Dropping Bombs

By Brad Lea: CEO, Entrepreneur, and Host of The Bottom Line

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Category: Entrepreneurship

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Laugh while you learn how to solve some of life's challenges! In fact, Brad Lea keeps it as real as it gets while he’s "Dropping Bombs" on a wide-range of topics that educate, inspire and makes you laugh out loud. Brad’s bombs are explosive strategies discovered through conversations with his fascinating guests that you can use to obliterate any obstacle getting in the way of your personal or business success. Listen to the Dropping Bombs podcast for exclusive content, success strategies rooted in real-life experiences and stories from the front lines. Brad’s dropping bombs. Listen up or run for cover!

Episode Date
Jason Haugen. What You Need For Your Entrepreneurial Journey. Episode 515 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Jason Haugen is the founder and CEO of HaugenRV. By the age of 28, he'd built his company to $100 million/year and was named as Top 40 under 40 in the RV industry. Building a brand and a team that has a purpose in providing the best customer experience in the industry with integrity. With now over 200 employees and culture at the forefront of all of his decisions building a team has come with a lot of hard work and fun for Jason. Jason also believes that if you build your dream team, anything is possible.


In this episode, Jason and Brad discuss the value of money and why it is so important to the entrepreneurial journey.

00:00 Intro

01:50 Follow Jason Haugen on Social media @jasonhaugen on all platforms; IG, FB etc.

07:50 The RV industry

10:30 Getting into the business

14:47 Employee interviews

15:00 Bomb: “If everything is hidden, that’s where the problems arise.” - Jason Haugen

20:34 Culture Camp, Jason’s podcast

26:07 Training employees

36:15 RV Consultant

43:20 Helping other RV Dealers

48:52 Structure of RV’s

Oct 03, 2022
Los Silva. Identify Your Brand. Episode 514 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Los Silva has been building brands online for over a decade. He's most known for building and selling brands using influencer marketing. He's done this 3x and has worked with some of the top influencers and celebrities in America. He's also an investor and advisor to multiple ecommerce and personal brands in the industry helping them with backend offers , raise LTV and connect with big box brands. Currently, he’s focused on building PowerHouse brands with his partner Josh Elizetxe. One of his most recent companies went from $30k a month to over $4M a month DURING covid.


In this episode, you will learn from Los why creating content and building a brand is the most important thing to do right now.


00:00 Intro

02:31 Bomb: Your brand matters more than anything else in your life

04:00 Where Los started

06:55 The lightbulb for Los to do all the work

09:11 E-comm options and Powerhouse creators

12:13 Build the relationships with people where you can sell their ads and think through the potential

14:50 Listen to the right people

16:54 Tik Tok

19:10 Working with the greats

22:00 Shout out to Kevin Nations

22:39 “When people pay, they pay attention.” - Los Silva

23:54 Data

26:35 Two things to do right now

31:00 Daily Routine

31:46 Recommendations to learn marketing


Sep 29, 2022
Chris Giesking. The Four Most Important Things In Your Life. Episode 513 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Chris Giesking is a highly sought-after fitness professional and educator. With over 10 thousand client sessions, he has built a reputation with the resilience of being an Army Ranger, dedication and experience of being lifelong athlete and a proven teaching methodology of a college professor. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and purposeful mission to improve others’ quality of life are rooted in some of the toughest conditions and experiences he faced while serving in 22 months of duty in Iraq. Chris's Win the Day System is applied with consistent results for both coaches and clients through his signature “WTD Health Compass” Using the 4 cardinal directions: N-Nutrition, S-Sleep, E-Exercise, and W-Wellness. Chris’ methods are designed to help each coach thrive and build a successful training career in a collaborative environment while offering the gym consistent training standards.


In this episode, Chris and Brad discuss Chris’ way of nutrition and wellness for all humans he helps. Listen in on what the compass of life is all about.


00:00 Intro

06:20 American Ninja Warrior

09:00 Getting 1% better on this podcast

15:30 Brad’s personal training exercise 

21:01 When you wake up…

22:30 Tips for sleeping

27:00 How you look at food

29:43 Bomb: Bad soil, bad roots, bad roots, bad fruits – Credit to Garrett White

32:53 Bomb: “Unless you apply your degrees in life, they mean nothing.” - Chris Geisking

37:30 Follow Chris on IG @coachchrisgiesking or go to https://www.healthcompassacademy.com 

39:15 Diet questions

46:00 Being real with your diet

50:37 Bomb: Any company would benefit from a healthier staff


Sep 26, 2022
Justin Waller. How to Use Discipline to Get to the Next Level. Episode 512 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

A person’s background can play a big role in the shaping of their life. Justin Waller grew beyond his background, had lofty dreams, and pursued them with all his might. He owns a construction and real estate company that operates in more than ten states with 90 employees. He is also the youngest member of the Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA) board. Describing his early background, “I grew up in a small town where people think small and live suppressed. Justin Waller acquired life and business lessons from notable authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Patrick Lencioni, Robert E. Gerber, and many others. His business operations have also been characterized by his agility and availability to oversee his company and projects. “I try to be in as many places as possible. The journey to the top came with mental toughness and lessons on pain and pressure. It shaped Justin to become the fluid entrepreneur he is, and he developed the unique ability to build a business in any city in the world. Justin claims that it has given him a special type of confidence and freedom.


In this episode, Brad and Justin discuss how Justin has gotten to the levels of success in his life.


00:00 Intro

06:08 Backstory

10:00 Discipline

13:25 Bomb: People don’t care about you as much as you think they do

18:40 If Justin could start all over…

22:31 Becoming a millionaire

26:10 Andrew Tate

33:00 Trip to Europe

36:40 DM Justin for the war room @jwaller7 on IG 

42:00 Andrew Tate and the haters

50:31 Check out Justin on Youtube at JWaller

52:00 Bomb: What love REALLY means

57:30 “We are creating men who don’t get cheated on.” - Justin Waller

59:00 Bomb: “Grow or Leave”

01:00:27 Bomb: People who talk sh*t on the internet are those who do not feel good about themselves

01:08:45 Getting Canceled 

01:11:55 Brad’s content flow

01:14:55 The Gentleman’s guide follow Justin at Jwaller7 on IG


Sep 22, 2022
Marcos Jacober. The Easiest Investment You Will Ever Make . Episode 511 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Brazilian immigrant, Marcos Jacober, is an investor, author, international speaker, and teacher. He moved to the US in 1998 with only a dream and $100 in his pocket and worked a number of blue-collar jobs before saving enough to invest in real estate. But he lost everything in the crash of 2008.  After learning about tax liens and tax deeds, he was able to finalize hundreds of property deals. Today he is an authority in the real estate business. Marcos is a father of two beautiful children, Jacober has helped thousands of individuals from different countries start their real estate investment career here in the US. His book ‘Eat This Mr. President: How a Brazilian Immigrant Went From Truck Driver to Millionaire in 4 Years'' was released in 2018, he also had a new book that comes highly recommended. “The Deed Hunter.'' Additionally, Marcos Jacober founded Life Hacks Wealth, Airbtheboss & American Tax Lien Association. 


In this episode, you will learn how to make the easiest investment you ever made with the deed hunter, Marcos Jacober. Brad uncovers some of his tactical steps inside. Tune in!

00:00 Intro

05:00 Guaranteed by law

07:30 Get Marcos’ new book “The Deed Hunter”

10:30 How it works

18:00 The easiest way to make money doing this 

19:30 Go to @thedeedhunterusa to follow Marcos

24:27 Send a DM and get a free book as well as enroll in Marcos’ classes right now

32:00 When Marcos lost it all

39:40 The only investor in this auction…

42:15 Bomb: The power of compounding in this business

50:00 Step 1

56:00 Confirming that the property is still in tact

59:30 Go to @thedeedhunterusa to follow, and DM Marcos about his new classes on the LightSpeedVT system!

01:05:00 The information you will receive

01:05:50 Marcos’ System became ready in August of 2022! There was so much information to share he wanted to make sure it all got in there! DM him today

Sep 19, 2022
Albert Preciado. Why Humans Hold the Most Value Over ANYTHING. Episode 510 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Albert Preciado is the Founder and CEO of The Mortgage Guys, Ambiance Realty, and Driven Enterprises. Albert is also a Real Estate Investor. In 2013 Albert bought a 3-unit property, and like everything else Albert does, he went all in and acquired as many multi-units as possible. This would end up being a Life Changer. Albert’s original company was The Mortgage Guy, and after mentorship sessions, the company’s name changed to The Mortgage Guys. This was another Life Changer. Albert has been in the mortgage industry since 2005; he is a licensed Broker and Mortgage Originator. Albert went through the toughest times of his life in 2008 when we had a market recession and Mortgage Meltdown but decided to weather the storm and not quit the industry he believed in. The reason why Albert started a mortgage company was because of the pain endured by his parents and himself when they got turned down for a mortgage time after time in the early 90s. Albert committed to starting a Mortgage Company from scratch and creating a company that will help humble families make their American Dream a reality. Albert’s life wasn’t always perfect, and his mid-20s were full of costly mistakes that could have cost him his life.

In this episode, Brad and Albert discuss his humble beginnings with his wife, Syl. From there, they get into their story deeper and how their business is becoming an empire. They also discuss real ways to improve your business and life.


00:00 Intro

04:05 Bomb: Timing

06:03 Bomb: Execution

10:30 Bomb: Competence in business

13:44 Personal Branding

16:08 When Albert got robbed

24:33 The mortgage industry

30:50 Driven

37:28 Ferrari's

40:30 Driven Academy/Virtual Training

45:50 Attn: Realtors and MLO’s - listen up to this

47:57 “Expand when other people are contracting.” - Albert Preciado

56:00 What you pay attention to

59:00 Follow Albert and his wife and go to https://www.drivenevent.com use code: BOMBSQUAD for a great discount

01:02:00 Bomb: Driven keeps getting better and better


Sep 15, 2022
Jason Brown and Eric Creekmore. If You Had At Least FIVE Employees During Covid THEN THIS IS FOR YOU. Episode 509 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Eric was a former college athlete and self-made in financial services. Eric started as a producer and now runs a couple different teams of 100’s of agents!

Jason focuses on getting better each day and helping mentor others to find time and financial freedom. Fun fact about Eric, he sold everything he owned during Covid and traveled the world for 8 months while still running his businesses! Jason built and manages several large financial services teams as well as done public speaking all over the country as small business expert. Jason has helped thousands of businesses save and receive money through benefits strategies and tax programs.

To sign up as an affiliate follow these steps: www.therealercspecialists.com>Affiliate Program>Become an Affiliate. Note: If using mobile, click the 3 bars in the top right corner to find the Affiliate Program tab.

In this episode, you will learn the steps that to get money and extra money based on if you had at least 5 w-2 employees go to https://www.therealercspecialists.com to qualify now.


00:00 Intro

01:04 Go to https://www.therealercspecialists.com to see if you qualify!

04:00 The change in legislation

08:51 The time window

13:28 Become an affiliate!

15:53 Financial Services & “Double dipping”

20:15 Go to https://www.therealercspecialists.com 

24:20 Share out this episode!


Sep 12, 2022
Shawn Meaike. Be The Boss of Your Life. Episode 508 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Shawn Meaike is the founder and president of Family First Life. In late 2013, Shawn launched Family First Life, currently a multi-million-dollar independent marketing organization. As Shawn describes it, he is “building a company that truly puts both the families of our clients and the families of our agents first.” Family First Life has grown over the years and has helped millions of American families with their insurance needs. Shawn Meaike as the company’s CEO has made sure that they keep their values rooted in putting the families of clients and agents first. This vision became very instrumental in the company’s continuing growth and success. Family First Life is projected to become a billion-dollar company by 2022.

In this episode, Brad and Shawn discuss all the benefits of getting into the insurance business. Be the boss of your life, and learn here how! Go to https://www.bradlea.com/letsgo to work with Brad today.


00:00 Intro

02:22 Why it’s the best time to get into life insurance

03:24 How it started for Shawn

04:06 Bomb: Where your loyalty lies

06:14 Bomb: Brad’s want for others to do better

08:58 Bomb: You have to have the courage to decide.

15:20 Working harder together

17:05 Andrew Tate

19:00 Bomb: “If it’s the right thing, the consequences don’t matter.” - Shawn Meaike

24:00 God testing Shawn

30:30 When people say “You changed my life.”

35:36 Hit up Brad in the DM if you need life insurance

38:28 Go to https://www.bradlea.com/letsgo and change your life

41:10 AGENTS: Listen up.

44:16 Bomb: Fraction of the action

56:40 Working with stuck up people versus not

01:03:00 Share it out! https://www.bradlea.com/letsgo 

Sep 08, 2022
Wes Watson. How to Create the Life You Want By Loving Yourself. Episode 507 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Wes is a fitness/motivational coach who has the gift of captivating his audience through stories and hard truths of personal transformation. Wes spent over 10 years in the California prison system as a shot caller. He has been free for 3 years and has thousands of clients and averages monthly revenue of 300k+/month.  In the world today people continue to look for happiness in the same place they lost it (Vices). It’s a universal rule that by way of pain one arrives at pleasure. Wes built his company to share what he has learned on his journey to becoming the best individual he can be in every area. It’s Wes’ mission to help you succeed and master the areas of life you’re aiming to build up.


In this episode, Brad brings Wes back for Part 2– Check out Wes and DM him if you want the transformation he offers.


00:00 Intro

01:38 Go to https://www.weswatson.com 

06:48 Bomb: What depression really is

13:38 When broke people talk about fun

19:20 Results

25:50 When people say “You’re losing too much weight…”

30:57 “Life is a mirror, not a window.” - Wes Watson

37:34 DM Wes today and get fit

44:50 When you’re stuck in the past

51:28 Bomb: The studs in Wes Watson’s life

57:38 Brad’s Health, Money and Relationships

01:02:36 “I want you to know I am better…” theory

01:06:50 Content

01:07:58 Bomb: Get uncomfortable


Sep 05, 2022
Thaddeus Voss. How to Master Your Craft . Episode 506 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

At a very young age Thaddeus made the most of his entrepreneurial journey making his way through Wall Street and owning several businesses along the way in the financial industry. If anyone can, it is Thaddeus to educate the market on small business finances as the big banks continue to make it more and more difficult. As the brands go, the branches pop up. Lionheart funding promotes quick funding, flexible payments, and an array of financial products to fit your business necessities. Triple Crown Capital understands how a loan at the right time can make a huge difference in the success of your business. TCC has made it fast and easy to access financing solutions completely designed around your small business needs. Lastly, Bluegrass facilitates highly efficient low interest lending and is based out of The Louisville Metro Area. Our offices are located in the Lexington, Louisville and Jeffersonville areas, and our head account executives have over 20 years of experience.


In this episode, Brad and Thaddeus discuss the financial industry and what you need based on loans and how they work. 


00:00 Intro

06:00 Loans

10:51 Fear or Hope

15:50 How decisions are made regarding assets and liabilities etc.

20:38 The level of collections

27:00 Hospitality

32:50 DM @Thaddeus_Voss_ if you need money and want to talk to him about your options (Tell him the Bomb Squad sent you)

40:00 The options you have

44:00 Are you having trouble scaling or getting to the milestones– Thaddeus can help you!

47:45 What LightSpeed allows for Thaddeus to do! https://www.lightspeedvt.com 

Sep 01, 2022
Krista Hilton. This is Why America is Drunk. Episode 505 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Conservative single mom & entrepreneur still living in Portland, OR. Started a brand called Drunk Republic and a podcast called Drunk Politics (it's a play on words calling out how drunk on power our politicians are) out of a burning need to get fellow Americans to wake up to the madness that is perpetuating in our country and then do something about it. She's been invited onto Newsmax multiple times talking about HOW conservatives can get involved in starting to take back their cities, especially the very liberal ones, as well as how she is raising her son with conservative values having pulled him out of the public school system to homeschool him while going on a cross country road trip before putting him in a small Christian private school. America is drunk. The last 20 years of entrepreneurship has taught Krista that taking life too seriously is a waste of time and energy. If you want to be offended, you will be. Krista believes that words are not violent, and toasts to those who brainwashed people into believing otherwise.


In this episode, Brad and Krista discuss everything as well as why America is Drunk! Tune in!


00:00 Intro

01:55 What is LightSpeed VT?

03:46 Getting Canceled

11:20 Life Insurance

14:02 Marketing Agency: Urban Gorilla

16:17 Divorce

18:15 https://www.drunkrepublic.co for tee-shirts and swag!

22:04 What Krista helps people with…

25:50 Bomb: Potus

31:00 Those who make our laws

38:42 When you listen to Krista’s podcast, Drunk Politics

41:02 Feminism has failed

44:08 Bomb: Politicians have to be held accountable

47:48 Give Krista your feedback at Krista@drunkrepublic.co


Aug 29, 2022
Day Trade Professor Malik. How To Make Money Trading Stocks . Episode 504 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

The Professor has been teaching economics for 9 years. He has 2 degrees in economics and history education. He simplifies the complicated world of stock & crypto trading and breaks it down. His style of trading stresses the importance of risk management and putting learning before making money. The Professor wants his students to become independent traders, who don't rely on anyone but themselves to be consistent in trading. Professor Malik also offers a free trading course, is an author and has directed a reality TV show called The Life of a Trader.


In this episode, the Day Trader Professor teaches us how to make money trading stocks. 


00:00 Intro

03:20 The problem with the daytrading community

05:52 Options

06:30 https://www.daytradeprofessor.com for his courses and books

09:20 The first step

10:53 Bomb: School System

13:00 Go to website and and type in Bombsquad for free book from Professor Malik

17:00 The rules of the “game”

24:30 Time frames

29:00 Bitcoin

36:58 Kucoin for shorting

45:00 Events coming up

52:00 What you learn

01:00:00 Using the right platform

01:04:00 When your mindset is shot, listen to this

Aug 25, 2022
Cristy Code. Why You Need to Change Your Lifestyle . Episode 503 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Cristy “CodeRed” Nickel, author of “The Code Red Revolution,” is a speaker, #2 world-ranked boxer (retired), celebrity nutritionist, award-winning personal trainer, and elite-level athlete. She created a nutrition program that enables people to lose 10% of their body weight per month without shakes, diet pills, diet foods, or exercise. Cristy has been in the health and fitness industry since 1994. While studying Exercise Science at the University of Memphis, Cristy competed in 3 NPC Figure competitions, placing in the top 5 at each show. The success of her show in 2003 propelled her to New York City to train top celebrities, business tycoons, models and professional athletes. In 2008, Cristy was awarded “New York’s Best Trainer,” by Allure Magazine. Cristy retired from boxing in 2010 and launched the Code Red Lifestyle™. Her custom-written nutrition programs have helped thousands of people all over the world lose weight and take their lives back without shakes, diet pills, diet foods, or exercise. Cristy is a keynote speaker who has presented at a wide array of venues, from college campuses to elementary schools. She has made numerous radio and TV appearances, and her loyal clients, nicknamed Code Red Rebels, stand in line for hours to meet Cristy during her book tour stops.


In this episode, Cristy and Brad discuss the lifestyle they both have chosen and why along with the obstacles along the way that try to hurt the progress. 


00:00 Intro

02:30 Stress

04:14 Bomb: Sleep Cycle

07:20 Go to https://www.coderedlifestyle.com

11:00 Why people don’t make the jump to change it up

15:00 A scare in Cristy’s life

20:08 Bomb: Delegation

25:20 OCD/Stress

29:33 Companies going under 

35:00 “Do you know who your avatar is?” - Cristy Code

40:00 Self-Worth

45:20 The secret

Aug 22, 2022
Victor Rancour. $40 Million in FOUR Years. Episode 502 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Victor Rancour is a 33yr old entrepreneur that started his first business four years ago and has since scaled that business to over $40 million in revenue in that time, along the way Victor has invested and started 13 other Multi-million dollar organizations. One of Victor’s main focuses now is giving back to the home service industry through his very ownsales training app, business coaching seminars, and huge industry events that bring the best and brightest people together to help lift the industry up.


In this episode, Brad and Victor discuss the true entrepreneurial journey of how Victor went from an employee to a business owner and now seeing over $40M in revenue.


00:00 Intro

01:29 Service Rocket Growth Summit in Vegas October 20-22nd https://www.servicerocketnetwork.com to get tickets

05:00 Bomb: Marketing yourself and your brand well

09:37 Hiring in these places!

11:30 Go to https://www.serviceheroacademy.com to sign up

16:17 A strict rule from Victor…

25:00 Starting in the AC business

36:00 AC in Vegas

38:30 Acquiring Heating and Air company’s

44:27 Follow Victor @victor_rancour                                        

45:58 Use the code BombSquad at https://www.servicerocketnetwork.com 


Aug 18, 2022
Todd Skelton. From Pizza Hut to Multi-Billion Dollar CEO. Episode 501 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

From Pizza Hut Manager to Multi-Billion Dollar CEO, Todd Skelton has created a life many would only dream of; but this life did not come without sacrifice and hardships. He has overcome low income, adversity, set-backs, divorce, rejection, and legal battles only to come out even more successful, both financially and personally. By overcoming these adversities and paving his own way to mega success, Todd Skelton is now sharing his story with the world to help others accomplish their dreams of success and wealth.  In January of 2020 Todd was appointed the President and CEO of Prime Automotive a top 10 Automotive Group in the US, with 56 dealerships selling over 63,000 new and used vehicles annually, generating over 3 billion in revenue. Todd successfully scaled and sold the Multi-Billion Dollars Prime Automotive Group for 4X its original valuation just 23 months later. 

Currently, Todd is CEO of Ascendance Truck Centers, a growing national network of full-service commercial truck dealers. Today, Todd is a respected business leader, speaker, investor, and an inspiration to others who have been told that they can't achieve their dreams. His story is a reminder that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.


In this episode, Todd and Brad discuss how Todd went from Pizza Hut to a Multi-Billion dollar company. They also discuss the ins and outs of business and how Todd’s business journey with lessons he has learned along the way.

00:00 Intro

00:32 Pizza Hut

04:55 Door-to-Door to the car business

06:45 Brad’s car story

10:09 Bomb: Don’t do it alone

16:05 Todd’s start as the CEO

20:00 Bomb: The day Todd’s owner was facing charges

23:00 The business going south

28:30 The truck company

30:37 Bomb: Top three steps: Respond fast, tell your people what happens next, and get them in immediately

35:30 Bomb: Training

39:12 Reach out to Todd https://www.toddskelton.com

40:42 Check out Todd’s wife’s club https://www.momlink.club or on IG go to @themomlink 

46:55 A guru in the making


Aug 15, 2022
Carlos Reyes. What It Takes To Be Successful. Episode 500 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Carlos came to the country illegally as a little boy. He was also raised by a single mom. His mom worked 2 jobs both paying $8.25 an hour to raise 3 kids. He later became a US citizen, thanks to his mother’s effort. He then decided to quit a 14-year corporate job in 2015 to pursue the dream of building his own Real Estate investment company. With the help of his partner Sal Shakir, the company has scaled quickly to be a real estate powerhouse consistently producing 6 figures every single month in multiple markets. Carlos also owns another 25 businesses which 7 of them are grossing 7 figures per year. Carlos recently purchased a one-acre estate in Glendale, Arizona where he, his wife and 2 daughters reside. Carlos and his family are now truly living the American Dream.


In this episode, Brad and Carlos discuss all things about being a really successful business person based on your daily routines, and choices you make.

00:00 Intro

03:26 What Carlos does

04:24 God

06:00 Knighted

13:50 Holy Trinity

17:30 Brad’s inventions

29:14 75 Hard

40:15 Proving things to yourself

45:40 Recession

49:20 “Woke”

53:20 ROT (Return on Time)

57:32 Go to https://www.callgeeks.com with the BOMBSQUAD code for a virtual assistant now.


Aug 11, 2022
Rene Rodriguez. How to Get Influence. Episode 499 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Born amongst the palm trees and percussion of Miami, René began splitting his time in frosty Minnesota as a teen. This continuum of climates and cultures introduced him to the breadth of the human condition at a young age. He then attended University of St. Thomas where he began to see the power of applying neuroscience to create personal and professional change. For over two decades, René has been researching and applying behavioral neuroscience as a dynamic keynote speaker, leadership advisor, world class sales expert, and renowned speaker coach. He has also trained more than 100,000 people in applying behavioral psychology and neuroscience methodologies to solve some of the toughest challenges in leadership, sales and change. As an entrepreneur and CEO of multiple companies, Rene integrates a practical business approach that inspires his audiences to take action. Through his keynote, bootcamps, workshops and proprietary Amplifii™ course, he helps us own our backstory to build the frame for our unique and beautiful picture of life. 


In this episode, Rene and Brad discuss how he works through framework to gain influence among other topics! Check out their event on sale now, here: https://www.changingthegame.events

00:00 Intro

03:40 The agenda

06:10 Cuban

07:13 Make more money quickly

10:02 Bomb: Showing people things others can’t see…

13:29 The Gamechanger

17:00 Only 50 seats

18:18 https://www.changingthegame.events

20:43 Building business


Aug 08, 2022
Marty Cordova. From the Major Leagues in Baseball to the Major Leagues in Media. Episode 498 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Marty Cordova is former Major League baseball player and now in the media business with major people who works with brands like Kevin Hart and Joe Rogan alike. Marty opens up in this episode about his life and how drinking affected him and how he overcame it. He also discusses his success and speaks to his story and what he became from it.


Tune in to this episode and take notes – these are life lessons for you and yours.


00:00 Intro

06:00 Joe Rogan and Dana White

11:00 “Timing is everything.”  - Marty Cordova

14:00 Real Estate

17:30 Drinking and Drugs

22:00 Bomb: Drunk driving is no excuse now with ubers

27:33 Getting help

36:20 Ayahuasca

46:00 Separating your groups of friends and circles

51:00 Joe Rogan

59:20 If anyone has content they want to monetize reach out to Marty and Bent Pixels


Aug 04, 2022
Garrett J. White. The Original Wake Up Warrior . Episode 497 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Garrett J. White is the founder of the Wake Up Warrior Movement, Author of the Best Selling Book WARRIOR BOOK, Creator of Warrior Week, and Host of the top rated podcasts Warrior On Fire, Warrior Wealth, and Date Your Wife. What started as a desire to set himself free from the bondage of his own failing life after the banking crisis of 2008, soon transformed into the launch of a Global Movement in Late 2012. The Warrior Movement is quickly changing the business world we have known for decades using an unconventional method for living and producing as a modern man known as the Warriors Way. "As an observer, I’ve been privileged to witness a transformation of several students of Wake Up Warrior. During my last trip to speak about our work with the Navy SEALs Fund, several introductions from the group have turned into friendships. The work that Garrett, Sam and the WUW team are doing with men is truly life-changing and I encourage anyone that seeks to take their life and business to a higher level to look seriously at this program. I’ve personally witnessed men gain confidence, clarity and control of their lives by learning to tell the truth about what really matters. As well, with the financial support WUW has given the Navy SEALS Fund, we’ve been able to help dozens of former SEALS and their families. Our commitment to these men focuses on assisting our teammates with PTSD/TBI treatment and financial assistance when dealing with the physical and psychological trauma from a life serving their country. We could not do this without the continued support from WUW." Brad Bailey Navy SEAL, BUD/S class 200 President, Navy SEALS Fund Garrett co-owns DKW Styling Salon and BMS Training systems in the beauty industry with his wife Danielle. They live in Laguna Beach, CA with their three children Parker, Bailee and Ruby


In this episode, you will learn what it takes to be a wake up warrior.


00:00 Intro

06:39 For the men who have bit*h tits…

11:25 “It’s all in your head…”

17:35 The start of Wake-Up Warrior

20:50 “My whole life was a stack of lies…” - Garrett White

23:15 Bomb: “Any woman who would take you in that place says a shitload about you and her.” - Garrett White

28:10 What happened in 2012

30:45 The truth

37:46 Handling a true powerful woman

41:50 Garrett’s wife’s business

47:00 “I became a psychopath.” - Garrett White

48:00 Bomb: What wake-up warrior is about

52:50 Steps on straightening out if you’re this person who Garrett helps

58:34 What is the truth

01:05:35 Bomb: Recognizing the truth with your partnerships

01:14:05 Real content

01:15:30 Bomb: The personal brand piece

01:18:00 Surfing


Aug 01, 2022
Michael Newell. How New Construction Can Make You Rich . Episode 496 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

With over a$70m+ net worth, Michael Newell has been featured in Forbes among other publications and is the CEO/Owner of Standard Land Dev. And MJ Newell Homes. At MJ Newell Homes, our team of professionals are not only experienced, but personable agents. We meticulously guide our clients throughout the entire process of buying their new home since we understand that this is one of the most important investments for any individual or family. Our priority is to provide comprehensive support to our clients from beginning to end, starting with the selection of their ideal home to the financial process and all the way up to the successful delivery of their brand-new home.Additionally, Michaels other company, Standard Land Dev. Is known to be “America’s future” innovating and securing homes for American Families!


In this episode, Brad and Michael discuss the real estate business and mostly how new construction can make you rich! Tune in!


00:00 Intro

01:42 Building v. buying

03:50 How Michael started

07:20 The list of what you need

10:50 How Michael discovered this market

13:24 “It’s important for our country to have homeownership.” - Michael Newell

19:00 Areas to look at

28:27 Brad’s newest companies

36:20 The difference between building a house and building something bigger

42:10 Confidence

46:00 Doubling your inventory

Jul 28, 2022
Gary Brecka. What Is 10X Health Systems?. Episode 495 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Gary Brecka is the co-founder and chief human biologist of 10X health systems. As Chief Human Biologist for 10X Health, Gary guides the company’s Global Wellness vision and direction. He has over 20 years of experience in “Bio-Hacking” and “Functional Medicine”—his passion lies in customizing peak performance protocols for individuals to achieve optimal health. He’s an expert on serum blood and genetic biomarkers. He also sits on the Board of NFL Alumni Association as a Health Services Director and is known as the “Celebrity Bio-Hacker.”


In this episode, Brad and Gary discuss how 10X Health Systems can save your life. Tune in to learn what it can do for you.


00:00 Intro

00:44 Go to @GaryBrecka on Instagram and inquire about the tests!

06:00 D-3

08:00 Blood work dialed in

09:43 What all cancer has in common

11:23 Bomb: Brad's oxygen level

12:00 What a blood dump means

14:00 Walking on the earth

19:12 https://www.10xhealthsystems.com will educate you on the process

24:34 The refining process in the human body

28:57 “In our mind we don’t only create thought, but we dismantle thought.” - Gary Brecka

32:49 DM Gary @GaryBrecka and ask about Gene testing and blood work

35:00 Depression


Jul 25, 2022
Mauro Stendel. How to Obtain Instant Success. Episode 494 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Born in 1995 in Argentina, moved to Israel at age of 17, served in the Israeli Defense Forces Special Unit "Duvdevan". After he finished his army service, he decided to move to USA with 500 dollars in his pocket to create his business empire. Even though only 25 out of 100,000 soldiers make it every year, Mauro achieved his goal and was drafted in the Duvdevan Unit in March 2015. I came with 500 dollars in my pocket, slept in my friend's car and took showers at "Planet fitness." Started with wholesale real estate, then moved to e-commerce, exactly before the pandemic, and finally achieved this goal as well. Creator of the "Stendelism" a movement that follows his theories of motivation and goal achievements explained in his books "Three Phases of Immediate Success" and "The Art of Protecting Ourselves.”


In this episode, Mauro tells his amazing stories about how he got to where he is today and how he has obtained serious success!


00:00 Intro

02:20 The Law of Return

04:40 Bomb: Fufilling your dream

11:00 Staying in the bubble

15:58 “If you study all variables there is no room for mistakes.” - Mauro Stendel

19:50 Networking

24:30 When Mauro found out about his Mom

30:10 Never show your weakness

33:30 Discovering Amazon

38:10 The start over…again

45:00 Addicted to a feeling

53:50 Fake it til’ you make it

57:50 Social Media showings: What you have versus showing how you got what you have

58:14 The three phases

59:39 Mauro’s book, go buy it now on amazon! Title: The Three Phases Towards Instant Success


Jul 21, 2022
Michael Walding. A Passion for Cryptocurrency. Episode 493 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

From Body-building to double comma club with click-funnels, Michael Walding can do it all. A mentee of the late Bob Proctor and co-founder of Quantum Capital. At Quantum Capital, Michael and his team invest in value-add multifamily assets in central, growing neighborhoods of major cities, near jobs, transit, and amenities. This business is a never before seen hedge fund focused on not only cryptocurrency investing but educating people on the crypto space.

In this episode, Michael and Brad discuss the power of awareness, manifestation, cryptocurrency, and much more!

00:00 Intro

02:40 Manifestation//Bob Proctor

06:50 Self-confidence

10:00 Bomb: Your imagination is God, the things that you can see in your mind, that is God seeing it with you.

11:00 Quantum Capital

13:50 What happens with crypto

16:26 Books

20:01 Check out Michael @whereiswalding or go to https://www.qwntmcapital.com and book a call with them

25:10 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

26:10 Bomb: “Nothing is going to change until you do.” - Michael Walding

33:00 Habits

39:30 Gratitude

44:00 The desire to have focus


Jul 18, 2022
Rylee Meek. Choosing Good, Living Your Faith, and Building A Culture . Episode 492 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Rylee Meek is the host of The Sales Conversion Podcast and founder and CEO of the Social Dynamic Selling System. After responding to a small ad on Craigslist in 2009, and with a burning desire for more, he went on to produce over $150 million in sales over the past 9 years.

Now that Rylee Meek has perfected his model through continual trial and error, he is sharing his learned wisdom and is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs and business owners achieve the revenue goals they have to live the lifestyle they desire. Everything he teaches is tried, tested, refined, and proven to create a predictable, sustainable, and scalable selling system. Our Team has promoted over 25,000 events and connected over 2+ million consumers with their clients. That experience is put to work with every new campaign we produce. No other marketing company can offer our solutions. Rylee is in the client acquisition business – Follow the Social Dynamic Selling Blueprint and you too can develop a Predictable, Sustainable, Scalable Selling System.


In this episode, Brad and Rylee discuss in depth The King’s Council, Jesus, and the bible. Definitely an episode that makes you think! Tune in!


00:00 Intro

01:29 Jesus

06:44 God

17:00 Bomb: Creating culture on Lightspeed

21:33 The desire to create the community

22:20 Bomb: “With God, all things are possible.” - Rylee Meek

35:00 Buying into the bible

40:00 God’s name

48:22 *God is everywhere*

52:30 The King's Council as a faith based business

59:15 Bomb: “I am just gonna live every day in excellence.” - Rylee Meek

59:46 To learn more about Rylee go to https://www.ryleemeek.com

**It has been brought to our attention that Steve Weatherford is no longer involved with The Kings Council or Rylee Meek (the guest) in any way. Please disregard when it is said that there is an affiliation. Thank you!**

Jul 14, 2022
Timothy Sykes. How to Do Well Stock Trading. Episode 491 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Tim Sykes is a penny stock trader and teacher who became a self-made millionaire by the age of 22 by trading $12,415 of bar mitzvah money. After becoming disenchanted with the hedge fund world, he established the Tim Sykes Trading Challenge to teach aspiring traders how to follow his trading strategies. He’s been featured in a variety of media outlets including CNN, Larry King, Steve Harvey, Forbes, Men’s Journal, and more. He’s also an active philanthropist and environmental activist, a co-founder of Karmagawa, and has donated millions of dollars to charity. Originally from middle-class Connecticut, Tim had an interest in the stock market from a young age. Tim now can teach you how to do it and his approach as a teacher has been different than any other traders you know.


In this episode, Tim and Brad discuss how Timothy does well stock trading in all different market trends, take notes and tune in!


00:00 Intro

04:00 Rule number one is to cut losses 

06:58 Timothy’s best lesson

08:20 Crypto

11:15 Training

12:20 “Lose money that you can afford to lose.” - Timothy Sykes

13:08 Bomb: “A profit is not a profit until you cash it in.” - Timothy Sykes

18:30 “Trade like a sniper.” - Timothy Sykes

18:50 Building schools

25:00 Bomb: “Come back to me when you lose enough; that’s the beauty of having a superior product.” - Timothy Sykes

28:55 Bomb: “Teachers should get awards.” - Timothy Sykes

29:48 Bomb: “With better teachers, we have a better future.” - Timothy Sykes

34:35 Wolf of Wall Street//Jordan Belfort

38:06 Check out https://www.timothysykes.com for Tim’s blog

44:00 Company’s with stories

46:56 Bomb: “If you’re going to make life changing money, it’s going to take time.” - Timothy Sykes

48:14 Bomb: “You can’t control the market, but you can control your preparation, that’s all you can control.” - Timothy Sykes

50:00 Bomb: “If anyone can do it, you can too, it’s about the work you’re willing to put in.” - Timothy Sykes

54:10 The recession


Jul 11, 2022
Dave Allred. How Being An Entrepreneur Gives You Financial Freedom . Episode 490 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

The difference between the people who want financial freedom and those that achieve it is commitment. If you can identify specific goals, break them into manageable steps, and take action, there’s no reason you can’t achieve financial freedom too.

Dave Allred, managing partner of Axia Partners, is a perfect example of how living with intention can launch you forward in business and life.


In this episode, Brad and Dave discuss how Dave went from selling alarm systems to running his own business. Tune in on how to have the financial freedom you want to make it to the top!

00:00 Intro

04:24 Real Estate fund, Axia

06:55 “Who you do business with is who you do life with.”  - Dave Allred

08:10 Bomb: You create value for people, it usually comes back two to three fold.

12:55 Pulling back the curtain

15:00 Go to https://www.axiapartners.com or DM Dave on IG @daveallred and tell him the #bombsquad sent you for more information

21:00 On market vs. off market

26:30 The shift

28:38 Brad’s “get out of the rat race”

30:22 Bomb: “The best investment is the 6 inches between your ears.” - Dave Allred

34:19 Bomb: On marketing by Brad

39:28 Bomb: “At the end of the day, its all about mindset.” - Dave Allred

44:10 How the bombsquad can help Dave

45:52 Crypto

46:16 Bomb: “The higher the emotion, the lower the intelligence.” - Dave Allred


Jul 07, 2022
Keaton Hoskins AKA The Muscle. The True Definition of an Entrepreneur . Episode 489 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Keaton grew up in Utah and is a very devoted Son, Father to four amazing girls and Husband. In his mid-30’s he has had multiple businesses, is currently on the television show Diesel Brothers on discovery channel, is a personal trainer, owns a nutrition company, owns a new business that tests your blood and help you find supplements and other things that will help your health and fitness growth, and work on cars when he gets the opportunity. As hard as he works, and is constantly growing, he plays and devotes just as much energy into playing with his kids and taking trips or going on dates with his beautiful and equally awesome wife. This man is overjoyed at the prospect of helping others achieve their fitness objectives and life goals. Keaton now is involved with the discovery channel on the show "The Diesel Brothers" but his true passion still is found daily in the gym. 


In this episode, Keaton and Brad discuss why action speaks louder than words and express the true definition of entrepreneurship. Listen in and take notes!


00:00 Intro

03:05 Keaton’s Limitless Society

03:27 Bomb: “I am the last person to talk about something and the first person to do something, and I am also the first person to make all of the mistakes.” - Keaton

07:40 Keaton’s convo with trainers

12:10 How The Diesel Brothers came into the mix

14:50 Insurance

21:30 “At that point I could do anything I want.” - Keaton

27:00 Building cars for celebrities 

32:50 How to help people at scale

33:30 Bomb: “All successful people do the same things.” - Keaton

34:50 Brad’s Million Dollar Morning

45:50 Limitless Society go to https://limitless.keatonhoskins.com

49:00 Discord

53:54 Bomb: Creating Millionaires in the next year

58:01 Sign up for Brad’s closer school here: https://www.closerschoollive.com 

01:03:30 Fear

01:09:45 Keaton’s Book: The Divorce Handbook

01:15:00 Time

01:18:52 Check out 1 Mission Nutrition for Supplements

01:19:23 Bomb: Supplements sent overseas


Jul 04, 2022
Kari Lake.What the American People Deserve to Know. Episode 488 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Kari Lake, the former anchor for Fox 10 News in Phoenix, became a symbol of truth in journalism when she walked away from the mainstream media despite being number one in the ratings for more than two decades.

