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 Sep 4, 2021
a thoughtful approach to the issues that we face in life today

 May 20, 2021

 Jan 4, 2021

 Dec 23, 2020

 Jan 28, 2020


Helping you answer Progressive Christianity and skeptical claims against the gospel from a biblical worldview

Episode Date
#200 When a Best-Selling Book Makes You a Slave to Your Passions, with Melissa Dougherty

Untamed is a very popular (and trendy) book written by Glennon Doyle that has enchanted millions of people. Published in 2020, it's a memoir of Glennon Doyle. One reviewer describes the book in this way: "This testament to female empowerment and self-love, with an endearing coming-out story at the center, will delight readers." The scary patriarchy. Radical feminism. White supremacy. Oppressed by religion. Not to mention the Progressive/New Age spirituality scattered throughout the book. With a book so relevant and popular, not just culturally but spiritually, I had to invite my friend Melissa Dougherty to chime in with her thoughts as we discuss this influential work.


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May 21, 2023
#199 Safe Spaces and the Coddling of American Students, with Dr. Everett Piper

When any culture starts calling good evil and evil good, Truth is the only rebellion left, says Dr. Everett Piper who served as president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University for 17 years. Dr. Piper joins the podcast to discuss how American colleges have gone from places that teach and challenge students, to facilities that coddle them and leave them fragile and easily offended. He talks about the radical departure from truth our culture has taken, and how Christians can speak up with courage and conviction. 


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May 14, 2023
#198 12 Points that Demonstrate Christianity is True, with David Geisler

David Geisler joins the podcast to help equip us to make the 12 point case for Christianity. We also discuss the difference between faith and reason, and how they interact. Can you demonstrate the truth of these 12 points?

1. Truth about reality is knowable.

2. Opposites cannot both be true.

3. It is true that a theistic God exists.

4. Since God exists, miracles are possible.

5. Miracles can be used to confirm a message from God.

6. The New Testament is historically reliable.

7. In the New Testament Jesus claimed to be God.

8. Jesus proved to be God.

9. Therefore Jesus is God.

10. Since Jesus is God, whatever He teaches is true.

11. Jesus taught that the Bible is the Word of God.

12. Therefore, the Bible is the Word of God and anything opposed it is false.

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May 07, 2023
#197 Kenneth Copeland and Richard Rohr: Two sides of the same coin? With Andreas Wiget

Does the prosperity preacher Kenneth Copeland have similar beliefs as progressive Friar Richard Rohr? My guest Andreas Wiget, who studies the theology of Copeland joins the podcast today to trace the commonalities, starting with their teachings on Creation, the Fall, and the Bible.


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Apr 30, 2023
#196 When to Leave: An Early Emergent Church Leader Speaks Out, with Dan Kimball

Dan Kimball was an integral and successful leader of the early stages of the Emergent Church which would blossom into what we know today as progressive Christianity. Dan shares his story of what made him leave the movement, and offers time-tested wisdom on how to recognize heresy, how to confront it, and when it’s time to leave.


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Cultivating Leaders Who Follow Jesus

Do you know a next-generation leader, who has incredible influence potential and wants to grow in their faith? Learn more about Impact 360 Institute's 9 month gap year, one and two-week summer experiences for high-schoolers and their graduate Residency by visiting

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Apr 23, 2023
#195 Resisting Propaganda: The Weaponization of Language and How Christians Can Stand, with Dr. Erwin Lutzer

There is no topic Dr. Erwin Lutzer is afraid to discuss, and no issue too taboo. In today’s episode, we talk about pronouns, propaganda of language, rapid-onset gender dysphoria, and we even discuss social justice as it manifests as “food justice” in the bread industry. Don’t miss this one!


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Apr 16, 2023
#194 Is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit a Core Essential Doctrine? With JR Miller

How do we tell the difference between core essential doctrines and secondary issues? Is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit an essential? If so, how can brothers and sisters who hold various views on the continuation of the gifts of the Spirit maintain unity in Christ? JR Miller joins the podcast to talk about his book, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: Spirit Baptism & Christian Unity, and the nature of unity, core essentials, and heresy. 


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Cultivating Leaders Who Follow Jesus

Do you know a next-generation leader, who has incredible influence potential and wants to grow in their faith? Learn more about Impact 360 Institute's 9 month gap year, one and two-week summer experiences for high-schoolers and their graduate Residency by visiting 

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Apr 09, 2023
#193 How Cultural Confusion About Our Bodies Has Led to Moral Chaos, with Nancy Pearcey

Nancy Pearcey joins the show LIVE to talk about how important it is for Christians to have a biblical understanding of the body. As humans, we are a unity of body and soul and when we get that wrong, we degrade the body which leads to all manner of moral confusion. Join us for a great discussion where Nancy will take your questions live!


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Apr 03, 2023
#192 Escaping Legalism and Cult-like Teachings, with Jinger Duggar Vuolo

Jinger Duggar Vuolo grew up in the spotlight on the popular television show, "19 Kids and Counting." As she grew into adulthood, she began to question the strict, legalistic, and cult-like teachings of Bill Gothard in which her family was steeped. Instead of deconstructing her faith, Jinger took the difficult path of untangling truth from false teaching, and faith from fear. She joins the podcast to share her story and some encouraging advice for others who might be questioning and recovering from false and harmful teachings. Melissa Dougherty joins as co-host!


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Cultivating Leaders Who Follow Jesus

Do you know a next-generation leader, who has incredible influence potential and wants to grow in their faith? Learn more about Impact 360 Institute's 9 month gap year, one and two-week summer experiences for high-schoolers and their graduate Residency by visiting


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Mar 26, 2023
#191 5 Tips to Deception-proof Your Kids, with Elizabeth Urbanowicz

This post-Christian and chaotic culture has left many parents wondering how they can equip their kids to think clearly, critically, and biblically. Elizabeth Urbanowicz from Foundation Worldview joins the podcast to give parents some really simple and practical tips!

Plus, Elizabeth is offering a great discount for us on her phenomenal curriculum. Go to and use the code, ALISA for 10% of any family license.

Mar 19, 2023
#190 Is Biblical Faith a Blind Leap in the Dark? with Shane Rosenthal

Faith is one of the most misunderstood concepts in Christianity. Some think it's a blind leap in the dark with no evidence to back it up. Others think it's a force you wield in order to manifest certain realities. Still others think it's the opposite of doubt, and something that only exists with absolute certainty. The "Humble Skeptic" Shane Rosenthal joins the podcast to bust some myths about faith! Check out Shane's free resource, "What is Faith?"

Mar 12, 2023
#189 Let's Talk About Jesus Revolution

Many of you have asked my opinion about the popular movie, Jesus Revolution. In today’s episode, I will broadcast live with my honest review. I’ll share some things I loved, some things I wished would have been different, and one thing I hated about the film. I will also play a conversation I recorded with my Dad earlier this week where I ask him what he thought. Since the film is about the time and place in which he got saved, and an actor even plays him in the movie, I thought it would be fun to ask him what he thought they got right, and what was added for artistic license. Then I’ll come back live to take any questions you might have!

Mar 06, 2023
#188 Jesus Saved Her out of Wicca, with Amy Davison

Amy Davison from Mama Bear Apologetics joins the podcast to share her story of being saved out of the Wiccan religion. She explains the basic beliefs of Wicca, and offers insights as to why this worldview is growing in popularity, especially among the younger generation. 

Feb 26, 2023
#187 Is Hell a Real Place or the Consequences of Our Bad Choices? with Joshua Ryan Butler

Joshua Ryan Butler joins the podcast to talk about the reality of hell and the goodness of God’s wrath. We discuss some common misconceptions about hell and respond to a deconstruction TikTok that claims hell is a product of Hebrew, Greek and Norse mythology and was coopted by the church to control people with fear. Watch for Josh’s response! 

Feb 19, 2023
#186 Further Reflections on Asbury 

By now, it seems everyone is talking about what is happening at Asbury University. Some are asking, “Is this a real revival or a counterfeit one?” Others are asking, “Is this the Spirit or just emotionalism?” Today’s episode is the audio from a livestream I did on Instagram in which I offer what I think is a better question. I also took some questions live, and interacted with some criticism of my position.

Feb 16, 2023
#185 I Went to the Asbury Revival and Here’s What I Saw

On Feb. 8th, 2023, students of Asbury University in Kentucky gathered for their Wednesday chapel service. At the end of the service, the altar was flooded with over 100 students and the service has continued without concluding for days. Since Wednesday, people have come from all over the country to observe and even participate in what is gong on at Asbury. This has gone viral on social media with many people affirming that it’s a revival, testifying from personal experience that it’s genuine, legitimate, and from God. Others are skeptical saying that it’s experience-driven emotionalism. I was able to attend the service around 8am on Sunday morning, and I went away with some positive takeaways but also some serious concerns.

Feb 14, 2023
#184 Is Christian Nationalism a Biblical Position? With Neil Shenvi

In our second conversation about Christian Nationalism, Neil Shenvi joins Alisa, along with co-host Krista Bontrager to discuss this phrase we see everywhere. In this podcast, we define terms, and discuss Christian Nationalism from a biblical perspective. In this episode, we specifically address new developments in the Christian Nationalism conversation, and discuss the new book, “The Case For Christian Nationalism,” by Stephen Wolfe. 

Feb 12, 2023
#183 Do You Have to Believe in the Bodily Resurrection of Jesus to be a Christian? with Jeremiah Johnston

The resurrection of Jesus is one of the bedrock beliefs of Christianity, but does one have to believe that Jesus' resurrection was physical in order to be saved? Dr. Jeremiah Johnston returns to the podcast to discuss the evidence for the bodily resurrection. He also shares a brand new argument for the resurrection that will be published in his brand new book, Body of Proof: The 7 Best Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus - and Why It Matters Today

Feb 05, 2023
#182 Top 5 Archaeological Finds That Affirm the Bible, with Dr. Scott Stripling

Throughout the years, skeptics have claimed that the Bible got certain historical figures, places, and people groups wrong. Over and over again, archaeological finds have proven them wrong. Today, we are discussing the top 5 archaeological artifacts that disrupted the skeptical narratives, and affirmed certain people, places, and events in Scripture.

Jan 29, 2023
#181 Is God Different in the Old Testament Than He is in the New?

Some seem to think the God we read about in the Old Testament behaves differently than he does in the New. Today we are asking the question, is God a vindictive bully as famous atheist Richard Dawkins has stated? In todays epsiode, Dr. Paul Copan joins the podcast to talk through difficult Old Testament passages such as 2 Kings 2:23-35 where 42 young men are mauled by bears after calling Elisha “Baldhead.” We also touch on the Canaanite Conquest, and the Old Testament law codes concerning rape and adultery.

