don’t know who their parent is and more.
Nov 02, 2019
Episode 127: Let’s Have A Petty Party
DJ Envy and Gia discuss levels of pettiness in relationships and weigh in on a listener’s messy situation with a fiancé.
Oct 18, 2019
Episode 126: Can You Afford Me??
DJ Envy and Gia chop it up about whether it’s possible to date someone who isn’t in your tax bracket and they weigh in on a listener’s email about a family feud.
Sep 27, 2019
Episode 125: We Prayed & We Prayed and......
Episode 125: We Prayed & We Prayed and...... by Loud Speakers Network
Sep 16, 2019
Episode 124: Can You Be In Love With Two People?
DJ Envy and Gia dive into whether it’s possible to be in love with two people at once and break down “needing someone
Aug 05, 2019
Episode 123: What Would You Do??
DJ Envy and Gia chop it up about staying safe and whether an ex’s friends are off limits.
Jul 19, 2019
Episode 122: No Sex For 2 Years??????
DJ Envy and Gia talk abut their family trip to Jamaica and also discuss two listeners’ e-mails. One listener inquired about when and how to discuss suicide with children and another listener is dealing with no sex in her marriage for 2 years.
Jul 05, 2019
Episode 121: Learn From Our Mistakes
DJ Envy and Gia let us in on their perspectives on the benefits of telling their kids about their mistakes like Envy getting arrested and buying stolen goods.
Jun 28, 2019
Episode 120: Dads Need Love Too
DJ Envy and Gia discuss fathers not getting much love on Father’s Day and they bring Madison in to weigh in. The couple also discusses a listener’s complicated situation.
Jun 22, 2019
Episode 119: Do I Work Too Hard
DJ Envy and Gia shed light on how putting so much time into work often leads to missing out on important time with the family. The couple gives us the rundown on their Disney Cruise and they discuss a listener’s email about how terrible she thinks the sex is with her boyfriend.
Jun 13, 2019
Episode 118: Logan Goes On Trial
DJ Envy and Gia give us the rundown on Logan being on punishment and what follows that.
May 29, 2019
Episode 117: It’s Nice To Get Noticed
DJ Envy and Gia discuss Ayesha Curry’s recent comment about not getting much attention from men. The couple also talks about falling out of love.
May 22, 2019
Episode 116: There Is No “I” In Team
DJ Envy and Gia dive in with their audience discussing two e-mails from listeners about lack of communication and having a divided home.
May 08, 2019
Episode 115: But Why Were You Talking To Him Though
DJ Envy talks about his insecurities about Gia talking to other men. The couple tells us about Logan having to pull his big boy pants up and they discuss a listener’s e-mail about a partner who only wants to have sex every 2 weeks.
May 03, 2019
Episode 114: Don’t Be A Hypocrite
DJ Envy and Gia discuss what’s been happening with Wendy Williams recently and they also weigh in on two listeners’ e-mails.
Apr 18, 2019
Episode 113: Make Him Feel Your Pain
DJ Envy and Gia catch us up on all they’ve been up to including the details on their firstborn, Madison’s college tour. The couple also weighs in on a listener’s email about her husband not wanting to spend money on her.
Apr 11, 2019
Episode 112: How Long Are You Gonna Ride
DJ Envy and Gia discuss parenting a child who deals with drug addiction. The couple also covers the college scandal on your news feed as well as a listener’s dilemma as to whether she should speak up about her feelings for the man she’s seeing.
Mar 15, 2019
Episode 111: I’m Not Paying You For Sex... I’m Paying You To Leave
DJ Envy and Gia discuss paying for sex and cover a very important e-mail from a listener regarding racism.
Mar 10, 2019
Episode 110: F*ck Death... I Want To See You Enjoy This
DJ Envy and Gia talk about a listener’s heartbreaking DM where her son said he has no friends and that all the kids hate him because he’s black and skinny. The couple also talks about giving their kids the world so they can see them enjoy the fruits of their labor.
Mar 02, 2019
Episode 109: I Think My Husband Likes Men
DJ Envy and Gia talk about a listener’s situation where she thinks her husband might be interested in men. The couple also discuss another listener’s dilemma with her son as she is struggling to connect with him on the level she wants and feels he needs.
Feb 21, 2019
Episode 108: Don’t Let Insecurities Ruin Your Relationship
DJ Envy and Gia talk about the serious importance of not allowing insecurities ruin a relationship. They also discuss a listener’s frustration with her husband because she feels he doesn’t understand he should do things for her just because she’s his wife.
Feb 14, 2019
Episode 107: Let’s Play A Game
DJ Envy and Gia switch things up this week playing a game, which opens up different aspects of their relationship. The couple encourages other couples to play along with them!
Feb 07, 2019
Episode 106: The Company You Keep
DJ Envy and Gia talk about one listener’s question regarding having “the talk” with your kids. They also weigh in on another listener’s dilemma about whether to go to a sperm bank to have a child on her own. The couple also discusses how being around positive people will inspire you to be better.
