Britney's Gram

By Barbara Gray and Tess Barker

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Each week, comedians Tess Barker and Barbara Gray discuss and dissect Britney Spears's Instagram posts.

Episode Date
Now Available- Toxic: The Britney Spears Story

Babs and Tess are dropping the first episode of TOXIC right here on the feed where it all started!! To listen to episode two and subscribe to all other eps, search Toxic: The Britney Spears Story in your podcast player of choice!

Britney Spears wants out of her conservatorship. But how did she wind up in it to begin with? And what will it take to #FreeBritney? Babs Gray and Tess Barker have been digging into questions like these for years.

Jul 07, 2021
Coming Soon - Toxic: The Britney Spears Story

Coming this summer, Toxic: The Britney Spears Story lays out everything you need to know about Britney Spears, her controversial conservatorship, and the movement of fans trying to end it.

Hosts Tess Barker and Babs Gray talk to exclusive sources, examine new sides of the story, and uncover disturbing truths about our legal system that go way beyond Britney.

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May 10, 2021
An Announcement of an Announcement

Hello to all listeners of Britney's Gram, old and new! We're just dropping by for a second to finally let you know about the project we've been working on that will be coming out later this year.

Follow us @britneysgram and follow @witnessdocs for more information coming soon!

Feb 16, 2021
The Whole World Is Watching

It’s been a while… Babs and Tess are here to celebrate the news that Lou Taylor and Tri Star are out and Jamie is up for dismissal as conservator! They also discuss the upcoming podcast they’ll be doing, as well as interview attorney Katerina Perrault, who formerly worked with Andrew Wallet and has some interesting tea to spill. In addition they discuss Britney’s situation with a forensic mental health expert who provides some insight into coercive control and the steps that could be done to help Britney moving forward.

Nov 07, 2020
Free Roger

Tess and Babs share their expectations for what they hope will be a positive and momentous day in court for Britney on 1/22/20. They also sit down for an honest and heartbreaking conversation with Holly and Roger George who share the nightmarish experience they are living through as Jodi Montgomery attempts to sell their house. 

Donate to Roger and Holly’s GoFundMe at 

Jan 22, 2020
Con Purse

Babs and Tess are back! They discuss why they'vebeen so quiet (hard at work on a project they can't yet announce), then dive into a restraining order against the very woman who has current reign on Britney's personhood. Wow this is a very different podcast than when it started out. 

Nov 26, 2019
Keen on Freedom

Babs and Tess report back from the Sept 18th hearing, including the interesting vibe from security and Jamie's lawyers, as well as Cheez-It missing his cue. We go over the Aug 22nd document that gives a clue as to why the process is being delayed. We luckily recorded this the night the astrology post dropped where B talked clearly about how much she loves freedom and independence. Next big hearing is January 22.

Sep 25, 2019
Breakin' All the Rules I Didn't Make - With Bible Girl

The week of the hearing is upon us, and we are joined by Bible Girl, as we recap a recent court session, get pumped for the upcoming one, and delve into Britney's many posts from her recent solo trip to Hawaii, 

Sep 17, 2019
Going Dark

Just when we were starting to be unsure about the upcoming investigation, the news breaks that Jamie Spears has gotten physical with one of Britney's kids, and a restraining order has now been placed against him by K-Fed. We discuss how this could shake up the conservatorship and dissect what B might be going through right now via her new brown hair. 

Sep 05, 2019

The September hearing is approaching and the feed is as mysterious as always. Babs reports back on a morning spent in the probate law court, a Twitter-only post leads us to spend more time thinking about Nascar and Monster energy drink than we care to, and we attempt to unravel the mystery of the 6K Louboutins. 

Aug 23, 2019
A While??? - (Mini) Episode

Did Britney address the conservatorship via meme and emoji last night?! We have rushed to the Britney's Gram headquarters to discuss and release this minisode right away.

Aug 09, 2019
The Belly Rules The Mind

The gals are back from a hiatus and we're feeling positive about B's positivity on her latest posts. We discuss the upcoming court hearing, the legal action being taken against members of the FreeBritney movement, K-Fed's DJ problems, and go over Britney's recent posts including her connection to hot yoga and Marilyn. 



Aug 05, 2019
Another Snake

It's been a while, and there are a lot of posts to catch up on. Babs and Tess go over a leaked letter that Britney hand-wrote about the conservatorship back in the day, and review the multiple posts from the last few weeks, including a new fashion show, another snake, and a very telling quote. So much to discuss. 