Now she's running for Governor of Arizona on a platform of common senseconservatism dedicated to individual liberties, low taxes, limited regulation, and protecting Arizona's great Western heritage. Kari Lake continues to be a voice for the silent majority suffering at the hands of cancel culture, critical race theory, and the devastating effects progressive policies are piling up on America's formerly great cities.


In this episode, Kari and Brad discuss how Kari plans to help save the USA. Tune in.


00:00 Intro

04:30 Isolation

07:55 Groupthink

12:41 The Newsroom

14:00 The election

18:00 Losing the country…

23:46 Fairness

25:40 Trump

29:00 Arizona

32:46 Check out 2,000 Mules

40:35 Kari’s Campaign

46:00 Primary

53:20 “The media is the first institution I hope crumbles.” - Kari Lake

01:00:30 Treason

01:02:08 Make sure you’re registered to vote, if you’re in Arizona, vote for Kari on August 2nd. And go to https://www.karilake.com to check out her beliefs and plans on everything.

Jun 30, 2022
Alex and Leila Hormozi. How to Have the Ultimate Plan for Your Business . Episode 487 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Today Alex and Leila’s https://www.Acquisition.com  fund allows us to participate as minority partners (20-33% typically) to provide what we call “majority work for minority stakes” and use the same models that helped scale each of our companies and create value for their customers.


In this episode, Alex and Leila tell their story from how they met, started their businesses, and what they are doing today. Tune and take notes for this awesome episode!


00:00 Intro

01:19 Go to https://www.acquisition.com only for minority partnerships.

02:45 How the Hormozi met

05:06 Gym Launch

08:25 Why this is not for everyone

12:12 All in

16:50 Andy Frisella

21:16 Marketing

25:19 The first step

30:10 Consulting

35:40 Social Media

40:45 Look out for Leila’s new podcast

48:00 Submit going to https://www.acquition.com 

49:00 The contender qualifications

55:00 Jeff Bezos 

01:00:20 Recognizing value 

01:05:00 Getting to a billion…

01:10:50 Greed

01:13:00 Social Skills


Jun 27, 2022
Alvin Johnson. From Zero to Hundreds of Millions. Episode 486 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Alvin Hope Johnson has been in the Real Estate industry for over 35 years. Starting out as a handyman selling painting and repair services door to door, Alvin grew his entrepreneurial skills into a $225,000,000 empire. As a mentor, Alvin’s rags-to-riches success story is one of hard work, faith, and perseverance as well as the fun and charismatic way he communicates it, which will inspire his students to become the best versions of themselves.He has put together a course to help you out in this business and it is called the 3 Day Bootcamp. The purpose of the course is to help you start off on the right foot as a Real Estate Investor.


In this episode, Brad and Alvin discuss what it means to play real life multi-family monopoly. Alvin tells his story and how he got to where he is today. Tune in!


00:00 Intro

05:00 The first a million dollars

8:00 Multi-family monopoly 

12:00 “If you can’t find the door, create one.” - Alvin Hope Johnson

14:30 Bomb: “What you are capable of starts in the brain…” - Alvin Hope Johnson

19:00 Paying for Solar

22:35 Bomb: “I don’t let any negativity get in the way of my thoughts.” - Alvin Hope Johnson

29:20 Go to https://www.multifamilymonopoly.com for more information on the bootcamp

30:11 Bomb: “If you have the mindset, you can do anything you want to do in real estate.” - Alvin Hope Johnson

36:00 Where to follow Alvin

40:06 Bomb: Making money from one single move

Jun 23, 2022
Jeremy Miner and Sam Taggart. What Sales is the Heartbeat of Your Business . Episode 485 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Two amazingly talented salesmen on the mic at Dropping Bombs. Sales is one of the most important skill sets as an entrepreneur or sales professional working for one. Jeremy has 7th level sales and Sam has D2D Con– both amazing insights in selling. Listen in to these three talented guys and learn a few things along the way. Sales is the heartbeat of your business, take notes and learn from these guys who know exactly how to to make you more money and level up your business.


If you like what you hear, be sure to buy your ticket today to their event, Closer School Live at the LightSpeed VT Headquarters in Las Vegas! https://www.closerschoollv.com July 28th and July 29th!

00:00 Intro

02:43 Sales according to Sam Taggart

4:46 Come to Closer School Live event by going here https://www.closerschoollv.com 

07:00 Doorknocking

09:16 What the prospect is picking up according to Jeremy Miner

11:46 What you will be taught in two days

14:26 Problem with the prospect and the root cause

18:41 “For anyone who wants to go deep in training, this event is for you.” - Sam Taggart

23:20 Who this event is for and what to expect

28:51 Training effectively

30:30 Check out the VIP option

32:00 https://www.closerschoollv.com 

38:00 It will sell out so buy your ticket now, get your REAL VIP ticket and hang out with Brad! $6k to change your life. 


Jun 20, 2022
Jason Duncan. Every Business Needs A System and A Process . Episode 484 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Jason is passionate about coaching entrepreneurs who want to work less & make more. Through coaching and his exclusive mastermind, The Exiter Club, he works with entrepreneurs to develop systems & processes to scale so they can live what he calls "The Exit Lifestyle", having complete control over their time and choices on a daily basis as opposed to being in the weeds of business operations every day. His mission is to help entrepreneurs be successful and enjoy their businesses–including the financial profits & tax benefits–without the need to be the owner-operator. He calls it "Exit Without Exiting". 


In this episode, Jason and Brad discuss what businesses need and how to create the systems and processes correctly to exit it well.

00:00 Intro

01:24 Embrace delegation

03:24 Business principles

07:05 Entrepreneurship

08:50 Bomb: “Most people want it but they are not willing to go through the pain to get there.” - Jason Duncan

13:08 The result entrepreneurs want

17:22 Bomb: “Selfishness is the root of everything that goes wrong in the world.” - Jason Duncan

24:15 Listening

32:00 Time and money

33:15 Bomb: “If you choose money over relationships, soon you’ll have neither.” - Brad Lea

39:15 “Burn the ships”

42:04 Eliminate Stress, Systems and Processes, Invest in People

45:40 Luck

48:45 Bomb: “If they are not a cultural fit, they are not going to make it.” - Jason Duncan

52:01 Bomb: The Exit Lifestyle with Jason Duncan

52:15 Go to https://www.jasonduncan/bombs 


Jun 16, 2022
Matt Rogers. The NFL, Country Music, Your Faith, and Hollywood All in One. Episode 483 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Matthew Wyatt "Matt" Rogers is an American television host and country singer. He was also one of the finalists on the third season of the reality/talent-search television series American Idol, he became a television host with series Really Big Things and There Goes the Neighborhood. In 2004, Rogers became the second of the 12 finalists to be voted off of American Idol. Since his appearance on American Idol, Rogers has served as co-host for American Idol Extra and worked as a correspondent on several sports and entertainment shows. Rogers is best known for hosting “Coming Home,” a reality docu-series on Lifetime which followed the surprise reunions of military members and their loved ones, as they returned home from active duty.


In this episode, Matt and Brad discuss everything and anything around the NFL, Country Music and how Matt was a finalist on American Idol, how faith isn’t always in control and Matt’s current career and what he’s up to. This episode will make you think! Tune in!


00:00 Intro

01:00 American Idol

03:45 Bomb: Trying to be something you’re not is going to cost you big time

06:01 The TV show “Coming Home”

09:17 Bomb: “Saving a life beats everything.” - Matt Rogers

09:49 Bomb: “You’re the real deal, that’s why you are the REAL Brad Lea.” - Matt Rogers

14:00 The Personal Brand

14:40 Bomb: “Quit trying to play small so that small people can feel good about themselves.” - Matt Rogers

17:00 Bomb: “Don’t humble yourself.” -Brad Lea

19:00 Bomb: Brad’s exposure of being humble

24:44 The miracles in the bible

25:22 Bomb: “Everyone knows who God is, but not a lot of people experience God and that’s the game changer.” - Matt Rogers

31:00 Bomb: Bomb: “Most Christians believe Jesus created Christianity, but they are wrong.” - Matt Rogers

39:00 When we trigger other people

40:05 Bomb: “People don’t want to see you do bad, they want to see you do good, but they don’t want to see you do better than them.” - Brad Lea

45:25 “Bring Heaven” Apparel

50:04 The “REAL” Brands

53:29 Check out Matt’s podcast, Level Up.

01:01:05 Matt’s sushi places

01:03:17 Bomb: “Lazy Christians or lazy believers is what gets under my blood that think God is in control.” - Matt Rogers

01:08:40 When Brad met Elvis

01:11: 16 Bomb: “Don’t focus on what stops you, focus on what makes you go.” - Brad Lea

01:14:20 Order clothes from Matt at https://www.bringheaven.us 


Jun 13, 2022
Chris Van Vliet. The Theory Behind Doing A Great Interview . Episode 482 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Chris Van Vliet is a 4-time Emmy award winning TV Host, Entertainment Reporter and YouTuber based in Los Angeles, CA. He has traveled the world reporting from events like the Oscars, Grammys and the Cannes Film Festival. You may be familiar with the interviews that Chris posts on YouTube but to just call them “interviews” doesn’t seem fair because they are so much more than that. Chris dives deep into interesting topics with his trademark conversational approach that makes it feel like two old friends catching up. This is the case when it’s a wrestling superstar like John Cena, The Rock or Hulk Hogan or a Hollywood A-Lister like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise or Will Smith.


In this episode, Chris and Brad discuss doing interviews and being around celebrities in general and the correct way to act.


00:00 Intro

06:15 Making the best of 5 Mins

09:18 Celeb story

12:15 Verification of story

17:40 The opening of an interview that creates a pattern interrupt 

24:10 The best approach

29:00 Brad Lea for President

32:00 The Will Smith issue at the Oscars

37:30 Chris’ future goals

47:45 Processing live footage

52:40 “I run to the things that scare me.” - Chris Van Vliet

58:20 The next level

01:03:52 Bomb: “You gotta get uncomfortable.” - Brad Lea

01:06:20 Follow Chris and check out his show, INSIGHT on YouTube!

01:09:21 “Perception is reality.” - Chris Van Vliet

Jun 09, 2022
Ryan Riddle & JB Bolvadin.The Entrepreneur Conference. Episode 481 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

JB is the founder and CEO of TILRE Success Solutions, which specializes in training real estate agents and brokerages. In his company's first 18 months TILRE Success Solutions become the #1 real estate training company in NY and the tri-state area. Because of its success and the demand from people in other industries TILRE evolved to not just helping real estate agents but now helps all entrepreneurs across many industries. Ryan Riddle is a partner at Cliffco Mortgage Bankers. Originally starting in the hospitality industry, on a roll of the dice he decided to try the mortgage business. Within only four years he has built a seven figure mortgage business that has one the highest individual and team sales production in New York. TILRE Media’s “The Entrepreneur Conference”: Last year was its first ever and the ultimate goal of The Entrepreneurship Conference is to start a movement that will create 1 million millionaires over the next decade!


00:00 Intro

01:35 Tickets for the Entrepreneur conference https://www.entrepreneurconference.live 

05:55 Brad’s story from the last Entrepreneur Conference

8:00 TILRE : The Industry Leaders in Real Estate

12:40 The Mortgage industry now

18:35 How the conference started

20:08 Shout out to Grant Cardone

25:52 “It started with a webinar…”

33:00 Drinking

39:00 Brad’s Confidence Levels

43:22 The Sacred Six

51:15 TILRE Media

52:39 The Entrepreneur Conference August 25th – https://www.entrepreneurconference.live

58:00 Bomb: “If we expect people to max out their cards, we want them to know that we gave everything.” - JB Bolvadin

01:03:25 Blood work 

01:06:52 JB’s Health Journey

01:08:30 Shout out to Anthony Lolli

01:10:32 “Do the sh*t that is hard to do” - Brad Lea

01:13:20 Bomb: “You’re not gonna find the right people in your back yard” 


Jun 06, 2022
Mike Zeller. How to Build A Highly Successful Business. Episode 480 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Mike’s incredible genius lies within his innate ability to help his clients pinpoint their deepest purposes, greatest gifts, and highest potential to serve and influence the world. Using his master practitioner skills of NLP and his highest-level business training, he then weaves an intricate tapestry—showing exactly how to build a sustainable, highly-successful business, while removing unconscious emotional blocks and wounds that sabotage progress. To tie this delicate process together, he shows his clients how to find lasting fulfillment by staying in touch with their hearts and living lives of deep impact, high gratitude and lasting connection. 


In this episode, Brad and Mike discuss how to build a highly successful business while finding your genius zone.


00:00 Intro

02:40 The Genius Challenge event happening later in the year

06:00  The steps

08:00 Take the first test on https://www.wealthdynamics.com

13:00 Recruiting people to come to your organization

19:06 The value you get when you find your genius zone

25:00 The mentality and mindset of the entrepreneur

30:00 The person the visionary needs

35:10 To test your people use the DISC test and you are looking for HIGH “D” and HIGH “I”

42:00 The world’s most complete process.

43:59 Check out Mike’s book at https://www.geniuswithinbook.com

46:43 Check out Mike on his website https://www.mikezeller.com

Jun 02, 2022
Shawn Meaike.The Most Scalable Industry In The World. Episode 479 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Shawn Meaike is the founder and president of Family First Life. In late 2013, Shawn launched Family First Life, currently a multi-million-dollar independent marketing organization. As Shawn describes it, he is “building a company that truly puts both the families of our clients and the families of our agents first.”

Shawn is also heavily involved with the Dream center charity and working for a better tomorrow with his company by helping as many people as possible. Life insurance is the most scalable industry and you get to help people while you do it. Listen in to how you can today.

Reach out to BRAD for Real Financial https://www.bradlea.com/letsgo or https://www.realfinancial.com and  if you are a licensed  agent go to https://www.bradlea.com/agent


00:00 Intro

03:45 Bomb: “Dropping Bombs is a real podcast.” - Shawn Meaike

05:51 Who Brad and Shawn are selling life insurance to

09:30 Training

14:00 The IDGAF attitude

20:00 Starting but not finishing school for your license

21:00 Bomb: “At some point being broke ain’t cute anymore” - Shawn Meaike

21:15 Bomb: “Have respect for yourself.” - Shawn Meaike

27:00 A good indicator if you are in the business

29:51 Making it over four years…

31:19 Bomb: “You have one hand of friends.” - Shawn Meaike

36:50 If you are not licensed or if YOU have a license, what we have is for you at Real Financial.

41:30 The biggest lie in the business…

50:27 Reach out to BRAD for Real Financial https://www.bradlea.com/letsgo or if you are an agent go to https://www.bradlea.com/agent 

54:25 Bomb: Climb the ladder

58:41 Follow @shawn.meaike on instagram

May 30, 2022
Nik Richie. One of the Guys Who Created the Internet . Episode 478 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Richie founded the gossip website TheDirty.com in March 2007 as DirtyScottsdale.com while living in Scottsdale, Arizona. The content on Dirtyscottsdale.com initially focused on Richie's personal criticism of Scottsdale and its club scene. The later and more widely known version of TheDirty.com allows users to anonymously upload their own "dirt" including news, gossip, accusations, photos, videos, or text, and comment on posts submitted by others.


In this episode, Nik and Brad sit down on the main stage for a Dropping Bombs Live where we learn from one of the guys who helped create the internet with his website TheDirty.com! Tune in.


00:00 Intro

02:50 Before “The Dirty”

04:38 How it started

10:48 Power 

19:00 HER Acronym 

25:00 What makes you happy according to Nik

29:00 The word humble

34:42 “I think the biggest part of life is becoming a winner.” - Nik Richie

39:40 On the road to becoming a billionaire

47:30 “If I am broke enough, I am going to make money quickly.” - Nik Richie

54:30 What RMC is (Richie Media Co)

56:02 Your “keyword”

01:00:16 Domains

01:06:00 The why

01:11:30 Coaching

01:18:43 Brad’s Book - The Hard Way

01:24:20 Find the expert

01:29:50 Rationalizing what you know is wrong

01:35:06 The mirror

01:35:55 Get Nik’s Book on Amazon


May 26, 2022
Pace Morby. How to Make Money In Real Estate. Episode 477 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Pace Morby is the co-founder of Subto, a real estate education program and community focused on creative financing strategies that provides training and mentorship to real estate investors across America. Surround yourself with a community of active, high-level investors. When you join the subto community, you immediately gain access to sharing deals with some of the top producers in the country.


In this part two episode, Pace and Brad discuss how to make deals happen and how to make real money in real estate ASAP.


00:00 Intro

01:00 The deal that DM’d Brad that is now generating money

02:00 Triple Digit Flip on A&E

04:45 Three ways to make money in real estate

08:00 Have equity in your house and getting foreclosed on? DM Brad immediately

09:00 “My passion is creative finance because I can solve problems others cannot solve.” - Pace Morby

13:30 How to calculate depreciation (Cost Segregation)

18:20 DM Pace @pacemorby when you don’t have any equity and you do not want your property anymore

22:40 Seller financing

24:40 Get Pace to talk to the seller in this situation

27:39 Attempt at live deal

30:25 Bring the foreclosure deals to @therealbradlea on DM 

32:51 A word to the “skeptics”

36:20 This is what YOU'RE looking for if you want to work with Pace and Brad

38:35 Bomb: Most people stop after the second time, people only want to do business with people who are legit and follow up and if you don’t it’s not worth it for you to get that house.


May 23, 2022
Jamil Damji. What It Means To Be An Expert in Wholesale. Episode 476 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Jamil Damji is an internationally renowned real estate investing/wholesaling expert with 18 years' experience. He is the Co-founder of KeyGlee, the #1 wholesale company in the world with over 75 franchises. He routinely closes 60-80 real estate transactions a month and has completed 5,000+ transactions. Jamil mentors and educates students around the world. He teaches students how to crush their goals and find financial freedom in the wholesale and real estate industry. Above all, Jamil’s mission in life is to impact as many lives as possible and share the knowledge he has with those that have a desire to learn.


In this episode, Jamil and Brad discuss the ins and outs of wholesale real estate. 

00:00 Intro

03:53 The one lawyer that saved the deal

06:16 Wholesale definition

09:00 The best places to buy right now

10:15 What to do if you want to get into real estate?

12:07 Car deals 

14:04 Realtor relationships

16:00 Want to get started, hit up Jamil on IG! @jdamji 

18:50 Types of properties we are looking for

23:45 The 5th-15th of the month

27:30 Foreclosure door knocking

30:25 Jamil’s show, “Straight out of Compin’.”

32:55 “Our job is to find buyers.” - Jamil Damji 

35:18 Pace Morby and Jamil’s show on A&E “Triple Digit Flip”

38:45 Bomb: “Forget Being on TV, Helping people in person is fun.” - Jamil Damji 

40:15 Bomb: “The universe doesn’t do debt.” - Jamil Damji

42:03 Go to https://go.astroflipping.com 

45:20 “Thou Hallow”

46:16 “The money is not in the “hi” it’s in the “hi again.” - Jamil Damji 

48:40 Shout out to Pace Morby @pacemorby 


May 19, 2022
Nate Kennedy. The Marketing Doctor. Episode 475 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Nate Kennedy is, above all, a husband & father.  His wife Susan, and two children are, as Nate would be quick to say, his greatest accomplishments. Bar None. Among his other passions, he counts business building, playing “Full Contact Entrepreneur”, Helping business owners reach their goals, and staying fit. His methods in business and consulting are decidedly “Tough Love”, Keeping his team and partners on track with a healthy mix of consulting, support, proper connections and honest feedback. 

In this episode, Nate and Brad discuss the ins and outs of marketing and what it takes to be your own doctor of marketing.

00:00 Intro

3:50 Cost per lead

06:10 Paid ads that don’t work

07:00 “People don’t fully understand what they are selling and who they are selling to so it’s the wrong offer.” - Nate Kennedy

10:00 Copyright

10:44 Go check out Nate’s book All Gas No Brakes also go to https://www.natekennedy.com and check out what he does.

15:25 Follow Nate @natekennedymd 

17:53 Bomb: A lot of people love to sell but if you do not know how to fulfill and you will fail - Nate

23:35 Keeping your work clean

28:33 CPM: Cost per impression/cost per million

30:30 Convertkit or Drip especially if you are a one man band

34:00 Staying in touch with your lists

38:00 Start building your list immediately

41:00 Top Secret stuff

48:00 The best outline for the email

53:25 Look out for the Brad Lea brand coming in hot

55:20 Bomb: The beauty of owning your own audience

01:01:28 Bomb: “I would rather have engagement over anything.” - Nate Kennedy


May 16, 2022
Sheriff Mark and Janel Lamb. What It Means To REALLY Represent The American People. Episode 474 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Mark has been a business owner for over a decade, then joined law enforcement in his thirties - First LEO job in 2006. In 2017 he became Sheriff of Pinal County.

Mark is a Constitutional conservative - protector of the constitution but also understanding in the importance of being bonded by laws.  Lamb has been Valedictorian of his training class, Rookie of the Year, Officer of the year, Detective of the year Janel Lamb has been married to Mark for 27 years, raised 5 kids. Janel Lamb is a bestselling author focused on Faith, Family, and Freedom. Book - “The Sheriff’s Wife: Holding it all together behind the scenes in politics.” (2020).  Janel also speaks at events across the country on her beliefs of faith, family and freedom. 


In this episode, Brad, Janel and Mark dive deep into what it means to REALLY represent the American people. Check out https://www.americansheriff.com for more information about the Lambs.


00:00 Intro

02:00 How the Lambs met

05:10 Sheriffs vs. police

10:40 Why others live in the past

17:00 Covid

19:00 The Capitol rush

24:00 The Election

32:19 Controlling American people

38:00 “I stand for freedom”

45:00 Why a zebra has stripes riddle

51:00 Vaccine mandate

57:00 Power over the states

01:04:00 Cannabis

01:08:15 “Brand yourself, there is power in that, be who you are.”

01:11:00 Catch the show at https://www.americansheriff.com 

May 12, 2022
Eric McNeil. This is What It Takes to GROW Your Business. Episode 473 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Eric teaches clients around the country how to create generational wealth and how to build-scale-sell their ideas and businesses. Eric owns a financial planning firm, private equity real estate fund, and a marketing agency.  Eric was featured in Forbes recently highlighting my success of taking a $2k investment and turning it into an 8-figure company.  In 2017, Eric’s wife and he had twin girls that were born prematurely and passed away only after a week with them. Their resilience and desire to live truly inspired and changed Eric forever. This has become Eric’s deep rooted “why.”  Everyone dies but not everyone lives. And Eric is going to LIVE for them.  


In this episode, Eric and Brad discuss what it takes to GROW your business and how you can stay the champ of your growth.


00:00 Intro

02:45 The problem with most people

05:30 Morman’s and Jewish People

07:00 Baby moon story

09:30 “Everybody dies but not everybody lives.” - Eric McNeil

13:00 How it became easy

15:00 Lee Steinberg

16:05 “Your free sh*t has to be better than their paid sh*t.” - Eric McNeil 

16:40 Join Eric’s free course!

18:00 Discord

23:40 E-Commerce

29:00 The system

34:00 Percentages with others vs. Percentages alone

38:50 Bomb: Marketing

42:20 Being real

45:30 The Book of Mormon’s

48:20 Agreements

May 09, 2022
Kellan Ness. What You Don’t Know About Tik Tok. Episode 472 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Kellan Ness of the Alex and Kellz sensation online joined us on this episode of Dropping Bombs! From Sacramento with over seven million Tiktok followers and 700k YouTube, you will not want to miss this amazing episode!

Follow them here:

@chillinchameleons NFT Project 

In this episode, Kellz joins Brad to discuss how he and his partner in crime, Alex made it on Tik Tok!


00:00 Intro

02:30 Collabing with Alex and Kellz

04:55 Political talk

06:30 Crypto/NFT

08:50 “Everything I do, I go ALL IN.”

09:40 Before Alex and Kellz

14:00 Living paycheck to paycheck

17:40 Drugs

22:00 Starting your own company

28:00 Started to make money

33:00 The start of tik tok with Alex and Kellz

37:00 Organization

41:27 NFT world

48:00 Your ledger

55:00 Making money online

57:34 Check out the links above to follow Alex and Kellz


May 05, 2022
Michael Sartain. Why Honesty is the Main Focus for Relationships. Episode 471 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

In 2013 Michael started studying finance as a second career and in 2015 he started taking on clients as a money manager. He has studied under Tom Sosnoff (the founder of the Think or Swim and TastyWorks platforms) who is the foremost expert on stock options trading on the planet. From these experiences, Michael learned the importance of intellectual curiosity, gratitude, humility as well as the importance of public speaking.  He also learned about win-win situations, teaching others, and the importance of giving back through charity and education. In 2019 Michael created the Men of Action program. The program was a culmination of all these lessons and many more. The Men of Action program focuses on five pillars: Social Networking, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mindset, and Finance.

In this episode, Michael and Brad discuss the lifestyle Michael leads, the main focus in relationships, and why honesty is so important.

00:00 Intro

01:10 What’s a “podcaster?”

02:30 Check out The Michael Sartain Podcast

07:00 The strategies to get in the room

09:30 Social media 

12:00 The guilt within relationships

15:30 Open Relationships

18:19 How Michael makes money

20:26 Men of Action

24:00 Female Friends

31:35 Communication with women

38:02 The problem with only fans

46:10 Shout out to Dan Fleyshman

53:04 Why helping charities is pivotal to Michael

01:00:00 Russia and China

01:05:26 Six major events on earth

01:10:00 The two problems Michael solves

01:14:25 Go to https://www.moamentoring.com 


May 02, 2022
Wes Watson. How to Create A Life That You Love. Episode 470 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Wes is a fitness/motivational coach who has the gift of captivating his audience through stories and hard truths of personal transformation. Wes spent over 10 years in the California prison system as a shot caller. He has been free for 3 years and has thousands of clients and averages monthly revenue of 300k+/month.  In the world today people continue to look for happiness in the same place they lost it (Vices). It’s a universal rule that by way of pain one arrives at pleasure. Wes built his company to share what he has learned on his journey to becoming the best individual he can be in every area. It’s Wes’ mission to help you succeed and master the areas of life you’re aiming to build up.


In this episode, Brad and Wes discuss how to create a life that you love by getting all your non-negotiables right! Listen in for some inspiration.


00:00 Intro

00:16 Go to https://www.weswatson.com to check out Wes and what he does!

01:41 Prison

07:10 The Dad Bod

07:50 Why people should ask HOW YOU FEEL

12:00 How we feed our kids

14:00 Drinking

16:30 Wes’ book available on Amazon: Non- Negotiable

17:25 What you need to succeed

20:15 “Boredom leads to desire and leads to vices.” - Wes Watson

25:00 Wes’ last day in prison

29:12 Check out Wes on YouTube: GP Penitentiary Life with Wes Watson

34:45 How selfish people get

39:40 “People really do not understand what is on their plate.” - Wes Watson

45:30 Miserable for two hours per day

50:00 Eating measured in macros

51:30 “It’s stimulation, not annihilation.” - Wes Watson

54:20 Bomb: Nobody is going to love you like you love yourself

56:37 Brad’s sacred six

01:03:00 When you live what you say

01:07:20 “Life is about being and becoming.” - Wes Watson

01:12:00 Doing what you want online and not worrying about what others think

01:15:00 Marketing

01:21:00 DO IT.


Apr 28, 2022
René Rodriguez. How to Be A Real Influencer. Episode 469 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

René has been researching and applying behavioral neuroscience as a dynamic keynote speaker, leadership advisor, world class sales expert, and renowned speaker coach. He has also trained more than 100,000 people in applying behavioral psychology and neuroscience methodologies to solve some of the toughest challenges in leadership, sales and change.

As an entrepreneur and CEO of multiple companies, Rene integrates a practical business approach that inspires his audiences to take action. 


In this episode, Rene and Brad discuss what it means to take your influence and business to the next level, and that is what Rene does for business owners every day.


00:00 Intro

00:24 Check out Rene @seerenespeak or https://www.meetrene.com

04:30 Programs Rene offers

06:22 How Rene got started

08:00 The opposite of influence

12:00 Double your business

14:00 “We love customization.”

16:35 Signature stories

18:50 Bomb: I didn’t have to wait for a good question to give a good answer.

22:07 Sales and Influence

26:00 “Sales people are kindred spirits.” - Rene Rodriguez

29:45 Sales Lesson

33:50 The three P’s

41:00 Innovation

46:00 Disciplined in one thing

49:00 Relationships… bomb

54:00 Keynotes

56:00 The Gamechanger

57:16 DM Rene @seerenespeak and let us know you’re interested


Apr 25, 2022
Tianna Mick.The Youngest Woman in History to Run A Car Dealership. Episode 468 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Tianna Mick, fresh off of the showroom floor, focuses on Business Development and Industry Relations for Dealer Synergy. She was consistently the top-grossing salesperson, averaging 20+ units and generating $9K – $10K each month in personal income at only 19-years-old. Tianna is globally recognized for her award-winning TGotYourKeys.com website, which was voted as the #1 Personal Website in the Automotive Industry.


In this episode, Tianna and Brad discuss everything in the automotive industry as well as what it means to Tianna to be a young woman and running the show!


00:00 Intro

02:41 Females in the car business

04:40 The LGBTQ+ community

07:30 The boys club in car dealerships

10:45 “Dealers should have diversity.”

18:50 What Tianna did when she got started in the business

23:20 Starting your personal brand

28:30 Pandemic in the car business

34:00 Targeted ads

39:00 Dealers need to train people better

45:00 Cars you drive

48:55 Why dealers should be more diverse

51:30 Viral videos

53:03 Bomb: Go follow Tianna @tiannamick or @tgotyourkeys 


Apr 21, 2022
Nick Royer. From $0 to $75M in the Roofing Business. Episode 467 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Nick Royer & his business partner took New View Roofing from $0 to $75M in revenue over the last 7 years based off some old school ways: be honest, work hard, and KNOCK DOORS! Nick talks about his company’s standard they set & how he helps all his Project Managers get acclimated to the day to day grind in the competitive Dallas TX Roofing Market. New View Roofing: New View Roofing is a veteran-owned, Dallas roofing company, covering all of North Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. We provide full-scale residential, commercial and industrial roofing services. Nick is also a co-founder for Cleveland’s Leading Entrepreneurs (CLE), at its core it is a group of local business owners looking to grow & scale their company.


In this episode, Nick and Brad discuss Nick’s story, how he came to be where he is today and how he has gone from $0 to $75M in his business...

00:00 Intro

05:15 “I didn’t care about doing anything more about providing for my family.” - Nick Royer

06:30 “What’s the expectation, and I need to exceed it.” - Nick Royer

07:00 How it started

13:00 Logic of Performance

18:00 Objective to working with people who are obsessed with giving the customer the best experience possible

23:00 How new hires show up

27:36 Winners

35:00 The biggest deal of his life

42:25 What the customer wants

48:00 What’s easy…

52:15 Insurance

57:00 Relationships

01:01:48 Go to https://www.newviewroofing.com to work with Nick and his team!


Apr 18, 2022
Landon and Jesse Boeckle. What It Means To Be A Self-Made Entrepreneur. Episode 466 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

The Boeckle Group is a full-service real estate brokerage specializing in investment properties of all shapes and sizes right here in Las Vegas. The Boeckle Group Team is built around a culturally diverse group of professionals. Each member of the team dedicates a strength and level of professionalism that allows the highest tier service to each client. The BoeckleGroup Team is built around a culturally diverse group of professionals. Each member of the team dedicates a strength and level of professionalism that allows the highest tier service to each client. The Boeckle Group has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market. Landon’s main mission is to always go above and beyond for every client he represents. The love and passion he has for the real estate world shows as he always wants to better himself and those that work around him. Jesse moved to San Francisco after college where he cultivated successful teams and projects during his time in the tech industry. Now back in his hometown, Jesse has teamed up with his family and built a successful real estate investment company


In this episode, Brad, Landon, and Jesse discuss how they got their start in real estate and how they are teaching everything from start to finish.


00:00 Intro

2:00 Follow these guys @boecklebrothers on IG and YouTube!

04:30 How these guys learned from their parents

07:00 Flipping Houses

09:30 Money handed to you versus working

10:32 “If you have enough money to solve a problem, then you most likely do not have that problem anymore.” - Jesse Boeckle

10:35 “You can really solve other people’s problems at that point.” - Landon Boeckle

13:40 Color is coming back

19:00 The team

22:17 Go to https://www.theboecklebrothersacademy.com to learn from the best

27:00 The most advanced organizations…

33:00 How to pick the property

37:00 Return on Investment with luxury homes

41:45 “It’s very easy to be taken advantage of if you do not know what you’re doing.” - Landon Boeckle

43:44 Hit up the Boeckle Brothers for ALL the opportunities. (Agents, students, Contractors and more!)


Apr 14, 2022
Mars Callahan. How His Childhood Dream Became A Reality . Episode 465 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Writer, director, and star of the hit film Poolhall Junkies, Mars Callahan is currently in pre production for the movie's sequel, Poker Junkies. Inspired by the sweeping popularity of Texas Hold’em tournaments and the ever growing World Series of Poker, held in Las Vegas each year, Mars Callahan tells the story of an unknown card player who wants to take on the biggest names in the poker world. Struggling to raise the WSOP tournament buy-in fee of $10,000, Mars Callahan’s characters are taken on a tour of high stakes games from the top clubs to the back room. True to a long tradition of directors assuming small roles in their own films, Mars Callahan has appeared in each of his movies. While he starred in Poolhall Junkies, he originally intended to play the role of Joe, the younger brother. However, after a long delay, Callahan felt he no longer fit the younger brother role, and assumed the lead role of Johnny. Fascinatingly, no special effects were included in the filming of Poolhall Junkies, as Mars Callahan is a pool enthusiast and longtime player. For Poker Junkies, Callahan again wrote about a beloved hobby of his. To write a better script and accurately portray the poker world, Mars Callahan recently entered the World Series of Poker Tournament, placing 94th out of thousands of players.


In this episode, Mars and Brad discuss Mars’ story, evolution, his film career, and how his childhood became a reality from then to now. 


00:00 Intro

01:24 Mars’ background and family

06:14 “I wanna do the thing that makes my Mom smile.” - Mars Callahan

13:00 The value films bring to Mars

17:25 The craft of writing

19:10 Christopher Walken

20:34 When someone 30 years in the movie industry endorses you

22:00 Manifestation

30:00 Jazz and filmmaking

34:40 “The act of searching kept me alive.” - Mars Callahan

40:20 Loving people who may have done something terrible. Rehabilitation versus punishment.

41:40 Shout out to George Clooney

44:00 “You can either make life or be made by life.” - Mars Callahan

50:00 Why storytelling is so important

57:00 Mars’ new show

01:03:00 Billions meets The Godfather

01:05:00 Crypto Coins

01:14:00 Fear instilled

01:18:00 Show is launched! Check out https://www.veuit.com

01:24:00 “Everyone has a lion inside of them.” - Mars Callahan


Apr 11, 2022
Andre Berto. From Professional Boxer to Businessman. Episode 464 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Andre Berto is a professional boxer who holds dual American and Haitian citizenship. He is a two-time former welterweight world champion, having held the WBC and IBF titles between 2008 and 2011, as well as the WBA interim title in 2015. As an amateur he won the National Golden Glovestournament in 2001 (at light middleweight) and 2003 (welterweight), and would represent the U.S. at the 2003 World Championships, winning a welterweight bronze medal. He also represented Haiti at the 2004 Olympics, reaching the opening round of the welterweight bracket. Since his professional debut in 2004, Berto has become known for his toughness, formidable punching power, and fast hand speed. In the late 2000s he was considered a rising star in the welterweight division, as well as a highly regarded young prospect in boxing.


In this episode, Brad and Andre discuss Andre’s career, family background, and what he’s up to now!


00:00 Intro

02:42 Andre’s story

06:40 Personal development and mindset

08:08 Bomb: The sport changes, but mindset always stays the same

09:39 Jake Paul

11:13 MMA and Boxing

13:00 Confidence

19:00 Shout out to Dan Fleyshman

26:00 Getting paid in business versus getting paid in sports

30:30 Money spent on impressing people

31:20 A lesson 

34:00 Your network is your net worth

40:08 People who want to fight just because you’re a fighter

46:00 Mike Tyson

48:14 Bomb: When you pray for the good sh*t, there’s going to be some other sh*t that comes with it too.

48:25 Follow @andreberto and go to his YouTube channel!


Apr 07, 2022
Lindsey Graham & Brandie Barclay. The Toxic Liberal Agenda. Episode 463 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

After coming into notoriety for refusing to comply with the state of Oregon draconian COVID-19 lockdown, Lindsey Graham was catapulted into the national spotlight. She made it acutely clear that she would provide for her family, which meant her salon was going to be open for business regardless of lockdowns. This bold act was the spark that ignited a national conversation about the rights of business owners that is still ongoing. Brandie Barclay joined the radio and podcast industry as a faith-based host in response to a divine calling to empower women. As she spoke peace into the struggles bombarding women in today’s toxic culture, she couldn’t ignore the undeniable correlation between her faith and American freedom. This is God’s country, founded wholly on Christian principles. Together they are co-hosts of the She’s So Right podcast!


In this episode, Lindsey, Brandie and Brad discuss the toxic liberal agenda at hand in our America today. Listen in and lean in and learn from these awesome ladies.


00:00 Intro

02:20 Follow Lindsey and Brandie @brandiebarclay @reallindseygraham

04:12 Kari Lake for governor and how you can help (https://www.karilake.com )

05:52 Bomb: $5 matters to all of us

09:10 CNN in your house all day long

17:00 Destruction from the inside out

24:00 The airlines

32:00 Masks

39:30 Elections

45:30 Pro-Freedom, Pro-America

48:30 Vaccinations

51:53 “I am going to trust my immune system and I am going to trust God.” - Lindsey Graham

55:51 God and his name

01:01:53 Seek and he shall find

01:08:10 Listen into She’s So Right, and buy the book TARGETED

01:14:00 “The nonsense”

01:20:23 One piece of advice for the bombsquad


Apr 04, 2022
Andy Elliott and The Elliott Group. How to Build a Winning Team. Episode 462 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

The Elliott Group is the Fastest Growing Automotive Sales Training Company in the world. Andy and Jacqueline Elliott started their Sales Training Company in 2011. The Elliott Group is currently doing business in 127 different countries and is growing like wildfire with their High Energy 21st Century Training. Together Andy and his wife, Jacqueline decided to put their talents together and start a never seen before 21st Century Sales Training Program. Their goal was to be able to take ANY Sales Person and Triple Their Skill within 30 days. 


In this episode, the whole team from The Elliott Group joins us to discuss what it means to build a WINNING team. Tune in and get ready to be FIRED UP!


00:00 Intro

00:21 Bomb: Getting richer makes you more handsome

01:36 Shout out to Jordan Belfort

04:10 Bomb: Throwing stones at glass houses

05:33 Bomb: How Brad teaches people to be legends 

06:04 Where Andy started and how his team came along

07:49 Bomb: If you’re not real you’ll lose

08:13 Andy Elliott’s new book

10:46 Text 918-210-0254 if you want your copy of Andy’s book

14:00 An unrecruitable team

15:27 Bomb: Just getting started

17:43 “If you don’t have a coach it’s because you’re afraid to invest in yourself.” - Andy Elliott

22:15 The search to be better in life

25:20 Shout out to Grant Cardone

26:41 Bomb: You’re never gonna outwork your own self-worth

27:56 How Andy’s team hires

28:41 Bomb: Hire with heart

31:24 Text Andy if you want TOTAL RE-CREATION, 918-210-0254

34:52 Work-life balance

38:37 Bomb: Parenting

40:17 A culture like you have never seen before

42:30 Find what you want, create it, kick ass

45:35 “Entitlement is death.” - Andy Elliott

46:35 Go to https://www.weekendmba.com and for The Closer Summit text 918-210-0254

48:20 “If you don’t go to war, someone is going to kick your ass.” - Andy Elliott

50:44 Bomb: The Real Brad Lea

55:00 Role play

56:35 “When your back is against the wall, you will always fall to your lowest level of skill.” - Andy Elliott

01:02:00 “If you mess up, do it again.” - Andy Elliott

01:07:40 Why you give back when you’re number one

01:11:05 Train your people

01:14:10 Want it and be willing to do it

01:19:10 Staying crazy

01:19:27 Bomb: Anyone can build an empire

01:22:30 “I want people to learn.” - Andy Elliott

01:22:55 Bomb: Legends are being made

01:25:30 If you feel like you’re a nobody, The Elliott Group is your family


Mar 31, 2022
Tim Bratz. What It Takes To Buy Your Own Island. Episode 461 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Tim is the Founder & CEO of Legacy Wealth Holdings. He focuses on vision-casting, marketing, & supporting his team of “A” players. He has built his company on integrity (doing what he said he was going to do), fairness (doing the right thing), & transparency (honesty is always the best policy). Tim has dedicated his professional life to studying wealth-building & personal finance. Working in real estate, Tim has learned how to create a passive income that allows him to live the lifestyle of his choice. His goal is to educate & empower others to become financially free through entrepreneurship & real estate investments.


