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By Allison Sheridan

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Chit Chat Across the Pond is a tech interview show that's part of the Podfeet Podcasts. This Lite version is the bi-monthly lighter, less propeller beanie episodes.

Episode Date
CCATP #750 Dave Hamilton on WiFi 6E Backhaul and Why You Might Care

WiFi Generations in a table from Wikipedia article referenced in the shownotes
WiFi Generations
In this week's episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite, I asked Dave Hamilton of the Mac Geek Gab to come on to talk to us about mesh routers and why we might care about WiFi 6E. In order to get to that though, I asked him to lay out some groundwork.

Remember when we used to talk about 802.11a then b then g then n and ac. All of us geeks memorized the speed of those different IEEE standards. And then one day the numbering scheme changed completely. I asked Dave to explain what happened and what the new numbers mean. From there Dave refreshed our memory on how mesh routers work, and how backhaul is the communication between the mesh access points.

It took some work keeping the numbers and terminology straight but by the time we were done he had explained why WiFi 6E on the backhaul matters, even though we very likely don't have any WiFi 6E devices.

You can find Dave Hamilton on Twitter @davehamilton and @macgeekgab and on Mastodon at

Nov 08, 2022
CCATP #749 Bart Busschots on Understanding the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

This week our guest on Chit Chat Across the Pond is Bart Busschots with a talk that's part Security Bits, part Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite. Bart has been asked to speak at a Mac User's Group on the subject of security and he worked up a presentation on the subject. His goal in the presentation is to provide listeners with a better understanding of the types of threats that are out there and what the motivations of the threat actors are.

There's a call to action in this talk by Bart. He wants to know if _you_ think the information he presents will be valuable to a Mac User Group. I (mostly) kept my opinions to myself because we want to hear from you. The best way to provide this feedback is to use our Podfeet Slack at, or you can Tweet Bart at @bbusschots, or you can make a comment on the blog post for this episode.

The slide deck presentation for Bart's talk can be viewed at [](

Oct 30, 2022
CCATP #748 – Darcy Hegarty on His Unusual Screencasting Process

This week I'm pleased to introduce you to Darcy Hegarty on Chit Chat Across the Pond. Darcy is a fellow screencaster for Don McAllister's ScreenCastsOnline and I'm really impressed with the videos he creates. They're tight, they tell a coherent story, and he even starts with the problem to be solved! I started chatting with him about his process and discovered that he's only been doing this for a short while. I also found out that he has a far different process for creating his screencasts than I do, so I asked him on the show so he could teach me how he does it and you get to learn along with me.

You can find connect with Darcy by emailing him at and follow him on Twitter at @sensible_of

Oct 26, 2022
CCATP #747 – Dan Moren on Baby Tech

This week our guest is Dan Moren ( Dan is the author of the Galactic Cold War series of sci-fi espionage capers, a former senior editor at Macworld, a writer for Six Colors and TidBITS amongst other publications, and a prolific podcaster as co-host of Clockwise and The Rebound. But I did not have him on the show to talk about any of that. Dan is a very recent father and I wanted to talk about the latest and greatest in baby tech.

You can find everything you need to know about Dan Moren at []( including links to the Galactic Cold War Series. You can follow him online @dmoren.

If you want to buy his books at an independent bookstore, he suggests []( to find them.

Oct 21, 2022
CCATP #746 – Antonio Rosario on iPhone 14 Pro Max From a Different Angle

Antonio Rosario bills himself as a full-time unemployed photographer, part-time semi-employed videographer and photography instructor, and a volunteer bimonthly podcaster. He sent out a tweet in which he said, "Dear podcasters: Will someone PLEASE interview me about the #iPhone 14 ProMax?!"

I expected that Antonio wanted to come on and have a discussion about the new phone's specs and a pixel-peeping level of detail about the resulting images from this new device. But that's not at all what he really wanted to talk about. Whether you consider yourself a "real" photographer or just someone who likes to take pictures, I think you'll find this introspective discussion heartfelt and memorable.

You can find Antonio online in the following places:

* Follow Antonio’s work at [](

* Podcast - Street Shots Photography Podcast [](

* Vero: amrosario - [](

* Twitter [@amrosario](

* [iPhone 14 Pro Max RAW images by Antonio](

* [Images shot using Fococ app (using portrait mode)](

Antonio talked about a video on the Three Blind Men and an Elephant channel

Oct 11, 2022
CCATP #745 – Bart Busschots on Zero Trust

In this "Lite" episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart Busschots teaches us about a relatively new concept in IT security called Zero Trust. He explains how the old ways of simply securing the perimeter of your organization are no longer enough. You simply can't trust that inside your network you're safe from bad actors.

The solution has three principles that guide organizations in developing the rules of who and which devices and networks are allowed to have access to what data and for how long. That part sounds like the heavy lifting to me! Bart then explains how the fun part is then using the rules that have been developed to implement these rules using technology.

Bart's explanation of how the technology works is a bit specific to Microsoft's products but the concepts he explains are definitely applicable to any vendor's solution. Detailed shownotes are available at [](

Oct 04, 2022
CCATP #744 – Paul Kafasis on 20 Years of Audio Software Development

Paul Allison chatting on Zoom
Rogue Amoeba is celebrating 20 years in Mac software development this month and in honor of that accomplishment, I asked CEO Paul Kafasis to come on Chit Chat Across the Pond to take us on a walk down memory lane.

We start by talking about Audio Hijack 1.0 and talk about the 266MHz PowerPC they used to develop the product. We talk about the problems that Rogue Amoeba's software solves, including SoundSource which is probably their application with the broadest appeal to people. We talk through design decisions including both making Audio Hijack completely accessible to visually-impaired users, and making it easier for all of us to understand.

Audio Hijack 1.0 Interface
Audio Hijack 1.0 Interface
I ask Paul the burning question on everyone's mind, where the heck did the name Rogue Amoeba come from?

This is not an ad for Rogue Amoeba, but I'm afraid I _do_ gush quite a bit because I'm such a giant fan of everything they do. I spend time talking about how amazing their support staff is (I bother them a _lot_) which prompts Paul to explain the structure of the company and why it works so well.

We talking about their pricing model in contrast with the companies that are adopting subscription pricing.

And finally, I ask Paul when they are going to make the multi-track editor of my dreams.

We had a blast recording together and swapping stories. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did. A very rare 20% off sale is going on right now for all Rogue Amoeba products, so check it out at [](

Sep 28, 2022
CCATP #741 – Tom Merritt on Touchscreens vs. Buttons in Cars

Tom Merritt of the Daily Tech News Show joins me on Chit Chat Across the Pond to talk about a recent study published by Sweden’s biggest car magazine, ViBilägare. The study timed drivers in how long it took them to perform a set of proscribed functions in a variety of cars with touchscreens and one vehicle without any touchscreen at all.

While Tom and I agree that the study is flawed in a lot of ways, we differ on how it is flawed, which makes for a lively discussion. We talk about the merits and demerits of touchscreens and even throw CarPlay under the bus while praising its virtues.

If you want to find all of Tom's work, you can go to []( He also encourages you to check out his newest podcast called A Word with Tom Merritt where he talks with people about how they think using one word as the start of the conversation.

Sep 01, 2022
CCATP #740 – Allison on Bart's Let's Talk Photography – Mirrorless Camera Conversion
This is another crossover episode - it's an interview Bart Busschots did with me for his Let's Talk Photography podcast at []( about the conversion I made ages ago to a mirrorless camera. He asked me on because it looks like DSLRs are winding down and he's contemplating making the jump soon. It's a fun conversation where I also confess that I've lost the touch of editing RAW photos but I'm still very glad I brought my Olympus E-M5 Mark III to Iceland.
Aug 21, 2022
CCATP #739 – Bodie Grimm Interviews Orange Charger

A few years ago, when the SMR podcast hosts took over the NosillaCast while I was on vacation, Tom Merritt of the Daily Tech News Show called it "The Crossover Event of the Summer." Since then, the SMR hosts Rod, Chris, and Robb have all been on DTNS. Then Tom had Bodie Grimm of the Kilowatt podcast on his show, so Bodie and I got to be friends, and the crossovers just keep on coming.

In this year's "Crossover Event of the Summer", Bodie Grimm interviews two gentlemen from a company called Orange Charger. Founder Nicholas Johnson and Product manager & Strategist Joseph Nagle talk to Bodie about their vision to bring affordable and convenient electric vehicle charging to multi-unit properties like apartments and condominiums. It's a fascinating discussion of what people think they need and want vs. what they actually need in a home charger.

You can learn more about Orange Charger at [](

Thanks, Bodie for letting us have this interview for Chit Chat Across the Pond!

Aug 16, 2022
CCATP #737 Mark Pouley on Starlink Satellite Service

Mark Pouley, the photographer behind Twin Lakes Images lives in a home that is in an urban area, but on a long, private road that hasn’t been fed by fiber or cable. He and his wife also bought a vacation home in the far Northeast corner of the state of Washington where there’s very little infrastructure and not even reliable cell service. He needed to find service that would meet his tech geek needs.

In this episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Mark tells us about his experience with DSL service, and T-Mobile for home Internet, and why that lead him to pursue SpaceX’s new Starlink satellite service. He explains the process of acquisition, costs, installation, and the speeds he’s getting in his homes.

Starlink is hot in the news right now, especially with their recent announcement that they’ll be providing this service to the recreational vehicle (RV) community.

Jul 12, 2022
CCATP #735 Molly DeFrank on her Book "Digital Detox: The Two-Week Tech Reset for Kids"

In this week's Chit Chat Across the Pond, I interview author Molly DeFrank on her book "Digital Detox: The Two-Week Tech Reset for Kids" along with Lindsay Tondee who put Molly's advice to the test with her son Forbes.

As a geek, you'll probably think this is crazy talk, but I promise you it's a fun conversation and Molly's practical steps in her book might just be what you need if your kids turn into monsters when you take their screens away.

Molly's book is available at:

* Amazon

* Barnes & Noble

* Target

You can find Molly at and you can follow Lindsay at

During the interview, Molly mentioned the Gabb "dumb" phone she bought her 12-year-old which you can find at

We also talked about the Silverware Dance by Forbes and Molly asked for a GIF of it so you can all enjoy it. Silverware Dance by Forbes

Jul 07, 2022
CCATP #734 – Seamus Lavery on Raising a Service Dog

In this week's episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, I'm joined by long-time NosillaCastaway Seamus Lavery. Seamus started posting photos of his black lab Quaid to the live chatroom, and then explained that he’s a “puppy raiser” for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. He agreed to come on the show to tell us what it’s like to be a puppy raiser, what his responsibilities are, what he’s supposed to teach Quaid, and the uphill road it is for Quaid to qualify to be a Service Dog for the blind.

Bart is a Belgian living in the Republic of Ireland, while Seamus is a Northern Irishman who lived for 12 years in Belgium (now living in the Washington DC area). His accent is delightful and his story is fascinating.

Links Seaumus mentions:

* Guiding Eyes for The Blind

* Pilots To The Rescue

* Pilots to the Rescue delivering 3 Guiding Eyes Puppies

* Trailer for Disney+'s series Pick of the Litter

* Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History: The Dog Will See You Now

* You can follow Seamus as @batfink2001 on Twitter

Jun 24, 2022
CCATP #733 – Brian Hoffman takes Solar to a New Level - Co-Interview with Steve Sheridan

Recently Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane of DTNS fame hosted what they called a Solar Round Table. The guests were NosillaCast Live Producer Steve Sheridan, an engineer working at AES Solar named Joe Briney, and Boeing 777 captain Brian Hoffman.

I tell you that whole story because when Steve got off the phone, he started telling me all about Brian’s huge projects to use solar on his farm. Steve was so enthusiastic about these projects that he started barraging Brian with questions about his projects in email, so I suggested Brian come on Chit Chat and Steve help me co-host.

You'll hear Brian explain how he and his wife planted literally more than 10,000 trees themselves, about how he grows the tilapia fish in the "pond" he built, and how creating that pond got him started getting into using solar to power his farm. He didn't just write a check and have someone come out and install solar, he bought the components but built everything himself.

While you may not follow in Brian's footsteps, it's very cool to know that it's actually possible to do this yourself and to learn about how Brian gives back to his community. Steve and I had a great time talking to Brian and learning from him and I know you will too. Don't forget to go listen to the DTNS Solar Panel Panel too!

Follow the link to the blog post to see photos of some of the panels and structures Brian built on his farm.

