Dave Ryan's War of the Roses

By Dave Ryan, Steve LaTart, Falen Bonsett

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Dave Ryan's War of the Roses

Episode Date
War of the Roses: He Has A *Unique* Fetish
Leann's boyfriend used to date someone that had a particular job and they brought her job into the bedroom so now her boyfriend, Charlie is asking Leann to do that in the bedroom. Charlie critiqued the way Leann does it, so now Leann is questioning if he's getting back with his ex to fill this fetish.
May 16, 2019
War of the Roses: She Close Her Eyes During Sex
Tony's girlfriend Ashley does something he thinks is a little weird in bed and then he overheard her say something about him at a party that makes him think she's either using him or there could be someone else. What's going on?
May 09, 2019
War of the Roses: She Dated His Brother First
Keith date Sara that used to date his brother Matt. Matt recently said something about Keith and Sara that he shouldn't have known so now Keith is suspicious something's still going on between his brother and Sara. Is it just a coincidence or is Sara not over Matt?
May 02, 2019
War of the Roses: The Office Bully Swiping on Hinge
Carrie is over her co-worker Michael taking credit for her work, eating people's food, and just being annoying around the office. She caught him swiping on Hinge the other day but he has a girlfriend of 2 years. So it's time for payback. Does she catch him cheating?
May 02, 2019
War of the Roses: His Excuse for Cheating Before is PRICELESS
Jackie has been with her baby daddy, JB for a while but he cheated on her right when they started dating but claims it wasn't cheating because of a "loophole". Now he's running off and not helping with the baby, is he up to no good once again?
Apr 18, 2019
War of the Roses: There Are No Texts From His Boss
Ali has become suspicious of her boyfriend because he keeps suddenly running off to work because his "boss calls him in". Well she did some snooping in his phone and saw no evidence of his boss asking him to work so where is he going and what is he doing??
Apr 11, 2019
War of the Roses: His Friends Call Him "Creamer"
Lindsay met a girl in the sports league she plays in that said her "F Boy" was named Kramer. Lindsay's boyfriend's name is Kramer. Also she heard he has a very unique nickname. Is her boyfriend an F Boy?
Apr 04, 2019
War of the Roses: Who's head print is in the pillow?
Kendall got a selfie from her boyfriend, Joey, but she noticed something suspicious in the background that is making her think Joey is up to no good. What was in the background that caused it, and is he doing something wrong?
Mar 21, 2019
War of the Roses: Her Mom's Best Friend?!
Sara doesn't know how to feel about her boyfriend Henry wanting to try new things in the bedroom. She wants to know where he's getting these ideas from. Is he just watching more adult films or is he learning it from someone else?
Mar 14, 2019
War of the Roses: Why was she in a hotel bathroom?
Brian's girlfriend got stuck in a snowstorm recently and when he facetimed with her while she was "at her friends", he said it looked like she was in a hotel? Where was she really and what was she doing?
Mar 08, 2019
War of the Roses: Who's Dog Is Barking in the Background
Janelle's boyfriend, Doug will claim that he's stuck in traffic and be late for things but she's noticed that there hasn't been traffic according to some Googling so what is taking him so long to get somewhere? And why is there a yippy dog in the background when we talk to Doug?
Mar 07, 2019
War of the Roses: The Text That Required a Rebus
Julia found a VERY raunchy text in her boyfriend Jason's phone that he claims was from a wrong number. But then there was a weird situation with a wet shower that left Julia even more suspicious that Jason is up to something. What is it?!
Feb 21, 2019
War of the Roses: Footprints in the Snow
Christina's boyfriend Danny has been taking longer walks with their dog than usual. She recently caught a bunch of footprints in the snow after one of his walks that seems suspicious. What is he up to on these walks?
Feb 14, 2019
War of the Roses: Should She Be Meddling In Another Person's Relationship?
Melissa went to dinner in River Falls and saw someone from her book club out to eat with a guy that was NOT her husband. Melissa is closer with the woman's husband and wants to know what's going on. Will her meddling be helpful or hurtful?
Feb 07, 2019
War of the Roses: His Search History is Alarming
Samantha found blonde hair on her boyfriend, Zack's, Pea Coat multiple times, she does not have blonde hair. AND she looked up what he was searching for porn and it doesn't exactly fit her look. Is Zack into someone else?
Jan 31, 2019
War of the Roses: His Thumb Was in a Snapchat Video
Karina doesn't like to go out much but her boyfriend does. She swears she saw his thumb in a girl's snapchat video at a party when he said he was home sleeping. Was it his thumb and he was lying? Or is she crazy for thinking an 8 second video is leading to thinking he's cheating?
Jan 24, 2019
War of the Roses: Once a Cheater Always a Cheater?
Ellie broke up with Brad when she found out he was cheating on her. But now his friends have been reaching out saying he wants her back. Does Brad really want her back or is he still playing the field?
Jan 17, 2019
War of the Roses: She's Texting HIS Friend
Ben is wondering if something is going on between his girlfriend, Janelle, and one of his friend's because they text and talk about a show they both watch. He wants in on the conversation but she won't let him. Is she hiding something?