Jan 22, 2023
#180 Scholars Respond to Bad Bible Memes and TikToks

There is a lot of false information about the Bible out there! In the first episode of the year, Old Testament scholar Dr. John Meade and New Testament scholar Dr. Peter Gurry join the show for a fun livestream in which they react to bad memes and TikToks about the Bible. They will also take your questions live. If you have any questions about what the Bible is and how we got it, this is the episode for you!

Jan 08, 2023
#179 2 Big Announcements + Christmas Q&A!

In this special live Christmas episode, Alisa teamed up with Natasha Crain to announce two new endeavors they’ve been planning for the past several months. Don’t miss their exciting announcements and live Q&A!

Dec 12, 2022
#178 Responding to woke culture: Is critical race theory a real threat? with Dr. Doug Groothuis

A dangerous and revolutionary philosophy is responsible for the street fires in America. It fuels the actions of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and invades curricula in public schools and in our military. It is in our churches. You have heard the phrase “white privilege,” the need for “safe spaces” on campuses, and perhaps the tongue-twister “intersectionality.” Behind all of these is an ideology called critical theory, which is a form of cultural Marxism that divides society into the oppressed and the oppressors. It claims that America is “systemically racist” and founded on slavery. It believes that the voices of the minorities should trump the perspective of the dominant (and oppressing) culture. Dr. Doug Groothuis joins me to discuss this topic on today's podcast. 

Nov 20, 2022
#177 Bethel Redding & Modern Apostles: A Biblical Analysis

Holly Pivec and Dr. Doug Geivett join the podcast to talk about their provocative new book outlining the teachings of Bethel Redding, the existence of the New Apostolic Reformation movement, and the influence the movement has on the broader church through its wildly popular worship music. In this episode, Alisa publicly changes her position on singing Bethel songs in church.

Nov 13, 2022
#176 Two Encouraging Stories in a Culture of Deconstruction

In a social media landscape filled with deconstruction stories, here are two encouraging stories of people coming to faith in Christ. Michael Ray Lewis was an atheist who came to faith in Christ after investigating the evidence. He’s now making a documentary about it! Eliza did not grow up Christian, but heard the gospel after a campus ministry reached out to her. Listen as they share their faith journeys.

Nov 06, 2022
#175: Case Study: What are the Common Values that Unite Progressive Christians? With Natasha Crain

Natasha Crain joins the podcast today to discuss some common values and beliefs that unite progressive Christians. We use the popular book, If God is Love, Don’t be a Jerk, by John Pavlovitz, a progressive Christian blogger, author, and speaker. This episode is not a book review, but rather, a case study in popular ways progressive Christians define words, identify their key beliefs, and live out their values. We walk through how to apply critical thinking and biblical truth to respond to these ideas. 

Oct 30, 2022
#174 Sharing THE truth when truth is considered hate speech, with Dr. Jeff Myers 

Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries joins the podcast to talk about his new book, Truth Changes Everything. He shares examples of how quirky and determined Christian figures throughout history led the way in human dignity, science, art, medicine, education, politics, justice, and even the idea of meaningful work. He also discusses practical examples of how to engage a post-truth culture with the truth of the gospel. 

Oct 23, 2022
#173 Why Isn't God More Obvious? with Dr. Travis Dickinson

In this special LIVE episode of The Alisa Childers Podcast, Dr. Travis Dickinson, Professor of Philosophy at Dallas Baptist University, joined us for another installment of our ask the Professor series. We covered questions such as: Why isn’t God more Obvious? Why did God kill David’s son when the Old Testament says children aren’t to be punished for the sins of their fathers? What does it mean to say Jesus is the word? How can I overcome the existential fear of living forever? What are some good resources to study the cultural background of the Bible? If Jesus is God, why does the Bible say he didn’t know the date of his return? 

Oct 17, 2022
# 172 Survey Says The Average American Christian Believes Bad Theology, with Dr. Jeremiah Johnston

A recent study concluded that many Evangelical Christians hold some pretty unbiblical beliefs. About half believe that God changes, half believe that God accepts worship from other religions, and over half believe that humans are born innocent. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston joins the podcast today to unpack these beliefs and several more, including Evangelical beliefs about church membership, the nature of Jesus, sexuality, and the Bible. We talk through what Americans actually believe, how these beliefs affect the gospel, and then we talk through some key Scriptures. Plus, Dr. Johnston gives us an update on the curse tablet found at Mt. Ebal!

Oct 09, 2022
#171 How To Take Care of Yourself Without Falling Into the Trap of “Self-Care”

Author Rachel Norman joins me to talk about how Christians can have a biblical and balanced view of putting others first while taking care of ourselves. Should we just practice more “self-care” and put our happiness first? Or should Christians take care of themselves so that they have the energy to help others?  Rachel has a popular blog for Christian moms but has so much wisdom to offer Christians in general. Her new book, If Mama Ain’t Happy comes out Oct. 18th.

Oct 02, 2022
#170 The Amazing Story of How We Got the Bible, with Dr. John Mead and Dr. Peter Gurry

From the invention of writing to the canon of the Old and New Testaments, the best-selling book of all time, the Bible, has a very interesting history. Who were the scribes who copied the manuscripts? How many manuscripts do we have? When was the Bible canonized? What are some misunderstandings people have about how we got the Bible? Today, Dr. John Mead and Dr. Peter Gurry of the Text and Canon Institute at Phoenix seminary join the podcast to share the amazing story of how we got the Bible and dispel some common rumors. 

Sep 18, 2022
#169 Masculinity and Femininity: Social Constructs or God’s Design? With Kyle Thompson

Kyle Thompson from the Undaunted Life Podcast joins to talk about the concepts of masculinity and femininity. Are manhood and womanhood simply social constructs or are there innate differences between men and women that are God-ordained and good? Kyle discusses pornography, abortion, modern feminism, toxic masculinity, gender roles, and much more!

Sep 11, 2022
#168 What are the Earliest Creeds in Christian History? With Gary Habermas

This is the episode I’ve wanted to record since starting my podcast in 2017! When we talk about “historic Christianity,” what do we mean? Was early Christianity so theologically diverse that we can’t know what the earliest Christians believed? Historian and New Testament scholar Dr. Gary Habermas joins me to talk about the earliest Christian creeds that predate the New Testament by decades. We discuss the gospel as understood in the first century, as well as the deity of Jesus’ being affirmed by the earliest followers of Christ. 

Aug 28, 2022
#167 Relativism: The Worst Belief Ever, with Greg Koukl

Greg Koukl joins the podcast live from the Cross Examined Instructor Academy to talk about Postmodernism, Relativism, and subjective truth claims. Greg explains how Relativism fails to explain reality, refutes itself, and wrecks lives. Living lives firmly planted on the truth of God's Word comes with a cost in today's culture, but will ultimately set us free. 

Aug 21, 2022
#166 Do we Have Actual Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus? With Gary Habermas

Christianity stands or falls based on the resurrection of Jesus being a real event in history. The Apostle Paul said that if Christ has not been raised, our faith is in vain. But 2,000 years later, do we have actual evidence for this event or is it something Christians simply have to take on faith? Historian and New Testament scholar Dr. Gary Habermas is considered one of the foremost scholars on the resurrection of Jesus and he joins me to talk about the facts surrounding the resurrection that virtually all scholars, from the most liberal to the most conservative, agree on. He shares his “minimal facts” approach, and gives every Christian practical ways to share this evidence with their friends. 

Aug 14, 2022
#165 A Near Apostate Keeps the Faith through Church Hurt, Doubt and Addiction with Bobby Conway

After years of partying, Bobby Conway got saved at a Greg Laurie crusade as a teenager. From there, he became an evangelist, telling virtually everyone he would meet about Jesus. After becoming a Pastor and pioneering a successful apologetics YouTube channel, he went through a dark time of doubt, only to end up in an alcohol relapse that would threaten his family and ministry. In today's episode, Bobby shares the intimate journey that led him to almost leave the faith, and the reasons he would not end up as another deconstruction story and could not turn his back on the Jesus who saved him.

Aug 07, 2022
#164 The Inspiring Story of one of the Most Prolific and Influential Scholars of our Time.

Norm Geisler is one of the most prolific and influential scholars and apologists of our time. He went from not being able to read until he was seventeen years old to earning a PhD in Philosophy and founding two Seminaries. He authored, co-authored, or edited over 90 books, debated countless atheists, and became a force for defending the Christian worldview. He was also one of the most influential thinkers in my own life. In this special episode, I interview his son, David Geisler about the new documentary on Norm's life that showcases the heart, mind, and dedication of this fascinating man.

Jul 31, 2022
#163 Is it Too Late to Give my Kids a Biblical Worldview? With Brett & Erin Kunkle

Many Christian parents feel overwhelmed by the constant messages of our culture which are telling our kids to follow their hearts, live their truth, and redefine sexuality and gender. In this episode, I’m joined by Brett and Erin Kunkle of Maven Ministries to help equip parents to train up their kids with a Christian worldview. They give practical tips on what to do if you feel like you’ve already blown it and it’s too late to start passing on the faith to your children. They also answer a question from a mom who brought her kids up in progressive Christianity but has now repented and trusted in Jesus as her Savior. How can she begin to undo the false ideas she taught her kids now that they are teenagers? Brett and Erin’s answer is so encouraging and will be such a blessing to every Christian parent who feels like they’ve it might be too late to begin laying a foundation of truth in their homes. 

Jul 24, 2022
#162 Should Christians Rethink Original Sin? With Clay Jones

#162 Should Christians Rethink Original Sin? With Clay Jones by Alisa Childers

Jul 17, 2022
#161 How to Think Theologically About Everything! With Phylicia Masonheimer

What we think about God affects what we think about everything else. Phylicia Masonheimer joins me to discuss how theology informs how we think about everything from politics to sex to sin struggles.

Jul 10, 2022
#160 Does Complementarianism lead to Abuse? With Dianna Williams

Beth Allison Barr's book "The Making of Biblical Womanhood" has become a best-seller in Christian circles and argues that complementarianism is linked with abuse. I invited my friend Dianna Williams from Southern Evangelical Seminary to review the book and talk about the difference between complementarianism and egalitarianism, and to share some agreements and disagreements with this popular book.

