The Power Trip

By Chris Hawkey, Cory Cove, Paul Lambert

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Category: Sports

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Zach E
 Apr 17, 2021
Oh, good for you!!

 May 1, 2020

 Oct 24, 2018
Listened to the show since '05. Like them cuz they're not afraid to try new bits

 Aug 9, 2018
love it, listen while I work every day

 Aug 5, 2018


The Power Trip Morning Show - Sports, Movies, Music, Comedy and more...

Episode Date
HR. 1 - I Didn't Hear No Bell - The Power Trip
The guys recap the weekend including the Fargo show and the big PGA Championship bet result that featured plenty of drama, Hawk has video of Zach Halverson completely missing him after walking in a studio, and the crew breaks down a video of an airline employee fighting with a customer!
May 23, 2022
HR. 2 - Utah Time - The Power Trip
Hawk has What Really Matters, Cory provides a weed breath update, Marney Gellner talks about her golf injury, Ben Leber talks about his battle with Cory in Progrum Password and the latest Vikings News!
May 23, 2022
HR. 3 - Hawk In The Box - The Power Trip
Hawk shares a story about a drunken Amish man who was found passed out in a buggy, Cory has Headlines and Maxx hosts a special edition of In The Box with Chris Hawkey going In The Box!
May 23, 2022
HR. 1 - Rib Fest - The Power Trip
The Power Trip is LIVE from the FargoDome in North Dakota! Cory is fascinated by Rib fest, the guys talk to the (kinda) owner of Sandy's Donuts, update the standings in the Power Trip PGA Championship bet, & Elvis is in the building!
May 20, 2022
HR. 2 - Holy Hawkey - The Power Trip
Hometown hero Marney Gellner arrives to the show with some family. Sauce gives everybody Garbage Pail nicknames. Mark Parrish Finds the FargoDome & breaks down the NHL playoffs.
May 20, 2022
HR. 3 - Fantastic Fargo Play - The Power Trip
Mr. Z calls in to discuss what's going in the world of movies, plus Initials game 411 goes down LIVE in Fargo!
May 20, 2022
HR. 1 - Tommy's Back! - The Power Trip
The feeling of losses and wins is broken down by Cory, Tommy Olson joins the show for the first time since Vegas and addresses the reaction and controversy from the couch story, and Halvy blows it.
May 19, 2022
HR. 2 - Sounds LIke a Good Guy - The Power Trip
Maxx throws his hat in the ring for a new prominent job at the Minnesota Timberwolves, Hawk has the news and Ben Leber and Mark Rosen join the show, and Hawk plays some fantastic audio he found!
May 19, 2022
HR. 3 - Rosie's Calendar - The Power Trip
Ben Leber goes through Mark Rosen's handwritten calendar, Cory has Headlines and a food chain themed A Much Better Title is played!
May 19, 2022
HR. 1 - Muffalo - The Power Trip
The show is heading to Fargo on Friday as the show's hosts just found out today, Mark Parrish makes a long-awaited return to the KFAN studios, and Duel of the Decades features a couple of Ozzfest lineups!
May 18, 2022
HR. 2 - Dying Laughing - The Power Trip
Hawk has What Really Matters featuring examples of people dying while laughing, Kevin Gorg joins the show and tag teams a Wild post-mortem with Mark Parrish and Mark Rosen joins the fun!
May 18, 2022
HR. 3 - The Dentist - The Power Trip
The PGA Championship bets are placed with the random drawing and guest handicapper Kevin Gorg, Cory has a surprising best places to live list in Headlines, and Mark Rosen is replaced by the Mark Rosen button bar!
May 18, 2022
HR. 1 - Give Hawk a Shot - The Power Trip
Hawk is miserable as he suffers through a bad allergy spell, Cory has a puppy fighting update as he nearly loses an eye, and John Bonnes is in and is ready for a summer full of baseball!
May 17, 2022
HR. 2 - Ripped Mercilessly - The Power Trip
The guys share memories of going to Valleyfair on its 2022 opening day, Sauce talks about getting ripped back in the day, Hawk has the news and Mark Rosen talks Vikings and more!
May 17, 2022
HR. 3 - Tools - The Power Trip
The size of Greek statues' "tools" are discussed and the reason why they're so small is revealed, Rosie reacts to the Phil Mickelson controversy, and Hawk talks about a new edible tape!
May 17, 2022
HR. 1 - Cory's Posters - The Power Trip
Cory's 311 posters may be finally coming out of the closet, Sauce asks Hawk a very personal, peculiar question, Hawk and Cory review the new episode of Saturday Night Live, and Hawk has What Really Matters!
May 16, 2022
HR. 2 - Scorpion Whistles - The Power Trip
Hawk has the news, Cory talks about his puppies fighting, the wildlife of Minnesota including snakes, bears and the correct pronunciation of Bison. Plus, Ben Leber reacts to the 2022 Vikings Schedule!
May 16, 2022
HR. 3 - Lee Valsvik Goes In The Box! - The Power Trip
Marney shares some fascinating details about North Dakota in anticipation of the live show in Fargo on Friday, Cory teases a new Initials Game bracketed tournament, Cory has Headlines and Lee Valsvik goes In The Box!
May 16, 2022
HR. 1 - Don't Do The Murder - The Power Trip
The guys say goodbye to the 2021-22 Minnesota Wild season with the help of John Kriesel, Halvy needs an attitude adjustment, the Vikings announced their schedule, and Hawk has some interesting haunts in Minnesota!
May 13, 2022
HR. 2 - Good Question - The Power Trip
Hawk talks about some new TV shows and movies being released this week, Sauce has the sports, and Marney Gellner joins the show!
May 13, 2022
HR. 3 - Chad Greenway Plays Initials! - The Power Trip
Chad Greenway joins the show and shares his thoughts on the Vikings schedule, London, and joins the rest of the crew in Initials Game 410!
May 13, 2022
HR. 1 - Wow - The Power Trip
Cory confirms that PoopGate is the talk of the town, Hawk makes a major After Party announcement, Maxx blows Halvy's mind, and Hawk shares some interesting stories about the Pentagon!
May 12, 2022
HR. 2 - It Happens More Than You Think - The Power Trip
More details are revealed about the escaped inmate and prison officer story, Ben Leber joins the show, and Cory shares a story about a man who died of a heart attack.
May 12, 2022
HR. 3 - Halvy's Audition - The Power Trip
Ben Leber talks about his experience landing on aircraft carrier, Cory has Headlines, the gang plays Fill In The Blank, and Halvy auditions for the SCSU hockey PA announcer job!
May 12, 2022
HR. 1 - Hot Steamy Piss - The Power Trip
The guys react to a very disappointing Wild loss in Game 5 last night, Hawk and Cory share their favorite Quentin Tarantino movies, theand Duel of the Decades returns with the best songs in the Twin Cities from 1986 and 1988!
May 11, 2022
HR. 2 - Are You Ready? - The Power Trip
Hawk has the news which features a story about a man who landed a plane with no flying experience, the struggles of husbands waiting for wives to be ready to leave, Mark Rosen joins the show and talks Progrum Password Invitational and the Tom Brady TV deal!
May 11, 2022
HR. 3 - The Butt - The Power Trip
Ellen DeGeneres' final guest is announced, another Wild deep dive with Mark Rosen, Cory has Headlines which includes reactions to a Hillary Duff nude photo shoot and Scott Taylor of Abbey's Hope stops by to share the news about a special event!
May 11, 2022
5/10 - HR 2 Russo, Ryan Carter, Tom Reid
Vox in the box hour 2 with nothing but elite hockey guests including Russo Radio, Ryan Carter, and Tom Reid!
May 10, 2022
HR. 1 - Self Medicate - The Power Trip
The story involving a sheriff and an escaped inmate comes to a deadly end, we learn more about gloryholes, and John Bonnes tries to exonerate Tommy Olson from poopgate.
May 10, 2022
HR. 2 - Garage Meth - The Power Trip
Hawk talks about a tears-inducing nightmare of an online scam that happened to a friend as he tries to solve a CAPATCHA to buy something on Craigslist, Bonnes and Muss react to the sheriff/fugitive escape love story, and another update to couch cushion poopgate!
May 10, 2022
HR. 3 - I Have The Pill For You - The Power Trip
Cory and Sauce shared interesting stories from their cab rides in Las Vegas including a driver who loves OJ Simpson, Rosie shares his experience interviewing OJ, Cory has Headlines, and Mark Rosen talks bears.
May 10, 2022
HR. 1 - Sweet Leaf - The Power Trip
The guys recap Power Trip Vegas 2022 including a major controversy surrounding the origin of an alleged poop stain on a white couch in Hawk's suite, Cory talks about his newest puppy and her awesome breath, and a F1 reporter's interview with a football player goes viral!
May 09, 2022
HR. 2 - We Belong - The Power Trip
Hawk has What Really Matters, Ben Leber and Marney Gellner share their stories from Vegas and their verdict on the Tommy Olson poopgate controversy, Ben hates We Belong, and a second game from the 2022 Vikings season has been announced!
May 09, 2022
HR. 3 - Amanda Heard - The Power Trip
Ben Leber and Marney Gellner react to the video of an F1 reporter mistaking Paolo Banchero for Patrick Mahomes, Cory has Headlines before he goes In The Box!
May 09, 2022
HR. 1 - Bend The Thumb - The Power Trip
Nobody shows up to open the show, Nate the Green Beret shares some great Rosie stories, what really matters, Sauce & Tommy reflect on their youth.