Jan 31, 2019
Episode 105: Did I Miss My Hoe Phase
DJ Envy and Gia dish on how they are gearing up for Gia’s birthday coming up and discuss apologizing to Logan for getting into it with him. The couple also covers a listener’s concern about whether everyone needs a “hoe phase
Jan 24, 2019
Episode 104: I'm A Ninja and I'm Spiderman
DJ Envy and Gia get a call from their 15-year-old son saying that there’s a kid at school with a gun. The couple gives the lowdown on the situation. What would you do?
Jan 16, 2019
Pillow Talk Volume 17
DJ Envy and Gia chop it up discussing all that’s going down right now with R. Kelly.
Jan 15, 2019
Episode 103: Would You Rather Cry In This Rolls Royce Or Cry In That Honda
DJ Envy and Gia discuss two listeners’ situations where one is separated from her husband and scared and the other listener found out that when her man goes out, other females are invited. Envy and Gia also discuss the situation with Diddy, Cassie and Alex Fine.
Jan 09, 2019
Episode 102: Please forgive me, I was drunk...
From a listener finding out their fiancé was previously married with no mention of it, to being in a relationship while the significant other hasn’t gotten divorced yet, DJ Envy and Gia kick off the year addressing listeners’ emails. The couple also discusses whether to forgive someone’s drunken actions.
Jan 02, 2019
Episode 101: More Corny Resolutions
DJ Envy and Gia wrap up the year reflecting and discussing resolutions going into 2019.
Dec 28, 2018
Episode 99: F*#k Your Opinion
DJ Envy and Gia talk about their 100th episode of the podcast, how they’ll be celebrating with a live show and all that will come with it. The couple also discusses Madison going to winter formal with a white guy and the reaction following.
Dec 13, 2018
Episode 98: I Don’t Like You Today
DJ Envy and Gia tackle the hard topic, in which there is no one absolute correct answer to— how to deal with a teenager and their moodiness.
Nov 29, 2018
Episode 97: Just Be Happy For Her
This week DJ Envy and Gia talk about family members who hate on others. The couple discusses how stress can affect relationships as well as the importance of de-stressing before interacting with family and kids. The couple discusses a listener’s e-mail inquiring about how to be attentive to what a child’s true needs are and this same listener admits that she judged Gia before knowing much about her.
Nov 21, 2018
Episode 96: Give Me Some Damn Space
DJ Envy and Gia spill the tea on their first born, Madison’s 17th birthday and her big surprise. The couple also discusses a situation that Gia’s friend is going through where it seems her boyfriend needs some space.
Nov 17, 2018
DJ Envy and Gia had a huge weekend with Envy’s incredibly successful car show; the couple dishes on the day and everything that went into it. They also discuss how much to share with your kids and they share a personal story about Madison.
Nov 06, 2018
Episode 94: Happy Halloween
DJ Envy and Gia get in the Halloween spirit reminiscing about what they did on Halloween as kids. They also discuss a listener’s dilemma where her boyfriend had a threesome with his ex and his cousin.
Oct 31, 2018
Episode 93: Can You Fall In Love After One Convo
DJ Envy and Gia touch on Will Smith’s appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk.’ Envy and Gia continue on to discuss whether you can date someone whose family ain’t sh*t and they weigh in on judging someone’s family history prior to dating.
Oct 26, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 15
Pillow Talk Volume 15 by Loud Speakers Network
Oct 23, 2018
Episode 92: Can The “D” Save A Relationship
This week DJ Envy and Gia weigh in on how sex affects a relationship. The couple discusses whether sex can save a relationship and whether it’s possible to be so focused on sex that you forget about the negative characteristics that your partner may have.
Oct 17, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 14
DJ Envy and Gia discuss Kanye meeting with Trump as well as the on-camera sit-down between LeBron and Drake where Drake opens up about his son and more. Envy and Gia also discuss Quavo’s diss song to Nicki.
Oct 15, 2018
Episode 91: Do We Spend Too Much Time Together
DJ Envy and Gia discuss the “If someone hits you, you hit them back” meme and they debate whether there’s such thing as spending too much time with your spouse.
Oct 11, 2018
Episode 90: I Have My Energy Blockers On
DJ Envy and Gia are back at it and this week they’re giving Madison advice about haters and jealousy. The couple also updates us that they’re going to try In Vitro and they wrap up the episode weighing in on a listener’s situation where her boyfriend has an incurable STD.
Sep 27, 2018
Episode 89: You are not the boss of me... Who makes up these damn bathroom rules
DJ Envy and Gia update us on their road to having another baby. The couple also discusses bathroom rules as well as a very tough subject, suicide.
Sep 13, 2018
Episode 88: I Need You, To Need Me..
DJ Envy and Gia get right back to it discussing whether Gia is pregnant. Then they move on to cover whether men want to be with a needy girl.