Jul 03, 2022
#159 New Archaeological Discovery Challenges Bible Skeptics - with Jeremiah Johnston

In 2019, an ancient curse tablet was found by archaeologists in Israel that is likely at least 3,200 years old. Scholars believe it may show the earliest Hebrew name for God. This calls into question the Documentary Hypothesis, which speculates that the first five books of the Bible were not written by Moses, but by various editors and authors. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston joins me to talk about what he thinks is the archaeological find of our lifetime.

Jun 26, 2022
# 158 Does the Bible Condone Slavery (and Other Moral Evils?) with Dr. H.C. Felder

On todays episode, I am joined by Dr. H.C. Felder, author of The African American’s Guide to the Bible, to discuss these questions and other hot-button topics as they relate to race and Christianity.

Jun 19, 2022
#157 What's wrong with youth ministry and what can we do about it? with Greg Stier

Jun 12, 2022
#156: The Old Testament: Reliable history or a book of myths? With Kristen Davis

Can we trust the Old Testament? Is it an accurate record of history or simply a book written by people trying to understand God from their cultural perspectives? Kristen Davis joins me to talk about the reliability of the Old Testament, its archaeological support and historical accuracy. 

Jun 05, 2022
#155 Are pro-life Christians really just pro-birth? With Ginna Cross

Do Christians care about women? Do pro-lifers only care about making sure babies get born? Ginna Cross is a nurse sonographer and the Executive Director of 2 Pregnancy Medical Clinics in SE Wisconsin. Ginna and her husband Steve are the parents of 5 children and are licensed foster parents. They are passionate about caring for the most vulnerable and bringing the Kingdom of God to a broken and desperate world. If you have any questions about the pro-life position, join us for this special Q&A. Questions from all points of view are welcome!

May 30, 2022
#154 Do Pro-Lifers Care About Women? John Cooper and Ginna Cross

Have you ever shared your pro-life view, only to be told something like: "pro-lifers are really just pro-birth!" Or "pro-lifers don't care about women, they just want to keep them from aborting their babies." Or "Christians don't care what happens to babies after they are born!"

Recently, on the Cooper Stuff podcast, John Cooper interviewed Ginna Cross, the director of a pregnancy resource center in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She addressed these misconceptions with hard facts and data. I was so blown away by the insightful discussion that I reached out to John to ask if I could publish the episode to my podcast and he graciously gave permission.

May 22, 2022
#153 Can we use Ironman and Star Wars to start gospel conversations? With Frank Turek

Is it possible to start with Wonder Woman and end with the gospel? My guest, Frank Turek says yes— popular superhero movies point to the real superhero, Jesus. Frank and I had a fun conversation about his new book, Hollywood Heroes, and how popular movies can help start gospel conversations. 

May 15, 2022
#152 Answering the top 6 objections to pro-life arguments, With Scott Klusendorf

How do we engage pro-abortion arguments? How can Christians interact with pro-choice advocates on social media? Pro-life apologetics expert Scott Klusendorf joins me to answer the 6 most common objections to pro-life arguments. 

May 08, 2022
#151 Should Christians get involved with politics? with Os Guinness

In the second video of our 2 part series on politics, Os Guinness talks about how having a biblical worldview should make Christians actively engaged in politics. 

May 01, 2022
#150 How Should Christians Think About and Engage with Politics? with Jeff Myers

Should Christians get involved in politics? In the first of a two-part series, Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries joins me to talk about how Christians should think biblically about public policy. 

Apr 24, 2022
#149 Biblical Sexuality: Will We Find Freedom in Christ or in Our Feelings? with Rosaria Butterfield

Over twenty years ago, Rosaria Butterfield was a tenured professor of English literature and women's studies at Syracuse University. Her primary academic field was critical theory specializing in queer theory. She lobbied for LGBT aims alongside her lesbian partner until she encountered Christ in what she described as a "train wreck" in 1999. She joins me on the podcast to share her razor sharp insights when it comes to biblical sexuality, identity, and repentance. Her academic background with a historical focus on 19th century literature informed my Marx, Darwin, and Freud has given her a unique understanding of how our culture has been influenced by these historical figures when it comes to sexuality and identity.

Apr 18, 2022
#148 Side B Christianity and the Revoice Conference, with Christopher Yuan

In the first installment of our 2 part series on biblical sexuality, Christopher Yuan joins me to talk about the controversy surrounding Side A Christianity vs. Side B Christianity, the Revoice Conference.

Apr 10, 2022
#147 Why He Doesn't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, with Frank Turek

Frank Turek, author of the popular book, I Don\'t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist joined me via YouTube livestream to talk about the book, and take reader questions.

Apr 03, 2022
#146 Will Everyone be Saved? Top Scholar Weighs in on the History and Doctrine of Universalism

Is Universalism the opiate of the Theologians? Dr. Michael McClymond has written a two volume work on the history of Universalism and joins me to talk about why he believes this doctrine fails from a historical, theological, and philosophical perspective.

Mar 27, 2022
#145 The Problem of Evil and how Progressives Fail to Give a Meaningful Answer, w/ Doug Groothuis

Is it possible to find meaning in suffering? This was a question philosopher Doug Groothuis had to grapple with not just from an intellectual standpoint as a seminary professor and author of a respected apologetics textbook. He had to wrestle through this question emotionally when his wife Becky was diagnosed with a rare form of dementia that would take her life. His insights are powerful and profound and ultimately put the goodness and sovereignty of God on display.

Mar 20, 2022
#144 What Christians can learn from the Jim Jones / Jonestown Massacre, with Cultish

On November 18th, 1978, where over 900 men, women, and children were poisoned in a mass murder/suicide in South America under the prompting of cult leader Jim Jones. Jeremiah Roberts and Andrew Soncrant of the Cultish podcast join me to reveal some facts about Jonestown you may not have heard before, and talk about why Christians need to be aware of cults, and what we can learn from Jonestown. 

Mar 13, 2022
#143 Is Orange Children’s Curriculum Going Progressive?

When a National Kid's Ministry Starts Promoting Progressive Ideas The Orange Curriculum is a leading voice in shaping the emerging generation. Its Sunday school curriculum has been adopted by thousands of churches. In the first hour, we explain the framework and teaching philosophy behind the Orange curriculum. In the second hour, we read through the recent announcement of the theme of the 2022 annual conference. We wonder whether it might be revealing a more overt creep of Progressive Christianity into Orange. The leaders of three major apologetics ministries respond. Featuring Alisa Childers, Natasha Crain, Monique Duson, and Krista Bontrager

Mar 10, 2022
#142 Why I Will Not See the Movie Redeeming Love - Final Thoughts

The internet is buzzing about the new movie, Redeeming Love, which is based on the biblical book of Hosea. Due to the steamy scenes in the movie, many Christians are asking whether or not Christians should watch sex scenes if they are necessary to the story, or point to redemption. I have not read the book or watched the movie, so this video is not meant to be a critique of those works. However, when it comes to the question of the redemptive value of sex scenes, watch to see why I think many Christians are missing the point when it comes to Redeeming Love. 

Mar 06, 2022
#141 How Secularism is Quickly Becoming a New Religion, with Natasha Crain

It seems everyone is looking for answers to many of the problems we are facing. Natasha Crain has just written an important book warning Christians that many of the cultural solutions are promoting secular, rather than biblical ideas. She demonstrates how secularism is not neutral, but religious in nature, with the worship of God being exchanged for the worship of self. How can Christians live faithfully different in today's culture? 

Feb 28, 2022
#140 How to Help Christian Youth with Their Biggest Faith Challenges, with Jeff Myers

Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries joins me to talk about the biggest faith challenges American youth are facing. We talk about the importance of asking good questions, and talk through the intellectual, cultural, emotional, and theological obstacles that often stand in the way of faith.

Feb 20, 2022
#139 Is Deconstruction a New Cultural Religion? with Tim Barnett

Is deconstruction a word to describe experiencing doubt or an insidious movement bent on deconverting evangelical Christians? Tim Barnett of Red Pen Logic joins me to discuss the new book we are writing about the phenomenon of deconstruction. We answer questions like, did Martin Luther deconstruct from the Catholic Church? Was Jesus encouraging deconstruction when he said things like, "You've heard it said...but I say..."? We also discuss the comments of John Cooper (of Skillet) identifying "the deconstruction Christian movement" as a false religion.

Feb 13, 2022
#138 Is Christian Nationalism a Real Problem or an Overblown Strawman? with Neil Shenvi

Christian Nationalism is a phrase we see everywhere, but what exactly does it mean? Neil Shenvi joins me to define terms, and discuss Christian Nationalism from a biblical perspective. He also shares his review of the book, "Taking America Back for God," which is an analysis of Christian Nationalism in America. 

Feb 06, 2022
#137 Everything You Need to Know About the Evangelical Deconstruction Project, with Neil Shenvi

What do books like "Jesus and John Wayne, The Making of Biblical Womanhood, The Color of Compromise, After Evangelicalism, and White too Long have in common? Neil Shenvi breaks down how the goal of these books is to deconstruct common evangelical understandings of Christianity and the gospel. 

Jan 30, 2022
#136 How Christians Can Stand in the Storm of a Culture of Fear, with John Cooper

John Cooper joins me to talk about how Christians can stand strong in a culture of fear, intimidation, and deceit. 

Jan 24, 2022
#135 Is Genesis Compatible with Evolution? with J.R. Miller

Can a historical Adam and Eve be reconciled with Theistic Evolution? Are the first 11 chapters of Genesis a type of "mytho-history?" A new book by William Lane Craig is igniting debate among Evangelicals as to the nature and relevance of this biblical couple. My friend and Adam and Eve expert, J.R. Miller joins me to share his review along with some questions and concerns he has about this controversial book.

Jan 16, 2022
#134 Want to understand what the Bible says about hell? Read about heaven! with Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel joins me on the first podcast of the year to talk about how understanding heaven will help us make sense of hell. What are some misconceptions we have about hell? Is there evidence for the supernatural realm? Can near death experiences confirm the existence of the soul? 

Jan 10, 2022
#133 Debunking Christmas Myths + Q&A

Join me on my last livestream of 2021 as I debunk Christmas myths and answer all your burning questions! Tune in for ministry updates and sneak peeks into podcast episodes of the new year. Merry Christmas!

Dec 19, 2021
#132 Here's Why You Should Read Old Dead Guys (Like GK Chesterton) Right Now! with Ethan Nicolle

Ethan Nicolle, creative director for the Babylon Bee joins me to share his love of all things G.K. Chesterton. He shares why old dead guys like Chesterton are so relevant for our culture today, and gives us a special inside look at the Babylon Bee. 