In this episode, Tim and Brad discuss what it takes to buy your own island among many other real estate projects. Tune in and take notes!

00:00 Intro

02:00 Liabilities into assets

02:51 Check out https://www.legacywealthholdings.com to learn more about what Tim does.

07:00 Getting a seat at the table

12:00 How deals work and Tim’s first deal

18:00 Buying Tim’s first duplex

20:00 “There are deals in every market.” - Tim Bratz

26:00 How cashflow works

30:40 How to add revenue to your real estate

35:18 Depreciation

40:00 Why experience matters/send the deal if you find one

44:40 https://www.littlelegacylibrary.com to educate your kids!

47:29 Follow Tim/DM him @timbratz         

Mar 28, 2022
Marshall Wilkinson.The Basic Principles of Negotiation. Episode 460 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Marshall Wilkinson is a well-known sales and negotiation expert, coach, and consultant who has worked alongside some of the best executives and producers of renowned organizations in business. He has negotiated and facilitated billions of dollars in transactions on some of the largest construction contracts in New York City. NYC is known as being one of the most challenging construction markets in the world, Marshall has thrived in this arena for more than a decade. Having mastered the ins and outs of New York's construction and real estate scenes, he shares his in-depth knowledge and expertise with professionals in various industries through one-on-one coaching sessions. Marshall holds daily coaching and morning sales meetings for his clients. He also provides a Member Portal, which guarantees lifetime access to all audio recordings, videos, and workbooks as well as a community, for coaching clients to share insights and network. Coaching sessions, on any given day can vary from strategy, meeting preparation, cold calling roleplay, script-building, negotiation training, closing, accountability and metrics tracking.


In this episode, Marshall and Brad discuss all things bitcoin, blockchain, negotiation, and closing principles. Tune in and you WILL learn a massive amount!


00:00 Intro

03:30 Follow @realmarshallwilkinson

04:30 Elon Musk and crypto

13:00 Blockchain

16:00 Negotiation

18:00 “The power is with the seller.” - Marshall Wilkinson

22:00 Bomb: “I don’t know if I don’t ask.” - Marshall W.

29:00 Mancave idea

31:30 Inflation Hedging Assets

37:00 Marshall’s courses

38:56 Ferrari

45:00 Trump

47:50 “What does it cost to spend an hour with you?”

53:00 Fear of crypto

56:20 Reach out to Marshall on IG or YouTube!

58:00 The calm factor

59:00 “A bad deal is worse than no deal.” - Marshall W.

01:04:55 Bomb: Be reasonable


Mar 24, 2022
Joel Sandoval. How to Save Money Filing Your Taxes. Episode 459 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Joel Sandoval, CPA is a successful entrepreneur and tax mastermind, having helped business owners save $37 million in taxes. The story of his start in the tax industry goes back to the peak of the real estate market crash in 2007. He was new to the job force with one foot in the real estate industry. However, with so many people losing their homes, he was afraid he had hit a brick wall in real estate. Fortunately, the CPA at the escrow company he was employed with, shared her experience as an accountant during such a volatile time. This ignited a spark in Joel, he began talking with other CPAs which only further increased his interest in the accounting industry.  @joelsandoval.cpa


In this episode, Brad and Joel discuss what the magic is that a REAL CPA can do you for you.

Tune in and save your money!


00:00 Intro

01:06 https://www.taxsaversacademy.com check it out to see how you can save money on your own

06:00 The road to entrepreneurship

08:30 Business owners who are behind on taxes

14:00 Filing your taxes on line

18:10 What you can learn from Joel's courses

20:35 What you can do to lower taxes

25:00 Gambling

27:40 What “most” CPAs do

29:20 Holding Companies

33:00 PPP money

38:00 Why there would be chaos if there was “flat tax”

43:00 The rules of the game

47:30 Your method of accounting

49:40 An audit

53:39 What is changing about taxes this year?

54:51 Bomb: CPA’s can help save you as much as possible!

54:55 Follow Joel @joelsandoval.cpa

55:53 Wanna learn more? Go to https://www.go.sandovaltax.com


Mar 21, 2022
Mike Sancho. How to Build Wealth With Multiple Streams of Income. Episode 458 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Mike Sancho is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Wealth Accelerators Services, Inc. Mike has been a serial entrepreneur for nearly a decade and first started creating businesses in his teenage years because he could never find fulfillment in working a job or having a boss. He began learning new ways of making money from there which led him to real estate investing, e-commerce, Forex trading, and more. Now a seasoned professional, Mike has generated over 20 million in sales. He knows how to generate wealth. His track record, coupled with his five star team, are driving the momentum and awareness for wealth acceleration. Mike is an entrepreneur dedicated to lifting others to their highest potential.   


In this episode Brad and Mike discuss how Mike has built Wealth Accelerators which helps other build their wealth with multiple streams of income. Tune in and learn how you can be next!


00:00 Intro

03:30 Cars attract people

05:30 Government contracts

08:13 “I don’t want anything free from anyone, I am going to add value first.” - Mike Sancho

10:00 Network marketing

14:50 Funding company using other people’s money

18:00 Driven mindset

23:00 “It took me four times to quit to work on my own.” - Mike Sancho

28:00 “Me failing has what’s made me the most successful.” - Mike Sancho

32:30 Go to https://www.wealthacceleratorfba.com or follow Mike @themikesancho 

36:30 Top three lessons to apply to entrepreneurship

39:30 How to know who is good to work with and who is bad to work with; get your hands dirty!

43:00 Value is everything

43:20 Check out Mike’s social for tickets to his event! @wealthaccelerators or @themikesancho 


Mar 17, 2022
Anthony Farrer. The Best Watch For You. Episode 457 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Long time watch enthusiast & collector who turned my passion into my career. My extensive knowledge of the watch industry combined with excellent customer service skills has allowed me to change the way people buy fine timepieces. Anthony specializes in procuring the most sought after watches you've been looking for. With a worldwide network of 300+ vetted dealers, nothing is out of my reach. On track to do multiple millions in sales and without the security of a brick and mortar location.


In this episode, Brad and Anthony dive into what is the best watch for you and how Anthony has truly mastered that craft! Tune in and if you have any questions for Anthony be sure to DM him and let him know you came from the #BOMBSQUAD.


00:00 Intro

01:17 Two channels on Youtube, check them out!

03:19 Jail

07:45  The credibility you have

11:11 “Rockbottom is a mindset.” - Anthony Farrer

16:00 Drugs

20:30 How the watch game began

22:10 Rolex, Patek, and AP

27:00 The watch game

33:30 Content

42:00 Shout out to GC

45:00 Flipping Watches

51:00 Establishing Anthony’s brand

54:00 Precious metal and factory stones

57:00 Auctions

01:02:00 “We want what we can’t have. - Anthony Farrer

01:05:00 If you’re in the market for a timepiece hit up Anthony- he knows what to do!

01:08:00 Message Anthony on Instagram and label it with “Sell, buy, trade, or consign”


Mar 14, 2022
Matthew Ryder. The Done For You Model You Have Never Seen Before. Episode 456 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Matt Ryder is the owner and founder of Sales Sniper, the Co-owner and CEO of 7th level communications. Matt is an ex special operation sniper with multiple combat deployments that now has a team of 100 sales snipers that will do your sales for you and get you out of the grind.

After taking the methodology of Jeremy Miner’s, NEPQ, and applying it to his sales when he was a commission only sales rep, he was earning a 100k per month income commission only selling coaching and consulting programs.


In this episode, Matt and Brad discuss Matt’s genius zone surrounding the “done for you” model we promise you have never seen before. Tune in to find out about it.


00:00 Intro

03:15 Follow @realmattryder

06:30 Risk Mitigation

10:40 Go to https://www.salessniper.net 

11:13 “Let’s break you and figure out how you break under pressure.” - Matthew Ryder

15:50 Systems and structures

17:45 Friction points

19:00 Bomb: When you talk to everyone and your message is not specific, no one will listen

21:25 LightSpeed VT

27:25 Understanding thought processes 

31:38 Sales or Marketing

34:00 The process 

36:35 Bomb: Sometimes you just have to take the leap

38:45 War stories

43:45 Lead verification

45:55 Go to https://www.crushsales.net

50:00 Heavy disqualification funnels that still monetize

55:10 The product ladder

58:50 If you are sales rep go to https://www.salesrevolution.group and follow Matt!

Mar 10, 2022
Alex ‘Ace’ Charafeddine. Why Sales Is Everything. Episode 455 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

ACE started off his career working several jobs at once, before starting his own nationwide distribution company from scratch. From there, he worked at a top financial institution where he became the top salesperson within a year and became the top sales leader in year two.

Today, ACE is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and a mentor helping sales leaders across the world take their game to the next level. Throughout his career, he’s learned that every millionaire/billionaire talks about the same keys to success in their fields. Now, ACE decided to break them down into digestible courses that are designed to help sales leaders and managers like you master the art of each aspect, reach the best version of yourself, and improve that version further every single day.


In this episode, Ace and Brad uncover why sales is everything. Listen in to how these two sales experts go in on Ace’s story and real tactical steps on sales.

00:00 Intro

03:00 How Ace discovered sales

04:21 “Without sales you have nothing.” - Ace

05:40 Why people fail at sales

10:00 Where the mentorship began

12:00 Influence

12:45 “It’s more about relationships than it is about sales.” - Ace

15:00 The first sales pitch

16:44 The steps to being a good salesperson

20:00 “Suffocate yourself with your why and your purpose.” - Ace

22:17 Fruit Ninja

23:42 Ace’s course on LightSpeed VT!

26:00 About the course

28:25 Check out https://www.acezacademy.com to learn about what Ace does

30:00 Culture

37:00 Money back guarantee


Mar 07, 2022
Matt Onofrio. From $80,000 to $125,000,000 Net Worth. Episode 454 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Matt was set on the career path. Not only that, he had spent over a decade in school to achieve that career. This was no factor as Matt began talking to various mentors who were real estate investors. Seeing and understanding the power that can be tapped through real estate investing, Matt began to look seriously at real estate. Now with over 50 Million in assets one may even call Matt an investing animal!


In this episode, Matt and Brad discuss how his net worth went from $80,000 to $125,000,000 in basically an overnight success! Listen in!


00:00 Intro

01:40 Matt’s story

05:00 “If you are not taken seriously, find a partner who is.”

05:40 Matt’s book

11:30 Why it was an overnight success

13:52 Bomb “If You wanna make a lot money, you have to figure out to solve big problems.” - Matt Onofrio

15:50 Bomb “Desire, drive, and hunger is what I have that a lot of people don’t have.” - Matt Onofrio

19:11 Triple net property

23:58 Find your niche!

29:15 “It’s inverse relationship to price.” - Matt Onofrio

30:39 Follow Matt on IG @matt.onofrio —

33:00 Send Matt the following types of deals

38:53 Reach out to Matt he is looking for high-level investors, if they cannot work with you they will help you figure it out. Use the term of BOMBSQUAD.

41:14 “Who not how”


Mar 03, 2022
Jim McCarthy. How to Make Your Brand Sound Better. Episode 453 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Like most voiceover folks, Jim McCarthy started out in radio. Over that time Jim voiced and produced literally thousands of ads for almost every type of business from the local smoke shop on up to Coca Cola and Jose Cuervo. Jim has voiced and mostly produced tens of thousands of radio imaging pieces (the stuff you hear between the songs with the cool zaps, swooshes and explosions). Jim has won many awards and has done over 1000 voiceovers since 1996.


00:00 Intro

00:27 If you want to get in touch with Jim - hit him up on IG Handle:@jimmccarthyvos

2:10 Live coaching

04:03 “After 20 some odd years of doing this… I am still learning.” - Jim McCarthy

05:32 Bomb: Subject line to communicate with someone

06:45 Where Jim grew up

11:37 Two types of leaders

16:12 Regrets

18:51 Focus

19:56 Bomb: Marinate your mind in good stuff

24:46 Brad’s content flow

33:20 Hit us up for closer school https://www.closerschoollive.com

33:50 Hit up Jim for voiceovers, content info etc etc!

Feb 28, 2022
Peter Meyerhoff. How a 12-Year Prison Sentence Changed His Life. Episode 452 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Peter Meyerhoff is a very rare type. You could say he had the world in his palm as a kid from athletics, to modeling, and even starring in a movie as a child. Once he hit high school everything changed. He got involved in using drugs, which started out with just weed then came the hard drugs. His life spiraled downhill extremely fast and got arrested multiple times, from stealing cars to robbing houses. He was sent to prison for 12 years at the age of 18 and didn’t get out until after his 30th birthday. Being the alpha male Peter is he ended up getting swallowed up by prison politics and ended up being the shot caller in there. When Peter got out of prison, he hit the streets running. He ended up becoming successful in transferring his pains from prison to drive for success out in the world. He made a couple of million dollars his first 5 years out with only an 8th-grade education. 


In this episode, Brad and Peter discuss how Peter’s 12-year prison sentence changed his life and how he applies it to business today.


00:00 Intro

03:16 12 year sentence

07:00 Getting through prison with fighting

09:37 What a shot collar is

13:03 “I think I fought over 200 times…”

15:03 Getting rights back

16:34 Mindset

21:06 Drinking

22:28 Finding faith

28:00 Selling cars

30:00 Bomb: “The world is awesome, and you can have whatever you want.” - Peter Meyerhoff

34:50 Gratitude

34:59 Brad’s million dollar morning

37:20 “You can train your brain to do anything you want.” - Peter Meyerhoff

44:00 What Peter talks about in his speeches

50:00 Sobriety

55:54 Affirmations

59:09 Herbal ecstasy 

01:01:08 Look up Peter’s podcast and YouTube: Roll Call with Chappy

01:06:00 Real Estate

01:09:16 “As long as I keep helping people, it will come to me.” - Peter Meyerhoff


Feb 24, 2022
Brian Covey. What You DON’T Know About The Mortgage Business. Episode 451 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

​​Fitness and mindset became masteries for Brian Covey very early as his career was affected by the 2007 market crash just years after his soccer team days came to an end, right when he was raising toddlers with his wife Nicole. 


Brian has mastered the art of a growth mindset, the art of winning, and the art of staying fit. He believes in integration and health over all things. Brian is an executive at loanDepot, a proud father, an influencer, a top-rated podcaster and, just simply, a fabulous soccer dad. He throws the suit down and coaches his daughter's league with joy several times a week.


00:00 Intro

02:30 Started from the bottom in the mortgage industry

04:51 “If you can build relationships, and you are a student of the game, you can make tons of money.” - Brian Covey

06:50 Compliance in Mortgage

09:50 How it works to borrow and put down on your house

12:34 Why work with local

14:50 How leads work

15:30 The difference between a general loan officer and one who is an expert

19:23 Mandates

21:06 Brian’s book- Conversations with Covey

26:00 Brian’s family

28:13 Jordan B. Peterson

29:24 Psycho Cybernetics

31:00 Mortgage conversation 

35:50 Zillow

41:59 The purpose of a local expert

47:04 The rules behind how you can or cannot buy a house

48:00 Arete

49:34 Glenn Stearns

51:25 Follow Brian @thebriancovey 

54:40 “Share what you are doing, show up on social media, and tell the world what you are doing.”- Brian Covey


Feb 21, 2022
Sonia Zarbatany. What It Means To Know Your Worth. Episode 450 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Sonia Zarbatany, known to fans and friends as “Coach Sonia”, is an international speaker, life coach, business coach and corporate consultant based out of Montreal, Canada. Everything she has created - from her Coach Sonia events, retreats, and online programs to her “Le Tribe” event space and media agency, Le Tribe Média – all exists so she can impact as many people as possible. Sonia coaches and speaks on global stages to empower, inspire, and impact others to live in the now and dream of a brighter future for both their personal and professional lives. An entrepreneur and business owner, she has built and scaled several businesses to well over seven figures. She coaches her clients to achieve results in their own lives that they had only once imagined as possible.

In this episode, Brad and Sonia discuss what it means to know your worth, love yourself, and do EPIC sh*t. Tune in!

00:00 Intro

01:48 Scaling a business

05:40 “I love life.” - Sonia Z

06:40 Bomb: “Who made these rules, and why can’t you break them and make your own?” - Sonia

10:04 Coaching people to design their life

11:30 Bomb: Everyone can attain the best version of themselves

16:00 Focus on one thing

20:00 Leaning into fear; “I look for excitement and I don’t call it fear.” - Sonia Z.

22:00 How do you invest your time on you?

24:50 Define scaling a business

31:05 Why Sonia charges what she charges

34:30 No more “but”

35:41 “Once you know you cannot unknow.” - Sonia Z.

37:15 Bomb: “You have to love yourself.” - Sonia Z.

40:30 Bombsquad to ask themselves why they can’t and focus on the HOW.

45:00 No one left behind…

48:00 “We the people…”

53:40 The law

57:40 Bomb: Let’s change the subject

01:00:51 Bomb: Change it

01:01:07 Sonia’s new LightSpeed VT system

01:04:10 Go to https://go.coachsonia.com 


Feb 17, 2022
Travis Richey.The Shark Tank Version in Prison Revealed. Episode 449 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Travis Richey is an Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Motivational Speaker. Having invested in over 25 start-up companies the last 10 years; he knows a thing or two about success and more importantly failure on the road to success. Travis spent the first half of his career in the finance world directing mergers & acquisitions globally for a hedge fund. At the age of 25, Travis directed a hedge fund with millions of dollars under management. Due to a regulatory oversight in the State of Arizona, he was charged with transactions of an unregistered securities dealer and sentenced to two years in Arizona Dept of Corrections.


In this episode, Travis and Brad discuss how to have a life having been once convicted. One thing Travis’ team has created is the convicted version of Shark Tank to give their ideas a chance!


00:00 Intro

01:49 https://www.convictedlife.com is the platform

04:34 “Prison is a business.” - Travis Richey

05:57 TSA

07:41 Second guest with no microphone 

08:00 Resume

11:00 Bomb: There are a lot of people out there without a felony that are bad people.

12:16 Mindset

13:00 Check out Travis on IG @i_am_travis_richey 

15:15 Story of the point of being in prison for 43 years

17:05 “I can give people skills behind the bars.” - Travis Richey

20:55 $600 Rule

25:04 Second guest with no microphone

25:20 Resume

27:50 “How you do your time is what you make of it.” - Travis Richey

29:40 The “lifers” who take Travis’ classes

31:55 Travis’ case

34:54 “I found my purpose inside of a prison cell.” -Travis Richey

38:22 Limiting beliefs

40:00 If you aren’t making 300-500k per year go to https://www.bradlea.com/letsgo

40:50 Guest without microphone speaking

41:26 Resume

43:45 Book coming

44:40 Jordan Belfort

46:37 What Travis did as an inmate

49:25 Shot Collar

50:50 Guest with no mic contributing

52:10 Navigating the real world

54:38 Guests on the couch: Brad Modrich @bradmodrich and Sean Crane @sean_michael_crane


Feb 14, 2022
Erik Allen. Everyone Should Have A Podcast. Episode 448 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Erik is truly a man of integrity, work ethic and an overcomer. Growing up with a complicated childhood and broken home, to raising himself from the age of 14. Unfortunately finding trouble along the way desperately trying to fill the gaping voids in his life. As a young man Erik found himself empty and tired of settling for less. After the feverish pursuit of the Holy Spirit, Erik decided to surrender and trust the one that would never let him down. Once Erik gave his life to Christ, his life completely turned around. He met a beautiful woman,and a new chapter was written.


In this podcast, Erik and Brad discuss the importance of why everyone should have a podcast. They also discuss how prayer and the bible have changed Erik’s wife. Dive into this 


00:00 Intro

02:28 Erik’s story

06:04 When Erik said, “enough is enough.”

07:08 “If you open your eyes when you wake up, that’s the first win of the day.” - Erik Allen

08:30 MMA

09:30 Check out Erik on podcasts, “The Top Rated MMA Podcast” and “The Erik Allen Show”

11:00 Why everyone should start a podcast

12:15 How to start according to Erik

14:06 “If you’re strong enough mentally, you can get through anything.” - Erik Allen

16:26 Reviews on podcasts are very important

19:25 “Surrounding yourself with the right people is going to help turn your life around.” - Erik Allen

23:25 “Impact is huge for me, so income by impact is even better.” - Erik Allen

24:00 Brad’s book, “Lessons I Learned The Hard Way So You Don’t Have To”

26:50 Defining hard work

30:00 Erik’s goals

33:00 The scripture 

36:00 “Seek and you shall find.”

41:00 Look into the bible and the scripture to learn this

44:00 325 A.D.

48:44 Bomb: Brad saving souls

49:30 Ways to use a podcast to grow your business

53:04 “I started in a walk-in closet.” - Erik Allen

53:40 Shout out to Erik’s wife

54:50 Check out https://www.erikallenmedia.com 


Feb 10, 2022
Josh Zieglowsky and Mark Sullivan. This Money Can Change Your Business. Episode 447 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Mark and Josh are co-founders of ERC Specialists, a specialty payroll company exclusively dedicated to understanding and maximizing the CARES Act Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for U.S. businesses affected negatively by COVID-19.

In this episode, Brad, Mark, and Josh discuss the ins and outs of this money you can qualify for as a business owner that will change your business. There is no gimmick to it– listen in and see if you are the CEO/founder to qualify.


00:00 Intro

02:13 https://www.therealercspecialists.com to find out if you qualify.

04:57 If you’re CPA told you, you don’t qualify for this– it’s likely changed…

08:54 $26,000 per W-2 employee

13:28 How this was discovered

16:20 How the refund can help you grow

19:10 Go here and see if you qualify https://www.therealercspecialists.com

19:30 The three ways you qualify

22:50 The creation of this program

25:10 The fee

27:30 The biggest refund

29:55 Go to https://www.therealercspecialists.com

31:48 If you have any questions about this - hit up Brad in the DM!


Feb 07, 2022
Pace Morby. The Game of Real Estate. Episode 446 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Pace Morby is the co-founder of Subto, a real estate education program and community focused on creative financing strategies that provides training and mentorship to real estate investors across America. Surround yourself with a community of active, high-level investors. When you join the subto community, you immediately gain access to sharing deals with some of the top producers in the country.


In this episode,  Pace and Brad discuss the game of real estate and what it means to crush the real estate market in many ways.


00:00 Intro

01:39 Check out https://www.subto.com and Pace on IG @pacemorby  

05:15 Walk through a deal… 971 Whispering Grove Avenue, Las Vegas

09:53 “I don’t just teach people, I show them.” - Pace Morby

16:30 Creative finance

17:47 https://www.constantclose.com

21:03 When they ask what “terms” are

23:56 Specific insurance

26:45 Cash out refinance

28:00 Fun

32:00 Vacant Homes

37:30 Grant Cardone

43:16 The power of students

47:45 Buy the data

51:48 Atlanta

53:05 Live Call

56:17 Pain or gain!

01:00:19 Hit up Pace in his DM and ask him questions!

01:04:39 The possibilities are limitless

01:06:00 The time you need

01:10:30 Brad’s investment

01:12:15 Property Management

01:14:45 Have a deal? Hit Pace up on IG and he will make a video on it!

Feb 03, 2022
Brian Bogert. How to Work On Yourself From The Inside Out. Episode 445 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Brian Bogert is a human behavior and performance coach who teaches clients to leverage self-awareness and intentionality to become the most authentic version of themselves: who they already are. Brian helps executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and growth-minded individuals learn this transformative approach that cultivates perspective, motivation and direction to help them align their life with their true purpose and defy their own expectations. He teaches not just to accept change, but to embrace pain in order to avoid suffering.


In this episode, Brian and Brad discuss how to work on yourself from the inside out. Brian tells us that everybody deserves to feel THIS way, the way he teaches. Lean in and tune in!


00:00 Intro

01:15 The passion to help people

04:48 “Let’s ham and egg it.”

06:07 https://www.nolimitsyou.com is where you can learn from Brian on demand.

08:26 Brian before coaching in personal development

11:10 “I hate to lose more than I like to win.” 

13:09 When Brian made the choice to leave his insurance firm

17:00 Books

18:37 Follow Brian @bogertbrian or go to https://www.brianbogert.com

20:43 https://www.iamnolimits.com 

25:00 Anger is not a core emotion and you can work through it

26:31 “True strength hides behind vulnerability.” - Brian Bogert

31:39 The root of all suffering

35:10 Perspective

35:30 Bomb: It’s all mental 

37:14 The definition of pain

42:52 Check out Brian on YouTube (Brian Bogert Companies)

44:00 The Hard Way

47:14 PTSD

48:05 Brian’s teachers

52:00 Blood work on your life

52:40 AI

53:40 Bomb: Awareness is everything

55:13 Happiness

59:44 Bomb: Learn as much as you can from Brian


Jan 31, 2022
Tom McMurrain. The Desire for Success. Episode 444 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Pioneer of Cryptocurrency, hosted one of the first cryptocurrency shows on GrantCardone TV called, “The CoinProfit”, CEO of one of the fast-growing health rewards cryptocurrencies in the world CMDX - Smartcurrency for Healthcare - Pioneer of Universal Basic Data Income - Author of 2nd Best Selling Amazon E-Book on Cryptocurrency - The 7th Disruption - The Rise of the Digital Currency Billionaire. In the process of writing a book called "Learning to Shave without a Mirror'' - 7 Success Tactic to Owning Your World (Lessons from Prison).


In this episode, Tom tells Brad about his desire for success and everything he has done to get to the point where he is today. The entrepreneurial spirit is among us in this episode! Tune in!


00:00 Intro

02:16 Entrepreneurial bug

06:00 “When the pain gets great enough, you change” - Tom McMurrain

08:00 Books and why they are so important

11:00 AI

11:50 Bomb: We have the most important tool between our ears but we don’t feed it all the data

15:00 Laws broken in the crypto space

19:37 Zero to hero

23:58 Tom’s new book

28:22 Bomb: Harness your power

29:31 CMDX

34:00 MIRACLE the Acronym

38:00 NFT craze

51:00 Artificial Intelligence destroying industries

56:06 “You gotta know what your strengths and weaknesses are

59:04 “Your input determines your output.”

01:02:28 Leverage

01:05:30 Go get Tom’s book now!

01:06:35 Go to https://www.cmdx.io


Jan 27, 2022
Doug Bopst. When You Know You Want More For Yourself. Episode 443 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Doug Bopst is an award-winning personal trainer, author, speaker, and podcast host. Those credentials and accolades are a result of his own transformation. He is a former felon and drug addict, sentenced to months in jail due to being found guilty of “possession with intent to sell.” He chose to use his time locked in that small cell to beat his demons and reinvent himself thanks to a combination of faith, family, and fitness.


In this episode, Brad and Doug discuss what it means to want more for yourself when you lose track of what matters most. Listen in!


00:00 Intro

03:08 Why the book…

04:42 Doug’s podcast, The Adversity Advantage

06:55 The back and forth podcast

08:42 Bomb: Keep it real

11:21 Vulnerability

14:25 Jail

21:04 “Sayings” you shouldn’t believe

22:05 Addiction

25:10 When things changed in jail for Doug…

29:48 Exposure

30:02 “I want to help people use adversity to their advantage.”- Doug Bopst

33:00 Check out https://www.dougbopst.com on his website

40:00 How you feel after exercise

46:00 A talented speaker

49:44 Bomb: Guests on Dropping Bombs

50:09 Buy Doug’s books

51:05 Faith

56:20 God

59:22 Single? Reach out to Doug on the DM @dougbopst    

01:00:10 Perspective

01:03:00 Worrying about yourself so other people can

01:08:00 What other people think

Jan 24, 2022
Darren Prince. Why Being Superman Isn’t Always A Good Thing. Episode 442 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Darren Prince CEO of Prince Marketing Group and agent to some of the most iconic stars Magic Johnson, Hulk Hogan, Dennis Rodman, Charlie Sheen, Chevy Chase, Carmen Electra and the late Muhammad Ali, Smokin Joe Frazier and Evel Knievel and many more. Darren’s biggest accomplishment is being a global addiction recovery advocate with over 13 years sober and best-selling author of Aiming High. 

In this episode, Brad and Darren discuss addiction, success, branding, and more. Tune in to this awesome episode!


00:00 Intro

01:11 Check out Darren’s book - Aiming High

02:37 Darren’s addiction

07:45 Bomb 1: Speak up if there is something going– if you’re that guy or girl who has something going on, speak up before it gets worse.

09:30 Baseball cards

11:55 The notariety

14:20 Who you know vs. What you know

16:28 7/2/08

23:00 The motivation

25:04 “I will fight a battle when I need to, and it’s not always about the money, it’s about the brand.” - Darren Prince

27:20 Recovery advocate

30:28 Charlie Sheen

32:40 The takers

35:48 Getting into the right circle

40:15 Routine

44:00 Happiness and mental health

46:38 #getyourownpodcast

47:00 Buy the book, donate at https://www.aiminghighfoundation.org  for business go to https://www.princemarketinggroup.com 


Jan 20, 2022
Kelly Roach. What It Means To Have A Business Strategy. Episode 441 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

​​Business strategist, Kelly Roach transforms overworked entrepreneurs into seven-figure CEOs by teaching them how to leverage timeless business principles, employed by billion-dollar corporations, with the most powerful online marketing speed and agility strategies of today. Kelly’s 12-month business incubator, The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, is the fastest growing coaching program on the market, and the first of its kind. 


In this episode, Brad and Kelly discuss the steps it takes to do a business strategy and how to get READY for it.


00:00 Intro

03:36 Becoming the CEO of your company

04:18 Check out Kelly on social or go to https://www.kellyroachcoaching.com

06:09 Where Kelly fell in love with sales

06:27 “Anyone can achieve anything if they are willing to put their passion behind that transfer of energy which is what sales is.” - Kelly Roach

07:40 Kelly’s books

10:50 Scaling

11:10 Step one: assess your current situation

14:06 “People come to us when they realize the awareness of what they need” - Kelly Roach

16:05 “The top of the funnel is visibility.” - Kelly Roach

18:26 “We all start at zero.” - Kelly Roach

20:15 Long range thinking

21:05 Two parts: discipline and the power of social media versus engagement

22:58 Are you clear on success?

23:13 Bomb 1: If you do not know what success is then how can you achieve it?

25:25 Pivoting to find alignment

27:39 Kelly’s backstory

34:20 Continuous launches, continuous failure

37:10 Overcomplication

40:50 The conviction marketing method

43:54 Comparison of athlete and business

48:59 “That’s not gonna be my life.” - Kelly Roach

49:10 Book Recommendation

52:02 Check out the Kelly Roach show


Jan 17, 2022
Sath Lingan. The Desire to Change Your Life. Episode 440 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Sath started a business, did great, and then scaled way too quickly and failed miserably in two years by not listening and being stubborn.  Sath then took a year while wholesaling cars to truly find himself and really sit with his insecurities to really find his purpose. 

Sath then began wholesaling and sourcing cars for other dealers and in COVID-19 found the need of how much impact he could be making by running a national wholesale lead generation business that gets leads and closes them for a nationwide dealer network that he has. Now, Sath’s team ison projection to facilitate these leads into closing over $100,000,000 in cars bought through our lead generation this year. Listen in to his journey…

00:00 Intro

02:21 “Once I figured out what inner peace was and my vision was clear, I knew I would figure it out.” - Sath Lingan

02:54 How Sath went bankrupt

06:51 “If you only set your mind to 100k that will be your cap.” - Sath Lingan

10:47 Car shortage

12:24 “Technology is the quickest way to scale.” - Sath Lingan

16:28 Mindset

20:16 Be useful

20:44 Bomb 1: The impact you have on others

24:00 Law of attraction

24:38 “Don’t invest in something you don’t align with.” - Sath Lingan

26:22 Top three things to focus on

30:40 Spiritual Mentor

36:00 Recap of top three

42:35 Asking yourself the right questions

46:56 Selling to the Indian culture

52:00 The power of the mind

55:30 “Roll with the punches”

58:03 Get Brad’s book The Hard Way on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

01:00:12 Follow Sath @sathgl


Jan 13, 2022
Keith Yackey. How to Get Your Wife to Fall In Love With You AGAIN. Episode 439 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

When you work with or listen to Keith, know this, you will get the right information for you to succeed without all the fluff! Five years ago Keith and his wife Jesse were misaligned and not hitting the mark as it related to his marriage being successful romantically.

It was transactional and there was a means to an end. It was then he decided to figure out where the fire went and how to get it back. He did just that and then turned the process into a course and coaching program on how to do it. Listen in for more information!

00:00 Intro

00:39 https://www.marriedgame.com

04:00 “You gotta ask yourself, ‘I wonder how attracted I actually am to my wife.’” - Keith Yackey 

06:54 First step: Get real with where you’re really at

09:00 The difference between transactional and real relationships

10:43 “Sex is the fruit of a great marriage.” - Keith Yackey

11:10 Go to https://www.marriedgame.com/bombs

12:24 Partnering: Are you best friends?

13:55 Are you dating, going to the gym, looking good, feeling good, staying up on your hygiene? Because you should be…

17:45 The DNA of a Mom

19:01 Date nights and how to think about them

20:19 The benefits

22:45 Take the assessment Keith offers and see where you stand https://www.marriedgame.com/assessment

24:00 If you aren’t producing and need a job that will produce go to https://www.bradlea.com  and click, “work with me.”


Jan 10, 2022
Craig Daly. How to Grow Your Business with Real Leads. Episode 438 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Craig Daly leads the revenue organization within Aktify as Chief Revenue Officer. As an investor and original member of the leadership team, Daly is responsible for a large portion of the company’s recent growth. He has spent the past 15 years of his career leading sales teams and working directly with clients in the B2B space, all having a significant impact on the bottom lines of those organizations. 


In this episode, Brad and Craig discuss how Craig and his team have built up Aktify to grow anyone’s business by converting leads from a no to yes with a highly intelligent software. Tune in to learn more.


00:00 Intro

01:14 What is Aktify

05:56 How Craig got into SaaS based on the people he was surrounded by

08:48 AKTIFY: A conversational intelligence engine

11:08 What are the differences between Aktify and everyone else

13:00 What happens within the company

14:30 Bomb: “Everything is better if you have the right squad running with you”

19:44 Aktify is looking for talent

21:50 Aktify’s process

26:01 Craig’s goals

26:57 Books you should read to blow up business

30:00 LightSpeed VT

35:16 Tuning real agents

36:50 Morman

40:30 The benefits of being in the information age

43:20 The most impactful book

45:00 Sales– see below for link to closer school to join Brad’s weekly calls

46:13 Go to https://www.aktify.com to learn more about Aktify

47:49 Follow Craig @c_d_a_l_y


Jan 06, 2022
Michele Shuster. What it Means to Be Compliant. Episode 437 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL) YouTube Title

Michele is a founding partner of Mac Murray & Shuster, where she brings more than two decades of experience working with consumer-facing businesses in highly regulated industries nationwide. Michele advises clients on proactively managing federal and state consumer protection demands and provides representation in government enforcement and investigation matters before state attorneys general, the FTC, and FCC. She routinely conducts regulatory compliance audits and provides counsel on a wide range of advertising, marketing, and privacy issues.


In this episode, Brad and Michele discuss the legality in compliance and how to navigate through it. Tune in!


00:00 Intro

01:48 Consumer protection

05:00 Fraudulent or not

09:47 The benefits of unlawful work

13:24 How to fix not being called a “scam”

14:24 If you have a complaint go to https://www.ustelecom.org

17:38 UMAIL

19:18 Go to https://www.donotcall.gov to get on the list

25:05 Why to hire Michele’s firm

30:20 Why Michele stays on the ethical side

31:35 The number one thing you need - “You have to have an attorney that knows what they are doing on the compliance side.” - Michele Shuster

32:39 Why training is so important

34:00 “Too many lawyers focus on telling their clients what they can’t do. We focus on telling clients what they can do, and how it can be done.”

36:00 Check out https://www.saleshammer.io

41:00 Core values

44:26 Who protects the business owner? 

47:33 Get compliant, train your people, have systems and processes down

50:35 Shuster on demand coming soon!

53:44 Go to https://www.mslawgroup.com and follow Michele on line IG, Facebook, and LinkedIn!


Jan 03, 2022
Mallisa (MJ) Vogel. What Are the VITAL Habits for Success?. Episode 436 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

MJ Vogel’s life journey trademark is persistence, resilience, and courage. From sleeping on a mice-infested kitchen floor as a child, to later surviving – and thriving – through 12 excruciating surgeries, she has learned the true meaning of courage, facing your challenges head-on, and the keys to developing a powerful mindset built around the principles of mastering the habits of success. She masterfully moves her clients and mastermind groups through her powerful, life-changing programs, techniques, and trainings.


In this episode, Brad and MJ discuss her story and how she got where she is today in the personal development field.


00:00 Intro

01:42 MJ’s story

03:21 Handling adversity

05:09 Listen to MJ’s podcast and go get her book!

11:20 “If I could do anything in the world it would be motivational speaking.”- MJ Vogel

15:00 Closure with family and adapting to change

16:30 Neurological disorders

18:28 “I’m going to be someone great.” - MJ Vogel

21:03 “I want to be the female Tony Robbins.” - MJ Vogel

24:30 Constructive criticism

28:35 Vision boards

30:37 True affirmations

33:48 Go get MJ’s book on amazon!


Dec 30, 2021
Shaahin Cheyene. How to Become a Billionaire Making Legal Drugs. Episode 435 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

During the Iranian Revolution of 1978, Shahin’s family had to escape to survive and ended up finally migrating to Los Angeles, Ca . At 15 years old Shaahin left home with nothing but the clothes on his back.  Today, he is the Founder and CEO of Accelerated Intelligence, Inc. a major Amazon FBA seller with millions in sales, the lead coach at Amazon Mastery where he teaches entrepreneurs how to CRUSH IT! on the Amazon platform and an active YouTube creator.


In this episode, Shaahin and Brad discuss his story, business, and how to get rich. Tune in!


00:00 Intro

02:00 Shaahin’s story

06:40 Being bad at crime

08:30 Electronic Music scene

10:21 Drugs that are legal…

12:28 The balance in the formula for a natural version of ecstasy

13:48 “People can sense a natural hunger for success.” - Shaahin Cheyene

17:45 Distribution of herbal ecstasy

21:10 The numbers

22:30 “I had no clue how much a billion dollars in money was.” - Shaahin Cheyene

23:32 Go get Shaahin’s book, “BILLION”

25:00 “Once I set my mind to something, nobody can tell me no.” - Shaahin Cheyene

30:33 “I was motivated to put my own dent in the universe.” - Shaahin Cheyene

30:52 “The more you think about the negative stuff that isn’t possible, the more it will be affirmed.”- Shaahin Cheyene

32:44 Sales

35:24 Bomb: “You chase excellence, not money.” - Shaahin Cheyene

39:40 Going public

44:00 The government powered by the Pharma behind them

47:10 Bomb: “If you’re not focused on making your money now, someone else is.” - Shaahin Cheyene

54:00 How the product made you feel

01:00:11 Vaping

01:04:24 Go all in

01:05:43 go to https://fbasellercourse.com or https://www.shaahincheyene.com to see what Shaahin’s course is– giving away $200 course to Dropping bombs listeners for free.