Aug 30, 2018
Episode 87: Let’s Hope This Works...
DJ Envy and Gia open up about the past several months trying to get pregnant with their 6th child and the steps they’re taking now to make that happen. They also give their advice to a listener whose man told his daughter’s mother that she was his Uber driver.
Aug 23, 2018
Episode 86: Live From The FontaineBleau
Episode 86: Live From The FontaineBleau by Loud Speakers Network
Aug 16, 2018
Episode 85: Gia Should Have Told Me...
This week, DJ Envy and Gia talk about an incident that happened to Gia, which leads to the couple discussing what to do if someone touches your significant other inappropriately. They also respond to a listener’s e-mail about whether it’s okay to tell your kids ‘because I said so.
Aug 08, 2018
The Casey Crew Live At Sony Hall NYC.
The Casey Crew Live At Sony Hall NYC. by Loud Speakers Network
Aug 06, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 13
DJ Envy and Gia catch up on a few recent highlights including Demi Lovato being hospitalized this week for a reported overdose as well as the tragic tourist boat that sank in Missouri killing 17 people. The couple also talks about Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott, not kneeling as a form of protest during the anthem, saying that he doesn’t think it’s the time or the venue to do so.
Jul 30, 2018
Episode 84: If It's Not Worth Breaking Up Over, Let's Not Argue About It...
DJ Envy and Gia present the contest that will happen at The Casey Crew live podcast on 7/27 in NYC. Audience members who choose to will come on stage and say their wildest fantasies; whoever has the best fantasy will win a double date with DJ Envy and Gia. The couple moves on to talk about truly adoring your significant other and what’s worth breaking up over. Why beef over the small things?
Jul 18, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 12
Pillow Talk Volume 12 by Loud Speakers Network
Jul 16, 2018
Episode 83: I Told You Already, I Don't Want To Talk About It!
DJ Envy and Gia get right into it talking about how Gia says she’s going to start working out with Envy in the gym...the couple will fill you in on how exactly that turns out. Envy and Gia also discuss where they stand on whether it’s okay to speak to an ex and they address a listener’s e-mail about her concern with her partner’s sex choices.
Jul 11, 2018
Episode 82: Disney 101
Episode 82: Disney 101 by Loud Speakers Network
Jul 04, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 11
DJ Envy and Gia discuss the horrific killing of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, widely known as Junior, where he was dragged outside a bodega by a group of males and slashed at in The Bronx leaving him to run to the hospital and die there. Prayers to Junior and his family. Envy and Gia also discuss Lebron officially leaving the Cavs and moving to the Lakers with a 4-year-contract.
Jul 02, 2018
Episode 80: You Trust Too Easily
DJ Envy and Gia talk about how Gia thinks that Envy trusts too quickly and the couple explains how trusting someone almost got Envy seriously screwed over in the past. They also talk about two listeners’ situations, one including where the woman is a in a relationship but is a secret to his family.
Jun 14, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 10
DJ Envy and Gia discuss suicide with the news of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade sadly passing. The couple also talks about the car crash on Long Island where 3 teens were killed while a 15-year-old was driving the vehicle.
Jun 11, 2018
Episode 79: Irma Is Back
DJ Envy and Gia discuss Envy calling Gia a bitch through text and how people weren’t very happy when Envy posted the screenshot of those texts last week. Logan wants dreds so Gia fills us in on whether she’ll allow it and the couple also discusses a listener’s email about it her man not doing his part.
Jun 06, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 9
Following the reports that Sofia Richie and Scott Disick split, DJ Envy and Gia discuss their take on a 19-year-old dating a 35-year-old. Envy and Gia weigh in on the Pusha T and Drake beef that’s been making headlines all week.
Jun 04, 2018
Episode 78: I Have A Confession
DJ Envy and Gia update us on all that’s happening in their busy lives and tell us about how Envy crashed Gia’s car. The couple also weighs in on a listener’s situation where she is in love with her husband’s best friend.
May 23, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 8
DJ Envy and Gia discuss the biggest wedding of the year as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot this past weekend. They also weigh in on the terrible Texas school shooting that happened on Friday, sending their love to the victims and their families.
May 21, 2018
Episode 77: Pull The Car Around B*tch...
DJ Envy and Gia give us their perspectives on how to keep your kids in check. A listener was curious about Gia’s perspective on plastic surgery so Gia weighs in with her thoughts on cosmetic procedures and the couple discusses how to handle someone always flirting with your man.
May 02, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 7
DJ Envy and Gia discuss the headlines Kanye West has been making this week and the verdict on the Bill Cosby’s retrial.
May 01, 2018
Episode 76: Don't Play Games With Me
Episode 76: Don't Play Games With Me by Loud Speakers Network
Apr 25, 2018
Episode 75: My Baby's Getting Big
DJ Envy and Gia discuss how fast their kids are growing up, telling us about their oldest, Madison being asked to go to prom and their youngest, Brooklyn starting her first day of school. The couple discusses a listener’s dilemma about whether to dump her friend or her boyfriend and another listener’s frustration with growing more spiritually than her boyfriend.
