Millionaires Unveiled

By Clark Sheffield, CPA and Jace Mattinson, CPA

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Category: Investing

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 Dec 21, 2020
Interesting learning how average everyday people are building wealth.


Millionaires Unveiled interviews and tells the stories of everyday millionaires. We provide detailed insight into their investing strategies and current portfolio allocation. How did they get started? What decisions did they make along the way? How has their portfolio allocation changed, and what are they doing now to not only keep, but also grow, their highly sought after "millionaire" status? From these extensive and thought provoking interviews, you'll be able to assess your current portfolio allocation, learn investing strategies, and join the fast track to financial success.

Episode Date
214: Net Worth of 725K - Let Your Money Work For You

Hannah has a net worth of 725K, most of which has come in the last few years. She is married with two kids and discusses budgeting, the power of compound interest and her investment allocation. Hannah also shares advice in making your money work for you - putting cash to work rather than just sitting in a bank account. She discusses her childhood including how her dad matched her savings until the time she was 18 years old. Most of her net worth is invested in the market, but she does have one condo rental property.

Nov 29, 2021
213: Net Worth of 1.1M - From Mobile Home to Millionaire

James has a current net worth of 1.1M. He grew up in a poor household and talks about the impact that had on him. He currently works in information technology and is 35 years old. James talks about switching his portfolio allocation from single stocks to index funds. He served in the Air Force for six years and holds only 1% of his net worth in cash. James also shares detailed mistakes (selling stocks too early, selling crypto at a loss, single stock investing, etc..) and advice for a solid financial future.

Nov 22, 2021
212: Net Worth of 1M - House Hacking to Five Rentals

Nick has a current net worth of over one million dollars, of which 65% is invested in single family real estate. He has five single family rentals and a primary residence. Once paid off, the homes should cash flow about 60K annually. Three of the rentals are former primary residences. Nick discusses property management and the tools and systems he uses to manage successfully. He also walks through a typical deal including the purchase price, mortgage amount, monthly payments, and cash flow.

Nov 15, 2021
211: Net Worth of 2M+ - Health Above Wealth, Put Money in the Proper Perspective

David has a current net worth of over two million dollars. He offers a unique investing perspective and insightful story. David's allocation includes some real estate, but primarily precious metals. He shares his story of starting in the airline industry before quitting his job to focus on what he loves. David also discusses the idea of "health above wealth," and how he came to that realization.

Nov 08, 2021
210: Net Worth of 1.7M - "I Started in a Tire Shop Selling Oil Changes"

John has a current net worth of 1.7M which is divided between his primary residence, one rental property, retirement holdings and various other accounts and assets. He started his career in the auto industry and now mixes that with technology for his current job. John discusses career management including negotiating salary, his start to personal finance and real estate investing, and the value of spending time with those you love.

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Nov 01, 2021
209: Net Worth of 1.25M - Divorced Dad, "W-2 Income is Not the Path to Wealth"

Dion has a current net worth of 1.25M. He was divorced at age 40 when he had a net worth of -90K. He turned around his financial situation and became a millionaire under 10 years later at the age of 48. He owns 14 rental units (no stock market investments) which provide annual net cash flow of 84K; his max W-2 salary has been 75K. Dion has also worked as a truck driver and police officer until he decided to find cash flow streams that weren't dependent on a job.

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Oct 25, 2021
208: Net Worth of 5M - 2.5M in Tesla Stock

Al has a current net worth of five million dollars, of which 2.5M is invested in Tesla stock. He purchased about 1,000 shares of Tesla for $200,000 and the stock has skyrocketed since. Al became a millionaire at the age of 45, prior to investing in Tesla stock (he is now 47 years old). Al shares insight into the financial advisory business, his financial goals, the importance of one's time, and whether more money has brought less stress and more happiness. 

Oct 18, 2021
207: Net Worth of 230K - Window Washing Business Since Age 11

Brandon has a window washing business and makes about 50K a year. He started the company when he was 11 years old and has been growing it ever since. He also has investments in real estate (two townhomes and a plot of land). Brandon and his wife budget for about 3.5K monthly in living expenses. Brandon discusses the tradeoff of growing his business vs time and freedom, how he started in the window washing business, why small business has been a good thing for him, and the importance of finding value and enjoyment in one's work. 

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Oct 11, 2021
206: Net Worth of 1.5M - What Does the Next Stage of Life Look Like?

Cecilia has a current net worth of 1.5M, about 420K of which is in home equity; she also has 640K in retirement accounts. Cecilia shares her story of working in a corporate job before deciding to start her own coaching and development company. She is divorced and has two kids almost off to college. She is working on "what the next stage of life looks like." Cecilia also discusses her upbringing, keeping up with the Joneses, teaching kids about money, and budgeting.

Oct 04, 2021
205: Net Worth of 1M - "Don't Buy a Timeshare" and No Real Estate Investments

Marvin and his wife have been married for about 15 years and have no children. Their current net worth is just over one million dollars, 785K of which is invested in retirement accounts; He also has 30K in home equity. Marvin shares his background which includes joining the military at the age of 17, working in learning and development, and adventure/travel. He also shares advice and insight about paying off personal debt, buying a timeshare, balancing two careers, and more.

Sep 27, 2021
204: Net Worth of 2.3M - "My Risk Tolerance is a Big Part of My Success"

Trae has a net worth of $2.3 Million. Of the 2.3M, 80% is invested in a small business software startup. Trae also has investments in the stock market, real estate, and crypto. He discusses his interest in small business and software, how he started in real estate, and how his high risk tolerance has influenced his financial success. Trae shares advice on lines of credit, work/life balance, financial independence, and his goals for the future.

Sep 20, 2021
203: Net Worth of 1.3M and 300K - A Father and Son Share Their Stories

This episode is unique in the sense that there are two guests; Stu and Jimmy, a father and son respectively, who discuss their personal and financial journeys. Stu has a net worth of 1.3M while his son has a net worth of about 300K. They discuss their mindset and attitude about money, the importance of life insurance, being on the same page as one's spouse, and the value of hard work. Stu and Jimmy also share general advice, what they've learned from each other, and their advice for teaching kids about money.

Sep 13, 2021
202: Net Worth of 2M - Net Worth at Age 31 was Zero

Henry has a net worth of two million dollars. He's a serial entrepreneur and now coaches business owners. His previous businesses include computer sales, home theatres, spec homes, website sales, and a factoring business. He primarily invests in single stocks and mutual funds and shares his thoughts about why he doesn't invest in index funds. Henry also discusses annual spending (about 200K), working in partnerships, small businesses successes and failures, and financial lessons learned from his parents.

Sep 07, 2021
201: Net Worth of 1M - 50-Year-Old Fire Marshal, Paid off 60K of Personal Debt

Mark works as a Fire Marshal and has a net worth of more than one million dollars. Without counting his government pension (estimated to pay him 9K a month upon retirement), he has a net worth of 960K. Mark has worked in the public fire service since he was 17 years old (now 50), and talks about his retirement plans, receiving a wake up call on how much is needed for retirement and balancing frugal living vs. spending. We also discuss HRA's and HSA's and the value of a future pension.

Aug 30, 2021
200: Net Worth of 320M - Set Goals and Think Big!

Jeremy has a current net worth of over $300 million dollars! His net worth is primarily held in his business, but he also has holdings in real estate and angel investments. Jeremy shares how his small business was started, the importance of goal setting and thinking big, and also tips for time management. We also discuss the meaning of money, Jeremy's history with angel investments, and how he teaches and motivates his children about living a purposeful life. 

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Aug 23, 2021
199: Net Worth of 1M - 32-year-old CPA

Kevin has a net worth just over one million. Of the one million, over 80% is invested in the stock market, while the remainder is in cash (80K or one year of expenses) and other holdings. He shares details on his small business investments (20K) and the importance of contributing early to your 401(k). Kevin and his wife paid off over 40K of student loans and aggressively worked to increase their household income and savings rate.

Aug 16, 2021
198: Net Worth of 4.2M - 55 Years Old, First Million at Age 39

John has a net worth of 4.2M. Of the 4.2M, 1.8M is invested in real estate split between his primary home and a condo rental. He as about 500K in his 401(k), and an additional 800K in other retirement accounts. John is 55 years old and first hit a net worth of 1M at the age of 39. He discusses teaching his kids about money, vacation costs, estimated spending after retirement, general mistakes and advice, and what it feels like being close to retirement.

Aug 09, 2021
197: Net Worth of 1M - Married Couple - "Sometimes We Aren't on the Same Page"

Graham and Abby are married with three children (including one with down syndrome) and have a net worth of just over one million dollars. They share their millionaire success story which includes investing early in retirement accounts, paying off debt, and frugal living. Together they have about 625K in the stock market (retirement accounts, HSA, ESA, etc..) and a paid for house valued at 275K. Graham and Abby discuss working together as a couple, paying off debt, and the question of whether they worry about money.

Aug 02, 2021
196: Net Worth of 500K - 32 Years Old - 28% of Net Worth in Home Equity

Justin has a net worth of 500K and is on his way to becoming a millionaire. Of the 500K, about 28% is in home equity. He is 32 years old and works in real estate. Justin share insight into his market investments, how much cash to hold and why (he prefers six months of living expenses). He also discusses what's worth spending more money on, his most expensive car purchase, who influenced him most in his life, and how his financial journey got started. 

Jul 26, 2021
195: Net Worth of 3.75M - "For Every Dollar I Spend, I Want Two Dollars Coming In"

Logan has a current net worth of 3.75M, of which most is invested in real estate. He has 55 total units, primarily single family rental properties. Logan discusses how he got started in real estate which includes buying his first rental for about 40K. He paid off 110K in student loans and now works as a nurse anesthetist. He also shares details on renovating homes, finding good contractors and life insurance.


Jul 19, 2021
194: Net Worth of 1.9M - "Freedom is the Best Thing You Can Buy with Your Money"

Greg has a net worth of 1.9M, 1.2M of which is in different retirement accounts. Besides his paid for house, he has his wife hold no real real estate. Greg discusses paying off his home (15 year mortgage) in seven years and now being completely debt free. He shares how his journey started (via Dave Ramsey) and how he became a millionaire at the age of 39. Greg recently quit his full time job to work just two days a week and no enjoys more freedom and flexibility with his time.

Jul 12, 2021
193: Net Worth of 4M - Starting and Building Two Small Businesses

Brian is a small business owner and CEO of his current company, GreenPal, a lawn mowing technology company. He has a net worth of 4M, most of which (3M) is invested in single family real estate which cash flows over 150K annually. He also has 300K invested in total stock market funds as well. Brian shares thoughts on growing his business with no debt, allocating money back into his business, and buying and holding real estate. 

Jul 06, 2021
192: Net Worth of 1.8M - Saving 50% of Gross Income

Jay has a net worth of 1.8M. He and his wife both have government jobs working for the department of defense. He saves 50% of his gross income and lives off of 20% of his gross income. He attended the Air Force and discussed the importance of marrying the right person. Jay also shares thoughts on risk tolerance, real estate investing (he has no real estate), living debt free, frugality and teaching children positive financial behavior. 

Jun 28, 2021
191: Net Worth of 1M - The Wealthy Custodian, Max Salary of 47K

Jeff, the wealthy custodian, has worked at the same school district for over 30 years. His max salary was 47K, and he has a net worth of over 1M which excludes his pension of over several hundred thousand. He is 55 years old and discusses all things portfolio allocation, the value of one's time, and the joy of simple living. Jeff also shared advice on creating assets that cash flow, why material items and money don't define you, and the importance of consistent investing and taking chances when opportunities arise. This is the second interview with Jeff, the first, which discusses more of his background and story was released as episode 47.