Join the Conversation: Support the Show:

Referral Links:

Jun 13, 2022
CCATP #732 – Ask Me Anything (About Security) with Bart Busschots

This week our guest is Bart Busschots. This week we're going to do something a little different; we're doing an "Ask Me Anything (About Security)". I sent out the request for questions to our Slack community (), to Twitter, to a few user groups of which I am a member, and Steve posted it to our Facebook group.

With the exception of one question which I sent to him ahead of time, Bart answered all of these on the fly while we were recording. For that reason, only the questions are available in the blog post, not the answers. In order to know his answers, you'll need to listen to the show. If you're hearing-impaired, and one of the questions is of particular interest to you, send me an email at and I'll try to reproduce Bart's answer for you.

Jun 12, 2022
CCATP #731 – Bodie Grimm with Chris Ashley – Ford F150 Lightning EV

In yet another crossover episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bodie Grimm of the Kilowatt Podcast joins me to talk about EVs. But this isn't just any EV, we get to talk to Chris Ashley of the SMR Podcast and BBQ and Tech about his brand new Ford F150 Lightning EV.

We catch Chris on the very delivery day of his new hotness, and he's one of the first people to actually get the F150 Lightning. Chris put his $100 in the ring over a year ago, and bought the Lightning (in the Laredo trim) essentially sight unseen. He is besotted with the vehicle and from what he told us, we can see why.

We start out with a big tease by talking about the work Chris had to do to be approved to install a charger at his townhouse, and what size battery he chose, but eventually we talk about what it feels like to drive with and without regenerative braking (also known as one-pedal driving), we talk about how well CarPlay works (it's over Bluetooth), what information is on the instrument panel, and a lot about the glory that is heated _and_ cooled seats. Bodie and Chris talk about how to remote start the car (which was a baffling subject for a California-bred woman). We even discuss whether Chris will fit in the frunk (aka Front Trunk).

It's a fun and informative conversation I know you'll enjoy. And be sure to check out Kilowatt, SMR, and BBQ and Tech Podcasts to have even more fun with these awesome gentlemen.

Jun 02, 2022
CCATP #730 – Bart Busschots on Thinking About Security

In this Lite version of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart Busschots talks to us about he thinks about security. Rather than try to tell us with exacting precision what to do about a current threat, instead, he talks about how to be proactive, how to convince others to accept changes in the name of security, and how to increase your security by reducing your attack surface. It sounds like a grim and boring subject, but of course with Bart as our steward for the subject, it's filled with anecdotes and examples from real life. In addition to the podcast recording, he's given us a full blog post on the subject as well.

CCATP #730 – Bart Busschots on Thinking About Security on

May 29, 2022
CCATP #729 – John Siracusa on Many Things Including Display Technologies

Our guest this week on Chit Chat Across the Pond is John Siracusa of the Accidental Tech Podcast, Reconcilable Differences, and Robot or Not. He’s also the developer of two interesting Mac apps: Front and Center and SwitchGlass. You can find his blog at You can find him on Twitter @siracusa

I've been a fan of John's for a long time but I never knew anything about his background, so I asked him to start at the beginning and explain where he came from. Next I ask him some questions about screen brightness and arrangement of windows that I've heard him talking about and always wanted to investigate his ideas further.

Then we get into a super meaty discussion where he explains display technology from LCD to OLED to QD-OLED (or Quantum Dot OLED).

John was as delightful as I'd hoped, as knowledgeable as I'd expected and I had a fantastic time with him.

May 19, 2022
CCATP #728 — Bart Busschots on Why FIDO Passkeys Rock

Back in August of 2019, Bart Busschots told us about how someday in the future, we would be able be living a passwordless future because of something called FIDO, AKA Fast ID Online. Back then it was really only helping corporations but this week the FIDO Alliance made an announcement that shows real promise that the dream will be realized for normal humans.

In this episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite, Bart gives us a human-friendly explanation of why FIDO is awesome, how it will work, why it works, and what problems it solves. He even breaks it down into who will have to do what for this to work, and the good news is that normal humans won't have to do anything at all.

While this may sound like a super nerdy topic, and it does include a few brief ventures into private/public key cryptography, it's really a joyful discussion of a future without password breaches. When Bart and I stopped recording, I asked him, "Did you notice how much I was smiling during this recording?" I think you'll really enjoy hearing about FIDO and why passkeys rock.

Find out more about the FIDO Alliance at

May 15, 2022
CCATP #727 – Dr. Maryanne Garry on How Everything You Remember is Wrong

One of my pet peeves is podcasters who air reruns. Today I am that podcaster but I think I can justify what I'm doing so bear with me here. On June 1st, 2014, Dr. Maryanne Garry made her debut appearance on Chit Chat Across the Pond. In this terrific interview, she explains her research and the research of others in the field of how memories are formed and retrieved. Every time Dr. Garry comes on as a self-proclaimed "Crusher of Dreams", these episodes seem to garner the most interest from the listeners. This seminal episode with Dr. Garry is the best of the best, and crushes every dream you have that your memory is flawless and it's everyone else who is misremembering. She explains the repressed memory fad that started in the 1990s, and how damaging this never scientifically-validated was to many people. She explains how she can actually induce false memories in people at an alarming rate.

Now here's why I'm rerunning it. Eight years ago, Chit Chat Across the Pond was not a standalone podcast; it was embedded inside the NosillaCast episode #473. I've always wanted to be able to point people directly to this interview and I couldn't because it didn't even have a chapter mark to jump to in the audio.

Not only is it a fabulous interview and one where she mocks me at every turn, and I want new listeners to hear it, but even if you have heard it, it's delightful to listen to again. I asked Maryanne to listen and see whether she'd want to rerecord because of changes in the last 8 years and she said that it's great just like it is.

In the beginning I say that she works at the University of Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand. She has since then she has moved her research lab and teaches at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Links she mentions:

* Tale of Two Microphones from Chris Breen at Macworld

* Steven Colbert in a segment entitled "Who's Honoring Me Now" calls out her paper where she sites his term Truthiness

* Book referenced - Picking Cotton (on Amazon)

* Doctored photo research with Kim Wade:

* Wrongful Convictions:

* Overexposed? Camera Phones Could Be Washing Out Our Memories:

* Other interesting reading - People with Easier to Pronounce Names Promote Truthiness of Claims:

May 12, 2022
CCATP #726 – Bart Busschots on Email on Your Own Domain

In this ~lite episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart Busschots explains why it's a good idea to have your an email address on your own domain. Then he digs deep into all of the different technologies involved in owning a domain, forwarding email, explains MX and NX records, and how to make sure you're never caught up in a spam scam. After digging deep, he then brings us up a level and explains the easy things you can do to have email forwarding that might protect you from some problems. I've worked my way through all of the technologies that Bart described, but I didn't understand a lot of it until Bart explained it in this episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond.

You'll find detailed shownotes of everything Bart describes at

May 01, 2022
CCATP #725 – Erin Carson on Ear Worms and TikTok

This week our guest is Erin Carson, Senior Writer at CNET. She came on the show to talk to me about ear worms and the effect that TikTok is having on their prevalence. We go over the research she studied on earworms, finding out how long we've known about them, what goes on in our brains when we imagine music and why TikTok might be the perfect vehicle for getting them. We eventually go off the rails and enjoy a delightful conversation about music in her home town of Nashville.

If you want to follow along with Erin's work, you can find her on and you can follow her on Twitter @ErinCarson

Apr 20, 2022
CCATP #723 – Bodie Grimm Kilowatt Crossover on Self Driving, Solar Batteries, and More

While Steve and I were in Phoenix visiting Steve's sister, we made a trip out to meet the awesome Bodie Grimm, host of the Kilowatt podcast at Bodie's show is all about electric vehicles, self driving, solar energy, and batteries. You can imagine that it would be impossible for a podcast to _not_ break out when two podcasters meet up like this.

We decided to create this as a crossover episode that we would both post. I haven't listened to Bodie's intro yet, but I am willing to bet that he starts it with telling his audience they shouldn't listen on his show, they should subscribe to mine instead. That's just the kind of guy he is. I'm not that generous. Stay here, listen to it on my channel, but then you're allowed to go subscribe to the Kilowatt Podcast.

In this episode Bodie and I talk about all kinds of things. I explain how weird it was for Steve and me to drive an internal combustion engine (ICE) car after two years of EV driving. But that wasn't the weirdest driving we did. Right before recording, Bodie let us order a Waymo self-driving car to take us to Trader Joe's, so of course we had to talk about how crazy it was to be in a moving car with no driver in the car.

Steve and I are considering getting batteries to go with our solar system, and Bodie knows a lot about this subject, so I try to get him to interpret the crazy language we were given on how to deal with Tesla batteries during a power outage. He does not succeed at this task any better than we did.

Bodie is a fabulous guy - smart, knowledgeable, and with a subtle and yet goofy sense of humor that just tickles me. Be sure to check out the Kilowatt Podcast in your podcatcher of choice.

Apr 16, 2022
CCATP #722 – Tom Merritt on the Past, Present, and Future of Messaging

This week's guest on Chit Chat Across the Pond is Tom Merritt, host of the Daily Tech News Show, Cord Killers, Know a Little More, Sword and Laser and more podcasts than I can count. He's also a science fiction author with his book series Pilot X

I asked Tom to come on Chit Chat to help me "know a little more" (see what I did there?) about the past, present and future of messaging. We start by talking about the grand old days when on the computer we had interoperable messaging services, and later at least a way to aggregate the protocols so we could use one client to talk over different services.

We covered SMS and the "new and improved" RCS from 2007 protocols when he explained the roles that carriers play in implementation. We talk about the green/blue bubble problem with splintered messages and how RCS might be able to help if Apple would implement it, and why they probably won't.

Finally, we talk about the DMA (Digital Markets Act - see Bart's deep dive on this during Security Bits for 3 April 2022) starting to work its way through the European Commission and how Tom interprets the possible/probable ways the big companies might implement the changes demanded surrounding messaging. I tried to get Tom to say he was optimistic that we may one day soon have an integrated messaging service to rule them all but I wasn't quite successful.

You can keep up with everything Tom Merrit by signing up for Tom's newsletter at

Apr 06, 2022
CCATP #720 – Jill from the North Woods on Switching from Windows to Mac
Jill from the North Woods, host of the delightful and inspiring Start with Small Steps Podcast at decided a few years ago that she wanted to switch from Windows to the Mac. I was a bit of an enabler on this, so I've been watching her adventure with great interest. She recently made the final hard switchover and I thought it would be interesting to for you to hear her story. She'll talk about why she wanted to switch, how she tried to switch, challenges with hardware and software, and how she finally accomplished the switch.
Mar 25, 2022
CCATP #718 – Adam Engst of TidBITS on Apple's March Peek Event

If you're looking for a methodical walk through the Apple March Peek Event that discusses point-by-point every detail and spec that Apple presented, you will be sorely disappointed with this week's Chit Chat Across the Pond. Instead of being methodical, Adam Engst of TidBITS and I dive right into the middle and enjoy ourselves talking about what we enjoyed. We jump around, we tell anecdotes, we talk about how the landscape is changing for Apple and the industry. We do get into a spec here and there to add flavor to the discussion and we do talk about the products, but to call our conversation methodical and meticulous would be highly misleading.

If you'd like to follow Adam's work, just head over to to read the longest-running Internet technology publication.

Mar 10, 2022
CCATP #716 – Cheyenne Swenson on the Kia EV6 "Spaceship"

Cheyennes EV6 Space Ship showing two very wide screens
Cheyenne's EV6 Spaceship
In this week's episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite, Cheyenne Swenson joins us to tell us about her new electric vehicle – the Kia EV6. Cheyenne explains how she calls it a spaceship because it's got two 12-inch wide aspect ratio displays and because of how different it is to drive from any car she's ever owned.

We talked about how she chose this particular EV and why she went electric in the first place. She explains the two screens and what information goes where and why, and also holds it over me that her car actually has dedicated dials for temperature and the radio. We talk about the backup cameras, how well the cruise control with lane steering works, and how weird the door handles are.

Cheyenne is a joy to talk to as she's funny and well informed at the same time.

Feb 25, 2022
CCATP #714 – Bart Busschots – It's Ok to Play a Different Game!

This episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond perfectly straddles the line between Programming By Stealth and Lite. While it's definitely a nerdy discussion topic, Bart Busschots is really just telling a story. He starts by explaining how he ended up a computer scientist essentially by accident, and tells us about a fantastic CS professor he had who inspired him through an assignment about a game called 8 Queens. He tells these stories as a way to explain that when I used the Terminal and `egrep` to help me solve the game Wordle a few weeks ago, it wasn't really cheating. I think whether you're a programmer or not, you'll enjoy hearing Bart explain why.