Jan 10, 2019
War of the Roses: She Got A Call From A Divorce Lawyer
Cassie had a missed call and when she called back found out it was a divorce lawyer. Her husband Connor has been acting a little weird lately so that phone call left her uneasy. What's going on with their marriage?
Jan 03, 2019
War of the Roses: Dave Can You Just Do It?
Harry is doing War of the Roses and actually WANTS his girlfriend to be cheating on him. Find out the reason why and whether or not she is on this week's War of the Roses!
Nov 29, 2018
War of the Roses: Does He Live At Home With His Mom?
Riley has been dating Palmer but won't tell her where he lives and said he's "looking for a job". Why is he so secretive? Is he living at home with mom and embarrassed about it? Is he married with kids? Find out on War of the Roses!
Nov 16, 2018
War of the Roses: Can You Just Hold On A Second?
Hayden really likes Melanie but she doesn't want to hang out as much as he does so he's wondering how much she is into him. Does she reciprocate the feelings or is she not that into him?
Nov 08, 2018
War of the Roses: She Wanted a "Bang" Tattoo
Logan started to see signs of her boyfriend potentially cheating and really tested him when she asked him what he thought of a tattoo she wanted but did he give in? Find out who he gave the roses to!
Nov 01, 2018
War of the Roses: I Found A Place For You To Sit
Cami doesn't like the relationship her boyfriend has with a co-worker. So when she found a text he sent her that was pretty inappropriate she decided she needed to know if something was going on.
Oct 25, 2018
War of the Roses: A King Size vs Queen Size Bed
Quentin's fiance Katie met a guy that pitched his business idea to her and now she's going to all of his seminars but won't let Quentin come along because "he's not supportive". It that the real reason or is Katie hooking up with this "entrepreneur"?
Oct 18, 2018
War of the Roses: He Ignored Her In Front of Another GIrl
Lily was out with the guy she's dating but completely ignored her when he ran into another "friend". Then she found a heart in his backpack and so she wants to know if he's seeing someone else.
Oct 11, 2018
War of the Roses: But We're Just Friends Now
Cami cheated on Jacob once before so when presented with a romantic Duluth weekend getaway Jacob is wondering if she'll take him or someone else.
Oct 04, 2018
War of the Roses: Bikini Girls & New Orleans
Jackie followed her boyfriend Adam to New Orleans and caught him having a little too much fun at the pool one day and now he's not allowing her to come to doggy classes with him and their pup. Is his dog about to graduate doggy school or he about to get schooled in cheating?
Sep 27, 2018
War of the Roses: The Blank Golf Cards
Ava's boyfriend has been going golfing a lot lately but she recently found blank golf cards that makes it seem like he stocked up on them to leave around and prove he was golfing. Is he hitting the links or is he up to something else?
Sep 20, 2018
War of the Roses: A Twist In The First 30 Seconds!
War of the Roses is back! Tammy wants to find out something about her boyfriend but she's not the only one involved in the War of the Roses!
Sep 14, 2018
War of the Roses: She Tries to Trap the Sidechick
Courtney found proof on her boyfriend's phone that he's cheating but instead of asking him, she wants to call the sidechick to find out if there's more going on.
Jun 12, 2018
War of the Roses: I Cordially Invite You to S** On....
Hannah found a very strange text to a random number in her boyfriend's phone that he claims he sent to his brother but why would he not have his brother's number saved? Something smells fishy, what's actually going on?
May 24, 2018
War of the Roses: She Used A Burner Phone
Tara caught her boyfriend Jason with pictures of another girl in his phone. She called him out and reached out to the girl to back off but decided to use a burner phone to try and trap him. No luck, so that's where War of the Roses comes in...
May 10, 2018
War of the Roses: Should She Mind Her Own Business
Lee's friend Bradley is in a wheelchair and she's become suspicious his boyfriend has been participating in extra curricular activities so she's digging into their lives. What will she find?
May 03, 2018
War of the Roses: He did laundry for just a single sheet?
Deanna feels like her boyfriend Mason has been doing suspicious things, sitting in his car talking on the phone, doing laundry for just a towel and sheet, and is questioning is something's going on now. Find out on this week's War of the Roses!
Apr 26, 2018
War of the Roses - Two-Timing Facetimer
After being outside shovelings he walked in on him Facetiming with someone from the gym and that's just the TIP of the iceberg.
Apr 19, 2018
War of the Roses: Being Off His Meds Made Him Do It
Shari caught her boyfriend, Tyler, cheating when he went off his ADHD medicine once. She found out he was off his meds again so now she's suspicious of his actions. Is he just off the meds or cheating again?
Apr 12, 2018
War of the Roses: Why Is He Calling Her Another Girl's Name?
Emily saw her boyfriend Peter driving on highway 55 when he was supposed to be at work and he's called her another girl's name a few times. Is he hiding something from her or is there a logical explanation?
Apr 05, 2018
War of the Roses: He Left His Phone Where?