Our lines of communication are open, if you want to leave us a voicemail call 818-925-0008 or email us at

Jun 06, 2019
The Conservatee's Business Activities Have Greatly Accelerated

Babs and Tess recap what they observed at the Stanley Mosk courthouse on May 10th, and get into why the investigation handed down by Judge Penny is so significant. 

They also revisit Andrew Wallet's 11/14/18 petition for a raise, which has some interesting information about how productive the then-conservator believed Britney was at the time. 

May 17, 2019

This is just a quick check-in before the rally / court hearing on May 10th. We just want to say thank you to everyone supporting and spreading the cause and telling people what's really going on beyond click bait headlines. 

If you are attending the rally, here are a few guidelines:

Be peaceful and respectful

This is a silent rally - If we see Britney we do not want to make her uncomfortable in any way. We simply want to show her our support. 

Please make your signs empowering and supportive. 

Wear all black if you can.

We are still gathering information and want to be responsible and careful about putting it out to the public. Feel free to call us at 818-925-0008 or email at



May 09, 2019

It's been quite the week since #FREEBRITNEY dropped. Babs and Tess take some time to reflect on the decision to release last week's bombshell podcast, and dig into the timeline and outcome so far, culminating in some actual posts on Britney's instagram, AND some news regarding upcoming court dates.

We are forever proud of the B Army and what they have done to support this movement. Stay awake. There is always a way out. 

You can continue to leave us voicemails or texts at 818-925-0008, send us an email at, or follow us on twitter and insta at britneysgram where we will keep everyone updated on news about #FREEBRITNEY.

Apr 25, 2019

Special emergency episode. Babs and Tess have received an anonymous tip from a credible source that confirms some of their suspicions and contains revelations they never could have imagined. #FreeBritney


Apr 16, 2019
Binders Full of Britney with Brandie Posey

We're still trying to process the news we got last week, and our Lady to Lady co-host Brandie Posey joins us to talk deleted prayer memes and why Britney's family reminds us a little of Whitney's. 

Apr 11, 2019
"Me Time" :)


...Or do we?

An almost-too-on-the-nose meme breaks the silence as we discuss whether this EMOJI-LESS meme is posted after months of nothing. But the Britney army is not so fast to fall, and before we can even begin to chat about it, not 30 minutes later the news is dropped that Godney has been admitted to a mental health institution - for a week now. The proof is in the meme pudding - someone is trying to control the narrative and Tess and Babs are having NONE. OF. IT. 

Apr 04, 2019
Would You Rather

With Britney still in the wind, we talk about her long-time manager Larry Rudolph. Various clips show how Britney really feels when Larry isn't by her side to correct her. We don't trust the recent PR that all is well with Brit and we expound on the listener theory that Britney didn't even write her Domination cancellation post herself. Are we getting closer to the truth? Or are we just "crazy"? 

Mar 21, 2019
The Lioness

The Lioness is still hibernating, so we check out some of Sam's feed and dissect Jamie Lynn's tomboy makeup tutorial, plus discuss what we think Brit did to celebrate Hollywood's biggest night. 

Our biggest takeaway is BRITNEY WHERE ARE YOU?

Feb 28, 2019
Fugue State

A series of mysterious Instagram stories posts from Sam on Valentine's Day finally give us proof of life! But why did Sam delete his first V-day post of Brit? Was she the one who made him take it down? 

Plus, we look back at Brit's wedding to K-Fed and surmise that she has already had the wedding of her dreams. 

Feb 21, 2019
Mona Lisa

We had some big news this week, in the form of a tweet from Blackout producer Danja, who appears to have been in the studio with Brit working on her latest album! 

This has us all kinds of excited thinking about whether we're about to get a Blackout 2. We also fall down a rabbit hole looking at the series of attempts at creative control on Brit's part that led to an unreleased album, a cancelled tour, and ultimately the first Blackout. 

Feb 14, 2019
Not That Innosense

We're on day 26 of the Governy shutdown and we are desperate, baby. But of course, Tess finds some old gems from Britney mentioning the conservatorship in a previous interview, and we do aa #TBT with Brit and her best friend, aka, the photo booth app on a Mac. 

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Feb 07, 2019
What's Up Instapeeps

On week three of the shutdown, Babs and Tess recap their recent screening of "Britney: For The Record" and delve into a bizarre interaction between Britney and Jamie. 