May 06, 2022
HR. 2 -Tommy's Zamboni - The Power Trip
Rosie gets approached by a hooker & reacts to the day's sports news, Marney loses a bunch of money, Tommy & Kriesel remember their Dance Dance Revolution days.
May 06, 2022
HR. 3 - A Bearded Man With Boobs - The Power Trip
Parrish breaks down game 3 of the Wild/Blues playoff series, & Initials game 409 goes down LIVE in Vegas!
May 06, 2022
HR. 1 - Anybody Been Diddled? - The Power Trip
Hawkey, Cory, Sauce, Zach, & the cast of thousands recap their first night in Vegas, talk about the Wild's big win last night, plus Hawkey has something special for friend of the show Nate the Green Beret.
May 05, 2022
HR. 2 - Slitters - The Power Trip
Everyone reacts to the Dave Benz news, Marney teaches us a new word, & Cory tells a hilarious story about Meatsauce's dinner plans.
May 05, 2022
HR. 3 - A Horse That Can Win - The Power Trip
Hawkey, Sauce, Marney, Parrish, & Cory choose their participants for the Initials Play-In game. Initials game 408 goes down LIVE in Vegas!
May 05, 2022
HR. 1 - Passing The Baton - The Power Trip
Hawkey, Cory, & Sauce get ready for Power Trip Vegas 2022 before handing off the baton to Kevin Falness & Ron Johnson for the rest of the show!
May 04, 2022
HR. 2 - The Great Chicken Debate of 2022- The Power Trip
Kevin Falness & Ron Johnson take over while the guys head to Vegas and debate whether or not you should wash your chicken before cooking it. Plus, Wild VP of Marketing Todd Fredrickson calls in to preview game 2 of the Wild/Blues playoff series!
May 04, 2022
HR. 3 - Nate Prosser- The Power Trip
Former Wild defenseman Nate Prosser joins Falness & Ron in-studio to talk life after hockey, what the Wild need to do to win against the Blues tonight, and more!
May 04, 2022
HR. 1 - The 'Calibur - The Power Trip
One more day until Las Vegas and Cory, Sauce, Hawk, Halvy and Maxx can't wait! Plus, Halvy shares his thoughts on the Wild's poor playoff start and other people's jokes, and Hawk finally got done with Ozark and shares a spoiler-free review!
May 03, 2022
HR. 2 - Squatchsex - The Power Trip
The guys talk about who will be picked for the play-in game of Initials in Vegas, Muss has some ghost stories to share while Cory bites his tongue, and Muss shares his thoughts on the NFL Draft and the guys react to Ed Marinaro's tirade on stage!
May 03, 2022
HR. 3 - Sauce On The Street - The Power Trip
Mark Rosen calls in to share an update on his health, his plans for the rest of the week, the end of the Wolves season and the Wild's tough start. Plus, Cory has a growing-penis-on-arm story in Headlines and Sauce goes back out on the street!
May 03, 2022
HR. 1 - What Are We Doing? - The Power Trip
Meatsauce shares his thoughts on this weekend's NFL Draft, Cory brings up a wonderful clip from Saturdays with Sauce in which Nordo and Sauce are not pleased with a particular decision, and the guys share their thoughts on the end of the Wolves run.
May 02, 2022
HR. 2 - The Hamminator - The Power Trip
Hawk gets a tip from a listener who may be able to help get Jon Hamm on the show, though nobody really knows if it is legit. Plus, Marney Gellner joins the show to recap the Wolves disappointing end to their playoffs/
May 02, 2022
HR. 3 - Ryan Donaldson In The Box - The Power Trip
Hawk talks multi-verse and how it confuses him, Cory has a story about a worker sleeping in, and Ryan Donaldson goes In The Box!
May 02, 2022
HR. 1 - Bear Trap - The Power Trip
Round 1 of the 2022 NFL Draft and the guys react to the Vikings pick with the help of John Kriesel, a KFAN employee's tweet comes into question, and Sauce has an update on his neck!
Apr 29, 2022
HR. 2 - Nice Set - The Power Trip
The best of the Talkback series continues with a tough question for Cory, Mark Parrish joins the show and gets informed of what happened last night, Hawk has the news and Ben Leber calls in to talk about the NFL Draft!
Apr 29, 2022
HR. 3 - Toadskins - The Power Trip
Mark Parrish talks Wild, Marney Gellner talks Wolves, Initials Game 407 is played, and the crew talks about the end of Ozark.
Apr 29, 2022
HR. 1 - Upsot - The Power Trip
Tommy Olson is in one final time before #PowerTripVegas 2022, it is the most wonderful time of the year as Sauce celebrates his own personal Christmas Day with the NFL Draft finally here, and we take yet another deep dive into the Talkback library!
Apr 28, 2022
HR. 2 - 69th Annual Power Trip Mock Draft Pt. 1
The 69th Annual Power Trip Mock Draft is here with special guest pickers Paul Allen, Paul Charchian, Ben Leber, Gregg Swedberg, Maxx Fuller, Meatsauce and Eric Nordquist!
Apr 28, 2022
HR. 3 - 69th Annual Power Trip Mock Draft Pt. 2
The 69th Annual Power Trip Mock Draft continues with Paul Allen revealing his pick for the Minnesota Vikings!
Apr 28, 2022
HR. 1 - Sad But Exciting - The Power Trip
The Wolves blew yet another giant lead and the guys share their thoughts on the choke, some of the best Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame classes go head-to-head-to-head in this week's Duel of the Decades with the help of Mark Parrish and Brian Oake!
Apr 27, 2022
HR. 2 - He's Writing Him - The Power Trip
Hawk reveals the full name behind Cap'n Crunch, Hawk talks bird poop and some counterfeit Stanley Cup rings, Johnny Depp's lawyer objects to his own question, a celebrity couple drinks each other's blood, Mark Rosen joins the fun and adds more to the button bar!
Apr 27, 2022
HR. 3 - Stabbin' Slabs - The Power Trip
Mark Rosen breaks down the Wolves loss while Mark Parrish breaks down the Wild loss. Sauce shares a fascinating story about waking up, Cory has a nightmare story from a guy at a urinal and Hawk plays some more Talkbacks!
Apr 27, 2022
HR. 1 - Talkback Tuesday - The Power Trip
The guys try to figure out next Wednesday's show when they leave for Las Vegas, John Bonnes joins the show to talk about the red hot Twins, Cory Cove talks about his hatred for Excalibur, and we hear the best of the Talkbacks!
Apr 27, 2022
HR. 2 - Leprechaun Beavis - The Power Trip
The second edition of American Idiot features some favorite movie scenes, Kevin Falness calls in and answers the request to fill in next Wednesday, Hawk has the news and Mark Rosen joins the show to talk NFL Draft and his experience at the Wolves game!
Apr 26, 2022
HR. 3 - 99.9999 Percent - The Power Trip
The guys talk about being a bandwagon fan vs. sticking with the Timberwolves through the bad times, the likelihood of PA owning a certain device, giant holes and the Palms in Las Vegas re-opening!
Apr 26, 2022
HR. 1 - Clicks, Clucks N' Hoots - The Power Trip
Sauce shares his experience at the Wolves game and the protest that happened there, Charles Barkley talks about spinning off dudes when they're, "banging you", Hawk plays some great Talkbacks, and Hawk talks turtles in What Really Matters!
Apr 25, 2022
HR. 2 - Hawk's Knight N' Necklace - The Power Trip
Cory and Hawk talks Face/Off, Hawk goes to an Antique Show in London and made some pretty awesome purchases, and the NFL Network's Tom Pelissero calls in LIVE from Vegas to preview this Thursday's NFL Draft!
Apr 25, 2022
HR. 3 - Job-O - The Power Trip
The guys speculate about the Vikings possibly going to London next season, a meth smoking horse is a part of today's Headlines and Ben Leber goes In The Box!
Apr 25, 2022
HR. 1 - Happy Birthday Cory! - The Power Trip
John Kriesel is in studio and joins the rest of the guys in a Timberwolves Game 3 post-mortem after a terrible loss to Memphis, Halvy talks getting a bus to a certain establishment in Vegas, and the Wild are a light in the darkness of Minnesota sports.
Apr 22, 2022
HR. 2 - Spin A Gem - The Power Trip
Marney Gellner joins the show to talk about the horrific Timberwolves Game 3 loss and John Kriesel talks about the NFL Draft!
Apr 22, 2022
HR. 3 - Audra Martin & John Kriesel play Initials - The Power Trip
Mr. Z calls in to talk movies and the latest Nic Cage film and Bally Sports North's Audra Martin along with John Kriesel play Initials Game 406!
Apr 22, 2022
HR. 1 - Don't Dose - The Power Trip
Tommy Olson is in and talks about the perks of having a brand new couch, Sauce reviews a new John Wayne Gacy documentary and Zach Halverson's parents connection to it, and a stern warning is issued to those thinking of dosing and murdering people.
Apr 21, 2022
HR. 2 - Ben's New Dog Name Reveal - The Power Trip
Ben Leber reveals his new dog's name, Mark Rosen joins the show and Sauce and Ben break down next week's NFL Draft!
Apr 21, 2022
HR. 3 - Nothing Sweeter Than A Repeater - The Power Trip
Mark Rosen and Ben Leber do a Wolves deep dive, Maxx tries to convince the others that Drake doesn't suck, a job applicant shot the manager of a pizza joint, and A Much Better Title is played!
Apr 21, 2022
HR. 1 - Hawk Would Try Anything - The Power Trip
The guys break down the benefits of Tinder and how great it is, Hawk has a 420 themed Duel of the Decades with Eminem and Snoop Dogg going head-to-head in a grudge match, and Carly Zucker joins the show!