Dec 05, 2021
#131 She was saved out of the occult. Ask her anything! with Jac Marino

One of my most popular podcast episodes tells the story of Jac Marino being saved out of the occult. Many of you have written in with questions for Jac, so she is going to join me to answer your questions live! If you are a concerned Christian parent wanting advice on how to protect your kids from the New Age and Occult, or simply want to know more about Jac's story, mark your calendar and don't miss this live Q&A...

Nov 22, 2021
#130 What are Red Flags for Spiritual Abuse in Your Church? with Teasi Cannon

In this video, I continue my conversation with Teasi Cannon about the nature of spiritual abuse, and what danger signs to be looking out for in your own church

Nov 14, 2021
#129 Spiritual Abuse and the Church: Why Should We Listen? with Teasi Cannon

My friend Teasi Cannon and I have walked through a lot together. We decided to give my viewers a bird's eye view of what our conversations have looked like as we've processed the spiritual abuse we walked through together. We pray it will edify and encourage the body of Christ and possibly be a vehicle of recognition and healing. 

Nov 07, 2021
#128 From Violence, Chaos, and Confusion to Christ-follower, with Greg Stier

Greg Stier was raised in a family of bodybuilding, tobacco-chewing, fist-fighting thugs. He never knew his biological father because his mom had met his dad at a party; she got pregnant, and he left town. Though his mom almost aborted him, in a last-minute twist, Greg’s life was spared for so much more. Greg joins Alisa to share his radical story of redemption and helps timid Christians to get over their fear of evangelism. 

Oct 31, 2021
#127 Responding to the Transgender Moment: How to Speak Truth into Culture, with Ryan T. Anderson

*"Can a boy be 'trapped' in a girl's body? Can modern medicine 'reassign' sex? Is our sex 'assigned' to us in the first place? What is the most loving response to a person experiencing a conflicted sense of gender?" How has the scientific evidence surrounding sex and gender become politicized? Ryan T. Anderson, author of the book, "When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment" joins me to discuss these topics and take your questions live! (The Alisa Childers book club is just finishing this important work, and directly after this livestream, the group will open to allow new members to join for the next study. After the broadcast, go to: to join) *From the book description

Oct 24, 2021
#126 What Would we Know About Jesus if Every Bible Suddenly Vanished? With J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace joins me to celebrate the release of his new book, Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World that Rejects the Bible. We'll talk about this much-anticipated release, take your questions live, and hear from a couple of surprise guests. We will also be giving away several copies of the book to a few lucky winners...tune in live to be eligible!

Oct 18, 2021
#125 Biblical Sexuality, CCM Artists, and Our Public Witness, with Becket Cook

Contemporary Christian Music has grown into a multi-million dollar industry in which the waters have become murky on what individual CCM artists believe. Public stories of deconstruction, and several CCM artists speaking out in favor of redefining the historic Christian ethic on sexuality and gender have left many CCM fans confused. In this livestream, Becket Cook will join me to share his story of being a gay man with a successful career as a set designer in Hollywood. By all appearances, he was living the dream. He was designing photo shoots for supermodels and hanging out with celebrities. But after experiencing the emptiness of that life, he surrendered to Jesus and trusted him for salvation. He will share what it has been like to trade that old life for a new life in Christ. Together, we will speak to issues surrounding biblical sexuality, and comment on the confusion we are seeing in the CCM industry. We will also take your questions live!

Oct 11, 2021
#124 New Insights into the Character of Jesus? with Tom Gilson

Tom Gilson joins me to talk about his book, "Too Good to Be False: How Jesus' Incomparable Character Reveals His Reality." We talk about some insights into the character of Christ and what that can mean for our worship of and obedience to him. 

Oct 03, 2021
#123 Here's Why Our Culture is Confused about Gender, Sexuality, and Abortion, with Nancy Pearcey

Our culture has bought into the worldview supporting secular morality. Somehow we have arrived at a cultural moment where people are shouting their abortions and changing their pronouns. But how did we get here? And why does our culture think this is rational? We will talk to Nancy Pearcey (author, Love Thy Body) about how to think about our physical bodies in a biblical way. Alisa Childers co-hosts with Krista.

Sep 26, 2021
#122 How Christians Can Respond to Spiritual Abuse and Hypocrisy in the Church, with Costi Hinn

Costi Hinn joins me for a candid discussion about his upbringing as the nephew of Benny Hinn, and his rejection of the prosperity gospel. He opens up about spiritual abuse, and the failings of the seeker sensitive mega church model. 

Sep 19, 2021
#121 Discerning the Most Popular Christian Podcast in the Country: The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

Like many of you, I've waited eagerly each week for the new episode of the #1 podcast on the Apple Spirituality and Religion charts, The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill. As I've listened, I've learned a lot, and found much of it to be helpful and thought provoking. However, I have a couple of cautions for any Christian who decides to listen to it. Tune in to hear my thoughts!

Sep 14, 2021
#120 How to Equip Your Kids to Think Critically About Their Beliefs, with Elizabeth Urbanowicz

Elizabeth Urbanowicz of Foundation Worldview joins me to talk about how to help our kids learn the critical thinking skills they will need to properly think through their worldview...even the very claims of Christianity itself.

Sep 05, 2021
#119 A Seminary Professor Answers Your Toughest Questions about Christianity

Thanks for joining us live for a round of "Stump the Professor," as we take your toughest questions about Christianity. Dr. Richard Howe is Provost, Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, and Norman L. Geisler Chair of Christian Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. And he just so happens to be one of my favorite teachers. Some of the questions Dr. Howe addressed: Can God change his mind? Can you lose your salvation? Can we be happy in heaven if our loved ones are in hell? Where is Jesus' body right now?

Aug 29, 2021
#118 Did St. Augustine Invent The Doctrine of Original Sin Because He Had Sexual Issues?

Ken Samples, an expert on St. Augustine and all things Original Sin, joins me to respond to the 5 most significant claims against the doctrine of Original Sin argued by Progressive Christians. Professor Samples will answer the following claims: 1. St. Augustine made up Original Sin to explain his personal sexual hangups. 2. Jesus never heard of Original Sin 3. Original Sin is a Greco-Roman idea imported into Christianity 4. Original Shame/Original Blessing/Original Goodness are better explanations of human sin 5. Inherited sinfulness is not one of the curses on Adam and Eve in Genesis 

Aug 22, 2021
#117 CCM and deconstruction: Why are so many Christian music artists leaving the faith?

Join me, Jeremy and Adrienne Camp, and John and Korey Cooper as we discuss why we are seeing so many highly platformed Christians leaving the faith, and to testify why we still believe. We will take some questions live as well! July 26th, 5pm Pacific/7pm central/8pm eastern.

Aug 16, 2021
#116 Does a Belief in a Historical Adam and Eve Matter to Christianity? With JR Miller

How important to the gospel and good theology is a belief in a literal/historical Adam and Eve? Dr. JR Miller joins me to discuss how a historical Adam and Eve offers the strongest argument against racism and for racial reconciliation. We also discuss how a historical Adam and Eve relates to Darwin, abortion, and the history of eugenics in the United States. 

Aug 08, 2021
#115 From Darkness to Light: One Woman's Journey out of the Occult, with Jac Marino

Jac Marino tells her story of being seduced into the occult, initiated into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and ultimately saved by Jesus out of witchcraft. Watch her powerful story...

Aug 01, 2021
#114 What Does the Bible Say About Racial Reconciliation? With Monique Duson

What is the biblical model for racial reconciliation? Monique Duson of the Center for Biblical Unity joins me to tackle this topic, and to share what it's like being a black woman going against the cultural narrative on race. 

Jul 25, 2021
#114 Are Christians Being Duped Into the New Social Justice Ideology? With Voddie Baucham

My book club just read through Voddie Baucham's new book, Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism's Looming Catastrophe. Join us as we hear from Dr. Baucham and ask our questions live! If you want to join the Alisa Childers Bookclub on Facebook, we will be opening it back up for new members at the end of the livestream. Tune in for more info... 

Jul 19, 2021
#113 A Christian Pastor Tells His Story of Rejecting the Social Justice Gospel, with Edwin Ramirez

Pastor Edwin Ramirez joins me today to talk about how he bought into woke Christianity, and how it affected his ministry and family. He tells the story of God walking him out of the social justice gospel and into the true gospel. 

Jul 11, 2021
#112 Progressive Christian Twitter Tries to Cancel Matthew West Over Modesty Video

Podcast mashup! John Cooper from the band Skillet joins me for this special bonus episode to talk about purity culture, and the recent backlash against Matthew West over his song called, "Modest is Hottest."

Jul 06, 2021
#111 How to Survive College with Your Christian Faith Intact, with Michael Kruger

It's no secret that many colleges and universities can actively undermine the Christian beliefs of students. Some professors even admit that this is their goal. How can Christians students think critically about the ideas they will encounter when they go off to college? Dr. Michael Kruger joins me on the podcast to talk about how he survived college with his faith intact, despite having the famous skeptic Dr. Bart Ehrman as a professor.

Jun 28, 2021
#110 Jen Hatmaker, Judging the Fruit, and the True Nature of Deception

On today's podcast, I'm publishing the audio from several "short answer" YouTube videos I've published recently. We'll cover Jen Hatmaker's theology of "Judging by the fruit," the true nature of deception, a bad interpretation of "knowledge puffs up," taking the Bible literally, and the political nature of progressive Christianity.

Jun 20, 2021
#109 What are the Core Beliefs of Christianity? With Krista Bontrager

Are some doctrines more important than others? What must someone believe to be saved? What are the beliefs we can agree to disagree about? I discuss these questions and more with the "Theology Mom," Krista Bontrager.

Jun 13, 2021
#108 From Progressive Christianity to the Gospel: Discipleship in a Culture of Deconstruction

When Dave Stovall, formerly of the band Audio Adrenaline met Pastor Bobby Harrington, Dave was a progressive Christian who had already been through deconstruction. Pastor Bobby took an interest in Dave, and began discipling him, eventually leading him back to the historic gospel. Dave and Bobby will join me to talk about what that journey looked like, and take your questions live. Join us on Monday, May 23rd at 5pm pacific/ 7pm central/ 8pm eastern on Facebook and Youtube!

Jun 06, 2021
#107 Were There Multiple Versions of the Earliest Christianity? With Andreas Köstenberger

New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman has popularized the idea that early Christianity was very diverse in its definition of the gospel, and it was simply the winners of theological debates that got to decide orthodoxy. In this episode, New Testament scholar Andreas Köstenberger joins me to discuss this idea, and why he and many other scholars disagree with the Bauer/Ehrman thesis. 