Tina made her boyfriend allow her to track his phone but saw he was spending hours at Target and Home Depot. What is he actually doing?
Mar 22, 2018
War of the Roses: He Disguised His Voice As Her?
Steve has been suspicious ever since his girlfriend Ellie got back from a girls trip. She's been getting texts from random numbers so he thinks something's up. Did Ellie have a love affair on the trip?
Mar 15, 2018
War of the Roses: "Oh ya, Dude"
Camille was hanging out with her boyfriend and heard what sounded like sex noises that he makes coming from his phone and now she's wondering if something's going on.
Mar 08, 2018
War of the Roses: A Defunct Fitness Tracker
Alisha's boyfriend has been playing basketball almost everyday as of late but she noticed there hasn't been any activity on his fitness tracker so she's wondering what's going on.
Mar 01, 2018
War of the Roses: They're Festering
Brian and Missy used to get hot and heavy all the time but now it's been a few months so Missy wants to know what's changed. Is he not attracted to her anymore or is he getting it somewhere else?
Feb 22, 2018
War of the Roses: The Dog Attack
Riley doesn't think he's cheating right now, she wants to check in on somehting that happened in the past.
Feb 15, 2018
War of the Roses: 2 Girls, 1 Guy
Morgan caught her boyfriend Max with another girl once and found out he was dating both. She went back to him but now he claimed he was in an accident after being unreachable for 6 hours, was he really?
Feb 08, 2018
War of the Roses: The Sickness Coincidence
Gia left for a trip and came back to a sick boyfriend and then noticed a friend of theirs was also sick. Is it a coincidence or is something going on with them?
Feb 01, 2018
War of the Roses: The Phone Trap
Kelsey heard her boyfriend talking sexaully to other woman and set up a trap to catch him, which she did. But now she wants to know if he's actually cheating. Is he?!
Jan 25, 2018
WOTR: Comes Back 20 Minutes Later Empty Handed
Eva hears a girls voice on the other side of the phone that her boyfriend Shane claimed was a guy, but when she takes him to this guy's house to get something and he comes back empty-handed after 20 minutes, she wants to know what's going on.
Jan 18, 2018
WOTR: Panties in the Mail
Mike found dirty panties that MIssy claimed she was mailing to him but that's not really his thing so now he's questioning what she was actually planning on doing with them?
Jan 11, 2018
WOTR: He Threw Her Keys in the Lake
Brooke has caught her boyfriend Brian cheating before and when she threatened to follow him recently to see where he was going he took her keys and threw them in the lake. What is he up to?
Jan 04, 2018
Logan & Rae: Scratches On Her Back From Niece?
Rae cheated on Logan at the very beginning of their relationship and now after seeing suspicious scratches on her back, Logan is wondering if she's doing it again...
Nov 30, 2017
Ellen & Wes: The Nasty Voicemail
Ellen caught her boyfriend texting another girl so she called the girl and got a nasty voicemail in return from saying the girl was hooking up with her boyfriend but the bf said it's done. Is it actually done?
Nov 16, 2017
Samantha & Greg & Hannah: The Employee Going After the Employer
Samantha found racy pictures an employee of her husband's sent her husband so in an attempt to find out what's going on, we call the employee instead of the husband. Find out what happens on War of the Roses!
Nov 09, 2017
Laurel & Andy: The Vulgar Coupon Book
Laurel found a homemade coupon book with some vulgar acts in it in her husbands drawer but she feels like it couldn't be for her. Did he make it for someone else or is he trying to be less vanilla with his wife?
Nov 02, 2017
Mandy & Diego: She Set the Trap
Mandy set a trap to see if her boyfriend would cheat on her once before and he failed so now she wants to do War of the Roses to test him once more. See if he passed this time!
Oct 26, 2017
Erin & Jason: Is He Catfishing Her?
Erin met Jason through the app Words With Friends and is supposed to fly down to Texas to visit him but is suspicious about a few things. Could he be catfishing her?
Oct 19, 2017
Rodney & Jenna: She's Blowing Who on Saturdays?
Rodney's 34 and Jenna's 21. She likes to go out with her girlfriends on the weekend but Rodney's suspicious of what goes on when she's out. Find out if she behaves herself on this week's War of the Roses!
Oct 12, 2017
Andy and Brandon: Or is it Andy and Ellie?
Andy has been dating Brandon for a while but he had a girlfriend when they started dating but claims they broke up. Is Brandon still with the 'ex'? Find out on War of the Roses!
Oct 05, 2017
War of the Roses: He Thought She Was Sleeping
He thought she was sleeping and gave someone an email she had never heard him use before. What happened? Find out now.
Sep 29, 2017
Robin & Michael: He Sent Her a Video of Him Doing What?!
Robin overheard a suspicious conversation her husband was having so she took action and then in return got a video of him doing something .... well, just listen.
Sep 28, 2017
Lily & Braden: Bite Marks on His Huh?!
Lily found a strange text on her boyfriend's phone that he claims is from a movie but he's not fooling anyone!
Sep 18, 2017