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Category: Self-Improvement

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 May 21, 2024

 May 12, 2022
Love Calli and Nate but this is quite cheesy, almost cringeworthy at times.

 May 7, 2022
Not so good. I started listening after hearing a snippet from this show when it had the previous hosts. For a show about science it lacks something the previous hosts had: chemistry. I'd like it more if they dropped to scripted jokes.

 Apr 7, 2022
This used to be a great podcast. Then Discovery took over and ruined it. First came a bunch of ads, then new episodes only three days a week, then they apparently fire creator/host Cody Gaugh and longtime host Ashley Hamer. After that, the

 Nov 13, 2021


The award-winning Curiosity Daily podcast from will help you get smarter about the world around you. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll get a unique mix of research-based life hacks, the latest science and technology news, and more. Nate Bonham and Calli Gade will help you learn about your mind and body, outer space and the depths of the sea, and how history shaped the world into what it is today.Head to discovery+ to stream even more science content, from Animal Planet to Science Channel. Go to to start your 7-day free trial today. Terms Apply.

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Episode Date
Fiction Readers, Bird Flu Transmission, Beluga Heads
Jul 18, 2024
Tobacco Treatment, Clean Touchscreen, Parrot Stepdads
Jul 17, 2024
Shark Oil, Eco-Friendly Lubricant, Historic Land Management
Jul 12, 2024
Ghost Shark, Grief Treatment, Blood Vessel Coordination
Jul 11, 2024
Thresher Shark, Laron Syndrome, Sad Music
Jul 10, 2024
Newborn Great White, Long-Term Flu Shot, Consciousness Map
Jul 05, 2024
Hammerhead Embryos, Free Throw Touch, Kinky Alloy
Jul 04, 2024
Giant Shark, Barred Owl Cull, Misophonia Stress
Jul 03, 2024
Robotic Nerve Cuffs, Orangutan Medicine, Ritual Nostalgia
Jun 28, 2024
Universal Donors, Exercise & Time, Eggshell Plastic
Jun 27, 2024
Microgravity Effects, Octocoral, Menstrual Sync
Jun 26, 2024
Venus Environment, Forest Stewardship, Auto-Brewery Syndrome
Jun 21, 2024
Thistle Extract, Artificial Cells, Autism Language
Jun 20, 2024
Clean Water Walking, Metafluid, Underwater Bees
Jun 19, 2024
Dragon History, Gold Atom Layer, Low Pressure Diamonds
Jun 14, 2024
CO2 Into Electricity, Shapeshifting Cancer, Zebrafish
Jun 13, 2024
Left Hand Gene, Heat Wave Trees, Europa
Jun 12, 2024
When is Old Age?, Sensative Mothers, Neanderthal Homes
Jun 07, 2024
New Antibiotics, H2O Pollution Test, Cooperative Camouflage
Jun 06, 2024
Bird Dreams, Whales & Noise, Fruit-Eaters Save Forest
Jun 05, 2024
Paralysis Recovery, Bee Architecture, Perinatal Treatment
May 31, 2024
Brain Stimulation, Fractal Molecule, Bonobos
May 30, 2024
AI Medical Research, Watching Sports, Blinking
May 29, 2024
Romantic Traits, Heart & Gut, Canine Play
May 24, 2024
Diversified Farming, Sense of Smell, Simple Rhythms
May 23, 2024
Dark Energy, Electric Rain, Chickadees
May 22, 2024
Recovered Whales, Old Salmon Cans, Climate Change & Time
May 17, 2024
Cooling Windows, Mars & Erosion, Didgeridoo Slumber
May 16, 2024
Artificial Reef, Glasses & Income, AC DNA
May 15, 2024
Solar Drinking Water, Forgetting Memories, Super-Earth
May 10, 2024
New Marine Species, Teen Drivers, Animal Microchips
May 09, 2024
Gossip, Zooplankton, School Bus Science
May 08, 2024
Grooving to Music, Horse Burial, Coffee & Cancer
May 03, 2024
ChatGPT in School, Quiet Covid, Healing Contact Lens
May 02, 2024
Bigger Brains, Reef Songs, AI Speech
May 01, 2024
Sleep Spray, Insecticide Paint, UK Redwoods
Apr 26, 2024
Palm-Less Oil, Polyglot Brain, Ayahuasca & Fear
Apr 25, 2024
Extinction Risk, Living Fossils, Asteroid vs Birds
Apr 24, 2024
Twin Trauma, Bee Mystery, Sequence Bias
Apr 19, 2024
Brewer’s Yeast, Constructed Languages, Memory Direction
Apr 18, 2024
Frostbite Treatment, Blood in Space, Small Classes
Apr 17, 2024
Printed Skin, Mammoth De-Extinction, Learning Happiness
Apr 12, 2024
Glacier Curtain, Good Vibrations, PFAS Water Detox
Apr 11, 2024
Chernobyl Worms, Barnacle Proteins, Foot-Eye Coordination
Apr 10, 2024
Eclipse 2024, Boiling Microplastics, Self-Control
Apr 05, 2024
Geoengineering, Artificial Sweeteners, Butterfly Mimicry
Apr 04, 2024
Shark Hunter, Asbestos Cancer Treatment, Creative Flow
Apr 03, 2024
Human Diversity, Ancient Tool Use, Deep Sea Discoveries
Mar 29, 2024
Learning From Friends, Hair & Heart, Feeding Weeds
Mar 28, 2024
ADHD Foraging, Pollution & Pollinators, Big Cats Listen
Mar 27, 2024
Mind-Reading, Universe’s Brightest Object, Cinnamon
Mar 22, 2024
Category 6, Colo-Rectal Bacteria, Meteorite Loot
Mar 21, 2024
Stress & Immunity, Crop Resilience, Psychedelic Scale
Mar 20, 2024
Depression Temp, Cold Water Menopause, Ultrasound Sticker
Mar 15, 2024
Psychosis Blood Test, Altitude Genes, PCOS Cognition
Mar 14, 2024
Fentanyl Rapid Test, Lead Detector, Bach & Math
Mar 13, 2024
Chimp Menopause, Ancient Tsunami, Sexism in Science
Mar 08, 2024
Ovarian Cancer Treatment, Passive Learning, Lions & Ants
Mar 07, 2024
Aging & Colors, First Continents, Phones & Infant Health
Mar 06, 2024
Microgravity Gardening, AI Learns Language, Elephant Numbers
Mar 01, 2024
Leap Year, Tailored Microgreens, Teenage Advice
Feb 29, 2024
Racism & The Brain, Rhino Embryos, Handwriting
Feb 28, 2024
Silk-Making Bacteria, Deep Coral, CRISPR Agriculture
Feb 23, 2024
Hunter-Gatherer Diets, Self-Checkouts, Penguin Colonies
Feb 22, 2024
Insect Robots, Bigfoot & Bears, Chronic Stress
Feb 21, 2024
Organ Age, Comfort Food, Speedy Snails
Feb 16, 2024
Ant Doctors, Sequestered Carbon, Menstrual Brain
Feb 15, 2024
Long-Term Memories, Ear Infections, Mercury Salt
Feb 14, 2024
Powerful Polymer, Exoplanet CO2, Adoption Science
Feb 09, 2024
Hearing Aids, Quantum Error Eraser, Smalltalk
Feb 08, 2024
Dreamtalk, Super Melanin, Garter Snakes
Feb 07, 2024
Origin of Life, Self Control vs Willpower, Puppy Love
Feb 02, 2024
B12, Healthy Forests, Ketamine & the Brain
Feb 01, 2024
Ears & Eyes, Psilocybin & Depression, ADHD & Hoarding
Jan 31, 2024
3D Ink, RSVP No, Old Dogs
Jan 26, 2024
Daydream Brain, Power of a Laugh, Caffeine & Soccer
Jan 25, 2024
Human Genes, Dry Mouth Relief, Yawning Psychopaths
Jan 24, 2024
Bilingual Brain, Morning Sickness, Cat Purrs
Jan 19, 2024
Baby Language, AI Medicine, Human Collaboration
Jan 18, 2024
Brain Game, Goal Paralysis, Salt Cycle
Jan 17, 2024
Brain Rewiring, Rat Imagination, Dogs & PTSD
Jan 12, 2024
Lab on a Chip, Trauma Headaches, Mantle Blobs
Jan 11, 2024
Bipolar Blood Test, Music & Pain, Puffin Hybrid
Jan 10, 2024
Healthy Tongue, Slippery Surface, Curious for Answers
Jan 05, 2024
Speech Reconstruction, Weighted Blankets, Space Radio Burst
Jan 04, 2024
Sixth Taste, HIV Immunity Battle, Altruistic Bees
Jan 03, 2024
Re-release: Young Blood, Cinnamon Memory, Microplastic Filter
Dec 29, 2023
Re-release: Zombie Virus, Back From the Brink, Bad Cholesterol 
Dec 28, 2023
Re-release: Roman Concrete Magic, Virovore, Placebo Guilt  
Dec 27, 2023
Re-release: AI Animal Translator, Big Old Galaxies, Inner Inner Core 
Dec 22, 2023
Re-release: Podcast Friends, Drunk Plants, Hot Temper 
Dec 21, 2023
Re-release: Boyhood Nickname, Vampire Grave, Wrecked By Success  
Dec 20, 2023
Healing Algae, Mayan Reservoirs, Humpback Skincare
Dec 15, 2023
Smells and Colors, Bee Preferences, Science and Well-Being
Dec 14, 2023
Monkey Pig Kidney Transplant, Goalie Reflexes, Clean Snow
Dec 13, 2023
OCD Decisions, Albatross Sound Waves, Ice & Fungi
Dec 08, 2023
Bionic Hand, Satellites Watch Crops, AI & Our Moral Compass
Dec 07, 2023
Brain & Chronic Pain, Frogs Play Dead, Avian Flu Gene Edit
Dec 06, 2023
Nasal Vaccine, Dino Killer Volcano, Pied Tamarins
Dec 01, 2023
Hair Loss Clues, Renewable Energy Transition, Citrus History
Nov 30, 2023
Stopping Superbugs, Powerful Pulsar, Hippo Poop
Nov 29, 2023
Genetic Vegetarianism, Roman Sarcophagus, Homework
Nov 24, 2023
3D Print Stem Cells, Puzzling Elephants, Believing Delusion
Nov 23, 2023
Steroid Psychopathy, Iceberg Crash, Stand Up Dizziness
Nov 22, 2023
Hypno Pain Killer, Mosquito Secrets, Important Worms
Nov 17, 2023
Happiest Age, Compassion Fatigue, Arthritis Treatment
Nov 16, 2023
Tasmanian Tigers, Intensifying Hurricanes, Dog-Fox Hybrid
Nov 15, 2023
PTSD in the Brain, Dopamine Decisions, Love Body Connection
Nov 10, 2023
New Mom Pareidolia, Soapy Cilantro, Problem-Solving Birds
Nov 09, 2023
Chameleon Buildings, Math Pattern of Cells, Gravity Waves
Nov 08, 2023
Water Breakthrough, Suppress Stress, Ancient Wood
Nov 03, 2023
Nano Zit Zapper, Super Strong Silk, Plant Communication
Nov 02, 2023
Leaf Swab Tell All, Taffy Science, Persistence of Memory
Nov 01, 2023
Misophonia, Self-Relevant Artwork, Ancient Artillery
Oct 27, 2023
Dirty Toothbrush, Smart Crows, Rare Supermassive Black Hole
Oct 26, 2023
Death Experiences, Breast Milk Cancer Test, Job Skill Value
Oct 25, 2023
False Memory, Logic in Toddlers, Cake Cutting Math
Oct 20, 2023
Microbot Tumor Killer, Keto & PCOS, Do Opposites Attract?