Apr 19, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 6
Pillow Talk Volume 6 by Loud Speakers Network
Apr 16, 2018
Episode 74: Gia vs. The Knight
DJ Envy and Gia provide us with an update on their detox and weigh in on a listener’s struggle with not being able to heal and move on from her ex. Gia’s mom had a dementia episode and Gia tells us about her experience taking on a Knight.
Apr 11, 2018
Episode 73: Fly Lil Butterfly, Fly
DJ Envy and Gia share what its been like allowing Madison to fly to LA by herself and they talk about having patience with your kids. The couple also discusses putting your career on hold for your spouse.
Apr 04, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 5
Pillow Talk Volume 5 by Loud Speakers Network
Apr 03, 2018
Episode 72: Detoxing Works
With Spring’s arrival and summer around he corner, DJ Envy and Gia talk about how detoxing actually works. Or it did for Envy at least when he lost 13 pounds this past week. The couple discussed a listener’s concern about what she should do about her man who doesn’t want to have sex but who masturbates when she goes to sleep.
Mar 28, 2018
Pillow Talk Volume 4
DJ Envy and Gia dive into the power of a woman’s hair. They discuss Tamar Braxton cutting her hair and her not being involved in the new season of The Braxton’s. The couple closes out discussing Amber Rose and bullying.
Mar 26, 2018
Episode 71: Protect & Provide
DJ Envy and Gia dish on what they think is sexy about a relationship and what’s sexy within a relationship. They discuss providing and protecting and give advice to a listener regarding meeting her boyfriend’s significant other.
Mar 21, 2018
Episode 70: Lets Agree to Disagree
DJ Envy and Gia focus on family and schools in this episode of The Casey Crew. The couple talks about whether they are overprotective with their oldest daughter, Madison and they discuss Montessori schools.
Mar 14, 2018
Pillow Talk: Volume 3
DJ Envy and Gia talk about the situation where Mason Pryor was booed off stage at the Apollo Theater. The couple moves on to talk about how Coco Austin brought her 2-year-old daughter to swim with sharks, Usher getting divorced and Wendy Williams taking a leave from her show due to Graves’ Disease.
Mar 12, 2018
Episode 69: Do Looks Matter When You Hire Someone?
DJ Envy and Gia discuss whether looks matter when hiring someone and how to make that business decision during the hiring process. The couple moves on to talk about what the best protocol is as a parent when another kid hits your child at school. They leave off with talking about how to handle a child that misbehaves in public.
Mar 09, 2018
Pillow Talk: Volume 2
DJ Envy and Gia get into all the hot topics of the week. They discuss Safaree’s big week, whether 50 Cent was wrong for going at Rick Ross while he’s in the hospital and whether we should support R. Kelly’s music.
Mar 05, 2018
Episode 68: Safaree Breaks The Internet (Feat. Safaree Samuels)
The Casey Crew welcomed special guest Safaree Samuels this week on the show. Safaree joined DJ Envy and Gia in discussing relationships and insecurities. Of course, Safaree gave his firsthand account on the story behind his leaked dick pic.
Feb 28, 2018
Pillow Talk Episode 1
The Casey Crew Discuss Pop Culture
Feb 26, 2018
Episode 67: Look what I found in my daughters room
DJ Envy and Gia don’t shy away from anything in this episode as they dive into discussing sex tapes and what to do if you were to find a sex toy in your daughter’s room. Finishing up, they talk that tough topic—how to date with herpes.
Feb 22, 2018
Episode 66: The Wedding Or The Marriage
DJ Envy and Gia share what their experience was like being guests on The Real this week. En lieu of Valentine’s Day, the couple talks about proposals, whether a wedding ring is truly important and how to get your boo back after you mess up.
Feb 14, 2018
Episode 65: Are Ultimatums Ever A Good Idea?
DJ Envy and Gia tell us about their celebrations for Gia’s birthday on February 1st. They also talk about Super Bowl parties gone wrong and marriage ultimatums.
Feb 08, 2018
Episode 64: Money Makes Anybody Look Better
DJ Envy and Gia talk about what a man looks for in a woman and discuss a listener’s dilemma about whether to tell her man that she cheated.
Jan 31, 2018
Episode 63: Just Let Him Bust In Your Face
DJ Envy and Gia talk about their cleaning lady who made a switch from seemingly great to crazy real quick. The couple also talks about a listener’s problem with her fiancé busting in her face.
Jan 25, 2018
Episode 62: Is It Wrong That Aggression Turns Me On
DJ Envy and Gia discuss aggression in a relationship covering everything from hitting to yoking to choking. They talk about establishing a foundation of trust with your kids and announce this year’s live podcast at the Highline Ballroom on February 19th.