Apr 20, 2022
HR. 2 - Incomparable - The Power Trip
Carly Zucker talks possible After Party guests and wonders why Bret Michaels doesn't have any interest in joining the podcast, Hawk has the news, Mark Rosen joins the show and talks Vikings and NFL Draft, and Aaron Sickman from the Wild PR office calls in!
Apr 20, 2022
HR. 3 - Cheryl Reeve In Studio - The Power Trip
Lynx head coach and GM Cheryl Reeve joins the show in studio to talk about the upcoming season and her life as a mother, Cory has news about Uranus in Headlines, and Mark Rosen talks weed and more!
Apr 20, 2022
HR. 1 - Who was that? - The Power Trip
Cory has another television show horror story involving his wife, John Bonnes talks Twins and bets on the possibility of a protest at the Timberwolves-Grizzlies game, and Hawk brings back some old audio of an "interview" with Ozzie Guillen!
Apr 19, 2022
HR. 2 - American Idiot - The Power Trip
Hawk debuts a new contest called American Idiot where three people sing songs after finding out the genre and name of the song just moments before the track starts playing! Plus, Mark Rosen joins the show!
Apr 19, 2022
HR. 3 - Just Finished - The Power Trip
Mark Rosen talks about why the Wolves haven't gained national attention, Cory has some survival myths in Headlines and Fan Feud is played!
Apr 19, 2022
HR. 1 - Chain Girl Fanline - The Power Trip
The Timberwolves pulled off an improbable Game 1 victory in Memphis but the A-topic was, of course, the Chain Girl. The guys talk about how the Chain Girl compares to the Glue Girl and what to expect from possible future protests!
Apr 18, 2022
HR. 2 - Paint, Nudity & Flames - The Power Trip
A man set a record by not using the bathroom while watching a movie, names are proposed for Leber and Cory's new dogs, and Leber and Sauce break down the latest news and some names for the NFL Draft!
Apr 18, 2022
HR. 3 - Jeremy Garfunkul - The Power Trip
Sauce tries to sell Cory on being his Progrum Password partner and how much he has improved since the Fair debacle and Marney Gellner goes In The Box!
Apr 18, 2022
HR. 1 - The Sopranos Review Update - The Power Trip
John Kriesel talks about the anticipation of Vegas, Cory gives a positive review of Severance and Sauce updates yesterday's review of The Sopranos finale!
Apr 15, 2022
HR. 2 - Jagged Ball - The Power Trip
Hawk has What Really Matters which features an interesting fact from the movie Troy and the pregnancy tests of ancient women, Halvy defends the most wonderful thing in the world once again, and Carly Zucker joins the show and celebrates her father's retirement!
Apr 15, 2022
HR. 3 - Initials Game 405 w/ Frank Vascellaro - The Power Trip
Initials Game 405 is played with special guests Frank Vascellaro and Carly Zucker!
Apr 15, 2022
"The Hawkcast" with Chris Hawkey
Chris Hawkey sits down with musicians far and wide to discuss the ins and outs of the Music Industry.
Apr 15, 2022
HR. 1 - Martin Moistchew on the 2022 NFL Draft - The Power Trip
Cory reminisces about the days of hosting Wolves After Dark, NFL Draft Expert Martin Moistchew gives us his Big Picks, and Hawk has a boar story in What Really Matters!
Apr 14, 2022
HR. 2 - Sauce Reviews The Sopranos - The Power Trip
Cory has a great Michael Caine impression, Sauce reviews The Sopranos, and Ben Leber reacts to a couple of names that Sauce floats him for this year's NFL Draft!
Apr 14, 2022
HR. 3 - Dane To Be Here - The Power Trip
Hawk has a story about someone who masturbated too hard and nearly died, the guys come up with name ideas for a new dog and Cory hosts a sports nickname edition of A Much Better Title!
Apr 14, 2022
HR. 1 - Glue Girl - The Power Trip
It was a crazy night in sports with the Wild, Twins and Wolves all in action. The guys talk about it all including the glue girl controversy! Plus, Duel of the Decades returns!
Apr 13, 2022
HR. 2 - The Pick To The Name, The Name To The Pick - The Power Trip
Hawk has the news featuring the death of comedian Gilbert Gottfried and some rising STD statistics. Mark Rosen reacts to the glue girl story and what he saw at the Wolves game. Plus, Sauce has some more NFL Draft discussion!
Apr 13, 2022
HR. 3 - Tom Hoge - The Power Trip
Professional golfer Tom Hoge calls in and talks about his great year so far as well as playing the Masters, Cory has Headlines and the guys talk about what the punishment should be for the glue girl!
Apr 13, 2022
HR. 1 - Bobblehead Bitch - The Power Trip
A serial killer themed Hot Or Not game is played in the first segment with Halvy, Sauce is back and he shares how his weekend up at the cabin went, Cam Newton got in some hot water for something he said, and the callers decide if they want to hear from Sauce or not!
Apr 12, 2022
HR. 2 - Ben's Friend Tom Hoge - The Power Trip
John Bonnes talks about the St. Paul Saints and what they will bring to the table this season, golfer Tom Hoge's best friend Ben Leber calls in to answer a question about his name pronunciation, and the latest NFL Draft rumors are discussed with the help of Muss and Rosie!
Apr 12, 2022
HR. 3 - Rosie's Snacks - The Power Trip
Mark Rosen breaks down the big Wolves play-in game and what it must be like for Frank and Amelia to work together everyday, Cory has Headlines, and Hawk shares some breaking news.
Apr 12, 2022
HR. 1 - Gorgeous Guy At Bar - The Power Trip
Jon Hamm was in Charmed apparently and that inspired more research into his roles pre-Mad Men, Hawk went to a Slipknot show at the very last minute, Halvy saw Shinedown again and shares details about an awesome casino, and Maxx is wearing a red velvet shirt after a wonderful night.
Apr 11, 2022
HR. 2 - Airport Tram VOX - The Power Trip
Hawk shares news about the supply chain issues continue to wreak havoc on cars and other electronic needs, self driving cars are getting pulled over now, and Ben Leber reacts to the Erin Henderson tweet sharing details of why Percy Harvin went to Seattle!
Apr 11, 2022
HR. 3 - Maxx In The Box - The Power Trip
The USFL is getting rid of the chain gang. Ben Leber reacts to the news and ponders how that could affect the NFL moving forward. Marney talks Better Call Saul and Maxx goes in the box!
Apr 11, 2022
HR. 1 - The Gagmaster - The Power Trip
Hawk is back from Italy and shares all sorts of wonderful stories from his experiences over there, John Kriesel is in, Cory talks about the Wolves and a star player who complains to the officials a lot and Zach Halverson talks college hockey and hosting Fanline!
Apr 08, 2022
HR. 2 - Giant Bear - The Power Trip
Hawk shares some more stories from Italy including a weed vending machine, Sauce shares some important advice for people who own bears and those who may be put in charge of watching one, Mark Parrish joins the show and Marney Gellner talks about her week calling the Wolves games!
Apr 08, 2022
HR. 3 - Sauce's Joke - The Power Trip
Mr. Z calls in to talk about the latest movies in theaters, Sauce gives an update on The Masters Power Trip bet, and Initials Game 404 is played!
Apr 08, 2022
HR. 1 - Hey Now - The Power Trip
Cory and Sauce ponder disaster scenarios for The Masters, Halvy made a gambling deal with Cory and ran to the border, Tommy Olson raves about corgi races, and Cory talks about the process of getting a new dog.
Apr 07, 2022
HR. 2 - Lizards - The Power Trip
Maxx reviews the new film Morbius, Halvy has the news, Rosie talks moving and Ben Leber and Sauce break down some more names for the NFL Draft!
Apr 07, 2022
HR. 3 - 10-inches to 12-feet - The Power Trip
A conversation about sleep and creativity turns into a discussion about the size of dinosaur crank, John Bonnes calls in to react to a trade made by the Twins, Cory has Headlines and an Italy themed What Really Matters!
Apr 07, 2022
HR. 1 - Bookkeeper - The Power Trip
Cory, Sauce and Halvy get set for the big Masters bet later in the show, Alexis Pierson and Kevin Gorg swing by and hang out for the show to talk Wild and gambling, and Sauce hosts Duel of the Decades!
Apr 06, 2022
HR. 2 - Matt Meth - The Power Trip
Zach Halverson has the news which includes a story about Mr. T's gummies and an unfortunately named arsonist, Cory shares a story about a terrible man on an airplane and Sauce continues his NFL Draft Talk!
Apr 06, 2022
HR. 3 - The Masters Bet - The Power Trip
The biggest golf bet in the history of The Power Trip is made on this weekend's Masters tournament, Cory has Headlines, and Kevin Gorg and Alexis Pierson share their thoughts on the State of the Wild.
Apr 06, 2022
HR. 1 - Hot Boxed - The Power Trip
John Bonnes is back and he shares his horror stories from his trip to Europe, Meatsauce is done gambling after yet another bad beat, the guys react to the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game, and Maxx has a crazy story from his travels in Minneapolis.
Apr 05, 2022
HR. 2 - Chad & Able - The Power Trip
Halvy has the news which includes a new name for The Weeknd, burger size, and a wake inside a nightclub. Plus, the latest on the NFL Draft and Mark Rosen joins the festivities!
Apr 05, 2022
HR. 3 - Little Muss - The Power Trip
The Mark Rosen Moving Chronicles continues, an update on the PJ Fleck appearance concerns, the latest on the Masters and Tiger Woods' will he play/won't he play, and Cory has Headlines!