Oct 19, 2023
Embryo Model, Breathing Ball, End of a Dynasty
Oct 18, 2023
Depression, Penguin Chicks, Peeing In The Cold
Oct 13, 2023
The Iceman, Y Chromosome Puzzle, Planets 
Oct 12, 2023
Climate Change, Group Fitness, Online Dating
Oct 11, 2023
Indian Moon Landing, Love or Money?, Giant Sea Lizard
Oct 06, 2023
Pink Eye Cause, Seven Year Itch, Andes Dance Floor
Oct 05, 2023
MH370 Barnacles, Polar Bear Town, Dino Discovery
Oct 04, 2023
Urban Greening, Power Crystals, Darwin’s Paradox
Sep 29, 2023
Carbon & Plants, Healthy Walking, Self Esteem in Kids
Sep 28, 2023
Pink Floyd Brain Activity, Superhero Science, Bathroom Germs
Sep 27, 2023
Comatose Consciousness, Glowing Frogs, Race Car Blinks
Sep 22, 2023
Dirty Fog to Clean Water, Hookworms, Paranoia & Memory
Sep 21, 2023
Teenage Activism, Sleep Apnea Danger, Aggressive Driving
Sep 20, 2023
Chronic Pain Treatment, Tree Planting, Nose Pickers
Sep 15, 2023
Early Breakfast, Nanotech & Blindness, Crocodile Crying
Sep 14, 2023
TSS Bacto-Battles, Why We Walk, Saber-Tooth Cat Party
Sep 13, 2023
Korean Rockfish Power, Machu Picchu DNA, Breastfed Benefits
Sep 08, 2023
Ovarian Failure Cure, Honeypot Ants, AI Insomnia
Sep 07, 2023
Genetic Eye Drops, Kimberlite Explosion, Creative Bots
Sep 06, 2023
Healing Electronics, Grocery Cart Sensors, Large Telescopes
Sep 01, 2023
Pain of Uncertainty, Nearsightedness, Doctors Join Forces
Aug 31, 2023
Locked-in Syndrome, Anxiety & Nostalgia, Continental Shift
Aug 30, 2023
Healing Metals, Sensitive Teeth, Sports Supplements
Aug 25, 2023
Time Perception, Heart in a Box, Flying Ticks
Aug 24, 2023
Partner Look-alikes, CRISPR Wood, Aggressive Self-Control
Aug 23, 2023
Mars Organics, Cognitive Flexibility, Copper Age Leadership
Aug 18, 2023
Pine Tree Painkiller, Cell Spitting Creature, Manifestation
Aug 17, 2023
Smart Drugs, Frozen Organ Transplant, Curly Hair Cool
Aug 16, 2023
High Voice Gene, Egyptian Art X-Ray, Finding Fresh Water
Aug 11, 2023
Octopus Death Frenzy, Wildlife Tracking, Fungi to the Rescue
Aug 10, 2023
Space Swells Brain Cavity, Cave Fossils, Keeping Cool
Aug 09, 2023
Vaccine Menstrual Length, Lonely in a Crowd, Aussie ‘Roos
Aug 04, 2023
Amino Acid Fountain of Youth, Plan Ahead, Keto for Cancer
Aug 03, 2023
Cartilage Regeneration, Chatbot Virus, Hit Song Prediction
Aug 02, 2023
Sharkphones, Cave Engravings, Diaper Houses
Jul 28, 2023
Shark Deterrents, Earth Axis Tilt, Hair Loss Reversal
Jul 27, 2023
Shark-Eating Eels, Lonely Parrots, Whales Repair DNA
Jul 26, 2023
Catatonic Wake Up, Forever Chemicals, Crops With No Sun
Jul 21, 2023
Post-Paralysis Walking, Important Naps, History of Kissing
Jul 20, 2023
Space Hibernation, New York is Sinking, Baby Talk
Jul 19, 2023
Stem Cell Meat, Antarctica Cavern and Ants Playing Dead
Jul 14, 2023
Brain Activity Decoder, No Pain Molecules and Psych Tech
Jul 13, 2023
Hallucinations, Music, And Invasions
Jul 12, 2023
Medicine Patch, Fast Learner Myth, Mediterranean Mega Flood
Jul 07, 2023
Spider Silk, Family Meals, Pregnancy Ultrasounds
Jul 06, 2023
Lightning Material, Typing Stress, Domesticated Elephants
Jul 05, 2023
Brain Language, Ancient Hallucinogens, Unreliable Memory
Jun 30, 2023
Lying Signals, Hibernation Blood Clots, Moon Creation
Jun 29, 2023
Shark Repellant, Brain Internal Compass, Sleeping Seals
Jun 28, 2023
Robotic Beehive, Oral Transmission, Cranberry Juice & UTIs
Jun 23, 2023
Noise Pollution, Quantum Light, Pets & Food Allergies
Jun 22, 2023
Viagra, Inclusive AI, Mind-Body Connection in Dogs
Jun 21, 2023
Real Life Flash, Stomach Cancer, Hole in Coffee Bag
Jun 16, 2023
Psychedelic Brain Health, Giant Dinosaur, Donkey Family Tree
Jun 15, 2023
Odor Receptors, Whale Vocal Fry, Body Donation
Jun 14, 2023
Parkinson’s Chemical, Far Away Love, Secrets of Catnip
Jun 09, 2023
Chronic Fatigue, Positive Thinking, Ancient Wine
Jun 08, 2023
Plastic Waste Fuel, Colds Got Worse?, Trees and Mushrooms
Jun 07, 2023
Chernobyl Dogs, Venus Volcanoes, Cold Mushrooms
Jun 02, 2023
Greenwashing, F1 Sustainability, Unhealthy Loneliness
Jun 01, 2023
Social Media Saves, Sickle Cell Cure, Breadcrumbs On Mars
May 31, 2023
Hope for Mass Extinction, Mild Fever, Wax Worm Saliva
May 26, 2023
Sleep and Vaccines, Moth-Eating Bears, Feeling the Metaverse
May 25, 2023
Chocolate Mouthfeel, Teaching Moms, Daylight Saving
May 24, 2023
Immortality Tech, Please Is Not Polite, Snap Fit Physics
May 19, 2023
Time Relationship, Aerosol Injections, Psych Participants
May 18, 2023
Double Lung Transplant, Blue Whale Behavior, Lie Detector
May 17, 2023
Social Rewards, Broken Heart Syndrome, 5 Min Walks
May 12, 2023
Notre-Dame Fire, Hypoxia, Gravity and IBS
May 11, 2023
SpaceX Crew Returns, Robots With Brains, Cancer Treatment
May 10, 2023
Zoom Doom, Denali Fault, Modern Moon Suit
May 05, 2023
Ice Age Survivors, Micro Knots, Octopus Farm
May 04, 2023
Anxiety Blood Test, Mommy Brain, Linkedin Spy
May 03, 2023
Genetic Fertility, CO2 Suck Up, 2 Dad Mice
Apr 28, 2023
Basketball Positions, Self-Healing Plastic, IQ Decline
Apr 27, 2023
Species-Ending Asteroids, Air Into Electricity, Female Mice
Apr 26, 2023
Zombie Virus, Back From the Brink, Bad Cholesterol
Apr 21, 2023
Endometriosis Shot, Bee Puzzles, Lemonade Kidney Stones
Apr 20, 2023
Remote Work Baby Boom, Acne Antibiotics, Chagas Infection
Apr 19, 2023
Foreign Accent Syndrome, AI Reads Minds, Alien Marsh
Apr 14, 2023
Men At Work, Whale Interrupted, Gender Equality
Apr 13, 2023
Birth Order, Braincell Computers, Zimbabwe Hydro
Apr 12, 2023
3D-Printed Community, Secret Chamber in Giza, Migraine Hope
Apr 07, 2023
GERD Anxiety, Crowd Math, Insect Catapult
Apr 06, 2023
Same Sex Same Kids, Face Blindness, Paid Sick Leave
Apr 05, 2023
Ancient Brain Surgery, 3D Heart, Supermassive Black Hole
Mar 31, 2023
Infant Common Sense, Magnetoreception, Depression Posture
Mar 30, 2023
One Drop Robot, Malaria Forecast, Naked Mole Rat Fertility
Mar 29, 2023
AI Animal Translator, Big Old Galaxies, Inner Inner Core
Mar 24, 2023
School Sleep, Ancient Runestone, Postpartum Depression Pill
Mar 23, 2023
Male Contraceptive, Winter Snooze, Whale Fight Songs
Mar 22, 2023
Poseidon Temple, Time to Exercise, Queen of Scots Letters
Mar 17, 2023
Moon Dust, Mammal Groups, Roman Sex Toy
Mar 16, 2023
Fingerprint Formation, I Love This Song, Ancient Tools
Mar 15, 2023
Peanut Allergy Blocker, Unreachable Itch, Debt Fear
Mar 10, 2023
To Re-Caf Choose Decaf, How Smart Are Rich People?, Cavities
Mar 09, 2023
Rockets Ruin Ozone, Neanderthal Smells, Orca Moms
Mar 08, 2023
Young Blood, Cinnamon Memory, Microplastic Filter
Mar 03, 2023
Social Media Fatigue, Brainwave Tuning, Self-Cooling Tent
Mar 02, 2023
Global Singlehood, Anti-Drinking Pill, Moon Ice
Mar 01, 2023
Speech Signals of Depression, What Time to Eat?, Monet Haze
Feb 24, 2023
Pandemic Brain, Magnetic Migration, Short Pregnancies
Feb 23, 2023
Melatonin Anxiety, Lightning Laser, Toddler’s Best Friend
Feb 22, 2023
Roman Concrete Magic, Virovore, Placebo Guilt
Feb 17, 2023
Gasthma, Sleep Memory, Frozen Reefs
Feb 16, 2023
Covid Brain Fog, Freemium Failure, Fungal Vaccine
Feb 15, 2023
The Puppy Bowl, Human Candles, Cancer Rate Down
Feb 10, 2023
Net Energy Gain, Weak Ankles, Hot Musicians
Feb 09, 2023
Mauna Loa Eruption, Wifi Windows, Catching Vapor
Feb 08, 2023
Helicon Thruster, Smart Bandage, Stress IBS
Feb 03, 2023
Cancer-Fighting Grapes, Dog Brain, Sea Forests
Feb 02, 2023
Dangerous Dishwashers, PTSD Prevention, Game Brain
Feb 01, 2023
Winchcombe Meteorite, Aya-What Now?, Toxic Cleanup
Jan 27, 2023
World Population Reaches 8 Billion, Leprosy, Planet-Killer
Jan 26, 2023
Internet Chip, Tomato Diet, Wrong Time Meds
Jan 25, 2023
Podcast Friends, Drunk Plants, Hot Temper
Jan 20, 2023
Strong Muscle Gene, The Secrets of Viking Poop, Parrot Chat
Jan 19, 2023
3-Parent Babies, Shrinking Moles, Being Kind to Narcissists
Jan 18, 2023
Aging Clock, Mental Health in Your Gut, Brain Tumor Vaccine
Jan 13, 2023
Pain Worse at Night, Who Needs Water, Covid Nasal Spray
Jan 12, 2023
Delusion Science, S.A.D. About Day Length, Fentanyl Vaccine
Jan 11, 2023
Boyhood Nickname, Vampire Grave, Wrecked By Success
Jan 06, 2023
Mosquito Magnets, Laughing Rats, Roman Relics
Jan 05, 2023
Decluttering the Mind, Never Forget Faces, Paralysis Neurons
Jan 04, 2023
Re-release: Covid’s Bright Side, Frog’s Out On a Limb, Fertilizing Fuel
Dec 30, 2022
Re-release: Solar Salads, Cursed Caffeine, Webb’s First Photo
Dec 29, 2022
Re-release: Fabric with Ears, Dreaming of E.T., Fast Evolution
Dec 28, 2022
Re-release: To the Moon Artemis, Oh Snap!, The Skunky Funk of Cannabis
Dec 23, 2022
Re-release: The True Cavity Culprit, Modular Meds, Enzymes vs Plastic
Dec 22, 2022
Re-release: A Pill Made from Poop, Universal Organs, Soothing Baby Pain
Dec 21, 2022
The Power of the Face, Ultrasound Glasses, Listening Cat
Dec 16, 2022
Time Flies, Human Microbiome, Smartphone Death Predictor
Dec 15, 2022
Body Map, Brain 2.0, Pig Bystanders
Dec 14, 2022
Astronaut Blood, Screen Wrinkles, Save the Snow Crab
Dec 09, 2022
Happy Healthy Kids, Hearing Data, Oystersong
Dec 08, 2022
Healthy Breaks, Diarrhea Gene, Motorcycle Light
Dec 07, 2022
Techno-Lonely, TV Glasses, Snooze Button
Dec 02, 2022
Mental Health Robot, Seaweed Coffee, Brain Stimulation for ED
Dec 01, 2022
Health and Connection, 3D Dam, Reliance on English
Nov 30, 2022
Shower Ideas, Medicinal Chocolate, Black Holes Burping
Nov 25, 2022
Smart Contacts, Stoned Dolphins, Birdsongs vs Traffic
Nov 24, 2022
Cognitive Bias, Body Battery, 3D Printed School
Nov 23, 2022
Asthma Cure, Shark Intestines, Human Brain Cells in Rats
Nov 18, 2022
Small Talk, Crab Battery, Ancient Dragons
Nov 17, 2022
Remote Mines, Mouse Embryos, Down Syndrome Treatment
Nov 16, 2022
A Wandering Mind, Song of the Humpback, Robocap
Nov 11, 2022
Frog Skin Cells, Shrimp Robots, Oral Insulin Tablet
Nov 10, 2022
Robot Squirrels, AI Labor Prediction, Dolphin Gangs
Nov 09, 2022
Music and Dementia, Microbe Rocket Fuel, Bitcoin Mining
Nov 04, 2022
The Myth of Man Flu, Arctic Lakes, Buzzing Bats
Nov 03, 2022
Hacking Device, Designer Seaweed, Accent Exposure
Nov 02, 2022
Flirting Cats, Walking Sharks, Preventing Cerebral Palsy
Oct 28, 2022
Geckos & Skin Cancer, Music in Childhood, Underwater Camera
Oct 27, 2022
Pee and Seagrass, Heart Sound Maps, Modified Mosquitos
Oct 26, 2022
The Dead Speak, Egyptian Discoveries, Pyramid Building
Oct 21, 2022
Magic Addiction Fix, Parkinson’s Detection, Wind Turbines
Oct 20, 2022
Reverse Aging, Cooperation Increase, Time & Covid
Oct 19, 2022
Parents & Screens, BFFs Smell the Same, Locusts Find Cancer
Oct 14, 2022
Food for Climate Change, New Water Planet, Stormchasers
Oct 13, 2022
VR & Transcendence, Stonehenge Calendar, Pregnant With Covid
Oct 12, 2022
Dating App Data, Mass Frog Grave, Cure for Colorblind
Oct 07, 2022
Bee Venom Kills Cancer, Giant Manatees, Monkey Masturbation
Oct 06, 2022
Online Learning, Alcohol Cravings, Manipulative Dogs
Oct 05, 2022
PPE Concrete, Steroid Use and ADHD, Butterfly Chastity
Sep 30, 2022