Bart's shownotes can be found at

Feb 07, 2022
CCATP #712 – Alec Johnson on One Take Video Production

This week's guest on Chit Chat Across the Pond is the Wizard Alec Johnson. Alec is the host of the YouTube channel Take One Tech. He creates amazing how-to guides on tools such as Stream Deck, Hazel, Keyboard Maestro, Ecamm Live, and many basic features of the Mac operating systems. When I found his video tutorials, I started devouring them I was learning so much. I asked Alec if he’d come on the show to talk about _how_ he creates these amazing tutorials because they’re unique in the style and quality of the content.

We talk about the gear he uses, and more importantly his software setup that allows him to create 30-minute video tutorials in _one take_. Even after learning how he automates with Keyboard Maestro and Stream Deck, I still believe he's a wizard that he can create such smooth video tutorials with relatively few mistakes, all in one take. Get this, in one take he has created 100 videos in 100 days! His next goal is 365 videos in 365 days. This is why I introduced him as the wizard Alec Johnson.

Since he's a video guy, we decided to have him record the interview for his YouTube channel as well, so if you'd rather watch instead of listen you can do that. There are a few times in the conversation where he demonstrates a little bit of what he's describing so there is an advantage to watching the video. As always though, I made sure to keep adding color commentary to what I was watching so you won't miss anything in the audio.

You can connect with Alec and find all of his content at

Jan 21, 2022
CCATP #709 – Adam Engst on the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking

Adam Engst, publisher of the long-running Internet-based email newsletter, TidBITS joins us on Chit Chat Across the Pond to talk about an article he wrote for TidBITS about the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking.

Adam starts our conversation by taking us into the WABAC machine to learn about Project Xanadu which was the vision of Ted Nelson to link all information bidirectionally. Working off that foundational vision he explains that a group of developers and tech visionaries have created the Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking as a way to encourage the concept of linking as much information as we can within and between apps and operating systems. At the link to the Manifesto, you can learn more about the originators, the vision, and the technical requirements for making this work. Adam even gives us a call to action at the end if we'd like to see this future realized.

I told Adam at the end of the conversation that I knew it was a great talk because my cheeks hurt from smiling talking to him.

Dec 15, 2021
CCATP #707 – Tom Merritt on Meta and the Metaverse

In late October, Facebook announced that The Facebook Company was name to Meta. A little bit later, Mark Zuckerberg published a video where he described his vision of the future metaverse. I haven't been following this too closely but it seems to be turning into something I might want to understand. I asked Tom Merritt, host of Daily Tech News Show and many other fine shows, to come on Chit Chat to try to make sense of these two things for us.

We talk about what the name change for Facebook really means and what it probably doesn't mean (is it just like Google becoming part of Alphabet?) Then Tom explains the vision of what the metaverse is expected to be. I thought it was a fascinating explanation and I learned a lot from talking to Tom.

During the conversation, Tom references his show Know a Little More where he explains complex technical topics in a short form, deep dive format. He talks in Chit Chat about NFTs and Blockchain, but suggests listening to his episodes on those topics if you want to, well, know a little more.

If you'd like all to find of Tom's podcasts, and the books he's written, you can find all of his work at

Dec 03, 2021
CCATP #704 – Chris Ashley & Rod Simmons on BBQ and Tech Podcast with Steve Sheridan

This week I'm pleased to have Chris Ashley and Rod Simmons on the Chit Chat Across the Pond. You may know them from the SMR Podcast they do with Robb Dunewood, or you may remember them from their frequent appearances on Chit Chat Across the Pond to talk tech.

They're joining me today to talk about their brand new podcast, BBQ and Tech. I've also asked Steve (the husband) to join us because he's really enjoying what the guys are teaching, while I'm just the beneficiary in the eating part.

This episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond hits on a lot of the high points of what Chris and Rod are teaching in BBQ and Tech. The difference between grilling and barbecuing (also known as smoking), some of the different options for getting started in barbecue, and how the tech angle comes into the show.

Chris and Rod have been friends since they were 5 years old and they've been barbecuing together for a very long time. This friendship makes listening to them talk about barbecue a real joy.

During the show we talked about the Meater 4-probe Bluetooth to WiFi range extension thermometers, so here's a BBQ and Tech Amazon Affiliate link so you can put it on your holiday wish list:

Nov 05, 2021
CCATP #702 – Doc Rock Explains ProRes Video & We Talk new M1 Max Macs

Doc Rock joins me for a fantastic discussion on Chit Chat Across the Pond. I asked Doc on the show originally to come on and explain ProRes video to me, but Apple delighted us by dropping the new M1 Max Macs and M1 Pro Macs the same day we were scheduled to record.

We do spend a little bit of time talking about ProRes video where Doc explains what all those number people have been bandying about, like 4-4-4-4 and XQ. I really understood when he was done explaining to a video muggle like me.

Then we take the least linear path through the MacBook Pro announcements you can imagine. It was positively delightful as we dug into specific specs and what they mean and who should care all the time bouncing around between the different options. I loved every single minute of tis conversation.

You can find Doc Rock everywhere on the Internets @DocRock, especially his YouTube channel where he helps people learn to live stream like a boss. He'd also love it if you checked out his new audio podcast called Creator 50 where he encourage people of a more mature age learn to share their stories. You can find it at the link in the shownotes, or just search for Creator 50 in your podcatcher of choice.

Oct 19, 2021
CCATP #697 – Bodie Grimm Explains EV Fires and Teslas Hitting Emergency Vehicles

CCATP #697 for August 23, 2021, and I'm your host, Allison Sheridan. This week our guest is Bodie Grimm. Along with being a podcaster who specializes in the news about electric vehicles on his show the Kilowatt Podcast, Bodie is a firefighter and engineer on a ladder truck. He is in a unique position to answer some of my questions about fires in internal combustion vehicles. We also talked about the new investigation by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) into 11 reported accidents where Teslas ran into emergency vehicles.

Bodie is super knowledgeable and has a lot of experience that's relevant to our conversation, and he's an awful lot of fun.

You can find Bodie's Kilowatt podcast in your podcatcher of choice, and you can follow him on Twitter @918digital and you can email him at

During our conversation he mentioned the Emergency Field Guide available for download here:

Aug 23, 2021
CCATP #694 Dr. Niki Ackermans on Anatomy and Neuroscience with Oxen and Sheep

This week our guest is Dr. Niki Ackermans. Dr. Ackermans is a Postdoctoral fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation, at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in New York City. Her current work focuses on the anatomy and neuroscience of traumatic brain injury in head butting animals. She is also the science correspondent for the Daily Tech News Show, and hosted the Seniors in Tech series on DTNS, including interviewing NosillaCastaway Sandy Foster and me. She’s also the host of the podcast Stories Your Granny Never Told.

Niki tells us about her research doing MRIs on ox and sheep brains and studying CT scans of their skulls to determine the effect of head butting on their brains and whether they suffer the same kinds of concussions as humans. The hope is to try to help humans who suffer concussions, including football players and people in the service.

This sounds like a creepy topic but Niki is absolutely delightful as she describes her delight in her work and how much fun it is. She's entertaining and funny and brilliant. I learned so much and I smiled the whole time.

You can find her on Twitter at @ackermansnicole

Aug 08, 2021
CCATP #691 – Melissa Davis on Setting up iPhone for Vintage Users in a Dignified Way

In this week's episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Melissa Davis, aka TheMacMommy joins me to give us her tips for setting up an iPhone for a "Vintage User", in a dignified way. If you've ever heard Melissa on the Geekiest Show Ever podcast she does with Elisa Pacelli, you know she's a fantastic resource to the community. Her gentle voice and compassionate personality can help guide us in helping our vintage friends and family. She's got concrete, specific suggestions for how to configure the phone and how to listen to the person you're helping so you can ensure that the phone will bring them joy when you're done.

Mellisa actually wrote up all of these tips as a reference guide for after you listen, and the notes include even more suggestions that we didn't get to in the episode. Even if you don't need to help anyone with their phone right now, I am sure you'll enjoy listening to Melissa describe how she helps others.

Jun 30, 2021
CCATP #689 – Bodie Grimm with Allison and Steve on Tesla Fiddly Bits

This week we have a very different episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite. On the awesome Kilowatt podcast (a show all about electric vehicles), host Bodie Grimm asked me and my husband Steve to be his guests on the show. You really shouldn't be listening to it here, you should go subscribe to the Kilowatt podcast instead and listen to it there, but he _insisted_ that we should share the love and he let me broadcast it for you here as well.

The Kilowatt Podcast is _not_ just about Teslas, it's about electric vehicles in general. You'll learn about all kinds of EVs from all different manufacturers. You'll get the latest news and breakthroughs in technologies in the EV space. I highly recommend subscribing to the Kilowatt Podcast if you're at all interested in electric vehicles.

Bodie asked us to come on the Kilowatt Podcast to talk about what we _don't_ like about our Teslas, the fiddly bits if you will. You know we love our Model 3 and Model Y but there are definitely things we wish were different. I know a lot of you out there are big fans of Steve so this is a rare opportunity to hear him in front of a microphone.

Steve and I had a blast recording with Bodie and we hope you'll enjoy it as well.

Jun 20, 2021
CCATP #687 – Mikah Sargent on What Thread Means for the Internet of Things

In this week's episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Mikah Sargent joins us to explain why he's so excited about what the new technology called Thread is going to bring to the Internet of Things, or IoT. You may know Mikah from the awesome show Clockwise with Dan Moren, or perhaps iOS Today with Rosemary Orchard or Smart Tech Today with Matthew Cassinelli on the TWiT network.

Mikah starts with the problem to be solved – slow Bluetooth devices vs. heavy WiFi devices and troublesome network connectivity. He explains how Thread will solve these problems, both at an overarching vision level as well as getting down into the nerdy bits of how Thread does its magic. We'll learn about sleepy Thread devices, Thread Border routers, and what it means when you see "Works with Matter."

If you want to follow Mikah online, you can go to and find him on all social media @mikahsargent.

May 31, 2021
CCATP #683 – Christophe Zajek-Denek is Kind of a Big Deal

This week's guest is Christophe Zajek-Denek. Christophe worked as a TV producer while touring in a rock band, he’s a drummer, an actor and stuntman, a surfer, a journalist, a podcaster, and public speaker. He's also 4’4” tall and has a rare form of dwarfism. Christophe hosts an amazing podcast entitled "I'm Kind of a Big Deal" in which he interviews amazing little people doing really cool things. From actors to professional surfboarders, he learns about their lives, their professions and has a good laugh with every one. He's also done several shows describing the surgeries he's had to endure and how grateful he is to his parents for having them done.

We talked about how to stand when talking to little people, how people stare at little people, his surgeries, little people in acting, and pedal extenders so he can drive. We laughed a lot but the conversation gets deep and introspective as well. I had a blast and I think Christophe did too.

You can follow Christophe on Twitter @BigDealPod and Instagram @BigDealPod

Apr 29, 2021
CCATP #682 – Doc Rock on Apple Spring Loaded Event

This week's guest is Doc Rock to talk about the Apple Spring Loaded Event. Doc's background in all things Apple as well as high end live video makes him the perfect person to talk about this event. He explains to me how this color calibration of our TVs using our iPhones and an Apple TV will work, we talk about whether the cool colors of the iMacs might be a distraction to photographers, how the coolest thing that got nearly zero air time was having Ethernet over a MagSafe connector, how much we'll all want the new keyboard with Touch ID but how it will only work with M1 Macs, and Doc tries to convince me that I need a 1TB 12.9" iPad Pro.

The discussion is not a linear walk through the event, but more of a meandering talk about what interested us and to tell stories to each other. I had an absolute blast, and I can prove Doc had fun too because he suggested we get together after the next two Apple events this year. I think you'll get a big kick out of this conversation.
Everything good starts with!

* YouTube:
* Facebook:
* LinkedIn:
* Instagram:
* Twitter:

During the conversation when we talked about the Mini LEDs of the new iPad Pro, I said I'd put a link in the shownotes to Tom Merritt's Know a Little More episode about Mini LEDs.

Apr 22, 2021
CCATP #680 – Gregg Vanderheiden on 50 Years in Accessibility

This week our guest is Gregg Vanderheiden, Professor and Director Trace R&D Center at the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland.