Plus, we take a stroll back to the beginning of Brit's reign in the 'Gram, and speculate as to how Britney arrived at her inaugural meme. 

Jan 31, 2019
All Roads Lead Back to Fragrantica

We are on the cabbage soup insta news diet and we are making it into a meal baby! But don't worry, we've got some vague news about a "new" (???) fragrance to tide us over, and an incredible throwback photo that can barely contain the Pier One of it all, and features Britney's biggest celeb crush. 

We also visit Jamie Lynn's feed to find an old dad family tradition of visiting graves in your Monster hat. Hey, we don't make this shit up, we just somehow find a walk to dissect it for 40 plus minutes at a time. 

Jan 25, 2019
It Did NOT End Because of Pregnancy!

Britney is still for all intensive purposes hiding from us, and we are left to assume she's snuggled up with tea, candles, and her favorite Uggs. 

Meanwhile, we had over to Jamie Lynn's feed and wonder what made her wake up so angry and bloated that she had to go to boxing class? Plus, Jamie seems to have an axe to grind over rumors around who Zoey 101 ended when she got knocked up, and why is Sam in an LA Rams ad hospital?! 

Jan 17, 2019
Domination Cancellation

Britney cancelled her residency less than a month out and WE. ARE. SHOOK. Tess has mega conspiracies about Britney's post about dad Jamie being sick. You do not want to miss this episode which constitutes some of Tess's best detective work yet. Are we about to see a free Britney?? IS THE WORLD READY?

Jan 10, 2019
Sip A Starbucks With God

We sure hope B had a Merry Britmas, but it's anyone's guess, given how little she posted over the holiday. 

A portrait of a woman made entirely of plants has us questioning what good art is, and when it's appropriate to use the word 'exquisite.' 


Brit's most recent Bible post has us hoping she's okay...and also points out how little Babs and Tess know about the good book. 


A Christmas eve post with Jaden or Sean Preston seems a bit sad, and Sam's motivational New Years post is bizarre...only because he seems to have filmed it while parked in the car with someone else. 

Jan 03, 2019
Butterfly Beware

Some hot holiday posts and behind the scenes from our gal, plus a step over to Sam's gram to see an ad for ... abs? We don't know, but that's why we're here!! 

Follow us on twitter and instagram @britneysgram to follow along!

Dec 20, 2018
I Was Freaking Hungry!

We're dreaming of a White Christmas and apparently Brit is dreaming of steakhouse. We get a little bit of everything, a selfie singing video with a surprise message to her children and a neck reindeer, one of the most epic Brit Skits to hit the internet, and some Home Goods level Christmas decorations to let us know our girl is feeling the holiday spirit. 

RUN to listen to this ep, like you would if your young hot boyfriend told you you were headed to Outback.

Dec 13, 2018
Break Them Like An Artist

Stevie Anderson from "What's Your Sign" stops in to delve deep into Brit's star chart and what the cosmos have to do with who Britney truly is deep down inside. 

We make a surprising revelation about Brit's birthday vacation photo, and try to get to the bottom of the Pablo Picasso meme she posted. What rules is Brit willing to break? 

Dec 06, 2018
I Don't Get It

This Thanksgiving holiday, Britney barely posted on the Gram. Is something going on? Is this at all related to the reason Jamie Lynn had to miss the CMA Awards this year? Some paparazzi photos outside of CVS reveal just how wild Brit's weave can be, and our one direct message from Britney this week is a meditation on what "Normal" is. 

Nov 29, 2018
Do Epic Shit

Tess and Babs do some throwbacks to posts we're thankful for. A classic selfie duckface video, Britney exclaiming her love of New York via a Starbucks commemorative mug, an inspiring meme, and a strange road trip video with a hidden gem. We are thankful for Britney and we are thankful for whoever else has gone down this rabbit hole with us. 

Nov 22, 2018
A Cult of One

The hilarious Chris Farah joins Barbara and Tess for a recap of Tess's adventure at Britney's conservatorship hearing. Tess goes into details re: what kind of tie Brit's conservator was wearing and more. The ladies get into the rest of the family's complicit silence and wonder when B is going to give us the Kentwood Christmas album we deserve. 

Then it's off to Topanga Canyon, where Brit is at lunch with the boys, making skits and enjoying the Inn of the Seventh Ray's magical Snow White atmosphere. 