DNA & Lookalikes, Extinct Lineage Found, Alzheimer’s Viruses
Sep 29, 2022
Anti-Hangover Pill, Perks of Whale Poop, Found Dino Tracks
Sep 28, 2022
Undead Spiders, Dandelion Drones, Dark Energy Made Light
Sep 23, 2022
Gates of Hell, Cancer Clues, Hidden Jungle Cities
Sep 22, 2022
Mushrooming Minds, Super Plants, Plz Call Your Friends
Sep 21, 2022
Fry Flying, Gas Giants at Home, Entangled Atoms
Sep 16, 2022
Octopus Culture, Schizophrenia Origins, Killing Cancer
Sep 15, 2022
Glass Rain Dinosaur Pain, Snarge Science, Human Skin Cyborg
Sep 14, 2022
Big Brain Bestfriends, Mars Exploration Fleet, Brain Unpain
Sep 09, 2022
Asteroid-eating Fungi, Psychedelic…Maybe, Printing Organs
Sep 08, 2022
Fake Paint Real Carbon, Vanishing Vikings, Sweeping Smarts
Sep 07, 2022
Super X-Ray, Seeing Future Weather, Vitamin D-ementia
Sep 02, 2022
Neanderthal Roommates, Sea Dragons, Hidden Egyptian
Sep 01, 2022
Skin Print, Testing Birth Control, Race To Bring Mars Home
Aug 31, 2022
Hot Testes, Blasting Diabetes, Robo Fish Cleans Ocean
Aug 26, 2022
Space Slingshot, Ancient Modern Pants, Lifesaving Silence
Aug 25, 2022
Nano Cancer Fight, Memory Structure, Coffee Buzz Days
Aug 24, 2022
Making Dragon Fire, Dating Ghosts, Blazing Fast Covid Tests
Aug 19, 2022
Rice TV Screen, Satellite Warfare, Unraveled DNA
Aug 18, 2022
AI vs. Parkinson’s, Dark Sun Power, Death Proof Jellyfish
Aug 17, 2022
Poop of Youth, Robot Roaches, Chatty Fungus
Aug 12, 2022
Nostalgia Blocks Pain, Uploaded Brains, Sand vs. Nanoplastic
Aug 11, 2022
A.I. and Angina, Undead Tigers, Electrici-sweets
Aug 10, 2022
The Explorers Club - An Interview With Joe Rohde
Aug 05, 2022
Healing Hearing Hairs, Sun Phones, Chicken Gods
Aug 04, 2022
Murdering Murder Hornets, ADHD & Hoarding, Pain Pill Ills
Aug 03, 2022
Extinct Super Sharks, Mysterious Die Offs, Stopping Attacks
Jul 29, 2022
Blood Brothers, Seeing-Eye Shark, Bark vs. Bite
Jul 28, 2022
Sleepy Sharks, Sharks Love Grass, Glow-In-The-Shark
Jul 27, 2022
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Natalie Schmitt
Jul 22, 2022
Wait Less Weight Loss, Birth Control For Men, Seed Bombing
Jul 21, 2022
Why Symmetry Wins, Solar-Covered Canals, Plants on the Moon
Jul 20, 2022
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Victor Vescovo
Jul 15, 2022
Rapamycin For Rover, H-Fueled Flight, Mind-Controlled Arms
Jul 14, 2022
Cyanide Seeds, Workout When?, Covid But Ghosts
Jul 13, 2022
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Sian Proctor
Jul 08, 2022
Blood Pressures, Mercury’s Crusty Diamonds, Dad or Mom Genes
Jul 07, 2022
Orangu-slang, Easing Car Queasing, Kicked Across Space
Jul 06, 2022
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Steve Elkins
Jul 01, 2022
Drink = Brain Shrink, Secret Tree Species, L.H.C. Round 3
Jun 30, 2022
Nightlight Plight, Cancer Stinks, Literal Green Energy
Jun 29, 2022
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Peter Tattersfield
Jun 24, 2022
Gray Matter Gabfest, Our Pulsating Earth, Smarty Cats
Jun 23, 2022
Hungry Plants, Concussion Confusion, An Alzheimer’s Theory
Jun 22, 2022
The Explorers Club - An Interview with George Nield
Jun 17, 2022
Shoo Shoes!, Murmuration Information, Nanoplastic Particles
Jun 16, 2022
Fusion: Homeward Bound, The Last Light Show, Burnout Blues
Jun 15, 2022
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Nina Lanza
Jun 10, 2022
Human Venom, Car Battery Blues, Magic and Personalities
Jun 09, 2022
An Eternal Hug, Flea Jump Facts, Fitness Feedback Loops
Jun 08, 2022
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Richard Garriott
Jun 03, 2022
The Amazon’s Future, Sugar Rush Retcon, A Study on Studies
Jun 02, 2022
A Clutterful Mind, Heir To The Earth, Partnership
Jun 01, 2022
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Josh Gates
May 27, 2022
Seeing Stars, Seagull Staredown, Itsy Bitsy Microdrones
May 26, 2022
Whiff of Victory, Bones be Chattin’, Desalination Innovation
May 25, 2022
Solar Salads, Cursed Caffeine, Webb’s First Photo
May 20, 2022
De-agin’ Sensation, Indiana Jones Needs A.I., Rapid-est Test
May 19, 2022
Stoked Tech, We’ve Got Beef?, Success Against M.S.
May 18, 2022
The True Cavity Culprit, Modular Meds, Enzymes vs Plastic
May 13, 2022
Fading into Memories, Music for the Mind, Air Diamonds
May 12, 2022
Zero G Romance, Our Sixth Sense, Oinking at A.I.
May 11, 2022
A Pill Made from Poop, Universal Organs, Soothing Baby Pain
May 06, 2022
Burn Them Cals, Magic of Mushrooms, Flying at Mach 16
May 05, 2022
5 Seconds to Sick, Animal Spidey Sense, Upset Pterosaur Tummies
May 04, 2022
Fabric with Ears, Dreaming of E.T., Fast Evolution
Apr 29, 2022
Death to Skeeters, Swapping Saliva, Messing with Lightspeed
Apr 28, 2022
Otterly Amazing, Let’s Go Bananas, Blingy Mayan Grills
Apr 27, 2022
To the Moon Artemis, Oh Snap!, The Skunky Funk of Cannabis
Apr 22, 2022
Dirty Disinfectant, Hot Iron Blobs, Infinite Versions of You
Apr 21, 2022
Sex! And COVID, The Biggest Comet Ever, Wave of The Future
Apr 20, 2022
Curiosity Daily Presents: Monsters Inside Me
Apr 18, 2022
Tripping to Run, Everest’s Warning, Investigating Planet 9
Apr 15, 2022
Pee Pee Concrete, Black Diamond from Space, Electric Plane
Apr 14, 2022
Arctic Alien-ish Life, A Nuclear Donut, Babies Curing HIV
Apr 13, 2022
Covid’s Bright Side, Frogs Out on a Limb, Fertilizing Fuel
Apr 08, 2022
Volcanic Violence, a Salt & Battery, Crustacean Conspiracy
Apr 07, 2022
16 Psyche, Xenotransplantation, Ocean Waves Become a Rave
Apr 06, 2022
Introducing: Curiosity Daily
Apr 02, 2022
From the Archives: Where Does Mold Come From?
Apr 01, 2022
From the Archives: The Academic Benefits of Emotional Intelligence
Mar 31, 2022
From the Archives: Where Dogs Get Their Personalities
Mar 30, 2022
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Mar 25, 2022
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Mar 24, 2022
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Mar 23, 2022
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Mar 18, 2022
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Mar 17, 2022
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Mar 16, 2022
From the Archives: Pi Almost Legally Changed to 3.2
Mar 11, 2022
From the Archives: Busting the "Only Child" Stereotype
Mar 10, 2022
From the Archives: Fart Humor History
Mar 09, 2022
Praising Competitors, Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe, Rock Paper Scissors History
Mar 04, 2022
“Like Riding a Bike,” Paradoxes, That Fresh Rain Smell
Mar 03, 2022
Glow-in-the-Dark Cities, Feeling Holes, Max Volume on Earth
Mar 02, 2022
Remembering Gifts, Animal Diets, Amazon-Sahara Connection
Feb 25, 2022
The Medicinal Power of Plants, World Record Internet Speed
Feb 24, 2022
Butterfly Effect, How to Cry at Work, Eggcorns in Language
Feb 23, 2022
How Science Works (w/ Bill Nye), Noise-Canceling Lungs, Stomach Growls
Feb 18, 2022
Tool Use and Language in the Brain, Why Black Holes Get Bigger
Feb 17, 2022
Back Pain in Space, Cats’ Mental Maps, Diamond Davemaoite
Feb 16, 2022
Opposites Don’t Attract, Liking What’s Nearby, Last Name History
Feb 11, 2022
Puppy Anxiety Fixes and Avoiding “Back Burner” Relationships
Feb 10, 2022
Mimetic Desires, Testing Witness Memories, Fermilab’s Ferret
Feb 09, 2022
Your Romantic Relationships Are All Similar, Oldest Material on Earth, Why Cuttlefish Wore 3-D Glasses
Feb 04, 2022
Giant Cheese Race, “Morning You,” Consciousness-Altering Eye Contact
Feb 03, 2022
Talking to Whales, Pedestrian Patterns, Women’s Competitiveness
Feb 02, 2022
Virtual Gathering Tips, Bilingual Pain, Largest Waterfalls
Jan 28, 2022
A Lost Roman Sauce, Earlier Puberty, Elephants Getting Tusks Back
Jan 27, 2022
Bombing Volcanoes, Gold from Neutron Stars, Mind Wandering
Jan 26, 2022
Brain Freeze, Neural Networks, Spaced Repetition for Memory
Jan 21, 2022
Turn Anxiety into Productivity and Grapefruit Juice vs. Meds
Jan 20, 2022
Pre-Performance Routines, Panda Camouflage, Baby Sign Language
Jan 19, 2022
Why You Should Reveal Your Failures, WASP-12b, Tulip Mania
Jan 14, 2022
Linguistic Laws in Nature and Fatherless Condor Chicks from Parthenogenesis
Jan 13, 2022
Exercising for Body Image, Ideal Deadlines, Longer Days from Climate Change
Jan 12, 2022
Quitting Smoking, Over-Practicing, Bill Nye on Believing Science
Jan 07, 2022
David Copperfield’s Magic on the Moon, Fish and Whale Tails, a Giant Magnetic Tunnel
Jan 06, 2022
David Copperfield Talks Technology and Magic History
Jan 05, 2022
Christmas Music Psychology, Most Influential Films, Mistletoe Science
Dec 20, 2021
Future GMO Foods, The Thought Gap, How Your Brain Knows You’re Uncomfortable
Dec 17, 2021
Introducing: Dogs 101
Dec 17, 2021
GMO Food Science 101 and How to Hear Someone in a Noisy Room
Dec 16, 2021
Why You Get Carsick, Climate-Saving Whales, Jupiter’s Rings
Dec 15, 2021
Cartoony Robots, Naloxone Myths, Why Dishwashers Dull Knives
Dec 10, 2021
Irrational Fear of Robots; Mozart’s Epilepsy-Reducing Sonata
Dec 09, 2021
Why Limits Make You Lash Out, Cash vs Cards, Odds of Dying
Dec 08, 2021
Medical Value of Mystical Experiences and the Neutron’s Lifetime
Dec 07, 2021
Heat Through Your Head, Red Blood Cell Immunity, Venus Oceans
Dec 06, 2021
#NoMakeup Fail, Photosynthetic Frogs, Why Atoms Don’t Collapse
Dec 03, 2021
Mars’ Jezero Crater Was a Lake and AR to Cure Fear of Spiders
Dec 02, 2021
Drinking to Cope, Human Brains Shrank, High Heels History
Dec 01, 2021
Does Truth Serum Really Work? and Geology from Indigenous Myth
Nov 30, 2021
Socializing Too Much, Rogue Planets, Ancient Persian AC
Nov 29, 2021
Hostile Holiday Shopping, Why Cats Love Boxes, Beethoven’s 10th
Nov 26, 2021
Sports Fans’ Brains, Hunger After Overeating, the IKEA Effect
Nov 25, 2021
Family Meal Peacekeeping, Food Coma Science, Etiquette Tips
Nov 24, 2021
A New Stonehenge Discovery and Why Females Feel Colder
Nov 23, 2021
Psychedelic Therapy History, Cold Showers, Only Child Myth
Nov 22, 2021
Birthday Effect, Psychological Richness, Star or Satellite?
Nov 19, 2021
Left Digit Bias w/ Dr. Bapu Jena and Bird-Catching Neanderthals
Nov 18, 2021
How to Clean Your Teeth, 52 Blue, Best Way to Argue with a Partner
Nov 17, 2021
Magic Mushroom Evolution and When Kids Gain Theory of Mind
Nov 16, 2021
Circumtriple Planets, Deep Convos with Strangers, Thomassons in Architecture
Nov 15, 2021
Changing Someone’s Identity, Mushballs on Uranus and Neptune, Curiosity Challenge
Nov 12, 2021
How to Talk to a Science Denier and Raining Sulfur in Sodom
Nov 11, 2021
Finding Dark Energy, Coelacanth Revival, Words of Persuasion
Nov 10, 2021
Why Asthma Gets Worse at Night, Earth’s Largest Living Thing
Nov 09, 2021
Smallest Flying Tech, Myers-Briggs Myth, Brazil Nut Effect
Nov 08, 2021
Adjusting to Time Changes, Saving Jungles, Spiky Ice Cubes
Nov 05, 2021
Jungles’ Impact on Climate Change and a Music-Epidemic Link
Nov 04, 2021
Specialness Spirals and How Much You Will (and Have) Changed (1000th Episode!)
Nov 03, 2021
mRNA Vaccines Are Decades Old and Why White Animal Bellies?