01:07:17 Email Shaahin at darkzess@gmail.com and he will get back to you– mention Dropping Bombs

01:12:25 Foundational living to something that fascinates you

01:17:00 The focus pill

01:24:30 Follow Shaahin and look for him to come back on the show!


Dec 27, 2021
Seth Ferranti. From The Most Wanted List to Movie Producer. Episode 434 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

When writer/director Seth Ferranti received a twenty-five-year LSD kingpin conviction, after faking his suicide and landing on the US Marshals Top-15 Most Wanted list, he thought his life was over. As a first time, non-violent offender, the lengthy sentence attracted media attention from The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, The Washington Times, and others. Listen in to hear what happens next…


In this episode, we learn what it means to go through everything Seth has gone through and overcome it. 


00:00 Intro

03:50 Legal substances

07:08 Three tips for anyone going to prison

11:14 Gorilla Convicts

18:55 25 years

23:34 Why Seth went into the direction of movies/documentaries

27:30 Smart people in jail

34:00 His wife waited 25 years.

36:25 go https://www.gorillaconvict.com or follow Seth at @sethferranti             

40:40 “If I depicted someone in the wrong way, they could come and stab me…so that’s how I learned journalism.” - Seth Ferranti

46:00 Writing for different publications

52:50 “I wasn’t addicted to the drugs, I was addicted to the lifestyle.” - Seth Ferranti

54:09 Brian and Gabby’s case

55:50 The rules for hierarchy in jail

58:00 “Everything that's happened to me made me who I am today.” - Seth Ferranti

01:00:06 Tangle roots the four part series Seth is working on

01:06:21 “My number one attribute is that I am relentless.” - Seth Ferranti

01:08:17 Brad’s acting career


Dec 23, 2021
Andy Elliott. How to Be An Elite Sales Warrior. Episode 433 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Andy Elliott has over a million minutes watched on his YouTube channel each month in free sales training which has a 98.6% like rate which is unheard of for Car Sales Training Videos on YouTube. Andy Elliott and his amazing wife Jaqueline created their training company in 2011. The Elliott Group currently trains over 110,000 Salespeople and over 500 dealerships. They are the fastest-growing automotive sales training company in the world.


In this episode, Brad and Andy discuss what it takes to be an elite sales warrior, listen in.

00:00 Intro

01:44 Bomb “A lot of people underestimate skill and the ability to speak and all of that is learned.” - Andy Elliott

03:32 A live seminar every month- go to https://www.theelliottgroupnnow.com to find out when January is.

05:06 “Sales is the most amazing craft in the world.” - Andy Elliott

05:49 Andy’s story

08:38 Bomb: “If you are a salesperson, people want to hear you speak.” - Andy Elliott

09:40 Alignment

09:55 Bomb: “If you wanna change people’s lives you’ll be forever wealthy.” - Andy Elliott

13:44 “If you don’t want to change your life, your life is not going to change.” - Andy Elliott

16:00 The transformation

17:33 Bomb: Perspective

20:48 Mentors and studying

23:20 Culture

28:55 Desire to win

30:22 Bomb: YOU CAN DO IT TOO

34:06 Patrick Bet-David

39:07 Competence creates confidence

45:28 Daily Habits

50:00 How to not forget about your foundation

56:00 Gratitude

57:44 Type in Andy Elliott on YouTube and check him out.

59:40 Follow Andy @officialandyelliott 

01:00:28 Call Andy any time, 918-210-0254


Dec 20, 2021
Derek Moneyberg. The Fundamentals of Creating Wealth. Episode 432 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

The Derek Moneyberg brand was launched in 2019 and Derek has quickly risen to be one of the world’s leading wealth coaches, helping clients to launch or accelerate their businesses and invest their capital for beyond-professional returns in global securities and real estate. Derek has coached a broad range of clients all across the world from renowned artists to professional athletes to royalty. 


In this episode, Derek and Brad dive into Derek’s story and how he got his start along with the wealth tactics he teaches his highly acclaimed clients.


00:00 Intro

02:16 Derek’s story

05:00 College thoughts

07:50 Opportunity in the market

09:00 Fundamentals of stocks: “I don’t buy anything I don’t understand.”- Derek Moneyberg

10:30 “Start where you’re at.” - Derek Moneyberg

12:25 Follow Derek @derekmoneyberg or https://www.moneyberg.com

15:35 Derek Moneyberg’s market course

19:00 What to do in the stock market

24:09 Is it an insiders game?

28:00 Movie theaters

29:44 “If a million dollar gain or loss gets you too excited, it means you don’t have enough money yet and you better keep working.” - Derek Moneyberg

35:00 Real Estate

38:40 Bitcoin and Crypto

40:32 The US Govt.

42:25 Protesting

49:30 “We the people”

55:00 Currencies

57:47 “The best time to learn something is in the past, and the second-best time is right now.” - Derek Moneyberg

58:00 “A person who is not learning things every day is at an extraordinary disadvantage to someone who has made a lifestyle doing that.” - Derek Moneyberg

01:00:49 Go to https://www.moneyberg.com 


Dec 16, 2021
Ali Awad. How to Win As a Personal Injury Lawyer. Episode 431 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Ali Jamal Awad, Esq., MBA, founded this firm in 2016 after successfully winning a wide variety of injury claims. In his first year of practice, Mr. Awadsettled OVER $1 MILLION in personal injury cases. These included car wrecks, truck accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice, and a highly disputed toxic mold exposure claim. Mr. Awad has the ability to communicate with clients from all walks of life, as he comes from an immigrant family. He has learned to speak five different languages through his many years of international studies and takes pride in representing the underrepresented.


In this episode Brad and Ali talk law, wealth, and what it means to be a marketer! 

00:00 Intro

02:35 “In law, it's not all about marketing, it’s about maximizing the cases you have.” - Ali Awad

07:00 “Outsource everything that doesn’t make you money so you can focus on the things that do.” - Ali Awad   

09:00 Ali’s courses

10:22 Ali’s summit happening NOW

12:00 The promise Ali made

15:00 Opportunity in the USA

17:43 Zantac

20:20 Johnson and Johnson

25:00 Lawyer do’s and don’ts

30:00 “You can never copy faster than I can create.” - Ali Awad  

35:35 How law is boring and how it doesn’t have to be

37:00 Ali’s snapchat story

39:42 Bomb: On Ali’s story on how he got started

40:00 Ali’s event that is happening now in ATL!

41:05 Find out what Ali is doing at https://www.ceolawyersummit.com

42:45 Message Ali on IG @ceolawyer or any other social media platforms


Dec 13, 2021
Shawn Meaike. Why The Financial Services Industry Makes You a Millionaire. Episode 430 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Shawn Meaike is the founder and president of Family First Life. In late 2013, Shawn launched Family First Life, currently a multi-million-dollar independent marketing organization. As Shawn describes it, he is “building a company that truly puts both the families of our clients and the families of our agents first.”

In this episode, Shawn and Brad explain why the financial services industry makes you a millionaire and much more. Listen in and learn.


00:00 Intro

02:40 “You have to walk through it if you’re going to teach it.” - Shawn Meaike

06:48 Business experience

09:46 Where the name Family First came from

11:30 “I just want people to believe in themselves.” - Shawn Meaike

13:09 How come everyone in the world doesn’t work in this industry?

18:40 100% of the people need this

21:00 Living in fear

24:35 The value of working for yourself

30:50 Sales at Family First

35:16 Leads

40:00 Getting declined

45:43 Death story

49:09 Bomb: Every person has the potential to die at midnight

49:11 Humble and Hungry

50:13 Follow Shawn Meaike @shawnmeaike     

50:48 Go to https://www.bradlea.com (make money with Brad)

55:03 Bomb: Cash bonus


Dec 09, 2021
Jeff Bloomfield. How to Sell Based on Human Behavior. Episode 429 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Jeff grew up on a 100-acre farm in north central Ohio. His Papaw bought that farm with his life savings, and it was on this very farm that he learned most of the lessons that have guided him through his personal and professional journey.

His Papaw believed that problem solvers ruled the world and that with enough creativity, ingenuity and in our case, a little duct tape, that you could solve any problem and likely help anyone else solve theirs as well. Today, Jeff calls that the “Platinum rule”. That you should treat others better than they expect to be treated.


In this episode, Brad and Jeff discuss Jeff’s story and what it means to problem solve with critical thinking.


00:00 Intro

01:11 Jeff’s story

02:01 “Hard work and perseverance is what gets you ahead in life.” - Jeff Bloomfield

06:01 Braintrust

08:37 “All human decision making happens emotionally first.”- Jeff Bloomfield

12:47 Bomb: When the human brain is under pressure it always communicates from its highest level of training, knowledge, and belief.

14:16 Neuroselling on Amazon

15:30 Reading

17:45 Join Brad’s closer school https://www.closerschoollive.com

19:05 Beliefs drive behaviors

21:31 There are two types of trust: personal and professional

24:09 The formula

30:00 How to tell the story

37:30 Ask questions that matter

42:00 Leadership

44:18 “You can’t manage people, you can manage processes, but you have to lead people.” - Jeff Bloomfield

49:17 For businesses go to https://www.braintrustgrowth.com and for individuals go to https://www.braintrustacademy.com 

53:57 Bomb: Without repetition, the habit never forms


Dec 06, 2021
John Ruhlin. How to Give the BEST Gift. Episode 428 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

John will tell you, “How you love and treat people will open more doors than you can imagine.” In fact, one gifting experience (Brooks Brother experiment) has opened more doors than $10 Million in advertising could ever do. After applying principles of generosity learned from “Attorney Paul,” John started selling the largest deals in Cutco history out of 1.5 million other reps and distributors. Yes. 1.5 million. Not only was he gifting knives, but he was being asked to speak on stages around the country to teach sales and marketing teams how to build relationships in unconventional ways.Today John and his team have created gift packages for some of the largest companies and pro sports teams in the world, but their mission and heart is to serve and take relationships for mid-sized, privately owned businesses to a new level using their Proven Process.

In this episode, John and Brad discuss how to give the BEST gift and the steps it takes to do it right and perfect each time.


00:00 Intro

03:56 Logos

07:38 “Swag doesn’t work with people who you want to really remember you.” - John Ruhlin

11:00 Proactive gifting is when you listen for an opportunity

15:25 “Return on relationship destroys ROI.” - John Ruhlin

18:02 John’s book, Gift-o-logy

20:00 Cutco

23:30 “Show up for people without an ask.”- John Ruhlin

25:00 Shout out to the #BOMBSQUAD

30:22 The worst gifts to give

35:00 “Show up in uncommon ways for people.” - John Ruhlin

37:35 Go to https://www.giftologygroup.com

44:38 Have a plan

50:36 Spend your money right

52:07 How John got into it

59:32 Hire John! Go to https://www.johnruhlin.com

01:03:40 Bomb: Don’t give the gift in person

01:05:26 “When you give gifts with strings attached, it generally does not work.” - John Ruhlin

01:06:05 Bomb: Every business rises and falls based on the investment in your relationships

01:08:00 Humorous gifts

01:10:00 How you know when people are in your corner

Dec 02, 2021
Ben Newman. What Does It Mean To Have Mental Toughness?. Episode 427 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Ben Newman is a highly regarded Performance Coach, International Speaker and Best-Selling Author, whose clients include Fortune 500 companies around the world, business executives, sales organizations and professional athletes in the NFL, PGA, NBA, MLB, UFC and NCAA.Ben serves as a Mental Conditioning Coach for the 18-time National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide football team and has worked with players from the last 3 Super Bowl Champion teams.


In this episode, Ben and Brad discuss what it means to have mental toughness, find your burn, and change your mindset to NO LONGER hold you back.


00:00 Intro

02:15 LightSpeed

06:00 Shout out to Ed Mylett

07:20 Patience

13:14 Bomb: Your mindset is what holds you back

16:45 The Burn

20:00 Who has sacrificed for you?

21:30 Bomb: People don’t know how to handle their self-talk

26:44 “If we as leaders are sloppy and lack discipline, who are you to be upset with your team when they are sloppy and not disciplined.” - Ben Newman

29:47 Power versus authority

30:55 Bomb: “If the value of my life depends on the “yes” you get on the phone, you aren’t working hard enough.” - Ben Newman

33:00 Tom Brady

37:00 Perspective

39:00 Standard over feeling

42:41 What you have to do with your self-image first.

45:53 Bomb: “Everyone can figure it out but you gotta choose to figure it out.” - Ben Newman

49:00 I AM statements

51:11 “The best never stops.” - Ben Newman

54:10 “If you’re gonna do something, go ALL IN and do it.” - Ben Newman

59:38 Bomb: “If you’re doing what you don’t tolerate you cannot have an honest conversation that you do not tolerate it, because you do.” - Ben Newman

01:01:16 How to find your burn

01:04:50 Visualization


Nov 29, 2021
Sean Crane. What it Means to Share Your Story. Episode 426 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

With nothing positive to show for his life up to that point and a massive challenge ahead Sean Crane had a decision to make. Would he give up and let the rest of his life pass him by like the first 23 did or could he face his fears, fight through the pain and pursue the life he always wanted? From a small cement box Sean was able to take control of his life. He completely transformed his mentality, his routines, and the results he got in his life. 


In this episode, Brad and Sean discuss how when you share your story and change your mindset all your goals and dreams are possible.


00:00 Intro

00:50 Sean’s story

04:07 Sean’s goal

06:19 Sean’s murder case

10:40 When Sean got to court

17:08 Reading and writing

19:15 Bomb: “I saw in that  moment that I could truly change my life in that jail cell…” - Sean Crane

22:45 “Five and a half years felt like forever.” - Sean Crane

25:15 The next step

26:55 Message: Start with a small daily action and you’ll get closer every day

32:46 Mindset

33:00 “Life is happening for you not for you, every day is a gift, even the adversity.” - Sean Crane

39:55 Go to https://www.prisonofyourown.com to book Sean for speaking and get his book!

41:51 Bomb: Remember the precious moments and make the day count-- gratitude

48:00 Perspective

51:20 Fitness

55:40 With self-talk you are more likely to see the opportunity-- it makes you think.


Nov 25, 2021
Candace Charee. How to Manifest Your Dreams. Episode 425 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Candace Charee’ specializes in helping people, just like you, manifest the lives of their dreams. By fusing practical strategies with the teachings of esteemed manifestation teacher Neville Goddard, Candace walks her students down the path of elevating to the next level and creating their best lives.


In this episode, Brad and Candace discuss the meaning behind manifestation and how to create through the law of assumption.


00:00 Intro

02:30 Neville Goddard

06:00 “You’re doing manifestation no matter what.” - Candace Charee

08:41 A miraculous happening

10:51 Step one is education

12:00 “By changing our beliefs we no longer block the things that want to come to us.” - Candace Charee

15:00 People showing up based on your assumptions

17:30 Expect vs. Assume

20:26 What people are missing

22:55 Check out Candace’s Facebook groups!

26:30 It’s about the transformation

31:23 Unconscious vs. conscious brain

37:00 What Candace’s plans are

38:43 Effort defined

41:36 “You have to be your number one priority.” - Candace Charee

46:05 Proving it

51:20 Who is correct?

55:00 Tech Companies

57:46 Healing


Nov 22, 2021
Charlie Kirk. What It Means To Stand For Truth. Episode 424 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Charlie Kirk is the Founder and President of Turning Point USA, the largest and fastest-growing conservative youth activist organization in the country with over 250,000 student members, over 450 full and part-time staff, and a presence on over 2,000 high school and college campuses nationwide. 


In this episode, Brad and Charlie break down what it means to stand for truth, what is happening in America, and cancel culture. This episode is not only informative but entertaining too!


00:00 Intro

02:40 Suppression

04:22 “It matters for everyone to speak out.” - Charlie Kirk

06:15 What you can do right now

06:23 Bomb: The opportunity matters more

08:53 An example of cancel culture

09:25 Bomb: Build your own audience outside of what cancel culture controls

10:00 Shout out to Dave Portnoy

14:20 “People want to support the good guys.” - Charlie Kirk

15:40 Hunter Biden

18:29 Who is running for President?

19:43 The election

23:30 Why voting is so important on all levels

24:04 Bomb: “Be the same person you are in public that you are in private-- never pretend you believe something you don’t.” - Charlie Kirk

25:22 The mandate

28:34 “Are we actually living in the same country?” - Charlie Kirk

33:13 Bomb: “There are things a lot more important than money.” - Charlie Kirk

34:00 The moral questions we need to ask

34:40 “They thought they were God.” - Charlie Kirk

38:00 The Clinton’s

40:00 Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

44:47 Abortion

46:21 CRT

49:00 Support Charlie’s podcast and subscribe!


Nov 18, 2021
Gary Brecka. The Benefits of Oxygen. Episode 423 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Gary Brecka has hormone therapy services that are custom designed just for you. Gary and his team want you to look and feel your very best at home, in the gym and at work! At Streamline Medical they focus on fat loss, hormone optimization and anti-aging. Based on your goals, Streamline can guide you through choosing your customized treatment. ​If you struggle with age-related issues like excess weight, hormone imbalance or low testosterone, we can help you achieve health and wellness in every area of your life.


In this episode, Brad commits live to be connected to the IV that Gary provides as well as discusses important medical conditions that Gary can fix and lead you to optimal health.


00:00 Intro

01:51 Why Saline

03:10 Gary’s start 

05:20 Predicting mortality and the definition of death

06:10 “The presence of oxygen is the absence of disease.” - Gary Brecka

09:50 Every three months

12:00 If Cyanocobalamin is in your ingredients for B12 on your supplements- change them.

16:15 Bio hacking

16:36 Follow @garybrecka on IG

17:30 Grant Cardone

18:45 The cheek swab

20:30 Modifiable risk factors

24:00 ADD

29:45 “When you find out what your body is processing and what it’s not will put you on your way to optimal health.” - Gary Brecka

32:27 Anxiety

35:10 Brad’s IV

37:33 Brain fog and poor sleep patterns

44:30 Send Gary a message on IG and he will send over everything you need to get started. @garybrecka 

49:13 Function with blood

54:36 Shout out to 75HARD and Andy Frisella

58:36 Follow Gary to learn about what he does

01:03:00 Stem cells


Nov 15, 2021
Cody Sperber. How to be a Clever Investor. Episode 422 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Cody Sperber is widely acclaimed as one of the most successful real estate investors and leading educators in the U.S. today. He started with no money to his name, sitting at his laptop in his then-girlfriend’s (now wife’s) kitchen, trying to flip properties to a small email list he managed to finagle together. After a few years of trial and error, including more than a few painful mistakes and shaping lessons in the school of hard knocks, he eventually cracked the code and has since been on a massive profit and growth track.


In this episode, Cody and Brad discuss what it means to really be a clever investor and the steps Cody took to develop such a cohesive brand!


00:00 Intro

02:00 Why some homeowners are grateful when you take their house off their hands

05:30 A lot of people in this situation

09:00 A scenario to think about…

11:30 Why thousands of people say yes

13:04 “In real estate, we never have a money problem, we have a creativity problem.” - Cody Sperber

14:27 Go to https://www.usmortgagecalculator.org to find this out.

20:00 Cody’s first deals

22:34 Cody’s marketing platform

24:30 Tai Lopez

27:50 Cody’s son

33:30 Finding the deal

36:13 Green Elephant Development - “Every house that we build tells a story.” - Cody Sperber

39:44 https://www.housesforfree.com check it out 

43:45 Grant’s “Go big” mentality

47:24 “Consistency is the number one key ingredient.” - Cody Sperber

48:00 Bomb: Consistency

48:52 OH SNAP!

52:50 The goal

56:06 Go to https://www.sendusthedeals.com and Cody will partner with you

57:18 “Your favorite mentor has a mentor or multiple mentors.” - Cody Sperber

59:00 THRIVE buy your tickets to see Cody and a lot of others like him!

59:59 https://www.avengersmastermind.com

Nov 11, 2021
Grant Cardone. Who is Grant Cardone Really? . Episode 421 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Grant Cardone owns and operates seven privately held companies, and a private equity real estate firm, Cardone Capital, with a multifamily portfolio of assets worth over $4 Billion. He is one of the Top Crowdfunders in the world, raising over $650 million in equity via social media. He is featured on Season 2 of Discovery Channel's Undercover Billionaire, where he takes on the challenge of building a million-dollar business in 90 days. Grant is also a New York Times bestselling author of 11 business books, including The 10X Rule, which led to Cardone establishing the 10X Global Movement and the 10X Growth Conference.

This episode hits you in ways that you couldn't imagine with advice that you should take action on TODAY to create wealth for you and your family. Who is Grant Cardone really? He's a guy who wants to see you WIN.


00:00 Intro

03:25 The formula of who you hang around with

05:30 Bomb: The first conversation is the one you have with yourself

06:12 “There are two people you are looking for, one is the evil person who are intentionally doing harm to you. The second group is unconciously incompetent. They are making mistakes in your life and they don’t even know they are doing it.” - Grant Cardone

07:41 “Get rid of liabilities to protect your assets.” - Grant Cardone

10:00 Raised and distributions

11:24 How Grant go into the game

15:20 Do you want to invest? Go to https://www.cardonecapital.com

17:40 “We are not in inflation yet.” - Grant Cardone

19:00 Bomb: If anyone thinks I am scamming them, they are already getting scammed by the banks.” - Grant Cardone

23:00 Joining hands and putting a premium together

26:35 One addiction to another

27:45 “If you hate on me, you’re going to elevate me.” - Grant Cardone

30:06 How much money you need to give to Grant

31:26 https://www.millionairebooklet.com

34:50 Grant’s children

42:00 Philosophy on spoiling children

44:00 The helicopters and planes

46:33 Cashflow

47:20 Brad’s book 

47:47 Get Grant’s Millionaire Booklet and follow Grant @grantcardone   

49:50 Inflation

50:27 Go to https://www.cardonecapital.com and join the fund

53:10 10X

54:31 Bomb: Personal confidence is very important and must be developed

56:20 “When I say I am gonna do something, I do it.” - Grant Cardone

58:00 Backgammon

01:00:25 “Invest your earned income, spend ONLY passive income.” - Grant Cardone

01:01:09 Bomb: Only spend passive income

01:03:09 “When you’re trying to earn your wealth, be frugal.” - Grant Cardone

01:05:10 The non accredited and accredited

01:07:29 Haters

01:08:28 Advice

01:08:30 “Whatever amount of money you are sitting on right now, you need to get it to work for you..”- Grant Cardone

01:12:40 “When is Now for me.” - Grant Cardone

01:14:34 “Make a list with liabilities and assets -- and when do your assets transfer to the liability column?” - Grant Cardone

01:15:24 Bomb: People can go bad

01:18:04 Elena Cardone

01:23:07 Bomb: “Action changes the game.”- Grant Cardone

01:24:47 Anyone who puts $1000 in the fund today, you will get a virtual seat to the https://www.grantcardone.com/summit



Nov 08, 2021
Jeff Gross. World Series of Poker, 2CrazyNFT’s and How to Do It All. Episode 420 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Jeff started playing poker when a friend brought a plastic poker chip set to his soccer team camp at the University of Michigan.  Here in between training sessions, they would play $5 tournaments or .25/.50 buy in cash games.  Jeffloved this instantly.  Jeff always liked to play board games, video games, any type of games.  When he learned you could actually make money doing this he was sold.


In this episode, Jay and Brad discuss a lot of topics that will make you a lot of money if you do them right, as well as Jeff’s story and experiences before getting to the point he’s at today.


00:00 Intro

03:45 Poker companies

06:10 Numbers

08:07 Follow @jeffgrosspoker 

09:30 The buy in and the result

10:10 Jeff’s podcast - The Flow Show - Jeff Gross Podcast

11:43 NFT’s

17:45 How to learn about NFT’s

20:00 Bitcoin

28:30 Where did the knowledge come from

29:37 https://www.2crazynft.com 

35:00 The 69 Million dollar sale

39:32 Breinfuel - a supplement for coffee

43:00 Michael Phelps

46:49 Marketing

49:27 Twitch poker and live poker -- check out @jeffgrosspoker on twitch

51:30 Leveraging Bitcoin

55:00 The beauty of poker

57:30 Follow Jeff on YouTube @jeffgrosspoker

01:02:00 Twitch

01:03:58 When Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals in one olympics

01:06:11 Brad’s confirmation on https://www.2crazynft.com 

01:13:00 Bomb: The category of personal development

01:14:16 Seven Kids

01:19:16 Luck

01:25:19 Bomb: A different way of thinking


Nov 04, 2021
Jay Abraham.What it Means to Be Exponential in Your Business. Episode 419 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

As Founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc. (Los Angeles, California), Jay has spent his entire career solving complex problems and fixing underperforming businesses. He has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 1,000 industries, and over 7,200 sub industries, worldwide. Jay has dealt with virtually every type of business scenario and issue. He has studied, and solved, almost every type of business question, challenge, and opportunity.


In this episode, Jay and Brad discuss Jay’s journey and the experience that Jay expresses about his life and business.


00:00 Intro

03:50 Is Jay creative?

06:14 What to start identifying to mitigate risk (Three ways and how)

10:15 The idea of a seminar

12:48 The front lines of capitalism

16:30 The things Jay can do for people

18:02 How you qualify to work with Jay

20:18 Go to Jay@abraham.com to chat with Jay and see if its the right fit (put BOMB SQUAD in subject line)

21:45 The Ultimate Entrepreneur Podcast

22:00 “I’ll never do the same keynote twice.”

22:53 Jay’s upbringing/first jobs

27:49 Liking the finer things

32:04 Where are Jay’s influences from? 

39:05 Jay’s latest work

40:05 Bomb 1: “If you can perform well above exponential then why would you ever want to do anything in the incrementals and not the exponential.” - Jay Abraham

42:00 Follow @realjayabraham 

43:19 Jay’s flare for dressing up

45:40 “If I looked like everyone else then I wouldn’t be distinctive.” -Jay Abraham

47:07 Check out Jay’s documentary https://www.thejayabrahamstory.com

50:30 Gratitude and humility

52:24 “Once you connect the dots and make the connection for people in their mind of how they can go well beyond where they are is why I do what I do.” - Jay Abraham

56:01 The 50 Shades of Jay

57:35 What a real entrepreneur is

58:33 Bomb 2: If you are trying to make a difference in your business you need all the help you can get.

59:29 “Breakthroughs don’t always come from within, they come from without.” - Jay Abraham

01:00:11 Bomb 3: “The breakthroughs you’re looking for aren’t necessarily going to be found within your industry.”


Nov 01, 2021
Michael Chernow. How to Take Care of Yourself to Take Care of Others. Episode 418 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Known for his preceding reputation as both a fitness junkie and prolific foodie, personality-entrepreneur Michael Chernow devised a clever way to combine his passions into one fearlessly optimistic brand. Enter: Kreatures of Habit. Chernow’s foray into consumer products has been a natural next step in his culinary evolution. After co-founding beloved NYC hotspots like The Meatball Shop and Seamore’s, the serial creative looked to his personal life when developing his latest venture. Chernow’s Kreatures of Habit offers a positive platform of fitness, nutrition, and wellness resources through Habitual Rituals, alongside The PrOATagonist. The plant-based, gluten-free, superfood-laced oatmeal is Chernow’s antidote to forging that first positive ritual into your everyday life.

In this episode, Brad and Michael discuss what the importance is of taking care of yourself to take care of others, what it means to really be a creature or KREATURE of habit, and tactical life steps as well!

00:00 Intro

00:15 Follow Michael Chernow!

02:00 “We are our habits and habits are decisions.” - Michael Chernow

04:30 The entrepreneurial bug

07:30 The New York accent

09:39 The call to change his life

13:26 Bomb 1: Stick to the stack of wins every day.

14:00 Michael’s morning routine

17:30 Your relationship with food

18:21 What is Proatagonist?

23:40 Carbs

27:34 How Proatagonist was created

28:44 “If you have an opportunity as an entrepreneur to mitigate some risk, and take some equity off the table when you’re in a really good place, take the opportunity.” - Michael Chernow

32:09 “Every bit of success I have today is because Protagonist is at the cornerstone of my life.” - Michael Chernow

35:50 Go to https://www.kreaturesofhabit.com to check out everything that Michael’s company has

37:50 Brad’s routine

39:50 The lifestyle brand attached

41:37 Bomb 3: Once you start taking care of yourself, the sky's the limit to what you can do.

48:00 Stem cells

50:45 Water

53:20 Lessons Michael has learned from restaurant industry

55:47 Bomb 4: The way your guest is treated in your restaurant is the way you will succeed

58:30 Treat your people like diamonds

01:02:15 Hire on a smile

01:02:46 Bomb 5: People want to hear their own name

01:06:28 Follow Michael at @michaelchernow     

01:08:12 Buy The Meatball cookbook online written by Michael Chernow

01:11:10 Bomb 6: The second you spend worrying about what other people are doing is the second you spend not worrying about what you’re doing.


Oct 28, 2021
Dan Clark. How to Be the BEST Version of Yourself. Episode 417 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Dan Clark was born in Mesa, Arizona - the third of four children – raised by two incredible parents in a faith-based home – all college graduates – extremely successful business professionals and ‘significant’ human beings! Dan’s inherent and relentless pursuit of personal excellence first manifested itself at eight years of age when he battled through a cancerous abscess in his throat. Dan teaches that today you’ve never been this old before – and today you’ll never be this young again – so right now and every right now matters. No matter what your past has been you have a spotless future. You can’t always control what happens, but you can always control what happens next.


In this episode, Brad and discuss what Dan’s expertise teaches the world. You will want to take notes for this one.


00:00 Intro

00:45 Who is Dan Clark?

03:58 “The goal is not to make a living, it is to make a life.”- Dan Clark

05:50 Paralyzed for 14 months

06:32 “The purpose of a leader is to grow more leaders.”

10:57 Being real according to Brad

11:32 Authenticity defined by Dan

15:22 “Everybody needs to learn how to tell their story.” - Dan Clark

17:00 Bomb 1: Push your belief

20:30 One book per week

23:32 The law of sublimation

25:52 Where do you have your best ideas?

29:49 “Adversity introduces us to ourselves.”

35:55 The difference between teaching and talking

39:22 How to tell a story

44:35 Where you can get yourself in trouble when giving speeches

47:30 “Every speech needs to be funny, provocative, and emotional.” - Dan Clark

51:05 This the how

51:50 Go to https://www.danclark.com and go to “training”

54:20 Bomb 2: Be exactly the same inside as you are outside

56:48 The list in your head

59:00 Tying it to the lesson

01:03:40 Relationships and what they mean

01:05:29 Follow @danclarkspeak 

01:06:45 Send Dan an email Dan@danclark.com

01:08:22 The only thing that protects our freewill is obedience 

01:09:39 Request to be on bootcamp by emailing or going to Dan’s website!

Oct 25, 2021
Peter Voogd. How to Get Where You Want Faster. Episode 416 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Peter Voogd’s entrepreneurial career started at an early age when he had the passion and vision to start his first business when he was only a mere 15-years old. However, Peter found himself broke, stressed, and discouraged by the age of 22. Less than six months later, after making drastic changes to his mindset, lifestyle, and business strategies, he made his first 6-figure income at the age of 23. Only a short 4 years later, Peter saw his earnings skyrocket past the 7-figure income level.


In this episode, Brad and Peter discuss how to crush your goals FASTER. They also discuss the tactical steps in Peter’s new book. Listen up.


00:00 Intro

01:47 “Understand who you are and who you’re not and get around the right people.” - Peter Voogd

04:05 “The number one thing people value when they are successful is time.” - Peter Voogd

07:20 Peter’s story

11:22 How to create clarity, confidence, and influence

15:00 Shout-out to Gary Vee

19:11 When you're told “You have to get a normal job…”

22:27 “If you work 1000 hours a week with no freedom, you haven’t created a great life.” - Peter Voogd

24:22 Go to https://www.sevenrulesbook.com

25:03 “If you value security over freedom, you’ll never have freedom.” - Peter Voogd

26:01 34M people quit their jobs last month

27:55 Peter’s academy

30:07 “Nothing works unless you do.”

33:24 Bomb 1: Brad’s killsets

38:05 “Excuses or results, you can’t have both.” - Peter Voogd

44:03 “I don’t need to work, but I love to work.” - Peter Voogd

47:40 Peter’s day

49:52 Get Peter’s book and check out his website https://www.peterjvoogd.com

51:32 Bomb 2: Be polarizing and share what you really feel

55:40 What doesn’t make sense in the society


Oct 21, 2021
Matt Coots and Robby D’Angelo. How to Scale Your Business Effectively. Episode 415 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Matt Coots is an influencer, author, speaker, entrepreneur, podcast host and sales, marketing & business strategist!  Robby D'Angelo is a Human Optimization Expert, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Coach. Together, they specialize in achieving results driven growth through mental performance and improved human capital.


In this episode, Brad, Matt and Robby discuss what it takes to scale a business and what companies today are doing wrong! Tune in!


 00:00 Intro

01:00 Matt and Robby’s background

03:15 The number one thing most salespeople do wrong

04:45 The methods 

06:21 “Where is the bottleneck in your company?”

07:38 The importance of mindset

08:19 “You have to act your way through confidence, confidence is only built through actions.” - Robby D’Angelo

11:30 “Create a belief system where you can create anything.” - Robby D’Angelo

12:45 Go to https://www.4dgrowthgroup.com to get their co-written book, “The Abundance Theory”

14:16 Brad’s killsets

17:27 What scaling a business means

20:42 The zone of genius

24:16 The system of idea creation to building it into a program along with marketing and monetizing

25:49 Why it's important to be an expert 

26:42 “You won’t put in the work unless you have the passion around what you do.” - Robby D’Angelo

29:08 Thinking about creating something go to https://www.passion2abundance.com 

34:10 What kind of money someone can make?

38:10 Follow Matt and Robby @matthew.coots and @robbydangelo 

40:02 Go look up Hebrews 13:2


Oct 18, 2021
Tori Kruse. How to Change Your Focus to Win. Episode 414 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

If you type in Tori Kruse in Google, you will find a sparkling crown and sash from her days as Miss Missouri USA 2018. As former Miss Missouri USA, Tori learned to perform the external life everyone expected. What she did not expect was the internal journey of discovering the unexpected. She set out to win a title, but her greatest achievement was uncovering, unlocking, and unleashing her authentic self. 


In this episode, Brad and Tori discuss the importance of focusing on the RIGHT things to win and how you are the only person who can change for yourself. 


00:00 Intro

02:00 Brad’s Driven speech

03:20 How pageantry is a journey

04:31 Bomb 1: “I was losing because I wasn’t focused on the daily affirmations and gratitude.” - Tori Kruse

06:52 Bomb 2: “How can you love the hell out of someone else but hate yourself?” - Tori Kruse

10:23 Bomb 3: “I am not in the game to change anyone, people need to change for themselves.”- Tori Kruse

15:25 “I don’t hold onto resentment, because that would only hurt me.” - Tori Kruse

22:15 The unexpected coaching program

26:24 Sometimes helping a dude is a helping a woman-- Brad Lea

28:55 “Breakthroughs are on the other side of change.” - Tori Kruse

30:32 The power of NO

32:41 What happens in pageant life

39:00 College

42:36 Top three things to get out relationship

43:04 Top three books

44:00 Uncover, unlock and unleash for entrepreneurs

47:50 Redirection

58:15 “Get through the situation and breakthrough.” - Tori Kruse

01:08:24 Krusifiction

01:10:16 Share out this episode, follow tori @misstorikruse and check out her website at https://www.torikruse.com


Oct 14, 2021
Robb Quinn. How To Build An Epic Sales Team. Episode 413 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Robb's foundation lies in "Living every day like an interview".  Being committed to teaching people how to think, challenging their growth, and embodying that advice has been an everyday pursuit of excellence to deliver the most effective communication process available today. 


In this episode, Robb and Brad discuss what it takes to build an epic sales team and not only that but Robb and The Sales Agency gives you all the tools on how to do it. Listen in and take notes.


00:00 Intro

02:01 Follow robb @robbquinn3

02:17 IQ vs. EQ

04:42 Brad’s “Killsets”

10:30 Zero money out of pocket

12:53 check out https://www.thesalesagency.com to learn more about what Robb does for you

15:02 What is step one?

20:25 The script

22:35 Role-Play

26:00 LightSpeed VT’s offer

27:21 “High-ticket buyers feel the pain when we talk about it.”

35:05 Real examples of why mindset isn’t just a buzzword

37:55 “If I were to tell you that based on your current performance you are capable of more, would you believe it?”

38:57 Three things to look at as an ‘A’ player by Brad Lea

41:06 Bomb 1: You can’t find stallions because you’re surrounded by turkeys.

44:40 How important discipline is; discipline starts with yourself

48:00 The subconscious

54:50 “Live every day like an interview”

56:50 Tony Robbins Event

01:01:33 “If you’re going to host a meeting you gotta know what you’re doing.”

01:03:48 Robb’s top five books

01:05:46 Check out Robb Quinn on YouTube!


Oct 11, 2021
Cody Harvey. Give Every Single Person In The World A Voice . Episode 412 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Cody Harvey is an American entrepreneur and Chief Visionary behind a plethora of market-disrupting technologies. In his roles as President and Chief Strategist at Kennected, Cody is constantly looking ahead - trying to anticipate macroeconomic environmental changes and proactively planning for the future of his company. Cody’s newest venture is Breakout Audio app available on IOS and Android!


In this episode, Brad and Cody discuss Cody’s story, his companies, and his newest invention, Breakout Audio!


00:00 Intro

1:00 Download Breakout Audio right now 

04:17 Shout out to Clubhouse

05:11 Download now and create your profile and username

05:53 Email Cody at Cody@breakout.fm

06:33 “Everybody has a voice and deserves to be heard.”

10:17 The B tokens

13:50 Advice to those who want to generate more money in their business

16:21 A genius marketing plan

20:00 Beginning of Cody’s story

21:06 “Success without a successor is no success at all.”

23:48 Brad’s Killsets

28:25 Roles on the app

31:00 The influencer marketplace

35:31 Check out https://www.breakout.fm to learn more about this app

36:19 Bomb 1: If Cody gets to a billion in sales he buys Brad a kickass car

38:02 It’s ready to rock now!


Oct 07, 2021
Matt Rolfe. How to Win In Hospitality. Episode 411 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Matt began his career in the hospitality industry over 15 years ago, working for some of the world’s largest beer and spirits companies across North America.

Over the past decade, Matt has worked with 100’s of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotel operations to help them gain clarity and force focus on what matters most in their business.


In this episode, Brad and Matt discuss the importance of the ever-evolving hospitality industry. Matt and Brad talk strategy on how to win and do it right.


00:00 Intro

01:34 Follow Matt

02:00 Check out https://www.mattrolfe.com or https://www.westshorehospitality.com 

08:40 What are your business solutions

10:25 “Who in here can stand up and tell your team how you win right now?”

15:51 The staff has to give a sh*t

18:13 The education factor

26:30 Brad’s beginning stages in training

33:24 Matt’s story

40:08 For those starting a liquor company

42:55 Creating the story

44:20 Politics

45:30 How it started for Matt

47:25 “We are changing people’s lives”

49:29 The experience and concepts

55:00 The Strategy

57:00 Experience is KEY

01:02:41 The dessert order…

01:03:10 Three tips from Matt

01:04:40 Bomb 1: If they don’t like it they will leave and work for someone else

01:05:15 “People need to be led.”

01:06:39 Get Matt’s book: You Can’t Do It Alone


Oct 04, 2021
Devin Johnson. Why Relationships Matter More Than Money. Episode 410 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Devin is a serial entrepreneur, an inspiring leader, and an adept marketer. As the CEO of Kennected, Devin directs the daily workflow and is responsible for the overall success of over 100 employees.

In this episode, Devin and Brad discuss the premise of relationships over money and the stories that made Devin who he is today as a very successful entrepreneur. Check out his website and what he can do for you to make more connections.


00:00 Intro

02:22 What is Kennected?

04:10 Sneakerheads

07:00 Why Devin was so driven in High School

10:05 How Devin founded Kennected

11:01 Bomb 1: Relationships over money

13:00 “Bad things happen to you but you have to be larger than yourself to pull yourself out of it.”