And finally...Britney visits a beautiful tree, which is...apparently a yearly tradition? 



Nov 15, 2018
You Think You Know Me?

Britney posted and deleted a cryptic - and possibly drunk? - video with Sam then deleted it and it has our heads spinning. Brit goes on a hike, auditions some new dancers, and uses a meme to remind us that she's not just a pretty face. Because that scares her. 

Nov 08, 2018
I Am the Storm

Babs and Tess delve into the deep well that is Brit's past posts with a special devil-themed TBT episode. 

We wonder whether Britney was threatening someone when she mentioned that the devil didn't know where women sharpened the knives...or was she just at a baby shower??

What does Britney mean when she tells the devil she is the storm? 

Plus, Babs and Tess delve into what it's like to live in the prison of fame, and whether Brit's 2007 meltdown was that out of the ordinary. 

Brit has long loved a Minion meme and wishes that she was wild enough for the devil to get a restraining order. 

And Brit is fine eating alone. Isn't. That. The truth. 

Nov 01, 2018
The Vegas Announcement

Britney's non-announcement was a total trainwreck and we are here to give you the play-by-play of the live spookening. 30 minutes of anticlimactic joy as our queen does only what Godney can and creates a panic by doing absolutely nothing. Tess has some new shrouded info on the conservatorship and Brit drops a gram using Justin Timberlake music in a cryptic shout out. Also a non-announced concert?? What's going on in Britney world?

Oct 25, 2018
Minion Shit

We may have missed this Minion meme right after recording last week, but we get INTO it here. much happened during Britney's appearance on the Ellen Show, and we are so glad that Jamie Lynn was there to capture it all..and Brit reaches out to her sister Selena Gomez in the most tender way possible -- via heavily made up workout video. 

Oct 18, 2018
A Very Smart Mama Bear

Babs is back! We discuss Britney's edit of a My Prerogative ad, her teacup fetish, and a lovely visit from mamma and papa bear, or her uncle. 

Oct 11, 2018

Guest host Whitney Teubner joins Tess to get to the bottom of a very mysterious and political week on the Gram. A recreational salsa dancing session has Britney showing her face for the first time in a while, and Whit and Tess wonder why Britney feels the need to emphasize that her dancer is a gentleman. 

An innocent, albeit bizarre post from Britney about the joys of pineapple juice over babies in Paris turns out to be an accidental f-you to the Parisian mayor.


And we all wonder what exactly B meant when she posted a meme about scaring people. 

Also...Britney. Went. Tanning. And did B get a nose job?? Or are we simply looking at an influx in contouring? 

Oct 04, 2018
Celebrities : They're Better Than Us (With guest host Joe Kaye)

Barbara is off in the land of tea cups and cozies, so guest host Joe Kaye steps in this week for some analysis of Brit's footprints in the Sand post -- (spoiler, B is a better Christian than Tess and Joe.)

We also pop over to Jamie Lynn's feed to wonder why old girl is slinging Mac N Cheese. Then, it's time to talk about Ashgari and why we give him more leeway than even Ben Affleck. Plus, Sam is on fire in a very Britney-esque post about running...and potato chips. 


Sep 27, 2018
Nice Memes: A Place For Aunts

Kitten imagery spans from Brit to Sam's timelines and Babs and Tess get even deeper into their plan to lure Brit into posting a meme inspired by her very own account. (Follow nice__memes on instagram). They journey over to Jamie Lynn's page to talk about some cryptic Beyonce lyrics and what appears to be some very inventive recycling of Britney's tour props. 

Sep 20, 2018
Brit Bait

Brit has been keeping a low profile, and posting mostly memes, stock, photos, and choice selects from the infamous unsupervised photo shoot. We wonder how she's coping with the end of her tour, and give Babs much deserved credit for creating our flawless first Brit Bait.

A repost of one of Sam's old #iphone pictures, followed by what appear to be accidental shots of touristy New York appear to offer a glimpse into B's creative process.

Sep 13, 2018
There's Always A Way Out

Brit's at the end of her world tour and it's showing on the gram. Some cryptic posts and very bad fake abs round out this week's somewhat melancholy posts. Looks like our girl didn't get her ice cream this week. Also: STOP MAKING BRITNEY DO MEET AND GREETS.

Sep 06, 2018
Sometimes You Just Need Ice Cream To Get Going!