Apr 06, 2021
CCATP #678 – Matt Campbell on Accessibility Overlays & Cloudflare Remote Browser Isolation

Matt Campbell is a blind software developer who has specialized in making computers more accessible to blind people for over 20 years. He was the lead developer for Serotek for 15 years, where he developed several affordable and easy-to-use products, including a Windows screen reader and an online community for blind people. More recently, he was a developer on the Windows accessibility team at Microsoft, where he contributed to Narrator, the screen reader built into Windows. Now he’s the co-founder and chief technology officer of Pneuma Solutions, which is working to make online meetings and documents fully accessible.

Matt wanted to be on the show to talk about two things: Accessibility Overlays and Cloudflare's Remote Browser Isolation project. Accessibility Overlays are intended to help companies pass accessibility standard tests, but according to Matt, they often actually make websites _less_ accessible. He's written an open source browser extension for Chrome and Edge called Accessibyebye that will disable these overlays if they make your web browsing problematic. In the conversation he references a blog post about the problems at

He's also trying to raise awareness about a huge problem with a product from Cloudflare called Remote Browser Isolation. This technology is designed to help companies protect their employees from browser-based attacks, replacing VPNs. But the way it accomplishes this is problematic for accessibility. The idea is that your employees browse to a website but the URL request goes to Cloudflare instead, where it navigates to the site. Cloudflare renders the site, and then sends only JavaScript draw commands to your browser. This means the original elements are not sent to your web browser, which means screenreaders have nothing to read, and mobility tools have nothing to connect with. Matt is in the beta and has tested it himself, and I've signed up for the beta so I can see this for myself.

You can find Matt on Twitter at @mw_campbell

Mar 30, 2021
CCATP #676 – Jill McKinley on Windows to Mac Conversion

This week our guest is Jill McKinley, aka Jill from the North Woods. I’ve been using a Mac since 1984, and other than a 3-year stint using Windows Vista at work, I’ve been heads down in the Mac operating system all that time. Jill has recently bought her first Mac, which as is usually the case turned into a second Mac purchase. She is still straddling both operating systems and honestly not using macOS too much yet. I thought it would be fun to have her come on and chat about what it’s been like to learn macOS and the differences and challenges she’s finding.

If you'd like to chat with Jill, the best place is in the Podfeet Slack. Join us at

Mar 21, 2021
CCATP #675 – Working from Home Part 2 – Allister Jenks & Lindsay Tondee

    In the last Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite, Lindsay Tondee made her debut appearance where we talked about working from home. After the show published, Allister Jenks wrote to me and told me that halfway through listening he had to stop and start writing down notes for a recording he would have to make talking about his views on the same subject.

    I forwarded Allister's message to Lindsay and then I connected the two of them and before I knew what was happening they had decided that we were going to do a three-way Chit Chat Across the Pond! Allister comes from a completely different perspective as someone who has worked far from his team for many years. We talk about what works and what doesn't for him in his capacity doing IT support, from a technology perspective and even from a "how to stop people from asking you questions they could find answers for on their own" perspective.

    You can follow Lindsay on Twitter @idahomonkees and you can find Allister at and on Twitter at @zkarj.

Mar 14, 2021
CCATP #674 — Cooking Like a Programmer
Bart Busschots joins us for Chit Chat Across the Pond in an episode of what he calls "Programming Adjacent". It's not about programming, it's actually about cooking and not wasting food. But Bart, being a programmer, approaches the problem like a programmer. I guarantee you that no one else on earth approaches cooking and food inventory in the same way as Bart. It was great fun to learn how he does it and to contrast it to how in my house, two engineers have come up with a completely different systems.
Mar 07, 2021
CCATP #673 – Lindsay Tondee on Working from Home

Lindsay Tondee, Senior Manager in Quality Assurance at a global pharmaceutical company, joins us to talk about whether it's a good or a bad thing that companies are thinking about having their workforce continue to work from home indefinitely. I originally thought this would be a great thing because we'll have fewer cars on the road, less traffic and pollution, office buildings won't be needed and people gain hours of their life back because they're not spending it commuting in their cars.

Lindsay explains what is missed when you work from home and the benefits of a blended model where people work only partly from home. She talks about the issues surrounding building relationships at work that help people get things done, and how the fun activities of her office have been transformed into safe-distance fun. She also talks about how much more challenging it becomes if two people are working from home in the same small house.

We don't come up with all the answers but I found it to be fascinating to throw these ideas around with someone who is currently in the middle of figuring this out for herself and for her employees.

And one more thing, Lindsay Tondee is a frequent attendee of the live NosillaCast - known as "Lindsay (the daughter)". If you want to chat with her, the best way is through the live chat on Sunday nights at 5pm Pacific time and you can follow her on Twitter at @idahomonkees.

Feb 27, 2021
CCATP #671 – Allison Sheridan on American Council of the Blind Radio

This week the tables are turned and you'll actually hear me being interviewed. I was asked to be on the Magic Mac Show, which is on the American Council of the Blind's streaming radio channel. Hosts Tyson Ernst, Katie Frederick and Jason Castonguay asked me on so they could learn about how I got interested in accessibility and what it's helped me do.

During the latter part of the show, they do something terrifying - they allow live audience listeners to call in and ask questions! I've always been afraid of that, but Debbie Hazelton, managing director for ACB Radio does a great job of moderating the callers.

You can learn more about ACB radio at []( and more about the American Council of the Blind at With that, here's the interview, at the permission of ACB Radio.CCATP #671 – Allison Sheridan on American Council of the Blind Radio

Feb 15, 2021
CCATP #670 – Ken Ray on Apple's Record-Breaking Earnings Call

This week our guest on Chit Chat Across the Pond is Ken Ray, host of the macOS Ken Podcast, hosted at[]( You may have been wondering why Ken had never been on Chit Chat Across the Pond before, but I just wanted to make sure he was going to stick with it. Since he just hit his 15 year anniversary of doing macOS Ken, I decided it was probably safe to have him on the show. I asked Ken to come on the show to walk us through Apple's record-breaking quarterly earnings call and what the big numbers mean. How big IS $110B? What drove Mac sales up 21%? What drove the services numbers so high?

You can find Ken Ray on Twitter @macosken [](

Feb 03, 2021
CCATP #667 – Mike Price on Keyboard Maestro

This week our guest for Chit Chat Across the Pond is Mike Price, also known as @Grumpy in the podfeet slack and our live show chat room. During the live NosillaCast, I have to perform a super repetitive set of tasks to add chapter marks as I'm recording the show. If you enjoy there _being_ chapter marks, you should give partial thanks to Mike, because he figured out how to automate the process for me using Keyboard Maestro from

The thing that fascinated me was that he didn't know Keyboard Maestro before creating this automation for me. In this conversation he explains what Keyboard Maestro is, how he learned it, and what you can do with it. I asked him to break down each panel of the software for me methodically and explain the interface, because while I've done some super simple automations with Keyboard Maestro, the interface continues to confuse me.

David Sparks has one of his famous Field Guides on Keyboard Maestro, which are really mini-video tutorials. Mike watched David's Field Guide to learn the tool, so I've included my affiliate link in case you want to learn from the great MacSparky yourself:

Mike is funny, articulate, and a brilliant developer. We used a Google Doc to collaborate on an outline, and Mike added enough detail that I think it could be really valuable for you as a reference guid for our discussion so I've included it in the shownotes: CCATP notes with Mike at

Mike also promised to provide the Keyboard Maestro macros that he talked about during the show: DoNotifications, Grumpy's Hindy Chapter Marks, and possibly the most useful, his XKPasswd Macros to connect to Bart's awesome password creation tool. Here's a link to a zip file of his macros - remember to be cautious when downloading macros from the Internet so check them carefully before enabling them!

Jan 07, 2021
CCATP #664 – Tom Merritt on Time Management

This week's guest is Tom Merritt, prolific podcaster, author, and lover of dogs. I asked Tom to come on the show to explain how on earth he does as much as he does. We walk through all of his podcasts, what he has to do to prepare for them, and how he makes the time to get all of them done. He talks about the research required for each of them and even how some require him to watch TV. On top of podcasting, he's an author, he walks his dogs, he exercises, and even spends time with his wife, Eileen.

You can find links to all of Tom's shows at and his books at You can follow Tom on Twitter @acedtect
Dec 09, 2020
CCATP #662 – Rod Simmons on Screencasting Tips and Tricks
This week Rod Simmons of the SMR Podcast joins me to talk about our tips and tricks for doing effective screen casting. We started by going through some more strategic ideas on how to get your message across with a screencast, and then we dug into some of the techniques and tools we use to edit our screencasts.
Nov 25, 2020
CCATP #660 – Lory Gil on M1 Macs

It wouldn’t be an Apple announcement week without Lory Gil joining us, managing editor of iMore. We start the conversation by talking about what all of the new M1 Macs have in common, which is much more than we're used to seeing. Then we talk about what System on a Chip (SoC) actually means and why it's so important to us. There is a very subtle, but possibly important difference between the 256GB and 512GB storage models of the MacBook Air, which makes it even more interesting to decide between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Air that were just announced. We explore why Apple never said the word "gigahertz" and how that makes the nerds crazy because we can't compare the models to the previous Intel-based Macs. We explore the future just a bit and start dreaming of the next models Apple will release.

You can follow the wonderful Lory Gil at @appaholik and even email her at She has really enjoyed hearing from those of you who have written to her.

Nov 13, 2020
CCATP #657 – Lory Gil on the iPhone 12 Announcement

Lory Gil, managing editor from iMore is back to talk about the new toys announced by Apple this week. In a show where we do NOT talk about 5G we instead talk about how cool it is that Apple brought so many features to the entire product line of iPhones, and then we go deep into a couple of the differences between the models. We talk about magnetometers, nano ceramic crystals and more nerdy terms. Lory speculates on what fun things we'll get out of the MagSafe connector - like maybe we can stick our phones to our refrigerators. I nerd out a bit on size and weight specs (did you know the 12 is 12% thinner than the 11, and the 12 Pro is 9.4% thinner than the 11 Pro?

In any case, we had a blast together as we always do, and she promised to come back when Apple announces the new Silicon-based Macs, which John Prosser's rumor says will be on November 17th.

If you'd like to interact with Lory, you can follow her on Twitter @appaholik, you can email her at and of course you can read her work at

Oct 16, 2020
CCATP #655 – Jill (from the North Woods) McKinley on Starting a Podcast

This week our guest is Jill McKinley of the Start with Small Steps Podcast at Those of you who listen to the NosillaCast may already know her from her many fantastic tech reviews for the show as Jill from the North Woods.

I'm a fan of the Start With Small Steps podcast thought it would be fun to have Jill to come on to talk about what it's like to start a podcast in 2020. All of my experience and knowledge about starting is 15 years old so I was curious what it's like now. We talked about why she wanted to do a podcast in the first place, what kind of hardware and software she's using for her recordings, and how she makes her podcast feed. We get into style of reading vs. bullet points and even into editing a little bit. We talked about community engagement and whether to obsess on download statistics. We learn from Jill how important it is to her to always give attribution to her sources.

Jill mentioned that she uses her iPad with an app as a teleprompter. It's called PromptSmart .Pro and is available in the App Store for $20. There's also a lite version of PromptSmart in the App Store.

Oct 02, 2020
CCATP #653 – Lory Gil on New Apple Watches, iPads and Services

With the new announcements of Apple Watches, iPads and services like Fitness+ and Apple One, the best person to talk to is Lory Gil, managing editor of iMore. In this episode we talk about whether the new Apple Watch Series 6 processor matters, or is it the new colors that excite us. Is Apple doing a good job bringing out lower-priced products for those with less disposable income or are they doing it wrong? Family setup allows a child or an elderly parent have an Apple Watch that makes phone calls but they don't need an iPhone. Is this a solution for your family? The new Apple One service bundle appears to be exactly what we've been asking for and there may be a bundle combination that works for you. The new iPad and iPad Air are really awesome offerings, but what is the market for the iPad Pro now?

All these questions will be answered! If you'd like to interact with Lory, you can follow her on Twitter @appaholik, you can email her at and of course you can read her work at

Sep 17, 2020
CCATP #649 – Dr. Helma van der Linden on Creating a Book with Open Source Software

This week our guest is Dr. Helma van der Linden from the Netherlands here to talk about how she created the Taming the Terminal book using all Open Source software.

On the NosillaCast I talked a lot about the book but I should probably give an explanation for the Chit Chat audience. Bart Busschots and I created the Taming the Terminal podcast and for this series on learning the macOS (and Linux) command line, Bart wrote a spectacular set of tutorial shownotes on his website at

I had a dream for many years to make Taming the Terminal into a book as a surprise for Bart, but my few attempts to do it failed spectacularly. Around Easter, I mentioned my dream to Helma and she said, “I bet I could do that!”