16:05 Leads generated from LinkedIn

18:10 “Every user is mandated to go through our training platform.”

21:17 Manually how to do it

24:53 “You can save 10 hours per week.”

25:21 “I am automating shaking hands online.”

30:00 Data

35:00 Devin’s Dad

39:00 Both worlds

42:34 The difference between a winner and a champion

45:00 “On LinkedIn you are one button away.”

49:15 Morning Routine

52:02 Check out https://kennectedpurchase.com 


Sep 30, 2021
Nick Kozmin. How to Get Your Company to Blow Up In Sales. Episode 408 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Nick studied Engineering Physics at Queen's University in Canada where he excelled in quantum and classical wave mechanics and accumulated debt. To pay the debt, Nick became number one (out of 400) at the door-to-door sales company, Canadian Property Stars in one month. A hired team of door-to-door salespeople and detailers shot Nick’s first business' customer count to 3000 in two years and the rest is history.


In this episode, Brad and Nick discuss the importance of sales, framework, processes and systems, etc. They talk heavy on sales and persuasion and what Nick did to grow his company massively. 


00:00 Intro

04:40 Zero to A Million in 12 months

07:15 Escape Velocity 

10:05 America

12:10 Shout-out to John Maxwell's model

13:41 check out https://www.closerschoollive.com to join Brad’s closing call every Tuesday

15:04 The process starts with prospecting, “A true superstar knows how to prospect.”

20:35 What the growth specialist needs to do…

25:25 Teaching variables that are not static

27:00 Why framework is so important

28:28 Wanna be a growth consultant? Go to https://www.salesprocess.io

32:35 SALES

34:03 Benefit - Cost = Value

40:44 The benefit of guns

44:01 What is the first order of business that Nick does with clients

48:40 “Achieve escape velocity in the shortest amount of time.” - Nick Kozmin

54:41 Bomb 1: If you want to make millions quickly, focus very hard and buckle down.

58:00 Are you livin?


Sep 23, 2021
Ryan Pineda. Flipping Real Estate with No Money. Episode 407 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Ryan Pineda has been in the real estate industry since 2010. He began his career as Realtor and soon realized that wasn’t the path he wanted to continue on. In 2015 with only $10,000 in the bank, he began flipping houses. Since then he has flipped hundreds of homes and taught many others how to do the same. In 2018 he released his first book, Flip Your Future, which was a best seller on Amazon.

In this episode, Brad and Ryan discuss the fundamentals of being in real estate, what it takes to flip a house and make money, as well as how to make a lot of money in this industry!


00:00 Intro

02:30 Ryan’s story

04:49 Shout out to Bigger Pockets Podcast

06:31 Go to https://www.futureflipper.com to learn how to do what Ryan is doing

10:30 The questions that are asked in this business

12:21 Pineda Capital

14:55 Accredited only

17:24 Apply to https://www.pinedacapital.com

17:44 Ryan’s book: Flip Your Future

18:41 “There are three ways to find deals…”

22:32 “What are properties going for PER door?”

23:00 Live interaction about what a good deal is with Brad and Ryan

27:29 Pitfalls someone can encounter

34:00 “Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.” - Ryan Pineda

35:42 “You ain’t a professional and you don’t know how to negotiate, don’t do a ‘for sale by owner.’” - Ryan Pineda

36:20 What to do when you are comping a property

40:10 “The hardest part of being a flipper is finding the deal.” - Ryan Pineda

46:08 “I didn’t make money 10 years ago.” - Ryan Pineda

46:20 Bomb 1: “There is no excuse why you should not be making a lot of money since all of the information is on the internet.” - Ryan Pineda

46:47 Shoot Ryan a DM @ryanpinedashow and check out his content on YouTube!

47:27 Hit Brad Lea up for houses you think are a good deal for him!


Sep 20, 2021
Barb Allen. What Your Government Doesn’t Tell You. Episode 406 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Barb Allen is head writer, commentator, and Co-Founder of American Snippets. Barb is the widow of Lt Louis Allen, who was murdered by a fellow soldier while deployed to Iraq. The tragic loss made her keenly aware of the cost of our freedom. She struggled for years to find her footing and raise her four boys. It was in those years that extraordinary people stepped forward to inspire, encourage, mentor, and support her and her kids.


In this episode, Brad and Barb unpack Barb’s journey and how she got to where she is today with integrity, grit, perseverance, and intelligence. This story is gold. Listen in and make sure to donate at https://www.greatamericansummit.org.


00:00 Intro

01:13 Barb’s husband that was murdered by another soldier

04:20 Meeting trauma from a place of defeat

08:28 “You should never really trust a jury.”

10:23 “They said, “what guilty plea” and had no idea I had a copy of it that I submitted to the front page of the New York Times.” - Barb Allen

14:55 “The people in the military are people and need to be protected.” - Barb Allen

16:19 Great American Summit coming up January 7th and 8th, 2022 in Irving Texas - buy your tickets!

17:27 Go to https://www.greatamericansummit.org and donate to the cause!

27:30 Anyone would think this…

29:08 Bomb 1: When you tell yourself you’re a victim, and you behave like a victim, you get victimized.

32:27 “The power of mentorship is game changing.” - Barb Allen

34:12 Brad’s book is coming!

35:34 What Barb developed into

37:35 Get all of Barb’s book on Amazon and follow Barb @Barballenspeaks

38:18 Check out Barb’s podcast American Snippets and go to https://www.greatamericansummit.org to get tickets for the event!

39:36 Bomb 2: “People have died to protect our freedom.”

43:38 Shout out to Steve Sims

43:45 The line-up

48:20 “We the people…”

52:00 How the president of the US is voted in

53:51 How electors are chosen

55:00 Who “we the people” are

01:06:06 Hitting $150,000

01:16:04 Don’t be scared about not getting a job

01:17:05 Bomb 3: Brad Lea committing to the Great American Summit and what he will speak about

01:19:55 Bomb 4: Why you get back up


Sep 16, 2021
Jayson Waller. The Billion Dollar Entrepreneur Underdog. Episode 405 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Raised in a trailer park with no clear path to success, kicked out of high school and faced with becoming a father in his teens, Jayson Waller is the definition of a “True Underdog.” The True Underdog podcast is inspired by Jayson’s journey as listeners hear high-profile guests share motivational tips, inspiring stories and business-building lessons to help other potential underdogs pave the way.

In this episode, Brad and Jayson discuss Jayson’s story and how he as the true underdog has won in life. 


00:00 Intro

01:23 Check out The True Underdog Podcast

04:27 The pressure of having it after you have never had it before

07:00 Shout out to Warren Buffet

10:27 Brad’s kids by several women...explained

14:16 Bomb 1: “There is no better feeling than being able to financially take care of your family and your friends and your people.” - Jayson Waller

17:30 Gifts for your children

18:30 Get Jayson’s book! “Own Your Power”

Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09CLHNCCK/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_DG12P6YEJCPK7NF29MST

19:38 Bomb 2: You can pick your own map– you’re not held, hostage

25:48 The right people

28:53 “I only want to retain winners.”

33:40 Bomb 3: Cult...ture

35:45 How solar works

37:19 Go to https://www.powerhome.com/careers for inquiries

43:00 “Solar still works in the grey.”

48:45 Roof and Solar in one

54:26 The number one thing that got Jayson from a limo to CEO

58:51 Follow Jayson at @jaysonwallerbam

Sep 13, 2021
Savage Dax. How Stories Add Value To Your Work. Episode 404 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Savage Dax’s art is inspired by those who don't settle for mediocrity.

This Art stands for excellence and if you’re like him, you like to stand out from the average and hang your Artwork like a trophy…


In this episode, Brad and Savage Dax discuss how stories add value to your work and how Dax has mastered telling YOUR story through the artwork on your skin or your wall!


00:00 Intro

00:21 Go to @savagedax on social or visit his website at https://www.daxterpiece.com

01:12 Savage Dax’s journey

03:32 Art and Tattoos for several entrepreneurs

06:04 The importance of stories

08:38 Hit up Savage Dax through IG DM

12:14 Savage Dax Studio looking for good artists to work!

15:00 “Everyone has ideas in their head, it’s just hard to always put them on paper.”

17:30 “I turn down 9/10 people.”

22:19 Savage Dax was in a gang…

26:00 The power of social media

30:00 What’s going on in the world

36:02 “I learned how to tattoo in my house.”

37:06 “He told me to give it up and I would never become a tattoo artist.”

38:58 Hit Savage Dax in the DM if you’re an artist who wants to work

43:08 The advantage of working for Savage Dax

46:11 Go to https://www.savagetattooshop.com for information

49:10 Three things someone should look out for when they go to get a tattoo

50:10 “If I do your tattoo, I am going to give it everything I got.”

53:10 Know what you want and look at styles of the artists


Sep 09, 2021
Natasha Grano {Graziano}. How to Attract What You Want In Life. Episode 403 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Natasha Grano is a Global influencer with millions of followers on social media. She is a leading Thought Leader to the new generation, Motivational Speaker, best-selling Author and #1 Social Media Expert. Natasha’s wisdom went viral on social media and has generated over 100 Million views & millions of followers making her one of the most respected names in her field online internationally.


In this episode, Brad and Natasha focus on the lessons they have learned through their own journey’s and give tactical steps to get closer to your goals and dreams!


00:00 Intro

01:43 Go to @NatashaGrano to follow Natasha

02:34 The Action Plan

04:54 How can someone attract what they want into their lives?

14:20 Brad’s million dollar morning

17:07 How do you do it?

18:30 “If you don’t change it, you won’t see change.”

19:00 The Million Dollar Morning explained. 

21:35 Habits that serve your purpose

23:00 Habit exercise

25:12 Natasha’s skillsets

26:36 Bomb 1: Learn how to sell

27:59 Brad’s five KILLsets

33:27 Bomb 2: People are afraid to introduce themselves because of a lack of confidence

34:35 Environment explained

40:00 Bomb 3: Do the people that you are spending time with make you feel elevated?

47:20 Clubhouse

52:24 Bomb 4: The mind is our most powerful tool

54:00 The story of Natasha’s love story

01:00:56 Bomb 5: “Without knowing we are all practicing the love of attraction.”

01:01:32 Check out Natasha’s website https://www.natashagrano.net

01:03:13 The top three books Natasha recommends 


Sep 06, 2021
Jefferson K Rogers. From Broke to 20 Million in 3 Years. Episode 402 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Jefferson worked in construction, auto mechanics, pressure washing, and door-to-door sales.  Jefferson felt stuck at those jobs.  He knew he was destined for more. He dreamed of having his own business. In 2019, he made his dream a reality when he opened JKR Windows. Today, he helps people make their dreams a reality! Within two years, Jefferson has grown his business to $10 Million in revenue, changed people’s lives as their leader, and has helped other entrepreneurs do the same with his coaching and mentoring programs.

In this episode, Jefferson and Brad discuss what it means to be a true entrepreneur and what it takes to do EVERYTHING you say you are going to do.


00:00 Intro

01:30 Jefferson’s story

02:48 “You’ll never find a highly successful person that just does what they are told.” - Jefferson Rodgers

06:42 How Jefferson started in windows

10:26 Bomb 1: It can happen really fast when you get the distractions out of the way.

13:10 Bomb 2: It’s easy to know the things but doing them consistently is where people have the problem

20:35 75 Hard

26:24 Wake up hours

27:25 “I did not struggle at all because I took massive action the second I started my business.” - Jefferson Rogers

30:45 Bomb 3: “You can’t keep doing the same shit and expect to get different results.” - Jefferson Rogers

36:20 The $100k mastermind

41:35 The power of systems and processes

43:10 Pre-order Jefferson’s book at https://jeffersonkrogers.com - the book “All IN”

47:55 Brush your teeth

51:42 EBITA

55:02 Jefferson’s Door-to-Door script

58:25 If you are in Nevada or Utah call JKR for Windows and Sliding Glass Doors!

01:02:55 Go to https://jeffersonkrogers.com for all inquiries


Sep 02, 2021
Shay Rowbottom. From Prostitution to LinkedIn Influencer. Episode 401 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Shay Rowbottom is a LinkedIn influencer and digital marketing entrepreneur, specializing in creating social media video content to attract attention and bring more eyeballs to your business. She quickly realized the opportunity on LinkedIn for organic growth was incomparable to other platforms, and within 2 months creating videos consistently for her page, had generated over 6 figures in revenue. As of today, she’s grown over 600,000 followers, achieved over 50 million views, and has generated multiple 7 figures in revenue through the platform, all through organic video content.


In this episode, Brad and Shay unpack everything from what children need at young ages, what narcissism is, and techniques to use on linkedin and also for healing! Listen up


00:00 Intro

01:08 Check out Shay’s podcast

03:50 Why Miami

06:59 Bomb 1: “I like anyone that gives me choice and freedom.” - Shay Rowbottom

07:30 Shay’s story 

11:03 Gaslighting

13:40 Money for sex

18:15 The confidence build up

20:30 When it all flipped to the marketing side

24:33 The prayer

27:20 “I started to gain confidence, fulfillment, and business.” - Shay Rowbottom

29:08 Conflict with partners

31:10 Top three mistakes company’s make on LinkedIN

37:02 Haters

41:30 Narcissism defined

48:00 Brad’s sacred six

56:26 What children needs

01:07:20 Attracting what you fear

01:12:30 “Trauma is a gateway drug.” 

01:15:03 Visit https://www.shayrowbottom.com/healtribe for Shay’s healing company

01:15:55 Bomb 2: “I want people to be comfortable with themselves.” 

01:17:20 Bomb 3: “I don’t want to do business with people who are unforgiving because that would mean they are unforgiving to themselves.”


Aug 30, 2021
Larry Hagner. How to BECOME a BETTER DAD. Episode 400 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Larry Hagner is the creator of the The Good Dad Project Podcast, featured as one of the top podcasts on iTunes. A graduate of Southeast Missouri State University with a background in Health, Wellness, and Nutrition, Larry went on to be the founder of The Good Dad Project, a successful organization that is dedicated to helping Dads through various resources. Larry is also a dynamic speaker who has spoken for several churches, men's groups, women's groups, and couples with outstanding reviews.


In this episode, Brad and Larry unpack how to become a better Dad and how to always be growing and learning how to be a good parent in general. This episode is packed with tips on how to be positive versus toxic. Tune in!


00:00 Intro

01:23 Larry’s story

07:00 12 years old and curious as ever!

10:13 “I gave up on life.”

11:00 Second interaction

12:42 “I am not going to be what I grew up with.”

14:50 Spanking your kids

17:02 Fast forward to Larry as a Dad to his son

19:35 How The Good Dad Project started

21:10 “I am not a Dad Guru, I am a Dad student.” 

29:00 Screen time

31:35 “I’m bored”

35:00 Advice on feeling

39:00 Disconnection advice

44:00 The questions that create a learning moment

49:00 Fighting

53:00 Spouse respect

54:00 Apply for the Dad alliance and go to https://www.thedadedge.com/alliance

57:45 Why we get married

01:03:59 Advice for Moms: The Mama Wives Tribe

01:05:07 “Trying to execute parenting flawlessly is absolutely impossible.” - Larry Hagner


Aug 26, 2021
Sean V Bradley. From Prison to Multimillionaire. Episode 399 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Sean V. Bradley, CSP is an entrepreneur, published author, speaker and award-winning international trainer. He is a 13-time NADA/ATD convention speaker, Franklin Covey Certified Facilitator and has earned the coveted “CSP” designation in the National Speakers Association. Sean is also a member of the elite “Million Dollar Speakers Group”, in the NSA, and additionally a state association speaker and trainer.


In this episode, Brad and Sean unpack how Sean has gone from a teenage felon to running a multi-million dollar business. Find out where Sean’s drive comes from!


00:00 Intro

01:40 A teenage “kingpin”

03:19 “Everything that I do in business I have learned in my whole life.” - Sean V Bradley

05:30 The start for Sean

06:00 Go to https://www.bradleyondemand.com to see what Sean does

06:32 Sean’s book

08:39 Bomb 1: “It’s not the New York Time Best Written Author, it’s the New York Times Best SELLING Author.” - Sean V Bradley

10:00 The story of why Sean always wears orange

13:35 “People prefer watching videos than doing ANYTHING else.” - Sean V Bradley

16:50 Season 2 of “I Was A Teenage Felon” coming soon

19:00 Martial Arts

28:00 The production for a TV show

30:06 AI

34:20 What Sean has learned in business

34:58 Bomb 2: The number one thing is mindset

38:32 The National Speaker Association

39:36 Reach out to Sean through https://www.dealersynergy.com and join his community as well as learn about his conference coming up in Philadelphia!


Aug 23, 2021
Michael Franzese. Escape From The Mob. Episode 398 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Michael Franzese was born into one of New York’s most violent and feared Colombo crime families. It was like a rite of passage to become part of the criminal underworld, or as they used to call it “the family business.” Michael was VERY good at what he did for the family. Michael was the first to walk away without protective custody and survive. He turned his skillset from his family business into good. Michael now uses his experience to help corporate executives, professional & student athletes, at-risk youths, and church audiences. Michael is a real example now for the world to look at and get better from.

In this episode, Brad and Michael discuss coming to Jesus, escaping from the mob, and what it means to be truly free in life and in the USA. Tune in as Michael, a former member, recalls his risky exit from one of New York’s most infamous mafia families.


00:00 Intro

01:02 Follow Michael and subscribe on YouTube!

05:39 How Michael got into the mob and his story

08:10 Indictments 

09:32 The numbers

12:19 How principles are applied

13:20 “Do what you do best and delegate the rest.” - Michael Franzese

15:40 “The government is the new mafia.”

17:20 Michael’s faith

18:33 “I didn’t find God, he found me.” - Michael Franzese

20:53 Read Michaels Book: Blood Covenant 

24:30 The people you don’t argue with

28:50 What Brad did as a kid

32:12 “Can a leopard change their spots?”

35:10 Understand this...

39:10 How politics affects life

39:55 Michael’s new book coming out

40:40 Bomb 1: Accountability

45:10 Check out Michael’s website for his new book or any of his others https://www.michaelfranzese.com

49:55 “Intelligent design”

51:50 The verse that changed Michael’s life

53:19 “How are you still alive?”

56:30 Bomb 2: “God had a different reason for me being here in life or it doesn’t make sense. Period.” - Michael Franzese

58:10 Life skills, business, and leadership coaching from Michael

58:24 “A leader is only a leader when people choose to follow them.” - Michael Franzese

01:00:44 Apply at https://www.slicesusa.com 

01:07:00 $2 Million a week

01:12:16 “You have to listen. Let people talk. Let people give you the information that you need to respond to them properly.” - Michael Franzese

01:16:30 How the mafia started

01:17:52 “Everything that is legal isn’t necessarily moral and everything that is moral doesn’t have to be legal.” Michael Franzese

01:18:43 Watch The Gotti Movie, Bronx Tale, Godfather, Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco


Aug 19, 2021
Brian Bogert. The Impacts of Childhood Trauma. Episode 396 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

​​Brian Bogert is a human behavior and performance coach who teaches clients to leverage self-awareness and intentionality to become the most authentic version of themselves: who they already are. Brian helps executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, and growth-minded individuals learn this transformative approach that cultivates perspective, motivation and direction to help them align their life with their true purpose and defy their own expectations. He teaches not just to accept change, but to embrace pain in order to avoid suffering.


In this episode, Brian and Brad unpack what the root of the problem is and how it works to unpack as well as what it means to really understand what it means to be aware.


00:00 Intro

01:34 Brian’s story

05:37 “We all have the ability to pause.” - Brian Bogert

05:45 The two lessons Brian learned from his experience

06:30 “Embrace pain to avoid suffering.” - Brian Bogert

07:50 Bomb 1: When people seek the external for success, they will never be happy but when it comes from within, they will.

08:12 Bomb 2: Joy, freedom, and fulfillment comes from within

09:20 “Pain gives us perspective and it points us to what is important if we are listening.” - Brian Bogert

10:55 Awareness

12:15 “Nobody actually aligns with what they want.” - Brian Bogert

16:10 How do you get to the root?

17:16 Movement

21:43 Two lists to make

28:44 How shame is created

32:29 Comedy when it gets deep

34:00 “Human connection without emotion is not actually human connection.” - Brian Bogert

36:20 Bomb 3: The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves

38:07 Why does it have to be either/or

41:00 What creates suffering

47:35 “You cannot give what you do not receive and that requires you to open yourself up to receive it.” - Brain Bogert

57:00 How to be effective

01:02:00 LinkedIn

01:04:30 What who stories company does

01:05:59 Go to https://www.brianbogert.com to learn everything Brian and his companies do

01:08:40 The questions to ask

01:12:10 Bomb 4: The 3D world that you know exactly how to move through


Aug 12, 2021
Justin Brock. What it Means to Have A Real Job. Episode 395 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Justin Brock has taken the health & Medicare insurance industry by storm over the last 6 years and has become a pivotal icon that's bringing distant factions of the health insurance market together. He continues to advance the conversation towards the metaphorical "End Zone" by creating content and training courses that have elevated the practice of THOUSANDS of health insurance agents across the country. Justin Brock is the Medicare Guru.


In this episode, Justin and Brad dive into the medicare business and distinguish what it means to be a hard worker both mentally and physically!


00:00 Intro

02:16 The difference between medicaid and medicare

03:20 Brad’s REAL brand

07:25 How to start in Justin’s business

13:00 War and Taxes

15:39 Biden Admin

20:00 A deadly virus

21:00 “I am friends with all my competitors.” - Justin Brock

22:44 “Your income is directly correlated to the problems that you solve.” - Justin Brock

25:13 Check out medicare gurus university

28:50 Insurance and felons

32:36 Role-Play with what Justin does

36:22 Principle and money

41:00 check out https://www.saleshammer.io for leads

43:01 Bomb 1: Most people don’t want to work

45:00 Mental exhaustion versus hard work

49:11 The core values at Medicare Gurus

52:34 Bomb 2: Ego

54:40 https://www.medicaregurusu.com for more information and an educational system to learn!


Aug 09, 2021
Bek Lover. How to Survive in this World. Episode 394 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Bek Lover, was born in the USA, after his mother’s family was hunted down by the communist regime in Albania, because his grandfather was an anti-communist fighter. His father fled the oppression that occurred in the now, non-existent country of Yugoslavia, now the Republic of Kosova. Bek Lover, has lost a lot of people in his lifetime, from various situations,  including the Kosovo War, in 1999. He lost 30 people in a single day when they were massacred by the Serbian Military. He also was present during the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center!  Bek Lover, uses his struggles, life experiences, and his connections to inspire people to never give up! The best way to help others is to share what we know about this life through our own experiences. After getting back up, over and over, it is now Bek’s mission, to help other people, get back up... to make a Come Back!


In this episode, Brad and Bek discuss many life-changing events and how to survive them as well as what it means to make a come back!

00:00 Intro

00:23 Follow @beklovernyc or go to https://www.thecomebackteam.com

01:38 Did Carol Baskin kill her husband?

02:48 Thoughts on Bill Cosby being freed

04:04 Bomb 1: “I think it’s better to let 1000 prisoners go free than have one innocent person behind bars.” - Bek Lover

05:38 Bek’s story

08:28 “Your word is everything.” - Bek Lover

09:14 “The guest is the God of the house.” - Bek Lover

10:05 How Albania protected Jews in WWII

14:40 The nightlife community in Manhattan

20:43 Why they want to fill up the club

21:26 Bomb 2: Between the image model and the whale in the club, you want to be the whale.

25:10 “Six degrees of separation is real.” - Bek Lover

28:57 “There is a price for everything.” - Bek Lover

30:22 There is no comparison between 9/11 and the pandemic

31:17 Bomb 3: “Life has its way of fu*kin you up sometimes.” - Bek Lover

38:30 Building Seven

43:42 “You might not have a tomorrow.” - Bek Lover

44:41 Bomb 4: “The worst thing in the world is regret, be the bigger person.” - Bek Lover

50:20 Bomb 5: “There is nowhere else to live but America.” - Bek Lover

55:00 What not to say in Albania

57:13 What is the comeback team about

58:39 “I disappeared for three years and I didn’t think I would ever come back.” - Bek Lover

01:03:30 Check out the comeback team on YouTube

01:07:00 Ayahuasca 

01:08:10 Clubhouse

01:11:25 Bomb 6: Brad’s content

01:12:52 check out Brad’s stuff! https://www.closerschool.com https://www.closerschoollive.com https://www.lightspeedvt.com

01:14:15 Bomb 7: “As long as you have air in your lungs, you can always make a comeback!” -Bek Lover


Aug 05, 2021
Jerome Maldonado. Winners & Losers in Real Estate. Episode 393 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Jerome Maldonado is a highly successful real estate investor, business owner, coach and speaker. Inspired by his parents’ dedicated work-ethic, Jerome has always had a hunger for success and a willingness to do whatever it took to make his vision for his life a reality. Starting from scratch, he struggled for many years to get his business off the ground, but from this he learned what it really takes to build an empire from the ground up.


In this episode, Jerome and Brad discuss the wins and losses of real estate in the market today and what you can do RIGHT NOW to level up your portfolio.


00:00 Intro

03:40 Other people’s money

5:00 The difference between good debt and bad debt

7:00 Bomb 1: Knowledge and training is the key

10:16 “Marketing is to drive traffic and what you do in the workplace is how you keep them.” - Jerome Maldonado

14:26 A disneyland experience

18:00 The definition of entrepreneur

24:00 Give people final approval

26:15 Call out Charlie Sheen for the podcast!

32:00 The problem with the border

37:00 Jerome’s experience in NC

42:00 Shout-out to Tai Lopez

45:13 The power of getting it in writing (Jerome and Brad’s lawsuit war stories)

48:35 The move right now

51:40 Warren Buffet 

52:40 “100,000,000 dollars in the real estate game ain’t shit.” - Jerome Maldonado

56:52 Go to https://www.eliterealestatesociety.com to learn more

58:04 Bombs 2: Get in your car and shake hands and meet people no matter how rich you are

59:50 “A property is only worth what you bring in financially” - Jerome Maldonado

01:02:00 See the entire process with Jerome

01:04:35 Tax laws

01:08:46 “Money and fear is what stops people from doing things.” - Jerome Maldonado

01:11:58 Bomb 3: “Do things the right way.” - Jerome Maldonado


Aug 02, 2021
Evan Carmichael. Believe in Yourself. Episode 392 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Evan Carmichael #Believes in entrepreneurs. Gary Vaynerchuck called him the DJ who inspires people and Ed Mylett called him the modern-day Napoleon Hill. At 19, he built and then sold a biotech software company. At 22, he was a venture capitalist raising $500k to $15M. He now runs a YouTube channel for entrepreneurs with over 2 million subscribers and 300 million views, wrote 4 books, and speaks globally. 


In this episode, Brad and Evan discuss all things YouTube, and Evan graciously gives his tips and tactics for YOU to literally start and maximize your own channel TODAY.


00:00 Intro

02:59 The modern-day Napoleon Hill

03:32 Bomb 1: The people on youtube know what they are talking about

04:00 Shout out to Ed Mylett and Andy Frisella and Arete

05:10 “Good things happen when you give.” - Evan Carmichael

06:32 “YouTube sits on top of everything else.” - Evan Carmichael

11:11 Subscribers

12:30 “YouTube is the only platform where people watch long-form videos.” - Evan Carmichael

13:50 Bomb 2: YouTube gets you the distribution

15:49 Bomb 3: The content from your podcast is used on YouTube first, then distributed to other platforms

20:09 The three basic things to start doing 

20:24 “Your job is to teach people to think the way you think.” - Evan Carmichael

22:08 Bomb 4: “Not as many people can go deep on their knowledge when a long-form video is required.” - Evan Carmichael

24:10 The views

24:30 Bomb 5: “The game is to show up after other peoples videos.” - Evan Carmichael

28:30 Bomb 6: “What’s cooler? Being searched for and having 100K subs or being found and having a million?” - Evan Carmichael

30:19 Important Tips

34:48 “The most important thing is ranking after other people’s videos” - Evan Carmichael

37:25 Bomb 7: “Look for the videos with more views than subs on the channel, and recreate it.” - Evan Carmichael

41:15 Sharing videos from email to email list

46:06 Bomb 8: The play all button link 

50:02 Editing

52:52 Bomb 9: The first minute is important

57:48 Follow Evan @evancarmichael


Jul 29, 2021
Chris Duffin. The Power of How You Move. Episode 391 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Chris Duffin is an inventor, thought leader, and entrepreneur in Health and Fitness. He has Co-Founded the globally recognized brand Kabuki Strength, where he serves as Chief Visionary Officer. Chris has invented multiple ‘game-changing’ products improving human biomechanics under load, as well as systemized approaches to assessing and correcting human movement dysfunctions.


In this episode, Chris and Brad unpack a lot about Chris’ story and his business. They even discuss how Chris saves his family from a serial killer! 


00:00 Intro

01:30 Look up https://www.kabukistrength.com

02:45 Chris’ story

04:00 Get Chris’ book on amazon “The Eagle and the Dragon”

05:18 The story about the serial killer…

09:36 “A family of six living on $5,000 or less a year.” - Chris Duffin

13:35 Masks…

15:20 what Kabuki Strength is - dropped free on YT!

18:37 Why “Kabuki”

22:27 “At the end of the day, you have to put your GAME FACE on” - Chris Duffin

24:55 Bomb 1: “You can give the most remarkable speech and not have a following, you have to own it and live it.” - Chris Duffin

28:29 The best squat bar in the world

36:00 The training effect of Kabuki

40:15 Bomb 2: “You need to find what scares you so you can adapt and handle more.” - Chris Duffin

42:30 Bomb 3: “You don’t always have control over the bad things that happen to you, but you do have control over your actions and responses to those things.” - Chris Duffin

43:20 “Good leaders chase challenges naturally.” - Chris Duffin

47:50 The Gym business

50:45 Training retention

52:30 Car analogy

55:25 Look-out for Chris’ podcast to launch later this Summer

57:00 Chris’ next book 

01:01:35 Follow Chris on IG! @mad_scientist_duffin

01:03:00 Go to https://www.chrisduffin.com for some treats!

Jul 26, 2021
Lance Essihos. What to Do When Life Gets Hard. Episode 390 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Lance has faced some of life's most difficult challenges. Grinding his way through the hockey ranks to traveling the world as a bartender. Through his personal battle with drugs and alcohol for well over a decade, the tragic loss of his brother to suicide followed by the great loss of his father to cancer only a year later, Lance realized he had hit rock bottom. In the darkest of days, he made a promise to himself that he would create a new life.


In this episode Lance and Brad unpack everything about what makes life hard and how it really never stops because it's up to YOU to get better. 


00:00 Intro

02:20 The identity crisis…

06:03 2016 news for Lance that changed his mindset

08:21 University of Adversity Podcast

11:00 Ayahuasca

13:00 “In order to love yourself you have to love all the stuff you push away.” - Lance Essihos

14:51 “The dark shit is just as important as the warm and fuzzy shit.” - Lance Essihos

20:33 Bomb 1: You have to get to the root of the reason why you make bad decisions

22:06 Gratitude

24:18 “If you do not believe in yourself you will never move yourself forward.” - Lance Essihos

27:00 About Lances’ podcast

31:35 Bomb 2: “People don’t realize how resilient they are.” - Lance Essihos

32:45 Brad’s book “Lessons I Learned The Hard Way So You Don’t Have To”

36:45 “If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?” - Lance Essihos

41:00 There will always be levels to your problems…

42:30 “All of it is true!”

45:04 Follow Lance! 


Jul 22, 2021
John Di Domenico. Meet the Highest Paid Trump Impersonator. Episode 389 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

John Di Domenico is one of the busiest and hardest working corporate entertainers and character actors in the United States. John specializes in thoroughly evaluating his clients' mission, objectives, and goals, and then strategically customizing his highly unique brand of powerful content-driven comedy to specifically fit his clients' production. Whether John is writing, directing, or performing as an emcee, game show host, presenter, comedian, or character, John consistently exceeds his clients' expectations.


In this episode, Brad and John talk about the road to acting and John’s career and also about internal strife based on different upbringings to get where they are today in life!


00:00 Intro

01:00 Series of impersonations right off the bat

05:15 What medium John would pick 

08:00 Trump supporter vs. Trump non-supporter

08:46 “My goal is to entertain an entire audience.” - John Di Domenico

12:49 Follow John @JohnnyD23

13:28 “My parents fought constantly and this was my defense mechanism.” -  John Di Domenico

16:00 John’s story

20:00 How perspectives can change based on knowing other people’s trauma

23:30 “I knew there was another place out there, and I wanted to be THERE.” - John Di Domenico

24:19 Bomb 1: “Life has to be lived.”

29:00 Interactivity -- good or bad news… (go to https://www.lightspeedvt.com for more info ;))

31:20 Nickname for Richard

33:00 The best actor today…

35:00 Joe Rogan

38:14 John’s favorite to do

46:00 What we are being inundated with

47:00 Aliens

50:30 Luck

52:11 Bomb 2: No one owes you anything

53:24 Bomb 3: You have to save yourself

55:00 A little bit of Brad’s story

01:02:30 Make the right choices

01:04:21 Watch “Let’s Be Real” on hulu!


Jul 19, 2021
Neel Dhingra. Why Everybody Needs to Build A Personal Brand. Episode 388 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Neel’s goal is to help those in the mortgage and real estate industry thrive in the next decade by building personal brands and learning how to properly market themselves on the platforms that matter most. Neel executed this exact strategy and took his personal income from $300K to $1MM+ in just 12 months. 


In this episode, Neel and Brad discuss the mortgage industry as well as the importance of a personal brand in this day and age! Tune in and learn the tactical steps for yourself!


00:00 Intro

00:48 Neel’s story

03:45 Segregate your money

05:25 Bomb 1: Pay your taxes

08:00 Coinbase

09:30 Zillow stock

13:00 “The moment you stop what you’re doing, your business becomes worthless.” - Neel Dhingra

14:55 A personal brand

15:12 Shout-out to Gary Vee

17:02 Bomb 2: Get educated before you share so you have a ton of value to give to others

20:24 Follow Brad on YouTube! (link below!)

25:12 Why Everybody Needs to Build A Personal Brand

26:20 Reach out to @neelhome on IG and send him #BOMBSQUAD if you want to know what he’s about from listening.

28:39 Suggested vs. Optimized

33:00 “I’m passionate when a customer says, ‘thank you, you have changed my life’” - Neel Dhingra

34:35 “The best way to build a personal brand is to teach people what to do on their own based on your expertise.” - Neel Dhingra

37:05 Bomb 3: What you will look for you will find-- that’s how life works. (Inspired by Gary Vee)

39:00 Neel’s lucky Gary Vee story

41:16 Neel’s most important message

41:49 Check out Neel’s podcast; The Neel Home Podcast

43:30 Make content around the problems you solve

49:20 How to overcome the fear of building a brand in the first place

51:17 The most relevant content (go to google trends or https://www.answerthepublic.com )

53:41 “Attention is important.” - Neel Dhingra


Jul 15, 2021
Kine Corder. The Power of Hypnosis. Episode 387 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Kiné Corder, is a National Certified Counselor and the world's #1 Financial Hypnotherapist. You may remember her from Oprah or ABC's Extreme Makeover Show. Since then, she's become a best-selling author and an international speaker taking the stage with well-known speakers like Les Brown and Daymond John. 

In this episode, Kine and Brad discuss the power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and what it means to get really clear on your goals and then crush them!

00:00 Intro

01:58 What does hypnotizing do?

03:25 Bomb 1: The brain does not know the difference between what you imagine and what you actually do

06:35 Kine’s intensive private retreat

07:32 The way Kine looks at confident

08:20 Bomb 2: Everything you need you have inside of you already

09:00 “If you are holding onto things you will not let in.” - Kine Corder

11:20 “What does it matter if you have the life you created and love it, but cannot live it?!?!”

12:00 The number one thing that blocks people is loneliness

15:00 What happens when you hypnotize people

16:27 The brain has three levels

20:50 “Everyone has a different idea of prosperity.” - Kine Corder

22:00 The cycle from 0 years old.

23:34 “Your brain says familiar is good and unfamiliar is bad.” - Kine Corder

24:35 “We live our lives based on TRUTHS and not FACTS.” - Kine Corder

31:00 “We know what we want, we just do not want to be programmed.” - Kine Corder

33:50 Bomb 3: “It is about putting the right information in to get the right result out.” - Kine Corder

35:53 The three things to identify

38:11 Technique with Brad and Kine

43:00 The programming of “Find comfort in the uncomfortable.”

43:54 Bomb 4: “Hard work is not the key to success.” - Kine Corder

48:58 The luxury version of Brad Lea

49:55 Scientology reference

54:21 Body Dysmorphia

01:02:35 “We will repeat things in our brain until we learn things differently.” - Kine Corder

01:05:15 There are three types of people...

01:10:00 Kine’s book and company- check it out https://www.presidentiallifesstyle.com or 



Jul 12, 2021
Scott Joseph. Marketing for Small Business. Episode 386 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Scott Joseph’s passion is to get sales and marketing to operate as a unified, high-performing machine. Scott started his journey in the automotive industry selling cars long before my car dealerships or J&L Marketing was even a thought. Today, Scott’s role is the same in all of the companies he is fortunate to own and lead. Scott focuses on innovation, strategic alliances, improving business plans and the overall vision.


In this episode, Scott and Brad discuss the importance of marketing for small businesses and what it means to your business today to be successful.

00:00 Intro

02:03 “Digital is so easy as long as you have someone who understands the data; know your numbers.” - Scott Joseph

04:30 How Scott got started selling cars

08:20 “I’m going to start marketing for car dealerships, not sell.” - Scott Joseph

11:51 What Brad had to do to keep the lights on at LightSpeed VT

14:19 “The number one thing you must have is a great General Manager because if you have that, you have a license to print money.” - Scott Joseph

15:00 AI

22:30 The accidental advertisement

24:03 “If you are an owner of a business you want to have the faith and trust that nothing is going on behind the scenes.” - Scott Joseph

28:00 P&L’s in the car dealer business

31:12 What you can do next month to increase your sales

34:00 The power of having a jet

38:30 The media

40:51 Top five things to be successful 

44:31 “Start with your belief system and let it impact the result.”

48:12 Brad’s top 5

51:18 “The knowledge is irrelevant if you do not follow it.”

51:42 Shout-out to #75Hard

56:00 Water

58:29 Check out Scott’s podcast, website, and give him a follow!


Jul 08, 2021
Rob LoCascio. A True Industry Pioneer. Episode 385 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Rob LoCascio is the founder of LivePerson, Inc. and has been its chief executive officer since its inception in 1995, making him one of the longest-standing founding CEOs of a tech company today. As the inventor of online chat for brands, Rob disrupted the way people communicate with companies around the world, removing the need for 1-800 numbers, long wait times, and endlessly scanning websites for information.


In this episode, Brad and Rob discuss Rob’s tenure with his company, what it means to pioneer an industry, AI, crypto, and technology! Tune in to this awesome podcast episode!

00:00 Intro

02:34 “Guys like us laid the foundation for the internet” - Rob LoCascio

05:44 How it started for Rob

08:34 Bomb 1: You can be wealthy and be very poor

09:05 Follow Rob! And go to https://www.liveperson.com to check out his company 

12:45 Developing a kick ass team

13:30 “You want people who work with you for the vision.” - Rob LoCascio

14:43 AI and how its coming

16:30 Alexa vs. Siri

17:40 The Bella Bank; a consumer experience around your money

24:30 How fast AI works

25:30 Why Elon Musk says AI is a threat

29:34 Bitcoin

31:57 File Coin

33:45 Why centralized power is bad

35:15 Brad’s bitcoin story

40:20 The stupid things that people say about bitcoin

43:45 One of the richest guys or girls on earth

47:00 The power of data


Jul 05, 2021
Chris Voss. Insider Negotiation Secrets. Episode 384 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

During Chris’s 24-year tenure in the Bureau, he was trained in the art of negotiation by not only the FBI but Scotland Yard and Harvard Law School. He is also a recipient of the Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement and the FBI Agents Association Award for Distinguished and Exemplary Service. Chris has taught business negotiation in the MBA program as an adjunct professor at University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. 