WOW. WHAT. A. WEEK. Only three posts from Brit but a video that could spawn an entire podcast in and of itself. Brit is bored and thinking up skits so who better to involve than her dancers! 

Special guest Dana Wickens of Earwolf joins Babs and Tess to take a deep dive into this special Brit skit.

Aug 30, 2018
Don't You Just Love Barbie

A rose is but a rose, and a gram is but a gram, and a deep dive into Britney's Barbie past is due. 



Aug 23, 2018
Before My Show!!

From two-hour solo yoga videos, to a Vanessa Hudgens quote, to an incredibly awkward backstage dance with Sam, we're loving a classic week on the gram!!


Aug 16, 2018
Real Talk...🍔🍔🍔

Britney's posting a lot of tour footage and one of our favorite memes yet! We get some juicy info on how much dough she makes a year - and we come up with a PLAN to trap Britney with a meme. We're crazy. 

Aug 09, 2018
Prayer Memes

Brit's on tour and she is feeling herself, whether it be in body glitter on Fallon or a strappy stage costume, and we are here for it. Throw in some random tbts from a Disney Safari and some seemingly out of nowhere prayer memes and you got yourself another week of us talking about Britney Spears' instagram page.

Aug 02, 2018
Who Is It??

It's Britney, bitch. Tess and Babs make a haunting discovery about Sam's teeth, as well as Britney's love of skeleton keys and Home Goods aesthetics. She hits Atlantic City for some go-karts and we get a good ole-fashioned Pepsi endorsement. 

Jul 26, 2018
Britney Destination

Lots of fun things this week, including some wisdom from a 4-year-old, selfies with the kids, and a deep dive into an interview with Sam about his transformation into Hot Guy. They are truly soulmates!

Jul 19, 2018
We're Back!!!!

We took a week off, but that's alright because it left us with plenty of Brit posts to catch up on this week. There's a little bit of everything - a sunset, a pool selfie with Sam (hello pool choker), a video from tour rehearsal, a shoe meme, and some incredibly ugly shoes themselves. Just another week in the world of Brit and her gram! Also we step over to Jamie Lynn's feed to see paw-paw get some 5-second-rule birthday cupcakes. 

Jul 12, 2018
I Think He Knew It Was Coming

Discovery Channel has #SharkWeek, well, Britney has #Prankweek. This week's gram has got some classic Brit prank skits with her son, featuring the latest choker we've all come to know and love. Plus an amazing deep dive of an old post that shows up IRL in the classic "Rebel Just For Kicks" fashion video. We've got our sleuths working hard to bring you the latest in Britney's Gram conspiracies. 

Jun 28, 2018
So Many Jamies

Brit and Tess recap their sombrero adventure. Since there's no Brit posts this week, we head over to find her on sister Jamie Lynn's feed, and Jamie Lynn's husband Jamie's feed as well. So many Jamies. 

Also a great #tbt post of Britney's love of learning.

Jun 21, 2018
Live From The 805

Britney is in Miami, and Babs and Tess hit the road in search of a sombrero that Britney posted from her favorite Mexican restaurant in Thousand Oaks. Do they find it in the parking lot of a strip mall? Listen to find out!

Jun 14, 2018
No Hands, No Hands!

What a thrilling week on the gram! Brit hits us with a dirt courtyard and a scene from Pretty Woman, some mysterious backstage pics with backup dancers, a throwback to an SNL sketch paying unknown homage to current Britney, and some time with the boys. 

Jun 07, 2018
Don’t You Just Love Jokes 🙃

Brit loves pranks and she shows it this week with a #TBT that showcases maybe her best acting ever? She posts an old Vine and we question where she got it from - also some nearly identical selfies with the kids and the apples of knowledge. It's another Britney's Gram!


May 31, 2018
The Yellow Ones Are The Sweetest Though 😉🍅

It's been a dark week on the gram - could this be related to K-Fed bugging Brit for more child support? The gals analyze two old posts - a regram of tomatoes from Cameron Diaz with a cryptic inside joke and a meme that might go deeper than Brit realized. 

May 24, 2018
The Zoomies

This week is all about hanging out with the kids, as Brit posts what appears to be a skit about the game tag, because it is most definitely not an actual game of tag. We get to see some more painting in the yard, and we talk about a new Britney musical coming to Broadway. 