May 30, 2021
#106 How Christians Can Speak Biblical Truth into a Toxic Cancel Culture, with Erwin Lutzer

Erwin Lutzer joins me on today's podcast to discuss how Christians can live out our convictions in a growing tide of hostility. In a culture of outrage and victimhood, how can we recognize and reject the toxic responses secular culture disguises as solutions while continuing to publicly testify the truth of the gospel? 

May 16, 2021
#105 Confronting Injustice Without Compromising Truth Live Q&A with Thaddeus Williams

How should Christians approach the topic of social justice? How can we confront injustice in our culture without compromising biblical truth or adopting unhealthy solutions? Thaddeus Williams joins us to talk about his new book, and take questions from the Alisa Childers Book Club. Join us!

May 09, 2021
#104 From Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll to Jesus: A Hippie's Journey, with (my dad!) Chuck Girard

My dad has had truly one of the most interesting lives. As a successful studio singer in Los Angeles as a young adult, rubbing elbows with The Beach Boys, to becoming a hippie living in Hawaii, he encountered the gospel of Jesus Christ at a little country church after searching for God through Eastern Mysticism, LSD, and popular philosophies of the '60s.

May 02, 2021
#103 Is My Favorite Author, Pastor, or Speaker a Progressive Christian? And other Questions...

In today's podcast we talk about several different questions. Is My Favorite teacher a Progressive Christian? What are some signs to look for? What is the Progressive Christian gospel, and is it really good news? Why did Jesus come when he did? Is social justice biblical justice? I am joined by J. Warner Wallace, Thaddeus Williams, and Sean McDowell to answer some of these difficult questions.

Apr 26, 2021
#102 Bad Church Experiences: Legalism, Grace vs. Works, and Postmodernism, with Jon McCray

Many people report bad church experiences as one of the reasons they walk away from the faith. Jon McCray joins me to talk about his bad church experience, and how that almost led him into progressive Christianity.

Apr 11, 2021
#101 Faith After Deconstruction: Audio Adrenaline’s Dave Stovall Shares What Brought Him Back

In an online environment where deconstruction stories from contemporary Christian music artists seem to be the norm, Dave Stovall, of the Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline, shares his story of deconstruction into progressive Christianity and back to a historic faith. Dave's unusual story of meeting a local pastor who discipled him out of deconstruction will encourage you in your faith! 

Mar 28, 2021
#100 Why Did God Command the Canaanite Conquest? With Clay Jones

The claim is often made that the Canaanite Conquest in the Bible was genocide by divine command. But is there more to the story? What's really going on in the book of Joshua when God commands Israel to wipe out the Canaanites? Clay Jones joins the podcast to talk about this much misunderstood topic.

Mar 14, 2021
#99 Nashville Progressive Church Goes Viral with Bible Meme

Recently, a story was published on the Christian post about a progressive church in Nashville who made waves with a meme claiming the Bible isn't the word of God. I'll talk through the meme and comment on the CP article. Come hang out with me and bring your questions because I'll do some Q&A at the end!

Mar 07, 2021
#98 An Ex-NAR Apostle Tells his Story, with Dawain Atkinson

Dawain Atkinson, founder of the B.A.R. Podcast Network, is a former "Apostle" in the New Apostolic Reformation movement. He joins us today to tell his story of becoming and Apostle, and how God led him out that that movement and into biblical Christianity.

Mar 01, 2021
#97 What Sets Progressive Christianity Apart from Historic Christianity? With David Young

David Young, author of the book, "A Grand Illusion: How Progressive Christianity Undermines Biblical Faith," joins me to talk about the history of progressive Christianity, specifically traced through the Unitarian movement in New England in the 1700's. David shares his story of getting his Phd from Vanderbilt, a theologically liberal university, and how that helped him recognize progressive Christianity and its influence in the church.

Feb 21, 2021
#96 Your Toughest Bible Questions Answered! With Allen Parr

Do babies go to heaven when they die? Can a Christian live in sin and still be saved? Does the Bible support slavery? How is the prosperity gospel unbiblical? Allen Parr joins us to answer these questions and more!

Feb 14, 2021
#95 Ex-New Age Guru Steven Bancarz Debunks the Universal Christ

Former New Ager Steven Bancarz joins me to explain the concept of the Cosmic Christ and Universal Christ, and analyzes Richard Rohr's popular book, The Universal Christ. Steven demonstrates how Rohr's theology does not align or originate with the Bible but with New Age ideas, and runs contrary to biblical principles.

Feb 07, 2021
#94 From Christianity to Progressive Christianity and Back Again, with Josh Morris

Former Progressive Christian Josh Morris walks us through the spiritual abuse that led to his deconstruction into progressive Christianity, and the discovery of a book that ultimately led him back to a historic and biblical faith. 

Feb 01, 2021
#93 Totalitarianism: How Christians Can Resist the New Cultural Religion, with Rod Dreher

Rod Dreher shares about his experiences interviewing Christians all over Eastern Europe who survived communist and Marxist regimes. What do they see happening in America? What can we learn from their faithfulness to Christ during persecution? 

Jan 25, 2021
#92 Black Lives Matter and Abortion, with Samuel Sey

Samuel Sey from joins me to share about his pro-life activism, and how that intersects with the black lives matter movement.

Jan 17, 2021
#92 Skillet's John Cooper is still asking: What in God's name is happening to Christianity?

Just before Christmas, I got to talk with John Cooper of the band Skillet about his recent posts about what is happening within the church and the chaos in society. We also talk about his new book, Awake and Alive to Truth, which is a clarion call to Christians to live by biblical truth, rather than cultural norms.

Jan 10, 2021
#91 Controversial Questions: What About the Ravi Zacharias Scandal? What is a Common False Teaching?

On today's podcast, we tackle some controversial questions. First, I offer my thoughts about how I'm processing the Ravi Zacharias Scandal. Next I talk with Marcia Montenegro about the most common false teaching you've probably never heard of: Perennialism. You may not have heard the word before, but it is gaining popularity in the church. Finally, I talk with Clark Bates about how the original New Testament Manuscripts were copied. Ever wonder what happened after the Apostle Paul wrote an Epistle to a certain church or region? Clark breaks it down for us.

Jan 04, 2021
#90 Richard Rohr: Wise Sage or False Teacher?

Richard Rohr is a Franciscan priest, author of several books, and the founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His teachings are gaining influence, especially among millennials who grew up in the Evangelical church. He is particularly influential in the progressive Christian movement and is referred to as a spiritual father, hero, and mentor by well-known progressive voices. But what does he really believe? In today's video, I analyze Rohr's teachings regarding the gospel and focus especially on his view of the Bible, which he believes does not give a clear theology of God and is full of contradictions.

Dec 27, 2020
#89 Answering progressive Christian memes 2: Is it a sin to smoke & drink? Do we Worship the Bible?

Recently, a progressive Christian meme made the rounds that stated 22 beliefs about God, Christians, the nature of heaven and hell, and the exclusivity of Christianity. I asked Mike Winger to join me to help us think through these statements and analyze them through a biblical lens. Here's part 2!

Dec 20, 2020
#88 Answering Progressive Christian Memes: Is it a Sin to Cuss, Be Gay, Have an Abortion?

Recently, a progressive Christian meme made the rounds that stated 22 beliefs about God, Christians, the nature of heaven and hell, and the exclusivity of Christianity. I asked Mike Winger to join me to help us think through these statements and analyze them through a biblical lens. 

Dec 13, 2020
#87 Is your church teaching New Age Ideas? With Melissa Dougherty

Ex-New Ager Melissa Dougherty joins me to discuss certain New Age ideas that are being marketed to the church as "Christian." What are the buzzwords, catch phrases, and teachings that are coming to a church near you? 

Dec 06, 2020
#86 Sex, Purity Culture, Marriage, and Singleness, with Sean McDowell

Nov 23, 2020
#85 How to Escape the Toxic Cult of Self-Affirmation, with Allie Beth Stuckey

In this podcast, Allie Beth Stuckey joins us to analyze the popular ideas promoted by self-help gurus like Jen Hatmaker, Glennon Doyle, Rachel Hollis, and Brene Brown. We discuss questions like, am I enough? Do I have to love myself before I can love others? What is the cult of self-affirmation? What is "meology," and why is it such a popular way to interpret the Bible? Allie also tells us about her new book, You're Not Enough and That's Okay, and its message that runs contrary to some of these other popular teachers.

Nov 15, 2020
#84 The Deconstruction of Christian Celebrities and What We’re Missing, with Shelby Abbott

Former Cru colleague of Rhett and Link, Shelby Abbott joins me on today's podcast to talk about the phenomena of Christian celebrity deconstruction and what key factors we might be missing in the conversation.

Nov 08, 2020
#83 An Astrophysicist Tells How Science led Him to Jesus, With Hugh Ross

Hugh Ross is an astrophysicist who first came to faith in Christ after studying physics. He tells his fascinating story of realizing that God exists and that the Bible is more reliable than the second law of thermodynamics. 

Nov 01, 2020
#82 Controversial questions: Should we call out false teachers? Decolonize our theology?

Our current cultural moment has given us some phrases, or "slogans" and Neil Shenvi refers to them, one of which is the idea that our theology and biblical interpretations need to be decolonized. We discuss what "decolonize our theology" means and whether or not Christians should do it. 

Oct 19, 2020
#81 Is the Enneagram a Trojan Horse in the Church? With Marcia Montenegro

Is the Enneagram a harmless personality test or is it something that could be spiritually harmful to Christians who use it? On today's video I talk with ex-Astrologer Marcia Montenegro, who is now a committed Christian about the New Age influence of the Enneagram and it's rapid growth within the church. 

Oct 04, 2020
#80 What's With all the Deconstruction Stories? With Sean McDowell

It seems like every time we turn around there is another high-profile Christian who announces they've lost their faith. Why does this seem to be happening now? Sean McDowell joins me to talk about his conversations with deconstructed Christians, the nature and pressure of being a public Christian, and what role that might play in all the deconstruction stories we are seeing. 

Sep 20, 2020
#79 William Lane Craig Reacts to the Progressive Christian View of the Atonement

William Lane Craig joins me to respond to progressive Christians like Brian Zhand, Richard Rohr, William Paul Young, Steve Chalke, and Rob Bell about the atonement. 

Sep 07, 2020
#78 Clay Jones Says We're Going to Die. How Should We Respond?

Clay Jones joins me to tackle the topic many Christians are afraid to face: death. We talk about his new book, Immortal: How the Fear of Death Drives us and What we can do About it. Why are Christians so afraid of death? 