Chris Voss is the best FBI Hostage Negotiator of our time and discusses what the real definition of that is as well as why it is so important to Never Split the Difference!


00:00 Intro

01:30 Brad’s sworn in cop story

03:30 Chris Voss’ journey on becoming a cop

05:45 How Chris became interested in Negotiation with the FBI

11:00 The problem with police officers today… and why it is counterproductive

11:44 “Nothing is natural and everything is trained, but that might be 100% accurate.” - Chris Voss

13:45 “Negotiation should be an information gathering process.” - Chris Voss

14:21 “People love to be listened to, not talked at.” - Chris Voss

15:09 Go get Chris’ book, “Never Split the Difference”

16:36 Bomb 1: “If you make a deal, you are in a relationship for the duration of the deal so having the other side unhappy is a recipe for losing.” 

18:22 “Nobody ever has a problem with the price, the problem is what they are getting for the price.” - Chris Voss

19:32 20-50% of all salespeople are not open to learning and will not make it in every group

21:00 The process of becoming a master negotiator https://www.blackswanltd.com

27:08 An expansion of the definition of negotiation

32:00 The most valuable result from mastering negotiation

33:35 Bombs 2: It’s not just one and done, and if you treat it like it is you will leave money on the table for a long time.

35:55 Bombs 3: If you’re playing golf and you’re not out on the range shooting balls then you won’t be as good as you want to be

37:19 Bomb 4: The companies that PRIZE learning are more profitable (training has to be in your value system)

42:54 Bomb 5: Do something right three people know about it, do something wrong and twelve people know about it.

44:39 Bomb 6: We don’t give people a hard time on price, we want to know what goes with the price.

Jul 01, 2021
Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr. What It Means To Be An Industry Disruptor. Episode 383 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Arlan W. Fuhr, DC, Founder and Chairman of Activator Methods International, is the co-inventor of the Activator Adjusting Instrument and the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique. Established nearly 50 years ago, the Activator Method is the world’s most widely used instrument adjusting chiropractic technique and is currently in use by more than 70 percent of all chiropractors. Endorsed throughout the chiropractic field, the Activator Method is taught in nearly every college in the United States and abroad, as well as in professional seminars throughout the year.

00:00 Intro

01:01 Why 80% of people are using this tool

04:50 What his sore throats meant at age 12

08:20 The tool created

09:30 Training program from Chiropractors all over the world https://www.activator.com

10:25 “My mind changed that night.” - Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr

12:20 “Then the pandemic hit…” - Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr

14:08 If you don’t have pain, why should you still go see a chiropractor?

14:43 “Where to adjust, when to adjust, and when to quit.” - Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr

19:00 Does everyone know how to use an activator?

20:34 The difference between Naturopathic and Chiropractic work

22:30 Knuckle cracking does nothing

27:10 Problem-solving

31:47 “Walking is the most natural exercise you can do.” - Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr

34:05 Reach out to Dr. Fuhr by calling office or going to https://www.activator.com


Jun 28, 2021
Tyler McBroom. How the Rich Avoid Paying Taxes (legally). Episode 382 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Tyler McBroom is a tax professional who loves to help his clients keep as much money as possible from Uncle Sam as they grow their businesses. Tyler grew up hearing his CPA father talk tax strategies with his business-owner friends on ski trips and now puts the knowledge he soaked up as a child to good use. Tyler is now partners with his father at Measured Results, CPAs, which was recently featured as an Intuit Firm of the Future.

In this episode, Brad and Tyler discuss how the rich avoid paying taxes legally, his partnership with Tony Robbins, and the tips EVERY business owner will want.


00:00 Intro

01:20 Follow Tyler

01:30 Shout-out to Melanie!

03:44 Tax Brackets

05:00 1031 Exchange

08:50 Tips for every business owner

09:47 “A CPA should always be a profit center for you.” - Tyler McBroom

11:50 How to think proactively

16:01 The need to buy things in a certain amount of time

17:34 “Cashflow matters” - Tyler McBroom

18:49 What does it cost to work with Tyler and his team

24:10 Bank statements are not enough- you need books

28:16 Name of restaurant, date of the meal, amount, who you met with and business relationship, what you discussed. -- The five things you need from a receipt

30:48 “It’s gotta be ordinary and necessary.” - Tyler McBroom

36:40 Family Business

37:19 “You might put numbers in a box at first but you really do provide value for people.” - Tyler McBroom

38:28 Buy Tyler’s Book! “Cashflow and Grow” https://www.tylermcbroom.com/bradlea

40:23 The difference between a CFO and a bookkeeper

41:47 KPI’s

44:57 Bomb 1: As an entrepreneur you will take a paycheck out of your business a lot faster following these guidelines

45:22 The top three things you need (hint: 1. Books 2. Tax planning 3. CFO)

51:28 Is being an “influencer” an advantage?

59:15 When does marketing become “too much”

01:01:30 Travel strategies

01:02:44 Tony Robbins

01:06:06 Bomb 2: How Tyler’s company worked with Tony Robbins


Jun 24, 2021
Sam Harris.The Benefits of Taking Risks. Episode 381 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Sam runs the Growth Mindset Podcast and the Wiser Than Yesterday podcast and Sam is a huge advocate of mindsets and self-improvement. Sam has lived quite the life only being 30 and talks about all of his adventures in this episode with a focus on the importance of taking risks. Sam is currently the founder of Syncify, a social podcasting app where users can listen live together or catch up with their friends on the same content. 


In this episode, Brad and Sam discuss all of Sam’s adventures, recommendations for good mindset practices, and of course podcasting!


00:00 Intro

02:42 Check out Sam’s stand up comedian routine

03:27 How Sam grew up

05:37 “Your life is like a story, and you get to be the writer of that story.” - Sam Harris

09:41 The benefits of taking risks

11:08 Look up @samjamharris on IG and look up syncify

13:02 check out both of Sam’s podcasts: Growth Mindset and Wiser Than Yesterday

13:52 Syncify explained

17:28 How Sam almost died three times

22:05 Do something for 10 mins every day that you want to get good at

23:35 Other mindset hacks

30:00 Angel Investing

31:45 Bomb 1: If you pay attention, and you’re a good person, you take risks, and you are consistent then success is inevitable

35:05 Bomb 2: Don’t sweat the small stuff

40:00 Sam’s TedX talk

44:41 Brad’s Million Dollar Morning

50:00 Sam’s podcasts and his favorite episodes

52:53 Success isn’t linear

56:05 Get out of the box and push yourself


Jun 21, 2021
Tim Lane. How to Change Your Focus for the Better. Episode 380 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

In 2006 Tim defended his World Title for the 4th time and retired from professional fighting with a record of 15-1. Since retiring Tim has trained three fighters with no previous boxing experience to all become Golden Gloves Champions. In 2010 Tim moved to Las Vegas where he became an in-demand coach at Xtreme Couture MMA, where he founded Tim Lane Fitness. Tim has coached athletes and celebrities including touring with Demi Lovato and Nick Carter.


In this episode, Tim, Phil, Isaac, and Brad discuss all their stories and how the mission of these men is focus and follow through! These causes are amazing and will help people change their focus for the better!

00:00 Intro

00:27 Follow Isaac and Phil

00:51 Recap

03:36 Why did Isaac ask Tim Lane to go camping THREE times

06:09 A ringing out of the spirit

09:37 Brad & The Marines...

16:40 “I am US Government property” - Brad Lea

21:51 The eye of the tiger, the heart of the lion.

25:46 “Humans will be humans.” - Tim Lane

28:53 Bomb 1: We all want to make money, but it’s about the relationships. “The truly successful have relationships.”

34:08 How to deal with suicide

40:04 What is next for you…

40:18 “Our mission is to give our soldiers and our people a new focus.” -  Tim Lane

41:35 “You must try, even if you are scared of rejection.” - Tim Lane

50:35 “A lion is a lion.” - Tim Lane

54:47 Bomb 2: The power of mental reps and rehearsing

55:46 Bomb 3: The mission to help and lift people up

57:06 Bomb 4: Find something to serve above yourself

58:00 Phil’s story

01:10:55 https://www.vetsandplayers.org

01:11:05 https://www.ironmentors.com

01:13:22 If you see someone having some troubled thoughts, ask them.

01:16:00 Seeing Red and working through it

01:18:11 Bomb 5: “We are going to be able to lift the world, because we know the way out.” - Tim Lane

01:19:00 “I wanted to take someone’s soul just so people would show me love. Love is the healer.” - Tim Lane

01:19:52 Bomb 6: Focus and Follow Through

01:20:47 Brad’s movie…

01:24:44 Follow Tim, Isaac, and Phil and donate to their causes!

01:25:44 Resources for depression - Plant type medicine

01:27:54 Bomb 7: Don’t give up, keep trying, there is something out there for you

01:28:19 Class offered by Tim, sign up for the free class at https://www.timlanefitness.com


Jun 17, 2021
Jeremiah Evans. From Zero To 6 Figures In 6 Months. Episode 379 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Jeremiah “The Bull” Evans, owner and founder of Alpha Influence has generated over $11 million in personal sales and has helped 100’s others build their own 6 figure businesses. He is an expert sales coach and a master motivator. His mission is to help others create the same success.

In this episode, Jeremiah and Brad uncover Jeremiah's method to teaching, what it means to be a bada**, and tactical steps to success. 


00:00 Intro

01:13 Follow Jeremiah

02:51 Jeremiah younger age story → to today

05:00 Personal Development

06:41 Bomb 1: Don’t settle for mediocre results

07:31 Bomb 2: Sales is the most important skill to have

9:33 How Alpha Influence started

10:23 The “FU” motivator

12:15 Jeremiah’s education programs

15:00 “My life has changed because of you.”

16:40 Brad answers his phone because…

18:06 Jeremiah’s method: Prospecting 

23:06 The businesses that have the best tax advantages

24:23 Bomb 3: There is more money to be made in avoiding losses than by seeking gains

30:23 What you can avoid financially and insurance-wise

36:25 Jeremiah’s vision

37:23 The REAL brand

39:41 Why Alpha Influence

39:54 “Be great or be nothing”

41:15 “I didn’t want to live…”

41:48 Bomb 4: No one is coming to save you

45:04 “Go be a badass”

45:40 Support Underground Railroad!

46:43 Bomb 5: Inspire others to be great

51:48 Bomb 6: If you know how to sell, make sure you are selling a good product and knock it out of the park

51:57 check out https://www.closerschool.com

52:25 Go to Jeremiah’s website and put in who referred you and sign up! https://www.thealphainfluence.com

Jun 14, 2021
Reuben DeLeon. How To Make 6 Figures In Your Twenties. Episode 378 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Reuben Deleon is a 22-year-old serial entrepreneur who has built four successful 6 & 7 figure businesses. Under two years. His focus is on providing individuals across the United States with solutions to their financial setbacks & accelerate people to hit new levels in their lives.


In this episode, Brad and Reuben discuss the importance of credit, how to get it, and what it takes to be successful when you’re young! Tune in!

00:00 Intro

02:00 Reuben’s ambition and businesses

04:00 Why bitcoin is more valuable.

08:04 Why Reuben got into credit

12:03 Credit Cards

12:31 The difference between business and personal credit

16:22 https://www.credittransformer.com to hire Reuben’s company

17:50 Content.

20:00 Why people are afraid to put themselves out there

25:00 Check out Reuben on IG @reuben.deleon

28:40 Instagram only shows to 5% of your audience

38:00 Bank fraud and why you shouldn’t lie on apps

39:20 What “cashflow is king” means

46:00 Do everything you can 

48:40 https://www.creditisfreedom.com is Reuben’s education platform

49:08 Why Reuben should use LightSpeed VT.

53:10 Live Close

55:25 Bomb 1: The most important thing you can do is have credit history.


Jun 10, 2021
Carlos Master Muñoz. How To Scale Your Business. Episode 377 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

At the young age of 37, he is one of the most controversial Mexican billionaire entrepreneurs on social media who has revolutionized the real estate industry.Carlos is determined to promote a million entrepreneurs and is a business guru. Carlos is an eccentric person who loves private trips, flashy jackets and extravagant glasses. He is also the coiner of the term "Pendejos Business." But it always reminds you that "you are not yet who you are going to become."


In this episode, Brad and Carlos talk everything from private events, keynotes, how to scale and exit a business, and of course Carlos’ tips that he plans to bring to American countries VERY soon.


00:00 Intro

01:14 The NOMEG model

04:18 “The first thing the big dog has to do is create new business around the chain.”

04:35 Bomb 1: Create a talent center and/or a funnel of people

05:41 “This system is specific to people who want to exit their business.”

07:12  A Board of advisors

08:05 “An exit of a company gives you an opportunity to reinvent yourself.”

12:37 Carlos’ process

12:53 “Out of 5,000, I select 50 people to do a workshop, and out of the 50, I select 1.”

16:45 LightSpeed VT features- reach out at https://www.lightspeedvt.com

18:04 Bomb 2: Dropping Bombs listeners

22:52 Carlos’ sports jackets

25:30 “You have to be radically disruptive”

29:24 Carlos’ gift to Brad

32:11 Do you think that Brad should wear the knife? Do you want your own? https://www.emberwood.co

35:59 The power of social media

39:44 “Invest with me because I know the land”

45:43 The talent factory

48:53 The next mastermind in Mexico


Jun 07, 2021
Jeremy Miner. How to Sell Without Selling. Episode 376 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Jeremy Miner, the CEO of 7th Level Communications teaches students a model of selling that Jeremy created from years of researching human psychology. He says that there are three forms salespeople should use to communicate and persuade. These forms are different from how people have been taught in the past.


In this episode, Jeremy and Brad discuss how to sell without selling and Jeremy teaches his tactics on tonality, the power of the pause, and so much more. 


00:00 Intro

03:42 “Selling and persuasion is the number one asset you need to have as an individual in our day in age.” - Jeremy Miner

03:57 Bomb 1: “Everyone is in sales now, I don’t care who you are or what you do.” - Jeremy Miner

05:06 Shout out to Tony Robbins

06:48 Jeremy’s podcast, “Closers are Losers”

09:03 How to be viewed as the expert

10:54 Bomb 2: Brad closes Jeremy

11:07 Brad’s LOGIC acronym

12:57 Shout out to Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort

15:10 “Two of the greatest teachers of psychology and human behavior are Socrates and Jesus Christ.” - Jeremy Miner

15:59 Yashua conversation

19:20 “I’m not quite sure you should use us.” - Jeremy Miner technique

24:25 The relationship builder vs. the pushy salesperson

25:50 The importance of tonality

29:02 The number one most important skill is to learn skills regarding human behavior.

34:29 How to help your prospects see their problems to buy YOUR product

35:30 “People buy from people who they feel like can get them the best result.” - Jeremy Miner

41:08 Join Facebook group called, Sales Revolution

42:55 go to https://www.7thlevelHQ.com

43:47 New Book co-written with Jerry Acuff

50:23 “Your prospects have all the answers you will ever need.” - Jeremy Miner

55:03 Bomb 3: The power of pausing

58:00 The Done-For-You service that Jeremy’s team offers

01:00:25 Bomb 4: “It’s about being around the right people that makes you grow.” - Jeremy Miner

01:01:00 Shout out to Jeremy’s team


Jun 03, 2021
Dariush Soudi. How to Rebuild Your Life From Nothing. Episode 375 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

For more than three decades Dariush has been on a journey of running his own business specializing in sales and marketing in industries including telecommunications, consumer goods and services, and health and beauty. Dariush’s goal is to educate and inspire individuals and businesses to achieve abundance. 


In this episode, and on the heels of Brad’s REAL SUCCESS event in Las Vegas Brad and Dariush discuss business, life stories, the power of sales, the power of miracles, Muhammad Ali, and what it feels like to run serious businesses! Listen in for some beautiful stories and undeniable life lessons.


00:00 Intro

00:17 Follow Dariush Soudi @dariushsoudiofficial

02:27 “Sales is a system and a process, nothing happens in sales by chance.” - Dariush 

02:50 Dariush story

04:41 “Life is like a bag of candy. In the beginning, you just eat the candy, toward the end you start to nurture it.” - Dariush Soudi

10:00 Bomb 1: The fear of the unknown

10:38 Bomb 2: A lot of times when people are scared they are afraid of NOTHING

14:20 A near death experience

17:29 “If I don’t burn my boats, I will always go back.” - Dariush Soudi

22:30 Tabloids

25:10 Some miracles Dariush shares

26:40 “To be successful you need an equal balance of empathy and ego” - Dariush Soudi


31:25 The power of universal energy

39:44 “It’s a deal” versus “let me think about it”

44:10 Explanation of “buyers are liars”

49:48 Preparation

51:11 Living in Dubai

01:11:50 How a following helps you and the birth of Dariushs’ social media company

01:12:58 Bomb 3: With grit and determination Dariush has a staff of hundreds of people working for him

01:15:44 Follow Dariush and check out his website! https://www.dariushsoudi.com


May 31, 2021
Robert Greene. How to Master Your Dark Side. Episode 374 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Robert Greene grew up in LA and graduated from University of California, Berkeley before finishing his degree in classical studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He had EIGHTY jobs which included all different kinds of things like a construction worker, translator, editor of magazines, and a Hollywood movie writer. Easily one of the best authors of our time, Robert has written The Laws of Human Nature, The 48 Laws of Power, Mastery, The 33 Strategies of War, The Art of Seduction, and The 50th Law.


In this episode, Brad and Robert discuss power, emotional mastery, authoring, and why it is so important to be aware. This episode is loaded with TONS of value.


00:00 Intro

02:18 How Robert became an author

04:22 Power defined

06:45 “Nobody in this world does not have an ego and when someone comes along and makes us feel insecure that we don’t belong where we are, it will trigger us.” - Robert Greene

08:33 Top three things to garner power for yourself

09:07 Bomb 1: It doesn’t matter whether people like you, it matters if they need you

11:49 “If you want people to do things for you, you have to appeal to their self interest”

19:12 The 48 Laws of Power, The Laws of Human Nature and any of Robert’s books can be found on amazon or anywhere you buy books

20:30 Bomb 2: Recognize evil before it enters your life

22:50 Robert’s Day

25:08 Relationships made with higher echelon rappers, athletes, and coaches

27:21 If you put the time and effort into something, you will get the results you want

30:08 “I want to entertain the reader, I want them to have some fun, that’s how you seduce the reader” - Robert Greene

31:00 How Robert prepares

34:40 The ratio of writing and research

36:58 Ryan Holiday

39:55 Tips for Brad’s book, “The Hard Way”

41:00 “My first draft always sucks” - Robert Greene

44:46 What era is Robert’s favorite

47:48 Bomb 3: You have to have a sense of purpose in your life that is a higher power

50:15 The Art of Seduction story

54:00 Mastery 

01:00:00 Robert’s stroke


May 27, 2021
Jay Samit. The Keys to Radical Disruption. Episode 373 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Jay Samit is a dynamic entrepreneur who is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on disruption and innovation.  Described by Wired magazine as “having the coolest job in the industry,” he raises hundreds of millions of dollars for startups, advises Fortune 500 firms, transforms entire industries, revamps government institutions, and for three decades continues to be at the forefront of global trends.

In this episode, Brad and Jay dive into what it really means to take action on your idea. Ideas are worthless until you do something about them!

00:00 Intro

01:35 You only need two things for success: insight and perseverance

02:00 “Three problems a day for 30 days”

03:10 “If you do something unique, by definition you are the best in the world at what you are doing.” - Jay Samit

04:38 Bomb 1: The middle class has been eviscerated in the pandemic

04:55 Bomb 2: We never teach people how to make their own dream come true

05:18 Go buy Jay Samit’s book; Future Proofing You or Disrupt You

05:26 Bomb 3: “Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves.” - Jay Samit

06:43 “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” - Jay Samit

08:11 Bomb 4: “There are so many fake gurus on the internet today giving bad advice” - Jay Samit

11:20 Bomb 5: “Through failing you learned what everyone else failed to learn through trying”

12:35 The story of naming Youtube

16:35 Bomb 6: Think about the billion dollar problem you can solve 

20:19 Opening up a FB group to mentor a maximum of 1000 members follow Jay Samit! Apply for the group on Jay’s website https://www.jaysamit.com

23:24 Bomb 7: “Everyone hearing my voice has written as much code as Steve Jobs.” - Jay Samit (Meaning, you can hire someone to create your vision, it does not have to be all done by you.)

28:30 When Google called…

30:39 Jay’s Robot

37:21 Brad’s mission with LightSpeed VT

40:36 Bomb 8: “When you are at the top of the pyramid, people want to throw rocks at you.” - Jay Samit (in response to what Jay thinks about what is going on with Bill Gates)

42:19 Jay’s story

44:38 Bomb 9: Insight and perseverance is all it takes

48:58: Bomb 10: Get the information to people who want it is all Jay wants to do

53:56 The crypto space

57:20 Follow @jaysamit on instagram!

59:54 Bomb 11: “Nobody is stealing any ideas. Ideas are worthless -- it is execution.” - Jay Samit

01:05:00 Bomb 12: How to make the impact from your idea to repair the world

May 24, 2021
Ken Joslin. How New Information Can Change Your Limiting Beliefs. Episode 372 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Ken’s brand consists of three divisions: The Ken Joslin Team, Joslin Coaching & the GROW STACK DRIVE brand. Ken is 10X coach, Grant Cardone Licensee, and real estate professional. Ken Joslin is a driven leader who has sold hundreds of millions in real estate and mortgages.  Ken leverages knowledge, experience, and relationships to help his clients set and achieve their personal, professional, and financial 10x goals. Ken is passionate about businesses and changing lives. More than that, Ken is a generous husband, father, and friend.


In this episode, Ken and Brad discuss “Grow, Stack, Drive” on a deeper level and with the right knowledge and goal-setting skills how anything is possible.


00:00 Intro

01:30 Shout-out to Grant Cardone

02:47 YHWH

10:39 Seven different names for God

17:45 How do people grow your business

17:57 Bomb 1: “The number one thing that gets in our way is limiting beliefs.” - Ken Joslin

18:02 “We are born with two fears; the fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises” - Ken Joslin

19:29 “Everything that we learn, we can also unlearn”

22:40 The way to change your beliefs is through new information

24:38 Bomb 2: Surround yourself with the right people to crush your limiting beliefs

26:08 The importance of goals

28:41 “If we are not confident we will never be successful and we will never take risks” - Ken Joslin

29:35 Bomb 3: Growth comes from who you surround yourself with

37:09 Bomb 4: John Maxwell’s Law of the Lid: You level up and the team you have will level up after you do

42:05 “Like someone or don’t, there is always something you can learn from another individual’s life.” - Ken Joslin 

45:43 Brad Lea’s Do more, get better, and scale

48:06 “Incremental not monumental”

51:15 Ken’s goals

54:54 Ken’s book is coming out called As the Leader Grows go to https://www.growthstackdrive.com/book


May 20, 2021
Terry Thayer. How I Became Successful Online . Episode 371 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Terry Thayer has been an entrepreneur since a small child selling anything he could. In 1997 he opened his first real business as a contracting business. Of the many businesses he owns producing millions of dollars annually today, he works less than 5 hours a week total. Most of his time is spent coaching his team to be better and coaching other entrepreneurs how to avoid the mistakes he made over the years. Other time is spent working on new ways to make money online including his Ecommerce Automation company.


In this episode, the conversation is based mostly on eCommerce and what it means to build online stores, have a back-up plan for second and third sellers, and how to start your own store today!


00:00 Intro

00:13 Follow Terry Thayer at @terrythayerii

06:00 Dropshipping

08:40 What are people looking for

12:00 Business credit

19:30 Light convo with other person in the studio

27:28 The way to do the online stores

33:00 What other sellers mean

37:33 Power of Bitcoin

39:46 DM Terry and he can start your online store for you

43:00 A little background on Terry

48:21 Bomb 1: Traffic is key

49:30 Why a backup plan is important

51:52 Still with brands you know

57:10 Where does entrepreneur come from

58:45 “If you don’t take a chance, you are going to work for someone who did.” - Brad Lea

May 17, 2021
Craig Ballantyne. How to be More Productive Starting Now. Episode 370 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

When Craig first started his entrepreneurial journey, he was trapped in the lifestyle of being a broke, anxious, binge drinking personal trainer who had no desire to be any of those things.

But with the help of his mentors, Craig evolved into an Empire Builder with the discipline, clarity, and systems he needed to succeed. Craig has gone on to build five 7-figure businesses in five different industries, write three books and mentor thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world.

In this episode, Craig and Brad discuss the importance of making a decision and sticking, being productive, and the importance of self-reflection. Tune in!


00:00 Intro

03:00 Craig’s bio

05:00 Bomb 1: Your morning starts the night before with preparation

07:50 The Million Dollar Morning

11:13 “The faster you can get to the project you don’t want to do the easier it is to do it.”

12:03 Brad’s book

14:40 Self-imposed consequences

15:20 Why public accountability is so important

19:35 The top guru coach in the world according to Craig

21:35 Shout out to Bedros!

23:12 “Accountability is the secret ingredient to success” - Craig Ballantyne

25:00 “Figure out who you want to be MOST like, follow them, learn from them, study them, and get after it.” - Craig Ballantyne

29:30 The importance of thinking

33:00 Have parameters for yourself

33:49 Bomb 2: Know what you want and start with your vision

36:50 Shout-out to Tim Grover

37:17 LightSpeed VT

43:23 How to face your fears

44:15 Procrastination is death…

45:25 “The teacher learns more than the student”

45:58: The three tips to be more productive tomorrow from Craig Ballantyne

49:36 Self-reflection and introspection

56:29 “Most people say the things they want that they are not willing to do” - Craig Ballantyne

59:08 Follow Craig!

01:05:20 Shout out to Dr. Jordan Peterson!

May 13, 2021
Jeff Hoffman.Words Of Wisdom From A Self-Made Billionaire. Episode 369 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Jeff Hoffman is an award-winning global entrepreneur, proven CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, bestselling author, Hollywood film producer, a producer of a Grammy Award winning jazz album, and executive producer of an Emmy Award winning television show. Jeff has been part of a number of well-known successful startups, including Priceline.com/Booking.com, uBid.com and more. Jeff is the CEO of Driving Force Enterprises, a strategic consulting firm that teaches exponential growth to business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as teaching innovation strategies to corporations and governments worldwide.


In this episode, Jeff and Brad have a serious conversation about entrepreneurship and how to use your money for fulfillment. 


00:00 Intro

00:34 Bomb 1: “I want my claim to fame to be  the work I am doing now.” - Jeff Hoffman

01:51 Touring with Justin Timberlake

04:29 Bomb 2: “Instead of complaining about the company you work for, create the company you want to work for” - Jeff Hoffman

07:20 “This is my moment” - Jeff Hoffman

11:00 You’re never as smart as you think you are

13:27 Bomb 3: “Running the company is not your only job, taking care of the amazing people around you is more important.” - Jeff Hoffman

14:18 Bomb 4: Talent doesn’t find you

22:27 Culture

24:00 Political Correctness

29:20 Why mutual respect is important to Jeff

30:23 Jeff Hoffman’s book called, “Scale”

31:17 Bomb 5: People & Technology

34:00 A spending spree

37:25 No one hates you when your broke

40:00 When your money saves people

41:00 Bomb 6: “Your success is someone else’s miracle” - Jeff Hoffman

43:10 Bomb 7: “There’s no shame in life in making money, the shame in life is in not using it to help other people.” - Jeff Hoffman

44:00 Pitbull

48:30 “Info sponging”

51:10 The burn out

53:20 Winning an Emmy

01:02:53 Bomb 8: When people laugh at you, shake it off because those are the people who will ask for something 

01:03:11 Storytelling

01:07:55 Are you the kind of person Jeff wants to work with? (https://www.jeffhoffmanadvisory.com)

01:11:42 Bomb 9: The grant program JH put together to help companies. (https://www.covid19businessservice.com) If people need help go there.

May 10, 2021
Logan Sneed. My Brain Cancer Story. Episode 368 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Logan is a Brain Cancer survivor that was diagnosed with a stage four Brain Tumor. He has been through brain surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Logan has grown in numerous ways mentally, physically, and emotionally. The day his life changed was the day that he began the Ketogenic diet. Doctors told him nothing would help this and to give up. They were wrong. The ketogenic diet has saved his life and helped him transform physically and internally.

In this episode, Brad and Logan discuss Logan’s survivor story, book, and drive for his business!


00:00 Intro

00:25 “Thank You Cancer” a book by Logan Sneed

02:30 The story

07:00 A confident surgeon

11:20 The mistake the doctors made

13:30 “There is nothing we can do…”

16:28 “I started Keto and my life changed and my business started.”

18:40 “My goal was to drop out of college.”

25:16 What does Logan do? (Fitpreneur Academy)

28:00 Symptoms…

31:55 Shout out to Doug Evans (The Sprout Master)

38:00 The power of fasting

44:30 Logan’s passion comes from creating wealth for others

46:11 Bomb 1: Anything anyone wants is possible when we have the mindset and truly take action

48:15 Go to https://www.logansneed.com to buy Logan’s book

57:00 Go to https://www.fitpreneuracademy.com or message Logan on IG!

May 06, 2021
Tim Lane. How To Release Trauma Stored In The Body. Episode 367 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

In 2006 Tim defended his World Title for the 4th time and retired from professional fighting with a record of 15-1. Since retiring Tim has trained three fighters with no previous boxing experience to all become Golden Gloves Champions. In 2010 Tim moved to Las Vegas where he became an in-demand coach at Xtreme Couture MMA, where he founded Tim Lane Fitness. Tim has coached athletes and celebrities including touring with Demi Lovato and Nick Carter.

In this episode, Brad and Tim unpack trauma, the power of connection, and the power of fighting. This episode will explain to you many things you may know or you may not know about yourself. Buckle up and enjoy this ride. 


00:00 Intro

01:46 Why Tim is one of Brad’s favorite people

02:36 Bomb 1: Swim trophy is long overdue

05:06 Follow Tim on social media @timlanefitness

06:30 Tim’s camping trip

07:44 The Demons lifting

08:50 The reason why Brad interrupts right here/why Tim should be a public speaker

10:38 Back to the story

12:50 The feeling of goosebumps

15:31 “My power is to leave people, but I saw that was just me brushing it under the rug, and that’s not right.” - Tim Lane

17:10 “Fighting was all I knew.” - Tim Lane

18:00 Tim’s message to Isaac

21:10 “411 vs. “911”

24:50 Brad’s explanation of when he gets angry 

27:50 The Eye of the tiger and the heart of a LION

34:46 Merging vets and players (https://www.mergingvetsandplayers.org)

36:28 Shout-out to the BOMBSQUAD

42:00 Stick fighting

43:43 Tim’s mission

46:37 “The sticks aren’t about fighting, they are about connection” - Tim Lane

46:59 Buy sticks online at https://www.timlanefitness.com put in BOMBSQUAD

49:40 Shout out to Grant Cardone

54:20 Are Manny and Grant going to fight...for real?

55:25 What does it feel like to be knocked out?

57:00 Fast, hard, consecutively 

58:20 The power of messing up the equilibrium 

01:09:00 The breakdown of Tim getting sharper on his image

01:10:20 May 16th Zoom- JOIN

May 03, 2021
Ricardo Rosales. How to Make Being Rich A Priority. Episode 366 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Ricardo Has completed over 200 rehabs (Holds and Flips), started a wholesaling business in the Houston area, currently has 23 flips ongoing and a few other properties rented, a few properties on the market for retail as well as for wholesale. Raised Millions of dollars in private funds.


In this episode, Brad and Ricardo discuss everything from life, real estate, being rich, and being poor. Ricardo explains his business model and most importantly his mastermind style event that you should attend THIS WEEKEND in Houston!


00:00 Intro

03:35 Bomb 1: Leave all your wealth for your kids

04:34 How Ricardo lost an 8-figure company

09:57 To be cautious or not to be cautious based on past experience

10:33 Bomb 2: Become the hurricane

11:40 April 30-May 2nd in Houston GET YOUR TICKET

13:33 Follow Ricardo @ricardorosales

23:20 “It’s never too late to get into real estate” - Ricardo Rosales

25:36 Reach out to Ricardo for any joint ventures

29:46 “D” properties into “C” properties

31:30 Shout-out to Keyon and Pat

34:23 Pace Picante Sauce

36:50 Brad’s opinion on college

44:41 Become a private lender (seller finance)

47:03 Clubhouse conversation

48:43 People want REAL

54:38 Be careful what you do on craigslist

01:00:00 Covid convo

01:02:56 Get your last minute ticket to Ricardo’s event!

Apr 29, 2021
Doug Evans. This Isn’t a Diet, It Is A Lifestyle. Episode 365 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Doug Evans is an early pioneer in the natural food industry. In 2002 he co-founded Organic Avenue, one of the first exclusively plant-based retail chains in the country. Doug wrote, The Sprout Book in an effort to teach people about the power of sprouts and has written a transformative plan for sprouting. He's revolutionizing gardening and growing your own food right in your kitchen in an affordable and accessible way.

In this episode, Doug and Brad dive into why your health comes before your wealth in this enlightening explanation of why sprouts can change your life.

Apr 26, 2021
Dr. Russell Surasky.The Truth About Addiction. Episode 364 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Dr. Russell Surasky is the only tripled board-certified neurologist in the U.S. In addition to being a neurologist, he is also the lead authority on mental health and most notably addiction medicine. He is a sponsored national speaker where he trains doctors all around the country about the latest advancements in addiction medicine.


In this episode, Brad and Dr. Surasky cover everything from addiction, today’s world, science, and anti-aging! It is action-packed with serious details that you will WANT to know! Listen in and learn some amazing things!


00:00 Intro

00:30 Follow Dr. Surasky!

02:50 The limbic system

07:11 How do you know you’re addicted to something?

11:08 Bomb 1: Things have been politically motivated

11:50 Bomb 2: Masks, Quarantine, etc. are not healthcare, the world has worse conditions and that’s why they have died.

15:44 PCR testing

17:35: Florida in the news

19:05 Shout out to Ian Smith (Follow and support him)

24:44 What happens when you get vaccinated

25:00 What is a neurologist?

25:50 What you should do if you’re depressed

28:55 Bomb 3: Without persuasion you have nothing (this is not a negative connotation) 

32:20 What it means to be confident according to Brad Lea

33:06 How do you become an expert?

34:21 Neurology is the study of the nervous system

35:09 Bomb 4: The science would back up that our soul is what makes us HUMAN

38:00 Do More, Get Better, and Scale by Brad Lea

40:36 Bomb 5: “If you don’t think DC is run by lobbyists, you’re living in the clouds.” - Dr. Surasky

50:50 Bomb 6: Change your habits, change your life

51:36 Bomb 7: “If you are on meds and if you do not change your daily routine then you’re gonna go right back to the same circumstances.” - Dr. Surasky

53:40 What can people do if they are depressed?

Apr 22, 2021
Sam Kwak. Reincarnation, Rebirth & Past Life Evidence. Episode 363 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Sam Kwak one of the “Kwak Brothers” is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, mentor, and an author of many books. Today you may find the Kwak Brothers on YouTube or on stage speaking to empower individuals in the world of real estate investing. Their goal is to put you first and your problems first before all else!


In this episode, Brad and Sam uncover a lot of awesome information on real estate, investing, faith, and finance. Join the bomb squad and listen in on this very informative episode!

00:00 Intro

00:25 Who are the Kwak Brothers

02:33 North vs. South Korea

07:00 The problems with the US

08:45 What do Buddhists believe?

16:00 What Sam learned in college

18:12 Why Real Estate?

23:43 Do you want to invest in the Kwak Brothers, reach out to them!

31:50 The concept/strategy that was founded overseas; pay off your 30-year mortgage in seven years!

32:51 Go to https://closerschool.com or https://closerschoollive.com and join Brad’s masterclass and/or 1:1 training!

43:35 Go to the Kwak Brothers youtube to learn more about their strategies!

49:30 Renting vs. Owning

52:14 Keep up with the trends

52:41 Learn how to invest in real estate by following the Kwak Brother https://www.kwakbrothers.com

56:45 Sam’s Covid-19 experience

01:00:21 Goals from the Sam Kwak

01:00:56 Yeshua, Joshua, Jesus etc.

01:02:16 What Brad believes about sound

01:09:00 Sam’s Five Year Vision

01:09:48 Bomb 1: Software 

01:14:43 Bomb 2: “The more you accept and embrace pain, the more beautiful it becomes” - Sam Kwak

Apr 19, 2021
Ryan Alford. Top 2021 Marketing Strategies. Episode 362 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Learn about REAL Success at https://www.bradlea.com/realsuccess


Ryan Alford is a highly experienced marketing executive who has had the privilege of working with and guiding brands like Verizon, Lexus, Samsung, Toyota, The NFL, Firehouse Subs, and many other household names. Now, the founder and agency chief of RADICAL, a boutique, full service, digital marketing agency in Greenville, South Carolina.


In this episode, Brad and Ryan talk EVERYTHING about marketing and the importance of it. This is a great episode with amazing knowledge on your brand strategies.


00:00 Intro

01:10 Ryan’s story

03:25 “Your promise is in the message”  - Ryan Alford

04:08 “Marketing starts with consumer behavior” - Ryan Alford

04:37 https://www.bradlea.com/realsuccess

07:10 What you can do with a personal brand

08:29 “I bet my career that people who have personal brands make more money for their companies than those who don’t” - Ryan Alford

11:23 Story time

13:21 Bomb 1: Personal Branding is the key

14:16 “Content development is writing and showcasing your knowledge” - Ryan Alford

18:20 Bomb 2: Stay top of mind because attention is fleeting

19:13 Follow Ryan Alford - @ryanalford

26:02 What is the lasting impression you want people to have on your brand?

28:20 What do you want your customers to Think, Feel, & Do?

31:25 Where did “REAL” come from?

38:54 Be a problem-solver

42:15 Lil Nas

49:35 Website is the most important piece

51:20 Ryan’s book that he will write is called, “Forever Date” - When you are forever dating your brand is always exciting.

52:18 Bomb 3: “We are always focused on growing new instead of taking care of old”

53:20 Bomb 4: Customer relationships are the most important thing in marketing

54:45 Get the last tickets you can: https://www.bradlea.com/realsuccess

Apr 15, 2021
Cindy Eckert. The Founder of Female Viagra on Her Billion Dollar Payday. Episode 361 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Learn about REAL Success at https://www.bradlea.com/realsuccess


A self-made serial entrepreneur and vocal advocate for women, Cindy defies convention. In her industry, in her companies, in her outcomes. Her work today in The Pinkubator continues to break barriers by investing in and mentoring other women to get to her same outcomes. She’s on a mission to make women really rich. You cannot miss Cindy. Everything she touches turns to PINK!


In his episode, Brad and Cindy discuss her billion dollar payday, what it felt like, and how Cindy has used her money for the greater good! Listen in for this amazing episode of Dropping Bombs!

00:00 Intro

01:23 Why Female viagra?

03:03 Bomb 1: Women get turned on in the brain

05:05 How the pill works and what you are measuring

07:34 The psychological reasoning

08:02 Bomb 2: It’s not us, it’s something happening to our partner

08:50 Bomb 3: Story about why it’s not about us all the time

11:33 Validation of the billion dollar idea

13:00 Bomb 4: Never walk away malicious, walk away ambitious. It’s not personal and it is not about you.

14:00 Follow Cindy on IG @cindypinkceo

17:10 Bomb 5: Navigation through what people want versus a true friendship

17:57 A billion cash up-front

19:20 What is “femtech”?

24:36 The importance of culture

30:08 What makes it worth it to Cindy

30:54 Shout-out to Jesse Itzler

32:02 Bomb 6: If you are not architecting every day then you are losing. Declare what the biggest goal you can set is and strive for it.

34:34 Six months vs. Six years

36:30 What happens when a guy takes female viagra?

42:15 Go to https://www.addyi.com and see if it is a right fit for you

44:20 How Viagra was discovered

47:00 “I got really comfortable being uncomfortable” - Cindy Eckert

54:38 Bomb 7: More things will not go your way then they will

55:47 https://www.pinkubator.com - fill it out and if it makes sense for Cindy to invest, she will.