Jan 17, 2018
Episode 61: Nip Things In The Bud Early
DJ Envy and Gia discuss the importance of addressing problems early on in a relationship to prevent issues later on. Gia also dishes on the secrets to her beauty regimen.
Jan 11, 2018
Episode 60: What is a Mistake
Happy New Year! DJ Envy and Gia start 2018 off by discussing exactly where the year starts off—NYE parties. The couple weighs in on what’s considered a mistake in a relationship as well as drunk arguments.
Jan 03, 2018
Episode 59: A Whole Bunch Of Whore B*tches
DJ Envy and Gia bring 2017 to a close discussing New Year’s resolutions. They also dish on going to trapeze school and talk about a listener’s e-mail where Envy advises the guy to use the phrase, “a whole bunch of whore bitches.”
Dec 29, 2017
Episode 58: Twas The Podcast Before Christmas
In full swing of the holidays, DJ Envy and Gia dish on Christmas tradition at their home. They also weigh in on Christmas etiquette, potential holiday arguments and how to deal with them. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Dec 20, 2017
Episode 57: My Tooth Hurts!!
DJ Envy and Gia tell us all about the closing of their vacation and how much they enjoyed Bora Bora. They move on to talk about their date night out at Chris Rock’s show, Envy’s trip to the dentist and discuss how one of their listeners has been married for 15 years but knew it was a mistake the day after the wedding.
Dec 08, 2017
Episode 56: Live From Bora Bora
This week DJ Envy and Gia have so much to say about a new place that they love! The couple dives into the details of their overseas trip talking about everything from scuba scooting to swimming with the Sharks.
Nov 29, 2017
Episode 55: My Wife Loves It, So I’ll Try It.
DJ Envy and Gia talk about the importance of making sure you and your spouse share similar interests. The couple also fills us in on the start of Madison’s 16th birthday extravaganza.
Nov 22, 2017
Episode 54: "Accept Your Kids For Who They Are” (Feat. Vivian Billings)
DJ Envy and Gia sit down with Vivian Billings, aka Gossip Viv. Vivian talks about the process of her son transitioning from being a man to becoming a woman. Vivian opens up about accepting her child for who she is and what that’s like as a parent.
Nov 15, 2017
Episode 53: Family Meeting
Madison and Logan join the Casey Crew Podcast this week to confront Envy on things that are bothering them..
Nov 08, 2017
Episode 52: Gia Was Pushing Mattress’s In The Hood
DJ Envy and Gia discuss the early days when Gia worked for Craftmatic and sold mattresses in the Hood and go on to discuss their recent family meeting when their kids said they want more quality time with their dad. Envy and Gia finish up with an e-mail about wanting guidance on how to start a successful relationship.
Nov 02, 2017
Episode 51: Sometimes Your Man, Just Wants You To Be Safe
DJ Envy and Gia are committed to their craft as they taped the podcast right from their hotel in Virginia. The couple discusses men not wanting their girl to go out for safety reasons and continue on to talk about Gia going to Daytona Beach and Philly Greek as well as the two of them attending Hampton Homecoming.
Oct 20, 2017
Episode 50: Answering All Your Questions On The 50th Episode
Gia provides an update on implementing a healthier lifestyle and then she and Envy continue on to take e-mails from listeners. They discuss listener Mike finding inappropriate e-mails between his girlfriend and her ex and Bryant's girlfriend deciding she no longer wants to be exclusive. Envy and Gia also talk about two other listeners' concerns about not being able to move on from someone as well as what to after lying about an ex when there is nothing to hide.
Oct 12, 2017
Episode 49: How To Deal With An Unfair Teacher
This week on The Casey Crew, DJ Envy and Gia talk about Envy's trip to South Africa and update us on how it's been implementing a healthier lifestyle; Madison even chimes in. They move on to discuss an issue that Logan had in school that really got Gia and Envy heated and they finished off with discussing a listener's feelings about giving head to her ex's friend at her ex's request.
Oct 06, 2017
Episode 48: What The Health vs. The Casey Crew
DJ Envy and Gia follow up about the health documentary and how's it's been changing their lifestyle. They also weigh in on a listener's concern about when she should reveal to her man that she has an STD.
Sep 28, 2017
Episode 47: Getting it Done
DJ Envy and Gia discuss their long, humbling day packing up goods for Hurricane Harvey victims this past Sunday. They continue on to discuss how to incorporate healthier eating into their family home and end off weighing in on Kevin Hart's extortion scandal.
Sep 20, 2017
Episode 46: Partying with your Spouse.... Good Idea or Bad Idea?
DJ Envy and Gia spill the details on their weekend in Vegas celebrating Envy's birthday alongside French Montana, Floyd Mayweather and many more. They continue on to talk about a listener's dilemma about her high sex drive and her very specific and intimate sexual needs.
Sep 07, 2017
Episode 45: Verbal Abuse Can Be Just As Bad As Physical Abuse
DJ Envy and Gia give their condolences to all of Houston sending out their love to everyone going through this hard time. They continue on to discuss how being verbally abusive can be just as bad as being physically abusive and the couple weighs in on how they feel about letting each other go out on their own.