Jun 21, 2021
190: Net Worth of 450K - Married Couple, 28 and 30 Years Old

Brian and Amy have a current net worth of just over 450K. They spend about 30K annually and have a combined income of 170K. They discuss their money conversations prior to marriage, paying off student loans, and how they both started investing. Brian and Amy share general advice and mistakes which includes starting investing faster, buying a smaller house, and being more intentional about one's finances.

Jun 14, 2021
189: Net Worth of 2.2M - Household Spending of 175K Annually

Jonathan has a current net worth of 2.2 Million. He is 40 years old and spends 175K annually. He reached his first million at the age of 37. He invests only in real estate, nothing in the stock market, because he wants to invest in what he can control. In real estate, he prefers mobile home parks. Jonathan shares great advice about the importance of mentors and connecting with those who can help you along the way. 

Jun 07, 2021
188: Net Worth of 1.2M - 28-Year-old Dentist with His Own Practice

Robert is 28 years old and has a current net worth of 1.2M. Of the 1.2M, 850K is in taxable accounts invested in various stock holdings; he also has a few rental properties. Robert graduated dentistry school with hefty student loans but immediately bought a practice from a retiring dentist. He has worked hard to run the practice more efficiently (including adding internet advertising and a website) and thus increased both revenues and net profit. Robert also shared his financial goal of 240K of passive income annually. 

Jun 01, 2021
187: Net Worth of 1M - Never Made over 75K, Seven Rental Properties

Cheri has a net worth of over one million dollars which includes about 500K of equity in seven rental properties. She and her husband are self-employed and have never made over 75K annually. She shares her amazing story of perseverance, reinventing oneself, and financial savvy. Her goal is to have all seven rentals paid off in five years and reach a net worth of over 1.5 million. 

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May 24, 2021
186: Net Worth of 1.2M - Traveling the World on 40K a Year

Mr. Nomad and his wife have a net worth of 1.2MM, most of which is in the equity market; they own one rental property that cash flows 8K annually. For the last three years they have been traveling the world and spending about 30-40K annually. They discuss their spending, previous incomes, asset allocation, and designing your ideal life.

May 17, 2021
185: Net Worth of 400K - 29-Year-Old Canadian on His Way to Millionaire

Adam is 29 years old with a current net worth of 400K. He lives in Canada currently, but grew up in Eastern/Central Europe. Of the 400K, about 280K is invested in real estate while the remainder is in the equity markets. His goal is to be invested 50/50 in real estate/market investments going forward. We discuss his wife's first rental property, his current stock holdings, and his plans for the future.

May 10, 2021
184: Net Worth of 1.3M - Discovering Financial Accountability

Ron has a current net worth of 1.35M, about 960K of which is invested in the stock market. He talks about discovering financial accountability and gaining control of his finances. He also shares what helped him to be a millionaire, his asset allocation, using a financial advisor, speaking with your kids about money, and more.

May 03, 2021
183: Guest Interview - Rachel Cruze - "Know Yourself, Know Your Money"

Rachel Cruze is the author of several books including her new book, "Know Yourself, Know Your Money: Discover WHY You Handle Money the Way You Do, and WHAT to Do about It!" We discuss money habits and how to change them for the better, teaching kids about money, work/life balance for a working mother, and what it was like to grow up as the daughter of Dave Ramsey. Check out Rachel's new book ( and send an email to to enter the giveaway.

Apr 26, 2021
182: Net Worth of 1M - 31 Years Old, 7K in Monthly Savings

Taylor is a returning guest from episode 27 when he had a net worth of 500K. In the last 2.5 years he grew his net worth to one million dollars. He is 31 years old and works in finance for a startup company. He has 10% of his net worth in cash and 200K in home equity. He saves 7-10K a month. Taylor also discusses the decision of paying his home off early and his experience with hard money loans.

Apr 19, 2021
181: Net Worth of 2.5M - "It's How You Use Your Time That Matters"

Tony has a current net worth of 2.5M, a large chunk of which is in his paid for house and a rental property. Tony discusses managing his career including work/life balance, deciding whether to pay off his house early, being a good/improving father, personal debt, the advantages of using a financial advisor, and more. Tony worked for Dave Ramsey for about 15 years and built a successful career; he's now starting his own personal finance company and has written a book.

Apr 12, 2021
180: Net Worth of 1.8M - 250K House and 90K Annual Pension

Harry has a net worth of 1.8MM. He was active duty in the army for ten years and served in the reserves for an additional 20+. He is invested primarily in index funds spread between both domestic and international holdings. Harry discusses saving and investing money and encourages all to invest even just a little; he believes there is never a perfect time to invest so investing little by little and living below one's means is the path to success. 

Apr 05, 2021
179: Net Worth of 3.8M - 61-Year-Old Refugee, Worked at Same Company for 34 Years

Dan is a refugee with a current net worth of 3.8 million. He came to the U.S. at the age of 17 years old with $10 in his pocket. He obtained a marketing degree, found a job, and ended up staying with the same company for 34 years; he is recently retired. He became a millionaire at age 55 and has a significant amount of his wealth in retirement accounts. 

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Mar 29, 2021
178: Net Worth of 1.3M - Construction Manager with no Debt

Will has a current net worth of 1.3M, of which 300K is his paid for house. Of the remaining amount, most of it is invested in the equity markets split 65% in domestic stocks and 35% in international stocks. We talk with Will about his decision to pay off or not pay off his primary home, career advice and accepting new opportunities, and whether his friends and family know of his "millionaire" status. 

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Mar 22, 2021
177: Net Worth of 10M+ - Elected City Treasurer and Small Business Owner

Chad is an elected city treasurer and small business owner; he works as a financial fiduciary. As the city treasurer, he manages a 360MM investment account. He discusses his investment mindset for both his personal and city investments, including having a long-term approach. Chad also shares what to look for when hiring a financial advisor. 

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Mar 15, 2021
176: Net Worth of 625K - College Professor - "Avoid Student Loans at all Costs"

Jason is a college professor with a current net worth of 625K. He is 47 years old, married, and has one child. Together with his wife they had about 280K in student loans - Jason shares his advice for how to pay them off, why to avoid them at all costs, and how he was able to not be discouraged while paying them off. He has 180K in home equity and works additional hours and over the summer to make an extra 30-35K in income on top of his regular salary.

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Mar 08, 2021
175: Net Worth of 1M - Engineer Turned Self Storage Real Estate

David has net worth of one million dollars which is nearly all invested in self storage and other real estate. He shares his story of the first self storage deal - how he found it, fixed it up and flipped it around, and expanded on additional land. David now collects over 10K in passive income annually from three of his properties. He is 38 years old, has a background in engineering, and now works 60+ hours a week to reach his financial goals. 

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Mar 01, 2021
174: Net Worth of 2.7M - Prioritizing Cash Flow Over Net Worth

Travis has a net worth of $2.7 million, of which $1.6 million is in real estate equity. He currently owns about 20 units which generate about 10K of monthly cash flow. He's 40 years old, and also holds about 550K in his 401(k). Travis shares his thinking on why tracking and building cash flow is more important than just a higher net worth. He also talks about his financial advisor and why that relationship is valued. 

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Feb 22, 2021
173: Net Worth of 8.3M - "I'm a Big Believer in Businesses" - No Stock Market or Real Estate Investments

Caleb has a current net worth of over eight million dollars. He has about 800K liquid in primarily cash and the remainder in his small business (7.6MM) of which he owns 100%. He has no stock market or real estate investments and has chosen to put most all of his net worth into his business. Caleb is passionate about four things in the financial process that can help make one successful 1) Clarity on what you want, 2) Efficiency - optimizing cash flow, 3) Consistency and 4) Use the money wisely to help you now and in the future. 

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Feb 15, 2021
172: Net Worth of 1M - Homeless to Grocery Bagger to Gas Station Owner

Max has a current net worth of 1MM and owns a gas station as well as a couple rental properties. He grew up poor in India and came to the United States as a teenager. He then went to different schools in the states while working as a hotel manager. When the hotel unexpectedly closed, Max was without a job and without any savings - he lived homeless on the streets for six months. He was able to regroup and has since grown his net worth to become a millionaire! He shares not only his story of perseverance and hope, but also mistakes he made and his financial advice.

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Feb 08, 2021
171: Net Worth of 518K - Electrical Engineer Well on His Way to Millionaire

Joel is an electrical engineer/software engineer and has a net worth of over 500K. We unveil his asset allocation and discuss rebalancing a stock portfolio (he recommends doing it quarterly or annually), maxing out retirement early/front loading the work, and his experience using a financial advisor. Joe shares his story which includes working multiple jobs, attending school while working, and exploring different job opportunities. Joel paid off over 40K of debt and is now well on his way to becoming a millionaire!

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Feb 01, 2021
170: Net Worth of 1.1M - From -50K to 1M in 10 Years

Andy Hill has a net worth of 1.1M and unveils his allocation and investment story. Andy worked in corporate event marketing for 15 years before quitting to work on his small business ( He has a paid for house (420K), 100K in cash, and about 500K in retirement accounts. In 2010 he had a net worth of negative 50K. Andy shares advice and his thoughts on paying off one's primary mortgage, investing in index funds, and starting a small business. 

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Jan 25, 2021
169: Net Worth of 1.4M - What Happens When a Parent Passes Away Without a Will?

Kevin has a current net worth of 1.4MM and was kind enough to share his life and financial story. When Kevin was just 30 years old, his father passed away at the young age of 62. Without a will, Kevin and his brother traced down any and all financial records left by their father. Kevin has a great story of his own and shares motivating thoughts on frugality, savings, mindset and the importance of having a will or a trust. 

Jan 19, 2021
168: Net Worth of 2.1M - Police Officer - "Family, Health, Wealth - in that Order"

David is a police officer with a current net worth of 2.1 million. He was in the Marines for eight years before working in corporate america and then becoming a police officer; He was 39-years-old when he became a millionaire. David invests heavily in precious metals (nearly 250K) and multifamily real estate. We discuss how his real estate holdings were hit in the economic downturn of 2008-2009 and how that changed his investing strategy. In 2006, David had a net worth of 600K and in 2009 it had dropped to negative 200K. 

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Jan 11, 2021
167: Net Worth of 5M - The Impact of COVID on Multifamily Real Estate

Neal Bawa has a current net worth of between five and ten million dollars. He shares his story and investment allocation which includes primarily real estate but also gas stations, hotels, fourplexes, and stock market equities. He discusses how COVID has impacted his collection and vacancy rates and also how he started in real estate. Neal is a big believer in Karma, and building up a reserve of good things to come in the future. Check out his free course at:

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Jan 04, 2021
166: Guest Interview - Who Needs a Financial Advisor?

Jonathan is a financial advisor at Lionsgate Advisors. We discuss the financial planning industry, who needs a financial advisor, and why he believes the industry has a bad rap. Jonathan also shares the importance of having a clear vision and goal for where you want to be. We also discuss the "order of operations" of investing - where to save and invest the next dollar. 

Dec 28, 2020
165: Net Worth of 10M - From 15K to 10M in Ten Years

Dan has a current net worth of about 10M, of which 30% is invested in gold and 20% in cash. Dan shares his story about almost going bankrupt in 2008 to working his way out and growing his net worth rapidly. He now focuses on passive income and preserving capital, but shares thoughts on investment risk, taking chances, and high savings rates. Ten years ago he had a net worth of 15K. Check out his website at:

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Dec 21, 2020
164: Net Worth of 640K - Female Nurse Who Rents

Chloe works as a nurse and has a current net worth of 640K. Of the 640K, 110K is in cash and the remaining 510K is invested in the stock market. Chloe discusses her background which includes earning scholarships and grants while attending a public school and incurring no student loan debt. She shares mistakes and advice and talks about managing investment risk tolerance with her husband. Chloe has a current goal of reaching 1M by age 40 with a longer term goal of 1.5M in net worth. 