57:19 “I help the underdog, I help the ME of my field.”

01:01:31 Bomb 8: No such thing as instant gratification, gotta fight the good fight.

Apr 12, 2021
Glenn Sanford. eXp Realty’s CEO on Journey from Broke to Billions. Episode 360 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Learn about REAL Success at https://www.bradlea.com/realsuccess


In the last 11 years, since launching with 25 agents, eXpRealty has grown to over 36000 agents in all 50 states, DC, most of Canada, the UK, Australia, and most recently South Africa.  eXp Realty now does business in over 600 different MLS market areas around the US and Canada and multiple markets internationally. eXp Realty refers to itself as Agent-owned and the company became a public company in 2013. Glenn is the CEO of ExP, VirBELA, and Success magazine. 


In this episode, Brad and Glenn discuss what it looks like to grow a big business and really be an entrepreneur! This episode is filled with tons of value and insight for anyone in any industry.


00:00 Intro

01:20 How did Glenn get here?

07:20 Who are the key people at ExP Realty?

08:16 Shout-out to Grant Cardone!

15:40 KW Family Reunion

19:07 Why is it called eXp?

20:15 Glenn’s message to the realtor

23:50 SUCCESS magazine

25:27 Bomb 1: Decision to buy magazine;  a personal development as it is foundational to everything

25:59 Bomb 2: Opportunities are never missed, they are just given to somebody else

28:57 The Value VirBELA provides

31:27 Why LightSpeed is valuable to be used for any company

36:19 A Walk-around of Virtual World

45:30 $1.6B in revenue

47:20 Shout-out out to Elena Cardone!

51:10 The Importance of a Vision

52:40 Traveling in an RV; the scariest and best RV parks

59:53 The three things you need to do to scale

01:01:23 Bomb 3: Are you filling your mind with the type of content within the surroundings you normally are in?

Apr 08, 2021
Peter Fournier and Tyler Rees. This Job Can Make You a Millionaire. Episode 359 with The Real Brad Lea

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Tyler Rees is the Chairman for IFG and is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country. His ability to help infuse and scale businesses makes him and his team one of the most sought-after consulting groups in the United States. Tyler has been a mentor and teacher to thousands of professionals across the country! Peter Fournier manages a team of agents, personally producing in the field, but most importantly, trains and coaches’ agents outside of his organization on how to become successful in the industry and avoid the mistakes that he had made in the past.


In this episode, Brad, Tyler, and Peter talk about a lot of perks of being in the financial world. They also discuss Tyler and Peter’s very intimate event coming up in May! Don’t sleep on this amazing information.


00:00 Intro

03:00 Insurance makes the most millionaires out of anyone else

06:54 Call Peter if you need anything in financial services or are making less than $120,000 per year reach out to Pete ASAP

11:00 Ways you can sell insurance

12:00 “You have to be a good person and work hard to be successful.” - Tyler

14:25 How Tyler got started

20:54 An agent who wrote 100 applications in one month- what IFG provides

21:40 Shout out to Coach Burt

23:02 Bomb 1: Accountability and measure; Tyler provides an accountability partner for everyone

24:50 Bomb 2: The irresponsible people will always be looking for someone to blame

28:16 Yeshua; seek and you shall find

35:07 Tyler’s insurance event for agents (only 50 seats), May 13th and 14th in Las Vegas

40:47 https://www.8figuremastermind.com/2021 Use code: BOMBSQUAD to buy your tickets

47:19 People want information, people do not know and they want to

01:03:00 Why you should get a Jet Card

01:05:30 Get your tickets to Brad’s event TODAY!  https://www.bradlea.com/realsuccess

Apr 05, 2021
Ian Wendt. How to Spot a True Patriot . Episode 358 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Ian Wendt is a patriot and that is fully exclaimed by his brand, Official Patriot Gear. In addition, he also uses his skills as a sales trainer and creative to coach individuals and companies as well as speak at major events throughout the country. Ian has spoken at events with some of the most successful motivators, influencers, and entrepreneurs such as Ed Mylett, Tim Grover, Jordan Belfort and many more.


In this episode, Brad and Ian discuss politics, the world today, how America can be better and much more! Listen in and get your manscaped TODAY.


00:00 Intro

00:24 https://www.Manscaped.com USE CODE: BOMBS for 20% off + Free Shipping 

05:53 Ian Wendt’s entrepreneurial story

08:00 What is MAGA?

09:50 Bomb 1: Only you are in position of the power that can change your life

15:10 Who is going to fix it...

19:28 “The media and the people are starting to paint the word, “patriot” and it is starting be looked at as a bad thing...that is not the case…” - Ian Wendt

20:50 Bomb 2: The weaker we are the more susceptible to everything else

25:42 The “Republicrat”

29:04  https://www.Manscaped.com USE CODE: BOMBS for 20% off + Free Shipping

32:05 America was made on different points of view

33:53 Brad Lea for President 2028

37:19 “What are you afraid of right now?”

42:40 The Mask Fiasco

44:57 https://www.Manscaped.com USE CODE: BOMBS for 20% off + Free Shipping 

46:46 Shout-out to Dave Portnoy

50:20 Take responsibility and adapt when you have to

52:19 Go to https://www.officialpatriotgear.com to buy Ian’s brand, put in BOMBS for a discount

53:11 The definition of ‘Patriot’

54:52 Shout-out to Dave Portnoy-- again- we love ya, Dave!

57:50 Shout-out to Jimmy Rex

1:00:06 Ian’s advice on entrepreneurship

01:00:55 Bomb 3: Build the culture first

01:01:01 https://www.Manscaped.com USE CODE: BOMBS for 20% off + Free Shipping

Apr 01, 2021
Blac Chyna. The Truth About Blac Chyna. Episode 357 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Originally rising to prominence in 2010 as the stunt double for Nicki Minaj in the music video for the song "Monster" by Kanye West, Chyna gained wider media attention after being name-dropped in the song "Miss Me" by Drake in the same year. In 2014, Chyna launched her own makeup brand, "Lashed by Blac Chyna", and a beauty salon in Encino, Los Angeles. Chyna has since made a number of media appearances, including in her own reality television shows. Chyna now has many successful businesses with cosmetics, closet, and CBD.


In this episode, Brad and Chyna dig deep into her entrepreneurial skills and her aged wisdom! Tune in and learn so much about what Chyna is doing in the world!


00:00 Intro

01:17 Where did Blac Chyna’s career start?

05:35 The 18 year old choice

08:46 How Lashed and Lash Cosmetics by Black Chyna was born

10:55 “When I was younger I would just talk, talk, talk- and now that I am older, I know I need to listen.” -Blac Chyna

11:06 Bomb 1: Take a step back and listen

11:46 Blac Chyna’s production and closet

13:40 Goal Setting’s importance

15:45 The number one earner on “only fans”

19:00 “Nothing is wrong with hustling” - Blac Chyna

20:33 Caviar CBD company by Blac Chyna

23:33 Why CBD?

24:36 What does a day look like for Blac Chyna

26:27 “Your environment dictates how you cure yourself”

30:05 Why relationships are the new currency

35:33 go to plainjane.com to grab CBD or go to @blacchyna on IG and use the link in bio

38:00 The Power of the 24 hour reset

38:20 Bomb 2: We change every day

40:00 Chyna’s backstory

41:00 The portrayal on reality TV shows

48:24 How Chyna got on Dropping Bombs

52:44 Are you interested in a Lashed location?

53:53 CBD Receptors

56:19 Chyna’s goals

01:01:47 How can the BOMB SQUAD help?

Mar 29, 2021
Rob Luna. What to Invest in 2021. Episode 356 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Rob Luna is confirmation that the American Dream is alive. He went from growing up hungry and battling the tough streets of Los Angeles, to becoming an Ivy League Alumnus and earning MBA degrees in two countries. His 22 years of experience includes consulting with companies such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook, managing money for some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, and building a multimillion-dollar business that was sold to a publicly traded company.


In this episode, Rob and Brad touch on the most important thing to you, YOUR MONEY. Learn from Rob about what to do, how to do it, and why to do it.

00:00 Intro

04:15 Find Rob Luna on Social Media @thelunarob

04:37 The Bitcoin Craze

12:56 “You have to have something in bitcoin.” - Rob Luna

15:10 Why do stocks fluctuate? 

18:10 The power of Gold

22:06 Shout out to LightSpeed VT!

22:52 Bomb 1: Invest in yourself and start a business

26:24 Value the Freedom

27:17 Shout out to Grant Cardone

29:49 If you are a young investor, listen to this

33:44 Stay away from penny stocks

34:50 “I created my business not to be a billion dollar business but to be a 100 billion dollar business.” - Rob Luna

36:04 The Levels of Rob’s VT

38:48 Bomb 2: Teach people how to build a business and teach people how to have financial literacy

43:03 Rob in comparison to Axe Capital

44:54 Shout out to Glenn Stearns

49:10 The 4% rule

50:35 Go learn from Rob Luna’s VT and manage your money right https://www.robluna.com

58:01 Go to Luna Rob’s Youtube and check out his podcast

59:21 TYPE IN BOMBS to Rob’s VT and you’ll get money off

Mar 25, 2021
Christine Beckwith.How to Get Rich & Break the Glass Ceiling. Episode 355 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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A sought-after speaker on the real estate and mortgage finance circuit, Christine has broken glass ceilings and raised the bar for women in the mortgage industry for generations to come. An active member of MBA’s mPower Community, she is recognized for her editorial economic publications and guidance to mortgage industry professionals. 


In this episode, Christine and Brad dig in on all topics under the sun including banking, bikers, and bombs that include details about the Vision Summit in Tampa in June of this year! Guess who the keynote is?? Listen and find out!


Go to Visionyoursuccess.net to learn more about Christine Beckwith


00:00 Intro

03:00 Raising the bar

05:21 Women in banking industry

07:47 The motorcycle world

20:04 The banking industry

23:00 Shout-out to Glenn Stearns

27:14 Make over a million dollars a year

28:38 Bomb 1: “The road gets lonelier as you continue to walk it” - and the question is can you do it.

29:03 Loan Officer is the entry way

29:45 Check out 2020 Vision for Success

37:00 The Vision Summit: June 8th and 9th

39:56 Bomb 2: BE YOU

45:26 What Brad is doing at the 2020 Vision for Success Summit

47:21 Shout out to Barry Habib

53:00 Consistent OUTFLOW

54:54 Shout out to Gary Vee

56:31 Bomb 3: “I don’t kiss as*, I do what I believe works.”

01:04:29 Bomb 4: Gratitude

Mar 22, 2021
Tracy Duhs.The Power of Optimal Hydration. Episode 354 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Tracy believes that optimal health is a fundamental right for all humanity, not just a privilege for a select few. Helping people activate their vitality and feel alive has been Tracy’s lifelong mission. Growing up in a missionary home cultivated her profound sense of compassion and her desire to educate on the simple foundations needed to look and feel our best.

In this episode, Tracy breaks down some of her nine pillars to hydration and how with the right lifestyle the power of optimal hydration will put you in a different dimension of health!

00:00 Intro

00:00 Follow Tracy @tracyduhs 

01:40 Check out Hydrate Podcast on Apple with Tracy!

02:50 Tracy’s story

06:30 What is the hype with water?!

08:30 What is the best water? (hint: glass water)

09:50 Shout-out to Coach Burt

12:45 The difference between faucet water and bottled

16:24 The power of essential oils

20:17 Bomb 1: “No is never an answer and if I have to spend the rest of my life searching for an answer, that is what I will do.” - Tracy Duhs

26:04 Bomb 2: It’s not the age that matters, it is the quality of life

27:11 Grounding is essential

28:50 If your brain is even 2% dehydrated you will have cognitive issues

29:46 Tracy’s 9 Pillars

31:20 Your body needs 78 minerals: Quinton is Tracy’s favorite (https://www.graceandparker.com)

37:15 Free Hydrogen Tablets + Quinton is the elixir of life & better than coffee

41:06 The Sanctuary is Tracy’s boutique wellness center in California

42:50 Check out tracyduhs.com to learn more

45:13 What is the regiment? 

49:09 What is Tracy’s goal...Before she dies that every human has clean drinking water

51:01 If you are interested in helping Tracy, reach out to her and see what kind of team she is putting together https://www.tracyduhs.com

51:43 Book coming early April

54:32 Quit the filtered water- get mountain spring

56:00 Hydrogen’s enemy

Mar 18, 2021
Dan Caldwell.TapouT Founder on Dana White, Politics, and UFC Early Days. Episode 353 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Dan Caldwell, along with Charles Lewis and Tim Katz, founded TapouT, a clothing company aimed toward athletes and mixed martial arts (MMA) enthusiasts, in Grand Terrace, California in 1997, and became CEO of the company. TapouT started out of the back of a car selling t-shirts at the underground MMA competitions and classes. Today, Dan continues his entrepreneurship journey as a husband, father, and successful businessman.


In this episode, Dan and Brad uncover Dan’s awesome stories from his time with TapouT as well as stories today that have impacted his life from police officer to multi-millionaire- this is Dan’s story!


00:00 Intro

00:40 What was TAP OUT

04:14 Bomb 1: $10M people watching 

08:40 The UFC starting

11:00 What was the vision?

14:40 The truest story from Dan!

18:00 Dan’s rifle knife invention

24:00 What money can do first time you get it

25:00 Bomb 2: The best feeling in the world is helping your people when you can

27:07 Check out Dan’s podcast “Pretty and Punk Podcast”

28:40: “Us entrepreneur’s are always thinking about what is next.” - Dan Caldwell

30:40: Shout out to Andy Frisella

34:55 Election woes

36:20 The coolest story from Dan

42:03 Why entrepreneurs will save the world

48:35 What Brad would say to Elon Musk

50:15 How many businesses does Dan have?

51:20 “Billionaire Collectibles”

55:40 If you have memorabilia, reach out to Dan

57:04 Shout out to Grant Cardone

01:02:06 Bomb 3: Grateful for all experiences

01:04:55 TapouT TV show

01:10:05 Bomb 4: How can you have a good relationships and build a great business

01:11:35 Follow Dan!

01:12:30 Three pieces of advice from Dan to blow up your brand

01:17: 35 Bomb 5: You cannot fail if you never give up

Mar 15, 2021
John & Eric Nies: Real World Homecoming (BTS Secrets).Episode 352 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Brothers John and Eric Nies have lived both very interesting and exciting lives so far and their journeys are enlightening, to say the LEAST.

Eric Nies, former Real World STAR, and John Nies, former NFL players had found themselves depressed after two shining careers came to a halt to which they were introduced to the Grandmaster who taught them a million ways to be at peace. As we know one truly cannot do such things without taking action and John and Eric have surely proved themselves 20 times over. 

In this episode, John and Eric’s stories are unfolded as well as their current paths to enlightenment that seems to be never-ending! Listen in!

00:00 Intro

01:50 Where experience comes from

04:00 How did Eric get on Real World

05:24 Brad’s 3-day crack binge

08:20 Back to Eric’s story

08:55 John’s football story

14:25 The girl in the yogurt line

16:34 John and Eric’s Father

18:09 Real World is coming back on Paramount +

19:34 Eric’s career came to a halt because of a manager

22:00 The Grandmaster

24:00 Brotherly Love

27:30 Real World Vs. The Grind

28:18 Pamela Anderson & Alyssa Milano

34:00 Eric’s Place

35:46 Who is the Grandmaster?

44:49 Follow John and Eric on IG!

58:11 Bomb 1: There are billions of people on this planet who are sleeping

01:01:25 Observe your emotions

01:05:49 “We are taught to be skeptical” - Brad Lea

01:08:00 “We aren’t made in the image of God but in the imagination of God” - John Nies

01:09:55 What being at peace means

01:11:01 Bomb 2: “You are a limitless potential being of light and love in an earth suit” - John Nies

01:11:42 “We are WE”

01:19:05 Three ways: 1. Connect with a person and love; forgive 2. Go to the “jungle” 3. Meditation

01:23:40 Shout-out to LightSpeed VT

01:25:27 Bomb 3: The love and respect for women

01:25:59 Bomb 4: What women go through to give life #respect

01:26:24 Bomb 5: Proof that God exists is the creation of a woman

01:29:00 Bomb 6: Whatever is going on in your mind has nothing to do with me

01:29:44 Bomb 7: The most important relationship that I have in my life is with myself

01:32:40 Bomb 8: It’s happened to all of us- the illusion is that you think you are alone

01:33:10 Reach out to Eric at https://www.iamericnies.com

01:36:00 Go to https://strongerthaneverbook.com

01:42:41 “There is a plant for everything.” - Eric Nies

01:46:41 “we are at a crossroads with the earth.” - Eric Nies

01:47:30 Mother Earth

01:48:00 Bomb 9: “If you keep hurting the Earth do you think Mother Earth’s Mother won’t react?

01:49:34 Bomb 10: ARE YOU LISTENING??

01:50:26 Second Book: PUNT: The True Story of John Nies

Mar 11, 2021
Todd Falcone. How to GET RICH With Network Marketing Episode 351 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Todd Falcone is one of the most sought-after speakers and trainers in the Network Marketing and Direct Selling arena. With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, Todd brings a wealth of field-tested knowledge and expertise to those seeking success in the Network Marketing profession. Todd regularly delivers speeches, trainings and keynotes to audiences of all sizes throughout the world. He has been speaking professionally now for over 15 years...and is one of the most powerful, direct and hilariously funny speakers you will ever lay your eyes on. 


In this episode, Brad and Todd discuss everything under the sun from how to get rich network marketing, to the truth about MLM’s, to personal experiences, and of course, training!


00:00 Intro

02:04 Why do MLM’s get a bad reputation

03:38 Bomb 1: The people that fail don’t do the work

08:09 The power of duplicating successfully

09:26 Look todd up www.toddfalcone.com

09:39 Buy Todd's Book! “Fearless Marketing”

13:25 What brought Todd into the business?

18:05 “People with influence can get a lot of people to join Network Marketing”

24:07 Who is the best network marketer?

25:00 Who is Bill Gould?

30:50 Learn from someone who has done it.

34:00 Shout-out to the Grateful Dead

35:50 Ayahuasca Journey

41:46 Bomb 2: Most people don't get to $100K because ten hey get stuck in their head.

42:11: Bomb 3: If your friend stops being your friend because you brought something to them then they aren’t your real friend.

44:30 What is Fearless Academy?

46:00 LightSpeed perks

49:05 Four coaching plans

50:45 Todd’s Podcast: Fearless Networker Show

53:46 Episode Pre-recorded

54:30 Bomb 4: If you’re gonna do it, do it.

Mar 08, 2021
Tim Storey. How Champions Reach Their Next Level Breakthrough. Episode 350 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Tim Storey has inspired people from all walks of life, from entertainment legends to professional athletes... from executives to deprived children throughout the world. Using seasoned foundational principles and humor to get honest with people so they can overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. Tim has traveled to seventy-five countries and spoken to millions of people. He often meets privately to counsel high-profile leaders in various industries.

In this episode, Tim and Brad discuss everything in the sun with a sharp focus on public speaking and codifying every single thing that needs to happen to deliver the best speech ever. What’s your message? Maybe this episode will help you find out.


00:00 Intro

02:57 How Tim became wise

05:15 How Tim got the reputation of “Life Coach”

08:10 Log into Tim’s Sunday Service Congregation.family

13:09 Bomb One: Definition of Limited Belief

16:20 Shout-out to Phil Jackson

17:14 Bomb Two: Give people time to figure it out for themselves

18:45 Bomb Three: Be authentic and shoot me straight

21:35 Shout out to Jesse Itzler

23:14 Bomb Four: “God’s opinion of you made man's opinion irrelevant.” 

29:54 Three ways of learning: education, conversation, and observation

39:40 40 Years of sermons

40:35 Check out LightSpeed VT below or here: https://www.lightspeedvt.com

42:00 Role-Play

46:35 The best way to climb a mountain is with the right tools

49:07 Bomb Five: Brad Lea; the coach of the coaches

51:00 Join @therealbradlea on Clubhouse

52:46 Bomb Six: Stop, look, and listen and find out where the problem is in your life

01:03:10 Go get The Miracle Mentality

01:09:20 REAL

01:10:14 Bomb Seven: Follow Tim @timstoreyofficial

Mar 04, 2021
Mindy & Glenn Stearns. The Original Undercover Billionaire. Episode 349 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Glenn is known for his unrivaled track record for turning his vision and passion into reality through hard work, determination and grit. As a serial entrepreneur, Glenn is going back to his roots and is the Founder and CEO of Kind Lending, a new mortgage banker in the industry. He is creating a collaborative environment where individual input matters and having fun is mandatory. Additionally, Glenn is the original Undercover Billionaire where he is challenged to turn $100 into $1,000,000 in 90 Days!


In this episode, Brad, Glenn & Mindy lean in and discuss what hard work looks like, what integrity looks like, and what it means to truly hold yourself accountable. TONS of bombs were dropped; listen in!


Learn about REAL Success at https://www.bradlea.com/realsuccess


00:00 Intro

03:36 Honorary Police officer kindred spirits

07:22 Undercover Billionaire season 1 with Glenn Stearns

11:10 The life that takes a lot of hard work & How Glenn grew up

14:51 “I became a waiter…” - Glenn Stearns

16:50 Bomb 1: Change your perspective and your mind- and anything is possible

18:26 Bomb 2: Nobody is above anyone else; everybody matters

22:26 Bomb 3: When you’re about relationships, you’re authentic and the rest takes care of itself

24:00 How the mortgage industry works

26:40 Bomb 4: When people make mistakes, you don’t have to make people feel bad- this creates loyalty, and this is how people are going to BUST their ass for you

28:50 The importance of relationships

33:20 “No is the beginning of the conversation, not the end” - Glenn Stearns

36:20 Google “2005 Glenn Stearns”- He called it

46:10 Bomb 5: The worse you speak about your past relationships, the worse it looks for you”

47:50 It starts at the top

51:30 Bomb 6: Hold yourself accountable

52:50 Shout-out to Jesse Itzler

54:10 Bomb 7: Money doesn’t buy class, it reveals who you are

01:00:48 How did Cancer happen

01:06:43 Bomb 8: Don’t give up

01:09:00 Bomb 9: The school of hard knocks

01:12:00 The power of proximity

01:13:48 Bomb 10: There are balcony people and basement people- Stay out of the basement and surround yourself with people who will lift you up

01:14:40 Follow Glenn and Mindy on social! 

Mar 01, 2021
Mel & Dave Dupois. Invest With No Money Down. Episode 348 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Learn about REAL Success at https://www.bradlea.com/realsuccess


Investor Mel and Dave are Speakers and Mentor across North America. They are BEST SELLING AUTHORS and share their secrets on how they solely purchased 12 properties in less than 12 months with none of their own money and now own over 170 units.

Mel and Dave are here to remind you that security is the opposite of freedom—and they have a plan to not only set you free, but help you find the wealth you need to live the life you want to live!


In this episode, Mel, Dave, and Brad discuss all the valuable steps to get rich being creative with financing in real estate. Mel and Dave know what they are talking about and this is a must listen to episode for all but especially for those wanting to get started in real estate!


00:00 Intro

01:32 What is wealth

03:57 Get Mel and Dave’s book now at https://www.investormelanddave.com

07:45 Married and Business partners

09:50 Mel and Dave on LINE- check out more info on their website

10:09 Mel and Dave’s backstory

12:40 Why you need an “in case of emergency fund”

16:24 The car crash

22:40 Creative Financing

31:09 Role-Play

36:20 Who owns it?

38:15 Mel and Dave’s routine

39:00 Bomb: There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire

40:42 Shout-out to Grant Cardone

45:00 When you meet with private lenders it is about listening

46:30 Taxes

49:48 Follow the rules

53:30 Other people’s money

56:30 Reach out to Mel and Dave

58:40 Hacks for Real Estate Investors

Feb 25, 2021
Jesse Itzler: The Secret to Attracting Luck. Episode 347 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Learn about REAL Success at https://www.bradlea.com/realsuccess

Jesse Itzler only eats fruit 'til noon, loves Run-D.M.C., and enjoys living life "out of the box." In fact, he doesn't even have a box. The author of the New York Times bestseller, Living with a Seal, co-founded Marquis Jet, the world's largest private jet card company which he and his partner sold to Berkshire Hathaway/NetJets. 


In this episode, Brad and Jesse break it down surrounding one’s drive, persistence, relationship with self and how important your attention to wellness is. Listen in for several bombs dropped!


00:00 Intro

01:49 Jesse’s running game

03:52 How can someone emulate Jesse’s drive

07:50 Bomb One: Find the balance to be happy

10:26 If you do not follow Jesse do it now! @jesseitzler

17:16 Jesse’s first demo was his voicemail

20:17 Bomb Two: We are all one referral, introduction, and relationship away from our lives changing

23:36 Get Jesse’s books including “Living with a Seal”

24:00 Billion Dollar Show Idea: “Surviving Itzler”

30:41 Jesse is 300 years old according to his capacity

32:00 Lagging and Leading Indicators

34:40 Goal Setting

35:07 Bomb Three: “More isn’t better, better is better.” - Jesse Itzler

39:00 What Jesse does every year

40:08 Bomb Four: What is the ONE really big goal for the year associates with business, wellness, family, and personal - the four main buckets

40:56 What is Jesse’s BIG ASS CALENDAR CLUB?

42:26 Bomb Five: Learn how to schedule your life before your work

46:50 Bomb Six: “You don’t understand your relationship with time unless you understand the guarantees.” - Jesse Itzler

47:30 Bomb Seven: Do you know what you even want the money you’re working for, for?

48:30 Bomb Eight: Money should be used as a tool and not to impress people

53:52 The importance of your LIFE RESUME

56:22 The Three C’s : Compliment, Congratulate, and Console

58:16 Bomb Nine: The three c’s allow you to build a relationship which ultimately HELPS you

01:01:00 Take Brad and Jesse’s advice

01:02:49 How Jesse met Sarah

01:07:57 The book that Jesse recommends : Fit for Life, A New Beginning

01:11:04 The only way you get in touch with your intuition is having your alone time

01:14:00 Fear of Failure

Feb 22, 2021
Ed Mylett. How Confidence Can Change Your Life. Episode 346 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Learn about REAL Success at https://www.bradlea.com/realsuccess

Ed Mylett is one of the top business leaders, peak performance experts, and global keynote speakers in the world today. While many leaders and speakers just “talk the talk,” Ed is a team-made millionaire who has built one of the most prolific financial service businesses the world has ever seen. 

In this episode, Brad and Ed get really deep into what it takes to be intentional and own your space. This entire episode is a BOMB and we expect nothing less from Ed Mylett. Ed is a true leader, a true friend, and most of all so much brilliant knowledge. Get ready to #MAXOUT on YOUR LIFE after listening to this bad boy.

00:00 Intro

03:00 Time is limited 

03:43 First Bomb: #MaxoutYourLife

04:54 Second Bomb: Your past doesn’t equal your future

06:10 Third Bomb: “People say that life is short but if you’re not happy, life is long.” -Ed Mylett

07:15 Shout-out to Clubhouse

09:08 Delegation 

09:42 Fourth Bomb: Focus on ONE thing and get REALLY good at it, and do not SPLIT your focus. After you crush it, THEN you diversify

11:00 Shout-out to Richard Kabeza

12:59 Fifth Bomb: Be in proximity to people who stretch them

16:59 Sixth Bomb: Save money and resist temptation

20:00 Follow Ed Mylett everywhere @edmylett and get his book

23:35 Success leaves clues but no one is picking them up…here’s what Ed thinks about that!

28:00 Giddy for Ed’s jet

32:45 What are your skills and do what you’re good at

34:19 The top books from Ed Mylett

35:52 Follow @therealbradlea - it’s gooooood

36:40 Seventh Bomb: Speak to yourself with more reverence

37:10 Ego vs. Capacity

37:41 Eighth Bomb: Are you confident about what you are ACTUALLY capable of?

40:47 How to line it up

40:59 Ninth Bomb: Line up what you are doing now with what you actualize

41:52 Tenth Bomb: Do what you say you’re going to do. Train your brain to WIN and when you have BIG wins, you have prepared yourself for them to be easier

45:00 The difference between your current and old story

49:42 Give yourself credit and be conscious of language 

54:00 What you should have said...

55:06 Let it breathe

59:05 Ed’s interpretation of Scripture

01:01:29 Twelfth Bomb: People with similar frequencies vibe well

01:06:00 “My intentions are good”

01:08:39 “Brush your teeth”

01:10:00 Self-Awareness

01:13:21 https://bradlea.com/realsuccess

Feb 18, 2021
Nestor Cadena. How to Stay Focused as an Entrepreneur. Episode 345 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Learn about REAL Success at https://www.bradlea.com/realsuccess

As a US Air Force Vet, Nestor has been honored to have served our country during war times. Nestor also had the privilege of working with the best men and women that this world has to offer. During Nestor’s professional life he has owned many different businesses. Nestor has been in the insurance industry, mortgage, real estate, and aviation. Working in these fields gave Nestor a great advantage as he was able to work with some of the best people in the world.  Today, Nestor values tremendously everything that he has accomplished and what amazing things he has learned. 

In this episode, Brad and Nestor discuss where the future of the entrepreneur has to go and that being a dreamer is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you take action.

00:00 Intro

01:45 First Bomb: Nestor listened to every episode of Dropping Bombs which led him to start his LightSpeed VT system.

04:15 Why Nestor started his app and what it does

10:30 Nestor’s background

16:06 Where does Nestor’s drive come from?

18:22 Follow Nestor @thereal_n357or

23:54 What most people won’t do

24:57 Nestor’s top three books

28:46 What’s the best jet to buy for the US

34:30 The beauty of Proximity

38:10 The different types of knowledge

44:10 Advice from Nestor

49:15 Without action...it’s just good advice

55:00 Finances can be more important than advice sometimes

56:19 Keep believing in yourself and take action

56:45 Second Bomb: “Would you rather earn 20 Million Dollars or get handed 100 Million Dollars”

Feb 15, 2021
Dr. Brian Lima. What it Takes to be a Heart Surgeon. Episode 344 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Brian is a cardiac surgeon dedicated to the compassionate delivery of the most advanced heart care. As a recognized authority on surgical therapies for advanced heart failure,  Brian is also very passionate about clinical innovation, research, and education, having published nearly 80 articles in peer reviewed journals, numerous book chapters, and also presented at several national and international conferences. Check out Dr. Lima by going to his website, www.Brianlimamd.com


00:00 Intro

01:27 How did Dr. Lima pick the HEART

02:02 Follow Dr. Lima!

04:05 Who is lucky to get a new heart

07:21 How much schooling has to occur for this

07:58 Dr. Lima’s Book Heart to Beat is out and ready for your purchase on amazon

10:23 What can you do to maintain a healthy heart?

15:06 The mindset of a surgeon during the operation

16:21 Bomb One: We must address heart failure

22:00 The money in the work

29:11 Bomb Two: There’s a price to getting to where you want to in life if it’s worthwhile

31:35 Bomb Three: Don’t overthink it, trust the process and take the shot.

34:24 The trials and tribulations of starting a practice

34:36 Bomb Four: Always be closing

38:20 The story of the heart

43:00 Is there such a thing as a “broken heart?”

46:14 The stereotype of the surgeon

46:44 Bomb Five: Blaming others for your failure is the way to keep failing

48:56 Advice to other heart surgeons

49:46 Bomb Six: Be likable and respectful; people want to wanna work with you

53:16 Attention #BOMBSQUAD -- pay attention!

55:00 What chest pain feels like

01:01:15 Everything in moderation

01:08:27 Focus on what you can control

Feb 11, 2021
Jordan Harbinger. How to Get What You Want. Episode 343 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Jordan Harbinger has helped develop one of the leading self-development programs in the world, with a special expertise in social capital, relationship-building and authentic rapport. He is also the host of The Jordan Harbinger Show, where he interviews leading entrepreneurs, celebrities, writers and experts about psychology, performance, life and success. For all his work in the field, Forbes named Jordan one of the 50 best relationship-builders in the world, and Inc. Magazine recently called him “the Larry King of Podcasting.”


In this episode, Jordan and Brad waste no time providing tons of value and dropping SEVERAL bombs. Jordan certainly keeps it REAL and gives you the blueprint on how to do just that. Listen in and listen twice, it’s that good.


00:00 Intro

03:03 The generation of scammers

03:43 First Bomb: Pay for your own learning

08:00 Why cults won’t take you to court

09:45 Why did Jordan start a podcast?

11:33 Jordan at the bar with a lot of ladies...but not what you would think

12:49 The power of the podcast medium

14:17 What does a popular show do?

17:50 The tips and tricks 

20:43 Second Bomb: Don’t lie about what you’re doing and what is being produced

22:42 The tips to persuade from Jordan

24:14 Third Bomb: Work with people who know, like, and trust you.

25:54 Fourth Bomb: You will mess up your reputation and relationships if you do not have trust.

29:20 Tips on Non-Verbal communication

30:00 Look for incongruency

32:00 Check out https://www.closerschoollive.com

32:30 Go check out Jordan’s Free Course https://www.jordanharbinger.com

35:20 Fifth Bomb: Don’t just look what is in it for you, look for what is in it for everyone

38:37 “The more hands you shake, the more money you make.” -Brad Lea

44:28 The numbers only let you in the door

45:17 Sixth Bomb: Money doesn’t excuse bad attitudes

47:00 How did Dropping Bombs start?

50:40 Seventh Bomb: Don’t sell yourself

52:00 The truth about “listeners”

55:55 Monetization on podcasting

58:10 Shout-out to the #BOMBSQUAD

01:01:04 How do you book guests?

01:06:04 How do you avoid products on podcasts?

01:09:52 Why books and movie suggestions on website

01:11:40 Eighth Bomb: The biggest losers normally blame other people for what they do themselves.

01:14:00 Where does the wealth come from?

01:16:40 Follow Jordan

Feb 08, 2021
Bobby Sausalito.What Influencers Don’t Tell You. Episode 342 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

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Bobby Sausalito is a Comedian, commentator, and Internet personality most notably recognized on Instagram as @takenaps. He is a self-proclaimed "loud-mouthed New England Guido" living in South Florida and making comedy videos about politics, the economy, current events, real estate, roasting, travel, and dubious observations.

In this episode, Brad and Bobby talk about all things success and what it takes to really achieve your goals once you put your mind to it and truly believe in yourself. Follow Bobby @takenaps and visit bobbysausalito.com to find out more about Bobby and what he’s about!

00:00 Intro

02:36 Go Follow Bobby Saulisito right now on SOCIAL

05:50 Bobby is single and ready to mingle @takenaps

08:37 Shout-out to Sean Whalen

11:54 Brad’s Mission 

12:22 #Dealflow

13:12 First Bomb: Everybody is an influencer

14:30 Bobby Sauce Merch- check it out

16:04 #Noqueso (No cheese)

18:08 Shout-out and Call to Action for the #BOMBSQUAD

18:40 Go get the the “Freedom Muzzle” Mask that Bobby makes

20:40 Ben Shapiro’s “Leftist” definition

23:10 Second Bomb: Produce content and test it out so you know what works

24:19 Turn the camera on and talk about what you’re passionate about

25:34 Bobby’s routine

29:03 Aren’t you tired of pasta?

30:05 Third Bomb: You don’t understand the value of all your views

31:40 Turn your Youtube channel into a NETWORK

32:20 Take Naps: Bobby likes naps, two syllables, short, easy etc.

33:00 SPOILER ALERT...if you have never seen “The Jerk”

39:17 Where do I post it and what do I do after?

43:40 The audience is the key to success

45:15 Respond to the cues

51:10 Third Bomb: Think Time

54:00 We are all God according to Bobby

55:08 Fourth Bomb: Be careful what you say because YOU are listening

55:24 Check out @takenaps on IG

56:06 Monetize on Youtube & Facebook

Feb 04, 2021
Rep. Dan Crenshaw: The Truth About US Politics in 2021. Episode 341 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Originally from the Houston area, Rep. Dan Crenshaw is a proud 6th generation Texan. From an early age, Dan knew that he wanted to serve his country with the most elite fighting force in history: the U.S. Navy SEALs. His father’s career in the Texas oil and gas industry moved his family all over the world, including Ecuador and Colombia, where he attended high school. As a result, Dan is fluent in Spanish.  In 2006, Dan graduated from Tufts University, where he earned his Naval officer commission through Navy ROTC. After graduating SEAL training, Dan deployed to Fallujah, Iraq to join SEAL Team Three, his first of five deployments overseas. On Dan’s third deployment in 2012, his life changed forever. 

In November 2018, Dan was elected to represent the people of Texas’s Second Congressional District. Dan believes in service before self and understands that there is no higher calling than service to the American people. 

This episode is awesome and covers everything under the sun in relation to the Navy SEALS, politics, the pathway to the top, and how as long as you surround yourself with the right people, and do not place blame, anything is possible.

Donate: https://www.CrenshawforCongress.com

Listen to Dan’s Podcast: Hold These Truths

Buy Dan’s Book: Fortitude: Buy Dan's Book HERE

00:00 Intro

01:09 Ambitions for next election

01:53 First Bomb: Stick to who you are and stick to your principles

06:00 Early life events for Dan Crenshaw

09:01 What made Crenshaw want to be a SEAL

09:44 Second Bomb: The only mentality to have is to win if you want to win

10:53 How Congressman Dan Crenshaw has the “No Plan B” Mentality - Shout out to his book, Fortitude

11:30 Third Bomb: Only you know what quitting is and quitting is because YOU didn’t put in the work

13:49 The mentality of the seal is to never blame someone for what happens to you

16:26 Story of Crenshaw’s Eye

19:45 “I knew I was blind, but I didn’t believe it”

24:30 Shout out to Dan’s book, Fortitude, buy it here: 

25:50 The right balance for Veterans

26:14 Fourth Bomb: We are not victims, we can do anything!

28:00 The Patch

29:29 What does Dan Crenshaw look like?

32:46 The search for the next step

37:42 Will Congressman Dan Crenshaw be President?

43:53 Make the integrity of the election self-evident

47:53 New member orientation

47:50: Fifth Bomb: Surround yourself with the right people

52:40 The Covid Bill

01:02:10 The Executive Orders

01:06:44 What’s next for Congressman Dan Crenshaw?

01:09:20 Shout out to Trump’s Presidency

01:10:31 Are aliens real?

Feb 01, 2021
Michael Chandler Interview: The UFC 257 Co-Main Event Winner. Episode 340 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

In 2009, three months after graduation, Michael competed in his first MMA fight, won by first-round TKO, and hasn’t looked back since. Winning multiple world titles has kept Michael a perennial top 10 lightweights in the world rankings. He has been involved in some of the most action-packed fights in Mixed Martial Arts history being nominated for “Fight of The Year” three different times.

Michael is ranked top 10 in the world and in this episode, he speaks his truth with Brad and explains his relationship with God, fighting, and staying true to himself.


This episode was recorded on 12/23/2020 and exactly one month later he took the UFC 257 Co-Main in his fight!


00:00 Intro

01:07 Who is Michael Chandler?

05:43 First Bomb: You can do anything you put your mind to

06:50 Second Bomb: Failure is the best thing that can happen to you because it will excel you if you do it right and learn from it

10:35 Why people fail -- wisdom from Brad Lea

12:25 “It’s not the critics who count, it’s the man inside the arena.”- Theodore Roosevelt

17:40 Never ask for the win

18:34 Third Bomb: Win or Lose, Jesus is on Michael’s side

23:34 Why do they pour water on the mat?

27:02 This was recorded 12/23/2020 -- Michael Chandler fought on 1/23/21 and WON

29:44 Brad’s premonitions of Michael winning… you heard it here folks!

37:00 UFC Drawbacks

38:59 Fourth Bomb: Trying to be someone you aren’t never works

41:12 Michael’s explanation of why he doesn’t want to pick a fight with you

43:30: Fifth Bomb: Focus on Success and not Perfection

44:54 Get out of the comfort zone

45:45 Google Psoas Muscle

48:02 Shout-out to Joe Rogan

48:12 Use code MIKECHANDLERMMA (you might get a discount)

56:45 What does the body tell you through pain?

58:16 Sixth Bomb: Do you deserve the success if you can’t handle the pain?