Aug 30, 2020
#77 Jen Hatmaker: Fierce and Free or Full of the Feels? With Hillary Ferrer and Teasi Cannon

Hillary Ferrer and Teasi Canon join me on today's video to discuss Jen Hatmaker's latest book, Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire. We analyze the worldview of the book and how it interacts with biblical Christianity. We also discuss the recent podcast episode Hatmaker recorded with her daughter about LGBT inclusion.

Aug 16, 2020
#76 Glennon Doyle and the Idol of Self

Untamed, by Glennon Doyle is one of the most popular books of the past year. Many women are buying into the idea that they need to realize their inner "Cheetah," find their "Knowing" and put themselves first. But are these ideas biblical? In today's podcast I analyze the worldview of the book, Untamed, and offer a more biblical way forward for women who feel "tamed" by their life situations.

Aug 02, 2020
#75 How to Talk to Progressive Christians (Part 2) With Greg Koukl

Here's part 2 of my discussion with Greg Koukl, who joins me to discuss some practical ways we can navigate emotionally charged conversations, especially when those discussions involve our progressive Christian friends.

Jul 19, 2020
#74 Navigating Conversations With Progressive Christians (Part 1), with Greg Koukl

Greg Koukl joins me to discuss some practical ways we can navigate emotionally charged conversations, especially when those discussions involve our progressive Christian friends.

Jul 05, 2020
#73 A Progressive Christian's Reconstruction, With Ian Harber

We've got another deconstruction/reconstruction story for you! On this episode, Ian Harber tells us about growing up in the Evangelical church only to deconstruct into progressive Christianity. After years of following progressive authors and podcasts like The Liturgists, Ian found progressive Christianity to be more shallow than the faith he walked away from, and eventually reconstructed to a vibrant historic Christian faith.

Jun 24, 2020
#72 Race, Injustice, and The Gospel of Critical Theory, With Monique Duson

Monique Duson, founder of the Center for Biblical Unity joins me on todays podcast to discuss racism, biblical justice, and some of the words and phrases we're seeing in our social media newsfeeds like "white fragility," "whiteness," and "social justice."

Jun 10, 2020
#71 A Gay Man's Story Of Redemption, With Becket Cook

I am so happy to bring you this conversation with Becket Cook, which puts the beauty of the gospel on full display. Listen as I talk with Becket about his life as a sought-after set designer in Hollywood to his encounter with a group of Christians at a coffee shop in Los Angeles, to the moment the Holy Spirit revealed the truth of the gospel to him. I hope you will be as encouraged as I was to hear his story.

Jun 06, 2020
#70 Learning to Read, Understand, and Love the Bible, With Tara-Leigh Cobble

I am SO thrilled to bring you this conversation with Tara-Leigh Cobble of the Bible Recap Podcast. Have you ever read a section from the Old Testament and wondered, "WHAT did I just read?" Don't worry...Tara-Leigh is here to help. We talk about everything from how to read the Bible, to how knowing the Scriptures helped Tara-Leigh through her sister's death and two open-heart surgeries. Enjoy this rich conversation about the treasure we have in God's Word.

May 24, 2020
#69 Answering the Reformation Project on Same-Sex Relationships, With Alan Shlemon

This week, we continue our discussion about Christianity and same-sex relationships with Alan Shlemon. We specifically discuss the Reformation Project, an organization that exists to reform the church's teachings on sexual orientation and gender. Alan walks us through their ten talking points, and provides biblical answers to their interpretations and claims.

May 10, 2020
#68 Homosexuality: Should Christians Agree to Disagree? With Alan Shlemon

Alan Shlemon from Stand to Reason joins me on today's podcast to discuss whether or not it's biblical for Christians to "agree to disagree" about issues relating to LGBTQ. We also discuss the Reformation Project, an organization which exists to change the minds of Christians on this issue. We talk about a couple of their talking points, including whether or not modern English translations have translated relevant Bible verses correctly. Specifically, we talk about the Greek words Paul used to identify homosexuality, and address the claim that the English word "homosexuality" didn't even exist until modern times.

Apr 28, 2020
#67 Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With? With Sam Allberry

Sam Allberry joins me on today's podcast to discuss his new book, Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With? Sam walks us through some biblical insights on sexuality, and shares his own journey of living faithfully to Christ despite experiencing same-sex attraction.

Apr 14, 2020
#66 Talking WIth Your Kids About Progressive Christianity, with Natasha Crain

Natasha Crain joins me on today's podcast to talk about the specific challenges Christian parents face in equipping our kids to navigate the claims of progressive Christianity

Mar 31, 2020
#65 Philosophy: a Pagan System or the Handmaid of Theology? With Richard Howe

Richard Howe joins me on today's podcast to discuss the role of philosophy in the Christian life. Is Philosophy a pagan system or is it actually an integral part of doing good theology? What did the Apostle Paul mean when he wrote, "Let no one take you captive by philosophy..." (Colossians 2:8). Did early Christians borrow from pagan philosophies in their understanding of God?

Mar 19, 2020
#64 Rhett and Link: What to Make of All These Deconstruction Stories, with Matthew Mittelberg

What should Christians make of all the deconstruction stories we find our social media newsfeeds? I invited apologist Matthew Mittelberg on the show to talk with me about the recent deconversion stories of Rhett and Link of the Good Mythical Morning YouTube channel. Matthew grew up in an environment of apologetics and evangelism, and also grew up as a fan of Rhett and Link before their deconversions. He brought some meaningful insights to the conversation, and helps us understand why these particular deconversion stories have proven to be so powerful and persuasive.

Mar 06, 2020
#63 To the Brink of Atheism: A Reconstruction Story, with Travis Lowe

​There is no shortage of deconstruction stories on the internet. Podcasts, videos, and blog posts deliver stories of lifelong Christians who begin to question and doubt everything they were taught about the faith they grew up with. From the Gungors to Joshua Harris to the most recent, and possibly most impactful deconversion stories, Rhett and Link of the Good Mythical Morning Podcast—these stories continue to impact Christianity, shaking the faith of many. Today, I talk with Travis Lowe, a pastor from Florida who went through the long and painful process of deconstruction. However, his story has ended a bit differently from ones we often hear. Listen to Travis' journey of hope as we walk with him from childhood through deconstruction, and into the reconstruction of a vibrant faith.


Travis' podcast: The Stone Table Podcast:…le/id1478795937

Books that helped Travis' reconstruction:

The Resurrection of the Son of God, by N.T. Wright

The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus, by Fleming Rutledge

Feb 27, 2020
#62 Should Christians Call God a She? With Clark Bates

Lately I've noticed a trend of Christians referring to God as a "she," or with female pronouns. Is this a biblical way to think about God? What about feminine metaphors for God in Scripture? Is there a tradition in church history we can trace this to? What about the personification of wisdom (Sophia) in the Bible and non-canonical literature? On today's podcast, Clark Bates and I discuss these questions and more, ultimately asking, should Christians call God a she?

Feb 13, 2020
#61 The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity: With Dr. Michael Kruger

I\'m so thrilled to welcome Dr. Michael Kruger to the podcast to talk about his new book, "The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity." His work played a huge role in answering many of the doubts I had when I was in a crisis of faith. On today's episode, we discuss the tenets that seem to unite progressives, and how Christians can respond.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Dr. Krugers website:

Jen Hatmaker and the Power of Deconversion Stories:…on-stories/


The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity:…Caps%2C181&sr=8-1

The Question of Canon:…1580835102&sr=8-1

Christianity at the Crossroads:…Caps%2C170&sr=8-2

Feb 04, 2020
#60 Is MOPS Shifting Toward Progressive Christianity? With Krista Bontrager

After receiving several emails from concerned people, I began to wonder if the worldwide ministry MOPS was beginning to adopt progressive Christian theology. Thankfully, my friend and fellow apologist Krista Bontrager played the role of investigative reporter to find out what MOPS is teaching, and what's behind their recent shift in branding and theology. On today's podcast, she shares what she discovered as we tackle the question, is MOPS shifting toward progressive Christian theology?

Jan 16, 2020
#59 Is God Different in the Old Testament? With Jean E. Jones

Welcome back to the first episode of the New Year! I'm so excited to bring you lots of great episodes with many smart and interesting guests in 2020. The first of which is Bible teacher and apologist Jean E. Jones who joins me on today's podcast to talk about why God might seem different in the Old Testament. As many of us are beginning our Bible reading plans for the year, Jean E. gives us some great advice and talks about specific verses that leave many people scratching their heads and thinking, "God is mean!"

Resources mentioned:

Jean E.'s New Bible Study, Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament:…vZ0NsaWNrPXRydWU=

NIV Study Bible:…nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==

Rachel Held Evans' Blog post about Abraham:

Jean E.'s Blog series responding to Rachel Held Evans:…d-evans-part-1/

My review of Rachel Held Evans' book Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again:…ming-the-bible

Jan 07, 2020
#58 A Former Atheist and the Bad Reputation Some Christians Give a Good God: With MaryJo Sharp

MaryJo Sharp stops by the podcast today to talk about her conversion to Christianity from atheism, and some of the obstacles she encountered in the church. She also tells us about her new book, Why I Still Believe which comes out this week.

Nov 06, 2019
#57 Deconstruction and Reconstruction: Walking Through Doubt — with Dominic Done

On today's podcast, I talk with Dominic Done about his process of doubt and deconstruction. We talk about when he first encountered doubt, what caused it, and where he landed when it comes to faith and Christianity.

Sep 26, 2019
#56 Was Jesus Racist? (Part 2) With Amy Hall

On today's podcast, I continue my discussion with Amy Hall about a recent article by Sarah Bessey outlining her journey on becoming affirming of same-sex marriage and relationships.

Sep 13, 2019
#55 Was Jesus Racist? Sarah Bessey's Story of Becoming Affirming— With Amy Hall (Part 1)

On today's podcast, Amy Hall and I discuss a recent article penned by progressive author Sarah Bessey in which she tells her story of becoming affirming of same-sex marriage. We take a critical look at Bessey's methodology and focus in particular on her interpretation of Matthew 15, in which she claims Jesus demonstrated a racist attitude toward a Syrophoenician woman.

Aug 29, 2019
#54 The Atonement: Cosmic Child Abuse? With Mike Winger (Part 2)

On today's podcast, I continue my discussion about the atonement with Mike Winger and his analysis of Brian Zahnd's "Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God." We talk about the biblical points Zahnd uses to make his case that the classic understanding of the atonement is something more like Divine child abuse.