Apr 05, 2022
HR. 1 - Breadsticks Tree - The Power Trip
Chris Hawkey calls in from Italy, Zach Halverson reviews last night's Bon Jovi concert and it wasn't pretty, Maxx shares stories from his long trip in Europe including his unhinged AirBnB host who showed him his music studio, and Sauce has what really matters including words that don't have any rhyme to them.
Apr 04, 2022
HR. 2 - The Bunch - The Power Trip
Halvy has the news including the death of a man who awoke from a coma for almost 20 years, Marney Gellner reacts to her Initials Major victory on Friday, Sauce shares some more NFL Draft prospects he's excited about and Ben Leber weighs in!
Apr 04, 2022
HR. 3 - Ben Leber In The Box - The Power Trip
Cory agrees with Maxx about a new comedian who hosted SNL this week, the guys ponder making NCAA bets, net cutting has been ruined by adults, and Ben Leber goes In The Box!
Apr 04, 2022
HR. 1 Delicate Wiper - The Power Trip
The Power Trip is live from Treasure Island Resort and Casino, Sauce imitates Cory wiping, complains about his taxes, and they play the 1st round of the Initials Major!
Apr 01, 2022
HR. 2 Non-Sexy Names - The Power Trip
The Power Trip continues from Treasure Island, they go through the news and some sports, and they play the 2nd round of the Initials Major!
Apr 01, 2022
HR. 3 Blowman’s Canyon - The Power Trip
The show wraps from Treasure Island, they go through Vikings news and headlines, and they play the final round of the Initials Major!
Apr 01, 2022
HR. 1 - Christopher Walken Fanline - The Power Trip
Christopher Walken's birthday is celebrated in style with Walken impression attempts by Sauce, Hawk and Halvy. Tommy Olson is in as well and is pumped for Las Vegas and the idea of chimes at his wedding.
Mar 31, 2022
HR. 2 - Dav Takes The Fall - The Power Trip
Leber and Cory continue their heist planning with Dav getting the short end of the stick, Hawk has the news, and the crew give their opinions on more NFL Draft prospects!
Mar 31, 2022
HR. 3 - A Giant Beaver In Lowertown - The Power Trip
Ben Leber and Mark Rosen react to the Eric Church news, the guys make their Final Four picks, the sad Bruce Willis news is discussed and the guys go through their favorite Bruce Willis films, Nordo stops by to defend his stance that the Smith/Rock Oscars slap was fake and A Much Better Title is played!
Mar 31, 2022
HR. 1 - Lightfoot Binging - The Power Trip
Hawk talks about his trip to Italy, Cory shares one of his favorite bits, Sauce talks about his time working at a Cigar shop, Mark Parrish joins the show to talk Wild and more, and Hawk has Duel of the Decades thanks to 7th Avenue Pizza!
Mar 30, 2022
HR. 2 - Smelly Ones - The Power Trip
Hawk shares a story about a controversy surrounding women's feet, Hawk and Parrish try to name an NBA player with money on the line, and the guys discuss the new NFL overtime rules.
Mar 30, 2022
HR. 3 - Lewis and Clark - The Power Trip
Hawk talks travel ideas with Rosie, Croy talks about the NBA playoff race, Parrish shares his thoughts on the Wild acquiring Marc-André Fleury, and Hawk shares an interesting discussion topic about sleep!
Mar 30, 2022
HR. 1 - Lions Denny's - The Power Trip
Halvy goes through his presets which include Muss' K102, Muss thinks the Rock/Smith slap was faked, Hawk fondly remembers Walk Hard, and Brian Oake shares his thoughts on the most overrated musicians!
Mar 29, 2022
HR. 2 - #JeffAndMarkMadness Recap - The Power Trip
Mark Rosen is back from Las Vegas and with the help of Lawyer Lambert on the phone, the guys recap the Jeff and Mark Madness weekend! Plus, Muss talks about the latest Vikings news!
Mar 29, 2022
HR. 3 - Fred Freshwater - The Power Trip
Muss and Sauce talk golfing in Vegas, Cory talks about the negatives of big schools, Cory shares a story about an escaped convict caught after decades out of prison and Discussion Topics makes a triumphant return!
Mar 29, 2022
HR. 1 - Rock Vs. Smith - The Power Trip
The guys react to the crazy story from the Oscars involving Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, #JeffAndMarkMadness concludes and Hawk plays the audio from videos taken on their journey, and Ben Leber returns from Vacation!
Mar 28, 2022
HR. 2 - Knoxville's Catheter - The Power Trip
Ben Leber shares how his vacation went and how disappointed he was that he couldn't listen live, Hawk shares a horror story involving Jackass' Johnny Knoxville, and Sauce and Leber share some names to watch out for in this year's NFL Draft!
Mar 28, 2022
HR. 3 - Zach In The Box - The Power Trip
Ben Leber and Marney Gellner share their thoughts on the Chris Rock/Will Smith controversy and Zach Halverson goes In The Box!
Mar 28, 2022
HR. 1 - Cabana Man - The Power Trip
The Cabana Man calls in from Las Vegas trying to lure more men down there for the "young ass" and other privileges of the cabana, Hawk recaps the Wild game he attended as well as the Hockey Talks event, and Zach Halverson sadly reacts to Paul Allen killing it on the call of the Wild game!
Mar 25, 2022
HR. 2 - Dragon Blood - The Power Trip
The dessert cart caused some issues for Hawk, Hawk talks about growing up and finding material of his dad's that he enjoyed while setting the record straight on some other rumors, and Marney breaks down the Timberwolves!
Mar 25, 2022
HR. 3 - Nicolas Cage Fanline - The Power Trip
Halvy shares an update on the tornado/truck video story Hawk shared earlier this week, Mr. Z calls in to talk movies, and Paul Charchian is today's special guest on Initials Game 402!
Mar 25, 2022
HR. 1 - Let's Play Hawkey - The Power Trip
Hawk previews this morning's interview with Clint and Joanie Malarchuk and shares some details about his own struggles, Tommy Olson talks mini donuts and whipping s*****, and Sauce gets yet another flat tire and shares a long-winded story leading up to the incredible climax!
Mar 24, 2022
HR. 2 - Talking Mental Health with Clint & Joanie Malarchuk
Clint and Joanie Malarchuk join the show to share Clint's story of his mental health struggles and a freak accident that nearly killed him on the ice as an NHL goaltender. Plus, Adam Thielen checks in.
Mar 24, 2022
HR. 3 - Eat - The Power Trip
The conversation with the Malarchuks continues and A Much Better Title is played!
Mar 24, 2022
HR. 1 - Phallic Fiasco - The Power Trip
Cory starts a protest and has now banned mentions of Las V----- from The Power Trip Morning Show, a Ben Stiller-directed TV show is reviewed by Cory, and the guys talk about a story involving a man inserting a string in a sensitive area...
Mar 23, 2022
HR. 2 - Awesome Horny Bangers - The Power Trip
Sauce gets stuck in the bathroom area, a story about a man with a hatchet is debated, and the soundtrack to #JeffAndMarkMadness is played as the guys speculate what those two guys will do in Las Vegas together.
Mar 23, 2022
HR. 3 - Porous Weiner - The Power Trip
Cory shares a story about a massive show robbery that went awry, Hawk looks back to more turbulent times and the impact of Tiger King, and Vikings Radio Network Analyst Pete Bercich calls in to talk about the Za'Darius Smith and where he will fit in!
Mar 23, 2022
HR. 1 - Vin Skeletor - The Power Trip
The guys rave over Paul Allen's performance on the Wild game call last night, Halvy's dreams of being the Wild VOX someday are crushed, fast food, root beer, and video games are other topics of the day!
Mar 22, 2022
HR. 2 - #JeffAndMarkMadness - The Power Trip
Muss talks about his experience filling in with Rosie last week, Mark Rosen joins the show to preview his Las Vegas trip with Lawyer Lambert, and the latest Vikings News is broken down!
Mar 22, 2022
HR. 3 - Birdcage - The Power Trip
Sauce ponders his retirement from comedy, Hawk looks for a dancer for his band, Cory has Headlines, and the group discusses what things are dying out due to technology taking over.
Mar 22, 2022
HR. 1 - Going To Florentine - The Power Trip
The Power Trip returns to American soil with memories from Ireland that will last a lifetime, an update on the Cor vs. 4 bet, Cory needed to clean up a terrible mess, and the guys look ahead to Treasure Island and Las Vegas!
Mar 21, 2022
HR. 2 - Let Fezco Be Fezco - The Power Trip
Cory shares weird and crazy stories from the Dublin Airport, the guys share who is to blame for the broadcast cutting out early on Friday, and Hawk shares a story about an owner who returned his dog to a shelter because he thought the dog was gay.
Mar 21, 2022
HR. 3 - Crunchy Taco - The Power Trip
Chris Hawkey & Zach Halverson celebrate a very important REO Speedwagon anniversary, Cory shares some daytime talk-show news regarding the end of a show that has spanned three decades, and Carly Zucker goes In The Box!
Mar 21, 2022
HR. 1 Hawk’s Hat - The Power Trip
The Power Trip is live from Dublin Ireland for a final day, Hawk gets a new hat, John Kennedy joins once again to give an Irish perspective, and Carly Zucker rounds out the hour.
Mar 18, 2022
HR. 2 Pocket Full of Shells - The Power Trip
The Power Trip continues from Ireland, they go through the news and some headlines, and Hawk talks about the new song ‘KICK!’.
Mar 18, 2022
HR. 3 Initials From Ireland! - The Power Trip
The final day in Ireland wraps with some sports, and the gang plays the 401st game of Initials!