May 17, 2018
Stronger together 👯‍🍏👯‍

Brit's hitting all the sweet spots this week - a fierce childhood #tbt, an incredible couple's workout with Sam that is for sure foreplay, double rainbow, a mysteriously hollandaise-free benedict, and a secret message hidden inside some emojis. Plus a breakdown of the pics of Sam and Brit out on the town. SO MUCH TO DISCUSS, as always. 

Follow us on twitter and insta @britneysgram. 


May 11, 2018
White Bootie Short Season

It's white bootie short season in Brit's house and what does that mean? Dancing, shorts, singing Moulin Rouge, and pics of dead butterflies, of course! Also what is the meaning behind a deleted flower emoji from last week? We "answer" this and more in this week's episode of Britney's Gram.

May 03, 2018
I think it's impossible for me to go a day without dancing 😜🌹

Georgea Brooks joins Babs and Tess to revive some jean shorts, and we think (too much) about the deets on Sam and Brit's sex life. Plus, a meaning behind all the roses and, well, a tiger. 


Apr 27, 2018
Black Jelly Beans

Our girl loves an awards show, and it shows! Hot off the GLAAD awards in a very tiny and very shiny dress, Brit has a fun week on the gram, full of dancing, singing, and Sam's abs. Also - is Brit sending a secret feminist message to her new niece via meme? 

Apr 19, 2018
Serenity Now

Brit's gram has been dark for a whole week but that doesn't mean Tess and Babs don't have plenty to talk about. They discuss sister Jamie's and Sam's perchance for hawking items on their grams, as well as Britney's various homes over the years. A shocking revelation comes to Tess as she finds out Brit does not actually live in Calabasas. 

Apr 12, 2018
Twirling For All The Haters

It's been a quiet week on the gram, so Tess and Babs take a deep dive (pun intended) into a favorite old post of Britney where she, well, twirls under a waterfall as only Brit can do. 

We also talk about Sam's April Fool's Day post and some more news about the conservatorship. 

Follow along with the posts and more at

We are on twitter and instagram @BritneysGram!

Apr 05, 2018
The One With Chandler And Bootie Shorts

Brit is feeling her #tbt self as we see some throwbacks to the 2002 Grammy Awards with Matthew Perry and his very weird tan. Then, we confirm that Brit is a "pile girl" as she shows off quite possibly the smallest pair of bootie shorts of all time. 

Follow us on twitter and instagram @BritneysGram and follow along with all the posts on our website, ! 

Mar 30, 2018
Please God Don't Let Brit Have A Keurig

It seems as thought one of Britney's sons is filming her working out, and Babs and Tess have a lot of questions about this. Brit posts a questionable going-out pic, and a meme that shoots straight for Tess's heart. Tess and Babs reel back in horror when thinking of Brit drinking from a Keurig. 

Follow us on insta and twitter @Britneysgram!

Mar 22, 2018
The Aerosmith Tryptic

Britney's celebrating #InternationalWomensDay with a lovely empowering meme followed by, what else, three separate photos of her at the 2001 Super Bowl. We wouldn't have it any other way. 

Follow us on instagram and twitter @britneysgram !

Mar 15, 2018
Dream Within A Dream

It's been a joyous week on the Instagram feed, barefoot tennis and little dresses are plentiful. 

Mar 09, 2018
The Hollywood Beauty Awards (with Andie Bolt)

Tess and Babs are joined by the hilarious Andie Bolt this week to discuss what we always discuss...Britney Spears' Instagram feed. Brit's rebounded from a dark text to accepting an award at the esteemed Hollywood Beauty Awards, which might as well be the Oscars to her kids. We also get a lovely rendition of "New York", koala filter and all. 

Mar 01, 2018
You Can Always Beat Your Own Leap

Brit is leaping and twirling for joy as she enjoys the Olympics this week. But some carefree fun is followed up with a dark quote about love... then silence. What's going on behind the 'gram??

Feb 22, 2018
Not A Batgirl, Not Yet A Batwoman

We're celebrating Valentine's with our Valentine, Britney Jean Spears. We discuss the 360 workout video the includes a mystery tiny dollhouse couch, Britney's photography skills, and her choice of post for Valentine's Day. Also, some big gossip about the conservatorship hits!

Feb 15, 2018
They'll Either Want To Kill You, Kiss You, Or Be You (with Megan Gailey)

The quote. The kitten. The hat. There's a lot going on this week. Megan Gailey joins us with a review of JT's Super Bowl performance and we discuss Britney's dark text meme as well as what appears to be purely reposted photos and video. What's behind the apples??