Aug 30, 2017
Episode 44: To Seperate Or Not... That Is The Question
This week DJ Envy and Gia discuss their recent vacation to Turks and Caicos, Envy's video for his new single and whether separation is beneficial to relationships.
Aug 23, 2017
Episode 43: Phone Sex Makes Our Relationship Better
DJ Envy get right to it this week discussing the advantages of phone sex and how it makes their relationship better. The couple talks about living out their fantasies through phone sex and more.
Aug 09, 2017
Episode 42: My Mom Doesn't Remember Who I Am
Gia's mom has been an important and active person in both Envy and Gia's lives unfortunately has dementia. DJ Envy and Gia discuss how difficult this is and how they are dealing with it as a family.
Aug 03, 2017
Episode 41: Are You Really Ready For Social Media
Social media is a huge part of our everyday lives with many people waking up and going to sleep checking Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. This week, DJ Envy and Gia discuss the negative effects that social media has on kids and adults.
Jul 27, 2017
Episode 40: Don't Get Mind F**ed
This week there was a trend amongst listeners. Low and behold, the concerns were all about cheating. DJ Envy and Gia address the e-mails about cheating and exchange viewpoints about having secrets in a relationship.
Jul 19, 2017
Episode 39: I Can't Believe She Keeps Secrets From Me
DJ Envy and Gia talk about keeping secrets from your spouse and weigh the options for how to deal with someone who isn't nice to a family member.
Jul 13, 2017
With so many differing opinions on the topic, DJ Envy and Gia share their genuine standpoints on interracial relationships and talk about listeners' concerns on various issues.
Jul 06, 2017
Episode 37: In this convo.... I'm tapping out
Like any couple, DJ Envy and Gia agree on some things and disagree on others. Discussing compromising to make your spouse happy, they talk about how Envy wants a beard but Gia hates beards so Envy shaved it off. They move on to talk about how a listener put up $16k and her man only put up $600 on their home. Now what's fair about that?
Jun 28, 2017
Episode 36: If You Are Hurt More Then You Are Happy, Then It's Not Worth it...
DJ Envy and Gia got into it with two really important email topics this week. Envy and Gia gave their opinions on one listener's dilemma involving choosing whether to partake in her friend's wedding when she doesn't approve of the soon-to-be husband. Envy and Gia also weigh in on a second listener's situation where her husband cheats, hits her and leaves the house for days, yet she still believes his heart is golden.
Jun 22, 2017
Episode 35: Stress Kills.....Relationships...
With five kids, DJ Envy and Gia have seen and dealt with it all. This week they discuss one of the most important things when raising children-- how to ensure your kids have good self esteem. They also talk about how stress can affect a relationship.
Jun 14, 2017
Episode 34: Ask Us Anything
DJ Envy and Gia made this episode all about you guys, discussing emails from listeners throughout the whole episode. The couple covers topics and questions across the spectrum.
Jun 07, 2017
Episode 33: Vacation Re-Cap... Gia and The Ocean Don't Mix
DJ Envy rarely takes a vacation so this one was well-deserved! Envy and Gia brought all five kids to St. Marten for a family trip! Get the lowdown on everything that happened behind those family photos you see on Instagram.
Jun 01, 2017
Episode 32: Lucky Number 6
Could there be a baby number 6 for The Casey Crew? DJ Envy and Gia talk about whether they should have yet another baby. What would you do if your son wanted to wear a blouse or use a purse? All on this week's episode!
May 24, 2017
Episode 31: You're Not A Bad Parent Your Human
DJ Envy and Gia dive right in this week discussing how to deal with the awkward situation where a spouse has bad breathe. They continue on to talk about the best ways to avoid taking your stress out on your kids.
May 18, 2017
Episode 30: The Mothers Day Edition
DJ Envy and Gia discuss all that's involved in taking care of yourself for the sake of your spouse and with perfect timing for the holiday, the couple talks about Mother's Day.
May 10, 2017
Episode 29: "It's Not Gonna Suck Itself"
On this week's episode of The Casey Crew, DJ Envy and Gia focus on family. The two discuss all that encompasses being a stay-at-home mom, watching your kids at amusement parks and address listener's concerns about relationships and more.
May 03, 2017
Episode 28: Ask The Casey Crew.... Full Episode of Your Questions
DJ Envy and Gia took only and all e-mails this week. The couple covers topics across the spectrum, giving their honest opinions and best advice.
Apr 26, 2017
Episode 27: Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Meets The Casey Crew...
DJ Envy and Gia sit down with special guest Tami Roman and her boyfriend Reggie Youngblood. They discuss topics across the table from how they met to whether Tami had reservations about Reggie being so much younger to how long they can go for in the bedroom. Tami discusses getting butt shots and even talks about how she will not fully go down on her Reggie.