Nov 02, 2021
Crowds Fix Fake News, Choking Under Pressure, Punching Robot Shrimp
Nov 01, 2021
New Twist on Merlin, Giraffe Hearts, What Carbon Neutral Means
Oct 29, 2021
Leeches in Medicine, Potty Training Cows, the Math of Eggs
Oct 28, 2021
Fidget-Hating Misokinesia, Blood Fainting, Infrasound Ghosts
Oct 27, 2021
Synced Heartbeats During Stories, Vampire Bats’ Social Meals
Oct 26, 2021
Early Warning Birds, Ancient Fairy Tales, Breaks vs. Sprains
Oct 25, 2021
Art in Space, Screen Time in Lockdown, Mold vs. Chemicals
Oct 22, 2021
How Space Changed NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott’s Perspective; Plus, Whistled Languages
Oct 21, 2021
A Historic Friendship, Pumpkin Care, Declaring Sovereignty
Oct 20, 2021
Animals Shapeshifting to Stay Cool, Albert Einstein’s Brain
Oct 19, 2021
Your Extra Artery, Emotional Hangovers, LEDs Are Bad for Bugs
Oct 18, 2021
Overfeeding Dogs, Suffrajitsu, and Does Wind Affect Sound?
Oct 15, 2021
Protecting Pets from Home Chemicals and How Resilience Works
Oct 14, 2021
Bacterial Electric Grid, Females Fight Back, Why Tea Leaves Sink
Oct 13, 2021
Muscles Remember Training and a Black Hole Made a Star Explode
Oct 12, 2021
School Should Start Later, Daydreaming Perks, Hycean Planets
Oct 11, 2021
Simple Wildlife Solutions, Sunlight’s Sexy Hormones, Trivia
Oct 08, 2021
Human-Wildlife Conflict and Believing Leisure Is a Waste of Time
Oct 07, 2021
Pills Can Detect Radiation, Metabolism Myth, Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed
Oct 06, 2021
“Mini Brains” That Grew Eyes and How the FDA Saved Babies
Oct 05, 2021
Psychology of Online Trolls, Rattlesnake Illusions, Blazars
Oct 04, 2021
Blowhole Origins, Weather Manipulation, How to Slow Aging
Oct 01, 2021
Could Science Stop Aging? And the Milky Way’s “Broken Arm”
Sep 30, 2021
Future You Is a Stranger, Babylonian Trig, Reversed Organs
Sep 29, 2021
Your Second Brain, Jupiter’s Hot Atmosphere, Placebo Buttons
Sep 28, 2021
Moral Outrage Online, Cuttlefish Memory, Sounds Have Shapes
Sep 27, 2021
Mass Hysteria, Why You Say “Like,” Beauty’s Moral Value
Sep 24, 2021
Psychosomatic Illnesses and Seeing Behind a Black Hole
Sep 23, 2021
Time Crystals, Freeze-Dried Sperm, and Batching Tasks
Sep 22, 2021
Monks Meditating After Death and a Marathoning Woolly Mammoth
Sep 21, 2021
Sleep Munchies, Ancient Greek Ship Found, Relationship Trick
Sep 20, 2021
Nudge Theory’s Dark Side (w/ Richard Thaler), Hybrid Fruit Science, Words for “Pirate”
Sep 17, 2021
Nobel Prize Winner Richard Thaler on How Nudge Changed the World — Plus, Squirrel-Inspired Robots
Sep 16, 2021
Apes Say Hello, Life on Snowball Earth, Learn Twice as Fast
Sep 15, 2021
Earth’s Core Growing Lopsided and the Science of Gut Feelings
Sep 14, 2021
Backward Letters, Dogs Detect Lies, Neutron Star Mountains
Sep 13, 2021
Learning to Read Right, Risks of Trusting Science, Trivia
Sep 10, 2021
Emily Oster on Parenting Decisions, A New Type of Supernova
Sep 09, 2021
Why Facts Don’t Win Arguments, SETI 101, Self-Control Pitfalls
Sep 08, 2021
Mapping the Ocean, Soap-Making Cells, Crows Comprehend Zero
Sep 07, 2021
Road to the 8-Hour Workday, the Liking Gap, Shocking Tomatoes
Sep 06, 2021
Fossil Prep Mistakes, 1840s Electric Cars, Tip of Your Tongue
Sep 03, 2021
Dino Fossil Preparation and Newborns “Dream” About the World
Sep 02, 2021
Diderot Effect, Animated Cave Art, Running Benefits Your Knees
Sep 01, 2021
Infinity in a Used Prayer Book and Vampire-Like Sea Slugs
Aug 31, 2021
Talkers Are Leaders, DNA Evidence Myth, Thinking Sans Brain
Aug 30, 2021
How COVID Tests Work, Making Decisions with Math, Dog Talent
Aug 27, 2021
Turning the Table on Addictive Apps, Black Hole Reflections
Aug 26, 2021
Alibi Memory, Denisova Cave History, Cleaning Fruit & Veggies
Aug 25, 2021
Pirates Plundered the Metric System, What Marsquakes Teach Us
Aug 24, 2021
Romanesco Fractals, Dolphin Names & Evolution vs. Mating
Aug 23, 2021
Hamster Microwave, Are Humans Still Evolving?, Art Is Better in a Museum
Aug 20, 2021
Easter Island Mythbusting and the Universe’s Expansion Rate
Aug 19, 2021
Volcano Perks, Club Soda vs. Seltzer, How to Procrastinate Correctly
Aug 18, 2021
Hygiene Hypothesis, Ancient Coronavirus, Black Hole Eats Neutron Star
Aug 17, 2021
Cognitive Flexibility, Arctic Dinosaurs, Noctilucent Clouds
Aug 16, 2021
How to Talk to Strangers, Red Dead Redemption 2 Naturalists, July Curiosity Challenge
Aug 13, 2021
History of Talking to Strangers, Dark Matter Between Galaxies
Aug 12, 2021
Meat Disgust, Cosmic Rays for Medicine, Immortal Battery
Aug 11, 2021
New Human Species, Digital Library of Babel, Running to Music
Aug 10, 2021
Earworms Aid Memory, How Auroras Happen, Don’t Give Cats Milk
Aug 09, 2021
Tool to Cure Hiccups, Corvid Childhoods, How Spacecraft Move
Aug 06, 2021
An Out-of-Body Experience Without Drugs and Earth’s “Pulse”
Aug 05, 2021
Your Biggest Regret, Tall Mountain Myths, The Deep Web
Aug 04, 2021
Anger Looks Guilty, Quantum Microscope, Good News About Cancer
Aug 03, 2021
Kids v. Sarcasm, 24,000-Year-Old Worm, Why Betelgeuse Dimmed
Aug 02, 2021
Your Brain on Music, Super-Singing Songbirds, Animal Sunburns
Jul 30, 2021
Alien Dataomes, How Animals Smell Viruses, Why to Read Aloud
Jul 29, 2021
Accent-Changing Monkeys and the Information “Dataome”
Jul 28, 2021
Brain Replays Memories at 20x Speed & A Real Maxwell’s Demon
Jul 27, 2021
Dog Days of Summer, Magic Tricks for Birds, Planck Time
Jul 26, 2021
Letting Wounds Breathe, Grocery App Benefits, Tardigrade Guns
Jul 23, 2021
Speech-to-Song Illusion and a High-Tech Use for Tree Rings
Jul 22, 2021
Daddy Longlegs, Dyson Spheres, and Exercising with a Partner
Jul 21, 2021
Missions to Venus and How to Extract DNA from Strawberries
Jul 20, 2021
Revenge Bedtime Procrastination, Elephant Trunks, Pineapples Eat You Back
Jul 19, 2021
Why Megalodon Was So Huge, Misophonia in the Brain, Trivia
Jul 16, 2021
Glowing Sharks, Cities’ Unique Microbes, Milky Way Mistake
Jul 15, 2021
Shark Week Tech, Crime & Birth Year, Sharks’ Near-Extinction
Jul 14, 2021
Bomb-Detected Whales & What It’s Like to Film Shark Week
Jul 13, 2021
Scary Shark Music, Your Brain Predicts the Future, Hydrobot
Jul 12, 2021
Does ESP Exist?
Jul 09, 2021
Could You Adapt to Having an Extra Thumb?
Jul 08, 2021
How to Improve Your Sense of Direction
Jul 07, 2021
Weird Dreams Might be a Brain Feature, Not a Bug
Jul 06, 2021
Why Song Lyrics Are Getting Simpler
Jul 05, 2021
Are Facial Expressions Universal?
Jul 02, 2021
The Phantom Torso Experiment Protected Astronauts in a Very Creepy Way
Jul 01, 2021
How Life Expectancy Doubled in Just 150 Years (w/ Author Steven Johnson)
Jun 30, 2021
We Found the Earliest Evidence of Ancient Human Activity
Jun 29, 2021
Looking Into Space Is Looking Back in Time
Jun 28, 2021
Mammals Can Breathe Through Their Butts
Jun 25, 2021
Bats Map the World By Time, Not Distance
Jun 24, 2021
Why We Won’t Have “Robot Butlers” Any Time Soon (w/ AI Researcher Michael Wooldridge)
Jun 23, 2021
We Found the First Pregnant Mummy Ever Documented
Jun 22, 2021
How to Manage Your Work-from-Home Paranoia
Jun 21, 2021
Will Future Civilizations Get Oil From Human Fossils?
Jun 18, 2021
What Does Your Digital Body Language Say?
Jun 17, 2021
Pollen Is Not Actually Plant Sperm
Jun 16, 2021
Painless Tips to Help the Environment (w/ Paul Greenberg)
Jun 15, 2021
Move Over, CRISPR — New Gene Editing Tech is Here
Jun 14, 2021
A Good Reason to Resolve Your Arguments
Jun 11, 2021
The Oldest Kids in Class Are Also the Most Popular
Jun 10, 2021
Why We Always Forget that Less Is More (w/ Leidy Klotz)
Jun 09, 2021
Stress During Pregnancy Might Affect the Baby’s Sex
Jun 08, 2021
A Robot That Talks to Itself Might Be Easier to Interact With
Jun 07, 2021
How Do Wild Animals Know What to Eat?
Jun 04, 2021
What Rain is Like on Other Planets
Jun 03, 2021
What Elevators Can Teach Us About Autonomous Cars (w/ Jason Feifer of Entrepreneur Magazine)
Jun 02, 2021
We’re Morbidly Curious About What “Might Have Been”
Jun 01, 2021
Why Cavities Are So Sensitive to the Cold
May 31, 2021
Is Exercise for Work as Good as Exercise for Play?
May 28, 2021
How a Plant Gene Ended Up in an Insect’s DNA
May 27, 2021
What’s the Deal with Hot Flashes? (w/ OB-GYN Dr. Jen Gunter)
May 26, 2021
The World’s Oldest Thumb Belongs to a Dinosaur
May 25, 2021
Human Screams Communicate a Rainbow of Emotions
May 24, 2021
Mushrooms Are More Like Humans Than Plants
May 21, 2021
Roses Smell Different in Space
May 20, 2021
How LEDs Work (w/ LED Pioneer George Craford)
May 19, 2021
Octopuses Have Sleep Cycles, Too
May 18, 2021
Introverts Fared Better Than Extroverts During the Pandemic
May 17, 2021
Using AI to Play Ancient Board Games
May 14, 2021
When the Pursuit of Knowledge Goes Wrong (w/ Physicist Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein)
May 13, 2021
Go Ahead, Google Your Symptoms
May 12, 2021
Your Roommate Really Doesn’t Know How You’re Feeling
May 11, 2021
Why Koala Fingerprints Look Eerily Human
May 10, 2021
How Astronauts Clean Their Underwear
May 07, 2021
From Music to Bacon, Biology is Everywhere (w/ Biologist Melanie Peffer)
May 06, 2021
This Dino Was Fossilized Incubating Its Eggs
May 05, 2021
How Deadliest Catch Navigates a Deadly Pandemic (w/ Captain Sig Hansen)
May 04, 2021
5 Steps to Hitting Work-Life Balance
May 03, 2021
How to Change Minds (w/ Bill Nye)
Apr 30, 2021
Should You Exercise on an Empty Stomach?
Apr 29, 2021
How to Prepare for a Warmer Future (w/ David Pogue)
Apr 28, 2021
Throbbing Pain Has Nothing to Do With Your Pulse
Apr 27, 2021
The Best Way to Phrase Words of Comfort, According to Science
Apr 26, 2021
Science Is a Process — and Bill Nye Explains Why
Apr 23, 2021
Bill Nye’s Earth Day Tips to Save Our Planet
Apr 22, 2021
Bill Nye on Why Mars 2020 Is So Exciting
Apr 21, 2021
Why Cannabis Gives You the Munchies
Apr 20, 2021
You Can Totally BS a BSer
Apr 19, 2021
Has the Earth Lost Weight?
Apr 16, 2021
Some Viruses Do You Good
Apr 15, 2021
Blind Gamers Take the “Video” Out of Video Games
Apr 14, 2021
Vampire Bats Adopt Babies Too
Apr 13, 2021
If Life Existed on Mars, How Would We Know?
Apr 12, 2021
We Can Use DNA for Data Storage
Apr 09, 2021
The Known Solar System Just Got Bigger
Apr 08, 2021
An Outsider’s Guide to Humans (w/ Scientist Camilla Pang)
Apr 07, 2021
Post-Traumatic Growth Is a Pandemic Silver Lining
Apr 06, 2021
Most Conversations Go On Longer Than We Want Them To
Apr 05, 2021
Bad News About Your Wearable Sleep Tracker
Apr 02, 2021
Why April Fool’s Day Exists
Apr 01, 2021
Aleutian Island Secrets and Electrical Ear Activity
Mar 31, 2021
There’s No Such Thing as a Hypoallergenic Dog
Mar 30, 2021
Having a Bad Boss Can Make You a Great Boss
Mar 29, 2021
Why Are There Bubbles in my Day-Old Water?