I don’t expect anyone to learn from this discussion how to do what Helma did, but rather to learn what’s possible and how cool it was that Helma put these pieces together. Below are the rough shownotes we used for our discussion, included so that you would have the links to all of the tools she explained in the episode

Downloads of the book can be found at and the GitHub project for Taming the Terminal can be found at You can communicate with Helma through our Slack community at where her handle is @Helma.

Aug 07, 2020
CCATP #648 – Shaun Peterson (Qwalsius) on Art with Technology as a Native American

Shaun Peterson, who’s inherited name is Qwalsius, is a member of the Puyalup Tribe in Washington. He is a professional artist working in public sculptures, printmaking and mixed media.

Shaun utilizes technology to plan installations for major works and private commissions. He works in the Seattle area and draws inspiration from his Native American heritage blending technology and tradition in what he calls ‘traditional innovation’.

You can follow Shaun's work online at, on Twitter as @qwalsius, on Instagram as @qwalsius and his Facebook Page at

Jul 28, 2020
CCATP #646 – Doug Kaye on The Levelator

Doug was one of the founding forces behind podcasting (his podcast was the second one created!) He founded The Conversations Network in 2002 with the intent of coordinating a global team of volunteer podcasters to capture and publish lectures, seminars, and other significant events that would otherwise go unrecorded. Out of The Conversations Network came the beloved podcast software tool, The Levelator.

Doug has turned his attention now to photography and I highly recommend you give yourself a treat and go to Doug Kaye Photography at His photos are absolutely breathtaking and every one is completely different from the next.

Jul 15, 2020
CCATP #644 – Lory Gil on WWDC
Jun 30, 2020
CCATP #641 – Robb Dunewood on Being a Black Man in America

Robb DunewoodThis week I decided to take a pause from tech and talk to Robb Dunewood of the SMR Podcast about what it's like being a black man in America. This was of course inspired by the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police in Minneapolis. I wanted to have Robb on to describe to us what the daily life is like for black men across this country. I've heard some of Robb's stories before but I was floored at the relentlessness of how he and his fellow African Americans are treated as a matter of course.

It's not an easy episode to listen to but probably the most important Chit Chat I've ever recorded. I hope you'll open your minds and listen.

If you'd like to follow Robb online where he talks about tech and football and being an entrepreneur and gaming, you can find him @RobbDunewood on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you'd like to converse with him directly you can email him at

Jun 03, 2020
CCATP #639 — Lory Gil on All Things Apple

    If you'd like to follow Lory Gil online, she's @appaholik on Twitter, @lorygil on most other social media and you can even email her at And of course you should go read all of her great work over at

May 19, 2020
CCATP #636 – Adam Engst on 30 Years of TidBITS and other random topics
Adam Engst has been publishing TidBITS for 30 years so I asked him to come on the show to talk about that journey. While we technically had an agenda, this conversation wandered into all kinds of fun topics like why Adam still goes to the same dentist office even though the dentist left and why he doesn't know how many words per minute he types. I found a kindred spirit in Adam in his ability to keep doing something he loves for a very long time. I smiled and laughed and enjoyed the heck out of recording this episode.
May 01, 2020
CCATP #634 — Mikah Sargent on Favorite TextExpander Snippets

ShrugThis week our guest is Mikah Sargent of the Clockwise Podcast and the TWiT network. Mikah was talking on some show about how much he loves TextExpander, and I thought it might be fun to have a session where we talked about our favorite TextExpander snippets from Smile. You can find all of Mikah's work at

Apr 14, 2020
CCATP #633 — Anthony Lemos Explains Mixers

Anthony Lemos of Audio Aperture Media successfully explains what mixers are for and what all those darn knobs and buttons are. Even if you're not into audio recording, I think you'll enjoy learning about mixers from Anthony. He doesn't use a lot of jargon, rather he breaks things down into simple terms that are easy to understand without a background in audio. I've never been able to figure out the difference between gain and volume, and Anthony's simple explanation finally clarified it for me.

Contact Anthony at @ethancaine. If you're interested in getting started in podcasting, he's very interested in bringing more diverse voices into podcasting and is willing to help you get started for free or very little money, or if you need assistance with a more advanced show he's also very interesting in helping.

Image of the Yamaha MG10XU Mixer we talk through:

Yamaha MG10XU

Apr 10, 2020
CCATP #631 — Rosemary Orchard on Shortcuts
Mar 26, 2020
CCATP #629 - Dr. Garry on Study of Language Skills vs Numeracy In Learning to Program

Dr. Maryanne Garry of the University of Waikato and I break down the meaning of a research paper published in the journal Nature in which subjects were measured to see whether language aptitude had a high correlation with learning to code. The paper can be found at "Relating Natural Language Aptitude to Individual Differences in Learning Programming Languages".

Figures we discuss from the open access journal:

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Mar 14, 2020
CCATP #628 — Bart Busschots on Creating Automator Quick Actions

This week our guest is Bart Busschots with an installment of something he's calling Programming By Stealth-adjacent. It's not part of the regular series of Programming By Stealth, and yet it's not technically very "light" in terms of the chit chatting. Since neither podcast is the right place for it, I've decided to put it in both podcast feeds to be wrong twice.

Bart walks us through how to create Quick Actions with Automator (also known as Services) to do some simple but very useful text manipulations using a smidge of JavaScript. Even if you don't want to write these Quick Actions yourself, you can download his services from his Github repo where he's put them up as open source:

You can see how Bart created this in his blog post at [](

Mar 07, 2020
CCATP #627 Robin Christopherson on Advancements in Tech for Accessibility

This week we're joined by Robin Christopherson. Robin is the host of the Alexa skills podcast Dot to Dot and he’s co-host of the weekly Tech Talk show from the Royal National Institute of Blind People. Robin is also Head of Digital Inclusion and part of the globally-acclaimed accessibility and tech team of AbilityNet and has spoken at numerous events in recent years. Oh yeah, he’s also blind.

Robin tells us about how the advancements in technology have made such a huge difference in the lives of people with disabilities. He also explains that in the US at least, people with disabilities refer to TABs, or the Temporarily Able Bodied. He talks about th ework AbilityNet is doing in the UK to try to get accountability for companies that don't comply with the laws around accessibility.

He suggested an interesting (and funny in a British uncomfortable comedy kind of way) video about Diversish:

He's funny and fun even though we're obviously talking about a subject near and dear to his heart. You can follow Robin at his very odd Twitter handle, @usa2day.

Feb 26, 2020
CCATP #625 — Tom on the Internet on Teaching Himself to Program
Tom Steven, aka Tom on the Internet from []( joins me to tell the tail of how he went from knowing zero about programming to landing a full-time job as a web developer in two years of self-training. Then he talks about the things that surprised him that he learned as a developer in that first year. In listening to Tom, you'll feel like he's not extraordinary and like maybe you could do this too. That is, if you're willing to put the time and energy into teaching yourself all with a laptop and the Internet. I found Tom delightful and entertaining and inspiring, and I hope you will too.
Feb 11, 2020
CCATP #623 — Lila Brissette on Accessibility from a Young Person's Perspective

While we were in Las Vegas for CES, we carved out some time to have dinner with our good friend, JF Brissette, who is also the editor of all of my videos for ScreenCastsOnline. He brought his daughter Lila to dinner and she started talking to me about her journey of discovery into accessibility on Apple devices. I asked her to come on the show to talk about her perspective on accessibility as a young person without any disabilities. She's delightful and intelligent and I really enjoyed seeing these topics through her frame of reference.

If you'd like to connect with her, you can find her on LinkedIn as Lila Brissette.

Jan 31, 2020
CCATP #621 — Bart Busschots's Health Tech Update
Jan 11, 2020
CCATP #620 — Eleanor Mazzarella on Moving from Musician to Programmer
This week we're joined by Eleanor Mazzarella, a musician turned programmer. She gives us her background in music from finding a clarinet on a bookshelf as a child to a career as a classical performer. She then walks us through how and why she decided that programming sounded like more fun. She's a funny, delightful storyteller as she weaves in her love of the arts with her love of everything nerdy.
Dec 31, 2019
CCATP #618 – Adam Engst on Success of Macs at IBM

Adam Engst, veteran author of TidBITS for the last 29 years, inventor of Internet advertising and someone who dresses appropriately for the weather joins us for this episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond. Adam explains the fascinating results that IBM has reported since they first decided to give their employees the choice of whether to use a Mac or Windows. I'm afraid this discussion will cement any EVER so slight Apple bias you might have already had, because the statistically-significant correlation between Mac usage and employee success is simply startling.

If you'd like to read Adam's article before, after, or during the discussion, you can find it and all of his other fine work at

Dec 06, 2019
CCATP #616 — Don McAllister on Automating ScreenCastsOnline

This week I asked Don McAllister, owner of ScreenCastsOnline to come on the show to talk about how he automates the production of his video tutorial podcast business. We start at his humble beginnings as a new convert from Windows with a Mac mini and a monitor, up to and including a global workforce with automated workflows. He's even moved his Mac Pro into MacStadium so it's a resource for his back end production folks.

I must do a disclaimer that I do screencasts for Don's show, which means I have a conflict of interest in telling you how awesome it is. We try to stay to the technical parts of the show production but we're both so enthusiastic about the service it's hard to avoid talking about the quality of what Don and his staff creates.

You can find ScreenCastsOnline at and you can follow Don on Twitter @donmcallister

Nov 18, 2019
CCATP #614 – Ken Case of Omni Group on His Computing Life Story
This week's Chit Chat Across the Pond is really special. It's an interview with Ken Case, the CEO of Omnigroup. We don't actually talk much about his current work, but rather start back with how he went to college when he was only 13 years old at the University of Washington. He takes us on the fascinating journey of technology that lead him to work for Steve Jobs's NeXT computer company and how it changed his view of what computing could be. It's a wonderful story filled with super geeky details including bitnet (which I'd never heard of) and how he helped write the precursor to IRC.
Nov 07, 2019
CCATP #560 – Ray Robertson on Impact of Apple's Development Process on Developers

This week we're joined by returning guest Ray Robertson, well-known AppleScript guru and general all around automator. Ray joins me to talk about the increased challenges developers faced working with Apple. It's no secret that iOS 13 and iPad OS 13 have been problematic on their own, but the betas and final delivery of macOS Catalina has also produced huge problems for developers. Ray says he's no expert, but he tries to get into some of the details of the modifications Apple has introduced in the interest of security that have made the developer's life much more difficult.

You can follow and contact Ray on Twitter @scriptsmatter or email him at
I mentioned two links during the conversation:
  • How to stop macOS Mojave from nagging you to upgrade to macOS Catalina, and also how to turn it back on:
  • Adam Engst's TidBits article explaining why Dark Mode actually makes it harder to read:
Oct 24, 2019
CCATP #608 – Doug Ingram on Nightscape Photography

Doug Ingram joins us to talk about what he calls Nightscape Photography, which is a combination of astral photography (photographing the stars) and photographing of the surrounding landscape. His photographs of the Milky Way with the landscape are absolutely breathtaking. Doug explains his gear, the settings on his camera and the surprisingly little he does to edit his photos after the shoot. He also talks to how far he's willing to drive in a single night to capture these amazing shots.

You can follow Doug's amazing photography at:, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, 500px, Email

Sep 15, 2019
CCATP #607 – Bart Busschots's Podcast Recommendations

In this week's episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart Busschots joins us to talk about how he arranges his podcast listening, how he categorizes them and then what kinds of shows he likes. Bart listens to around 6 hours of podcasts per _day_ so this is quite a long list. He purposely didn't include the usual suspects that he's talked about often before. That means that you are bound to learn about some shows you've never heard of and might enjoy. There are TONS of links to every show in the show notes.

Sep 08, 2019
CCATP #606 — Bart Busschots on DoH and DoT
In this "Lite" version of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart answered Scott Fairclough's request to explain DoH and DoT. It's super nerdy and really interesting. First Bart gives us a full refresher on exactly what DNS is (and I needed that refresher. Then he explains the problems with DNS from a security and privacy point of view. Then he walks us through how DoH, aka DNS over TLS and DoH, aka DNS over https (which is actually http over TLS) will start protecting us in the future (and in some cases the present.)
Sep 01, 2019
CCATP #605 — Sandy Foster on CarPlay and Prius Prime Tech

In this week's episode, Sandy Foster, aka @MacQuilter joins me to talk about why CarPlay is so awesome and how it influenced her decision to buy the top-of-the-line Prius, called Prius Prime. We also talk about the new tech in the Prius Prime including the fact that it's not just a gas/electric hybrid, it's also a full electric vehicle for short-range driving.