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Dec 14, 2020
163: Net Worth of 6.4M - Recently Retired at 57, 3M in Retirement Accounts

David has a current net worth of 6.4M. Of the 6.4M, about 3M is in real estate, and 3M in retirement accounts between both his and his wife's IRA. He recently retired and has several rental properties. David had an initial net worth goal of 5MM when he was first married and has now shifted to focusing on passive income vs. net worth. He made his first million in 11 years, and his second million 6.5 years later. 

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Dec 07, 2020
162: Net Worth of 10M - Music Teacher Who Quit After Passive Income was 100K

Lloyd Edge is a music teacher turned real estate investor. He has a current net worth of over 10MM USD. He decided to invest in real estate while teaching when he decided that he wouldn't be able to retire with enough money from just teaching alone. He lives in Australia and worked as a teacher for 15 years prior to quitting.  Lloyd became a millionaire at the age of 38 and currently makes over 250K in annual passive income. 

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Nov 30, 2020
161: Net Worth of 1.0M - Jace Shares His Millionaire Story!

Jace is interviewed on his own show to share his millionaire story! He unveils his portfolio allocation which includes 400K in retirement accounts along with holdings in both small business and real estate. He discusses mindset, goal-setting, intentionality, and how it all started from working a paper route and a lawn care business. Jace also shares general mistakes and advice from his financial path and how he was able to reach millionaire status at such a young age. 

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Nov 23, 2020
160: Net Worth of 1.3M - Married Couple Discusses Their Financial Success

Rina and Justin are the guests of this week's episode; they have a net worth of 1.3MM. Together they have eight rental properties, five single family homes and three townhouses; five of the eight properties are paid off. Together, the rental properties cash flow about 5.5K a month. Justin also serves actively in the Navy and they currently live abroad. They have a net worth goal of 12MM. 

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Nov 16, 2020
159: Net Worth of 800K - Eight Children and a Stay at Home Wife

Tom has a net worth of 800K. He was the oldest of 13 children and now has eight kids of his own; his wife does not work outside the home. He is 39 years old, has two rental properties (single family homes worth 330K and 530K) and about 220K in retirement accounts. He currently lives overseas in Japan and shares how he was able to successfully save and invest while having a large family and living on a single income.

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Nov 09, 2020
158: Net Worth of 5.0M - The Importance of Coaching and Mentoring

Today's guest, Chris, has a net worth of over five million dollars. He is invested nearly all in real estate. He employs a real estate strategy of lease-to-own and owner financing on primarily single family homes. We discuss how Chris first started in real estate, how one of his deals may work, and the importance of having a good coach or mentor in your life. 

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Nov 02, 2020
157: Net Worth of 2.7M - Electrical Engineer, Lost 700K During COVID

Daniel has a current net worth of 2.7MM, 1MM of which is invested in retirement accounts. He works as an electrical engineer and is 44 years old. Daniel shares that he lost about 700K during COVID which has since rebounded. He discusses his investment allocation (mostly index funds), averaging into the market, paying off his primary residence early, and the importance of starting to invest early.

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Oct 26, 2020
156: Net Worth of 500K - Started at McDonalds Making $5.25 Per Hour

Leslie has a net worth of $500K. He's an immigrant from Cameroon and a new real estate investor. Of the $500K, 40% is invested in real estate while the remainder is in cash and stock market investments. We discuss personal improvement and mindset, how Leslie got his start, and what makes him happy now. He also shares how he got started in real estate and the specific moment when he decided to make a real change in his life towards a promising future.

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Oct 19, 2020
155: Net Worth of 2.5M - First Million at Age 32, Second Million at Age 35

John has a current net worth of 2.5MM. He has about 800K invested in his paid off primary home, 400K in retirement accounts, and the remainder in brokerage accounts. Upon college graduation he had several job offers and chose to work for a smaller company in which he was able to move up the chain and receive equity. He discusses his career path, asset allocation, and what happiness means for him. John became a millionaire at age 32, and hit his second million at the age of 35.

Oct 12, 2020
154: Lessons Learned From Interviewing Over 150 Millionaires

This interview is different than our normal weekly interviews. Instead of interviewing a millionaire and hearing about their financial journey and story, we were interviewed and share what has stood out to us from interviewing over 150 millionaires. This original interview appeared on the Earn and Invest Podcast -

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Oct 05, 2020
153: Net Worth of 1.6M - Brazilian Immigrant - "That's the Key... No Debt"

Daniel is an immigrant from Brazil and has a net worth of 1.6M. He shares his portfolio allocation which includes investment and retirement accounts, education savings accounts, real estate rentals, and cash.  Daniel is married with two sons and lives in Arizona. He talks about the impact of COVID on his finances which included losing about 200K in the market. Daniel also discusses the importance of being on the same page with one's spouse when it comes to finances. 

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Sep 28, 2020
152: Guest Interview - Gino Barbaro - Lost 172K on His First Real Estate Deal

Today's guest is Gino Barbaro. He is a multifamily real estate investor and former restaurant owner and operator. He shares how he started in real estate, details on his first few deals, and how to get started in real estate now. Gino also discusses losing 172K on one of his first real estate deals - a mobile home park. He provides terrific advice about real estate including, "buy right, manage right, and finance right." 

Sep 21, 2020
151: Net Worth of 7.5M - When is Enough Money Really Enough?

Today's show is a follow-up with Doc G. He originally appeared on the show in May of 2018 on episode 28. During that interview, he had a net worth of $6.5MM and now has $7.5MM. He discusses why he quit his job, when enough is enough, and what has stood out to him since. He has about 700K in home equity and money in retirement and non-retirement accounts as well as in real estate and cash holdings. 

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Sep 14, 2020
150: Net Worth of 1.5M - 38-Year-Old Immigrant with Four Rentals

Peter has four rental properties and his primary residence (which he paid off in four years). Of the rentals, one is paid off and the others have healthy leverage ratios. He came to the United States at the age of 9 and has worked primarily for a cable network company. We discuss Peter's allocation (including 200K in his 401(k)), what brings him happiness, and his usage of solar panels. For a big chunk of his career, Peter made 30-50K and at times worked multiple jobs to get ahead.

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Sep 08, 2020
149: Net Worth of 1.3M - Black Single Mom, Never Made Six Figures

Jackie has a net worth of $1.3MM and recently retired from her corporate job. She has a fantastic story of determination and focus to become financially independent/free. Jackie talks about her upbringing in poverty, being a first generation college graduate, having a daughter, and working in corporate America. She has almost $1MM in retirement accounts and about $140K in her HSA. Check out her website at and the video below.

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Aug 31, 2020
148: Net Worth of 1M+ - Entrepreneur; How Much to Invest Back Into Your Business

Nathan is an entrepreneur who has started several business and has a net worth of over one million dollars. We discuss his entrepreneurial journey and how he has started each of his businesses with less than $5K. He shares how he invests money outside of his business and his thinking for how much to put back into the business. We also discuss advertising methods and when to hire a virtual assistant. 

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Aug 24, 2020
147: Net Worth of 1.0M - "Don't Buy More House than You can Afford"

Today's guest, Doug has a net worth of about one million dollars. He started his financial journey with Dave Ramsey and is diversified between the stock market, HSA, real estate, and an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). We discuss his ESOP plan and how it works as well as his decision to start investing in real estate. Doug shares details on his portfolio allocation as well as details behind his first real estate deal. He currently owns and self manages 11 units.

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Aug 17, 2020
146: Net Worth of 2.4M - Air Force Pilot - "Money is Just a Tool"

Phillip has a net worth of 2.4M. He's an Air Force pilot, and his wife also works as a pilot for a major airline. He is 39 years old and has several rental properties which cash flow 3K a month. Phil talks about self managing his rentals, the platform he used to buy them, and the numbers behind the purchases. He talks about money being a tool, and that family and experiences are what matter most. 

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Aug 10, 2020
145: Net Worth of 5.4M - Retired Chiropractor, Net Worth at 33 was $0

John is a retired chiropractor with a net worth of over five million dollars. Additionally, he has monthly passive income of 20K. At the age of 30, he set a goal to have passive income of 220K annually. His financial motivation kicked in at the age of 30 when he read the book, "Think and Grow Rich." At the age of 33, he had a net worth of $0. He discusses his mindset shift, investing strategy, and the book he wrote titled, "The Wealthy Gardener." -

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Aug 03, 2020
144: Guest Interview - Chris Hogan - Debt for Real Estate Investing and International Index Funds

Chris Hogan, author of the books "Everyday Millionaires" and "Retire Inspired" joins us for today's episode. He talks about the three things that hold people back from success, how much one needs to retire, and why an emergency fund is no longer optional. Chris also talks about debt in real estate investing and why he considers it a risk. We talk about the impact of COVID on personal finances and what people can do now to ensure they are financially secure. 

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Jul 27, 2020
143: Net Worth of 1.6M - Bought Tesla at $34 Per Share

Today's guest, Randy, has a net worth of 1.6M. Of his nearly one million dollars in market investments, 20% is invested in single stocks including Tesla, Apple, and Amazon. 50% of his stock investments are in VTSAX. He also has one rental property which breaks even. He's in his late 40's and share the importance of continual education and creating a plan for one's life. 

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Jul 20, 2020
142: Net Worth of 1M - Discovering Dave Ramsey After Significant Consumer Debt

Dennis is an IT sales professional with a net worth of over one million dollars. He takes a three bucket investing approach which includes, a) cash, b) 60-40 stocks to bonds, and c) a nearly 100% equity bucket. Dennis talks about whether to pay off one's home, and how he was able to overcome $283K of debt. He's currently 40 years old and had a college GPA of 2.67.

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Jul 13, 2020
141: Net Worth of 500K - Being Broke is a Choice, Eight Single Family Rentals

Alex has a current net worth of 500K and owns eight single family rentals and one multifamily investment property. He didn't start saving and investing until he was about 30 years old. Alex shares the details of his real estate deals including the strategy behind his single family rentals. He discusses the value of passive income, real estate vs. equity investments, and provides investing advice. Check out his blog at 

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Jul 06, 2020
140: Net Worth of 2.2M - Airline Pilot Who Didn't Make 100K Until Age 46

John is an airline pilot for a major airline and has a current net worth of 2.2M. On average, he made just 18K in his twenties, 50K in his 30's, and 90-100K on average in his 40's. He became a millionaire at the age of 46 - the same age he first made 100K. 73% of his 401K and Roth holdings are in single stocks while the remainder are in mutual and index funds. He discusses the cost of flight school, the benefits of being a pilot, and how he has shifted his mindset to increase his spending. 

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Jun 29, 2020
139: Net Worth of 1.3M - 30-Year-Old Living in a 75K Townhouse

Matt has a current net worth of over $1.3 million dollars. Together with his wife, they have a household income of about 250K which has increased steadily over the years. He discusses why he invests virtually nothing in international stock, the importance of Roth IRA's for children, and how being financially successful has removed stress from his life. Matt currently works as a portfolio manager and financial advisor. 

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Jun 21, 2020
138: Guest Interview - Who do You Want Your Future Self to be?

Today's guest is Dr. Benjamin Hardy, author of "Personality Isn't Permanent" and "Willpower Doesn't Work." Ben brings a different lesson to the show in working to control the outcome of your life. He shares that personalities can constantly change, addictions and past hardships can be overcome, and the vision one sets for their future self is a critical piece of success. Check out his new book at

Jun 15, 2020
137: Net Worth of 1.5M - Tracking Net Worth Monthly for 18 Years

Mark has a current net worth of 1.5 million. He's invested primarily in the stock market but also has a self storage investment, his primary residence, real estate, and a 529 plan. He's tracked his net worth consistently for the last 18 years. Mark also wrote a book titled, "Dad's Little Book of Wisdom: A Guide for Young Professionals to Achieve More, Earn More, and Live a Good Life" ( He shares details on his career and how faith has played an important role in his journey.