Mar 26, 2021
This Language Shift Could Signal an Impending Breakup
Mar 25, 2021
What Your Ears and Spider Fuzz Have In Common
Mar 24, 2021
Local Honey Won’t Cure Your Allergies
Mar 23, 2021
Gaining Weight With Age Might Be Healthier Than Staying Slim
Mar 22, 2021
How Loud Is the Sun?
Mar 19, 2021
Why That Thing You Just Learned Is Suddenly Everywhere
Mar 18, 2021
Why Futurists Don’t Need to Know the Future (w/ “Flash Forward” Host Rose Eveleth)
Mar 17, 2021
Liars May Imitate Your Body Language
Mar 16, 2021
Time Management Can Make You Happier
Mar 15, 2021
Identical Twins Aren’t as Identical as We Thought
Mar 12, 2021
What a 95% Effective Vaccine Actually Means
Mar 11, 2021
Did Your Microbiome Come from Dirt?
Mar 10, 2021
The Duck-Billed Platypus Is Weirder Than You Thought
Mar 09, 2021
Yeah, About That Phosphine on Venus...
Mar 08, 2021
Why Can’t You Hold Your Breath to Death?
Mar 05, 2021
Quadruple-Helix DNA Is a Thing
Mar 04, 2021
Scientists Finally Know How Sandcastles Work
Mar 03, 2021
How to Know You’re Running Low on Vitamins
Mar 02, 2021
What Getting Chills from Music Says About Your Brain
Mar 01, 2021
The Sun 2.0, “Fresh” Food Fallacies, and Is Math Universal?
Feb 26, 2021
What Science Says About Putting 2 Spaces After a Period
Feb 25, 2021
What Would Happen If You Stopped Time?
Feb 24, 2021
When to Worry About COVID-19 Variants
Feb 23, 2021
Introducing If/Then
Feb 23, 2021
“Popular Opinion” Isn’t What You Think
Feb 22, 2021
Why Do I Cough When I Clean My Ears?
Feb 19, 2021
How Copper Changed Our Language (w/ Materials Scientist Ainissa Ramirez)
Feb 18, 2021
‘Wanting’ and ‘Liking’ Are Different to Your Brain
Feb 17, 2021
What Came Before the Big Bang?
Feb 16, 2021
The Dark Ages Weren’t Really Dark
Feb 15, 2021
This Trait Could Be Key to Lasting Romance
Feb 12, 2021
Your Dog’s Personality Can Change Over Time
Feb 11, 2021
Biological Race Is a Myth (w/ Agustín Fuentes)
Feb 10, 2021
How Does Fever Help You Get Better?
Feb 09, 2021
Why Scientists Made Ants Walk on Stilts
Feb 08, 2021
The Safest Way to Ride in a Car During the Pandemic
Feb 05, 2021
Was Farming Really a Step Up for Hunter-Gatherers?
Feb 04, 2021
You’re Probably Breathing Wrong (w/ James Nestor)
Feb 03, 2021
This Ring May Detect COVID-19 Before You Feel It
Feb 02, 2021
Why Does February have 28 Days?
Feb 01, 2021
Why Do Wombats Poop Cubes?
Jan 29, 2021
The Big Mistakes We Make in Virtual Gatherings (w/ Priya Parker)
Jan 28, 2021
How to Make Gatherings More Meaningful (w/ Priya Parker)
Jan 27, 2021
A Trick for Making Vaccinations Less Painful
Jan 26, 2021
Small Talk Is Important, and Remote Workers Aren’t Getting Enough
Jan 25, 2021
Why Is Static Worse in Winter?
Jan 22, 2021
A Distant Galaxy Is Warping the Milky Way
Jan 21, 2021
What Most People Miss When Building Habits (w/ Jen Sincero)
Jan 20, 2021
We Still Don’t Know How Ice Skating Works
Jan 19, 2021
Why Your Dog’s Paws Smell Like Corn Chips
Jan 18, 2021
Disgusting Sights Literally Turn Your Stomach
Jan 15, 2021
A New Discovery About That Weird “Aurora” Named STEVE
Jan 14, 2021
Beat Stress with Laughter Yoga (w/ Madan Kataria, MD)
Jan 13, 2021
Why Are the COVID-19 Vaccines Kept So Cold?
Jan 12, 2021
People Respond to Music Even When They Can’t Hear It
Jan 11, 2021
Your Brain Treats Human Beauty Differently from Artistic Beauty
Jan 08, 2021
Why We Call Computer Glitches “Bugs”
Jan 07, 2021
What’s the Shortest Amount of Time Ever Recorded?
Jan 06, 2021
Swedish Death Cleaning Can Declutter Your Life
Jan 05, 2021
How “Flow” Can Help in Quarantine
Jan 04, 2021
The Right Way to Set Goals
Jan 01, 2021
When Smokers Quit, Dormant Lung Cells Wake Up
Dec 31, 2020
Do People Think More in Words or Pictures?
Dec 30, 2020
The Stinky Science of the World’s Smelliest Fruit
Dec 29, 2020
Why Cuttlefish Wore 3-D Glasses for Science
Dec 28, 2020
Do Opposites Really Attract?
Dec 25, 2020
Why Toilet Paper Is White
Dec 24, 2020
The Time Pi Was Almost Legally Changed to 3.2
Dec 23, 2020
Why Do Bats Cause So Many Virus Outbreaks?
Dec 22, 2020
Why It's Good to Reveal Your Failures
Dec 21, 2020
Do Single-A Batteries Exist?
Dec 18, 2020
Early Female Hunters Were More Common Than We Thought
Dec 17, 2020
How Psilocybin Therapy Can Ease Depression
Dec 16, 2020
What Are Monoclonal Antibodies? (w/ Dr. Lawrence Purpura)
Dec 15, 2020
Why Birds Wore Funny Hats for Science
Dec 14, 2020
Are Sleep-Deprived Men More Masculine?
Dec 11, 2020
Insecure People Use More Jargon
Dec 10, 2020
Why Don’t We Have Battery-Powered Airplanes?
Dec 09, 2020
Laziness Isn’t What You Think (w/ Dr. Devon Price)
Dec 08, 2020
Why You Need Self-Compassion for Self-Improvement
Dec 07, 2020
Why It’s Relaxing to Breathe in Through Your Nose
Dec 04, 2020
Why Animals Keep Evolving Into Crabs
Dec 03, 2020
The Smells That Existed Before Earth (w/ Harold McGee)
Dec 02, 2020
Scientists Finally Found a Dinosaur Cloaca
Dec 01, 2020
The Stressful Psychology of a Ghosted Email
Nov 30, 2020
Is That Real Money or Fun Money? The Trap of Mental Accounting
Nov 27, 2020
The More You Wish for Self-Control, the Less of It You Have
Nov 26, 2020
Do Turkeys Really Drown in Rainstorms?
Nov 25, 2020
What People Get Wrong About Evolution (w/ Neil Shubin)
Nov 24, 2020
Venus Flytraps Store Short-Term “Memories”
Nov 23, 2020
Do Rocket Stages Ever Hit Ships? (w/ NASA’s Cody Chambers)
Nov 20, 2020
Why Is Life Based on Carbon and Not Silicon?
Nov 19, 2020
What to Do When You Make the Wrong Decision (w/ Annie Duke)
Nov 18, 2020
The Best Time to Make a Gut Decision (w/ Annie Duke)
Nov 17, 2020
4 of the World's Weirdest Weather Phenomena
Nov 16, 2020
Why Are Spacesuits White?
Nov 13, 2020
Befriend Cats with the Slow Blink
Nov 12, 2020
Why Bugs Are Basically Robots (w/ Alie Ward)
Nov 11, 2020
Ask Smart People Stupid Questions (w/ Alie Ward)
Nov 10, 2020
Why You Need a Virtual Commute
Nov 09, 2020
You Can Control Your Dreams with Science
Nov 06, 2020
A Brain-Training Task to Reduce Motion Sickness
Nov 05, 2020
5G Might Impair Weather Forecasts
Nov 04, 2020
How to Make the Most of Your Negativity Bias (w/ John Tierney)
Nov 03, 2020
Can a Selfie Screen You for Heart Disease?
Nov 02, 2020
The Door to Hell Is a Fiery Pit That’s Been Burning Since 1971
Oct 30, 2020
Baby Tortoises Love Faces, and That’s a Big Deal for Science
Oct 29, 2020
Einstein Worried That Science Can't Explain "The Now"
Oct 28, 2020
How Hollywood Gets Seances Wrong
Oct 27, 2020
How 19th-Century Body-Snatchers Contributed to Medical Science
Oct 26, 2020
Could Parasites Turn Us into Zombies?
Oct 23, 2020
The Martian Moon Phobos Creates a Yearly Solar Eclipse
Oct 22, 2020
Viking Was a Job Description, Not Heredity
Oct 21, 2020
Why Don’t Predators Hunt Their Prey into Extinction?
Oct 20, 2020
Why Social Isolation Could Breed Conspiracy Theorists
Oct 19, 2020
How Romantic Partners Influence Each Other's Relationship Goals
Oct 16, 2020
Our Ability to Drink Milk Evolved Way Faster Than Scientists Thought
Oct 15, 2020
How Superstitions Can Reduce Anxiety
Oct 14, 2020
Hacking Earth to Fight Climate Change
Oct 13, 2020
Earth's Atmosphere May Be Rusting the Moon
Oct 12, 2020
It’s “Patient O,” Not “Patient Zero”
Oct 09, 2020
How Cold Was the Last Ice Age?
Oct 08, 2020
How Scientists Teleported Fish Behavior
Oct 07, 2020
How Cancer Evolves in the Body (w/ Dr. Kat Arney)
Oct 06, 2020
3 Mythological Creatures That Were Inspired by Real Fossils
Oct 05, 2020
Why The Mantis Shrimp Can Punch So Hard Without Damage
Oct 02, 2020
What Happens When You Pull a Muscle?
Oct 01, 2020
The Dirty, Smelly History of Soap (w/ Cody Cassidy)
Sep 30, 2020
Who Ate the First Oyster? (w/ Cody Cassidy)
Sep 29, 2020
Why Friends “Swapped Bodies” for Science (Again!)
Sep 28, 2020
Why Don't We Sneeze in Our Sleep?
Sep 25, 2020
The Math Bias That Makes You Misjudge COVID-19
Sep 24, 2020
Wildfires Can Create Their Own Storms
Sep 23, 2020
Why Multitasking Keeps You Snacking
Sep 22, 2020
Why Do Young People Have More Déjà Vu?
Sep 21, 2020
Children Led a Research Project, Painting Eyes on Cow Butts, and Whether to Rinse Your Recycling
Sep 18, 2020
Why You Think You’re Too Smart for Ads, Studying Violinists to Understand Human Synchrony, and Relieving Pain by Holding Hands
Sep 17, 2020
A Dark Sense of Humor May Mean a High IQ, Origin of the Word Orange, and Zombie Fires in the Arctic
Sep 16, 2020
Can Smiling Actually Make You Happier? And Why a Clockmaker Figured Out Longitude
Sep 15, 2020
Two Types of Empathy, Why Razors Dull, and Can You Learn Perfect Pitch?
Sep 14, 2020
We All Think We’re Bad With Names, The Genius of Hobo Code, and How Attractive Do You Think You Are?
Sep 11, 2020
A Harmful Mutation Evolved for Good, Why Astronauts Are Using Old Sailing Tech in Space, and Cody’s Message
Sep 10, 2020
The Rando Who Translated Gilgamesh, Why Horses Lost Their Toes, and a Sperm-Swimming Discovery
Sep 09, 2020
Difference Between Unscented & Fragrance-Free and Cow Gene Editing for More Male Offspring
Sep 08, 2020
Short-Term Pleasures Are Important Too, the Smelly Armpit Enzyme, and a Thorne-Żytkow Object Is a Star Within a Star
Sep 07, 2020
The Myth of Pregnancy Cravings, Why Raindrops Don’t Damage Insect Wings, and August’s Curiosity Challenge Trivia
Sep 04, 2020
Aggression and Epigenetics (w/ Bill Sullivan), Calm Down with Box Breathing, and How Anglerfish Fuse Without Immune Rejection
Sep 03, 2020
The Invisible Forces Controlling You (w/ Bill Sullivan), You Daydream Surprisingly Often, and Ancient Greek Temples Were Built on Fault Lines on Purpose
Sep 02, 2020
Normalcy Bounces Back Quickly in Times of Stress and the Female Astronauts of the Mercury 13
Sep 01, 2020
How Blind People Describe Animals, Plague Myths About “Ring Around the Rosie,” and Radiation Shields Made from Fungus
Aug 31, 2020
Do Masks Stunt Emotional Development? Plus: Human Ears Perk Up, Too, and Why Your Shower Curtain Clings To You
Aug 28, 2020
What to Do When Your Pet Is Scared, You Have Microbes Inside Your Cells, and Meet Natalia Reagan (Again!)
Aug 27, 2020
Dying People Can Probably Hear You, Mapmakers Catch Copycats with Paper Towns, and How Woodpeckers Shut Down a NASA Launch
Aug 26, 2020
What If You Stopped Showering (w/ James Hamblin) and Are Some Trees Immortal?