You can follow Sandy online at and find her in the NosillaCast Live chat room and the Podfeet Slack @Sandy.

Aug 17, 2019
CCATP #604 - Bart Busschots on Tech of Buying a Mountain/City Bike

Bart Busschots joins us to talk about the technology decisions that go into buying a bike these days. I thought I knew about bikes, but I learned a lot about what's changed just in the last five years. In the blog post, we have a video where Bart walks around his bike and points out each of the things he talked about in the recording:

Bart's video showing the bike components

Aug 11, 2019
CCATP #603 - Laura Kane on Effect of Women on Business Success

This week our guest is Laura Kane, CFA, CPA, Head of Investment Themes Americas for UBS.  Laura specializes in something called Sustainable Investing for UBS. As part of her research she has written several articles about investing through a gender lens. I've asked Laura to come on, not to talk about investing per se, but rather what she has discovered about the impact women have on the success of a company.

Here's a link to the research we discuss in the interview:

Jul 25, 2019
CCATP #601 – Dr. Maryanne Garry on Why Science is Broken

Dr. Garry, self-proclaimed Crusher of Dreams, joins us again on Chit Chat Across the Pond, this time to talk about how she thinks science is broken and why. Dr. Garry is a professor of Psychology at the University of Waikato, and also professor of the NZ institute of Security & Crime Science. In this episode, she takes on the topic of how science journals choose which papers should be published, and the flaws she sees in that process that cause the extraordinary claims to be published, rather than those efforts with less flashy premises. She backs up her thoughts with specific research that has been conducted in reviewing how well these claims of amazing success pan out over time.

Please follow Dr. Garry on Twitter at @drlambchop.

Jul 08, 2019
CCATP #599 — Dr. Devon Polaschek on Psychopaths

This week we’re joined by Dr. Devon Polaschek. Dr. Polaschek is the Joint Director of the New Zealand Institute for Security and Crime Science at the University of Waikato. I will further embarrass her by mentioning that she was recently awarded with a Queen's Birthday honour (as in Queen Elizabeth). Dr. Polaschek has has been made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to criminal psychology.

In this interview, we talk about Devon's work with imprisoned psychopaths and her successful efforts to rehabilitate them. It's a fascinating discussion of the perspective of psychopaths: how they differ from other criminals and the ways in which they are similar.

Jun 21, 2019
CCATP #598 — Oleksandr Kosovan of MacPaw

Interview with Oleksandr Kosovan of MacPaw about SetApp, his work to enhance tech in Ukraine and how he created a Mac museum.

Jun 18, 2019
CCATP #596 — Anže Tomić on Tech in Slovenia
This week on Chit Chat Across the Pond I had the great pleasure of talking to Slovenian tech podcaster, Anže Tomić. Anže also works for RTV Slovenia's Val 202 public radio, and as he says on his website, he sounds like an Eastern European Bond villain. He's also a writer for the most read Slovene tech magazine Monitor (think PC/Macworld in Slovene.) We talked all over the tech map from net neutrality, to the lack of spam calls in Slovenia, to Internet speeds, to his love of the old Nokia handsets, to Huawei's current problems, to his Chromebook. I used the format he uses on his podcast including asking him what his top 5 apps are and what one physical thing he's ever owned that felt like it was made for him.

Anže mostly podcasts in Slovenian in a podcast called Apparatus. He sometimes has English-speaking guests on and when he does, those episodes go into his podcast called Storming Mortal at You can even hear John Siracusa saying his name there which is fun all by itself. You can follow Anže on Twitter in English at @atomicxx. If you speak Slovene, you can follow his much more frequent tweets @anzet.

Jun 08, 2019
CCATP #594 — David Woodbridge on Samsung Galaxy S10, Watch and Buds

David Woodbridge of the Vision Store in Australia tells about how he's been testing and using the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Buds side by side with his iPhones, Apple Watch and AirPods. It's a delightful discussion of the relative goodness of both platforms from an accessibility perspective. David is hilarious and we have a bit of fun wandering off topic from time to time. You can find David's many podcasts at:

May 25, 2019
CCATP #591 — Kaylee Dayo on Building JavaScript Games to Teach English in Japan
Apr 28, 2019
CCATP #588 - Jeff Gamet on TextExpander Evangelism
Jeff Gamet of Smile joins us to talk about the life of an Evangelist for TextExpander. We talk about some of the cool things you can do with TextExpander that you may not know about, how TextExpander works on Windows now, how awesome Jean MacDonald was when she was in this job and even funny snippet abbreviations. If you'd like to learn more about TextExpander you can go to and you can find Jeff on Twitter and Instagram as @jgamet.
Mar 27, 2019
CCATP #586 - Bart Busschots on Free, Freemium, Free-for-now & Freepi

This week our guest is Bart Busschots but this is not Programming By Stealth. This week we're talking about Bart's recent post about the different types of free that are available for online services. We talk about his four categories: Free, Freemium, Free-for-now & Freepi (rhymes with creepy). It's a thoughtful discussion about understanding what we're getting for free and how we're paying for it. We don't ever suggest what you should do about any of this, rather Bart is trying to help us better understand what's happening.

In the discussion I mention an article by Paris Martineau's about FourSquare and tracking and how Apple Maps is included in the tracking. Here's the link to the article:

You can read and reference Bart's article on the topic at Free, Freemium, Free-for-now & Freepi : Bart Busschots.

Mar 17, 2019
CCATP #584 - Dave Hamilton on Mesh Routers
Dave Hamilton of the Mac Geek Gab and The Mac Observer joins us to talk routers, and mesh routers in particular. He explains the difference between a range extender with a traditional router vs. a modern mesh router system. He explains why some IoT devices demand a dedicated 2.4GHz network (or at least they used to). He explains what the marketing numbers mean on routers, like AC2600 and in fact he "does the math". We talk about the importance of the number of antennas, band steering and beam forming. He explains SU-MIMO vs MU-MIMO and why we can't have it but why mesh gives us many of the same advantages. He explains Quality of Service and why you might want to turn it on. Finally he gives us his short list of good mesh router manufacturers, while answering the question everyone is asking, whether it's of concern that Amazon recently purchased Eero.
Mar 01, 2019
CCATP #582 - Donald Burr on 3D Printers
After a hiatus that was far too long, we're joined this week on Chit Chat Across the Pond by Donald Burr. Even if you don't think you'd ever want a 3D printer, I guarantee that you'll enjoy hearing Donald explain the different models of 3D printers, how you can actually buy one now for far less than you think, and how you can actually build one from a kit. In his wonderfully humorous way, he teaches how not to do it, and how to fix the mistakes you make along the way. I smiled throughout this entire conversation. Donald wrote up every single thing he talks about for the show notes so there's lots of link goodness for everything.
Feb 14, 2019
CCATP #579 - Shai Yammanee on Pulling Back from Social Media

This week we have recurring guest Shai Yammanee back, but this time not to talk about photography, videography or performing as he has in the past. Shai recently decided to remove Facebook from his phone (he still accesses it from his computer) and I wanted to have him on to find out why and also to explore this whole movement of people getting out of social media. We talk about the repercussions for "normal" people but also we learn about how important Instagram is for employment for performers. We talk about how social media makes us feel and what we would lose if we left.

You can follow Shai on Instagram at shai_yammanee and shai_yammanee_photography. You can follow him on Twitter @shaiyammanee.

Jan 24, 2019
CCATP #577 - Darren Carr of the Mac Quadcast
This week I'm joined by Darren Carr, host of the Mac Quadcast. Darren is an Apple blogger and podcaster and he's also paralyzed from the neck down. We spend a bit of time talking about how on earth he does all of this. Just learning how he types 20-30 words per minute using only his eyes (not to mention editing audio and video) was fascinating. After he explained the accessibility tools he uses, we switched gears. I shamelessly stole the format he uses on his show to interview Apple-centric guests to interview him. We talk about his favorite Mac of all time, his favorite iPhone, what album and movie he'd put into a digital time capsule so people would know what geeks liked 500 years from now, and the most enjoyable question, what would you do if you could control Tim Cook with Siri for a day.
Jan 04, 2019
CCATP #576 - Dr. Maryanne Garry on Grammar Pet Peeves

This week we have returning guest, Dr. Maryanne Garry from the University of Waikato but this time it will not be an intellectual, deep learning experience about the mysteries of human memory. This time we're going to talk about our grammar pet peeves. As Maryanne would say, we're both quite pedantic on this topic. Sit back and enjoy our silliness, and please add _your_ grammar pet peeves as comments on, in our Slack group at or in our Facebook group at

I bet you have your own grammar pet peeves, add them in the comments!

Dec 20, 2018
CCATP #574 - Nica Montfort on Being a Black Woman in Engineering, Tech and Podcasts

Nica Montfort, co-host of the snobOS Podcast (along with Terrance Gaines) answers my questions about her education (two STEM degrees, about to be a third), her mentors growing up, how it was getting an education as the only woman or the only black person in her classes. She then tells us why she and Terrance felt it was important for them to create their Apple-centric podcast and why they add the cultural flavor to the show. I think you will to be enchanted by Nica, at least I was!

Partway through you'll hear us incorrectly quote the percentage of Facebook users that are African American. We come back after the end of the show and correct ourselves. Here's the article to which we were referring: Facebook is failing its black employees and its black users.

Dec 07, 2018
CCATP #572 - Dave Ginsburg Top 20 iOS 12 Tips
Dave Ginsburg, host of the In Touch with iOS podcast at joins us to teach us his top favorite iOS 12 tips. Dave is a master at iOS and I learned a lot so I think you will too. You can find Dave on Twitter @DaveG65.
Nov 15, 2018
CCATP #571 - Joe Dugandzic Walks Through Tiny Smart Home
This is a rather unusual Chit Chat Across the Pond where I interview Joe Dugandzic as he walks us around his tiny, smart home. Joe's home is 395 square feet and he produces his Smarter Home Life Youtube series all in that space. The interview is a combination of learning about how to create lighting that is intentional to what you're doing, how he's automated certain functions of his lighting and television and security, and how he's done the Master Class by programming on his Mac through the Indigo software using AppleScript and Python. Steve has also recorded it on video and the video version should be up soon.
Nov 10, 2018
CCATP #569 - Darren Beyer on Being a NASA Shuttle Engineer and Sci-Fi Author

I get a lot of PR emails trying to get me to interview people. I’ve never responded to one until just now. I was asked if I wanted to interview a former NASA Space Shuttle Engineer turned science fiction author. How could I possibly refuse? Darren’s stories were fascinating as he described being one of the last people tramping around in the cargo bay of the Shuttle before the astronauts got into it to go to space. Crazy dream job!

We then shifted gears into his science fiction books. He’s got two books out in The Anghazi Series, book one called “Casimir Bridge” and book two was just released, called “Pathogen Protocol”. I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to Darren’s stories as much as I did.

Oct 23, 2018
CCATP #567 - Nuris Coronado and Dan Eckmeier on iPhone XS from a Blind Perspective
We're joined by Nuris Coronado and Dan Eckmeier this week as they talk about their experiences as blind users upgrading from iPhone 7 to iPhone XS. How is the transition from a home button to Face ID if you can't see? What about the form factor for women vs. men? I learned a few things about iPhone XS that I didn't know along the way.
Oct 13, 2018
CCATP #565 - Matthias Keller on Mastadon

I met Matthias Keller on Patrick Beja's Phileas Club when we were both guests on episode 114 entitled "The Social Media Sickness". Matthias mentioned how he's on Mastadon, which is a new-ish social network. I've tried to figure Mastadon out, and hadn't cracked the code, so I asked Matthias if he could come on Chit Chat Across the Pond and explain to us how it works and why he thinks it's useful and fun.

Matthias explains what federated instances are, how the local timeline works and how you can follow people who aren't in your instance.