Mar 18, 2022
HR. 1 Flamboyant Bear - The Power Trip
The Power Trip is live from Dublin Ireland for a second day! Zach explains what animal he would be if he were a masked singer, and if Maxx is alive or not, and tour guide John Kennedy joins to give some Irish insight.
Mar 17, 2022
HR. 2 Smash & Grab - The Power Trip
The Power Trip continues from Ireland, Hawk tells you what really matters and goes through the news, then Rosey joins the show for the Cor vs 4 contest.
Mar 17, 2022
HR. 3 Hating The French - The Power Trip
The second day in Ireland wraps with some sports, Cory goes through some headlines, and Sauce and Zach have a drawing contest.
Mar 17, 2022
HR. 1 Live From Dublin Day 1! - The Power Trip
The Power Trip is live from Dublin Ireland! They guys tell their horror stories of travel, Sauces frantic hotel booking, and Andee joins the show!
Mar 16, 2022
HR. 2 Sherlock & Holmes - The Power Trip
The Power Trip continues from Ireland, Zach gets confused about everything including detectives, bees, and North Dakota awareness, and the guys catch up in news and Vikes news.
Mar 16, 2022
HR. 3 Queen’s Nipple Rings - The Power Trip
The first day in Ireland wraps with Hawk searching for the Queen’s nipple rings, headlines, and Ben Leber gives his take on the recent Vikings moves.
Mar 16, 2022
Halvy's Math Skills - Mark Rosen and Mike Mussman Host!
Well the show started about 15 minutes earlier than expected this morning due to Halvy's White Bear Lake Math skills... But we cover everything from KAT 60pts game last night, the Players Championship, the latest NFL Free agency news, Women's Final Four in MPLS with Wendy, and so much more!
Mar 15, 2022
Mr. Z and Carly in Studio - Hr 2 (Rosen and Muss hosting)
Rosen and Muss continue their 2nd hour filling in for the guys in Ireland and welcome Movie buff and insider MR. Z! Plus a surprise appearance from our dear friend Carly Zucker!
Mar 15, 2022
Leber, Marney, and Parrish - Oh My! - Hr 1
Ben Leber, Marney Gellner, and Mark Parrish are in the big chairs today as the PTrip crew heads overseas to Ireland. Leber gives his take on the Kirk Cousins contract news that broke late last night. Team friendly deal? Hear Ben's thoughts...
Mar 14, 2022
Halvy Out of Breath - Ben Leber, Marney Gellner, and Mark Parrish HOST!
Ben Leber, Marney Gellner, and Mark Parrish HOST! We recap the big Twins news after they made a couple big trades with the Athletic's Aaron Gleeman. Then we break down the MN State Hockey Tournament and go down memory lane when Halvy ran out of breath at the Tourney in 2020.
Mar 14, 2022
HR. 1 - Bloody Hockey Fight - The Power Trip
The guys preview the Initials Eliminator with Sauce and Aj, Hawk reacts to a brawl in last night's Wild game, Halvy talks high school hockey and Alex Bump's phenomenal performance, and John Kriesel makes his regular Friday appearance!
Mar 11, 2022
HR. 2 - The Initials Eliminator - The Power Trip
Aj Mansour and Paul "Meatsauce" Lambert go head-to-head in a heads-up version of The Initials Game with the loser being eliminated from contention in Initials Game 400!
Mar 11, 2022
HR. 3 - The Crowning of the GOAT - The Power Trip
Initials Game 400 is played and Aj Mansour is inducted into The Initials Game Hall of Fame!
Mar 11, 2022
HR. 1 - My Little One - The Power Trip
Hawk shares some awesome Sauce remixes, Halvy ignores the HS Hockey tournament he's supposed to be covering, and Cory has an uncomfortable conversation with his daughter...
Mar 10, 2022
HR. 2 - Vikings News & Speculation w/ Rosie & Leber - The Power Trip
After a crazy couple of days of NFL news, Ben Leber, Mark Rosen and the rest of The Power Trip crew break down the latest Vikings news and speculation!
Mar 10, 2022
HR. 3 - Curveball - The Power Trip
A man with a pig's heart passes away, that story and more in Headlines. Plus, A Much Better Title is back with an athlete name edition!
Mar 10, 2022
HR. 1 - Minnetonka Monikers - The Power Trip
Cory talks about his pain receiving email notifications from his credit card and Sauce remembers some nicknames of his classmates with the help of Cory, Hawk and the callers!
Mar 09, 2022
HR. 2 - John Shuster, Back From Beijing - The Power Trip
Team USA curling superstar skip John Shuster is back in studio following a great run in the winter Olympics and talks about his experience there and what life has been like since he got home!
Mar 09, 2022
HR. 3 - Tones - The Power Trip
One of the largest bets in Power Trip history is placed as the crew gambles on The Players, Mark Parrish reacts to the Wild turning things around, and Cory has Headlines!
Mar 09, 2022
HR. 1 - White Lion - The Power Trip
Cory talks about the Butterfly Effect and where everyone would be if not for Ventura's governor win, Maxx and Zach consider a run for governor, and The Wizard Of Oake takes on hair metal this week!
Mar 08, 2022
HR. 2 - Rosie For Governor - The Power Trip
Mark Rosen talks about a possible run for governor and the guys react to the news of certified athletic trainer Eric Sugarman's departure from the Vikings.
Mar 08, 2022
HR. 3 - Popovich - The Power Trip
Sauce has another great story, Hawk tries to guess the name of a head coach, Rosie shares his thoughts on the latest news surrounding the MLB lockout and Fan Feud is played!
Mar 08, 2022
HR. 1 - Desert Beetle Oral Play - The Power Trip
The Wild continue to freefall and Halvy may have been right about pushing the panic button and Hawk shares a story about Desert Beetles and their unique way of making love!
Mar 07, 2022
HR. 2 - Kirp, Kirp - The Power Trip
Ben Leber is introduced to his clue from A Much Better Title last week, Ben recaps his week at the NFL Combine, and Marney talks about how great the Wolves are now!
Mar 07, 2022
HR. 3 - Doctor Zach In The Box - The Power Trip
Hawk talks about dogs anal glands, Ben Leber reveals that he has drained them, and Doctor Zach goes In The Box!
Mar 07, 2022
HR. 1 - Pinterest - The Power Trip
Hawk gets a couple of websites for entirely different purposes confused and raves about a movie he saw last night, Cory has an early Headlines with a couple of McDonald's stories, and Hawk breaks down the 3rd Period of the Wild game!
Mar 04, 2022
HR. 2 - The Eliminator - The Power Trip
The negotiations for Aj's retirement reaches a fever pitch as Aj Mansour finally weighs in and shares his demands, Gregg Swedberg calls in on Aj's behalf and The Eliminator game is announced!
Mar 04, 2022
HR. 3 - Twelve-Rip - The Power Trip
Chad Abbott weighs in on the Eliminator game next week and Initials Game 399 is played!
Mar 04, 2022
HR. 1 - Tommy's Song - The Power Trip
Tomny Olson is back in studio and brings an underrated banger with him, Hawk has a horrific story from Wisconsin, and Cory and Tommy get greasy!
Mar 03, 2022
HR. 2 - Reunited - The Power Trip
Mark Rosen and Carly Zucker are reunited and it feels so good. Plus, the guys revisit the Initials Game Aj retirement negotiations!
Mar 03, 2022
HR. 3 - Chick Flicks - The Power Trip
Cory has Headlines, Cane's swings by with some chicken tenders, and Carly Zucker plays A Much Better Title!
Mar 03, 2022
HR. 1 - Feather In My... - The Power Trip
The guys react to the Wheel of Fortune hilarious disaster, Mark Parrish calms Zach Halverson's fears about the Wild, and sad songs go up against inspirational songs in this week's Duel of the Decades!
Mar 02, 2022
HR. 2 - Busty Rusty - The Power Trip
Hawk talks about how he watch Wipeout, the guys continue their negotiations with Sauce and Cory praises the Vikings new hire!
Mar 02, 2022
HR. 3 - Cory In The Box - The Power Trip
Cory Cove has Headlines and then he goes In The Box!
Mar 02, 2022
HR. 1 - Rosen's Sports Tuesday - The Power Trip
The guys try to predict what will happen with the A-Rod interview, John Bonnes talks about the latest good news involving the MLB/MLBPA negotiations, and Brian Oake swings by for a rock edition of The Wizard of Oake!
Mar 01, 2022
HR. 2 - Mr. Z On The Batman - The Power Trip
Muss and Rosie join in on the fun and Mr. Z calls in to talk about The Batman after getting bumped back to the 7 AM hour!
Mar 01, 2022
HR. 3 - Alex Rodriguez Calls In! - The Power Trip
Former baseball great and future Timberwolves owner Alex Rodriguez calls into the show, a seal helps someone who fell overboard and Hawk finds some old James Brown audio!
Mar 01, 2022
HR. 1 - Hold Me Balls - The Power Trip
Hawk debuts a brand new song parody, Mark Rosen is getting a little bit too greasy, this weekend's Saturday Night Live was great, and Big Sean lives up to his name.
Feb 28, 2022
HR. 2 - Bend The Knee - The Power Trip
Marney Gellner makes her first Monday appearance and brings donuts from SCHEEL'S and with the announcement of Aj's retirement and induction into the Initials Hall of Fame, the crew negotiates with Sauce on how to handle the GOAT's departure!
Feb 28, 2022
HR. 3 - Abbott Doesn't Get Radio - The Power Trip
The negotiations continue on how to handle Aj's retirement as Sauce holds his ground, some other offers are made to try to tip the scales, and the guys set their price on how much it would cost to judge a couple in the bathroom!