Aug 25, 2020
A Science-Backed Workout in 10 Minutes, How Collective Narcissism Makes Groups Toxic, and How Dolphins Make Friends
Aug 24, 2020
Zoos Have Their Own Dating Apps, Why Grease Is Hard to Clean Off Plastic, and You Don’t Have to Be Married to Be Happy
Aug 21, 2020
Are There Really Wasps in Figs? Plus: People Like Round Numbers Even When They’re Bad
Aug 20, 2020
Building Healthier Cities (w/ Dr. Aruni Bhatnagar), 3D-Printing a Nuclear Reactor Core, and Why Spaghetti Breaks in Three
Aug 19, 2020
How the Environment Affects Your Health (w/ Dr. Aruni Bhatnagar) and How Polynesians Mingled with Native Americans 800 Years Ago
Aug 18, 2020
You Create False Memories of Daily Tasks, Dogs Can Sense Earth’s Magnetic Field, and There’s No Up or Down in Space
Aug 17, 2020
Why the US Military Made Shark Repellant, Why Moths Are Drawn to Lights, and the Difference Between Mummies and Fossils
Aug 14, 2020
Finding Lost Shark Species (w/ Forrest Galante) and the 2 Types of Nostalgia
Aug 13, 2020
Sharks Aren’t Just Apex Predators (w/ Forrest Galante), How Cats Affect Online Dating, and When Giant Prehistoric Sea Scorpions Ruled the Seas
Aug 12, 2020
Can Sharks Smell Blood from a Mile Away? Plus: Dual-Uterus Sharks and How Interstellar Travel Will Change Language
Aug 11, 2020
Why People Are Afraid of Sharks, Discovery of 4 “Walking” Shark Species, and Fighting Climate Change with Rocks
Aug 10, 2020
Parents’ Brains Sync When They’re Together, the Genius Math Behind Credit Card Numbers, and July’s Curiosity Challenge Trivia
Aug 07, 2020
Why Religious People Have More Children, Sea Turtles’ Clumsy Navigation Skills, and the Real Center of Our Solar System Isn’t the Sun
Aug 06, 2020
How Feeling Sick Is Colored by Culture, The Venomous Dinosaur from Jurassic Park IRL, and All the Light Ever Produced in the Universe
Aug 05, 2020
You Have Tiny Rocks in Your Ears, How Artists’ Personas Influence Your Music Choices, and Chemotherapy Began as a Chemical Weapon
Aug 04, 2020
Why Some Words Are More Memorable, How Hair Growth Works, and How Fish End Up in Landlocked Lakes
Aug 03, 2020
Advertising Makes Us Unhappy, The Myth of Maximum Heart Rate, and How Parents Can Help Language Researchers with an App
Jul 31, 2020
Why New Habits Have to Be Tiny (w/ Dr. BJ Fogg) and Why Human Infants Are Late Bloomers
Jul 30, 2020
A New Way to Build Habits (w/ Dr. BJ Fogg) and the Best Time of Day to Exercise
Jul 29, 2020
Why Stress Sweat Smells Worse, Studying Wildlife During the Pandemic, and Do Men Just Not See Messes?
Jul 28, 2020
You Navigate with Your Nose, Busting 5 Summer Myths, and Using Horseshoe Crabs’ Blue Blood to Develop New Medicine
Jul 27, 2020
Fannie Farmer Created the Modern Cooking Recipe, the Shepard Scale Audio Illusion, and How Scientists Test the COVID-19 Vaccine
Jul 24, 2020
Why Some People Can’t Recognize Faces, Weight-Lifting Strengthens Your Nerves Too, and Why Earth’s Core Doesn’t Melt
Jul 23, 2020
Teaching Kids to Not Be Prejudiced, Why Cats Have Vertical Pupils, and a Massive Stonehenge Discovery
Jul 22, 2020
The Need for Nature During Lockdown, Why Plants Are Green, and How Microbes and Parasites Might Make Us Healthier
Jul 21, 2020
Stay Happy and Healthy by Maintaining Your Routines, How Dolphins Learn to Use Tools, and Can Adults Grow New Brain Cells?
Jul 20, 2020
Waiting for the Best Option Lowers Your Standards, Spies Can Eavesdrop Using Light Bulbs, and Why Atoms Don’t Look Like the Solar System
Jul 17, 2020
Hack Your Short-Term Memory, The Wild Origins of Gallbladder Surgery, and Does Chocolate Cause Acne Breakouts?
Jul 16, 2020
The First Prescription Video Game, Solving the Mystery of Short-Term Memory, and Hummingbirds’ Extraordinary Vision
Jul 15, 2020
Blame Trolling on “Everyday Sadism,” How to Sleep Better During Lockdown, and a Breakthrough in Random Number Generation
Jul 14, 2020
Saturated Fat Could Kill Your Focus, Animals Have Regional Accents, and Rings Around Mars
Jul 13, 2020
Black Hole Holograms, How We Make Sense of the Nonsensical, and June’s Curiosity Challenge
Jul 10, 2020
Human Hair Was Created in a Lab, You See Less Color Than You Think, and Mapping an Underground City Without Digging
Jul 09, 2020
A Better Way to Stop Implicit Bias, the Murderous “Femme Fatale” Firefly, and Finding the Universe’s Missing Matter
Jul 08, 2020
Wearables and AI Analytics Are Changing Medicine (w/ Dr. Lloyd Minor) and What Happens to Your Brain After a Breakup
Jul 07, 2020
How Summer Affects COVID-19, Why So Many Mars Missions Are Launching in July, and Exercise More by Copying Your Friends
Jul 06, 2020
Why You Should Argue to Learn, Dogs Want to Rescue You, and Do Blind People Dream?
Jul 03, 2020
What Neanderthal Genes Are Doing in Your DNA, The Time Photosynthesis Killed Nearly All Life on Earth, and the Inventor of “Do, Re, Mi” Notation
Jul 02, 2020
Qualified Immunity in Police Misconduct, Why Longing Is Important in Relationships, and Wandering Stars Regularly Visit Our Solar System
Jul 01, 2020
Loving Your Job May Lead to Unethical Behavior, Bumblebees Bite Plants to Make Them Bloom, and Jupiter’s Moons Formed from Specks of Dust
Jun 30, 2020
Periodical Cicadas 101, Why Smarter People Choke Under Pressure, and Analyzing DNA to Solve the Dead Sea Scrolls Mystery
Jun 29, 2020
The Psychology of ‘Animal Crossing,’ How a Failed Death Ray Led to Radar, and Intrusive Thoughts Explained
Jun 26, 2020
Tap into the 4 Pillars of Learning (w/ Stanislas Dehaene) and How We Get Seedless Fruit
Jun 25, 2020
New Science on How We Learn (w/ Stanislas Dehaene), Why Stores Use Air Curtains, and Desert Microbes that Dissolve Rocks with Acid
Jun 24, 2020
Virtual Therapy vs. In-Person Therapy, How Redlining Deepened Segregation in US Cities, and Earth’s Drifting Magnetic Poles
Jun 23, 2020
Lockdown Is Changing Our Perception of Time, a Devastating Meteor that Never Landed, and Elephants Can Catch Yawns from Humans
Jun 22, 2020
Juneteenth’s Origins, Change Your Routine to Be Happier, and Why Americans Don’t Say “Maths”
Jun 19, 2020
Climate Justice 101 (w/ Katharine Hayhoe), Why Peanut Butter Gets Gum Out of Hair, and How Gaslighting Makes You Question Your Sanity
Jun 18, 2020
What Science Says About Fat-Burning Foods, Do Great Things by Being a Part of Something Greater, and Telling Male and Female Dinosaurs Apart
Jun 17, 2020
Modern Benefits from Archaeological Discoveries (w/ Mary Prendergast and Elizabeth Sawchuk) and Hearing Body Language
Jun 16, 2020
Making Life Decisions on a Coin Flip, How You Respond to 2 Types of Injustice, and Why Otters Juggle Rocks
Jun 15, 2020
Why People Protest According to Psychology, How Scientists Made Blind People “See” Shapes, and May’s Curiosity Challenge
Jun 12, 2020
Hope in the Fight Against Climate Change (w/ Katharine Hayhoe) and Overcoming Bedtime Procrastination
Jun 11, 2020
Why Rainy Days Make You Sleepy, A Fix for AI’s Energy Appetite, and Solving Geology’s Mystery of the “Great Unconformity”
Jun 10, 2020
Extinct Human Species (w/ Elizabeth Sawchuk and Mary Prendergast) and Moody Teenage Dogs
Jun 09, 2020
Differences in CEO and Murdering Psychopaths, How Deep Sleep Cleans Your Brain, and the Mystery of Our Inactive Sun
Jun 08, 2020
Fighting Coronavirus with Llamas, Why Rain Stops Rocket Launches, and Listener Questions About Cold Things
Jun 05, 2020
How We Know Climate Change Is Caused by Humans (w/ Katharine Hayhoe) and the Myth of “Common Sense”
Jun 04, 2020
Defending Against “Murder Hornets” with Bee Balls, Aphantasia and the Two Extremes of the “Mind’s Eye,” and Venus’s Freaky-Fast Atmosphere
Jun 03, 2020
How Technology Is Enabling Archeological Discoveries (w/ Elizabeth Sawchuk and Mary Prendergast) and the Privacy Risks of Eye-Tracking Tech
Jun 02, 2020
Your Ancestors May Influence Your Work Hours, Coral Reproduced in Captivity, and the First Known Water-Dwelling Dinosaur
Jun 01, 2020
Selfish People Remember Being Generous, Why We Can’t Transplant Brains, and Buying Life Insurance from Vending Machines
May 29, 2020
“Rub Some Dirt on It” to Heal Wounds, Funny Memes Can Save Endangered Species, and Space Changes the Shape of Astronauts’ Hearts
May 28, 2020
What Makes People Cultural Omnivores, Archaeologists’ Prehistoric Poop Problem, and How to Tell Stars and Planets Apart in the Sky
May 27, 2020
Y2K Was Actually a Success Story, Sleeping Brains Replay Waking Experience, and Plants Can Hear When They’re Being Eaten
May 26, 2020
Elephants Get Drunk (and They’re Lightweights), Pigeons Helped Win Wars, and Night Owls May Struggle to Regulate Their Emotions
May 25, 2020
Marijuana Categories Aren’t Based in Science, Scientists Staged Bronze-Age Swordfights, and How Clean Are Your Clothes, Really?
May 22, 2020
Why People Ignore Facts in Medical Emergencies, Victorian-Era Credit Cards, and Adding a New Row to the Periodic Table
May 21, 2020
World of Warcraft Could Help Fight COVID-19, Social Rejection Can Fuel Creativity, and What Mouse Facial Expressions Teach Us About Emotion
May 20, 2020
An Interstellar Object’s Origin Revealed, Why Superstitions Evolved, and How the Sense of Smell Is More Complicated Than We Thought
May 19, 2020
Therapy for Parents Can Ease Kids’ Anxiety, What Makes Fruit Mealy, and Lessons from the “Second Earth” Biosphere 2
May 18, 2020
What Is the Grand Unified Field Theory? (w/ Dr. Adam Becker), Should You Wad or Fold Toilet Paper, and Why You Judge Your Own Hoarding Differently
May 15, 2020
Where Our Emotions Come From and How to Hack Them (w/ Lisa Feldman Barrett) and Tarantula Venom Could Be an Opioid Alternative
May 14, 2020
How Antibiotics in Agriculture Changed How We Eat (w/ Maryn McKenna), When Daydreaming Goes Wrong, and Dogs Recognize Faces in Photos
May 13, 2020
The Universe Might Expand Unevenly, Using a Camera to De-Clutter Your House, and 3 Hominins Lived in the Same Place and Time
May 12, 2020
Pigeons Can Be Superstitious, Why Allergy Drugs Make You Sleepy, and The 5 Ages of the Universe
May 11, 2020
Play a Game to Help Cure Alzheimer’s, Building the Perfect Swear Word, and May’s Curiosity Challenge
May 08, 2020
Gut Neurons Influence Brain Neurons, Why We Still Use the QWERTY Keyboard, and Why You “Shoot the Messenger”
May 07, 2020
Using Urine to Build a Moon Base, Musicians and Audiences Sync Brain Activity, and Why “Size Matters” for Narwhal Tusks
May 06, 2020
Early Career Choices Influence Your Personality, Why We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and Psychedelic Effects from Placebos
May 05, 2020
Null Misadventures (w/ Matt Parker), Why Reheated Coffee Tastes Bad, and the Ancestor of Most Living Animals
May 04, 2020
Why We Get Warning Fatigue, Prehistoric Monkeys Crossed the Atlantic on Rafts, and Why New Lovebirds Feel So Familiar
May 01, 2020
5 Coronavirus Myths Debunked, Why You Shouldn’t Get Your News on Social Media, and the Discovery of a Black Hole Missing Link
Apr 30, 2020
Why Soft Drinks Taste Different Out of Cans, Why Housecats Are Dangerous for Wildlife, and 100 Minor Planets Discovered Beyond Neptune
Apr 29, 2020
The Battle of Brains vs Brawn in Aging, Perils of Ultra-Processed Food, and Bats Surviving White-Nose Syndrome
Apr 28, 2020
Using Lava Lamps to Generate Randomness (w/ Matt Parker), How Ritalin Makes You Focus, and What Bacteria Beneath the Sea Floor Means for Life on Mars
Apr 27, 2020
Quarantine Survival Tips (w/ Dr. Renée Lertzman and “Deadliest Catch” Captains Sig & Keith) and Why We Have Birthmarks
Apr 24, 2020
Anniversary Episode! Supersonic Packing Tape, Chronological vs. Biological Age, Why Mirrors Are Next to Elevators, and Anti-Asteroid Spacecraft
Apr 23, 2020
Dealing with Uncertainty During the Coronavirus Pandemic (w/ Dr. Renée Lertzman) and One Dog Year Doesn’t Equal Seven Human Years
Apr 22, 2020
Fishing Science (w/ “Deadliest Catch” Captains Sig & Keith) and the Psychology of Sour Grapes
Apr 21, 2020
Stealing Money with Salami Slicing Attacks (w/ Matt Parker), You Don’t Know the Back of Your Hand, and Tylenol Eases Social Exclusion
Apr 20, 2020
Do Masks Prevent Coronavirus, How Tuvan Throat Singers Sing Two Notes at Once, and Predicting Viral Content by Measuring Brain Activity
Apr 17, 2020
Why Stress Makes You Eat Differently, Humpback Whales Hunt with Bubble Nets, and the Surprising Genetic Reason Females Outlive Males
Apr 16, 2020
Parents Rarely Pass Their Politics to Their Kids, Source of Peanut Allergies Found in the Gut, and Why Stars Don’t Make the Night Sky Bright
Apr 15, 2020
Blame Evolution for Back Pain, Showing Off Your Status Doesn’t Make Friends, and Make Babies Smarter by Pretending to Understand Them
Apr 14, 2020
The Skyscraper-Shaking Fitness Class (w/ Matt Parker), When Hanger Is Most Likely to Strike, and Studying the Human Brain’s Jiggle
Apr 13, 2020
Why So Many Outbreaks (Like the Coronavirus) Come from Bats, Older Siblings’ Surprising Influence, and April’s Curiosity Challenge
Apr 10, 2020
Anticipatory Grief During a Pandemic, the Smallest Dinosaur Ever (Maybe), and How Your Brain Processes Music and Speech Differently
Apr 09, 2020
How Wildlife Crossings Work (w/ Beth Pratt of #SaveLACougars) and Get Happy by Doing One Creative Thing a Day
Apr 08, 2020
Building the World’s Largest Wildlife Crossing to Save P-22 (w/ Beth Pratt of #SaveLACougars) and the Health Benefits of the “Helper’s High”
Apr 07, 2020
Why Women Feel More Pain than Men, Why Toothpaste Makes Food Taste Bad, and Earth Formed Way Faster Than We Thought
Apr 06, 2020
Where Does Mold Come From? Plus: Torture Scenes in Movies vs. Real Life and Why the World’s Smelliest Fruit Smells So Bad
Apr 03, 2020
Astronauts Grew Lettuce in Space, Why Smelling a Dirty Shirt Can Help You Sleep, and Early Animals That Acted Like an Ancient Internet
Apr 02, 2020
Ducks Are Employees at a Vineyard, the Victorian Version of Spotify, and A Mathematical Theorem for Cutting a Ham Sandwich
Apr 01, 2020
The Invisible Harm of Thirdhand Smoke, Why Whales Get Lost During Solar Storms, and A Massive Virus That Blurs the Line Between Life and Non-Life
Mar 31, 2020
Laughter Might Be the Best Medicine, How Your Romantic Style Affects Your Finances, and Why Some Amphibians Glow
Mar 30, 2020
Coronavirus Vaccine Development: Scientific Challenges and Timelines with Dr. Julia Schaletzky (COVID-19 Bonus Episode)
Mar 29, 2020
Coronavirus Test Shortages Explained (w/ Dr. Julia Schaletzky), Anonymous Anime Fan Helps Solve 25-Year-Old Math Mystery, and Can Ketamine Help with Depression?