Aug 01, 2019
#53 The Atonement: Cosmic Child Abuse? With Mike Winger (Part 1)

Today's podcast centers around a book by Brian Zhand called, "Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God," in which Zhand suggests that substitutionary atonement makes God into a divine child abuser. Mike Winger joins me to talk about the book, different atonement theories, and why substitutionary atonement is not only biblical, but beautiful.

Jul 18, 2019
#52 The Theology of Jen Hatmaker, With Anne Kennedy

I'm happy to welcome Anne Kennedy back to the podcast to discuss her impressions of the beliefs, worldview, and theology of Jen Hatmaker. After reading her books and listening to a year's worth of podcasts, Anne helps us understand what Hatmaker is communicating about the cross, the gospel, and the Bible.

Jul 04, 2019
#51 Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies, With Hillary Ferrer

In today's episode, I talk with Hillary Ferrer of Mama Bear Apologetics about her new book, "Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies." As a contributor to the book, we discuss what the writing process was like, and talk about how we can teach our kids to discern the lies culture is telling them.

Jun 21, 2019
#50 Rachel Held Evans and the Evangelical Crisis: With Anne Kennedy

On today's podcast, I talk with Anne Kennedy about the theology of Rachel Held Evans, her impact on the church, and what Anne describes and an "Evangelical Crisis" the church is facing.

Jun 06, 2019
#49 How to Equip Gen Z With a Biblical Worldview, With J. Warner Wallace

GenZ is the youngest and largest generation in America (born between 2000-2015). They are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to truth and spirituality. J. Warner Wallace stops by the podcast today to talk about his new book, "So the Next Generation Will Know: Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World," which is co-written with Sean McDowell.

May 01, 2019
#48 Richard Rohr, Jen Hatmaker, and the Millennial Obsession With Mysticism

Richard Rohr is a Franciscan Friar who is captivating a generation of spiritual seekers and progressive Christians. Recently, Jen Hatmaker had him as a guest on her podcast, and in today's episode, Marcia Montenegro and I analyze their discussion.

Apr 25, 2019
# 47 Panentheism Part 2: With Marcia Montenegro

On today's podcast, Marcia Montenegro and I continue our discussion on the growing trend of Christians embracing a view of God called panentheism. We talk about where these ideas are popping up, and how to spot the language.

Apr 18, 2019
#46 Is Panentheism a Biblical View of the Nature of God? With Marcia Montenegro

Marcia Montenegro joins me on today's podcast to talk about pantheism and its close relative, panentheism. We talk about the various expressions of panentheism found in New Age and Progressive Christianity, and discuss whether or not these ideas are biblical. Marcia also gives us her thoughts about panentheist Richard Rohr's new book, which she read and reviewed on her blog. We also talk about Star Wars, Avatar, and whether or not Easter is a pagan holiday.

Apr 12, 2019
#45 Beautiful Eternal Truths: Counteracting Bad Ideas in Popular Media

Here's the second of two talks I gave at the "Pretty Little Lies" Women's Conference in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Here's a link to the sanctification gif I showed to the audience:…fe-with.html

I want to thank and credit Brett Kunkle for the ice cream/insulin analogy.

Apr 03, 2019
#44 Pretty Little Lies: Spotting Bad Ideas in Women's Books, Blogs, and Other Media

Today's podcast is an audio recording of a talk I gave at a women's conference in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Apr 03, 2019
#43 A Deeper Look at Progressive Christian Theology With R. Scott Smith

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing the author of a new book called, "Authentically Emergent: In Search of a Truly Progressive Christianity," Dr. R. Scott Smith. For several years, Scott has been studying the theology of progressive leaders as well as interacting with them personally. In this episode, we zero in on the progressive view of the body and soul, the gospel, and discuss Scott's agreements and disagreements with these ideas.

Mar 21, 2019
#42 An Apologetic for Apologetics With Tim Barnett

I loved getting to talk with Tim Barnett of Stand to Reason about why Christians should learn apologetics. If you or someone you know thinks they don't need apologetics, give this a listen!

Mar 04, 2019
#41 Critical Theory and Intersectionality: What Every Christian Needs to Know —With Neil Shenvi

Even if you haven't heard the terms "critical theory" or "intersectionality," you have most likely encountered these concepts in your every day life. These are philosophical ideas that permeate our culture. . .and they contradict Christianity. Our guest, Neil Shenvi will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Feb 18, 2019
#40 Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: With Christopher Yuan

This week, Dr. Christopher Yuan, co-author of Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God. A Broken Mother's Search for Hope, shares his story of redemption, and talks with us about his new book, Holy Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God's Grand Story. Christopher brings some much needed clarity to the current conversation on marriage, singleness, homosexuality, and sexual identity.

Jan 15, 2019
#39 My Response to Pete Enns

Recently, biblical scholar Pete Enns recorded a podcast episode in which he disagreed with my latest Gospel Coalition article, 3 Beliefs Progressive Christians and Atheists Share. I decided it was important enough to interact with, so I'm coming off my break to offer a response. I hope it's helpful.

Dec 14, 2018
#38 Is the Book of Acts Historically Reliable? With Dr. Craig Keener

On today's podcast, I talk with New Testament scholar Craig Keener about how he came to faith in Christ, and what led him into the world of scholarship. We talk about skeptical claims brought against the reliability of the book of Acts, and whether or not we can trust a Josephus quote apologists like to use to make the case for the historical Jesus.

Nov 14, 2018
#37 The Prosperity Gospel and Mystical Miracle Movement: With Costi Hinn

On today's podcast, I talk with Costi Hinn, the nephew of televangelist Benny Hinn. Costi shares his story of leaving the mystical/miracle movement and rejecting the prosperity gospel he grew up with. We also cover the topics of healing, and being "slain in the spirit."

Nov 04, 2018
#36 The Wild Goose Fest, Abortion, and Progressive Christianity: With Chelsen Vicari

On today's podcast I talk with the Evangelical Program Director for the Institute on Religion and Democracy, Chelsen Vicari. She recently visited the popular progressive Christian event, The Wild Goose Fest. After sharing her own story, she tells us all about what she experienced, and gives an update on the evolving views of progressives on the issue of abortion.

Oct 21, 2018
#35 The New Testament: How Do We Know We Have an Accurate Copy? With Dr. Peter Gurry

How do we know we have an accurate copy of the New Testament? Why don't we have any original manuscripts? What about all the differences between the manuscripts we do have? How can we be sure that what we\'re reading is what they originally wrote? I was thrilled to get to talk with Dr. Peter Gurry of Phoenix Seminary about these questions. Peter helps us with the best way to communicate these answers, and even shares some common mistakes apologists make.

Oct 14, 2018
#34 How Should We Talk to Our Kids About Hell? With Rebekah Valerius

As Christian parents, it can be daunting to talk to our kids about difficult subjects like hell and judgment. Recently, Rebekah Valerius of Mama Bear Apologetics wrote an article for the Christian Research Journal discussing the claim of atheist Richard Dawkins. Dawkins says that talking to kids about hell is child abuse. Today, Rebekah helps us understand how to broach this difficult topic with our kids.

Subscribe to CRJ to read Rebekah's article:

Oct 01, 2018
#33 Misunderstood Bible Verses With Clark Bates: Proverbs and Promises

How should we understand the book of Proverbs? Are the proverbs promises of God for all people of all times? What are some commonly misunderstood proverbs? Clark and I discuss these questions on today's podcast.

Sep 18, 2018
#32 New Age Beliefs: How They Impact the Church and Culture, With Marcia Montenegro

​Last week, Marcia Montenegro shared her story of leaving the New Age community to become a follower of Jesus and Christian apologist. This week, we continue our conversation as Marcia shares what beliefs and practices are prevalent in the New Age, and how they have influenced culture and the church.

Sep 09, 2018
#31 Astrologer to Apologist: A Journey Out of New Age & Into Christianity—With Marcia Montenegro

In the first of a two-part series, I talk with Marcia Montenegro about her life as a professional Astrologer, and respected voice in the New Age Community. She walks us through now she came to put her faith in Christ and go into full time ministry.

Here's a link to Marcia's review of Mickey and the Roadster Racers:…ntenegro%20Goofy

Sep 02, 2018
#30 Apologetics 101: Start Here (Intro and Misconceptions)

One of the most common questions I receive is, "If I want to study apologetics, where do I start?" Welcome to Apologetics 101 where we will take several (non-consecutive) weeks to walk through the basics. We'll talk about everything from the nature of truth to the existence of God to the truthfulness of Christianity. In today's episode, we talk about what apologetics is, why we should do it, and some common misconceptions and objections to doing apologetics.

Aug 19, 2018
#29 Does The Old Testament Condone Rape and Genocide? With Paul Copan

There are some really difficult verses in the Bible...especially in the Old Testament. Why do some people think the God of the Old Testament is different from the God of the New Testament? Does the Old Testament condone things like rape, genocide, and the oppression of women? Today, Dr. Paul Copan was kind enough to sit in the hot seat and field questions about specific Bible verses that seem to support these things.

Aug 12, 2018
#28 Misunderstood Bible Verses With Clark Bates (Part 2)

​This week we continue our series focusing on specific Bible verses that are commonly misunderstood. Is your favorite verse on our list? Mine is! In this episode, I confess to misunderstanding two popular Bible verses for most of my life. Tune in to find out which ones they are....

Aug 05, 2018
#27 New Series! Misunderstood Bible Verses With Clark Bates (Part 1)

Throughout history the Bible has sometimes been abused, misused, and misunderstood. In a previous episode, I talked with Clark Bates about the 5 most misunderstood Bible Verses and we've decided to turn it into a series. We will kick off this new series with 2 episodes back to back, and follow up with periodic episodes on an ongoing basis.

In part 1 of this new series, we talk about how to interpret the Bible (hermeneutics), some important things to remember while reading the Old Testament, and how to know which Old Testament commands apply to New Testament believers. Clark also shares some interesting apologetic insight he gained on a recent pilgrimage to Spain. ​

Jul 29, 2018
#26 God is Simple? A Conversation About Classical Theism With Dr. Brian Huffling

What do we mean when we say that God is simple? Why do we say God is immutable, impassible, and timeless? Dr. Brian Huffling joins me on today's podcast to discuss Classical Theism, and why he believes it's so important for Christians to understand. 