01:02:40 Shout-out to Dana White

01:04:55 Seek and you shall find

01:07:20 Answers being requested by Brad Lea

Jan 28, 2021
Rocky Zapata. What Great Leaders Do Differently. Episode 339 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Rocky Zapata has dedicated his life to developing people of all backgrounds and cultures, discover the leader they carry within. The courses he has created will help you identify what leadership is and give you a few tools to become a better one yourself.

In this episode, Rocky tells Brad how he is genuinely in love with the leadership topic and how to help people find their purpose. Visit www.rockyzapata.org to learn more about Rocky and what his LightSpeed Virtual Training Courses can help YOU learn.


00:00 Intro

03:19 What is missing in leadership these days?

05:07 How did Rocky start out?

07:50 First Bomb: One thing you cannot lack is belief in yourself

12:25 Everyone is a leader

17:04 Second Bomb: The opportunities that exist in the best country in the world

20:00 Rocky’s educational story

25:18 Fatherhood

26:53 Third Bomb: You can influence 1000’s with leadership but if you don’t influence your own family then it is a loss

31:44 Rocky for President of Nicaragua

33:44 Rocky’s goals for the world

38:06 Manage Money

39:30 Fourth Bomb: $20M or $100M retort

42:17 What does Rocky’s company do?

45:40 Leadership defined by Rocky

47:10 Are leaders born or are leaders made?

52:55 Fifth Bomb: To connect with people you have to speak their language

56:06 Covid

57:30 Quarterly Review

59:37 Brad’s Bomb: on raises

01:01:09 You can only build and help people who want to be built and helped

01:03:24 Rocky’s Virtual Training system

01:07:39 Rocky’s goal

01:08:20 Sixth Bomb: Rocky’s goal to help everyone he can to find their purpose

Jan 25, 2021
Mikhaila Peterson. Diet, Depression, and Dad, Jordan B. Peterson. Episode 338 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Mikhaila had signs of joint pain by the age of two and when she was seven was diagnosed with extremely severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. At age 8, she was injecting herself with medications at home twice a week, but her health continued to decline, and at age 12 was diagnosed with severe depression. Several attempts but nothing worked until Mikhaila created The Lion Diet. The rest is history.

In this episode, Brad and Mikhaila discuss her diet, her depression, and her Dad, who she manages, Jordan B. Peterson. This episode discusses a myriad of brilliant topics. Listen in and get the value. Check out www.Mikhailapeterson.com to learn more about this awesome human.

00:00 Intro

00:48 Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

01:16 Shout-out to Jordan Peterson

03:38 What is Mikhaila doing?

07:15 Research on the diet

12:09 What is ruminant meat?

14:38 Why Ketosis works really well

18:01 What to eat on The Lion Diet

20:26 Mikhaila’s daily eating

22:20 The Peterson escape

24:02 Fear is easier than being brave

24:40 Stupidity over Malevolence

27:30 What does depression feel like?

29:43 First Bomb: Scared and Stupid over dying

32:37 Diet before Pharmaceuticals when depressed

38:18 The power of coincidences

39:21 Shout-out to Jordan Peterson 2.0

41:19 Possible cures for cancer

41:49 One thing Mikhaila likes to tell sick people

42:33 Look for the answers

44:42 Mikhaila’s recommendations on meat

48:12 What are the supplements?

49:59 The movie, Blackwater 

52:50 “The Lion Diet”

54:40 The Frankenstein Cow

56:50 The power of alcohol

59:59 What is college about to Mikhaila and Brad

01:01:40 How can the #bombsquad help Mikhaila

01:06:03 LightSpeed VT

Jan 21, 2021
Rod Khleif. How to Lose Everything and Still Win Big. Episode 337 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Rod Khleif is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, multiple business owner, author, mentor, and community philanthropist who is passionate about business, life, success, and giving back. Buy Rod’s book and listen to his podcast by visiting www.Rodkhleif.com.

In this episode, Brad and Rod spend a lot of time talking about what Rod teaches, and how he teaches it to his students and throughout his company to maintain focus, stay clear, and of course, stay motivated.

00:00 Intro

00:50 Follow Rod

01:40 Rod’s Story

03:41 Psychology and Mindset takes up 80% of the thought process

06:17 First Bomb: Leaders are the most important people right now and leaders must focus right now

06:35 Listen to Rod’s Podcast: The Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing

08:08 Take notes on this piece right here

15:06 Make it painful if you do not achieve the goal

21:00 Clarity is power

24:00 “I AM”

28:49 Shout-out to Tony Robbins

30:19 Second Bomb Feeding and Providing for families during the holidays etc.; Always give.

32:16 Text Multifamily to 41411 and use code, RODFRIEND

36:00 Why real estate?

47:00 What is equity?

51:39 How Rod lost it all

54:35 Buy Rod’s Book link in paragraph above

01:01:00 Rod’s two day 

01:02:50 Bring Rod some deals

01:05:59 Third Bomb: Don’t look a what you fear, focus on what you want and pivot

01:07:00 Rod’s charity

01:07:55 Fourth Bomb: Be happy as you achieve

01:09:04 Fifth Bomb: Power moves to those who serve

01:11:00 Rod’s Plan of Action for you to follow

Jan 18, 2021
Carlos Reyes. Illegal Immigrant to Real Estate Tycoon. Episode 336 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Carlos came to the country illegally as a little boy. He was also raised by a single mom. His mom worked 2 jobs both paying $8.25 an hour to raise 3 kids. He later became a US citizen, thanks to his mother’s effort. He then decided to quit a 14-year corporate job in 2015 to pursue the dream of building his own Real Estate investment company.

In this episode, Carlos unpacks his whole life story and how he went from an illegal immigrant to a real estate Tycoon using other people’s money at first and reinvesting in himself like the true entrepreneur that he is.


00:00 Intro

02:30 Carlos’ story 

3:00 First Bomb: the USA is the best country

5:07 The levels of Entrepreneurship

06:25 Second Bomb: Be a SUCCESSFUL Entrepreneur

07:10 Third Bomb: The Sacrifice

07:21 Fourth Bomb: The Sacrifice Part II

11:00 Caught in a sewer coming into the USA

13:34 Carlos’ Mom’s story when she first came over from Mexico

17:07 Didn’t make it the first time so round two!

18:41 How Carlos got through the fence

20:46 Follow Carlos on Instagram! @carlosreyes 

22:17 Fifth Bomb: What Entrepreneurship means (We buy houses with no money)

23:15 AttendMomentum.com Carlos’ event

26:07 Captivating Moment in Carlos’ Trajectory

28:10 Buy Carlos’ Book “The Best Wholesaling Book Ever”

30:10 Go to Allinnation.com get the book for free and just pay for shipping!

32:44 The Housewife Theory

40:15 The RR sale

42:06 Carlos is also an educator and coach

46:07 Shout-out to Andy Frisella

48:33 The three phases of being an entrepreneur

49:40 Sixth Bomb: Servitude

50:48 Shout-out to Cole Hatter

52:16 Tag Cole Hatter

54:10 Seventh Bomb: I want people to follow me who are interested in me

58:08 The origin of Jesus (Yeshua) Christ

01:01:04 The voting system by Brad Lea

01:02:30 Eighth Bomb I can only control what I can control

01:03:50 Carlos’ mask exercises

01:04:54 Shout-out to Tino

01:07:26 Covid-19 Symptoms

01:19:10 Ninth Bomb: Everyone has excuses and they all stink

01:22:52 Follow Carlos or learn how to wholesale

01:23:20 Tenth Bomb Find the need and find the solution

01:24: 40 Eleventh Bomb on Carlos starting a second podcast

01:25:00 Outro

Jan 14, 2021
Amberly Lago. How Resilience is Built. Episode 335 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

00:00 Intro

00:56 Get Amber’s Book and follow Amber @amberlylagomotivation

02:00 Amberly’s recent accident

05:00 Solution to Tesla’s

08:45 First bomb; Amberly has determination and Brad is the shit

11:03 When in doubt, go to the bible

12:30 Amberly’s accident that caused 34 surgeries

16:00 Thoughts on amputation 

18:00 Glimmer of hope with a 1% chance

20:00 Second bomb; perspective

20:27 Third bomb; aim to help others to get what YOU want. How do you get to be a good person? Hang around good people!

23:00 What does Amberly do and where they can find her?

25:10 Recommendation to people with chronic pain

29:00 Third Bomb; ask for help

30:32 Fourth Bomb; gratefulness

34:12 What is complex regional pain syndrome?

35:40 Fifth Bomb; Get your mind right, and then everything else will follow

40:12 Amberly finds love in her story and it changes her life

49:30 Shout-out to Venice Beach

52:20 Brad, the sworn officer

54:30 The voting system told by Brad Lea

55:49 Recording happened prior to the election

01:01:43 Amberlylago.com

01:02:33 Text Amberly’s community and she will give you a freebie!

01:03:43 Amberly’s podcast

01:04:50 Sixth Bomb; Do things to bring you closer together


Amberly’s life experience and the proven strategies she has created to understand and maximize resilience resonate with companies whose core values include perseverance, grit, passion, and team building. For audiences living with chronic pain, she delivers a powerful message of hope and offers solutions at conferences, workshops, and clinics. Her message is relatable, inspiring, and she is driving results and changing lives around the world.  

In this episode, Brad and Amberly hit the mark on resilience learning what Amberly went through and what she had to do to overcome it. Listen in for an exciting episode!

Jan 11, 2021
Kris Krohn. How to Scale Your Business with Systems. Episode 334 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

01:40 Learn Real Estate with Kris Krohn

02:50 First Bomb Dropped; pay mentors to help you learn

05:50 Who are Kris’ Mentors

08:13 What does Kris Krohn do?

12:50 Why is leverage important and Brad’s “Do More, Get Better, and Scale” Lesson

16:30 What is success?

23:18 Second Bomb; never stop asking for what you want

31:14 The steps to winning with Tic Tok

34:30 Follow Brad on Tic Tok

44:00 Financially understand your life

48:24 Get Kris’ free book online

55:00 How you build wealth in real estate

01:01:11 Third Bomb; master sales

01:04:41 Fourth Bomb; wake up

For over a decade now, Kris has empowered people to grow their wealth, health, and personal power. Through his innovative approaches to real estate investing and his powerful Limitless Belief Breakthrough, Kris helps people bridge the gap between where they are and the results they want—the results of their potential demands.

In this episode, Brad and Kris drop some serious bombs about creating the process for the utmost success in your life and business and doing it by building wealth the RIGHT WAY.

Listen in and follow Kris as well as buy his books @kriskrohn

PRE-ORDER Brad’s Book at https://www.bradlea.com

Learn to sell, close, and persuade at https://www.closerschool.com

Join Brad’s Badass Virtual Mastermind at https://www.closerschoollive.com

Create and Launch a WORLD CLASS Training SYSTEM at https://www.lightspeedvt.com

Make REAL Money with Brad and receive live coaching every week at https://www.lsvtarmy.com

Join the #BOMBSQUAD by subscribing at https://www.droppingbombs.com

Jan 07, 2021
Lisa Song Sutton. How to Build Partnerships in Business. Episode 333 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Lisa started her business career working in a top Las Vegas law firm. She then went on to create multiple companies of her own. Her first business, Sin City Cupcakes is an iconic Las Vegas treat that delights tens of thousands of locals and visitors each year. Lisa is also co-founder of Ship Las Vegas, Elite Homes – Christie’s International Real Estate, and Liquid & Lace swimwear. Lisa is passionate about sharing her message of leadership, empowerment, and action with various audiences, and encouragement.

In this episode, Brad and Lisa talk about what it means to be a true entrepreneur, the risks that have to be taken to grant you the reward, the twisted political world we live in, and what they do every day to do THEIR PART.

Follow Lisa on all mediums @lisasongsutton



Jan 04, 2021
Brad Lea. Why 2021 Will Be the Best Year. Episode 332 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Is your mindset, map, motions, measurement, and money all a straight and arrow or do you need to check those gauges?! Brad breaks it down in this episode of Dropping Bombs with no guest. If we analyze everything on the micro it will help us figure out everything on the macro. 

 If you get the first four M’s correct; mindset, map, motions, and measurement, you will NOT have money problems. Getting better isn’t something you did, it’s something you do and you do it every day. Your mindset equals your beliefs. Your map equals where you are going. Your motions are your habits, actions, choices, and decisions. Your measurement equals how you are measuring things and if you are AT ALL. Lastly, your money equals what you are getting in return for the value you are sharing and how much money your money is making you.

Take a look at your M-Gauges/Life-Gauges and make 2021’s resolution count.

Dec 31, 2020
Mike Ashabi. From Severe Depression to Success Story. Episode 331 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Mike Ashabi works with a variety of entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups to help them build strategies for sustainability and scaling. His company, True Life Ventures, focuses on making clients increase business growth by 40% month after month, and as a result, allows them to achieve financial freedom. Michael is a very result-driven person and aspires to keep helping clients around the world to succeed. In late 2020 Mike Ashabi released his book Demanding Greatness, a motivational book that reminds us that even in the low points we need to Demand our Greatness. 

In this episode, Mike and Brad discuss how Mike gets to the root of your “why” with a series of his “secret sauce” questions. If you don’t know the reason why you are achieving something along with a pain point you cannot solve it and what you don’t face is what you will have problems with, Mike explains. Go get his book on amazon and jump over to his website to learn about the True Life brand. https://truelifeventures-ma.com.

Dec 28, 2020
Vegas Dave. How to Make Money with Sports Cards and Sports Betting. Episode 330 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Dave Oancea, better known as “Vegas Dave,” and often regarded as the “Futures King,” is one of the elite sports handicappers of this era. His amazing talent for betting on long shots has helped him build a lucrative career in Las Vegas for the last 15 years. Today, Dave is an acclaimed sport betting consultant, providing membership packages for clientele from all over the world, putting them in a prime position to win at sports betting. 

From what started with five players four years ago has now grown into a global business recognized worldwide with over 10,000 happy clients.

In this episode, Vegas Dave and Brad obviously discuss the sports betting world and also the personal development world. They discuss how one needs to brand and market themselves so much to the point of whatever it takes and YOU will happen. It’s all fun and games (literally) until it isn’t anymore as sh*t gets more and more real you have to make a choice, “work for a boss or be the boss” as Vegas Dave so eloquently puts it.

Dave has some great plans for his future as he continues to grow as an entrepreneur.Visit his website at www.itsvegasdave.com to learn more about his plans and what he currently does now.

Dec 24, 2020
Daniel Kwak.How to go from a Negative Balance to a Multi-Million Dollar Bank Account. Episode 329 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Daniel Kwak first immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of 5. Due to a financially disadvantaged upbringing at the age of 20, he had a negative amount of 187.65 in his bank account. Motivated by continued financial hardship throughout his life he started learning about Real Estate Investing. 

Enter The Kwak Brothers Brand: Daniel and his brother, Sam, are entrepreneurs, real estate investors, mentors, and authors of many books. Today you may find them on YouTube or on stage speaking to empower individuals in the world of real estate investing. Their goal is to put you first and your problems first before all else!

In this episode, Daniel and Brad discuss Daniel’s rags to riches growing up dirt poor and identify the opportunities to be in the right place at the right time, but by choice. Brad says, everyone should think like this, but everyone doesn’t, and Daniel does. Listen in and identify the opportunities that you may see. Comment and share when you find them.

Dec 21, 2020
Coach Burt. How to Hack Your Prey Drive for Motivation. Episode 328 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

“Everybody needs a good coach in life.” 

Those that have great coaches outperform those that don’t 3-4X and out-earn those that don’t 3-4X. Coach Burt is both INTENSE and POSITIVE and many like his authentic nature and pure coaching skills of packaging and delivering content in ways that get people to take action and get results. Coach Micheal Burt is considered “America’s Coach,” a unique blend of a former championship basketball coach combined with a deep methodology of inner-engineering people to produce at a higher level in the business world. 

In this episode, Brad learns about the prey drive from Coach Burt for motivation and what it means to “flip the switch.” A person of influence is hard to find and in this episode, you are sure to find it.

Dec 17, 2020
Brent Gleeson. What You Can Learn About Leadership from Passion, Grit, & the Deep Desire to Be a Seal. Episode 327 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

A Navy SEAL combat veteran and serial entrepreneur, has leveraged the principles of leadership, discipline, accountability, and resiliency learned in training and applied downrange for building high-performance teams in the business world. Brent is an acclaimed speaker on topics ranging from leadership and culture transformation to change management and building high-performance teams. Companies of all sizes from across the globe hire him for speaking and consulting with a desire to leverage his expertise in building teams that evangelize change and achieve winning results.

In this episode, Brent and Brad dive into what the desire was to become a Navy Seal, leadership from a whole standpoint, the three kinds of employees there are, and the passion that is involved with doing it all!

Dec 14, 2020
JT Foxx. Top Secrets to Building Relationship Capital and Success in Business. Episode 326 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

JT Foxx is a private equity fund manager, a serial entrepreneur of many companies across all sectors, an investor in companies & property, and the World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach. He has business interests in over 54 countries and is a former media personality having had his own self-syndicated radio show called the JT Foxx Show in the United States and Canada, which now has moved to his highly-popular MillionaireFlix platform. He has appeared on major news media networks across the globe in addition to the features in Forbes and various print magazine covers as well as multiple radio shows.

In this episode, JT explains to Brad that it’s not what you know. It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. You start with one person and persistence without stalking is key. Listen in to learn more.

Dec 10, 2020
David Carpenter. Life Insurance Expert Tips to Grow Exponentially. Episode 325 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

David Carpenter was broke financially, crushed emotionally, and overwhelmed mentally. After finding quick success as an entrepreneur by earning a company paid for BMW at only 19 years old, David was quickly humbled when he watched his entire business crumble less than two years later. At 21, he was forced to return his car due to the fact he couldn’t keep up with the payments. However, as a relentless competitor his entire life, David refused to give up and decided to launch his second business, which, to his dismay, ended up failing within a year…

In this episode, David and Brad discuss what it takes to grow as it relates to mindset, personal responsibility, and of course grit. Brad asks challenging questions and David’s responses are the tips anyone could need to grow their business and take it to the next level.

Dec 07, 2020
Joe Foster. How the Reebok Founder Built a Business Empire. Episode 324 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

In 1943 at the age of 8, Joe won an American Webster's dictionary in an 80 yards sprint race in his hometown of Bolton. This was the dictionary where Joe was to find the word Reebok (the American spelling), in 1960. If he had won an English Dictionary, he would have found the word spelled, Rhebok. Joe and his late brother Jeff were born into the J W Foster & family business, but on their return after 2 years away from home on National Service, they asked questions about the future. The year was 1955 and the brothers saw a business still rooted in the 1930s. Their father and uncle were now operating the business and very much like another sport shoe company (Adidas), spent more time feuding than collaborating. The result was that in 1958 Joe and Jeff left the Foster business to set up their own business. Six miles down the road in the next town, Bury, the brothers founded "Mercury Sports Footwear", which after 18 months they changed its name to 'Reebok'. Joe had been advised to protect their company’s name by registering it. Finding the word Mercury was registered by another company started the search for a new name and one source was Joe's Webster's dictionary. Leafing through for inspiration Joe came across grey rhebok, a small South African antelope, this sounded just right and was free to register. The Reebok business developed with Jeff looking after production, Joe took charge of the sales and marketing side, as well as design which included the classic silhouette, outsole, and the Starcrest. 

In this episode, Brad identifies how Joe Foster very well may have invented “Influencer Marketing” back in 1982 and leveraged it to Billions, building a global brand in Reebok that he eventually exited some 10 years ago. Now spending time in France awaiting a trip back to his home country of the U.K. Joe Foster is still smart as a whip and knows what it takes to help products sell at scale.

Dec 03, 2020
Gary Finkelstein. Make Millions as a Real Estate Agent and Investor. Episode 323 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Gary Finkelstein is the #1 Millennial Agent and Top 5 Producer in the state of Florida for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty. Most recently he was awarded Chairman's Circle Platinum 2018. In 2013 he was awarded as one of the Top Sales Associates for his success. In 2016, Gary generated 5 of the highest sales per square foot in Isla Del Sol and Historic Plantation. Recipient of the sought-after Diamond Award in 2014 and 2015, as well as, Millennial of the year.

A self-made millionaire before the age of 35, Finkelstein shares with the bomb squad listeners: focus on your strengths, rack up the wins, set small attainable goals, be a winner, and of course THINK LIKE A G.

Nov 30, 2020
Brad Lea. Thanksgiving Gratitude Lessons. The Million Dollar Morning. Episode 322

Would you rather have a million dollars or life? Assuming your answer is life-- when you wake up, look in the mirror and tell yourself, “Congrats! You get another day, bi*ch!” … because you do.

Brad Lea lays it down in this solo Dropping Bombs episode with the value, the wit, the realness, and of course the BOMBS. 

Listen and learn as this Thanksgiving Day special gives you a lot of self-reflecting to do on strategies that Brad has created like The Million Dollar Morning in correlation with some of the lessons he has learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

Subscribe, leave a review, and always keep it real.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Dropping Bombs family to you and yours!

Nov 26, 2020
Anthony Trucks. How to Shift Your Mindset to Discover Your True Identity. Episode 321 with The Real Brad Lea

It is Anthony’s passion and life’s mission to pass along the knowledge that took him 30+ years to learn on to those who are struggling just like he has. He knows what it’s like and has been where you are right now. The only thing worse than unsolicited advice is advice from someone who’s never walked a mile in your shoes. Anthony was put here, and put through his hardships in life, to coach you through the identity shift that you need to make to create the life that you deserve.

In this episode, Anthony explains to Brad what it means to understand your true identity as it starts with a self-examination process that Anthony Trucks created called, “The Hard Formula.” Anthony explains to first identify your: HABITS, ACTIONS, REACTIONS, and DRIVERS. Then examine and unpack these in 6 key areas of your life, your beliefs, your thoughts, your actions, your habits, your mindset, and your personal pride. Are you the common denominator in your problems? Listen in.

Nov 23, 2020
Dr. John Jaquish. Get Ripped, Lose Body Fat, and Gain Muscle Without Going to the Gym. Episode 320 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Dr. John Jaquish began his experience in life sciences after being told by his Mother that she had been diagnosed with osteoporosis. John, in an effort to help his mother, created a device to place axial loading through bone to safely cause osteogenic loading events. The device was to trigger the effects of high-impact loading, but without the risk of injury.

After successfully reversing his Mother's osteoporosis, as part of his doctoral dissertation in biomedical engineering research at Rushmore University, he conducted four years of testing with human subjects focused on user comfort, biomechanics, and optimal musculoskeletal stimulation. Next, the device he designed was put into production and has since been placed in over 300 clinics worldwide. Osteogenic loading has now helped over 30,000 individuals with their bone health. Published data has shown treatment with this osteogenic loading device has resulted in over 14% gains in bone density in both the spine and hip over one year of once-weekly treatment.

 Dr. Jaquish is currently advancing osteogenic loading research and speaking worldwide about its implications, as well as developing other biotechnology devices and products that will aid in the advanced health and wellbeing of people all around the world. He formerly was a member of the Board of Directors of American Bone Health, and the editorial board of the Journal of Steroids and Hormonal Science.

Dr. Jaquish specifically specializes in reflexive muscle activation and associated endocrine responses, bone density and fracture avoidance, myofibril protein synthesis, and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy/sarcopenic treatment.  

In this episode, Dr. John Jaquish and Brad discuss how to get the body you want by following his advice and it means that you do not have to go to the gym...say what??? Tune in to find out exactly what you need to do.

Nov 19, 2020
Robert Martinez.Learn How to Become an Apartment Investor. Episode 319 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Robert Martinez is the Founder and CEO of Rockstar Capital, an investment and multi-family property management firm specializing in the acquisition and management of value-add opportunities across Texas. Currently, the portfolio consists of 3,762 units across 21 communities. As the CEO and founder, Robert Martinez directs the investment strategy, sources the investment capital, and secures the appropriate financing.

Since 2011, Rockstar Capital Management has become one of the most decorated property management companies in Texas with 17 City, State, and National Apartment Associations awards. Other industry achievements include Top-Rated status by ApartmentRatings.com for the entire Rockstar portfolio from 2015-2019 and the distinction of being ranked the #4 multifamily management company in Texas for online reputation by J Turner Research. In all, five Rockstar Capital communities ranked in the Top 1% nationally (out of over 116,000 communities) for online resident satisfaction.

Rockstar Capital has a simple goal in mind: to create a better real estate organization based on genuine care for everyone involved. They are passionate about enriching the lives of everyone at Rockstar Capital, from improving resident lifestyles to expanding the training and skillsets of our dedicated teams who manage our communities. 

In this episode, some of the key things Robert recommends to minimize risk when investing in real estate properties include: putting 25% down and financing a little less than you would normally need to. He likes to try and keep cash reserves on-hand for each property to make it 6 months. Robert also finds it very important to take care of the tenants so they don't want to leave and says that when they stay it saves him money.

Nov 16, 2020
Lance Graulich.Top Business Secrets From Top Franchising Expert.Episode 318 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Lance Graulich is the founder & CEO of ION Franchising, an industry-leading franchise consulting and development group, that represents over 500 franchise brands & business opportunities within 90 categories. Lance helps prospective entrepreneurs find their perfect franchise for FREE.

He also assists independent business owners in creating a franchise system. 

Lance started out in the family business on Wall Street after receiving an economics degree.

He then joined a TGI Fridays franchise in Phoenix, AZ as a key executive and was vital to the rapid growth of this $225,000,000 organization. 

Mr. Graulich was a multi-unit, multi-state franchisee of Wingstop and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. He has created countless start-up brands and has become the industry-leading donut expert. He is the founder of a donut chain called Pinkbox in Las Vegas. His latest startup bakery project is with a Food Network star. 

As a business start-up expert with more than 25 years of experience, he has served as President of various franchise advisory councils and boards advising emerging franchise brands. He has helped a multitude of companies grow efficiently & effectively. Lance routinely provides advisory services to private equity firms covering the restaurant industry as well.

In this episode, Brad and Lance discuss what it means to be a franchisee and the top steps to get there!

Nov 12, 2020
Rob Luna. The Entrepreneur Mindset for a 7-Figure Exit Strategy. Episode 317 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Robert has more than 20 years of experience in the wealth management industry. He has worked as a derivatives trader, proprietary trader, and risk analyst before launching Surevest to begin managing private investment portfolios for high net worth clients in 2002.

In 2020 Robert Sold a majority interest in Surevest to CI Financial, the largest non-bank publicly traded financial company in Canada. This transaction has strengthened the financial position and global investment capabilities of Surevest and has allowed Robert to focus on his passion for working and developing innovative solutions for clients and advisors in the Ultra High Net worth market.

Today, as the CEO & Chief Investment Strategist of Surevest, Robert oversees strategy for the firm and heads our investment committee. Robert works closely to support our advisors in designing a strategy with their high net worth clients. Additionally, through our Private CFO Program, he exclusively advises the firm’s highest net worth clients including entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and senior-level executives.

Robert holds MBA degrees from the Anderson School at The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) with an emphasis on global business management, international finance, economics, and strategy.

Robert is a frequent on-air contributor for Fox Business, he can be seen Fridays on Making Money with Charles Payne. He is also a regular guest on CNBC and other financial networks and has been featured in numerous publications such as Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal.

In this episode, Brad and Rob dive into the important ways you can manage your money to buy and sell a business, have a financial plan, and really set yourself up for success. Find out more by listening in to the full episode!

Nov 09, 2020
Ryan Thurman.How to Avoid the DO NOT CALL LIST Trap. Episode 316 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Ryan is the Sales and marketing director with over 20 years of proven sales and marketing experience in the Contact Center Industry. Subject matter expert in contact center technologies (dialers and telephony solutions), data services, SaaS, and healthcare. A compliance industry expert with a focus on State and Federal marketing and privacy regulations including FTC, FCC, and global compliance regulations. Moderator and panelist for industry events and webinars. 

Ryan specializes in business development and partnership management. Contact center compliance, regulatory compliance, privacy regulations including TCPA, TSR, and State level compliance. Telecommunications technology and infrastructure. automated dialer compliance, PCI compliance, and data services/appending. Ryan is also fluent in Spanish and experienced with Latin American markets.

In this episode, Ryan Thurman shares his must-know secrets to staying compliant with Do Not Call List regulation in the U.S. or when a business is calling on U.S. residents. Warning executives and sales professionals that if you or your team are calling outbound leads and these leads are not checked for compliance you could be in for a world of trouble.

Nov 05, 2020
Brendan Kane. How to Grow Your Business to One Million Followers and Beyond. Episode 315 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Brendan Kane is an out of the box thinker for Fortune 500 corporations, brands, and celebrities. He thrives on helping individuals and companies systematically find and engage new audiences who reward relevant content, products, and services with their attention and spend.

In partnership with MTV, Brendan conceptualized and built an advertising technology that monetized consumer to consumer interaction within social networks. This technology was utilized by MGM, Lionsgate, Sony, Yahoo, MTV, Rockband, and Vice magazine.

He also served as vice president of digital for Paramount Pictures and helped scale one of the largest social optimization firms in the world, that works with brands such as Disney, Fox, NBC, Netflix, Xbox, LinkedIn, and many notable Fortune 100 companies.

Kane is most recently known for generating one million followers in over 100 counties in less than 30 days. He went on to publish the best-selling book One Million Followers, which breaks down how he was able to achieve such a feat. He is also a best-selling author for the book, Hook Point.

In this episode, Brad and Brendan dive into the online marketing secrets as well as understanding how to do it and that it is possible for ANYONE to do. If you want to learn how to grow your online business up to one million followers and beyond, listen to this twice. Every business needs this and every business can obtain it.

Nov 02, 2020
Mike "C-Roc" Ciorrocco. How to Overcome Facing Setbacks. Episode 314 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Mike Ciorrocco is a motivator, facilitator, dynamic podcast host, public speaker, fierce friend, and coach. Mike is an executive manager at Nations Lending, a residential mortgage company. He and his three best friends have built one of the most profitable divisions within Nations Lending from the ground up.

He has spoken in front of thousands of real estate agents, showing them how to grow their business not only via traditional marketing methods but also by using outside-the-box digital and social media marketing.

Mike is the CEO of People Building, Inc. He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary, and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build people. At his core, he’s obsessed with success and helping others achieve greatness.  C-Roc is a guy who had a fire lit in him at an early age. That fire has led him to inspire others to see the greatness inside of themselves using past life events to fuel their fire. 

Mike is also a division manager at Nations Lending, a residential mortgage company. He and his three best friends have built one of the most profitable divisions within Nations Lending from the ground up, assisting home buyers finance the purchase of their dream homes. His passion is truly helping others. 

In this episode of Dropping Bombs podcast C-Roc explains that facing setbacks in life actually helps you measure in some ways what you are made of. As an entrepreneur, you're bound to experience challenges and setbacks along the way and how you problem-solve or create the solutions is what will take you to the next level.

Oct 29, 2020
Brandon T. Adams. How to Create Your Own Success Tour. Episode 313 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Brandon T. Adams is an Emmy® Award Winning Producer and Host of the TV Series Success in Your City. He is a Podcaster, Speaker, Inventor, Advisor, Crowdfunding Expert, and Media Expert. Brandon is a serial entrepreneur, owning a stake in a number of businesses, including the Accelerant Media Group, Live to Grind, Young Entrepreneur Convention, Success in Your City, and more.

Brandon grew up working with his father in the packaged ice business. He and his father grew the business to a tri-state region and in 2014 Brandon acquired the business from his father. Adams’ Ice Service is an Ice distributor under the brand Arctic Glacier Ice. One hot day while delivering Ice Brandon’s bottled beverage got warm on a hot summer day. He had used ice-cubes before to keep the drink cold but putting ice cubes in the bottle was time-consuming and diluted the drink. This problem led Brandon to inventing the product Arctic Stick, an innovative new product that cools and flavors drinks. After investing $100,000 of his own money and 3.5 years of hard work he took the product to market and it sells on Amazon today. He also obtained a patent and 2 trademarks for his invention.

In this episode, Brandon and Brad discuss the importance of content, content distribution, marketing, and mostly how to gain success! Learn more about Brandon and what he does in this amazing episode!

Check out Brandon’s new book! The Road to Success: How to Achieve Success in Business, Life, and Love

Oct 26, 2020
Eric Worre. How to Master Network Marketing. Episode 312 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Since 2009, Eric Worre has produced over 1,400 free videos for the Network Marketing community on virtually every topic. His training is now viewed by over 5 million people every single week. In 2010, he created Go Pro Recruiting Mastery, an annual generic training event that has grown into the largest in Network Marketing history. Over 8,000 attended in 2015 and the next event in December 2016 has over 17,000 pre-registered.

In 2013, he released the International best-selling book “Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional”, which has sold well over 1 million copies to date and has become a “must read” for anyone who is serious about building their network marketing business.

In 2014, he released the documentary-style film “Rise Of The Entrepreneur” which helps to dispel many of the misconceptions related to Network Marketing.

In 2015, along with his wife Marina, he created a new annual event called "The Most Powerful Women In The World" which is already the world's largest generic Network Marketing event for women.

To date, the Network Marketing Pro community has grown to over a million leaders from over 100 countries around the world. As one of the most sought-after speakers in Network Marketing today, he is engaged in an effort to raise all ships and allow this profession to truly take its proper place in this world as “a better way.”

In this episode of Dropping Bombs Podcast you will learn network marketing secrets, plus some MLM secrets from Eric Worre and you'll learn how to master network marketing.

If you're wondering how to master network marketing? Brad Lea has a special guest for you, a pupil of Jim Rohn... The master of network marketing, Eric Worre is here to share his network marketing secrets for MLM and network marketing pros like yourself on this episode of Dropping Bombs podcast.

Oct 22, 2020
Corey Berrier. Is an Ayahuasca Journey Safe for Entrepreneurs? Episode 311 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Corey Berrier is a Certified Sales, Success and Nutrition Coach, Master Personal Trainer, NLP Practitioner, and the host of the Successful Life Podcast.

Beginning his career as a personal trainer IN 2009, Corey was one of the top personal trainers for many years before partnering with a client to start at Hormone Replacement/Medical Spa Center.

In 2018, after watching the film, “The Secret”, Corey felt he hadn’t been living up to his full potential.

Ultimately, after taking part in the Knowledge Business Blueprint mentoring program with Dean Grazziosi and Tony Robbins, Corey sold his half of the Medical Spa and set out to help other entrepreneurs and coaches take their lives and businesses to new levels teaching them the art of selling.

Corey teaches people how to sell without feeling like a salesperson and how to be extraordinarily happy and have a “Successful Life”.

In this part two episode, Brad and Corey discuss Corey's Ayahuasca Experience and whether or not it is safe for all entrepreneurs!

Oct 19, 2020
Tom Bilyeu.How to Get Good at Being an Entrepreneur. Episode 310 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Tom’s mission is the creation of empowering media-based IP and the acceleration of mission-based businesses. Personally, Tom is driven to help people develop the skills they will need to improve themselves and the world, Tom is intent to use commerce to address the dual pandemics of physical and mental malnourishment.


Tom is a forever student of life. His obsession with mastering skills has molded him into a well-rounded leader, battle-hardened and unafraid to fire moonshots.


Tom’s mission is the creation of empowering media-based IP and the acceleration of mission-based businesses. Personally driven to help people develop the skills they will need to improve themselves and the world, Tom is intent to use commerce to address the dual pandemics of physical and mental malnourishment.

Tom regularly inspires audiences of entrepreneurs, change makers and thought leaders at some of the most prestigious conferences and seminars around the world, including Abundance 360, A-fest and Freedom Fast Lane. Tom has also been a guest on The Tony Robbins podcast and The School of Greatness podcast and has been featured in Forbes, Inc., SUCCESS and The Huffington Post. Tom is currently on the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation.


In this episode, Brad and Tom discuss so many entrepreneurial notions and what it means to be good in business. Tom says, “Money does not make you feel better about yourself, perhaps only in the moment, but that is not what it is about.”  Tom clearly articulates how he got to where he is today and every actionable step he took along the way.

This is a must-listen-to episode with extreme value!

Oct 15, 2020
Major Scott Huesing. The Power of Human Connection. Episode 309 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Scott A. Huesing is a retired USMC Infantry Major with over 24 years of service, both enlisted and as a commissioned officer.  His career spanned 10 deployments and he conducted operations in over 60 countries worldwide.  During his numerous deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa he planned, led, and conducted hundreds of combat missions under some of the most austere and challenging conditions.  

Now Major Scott A. Huesing, the commander who led Echo Company through Ramadi, takes readers back to the streets of Ramadi in a visceral, gripping portrayal of modern urban combat. Bound together by brotherhood, honor, and the horror they faced, Echo's Marines battled day-to-day on the frontline of a totally different kind of war, without rules, built on chaos. In Echo in Ramadi, Huesing brings these resilient, resolute young men to life and shows how the savagery of urban combat left indelible scars on their bodies, psyches, and souls. Like war classics, We Were Soldiers, The Yellow Birds, and Generation Kill, Echo in Ramadi is an unforgettable capsule of one company's experience of war that will leave readers stunned.

The Major is a formally trained instructor and public speaker with over 25 years of experience teaching and getting his audiences to connect to the material he presents, both in the military and private sectors.  He has spoken to audiences of over 2,000 conveying his thoughts, intent, and goals in order to motivate listeners. His natural, outgoing style makes him uniquely qualified and capable of communicating and translating his experiences to audiences about leadership, team-building, and personal challenges.

His best selling book is Echo in Ramadi and you can find more information him if you go to echoinramadi.com

In this episode, Brad and Major Scott Huesing discuss everything from his time in deployment to where he is now. Major Scott is a true American who understands what it means to be in the scariest battles training with the best of them. He believes the power of human connection is above all other powers and gets his point across extremely well in this episode.

Go to echoinramadi.com for more information.

Oct 12, 2020
Cole Hatter & Dan Fleyshman.Thrive to Survive. Episode 308 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Cole Hatter is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and car fanatic. Cole loves investing in people and in companies that make him a better person and the world a better place.

Thrive is an annual conference Cole founded that teaches entrepreneurs how to dominate in business and in life while making the world a better place.

Go to attendthrive.com and use Promo Code: BOMB to get 10% off!

Dan Fleyshman is the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. After licensing his apparel for $9.5 million dollars at the age of 19, he went on to scale the energy drink products into 55,000 retail stores.

Over the years Fleyshman launched 1 of the top 5 online poker sites globally, has thrown 37 “Elevator Night” events,
co-founded the “100 Million Mastermind Experience”, spoken at over 200 business events, angel invested in 36 companies and his agency “Elevator Studio” has spent over $60 million dollars with social media influencers for fashion brands, film studios, mobile apps & consumer products.

Dan’s main passion is his Model Citizen Fund charity which creates backpacks for the homeless filled with 150 emergency supply items inside. 

Dan and Cole partnered up to make Thrive virtual and this year, they did just that. Go to attendthrive.com and use Promo Code: BOMB to get 10% off!

In this episode, Cole, Dan, and Brad discuss their stories of entrepreneurship and how each of them came up in their businesses separately and some together.

There is more to life than just making money, it’s fun to keep making money but what type of a global impact are you making? Take your existing business and turn it for purpose. 

Go to attendthrive.com and use Promo Code: BOMB to get 10% off!

Oct 08, 2020
Colton Lindsay.How to Crush Real Estate in Five Easy Steps. Episode 307 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)

Colton Lindsay got an up-close look at the real estate industry from a young age. His mother worked as an office manager for a Utah real estate company, and he was eager to shadow some of the top producers at the agency. 

He entered the business at 21, and only sold two homes in his first ten months. Through a training event, and, with the help of mentor Bob Loeffler’s program Fearless Agent, Lindsay improved his strategy to close 73 deals in a single year. 

He built out his business in the years that followed and now manages one of the most successful agencies in Utah.

His WGR Academy is a real estate mastermind that helps realtors create a leveraged business that generates $500,000 to $1,000,000 in annual revenue with the agent personally doing less than 20% of the sales production.

The Five Levels Quiz is for realtors to find out what level of real estate agent they are and learn what they need to do to become a 5th level real estate agent that gene