Mar 27, 2020
How a Coronavirus Vaccine Might Work (w/ Dr. Julia Schaletzky) and Why We Call Steak “Beef” and Not “Cow”
Mar 26, 2020
Memory’s Role in Social Anxiety, The First Synthetic Self-Replicating Genome, and Penguins Can Call Underwater
Mar 25, 2020
No One Born Blind Has Had Schizophrenia, Bacteria Engineered to Protect Honeybees, and The Surprising Way WWI Helmets Beat Modern Ones
Mar 24, 2020
First Animal That Doesn’t Breathe Oxygen, Biggest Explosion in the Universe’s History, and Improving Memory with the Brain’s Immune System
Mar 23, 2020
How to Clean Your Phone, More Info About a New Disease Won’t Comfort You, and the Best Workout Music According to Research
Mar 20, 2020
Robot Workers May Change Prejudices, Hormonal Changes in Dads-to-Be, and How Salamanders Regrow Their Limbs
Mar 19, 2020
Hearing Loss and Technology (w/ David Owen) and the Psychology of Reacting to a Crisis (Like COVID-19)
Mar 18, 2020
Coronavirus Myths and FAQs with Dr. Amesh Adalja, Epidemiologist
Mar 18, 2020
Dr. Amesh Adalja Explains Social Distancing for COVID-19, Birds Won’t Spread Fake News, and Using Auroras to Find Exoplanets
Mar 17, 2020
New Antibiotic Discovered by AI, How to Handle Traumatic Memories, and Why Extreme Temperatures Mess with Your Batteries
Mar 16, 2020
Speed Listening’s Effects on Emotion, Surprising Differences Between White and Brown Rice, and Pi Almost Legally Changed to 3.2
Mar 13, 2020
Myths and Science of Binaural Beats, How to Talk About Historical Injustices, and Australian Dingos Evolved from Pet Dogs
Mar 12, 2020
Protecting Yourself from Hearing Loss (w/ David Owen) and Why Woolly Mammoths Went Extinct
Mar 11, 2020
Why Yoga Reduces Depression, Why Plastic Bag Fees Work So Well, and How Bumblebees Can Carry So Much
Mar 10, 2020
Pop Songs Are Getting Sadder, Mysterious Radio Signals from Outer Space, and It Pays to “Just Be Yourself”
Mar 09, 2020
Astronomy’s Problem with Starlink (w/ Vivienne Baldassare) and Why Toilet Paper Is White
Mar 06, 2020
Boost Self-Control by Asking for Support, Gene-Stealing Organisms, and How Lipreading Works in the Brain
Mar 05, 2020
It’s Never Too Early to Protect Your Hearing (w/ David Owen) and Why You Should Work in 90-Minute Spurts
Mar 04, 2020
Fonts Can Send Political Messages, Don’t Always Trust Your First Instinct, and Nucleic Acids Beyond DNA and RNA
Mar 03, 2020
History’s Average Commute Time, Fight Procrastination with Emotions, and the Largest Ever Study of Cancer Genomes
Mar 02, 2020
Quitting Smoking May Reawaken Healthy Cells, Why You Yawn During Exercise, and Telling the Age of Crime Scene Fingerprints
Feb 28, 2020
Lying to Seem Honest, The Physics of the ‘Cheerios Effect,’ and Wasps that Recognize Faces
Feb 27, 2020
Pablo Escobar's Hippos Overtaking Colombia, More Phytoplankton Is Good for the Planet, and Seeing Climate Change in Daily Weather
Feb 26, 2020
Katherine Johnson’s Legacy, The World’s First Living Robots, and Zinc Doesn’t Cure Colds
Feb 25, 2020
Your Dance Style Is as Unique as Your Fingerprint, the Myth of Muscle Confusion, and How Animals Get Color Without Pigment
Feb 24, 2020
Why Brussels Sprouts Taste Better Now, Luxury Buying Makes People Feel Fake, and Whether People Think in Words or Pictures
Feb 21, 2020
GPS’s Past and Future (w/ Hugo Fruehauf) and Why It's OK to Nap Without Falling Asleep
Feb 20, 2020
How Beauty Sleep Boosts Beauty, Plants Talk to Worms for Self-Defense, and Fighting Deepfakes with Heart Rate
Feb 19, 2020
Tips for Happy, Healthy Aging (w/ Daniel Levitin) and a Massive Collision Helped Us Judge the Milky Way’s Age
Feb 18, 2020
Employees Should Surf the Web at Work, Hear a 3,000-Year-Old Mummy’s Voice, and Being Cold Makes Us Crave Social Contact
Feb 17, 2020
Opposites Don’t Attract, We Like What’s Physically Close to Us, and the History of Last Names
Feb 14, 2020
How GPS Clocks Work (w/ Hugo Fruehauf) and Why Stress Turns Hair Gray
Feb 13, 2020
The Academic Benefits of Emotional Intelligence, Atoms Split in Uneven Shapes, and Wolf Puppies Can Play Fetch
Feb 12, 2020
A Reason to Reveal Your Failures, the Time Tulips Cost More Than Houses, and the Death of Planet WASP-12b
Feb 11, 2020
Stanford Technique for Picking Creative Ideas, Why Whales Are So Big (But Not Bigger), and the First Medical Diagnosis and Treatment in Space from Earth
Feb 10, 2020
Measuring the Deadliness of Viruses (Like Coronavirus), Why We Do the Potty Dance, and Depression’s Cousin “Acedia”
Feb 07, 2020
The Invention of GPS (w/ Hugo Fruehauf) and Planning Cheat Days to Achieve Your Goals
Feb 06, 2020
Criminal Profiling Doesn’t Work, Exoplanets’ Magma Oceans Eat Their Skies, and Superhuman Red Blood Cells for Drug Delivery
Feb 05, 2020
The 13 Emotions Music Evokes, Surprising Things Pregnancy Does to the Body, and Solving the Tiny T. Rex Mystery
Feb 04, 2020
Your Romantic Relationships Are All Similar, Why Cuttlefish Wore 3-D Glasses, and the Oldest Material on Earth
Feb 03, 2020
Why Deadhead Logs Are So Rare and Valuable (w/ Kevin O’Connor) and Why Traveling Makes You Tired
Jan 31, 2020
The Invention of the Two-by-Four (w/ Kevin O’Connor) and Common Mistakes You Make in the Shower
Jan 30, 2020
Why Overheard Phone Conversations Are So Distracting, How Big Black Holes Get, and Why Anesthesia Is Risky on Marijuana
Jan 29, 2020
You Learn Better from Success than Failure, Ravens Plan Ahead, and Absolute Zero Is Impossible
Jan 28, 2020
Think of Sadness as a Person, Neanderthals Using Aspirin, and Cow Voices
Jan 27, 2020
Earth Is Greener Than Before, Job-Matching with Your Tweets, and Why Blue Means Sad
Jan 24, 2020
Most Lying Is Done by a Few People, Storing Vaccine History with Invisible Dye, and Emotion Words Vary Across Cultures
Jan 23, 2020
Live Longer by Appreciating Art, Betelgeuse Might Go Supernova, and Birds’ Freaky-Fast Vision
Jan 22, 2020
Saving the Ozone Layer Slowed Climate Change, the Largest Lifeforms on Earth, and Tips for Avoiding Distractions at Work
Jan 21, 2020
Real Effects of Paying it Forward, Gorillas Humming Food Songs, and New Crowdsourced Exoplanet Names
Jan 20, 2020
Why Pets Get the Zoomies, How to Avoid Giving Up After a Mistake, and Why Vision Is Important for Babies in the Womb
Jan 17, 2020
2 Forces Determine What a Group Can Accomplish (w/ Safi Bahcall) and the Taste Receptors Beyond Your Tongue
Jan 16, 2020
The 3-Encounter Rule, Why Weak Passwords Survive, and Saturn’s Rings Aren’t as Old as We Thought
Jan 15, 2020
Positive vs. Negative Goal-Setting, Kids Read More with Dogs, and Why Teleportation Is (Probably) Impossible
Jan 14, 2020
What if Earth Stopped Turning, Why We Blurt Things Out, and the Little Black Dots on Your Windshield
Jan 13, 2020
Why Women Started Shaving, Universal Features of Music, and “Split-Brain” Studies
Jan 10, 2020
Why Good Teams Kill Great Ideas (w/ Safi Bahcall) and the Medieval History of Almond Milk
Jan 09, 2020
The Germs Lurking in Your Makeup, Why Progress Feels Better Than Achieving a Goal, and What Horsepower Really Means
Jan 08, 2020
How Cats Land on Their Feet (w/ Greg Gbur) and Why Most People’s Favorite Color Is Blue
Jan 07, 2020
Financial Infidelity, Saving Coral Reefs with Sounds, and Weird Winter Weather Phenomena Explained
Jan 06, 2020
It’s OK to Only Exercise on Weekends, Difference Between Brown and White Eggs, and Setting Expectations for Star Wars
Jan 03, 2020
Where Good Ideas Come From (w/ Safi Bahcall), Why Illness Puts Your Brain in a Fog, and a Place on Earth that Supports No Life
Jan 02, 2020
Strengthen Your New Year’s Resolutions, Rethinking How We Judge a Planet’s Age, and the Truth About Apple Cider Vinegar and Health
Jan 01, 2020
Carl Zimmer on Defining Life, Learning Myths Even Educators Believe, and The Truth About “Dessert Stomach”
Dec 31, 2019
Heredity Isn’t What You Think (w/ Carl Zimmer), How Nudge Theory Changes Behaviors, and Could Cockroaches Survive a Nuclear Blast?