Jun 08, 2020
136: Net Worth of 3.1M - The Importance of Lifelong Learning and Self-Improvement

Today's show highlights the story of BK. He has a current net worth of just over three million. He has money invested in both commercial real estate and the stock market. He previously used a financial counselor but currently does not. He reads about seven books a month and stresses the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement. BK's market investments are mostly invested in index funds and he holds 200K in cash.

Jun 01, 2020
135: Net Worth of 30M - "I Want Control Over my Assets" - 3,700 Apartment Units

Tim Bratz is today's guest and has a current net worth of 30 million dollars. 97% of his net worth is composed of multifamily real estate. He owns and operates about 3,700 units and has a portfolio value of nearly $300 Million. He's 34 years old and reached his first million at age 29. Tim shares how he got involved in real estate, the structure of his investments, and three rules for successfully investing in real estate. 

May 26, 2020
134: Net Worth of 1.1M - 15K of Monthly Passive Income

Nate is a real estate investor, business/life coach, and dad. We discuss his career history and progression, as well as how he started investing in real estate. He shares details about his first deal and some of the struggles and success from the purchase. Nate talks about his 15K of passive income monthly from real estate as well as what he's teaching now to the clients whom he coaches. Check out his website at

May 18, 2020
133: Guest Interview - 7,500 Single Family Rental Flips and a COVID-19 Diagnosis

Today's guest is Lee Kearney who has extensive experience in buying (via a variety of methods) and flipping single family homes; he has flipped over 7,000 homes in his career. We discuss how to find the homes including mailers, calling sellers, foreclosures, auctions, MLS systems, etc.. Lee shares the details of both a horror story and his best deal and also shares his recent experience (he was close to being on a ventilator) with COVID-19.  

May 11, 2020
132: Net Worth of 3.0M - 250K of Passive Income Annually with Financial Samurai

Sam from Financial Samurai has a net worth of three million and makes 250K in passive income annually. He discussed his career in finance for 13 years before retiring early. Sam shares the good and bad from early retirement, his net worth allocation, and his experience with investing in real estate crowd funding platforms. He also talks abut negotiating a severance upon leaving a job.  

May 04, 2020
131: Net Worths of 4.3M & 2.3M - Interview Follow-ups and Stocks to Buy

Today's episode features our first follow-up round of interviews. We follow-up with the interviewees who originally aired on episodes #48 and #109. With Jeff from episode #109, we discuss his retirement and what stocks he's currently buying and trading. With Debt Free Dr, we discuss how and why his portfolio has changed. They also share general financial and investing advice. 

Apr 27, 2020
130: Net Worth of 1.7M - Female Who Moved Forward After Divorce and Overcame 250K in Debt

Today's show features Tiffany, with a current net worth of 1.7 million. We discuss all things personal finance including her investment allocation which includes both money in the equity markets and five single family rentals. She talks about finding and managing those rentals, the 3K in net monthly cash flow, and how she got started in real estate. Tiffany shares her insight on goal setting and how that has been one driver of her success. She has a terrific story, mindset, and attitude!

Apr 20, 2020
129: Net Worth of 700K - 30-Year-Old Cyber Security Expert Who Paid off 150K in Student Loans

Michael is a 30-year-old cyber security expert with a net worth of 700K. He has been very successful and even paid off 150K in student loans. He shares his investment allocation which is nearly 50% in his Roth account and 85% in equities. Michael also discusses how he was able to grow his income so quickly and accelerate his career. He gives away 15-20% of his money, pays a regular tithe, and will soon be a millionaire!

Apr 13, 2020
128: Net Worth of 12M - Single Family Homes with Jason Hartman

We talk with today's guest, Jason, about single family home investing, property management vs. self managing, cyclical and linear housing markets, and how to value a small business. Jason talks about how he became involved with real estate at the age of 20 and shares details on his first deal. He guides us through what to look for when purchasing a single family home rental and the importance of standardization when analyzing deals. 

Apr 06, 2020
127: Net Worth of 1.0M - Financial Independence in a Foreign Land

Dave is today's guest with a net worth around one million dollars. He currently lives in Israel, previously worked as a lawyer, and is now on his path to financial independence. We discuss having a financial goal, what financial independence means, cost of living in Israel, and his life journey. Check out his current book titled, "The Cash Machine, A Tale of Passion, Persistence, and Financial Independence."



Mar 30, 2020
126: Net Worth of 1.0M - Female Radiologist and Mother

Barbara, a radiologist and toddler mom, is today's guest on the show. She has a current net worth of just over one million dollars. Besides her portfolio allocation, we discuss her career as a physician, paying off her student debts, finding work/life balance, working in a male dominated field, plans for her financial future, and more. 

Mar 23, 2020
125: Net Worth of 1.1M - Budgets Are Sexy with J. Money

J. Money from the popular blog, Budgets Are Sexy, is the guest on today's episode. He shares his net worth and portfolio allocation which primarily consists of investments in VTSAX, the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index. We discuss the FIRE movement, money and happiness/fulfillment, how much one spends in retirement, and the range of his household income. Check out his blog at

Mar 16, 2020
124: Net Worth of 2.3M - Immigrant Who Came to the U.S. with Only $1,000

John immigrated from India to the U.S. with only $1,000. He shares his story of working his first job to building a net worth of over 2.3 million. He lives in a high cost of living area and shares his asset  allocation which consists of 1MM in real estate, 300K in a 401(k), 200K in a Roth, 400K in taxable accounts and the remainder in other investments including lawsuit settlements. John also shares how he's been able to manage his career and raise his income from 40K to over 200K annually. 


Check out his blog at

Mar 09, 2020
123: Guest Interview - Finances in Marriage with the Money Couple

Today's guest interview features the money couple. We discuss all things finances in marriage and why/how 70% of couples whom divorce do so because of financial stress/issues. Scott and Bethany talk about the five money personalities, and share how learning about your money personality can help in marriage. They also share that it costs, on average, 275K to raise a kid from kindergarten through four years of college.

Mar 02, 2020
122: Net Worth of 1M+ - 59 Years Old and Retired for 18 Years

Today's interview features Nords, who is retired from the Navy after a 30 year career. He has been retired for 18 years. We discuss numerous topics including when to convert a traditional IRA to a Roth, military pensions, travel hacking, and financial independence. Nords currently lives in Hawaii and shares ideas about philanthropic causes and how to teach your kids about money. 


Feb 24, 2020
121: Net Worth of 1.1M - Single Pharmacist Who Got a Late(r) Start

Today's interview features Brian, a pharmacist, with a current net worth of $1.1 million. He is invested mostly in the equity markets with a 401(k), roth, and traditional investment accounts. Brian shares his story of when personal finance and investing became a priority, his history with real estate, plans and financial goals for the future, and his experience dealing with two different financial advisers.

Podcorn website: 

Feb 17, 2020
120: Net Worth of 7M - Retired Engineer; Max Salary was 80K

Sam is a retired engineer and has a current net worth of around seven million. He also has seven single family rentals which net about 7K in cash flow monthly. He shares his thoughts on how and when to invest, personal development and self help books, real estate investing, retirement accounts, and more. We also ask about what he plans to do with his money in the future, the state of the equity markets, and whether or not he should sell some of his stock portfolio. 

Feb 10, 2020
119: Guest Interview - Net Worth of 140K - 24-Year-Old Living & Working on a Yacht

Today's show features Alex, a 24-year-old who lives and works full time on a yacht. He saves 80-90% of his money as he has few expenses on board. He shares his life and financial story including his desire to be financially independent. He invests primarily in index funds and talks about what he does during the day while working on the yacht, how much the yacht is used, how much it costs to operate, and more. Check out his blog at

Feb 03, 2020
118: Net Worth of 3M - Stay at Home Mom

Gigi and her husband have a current net worth of three million dollars. She is a stay at home mom, while her husband is an engineer. Gigi tells their financial story including how they budget, save for kids college, purchase (or receive) cars, and plan for retirement. She shares terrific advice about "knowing who you are" when investing, and making your money work for you. 


Jan 27, 2020
117: Net Worth of 1.4M - Quit Like a Millionaire, Millenial Revolution

Kristy and Bryce retired at the ages of 31 and 32 from their computer engineering jobs and have been traveling the world since 2015. They quit with a net worth of $1MM and have since grown that to $1.4MM. Their combined income ranged from 60K to 140K while working. We discuss their story, travels, investment mindset, backup plans for a market correction, and Kristy's background of growing up in China and living on 44 cents a day. 


Jan 20, 2020
116: Net Worth of 1.3M - Family Therapist with Lease to Buy Options

Shiloh has a current net worth of $1.3MM and is primarily invested in real estate. He has 45 single family homes, several of which have lease to buy options. He also has about 35 multi family units and holds about 300K in cash. Shiloh discusses his investment and career journey including starting his career making 35K annually. He also divulges his unique real estate strategy, talks about hard money lending, and unveils financial goals for the future.


Jan 13, 2020
115: Net Worth of 1.4M - NYC Firefighter with a Side Hustle

Today's show features Chris, an NYC public firefighter. He shares insight into his portfolio allocation, side businesses, and investing mindset. He discusses his career as a firefighter and what one can expect to make in the career. He shares that he and his family have a 50% savings rate and spend 120K annually. Chris also talks about learning from one's mistakes and if/when ge plans to use a financial advisor in the future.

Jan 06, 2020
114: Net Worth of 1.0M+ - Don't Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Tom is a small business entrepreneur, consultant, therapist, and author among other things. He discusses starting his therapy business after leaving a comfortable corporate job. Tom shared how he bootstrapped the company, including finding clients and funding. He shares detailed %'s of his portfolio allocation which includes both marketable securities and real estate holdings. He has also written a book on effective communication called, "Task: Performance Based Communication" -

Dec 30, 2019
113: A Billionaire's Balance Sheet

On this week's show we divulge a billionaire's balance sheet. We also discuss items that have stood out to us after interviewing more than 100 millionaires. Furthermore we talk about how much personal real estate to have as a percentage of one's net worth and budgeting. 

Dec 23, 2019
112: Net Worth of 17.5M - Disabled and on Life Support, Passive Income Kept My Family a Family

"I literally had nothing. I couldn't hug my own children, I couldn't eat, I couldn't drink, (and) I had no job." These are impactful and inspiring words shared by our guest AJ Osborne. On this show he shares his life story including starting his career selling insurance, then turning to cash flowing real estate with primarily self storage. Months after having his fourth child, AJ was diagnosed with a rare disease which soon cause him to be completely disabled. In this episode he shares not only his struggles, but his difficult and motivating journey back.

Dec 16, 2019
111: Guest Interview - David Stein, What Investment Return Should You Plan for?

David Stein, podcast host and author of the podcast/book titled, "Money for the Rest of Us" joins us for today's interview. We discuss David's background as an institutional investor and money manager, his asset allocation, and his thoughts on what return one should plan for in the future. He also shares advice on cash flow, portfolio allocation, real estate, and risk. Check out his new book at and his website at

Dec 09, 2019
110: Net Worth of 1.2M - A Career in Public Education

Our guest today is Ed from He has a current net worth of 1.25M. He has about 300K in real estate, including a vacation home, 200K in cash, and 700K in the market. We discuss his career in public education including his journey from teacher to principal to district administrator. Furthermore we discuss how he paid off over 125K in debt. Ed also shares terrific advice on 403(b) and 457 retirement account planning and pensions.

Dec 02, 2019
109: Net Worth of 4.1M - 150K in Apple Stock and a Yellowstone Cabin

Jeff has a current net worth of four million. He has about one million in retirement accounts, two million in after-tax investment accounts, 500K in his primary residence, 300K in a rental property, and 300K in a small business. We discuss market investing including managing short-term capital gains and which stocks to buy. Jeff also shares his thoughts on retiring early and managing one's finances throughout life.

