By Tommy Tomlinson

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The South… What is it? Movies, books, songs, myths and legends have tried to explain this part of the United States. SouthBound, a new podcast series from WFAE, talks to people who were born and raised in the South. Hosted by journalist Tommy Tomlinson, SouthBound features conversations with notable Southerners from all walks of life – from artists and athletes to preachers and politicians.Who would you like to hear on the SouthBound podcast? Click here or use the form below to submit your favorite Southerner and the question you would love for them to answer. Who knows... you might just hear them on a future episode.

Episode Date
Ed Southern goes deep on Southern college football (and basketball) in his new book
This week on the SouthBound podcast, Tommy Tomlinson's guest is Ed Southern, author of a new book called “Fight Songs.” It’s part love story and part history lesson, telling how college football became such a huge deal in the Deep South – and how college basketball became just as big a deal in North Carolina.
Nov 24, 2021
Michael Graff and Nick Ochsner wrote the book on a tarnished North Carolina election
This week on the SouthBound podcast, my guests are Michael Graff and Nick Ochsner. They’re the co-authors of a new book called “The Vote Collectors,” which takes a deep look at the controversial 2018 election in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District – a rare election where voter fraud actually occurred. But there’s a lot more to the story than one election.
Nov 10, 2021
Shea Serrano talks about his hip-hop book, upcoming TV series and Twitter army of kindness
This week on the SouthBound podcast, writer Shea Serrano talks about his new book, “Hip-Hop (and Other Things),” which is likely to be his fourth straight New York Times bestseller. On Twitter, he has built an army of followers who routinely do good deeds for people in need. And it all stems from a moment when he really needed a second job.
Oct 27, 2021
Replay: Ben Folds on making music, making mistakes, and building a creative life
This week on the SouthBound podcast, it’s a replay of our 2019 conversation with musician Ben Folds. He talks about the big mistakes he’s made in his life, and how they helped him make better art – and become a better man.
Oct 13, 2021
Billy Reid Works To Make Fashion Matter In An Era Of COVID-19 And Sweatpants
This week on the SouthBound podcast, we talk to Billy Reid, who has built one of America’s high-end fashion brands from his home in Florence, Alabama. Reid’s customers include actor Daniel Craig, who wore one of Reid’s coats in a James Bond movie. That sold a lot of coats.
Sep 29, 2021
Singer Adia Victoria Embraces The South's Dualities On Her New Album, 'A Southern Gothic'
This week's guest on SouthBound is Adia Victoria, a singer from Nashville by way of South Carolina. She explores a spooky, moody brand of roots music on her new album, “A Southern Gothic.”
Sep 15, 2021
Author Kent Babb On A New Orleans High School Football Team Fighting To Win — And Survive
Tommy Tomlinson's guest on SouthBound is Kent Babb, author of the new book "Across the River" about a New Orleans high school football team facing opponents off the field more dangerous than the ones on the field.
Sep 01, 2021
Maggie Rose On Battling The Nashville Establishment And Finding Her Voice On 'Have A Seat'
SouthBound host Tommy Tomlinson talks to singer Maggie Rose, whose new album "Have a Seat" explores not only personal relationships but the professional relationship between women in Nashville and the country-music business.
Aug 18, 2021
SouthBound: S.A. Cosby On Writing His Novel 'Razorblade Tears' And Navigating Race, Class And Sexuality In The South
SouthBound host Tommy Tomlinson talks to novelist S.A. Cosby about his Southern gothic noir "Razorblade Tears," and how the book explores the tensions of the modern South.
Aug 04, 2021
SouthBound: Kyle Petty On Racing, Music, Family, Life, Death And Fatherhood
SouthBound host Tommy Tomlinson talks to Kyle Petty, of NASCAR's legendary racing family, about his career, his adventures, and the lingering feelings from the death of his son Adam 21 years ago.
Jul 21, 2021
SouthBound: Whale-Watcher Clay George On Saving Endangered Species, Battling Climate Change, And A Whale Named Ruffian
Today's guest on SouthBound is Georgia wildlife biologist Clay George, part of a team that has helped bring the North Atlantic right whale back from the brink of extinction.
Jul 07, 2021
SouthBound: Cate Doty On What She Learned From Writing About Weddings -- And From Falling In Love
Hey y’all, this is Tommy Tomlinson. This week on SouthBound, we talk to Cate Doty, a UNC graduate who has a new book called “Mergers and Acquisitions” about her years writing about weddings for The New York Times – while she was falling in love herself.
Jun 23, 2021
Historian Hilary Green On Unearthing The Stories Of The Enslaved People Who Built A University
This week on SouthBound, Tommy Tomlinson talks to Hilary Green, a historian who uncovered the history of how enslaved people built the University of Alabama — and what hiding history means to those of us in the present.
Jun 09, 2021
SouthBound: Monique Truong On Life As A Refugee, The Taste Of Words, And The Best Barbecue Joint In The World
SouthBound host Tommy Tomlinson interviews Monique Truong, author of three novels, who came to North Carolina as a Vietnamese refugee when she was a child.
May 26, 2021
SouthBound: Anna Sale Talks About Hard Things, Including (Of Course) Death, Sex And Money
SouthBound host Tommy Tomlinson talks to Anna Sale, host of the podcast "Death, Sex & Money." Sale has written a new book called "Let's Talk About Hard Things."
May 12, 2021
SouthBound: Adrian Miller Tells The Stories Of Black Barbecue Pioneers
SouthBound host Tommy Tomlinson interviews Adrian Miller, James Beard Award-winning food writer and author of the new book "Black Smoke," about Black barbecue pioneers.
Apr 28, 2021
SouthBound: Comedian Nate Bargatze On Working Clean, Joking About A Dead Dog, And Doing Stand-Up At A Drive-In Theater
In this episode of SouthBound, Tommy talks to Tennessee comedian Nate Bargatze, whose new Netflix special is "The Greatest Average American."
Apr 14, 2021
SouthBound Replay: Rhiannon Giddens Connects The Musical Dots In The South, And All Over The World
This SouthBound is a replay of a conversation Tommy Tomlinson had with musician Rhiannon Giddens back in October of 2019, on the morning of a concert she’d perform that night in Charlotte. Remember live music?
Mar 31, 2021
In 'Shaking The Gates Of Hell,' John Archibald Confronts Father's Silence From Pulpit In Civil Rights Era
Tommy Tomlinson has a conversation with John Archibald, the Pulitzer-winning newspaper columnist and author of the new book "Shaking the Gates of Hell."
Mar 17, 2021
SouthBound: Robert Gipe On Making Art In Coal Country, And The Many Things People Get Wrong About Appalachia
SouthBound host Tommy Tomlinson interviews Robert Gipe, a novelist, illustrator and art teacher who helps his community in eastern Kentucky put on plays that talk about the big issues in the region.
Mar 03, 2021