Apr 19, 2017
Episode 26: Peer Pressure Made Me Do It....
DJ Envy and Gia discuss the way peer pressure can negatively influence kids. Envy talks about how peer pressure led him to do things that he regretted as an adult and the couple continues on to discuss getting hung up on the wrong things during disagreements.
Apr 13, 2017
Episode 25: When Your Husband Overreacts In The Emergency Room
DJ Envy and Gia had a trying week with their daughter, London being very sick and they tell the story about Envy being overprotective in the hospital. They weigh in on a listener’s concerns about her boyfriend’s family being racist and Envy does not hold back. The argument of the week is about Gia feeling that Envy is too hard on their son Logan whereas Envy believes Gia makes the household too much of a democracy.
Apr 05, 2017
Episode 24: How Race Issues Can Affect Your Child
DJ Envy and Gia tell the story about their daughter Madison coming home from school upset because other students were talking about whether she qualifies as ‘black.’ The couple continues on to discuss a listener’s issue about her man having stank butt and they end the conversation touching on whether it’s okay to date while separated in a relationship.
Mar 29, 2017
Episode 23: "I'm No Punk.... But SkyDiving Babes???"
DJ Envy and Gia discuss Envy’s choice to spend the majority of his time with Gia over having many friends. They continue on to talk about how Gia’s spontaneity has kept their relationship fresh, even involving the kids and they weigh in on a listener’s concern about her husband not being ready to have kids when she wants them now.
Mar 22, 2017
Episode 22: "I Was Nearly Abducted"... How To Prevent It From Happening To Your Child
Gia tells the traumatic story of almost being kidnapped as a child. Her and DJ Envy go on to talk about how to protect your child from being kidnapped and discuss the complications that followed Gia's first pregnancy.
Mar 15, 2017
Episode 21: What's More Important... Me or Your Car????
DJ Envy and Gia talk about their differing perspectives on Gia crashing one of their cars and laugh about how competitive they are with each other. The e-mail of the week comes from listener Mercy who doesn't know whether to take her son away from his father. The differing perspectives continue with the argument of the week when one of the two left something important in a hotel safe.
Mar 08, 2017
Episode 20: "No, You're Not Putting Your Finger In My Butt..." (feat. Michelle Hope)
DJ Envy and Gia share their stories about how they keep a relationship spicy in the bedroom. Guest and 'sexpert,' Michelle Hope weighs in on sexual chemistry, bondage, role play, butt play and more.
Mar 01, 2017
Episode 19: What To Do When Your 3 Year Old Calls You A Bitch...
DJ Envy and Gia discuss the importance of their kids respecting them as parents and discuss how they handle misbehavior with their children. The e-mail of the week comes from a husband whose wife only only initiates sex when they're working on having kids and the argument of the week is from a man who wants his fiancé to get breast implants when she doesn't want to.
Feb 22, 2017
Episode 18: The Cheating Episode
For DJ Envy and Gia's first live show, the couple shares the story of their most devastating, trying experience as husband and wife. Finally speaking out on the elephant in the room, Gia and Envy tell their story of DJ Envy's infidelity. From Gia telling Envy that she was divorcing him to Envy locking himself in a garage with running cars, no details are left out as emotions run high.
Feb 15, 2017
Episode 17: Weed Isn't For Everybody
DJ Envy and Gia get right to it this week discussing their experience with weed together. The e-mail of the week covers a listener's concern about his girl wearing jewelry from a man she was previously in a relationship with. The argument of the week comes from Gia being angry with Envy for an interaction he had with their son Logan, fearing that he is instilling an overly macho mentality onto Logan.
Feb 08, 2017
Episode 16: Did Chrisette Michele's Fiancé Agree With Her? A Conversation With Chrisette and Biggs
Chrisette Michelle and her Fiancé Doug “Biggs” Ellison join DJ Envy and Gia this week on The Casey Crew. Chrisette speaks on why she decided to perform at Trump's inauguration and let's us in on why this was important. She and Biggs give us the play by play on their falling in love, business tearing them apart and getting engaged 7 days after starting to speak again.
Feb 01, 2017
Episode 15: Trust the Process...
DJ Envy started this week’s episode without Gia to show her that she still hasn’t improved on always being late. The conversation steers in a serious direction when Gia opens up about having a miscarriage. DJ Envy and Gia address a listener’s concern that her husband is going out without inviting her and the argument of the week comes from a listener who is concerned whether his daughter will attend an HBCU.
Jan 25, 2017
Episode 14: To Lend or Not To Lend..That Is The Question
DJ Envy and Gia give their take on lending money and Envy is not feeling it at all. The e-mail of the week comes from a listener whose boyfriend was an Army Ranger but the repercussions of his service are now affecting himself as well as her--she seeks advice on whether to stay or walk away. A disagreement between Envy and Gia over monopoly leads to this week's argument of the week.
Jan 18, 2017
Episode 13: Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual or "Try-Sexual"??