Nov 25, 2019
108: Net Worth of 350K - Military Millionaire in the Making

David has a current net worth of 350K. His asset allocation is 50K in retirement accounts, 250K in real estate, and 50K in cash and index funds. We discuss his financial journey and real estate investments which include house-hacking, duplexes, multifamily housing, single family housing, Airbnb, and land. David also gives advice unique to those serving in the military such as VA loans and housing allowances. Check out his blog at



Nov 18, 2019
107: Guest Interview - Retire Before Mom and Dad with Rob Berger

Rob Berger, author of Retire Before Mom and Dad: The Simple Numbers Behind a Lifetime of Financial Freedom joins us for this episode. We discuss his financial journey which includes quitting his job after making partner at a D.C. law firm. Rob shares his portfolio allocation, his thoughts on what it means to "retire," how much money one needs in retirement, and how much to save along the way. We also talk about the small choices of saving and investing that are instrumental to a life of financial success. 

Nov 11, 2019
106: Net Worth of 4.5M - Live the Life You Want

Justin has a current net worth of 4.5M. Following his college graduation, he attended law school and worked for a law firm and large energy company. After just a couple years of working, he realized the corporate life wasn't for him and turned to an entrepreneurial journey. He currently owns several rental properties and receives over 50K in monthly rental income. He also discusses purpose, goal-setting, one's tribe or circle of friends, mindset, and attitude. 

Nov 04, 2019
105: Net Worth of 850K - Female STEM Consultant Saving 50K Annually

Sherry, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) consultant paid off 60K of student loan debt in 18 months. She also worked tirelessly to increase her income from 60K to 250K annually. She saves an average of 50-60K each year. Sherry's parents won the lottery when she was young, and she discusses the decisions her parents made with the money and how it affected her life. She also shares her portfolio allocation, mistakes made, and the advice she'd give someone in her similar situation.

Oct 28, 2019
104: Net Worth of 3.0M - "I Couldn't Afford to Go to McDonalds"

Mark shares his amazing story about being in debt to reaching a net worth of $3 million dollars. He currently has seven paid for condo rental units, a paid for house, and 800K in IRA's. He discusses how he overcame debt, and the intentional decisions his family made to save and invest. Mark recently retired and divulges what he's learned in retirement. He also shares that his household spending has increased from about 60K to 150K annually (mostly due to traveling). 

Oct 21, 2019
103: Guest Interview - Choose Financial Independence with Chris Mamula

Today's interview features Chris Mamula, co-author of the new book, "Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence." We discuss his background and how he was able to retire at the age of 41. Chris shares input on health insurance when retired, what surprised him upon retirement, how he personally invests, and how to transfer net worth to cash flow/income. He divulges the story behind the book and also what stood out to him from his research and writing. Check out the book at


Oct 14, 2019
102: Net Worth of 1.9M - Handyman and Vending Machines

Larry has a current net worth of 1.9M. He currently works as a handyman but started and worked with several small businesses including, but not limited to, vending machines, trucking, sewer management, and truck repairs. He discusses several different ventures including why they started and ultimately ended. Larry talks about how to start and scale a small business, as well as knowing when to sell. He is 55 years ago, debt adverse, and just paid off his home last year.

Oct 07, 2019
101: Interviews Recap, What Have We Learned?

In this episode we discuss how and why the show was started, highlights and lowlights along the way, favorite interviews, and some of the things that we've learned from interviewing nearly 100 everyday millionaires. We also discuss upcoming plans for the show including a new website. 

Sep 30, 2019
100: Net Worth of 100M - Build an Intentional Life with David Osborn

David Osborn is an author, real estate investor, world traveler, mentor and father. He's the author of three books, Wealth Can't Wait, Miracle Morning Millionaires, and Tribe of Millionaires. We discuss intentionality, goal-setting, passive income, risk-taking, mindset, one's tribe or influencers, education and learning, and more. He shares how he was able to grow his net worth from -$1,500 at age 26 to around nine figures today. Check out his new book at

Sep 23, 2019
99: Net Worth of 5.5M - Mid 60's Female, Never Made Over $82K

Diane shares her inspiring story of saving and investing her way to financial success. She worked first as an engineer, and then taught engineering; she never made over $82,000. Furthermore, she has four children, three homes, and 4.9MM in her IRA. She discusses her asset allocation and investing mistakes and advice. She shares that she consistently put 10% into retirement and lived frugally. 

Sep 16, 2019
98: Net Worth of 1.8M - 52 Single Family Rentals, $67K Monthly Rental Income

Today's episode features Chris with a net worth of $1.8MM. Of the $1.8MM, 70% is invested in real estate. Together with his business partner, they own 52 single family rentals. He discusses all things real estate including his first deal, self managing all the homes, financing, due diligence, sending mailers, etc.. He collects about $67K monthly in rental income and nets about $11K monthly. Beyond real estate, he has 14% of his net worth in cash, and 16% in retirement accounts. 

Sep 09, 2019
97: Net Worth of 1.1M - Female on FIRE, Paid off $110K of Student Loans

Courtney and her wife have a current net worth of $1.1MM. About $600K of that is invested in the market, 60% of which is in stocks, and 15% in bonds. They also hold a significant portion of their net worth, about 25% in cash and have $210K in home equity. We discuss her mindset on FIRE, her FIRE number, safe withdrawal rates, and how she and her wife overcame student loan debt of $110K. Their household spending is about $25K annually including about $450 per month on food. 

Sep 02, 2019
96: Guest Interview - Passive Real Estate Investing with Marco Santarelli

Today's interview features Marco, host of the popular real estate investing podcast, "Passive Real Estate Investing." We discuss his investing history, his 10 rules for successful real estate investing (, goal setting, investing in markets outside of your own, and the mindset behind success. Check out his podcast at

Aug 26, 2019
95: Net Worth of 630K - Teacher with Side Hustles

Don and his wife are both teachers. They have combined teaching income of about $125K. On top of teaching, they earn about $20K in additional income from side hustles. He discusses how he earns income on the side and the positive attitude needed to increase your earnings. They have about $350K in retirement accounts, $10K in cash, $7K in gold, and $7K in a 529 plan. Don also discusses his pension and provides advice to others who are pension eligible. Furthermore, he and his wife spend about $75K annually. 

Aug 19, 2019
94: Net Worth of 1.4M - Female, Mid 30's, Started with 35K Job

This week's episode highlights Ericka with a current net worth of 1.4M. She is married and has seven rental units, most of which are single family houses (from which she currently makes about 10K a month in passive income). She and her husband have 60% of their net worth in real estate, 25% in equities, 12% in cash, and 3% in other including crypto. Ericka has a motivating story about growing her annual salary from 35K to over six figures, and unveils her journey to millionaire.

Aug 12, 2019
93: Net Worth of 1.0M - The Loonie Doctor, Don't get Financially Hosed

Today's interview features the Loonie Doctor, a Canadian physician who blogs at He discusses his investment allocation (and why he's chosen that allocation), why doctors are notoriously bad with money, how investment vehicles in Canada differ from those in the US, his experience with financial advisors, and why it's important to keep learning and trying new things.

Aug 05, 2019
92: Guest Interview - Self Storage Investing

Kris joins us to discuss his story and the benefits of investing in self storage. He personally started investing in real estate by buying duplexes with the goal of owning 50 total units that cash flowed to fit his lifestyle. He then decided to invest in a ground-up multi-family development before turning his attention to self storage. Kris discusses the ins and outs of self storage and shares why it's a great investment. Read more about him and his company at

Jul 29, 2019
91: Net Worth of 650K - 33-Year-Old Sales Manager on FIRE

Todd, a 33-year-old sales manager (wife works in project management), shares his story and investment allocation. He and his wife have a current net worth of $650K with $525K invested in equities. Of the $525K, roughly 70% is invested domestically, while 30% is invested internationally. Todd also discusses changing one's investment allocation over time, living in a high cost of living area, and what FIRE means for him. He also shares that they spend about $100K annually. 

Jul 22, 2019
90: Net Worth of 8.0M - Entrepreneur Investing $300K Per Year in VTSAX

Today's interview features the story of a successful entrepreneur and investor. Mr. Hobo Millionaire shares his thoughts on paying his home off early (in only three years), Airbnb rental strategies, and the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey. He also shares his favorite books, the mistakes he's made, and his plans for retirement. Check out his blog at

Jul 15, 2019
89: Net Worth of 10.0M - Driving a Honda Odyssey

Jeff joins us for today's interview where we discuss his entrepreneurial journey including the ups and downs, trading stocks including calls and options, the current state of the market, and his financial viewpoints on insurance, generational wealth, and changing one's lifestyle when net worth increases. Jeff is the co-founder of and first reached millionaire status in his early 30's. 

Jul 08, 2019
88: Guest Interview - Mrs. Frugalwoods

Mrs. Frugalwoods joins us for this show to discuss frugal living, FIRE, investing, and being intentional with one's decision making. She shares thoughts on raising kids while working, what it's like living (and growing lots of food) on a 66 acre property in Vermont. We also talk about real estate investing, how her interest in personal finance started and what FIRE means to her. Check out her blog at

Jul 01, 2019
87: Net Worth of 15.0M - Broke Immigrant To Land Buyer

Jack, with a current net worth of nearly $15 million is a land and real estate investor. He is an immigrant from Germany who started with nothing but student loan debt. He took a low paying job out of college and eventually started buying land. Jack has numerous single family rentals and shares how to best manage both single and multifamily investments. He shares his mistakes, advice, and strategies on investing. Find out more about him at

Jun 24, 2019
86: Net Worth of 5.0M - Australian Swimmer Turned Financial Advisor

Pete currently lives in Australia and works as a financial advisor. His net worth is split into three different buckets - real estate, equity investments, and small business. He discusses his background and story including almost being an Australian Olympic swimmer before finding the financial planning industry. He was 35 years old when he hit his first million. Pete now travels extensively and enjoys spending time with family and friends while helping others on their journey through life.

Jun 17, 2019
85: Net Worth of 1.2M - Teacher with a $70K House

This episode features Jerry with a current net worth of 1.2M. He and his wife are both teachers and overcame student debt of almost $50K. At the age of 35, Jerry and his wife had a net worth of zero. Through contributing to retirement accounts and frugal habits, they have become millionaires. Jerry divulges his investment allocation which includes a 529 plan, an HSA, and 925K in the Vanguard total stock market index fund.

Jun 10, 2019
84: Guest Interview - Vanguard Head of U.S. Wealth Planning, Maria Bruno

Maria Bruno is the head of U.S. wealth planning research at Vanguard. We discuss the current state of the market and specific trends Vanguard has discovered from their research. Maria shares insights on Roth vs. Traditional investments, Roth IRA conversions, required minimum distributions, and U.S. vs. international allocation. She also discusses Vanguard's investing principles and how much one should consider taxes in their investment planning.

Jun 03, 2019
83: Net Worth of 5.5M - Maintenance Man to Millionaire

Glenn, with a current net worth of $5.5M is a multifamily investor and syndicator. He started his real estate journey as a repair man and leasing agent and later started buying his own apartment complexes. Glenn shares his insightful and honest life story in which he had to start fresh from being over leveraged and losing a job during the 2008 recession. He shares a powerful story of the determination to succeed and the ability to regain hope, success, and wealth.

May 28, 2019
82: Net Worth of 15.0M - Penny Stock Trading

Tim Sykes is a penny stock trader who has earned millions after starting with just $12,000. Tim discusses the ins and outs of penny stock trading including how to get started, how much to invest, what to invest in, where to look, and the mindset to have. Tim also discusses success in both business and life and provides excellent advice on being honest and patient in both investing and life.