Jul 19, 2018
#25 What the Faith & Science Conversation Reveals About God: With Melissa Cain Travis

On today's podcast we continue our discussion of cosmic origins. Why do we exist? Why does anything exist at all? Did it all happened by natural, random processes? Todays guest, Melissa Cain Travis, says no. She says cosmology, astronomy, biochemistry, and other disciplines strongly support what she calls "The Maker Thesis," which explains the origin, rationality, and intricacy of nature and the human mind's capacity to comprehend it.

Jul 08, 2018
#24 How Should Christians Think About the Age of the Earth?

With the new movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in theaters, and a recent worship song referencing evolution, Christians are thinking about all issues pertaining to Evolution, Creation, and the age of the earth. How should we, as Christians, think about these topics? Are science and the Bible at odds when it comes to origins? I weigh in on how we can think intelligently and biblically on these hot button issues on today's podcast.

Jun 29, 2018
#23 Trusting God in Great Suffering: With Dr. Medine Keener

How could a good God allow so much evil and suffering in the world? This is a question that has plagued the minds of many people....even many Christians as they seek to reconcile God's goodness with what they see happening in the world around them. As a war refugee in her home country of Congo, Dr. Medine Keener spent 18 months experiencing the misery of hunger, thirst, and disease—under the constant threat of violence and death. Even in these realities, Medine testifies of the great goodness and love of God, and the unlikely story of meeting and marrying her husband, world renown New Testament scholar, Dr. Craig Keener.

Jun 10, 2018
#22 Do Atheists Steal From God to Make Their Case? With Frank Turek

What is it like to visit college campuses and field questions from an audience who is hostile to your Christianity? What are the toughest questions asked on university campuses? How do atheists steal from God to make their case against Him? We talk about all this and more with today's guest, Frank Turek.

May 31, 2018
#21 The Fine-Tuning of the Universe: Evidence for God? With Allen Hainline

Is there positive scientific evidence for the existence of God? Today, we focus on the fine-tuning of the universe with special guest, Allen Hainline.

May 24, 2018
#20 Evidence That Demands a Verdict: With Sean McDowell

On today's podcast, I talk with Sean McDowell about experiencing a time of doubt as a young adult. We also talk about the brand new fully updated Evidence that Demands a Verdict, and his PhD work on the fate of the apostles.

Apr 26, 2018
#19 The NAR: Movement or Myth? With Dr. Doug Geivett, Holly Pivec, and Dr. Michael Brown

What is the New Apostolic Reformation? Is it a growing movement that is influencing and impacting the body of Christ or simply a myth? Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Doug Geivett, and Holly Pivec discuss and debate the relevant issues on today's podcast.

Internet sources used in the discussion:

Danny Silk "The Blessing in our Fathers":…in-our-fathers

Kris Vallotton: "Becoming an Apostolic People."

Brian Simmons on receiving "downloads" and a new chapter of the Bible, John 22:

Holly's article on Simmons revealing a new chapter of the Bible:…the-bible/6247

Books referenced by Holly:

Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Moves of God: God's End-Time Plans for His Church and Planet Earth, by Bill Haman

When Heaven Invades Earth, By Bill Johnson

Apr 18, 2018
#18 What Are The 5 Most Misunderstood Bible Verses? With Clark Bates

Have you ever been discussing a Bible passage with another Christian only to be told, "Well that's just YOUR interpretation"? I talk with Clark Bates on today's podcast about how to do good biblical interpretation. We also discuss the 5 most misinterpreted verses in the Bible.

Apr 05, 2018
#17 What About the "Lost" Gospels? With J. Warner Wallace

Did you know that the New Testament Gospels weren't the only ancient texts written about the life of Jesus? How do we know that our biblical Gospels tell the truth about what Jesus did and said? Is the only reason we can't find these other Gospels in our Bibles because they were lost or suppressed? Is there anything we can learn from these extra-biblical accounts? I tackle these questions and more with my guest J. Warner Wallace on today's podcast.

*Correction: in the podcast I stated that there are close to 6000 manuscripts for the gospels but that is actually the number for the New Testament as a whole. Sorry for any confusion.

Mar 15, 2018
#16 The New Apostolic Reformation: What It Is And Why We Should Care—With Holly Pivec

There is a movement within Christendom called the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Some Christians believe it's a true work of God, others are skeptical...others claim it doesn't exist at all! My guest, Holly Pivec has written two books on the NAR, and talks with me about her concerns regarding the teachings and practices of this growing movement.

Feb 15, 2018
#15 Almost the Real Thing: How Progressive Christianity Has Hijacked the Gospel

Last weekend I had the honor of speaking at the first annual Women in Apologetics Conference at Biola University. In today's podcast you can listen in on my talk, "Almost the Real Thing: How Progressive Christianity is Hijacking the Gospel." (The first few seconds of the talk didn't get recorded.)

Jan 25, 2018
#14 Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today's World With Brett Kunkle

Our culture is changing at a rapid rate. How can Christians navigate these waters and help our young people to influence culture rather than be changed by it? Brett Kunkle is on today's podcast to talk about his new ministry, Maven, and his book A Practical Guide to Culture, which deals with topics like addiction, consumerism, pornography, gender identity, and entertainment.

Jan 11, 2018
#13 What is Molinism? With Tim Stratton (Part 2)

In the second episode of a two-part series, former Calvinist Tim Stratton helps us understand Molinism, which seeks to resolve the apparent tension between the theological ideas of predestination and human free-will. In this week's podcast, we learn more about Tim's journey out of Calvinism, the three different views of God's knowledge, and a bit more about the history behind Calvinism, Arminianism, and Molinism.

Nov 12, 2017
#12 What is Molinism? WIth Tim Stratton (Part 1)

The Bible seems to indicate that God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and completely sovereign—and that he predestines all things, including the fate of each individual soul. The Bible also seems to indicate that humans have free-will to accept or reject God's gift of grace. What do we make of this apparent contradiction? Tim Stratton believes he has found a solution in a view called "Molinism," which is based on the work of a 16th century theologian named Luis De Molina. In the first episode of a two-part series, Tim shares his story and helps us understand this view.

Nov 05, 2017
#11 How to Answer Your Kid's Toughest Questions About God: With Natasha Crain

The world our kids are growing up in is quite a bit different than the one we grew up in. Skepticism is on the rise, and our culture is becoming increasingly more hostile toward traditional Christian beliefs. With so much information at their fingertips, Christian kids are encountering objections to the Christian worldview at very young ages. How do we talk to our kids about the challenges they are facing at school and on the internet? How can we resist the urge to offer them superficial answers like "Just have faith," and engage them intellectually? National author, blogger, and speaker Natasha Crain gives some incredible advice for Christian parents on today's podcast.

Oct 29, 2017
#10 From Atheism to Christianity: A Homicide Detective's Journey—With J. Warner Wallace

Ever since I read Cold Case Christianity, by J. Warner Wallace, I\'ve been fascinated by his story. As a committed atheist and Los Angeles cold case homicide detective, Jim realized he had never examined the evidence for Christianity with the same techniques he used to solve his cold cases. So he set out to solve the most important cold case in history—the truth of the claims made by the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. Do the gospel accounts of Jesus' life qualify as actual eye-witness testimony? Jim tells us all about it on today's podcast.

Oct 15, 2017
#9 Sex and Abortion in the Roman Empire: How Did Early Christians Respond?

As a Christian, do you find yourself at odds with your culture when it comes to issues of biblical sexuality and abortion? Are you feeling pressured to compromise your beliefs because your culture thinks they are outdated—or even bigoted and hateful? Christianity was birthed in the first-century Roman Empire, and the earliest Christians dealt with some of the same social issues we deal with now. On today's podcast, I talk about how they interacted with their culture on these sensitive topics.

Oct 01, 2017
#8 Discovering Hope in the Psalms With Jean E. Jones

Lately I've been working my way through an incredible women's Bible study guide of the Psalms called, "Discovering Hope in the Psalms." This is a fascinating, deep, and rich study which focuses on Hebrew poetry, ancient Jewish culture, and creative activities that connect the mind with the heart. On today's podcast, I talk with one of the authors, Jean E. Jones about the Psalms, and why they are so important for us today.

Sep 24, 2017
#7 How to Send Your Kids to College With a Lasting Faith(Hint..Start Now!)w/Jonathan Morrow

It\'s well known that somewhere around 70% of kids leave the church after High School. Why is this? How can Christian parents prepare their kids to stay strong when they encounter people with different beliefs and worldviews? How can they send their kids to college with a lasting faith? Impact360 Director Jonathan Morrow helps us with some great information and resources on today's podcast.

Sep 14, 2017
#6 Why Does God Allow Evil? With Clay Jones

​In a world with so much pain and suffering, it can be difficult to imagine that a good God could exist. And if He does....why does He allow so much evil in our world? This is an issue that not only keeps some people from believing in God, but it's an issue many Christians wrestle with as well. On today's podcast, Author and Biola University Professor Clay Jones tells us about his new book, Why Does God Allow Evil, and helps us wrestle with this difficult question.

Sep 10, 2017
#5 5 Popular Misconceptions About Traditional Christians

As a Christian, have you ever shared something from a heart of love, only to be mischaracterized and misunderstood based on a misconception about what Christians actually believe? I see it in the comments section of my blog all the time. In today's podcast, I discuss the Nashville Statement and some very popular misconceptions about "Traditional Christians." Why do I use the term "Traditional Christian"? Well, because often these misconceptions are perpetuated by more liberal and progressive Christians, as well as atheists.


Sep 01, 2017
#4 Feminism and Christianity: With Dianna Williams

In this podcast episode, Alisa interviews Dianna Williams, who specializes in feminism, feminist theology, and the feminist critique of the Bible. They discuss how feminism interacts with Christian beliefs, and consider the claim that the Bible oppresses women.


Basics of Biblical Criticism: Helpful or Harmful? (Dianna is a co-contributor):…elpful+or+harmful

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Aug 27, 2017
#3 Logic Lesson: How to Deal With Mockers

Have you ever shared your point of view on social media, only to be answered with a snarky meme or sarcastic quip? How do we as followers of Christ deal with mockers? How did people in the Bible deal with them? How did Jesus? Alisa talks about these questions and more on today's podcast.

Aug 13, 2017
#2 Lord, Where's My Calling? With Teasi Cannon

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is? Why are we here? What is our purpose? As a Christian, have you ever asked, "Lord, where's my calling?" Alisa discusses these questions with author Teasi Cannon on today's podcast.

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Buy Teasi's…re%27s+my+calling

J. Warner Wallace's…our-purpose/

Jul 21, 2017
#1 What is Progressive Christianity?

In this episode, I discuss what Progressive Christians believe, and how those beliefs interact with and intersect with Traditional Christianity.

Jun 09, 2017