Dec 30, 2019
How the Medicine You Take Knows Where to Go, The Amazing Physics of Baseball, and Boosting Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique
Dec 27, 2019
Chimps Can Play Rock Paper Scissors, a Metamaterial Blocks Sound Without Blocking Light, and Staying Creative by Switching Tasks
Dec 26, 2019
History of Kissing, The Unbelievable True Story of the First Chiropractor, and Moons That Leave Their Planets Are Called “Ploonets”
Dec 25, 2019
A Trick for Unblocking Creativity, Hitting Snooze Can Ruin Your Morning, and How We Know What Color Dinosaurs Were
Dec 24, 2019
Earth’s Atmosphere Extends Beyond the Moon, Hearing Damage from Concerts, and How Music Affects Productivity
Dec 23, 2019
Staying Motivated in the Face of Adversity (w/ Safi Bahcall), Why Things Sound Louder in the Morning, and Winter Solstice Science
Dec 20, 2019
Shaming People Online Can Backfire, the Most Energetic Explosion Ever Observed, and the Link Between Teeth Brushing and Heart Health
Dec 19, 2019
Grizzlies Are Real-Life Superheroes (w/ “Man Vs Bear” Host Casey Anderson) and How People Really Pick Gifts
Dec 18, 2019
Tool-Using Animals (w/ “Man Vs Bear” Host Casey Anderson) and Trees Syncing Seed Production
Dec 17, 2019
Should You Avoid Fever-Reducing Drugs? Plus: Teeth-Replacing Dinosaurs and “Phantosmia” Smell Hallucinations
Dec 16, 2019
Remembering Words on the Tip of Your Tongue, Parkways vs. Driveways, and A Flapping Spacecraft to Explore Venus
Dec 13, 2019
You Don’t Need to “Warm Up” Your Car, Buy Less Instead of Buying Green, and Antarctica’s Ancient Forests
Dec 12, 2019
Customized Medicine (w/ Lauren Black) and How to Tell Someone’s Sick by Looking at Them
Dec 11, 2019
Cutting Sodium by Adding MSG, Measuring When People Give Up on Books, and How Giving Advice May Mean You Crave Power
Dec 10, 2019
Close the Lid Before You Flush, How Men and Women Feel About Their Exes, and a Trait That Makes You More Likely to Exercise
Dec 09, 2019
You Can Discover History by Going Low-Tech (w/ Justin Fornal and Emiliano Ruprah), Plus: Nuclear Explosions in Space
Dec 06, 2019
Why Feet Stink, How NASA Knows Where to Dig for Life On Mars, and Why Ice Is Luxurious
Dec 05, 2019
An Effective Way to Correct Misinformation, an Artificial Leaf that Turns CO2 into Fuel, and the Dino Fossil Death Pose
Dec 04, 2019
Saving Cats from Kidney Disease with AI (w/ Kay O’Donnell) and Eye Contact Reduces Lying
Dec 03, 2019
Evolution of the Violin Hole, Why Static Shock Is Worse in Winter, and How “Sleeping on It” Solves Problems
Dec 02, 2019
History’s Extravagant Gifts (w/ Justin Jampol), Why You Wake Up Hungry After Overeating, and Why Birds Have Hollow Bones
Nov 29, 2019
Food Coma Science, How to Avoid Raising Materialistic Kids, and 3M on Building a Circular Economy
Nov 28, 2019
Self-Control Without Sacrificing Pleasure, Why You Think You Do All the Work, and Why Scientists Use Weather Balloons
Nov 27, 2019
Feeding Birds May Cause a Deformity, Busting the “Only Child” Stereotype, and Why Everyone Draws a Coffee Cup the Same Way
Nov 26, 2019
Steven Strogatz Helps You Get Excited About Math (Plus: How Scientists Predict Asteroid Impacts)
Nov 25, 2019
Cell Phone Radiation, Why It’s OK to Contaminate Other Worlds, and Types of Human Goals
Nov 22, 2019
Phone Typing Is Speeding Up, A Supernova May Be Why Humans Walk Upright, and Rain on Antarctica
Nov 21, 2019
Sneezing with Your Eyes Open, How to Think About Wealth, and Why Bird Poop is 2 Colors
Nov 20, 2019
How to Stop Overspending on Groceries, Tattoos May Toughen Up Your Immune System, and How Physical Activity Boosts Kids’ Learning
Nov 19, 2019
Can Calculus Solve Quantum Physics? (w/ Steven Strogatz), Full Moon Behavior, and Why You Complain About “Kids These Days”
Nov 18, 2019
Maps as Weapons and Art (w/ Justin Fornal and Emiliano Ruprah) and Fidgeting Explained
Nov 15, 2019
Your Internal Compass, How Long a Flu Virus Survives, and the Creativity/Mental Illness Link
Nov 14, 2019
Tracking and Adventuring 101 (w/ Forrest Galante) and Plagiarizing Without Realizing It
Nov 13, 2019
Foods to Curb Sleep Deprivation, Light Levels Affect How Cold You Feel, and Kangaroo Pouches
Nov 12, 2019
How Calculus Is Different (w/ Steven Strogatz), Distraction Can Alter Your Memory, and Why the Hindenburg Used Hydrogen
Nov 11, 2019
History Is About the Present (w/ Justin Jampol), What Makes the Wind, and Blaming Games for Society’s Problems
Nov 08, 2019
Babies’ Heads Smell Distinct, Illegal Drugs That Used to be Medicine, and Lemming Myths
Nov 07, 2019
Finding “Extinct” Animals (w/ Forrest Galante) and How Bacteria Cooperate to Survive
Nov 06, 2019
Smartphones Impair You Even When They’re Off, Eco-Friendly Laundry, and How Babies Laugh
Nov 05, 2019
Why You Should Care About Calculus (w/ Steven Strogatz) and Why Lying to Kids Is Harmful
Nov 04, 2019
How to Have Fun with Simple Curiosity (w/ Alan Alda) and How Toilets Work
Nov 01, 2019
How Long a Decapitated Head Stays Conscious, Autumn Leaf Chemistry, The Batman Effect
Oct 31, 2019
What to Say When Someone’s Upset with You, Bermuda Triangle Myths, Tardigrade Superpowers
Oct 30, 2019
Persuading Others When Facts Don’t Seem to Matter (w/ Lee Hartley Carter), Cross-Dressing Cuttlefish
Oct 29, 2019
Types of Psychotherapy, Your Urge to Nibble Baby Feet, and Why Animals Don’t Have 3 Legs
Oct 28, 2019
Alan Alda on Communicating Better, Believing in Science, and Building Connections and Empathy
Oct 27, 2019
Alan Alda on How to Communicate Better by Making Connections (Plus: Why Oceans Don’t Sink)
Oct 25, 2019
How to Tell When Someone’s Lying, Out-of-Body Experiences, and Healthiest Way to Cook Broccoli
Oct 24, 2019
Gold Mining (w/ Gold Rush Stars Rick Ness and Tony Beets) and Why Musical Tastes Change
Oct 23, 2019
Sleep Better by Walking More, How Animals Mourn Their Dead, and Words from Backformation
Oct 22, 2019
Focus on the Ending, How to Deal with Impostor Syndrome, and Sit Less or Exercise More?
Oct 21, 2019
Why People Love (or Hate) Horror Movies, Stopping Overpopulation, and Orionids Meteor Shower
Oct 18, 2019
Types of Teen Popularity, Milky Way’s Black Holes, and Are Conspiracy Theories on the Rise?
Oct 17, 2019
Cherenkov Radiation, How to Be More Extroverted, and Changing Your Perception of Time
Oct 16, 2019
How to Deal with Having Too Many Choices, Wormhole Shadows, and a Language “Wug Test”
Oct 15, 2019
Quitting Smoking Doesn’t Lead to Food Cravings, Narcissism Over Time, and Seeing Photons
Oct 14, 2019
The Science of Cooking Meat with ButcherBox Head Chef Yankel Polak (Special Episode)
Oct 13, 2019
Women’s Restroom Lines, Superhuman Memory, and Is Bamboo Good for the Environment?
Oct 11, 2019
Cure for the Common Cold, What Really Killed the Dinosaurs, and Beatboxing in MRI Machines
Oct 10, 2019
We Don’t Know How Gravity Works (w/ Sean Carroll) and the Milky Way’s Bubble Mystery
Oct 09, 2019
Many Worlds Theory Explains the Universe (w/ Sean Carroll) and What Causes Static Electricity
Oct 08, 2019
Signals Dogs Use to Talk to You, NASA’s Lost Moon Photos, and the Sugar Rush Is a Myth
Oct 07, 2019
Where Dogs Get Their Personalities, How Smells Work, and a Skill that Improves with Age
Oct 04, 2019
Destroying Space-Time for Power (w/ Randall Munroe), Hourglass Figure Myths, Clown Science
Oct 03, 2019
Predict the Weather Using Facebook Photos (w/ Randall Munroe) and Spoken Data Speeds
Oct 02, 2019
How to Pick a Profile Photo, Handedness, and Gravitational Wave Detectors Seeking Dark Matter
Oct 01, 2019
Personalities Associated with Certain Names, Working Less to Save the Earth, and Superbolts
Sep 30, 2019
Pure Chance of Political Positions, Why Earth Has Oxygen, Infrared and Ultraviolet in Rainbows
Sep 27, 2019
Cutting Back on Plastic in Your Home (w/ Will McCallum) and How Shapes Can Be Angry
Sep 26, 2019
How to Save the World from Plastic (w/ Will McCallum) and Your Puppies Love Baby Talk
Sep 25, 2019
Constellations Across Cultures, Female vs. Male Hurricanes, and Animals Scientists Study
Sep 24, 2019
A Mutation That Makes You Need Less Sleep, Why “Like” Isn’t Lazy Language, and Zealandia
Sep 23, 2019
3D Printed Fashion (w/ Dana Thomas), Difference Between THC and CBD, Quiet Smart People
Sep 20, 2019
The Price of Fast Fashion (w/ Dana Thomas) and Why You Miss What’s Right in Front of You
Sep 19, 2019
Dark DNA, Why Married Couples Slept in Twin Beds, and Do Baths Get You Clean?
Sep 18, 2019
Don’t Use Your Phone on Breaks, How to Stop Being Materialistic, and Why We Roll Our Eyes
Sep 17, 2019
You Can Enjoy Play Before Work, Life After Asteroid Impacts, and an Eyepatch Eyesight Hack
Sep 16, 2019
Your Brain on Books vs. Podcasts, How Hard Babies Kick in the Womb, and Fart Humor History
Sep 13, 2019
Your Body’s Electromagnetic Field, Winning Pep Talk Tips, and Brightly Colored Ancient Statues
Sep 12, 2019
You Don’t Run Out of Willpower, What Came Before the Big Bang, and Hookah Health Risks
Sep 11, 2019
Emoji Around the World (w/ Gretchen McCulloch) and Plants May Have a Sense of Sight
Sep 10, 2019
Beliefs That Boost Grades, Optimism for Better Sleep, and Planets More Habitable Than Earth
Sep 09, 2019
Sibling Rivalry Benefits, Why The Universe Has No Center, and How to Know Yourself Better
Sep 06, 2019
Why Birds Sing, Why Bruises Change Color, and America’s Largest Asteroid Impact
Sep 05, 2019
Sleep Better with a Bath, Questions That Stump Computers, and the Ghost Ship Mary Celeste
Sep 04, 2019
International Internet Languages (w/ Gretchen McCulloch), Chances of Rain, and Mars in Spain
Sep 03, 2019
Censoring Information Backfires, Social Media’s Mental Health Benefits, and Tailgating Myths
Sep 02, 2019
Pets Can Be Allergic to You, Why Insecure People Brag, and an Algorithm’s Science Discovery
Aug 30, 2019
Control Your Spending Without a Budget, How Toxo Controls Mice, and Trial By Fire Brilliance
Aug 29, 2019
Gratitude Must Be Learned, You Go Blind Every Day, and Passive Echolocation of Dolphins
Aug 28, 2019
Online Boomer Speak (w/ Gretchen McCulloch) and Is “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” True?
Aug 27, 2019
Surprising Things in Libraries (w/ Alex Lent), Better Brainstorming Tips, and Prairie Vole Love
Aug 26, 2019
Does Blowing on Food Make It Cooler? Plus: How to Acquire Tastes, and Carnivore Adaptation
Aug 25, 2019
Inside the Human Eye (w/ Dr. Anthony St. Leger), Dating-App Addiction, and Old-Timey Bicycles
Aug 23, 2019
Your Eye Microbiome (w/ Dr. Anthony St. Leger) and What Children’s Drawings Say About Gender
Aug 22, 2019
Canned Laughter Makes Dad Jokes Funnier, Animals Use Economics, and AI on Rubik’s Cubes
Aug 21, 2019
Is Internet Language Bad? (w/ Gretchen McCulloch) and How to Remember More Dreams
Aug 20, 2019
Is Bee Venom Therapy Safe? Plus: Teeth Cleaning History and How to Change Bad Habits
Aug 19, 2019
How Food Nutrients Are Calculated, Why Wrappers Are So Loud, and How to Make Small Talk
Aug 18, 2019
Getting Rid of Mosquitoes (w/ Timothy Winegard), the Sargasso Sea, and Leonid Rogozov
Aug 16, 2019
History-Changing Mosquitoes (w/ Timothy Winegard) and Stimulating Neurons to Produce Images
Aug 15, 2019
Big Five Personality Traits Are WEIRD, Why Mouth Wounds Heal So Quickly, and Snake Island
Aug 14, 2019
Improve Your Self-Control, Replace Your Kitchen Sponge, and Naming Our Sun and Moon
Aug 13, 2019
Bystanders Help More Often Than You Thought, Avoiding Failure, and Cause and Effect Crows
Aug 12, 2019
Achieve Your Goals Faster, Why We Eat 3 Meals a Day, and the NATO Phonetic Alphabet
Aug 11, 2019
Cultivate Green Space in Your Home (w/ Summer Rayne Oakes) and Brains of Octopus Arms
Aug 09, 2019
Prevent Pit Stains, Medieval Rap Battles, and Why Airplane Boarding Takes So Long
Aug 08, 2019
Melt Glass at Home (w/ Nick Uhas), How Matches Make Fire, and Odd Animal Sizes on Islands
Aug 07, 2019
Wireless Charging May Be Bad for Your Battery, “Alpha Dog” Myths, and Penicillin’s Full Origins
Aug 06, 2019
Future of Cell-Sized Robots (w/ Cornell University) and Transferring Data Through Music
Aug 05, 2019
Respecting Others with Hanlon’s Razor, What If the World Went Vegan, and Dancing Cockatoos
Aug 04, 2019
Bioprinting (w/ Zach Weinersmith), Giant Underground Cities, and Miniature Pigeon Cameras
Aug 02, 2019
Space Elevators (w/ Zach Weinersmith) and Why Get Off Your Phone When You Watch TV
Aug 01, 2019
You Have A Type, Harmful Shark Myths, and Why Airplane Engines Have Spirals
Jul 31, 2019