May 20, 2019
81: Net Worth of 1.2M - What Should I do with $200K of Cash?

Steve, an entrepreneur in his young thirties, recently received a payout from his tech company. Besides his $200K in cash holdings, he also has $500K in home equity, $200K in the market, and an additional $200K in business equity. Of the money invested in the market, over 50% is invested in the S&P. He discusses his career path in technology and computer science, how equity in a new business works, and concludes with terrific advice on balancing one's career and family. 

May 13, 2019
80: Net Worth of 1.1M - 31-Year-Old Executive with Growing Income

Dom, a 31-year-old executive has worked tirelessly to build up not only his income but also himself. He discusses how he was able to grow his income so quickly (combined income of $165K in 2012 to $475K in 2018), how he invests (32% primary residence, 17% S&P index fund, 17% other real estate, 22% company equity, 8% life settlements, 3% cash, 1% cars), and the mistakes he's made along the way. Dom also provides insight into personal development, paying off one's mortgage, and investing strategies.

May 06, 2019
79: Net Worth of 2.2M - 20 Single Family Rentals on a $100K Military Salary

Rich, with a current net worth of about $2.2M, is currently living abroad as an officer in the military. He has a portfolio of 20 single family rental homes. He currently makes about $100K a year in passive income from his rentals. Each home is worth about $80K and was often purchased for much less. Rich considers himself part of the FIRE community, specifically fatFIRE. He discusses how he built his real estate portfolio and how he manages them from abroad. 

Apr 29, 2019
78: Guest Interview - Mobile Home Park Investing with Kevin Bupp

Today's guest, Kevin Bupp, is the host of the popular podcast, "Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow." We talk about real estate investing and primarily mobile home park investing. How are mobile home park investments different than single and multifamily investing? What are the pros and cons of the investment? How does one get started in the space? Kevin also discusses his financial and investment journey and provides excellent advice for financial success. 

Apr 22, 2019
77: Guest Interview - Damion Lupo, What is Financial Freedom?

Damion Lupo, an entrepreneur, author, and real estate investor shares his story of reaching a net worth of $20 million before losing it all in the 2008 financial crisis. Damion talks about how he rebounded from the loss and now has a goal to free one million people from financial bondage. We also discuss mastering goals and having a purpose, the psychology of success, building confidence, and the importance of mentors and masterminds.

Apr 15, 2019
76: Net Worth of 7.0M - "I'd like to be Worth $100 Million Dollars"

Scott, an asset protection attorney with a net worth of seven million unveils his portfolio and investing strategy. He also owns a growing business which isn't included in his net worth calculation. We discuss how much one should reallocate back into his/her business, goals for the future, and when enough is enough. Scott also talks about what he looks for in a real estate investment, and provides asset protection advice.

Apr 08, 2019
75: Net Worth of 1.4M - $40K in Facebook Stock

Hunter, with a current net worth of $1.4M is a financial adviser. We discuss who needs a financial adviser, the benefits of having one, when one should hire an adviser and several of the common misconceptions related to the industry. Hunter has about $700K between two houses, $500K in the market between both traditional investment and retirement accounts as well as holdings in different single stocks including Facebook, Google, Amazon and Netflix. 

Apr 01, 2019
74: Net Worth of 1.7M - Female Nurse with Eight Single Family Rentals

This interview features Allison, a nurse with a net worth of $1.7M. Her husband also works as an engineer. Together they have eight single family rentals, half of which are paid off; the rentals cash flow about $50K annually. They hold about one $1M in equity investments and nearly $700K in real estate. Allison also invests in her 401(k) and a thrift savings plan. Within her equity investments, 90% is in stocks and 10% in bonds. 

Mar 25, 2019
73: Guest Interview - Robert Kiyosaki, "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

Today's guest interview features Robert Kiyosaki, the famous author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Robert discusses his investing mindset, the importance of continuing education, and the game of getting rich. He also unveils the assets in which he invests, and his view on debt. He shares what it takes to be successful and how failures can be turned into a success. Robert also talks about his new book, Fake: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets: How Lies Are Making the Poor and Middle Class Poorer.

Mar 18, 2019
72: Net Worth of 500K - 31 Years Old, Journey to Financial Independence

Steve is 31 years old with a current net worth of 500K. He has 100K in home equity, 100K in the Vanguard index fund, VTSAX, 230K in retirement accounts, and about 40K total in educations savings accounts, cash, and a 529 plan. He and his wife (school teacher) have one child and spend about 50K per year; they currently save about 60K per year. Steve discusses how he was able to grow his income, how to work with your spouse on money, and the affect goal setting has had on his financial success. 

Mar 11, 2019
71: Net Worth of 7.5M - No Index Funds; 70% in One Small Business

Taylor is a financial adviser and small business investor. He has opened/invested in an insurance company, consulting practice, and a healthcare provider. He discusses his portfolio allocation including the criteria used to invest in small businesses; he doesn't own any index or mutual funds. He also provides terrific advice on how to work with one's spouse on money and how being on the same page with investments and spending is essential. 

Mar 04, 2019
70: Guest Interview - Brad From ChooseFI

Brad, co-host of the popular personal finance podcast, ChooseFI explains how the podcast got started and what it means to be "financially independent." He talks about intent, how much one needs to retire on a certain lifestyle, and how to get started toward financial independence. He also shares insights on his investment portfolio, health insurance advice for those who are retired or self employed, investing mistakes he's made, and tips for financial success.

Feb 25, 2019
69: Guest Interview - Thomas Stanley's Daughter, Sarah Fallaw, The Next Millionaire Next Door

Sarah Fallaw, co-author of the new book, The Next Millionaire Next Door, and daughter of Thomas Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door, shares insights and data from both the new book, her experiences, and her father. We discuss her recent millionaire studies including how millionaires spend and save their money, what cars they drive, their level of education, and income levels. She divulges how recent findings have differed from the original studies and provides terrific financial advice. 

Feb 18, 2019
68: Net Worth of 4.0M - A Millionaire Next Door

Andy, with a current net worth of 4.0M, started investing in his 20's. He has 2.7M in retirement accounts, 780K in real estate, 50K in a 529 plan, 260K in music royalties, and 150K in cash. Andy discusses his path to wealth, how he acquired four rental properties, and provides terrific advice for being financially prepared. To learn more about Andy, check out his interview with the Dave Ramsey team at

Feb 11, 2019
67: Net Worth of 12.5M - The Wealthy Accountant

Keith, the wealthy accountant has a current net worth of approximately 12.5M. Keith discusses his story and path to wealth including his humble beginnings as a farmer. Keith hit his first million at age 31 and unveils his route to financial success which included primarily small business and real estate investments. He provides terrific advice on how to build your net worth, how to stay focused, and shares the best financial advice he ever received. 

Feb 04, 2019
66: Net Worth of 1.7M - Builds and Sells Websites

Marc has a current net worth of 1.7M. After quitting his job at the age of thirty, he started building and selling websites. He has since sold six websites ranging in price from $10,000 to $500,000; he has sold several sites for six figures. Marc discusses his unique journey to wealth, the strategy around building websites and knowing when to sell, and how to value one's website or blog. Marc also divulges how much he holds in cash and in which Vanguard funds he invests. 

Jan 28, 2019
65: Guest Interview - Joe From Stacking Benjamins

Today's guest interview features Joe from the stacking benjamins podcast. We discuss numerous topics including how the show got started (where the inspiration came from), thoughts on the FIRE movement (how much one needs to retire), where to get started on investing, and why people now tend to be more open with money. We also discuss Joe's background as a financial adviser, who needs one, and the future of the financial planning industry.

Jan 21, 2019
64: Guest Interview - Chris Hogan on Everyday Millionaires

Today's episode features Chris Hogan, a member of the Dave Ramsey team. Chris discusses his new book, Everyday Millionaires, in which a third party study of 10,000 millionaires was conducted. He discusses numerous items from the book including the top three careers (engineer, accountant, and teacher), how to get of debt, the average savings rate of millionaires (15%) and millionaire salaries. He also shares a unique millionaire story and a bit about his own.

Jan 14, 2019
63: Net Worth of 5.0M - Homeless Under a Bridge to Multimillionaire

Jude, with a net worth of around five million, was homeless in his late teens. Through a series of events, he decided to change his life and began working at a hospital. Shortly thereafter, he started his first business which ultimately failed. He bounced back and started another business which helped kickoff his success. Jude currently has holdings in businesses, real estate (single family, multifamily, and commercial) and other assets. Jude shares his remarkable story and provides terrific advice.

Jan 07, 2019
62: Net Worth of 1.6M - Refugee to Millionaire

Vien, a refugee at birth, now resides in Australia and works as a pharmacist. She has a current net worth of 1.6M with 1.2M in real estate, 200K in her business, 90K in cash, and the remainder in retirement accounts. She discusses her career, allocating money between her business and other investments, and her financial goals for the future. Vien also shares that part of her financial motivation is remembering the time she had three dollars in her bank account and five dollars in her wallet. 

Dec 31, 2018
61: Net Worth of 1.75M - First Million at Age 39

Joe has a current net worth of 1.75M. He works in IT and allocated his money 80% stocks and 20% bonds. Within that allocation, he chooses 60% domestic and 40% international holdings. Joe reached is first million at age 39 and expects the second million to come much faster. He dabbled in single stock investing and real estate, but prefers investing in mutual and index funds. His household range of income has been 52K to 180K. He also shares advice on when to purchase your first home. 



Dec 24, 2018
60: Guest Interview - Michael Blank on Multifamily Investing

Michael Blank, a multifamily investor and host of the "Apartment Building Investing Podcast" shares his passion for multifamily investing and why he believes multifamily real estate is a fantastic investment.  Michael shares his background and investing failures, how to find your first deal, what to look for in a deal, and frequent mistakes made by real estate investors. He also discusses single family investments vs. multifamily investments.  

Dec 17, 2018
59: Guest Interview - Jaime Masters From Eventual Millionaire

Today's guest, Jaime Masters, is a business coach and hosts the popular podcast, "Eventual Millionaire" where she interviews millionaire business owners. We discuss numerous topics including how to allocate money between one's business and other investments, finding success in the journey, the role of coaches and masterminds, and when to make new hires and the process of doing so. Check out the free resources mentioned at

Dec 10, 2018
58: Net Worth of 1.2M - Female HR Professional on FIRE

Amber has a current net worth of 1.2M with 400K in a paid for home, and about 700K in traditional investments and retirement accounts. She also has money in HSA's, stock options, and an education savings account. The house was paid off in her early thirties and she wants to retire at age 45 with a net worth of 1.5M. Amber discusses mistakes (including overspending on credit cards) and offers terrific financial advice. She and her husband also adopted two children and paid for it all in cash.



Dec 03, 2018
57: Net Worth of 1.4M - Ten Years to Millionaire and an Airbnb

Cubert has a current net worth of 1.4M. He has 500K in a traditional 401K with 100% of the funds invested in a Vanguard S&P 500 index fund. He also has 250K in home equity, and 600K in other real estate holdings including a condo used for airbnb. Cubert discusses how he went from virtually nothing to millionaire status in ten years including building up his real estate portfolio to four single family rentals and one Airbnb condo. You can find him at

Nov 26, 2018
56: Net Worth of 3.3M - Lost 200K in the Market This Week

Jake, 41 years old, has a current net worth of 3.3M. He has a 700K house, about 2M in retirement accounts (including roth and traditional holdings) as well as investments in REITs, 529 plans, angel investments, and one rental property. Within his retirement accounts, he primarily invests in index funds. He has four children and discusses how he teaches them about money as well as his current thoughts on generational wealth. Jake also unveils his financial independence and retirement goals. 