Feb 28, 2022
HR. 1 - Pubin - The Power Trip
John Kriesel is back in studio and talks about his days when he would harvest pubes, Twitter has some great uses and some terrible ones as well, someone hit a massive college basketball parlay, and Kriesel shares his thoughts on the War on Ukraine.
Feb 25, 2022
HR. 2 - Large Cluck Clark - The Power Trip
Hawk shares some of the latest new music, Lawyer Lambert calls in and shares his thoughts on the Ex-MPD officers George Floyd trial, Mark Parrish joins the show and Marney Gellner goes through Zach Halverson's wallet.
Feb 25, 2022
HR. 3 - Puppy Bowl Halftime Show - The Power Trip
Cory talks about Rocket League and the Metaverse, Marney and the crew share ideas for next year's Super Bowl Halftime Show and Initials Game 398 is played!
Feb 25, 2022
HR. 1 - #KFANHawkWalk Postwalk Report - The Power Trip
Chris Hawkey is back in studio after paying off this year's Charch Challenge! Hawk shares stories from the Mall of America, how he is doing now and how it compares to other punishments!
Feb 24, 2022
HR. 2 - Mall Crawl? - The Power Trip
Ben Leber joins the show and shares how his vacation went and his thoughts on the Hawk Walk, a Mall Crawl is purposed, and the bravery of journalists in Ukraine is analyzed.
Feb 24, 2022
HR. 3 - Dead Or Just Pale? - The Power Trip
Chris shares his thoughts on the Wild with Hawkey on Hockey, Cory argues for fewer MLB games in a season, and a children's show edition of A Much Better Title is played!
Feb 24, 2022
HR. 1 - 10 More Miles - The Power Trip
Hawk and Halvy are live from the Mall of America for one more day as Chris Hawkey gets set to finish the Hawk Walk, Hawk gives an update on the condition of his feet and Cory hosts a special edition of Duel of the Decades thanks to 7th Avenue Pizza!
Feb 23, 2022
HR. 2 - The Market Is Liquidated - The Power Trip
The guys share their favorite memories of Arthur in What Really Matters, Hawk does the news in bed, and Mark Rosen joins the fun and shares his thoughts on the latest Vikings News!
Feb 23, 2022
HR. 3 - Rosie In The Box! - The Power Trip
Cory Cove asks Zach Halverson to do something impossible, a lot of people think they are good at cooking according to one Headline, and Mark Rosen goes In The Box!
Feb 23, 2022
HR. 1 - Hawk Walk Intermission - The Power Trip
Hawkey shares his experience from Day 1 of the Hawk Walk, plus the guys debate the hotness of a man who recently ran over an old lady with his car.
Feb 22, 2022
HR. 2 - Unmentionable - The Power Trip
Hawkey tries to brainstorm a new plan of attack for Day 2 of the Hawk Walk, Rosie joins the show to discuss the latest Kirk Cousins trade rumors, and the return of Meatsauce robot!
Feb 22, 2022
HR. 3 - Uncle Peter - The Power Trip
More Hawk Walk talk, the guys discuss the anniversary of the Miracle on Ice, plus a news story about a 500 pound bear breaking into dozens of homes!
Feb 22, 2022
HR. 1 - The Hawk Walk - The Power Trip
The Power Trip is live from Mall of America for The Hawk Walk, Hawk shares his thoughts on the NBA Dunk Contest, and Halvy's knowledge of Diet Coke knows no bounds.
Feb 21, 2022
HR. 2 - The Frozen Penis Story - The Power Trip
Hawk gets an IV, a nurse shares some horror penis stories from prison, and a skier's penis froze!
Feb 21, 2022
HR. 3 - The Walk Begins - The Power Trip
Chris Hawkey begins the Charch Challenge payoff as he starts his 50 miles of walking in the Mall of America!
Feb 21, 2022
Vikings WR Adam Thielen Joins The Power Trip
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen joined The Power Trip Morning Show on Friday to share his thoughts on new Head Coach Kevin O'Connell!
Feb 18, 2022
HR. 1 - The Butterfly Effect - The Power Trip
The Power Trip's nominations in this year's Preposterous Statement Tourney are gone through, Cory talks about his obsession with the butterfly effect, Fleet Farm has everything and Hawk has the news!
Feb 18, 2022
HR. 2 - Character Arcs & Adam Thielen - The Power Trip
Halvy may have found his niche with doing the sports, the Meatsauce Robot is plugged back in and talks character arcs, Soprano reviews and more, St. Paul Federal Credit Union Jackpot winner Mike joins the show and Adam Theilen calls in to share his thoughts on the new coach!
Feb 18, 2022
HR. 3 - 1/13th 1/2 - The Power Trip
Dave Schwartz is in to talk about his new gig at the Wild as he says goodbye to KARE 11, Lil' B also swings by the studio and the two join Aj, Hawk and Parrish in Initials Game 397!
Feb 18, 2022
HR. 1 - Fearection - The Power Trip
Hawk argues that Excalibur is actually a great place and makes plans to stay there, pumpkins are talked about and immediately forgotten about, Hawk continues his slow trek through season 4 of Ozark and the guys watch a horrific shark attack video.
Feb 17, 2022
HR. 2 - Super Bowl Prop Bets Revealed! - The Power Trip
Zach Halverson screwed up the prop bets and finally reveals who would have won if the bet wasn't thrown out and Ben Leber talks about the new Vikings head coach and what went wrong with the old one.
Feb 17, 2022
HR. 3 - Dean Evason Press Conference - The Power Trip
Golf bets are made for this weekend's Genesis Invitational, a Power Trip Press Conference with Dean Evason, and A Much Better Title is played!
Feb 17, 2022
HR. 1 - Betception - The Power Trip
Cory, Sauce and Hawk try to figure out what to do after Halvy screws up the Super Bowl prop bet picks, and we have a three-way throw-down in Duel of the Decades with 1992, 2002, and 2012 competing for music supremacy!
Feb 16, 2022
HR. 2 - Cleaver Holster - The Power Trip
Marney Gellner joins the show and reacts to the red hot Minnesota Timberwolves and the controversy surrounding a D'Angelo Russell comment about the fans. Plus, Mark Parrish shares a similar story involving him back in his Islanders days!
Feb 16, 2022
HR. 3 - 23 & We - The Power Trip
The crew reacts to the news of Dave Schwartz's departure from KARE 11, Sauce reviews The Sopranos, and Nordo goes In The Box!
Feb 16, 2022
HR. 1 - SwitchBladeRage - The Power Trip
Cory only got hit on when he wasn't single, Hawk goes through some of his band names and where the ideas came from, and Brian Oake shares his thoughts on the music of the Super Bowl Halftime Show!
Feb 15, 2022
HR. 2 - 5 GGs - The Power Trip
Audio from the red-hot Minnesota Wild is played, Muss talks about the button, Hawk talks about how great Pam & Tommy is, and the odds to win next year's Super Bowl have been released!
Feb 15, 2022
HR. 3 - Hi-Ya - The Power Trip
Sauce shares his thoughts on the Kirk Cousins situation, more curling updates from Team Shuster and Co., and Fan Feud is played with Tommy Wiseau!
Feb 15, 2022
HR. 3 - IF THEY ARE FLAWLESS - The Power Trip Morning Show
Final hour of the show has funny news, hot sports takes and string in area that string doesn't belong in
Feb 14, 2022
HR.2 - 10 YEAR OLD COACH - The Power Trip Morning Show
The boys are joined by Max Fuller and Ben Leber to talk SB commercials, Vikings news and Hawk is distracted by the internet
Feb 14, 2022
HR. 1 - 2 PACK SHAKER - The Power Trip Morning Show
Cory, Hawk and Sauce talk about the Super Bowl, the halftime show and the new Vikings head coach
Feb 14, 2022
HR. 1 - Sauce In Pain - The Power Trip
Sauce is struggling with a neck injury and eventually makes an early exit, John Kriesel shares his thoughts on the latest Vikings hires, and Cory has What Really Matters!
Feb 11, 2022
HR. 2 - Cut - The Power Trip
A mayor sounds the alarm about the dangers of Ice Fishing and its connection to prostitution, Hawk raves about Skyline Chili and Marney Gellner buries Meatsauce!
Feb 11, 2022
HR. 3 - Thanks Kermit! - The Power Trip
Mr. Z calls in with the latest movie news, Marney Gellner shares her thoughts on the universal DH changes, and Maxx makes his Initials Game debut!
Feb 11, 2022
HR. 1 - Bridesmen - The Power Trip
Tommy Take talks about his bachelor party plans and gets some opinions on what colors to wear at his wedding, Cory and Hawk have a battle regarding Cory's distaste for going to Vikings games, and the guys try to figure out how to get the human body to sweat Gatorade!
Feb 10, 2022
HR. 2 - Hurts Horrible - The Power Trip
Sauce continues to suffer through his shoulder injury, PA stops by with a Theragun to try and help, and Ben Leber bets a lot of money on Maxx!
Feb 10, 2022
HR. 3 - Maxx Doesn't Listen - The Power Trip
Cory and Maxx talk about the new Batman movie, Maxx reveals some interesting Initials-related info and A Much Better Title is played!
Feb 10, 2022
HR. 1 - Gaardsy/Halvy Swap - The Power Trip
The guys talk Olympics including a story about an athlete rolling his car, the TV ratings being in the tank, and the best rock songs of Canada and Australia go head-to-head in this week's Duel of the Decades!