If you'd like to connect with Matthias on Mastadon you can find him at: I'm not sure I've figured it out yet, but you can find me on Mastadon at

Sep 29, 2018
CCATP #562 - Dr. Michael Kramer on the Study of Digital History
I know I say this every week, but I had the best time recording this week with Dr. Michael Kramer, a digital historian from Middlebury College in Vermont. Michael talks about the impact of digital technology on history and culture and the humanities. We talk about the impact of women actually being the computers in the 1960s. We talk about what he hopes his students will do differently in their careers as a result of what they learn in his class. We talk about the insane number of books he makes his students read (but they look really fascinating!
Sep 05, 2018
CCCATP #560 - Robb Dunewood on Android Sideloading for Fortnite
Rob Dunewood of the SMR Podcast joins us to talk about how Epic Games has decided to support their insanely popular app Fortnite on Android but will not offer it through the Google Play Store. This may have significant security implications for users so I asked Rob to come on the show to walk me through what all of this means.
Aug 22, 2018
CCATP #559 - Sal Soghoian & Ray Robertson on Automation

In this episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond I talk to Sal Soghoian and Ray Robertson. Sal was the Product Manager of Automation Technologies at Apple from 1997 to 2016. During his tenure, he was pretty much responsible for all of the automation in the Mac operating system and even the Terminal. Ray Robertson is a seasoned instructor of AppleScript who has spent most of his career teaching beginners and creative people how to use AppleScript.

Be sure to check out their Down-Home Scripting Bootcamp at and don't forget the coupon code you'll hear in the interview to get $200 off.

Aug 14, 2018
CCATP #557 - Tom Merritt on Community in Podcasting
This week Tom Merritt, host of the Daily Tech News Show, (and co-host of Cordkillers, Sword & Laser and Current Geek) joins us to talk about the importance of the community to his podcast. We’ll explore how he created such a thriving and participative community, what it means to him, what it would be like without it and even the downsides of having a community. It’s probably one of my favorite discussions with Tom and I always love talking to Tom. You can follow Tom on Twitter @acedtect.
Aug 04, 2018
CCATP #554 - Dr. Maryanne Garry on Persuasion with Facts and Data
Dr. Maryanne Garry returns to Chit Chat Across the Pond, this time to talk about how and why persuasion with facts and data simply doesn't work. If you haven't heard her before, she's a professor at the University of Waikato in New Zealand where she's a scientific researcher into memory, memory distortions, fans memories, the myth of repression and its overlap with the laws. She's also really funny and entertaining.
Jul 07, 2018
CCATP #552 - Steve Harris on Mac App Store Improvements & Dark Mode
Steve Harris, developer of Feeder and Keep It from Reinvented Software joins us to talk about how much the Mac App Store has improved for developers and also about the work that will go into making apps work in Dark Mode on macOS Mojave.
Jun 21, 2018
CCATP #550 - Bart Busschots on How & Tools He Creates His Awesome Shownotes
This week our guest is Bart Busschots but this is not an episode of Programming By Stealth. Bart is here to talk about the tech tools he uses to prepare his shownotes for his podcast Let's Talk Apple and for his Security Bits segment for the NosillaCast.
Jun 09, 2018
CCATP #548 - Lupita Salazar on Braille Literacy and Tech
Lupita Salazar talks to us about how she learned to read at 6 years old (just like everyone else) through Braille. She was highly influenced by my awesome friend Lore Schindler, who taught Tech and Braille to her and the other students in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He explains why Braille is so important to literacy when many believe audio is a substitute for being able to read. Lupita is a hard core tech head who just loves to experiment and learn new tech (she even used Android for a year just to understand it!) She's funny and passionate and has a great perspective that I really enjoyed. You can find Lupita @queeenofthesea31 or email her at
May 22, 2018
CCATP #536 - David Sparks on Video Field Guide Books
This week we had David Sparks, AKA MacSparky himself on the show to talk about iBooks Author, writing his famous Video Field Guides, how he traded in his saxophones for children, how he believes in "cooking ideas" and his love of mind maps. If you haven't learned from David Sparks, you haven't lived.
May 11, 2018
CCATP #534 - Bart Busschots on GDPR
In another Lite version of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart agreed to come on and explain the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. This is a regulation that will take effect across the European Union starting on 25 May 2018. Bart first gives us an overview, outlining the main objectives, the 7 core principles, and explains how a regulation differs from a directive. From there he defines the terminology and concepts which are critical to understanding the regulation. He explains the legal grounds, what consent means and what rights individuals will have. Then he covers data processing objections, how automation decision making is affected, and people's right to erasure. Finally, he goes through what kind of data breaches are mandatory to be disclosed and to whom. It's a really impressive bit of work that the EU have done here, and Bart does a great job explaining it.
Apr 19, 2018
CCATP #533- Bart Busschots on Choosing a DNS Resolver
In this "Lite" version of Chit Chat Across the Pond (within a NosillaCastaway's definition of Lite), Bart teaches us about DNS Resolvers and helps give us the information to choose the right one for us. To get us there he starts by explaining the background technologies. He explains DNS and how there's two kinds of servers, he explains DNS Name resolution and why caching is important, and the security problems (and solutions) of DNS. Then he explains how third-party DNS providers can solve some of these problems. He explains their motivations which will inform your own decision. Finally (at about the 1 hour mark) he walks through the solutions offered by OpenDNS, Google, Quad9 and Cloudflare. I loved this episode and you can tell Bart really loves talking about DNS.
Apr 15, 2018
CCATP #532 - Joe Dugandzic Answers NosillaCastaways' Home Automation Questions

Joe Dugandzic of joins us again, this time in a crossover episode. We start by him asking me to describe my progression in Home Automation from my first smart lightbulb to the more advanced capabilities Steve and I enjoy today. But then we turn the table around and I ask Joe a series of questions submitted by NosillaCastaways.

If you'd like to see the video version of the show, check it out at:

Apr 04, 2018
CCATP #529 - Mike Potter on Macstock Conference and Expo

I asked Mike Potter to join us on Chit Chat Across the Pond this week with the express purpose of trying to convince you to come to Macstock Conference and Expo on July 20th and 21st. Do not listen to this episode if you don't want to be talked into it because I guarantee you'll want to after hearing Mike and me talk about how interesting and fun and inclusive and geeky it is.

During the show Mike gives us a special $10 off coupon (discount off the $179 early bird price). That coupon code is podfeetbonus10. Learn more and sign up to attend at

Feb 21, 2018
CCATP #520 - Tom Merritt on How Social Media Makes Us Feel
Tom Merritt, host of the Daily Tech News Show along with many other fine podcasts, joins me to talk about how social media makes us feel. We talk about how we feel about pictures of food, how we curate Twitter, who in our family takes the photos, whether Instagram is a happy place, how we have real-life friends we only know online, how communities are awesome and how sometimes even Facebook is a place to share a deeply personal story. You can find links to all of Tom's podcasts and his books at and the Daily Tech News Show at
Jan 26, 2018
CCATP #518 - Joe Dugandzic on How He Went from Youtuber to Full Time Project/Marketing Manager at Lynky
Joe Dugandzic of Smarter Home Life has been on the show several times in the past year talking about Home Automation. This time he's on to talk about how being a Youtuber working on Home Automation landed him a full-time job at a home automation startup company called Lynky. It's a story of his technical chops, grammar skills, his good sense about marketing, and his deep knowledge of Home Automation that helped him become the marketing and project manager for the Lynky Home Intelligence Hub.
Jan 09, 2018
CCATP #515 – Allison Hartley on Trials & Tribulations of a New iPhone

This week our guest is Allison Hartley. Allison is the Manager of the Napa Branch of the California department of Rehabilitation, and a podcaster. She co-hosts both the Tech Doctor Podcast with Dr. Robert Carter ( and That Blind Tech Show (

Allison joins us to talk about the less than smooth experience she had upgrading to iPhone X. You might think it was hard because she's blind, but accessibility had nothing to do with it. We talk a bit about whether Apple has taken their eye off the ball about quality lately (spoiler alert, yes!).

You can follow Allison on Twitter @hot4technology.

Dec 16, 2017
CCATP #513 - Tom Merritt on Net Neutrality

Tom Merritt, host of Daily Tech News Show joins us to explain the implications of the different rulings of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding Internet traffic in the United States. He'll attempt to clarify the difference between the 2002 ruling where broadband was declared an information service provider and the 2015 ruling where it was changed to a common carrier.

And of course we'll talk about the implications of the vote by the FCC next week on this issue.

Dec 09, 2017
CCATP #512 - Kaylee on Tech in Japan
This week our guest is Kaylee of the Zettai Geek Dayo podcast. You con find the podcast at and you can find Kaylee on Twitter at @kayleedayo.
Dec 03, 2017
CCATP #510 - Dr. Maryanne Garry on Many Memory Questions
This week our guest is Dr. Maryanne Garry, a professor from the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Dr. Garry is a scientific researcher into memory, memory distortions, false memories, the myth of repression and its overlap with the law. This is her fourth appearance on Chit Chat Across the Pond, and has pretty much ruined everything we think we knew about memory. She's back to answer even more questions we have about new research into memories.
Nov 19, 2017
CCATP #508 - Allison Sheridan Tells Her Woman's Story

I've been impressed by the women who have stepped forward and told their stories about what life is like for us. I don't have any salacious tale to tell but rather a thousand paper cuts type of story. I thought about doing a monologue but I was terribly anxious about talking through this, so I reached out to Bart Busschots because I trusted him to help me.

I decided to push the audio out in both the NosillaCast and Chit Chat Across the Pond feeds, well, because I wanted you to hear it.

Nov 02, 2017
CCATP #506 - Mark Fawcett on In-Home Apple Tech Support
I met Mark Fawcett at Macstock Expo in Chicago last year and we hit it off immediately. Mark does in-home tech support for Apple products, and he's full of great stories of the fun he has doing this job. After 20 years as a TV and video producer, he finds his new job more fulfilling and fun. I had a great time hearing his crazy stories of some "interesting" clients and I'm sure you'll enjoy the conversation too. And of course I tease him about the name of his company, MacMen.
Oct 19, 2017
CCATP #504 - Erica Peterson on Moms Can: CODE

Erica Peterson of Moms Can: CODE joins us this week to talk about her new startup designed to help mothers who code to connect and collaborate.

We talk about her life as a mother of a five-year-old, while coding, while teaching high school biology, creating a startup and running a non-profit. The non-profit is called Science Tots, which is focused on bringing STEAM activities to non-science-based events.

Oct 03, 2017
CCATP #502 - Megan Morrone on iPhone 8

Megan Morrone joins us today. Megan is the host of iOS Today with Leo LaPorte and host of Tech News Today with Jason Howell on the TWiT network. She's got the new, shiny iPhone 8 Plus so I asked her on to tell us what she thinks about it. Megan talks about how the glass back feels, the fun she's been having with Portrait lighting and how she hasn't even tried the 4K 60fps video yet. She give us a tip for wireless charging - the Seneo Qi Wireless Charging Stand. iMore has a link to a code to get it down to only $13.

Megan talks about her identical twin sons and their plans to mess with Leo's iPhone X when he gets it. She talks about the significant speed bump she noticed with the new A11 bionic chip. Megan brought an interesting perspective to the iPhone price points; talking about how you can get a good iPhone for only $350 (the SE) and a good iPad for only $329.

You can find Megan at and and you can follow Megan on Twitter at @meganmorrone.

Sep 24, 2017
CCATP #499 - Joe Dugandzic on Illustrated HomeKit Product Guide

I asked the fabulous Joe Dugandzic to come back on the show to talk us through the comprehensive HomeKit compatible product guide he created. For a long time there weren't a lot of HomeKit devices to enjoy but now that the market is filling up, having a really well organized page with all of the options is very valuable.

Joe has organized the page into categories rather than by vendor. He's got lighting, outlets and sockets, wall dimmers & switches, security devices like locks and cameras, thermostats, ceiling fans and shades, fire and smoke detectors, specialized sensors like for air quality and water leaks, sand even smart buttons (which I think are dumb actually).

If you're not of the HomeKit persuasion, every device on his site has a code for whether it's also compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, and he designates if it works in countries with 240 volt power or just 120.

With all this to go through, it's a long show because I asked so many questions of Joe!