Nov 19, 2018
55: Guest Interview - Tom Wheelwright on Taxes

Tom Wheelwright, CPA is best known for making taxes fun and understandable. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs and investors build wealth through permanently reducing taxes. We discuss the new tax law including issues of divorce and alimony, real estate depreciation, car depreciation, business structuring, and how involved one should be with their own taxes. Check out his recent book "Tax Free Wealth: How to Build Massive Wealth by Permanently Lowering Your Taxes."

Nov 12, 2018
54: Net Worth of 1.4M - Single Mom and Teacher With Four Kids

In this episode Frogdancer Jones shares her story of financial success. Following her divorce 21 years ago, she started her journey with less than $100, a mortgage to pay, and four young kids. She discusses how frugality played a large impact on her success and how her teaching career, with an average salary of 70K, helped cover her needs. She shares motivational ideas for saving money, her portfolio allocation, and offers advice to those in a similar financial and life situation.  

Nov 05, 2018
53: Net Worth of 1.2M - Marketing Manager and Ponzi Scheme Victim

Rick is a Canadian marketing manager with a net worth of 1.2M. He is married with two kids and has worked for the same company for 15 years. He holds 550K in a paid for house, about 350K in investments, and nearly 250K in his employee pension fund. Of the 350K, 90% are held in equity securities and 10% in bonds. He further breaks out his investments between US, Canadian, and international holdings. He unveils his investing philosophy and financial mistakes. 

Oct 29, 2018
52: Net Worth of 5.0M - "I Didn't get Here by Contributing to a 401(k)"

This episode features Beau with a current net worth of 5M. He holds about 3M in an HR outsourcing firm - his core business. He also has 800K invested in the market, a paid for house valued at about 700K, and other small business ventures and land. We discuss his journey and strategy as an entrepreneur during which he's owned several businesses including an auto parts store, health clubs, and nutrition stores. We also discuss Beau's take on teaching his children about money and his financial goals.

Oct 22, 2018
51: How About $100 Million?

In this episode we provide a recap of our last 10 interviews and discuss the lessons and trends we've learned from interviewing nearly 50 millionaires. Thus far, our interviewees have a combined net worth of nearly $100 million. We also provide updates on the show including future guest interviews with Robert Kiyosaki and Tom Wheelwright.

Oct 15, 2018
50: Net Worth of 4.2M - Military Millions and a Government Pension

Today's episode features "Still-In" from He has served in the military for 17 years, and has a current net worth of 4.2M including a government pension valued at 1.2M. His paid off house is worth over 400K, and he holds over 2M in traditional investments held primarily in Vanguard funds. We discuss his current allocation between Stocks and Bonds, and Domestic vs. International. "Still-In" unveils his investing strategies, cash holdings, and thoughts for financial success. 

Oct 08, 2018
49: Guest Interview - Real Estate with Coach Carson

Today's guest, Coach Carson, is an active real estate investor, coach, and author of the new book, "Retire Early with Real Estate" ( We discuss how he started investing, his current real estate portfolio, and tips for investing success. He provides advice on goal setting, health insurance, teaching kids about money, leverage, and when enough is enough. His blog is

Oct 01, 2018
48: Net Worth of 2.4M - Debt Free Doctor

Today's guest, debt free doctor, has a current net worth of 2.4M. He discusses his story of overcoming 250K of debt and unveils how he's been able to financially strive since being debt free. He has numerous investment vehicles including, but not limited to, home equity, real estate syndications and crowdfunding, taxable investments, IRAs, 529 plans, and HSAs. He invests primarily in Vanguard index funds. 

Sep 24, 2018
47: Net Worth of 1.4M - Custodian with a 40K Salary

This episode features Jeff, a school custodian with a net worth of 1.4M. He has worked for the same school district for over 30 years and currently makes 40K a year. He has 1M in retirement accounts, and 180K in home equity. We discuss happiness and confidence levels as savings and net worth grew, sacrifices made along the way, and how he was able to reach millionaire status. Jeff shares his life and investing strategy, and unveils his current portfolio allocation.

Sep 17, 2018
46: Net Worth of 1.5M - Small Business Owner with Two Rentals

Eric is a small business owner with investments in both the stock market and real estate. He grew up in a middle class family, served in the military for four years following high school, and studied finance in college. He has about 300K invested in the market, 100K in cash, 10K in Gold and Silver, and 1M in real estate (He currently owns two rental properties). Eric discusses his investments, small business ownership, generational wealth, and his financial goals. 

Sep 10, 2018
45: Net Worth of 3.1M - IT Consultant with a Porsche

John has a current net worth of 3.1M, is in his late 40's, and is married with two children. At the age of 30, he had a net worth of nearly zero. His investments are split between financial securities and real estate. On the securities side, he has a 401(k), IRA's, and college savings accounts; they are primarily invested in target date retirement funds. On the real estate side, he owns two primary homes and three rental homes which he self manages. We also discuss generational wealth and expected returns.

Sep 04, 2018
44: Guest Interview - Dividend Diplomats

The Dividend Diplomats are two twenty something friends with a shared interest of dividend investing and frugal living. On this guest episode we discuss the benefits of dividend investing, why they've chosen dividend investing, and how much they each earn from their investments. They explain "dividend aristocrats" and which companies fall into this category. Both Lanny and Bert divulge how they got started, and their financial goals for the future. 

Aug 27, 2018
43: Net Worth of 1.2M - CPA with Timeshares and a Work-Life Balance

Today's episode features a CPA who has worked in both public and private accounting. She has continually strived to be frugal, invest, and grow her net worth. She has a current net worth of 1.2M. Dora mentions that she used to be a workaholic, but now works for the government in a job with better work-life balance. Her range of income during her working life has been $19,000 - $180,000. We discuss her financial history, investing strategies, and plans for the future.

Aug 20, 2018
42: Net Worth of 3.0M - First Million at Age 45

Today's episode features a radiologist with a current net worth of 3.0 million. He hit his first million at age 45 and his second million just two years later. He holds 500K in his 401K, 500K in a standard brokerage account, and 500K in syndicated real estate deals. We discuss the mantra that doctors are bad with money and how he thinks that's changing. Furthermore, he shares his investing insights, how to work on the side, and his goals for financial success.   

Aug 13, 2018
41: Net Worth of 1.9M - Almost a Millionaire, then Inherited a Million

KT has a current net worth of 1.9M. He's 51 years old with the goal to retire in four years, at age 55. He was almost a millionaire, and then inherited one million dollars from his father. KT discusses the inheritance, gives advice for those who receive one, and talks about the art of saying no. He's invested in numerous different real estate deals, has 250K in home equity, and holds up to almost 15% of his net worth in cash. 

Aug 06, 2018
40: Review of Recent Episodes - 28.2M Combined Net Worth

In this episode we do a quick recap of the last 13 interviews, episodes 27-39. Not counting the two guest interviews, the combined net worth of the 11 millionaires interviewed in this segment is 28.2M. We discuss investing trends, different strategies, and share a brief summary of each interview. 

Jul 30, 2018
39: Guest Interview - Millennial Investor Worth 450K

Anthon is a millennial with a current net worth of 450K. He currently works in software sales and has been working full time for five years. His allocation is 45% real estate, 30% financial securities, 15% cash and 10% in other categories including cryptocurrency. He owns a second home which cash flows about $500 per month. Anthon discusses his current portfolio, what he's doing to grow his investments, and how he plans to increase and maintain income producing assets. 

Jul 23, 2018
38: Net Worth of 1.3M - Product Manager Still Paying Rent

Adam, a product manager, has a current net worth of 1.25M. He has 200K in retirement accounts and over one million in other brokerage and investment accounts. He's a big proponent of the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSMX) - a fund that claims over 40% of his holdings. He also as over 20% in Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund (VGTSX). Adam also has around 5% of his portfolio (nearly 75K) in cryptocurrency. He spends about 55K per year and hit is first million at age 35.

Jul 16, 2018
37: Net Worth of 1.2M - 30-Year-Old Oil and Gas Engineer

Tyler has a current net worth of 1.2M. He is 30 years old, lives in Canada, and is an engineer in the oil and gas sector. He discusses his portfolio allocation, passion for real estate, and how he was able to grow his net-worth so quickly. Tyler shares his appetite for risk and how taking risks early can lead to success. He unveils his investing strategies, financial mistakes, and offers advice for those trying to follow in his footsteps. He had a high school GPA of 4.0 and a college GPA of 2.7.

Jul 09, 2018
36: Net Worth of 1.6M - Commercial Banker

Today's guest, Shirts, has a current net worth of 1.6M. He hit millionaire status at the age of 34, but only averaged 65K in salary for the first seven years of his career. He's worked 15 years for the same company, and holds 1.1M in retirement accounts. He provides career advice for increasing one's income and unveils his financial mistakes. Shirts also shares the thought of, "When a bear (market) shows up, just throw cash at it until it goes away.

Jul 02, 2018
35: Net Worth of 1.0M - Industrial Engineer with a Side Business

Jack, an industrial engineer with a current net worth of 1.0M, is 30 years old with three kids. He works in the auto industry and helps his wife with a blog business on the side. He holds about 300K in his 401(K), 50K in his Roth IRA, and 14K in his HSA. His side business (blog) cash flows about 30K per month. As such, he plans to retire soon from his corporate job. During the interview with Jack, we discuss his financial goals, what he did to celebrate millionaire status, and how he decides how much to invest in his personal business vs other investment alternatives. 

Jack wanted to share his free ebook of the 10 strategies he used to go from a broke college kid to 30 year old millionaire. You can download it at

Jun 25, 2018
34: Net Worth of 1.3M - Mechanical Engineer

Chris is 46 years old, has three children, and has a background in mechanical engineering. His current net worth is 1.3M. He works for a global fortune 500 healthcare company and holds about 900K in traditional IRAs and his 401(k). He has worked for the same company for over 22 years. He prefers VTSAX, the Vanguard total stock market index fund, and discusses why that's his fund of choice. He also shares what a family vacation costs him, and discusses his SEPP retirement plan.

Jun 18, 2018
33: Guest Interview - The Frugal Professor

The Frugal Professor has a current net worth of 500K. He unveils his plan for financial success and what he's doing now to reach millionaire status. He has five kids, an MBA and PhD; He's currently a college professor at a large university. The professor also provides terrific financial advice for new college grads including: spend less than you earn, learn the tax code, invest savings wisely, and track income and expenses. He also divulges how, and in what, he invests and how that allocation may change. 

Jun 11, 2018
32: Net Worth of 2.2M - Buying Real Estate on Credit Cards

Finance Stoic ( is a CPA in Canada with a current net worth of 2.2M and a net worth goal of 6.0M. He hit his first million at 37 years old and his second million just a couple years later. He's invested primarily in real estate and discusses how he started in real estate and how he financed multiple properties on credit cards. He unveils his plan for the future and the decisions behind his asset allocation. He also answers several rapid fire questions including his most expensive jeans, shoes, and car as well as his college GPA.

Jun 04, 2018
31: Net Worth of 6.4M - Doctor who Overcame 500K of Debt

Dr. Cory Fawcett has a current net worth of 6.4M. He's 60% in real estate, 30% in financial securities, and 10% in cash and other holdings. During his career as a doctor, he grew his annual income to 250K. After buying his practice and an RV, he had 500K in debt. Cory unveils his debt payoff techniques (just under 6 years to payoff 500K), real estate investing, and other keys to financial success. Cory is now retired and travels regularly. His blog, "Prescription for Financial Succe$$" is linked below.

May 29, 2018
30: Net Worth of 3.3M - From Marriage to Millionaire

Meg and her husband have a current net worth of 3.3M. Both of them are bankers, and were savers/investors prior to being married (she had a net worth of 900K, and he 100K). They have about 1M in stocks/bonds and 1M in real estate. She discusses investing in real estate via syndications vs. buying/managing your own property. Meg also unveils her three legged stool investment approach and discusses a couple of her financial mistakes.