Feb 09, 2022
HR. 2 - Bad Habit - The Power Trip
Marney Gellner joins the show and talks about the red hot Wolves , more curling updates with Shuster & Company, Hawk talks about a media mogul looking to buy a NFL team, and a nun is arrested for stealing!
Feb 09, 2022
HR. 3 - Rosie's Two Cents - The Power Trip
Cory shares a dream of his, Marney has an incredible slice of pizza, the fall of Peloton, and Paul Fletcher goes In The Box!
Feb 09, 2022
HR. 1 - Harry & Them - The Power Trip
Zach Halverson recaps his weekend in Las Vegas, Hawk debuts a new segment with the help of Brian Oake, and Hawk and Cory have What Really Matters!
Feb 08, 2022
HR. 2 - That Came Out Wrong - The Power Trip
Halvy rates the guys on the morning show based on their hotness, Hawk has the news with the latest on the Kamara arrest, and the Mark Rosen and Maxx react to the Best Picture nominees in this year's Oscars!
Feb 08, 2022
HR. 3 - Tinder Swindler - The Power Trip
A guy took advantage of a lot of women by using Tinder and other dating apps, Corey has music news and more in Headlines, and the 15th edition of Fan Feud is played!
Feb 08, 2022
HR. 3 - Stwinkle - The Power Trip Morning Show
The Power Trip show does Headlines and debuts a new game with a working title.
Feb 07, 2022
HR. 2 - Penis ABs - The Power Trip Morning Show
The boys are joined by Ben Leber and Carly Zucker, they discuss Jason's latest injury, talk Vikings possible trades and free diving.
Feb 07, 2022
HR. 1 - Zach's All Star Report - The Power Trip Morning Show
Cory, Hawk, Sauce and Max breakdown the weekend, hear an awful update on the NHL All Star Game and look forward to the Big Game.
Feb 07, 2022
HR. 1 - Transient Anus - The Power Trip
John Kriesel says goodbye to his truck, Hawk is back after being out for a few days, and Halvy tries to pronounce the names of various countries!
Feb 04, 2022
HR. 2 - Playing A Role - The Power Trip
Marney Gellner and Aj Mansour join the fun, Cory talks changing positions, and Aj shares his thoughts on the Vikings coaching situation in Vikings News!
Feb 04, 2022
HR. 3 - Burger Ging - The Power Trip
Mr. Z calls in with movie news and Initials Game 395 is played!
Feb 04, 2022
HR. 1 - Goodbye My Lover - The Power Trip
Sauce is devastated as Harbaugh came close but received no cigar from the Wilfs as he went back to Michigan, Tommy Olson talks about his trip to New York, and Zach Halverson has the news!
Feb 03, 2022
HR. 2 - Harbaugh News Reaction w/ Ben Leber & Mark Rosen - The Power Trip
It was a wild Wednesday afternoon and evening in Vikings news. Ben Leber and Mark Rosen react to the craziness and what they expect from the new head coach of the Minnesota Vikings!
Feb 03, 2022
HR. 3 - A Digital Audio File Available For Automatic Download - The Power Trip
The guys try to perform well in front of their boss, Rosie talks about the red hot Minnesota Wild, Cory has Funny News, and A Much Better Title is played!
Feb 03, 2022
HR. 1 - Happy Birthday Parrish! - The Power Trip
The latest on the Vikings Head Coach search is discussed and Guns N' Roses, AC/DC and Foo Fighters go head-to-head-to-head in a three way throwdown on this week's Duel of the Decades!
Feb 02, 2022
HR. 2 - Rosie's Position - The Power Trip
Halvy fills in for Hawk on the news, Sauce breaks some more news, and Mark Rosen joins the show with the latest Vikings News!
Feb 02, 2022
HR. 3 - Parrish In The Box!
Marney Gellner breaks down the Wolves, Halvy hears a ghost and Mark Parrish goes In The Box!
Feb 02, 2022
HR. 1 - Cory Hole - The Power Trip
Muss shares a big announcement, Hawk adds some more gold to his book about Sauce, John Bonnes has the latest on the MLB/MLBPA negotiations, and the Pop Music Pop Quiz is played!
Feb 01, 2022
HR. 2 - Stop That Train - The Power Trip
The guys remember an AWOLNATION song, Hawk has a tragic story in KFAN News, and Mark Rosen and Muss discuss the latest head coach rumors in Vikings News!
Feb 01, 2022
HR. 3 - ButtHawk - The Power Trip
Riverboat and cruise ship casinos are discussed, Hawk ponders a horrific scenario, Cory shares the No. 1 song in the country right now, and Fan Feud is played!
Feb 01, 2022
HR. 1 - Near Elk River - The Power Trip
Sauce went up north this weekend and struggles to describe exactly where he was, Halvy talks about getting named Fan Of The Game at a UMD Men's Hockey game, and Tom Brady's retirement debacle is discussed!
Jan 31, 2022
HR. 2 - Freezin' Iguanas - The Power Trip
Ben Leber joins the show and shares his thoughts on the conference championship games and what to expect at the Super Bowl, and the latest on the Vikings coaching search!
Jan 31, 2022
HR. 3 - Meatsaber - The Power Trip
A man suffers an injury playing a VR game, the NFL on CBS Halftime Show ran into some issues in the AFC Championship Game, Funny News/Headlines returns and Gabe Henderson calls in!
Jan 31, 2022
HR. 1 - Tom Brady's Good Friend - The Power Trip
John Kriesel is getting a new leg, Chris Hawkey reviews a documentary recommended strongly by Sauce, Halvy talks O-rings and more from the Challenger disaster and Hawk has found something that really grinds his gears!
Jan 28, 2022
HR. 2 - Finding Bigfoot - The Power Trip
The search for Bigfoot continues as the guys go back in time and listen back to self-proclaimed Mountain Man Tim Peeler's sasquatch story and Gopher Men's Basketball Head Coach Ben Johnson makes a surprise appearance!
Jan 28, 2022
HR. 3 - John Morant - The Power Trip
Hawk and Parrish try to name the teams of the NBA All Star players and Ben Johnson plays in his second Initials Game!
Jan 28, 2022
HR. 1 - We Need A New Fridge! - The Power Trip
Something is rotting in the iHeartMedia fridge and Chris Hawkey gets to the bottom of it, Tommy reviews Point Break, and the guys react to the new Vikings GM!
Jan 27, 2022
HR. 2 - Tommy Take - The Power Trip
Cory talks about the analytics angle when it comes to sports, Tommy Olson issues a correction about a height measurement he shared earlier in the show, and Mark Rosen joins the show to react to the new Vikings GM hiring!
Jan 27, 2022
HR. 3 - RIP Mozart - The Power Trip
One of the longest Jeopardy! runs comes to an end, everyone guesses what year Mozart died in Headlines, and Cory has a brand name edition of What Really Matters!
Jan 27, 2022
HR. 1 - 16 Below - The Power Trip
Benny Mardones makes a triumphant and controversial return to The Power Trip and Hawk has a songwriters edition of Duel of the Decades with the help of Mark Parrish!
Jan 26, 2022
HR. 2 - Walk The Dinosaur - The Power Trip
The Hawk Walk is talked about as the time it takes for Hawk to finish and the amount of shopping he will do is speculated, Marney joins the show along with Mark Rosen and the best songs with Walk in the title are played!
Jan 26, 2022
HR. 3 - PA In The Box - The Power Trip
Cory shares a banger of a cover while the rest of the show guesses who the artists are behind it and PA goes In The Box!
Jan 26, 2022
HR. 1 - Grandmother Lovers - The Power Trip
Muss says goodbye to the Musstache, we have found a new Flossie Dickey, the debate on whether or not Sauce's Grandmother too another lover wages on, and Hawk debuts a brand new game!
Jan 25, 2022
HR. 2 - Breaking News - The Power Trip
John Bonnes shares the latest on the MLB/MLBPA negotiations as the start of the 2022 season hangs in the balance, the Excalibur is praised and slandered, the betting handle for 2022 is off to a record start and Sauce gets duped.
Jan 25, 2022
HR. 3 - Prank Fanline with Dot Com Tom - The Power Trip
The fallout from the Meatsauce prank continues with Tom Pelissero calling in to share his side of the story along with the latest on the ACTUAL Vikings GM/Coach hiring process and the 13th Edition of Fan Feud is played!
Jan 25, 2022
HR. 1 - Sauce In Green Bay - The Power Trip
The guys talk about the return of Ozark, the crazy NFL weekend, Maxx mourns the loss of his Titans and his dog apparently, Mike Grimm dies on the Breaking Bad sucks hill, and Sauce recaps his trip to Green Bay!
Jan 24, 2022
HR. 2 - Cory Connery - The Power Trip
Ben Leber talks about one of the best weekends of NFL football ever, Aaron Rodgers was very candid in his postgame presser, Carly Zucker shares her perspective on the Initials Game controversy,
Jan 24, 2022
HR. 3 - Blonde Chaperone - The Power Trip
Carly shares details from her trip to Vegas to celebrate Jason's birthday, Sauce got a compliment from a Green Bay Packers fan, and Gabe Henderson calls in and talks about meeting with Vikings ownership!
Jan 24, 2022
HR. 1 - Live From Hockey Day Minnesota - The Power Trip
The Power Trip broadcasts LIVE from Mankato!
Jan 21, 2022
HR. 2 - Live From Hockey Day Minnesota - The Power Trip
The Power Trip broadcasts LIVE from Mankato!
Jan 21, 2022
HR. 3 - Initials Game 393 Live From Hockey Day Minnesota - The Power Trip
Initials Game 393 is played at Hockey Day Minnesota in Mankato!