Check out the Illustrated HomeKit Product Guide at

Sep 06, 2017
CCATP #498 - Patrick Beja on French Tech
This week's guest is Patrick Beja, host of The Phileas Club, Le Rendévous Tech, and Pixel, all fine podcasts over at We talk about how France is marketing their technology worldwide, what the government is doing to encourage tech companies to bring business to France, and how education folds into the equation. We might also get a bit off topic discussing French food and sewing, but as are all conversations with Patrick, it's a delightful show.
Aug 10, 2017
CCATP #497 - Rod Simmons on Electric Vehicles Part 2
Two weeks ago in episode #495 of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Rod Simmons joined us to talk about electric vehicles. Based on how passionate he is about the subject, we planned ahead to take a break and come back with the second half. In part two we talk about some of the small, but significant advances in autonomy have already creeped into our cars and how they're helping to keep us safer. We also ponder why automation and electric vehicles seem to go hand in hand. Rod talks about a cool driving class for teens that teaches them how to respond in difficult conditions. Learn more at Then Rod talks about some specific car models he's been tracking in his pursuit of the perfect electric vehicle. You can find Rod (and harangue him about the topic) at
Jul 26, 2017
CCATP #496 - Bart Busschots on Yoink, MultiTimer and Due
This week our guest is Bart Busschots, but this isn't a heavy lifting episode. Instead Bart's going to tell us about three apps he's just acquired on the advice of the NosillaCastaways and about which he's really excited. He's going to tell us about Yoink fro the Mac, and MultiTimer and Due for iOS.
Jul 21, 2017
CCATP #495 - Rod Simmons on Electric Vehicles
In this first of a two-part series on electric vehicles, we're joined by passionate EV-fanatic Rod Simmons of the SMR Podcast. In part 1, Rod helps us understand the difference between the different types of vehicles from hybrid to plug-in hybrid to plug-in EVs. Rod explains how he analyzes his driving (using Excel and pivot tables) to figure out what kind of an EV he should get. He'll talk about maximum range vs. how far do you really drive. Stay tuned for part 2 where we'll talk about specific cars and about some of the autonomous features that you often will find in electric vehicles.
Jul 13, 2017
CCATP #493 Kelly Guimont on App Camp 4 Girls

This week our guest is Kelly Guimont. Kelly is a contributing editor to the Mac Observer and also a volunteer at App Camp for Girls, a program that introduces iOS programming to girls in grades 7-9. We talk about how a 3rd grade teacher asking her to crawl under a desk to plug in an Apple ][e turned her into the computer nerd she is today. She explains why you need a duck to be a programmer and a hula hoop to teach girls to code.

If you'd like to help out App Camp for Girls, go to and look for the contribute button. Lend your time or give your money or buy some swag! If you'd like to follow Kelly you can find her @verso.

Jun 30, 2017
CCATP #491 Peter Wells on WWDC
This week our guest on Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite is Peter Wells, who writes for the Sydney Morning Herald - and is a semi-regular guest on DTNS. Peter was asked to attend WWDC by Apple and in that capacity had amazing access to Apple engineers to ask the right questions. We talked about the new iMac screen (1 BILLION colors) and whether you can tell the difference, whether Kaby Lake processors matter in desktops, where the speed of the new SSDs might matter, and about VR/AR and graphics cards. He gives us his views on the new 10.5" iPad Pro and whether it's worth double the price of the iPad nothing. Peter is very bullish on iOS 11 and how it will affect the iPad market.
Jun 15, 2017
CCATP #490 - Bart Busschots on Fitness & Tech
Just about a year ago Bart Busschots came on the show to talk about how he was using tech to become fit and healthy. He's back with a "one year on" report of his success and to talk both about the tech and some philosophical perspective on why this path worked for him. Plus, he says I was right. Check out his full blog post on the subject at: Getting Fit with Tech – One Year On : Bart Busschots.
Jun 10, 2017
CCATP #489 - Bruce Wilson on Oak Ridge National Laboratory
On Tom Merritt’s Daily Tech News Show a while back, he mentioned an article about how the Oak Ridge National Laboratory had developed an ultrasonic clothes dryer that would eliminate the need for heat. I thought it was really cool so I tweeted about it. I got a response back from a NosillaCastaway, Bruce Wilson, who is the Chief Technology Officer for Information Technology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He's a fascinating guy with a background in chemistry and IT (and with an every so slight Apple bias).
May 30, 2017
CCATP #486 - Joe Dugandzic on New Amazon Echo Devices
This week I'm joined by the awesome Joe Dugandzic from Smarter Home Life ( to talk about the huge set of product and capability announcements from Amazon about their Echo line of devices. We talk Echo Show, Echo Look, ecobee4, and the new voice calling in the Alexa app for your existing Echo devices. Joe is really into home automation with a fabulous YouTube channel so he really knows his stuff. Plus he's fun and entertaining.
May 12, 2017
CCATP #485 - Chris Ashley on Microsoft Surface Laptop and Windows 10S Education Devices
Chris Ashley of the SMR Podcast joins us to talk about all of the big announcements coming out of Microsoft this week. We'll try to understand where the new Surface Laptop fits into their lineup of mobile devices, and then we'll shift gears to talk about the new line of Education devices. These devices from many manufacturers will be running the new Windows 10S, a streamlined version of Windows that they hope will compete with Chromebooks. We also talk about Chris's dream of a world where he only has to carry his phone and can dock it to a display anywhere he goes so he doesn't have to lug a laptop around when he travels. And we laugh a lot.
May 05, 2017
CCATP #483 - David Peck from Cloak Talks VPNs
With the recent legislation on privacy rules for ISPs in the United States, a lot of people are considering using VPNs to protect their Internet traffic from home. I thought this would be a great time to get Dave Peck on the show, co-founder of Cloak, my VPN of choice. This isn't a show about Cloak but rather about VPNs in general. We talked about whether we should consider one for our home use, we talk about what kind of information your VPN provider may be collecting on you, we talk about the importance of understanding privacy policies. Dave is very frank and honest about things like how Cloak handles things like logging of user data. Dave also answers some listener questions. There are some real surprises in this episode, in particular what you should know about those "top five VPN" lists you may have seen recently. I thought I knew where the discussion was going to go, and I was very surprised.
Apr 18, 2017
CCATP #481 - Dermot Daly from Tapadoo
I'm your guest host Bart Busschots, and this week I'm on conversation with Dermot Daly from Tapadoo, a mobile app development company based on Dublin, Ireland. We talk about what it's like being a developer witting apps for iOS and Android, how App Store and Google Play store differ from each other, and the state of the app business in general. We also look at what some of the recent changes to the app store really mean for developers.
Mar 30, 2017
CCATP #479 - Steve Ewell of the CTA Foundation
This week our guest is Steve Ewell, executive director of the Consumer Technology Association Foundation. CTA Foundation is a public, national foundation affiliated with the Consumer Technology Association, was launched in 2012 with the mission to link seniors and people with disabilities with technologies to enhance their lives. Get this - Steve is a NosillaCastaway too!
Mar 07, 2017
CCATP #477 Megan Morrone & Jason Howell on Switching iOS and Android
This week's Chit Chat Across the Pond was so much fun. Megan Morrone and Jason Howell co-host Tech News Today on the TWiT network together. Megan co-hosts iOS Today while Jason co-hosts All About Android. For an entire month, Megan and Jason swapped phones. They're here to tell us what they liked, what they didn't like and answer tough questions like, "Did your children mock you?" I know I say this often, but this truly was one of the most enjoyable episodes of Chit Chat Across the Pond. They're both so entertaining and delightful and we even had some great technical conversations too.
Feb 25, 2017
CCATP #476 Bart Busschots PBS 30 - Comparing JS Objects | Introducing WAI-ARIA
Bart continues his current dual path of teaching. We learn how to compare JavaScript objects (spoiler, you can't use == or === to do it). After that he teaches us how using WAI-ARIA as we develop our code will make it accessible to screen readers and other assistive devices. We don't do any real coding in this section; instead he explains the foundation for what we'll be doing in the future.
Feb 18, 2017
CCATP #475 Bart Busschots Explains IPv6
I made a deal with Bart when he started his tow podcasts Let’s Talk Apple and Let’s Talk Photography he would never have to be on more than every other week. But this week I tricked him by asking him if he’d come on and explain IPv6 to me. His first answer was that he didn’t understand it well enough to explain it. But of course Bart being Bart, that ear worm I so carefully placed caused him to go out and study it and now he’s here to explain it to us.
Feb 11, 2017
CCATP #473 Joe Dugandzic on The Smarter Home
Steve and I had the great pleasure of meeting Joe Dugandzic in the Home Automation pavilion at CES and I was lucky enough to get him on as a guest for Chit Chat Across the Pond. Joe runs the website and YouTube channel Smarter Home Life at and, We talked about the complexities of Home Automation today, predictions about who the winners might be as the industry consolidates, and some of the coolest Home Automation ideas he saw at CES. Joe is definitely our people - he's enthusiastic, loves tech, and has a gift for simplifying tech for average consumers. His videos are amazing so go check them out (when you're done listening to Chit Chat Across the Pond of course!)
Jan 26, 2017
CCATP #471 Mikah Sargent on Siri and Alexa and Home Automation

Mikah Sargent, senior editor at Mobile Nations and podcaster at RelayFM joins us to compare and contrast how Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon help with home automation and other tasks around the house. He has a vast array of Home Automation devices from Hue lights to Eve sensors to an Ecobee thermostat to an August smart lock so he's got the experience. I found Mikah's intelligent commentary combined with his light humor to be a delightful combination.

If you want to connect with Mikah, look him up on Twitter @mikahsargent. You can read his excellent articles on iMore at and see pictures of chihuahuas at

Jan 10, 2017
CCATP #469 Allister Jenks on Affinity Designer
This week we're joined by Allister Jenks of the Sitting Duck Podcast. I tricked him into using Affinity Photo (and he loves it) so he turns the tables and convinces me to buy into Affinity Designer. He'll explain the difference between pixel and vector editors, and why you'd want to use one tool over the other. We'll talk Beziér curves and strokes and fills. He'll talk about a few cool projects he's worked on to learn to use the tools, including reproducing Ryan Sakamoto's awesome Podfeet Logo.
Dec 31, 2016
CCATP #468 Chris Ashley On Microsoft Windows on Arm and More
One of my best friends on the Internet, Chris Ashley of the SMR Podcast ( joins us to talk Microsoft. We talk about what the implications are of Windows coming out for the Arm processors, why the Surface Studio has made such a splash, I confess that I bought into Office 365, and how Chris is pretty close to switching from Android back to the iPhone. Chris is delightful, intelligent and funny as always.
Dec 13, 2016
CCATP #466 - Terry Austin on an App and Headphones for Hearing Loss
Professor Terry Austin tells us about a solution for some types of hearing loss using only bone-conducting headphones and a $10 iOS app.
Dec 02, 2016
CCATP #464 - Bart Busschots - Taming the Terminal on screen and cron

It's been a long time since we did a Taming the Terminal episode but we're back with episode 36 of n, screen and cron. You'll hear me say this is episode 35, but with all these numbers flying around we got mixed up!

In any case, in this installment Bart teaches us two unrelated but really cool things you can do with the Terminal in macOS or Linux. The first is cron, a tool that lets you schedule scripts to run at specific times and days. The second is screen, which is a utility that allows you to create a virtuatl terminal inside your regular terminal. If that sounds head explody (as Bart likes to say), it kind of is, but of course he breaks it down and shows how really clever and useful it is.

You can find Bart's full detailed tutorial at

Nov 20, 2016
CCATP #463 Ensign John Moorhead Recounts 1945 Typhoon
In 1945 my father John Moorhead (he went by Jack) experienced a typhoon while in Okinawa, Japan during World War II. He wrote a letter to my mother and his parents right after the experience. In this very special Chit Chat Across the Pond in honor of Veterans and Remembrance Day, noted voiceover artist Ron David reads my father's letter to you.
Nov 10, 2016
CCATP #462 Brian Johnson on Bottle Rockets and Science
This week, Steve and I share hosting Chit Chat Across the Pond with retired electrical engineer, ham radio nerd, and remote control flier, Brian Johnson. Brian explains how he has taken his love of electronics and works to spread his enthusiasm to kids through volunteering at local schools.
Nov 02, 2016
CCATP #460 Shelly Brisbin on Self-Publishing
We're joined by Shelly Brisbin, author of the book iOS Access for All and host of The Parallel Podcast. As she's written more than a dozen tech books, I asked her to come on the show to explain how she creates her books, what tools she uses, and how she migrated from using an agent and a big publishing house to doing self publishing. It's a really fun episode because while you'd think creating a book is all about writing, Shelly gets into how she uses TextWrangler and writes her own Cascading Style Sheets to create her books.
Oct 19, 2016
CCATP #458 Allister Jenks on Programming as a Hobby and a Tool
Allister Jenks joins us to talk about how he uses programming as a hobby and as a tool for solving problems. In his always delightful way, he talks about early experiences programming and how they sparked such joy in him. We're talking a TRS-80 clone here and a programmable calculator! He tells the story of how just last week he and I were talking about the relative weights of the iMac models vs. their screen dimensions and how he solved the ratio equations using Swift.
Oct 08, 2016