May 21, 2018
29: Net Worth of 3.4M - Engineer who Turned Down a 1.2M Salary

Steve, a retired engineer, has a current net worth of 3.4M. He shares his story and thoughtful insights on what has made him the classic "Millionaire Next Door." He worked at the same company for over 30 years, and discusses both the pros and cons of doing so. He shares the slogan, "Same House, Same Spouse, Same Car" and provides insight on how each of those pieces contributes to financial success. At one point after retiring, Steve received, and turned down, a job offer with an annual salary of 1.2M. 

May 14, 2018
28: Net Worth of 6.5M - Doctor with a Life Changing Tesla

Doc G, today's guest, is a physician with a current net worth of 6.5M. As a physician with numerous side hustles, his income once reached about 1M per year; He currently makes about 250K per year. We discuss his side hustles and how much income they provide, how charitable giving has played a role in his wealth growth, and whether people treat him different once they find out he's wealthy. He also shares financial goals and several tips for financial success.

May 07, 2018
27: Guest Interview - 500K Net Worth, 29-Year-Old Aspiring Millionaire

This interview features Taylor, a 29-year-old aspiring millionaire, with a current net worth of 500K. He has 350K in investments with the majority in ETF's and index funds allocated to both retirement and non-retirement accounts. He earned 30K annually in his first full-time job out of college, but returned to school for an MBA and has a current annual income of over 100K. Taylor discusses charitable giving, his financial mistakes, and offers wealth building advice. Check out his website at

Apr 30, 2018
26: How We Invest and Interview Recaps

This episode provides more detail about us, as well as interview summaries of our last ten millionaire interviews. We discuss our backgrounds, investing strategies, and plans for the Millionaires Unveiled podcast. We briefly introduce a new project, the Millionaire Scorecard, share insights on upcoming episodes, and discuss our multifamily investment opportunities. We review our most recent millionaire interviews, sharing key points and data from each person. 

Apr 23, 2018
25: Net Worth of 6.5M - It's Never too Late to Start

Edna is a Canadian real estate investor with a current net worth of 6.5M. She's invested almost entirely in real estate and has built her portfolio to over 400 doors with a value close to 47 million dollars. Before becoming a full-time investor, Edna was a financial adviser. She opens up about her life story, how and when she started investing, and provides tips to financial success. Please see the link below for more info and a couple special offers.

Apr 16, 2018
24: Net Worth of 1.6M - Attorney with Precious Metals

OthalaFehu and his wife have a current net-worth of 1.6M. Both he and his wife work as government attorneys and primarily invest in Vanguard index funds across retirement and non-retirement accounts. They also own 80 dividend paying individual stocks, and hold 3% of their net-worth in precious metals. We also discuss investing strategies for both HSA's and 529 college saving plans. 

Apr 09, 2018
23: Net Worth of 1.5M - Millenial Millionaire, The Green Swan

This episode features JW, one who has worked in corporate America for almost a decade and saved/invested annually to build his net worth. He chooses to invest primarily through index funds, and more recently purchased and currently manages a small business. He discusses working with family, buying and growing a small business, and overall risk tolerance. 

Apr 02, 2018
22: Guest Interview - $100K+ Per Month Blog

Michelle runs the successful blog titled, "Making Sense of Cents." In 2017, she made over $1.5M blogging, and currently makes over $100K per month. She discusses how the blog got started, financial and business decisions made along the way, how she invests her money, and what she's doing now to grow her business. She also provides financial advice for both individuals and business owners and reveals, what she believes to be, the biggest financial mistakes.

Mar 26, 2018
21: Net Worth of 2.2M - Biggest Mistake was Buying a House

Today's show features a couple focused on financial independence. They are both 36 years old and have a current net worth of 2.2M. They invest primarily in two classes of index funds, the S&P 500 and International. They currently hold no real estate investments besides their primary residence - a purchase they call their biggest financial mistake. Their current financial goal is to make 50K of passive income annually. 

Mar 19, 2018
20: Net Worth of 2.5M - Physician With A Three Trick Investment Pony

Neil is a radiologist with a current net worth of 2.5M. He's been out of residency and working as a doctor for six years. He allocates his investments between both financial securities (70%) and bonds (30%). His 350K primary residence is fully paid off. Neil unveils his current physician salary, and the salary he received in residency. He also provides great advice to new doctors, and those still in school and residency.

Mar 12, 2018
19: Net Worth of 5.1M - No Nonsense Landlord

Eric has a current net worth of over five million dollars which is evenly split between real estate and financial securities. He worked a corporate W-2 job (IT at a bank) until he was 50 years old. Following which, he transitioned to real estate investing full time. He now owns and self manages 25 units split among fourplexes, duplexes, and one single family home - all purchased in the last nine years. He provides great advice on not only how to get started investing, but also when to choose real estate.

Mar 05, 2018
18: Net Worth of 2.1M - Started and Sold an IT Support Business

Today's guest, Michael, has a current net worth of 2.1M. He has 600K invested in financial securities between singles stocks, actively managed mutual funds, and index funds. He discusses his top holdings, strategies, and his conversion from single stocks to index funds. He was able to start and sell an IT support business which helped kick start his financial success. Michael also has three single family rentals and a syndicated real estate investment. 

Feb 26, 2018
17: Net Worth of 2.7M - Annual Rental Income of One Million Dollars

This episode features Cory, a financial planner with a current net worth of 2.7M. 90% of his net worth is invested in real estate, primarily in smaller multifamily properties. He currently owns about 120 units - all of which are self managed. One of his first financial goals was to own ten rental properties and collect one million dollars in rent annually. He has since achieved this goal and unveils his route, strategy, and motivation along the way. 

Feb 19, 2018
16: Net Worth of 2.0M - Retired at 33

Justin retired at the age of 33 with 1.3M. He has a current net worth of 2.0M. 90% of his money is invested in index funds with 50% of that being in U.S. funds, and 50% in international funds. Besides a small percentage of his net worth in a REIT, Justin has no other real estate investments. He and his wife both worked corporate jobs and maxed out their combined income at 140K. They both worked for 10 years before retiring, and have no plans to return to the workforce. 

Feb 12, 2018
15: Net Worth of 3.1M - Early Retirement Now

Ern has a current net worth of 3.1M. Of that amount, 1.2M is invested in mutual funds, with about 1.0M in S&P 500 index funds. He discusses his preference for that fund and why he prefers index funds over actively managed mutual funds. He also talks about deferred compensation (150K) and option trading (650K). Ern also has about 500K in home equity. He provides great advice on when to take risks and discusses the benefits of starting early. 

Feb 05, 2018
14: Total Net Worth of 28.6M - First 10 Interviews Recap

This episode aims to provide a brief summary of advice from each of the first 10 millionaire interviews. Each millionaire has a unique investing strategy and portfolio allocation. Check out our recent article on business insider titled, "We've interviewed nearly 50 millionaires about how they invest their money - here are 5 strategies anyone can implement." - Link below.

Jan 29, 2018
13: Guest Interview - The Money Guys

Brian and Bo are fee only financial advisers and co-hosts of the successful personal finance podcast, "The Money Guy Show." On their show, they discuss a wide range of timely financial topics and aim to restore order to your financial chaos. On this interview, they share their personal financial benchmarks and unveil the biggest financial mistakes and missed opportunities they see. They also reveal who (and who doesn't) need(s) a financial adviser and why.

Jan 22, 2018
12: Net Worth of 2.0M - Mr. 1500 Days to Retirement

Mr. and Mrs. 1500, with a current net worth of two million dollars, are the guests on today's podcast. At the age of 39, Mr. 1500 had a goal to retire in 1500 days - something he accomplished. Their investments are bifurcated, almost evenly, between financial securities and real estate. As a couple they unveil their investing strategies and portfolio allocation. They discuss flipping single family homes, single stocks vs. mutual funds, and how to successfully work together as a couple on finances. 

Jan 15, 2018
11: Net Worth of 1.8M - Female Real Estate Tycoon

Jennifer is 31 with a current net worth of 1.8M. Of that amount, 1.5M is real estate, composed mostly of duplexes and triplexes. She started her career in real estate development and now has 18 total units. She talks about her investing strategies and unveils why she prefers duplexes over larger multifamily properties. Jennifer is heavily focused on cash flow, and currently nets about 9K each month from these properties. She provides great advice on playing to win vs. playing not to lose. 

Jan 08, 2018
10: Net Worth of 3.9M - Plumber Millionaire

John worked for 11 years in sales for a fortune 500 company prior to quitting his job and starting a plumbing business. He discusses his path to millionaire status - one that took over 30 years. He unveils his decisions along the way, and how he found the right combination of running a solid business and being an effective plumber. He also owns and self manages about 20 apartments. He has a current net worth of almost four million dollars.

Jan 01, 2018
9: Net Worth of 1.1M - Inheritance of Wealth

This interview shares the story of Marco, who after his father's passing, inherited close to one million dollars. Prior to the inheritance, and at the age of 25, he was living paycheck to paycheck with very little investment knowledge and experience. We discuss Marco's story and he shares advice on what one might do when a large sum of expected, or unexpected money is inherited, given, or won.  

Dec 25, 2017
8: Net Worth of 6.0M - Multifamily Real Estate

Jason is a multifamily real estate investor with a current net worth of six million dollars. He has 95% of his net worth invested in real estate, and has no plans to invest in the financial markets. Jason went to law school, passed the bar exam, and then turned down a prestigious job offer to begin flipping single family homes. He did so for a few years before meeting his business partner and shifting his investing strategy to multifamily apartment buildings.

Dec 18, 2017
7: Guest Interview - Former Multimillionaire & Tech Entrepreneur

Trent is a former multimillionaire and current tech executive, consultant, and entrepreneur. His story is different than most of our guests, and his current net worth is below a million dollars. He initially started by dropping out of college, creating a WordPress theme, and growing his company to a million dollars in revenue. After selling the company, he reinvested his money in new ventures and continues to explore tech startups. Trent currently works in the business cloud computing space. 

Dec 11, 2017
6: Net Worth of 1.0M - Retired at 36

This episode features Marc, a former financial planner. He worked for just over fifteen years, before retiring at the age of 36. After one year in retirement, he found himself bored and decided to return to the workplace. He has a current net worth of just over one million dollars, which is invested primarily in dividend growth stocks. He also runs the blog

Dec 04, 2017
5: Net Worth of 6.5M - The White Coat Investor

Dr. James Dahle, MD operates the successful blog titled “The White Coat Investor.” He’s an emergency physician residing in Utah and has a current net worth of between five and eight million dollars. He’s also written a book titled, “The White Coat Investor, A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance and Investing.” His aim with both the book, and website, is to educate doctors and others about personal finance and investing. He discusses his portfolio allocation and shares insights and tips of financial success.

Nov 26, 2017
4: Net Worth of 1.1M - Five Single Family Rentals
Nov 19, 2017
3: Net Worth of 1.6M - 90% in one Commercial Property

Mo has a current net worth of 1.6M. He lives in India, but travels often to the United States for work. He owns and leases a large commercial office property which is composed of 90% of his net worth. We ask him if that makes him nervous (having most of his net worth tied up in one property), and why he's chosen the allocation he has. He explains his reasoning, and unveils his mindset and investing strategy.

Nov 15, 2017
2: Net Worth of 3.6M - Software Start-up

Chris has a current net worth of 3.6M. Most of his net worth came from the sale of a computer software company for 3M. Chris dives into how this business got started, and what he did to make it successful. He provides fantastic tips and input on growing and structuring a small business. After selling the business, Chris experimented with using a financial adviser vs. managing the money himself. After three years, he discovered that he was better-off managing the money himself.

Nov 15, 2017
1: Introduction

This episode offers a brief introduction including who we are, what the show is about, and what you'll gain from listening. 

Nov 14, 2017