Jan 21, 2022
HR. 1 - No Rosie - The Power Trip
The guys discuss gas pump problems, Point Break, and more. Tommy Olson joins the show along with Maxx and Zach Halverson!
Jan 20, 2022
HR. 2 - Hawk's Drunken FaceTimes - The Power Trip
Hawk has the news, Abbott texts Sauce to tell him he's not doing a good job today, Patrick Mahomes' brother's antics are discussed,
Jan 20, 2022
HR. 3 - Yabbott - The Power Trip
Mark Rosen and Ben Leber talk about the latest in the Vikings Head Coach hiring situation, a viral video of a reporter getting hit by car, and Cory hosts a music edition of A Much Better Title!
Jan 20, 2022
HR. 1 - Get Well Soon, SJ! - The Power Trip
Chris Hawkey is back from a long weekend in the Florida Keys and he shares a tough story involving a very dear friend, White Bear Math rears its ugly head once again, and a special, three way edition of Duel of the Decades makes its debut!
Jan 19, 2022
HR. 2 - Ship Your Tooth - The Power Trip
Marney Gellner shares her thoughts on getting awarded Minnesota Sports Broadcaster of the year, Mark Parrish shares a story about how Audra Martin saved him from an embarrassing situation, and Mark Rosen reacts to a press conference controversy!
Jan 19, 2022
HR. 3 - Just The Beef - The Power Trip
The Friday morning on a Wednesday crew talk about where they're going to eat for dinner in Mankato on Thursday, Cory has Headlines and Sauce goes In The Box!
Jan 19, 2022
HR. 1 - Musstache - The Power Trip
Muss has a mustache, Cory has a beard, the Pop Music Pop Quiz is played and Sauce has What Really Matters!
Jan 18, 2022
HR. 2 - Work Alone - The Power Trip
Some changes to the State Fair were announced this week and State Fair lover Muss has some things to say about it, Cory suggests the company do something terrible that would wipe out most of the company, and Mark Rosen explains what is wrong with his face!
Jan 18, 2022
HR. 3 - Daddy - The Power Trip
Cory questions Gregg Swedberg's official decision on Friday's Progrum Password which may have helped cost Mark Rosen a victory, Sauce asks a space diamond question, and the guys talk about the addition of a Monday night game to Wild Card weekend!
Jan 18, 2022
HR 1. - Turn Down For What - The Power Trip
John Kriesel is in for a special Monday show since he can't join the show in Mankato on Friday, Halvy gets pulled over, Maxx shars some stories from the Wolves game, Mike Grimm hates Breaking Bad, and Sauce has What Really Matters!
Jan 17, 2022
HR. 2 - Great Podcast! - The Power Trip
Ben Leber joins the show, Zach Halverson has the news, Sauce and Nordo's picks didn't go to well this weekend, and the latest Vikings news is discussed with the help of Ben Leber!
Jan 17, 2022
HR. 3 - Minnetonka High School Cafeteria Fanline - The Power Trip
Ben Leber talks about the latest in the Vikings GM hiring situation, Maxx talks about his Wolves media experience and Cory has Headlines!
Jan 17, 2022
HR. 1 - Leash - The Power Trip
Sauce talks about Elizabeth Holmes and other fraudsters, John Kriesel talks about some of the people whose freedom he fought for, and Cory and Sauce have What Really Matters!
Jan 14, 2022
HR. 2 - The OG COVID - The Power Trip
Halvy fills in for Hawk on KFAN News and has stories about shark attacks and fake deaths, Elizabeth Ries talks about Hawk's chances to get the Twin Cities Live hosting role, and Audra Martin and Carly Zucker join in on the excitement before Vanitials!
Jan 14, 2022
HR. 3 - Vanitials 2.0 - The Power Trip
Marney Gellner, Carly Zucker, Lee Valsvik, Elizabeth Ries and Audra Martin participate in the second edition of Vanitials, an all-female edition of The Initials Game!
Jan 14, 2022
HR. 1 - Mummy Hands - The Power Trip
Hawk is on his way to Key West for the weekend and Cory, Sauce, Halvy and Maxx talk about the lineup for the festival he is going to see and Sauce shares a terrifying bathroom horror story!
Jan 13, 2022
HR. 2 - RIP Louie - The Power Trip
Ben Leber shares the heartbreaking story of how he lost his dog Louie and Mark Rosen joins for Vikings News/
Jan 13, 2022
HR. 3 - Sauce & Zach's Friend - The Power Trip
Marijuana and sports gambling legalization are discussed, the Grateful Dead was popular for multiple number one reasons, and A Much Better Title is played!
Jan 13, 2022
HR. 1 - Lil' B Is Fuming - The Power Trip
Barb "Lil' B" Neren is pissed that she didn't get asked to play Vanitials on Friday and the guys have the latest on the biggest controversies around the office and Mark Parrish joins the show for Duel of the Decades!
Jan 12, 2022
HR. 2 - Luscious Teets - The Power Trip
The guys talk about blood drive incentives, Mark Parrish and Marney Gellner join the rest of the crew in a debate on whether Kodak Black was actually getting busy or not in a suite at a Florida Panthers game, and Mark Rosen joins the fun!
Jan 12, 2022
HR 3. - Snoops Scoops - The Power Trip
Mark Rosen talks about talking to his kitty at home, the Power Trip looks back at the Daddy's Enjoying this origin, and Lil' B goes In The Box!
Jan 12, 2022
HR. 1 - Oval Mist - The Power Trip
Halvy has a ghost story, Hawk talks bowling, Sauce talks about his friends who are good at bowling, the Pop Music Pop Quiz returns along with What Really Matters!
Jan 11, 2022
HR. 2 - Sea Dragon - The Power Trip
Muss watches something Hawk told him to watch, there is a story about a pig heart being transplanted into a human in Hawk's news, Halvy goes to get food and Rosie talks bowling!
Jan 11, 2022
HR. 3 - Pupulemon - The Power Trip
Sauce shares a story about riding a horse, Sauce has to run to the bathroom, and the 12th edition of Fan Feud is played with sales guy Dylan!
Jan 11, 2022
HR. 1 - Fish On A Dock - The Power Trip
The guys remember Bob Saget, the end of Greg Coleman's career on the sidelines, they speculate on the news that would eventually break later, and Hawk watches an insane video and shares it with everyone!
Jan 10, 2022
HR. 2 - Baker Comes Out - The Power Trip
Ben Leber shares his thoughts on the Vikings win over the Bears, Carly Zucker is back in studio and Vikings FB C.J. Ham to share his perspective on the 2021 season!
Jan 10, 2022
HR. 3 - The Vikings Fire Spielman & Zimmer - The Power Trip
The news breaks during the show that the Vikings have fired GM Rick Spielman and Head Coach Mike Zimmer. Ben Leber reacts to the news and Gabe Henderson calls in from TCO Performance Center to share his thoughts!
Jan 10, 2022
HR. 1 - Tracy Bonham Fanline - The Power Trip
Hawk figures out his ticket situation for next week's trip to Key West and he is now more excited than ever for it, Zach Halverson shares his thoughts on the Kaprizov injury, and the latest Antonio Brown drama is discussed!
Jan 07, 2022
HR. 2 - Kriesel vs. Bilzerian - The Power Trip
Mark Parrish reacts to the Kaprizov injury and the circumstances that lead to it, a Minnesota athlete is playing Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, and Vikings WR Adam Thielen joins the show for one final time this season!
Jan 07, 2022
HR. 3 - Shelton Twain - The Power Trip
Mr. Z calls in to talk movies, Hawk talks concerts and more, and Initials Game 391 is played!
Jan 07, 2022
HR. 1 - My One Breast - The Power Trip
Tommy Olson talks about his trip to Florida and the pictures they took, Hawk finds a video from his senior year of high school. and Zach Halverson celebrates his birthday in style!
Jan 06, 2022
HR. 2 - Mediately - The Power Trip
Hawk asks Tommy, Maxx and Halvy recall some of the things they did and saw as teenagers, Cory has Headlines, the guys talk retirement and more!
Jan 06, 2022
HR. 3 - Mike Zimmer Press Conference Season Finale - The Power Trip
Golf betting returns with the Power Trip cast picking the winner of the Sentry Tournament of Champions, one final Mike Zimmer Press Conference for the season and possibly forever, and A Much Better Title is played!
Jan 06, 2022
HR. 1 - Fart Attack - The Power Trip
The eyes of the world are upon the Power Trip as the guys offer wall-to-wall coverage of the biggest news story of the day and Duel of the Decades returns with the best female-led songs of the 1990s and 2000s!
Jan 05, 2022
HR. 2 - Meatless Tacos - The Power Trip
Marney Gellner joins the fun and shares her thoughts on the big story of the day, Hawk shares a story about what Thomas Rhett did for a young fan battling cancer, meatless chicken is discussed and Mark Rosen is here!
Jan 05, 2022
HR. 3 - Marney's Bleep - The Power Trip
The film Napoleon Dyanamite is talked about and Rosie talks about Tots, Cory has Headlines featuring a tribute to Betty White and Gophers VOX Mike Grimm goes In The Box!
Jan 05, 2022
HR. 1 - Muss' Tesla Story - The Power Trip
Muss shares a story about getting caught doing something unique, Brianne joins the show for the Pop Music Pop Quiz, and Hawk cries for help!
Jan 04, 2022
HR. 2 - Jump The Shark - The Power Trip
Hawk talks about Yellowstone and tries not to spoil scenes for Sauce that Sauce has already seen, there is a terrible story about a drunk bus driver in KFAN News, and Mark Rosen gets his chance to react to the Vikings season coming to an end.
Jan 04, 2022