Feb 08, 2018
Pink Has Always Been My Favorite color

Lots of juicy posts this week from Brit including a mini-fashion show, an view into her home gym, and a lil trip outside of her house. Also a new choker has been spotted! We debate if Britney really loves working out or is just doing it out of duty of being a pop superstar. 

If you like the show please leave a review!



Feb 01, 2018
Cool Cool Cool (with Steven Ray Morris and Analise Nelson)

Steven Ray Morris (@stevenraymorris) and Analise Nelson (@iamanabot) of the podcast Popular Music join Babs and Tess to talk MORE beach pics and take a further dive into #Nachogate. They discuss if Brit's Pepsi commercial will make a Superbowl reappearance, as well as a rare meme reposting. 

Also a listener leaves us some great tips on how to enjoy your own day of self care modeled after B herself. 


Jan 25, 2018
Nachos All The Way!!!!!

Brit's done with her Vegas show and her instagram shows it - girl is B-O-R-E-D. We were treated to a few gems this week, including some nerdy selfies, a self-filmed fashion show, and a bowl of very weird nachos. 

Jan 18, 2018
The Little Black Dress of People

Tess and Babs fantasize about doing a clothing exchange with Brit and share some insider info from a band member, then relish in the various beach photos the 'gram has gifted us this week. Special #tbt of the time Britney faked crying over her dog eating her cheese. 

Jan 12, 2018
We Are All Flesh But She's Britney Spears (with Amanda Savage)

Amanda Savage (Savage Talks) joins T & B to discuss Brit's New Year's Eve performance and what may lie beyond the Vegas residency. 

Jan 04, 2018
We Are All Dreamers

Britney drops a rare political post with a message for Congress about the Dream Act, rocking a "We Are All Dreamers" shirt, as well as Uggs and sweats. Tess and Babs get into this as well as Brit's famous picture with Hillary Clinton. that a ring on Brit's finger???

Dec 29, 2017
Payback is a You-Know-What (with Eliza Skinner)

Eliza Skinner, head writer for "Drop the Mic," and writer on "The Late Late Show," and "Adam Ruins Everything," stops by to chat with Barbara and Tess about her own experience seeing Britney in Vegas and the fascination with her that ensued. Plus Eliza dishes on (kind of) working with the Queen.

Dec 21, 2017
Just Let Me Shop & No One Gets Hurt

Things seem to have taken a dark turn on Britney's instagram and Tess and Babs are here to dive deep into the meaning behind Britney's cryptic posts as well as why she erased a caption about getting locked out of her house. Things are gettin' weird, y'all. 

Dec 14, 2017
The 360 Video (with Heather Jewett)

Tess and Babs are joined by Heather Jewett (@bimbosummit) to discuss the 360 singing video that Britney dropped on her birthday, apparently in response to Madonna. We get into the conservatorship and more.

Dec 07, 2017
Thanksgiving at Brit's House

This week, Babs and Tess give thanks for Britney's three Turkey Day Instagram posts, breaking them down one by one and debating whether Brit actually popped that frozen garlic bread into the oven or had someone else do it. We recommend sipping on a pumpkin spice latte during this one. 

Nov 30, 2017
I'm Gonna Marry Chocolate (with Guy Branum)

Guy Branum (@guybranum) of Talk Show: The Game Show joins Babs and Tess to dissect Britney's relationships with men and more importantly, with chocolate. 

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Nov 23, 2017
The Whole Thing Is A Party

Britney's back on a new veranda, with a new painting, and Tess and Babs go (maybe too far) in depth discussing the new video. They also chat about Robin Leach's purchase of Britney's flower painting, a peach cobbler listener theory, and there's a special preview of our interview with Crossroads director Tamra Davis, who dropped some pretty hot gossip re: Britney and Justin. 

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Nov 16, 2017
Love Is Blind (with Bryan Safi)

Bryan Safi (@bryansafi) of Throwing Shade joins Tess and Babs to discuss Britney's Halloween day post in front of what appears to be a blind horse. We also discuss Britney's "Gimme One Reason" fashion show, and the now-classic Britney and Mariah Carey dinner party gram.

Nov 09, 2017
The Veranda Video

In this inaugural episode of Britney's Instagram, comedians Tess Barker and Barbara Gray discuss their reason behind starting the podcast, and they breakdown Britney's video of her painting on her veranda. 

Nov 02, 2017