DJ Envy and Gia get right to it this week as they discuss try-sexuality and experimenting with the same sex. The e-mail of the week comes from a wife who is considering introducing threesomes into her marriage and the argument of the week covers whether it is impatient or understandable for a girlfriend to feel like she is waiting for a ring at a certain point in a relationship.
Jan 11, 2017
Episode 12: New Year... New Me
DJ Envy and Gia bring in 2017 by discussing New Year's resolutions; Envy's resolution being to have more fun and stop having lazy sex and Gia's being to give up soda. The argument of the week is about Gia's consistent lateness and a two-sided discussion arises about listener Allison's situation with her ex going from a lazy, noncommittal father to a dedicated father and husband in his next relationship.
Jan 04, 2017
Episode 11: Your kids are my kids.... Now we have 8(and counting...) w/ Lil Mo & Dynamite
DJ Envy and Gia sit down with Lil Mo and her husband, Karl Dargan, to get past the 'Wikipedia description' of Lil Mo's life. They discuss marriage, being sheltered, divorce and all that comes along with a serious relationship.
Dec 28, 2016
Episode 10: When They Go Low, We Go High
DJ Envy and Gia explore the idea of eating ass as they discuss its relevance to what goes on behind closed doors. They also discuss how having stepchildren plays a role in a relationship.
Dec 21, 2016
Episode 09: My bush was funky...but not anymore
DJ Envy and Gia dive right into this week as they discuss ‘manscaping’ and the importance of keeping it clean down there. With the holidays coming, they talk about what you should bring to your significant other’s family’s house for the holidays and when to tell your kids that Santa isn’t real. The argument of the week comes from a listener whose boyfriend is overly secretive with his phone.
Dec 14, 2016
Episode 08: Money Can't Buy You Love..But It Helps
DJ Envy and Gia discuss the importance of the holidays and weigh in on when is too soon to buy gifts for the person you're dating. They give advice to listener Lisa whose boyfriend left her suddenly and finish up with the argument of the week discussing Envy getting too comfortable.
Dec 07, 2016
Episode 07: I'm In a Dark Place, I Never Want To Fall In Love Again (w/ Nick Cannon)
Nick Cannon joins The Casey Crew this week as the first guest on the show and he doesn’t hold back from anything. Nick discusses his trust issues, the first time he fell in love, his marriage to Mariah Carey, and waiting to have sex until marriage. He talks about the dark place he’s in right now and adds his perspective on the e-mail of the week from a concerned wife whose husband neglects to pay her any attention.
Nov 30, 2016
So Wait, You've Been Faking It?
Envy and Gia open up about their past sexual issues--emotions run high as Gia admits to faking orgasms for 4 years of their marriage. The couple discusses a listener's concern about finding a topless photo of her daughter in her daughter's phone and consider the pros and cons of a being with a woman who doesn't cook.
Nov 23, 2016
My Wife Can Have Male Friends… But Only If They're Gay
Envy and Gia discuss the importance of holding your spouse down while they pursue their goals, while also asking "when is enough?" The Caseys also tackle a not so hard listener letter and ponder the age old question: is it ok to have friends of the opposite sex in a relationship?
Nov 16, 2016
Didn't I Tell This B**** To Stay Home
Jealousy is undoubtedly the theme of this week's episode of The Casey Crew. Gia recalls countless events when DJ Envy let jealousy get the best of him when they were younger. From pulling Gia away from 'swimmer dude' on the dance floor to running the shower over Gia's hair so she couldn't go out with her girls, Envy talks about how he's matured and realized that he doesn't need to be overprotective and controlling for Gia to stick by him. They weigh the various perspectives of listener Michelle's concern about her man watching football on Sundays and discuss the importance of spending time together as a couple.
Nov 09, 2016
Guess I'm Not Getting None Tonight, Huh
DJ Envy and Gia discuss what being able to 'afford' something really means. They talk about prenuptial agreements, personal 'side stashes' of money and the standards of receiving alimony for men versus women. They also weigh in on a listener's concern that his hasn't lost her baby weight after two years and have a fiery debate of the Casey Crew's yearly Xmas photos.
Nov 02, 2016
Episode 2: 50 Stitches And My Wife Is Still Beautiful
Gia shares her story of getting slashed in her cheek as a teen leaving her with 50 stitches. Envy and Gia explore the journey of not allowing a traumatic experience to take away your power. They also discuss Envy showing love by doing shows in the hood, which Gia respects but also finds risky. Plus they address a listener’s concern that her man is always in his phone.
Oct 26, 2016
I Saw Those Double D’s and Knew I Was In Love
In the debut episode of The Casey Crew, DJ Envy and Gia discuss their high school courtship and Gia not calling Envy back when he made his first move at 16. Introducing us to their 20 year long relationship, they speak on forgiveness, having ‘the sex talk’ with their kids, how to build trust with your children, and why they sacrifice for each other even when it's inconvenient.
Oct 18, 2016